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Olivia's Sessions: The Kidnapping of her Sisters

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This is a little bit of a different style than I usually do, but hopefully it works.  There are lots of flashbacks to the present as the main character and the therapist talk about what happened, and well, What do you think?  Does this style of story telling work for me, or not?

The First Session:

          “Just sit back and relax, sweetheart,” a man with salt and pepper aging hair, grey-green eyes, and a few laugh line wrinkles here and there around his eyes and his mouth nearly whispered to the young girl that came into his office that afternoon.

          “Why don’t you tell me about the day you were taken from the care of the placement home?” he asked her.

          “I wasn’t taken,” a golden brown girl with curly wild hair and daring dark eyes responded in a tone that was nothing short of an angry pout.  “I was rescued.”

          “Then, why don’t you tell me about your rescue?” Dr. Scotts went on with a small smile on his face, his voice still soothingly low and quiet.

          “My sister rescured me.  What is there to tell?” she asked him, though her voice quieted, there was still a tone of defiance in there.

          “How about, how did you get away from the placement home?”

Escaping into the Night

          I don’t remember exactly what had triggered the need to escape the placement center.  We had already been there nearly six years, the home never being able to find a good place for us, One or two of us would leave for a week or two every so often, but in the end, we all ended back up in the same placement home, happy to see each other again.  I could tell that Ms. Wurste started to get fed up with us, but then what would you do if people tried to take your family away from you?  Of course we fought any placement that would not take the three of us together, and no one ever wanted all three of us.

          A couple of weeks before we agreed to runaway together, I had been listening in on stuff the staff at the placement center said to one another.  I learned that when they were finally rid of Nicole because she was turning nineteen in a week, they would take that opportunity to send both my younger sister and me to other placement centers, separate centers, somewhere in other parts of the state, thinking that with Nicole being out of the system, she couldn’t track where we went, and us, being only children, we would have no way to find one another, and then they hoped that would help us to decide to finally behave for someone that would adopt us.

          I told my older sister what I heard and then we made a plan.  One week after they kicked her out, we would meet at an old abandoned building, running away from school of course so that it would take time for people to realize we were missing.

          I think I was going to the eighth grade at the time, but I didn’t go to my first class.  I went in the building, so the caretaker that was in charge of taking us that day thought I went to school, but I snuck out another door, and ran with all my might to the elementary school, where I seem to remember that Lacey was in the sixth grade at the time.

          I wasn’t even a block from her school, when I met her coming towards me.  She said that meeting at the swings in the school yard was unsafe because apparently the monitors stayed out a little longer these days to make sure everyone went into the building before they finally went in.

          Taking Lacey’s hand, I trudged away from the elementary school now, and I led her down into a ditch to start our journey to find our big sister.

          The day time was the scariest because if we were spotted, that would be the end of our adventure.  If someone recognized us, or even guessed that we should have been at school, then they would stop us, so we kept to the ditches and the fields, hiding out as much as we could from anyone else that might see us.

          It wasn’t easy climbing up and down loose dirt and sometimes muddy ravines especially with a skirt on.  Mud, dirt, grass, and little bits of gravel dirtied my skirt, braced against my legs and thighs, even getting into my panties when we slid down a bit to avoid being seen by someone that happened to come up where we planned to exit suddenly.

          In the end, we had finally made it to the abandoned warehouse, and then we camped out in the ditch just beyond where trucks normally loaded up with whatever was inside, or maybe where trucks unloaded stuff.  Whatever the case, we were hidden though we were hungry and tired by then.  There was no telling how many hours had passed.

(changing to story mode—third person from here):

          Two young girls sat in a muddy ravine, one a little heavier, a little taller, a little chubbier sat huddled with her arms around her knees, staying low in the ditch whispered to the slender, smaller, tear-y eyed girl that whimpered about a lot of what-ifs that they both hoped would not happen.

          “Lacey,” the heavier sister reached out a hand and pulled her sister, accidentally making her fall to her knees into the mud, her already filthy what used to be light-blue jeans sunk in getting wet and muddy, but she eventually drew her into the hug she had planned, and she smiled at her tapping her nose.  “Nicole is coming, Lacey.  She knows what she’s doing.  Remember how she always got us out of trouble before?”

