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  1. THE REVENGE OF THE TIGER by Claude Bauls THE BEAN DIET by C. Howie Phartz THE WORST JOKES ON DD By Terry Bull
  2. When I was little "poop" meant break wind. There's another experssion "Too pooped to pop"
  3. Actually, I am not fond of subject-based prints. IRL; they are garish and mean more to the grownups than to the children. Do you really think a two year old cares if the diaper, rubber panties or baby dress have bears. rattles, flowers or baby carriages on them unless her parents make a big deal of it? a 6-12 year old boy probably would. They are, therefore, in the context of ABDL, self-conscious and "superimposed" and therefore in the realm of "artificial flavor". More about seeing than being. You can probably say more about "sissy" with an over-abundance of lace and frills than with stereotypical prints which give a strong "trying" or tongue-in-cheek impression. Neither I nor my dollies have much, if anything, in the way of subject matter printed material though we do have some items with designs on them. 95% of our things are solid colors. What does not add, distracts, and what distracts, subtracts
  4. I just finished readin THE HISTOYRY OF WATERPROOF UNDERGARMENTS by I. M. N. Rubbapantz
  5. Fairies and hearts would be LG images. Princesses MIGHT be and pink is our color. Now imagine if you were a little girl and the things that were part of your world were being used to deman and humiliate. How would you feel? The problem here is one that has been going on forever: What is a sissy? You have to answer that before you can decide what a sissy design and sissy market would be. In real life "sissy" was a derogatory term. Also for the average 6-12 year old boy, simply being dressed or treated like a girl went with it. That question has spawn 3 threads with no real conclusion You might want baby-girl images; Teddy Bears in very short dresses that let frilly panties show, pink rattles with bows and bottles with pink nipples or all pink on a baby blue or lavender background might do. Maybe either a lace-frill print or some kind of actual lace on the back of the diaper as, by and large, we girls are much less frilly than sissies. In fact, while I have some full coverage lace-tiered panties, they are part of babydolls. What may be good sissy wear would be those awful "dresses" that let the matching lace tiered panties show. the panties were full and had a thin plastic lining made of material that felt like some kind of newsprint and I think were made to be just a backstop for disposable diapers which no self-respecting mommy would dress her little girl in when I was little. I do not even recall "frillies" or "rhumba panties" before 1958 or 9. In the early 1960's I recall teenage girls heaving "sissy pants" which were panties with many full-coverage tiers of lace ruffles. These were not full-cut like babydoll panties and I did not "get" them
  6. This http://sandralyn.net/index.html
  7. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Read the bottom link on my sig
  8. It depends what they are about, how competently they are done which means how informative they are
  9. Tapatalk has been known to be notoriously unreliable on this site and has been the subject of discussion for a few years. I have said twice, "talk to a mad". Repaid 1 is your best choice here, or go over to Tech Support. This is a "geek" issue of whch I have no knowledge. The link that was put further up in the thread does not work for me either. The matter is out of my hands. I know nothing of Chrome or Safari
  10. You will have to report it to a mod or on tech support, I just use the ordinary http:// that is in the the FireFox address bar. I went to the page, cut the address from my addrss bar and then went to the page editor here, selected "link" pasted the address in the URL box and put the text in the link name
  11. It would be good to have more things on the left side, such as people who I am following, the ability to put links to favorit threads, a "featured phot's place. Also the ability to put things like photos on the timeline and have them stay in their positions. and a couple more input fields on the profile, like interests and that sort of things; things that we can do more with. There is a lot of blank space. Also the ability to block threads you do not want to see or have come up in your stream, such as the one in Lifestyle that pertain to a local area or that are gross or too creepy. You might want to add to the "I am a..." field for those who are not little or the like "Man" and "Woman" denotiong being grownup or their own age. How about a few megabytes of disk space for the larger "Baby Bankers" or as an extra, paid for or ad-supported (would not mind having as headers banner ads for l l mdico, Rearz and Babykins or others that I might review prducts for; I'd be happy to give a plug to a place that has things that I think are good and are of interest, to set up maybe a mini-site like I did for my about me. and maybe the About Me for the person's "landing zone"? I would also like to know more about "articles" since I do not know how to get at them or what they are
  12. What are you using? Maybe it is time to talk to a mad, or use Tech Support or try the link under my sig. Try several of them to see what you get and what you do not
  13. I just tested it
  14. the las t time I saw any of those whas about 1985, I got some for a doll I had