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  1. This is interesting. It's an unusual start. I'm looking forward to more.
  2. “Oh, Tabitha. Why must you ungraciously throw every change I give you back in my face? You’ve truly done it this time.” Auntie Gertrude stood in the doorway. Dark curls shot with streaks of gray tumbled to her hips and her velvet gown clung to her curves in all the right places. The burgundy cloth was embroidered with pumpkins in thick, gold thread. She crossed her arms, pinning her niece with an ominous stare. “You’ve got too much of your mother in you and not enough of my brother.” Josh’s smile died on his face when he looked up at his aunt. He was part of this mess, so surely he was in trouble, too. He remembered how angry his mother used to get when he touched her tools or books. He lowered his gaze to Auntie Gertrude’s feet. “I did nuffin’!” Tabitha insisted, frowning at her toddler voice. Fear crept over her face. She held her hands out in front of her, curling and flexing her soft, pudgy toddler hands as if she couldn’t believe this really was her body. “I know what you did. Don’t lie to me.” Pandora padded in, shoving her shaggy head under Gertrude’s hand. As a familiar, everything Dora saw, Gertrude saw. Gertrude’s ruby lips stretched in a slow, cruel smile while her blue eyes glittered dangerously. “Aren’t you just precious in that form.” Panic welled in Tabi. She held her short arms up to her aunt. “I sowwy! Fix it! Fix it!” Josh leaned quietly against the wall like a terrified mouse before a cat. Auntie Gertrude crossed her arms. “No. This is a valuable lesson. I’m not shielding you from consequences anymore. Maybe you need to learn the hard way. I’m tired of you sneaking behind my back and messing with my things.” Tabi’s eyes widened at the revelation her aunt knew all about her sneaking into her workshop on multiple occasions to paw through her spell books and grimoires, searching for a way to break her seal. “Yes, I know all about your attempts to remove the seal. We left it partially open on purpose, so it would just drain your magic, not cut it off entirely. You’re so young. We thought you could be rehabilitated.” Auntie Gertrude sighed theatrically. “Well, that’s just another topic I’ll have to bring up at the Samhain Feast tonight. For now, you’re staying in that form. Much more manageable that way.” Tears welled in Tabi’s eyes, but her aunt ignored her. Gertrude turned to Josh, who shrank back into the wall and let out a little squeak. Warmth spurted into his diaper and he closed his eyes tightly, waiting to be hollered at. “Now, this I hadn’t expected.” “I’m sorry, Auntie. I-” Josh winced and mumbled, wringing his hands. “Shush, child. I just didn’t expect you to get caught up in your sister’s misused magic. I don’t know exactly what she did wrong and I don’t have time to figure it out. “ Auntie Gertrude shook her head. Both Joshua and Tabitha knew that spells and potions could have unintended consequences, like mixing chemicals. “Come here, sweetie. Walk to auntie.” She smiled a sweet, motherly smile and held her arms out as if he were a toddler. He relaxed at her syrupy tone, opening his eyes and looking at his now baby sister on the floor, then up at his aunt. Her face radiated love and understanding. He stretched out his arms and took a shaky tentative step from the wall. The huge diaper that hampered his crawling now forced his legs apart in a waddle, making his slow, wobbly walking even more off balance. After a few steps, he stumbled. Auntie Gertrude caught him, her hands lifting him up by his armpits and settling him onto her hip, one arm under his diapered bottom. “Such a good boy!” She praised and he smiled, snuggling against her. He noticed when his crotch grew warm for a moment before the thirsty padding of the diaper whisked it away. He still wasn’t potty trained. He frowned. Tabi screamed; his head jerked up to see he wasn’t the only one who peed. The adult sized clothes puddled around her were soaked with her pee. Tears streamed down her face as she wailed, looking pathetically up at Auntie Gertrude, who just shook her head. “No. You’re staying there. I need to find a babysitter. At the last minute. On Samhain. As if I didn’t have enough to do with overseeing the Feast preparations. Maybe Matilda still has some baby crap laying around…..I’m not wasting my time with resizing spells. Dora, watch the brat.” The barghest lay down, calmly watching as Tabitha screamed her disgust, anger, and frustration in a spectacular, wailing tantrum that would have done any toddler proud. Josh winced at the piercing shrieks. Auntie Gertrude carried him out of the room; he looked over her shoulder from his howling sister to the window. The smoke had cleared, but the leaves of the tree outside the window shimmered as they absorbed the smoke. Murky unease twisted his insides, feeling him with the sense that something was very, very wrong. He whimpered. “Shh. It’s okay, baby. I know you feel bad for your