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  1. Only if it interferes with your ability to function in the world. But that is true of anything. I guess that is true of anything that becomes a "lifestyle". I'm an atheist and "lifestyle" sounds suspiciously like "religion" in that it implies some kind of conformism to me and I am, by nature a "free spirit"
  2. Was it filed under a writ of babyus corpiss?
  3. I have added DD as a "Positive" to the Avast antivirus list
  4. unless you are paying rent or kicking in in some way, it is not *your* space, and even then, the person to whom you are kicking in can still decide what kind of person they want living under their roof. With adult rights like one's own "space" come adutl responsibilities unless you are totally disabled and even then, financial support is available. I lived with relatives when I was that age and working in the business or, when that went under, going to college, but I was kicking in and and pulling my weight (Many times I made suppoerP and more. AlsoI was very careful by habit since I was 13. If you make up your mind not to get caught, you will not get caught. And even if you are disabled, nature does not grant exemptions. I wanted the things that the world of the fully-sighted had to offer, so I found ways and made ways with my one 20/300 eye. Soon I was competitive wherever I was let to be; including being a voracious reader, and in a few places I was not. Hopefully, those living arrangements are temporary
  5. The two "smoothies" cane in today
  6. If you really want "therapy" there are forms of Behavior Modification. but you would have to see a professional for that and even the he or she would probably say "Why bother? How come it bothers you? and can it harm you?" and you would have to answer those questions and if you cannot answer them clearly and succintly, then there is no "there" there. You would have to learn how B-Mo works, design with the therapist a plan of action; and make no mistake you would be as much of a designer as the therapist, put something in place of it, go through the steps and successive approximations that make up B-Mod techniques, including spend the money and take the time. Unless it REALLY bothers you and for good reason, which I cannot see at all, Why bother? However there is one thing. Learn to manage it; i.e. keep it at home. Two things I keep repeating: Since I do not want the public in my bedroom, I do not put my bedroom in the public square and, from the anti-drunk driving ad "Your lifestyle is your busienss but if you take it out on the road, then it's everybody's business" and by "at home" I mean your own house and your own space. If you cannot control it, then it is an addiction; and most of that is "when" and "where". When you "house sit", it is someone else's house, not yours. Learn to be responsible for, and manage your own behavior, if, even for no other reason, the consequences will fall upon you. You either manage it or it will manage you. That should not be hard to sort out. At age 25, you should have the ideas of "intimate space" and "non-intimate space" down cold. Just getting that squared away will take off about 75% of the pressure and uncertainty No, I never had to answer embarrassing questions: I knew how to make sure of that
  7. Actually, if you were smart, you did NOT ask this question. How many times did babies get changed right in front of everyone, of which you might be reminded: "You want me to change you in front of everyone like I do your baby [sister, brother]?" Besides which, you did not want people to know that you were even thinking about it. Or, you might be told. "I will change you when it's convenient so you may have to put up with being in a wet [or messy] smelly diaper for awhile". Or "Do you want people to know [or see] that you wear rubber panties like a baby?". I have seen these
  8. Mine are on shelves along the wall near the bottom of the bed with the snap-on rubber panties and the baby powder, baby lotion and pins are on the nightstand Why is this in the LB section?
  9. Well, there goes the threat of "I will put your baby sister's rubber panties on you" Try the Gary from L L Medoc, you can get a number of sizes that will fit the same wast size and the size chart shows the side seam length. It is in my reviews
  10. She did not say what the outside material was Looks like the ideal thing for a Sissy; 6 year old Daryl's 3 yer old "baby" sister's training panties and Mommy tells him that this is what he will wear and he will be called Daryl-Ann if he does not stop acting like a baby girl
  11. Very Little Girl
  12. Any one would have to know that if you do not use a muscle, it gets weaker due to atrophy: Ever hear of "letting yourself get out of shape"? During late spring, summer and early autumn, I can stay on my feet and moving for 4 hours without a break. But in the winter and early spring, I feel it after 3-1/2. Given that this can be important, it would be nice if you at least casually sourced your material. You are more likely to lose some of the muscle tone in the muscle that controls the bladder than over stretch it unless you are abusing it. I was told flat out and somewhat strongly that I would become incon by nightly use of diapers by my primary care doctor. That constitutes medical advice to me
  13. Rearz/AC Medical are sewn seams and elastics. I have had some for nearly 5 years and they have not ripped, I have had a pair or two that came unsown or the elastic has had one of its threads undo but that is rare. You could reinforce the seams with Goop Marine glue in strategic areas and it helps if you use a material that is thick enough to be strong enough
  14. Hijackware is usually from "free" software you download. Always use the "custom install" option although some download software is making as a term of service that you accept whatever else they send
  15. From Bert Brooks " Mike is a good man " Do they cater to ABDL interests? The pink rubber panties are quite good on first tryout. It would be nice if they could make full circle sanitary slips of about 26-30" out of that material