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  1. That is really more about babies than little girls since they can be for baby boys and sissies. We are all about Dolly, which is just for girls and much more interactive since you talk to her, hug her, kiss her and if you look at her, you will see she has a kind of expression that says she has feelings and she looks like us and looks normal wearing clothes like ours For me, pacifier is part of baby chastizement and I have to wear it on a cord around my nick like a necklace
  2. I imagine this will keep you quiet for awhile :giggle:


  3. Unless things have changed dreastically. You want something moderately accurate, durable and a stopper The .45 Auto was developed to stop hopped-up Moro warriors in the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. the actions was sloppy and you won't win shooting contests but you can drop in in the mud or in the street and pick it up and fire the WWII model. As for accuracy, most pistol encounters take place within 30 ft so be reasonably accurate at 40. Hickok killed Tutt from over 70 feet away with one shot from an 1850's Navy revolver. the .45 has a bit of a kick so it is not a little girl's gun but wherever the bullet hits, it stops, being a heavy, slow bullet: a real slug, so you really need not be a crack shot or marksman. Also if it comes to it. BE SERIOUS and DO NOT DAWDLE! A trained man can take your gun away from you starting at about 21 feet away so learn the Toolin drill and how to quick-shoot from the hip. The secret here is the same stance as fencing and knife-fighting; your weapon hand should be over the same foot which should be pointed at the target; takes practice and is done with the opposite eye closed. Of course, nothing beats a short-barrel, no-choke shotgun, just looking down the barrel of the thing is intimidating and it was the weapon of choice in most real western gunfights along with the rifle and was part of any experienced cattle drover's kit, with a saddle holder. Forget the fancy holster. Earp carried his pistol in his pocket like most urban law enforcement of the time. Of course there is alwyas the SK-47, the Chinese version of the AK-47, using caseless rounds
  4. Observe the following aphorism "Nothing wrecks like an ex". No shared or joint anything until you are married 1. On all social media, Block her and her friends. No shared accounts until you are married 2. sever al financial ties like joint bank accounts and see a financial manager who has experience in divorce and breakup and, no financial ties, ESPECIALLY joint accounts until you are married 3/ Do it yesterday. If there are such accounts, she might take it into her head to drain them or use shared credit cards to pile up a gazillion dollars of debt to stick you with. Do NOT think that THAT has not happened I also wonder why you capitalized so many ordinary words As for ABDL accounts here is what I have DD, two of my email sub-accounts and the account were I have my site and DNS name (which I have listed as Adult). I got away from ABDLPixel, DiaperSpace and Diaperbook when I saw how sloppy they were on security and pedo issues. For ABDL, DD is really all you need, for other things FetLife (which does some ABDL) and SissyKiss (which even non-Sissy LG's use) are near gold standard Also, I do not mix things I do ALL my ABD communication and ONLY my ABDL communication here. Also by using email sub-accounts, I keep the ABDL material OUT of my main account. Not only do I keep my bedroom out of the public square, I keep the public square out of my bedroom
  5. poll

    I do not wear in public. I can lay off the things MOST OF THE TIME and do not feel the need to always be in them, and the poll did not include provisions for that. It is like fapping around other people. There is something out of balance if you need to sefl-stimulate that much which brings up some rather distasteful images that include someone saying "Jesus Christ: can't you stop for a minute?". Also since it involves carrying around excertia of some kine, if done by choice, is uncouth. and given that throw-away diapers are subject to failure, you are running a risk of the consequences of that in front of everyone There are two things that come to mind here "Since I do not want the public in my bedroom, I do not put my bedroom in the public square" and the anti-drunk driving ad "Your lifestyle is your business, but when you TAKE IT ON THE ROAD, it's everyone's business" I do have one addiction which is quite enough to manage: where I get meds is a pharmacy.. where they sell musical instruments is a drug store
  6. poll