sister, but she brought this on herself.” Gertrude bounced him soothingly as she walked down the corridor. He shook his head. “The smoke went out the window. The leaves look funny. Something doesn’t feel right.” He hesitated a moment. “I felt it earlier, too.” Gertrude kissed his soft baby cheek, inhaling the sweet fragrance of powder and lotion. Underneath floated subtle notes of newborn. The elixir she’d given him so long ago after his torture even made him smell like a baby. She smiled. “You just got hit with a hefty dose of potion. Of course you’re topsy turvy and all out of sorts. If something was wrong, I’d know. I keep a close eye on everything. Including my babies.” She picked his dangling paci up and gently pushed the rubber nipple against his soft, pink lips. Josh automatically opened his mouth, taking the paci and sucking. Auntie Gertrude was right, but the uneasy feeling still needled him. Another wave of warm pee spurted into his diaper just as he heard the snaps on the crotch of his sleeper pop open. Her fingers poked at his now exposed diaper. He thought of Tabi shivering helplessly in a cold puddle of her pee and he suddenly felt awful about how loving their aunt was being with him. He took his paci out. “I’m a big boy.” He hedged softly. “Yes, you are. Somewhat.” Her hand roamed to the seat of his diaper, checking for a mess. “You still need your diapees.” “I...I can take care of Tabi…” He whispered even softer, not daring to meet her eyes. Whenever he used to suggest something, his mother would get mad at him. “That’s very sweet of you, but she has a lesson to learn. I’ll take care of her in a little bit. Now, how about a nice baba of chocolate milk while I make a few calls.” She put his paci back in his mouth.
  3. Cameron squirmed, the straps of his car seat squishing the soggy bulk of his diaper against him. Heavy, medicated cream dulled the sting of his diaper rash. He sucked on his binky and stared down at the blue bib with embroidered red lady bugs on it. Technically he did not need it, but car seats were often part of the regression therapy program; they were an easy way to confine and protect a regressed patient. His car seat was still in the back of his grandmother’s Bentley. He was so used to riding in it he never thought of sitting in a regular seat, like a big boy. The five point harness held him firm and secure, restricting his movements and giving him a feeling of safety and security. As part of his therapy, he'd been trained to love his car seat as much as he loved all his other baby paraphernalia. He even still had his rattles from his time in the hospital when he was fully regressed, just learning to crawl. He much preferred being a big toddler. He had some freedoms yet still felt the security of being watched. Though his nannies often screwed up when they were new to the case. It was similar to home health care. The nanny agency specializing in regression therapy sent nannies who were certified regression therapy assistants. There was a steady, revolving stream of nannies, as many went on to complete their regression therapist degree and move on to better paying jobs. “Tch. Where is she?” At the sound of his grandmother’s voice, he peeked up and strained against the harness so he could look past the car seat's padding to his grandmother. Beatrice sat besides him in the backseat in etiquette-dictated proper place. Her chauffeur was up front driving. Her legs were crossed, her low kitten heel twitching as she flicked her foot, radiating annoyance with arms crossed and lips pressed in a thin line. "Gwanma? I sowwy." He said softly around the rubber nipple of his binky in his mouth. Liliana was late. He could still barely believe she was coming; a small part of him doubted it, dared not to hope in case it wasn’t true. Beatrice didn’t answer. She did not feel comfortable leaving her 18 year old grandson alone, and Tyrese had made it perfectly clear he and the other staff were too busy with their duties to take care of Cameron. If something happened to him and word got out it would cause too much of a scandal. So she had to take him with her to a charity luncheon for some orphanage or another and wait for Jill’s granddaughter. She looked again at her watch and clucked her tongue, making no attempt to hide her displeasure. When she did not even so much as turn her head or acknowledge him, Cameron lowered his head and relaxed into his car seat with a soft sigh of surrender. Grandma was still mad at him about the debacle at dinner. His legs pressed to the padded sides of the carseat, forced apart by his huge diaper bulge. His car seat was deep with soft, thick, spongy cushions. He sighed as the silence stretched out. He looked out the window, watching the shiny, expensive and fancy cars filling the parking lot. A group of chauffeurs gathered in a corner, talking as they smoked. Soon holiday trimmings would be going up- he loved seeing the festive decorations. Mapleton was a small town, and the section frequented and populate