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Lights! Camera! ...What?!? - Chapter 108 - 4/12/24

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9 minutes ago, YourFNF said:

Weird... Almost wondering if they put some kind of viral vector in the water? But then that would have crossed over to other earths by now?

I think there are a few things at play as you will learn as the story continues! Thanks for the comment!

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On 5/26/2023 at 11:53 PM, BabySofia said:

epends on if they have a court that declares them to be no longer an adult capable of taking care of themselves. Nevaeh actually is in a more precarious situation because she did the same signing over of her guardianship to the university that Littles do when they come to Emerson. She may get out of it, but things could spiral quickly too.

Honestly the level of dystopia is terrifying. I keep trying to map vectors of survival and it seems like the best possibility if you can't go to school online is to just accept the diapers and grey rock while ignoring everything but classes.... I know though that I likely wouldn't be able to keep grades up under that level of cognitive stress so that's another failure point potentially...

3 minutes ago, BabySofia said:

hink there are a few things at play as you will learn as the story continues! Thanks for the comment!


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On 5/28/2023 at 10:06 AM, BabySofia said:

he wall exposed a hallway that must have gone into the ground a little way before we came to the first open doorway. Ryan was inside working on something on a computer. “Hey, Ryan,” Shelby said.

He didn’t hear us, so he jumped, “Oh, it’s you two! Hi,” he said. Then, without saying anything else, he said, “Gotta keep working here…”

Honestly if I had a compound like this I'd probably be like Ryan and never leave

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On 6/2/2023 at 8:24 PM, TerranV said:

'm thinking Mackenzie might be eyeing Connor for herself. 

Seconding this thought..

On 6/9/2023 at 8:58 AM, BabySofia said:

“It kind of is… I mean, it’s a little bit demeaning that I’m sleeping in what’s essentially a toddler cr… er… bed,” she said, “But it’s kind of nice not to have to cook. Doctor Daniels insists on doing the chores since I can’t reach… so I guess it’s kind of like a vacation so far?”

So absolutely no one is safe... Idiots.... Can't say I'm surprised

Like.... I fear no man.... Not death itself... But this place... This place scares me...


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On 6/10/2023 at 12:28 PM, WehavePi314 said:

would imagine that there are multiple dimensional connections, and they have different methods with different ones.  For the ones with a little technological difference like this one, bait them with tech and dreams of streets paved with gold and tread as carefully as possible with PR.  (Maybe play off people not coming home as them choosing to resettle there.)

In the dimensions that are far behind, there can be a bolder approach.  Extracting resources from colonies at best, slave trade at worst.

I'd say this sounds likely....

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On 6/16/2023 at 9:31 AM, BabySofia said:

“Now boys, if you need your pants changed, please go see one of the changing stations, ask a Big friend, or you can come on back here, and if I’m not here, someone can change you. Other than Liam here, I’m not taking you to your classes today. Make sure you go to them, though! If you don’t, demerits will be involved, and a couple of you are on your last couple, if I remember correctly!

So this would be my exfil window.... About 5-15mins on the window... Best to do it at the end of the day... About 2-3 weeks in... Let them think I'm settled and compliant. Getting my hands on a phone would be key... Public transit would be to risky in school uniform so I would need to be able to get a ride share.... Problem is that would likely be detected within a couple hours... But it would theoretically doable.. Exit visa poses an issue but all I need to do is get to a neutral or friendly consulate... Preferably one of my home country which would have a duty to evacuate.

On 6/16/2023 at 12:14 PM, Guilend said:

I have a bad feeling on how his classes are going to go. This professor does not see him as someone even close to being smart enough to be there. She's probably going to try and prove it and he's going to basically make her look bad in her eyes and she'll retaliate. If it doesn't happen with her, it will eventually happen with another professor. 

Beth better start learning to play the game. Start thinking ahead and plan for anything. If it's not Kelly, it will be someone else that will go after her. She needs to see everyone, no matter their size, as a possible threat. She's in enemy territory now. She needs to think and act like it. 


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On 6/17/2023 at 8:48 PM, BabySofia said:

Not the brightest one, is he?” Livy said.

“Not so far,” I agreed, hoping I wouldn’t find myself with my own ‘bees in my diaper!’”

Just had the fridge horror thought of "Do they just see 'Littles' as subhumans or do they do this shit to their own kids as well?"

On 6/23/2023 at 12:19 PM, BabySofia said:

sighed at the dichotomy, but as I lay down after the diaper went on, I had to acknowledge for the first time that the early bedtime was a bit annoying. ‘I could have studied two or three more hours!’