          Eventually, Lacey smiled and nodded.  Her hair was a little shorter than Olivia’s, and it was almost as curly as Olivia’s, but it looked a little nicer on her than Olivia’s looked when Olivia’s hair came undone as it was now. 

          “We just need to wait here until dark, and then Nicole is going to come and find us.  No one will look for us here.  We’re safe,” Olivia went on telling her little sister trying to comfort herself as much as she tried to comfort her little sister.

          “I gotta pee,” Lacey told Olivia.

          “Well, if you gotta, just do it.  No one is going to care if you pull your pants down here.  There’s no one around, if you don’t want to pull your pants down, then just do whatever.  There’s no one here to get mad at you.”

          Lacey nodded.  She seemed to wait for a while though, sitting in the mud, she wiggled her legs and seemed to try to hold it a little longer.  Of course, Olivia couldn’t blame her.  If she pulled down her pants to go, there was no dry place to rest, and she would surely get her pants even more muddy and wet if she pulled them down, and if she just wet herself, well, that is gross.

          Olivia didn’t like watching her sister suffer, so she tried to look away while her sister struggled not to pee herself.  In time, though her sister stopped making her nervous, and though her pants, already filthy, wet, muddy, and stained, really didn’t look any different, but Olivia knew her sister had given up because she wasn’t wiggling around anymore.

          A moment later, Lacey looked back at Olivia, and with tears in her eyes, she sniffled.

          “It’s okay, Lacey.  No one is going to be mad.  Ms. Wurste is never going to find us here, and when Nicole comes for us, she’s going to take us far away from here.”

          Lacey nodded sadly.

          An hour passed as the sisters quietly talked and played a word game of sorts to distract them from the fears they felt.  Eventually, Olivia was in the same condition as her sister, her skirt being open in the bottom, at least made it possible to keep most of the pee from sliding down her legs, but still, some did as she wet her panties.

          Shortly after she peed herself, they heard someone walking in the ravine.  The girls kept quiet, waiting for their older sister to call out to them.  They were not to make any sounds until they heard their sister’s voice.  That was one thing that Nicole wanted them to be clear about, that if it was her, she would call out to them.

          “Olivia!  Lacey?”

          That was Nicole, their nineteen year old slender sister with much straighter hair than the two of them.  Her narrow face was only visible once she was close enough to touch them because night had fallen, and she wore dark clothes to include a dark hoodie to hide her face and her body. 

          “Did you two have any problems getting away from school?” Nicole asked.

          “No,” they said together.

          “But we peed our pants,” Lacey mumbled.

          Nicole smiled.  “That’s only to be expected with you two waiting out here for me forever.  Don’t worry about it.  As soon as we can, we’ll fix that, sis.”

          Lacey smiled and nodded as Nicole reached out and hugged her close not caring that Lacey was filthy all over even without having wet her pants.

          To be fair, Nicole’s clothes were not in much better shape than her younger sisters?  Her vest-sweater was torn under one sleeve and had mud caked to the bottom of it.  Her yellow blouse and black trousers were splattered with what looked like cars and trucks passing puddles splashed all over her, and her pants were stiff and smelled bad. 

          None of the sisters were clean enough to judge the other though, and once they had established that everything was good, and they were going on to stage two of Nicole’s plan, she smiled at them and told them to sit a little bit longer while she explained something important to them.

          “Now, listen carefully,” Nicole told the girls.  “No one is looking for me, or at least they aren’t looking for me yet.  They will be looking for you two first, so what I want you to do when we reach a place where we need to look up over the cliff of these ravines, I want you to stay where you are until I signal to you that it’s okay to climb up.  Each time, I will check that it’s clear, and then I will signal, and then we will hurry to the next ravine until we get where we will meet the guy that will give us a ride out of here.”

          “Do you know this guy that’s going to give us a ride out of town?” Lacey asked their big sister.

          “Well, I know him as well as you can know anyone within a week, but it’s the best I can do if we don’t want to be separated.”

          “We trust you, so we’ll listen to you if you want us to do what this guy says,” Olivia said putting a hand on Lacey’s shoulder.  “We both know you just want what is best for us.”

          Olivia’s story fades into the recesses of her mind as Dr. Scotts brings her out of her memoires.

          “Looking back, would you still say your sister wanted what was best for you?”

