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Sam's Flight to Babyhood

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Sam is away on vacation and just about to head home. She is at the airport and feeling somewhat proud of herself for getting through a vacation with little issue. Sam has long been sensitive about her diminutive height and that is made worse when an unexpected rule change means she is stranded.

Just when she starts panicking and thinking she was stuck she sees a professor from her college walking towards her. It might be that this professor is Sam's only way home...


As ever I am extremely thankful to my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do :) If you have a little spare money and would like to support me and help me pay the bills then please do consider having a look at my Patreon page. I post an update every 4-5 days and patrons get access to everything I write one week before the rest of the world. Also, for $10 a month you can get access to Patreon exclusive stories! I have 40 STORIES AVAILABLE FOR $10 patrons that you can read right away with more posted regularly!



Sam’s Flight to Babyhood

By Elfy

“The 1340 flight to Buenos Aires has been delayed by half an hour for maintenance. We apologise for the inconvenience.” The loudspeaker system blasted overhead.

Sam stood nervously in a queue to speak to the customer assistant. She looked out the window nearby and saw the plane she was supposed to be getting on soon that would take her from London Heathrow back to home on the east coast of America. She had just flown in from Kiev and this was her connecting flight.

As Sam looked around she saw faces turning her way and staring. She blushed when she saw people furrowing their brows or nudging their friends to point at her. There were children giggling or loudly asking rude questions like “Mommy, why is that little girl on her own?”

This was all stuff Sam had heard before of course but it didn’t help protect her from the embarrassment. She knew she was small, tiny in fact, at thirty-three inches in height she was towered over by virtually everyone. It was a source of constant frustration and anger for Sam that she couldn’t do anything to fix. So often she was the curiosity that children and even adults would point at and whisper to each other, not helped by the fact she usually had to wear children’s clothes because they were the only ones that fit.

School had been a miserable experience and Sam had been anxiously counting down the days until it finished. When the end of day bell did finally ring for the last time she celebrated more than most. Though she had friends she also had bullies and, to add to the embarrassment, the bullies were often in the grades below her. It might have been this overwhelming anxiety to leave school that resulted in what had been the most embarrassing event in her life. Despite a year passing since the event it still plagued her nightmares.

After the official graduation from high school there was a huge party scheduled at the house of one of the rich kids. Sam wasn’t usually much of a partier but she decided to make an exception after her friends prodded her and reminded her this was her last chance for high school debauchery.

Debauchery turned out to be an understatement. The alcohol flowed and illegal substances were taken as music blared and people danced. Sam became very drunk very quickly partly because of her lack of drinking experience and partly because she was so small. She was a lightweight in the most literal sense of the word.

Sam would never be sure what happened because at some point the night became a blur. She vaguely remembered being carried somewhere whilst practically unconscious and then the next thing she knew she had been in baby clothes and a diaper. She later learned that she had been taken to the nearby nursery by a couple of people who didn’t know she was really an adult and left there. It took an embarrassingly long time for someone at the nursery to believe who she was.

That embarrassing incident had been over a year ago now but it still loomed fresh in Sam’s mind as evidenced by the nightmares she still had about it. She had since gone to college and after her first year had ended she had decided to travel and experience some different cultures. It was an anxious time for the short woman as it also marked the first time she had really gone anywhere on her own.

Despite her fears the travelling had gone well. There had been some people pointing and laughing or making loud comments but they were easily shrugged off by Sam who had experienced much worse. All in all she had a great time sightseeing and trying out local cuisines. All good things come to an end though and she was now waiting for her flight back to America.

“Next!” The customer assistant for the airline called out. The person in front of Sam walked away and Sam came forwards. She had to look up at the desk and the customer assistant seemed not to have seen her at all, “Sir, please step forwards.”

Sam looked behind her and saw that the customer assistant was referring to the man behind Sam in the queue. The counter the assistant was stood behind was too tall and Sam was hidden from sight. She blushed at the reminder of her short stature, she hated being reminded that she wasn’t like everyone else. Some people behind Sam chuckled.

“I’m down here!” Sam exclaimed. She felt so embarrassed, like a child pretending to be an adult.

There was a pause and then Sam saw the assistant lean over the desk to look down and see Sam. Her nametag showed and Sam saw the assistant was called Debra, she seemed shocked that she was talking to someone so small.

“Hello, are your parents here?” Debra had her professional voice on and she smiled showing perfect teeth behind rosy lips.

Sam shuddered. It wasn’t unusual for her to be mistaken for a child though she had somehow managed to avoid it for most of her trip. This was humiliating though and she pouted as her face went a dark red. Without a word Sam reached into her bag and pulled out her passport and ticket.

Sam was horrified when Debra walked around the desk and crouched down so she was the same height as her. Sam looked down at the ground as she handed over the documents. Not for the first time she cursed that she had been born like this.

“Nineteen-years-old?” Debra looked confused, “Do you have any more ID, Sweetie?”

Debra seemed incapable of treating Sam like the adult she was and Sam balled up her fists in humiliated frustration. She could hear people behind her whispering and knew she was the topic of conversation. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her purse. She had a driving license for her heavily modified car at home it would confirm her age.

“Oh… I’m sorry.” Debra said as she looked at the license and confirmed Sam’s details, “Excuse me a moment.”

Sam huffed in annoyance as Debra handed back the documents and went behind the desk. Sam couldn’t see what was happening even when she stood on tip-toes. She could hear Debra talking to someone though what exactly she was saying was at least partially lost because of the background noise.

“Yes, Sir… Very short, Sir… Three feet maybe? I thought she was a child.” Debra’s voice carried a lot better than her manager.

Sam was cringing and just wished they would hurry up and let her past. She tapped her foot impatiently and looked around, there were a lot of people watching and it made her feel like she was shrinking even further. Just as Sam thought she might collapse into a ball from embarrassment she heard Debra return.

“Sam, I’m afraid I have some bad news.” Debra walked around the desk and came down to Sam’s level again.

“Bad news?” Sam repeated with a frown.

“Yeah, there’s a new policy that just came into force recently.” Debra continued, “I’m afraid we have a height restriction now. For safety we can’t allow anyone of your stature on the flight alone. You would need to be accompanied.”

“W-What!?” Sam exclaimed as she felt dread flooding her.

“I’m afraid there is nothing we can do.” Debra patted Sam on the head as she stood up and went behind the desk again.

“What am I meant to do!?” Sam shouted hysterically, “I don’t know anyone here! I don’t have the money for another ticket!”

“I’m sorry.” Debra leaned over to speak to Sam, “Perhaps you could speak to the embassy or call an adult to accompany you. If you speak to customer service you may be able to get a refund but it will take a couple of weeks to process.”

“I am an adult!” Sam stomped her foot in frustration.

“Next please!” Debra called out.

Sam stuttered and spluttered as she was forced aside and the next people went forwards to the desk. They were almost immediately waved through. Sam felt dizzy, she was stuck in a strange place and her nice trip had quickly turned into a nightmare. She didn’t know where the American embassy was and it was already getting late, it would almost certainly be closed. Her eyes were watering and she was starting to sniffle as she dejectedly walked away from the desk.