I honestly wonder if that's another way they're trying to make littles fail out? Pile on the work and not give sufficient time?

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On 7/1/2023 at 1:06 AM, BabySofia said:

Fine!” The girl said, roughly pushing Reila to the floor and walking away.

“What the hell is wrong with that girl?” I heard another Tweener ask from the side of a doorway they appeared to have hidden in.

She would be dead and or I would be going to the ER with multiple fractures and a concussion...

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  • BabySofia changed the title to Lights! Camera! ...What?!? - Chapter 38 - 7/21/2023
43 minutes ago, YourFNF said:

I honestly wonder if that's another way they're trying to make littles fail out? Pile on the work and not give sufficient time?

This is definitely a tactic for them.

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On 7/14/2023 at 5:55 PM, BabySofia said:

rugged, “I have some ideas, but I’m worried it will get me noticed if I’m the only one who’s not. Would you let me know if you hear anything being said about me?”

Shit.... I bet it's nanites! That's how there doing it! They must be programmed to recognize genetics markers....

On 7/15/2023 at 5:53 PM, Princessamaryllis said:

hope that Mackenzie,Beth, and Connor end up as a family. Connor seems to enjoy being cared for and Mackenzie could provide more protection for Beth also I am wondering if Connor could workout a way to stay enrolled for longer if Mackenzie adopted Connor. A little making movies might be a huge box office draw. Plus then the areas that are more friendly to littles or ran by litters might be more willing to show a movie Conner made. Also it might allow movies from the diaper dimension to start coming across the portal. After all a movie made by a little would have subliminal messages in it that would make someone wet their pants so theaters on earth would be more likely to show them.

Honestly this might be one of the better outcomes. I could see the amazons allowing it to keep up the PR facade...

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On 7/16/2023 at 10:36 AM, BabySofia said:

MILED AT that information of how hot the peppers we would get to sample would be, “Cool.”

The girl who had taunted me before looked back at me, “You’re going to die, you know?”

You know what.... This whole thing is an incredibly stupid idea but fuck it!!! Paint chrome and kick their bigoted conceited asses Conner!!


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On 7/16/2023 at 10:36 AM, BabySofia said:

BETH WATCH ON and started to join in a chant someone started, “Con, Con, Con,” to cheer Connor on.

“I think he’s going to make it!” Reila said.

“Come on!!!!!!” Cassie cheered beside them.

Beth watched the chip enter Connor’s mouth and saw him wince as he forced it inside his mouth. This was the first time she’d even seen any signs he was eating anything spicy! Sweat started beading on his head like it had been on the others for the last five chips.


Victory or Vahalla bud!!!

Kick some ass!!


On 7/21/2023 at 8:48 AM, BabySofia said:

sniffed and was annoyed that you could still smell my mess somewhat. I groaned as I suddenly remembered I had the necklace underneath my pod on my desk that I could have used.

With a sigh, I thought, ‘At least they have those waterproof pajamas; I had no idea they would contain anything!’ I sleepily thought as I closed my eyes and was out.

Both surprised and not at the outcome... Interesting to see where this goes...

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So While waiting for chapters and needing something to do, over the last 2-3 weeks i read ALL the other stories you wrote.  LOL how did i miss these?  i am re reading the story now, but with like 10000% more context and its so much better  lol.


I had a alot comments as i read but sadly wasnt there in the moment to comment as it was done but I enjoyed alot of it.  You def created a world and some people i love to hate :)



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2 hours ago, Sararei said:

I had a alot comments as i read but sadly wasnt there in the moment to comment as it was done but I enjoyed alot of it.  You def created a world and some people i love to hate :)

🙂 Thanks!

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Chapter 39: Studio Three Productions


THE NEXT MORNING, I was woken up as Mackenzie carried me to the changing table. “Well, good morning, my little fire monster!” she cooed.

I blushed, “morning,” I said sleepily.

I was still pretty asleep as she unzipped the sleeper and exposed the diaper. It was only then that I remembered what had happened last night!

She pulled the tapes off and sighed, “Well, I guess the night was a fluke. You’re clean and dry, Connor. I’ll keep last night’s diaper between the two of us?”

I worried there was a catch but forced a smile and said, “Thanks,” quietly.

She used her finger to push my chin up, “Don’t worry about it, sweetie! You already had a bath this morning; it’s up to you if you want to shower now?”

