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  1. Drinking wee

    I've been given baby formula mixed with the dommes urine in a baby bottle
  2. Daddy wanted

    Looking for a daddy near Cambridge UK to train a sissy baby.
  3. 4-letter Scrabble

  4. 4-letter Scrabble

  5. 4-letter Scrabble

  6. 4-letter Scrabble

  7. Auntie Joan Part 1-13 (complete re-post)

    Brings back memories for me. I was never sent to school in nappies, but a lot of the kids knew I had problems keeping my pants clean. The bullying I received was awful.
  8. Punish the user above you

    A glycerin enema and double nappies. You spelt tomato incorrectly.
  9. indica Suppositories

    Never heard of them
  10. Diapers represented at Pride

    Forgive my ignorance, but aren't the Pride marches also about acceptance of the LGBT community, if this is the case why can't these events be accepting of other lifestyles. I have absolutely no problem with any alternate lifestyle. I have no time though for intolerance.
  11. OOPS

    Just had a look on eBay. Quite a few pairs on there. Might treat myself. Need to get into story writing mode. Perhaps I need to be put into nappies, extra thick of course, locking plastic pants, secured in a high chair and given a nice dose of castor oil to encourage me.
  12. Regressed (re-post)

    Very interesting and lots of scope.
  13. ABDL Hypnotic Session

    I've tried a few hypnosis files, and while they have created a relaxed atmosphere, and make it easier ( less inhibiting) for me to wet, they never deliver on the promise of loss of bladder control. I would love to try an in person session with a hypnotist to achieve this but cost is the issue for something that may or may not work.
  14. Diapers for sale

    Same question as Babylock.
  15. Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and East Anglia DLs / ABs

    Hi I live just north of Cambridge.