The idea of calling someone and begging for help made Sam feel sick. She had always tried to be more of an adult than everyone else, she was always responsible and amongst her group of friends she was seen as the “mom” despite her size. She just knew she would burst into tears as well, her emotions were going haywire as she walked towards the phone. More than once she had to jump out of the way of a businessman hurrying along and not looking down at where she was.

“Out of the way, little girl!” One particularly rude man yelled after his suitcase nearly knocked Sam on to her rear end.

Sam was about to retort when she saw someone she recognised. It seemed so unlikely to know someone over here but the woman walking towards her and reading a leaflet was definitely recognisable. Sam couldn’t place where she had seen her or how she knew her but when she was otherwise lost this was a lifeline she couldn’t let go. Maybe this coincidence was a guardian angel looking out for her.

“E-Excuse me…” Sam hurried over to the woman and got her attention.

This woman was in a smart suit but she didn’t seem serious enough to be a businesswoman. She looked friendly with her brunette hair tied back in a ponytail and only a light smattering of make-up on her face. She smiled when she saw Sam but unlike the customer assistant at the desk it didn’t seem to be patronising.

“Sam? How strange to see you here!” The woman said as she put the leaflet in her pocket.

“You… You know me?” Sam asked. She recognised this woman but she didn’t think she would know Sam’s name.

“Of course I do.” The woman laughed, “No offence but you aren’t someone that’s easy to forget. You have a rather unique… stature.”

“I’m sorry.” Sam frowned, “I recognise you but I’m not sure where from. I don’t remember your name either…”

“No need to apologise.” The woman said, “I’m Professor Hughes but you can call me Jess. I took one of your Psychology 101 lectures. If I remember correctly you were a very attentive student.”

“Thanks.” Sam had to turn the conversation to her current predicament, “I hate to do this but… I need some help.”

“What’s the matter?” Jess asked with concern.

Sam explained what had happened and was pleased that Jess looked suitably shocked. It felt like she was a real ally appearing at the exact moment Sam needed. Sam was just so pleased she was there she didn’t really wonder why she happened to be there at that time.

“That’s awful!” Jess said when Sam finished telling her the story, “I’m just not sure what I can do…”

“If you accompanied me they might let me on the flight.” Sam suggested. She hated the idea of being escorted on to the plane like a small child but if it was her only choice it was one she could live with.

“I don’t think that would work.” Jess replied slowly, “We have seats that aren’t near each other. They would know that I don’t know you. I wish I could help I just don’t know how I can…”

Sam felt her hopes drop through her stomach. Was the professor going to leave her here alone after all?

Jess looked up and towards the window where she could see the plane they were supposed to be getting on. She adjusted her jacket a little and the leaflet she had been reading fell out of her pocket and on to the floor. Sam was naturally closer to the ground and bent down to get it. She looked at it and frowned.

The leaflet was entitled “Babe in Arms” and showed a smiling young mother with a small child on her lap. Sam opened it up and found the new rules that Debra had been talking about. The airline’s policy now seemed to be that people under a certain height were not allowed to travel regardless of age. They said it was for “safety reasons” but Sam didn’t really understand it. When Sam looked at the back of the leaflet she saw a possibility to remedy the situation. It would be humiliating to suggest but this was a desperate situation.

“I hate to say this…” Sam said as she held up the leaflet, “But we could try this.”

“Babe in arms?” Jess frowned, “I’m not sure I understand.”

“If we pretend that I’m a child you could take me on board and I could… sit on your lap.” Sam could feel a little bit of her soul dying just for suggesting such a thing.

“I don’t know…” Jess pursed her lips.

“I’m really desperate here.” Sam was practically on her knees, “It’s my only option.”

“What about your passport?” Jess asked, “Won’t they look at it and see you are an adult?”

Sam bit her lip. It was undoubtedly a big barrier to getting on to the plane. She really didn’t have an answer to that but she didn’t have anything to lose by trying.

“I’ll just have to hope they don’t look too closely.” Sam shrugged, “I know I’m asking a lot from you and if I had another option I would never ask.”

Sam held her breath as Jess took a deep breath and looked out towards the plane again. The wait to hear what the professor was going to say was horrible and seemed to stretch into eternity. Sam felt sick from the tension and silent prayed that Jess would take a risk and try to help her.

“Alright, I’ll help you.” Jess said finally, “But you need to do whatever I say and if I get my ticket cancelled for trying this you need to pay for a replacement.”

“Deal.” Sam said quickly. She didn’t have the money to buy herself a new ticket yet alone Jess but she hoped she wouldn’t need it. If it came to it she could call her parents and though she knew they wouldn’t be at all happy they also wouldn’t want their daughter stranded thousands of miles from home.

“Right, well, come with me.” Jess started striding away from the check-in area and towards the plethora of stores that seemed to cater to everything a traveller could ever need.

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Totally willing to suspend disbelief for this one (though I just have to mention the legal trouble this airline would be in for discrimination). ? It sounds as if it will be a lot of fun!

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13 minutes ago, kerry said:

Totally willing to suspend disbelief for this one (though I just have to mention the legal trouble this airline would be in for discrimination). ? It sounds as if it will be a lot of fun!

Definitely a fair amount of suspension of disbelief required for sure but I feel that's the case for most of the stories I write about Sam :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sam is stuck with an embarrassing plan to get home. If she had another choice she would be taking it. She's taken to a clothing store where she absolutely insists she won't wear what Jess suggests... until she suddenly changes her mind.


As ever I am extremely thankful to my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do :) If you have a little spare money and would like to support me and help me pay the bills then please do consider having a look at my Patreon page. I post an update every 4-5 days and patrons get access to everything I write one week before the rest of the world. Also, for $10 a month you can get access to Patreon exclusive stories! I have 40 STORIES AVAILABLE FOR $10 patrons that you can read right away with more posted regularly!



Sam had to almost jog to keep up with the much longer legs of Jess. She didn’t know where they were going but she wasn’t going to complain and risk Jess breaking off the agreement. Sam followed the professor as she looked at all the shops, finally she saw what she was looking for and turned into the brighter lights of the store entrance.

“A clothes store?” Sam muttered to herself in confusion.

Jess looked at the sign and then went to the back of the shop. Sam realised as they went past some flowery summer dresses that they were heading to the children’s section. Admittedly Sam did have to do most of her clothes shopping in the children’s section but she usually at least tried to find something more adult first. Yet again she found herself feeling embarrassed as she was led to the smaller clothes by Jess.

“If we are going to try to fool them into thinking you’re a baby we need to make it convincing.” Jess said, “Find something childish, I’ll pay.”

Sam wanted to respond that she thought they were going to pretend she was a child rather than a baby but maybe they meant the same thing for the most part. Sam walked forwards towards some little dresses that looked like they were for pre-teens, they would be a little big on her but she was happy that they were plain compared to the more childish options.

“One of these would probably work.” Sam suggested. She turned to look at Jess but found that the professor was looking at a different rack.

“What about these?” Jess suggested as she pointed to something Sam couldn’t see.

Sam walked around a rack and gasped as she saw what Jess was suggesting. The rack Jess was looking at was filled with the most infantile clothing in the store. Everything there was designed for little girls who loved the cutesiest stuff imaginable. It was all very pink and there were a lot of pictures of princesses and unicorns. Sam never liked that stuff even when she had been a baby, looking at it and considering wearing it as an adult was horrifying.