          Olivia nodded her head with a a grimace that was meant to challenge the good doctor to ask that again.  Nicole had succeeded in keeping the sisters together for a good long two years before a small mistake was made that led to their capture.

          “Your sister had you and your sister catch a ride with someone that she, herself, didn’t even know for more than a week,” Dr. Scotts reminded her.  “She made you do things that you thought you out grew, didn’t she?”

          Olivia shrugged.  “She didn’t make me.  She asked me to do them for the good of staying together, and so I did them, but she didn’t force me to do anything.”

          “Didn’t she tell you that you were to act like a ten year old and even pulled you back into the fifth grade?” Dr. Scotts asked.

          Olivia sighed. 

          “Her friend, Jim, asked me to be a fifth grader and a ten year old again,” she corrected him.  “My sister just said that it would be a good idea to go along with his story as it would be a lot harder for you to find us if we didn’t look like the people you were looking for.”

          “How did they think they would get away with this?  Surely, you think you are far more mature than a ten year old is, don’t you?”

          Olivia shrugged.  “All that was important at the time, was that we were together.  We were going to stop pretending once we thought it was clear and no one was looking for us anymore.”

          Dr. Scotts shook his head.  “But it never did get clear, did it?”

          Olivia saw the way he smirked at his self proclaimed triumph.  She hated his smirk, and she hated his raised eyebrow.  She hated his nice expensive suit, and she hated the reclining bed-chair that he made her ‘relax’ into while he probed her mind.  She just hated him because he was trying to get her big sister into trouble, and he was trying to say that she was crazy for going along with everything, wanting her family to stay together.

          “Do you have family?” Olivia asked the doctor.

          “Yes, I do.  Why?” he seemed clueless at what she was going to do with that information, or maybe he was just curious as to how she was going to justify everything her big sister did to her and her little sister.

          “Well, let’s say the state said you were no longer fit to raise your child?” she looked at him as though she asked a question.

          “What would make you think the state would take my child from me?”

          Olivia shrugged.  “What if you were in a wheelchair, and your wife was in a coma?” she asked.

          The doctor raised an eyebrow.  “They don’t take kids from people in wheelchairs.”

          “But they take sisters from a girl that is old enough to get a job and work, and keep them safe,” she said bitterly.

          “If your sister was capable of keeping you safe, then you tell me why you were found by your teacher, wearing diapers and peeing in them, and no doctor having any explanation for it?”

          Olivia glared at him.  “We already told you why I was found like that, and I would gladly do it again,” she spat at him.

          “Well, let’s say I don’t remember,” the doctor said trying to urge her to tell more of her story….

How Old?

          The girls had just gotten to the only highway that led out of town, and they ducked down into a ravine.  Nicole kept hold of Lacey’s hand while Olivia sat with her back against the cliffwall.

          “So, is this guy supposed to come along this road?” Olivia asked her elder sister.

          “Yes, Olivia.  He will be along at just after ten.  Not many cars come this way at that time of night, so we should be able tell his car that way.”

          “Why wouldn’t the police look this way?” Olivia asked her sister.

          “For one,” Nicole seemed to think a bit before answering, the pause seeming to disconnect what she said.  “They are not expecting anyone that can drive to be with you.  Even if they figure out that you are with me, they know I don’t have a car yet.”

          Olivia nodded.

          “I’m cold,” Lacey complained, for not only was she wet, muddy, and dirty, but it was starting to snow lightly.  That’s what happened when you tried to run away in October.  One day, it might seem as though you still had a month and a half of fall left, and the next day, it might come down like a blanket making the entire landscape white by morning.

          “I know you are,” Nicole pulled Lacey in closer trying to hover with her to make her warmer.

          “How much longer before this guy comes then?” Olivia asked.  She had no watch, and so had no idea how close to ten it was.

          “I’m guessing we have about another thirty minutes, maybe less before it’s ten,” Nicole said quietly.  “Just remember, let me poke my head up first if we hear a car, and let me check that it’s really Jim and not someone looking for you.”

          Olivia nodded.  She had no intention of going back to that crazy home no matter how cold it got this evening.

          And as they planned, when they heard an approaching slushing of tires through the wet road, Nicole peeked up over the ridge and then walked about halfway between the car and the ditch.

          Olivia sat in the ravine with her sister, both huddled together to stay as warm as possible, and also to keep each others’ nerves quiet until their eldest sister told them that it was okay.