by the creme dela creme of Mapleton society was kept clean by an army of street sweepers. He wished he could spend the holidays with his grandma. Maybe then she wouldn’t resent him so much. He knew it was hard on her, having a screw up like him for a grandson while her own son was locked away in prison. She spent Thanksgiving and Christmas at the soup kitchen in the less desireable part of town. She donated heavily and of course she did not actually serve; she was just there to offer her unsolicited supervision. Unless a photographer or reporter from the newspaper were there. Sacrificing her holidays gave her bragging rights and helped her public image. That left Cameron alone in his room with Christmas TV specials and a nanny on double holiday overtime. He peeked at her again. "I be good. Pwomise." He lisped softer than before, trying again. Beatrice’s lip twitched in annoyance and he dropped his head. He did not know what else to do to make things better. He rubbed the red thread of the ladybugs on his bib with one finger. Today, he was dressed as much of a baby as he could be, even more infantile and girly than usual. Beatrice had bribed a maid with a bonus behind Tyrese’s back to dress Cameron, not trusting him to dress himself. He'd tried to protest but that only angered his grandmother further. So he wore a yellow onesie with lacy peter pan collar, red crotch snaps and big, bright red ladybugs on the chest. Over top of that was a hand knitted, mint green sweater with a cartoonish white bunny on the front; a handmade gift from one of Beatrice’s friends for his birthday. He had on baby blue cargo pants with snaps in the crotch, making his diaper bulge very noticeable as always. The icing on the cake was the frilly unisex infant’s bonnet tied to his head. It was white and dripped lace, which the maid had thought looked adorable even though Cameron had not worn it since he came home from the regression hospital. It made him feel like an infant, and he hated the bonnet. He thought it was too girly with all that lace. But he kept his opinion to himself; he didn’t want to anger or upset anyone. This time his binky clip was Winnie the pooh and his binky was white and mint with a pink strap. The bonnet’s ribbons were wide and made a huge bow under his chin that itched and distracted him. It was almost itchier than his red, rash covered diaper area. He was almost tempted to cry and act like an infant. That may get him the attention of his grandmother but it would only upset her further. Another worry was how other people would react. Cameron did not get out much. None of the regression therapy students did. The mothers were a close knit group and would go Mama Bear on anyone who said anything about their oversized babies. Especially after what happened to Cameron from Prissy’s bullying. They were quick to stamp out any little spark. The only times he got out were when one of his classmates was having a birthday party. Then, they were all dressed as big babies and their mothers rented out the entire venue. There was still too much public controversy on regression therapy to safely go out. Those paraphilic infantilism people who tried to go public with their fetish often got confused by the uneducated public with regression therapy patients and just made matters worse. He was not used to being out in public. The closest he’d come was when the school attempted to mainstream him. He’d gotten to wear big boy clothes then and mingle with his normal peers. With Prissy. He shivered at the memory. Where was Lili? What would she think of him, dressed like this? He wished he had his big boy clothes on. He still missed her. He sighed, fidgeting restlessly, the noisy crinkle of his diaper filling up the quiet car. . She had just crashed into his life like a shooting star. And now she was gone and not coming back. He sucked hard on his binky. Maybe she was disgusted with him after all? Maybe she thought of it all as a joke? Just having a lark with the dumb, over grown babies. But she had seemed so sincere. He had believed her; she was nothing like the bullies had been. Or he was just a diapered fool desperate for affection. For a friend. His feelings for Lili were confusing; he could not define them for certain. All he knew was he liked her. Oh, how he liked her. Surely she could not have feelings for a burned boy who peed and pooped himself, drank formula from bottles and spit up if he was not burped. He whimpered softly. Surely, she saw him as nothing more than a joke. The roar of an engine filled the quiet as a car raced into the parking lot well over the speed limit. He peered through his window, pushing himself up and grunting as he fought the unyielding restraints. Tires screeched as the car came to a halt and the driver got out. His eyes widened and terror filled him. Priscilla. It was Priscilla. Impossible. It couldn’t be. But it was. He fell back into the soft padding, heart pounding as he panted. His long time tormentor was his new babysitter. He whimpered.