“I don’t think any of this would wo-” Sam started tentatively.

“You need to look like a baby so we can get you on the plane.” Jess looked down at Sam but her voice was still very sweet.

“I know but stuff like this?” Sam pointed to a particularly offensive pink dress that was basically just a princess costume.

Jess looked again. Sam studied the taller woman’s face, to her horror it seemed like she was now weighing up the pros and cons of the very dress Sam had pointed at. Sam swallowed and looked back to the clothes she had thought would allow her to retain at least a little bit of dignity. She had to try and convince Jess that the less babyish stuff would still work for their plan.

“Look at this…” Sam pointed out a light green shirt. It was very plain and only its size revealed that it was for a baby. The design was very much not like the baby clothes Jess was looking at.

“I don’t think that’ll work.” Jess said with a sympathetic smile, “That’ll just make you look like a mini-adult.”

Sam bristled with annoyance as Jess mentioned her height. She spent most of her time trying to make people not think of her like that. She had to hold her tongue for a second whilst she took a deep breath and calmed down. She had to remember that she needed the professor at the moment, she could tell her off later.

“Look, all of this stuff is designed for babies and children. The plain stuff I looked at wo-” Sam was looking at the impassive Jess trying to convince her when the strangest thing happened.

B E H A V E.” Jess said loudly and clearly.

A strange thing happened as Sam felt herself immediately calming down. It was like the anger at the height jibes and the having to wear children’s clothes melted away. For a second silence fell between them and Sam waited for Jess to talk, she looked up at the professor quietly with all her thoughts of opposition fading slightly.

“If we want this to work we have to go all the way.” Jess said simply and slowly, “We have to leave no doubt in the airline’s minds that you are just a little baby.”

Sam nodded her head. She agreed with Jess that she had to look like a little baby and therefore the clothes Jess suggested were what she should wear. It all seemed very clear now and Sam looked to the clothes the professor was suggesting.

“I think I like either the purple sleeveless romper or the yellow jammies.” Jess said as she scanned all the shelves again, “What do you prefer?”

The purple romper immediately made Sam shudder. She remembered back to the harrowing experience at the day care the day after she got horribly drunk. When she had been mistaken for a baby she had been dressed in a purple romper not unlike the one Jess was now examining.

“The yellow jammies.” Sam said simply. Anything would be better than bringing back the trauma of the purple romper. All of a sudden it seemed like the options Jess suggested were the only ones available.

Jess took the jammies off the rail and held them against Sam to assess if they would fit. She pursed her lips and then sorted through the jammies again to find a smaller one. The jammies were a sunflower yellow over the chest and legs with the shoulders and arms being a darker honey-like colour. It wasn’t the worst thing Sam had ever seen but it would clearly tell whoever looked over that Sam was a little baby.

“Perfect.” Jess said as she took a set of the jammies from the rack.

Sam was strangely calm considering what was happening and she couldn’t work out why. It felt like she should’ve been putting up much more of a fight and yet she couldn’t countenance going against Jess right now. She surprised herself when the professor held out a hand and Sam took it to walk across the store to the checkout.

“I’m only doing this to make people think I’m a kid.” Sam said with a blush as they crossed the store.

“Of course.” Jess replied.

Sam was looking at her shoes so she didn’t see the big smile widening across Jess’s face. Sam was red in the face and could hardly believe she was still going along with everything, she wished she could think of another plan that involved less humiliation but this seemed like the only idea that had a chance of success.

“Can I help you?” The lady behind the checkout asked as Jess led Sam to the desk.

“Just this please.” Jess said as she handed over the jammies.

Sam was thankful for her lack of height for once. It meant she could hide out without being seen by the cashier too much. The brief glance she got from the person working the checkout was enough to know that it didn’t take a lot for her to be seen as a kid.

“Sam, how long is it till the flight?” Jess asked as she paid with her credit card.

“About half an hour.” Sam said quietly. She didn’t know if it was better or worse that she spoke and broke the illusion that she was a little girl.

“Plenty of time.” Jess said with a smile as she took the bag with the new clothing in it.

Jess led Sam out of the store. Yet again she was holding the smaller woman’s hand and they went back over towards the area they had met. Their bags were right where they had left them, in an area specifically to put luggage so people didn’t have to haul it with them everywhere. It was guarded by an older man who gave everything a quick scan as it was taken in or out.

“We should get you changed as soon as possible.” Jess said, “No point in hanging around in case something goes wrong.”

Sam noticed that as she was pulled past the guard Jess made sure that he saw her holding Sam’s hand. She stopped quickly in front of the guard and bent down. Sam was confused as Jess pulled out a tissue and wiped her face suddenly.

“I just saw a little something on your cheek.” Jess said as Sam tried to pull herself away.

Sam blushed as she pulled her face away. She heard the guard chuckling before being pulled away again towards the bathrooms. She didn’t really understand what Jess was doing, they didn’t need to trick the guard into thinking she was a baby after all. It seemed like Jess had a plan though and Sam was happy to go along with it if it meant she got to go home.

There were four separate bathrooms nearby. Two were for male and female, there was a gender neutral one that anyone could use and the last one was a baby changing room. To Sam’s chagrin it was this last room that she was led. She let out a little whine as Jess pushed on the door and walked inside. Sam understood the necessity of the bigger room for changing clothes but it still wasn’t a good feeling to see the changing table with spare diapers underneath and the colourful cartoons on the walls and ceiling.

Jess emptied the bag on to the changing table and then walked to the other side of the room. Sam stood awkwardly near the door unsure of what to do and waiting for instruction. She was usually much more proactive but something about her seemed to have changed to make her more passive, she would rather wait for instruction than do something herself.

“Can you get yourself changed?” Jess asked.

“Yes…” Sam replied. What an embarrassing question, of course she could dress herself!

“Alright, you go ahead.” Jess said as she smiled and indicated the jammies on the table.

Sam reached for the clothes and recoiled slightly when she touched the material. She had done all she could to avoid looking like a baby and yet here she was about to put on some distinctly babyish clothing. She had to keep reminding herself this was necessary to get home and then she could forget about all this. More than anything she felt like doing what Jess said was important though she couldn’t work out why. She turned to look over her shoulder and saw Jess facing the wall, she was just about to pull her shirt over her head when Jess suddenly turned around.

“I’ve just had a thought…” Jess said. Her hand was up to her chin and she frowned a little, “There might be something else we can do to convince the staff here that you’re a baby.”

“Yeah?” Sam asked uneasily.

“What about if we got you some diapers?” Jess asked.

Sam was suddenly stunned and she felt a strange feeling inside her mind. It felt like her brain had suddenly cleared of a fog that had clouded her thinking. There was no way she could rationalise wearing a diaper and she didn’t think it would make that much difference to how she looked to the customer service agents.

“Absolutely not!” Sam quickly exclaimed.

Sam might’ve imagined it but she thought she saw a smile flicker across Jess’s face. Within a blink of an eye any smile had disappeared and the professor’s face became neutral again. The older woman nodded her head in understanding; a part of Sam expected her to put up more of a fight for some reason.

