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  1. Key word "playing", if you become a bedwetter (meaning you have no control) the "playing" becomes "the real thing" with no escape or alternative. Pretty soon, the bloom wars off the rose and "playing" becomes "stuck with" night after night
  2. where did you get them LL Medico sells a 7 mil pair
  3. The same for me Just ask the little boys if, when they were in diapers, if their mothers wished they were little girls
  4. 1. Go to your timeline, or any page that has your screen name in the uppor right 2. Go to "my attachmwnts" you should be able t delete attachemtns from there using a delete button at the far right of the row for each attachment
  5. They sell disposable diaper liners for that
  6. Like Gagool, I have heard this before. How many times have I said two thing: 1. Do not wear out if you do not need to. That is asking Murphy for a date and "Your lifestyle is your business, but when you take it on the road, it's everybody's business" 2. Rubber panties; they have been trying to replace waterproof material with some half-breed textile for 78 years https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ain't+nothing+like+the+real+thing+ababy
  7. We always called them "rubber" panties 7
  8. Those will be "famous last words" on her part when she fully appreciates the work that can entail. We are told that the biggest problem in the world is people who will not take "no" for an answer. It is those who will not take "yes" when they find out just wat is involved in that "yes". A couple of Fairy proverbs: "Magic gives you what you ask for; not what you want" and "To cheat a fool, give her that for which she asks". Another such "to lie to a liar, speak the truth and let her run herself through on it" Ask her if she will do the laundry when it goes wrong, or bear the expenses, or live with the consequences if that behavior spreads as the whole control system goes down, and ask why parents would like to have their children potty-trained before birth
  9. Everything you need to know about Christine


  10. What people go out in, I would not even consider worth bothering with as a diaper. Feels like nothing between the legs. You could not wear what I have without it sticking out like a sore thumb. In use, it looks like short, full-cut 16th century pantaloons. What these were made after was made for little girls wearing dresses, nightdresses or classic babydolls. What I have can go for about 12-16 hours
  11. You feel like Hitler at 4:00 in an Adam Sandler movie about Satan's Son, especially if you are in a tutu
  12. I would not be caught dead in it
  13. There are things in Sissy that are quite inimical to "dolly". Like SPH and sluttiness and even worse things that a Fairylet would find horrible and disturbing In fact, when exposed to all that is Sissy, many people say that this is not me and many Sissies when exposed to my full person say that I am "too girl" for their liking and we part company. Also the excessive frilliness makes it impossible to see the shape of the dress and what the person looks like. As you can see, I am not frilly at all
  14. Actually, I described two things. The second one is of a much later time; about 1961. the first, the one with the pictures, is what was very often don in the middle of last century. That way, to clean any wet that got out of the diaper and rubber panties, one only had to damp'-wipe the spot, let dry and let the bed air out then make the bed which would be far easier than dealing with a wet bottom sheet. This was at a time when a family often had 3 or 4 children so one did that which was easiest and less time consuming. In the little story I told in my second post, If I had been sleeping on a cloth bottom sheet, I would have had to take it off and clean it
  15. What some people do is a big rubber sheet under a bottom sheet then a smaller 66" x 33" waterproof laid accross the bed where the ops are, then a very absorbent sheet of the same size over that One time, a few months ago what happened was I slept on my left side and some wet had gotten out of my diaper. That side of my rubber panties was wet on the outside and the rubber sheet was wet. I was dry, but the outside of my rubber babydoll was also wet along the left side. All everything needed was to be wiped down with a damp cloth. So, for once, I actually wet the bed