  4. Stuff like this just makes our community look bad.
  5. Thank you for commenting. Beatrice is a very shallow, superficial person. Your cliffhanger comment made me LOL. Thanks for commenting! The grandma isn't very likeable at all. Beatrice has blinders on where her son is concerned- she doesn't want to face the reality of what he did and how horrible a person he is. For her, that would also mean she has to look at herself and how she raised him, appraising and questioning herself. She prefers to take the ostrich head in the sand approach and just say it was an accident, and believe the judge, jury, prosecutor, and police were all wrong. Lili and Beatrice will be having a show down soon. Thank you for commenting LOL I like the volcano idea! She definitely deserves some karma!
  6. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it
  7. Oh yes, I agree. I was saving Nicky's babying for a special occassion- and nothing more special than Christmas Eve I haven't written the Christmas Day yet, but it's gonna be a doozy, and Reila's not going to be a very happy girl. Thanks for commenting! Thanks for commenting! Yes, this story will be continued until the end! I update as I write, which is why updates for this one are a little slow. :3 Oh yes, lots more fun! Thanks for commenting More will be on the way...soon as I have enough free time to write and edit. I've tried to hint at the supernatural throughout the story, but since this is the climax of the story, that element got revved up. But it's going to let us have much more fun with Reila. Thanks for commenting Az certainly has plans for Reila! Yes, Reila would definitely prefer Grandma Uschi's cane over what Az is going to do to her! I'm glad you're looking forward to more, and thank you for commenting. Yup, I'll keep it going soon as I have time to write. Thanks for commenting.
  8. Thank you I didn't have a specific number of years in mind- just "awhile", at least 2-3 years. Long enough for him to get used to it. Tabitha just shrunk, physically turning into a toddler. She still has her adult mind. Josh didn't shrink or grow; his body was just like that of a big baby. Now he's regained his adult dexterity/ adult skills. Thank you. Josh regaining his adulthood was an unintended, accidental side effect. Tabitha was trying to get her own magic back, but she screwed up. Kind of like accidentally adding salt instead of sugar to a recipe- the results aren't quite what you expect. Aunt Gertrude does enjoy having him as a baby, which is why she doesn't try as hard as she could to cure him.
  9. A story set in Japan? You have my attention. :3
  10. My favorites as a kid: Rainbow Bright (I still have my old Starlight stuffed animal), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thunder Cats, He-Man, She-Ra, Biker Mice From Mars, G.I. Joe My favorite puppet was the Crypt Keeper from Tales From the Crypt. My grandfather loved that show, and when he'd babysit me it was on. Once I fifth grade it as all anime. Other kids started getting out of cartoons- they were into things like Saved By the Bell and the Fresh Prince. For me, it was anime. Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors. Then I saw Akira on the Sci-Fi channel and was hooked on anime. As a kid, that movie scared the shit outta me. But I loved it, too XD
  11. Did some story updating this weekend; Bad Seed, Tricky Treats and Witch's Brew. 

  12. Thank you for commenting! I enjoy hearing your thoughts and what you think of the characters. events, etc! We're in the home stretch; there's only a several more updates left then this story is a done duck pumpkin. “Pumpkin, you sure? Danny asked in a worried daddy voice. He knew how unsteady Kaoru’s balance was when she was tired. She’d already walked a lot tonight. She was really pushing herself and he didn’t like it. Seeing the concern for the chubby girl in her eyes, Danny’s refusal crumbled. She just wanted to be closer to her friend to comfort the butterball. And he’d be right here to catch her if she fell. Kaoru nodded, puppy dog eyes pleading. “Alright.” His huge hands lifted Kaoru by her armpits, setting her down. Her short, poofy dress and pinafore rose up, displaying more of her bulbous diaper as it strained against her frilly bloomers. One glance told an passersby she was a heavily diapered little girl who needed every ounce of that padded protection. Danny was mindful of her feet, making sure she had her balance. Her purple butterfly braes held her feet at a fixed angle, so Kaoru sometimes appeared to have her balance just standing there only to lose it as soon as she moved. He’d