“Alright, it’ll probably be fine either way.” Jess shrugged, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you some privacy whilst you get changed. Take your time, I know you’re nervous so don’t feel like you have to rush.”

“Thanks…” Sam said slowly.

Jess smiled again and this time it lingered before she unlocked the door and stepped outside. Sam hurried over to the lock the door behind her. She took a deep breath and finally began to undress herself.

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3 hours ago, diaper24/7 said:

I see the diaper coming anyways to make her perfect baby girl.

Well, ever baby girl needs appropriate underwear!

2 hours ago, aldl4811 said:

This is a very fun start to this one.

Thank you, I hope the fun continues for the whole thing :)

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I'm already looking forward to reading more chapters of this story.  I don't really understand why she needs to be on the lap of someone else, when the new regulation demands only that she would be accompanied.  But hey, I'm not complaining at all and I can't wait for the moment Sam realizes that a diaper is unavoidable.

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51 minutes ago, Bel George said:

I'm already looking forward to reading more chapters of this story.  I don't really understand why she needs to be on the lap of someone else, when the new regulation demands only that she would be accompanied.  But hey, I'm not complaining at all and I can't wait for the moment Sam realizes that a diaper is unavoidable.

Sitting on Jess's lap makes perfect sense to me. Jess only has one ticket and it would make no sense to have a toddler seated across the plane from their caregiver. I also briefly thought they could try "they messed up and didn't seat my toddler next to me" but that could blow up as well since Sam's ticket is for an adult and was purchased separately by and for Sam so claiming this toddler IS Sam could be problematic.

Also having someone the size of a 21 month old toddler (who, based on the median weight for that age, would wear size 4 diapers in current sizing) not be in diapers would be unusual. Especially on a flight where other people would have to deal with the consequences of any potty accidents. It would be pretty reasonable for flight staff, if they noticed, to gently recommend some "protection" since they would be tasked with cleaning up the potential consequences.

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With Sam left to get ready for her role Jess has a small mission to conduct before returning to the small woman. Then it's finally time to put the plan to the test as they go to board their plane.


As ever I am extremely thankful to my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do :) If you have a little spare money and would like to support me and help me pay the bills then please do consider having a look at my Patreon page. I post an update every 4-5 days and patrons get access to everything I write one week before the rest of the world. Also, for $10 a month you can get access to Patreon exclusive stories! I have 40 STORIES AVAILABLE FOR $10 patrons that you can read right away with more posted regularly!



Jess moved quickly away from the bathroom door. She had a couple of very important tasks to do whilst Sam was distracted and she knew she only had a few minutes at best. She saw the kindly old security guard at the baggage area and hurried over towards him.

“Hello, I just need to get something from my daughter’s bag, is that OK?” Jess asked with her best people pleasing smile. Jess saw from his name tag that his name was Ted.

“Usually we need ID from the person who owns the bag.” Ted replied.

“Please…” Jess clasped her hands together as she playfully begged, “You saw us walking past a few minutes ago, right? She’s in the bathroom but I need to get some supplies.”

“You left her alone?” Ted asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Only for a minute.” Jess continued, “It’s why I want to get back there as soon as I can.”

“Alright, go on through.” Ted looked vaguely disapproving as he waved Jess past.

“Thank you so much!” Jess hurriedly said as she walked past.

There wasn’t much time to spare. Jess knew Sam would come looking for her sooner or later if she didn’t get back to the bathroom. Jess looked around at the labels as clandestinely as possible, she knew Ted was watching her and she needed to find Sam’s bag before he noticed she didn’t know what her “daughter’s” bag looked like.

Jess suddenly saw Sam’s suitcase and quickly hurried over to it. She turned to see Ted looking her wave and gave him a friendly nod. Ted smiled and turned around. Jess pretended to cough as she ripped at the label and pulled it off the suitcase. She pulled out a new label that she had printed earlier and attached it to the handle. The new label was almost exactly the same as the previous one except the destination had been changed. This suitcase was now going to be heading to the exact opposite side of the globe.

Jess then saw her own suitcase right next to Sam’s carry-on luggage. She opened her suitcase where a similar but different bag to Sam’s was sitting. She pulled out the previously prepared carry-on luggage and surreptitiously changed the label so that it was listed as Sam’s.

“Everything OK over there?” Ted called over.

“Just a minute!” Jess replied brightly.

Jess stood up and walked back out of the enclosed area towards Ted. She smiled as she walked past, she was keen to get back to the bathroom as soon as possible. She had the carry-on luggage for herself and the altered bag for Sam, the small woman’s original carry-on bag would be going on a trip around the world with her suitcase.

“Did you get what you were looking for?” Ted asked as Jess walked by.

“Yes, thanks.” Jess quickly replied. She hurried away before she could be asked any more questions.

Sam felt ridiculous. She looked in the mirror and saw a little girl staring back. Instead of even attempting to dress like a grown-up Sam was wearing exactly what a toddler would wear. The yellow jammies hugged her body and she suddenly felt a lot less comfortable about going outside whilst dressed like this. She shook her head and wondered why she had ever agreed to wearing it. She remembered being vehemently against these jammies and then suddenly changing her mind. It was no good, she would have to tell Jess she couldn’t go through with this. Almost on cue there was a knock on the bathroom door.

“Sam? It’s me.” Jess called from outside.

Sam sighed and walked across to the door. She had to reach up to the lock but she was able to open the door a crack before retreating so Jess could come in. The professor looked around and then when she caught sight of Sam her face broke into a smile.

“You look-” Jess started.

“I look ridiculous.” Sam interrupted, “I don’t think I can wear this out there.”

“It’s too late to change your mind.” Jess said softly as she walked across to Sam, “We have to go to the gate.”

“Already!?” Sam exclaimed. Her face blushed.

“Come on.” Jess said as she held out her hand.

Sam gathered up her adult clothes and popped them in the bag. She handed the bag to Jess and then took the taller woman’s free hand. The door to the bathroom opened and Sam pre-emptively cringed as she was led out into the airport. She had expected everyone to start immediately laughing and making fun of her but as she looked around she saw that most people weren’t even giving her a second look. At first she was quite happy that no one was making a fuss but on second thought she realised it was because everyone thought she was a little child. It felt weird to be wearing these jammies in public but no one seemed to care.

Sam had to walk quickly to keep up with Jess. The pair of them walked past the security guard in front of the baggage area. He waved at them and Jess nodded back.

“Thank you for your help.” Jess said as they went past.

“My pleasure, ma’am.” Ted replied.

Jess led Sam into the area with the bags and collected the two suitcases that belonged to them, Sam took hers without looking at it. Ted gave a big smile and exaggerated wave to Sam as she was walked away. He clearly thought she was a little child like everyone else. Sam looked up at Jess in confusion, she seemed very familiar with the security guard and she wondered what he had helped her with. Jess looked down briefly and saw Sam’s confusion.

“He helped me retrieve something from my bag earlier.” Jess explained, “Ah, we’re here.”

Sam looked forwards again and saw the gate she had been at earlier. There was a seating area right in front of it and it looked like every single seat was taken. Jess led Sam towards the middle of the seating where there was one free seat. Jess stopped and sat down, Sam thought she was going to stand when the professor suddenly reached forward and lifted Sam on to her lap.

