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    • (Maybe skip a couple months after the birth. What do you think?)
    • I take Carly from you and cuddle her "Aww I love you baby girl" Looks at Holly "I am not sure I can care for them alone. I just don't know what to do. I mean, I haven't got enough money to pay for their clothes, diapers"
    • Holly sighs "they would be soo proud of you for what you've been doing and how you've stepped up and taken in all 3 of them and they are all going to grow up to be just as good as there if brother"  carly babbles a little through her bottle and reaches her little arms up so that Danny can hold her
    • A tootsie roll bounced off the creature’s head, followed by a peanut butter pumpkin.     “Weave him awone!”  Tabi’s toddler voice called out.  She chucked another piece of candy from her pumpkin, trying to chase the monster off her stupid baby brother.  The candy missed, bouncing off the lip of a pothole and hitting the teal leaf-critter.  It hissed like an angry cat and scuttled away.   The erkling turned to her. “I almost forgot about you.  Little baby who smells like an adult.  You’d taste just as bad, too.  But your delicious brother….”  It turned back just in time to see Josh clutching a large chunk of asphalt.  He threw it.  The erkling just laughed, easily catching it.   “Delicious little morsel.  You smell like a newborn.  You’re one of the few who ingested the Font of Youth and lived.  A big baby indeed.”  With a dry, leafy rustle, the erkling suddenly stood in front of him.  It moved with the speed of a vampire or werewolf, so fast Josh could barely see it.   He cried out, stumbling backwards.  Hard, twiggy hands grabbed him, squeezing his thin upper arms through the cloak.  He whimpered in pain and fear, nearly fainting.  The erkling leaned in close, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his pain, fear, and baby softness. Josh leaned back, desperate to keep as much distance as he could between him and those terrible, sharp teeth.  The long fingers gripping him only dug in harder.  He whimpered again.   “Such soft, succulent flesh. Mmm...I’m going to savor this feast.  The hunt was well worth it.  So hard to lure you out here.  I thought my pretty pets would do the trick.  At least they worked on your sister.”  He grinned, laughing as the purple, blue, and teal leaf critters crawled into his cloak with chitters and rustles.   “Y-you m-made T-Tabi’s p-potion exp-plode!”  Josh squeaked out in a fearful stutter.   “It was quite the risk, too.  If that witch detected me...but my gamble paid off.  Oh yes.”  The erkling drew Josh close, lifting his feet off the ground.  He kicked out with both feet, boots rustling the leaf cloak.  All he got were irritated hisses from the leaf monsters.  The erkling’s mouth stretched open, resembling the hideous mouths of his pets.     Josh struggled, thrashing. His arms were numb from the tight grip.  He couldn’t break loose. His wet diaper crinkled with each kick.  That horrible mouth and jagged teeth drew closer.  He closed his eyes, expecting a bite followed by a world of pain and blood as he was eaten alive, torn apart bite by bite.      Tabi frantically threw all her candy followed by the pumpkin, but it was futile.   A rasping, barbed tongue dragged over his cheek, digging into the crusty scrapes and licking off the freshly drying blood.  Josh cried out in pain, mind numb with fear and pulse pounding.  A noxious smell filled the air, mingling with the erkling’s scent of decaying flesh.  A warm, mushy mess spread over Josh’s backside as he filled the seat of his diaper.  The scent of his mess didn’t faze the erkling.  He felt the first needle-like prick of teeth as the creature started to bite down.     Suddenly, the erkling let him go. Air whooshed out of his lungs upon impact with the ground.  Horrible, raspy, pain filled screeching rent the air.  He opened his eyes to see the erkling writhing on the ground, thrashing around as if in the grips of a seizure.  Josh could only watch as it screamed in agony.  The hem of a burgundy robe embroidered with gold pumpkins swept past, blocking his view but not the screeches.   “You rotten shit.  Snatch a few human kids? Not my problem. But my babies?”  Malice dripped from Gertrude’s voice.  She paused and the intensity of the erkling’s shrieks increased.  The screams dragged on as she tortured it.  Occasionally, Josh saw a limb or leaf flail past her skirt.  He lay still and quiet, relief washing away his fear.  He trembled slightly, limbs still stiff.   Finally, the awful shrieks and screeches died down to gutteral moans that tapered off into exhausted croaks.  Gertrude stepped back, revealing a scrawny, twiggy toad with terrified yellow eyes.  Tatters of purple, blue, and teal fur lay on the ground around the toad, along with shredded bits of normal, red, yellow, and orange leaves.   “You’ve been skulking around this neighborhood for weeks.  I could never pinpoint your location but I knew you were there.  Pandora did, too. I didn’t think you’d be stupid enough to touch my babies.”   Josh whimpered softly like a terrified puppy calling its mother.  Gertrude turned, scooping him up as if he weighed nothing more than an actual toddler.  “There, there baby. You’re safe.”   The scent of her spicey orange perfume washed over him.  At her gentle coo and warm touch, Josh broke down sobbing.  His tears flowed freely, washing away his pent up fear and relief.  He was safe.   The salt in his tears stung the raw scrapes on his face.     “Sweetie.  Let it all out.  I’ll get you home and cleaned up.  Auntie’s here now.”  She kissed the top of his golden head.  He buried his face in her shoulder, hiding from the world.  Her cloak soaked up his tears.  She gingerly poked at his diaper; just from the smell, she knew he needed changed.  Josh just continued to sob, too distraught to care what she was doing.  He just wanted her to hold him, to feel safe and secure in her arms.   The toad took advantage of her distraction and tiredly hopped towards the tall, thick brown grasses of the abandoned yards.  Tabitha squealed softly to get Aunt Gertrude’s attention.  
    • Kisses you on the cheek "of course" I take her from you and take her upstairs "i will see you upstairs honey" (its up to you when you want Ashley to give birth)