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  1. I went into the kitchen, picked up the kettle and filed it from the cold tap. Every step I took reminded me of the bulk between my legs. Plugging the kettle in , I got a cup and put a tea bag in it, then sat on a stool to wait for the kettle to boil. As I waited, I thought about my situation, I usually liked wearing nappies because of the way they rubbed my genitals, but the chastity device I was wearing stopped that totally. To confirm this I started rubbing my nappy, all I achieved was to make my plastic pants crinkle. There was no satisfaction to trying to stimulate myself. The boiling kettle caught my attention, I filled Ella's mug with boiling water then got milk from the fridge. In the door of the fridge I saw an oversize baby bottle filled with what looked like milk. This must be the drink she had mentioned for me. I removed the tea bag from her mug, poured milk into the mug, stirring it. I got the baby bottle from the fridge and waddled into the dining room, placing both drinks on the table, pulled out a chair and sat down to wait for Ella. I didn't have to wait long. She sat opposite me. I got up and placed her tea in front of her. "Thank you, darling." She said, "now sit back down, we need to discuss your rules for the duration. And while we're talking I want you to finish your....milk." That slight pause before the word milk, l barely noticed it. And the slight trace of a mischievous glint in her eyes. I sat back down, my thick nappy acting like a cushion. Although I can't recall sitting on a wet cushion, it was obvious, to me, that I was leaking through the catheter. I picked up the bottle and started to suck, although not unpleasant I didn't recognise the taste as milk. "What's going to happen with us?" I asked. "Happen... With us? We're married and as far as I'm concerned you are my husband. Our vows were 'for better, or worse' so we deal with this but we do it my way. You like playing the baby, I like playing the mummy. But you were naughty to go behind my back, so that chastity device is your punishment. Now we have some rules for you to hear now and some you'll learn later." Lifting her tea to her lips, she slowly sipped at it, I sucked from my bottle. Then she carried on. "Until that device comes off, you're in nappies 24/7. Your daytime nappies will be disposable, at night terry nappies. Only I will change them, hence the locking pants. Please don't ask for changes, those disposables are good for up to 20 hours. And don't worry about work, something has been sorted, you'll find out about that soon enough." I sucked more milk from my bottle, and Ella went on. "Sex, obviously you won't be getting any for a while, but I still have needs, so I've bought a strap on to go over your nappies , and you do an excellent job with your mouth so that should work, and don't worry I'm not going to be having an affair. I've said I love and I mean it." I felt relief at that, and I was proud of how I could make her cum wth my mouth. "As you managed to find time and money to visit that nursery, to keep you busy, you'll have a list of jobs to be completed each week, if you don't complete them there will be consequences. And as for spending that money, you'll sign the accounts to me and I will give you pocket money for your little luxuries." She sipped more tea before going on. "As I said only I will change your nappies, you will be in locking panties at all times and to ensure you behave at changing times, you'll be restrained.........Now I've known about this for a couple of weeks and I've organised everything we'll need for you, those lovely extra thick nappies, terry nappies, plastic pants, I could go on but you'll find out as time goes on. Now finish your bottle I've got a couple of jobs for you." I finished my bottle as quickly as I could. Then I was taken upstairs to the spare room, the thick and now wet nappy crinkling between my legs. In the spare room were some boxes of flat pack furniture. Ella told me to put them together, and left the room. I opened the first box, found the instructions, and yes I am one of the men who reads instructions first, as I read them I realised I would be assembling my own changing table. While a part of me was excited about all the potential baby playing, I was ashamed that I had upset Ella and worried about how this would all fit in with our daily lives. I started on the changing table, assembling it? As it came together I realised it was baby pink in colour with baby girl designs on it, fitting for the sissy baby girl I liked playing. Every so often Ella would brink me a baby bottle with instructions to make sure I finished it quickly, the liquid soon ended up in my thirsty nappies. After a couple of hours the changing table was finished, I called Ella, and she came up to admire it. "Almost perfect, just two things to do know, and from the wardrobe she retrieved another box. "Now you need to fit these and I'm going to watch to make sure you do it properly." She handed me the box, I opened it and saw neatly packed sets of pink heavy duty webbing, again I read the instructions and realised it was the restraints