Sam was shocked. Jess was acting like it was no big deal but Sam was now sat on her lap like a lot of the other children with their parents. She cringed and ducked her head down in shame. It was bad enough to look like a little girl but now she was starting to feel like one thanks to this embarrassing treatment.

“Just act like a child.” Jess said very quietly.

Sam didn’t know what that meant so she just sat still and looked around. This all felt so surreal and she couldn’t quite believe what she was doing. She looked over to the desk in front of the gate, she was grateful that it seemed like there had been a shift change and instead of the woman who had denied her earlier there was a new woman operating the position.

“Oh, do you have your passport?” Jess muttered as she leaned forwards and closer to Sam’s ear.

“It’s in my pants pocket.” Sam replied in barely more than a squeak.

Sam felt Jess wrap an arm around her to hold her up as she leaned over and picked up the plastic bag containing her old clothes. The bag was sat between Jess and Sam on the taller woman’s lap. Sam couldn’t see what Jess was doing as she reached into the bag but she assumed all she was doing was getting her passport, it wouldn’t look great if a baby presented their own passport after all.

“Could passengers with disabilities and parents with children come forward for boarding please?” The person at the gate smiled and spoke into a microphone causing her voice to boom around the area.

Jess stood up and Sam, startled, flailed her arms and legs for a second. Rather than put Sam down Jess lifted her and sat the small woman on her hip. An automatic reaction to stop from falling caused Sam to wrap her arms and legs around the professor as much as she was able to. One of Jess’s arms went under Sam’s butt holding her in place with ease.

As Sam clung on to Jess she felt embarrassed. She wanted to tell Jess to let her down and that she could walk but it was impossible to do that without revealing that she wasn’t a child. She knew this was a necessary evil but she wished that Jess had given her some kind of warning. This felt so humiliating and Sam was glad there was no one she knew around to see what was happening.

Jess took hold of the suitcases and rather awkwardly made her way over to the desk to join the queue. Sam thought this was the most degrading thing she had ever been subjected too, this felt worse than her time in the nursery because this was voluntary!

The queue moved slowly and Sam started to feel nervous. The closer they got to the airline employee the more ridiculous this whole plan felt. Sam started squirming in Jess’s arms as the anxiety grew.

“Settle down.” Jess said quietly.

The people in front of Sam and Jess carried on towards the plane. Jess carried Sam forwards and with the feeling that everything was about to go wrong Sam buried her head in the professor’s shoulder.

“Oh, do we have a shy little one?” The gate attendant’s nametag said her name was Diana, “She’s such a cutie. Could I see both your passports and tickets please?”

“Of course. We only have one ticket though. For the “Babe in Arms” scheme?” Jess said as she held out the documents.

“That’s absolutely fine.” Diana smiled as she took the documents.

This was it, Sam thought as she clutched Jess’s shirt. She was certain the young woman looking at her passport would open it up and see that she wasn’t a little child at all. Sam was waiting for the moment when the attendant asked what was happening and then called security. They would be detained as it would look like people smuggling. Sam saw her college career disappearing as she got charged for some crime, Jess would lose her job and…

“Can I see the little beauty’s face?” Diana asked in a sunny voice.

Sam knew the kind lady was about to put two and two together. She would see that her face clearly didn’t belong to a child and would double check the passport in her hand. She had been so stupid to even suggest this!

“Go on, Princess.” Jess said softly as if coaxing a shy baby, “Show the nice lady your pretty face.”

Sam slowly removed her blushing face from the safety of Jess’s shirt and turned to face Diana. She felt like she was on the verge of tears as she clutched the taller woman like a safety blanket. She saw Diana smile at her before looking back down to the passport and then up again. Sam was shaking and was just waiting for the moment that perfect smile turned to a frown followed by the calling for security. Everything seemed to freeze in place for an age.

The tension was too much and Sam was just about to break down and confess everything when Diana nodded and handed the paperwork back to Jess. She wished them both a wonderful flight as Sam watched in stunned confusion. It was almost unbelievable to her that this had worked. Diana had seemed to take a long hard look at the passports, surely she would’ve noticed the age on Sam’s didn’t match at all.

“Don’t tell the others but I think you have the most adorable baby out of them all.” Diana said with a smile, “A real cutie!”

Sam wasn’t used to compliments aimed at her whether she was thought of as an adult or not. After spending most of her life getting made fun of or having to be assertive to prove herself she didn’t really know how to take compliments like this. Her cheeks went bright red from the embarrassment and she shyly buried her head back into Jess’s shoulder. She knew she looked like a child by reacting this way and she consoled herself by saying that maybe it was just further selling the charade.

Jess picked up their hand luggage and walked through to the plane. Sam felt a mixture of surprise that the plan had worked and embarrassment for the same reason. Did she really look enough like a young child that it could fool people like Diana? She had always argued against it and worked extra hard to prove she was an adult, did it just take a simple change of dress to make all those appearances of adulthood disappear?

“You don’t need to hide your face anymore.” Jess said. There was a hint of amusement in her voice.

Sam was still blushing as she looked around. Jess walked on to the plane and Sam saw the flight attendants smiling and welcoming everyone on board as they walked past.

“What a pretty little girl!” One attendant said as she looked at Sam, “Are you being a good girl for Mommy?”

Sam went straight back to hiding her face in embarrassment. She could feel Jess giggle causing her chest to move quickly as she explained her baby girl was really shy. Each attendant had something to say as Sam and Jess went past and Sam kept her face hidden the whole time. She longed to tell them she wasn’t a baby but the charade kept her quiet.

“This is our seat.” Jess said.

Sam looked around and was surprised to see they were in business class at the front of the plane. The area was much fancier than the regular seats Sam had been in before. This section only had one chair per row and a lot of space, Sam thought it must’ve cost a fortune to get these seats but if Jess was here on business she expected the college might’ve paid for it.

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20 hours ago, Babytom948 said:

Hmm,pretty sure there would be problems because of the different last names.

It's pretty common these days. Even if they had been asked, all Jess would need to say is that the baby was given her father's last name.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sam is on the plane but this is just the start for her. Jess seems obsessed with making sure they keep the charade up and Sam kind of has to go along for the ride. 


As ever I am extremely thankful to my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do :) If you have a little spare money and would like to support me and help me pay the bills then please do consider having a look at my Patreon page. I post an update every 4-5 days and patrons get access to everything I write one week before the rest of the world. Also, for $10 a month you can get access to Patreon exclusive stories! I have 40 STORIES AVAILABLE FOR $10 patrons that you can read right away with more posted regularly!



Jess put Sam down in the chair and the short woman was stunned by how big the seat was. She thought they could sit next to each other quite comfortably here. Jess put her carry-on luggage in the compartment above the seats and Sam was sitting back in the chair when she saw her own bag being put above the seats. She noticed it was different.

“That’s not my bag!” Sam suddenly exclaimed.

Jess turned to the student and put her finger to her lips. Sam looked around but in the relative chaos of boarding, people moving through the plane and everything else it didn’t seem that anyone noticed the “baby” talking. Jess lifted Sam up and sat in the chair, she put Sam on her lap so that the smaller woman was facing sideways towards the aisle.

“I know it isn’t.” Jess said quietly as she bounced Sam on her lap.

“Well… Where’s my bag?” Sam asked with some alarm.

