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  1. This is a montage of what my bedroom nursery is like
  2. You know yor are old when you CAN think of things of which remembering you know you are old
  3. Yes, both before my 3rd birthday. the first one was about the peach colored rubber panties and the second was with semi-transparent, sor to f ecru panties, in the downstairs bedroom
  4. I got Cooties when I was 8: Four of them And this is the exact set I had, too
  5. Also the rubber sheet smell, or a slight smell of stale urine is proper, meaning that your bedroom is a nursery or that you need a change
  6. Only if you remember actually SEEING what STAR WARS was trying to imitate. Hint; black and white http://www.solie.org/alibrary/weird.html
  7. If you know what Fort Superior was without having to use a search engine
  8. Here is what I do based on advice from those who do REAL baby diapers You might like to know that they labelled Tide and Dreft as "Top Pick" also one of the Oxydol variants but I ca not find that anywhere I do not rinse them immediately at all and keep them in a wet bag for up to 4 or 5 days It will not hurt them, Do you know how the Romans and others used to bleach their white things, via a 3 day soak, until well into modern history? At that time I do a pre-wash and dry, and store them in my diaper hamper, having enough to make it economical. At the end of the current, or beginning of the next month I do my final wash of them in Dreft
  9. Gee, by that kind of reasoning I could change mine to 19. 7285289. Would you believe it: 19. 7285289? Well, would you believe 27? How about 153?
  10. When only cloth diapers will do for your little
  11. A chimp that was on Howdy Doody, among other things
  12. If you remember "smokin' rockets!"
  13. You would not use a baby powder, you would use the equvalent adult product
  14. If you remember new AM-only radios
  15. Just what everyone has been asking for: a DATE with Christine