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  1. I was saying that it was likely the Tranquility Slimline Breathable.
  2. Yes, at the pharmacy with a prescription from your primary care doctor. It's only available with a prescription in the US. It's a potassium depleting diuretic, which affects your blood pressure and can cause an unsafe depletion in potassium, which helps to regulate muscle movements including your heart rhythm, as well as calcium, which can affect bone density. This isn't something that you should be using to achieve any sort of kink desire. There are plenty of other more natural diuretics you can use, including caffeine and dandelion. If you need it to help with high blood pressure, heart failure, or fluid retention, I recommend seeing your primary care doctor so they can monitor it's effects. -piper
  3. You can get them from babykins.com . As far as i know they still have 5 snaps.
  4. She took it down. I think that she had some privacy issues that necessitated her taking it down. She's still around, just not on here.
  5. I don't recommend putting lidocaine gel directly into your bladder, because quite frankly, it's not going to have the effect that you are likely looking for. I imagine you think that it's going to cause temporary incontinence, and the likely answer is that is not going to happen. That being said, I have definitely injected small amounts of lidocaine gel (Uro-Jet, look it up) up people's penises prior to insertion of a foley catheter, and coated the catheter itself with the lidocaine gel, so the likelihood is that an amount of gel has made it's way up into the bladder itself. This was done using aseptic technique in a hospital, thus it was a sterile procedure. However, the likelihood that the procedure you describe is going to cause temporary incontinence is pretty nil.
  6. I've tried and like the Abena, Tranquility, and Tena pull-ups. All three are roughly the same, except for fit. https://cheapchux.com/collections/underwear-pull-ons/products/abena-abri-flex-premium-protective-underwear-adult-pullon-level-3?variant=25404109187 https://cheapchux.com/collections/underwear-pull-ons/products/tranquility-premium-overnight-disposable-absorbent-underwear?variant=19861674627 http://www.northshorecare.com/diapers/pullons1/tena-protective-underwear-extra-absorbency.html
  7. That happened to me once with a pack of molicares from KCK medical I think. Never bought from them again.
  8. Or you could go to a place with a self checkout. Like Walmart at like 3 in the morning. Nobody there, and those register clerks don't care about anything at that time.
  9. someone replied to it. when that happens it jumps to the front page.
  10. Here it is when I first got it, minus the pad. I don't have it really set up right now to take a picture of it, and to be honest I am getting rid of it soon because I got a medical exam table that will work better anyways.
  11. I made mine out of a long dresser that I got on craigslist. It's basic and doesn't have like guard rails, but it gets the job done. I made a simple pad for it out of felt and reversed pleather to make it waterproof.
  12. I remember them from Pathmark actually, in the early 2000s. I found them as late as 2002 but never after that. They were a large baby diaper that had 2 tapes per side, and a blue printed wetness indicator that would disappear when wet. I was a 32 inch waist and they could fit me. It might not be the exact same product, but the name was definitely the same.
  13. Phone the police. Regardless of what ebay's policies are, and their own internal stuff, they are not the authority. This person committed fraud and theft. Let the authorities deal with it. There are still legal consequences to theft even if ebay disagrees.
  14. Yay! Congratulations!