I thought about it for a second, “I may actually just get dressed and get to work on my homework. What time is it?” I asked.

She told me, and I realized I still had a good hour before we would leave for breakfast. After brushing my teeth quickly, I got to work on the screenplay and some of the work for my Friday classes.

I was quiet through breakfast, not engaging anyone until someone said, “Hey, that’s the Little!”

I looked around and saw several tall guys coming my way, “You were awesome last night!”

Ava sat across from me and asked, “What did you do last night?”

“This crazy Little ate all of the crazy Bigs under the table!!!!” one boy crowed.


“Umm… thanks, guys, but I’m trying to study right now?” I said.

“Sure thing! You made me two-hundred bucks, though! I owe you one!” The guy said.

“What’s he talking about?” Ava asked after he left. Only then did I pay attention to her and Amy joining me at the table.

I sighed, “My nest mother Mackenzie took me to compete at a spicy food contest last night at the union.”

“Oh, how did it go?” Amy asked.

“I won,” I smiled.

“Why do you look like you lost?” Ava asked.

I sighed, “After effects, let’s just say the spice wasn’t bad until it came out the other end…”

Amy giggled, “Oops…”

I managed to get out of there without owning up to that coming out in the night. Still, I narrowly made it to a Matisse building restroom before my body repeated its burning evacuation! I forced myself to drink some water as I walked into my class to stay hydrated and discovered a highchair had been placed beside a front table for me.

Professor Gibney saw me enter and said, “I managed to find a chair for you!”

“Umm… thanks Professor,” I said.

I walked over to it and pulled my bag off my shoulders. I was about to figure out how to climb in when the professor came over and placed me inside. “Hopefully, that’ll be more comfortable!” He said as he buckled a safety harness shut.

I just nodded, unable to figure out what to say positively about the experience of being locked in a baby chair!

Others came in, and he said, “Please make sure you have your computers out with the ScreenPlus system open to your outlines. Also, if you haven’t posted your project in the classroom, please do so now.”

I had posted mine already, so I just opened the program and reviewed my storyboards. I had completed the entire assignment as expected, plus I had managed character creation and ten of the script pages at this point. I noticed several people putting their files in at the last second, and eventually, he started the class. “Well, good morning! I’ve seen about half of your outlines were turned in when I checked before, and I’m hoping the rest are completed now?”

Only one person shook their head, “Why not? Mister…?”

Everyone’s heads turned and saw a shorter Amazon guy, “Carter, sir.” The guy seemed squeamish, “I just didn’t get it done? I started, but it was a pretty big project, sir?”

Gibney nodded, “It was, and keep in mind this is what the real world often looks like with impossible deadlines. I’m not going to fail you the first time Mister Carter, but if it happens a second time, it will be like the real world – you’ll be fired.”

I noticed the guy’s face pale, but he said, “Sorry, sir, won’t happen again!”

“How did you find the project and the software for the rest of you?”

There were crickets for several long moments, and I decided to bite the bullet, “It’s a cool idea to give us this project. I’m looking forward to the other side in my narratives class with making them. That being said, it was a pretty insane assignment on top of my other work,” I shrugged, “the software you provided was helpful, though. I don’t think I could have met the deadline if I had to storyboard it by hand with sketching?”

Professor Gibney smiled, “Well said, Mister Slane!” He walked to his computer and brought up the classroom page from his side. “It looks like I have everyone in here; now you’ll have a week to create the draft script. Again, this should be somewhere between forty-five and sixty pages most likely…”

I sat there as he talked about the technical side of things and reviewed some techniques for writing action sequences, camera angles, etc. Some of it I knew from back home already, but there were a few tips and tricks he shared that were new. Especially since some involved the holo-film needing additional directions for the depth of fields we wanted.

All-in-all the three-hour class flew by pretty quickly!

As soon as another classmate helped me out of the seat, I booked it for the bathroom and climbed carefully onto the giant toilet with my stool. Liquid poop spewed from my bottom again, and I couldn’t help but worry I would lose a star or get forced back into diapers if it didn’t stop soon!


BETH WALKED OUT of her Signals class and sighed, knowing how much studying she had in front of her that coming weekend. The Signals class had a virtual lab component she needed to complete and a short technical summary about it when she was done!

After a quick pit stop, she headed to the dining hall and saw Cassie sitting with Connor. After grabbing herself a tray of pizza and salad, she joined them.

“How are you feeling today?” Beth asked Connor.

He blushed, “Let’s just say this has been the gift that keeps on giving.”