for the changing table. I set about fitting them to the table under Ella's watchful eyes. When I had finished , there in front of me was a changing station fit for a baby girl, with storage for nappies, plastic pants and all the other things needed to change a babies nappies. But this one differed in two ways, the first was the restraints, wrist restraints at the top, ankle restraints at the bottom and a chest restraint. The other difference was the size , this changing table was big enough for an adult. "I think you need to try it for size," Ella said, "up you get." I sat up on the table ,swung my self round and lay on the padded surface. Ella took my wrists and secured them with the restraints. Then she got me to roll over onto my side so she could unlock the panties. Once I was on my back again she pulled the panties off of me. Then feeling the nappy between my legs she said, "that should last a lot longer, I've arranged a regular supply of these nappies and boosters for you. They come from a specialist supplier and they're the most absorbent and bulkiest disposables you can buy. Now to try one of the other things I've bought for you." She went to the cupboard and retrieved three white items. Shaking the first open I could see it was a pair of pants made from a heavy duty fabric with straps on it, the second thing looked like a booster pad for a nappy but looked very stiff. The third item she put on a shelf in the changing table. Then she started to slide the heavy duty pants up my legs. "Oops, nearly forgot." Removing them, and she got another pair of plastic pants and put them on over my nappy. When she was satisfied she resumed putting the heavy duty pants on, when they were up to my knees she placed the stiff pad into the crotch of them, then pulled them all the way up. Then I saw the purpose of the straps on them, there were two on either side of the waist, these she pulled together like a belt, then, fitting them onto a metal pin on the front of the waist, she pulled a third strap up through the crotch, pulling it snug and then fitting that over the pin with the waist straps, satisfied that the pants were secure, she placed a button over the pin until it clicked. The pants held the nappy tight against my skin, and the pad in the middle meant I couldn't close my legs. "They should keep you out of mischief for now." Ella released my wrists and guided me of the changing table, as I stood up the pad forced my legs apart, so I would waddle rather than walk. "Now let's change you out of that dress." My dress was removed and she grabbed the other item from under the table, she shook it open, it looked like a tee shirt but longer. Ella pulled it on over my arms and head, pulling it all the way down, then she reached between my legs and pulled it through fastening it. It was a baby vest, on the front was a picture of a baby with the words Mummy's Little Nappy Filler on the front. Across the rear at the bottom were rows of pink frills. I was humiliated, but a little bit of me was excited as well, my cock strained inside its prison, but it was too effective. "Now read what it says on the front." Ella instructed. Sheepishly I said "Mummy's little nappy filler." "Excellent." Ella exclaimed, "and pretty soon you will be, all those bottles you guzzled down for me were laced with laxatives, we need to see how those nappies hold up to messing." I groaned inwardly not only was my nappy wet but at some point I'd be filling the back of it as well.
  2. Hi I live just north of Cambridge.
  3. So am I. Ella's character is turning out different to my original idea. Although she has a few surprises for him, not all bad.
  4. I lifted my bottom so she could slide the thick disposable under me, but before she placed it under me, a booster pad was placed inside it. Then she slid it under me. I lowered my self down onto the waiting padding. It felt thicker under my bottom. My wife, Ella, must have noticed something, "These are some nice new nappies I got for you, they're thicker, so I won't have to change you so often." With that she fastened the nappy on me securely, I noticed immediately it was thicker than any disposable I'd worn before, I also realised I couldn't feel it around my genitals, thank to the chastity device. One thing I enjoyed about wearing nappies was the constant rubbing a stimulation around that area. I was bought out my thoughts by a rustling sound, Ella was preparing a pair of plastic pants for me, they were threaded up my legs, I again raised my bottom so she could pull them over the bulky nappy I was wearing. I was told to roll over, I did as best as I could as my wrists were still secured to the bed post. I felt the waistband on the pants tighten, then heard a click. "Nearly done, but you won't be getting your nappies off without this," Ella said, holding a key in front of me. "Now you're where you so obviously wanted to be its time for a chat about your situation, and the rules." I nodded slowly. "I'm going to remove your gag, release your wrists, and we're going to talk sensibly. You're not going to interrupt or argue, unless you want consequences. Do you understand?" I nodded more enthusiastically