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  1. Apache Raccoon

    Bad Jokes

    If you want a My Little Pony toy but haven’t got one why should you consider painting your cars interior fascia in various bright colours? Because then you’ll have a Rainbow Dash
  2. Apache Raccoon

    Any ABDL in Philadelphia?

    We have a forum for meeting people https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/forum/90-pennsylvania/
  3. Apache Raccoon

    I did it! The first time I changed in a public restroom!

  4. Apache Raccoon

    Pampers Size 8 UK

    I bought Pampers Baby Dry Size 8s from Asda I wanted to check them out because I was curios as it's a new bigger size and the kid on the front looks kind of older than you'd perhaps expect to still be in diapers. There nothing special in my opinion: there even smaller than I'd expected and the design is a little bland and they feel so thin
  5. Apache Raccoon

    Public Bathrooms

    It can feel a little embarrassing trying to change in a public restroom stall but the more times you do it the easier it will be: having said that though I rarely use them, I tend to use the family room/baby change for diaper changes. I find it makes it easier, I prefer to lay down and if anyone hears me make any crinkly noises well it’s a given in a room meant for changing diapers: plus it has bins meant for dirty diapers and it’s more private usually. Oh and for the record no I don’t use the ones with plastic fold out tables, I’d probably get away with it but I ain’t risking that. Probably not much help though, sorry
  6. Apache Raccoon


    What Dyperbole said: I'm a BabyBanker and I finally got round to changing my username a few days ago: I used to be Alvin Seville
  7. Apache Raccoon

    How Do You Sleep?

    Go to bed around 1am wake up around 9:30/10am or so: I’m a heavy sleeper and sleep on my tummy with one arm under the pillow
  8. Apache Raccoon

    Do i have your attention?

    Agreed although judging by the YouTube comments on the video linked nobody there gives a flying crap about the actual song just the diaper bit lol
  9. Apache Raccoon

    Do i have your attention?

    There's already a thread about this song
  10. Apache Raccoon

    Raccoons are invading

    Hiya, welcome to DailyDiapers
  11. Apache Raccoon

    Purchasing diapers online: suggestions?

    Sounds like a plan to me: it’s worked for me. As far as discreet shipping mine have always come wrapped in discreet packaging, to be fair though I can’t think of a time I’ve bought anything at all online and it hasn’t come discreetly packaged but I digress. Probably not big if there is one, the ones i order on Ebay don't say what it is on the actual box just on the recipt inside Which ones do you like the look of? you read/watched any reviews of them? I get Tena Slip Active Fits personally, never tried Foresites and Abena M4 are too thick for my tastes
  12. Apache Raccoon

    Pop artist music video with ABDL Domme Theme

    Wow cool: nice to see a little nod to ABDLs in the video. The song was a bit meh though
  13. Apache Raccoon

    Another new brand

    Don't look bad per-say just a little bland and generic and a little too similar to Tykeable in my opinion.
  14. Apache Raccoon

    Bad Jokes

    Why do I usually roll my eyes when the bottle of PVA adhesive starts ranting? Because it hasn’t got a glue what it’s talking about How well did a football team made up of LP records fair in the world cup? Well, they got into the semi-vinyl’s What’s a dogs favorite part of a tree? Bark How does data travel to work in the morning? On a universal serial bus