Beth couldn’t help but giggle at his expense!

“Burns both ways?” she laughed.

“A lot more than it did going down!”

“Why in the world did you agree to do that in the first place?” Beth asked.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time?” Connor shrugged his shoulders. “Plus, I did win a bunch of money in gift cards for the bookstore and food?”

Beth shook her head, “Connor, you are going to get into so much trouble…?”

Cassie laughed, “Let him enjoy the win,” she told Beth.

“So, how is the screenwriting class going?” Beth asked Connor.

“Kelly behaved herself today,” Connor said first, “But it’s a pretty insane class. We had one guy who didn’t have his assignment done… Even though the professor said it was an insane assignment, he also said he won’t tolerate another mistake.”

“Was he a Tweener?” Cassie asked curiously.

Connor shook his head, “No, he’s kind of short for a Big, though.”

“Sometimes they get lumped in with us,” Beth said.

The three of them ate lunch and chatted for a while before Cassie had to go to her first class of the day. “What are you up to now?” Beth asked him.

“Well, I have a couple more hours before Narratives; I was thinking about either going to the library or back to my room?”

“How about we both go to the library?” She suggested. “I need to do some studying, and maybe I can get you to help with some of my problems?”

The smile he returned to her made her feel warm inside. “Sure!”

She didn’t often end up in the library to study, but she had used some of their glass study rooms a few times before. ‘I definitely didn’t want to go to his room to study, and I didn’t want to hear the comments if I brought him back to my room…’ She thought.

Connor insisted on hitting the restroom first. She used the time to check in on the app for an empty room. Seeing one, Beth quickly reserved it before he came out, and they headed to the library. Conveniently it wasn’t far from Matisse, where they would be going afterward. She led Connor to the front desk. “We have a reservation for study room 319?” Beth asked the woman working the desk.

She looked at the two of them and said, “Let me check?”

Beth saw Connor looking at the immense space and some of the search displays people used. “All of the books have been scanned and are available through the university’s repository,” she told him.

“No physical books at all?” Connor asked. “It makes sense, I guess, but I’m kind of like my Mama; it’s nice to have a hard copy sometimes.”

“I do miss the smell of the books,” the woman said. “But I don’t miss moving them all the time!” she laughed. “I see the reservation you have here. How long do you need it?”

“An hour?” Beth said, “Just killing time and studying before our next class.”

“Sounds good; just bring this card back down when you’re done. No food in the room, please.”

“Sure,” Beth said.

Following the directions, they unlocked a room that was one of Beth’s favorites in her limited experience. A couple couches sat along the outside of the room, and a conference table was in the middle. She watched Connor climb onto the sofa like it was a mountain before opening his bag up and pulling out a school computer. “What are you starting on?” She asked him.

“I figured I should spend some time on this script; there’s a lot to do still! I hope I can find time at Grandma’s this weekend to finish, but I guess they’re having a birthday party for Meggy?”

“That whole situation is weird,” she told Connor, “I mean, she’s the same age as my parents but looks younger than me?”

Connor nodded and looked at her oddly. It made her wonder if he knew about her history.

She sat there for a long moment before asking, “So can you help me make sense of this problem?”


I HAD ENJOYED hanging out and studying with Beth for the hour we were in the library. She knew how to be quiet but also asked me for help which I enjoyed giving. It was like how I would hang out with Riley when we were in high school.

I sighed as we packed up our stuff.

“What’s wrong?” Beth asked me.

“Just thinking of my family,” I said. “I only saw them once or twice a month when I started college, but at least I had the option of going home to visit on the weekend.”

“Who do you miss most?” She asked.

I smiled, “Probably Mom or my sister Riley.”

“I understand missing them; I feel the same way sometimes. Other than a few big alumni events my mom and dad use as excuses, they don’t come out much here.”

“Well, your dad is probably busy?”

She nodded, “Depending on the time of the year. They get a big break after they release decisions in the summer, and of course, federal holidays.”

I nodded, “Makes sense.”

She returned the card to the librarian, “Hope you two got some work done?” The woman asked.

We both nodded, “Yes, ma’am, thanks!” I said.

She told me a bit about her siblings as we walked to class. She was frequently the butt of jokes since she was so much shorter than everyone else, “Even Laura is a foot-and-a-half taller than me!”

I laughed, “I’m more used to being on the other side of that!”