learned that the hard way; too many times he’d carelessly stood her up or set her down on her feet and let go prematurely, only for her to immediately wobble and fall down. She’d accumulated a few grazes and bruises in the process then apologized to him. She never blamed Danny for it; she blamed herself. He hated that, so he was extra careful nowadays to make sure she had her balance before he let go. He stayed hunched over, holding her hands. “I’m good. Thank you.” Kaoru tried to kiss Danny’s cheek in thanks, but his face was just up above her reach. If she could get up on her tiptoes she could’ve kissed his chin. He smiled at her adorable pout and obligingly bent his face down to her level. After a quick peck on his cheek, she took a few slow steps forward towards the stroller. She wobbled more with each step, tightening her hold on Danny’s hands; they were the only things keeping her steady and righting her balance. Her legs were tired; this was the most she’d walked in a long time. On top of that, she was sleepy. Her coordination and concentration were off; it was like driving through a thick fog. His big, strong hands cradled her own tiny ones as she toddled unsteadily to Gabby, crinkling all the way. “Kaoru?” Gabby asked, watching as the fragile girl struggled to walk. Karu just smiled at her. Slender arms wrapped around her pudgy middle, her vision full of Kaoru’s hair. She was stunned by such a bold move from the timid, painfully shy girl. “I had fun tonight. Sorry all those buttheads ruined it.” Kaoru whispered, squeezing her plump friend. Gabby had accepted her, didn’t laugh at her dysfunctional bladder, feet, or tummy. She was patient with her, didn’t make her feel like a burden at all. Kaoru wanted to reciprocate, to be there for Gabby when her friend needed her. Right now, gabby was hurting on the inside and trying to hide it. Kaoru didn’t know if she could make Gabby feel better; she just wanted to let her friend know she wasn’t alone. Gabby hugged her back. “Thank you. I’m okay. I’m just being stupid. We did have a lot of fun. You’re right. I won’t let those idiots ruin our Halloween.” Gabby actually believed her words. Her friend and her family were right. This was a special night. She could mope and worry about the consequences later. Her smile this time was more genuine, less forced. “Good. Now we’ve got that settled, let’s get going before those diapers leak.” Danny said flatly as he scooped Kaoru up. She squeaked at the sudden motion as Danny settled her back onto his hip. Both girls blushed, faces candy apple red. “D-Danny!” Kaoru protested as he poked at her covered diaper, giving the noisy plastic padding a squeeze. “What? Just checking your diaper. It’s soaked. You’re going to leak any second now.” “You’re embarrassing them.” Hester added helpfully. “Well, it’s true. I’ve changed more diapers than you have. You wanna check? I’m sure hers is in the same state.” He gestured at Gabby, who let out a strangled squeak and hid her face in her hands. Danny had been standing behind Kaoru this entire time. Now that he’d picked her back up, he stood in front of the stroller. Gabby found herself staring straight up at him. From her seated position, he seemed even huger. Icy fingers of fear ran down her spine. Danny was all raw, muscled male. Like a model on the cover of a romance novel. There was something more than just his physical presence that intimidated her, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She peed a little. The man was so gentle and loving with Kaoru, yet Gabby couldn’t shake her innate fear of him, no matter how much she tried to reason with herself. She told herself she was being ridiculous. Like her fear of Auntie Hester’s bitchy cat. She was just spooked because it was a spooky night and her imagination was in overdrive. Danny felt Gabby’s gaze, saw the irrational fear there. He grinned, flashing those awfully sharp pearly whites. Gabby shuddered, more pee squirting out, though her padding was already so soaked and warm she didn’t feel the added urine. With his attention on her, she felt like a plump rabbit cornered by a hungry fox. In desperation to put some space between them, she blurted without thinking, “A NEW DIAPER SOUNDS GREAT!” Her shout echoed into the quiet, chilly night. “Alrighty then. Fresh, dry diapers it is!” Hester chuckled. Kaoru smiled softly down at Gabby, who cringed in embarrassment at her outburst. She hid her face in her hands again as Hester pushed the stroller forward. They carried on back to Hester’s house. The diapered girls grew drowsy once again as their emotions calmed down.