“Shush.” Jess gently chided the small woman, “You’ll blow your cover if someone hears you.”

Sam felt anxious as she saw people flooding into the plane and making their way to their seats. She was desperate to ask what was going on and where her bags were but Jess was right, if she was heard talking and they found out she wasn’t a little girl she could be left stranded here, she had to remain silent until they were in the air at least. As she fretted over what was happening she felt Jess start to bounce her up and down on her knees.

“No need to be nervous, baby.” Jess cooed softly. She brushed some hairs out of Sam’s face.

Sam realised she must look just like a little baby nervous and in an unfamiliar place. She tried to calm down and reassure herself that she couldn’t get off the plane now. For better or worse she had to continue with this plan. She could see space to sit down next to Jess instead of on her lap but as she tried to squirm in that direction Jess simply repositioned her on her knees.

Eventually everyone was seated and after the usual demonstrations of where the emergency exits were the engines started spooling up. Sam felt anxious as she looked out of the window and saw the world passing by increasingly quickly. There was no turning back now. For better or for worse Sam was in Jess’s hands, quite literally as the professor held her hips steady.

The wheels left the ground and Sam let out a deep breath as they started lifting up into the sky. The cabin had been full of a nervous tension but now with take-off over the quiet murmurings of conversation broke the stillness.

“I could probably sit next to you.” Sam whispered so no one could hear her, “It might be a little tight but I could squeeze in there.”

“I think it would be best for you to stay on my lap.” Jess replied, “Just like a baby.”

Sam huffed but knew she couldn’t do anything about it. If she kicked up a fuss she would either look like a petulant toddler having a tantrum or would give the game away that she wasn’t a child. She looked out the window at the world far below them and muttered in annoyance.

“Hush.” Jess said gently in Sam’s ear.

A few minutes later the plane had reached it’s cruising altitude thousands of feet in the air. As the aircraft levelled out stewards and stewardesses started walking the aisles checking that everyone was alright. In the exclusive part of the plane it was a young woman with a face perfectly covered in make-up and with hair pulled back into a tight ponytail.

“Would you like anything from the drinks cart?” The smiling woman asked as she reached Sam and Jess.

“I’ll have a coffee, milk and sugar, please.” Jess said, “And the little one will have some apple juice.”

“I’ll have to go and make the coffee. I’ll bring the drinks over in just a few minutes.” The stewardess said.

“I wanted coffee…” Sam sulkily mumbled.

“Shush.” Jess gently chided with a rub on Sam’s back, “That’s not what babies drink.”

True to her word the stewardess returned quickly with the drinks. She placed the coffee carefully on the tray in front of Jess. Sam smelt the caffeinated drink and felt her mouth water, she wished she could have some of that herself. She eagerly awaited her drink even if it was only juice, she hadn’t had a drink for a while.

“And for the baby…” The stewardess smiled, “She’s adorable. What’s her name?”

“Sam.” Jess replied sharing the smile and repositioning Sam, “She can be quite a handful but yes, she’s the cutest little girl.”

Sam was listening to this embarrassing exchange and trying not to blush so hard that she gave the game away. She couldn’t get over how well Jess was able to play the role of parent, it was like she genuinely thought Sam was a baby who needed protection. Sam felt like she had to remind the professor that she was an adult and they were doing this just to get her home.

The stewardess reached down and pulled out a sippy cup with big handles meant for clumsy hands. The clear plastic drinking vessel had cartoon pictures of planes flying around it and was clearly meant to keep little kids happy. Sam was stunned as the stewardess held out the juice for Sam to take. Sam just sat on Jess’s lap stunned that she would be expected to drink like this.

“Go on, Sam.” Jess spoke as if she was encouraging a shy toddler, “Take the drink from nice lady.”

Sam was too embarrassed. She felt the heat rising in her face and thought the shame might actually melt her into a pile of goo. She wanted to tell the stewardess who she really was but she couldn’t get herself and Jess in trouble like that. She did the only thing she could think of, the same thing she had done when spoken to by the attendant at the airport gate. Sam turned to Jess and nestled her face between the professor’s breasts. She tried to hide the same way a baby would in the hope that the beautiful lady would go away.

“Aww, I’ll just leave it on the tray for when she’s a bit braver.” The stewardess chuckled as she put the plastic sippy cup down.

“Thank you.” Jess said.

Sam waited until the stewardess’s voice had faded away before pulling away from Jess’s chest. She was blushing as she looked away from the professor. Her thirst was incredible and though drinking from the sippy cup was something she didn’t even want to think about she reached out a shaking arm and picked it up. To Sam’s chagrin her little hands fit perfectly on the toddler sized handles.

Sam felt very self-conscious as she lifted the sippy cup up. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw Jess watching her. She wished the professor would look away, it was difficult to perform with an audience and Sam felt like she was being judged.

“That’s it.” Jess rubbed Sam’s back, “Have some nice juice.”

Sam winced and scowled at Jess but still lifted the sippy cup to her mouth. She slipped the little spout into her mouth and tipped the cup up. Forgetting for a second how embarrassing this was the sweet juice tasted wonderful and she quickly gulped a lot of it down. Just as she was taking the sippy cup out of her mouth the plane hit a bit of turbulence and the cup briefly tipped up again. Sam quickly righted it but not before a few drops of the apple juice dropped on to her clothes.

“Oops! Be careful, baby.” Jess chastised Sam, “Let me help you.”

“No, wa-” Sam tried to say but was quickly cut off as the taller woman pushed the spout of the sippy cup into her mouth.

Sam blushed as she started gulping the last of the drink. Jess had taken the toddler cup and was now leaning Sam back slightly in her arms as she basically fed the small woman. Sam wanted her to stop but had no way to make that happen, all she could do was swallow the last of her juice and get this embarrassment over with. When Sam finally finished the cup she started muttering.

“I can do that myself…” Sam said through clenched teeth.

“Shush, baby, no need to be fussy.” Jess bounced Sam on her lap.

As Sam went up and down on Jess’s knees she suddenly felt gas bubbling up inside herself. Before she could stop it she let out a little burp. As Sam covered her mouth and blushed Jess chuckled, even the passing flight attendant looked over with the look on her face that said she had seen something adorable.

This was utterly humiliating for Sam and the flight had so far to go. She started wondering if she could even make it or if she would lose her mind. When Jess had first agreed to help she had seemed to genuinely want to treat Sam with respect but as time went on she seemed to be treating her increasingly like a helpless baby. Sam didn’t feel good about being with the professor anymore and she wondered if she would’ve been better off finding an alternative plan. She scowled as she looked out of the window to see the endless expanse of ocean.

The hours dragged by for Sam who had little freedom of movement. She had hoped Jess would allow her to sit next to her but it seemed the professor was happy to keep bouncing Sam on her knees. Sam was very bored and started fidgeting a lot, she looked around at the other passengers and saw most of them were either watching films on the backs of the seats in front or reading. Jess was watching an old black and white film with headphones on so Sam couldn’t hear it.

“Could I get my phone?” Sam asked quietly when she got Jess’s attention, “This is really boring.”

“Oh sweetie, I don’t think your phone is on board.” Jess said softly as she stroked the smaller woman’s hair.

