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  1. Everything you need to know about Christine


  2. What people go out in, I would not even consider worth bothering with as a diaper. Feels like nothing between the legs. You could not wear what I have without it sticking out like a sore thumb. In use, it looks like short, full-cut 16th century pantaloons. What these were made after was made for little girls wearing dresses, nightdresses or classic babydolls. What I have can go for about 12-16 hours
  3. You feel like Hitler at 4:00 in an Adam Sandler movie about Satan's Son, especially if you are in a tutu
  4. I would not be caught dead in it
  5. There are things in Sissy that are quite inimical to "dolly". Like SPH and sluttiness and even worse things that a Fairylet would find horrible and disturbing In fact, when exposed to all that is Sissy, many people say that this is not me and many Sissies when exposed to my full person say that I am "too girl" for their liking and we part company. Also the excessive frilliness makes it impossible to see the shape of the dress and what the person looks like. As you can see, I am not frilly at all
  6. Actually, I described two things. The second one is of a much later time; about 1961. the first, the one with the pictures, is what was very often don in the middle of last century. That way, to clean any wet that got out of the diaper and rubber panties, one only had to damp'-wipe the spot, let dry and let the bed air out then make the bed which would be far easier than dealing with a wet bottom sheet. This was at a time when a family often had 3 or 4 children so one did that which was easiest and less time consuming. In the little story I told in my second post, If I had been sleeping on a cloth bottom sheet, I would have had to take it off and clean it
  7. What some people do is a big rubber sheet under a bottom sheet then a smaller 66" x 33" waterproof laid accross the bed where the ops are, then a very absorbent sheet of the same size over that One time, a few months ago what happened was I slept on my left side and some wet had gotten out of my diaper. That side of my rubber panties was wet on the outside and the rubber sheet was wet. I was dry, but the outside of my rubber babydoll was also wet along the left side. All everything needed was to be wiped down with a damp cloth. So, for once, I actually wet the bed
  8. Real people do not wear "diaper covers" they wear rubber panties
  9. I am not so consumed by it that I can not leave it alone for awhile and run the risk of discovery as the result of some accident or getting careless and end up being "that guy". As the drunk driving ad went "Your lifestyle is your businss, but when you take it on the road, it's everybody's business
  10. Well, to quote Christopher Hitchens, under "Hitch-slapped", "What is presented without evidence may be dismissed without evidence". And , in a civilized sciety, where reason replaces force, it makes you look like a fool, troll, or other non-entity to do so
  11. Honest journalism has not been done for 50 years that I know of. And this is true of BOTH sides. What tipped me off that the Conservatives were; and are; in the wrong is they way the wrang their hands over Obama's small amount of experience then turn the whole thing over to someone with ZERO experience without missing a beat. an ass THAT big and THAT far stuck out just BEGS for the hard impact of a steel-toed size 10, which is the moral duty of any sane person to do, either for hypocrisy or stupidity. Or how about that famous "I grab them by the..." Which they went out of their way to give a pass on as "locker room talk". What if it were Bill Clinton who said that? The same numbskulls like Hanity and Limbaugh whould have given us daily half-hour lectures about what if he said that about our wives, sisters and daughters. But did thy say a WORD about Trump? Crickets. When the Right is in the wrong, then the wrong is in the right. I can only say that they did quite an accomplsihment; sank below the moral and intellectual level of the Left and below the level of personal autonomy of the Obamaabots of whome we all made sport http://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2016/05/30/298390/
  12. The Russian connection was first brought to my attention by Red Sate, National Review, as far back as late Feb. Early Mar '16 and George Will. All REAL examples of Mainstream Media; Right? Now you're getting into a "he said; he said" prolem and this is where credibility comes in. Trump told two contradictory stories in 3 or 4 days and he worked by conspiracy theoried, inuendo and smear tactics during the election, and most of that against conservatives. like Ted Cruz, putting forth that his dad, Rafael, was involved with Lee Havey Oswald based on pic in THE ENQUIRER , and has a trail of flip flops. So at best he's a blowhard. Comey has done no such thing. Trump has further shot off his mouth about the possible existence of tapes. By doing this he put himself in a bad spot. If he says there are none and there are none, who would believe him with a trail of flip flops? so he's set himself up for all kinds of trouble. If he says there are none and there are; guess what. If there are, and have been doctored, guess what; can you say Rosemary Woods"? The Dems would just love to bring this off and what do you think GOP office holders will do; stand by this liar or throw him under the bus to save their jobs? As to Trump's modivation for being involved with the Russians, more specifically, Putin. Trump has habitually played up to power sources in politics to financial gain. Putin is the controlling and guiding force of what the conservatives have caled a "Kleptocracy" and Trump wants a piece of the action And the FBI is not the only player here, there are 17 agencies looking at this Trump and crew have really knocked over the tiara here
  13. Isn't it the House that impeaches? And as to the GOP doing so. They are always playing scared poker so if say about 10 or 15 in the senate see their carrers going up in flames, they will vote to remove. And just think of how the Dems can exploit the turmoil that Trump generates until 2018. Trump does not help himself by telling 3 different stories on 2 different days. The Media is only fronting the show. If there was no chaos there and some public recognition of it, they couldn not make it up. People would be occupied elsewhere. In the case of the Russian investigation Trump is behaving like a guilty person. Firing Comey, then telling two totally opposite stories about it, was just the tiara. How often did he vascillate between saying "I'd like to get to the bottom of this" then, next day, so "This is all fake news"?. This whole set of behaviors is not something a perosn who has her tiara on straight does. It's more like what a child does as one lie of hers after another gets busted by a grownup And for the Dems and the MSM to be the adults in the room makes for a pretty pathetic culture to me. They are all queens without tiaras to me. Now Trump is trying to put together a commission to "prove he won the popular vote, dragging us through the whole Electile Dysfunction thing all over again. not as a poor loser of the process, but as a poor winner. If I were the Democrats, I would be looking at the 25th Amendment. This guy is becah sandal grade flip flop
  14. Only if he is im-pear-ed