  13. Joshua crawled along the rough, green carpet of the hallway. The heavy cream coating his bottom caused his cheeks to slide together, almost making it feel like he’d messed himself. He sucked on his yellow and white pacifier; the crinkle of his freshly changed, bulky diaper seemed to echo down the huge, quiet hall. Bright flashes of multi-colored lights shot out from under the door to Auntie Gertrude’s off-limits work room. He knew where his older half sister was; getting into trouble again. Auntie Gertrude was getting dressed; she had a lot of preparation to do for the Samhain Feast. Her coven was hosting a few other covens along with a contingent of ghouls. Josh had taken advantage of her preoccupation to slip away. He felt like he should check on Tabi because she had looked so miserable and humiliated this morning. Normally, he’d be in his playpen. He rarely got time alone, only when he was in his crib or playpen. Even then, Pandora frequently popped her huge, shaggy head in to check on him. Just like now; as soon as he’d crawled out of the nursery and out of Auntie Gertrude’s sight, Pandora was on his tail. He paused, turning around to pout at the huge demon dog. “Dowa, shoo!” He lisped in a whisper around the rubber nipple filling his mouth. The familiar just gave him a long, slow blink. Her expression clearly said, Yeah, not gonna happen. He sighed in defeat. Pandora only listened to Auntie. “Otay but yoos gotta be shush!” He had no choice, so it was just easier to agree to her coming with him. He held up one finger to his paci in a “be quiet” gesture, then started crawling down the hall again. Dora chuffed, her reply as clear as if she’d uttered the words. I’m not the crinkle-butt. Josh sucked his paci and crawled onwards. He’d only figured out how to crawl a few months ago. Walking was still a faraway dream. He hoped he could talk Tabitha out of whatever she was up to this time, though he had a sneaking suspicion it involved attempting to remove her seal. If her magic was sealed, how could she cast a spell? Unless her magic was somehow leaking through. He frowned behind the plastic shield covering his lips. The light wood of the workroom door creaked as he nudged it open a crack. Bright flashes of Crayola colored light shot out from a small, rapidly boiling cauldron suspended over a bunsen burner. The flickering, painful onslaught blinded him; before he closed his eyes, he caught a brief glimpse of Tabi nervously dancing around with a small blue bottle in one fist. Oh, he knew that bottle well; Aunt Gertrude’s Concentrated Essence of the Font of Youth. Use Sparingly. That little bottle had saved his life and regrew his nerves. “Yes! I can feel my magic! That stupid seal drained it away, but not anymore. I won’t spend my days as a powerless human!” Tabi crowed, her voice filling Josh’s ears. A chilly autumn wind swept in from the open window. Both made him shiver. An ominous tingle ran down his spine, the same wrong feeling he’d gotten earlier. He whined softly. Pandora made no sound. Had she stayed out in the hall? “Tabi? Dis bad. Stawp. Peese.” He lisped in a soft plea for her to stop. She never heard his tentative whisper, too swept up in her elation. She poured several large dollops of Font of Youth into the cauldron; with a bubbling whoosh and the shrill whistle of an over boiling tea kettle, all of the colored lights shot out of the cauldron at once. Tabitha screamed. Josh curled up into a ball on the floor as the bubbling brew exploded. The scent of ozone filled the air. A warm, tingly sensation washed over Josh, the wave of magic cocooning him. What had Tabi done? How? He cautiously cracked open one eye. Multi-colored smoke filled the room like dense fog. He could just make out the outline of the empty cauldron, shimmery potion dribbled down it’s sides and bunsen burner flame out. He couldn’t see much of the room, but he felt normal. He held his hands out in front of him, wiggling his fingers. He looked normal. He sat up and looked around some more, trying to figure out what the potion had affected. Smoke drifted out the open window; gradually his view cleared. The shelves of books and jars of ingredients and potions lining the walls were intact. Nothing broken or missing, aside from Tabi. Her clothes puddled on the floor like shed snakeskin. A chubby toddler with brown curly hair lay, her head swiveling around in stunned confusion. She spotted him and narrowed her eyes. “What da heww? Why every fin so big?” What the hell? Why was everything so big? Her voice was a squeaky, toddler lisp. Her eyes grew wide gain and her stubby fingers flew up to her mouth. Josh was just as shocked. “Tabi? What did you do?” His own words were normal, enunciated adult speech like when he was a big boy. His eyes widened and his fingertips pressed against his lips. They stared at each other, slowly realizing just what had gone wrong. Tabitha was now a baby, and he had his voice back. Heart pounding, he wondered what else he could do. Was he a big boy again? He pushed off the floor with his legs, expecting to fall any second. He stood up, wobbling as his muscles trembled. He reached out to the wall for support and balance. He giggled, beaming and excited while Tabi watched with narrowed eyes, annoyed he was so happy when she was distressed. “Oh, Tabitha. Why must you ungraciously throw every change I give you back in my face? You’ve truly done it this time.” Auntie Gertrude stood in the doorway.
  14. I can't resist boys in skirts. I enjoy reading your stories, too!