this time. "Good." With that Ella released the clips securing my wrists, and I sat up, then the gag was removed. As soon as my mouth was empty I blurted out, "I'm sorry darling, really sorry." Ella placed a finger gently on my lips. "You're not sorry yet, but trust me you will be. Now listen carefully." I stayed silent as she explained how she had found out about my visits to the nursery, the long phone conversation she had with Nanny. She told me about her disappointment that I hadn't talked fully about my desires with her, how I had gone behind her back to fulfil them. I love my wife dearly, as she spoke in a gentle voice I felt like a naughty child, and tears started to blur my vision. Gently she wiped the tears away. Looking at her I could see the hurt in her face. Then she said,"let's hear your side now." I sorted by trying to explain how I didn't think she would enjoy the things I did involving nappies, the messy clean ups from dirty nappies, the punishments and humiliation from being treated as a sissy, the pleasure I got from the humiliation, of having butt plugs fill me, strap ons used on me, the thrill of cumming into my nappies. Taking my hands in hers, she looked me in the." You silly fool, if only you'd talked tome.....told me your desires, we could have worked something out. From what you've said I might have enjoyed playing these games on mutual terms. Now thanks to your actions these games are going to be on my terms, with my rules. Now that chastity device is extremely effective, and it's built in catheter will mean your in nappies until it comes off. It's held on by a special adhesive that breaks down over time, it usually takes about six months but could be longer, so until it comes of its nappies 24/7. Don't worry about hygiene there, the adhesive has antibacterial properties that last the life of the glue, and thanks to the fact it fills the space between the device and anything in there it absorbs vibrations, so you won't feel any stimulation." With that she placed the vibrator on the front of my nappy and turned it on to full. She was right I could feel nothing in my genitals despite the power of the vibrator. "Now there is one way you can cum with that in place, but I don't think you'll like it, so we'll leave that till you're desperate enough." Ella turned off the vibrator and placed it to one side. I could feel wetness against my bottom, I looked down at the nappy. "I think I'm wet." I said in a soft voice. "Don't worry," Ella replied. "Those nappies are super absorbent and with that booster, I only need to change you twice a day, unless you mess, then I'll decide whether to change you straight away or not. I'm in charge of your nappy changes, hence the locking panties. I have written a list of rules for you to read with there respective consequences. Now downstairs and pour me a glass of wine. Your drink is in the fridge." With that I got of the bed and waddled to the kitchen, my pants and nappy crinkling as I did.
  5. I'm writing the next part. Should be up tonight.
  6. I've just bought a combination lock key safe. And on my phone I have an app called photo time lock. i set a random combination on the safe(without looking at it). Take a photo on my phone, via the app, then encrypt it for a preset time, then lock the keys in the safe. Whatever is locked stays locked until the encryption ends.
  7. I do have some heavy duty locking pants with a spreader pad to go over my nappies. This makes masturbation frustrating. Just wish I had someone who would hold the key for me.
  8. Don't panic. I'm sure they've got some nice thick nappies to keep the floor of your padded cell dry. And a nice bib to keep the front of that nice comfortable straight jacket clean as you drool around your gag.
  9. Babylock, I don't know about other people, but I can usually cum if I rub myself through thick nappies.
  10. Making sure my wrists were secured, she pulled down my plastic pants, then removed the pins securing the terry nappy, revealing a full disposable underneath. I raised my bottom so the terry nappy could be removed and the large changing mat could be slid underneath me. I desperately wanted out of the nappy, and I thought if I cooperated she might be more lenient with me. The tapes on the disposable were undone and the front of the nappy pulled down revealing the mess. Donning latex gloves she proceeded to clean me with the wet wipes. The cleanup took several minutes before she was happy I was clean. "OK little one, we all know a babies bits and pieces are hairless." With that she put some clean gloves on and started spreading a sticky gel all around my crotch. "Just need to leave that for a few minutes. While we wait we're going to have a little chat." I nodded my head, the gag still in my mouth. "Mummy is very disappointed you went behind her back for your pleasure. If you'd talked with me I would have been happy to play your games. I enjoy them. So as a punishment, for the next six months you are in nappies and chastity twenty four seven." I shook my head. "Too late, just look at your situation, tied securely to the bed, at my mercy. I can do anything I want, and this is what