“What!?” Sam failed to keep her voice down causing both herself and Jess to look around. Thankfully no stewards were nearby and none of the other passengers seemed to react.

“I can look in your bag if you want.” Jess suggested.

“You mean the bag you changed?” Sam said with a pout, “Why did you do that anyway? I liked my bag… And what did you do with my phone?”

Jess put Sam on the seat as she stood up. For a glorious few seconds Sam felt the cushioned seat underneath her rather than a pair of bony legs. It wasn’t to last though as Sam was soon scooped back up and sat on Jess again. The bag that supposedly belonged to Sam was now sitting in the small gap Sam had eyed for herself. Jess seemed determined not to answer Sam’s question and the small woman was suddenly very distracted.

“That’s a… That’s a…” Sam stuttered breathlessly.

“It’s a diaper bag.” Jess stated matter-of-factly, “I thought it would be better to maintain our cover than your other bag.”

Sam had seen the bag was different earlier but she hadn’t realised the new one was a diaper bag. From a distance it looked mostly the same as her usual bag but up close she could see the differences, it was mostly the extra pockets designed to carry supplies. She felt a shiver run through her, if Jess was willing to do this she started wondering how far she was really willing to go. She suddenly felt very trapped.

Jess opened the long zip that ran lengthways across the top of the bag. As the two sides opened and the contents inside were displayed Sam felt her breath taken away yet again. She covered her mouth to stop herself from losing her mind and shouting.

“Hmm, I can’t see your phone in there, can you?” Jess asked as she held Sam with one hand and rustled through the items in the bag.

Sam didn’t react. She stared in disbelief at the bag, it seemed literally everything in there had been changed. All her possessions had been replaced by the contents of a regular diaper bag. Instead of her phone and books there were neatly folded disposable diapers, instead of her make-up there was rash cream and baby powder. She looked up at Jess in shock, she had very clearly said she wasn’t going to wear diapers.

“I had to put this stuff in the bag, sweetie.” Jess said as if it was obvious that she had replaced the small girl’s luggage, “What if they checked your bag? It would be no use having big girl make-up in there.”

“Where did you get all this stuff!?” Sam asked.

“I ran into one of the shops whilst you were changing.” Jess lied casually.

“But I was only in there for-” Sam started.

“It doesn’t matter now.” Jess interrupted Sam, “The point is your phone isn’t in there. I have some toys for you if you want?”

“I don’t!” Sam hissed, “And where’s all my stuff?”

“It’s in the hold with the rest of the baggage.” Jess lied again. She studied psychology and knew that telling a convincing lie was all about confidence. As she smiled down at Sam she saw her looking less sure of herself.

Sam felt her heart fluttering. She didn’t know if she believed Jess anymore. The professor had been acting incredibly strangely and taking this babying of Sam too far. Sam looked up at Jess with scepticism and worry, if she truly wasn’t to be trusted it meant she was in a really bad situation.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do.” Jess said with a maternal smile. She raised her hand and waved over a nearby stewardess.

“What can I help you with?” The stewardess asked with her permanently etched smile.

“My little one is getting a bit restless. Do you perhaps keep anything on board that could entertain her for a bit?” Jess asked.

“I’ll go and have a look.” The stewardess smiled again.

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What a great story.

Sam can not do anything for fear that she can still be in trouble when they

land but Jess can be in trouble too.

Not sure what Jess is thinking is Sam being kid napped?

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Sam's flight continues. After begging for something to occupy her she has a nightmare that takes her back to traumas of the past. Waking up is hardly better since she needs to go to the potty...


As ever I am extremely thankful to my patrons who allow me to write as much as I do :) If you have a little spare money and would like to support me and help me pay the bills then please do consider having a look at my Patreon page. I post an update every 4-5 days and patrons get access to everything I write one week before the rest of the world. Also, for $10 a month you can get access to Patreon exclusive stories! I have 40 STORIES AVAILABLE FOR $10 patrons that you can read right away with more posted regularly!



Sam winced and felt herself blushing again. She didn’t understand why everyone unquestioningly thought she was a baby. Sure she was small but she never thought she really looked like a little girl. She had spent her whole life trying to look as adult as possible and it seemed it was all for nothing, just a change of clothes and her adulthood disappeared.

The stewardess returned a couple of minutes later. She had in her hands a couple of books but they were unlike any books Sam had read since she was a child. The thick card pages and large print let Sam know these were books meant for a toddler. Jess took the books with a thank you and the stewardess quickly left to deal with other passenger problems.

“I can’t read these!” Sam hissed as soon as she was sure no one would hear her.

“They’re too big for you?” Jess replied quite seriously, “I suppose I could ask if they ha-”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” Sam folded her arms in front of her chest.

Jess leaned Sam back so her back was against Jess’s front. Sam blushed very red as the back of her head rested against the professor’s breasts. She instinctively tried to lean forwards but Jess held her back.

“Just get comfortable, baby.” Jess whispered into Sam’s ear, “I’ll read it to you.”

“No, ple-” Sam started.

“There was a little Princess who lived in a big castle in a faraway land.” Jess read the large text and pointed at the pictures, “That’s the little Princess. Just like you!”

Sam could’ve died from the shame she experienced. The whole book was read in the same way with Jess pausing to point at the pictures. Sam looked around and saw the woman sitting the opposite side of the aisle looking over and smiling before going back to the film she was watching. She was wondering if this was to keep the pretence up or something more sinister.

For half an hour Jess slowly went through every page of the books. She tried to make it “interactive” by asking questions about which character was which forcing Sam to point and then getting praised as if she was a precocious baby. If this was acting Jess was a master.

“… And they all lived happily ever after.” Jess said as she closed the final page, “That was good, wasn’t it?”

“Please, please, please let me read a proper book.” Sam begged quietly.

“I do have a couple with me…” Jess hesitated, “But it’ll look suspicious. Oh, I know, I’ll let you read but you have to sit on my lap.”

Sam frowned. She was already sitting on Jess’s lap and didn’t know what more the professor expected. She nodded her head in agreement, she was so bored and embarrassed she would’ve agreed to anything to get lost in a fantasy land.

Jess reached into her bag and pulled out a fantasy novel she was halfway through. She placed it on the seat next to her and then grabbed Sam around the waist. She lifted the small woman and turned her sideways so she was facing the window, her feet just barely brushed the side of the cabin. She lowered Sam down until she was lying in her arms and then pulled a blanket out of the diaper bag to loosely drape over her.

“What are you doing!?” Sam asked as she tried to knock the fabric out of her face.

“Hush.” Jess gently said as she covered her face up- again, “You’re a baby. If you want to read the big girl book we have to make sure no one sees.”

Sam blushed as she was cradled in Jess’s arms and covered up. She assumed it was to make it look she was sleeping, the loose way the blanket covered her masked the book she was holding well. She felt incredibly small to be lying in Jess’s arms like this but knew it was the only way she could occupy her time. With a sigh she opened the book and started to read.

The book did it’s job in transporting Sam away from her situation and immersing her in a world wholly different to the one she lived in. She made sure to stay quiet and keep the book hidden but still froze up when she heard a stewardess approach their seat.

“Aww, is the little one asleep?” The stewardess asked quietly.

