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  1. I did: mostly they were on purposes because I felt like it. At pre-school I used to poop my pants and they’d put me back into diapers, still not entirely sure how they knew I had but there we are. At primary school I once pooped my pants in year 2 and the teacher took me to the bathroom and wiped me clean and stuff.
  2. Well personally I always thought the Big Little Podcast was quite good The Big Little Podcast
  3. I've been watching there videos, they are pretty sweet
  4. In the Norwegian remake of ‘Raiders of the lost ark’: which actor played Indiana Jones? Harrison Fjord
  5. I think your story needs more paragraphs then it'd be easier to read.
  6. I wouldn’t want to all the time personally: I like my adult side to and I'd rather maintain a healthy balance of both sides etc
  7. No, not heard of it before
  8. It is a great name for a story: Sadly as mentioned in Personaliases post you’ve already been beaten to it. I think perhaps coming up with an actual story first is better than just a great name.
  9. At a wind farm, one windmill asked another windmill what kind of music they liked. To which the reply was, I'm a big metal fan.
  10. I remember becoming aware of the fact I was waking up in the morning wearing diapers when I was 4 years old or so and asking my mum why and she explained it was because I wet the bed and that seemed to make sense to me. Probably a bit difficult to pre-warn me since I was probably peeing the bed since birth at which point was in diapers 24/7, I just became more aware of the world around me around age 4.
  11. I used to be a doctor, but I had to quit because I lost my patience
  12. @ITDP194 Hi how are you? Have you finished writing the story yet? can't wait to find out what happens next