          While Olivia squatted there with Lacey, she looked up at the horizon of the ravine, hoping to hear her sister that it was okay to come just moments before she saw her sister’s silhouette, and waving at them, she coaxed them up the muddy steep surface. 

          Before she knew it, the tall muscular man with rustlined light hair and a shaggy beard awaited by the sliding door to the back on the right side of his SUV for the two younger girls to climb in and take a seat.  He helped Lacey buckle herself in.

          Then, they were on the road, their eldest sister in the front sitting next to his stranger that was going to help them.

          “Your sisters will need to change how they do things,” Olivia heard him talking to Nicole.  “If the law guesses that they are truly teenagers, then you will be found out, and not only will they go back to the system, but you could face prison for kidnapping,” he told her.  “I have no intention of getting caught with a charge like that, so if your sisters make it difficult, then I will not stick around to be caught.”

          “They’ll do what you want,” Nicole promised him for both Olivia and their youngest sister. 

          Olivia felt a little trapped by her sister promising their cooperation with whatever he was talking about, but she felt that he must be right.  She knew that it was going to get someone in trouble with the two of them running away from school like that.  At the time, she only thought of herself and Lacey getting in trouble.  Maybe they would be spanked or they would be grounded or something like that.  She had not considered that her eldest sister was taking a chance of going to prison, and now, she knew that she had no choice but to do as they said or her sister could end up in trouble for years to come.

          “Don’t worry, girls.  Jim won’t hurt either of you.  He’s really a very nice person.”

          Olivia nodded at Nicole, but she still didn’t trust him, not yet.

          Eventually, with all the running, walking, and crawling about in the cold muddy fields and ditches, the warmth of the smooth running SUV started to lull both Olivia and Lacey to sleep.  Not more than ten minutes behind them, Nicole also fell asleep.

          Olivia didn’t know how far or how long they drove that night.  She just remembered waking up the next morning near a park with restrooms across the parking lot.  Eventually, she realized they must have been at a rest area.  She looked around at both her sisters and the man, but they were all asleep around her.  The sun was not really up yet, but she could see the sky staring to lighten, and she tensed her legs as she started to realize that she needed the bathroom.

          Eventually, Jim woke up next, and he looked back at the girls.  By this time, Olivia was bouncing a bit and rocking back and forth, and while she would normally refuse to be taken to the bathroom by someone else, especially a man, she was in no position to be picky about it when he turned to her.

          “You look like you need to go potty,” he told her, his tone much softer and nicer than when he spoke with Nicole.

          Olivia nodded.

          “I could take you, honey,” he offered.

          “I… I can go by myself.”

          “Honey, do you want to get caught by the state and get you and your sisters caught trying to run away?”

          Olivia shook her head no.

          “You do realize that if anyone sees you alone, they are going to suspect you are a teenager.  They are going to wonder what you are doing out here by yourself like this, and if they walk back to the car with you to check that you get back to your family safely, they will notice the three of you together and know you are the girls they are looking for.”

          Olivia felt her arm come up and her hand cover her mouth before she realized she meant to do that.

          “If Nicole gets caught taking both of you to the bathroom, the same thing will happen.  They will see the three of you together.”

          Olivia felt a shiver run up her spine that confirmed to her that what he said made sense.  She couldn’t risk giving her sisters away.

          “I can’t go by myself, and Nicole can’t take both of us with her, so what do you want me to do?”

          “Trust me,” the man told her.  “Pretend you are a ten year old child, and that daddy is scared to leave you alone out on the road like this, so daddy will take you into the bathroom.”

          Olivia frowned.  “Does that mean I have to go in a boys’ bathroom?”

          “Well, the only other solution to that, would be to wet your pants before we get there,” he raised an eyebrow at her.

          She raised her own back at him.  Was he telling her to let him take her to the bathroom, or was he telling her to piss her pants on purpose.  Both sounded disgusting, but gulping, she shakily reached for the cardoor handle.

          Jim got out of the car and came around to meet her.

          She looked up at him, and he looked down at her for a couple of minutes.  During that time, she was changing legs she was standing on, holding her stomach, and bouncing up and down.  Finally, she reached her hand up and let him take it, and she started to walk not seeing much of a choice.

