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  1. Molicare Slip Maxi vs molicare super plus

    Got a case last week. They seem to work well and feel comfy. Apart from the obvious colour and different tapes the rest looks unchanged from the purple/pink SUper plus of old. Gets my vote.
  2. Has anyone tried hypnosis?

    I've had a couple of real live sessions and afterwards I felt like I was wetting my nappies for real for a day or so but in reality the nappies we dry. Enjoyed the experience even though Im still dry.
  3. Hi.  Its fascinating that someone else noticed the same 'forbidden' stuff in the shops as me- the Boots Brumas, the Peaudouce Slipad and the Sandra pants in the red boxes!!  Same age as me,(and UK) that's why you've prob seen the same stuff but still its rare esp in girls!!



  4. Cleaning Poducts for Little Girls

    Try this shop: http://www.britsuperstore.com/uk/browse-by-section/homecare/laundry/fairy.html
  5. Cleaning Poducts for Little Girls

    Fairy non-bio washing tablets. Been washing mine terries with them for years. Incidentally their trade mark is baby in a thick terry nappy.
  6. Toddler/sissy bathing suit

    MyPoolPal will make there floating swimsuits to special order in any size you want. I got this one http://www.mypoolpal.com/store/Girl's-Flotation-Swimsuit---Yellow-Daisy/9
  7. Sandra made all sizes up to adult. The adult ones came in a red box.
  8. bkn diapers

    The new My Diaper Nacht is better
  9. who would want one of these to play in during the winter

    UK babies check out Aldi and look for Fishing sleeping suits. They were Augusts bargain but still in many shops, ideal pram suit for the winter at £35
  10. have you tryed

    I found super undies quite good They night time ones take a bladder full without leaking although they feel a bit sloppy.
  11. Crinklz

    I had a case of them arrive today from Save Express. They are well cute , and so blatantly baby that you really cant cover them with any clothing, just toddle in a t-shirt; the thickness also sort of prevents most adult clothing fitting over anyway.
  12. Crinklz

    As I understand it, after a bit more googling, they are fully printed comficare specially done for the AB market. There are common aspects to the packaging if you look closely
  13. Crinklz

    http://www.saveexpress.de/en/inkontinenz-einweg-disposable/windeln-pants-diapers/comficare-crinklz/8495/crinklz-windelhose-medium-nacht-bunt-12er-packung?c=7612 Just found these while browsing Reliable supplier so should be good if the contents are as cute as the packaging.
  14. BKN Nappies

    The tapes aren't the best. Plenty glue so they stick to the front very well ( with care can be re-placed if require) but there is insufficient area stuck to the rear and the lower part of the tapes drift a bit overnight even when supported by a cotton/lycra snap crotch onsie.
  15. BKN Nappies

    Mine arrived today. Initial impression: Not as bulky or thick as Comficare or Fabine Plastic is soft but quite noisy and crinkly. The fit is quite good although there is a mismatch in the depth of the rear wings compared to the front leaving a few inches of plastic that needs tucking in.