We sat down together in the same area as the day before and talked until class began. “Good afternoon, everyone!” Professor Wyler said from the front. “We’re going to be off to the races here today as we set up our groups and get some hands-on time with the equipment you’ll be using. Keep in mind that I am showing you just a few features and details; knowing how to do this well can be a lifetime of study and learning by trial - and a lot of error!”

There was a smattering of humoring laughter for him before he continued the lecture. We would be divided up into one of four studios, he reminded us, and he showed us that each studio would have three cameras, accessories, two drone cameras that could be used for indoor or outdoor shots, a few dozen types of wireless and wired mics that could be placed on actors or suspended from booms, lighting equipment, and access to the film computer lab for editing at the end.

We took ten minutes to play with the equipment as he explained each item. I found myself quite excited to play around with the cameras in particular. I was amazed that the operators were using goggles instead of using any sort of eyepiece or viewscreen. Still, it made total sense as soon as I donned the oversized goggles! You could see the Holo-screen realistically with the goggles, like in a theater or on the projections I’d seen so far. Adjusting settings meant you could change the depth of field in the room and many other characteristics to make things focus on different details! Fortunately, Professor Wyler had acquired a couple of pairs of small goggles for me and any other smaller people… which was really just Beth. They were still pretty oversized for me, and I wondered if my EdgeSphere goggles could be attached instead.

While I was the tiniest person in the class by far, Beth was clearly the second shortest by a good amount. If I had to guess, she was probably a foot-and-a-half shorter than the nearest student!

Fortunately, Kelly occupied herself on the other side of the room, and I hoped that would continue through the semester.

“Okay, everyone, please come grab the card with your name on it from the table here? We’ll get you all divided up into your studios.” Professor Wyler said about ninety minutes into one of my favorite college classes ever!

I drew my card and followed Beth over to the side. I looked at it, and it said Studio Three Productions. “What’s your say?” I asked her.

She smiled and said, “Same as yours!”

“Cool!” I was happy we could work together as I would hate to have separated!

“Okay, if you all would please go ahead and go to the equipment table for your studio now?” I had noted the numbers before. My heart sank as I realized we were both about to be stuck with a problem together.

Kelly was in our group, giving us a grin that said she was looking forward to screwing with us somehow!



Thank you for reading! Please press the ‘Like’ Button for this chapter! Comments are always really, really super appreciated as well! 

LCW will have a new posting every Friday for the foreseeable future! Your support through likes and comments means a lot to me. If you’ve enjoyed this or any of my other works, consider supporting me by purchasing copies of them on Amazon Kindle! (And if you do so pretty, please consider leaving me a 5-star review (you can just leave the stars, and no public reviews are viewable then!))


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  • BabySofia changed the title to Lights! Camera! ...What?!? - Chapter 39 - 7/28/2023

I predict that Kelly will try to make a movie where she will try to put Connor and Beth in diapers and worse.

Now it depends on whether there are only three of them in the group or someone fourth who takes their side or if the professor keeps a special eye on their group.

Maybe Beth is just threatening Kelly by mentioning which families they belong to.

Father a Supreme Court Justice, mother an influential woman and generous donor to the university, Connor's grandmother a former and respected professor at the university.

In any case, I'm excited to see what happens next, and I think this film project is part of the part of the story that doesn't go so well for Beth and Connor.

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43 minutes ago, Moon3ye said:

In any case, I'm excited to see what happens next, and I think this film project is part of the part of the story that doesn't go so well for Beth and Connor.

Thanks for the comments! 🙂

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Connor, Beth and Kelly in the same group, is the script shaping up to be a commercial with a Mommy and her two girls, one a toddler the other a baby? Perhaps you wont need to worry about the after effects of the chillies much longer little Connie.

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10 hours ago, TerranV said:

Connor, Beth and Kelly in the same group. I'm shocked!

Shocked I say!


8 hours ago, Tracey said:

Connor, Beth and Kelly in the same group, is the script shaping up to be a commercial with a Mommy and her two girls, one a toddler the other a baby? Perhaps you wont need to worry about the after effects of the chillies much longer little Connie.

Thanks for the comments! 🙂

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Awesome!  Thanks for the new chapter.  Connor could still have an accident where he isn’t given another free pass but for the most part I think he’s in the clear. Probably shouldn’t push his luck and try that again though.  You left us with a lot to think about again.  What is Kelly going to have in store for them.  I am not all that concerned because I believe the two of them together are definitely bright enough to deal with anything she can throw at them.  
I am looking forward to next week and the next chapter. 

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  • BabySofia changed the title to Lights! Camera! ...What?!? - Chapter 108 - 4/12/24

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