          As she walked, she started to think about what it meant to go into a boys’ room.  She might have been a little bit curious at school to see what it looked like, but not in regular public place like this.  Who knows what kind of people were in there, and she really didn’t know this guy at all.  She willed herself to pee on the way, but her body just squirmed all the more, the shame of peeing herself too great for her body to realize what her mind was trying to tell it about the dangers of going into a boys’ room with a strange man to possibly see more strange men.  A hundred different things could happen to her.  Maybe she should have tried to pee her pants on purpose in the car before he got her to come with him.

          She felt her face tighten, her forhead should have been turning red or even purple with as much as she was trying to pee, but still nothing came out as they closed to about halfway between the car and the men’s room.  She stopped and pulled against him causing him to turn and see what was wrong.

          The girl squatted down, her face beat red for what she was trying to do on purpose, but it was better than going in the boys’ room with him.  She willed herself to pee, but her body still kept it closed.  Why couldn’t she wet when she wanted to, but a few years ealier, when she was really in the fifth grade, she had embarrassed herself in the classroom and gotten in so much trouble for peeing her pants in front of everyone that she knew?  Why was it so difficult to do it on purpose?

          The girl shook as she squatted there, tears in her eyes, and slowly she looked up at Jim who narrowed his eyes at her as she squatted there.

          “Well, are you going to just squat there and pee, or are you coming to the bathroom with me?” he asked her plainly.  He didn’t sound that mad, not like at the home when she came home with an accident all over her pants.  He just sounded like he wanted her to decide because he didn’t want to stand there all day.

          Olivia didn’t answer him right away because while she wanted to just pee her pants, it wasn’t happening.  Eventually, she stood up and looked up at him.

          “…Go to the bathroom,” she finally answered him.

          “Let’s go, then, sweetheart.”

          He picked her up from under her arms.  That night before, she had not really taken in how tall and how muscular he was, but now, as he swept her up in a fluid motion and settled her in his arms, she realized just how big and strong he was.  She felt a feeling of flying, but rather than excited, she felt fear for a moment until he had her in his arms and was now carrying her towards the dreaded bathroom.

          Her body shook.  She couldn’t tell if she was shaking because she was trying to hold it so much or if it was because she was scared to go in there, but in no time, they had already gone through the door.

          She turned her head to tuck her face into his chest not wanting anyone to see her face.  Somehow, not looking at the boys in the room seemed safer than seeing who might see this oversized child being carried by a supposed parent right to an empty stall, where he finally put her down.

          “You can go in and undress yourself to pee,” he told her.  “I’ll just wait out here and keep my hand on the door so you know I’m still here for you.”

          Olivia backed away from the stall door, and watched him pull it closed.  True to his word, his hand stayed on the top of the door.

          Olivia undid her pants and slid them down her legs with her panties and then sat on the toilet.  She was breathing a little heavily.  Now, it was not so much her body as her thoughts that kept her from peeing.  She was still scared something might happen, so it took her some time to get the spraying started.

          It seemed like an hour before a little squirt came out.  Once the first squirt came out and nothing happened, a second one came out a little quicker, and then a third and fourth quickly followed until she found herself downpouring into the toilet.  The relief felt amazing as she sat there peeing.

          When she was all done, and had wiped, she reached down at her disgusting pants and panties, and seeing the yellowed stain in her panties along with the mud all over the back of them and in the seat of them, she remembered the night before.  She had already peed herself the night before.  Why couldn’t she do it when she really thought it important?  Anyway, now that it was almost over, all she had to do was pull her disgusting and damp panties up and then her skirt.

          She eventually tapped at the divider to let Jim know she was finished, and he opened the door for her and led her to the sink where he pulled her up and sat her on the side of the sink to wash her hands.

          I could have washed my hands standing, she thought to herself, but she didn’t say it aloud.  She was too worried about disobeying him in public, like it might cue someone in on the fact he wasn’t really her dad.

          After she had her hands washed, Jim picked her up and walked her back to the car where they met Nicole and Lacey on the way, Nicole telling him that she had to take Lacey potty because it was an emergency.

          Jim nodded.  “Just don’t dawdle, and try not to make eye contact.  We don’t need people figuring out who you are by getting a good look at you.”