    Thank you for putting up a poll that I could not take part in. Not all of us are addicts
  7. EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT! from late spring to early fall Autumn to late spring now Get one, or two or... ...TEN?!
  8. I did not see anything with a skirt or that I would be interested in
  9. that seems like dong it the hard way since one will have to be washed anyway. If you are going to wear a pamper then you wouldl be better with a terry-lined pull-on rubber panty since there would be no side seam, the coverage would be uninterrupted with pretty much no chance of leakage AND they come in prints if that is what you need. Why anyone buys AIO's I have no idea, they have had a "suck" reputation since the heyday of DPF 30 years ago I do not go near anything "composite" of different materials, since they can break down and a throw-away is made of 6 or 7 parts: Murphy bait, or, "shell and liner" panties are more difficult to care for since one part can be machine dried and the other can not or one part can tear and make the whole thing useless. See my Review A few months back I had a leak of some kind, the rubber sheet was a bit wet. The outermost rubber panty, part of the babydoll set. was a bit wet on the side I lay on, and, while my body was dry, my rubber babydoll was wet on that side; I can just imagine what might have happened if it had not been of proper length; half way to the knee, but nothing serious and the first time that happened in MANY years
  10. Diapering is all about overkill. You do NOT want to "ride the rim" on this since you are dealing with some form of excretia and your first need is containment with plenty to spare: Full stop Mine were first made by a lady with a little girl a few months older than I who wet the bed nightly. she wanted security. ease of changing and something that could go all night with some to spare, before needing to be changed. She was from a time when you made your own. Her little girl was not a baby so using baby diapers were out of the question, a baby prefold would have held one wetting and then needed to be changed and would not fit a 6 year old proplerly anyway. but she worked in a dress shop and knew how to sew, so she could sew 3 prefolds to make a kind of contour diaper. These were made to be worn to bed, then they were used as afternoon diapers following the custom I described with little girls when you had two or more who could not hold it for at least two hours. So she wanted three things. 1. a long time between changes, when doubled; the usual way, they could easily go for 12 hours 8 PM to 8 AM and there was still no hurry to change them 2. Room to grow. the girl was never going to be out of night diapers for the foreseeable future. These were made in '51 even before I got there and still in use in early 1955. when I first got there in late spring of '52, I only needed a single diaper for 4 hours without being unduly wet: This was not meant to be a swimming pool, that changed by Thanksgiving and we both were in the full doubl-diaper for the afternoon; fairly high-waisted,full-skirted little girls' dresses hide a multitude of sins. 3 Easy to use. 1 pin in front like the old trinagle diapers Beyond that. any side-fastening item where both the obsorbant material and the waterproof material fasten at the side, like pampers or AIO is prone to leak at that closure. Because good cloth diapers overlap at the sides and good snap-on rubber panties have the snaps toward the front. If they leak, it is not often or much and you really have to be pushing it. In the old days, if you were diapered, the full thickness of the material was evenly spread around and, as was often the case, toddlers were double and triple diapered so there were two or 3 layers of full thickness material. Prefolds used thinner material and were sewn so there was a soaker. This meant two things. The wet would take longer to leave the delicate crotch area and the sides were relatively thin. You had 2 layers of thin material at the sides and 4 between the legs. Older, usually homemade, diapers were made of a single sheet of thicker material. A triple-diapered toddler or even a 4 year old could sleep all night and not be in immediate need of a change in the morning. Well this "semi contour", or proto contour, diaper, using prefolds, was easier to make than starting from scratch, just sew in two places and that is what she used and my current ones are an upgrade in sieze and use 4 baby diapers instead of 3
  11. That is not a "wrap", it goes back to 1952 and was made for a girl of 6 (7 at the time that I was introduced to them) and was more of a proto-contour. You cannot close your legs above the knee with two of them and it will go for up to 12 hours. 16 if you do it right
  12. It is not that they won, it is that we surrendered, Israel, who had to deal with this for decades before we did, never used such an onerous system. This was just another opportunity for statists to abuse the people and to create more jobs for the public sector unions. The conservatives were up in arms for a whole month when this was proposed and then folded like a cheap switchblade rather than demand that the government consult with and learn from Israel
  13. THAT must be figgin' painful! I will never listen to WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS the same again when they sing the verse "O bring us the figgy pudding..." Gives new meanig to Should this not be called "Need FUNishment ideas"?
  14. You have no idea of thick until you've had a good cloth diaper and rubber pantis that you cannot even close your legs on. THAT is what "waddle panties" were made after
  15. How old are you, and what are it's implication? From what you say, atleast about your family, this is a "boundaries" issue. The best I can do is recommend some reading material. Dave Ramsy, a financial guru of a sort, often runs into cases involving parental and in-law over-reach. He recommends a book by Dr. Henry Cloud called BOUNDARIES. if your family is that stifling here, then I would wager tiaras to tiddly-winks that they are aggressive control freaks in other areas as well and this is one furball with more mental health issues than a psycho ward. Letting them be that controlling does not absolve you of adult self-responsibility. That is built into the universe and its components, one of which you are. It is called the Law of Identity and was expressed by Aristotle as "A is A" And if you decide you like it, So what? It has not killed me being in the closet for over 60 years, In fact, it SHOULD be a private matter. One thing we need are practicing shrinks and docs who ARE abdl