I want." She placed her hand on my crotch. "Good, this is ready to come of." Slowly peeling a corner of the gel, now set like builders silicone, she eased a couple of fingers under it, then looking directly into my eyes and smiling evilly, she suddenly tugged it off. I screamed into the gag in agony, it felt like my ballss had been ripped off. Holding the now detached gel in front of my tear streaked eyes, I could see what she had done. The gel was covered in my pubic hair. "Now baby is nice and smooth like she should be, and this gel kills off the follicles, so it's permanent. Now time for your chastity." Dropping the gel and my ha iris on the floor, she picked up the pink plastic thing, it looked like a cricket protector apart from the pink colour, which reminded me of a plastic doll, and there was a large tube hanging from it. "Right, babies little pee pee goes in this tube," spreading a cold gel on my penis she threaded it int the tube. "Now, we line babies pee pee hole up and start pushing this tube inside." I could feel something entering my penis and sliding up. "All good so far. Now to get this secured in place." The box was plastic box was positioned over my genitals totally covering them. Then taking a large syring she placed the tip into a hole on the device and slowly injected it. Where it touched my skin I could feel it cooling. Removing the syringe she placed her hand on the device, pressing down on it. After a couple of minutes she tugged on the device, as she tugged harder it threatened to pull my skin off. Then with a smile she continued to push the tube like thing into my penis. I felt a pinch as it entered my bladder, then heard a tiny click. Im sure you'd love to see your nice new chastity device and while you admire it I'll explain how it works." She retrieved a mirror and held it up so I could see my groin, instead of my manhood I saw pink plastic like the crotch on a doll, with a hole in it. "Do you like it. You wanted to be a sissy baby so I arranged for this. It will stop you playing with your self, and the built in catheter will ensure you need nappies until it's removed, which according to the makers is about six months, it depends how fast the glue holding takes to break down." Horrified I stared in shock at the mirror. My eyes started to tear up. I don't know how long I lay in shock, but I was bought out of it by my wife unfolding my new underwear for the next six months.
  11. Would be nice to know what's happened here.
  12. The tension built up in my balls, I was getting close to cumming in my nappy, suddenly the vibrations on the front of my nappy stopped. "Remember if you want to cum, you need to fill your nappy first." I was reminded. Between the frustration I felt and the glycerine injected into me, I was close to messing my nappies to get relief, but my pride wouldn't let me. Yes I had paid someone to force me to mess in nappies, but my pride was stopping me from completing this childish act in front of my wife, despite the situation I was in. I squirmed against my restraints, tried stimulating myself with my nappy, by trying to close my legs and squeezing but to no avail, relief was not forthcoming, sensing this, my wife held the vibrator to my face and turned it on, taunting me. "All you need to do is empty your bottom into that nappy, and I'll help you get the relief you want." She said calmly, in a tone that was almost motherly. I squealed my frustration into my gag. The glycerine was making itself felt. The cramps in my bowels were getting stronger, but I was determined to hold out. Then my wife raised the stakes, " You have a choice," again that motherly tone, " if you fill your nappy in the next ten minutes, I'll finish you off, if you're still clean after that, well let's just say it will be a while before you get another chance to cum." I knew she was bluffing, or at least my pride said she was. The cramps got worse, but I clenched my buttocks, determined to stay clean. I had forgotten, in my desperation, how determined and single minded my wife could be. I concentrated to prevent the inevitable. I also hadn't realised how effective liquid glycerine was. Time passed, in my mind it dragged, all of a sudden I heard the words, "times up. You had your chance, I'm going to go and have a cup of tea, when I come back we' see what happens." With that she got up and went downstairs. As I lay on the bed, desperate to cum, but also desperate not tomes myself. But slowly and surely the glycerine beat my pride, my bowels gave way and I filled my nappy. I lay on the bed, the restraints preventing me from getting up. The mess in my nappy uncomfortable. I don't know how long I lay there, but eventually my wife returned. As soon as she entered the room the smell betrayed me. "Oh dear, looks like someone needs a clean nappy." From a cupboard she removed the items she would need, a changing mat, wipes and clean nappies. "Oh one more thing, I did say if you took more than ten minutes to use your nappy, you would be cumming for a while." With that she placed something on my chest. All I could see was a pink piece of plastic that looked like a cricket box with some tubes on it.