          Both Nicole and Lacey nodded up at him, and then they both walked hand in hand, their heads lowered towards the ground to avoid catching anyone’s eye.

          Jim helped Olivia into the car, and then he whispered to her.

          “I’ll be right back.  I need to take care of myself, but I didn’t want to do it in front of you or leave you unattended in there.”

          Olivia just nodded, and as he walked away, she settled in her seat and relaxed.

          Now looking around the SUV by herself, she noticed that there were two bucket seats in the front, two bucket seats just behind the front, and then a back row with a sofa-like seat that could seat three or four.  Behind that, was a large enough space, that if they were to go shopping, they could fit quite a bit, and already there were two suitcases and one bag of clothes.

          She went back to her seat and sitting down, she looked around outside the windows. 

          There were maybe twenty cars that she could see scattered around the huge parking lot.  They were somewhere in a green area with a few scattered trees around the park where the bathrooms were and beyond.  For all the heartpounding urgency in needing to move on, the rest area contrasted it with a tranquility that started to slow her heart.

          Despite her sisters having a huge headstart, it was Jim that returned first.  He got into the car and then looked back at Olivia.

          “Are you hungry?” he asked.

          Olivia nodded.

          “We’re going to stop somewhere to eat as soon as I find a place, okay?”

          Olivia nodded again.

          “I know it was scary to go in the bathroom with me like that the first time, but you’ll need to get used to it if you don’t want to constantly pee in your pants, little lady.  You are going to be treated like a little kid for a while, someone no older than ten years of age.  No one is looking for little kids and two parents.  They are looking for two teens and a young girl that is barely an adult.  Understand?”

          Olivia nodded.

          “You are going to have to be a daddy’s girl and really sell it when we are in public.  I know you won’t like it at first, but the better you do that, the less likely anyone will have to call the police or think that you are the missing girls they are looking for.”

          Olivia opened her mouth, but instead of saying anything, she just nodded.  She understood that he was now sharing with her the plan to keep them hidden right in plain sight, right under everyone’s noses, and while she didn’t much like the idea of being treated like a little kid, she had to admit that he had point.  And she and her sister were short enough, they might pull it off.

          “Olivia almost peed her pants on the way to the bathroom,” Jim told Nicole.

          Nicole frowned.  “I’m sorry.”

          “Don’t be,” Jim told her.  “I’m glad she acted like a little kid having a hard time to hold it.  The better she sells the idea she’s ten and not fourteen, the easier it will be for us to hide the girls.”

          Nicole nodded.

          “Did Lacey wet herself?” he asked.

          “I don’t think so,” Nicole responded.

          “What do you mean, you don’t think so?  Didn’t you go in the stall with her?  She’s only eight, and needs looked after.”

          “No, I went in with her.  But her panties were already damp from last night, so it’s hard to tell if she peed herself again or not.  The girls were running all day yesterday and had no chance to use the bathroom, until now.  Obviously, that caused both of them to pee sometime yesterday in their pants.”

          Jim nodded.  “I thought Olivia’s undies felt wet even though she had not peed before getting into the toilet, and even then, it took her a while to get started.”

          “Well, you don’t expect them to wait forever, do you?”

          “No.  I’m glad they wet.  The more child-like they are, the better.  I was telling Olivia I’ll stop at the first place we can buy some food, but we should get them some clothes too.  They shouldn’t wear wet pants any longer than they have to.”

          Nicole nodded.  “But you know I don’t have any money.”

          “I know,” Jim said.  “And I told you before we left that I’d take care of anything you girls need until you get on your feet and want to move out.  Until then, I expect both kids to act like little kids, and them to call you mom and me, dad.”

          Nicole nodded.  “I didn’t tell them that part yet.”

          “Well, we just did,” he looked back to see both Olivia and Lacey had their mouths hanging open at everything that was being said about them and what was expected.

          Olivia leaned in at Lacey.

          “He took me right into the boys’ room,” she whispered.  “I thought I was going to die, but at least he let me go without watching me,” she whispered.

          “Nicole watched me,” she whispered back.  “She told me that Jim wanted her to watch me like a little kid, and we are both supposed to be elementary school kids.  Do you really think we are little enough to fool everyone?”

          Olivia shrugged.  “Some people have mistaken my age before.  I don’t ever remember anyone asking if I was ten before, but they have asked if I was eleven or twelve.  Ten isn’t that far of a stretch.”

