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  1. Not fussed about them being medical diapers although I do quite like the design as it happens, I just find them comfortable and the way they feel. Thanks, but aren't they all cloth backed these days?
  2. I’ve pretty much bought Tena Slip Active Fits exclusively for the last few years or so and whilst I haven’t heard any official announcement or anything I’m starting to get the impression that Active Fits are being phased out due to lack of stock from frequent stores online I visit and stuff. If I’m correct it’d be a great shame, the last bastion of medical brand plastic backed diapers that I can think off and my favorite brand. If that’s the case, then obviously I’m going to need an alternative which presents a bit of a problem. Most medical brands are all cloth backed these days, and whilst ABDL diapers aren’t all cloth backed, ABDL diaper brands such as ABU seem to obsess over making there products so super thick and weirdly for a DL I’m actually not that keen on crazy thick diapers. I guess I could get used to cloth backed or thicker diapers, but if I’m right I’d much prefer to find the closet equivalent in feel and stuff to the Tena Slip Active Fits. Anyone know of any alternatives that might be suitable for my preferences? Or maybe alternative ideas?
  3. 1:05 mark of video below Must admit I am a bit confused as to what he’s trying to say, I mean I get the metaphorically humping bit but rubbing it with a diaper? Why would you rub a car with a diaper? Anyway quite a nice looking car, if I wanted a small family hatchback I'd either get the Mazda 3 or maybe a Focus.
  4. I bought a regular baby stroller in the past, and no surprise I didn’t fit in it at all and I ended up donating it to a charity shop because it did nothing but took up space. Since then I've seen the odd older kid being pushed round in Maclaren Major strollers and for a while now I’ve wanted to get my hands on a Maclaren Major stroller all of my own, especially the ones with the red and grey seat covers: I like how they're like regular strollers but larger and I like the design and a few weeks or so ago I finally found one at a reasonable price on Ebay for £110 that delivered to Argos Click & Collect. I've had it for about a week now, it reeks of stale cigarette smoke, but apart from that it’s awesome and I can actually fit in it and I love it (yay for being small and skinny): Here's a pic Just wanted to show you guys. Has anyone else got a stroller or maybe wanting to get one?
  5. How much you hoping to get for your I-Pad? I haven't got one I can donate but (unless someone replies with one they can donate) there's a few knocking about on Ebay for next to nothing you could look at. I’ve found one with free shipping for $14 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pochet-7-inch-Quad-Core-HD-for-Tablet-Kids-Android-4-4-KitKat-for-Children/303102277386?hash=item46924db70a%3Am%3Amf0jVDY_quqi7ULJvT6nQ6Q&LH_BIN=1 Or there's this slightly more expensive $30 one also with free shipping https://www.ebay.com/itm/7inch-Google-Android-4-4-Quad-Core-Tablet-PC-1GB-8GB-Dual-Camera-Wifi-BT-Tablets/264175512630?hash=item3d82166c36:m:m7amQ9DJ3SvYX4_5TI0p8uw
  6. You could get yourself a USB pen drive and stick them all on that: Or alternatively if you got an old smartphone laying around unused you could transfer them onto that.
  7. No idea how you hold parcels at the post office, could just phone them or something. Alternatively there are delivery lockers you could send your parcels to https://www.vlocker.com/?q=parcelclickandcollect I used to use one called Mail Boxes etc here in the UK: since the other one the name of which I forget stopped the service for none-businesses, MBE was crap but the one that used to be around was good.
  8. I've never given wipe thickness much thought before now: I'm not sure what difference thickness makes in getting cleaner, surely once you've wiped with a wipe then the wipe you've wiped with is contaminated so thickness makes no difference.
  9. Slightly off topic, but in future, you could just buy diapers online then you can avoid getting caught in future and you’d have more choice than the mediocre stuff available in brick and mortar stores such as Boots. And if you don’t want packages arriving at the front door a bunch of places on Ebay and such have Argos Click & Collect, which lets you ship your packages to your local branch of Argos to pick up at your convenience for free
  10. I think mine would be the same as yours Elfy and being censored online
  11. Apart from family members I don't really care who sees I'm in diapers
  12. Well at least you have some diapers, so it's not all bad. Just use them sparingly until you have enough money to buy more
  13. What’s a hen’s favorite video games console? An eggs box Did you hear about the box office results from the movie about explosions? It’s totally bombed What’s the preferred method of demolishing a building according to a T-Rex? Dino-Mite What’s a herbivores favorite part of a window? The Grazing
  14. Ooh I just thought of something For disposing of used nappies: Sainsbury's sell scented incontinence nappy bags https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/gb/groceries/kordis-disposal-bags?langId=44&storeId=10151&krypto=lXE4zXwIyNWqwsaOqmNUQc2gcCpLTKTQi2LqPgC%2FcGoJKGjuafctmqGrIMUdZ4zejit%2BQ1r7rC2O0XNGBTvOrrVxYCbE0fEa0L4Ztz9RNUw12ZvUE1en6fVbj3%2BwluQSXYrEnCylWOS0c5wbqr%2F6Y2mz1gguee7WfT9pe4UUnHc%3D&ddkey=https%3Agb%2Fgroceries%2Fkordis-disposal-bags I've found them pretty good, although as far as bin bags and stuff I tend to chuck the wrapped up nappy in the nappy bag in with my general rubbish.