  13. She looked down at me, I was helpless, secured to the bed. A very thick nappy between my legs and a gag in my mouth. In my mind I cursed myself for being so careless. Slowly she reached down with her hand and started caressing the front of my nappy, I barely felt it through the thick padding, it was just enough for me to start getting hard. I moaned into my gag. "I see baby likes that. Nanny and I had an interesting chat, she told me all about the games she played with you. I thought we might combine some of them." She smiled sweetly at me, but I could see the revenge in her eyes, I knew I was in for a tough time. "Nanny told me you enjoy it when you cum in your nappies, she also said you've asked her to force you to mess yourself." She continued caressing the front of my nappy, I was getting Arroused despite my predicament. "Now as you've been a very naughty boy tonight will be the last time you cum for quite a while." My cock strained against the confines of my nappy. "We're going to play a little game, if you want one last cum then you have to fill your nappy, but you mustn't cum until you have filled it." With that she placed the microphone like object against my nappy and turned it on. Instantly I felt the vibrations through the padding. It was a vibrator of some sort, slowly she moved it up and down the front of my nappy. I could feel the tension rising until I felt I was going to explode. Almost as if she had a second sight she turned the vibrator off. The frustration was overwhelming, I squirmed against my restraints hoping to cum in my nappy, but it was no good. Without the stimulation from the vibrator it was hopeless. "Oh poor baby. Are we all frustrated?" She asked sarcastically. "If baby wants to come, she needs to fill her nappy." I recalled asking nanny if she could force me to mess my nappy on a couple of occasions, and she had obliged by putting a couple of suppositories into me. But there was no way I was going to mess myself in front of my wife. She picked up on my reluctance to poo in my nappy."I think baby is shy. But don't worry,mummy did something to help baby." I looked at her,puzzled. "That thermometer to take your temperature, well I lied it was a syringe filled with glycerine, and it all went up your bottom, and pretty soon you'll fill your pants, and then I'll finish you off." With those words in my ears I felt my stomach gurgle.
  14. I lay on the bed, my wrists held captive by pink leather cuffs attached to the metal frame of the headboard. A white sailor dress on my body and a gag secured in my mouth. It was just another weekend playtime with my wife. She would dress me in one of my baby style dresses, put a thick terry nappy on me, then a pair of plastic lined panties to match my dress. It was a game we had played many times before and was one we both enjoyed. She would tease me through my nappies until I was begging for relief, muffled by a dummy in my mouth. " This time," she said," the game is going to be different. You just have to trust me." With that she placed a blindfold over my eyes. " Right as you're in such a pretty baby dress and we don't want to spoil it, baby needs some nappies and panties to protect everything. Lift up." I lifted my bottom and felt the nappies positioned under me, I lowered myself down and felt the soft caress of Terry nappies on my bottom. "Lift up again, I complied, as I lowered myself this time I felt the soft cottony feel of one of my disposables under me. She normally uses them if I'm going to be wetting. "Now, time for babies temperature," I felt a slim hard tube pushed into my bottom. "Excellent," she exclaimed. Then I felt her fiddling with my genitals, I figured she was teasing me before my nappy was fitted. I felt her pull the front of the front of the disposable between my legs and fasten it tightly with the tapes, as I moved slightly I could feel extra bulk in it, she must have put a booster in it. "Okay baby, spread those legs." I did as I was asked, and she pinned the terry nappy securely in place. "Now let's get your panties on." With that she started to thread the plastic pants over my feet and up my legs, I lifted my bottom so she could pull them all the way up. When she was satisfied she pushed my tummy down till my bottom was back on the bed, as much as it could be with the bulky nappy cocooning me. My blindfold was removed, and my eyes adjusted to the light. My wife sat on the bed , in one hand was something that looked like a microphone, in the other a large bottle of formula. My gag was removed and the teat of the bottle placed in my mouth with instructions to finish it. My gaze wandered to the microphone like gadget she held, I'd never seen it before and it intrigued,me. When I'd finished my bottle the gag was refitted. When the gag was secured, my wife looked me in the eye and asked, "Do you think I'm stupid?" I shook my head, I knew she was far from stupid. She was better educated than I was. "Well, you must do. Did you think I wouldn't find out?" I looked at her with a puzzled look. What was she on about. "I checked our credit card statement for last month as it seemed a bit high." My mind raced, then it started to dawn on me. She had found out. "l must admit I was surprised when I contacted Nanny's Nursery. Especially as we don't have any babies, apart from you in the house." Her eyes looked into mine. "Nanny told me all about what you did there. I'm cross because , if you'd spoken to me I would have indulged your games, and saved us that money." I knew I was in trouble.
  15. I've not heard back about shipping on the mitts yet.