          “But what about me?  I think Nicole told me that I have to act like I’m eight.”

          “It’s not going to be easy for either of us, but you trust Nicole, don’t you?”

          Lacey nodded.

          “Well, I trust her, too, so if she says we need to be eight and ten, then I’ll do it.  I already had Jim carry me around.”

          “I saw him holding you when we went to the bathroom.”

          By this time, the car had already started moving again.

          “I didn’t tell him to pick me up,” Olivia blushed.  “He just did it.  He let me use the bathroom with the door closed, but that’s all he let me do by myself.  I’m not sure if he’s treating me like I’m ten or I’m four, but they told me to behave like a ten year old, so that’s what I’m going to do.”

          Lacey nodded.  “If you can do it, then I guess I can try to act two years younger than you.  I am actually two years younger, but eight?  I wonder if they expect me to make messes like when I eat?”

          Olivia nodded.  “Probably a little bit, and even if you don’t, I bet he tries to wipe your mouth and hands.”

          Lacey blushed.  “I guess that’s okay, maybe.”

          Nicole looked back at the little girls talking.

          “Jim is now your daddy,” Nicole confirmed what was going on with the younger sisters.  “Like he said, the law will be looking for either two teenagers or two teenagers and one young woman on the run.  They will not expect a family with two little girls, so you’ll also have to call me mommy, okay?”

          Olivia and Lacey nodded to the new plan.

          “Olivia, daddy says you almost peed your pants again when he took you potty.  Don’t worry, daddy will never ever hit your something like that, and I won’t be mad if you actually do that as a ten year old, but how about you ask us to take you before it gets that bad again just so you don’t embarrass yourself, okay?  Even ten year old children don’t pee their pants, sweetie.”

          Olivia nodded.

          Jim coughed as though he was going to say something.

          “Yes sir?” Nicole looked over at him.

          “Olivia can hold it as long as she wants.  I have no problem with a ten year little one peeing sometimes in her pants, and if she does that, then there is no way anyone would think she was the teenager that was running away.”

          “Jim, hon, please think about this a minute.  A ten year old peeing her pants?  You really don’t want to make Olivia that sad, do you?”

          “I don’t want her to be sad, no, but if it protects you ladies from being found, then a little sadness is a small price to pay.  Besides, like you said, no one is going to hit her for it or get mad at her, and we’ll change her as soon as she needs it if it happens.  I’m not telling her to just pee on purpose.  But if she neglects to tell us until it gets bad or if she doesn’t make it to the bathroom for any other reason, then she’ll look a lot more like a little kid than a teenager.”

          Nicole shook her head.

          “Olivia,” Jim spoke to her making sure she was paying attention to him.  “You’re a ten year old little daddy’s girl, but you do sometimes get embarrassed about daddy taking you potty, don’t you?”

          Olivia nodded with a very soft “Yes sir,” in response.

          “So if you are so embarrassed about daddy taking you potty, then it’s only reasonable that you wouldn’t want to tell daddy right away when you have to go, but you should tell me before you wet because you’re a big girl, and when you tell me, we’ll try to get you to the bathroom.  Sometimes, though little girls don’t usually wet their pants, they do a potty dance from holding it a little bit too long.”

          Olivia nodded and looked over at Lacey wondering what Lacey thought.

          “You may be taken to the potty sometimes by daddy, too,” Jim told Lacey.  “The thing is, I don’t ever want anyone to see just the three of you girls together anywhere, or even just the two of you younger ones because they might put it together, so that means I will always be taking at least one if not both of you to the bathroom when we are in public.  You don’t let little girls go on their own in public because that’s when you give bad things a chance to happen.”

          Lacey gulped but nodded.

          Nicole looked over at him.  “And what about me?”

          “You’re the mommy.  Of course you can tell me at any time you need to go, and you should make it unless it is out of your control and impossible.”

          Nicole nodded.

The Session:

          “And what do you think about what they told you girls to do?” Dr. Scotts asked.

          “It was necessary,” Olivia whispered.  “It was necessary, and I would gladly do it again if I could avoid this whole thing and be back in the trailer with my daddy and Nicole as my mommy.”

          “You would?  But you’re not even allowed to be sixteen there, are you?”