Sam didn’t hear a response but assumed Jess nodded her head as the footsteps soon moved away again. This constant stress and anxiety was exhausting for Sam who hadn’t slept well the night before anyway. She started feeling her eyelids getting heavy and no matter how hard she tried she struggled to absorb the words she was reading. She found herself repeating sentences several times. She didn’t want to admit it but lying in Jess’s arms like this was relaxing, the professor’s heartbeat acting like a soothing metronome against the side of her head.

With her eyes losing focus Sam drifted off into sleep whilst cradled by Jess. She let go of the book and it fell between herself and the woman whose lap she was lying in. She obviously couldn’t see as Jess looked down and guessed that the little woman had fallen asleep, a suspicion confirmed when she heard rhythmic breathing that bordered on a snore. She smiled.


Sam opened her eyes and felt incredibly disorientated. She was lying down in a playpen surrounded by colourful toys. She slowly sat up and felt a crinkling between her legs that made her gulp in fear. She looked down and saw the dreaded purple romper. With darting eyes she looked around and saw she was back in the nursery that had held her after she got too drunk at the party.

Sam let out a whine of fear as she tried to work out whether she was dreaming or if everything she remembered about the plane trip was a dream. She looked around for anyone but she was totally alone. She pulled herself to her shaky legs and almost toppled right over again, her legs were splayed wide and when she tried to walk it was unsteadily.

“There she is!” Sam jumped when she heard a voice behind her. She spun around to see the woman who ran the nursery now standing in her playpen.

“Wha… Whu…” Sam tried to speak but found that something was stealing her words between her brain and mouth. She babbled helplessly.

“I know!” The woman pretended that she understood what the little girl was saying.

Sam felt herself tearing up. She was so confused and if she was back in the nursery it meant everything that had happened since had been an invention of her mind. She started crying as she felt despair overwhelm her.

“Aw, don’t cry.” The lady said as she stepped forward and picked Sam up. She crinkled loudly.

Almost as soon as Sam’s feet left the ground she felt herself wetting her diaper helplessly. The warmth spreading around her felt so real it seemed like confirmation that she truly was back in the nursery.

Sam opened her eyes as she was pressed against the woman’s chest. She was startled to see another person in the corner of the room, they were obscured by shadows and she couldn’t even tell if the person was male or female. She was writing on a clipboard and looking up at Sam.

Sam tried to squirm to escape the woman’s grip. All of a sudden she was desperate to be put down but she couldn’t break the woman’s arms. She tossed and turned and fought…

“Sam, wake up!” Jess’s voice suddenly brought Sam back to the plane, “You were having a nightmare, sweetie.”

Sam’s eyes opened and she looked around feeling confusion come over her again. The blanket she had been under was now hanging halfway off her body and the book had slipped into the empty part of the seat. As reality came back to Sam she relaxed herself and laid back, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to steady her nerves.

“Are you alright?” Jess asked with concern, “You were really wriggling there.”

“I’m fine…” Sam whispered as she pushed herself into a sitting position, “It’s just a bad experience I had recently.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” Jess asked as she rubbed Sam’s back.

Sam was initially going to say no but after giving it a second thought she wondered if telling Jess would actually be a good idea. The professor was a teacher of psychology after all, maybe she would be able to help and provide some advice on dealing with something that clearly still affected her.

“A little while ago I was…” Sam played with her hands and looked out the window of the plane in embarrassment, “Mistaken for a baby. I was taken to a nursery and it took a long while to convince them to let me to go.”

“That must’ve been humiliating.” Jess said softly as she cuddled the small woman against her a little tighter, “You’re safe here in my arms.”

Sam felt a brief happiness followed by embarrassment. She was grateful to be safe but she didn’t want to be playing the baby role anymore. After one of her nightmares like that she just wanted to be alone and under her covers until she could collect her thoughts. There was something sinister about her dream, it wasn’t the first time she had experienced it but it did feel like the most vivid time.

“I think I need a trip to the little girl’s room.” Jess said after a small silence.

“I think I need to go too.” Sam said quietly.

“Perfect.” Jess smiled.

Jess stood up and stretched her legs. Sam was still cradled in her arms and she turned the student around so she could sit on her on her hip. She sidled out of the space between the seats and started walking up the aisle towards the bathroom signs.

Airplane bathrooms are never the most spacious or pleasant places to be but this one was a little better than the norm. Though still small Sam and Jess could both squeeze inside. Sam was put down on her feet and was forced by circumstance to lean against the door. Jess meanwhile started undoing her pants. Sam, realising what was happening, blushed a little and turned around to face the door. After a small pause the sound of urine hearing the plastic toilet filled the small space. Once Jess was done she stood up and flushed.

“OK, your turn.” Jess said with a smile as she finished putting her pants on.

“Well, turn around…” Sam said quietly.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” Jess chuckled.

“Huh?” Sam was confused. She was sure Jess hadn’t seen her naked.

“I’ve changed little girl’s diapers before.” Jess smiled, “I’ve seen it all before.”

“Maybe you’re forgetting…” Sam had her teeth clenched as her face went redder and redder, “I’m not actually a baby!”

“Stop focusing on the details.” Jess said with a dismissive wave of her hands, “You can either use the potty or we’re going back to our seat.”

Sam pouted but her bladder was already aching. There was no way she was going to be able to complete this flight without using the bathroom. Regardless of how she felt about the way she was being treated she had to admit she desperately needed the toilet. She looked up at the smug face of Jess and felt her resolve stiffen. She was an adult and she had rights!

“You need to give me some privacy!” Sam said testily. She tried to keep her voice down but if anyone was queuing they would’ve heard a strange conversation going on in the small bathroom.

“Sam, I’m not turning around. If you ne-” Jess started.

“NO!” Sam yelled this time with frustration threatening to boil over, “I’m not going to ju-”

“Sam, B E H A V E.” Jess said sharply and clearly.

Sam immediately stopped talking and just like in the store at the airport she felt herself calming down despite her frustration. Her arms had been raised but now she slowly lowered them down to her side. She couldn’t work out why she had just been feeling so upset.

“Now, you need to be a good girl for me.” Jess said softly, “I’m going to pull down your jammies and you are going to use the potty, OK?”

Sam nodded her head. Her mind had been in overdrive for hours but now it felt like it was empty, like all the thoughts that had been zooming around had faded away. What Jess was saying suddenly made a lot of sense after all.

Sam stood still and tried to remember why she had been so angry as the lower half of her jammies were removed and Jess lifted her to sit on the toilet seat. She stared forwards as she felt her bladder relax and tinkle against the plastic bowl. She blushed hard as she realised this was an unusual situation for a college student such as herself and yet she was going along with it.

“Good baby.” Jess smiled as Sam continued to pee.

Sam wanted to argue that she wasn’t a baby but she couldn’t seem to form the arguments in her head much less express them. A fog had descended and Sam couldn’t seem to think of anything too clearly. It was much easier just to do as she was told by the professor.

When Sam had finally finished she said nothing as Jess ripped off some toilet paper and wiped her clean. Sam did nothing to stop the taller woman but looked to the side at a mirror that did her no favours in the argument that she was an adult. When Sam was dry she hopped off the toilet seat and after flushing Jess pulled up Sam’s jammies and then lifted her up to return to their seat.

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