          “I don’t care.  I’d be ten forever if they wanted me to, which they don’t.  I’m twelve now, for your information because they will allow me to grow up.  We were just being careful so you didn’t find us, but you did anyway.”

          “Us?” Dr. Scotts looked at her for minute.  “I’m just a psychiatrist.”

          “You are part of the system.  The system found us, and now you are trying to ‘fix’ something wrong, but there’s really nothing wrong.  My younger sister and I were happy with our daddy and with Nicole being our mommy.”

          Dr. Scotts sighed.  “Well, that’s all for this session.  We’ll talk real soon.”

          “Not if my little sister and I get away and find our daddy again.”

          The doctor shook his head and let the lady that brought her in to see him escort her out.


       In the next session, Dr. Scotts put some pictures out on the table that was off in one corner of his office.  Some of the pictures were of Jim holding Olivia and Nicole holding Lacey’s hand, and some of the pictures showed Olivia wearing a diaper under a dress, but had Lacey in a dress just as short without any diaper peeking out from under it.

          Olivia was guided into the office and told to relax on the sofa.  She wore a pair of jeans that were faded, and a pink shirt with a rainbow on it.

          “Last time, we left off where you were told you are to be ten years old,” Dr. Scotts reminded Olivia.  “How did your week go at home?”

          “That’s not my home.  My home is with daddy and mommy Nicole.  It’s a jail, and I didn’t even do anything wrong.”

          Her tone was defiant, but she wasn’t yelling.  She was simply expressing how she felt with a bit more ‘tude’ than necessary, but then, she didn’t think it was enough ‘tude,’ herself.  If it was enough, then maybe these idiots would realize that what Nicole and Jim had done with the two young girls was protect them from a system that didn’t care about their feelings or their health.

          “So, you didn’t enjoy it at the home, then?” he wrote something down.  “I’m going to show you some pictures.  I’d like you to tell me how you feel about them.  After that, we will continue with you telling me how you got where you are.”

          Olivia nodded.  “Fine.”

          “Explain this one,” Dr. Scotts showed the picture with Jim holding her like a small child while Lacey had her hand held by Nicole as they walked into their trailer house.

          “What?” Olivia asked seeming to wonder what was wrong with what he was showing.

          “Why is the man carrying you and not Lacey?”

          “Because I’m the daddy’s girl.  We decided that a long time ago, and if I’m ten years old, then there’s really nothing wrong with him carrying me, is there?  He’s not doing anything strange you wouldn’t do with a little kid.”

          Dr. Scotts frowned.  “…And you liked being carried everywhere?”

          “Not always, but he was my daddy.  And I love him very much, so if he wants to carry me sometimes, it’s really not such a bad thing.”

          “But you didn’t always like him doing it, especially when other kids were around, did you?”

          Olivia shrugged.  “There’s a lot of things kids don’t like their parents to do when other kids are around, but they do it.  My friend Ruth had her cheek kissed by her dad in front of the whole Daycare, but I ignored it as did most of the other kids because we know moms and dads are pushy sometimes.”

          Dr. Scotts nodded.  “Then what about this one?  You can obviously see the difference, and you are at daycare in this one.  Were you being punished?”

          “No,” Olivia said.  “How would I be punished by wearing a dress I liked?”

          “Look under it, girl.  I know you can see it.”

          Olivia shrugged.  “I’m wearing a diaper.  So what?”

          “So, who put that silly thing on you, and why?”

          “The daycare staff put it on me because I had an accident while I was playing outside.”

          “Do you think ten year old children have accidents like that?” the doctor was trying to make his point.

          Olivia shrugged.  “I had one.”

          “The question is… why?”

          Olivia shrugged.  “Are you guys going to punish me for something I did months ago, then?”

          Dr. Scotts shook his head.  “We are trying to get to the bottom of how much abuse you went through while in Jim and Nicole’s custody.”

          “I didn’t get abused,” Olivia said very slowly and determinedly at him.  “The only place that abused me, was that system and that home they took us away from.”

          Dr. Scotts shook his head and reminded her where they were from the day before again, and asked her to continue that story.

The First Breakfast

          They were back on the road after getting settled in the car.  The sun seemed to brighten the world, and though what Jim was asking of the girls was a little weird for them, and could have put a damper on their moods, the whole getting away from a place that punishes you for no reason, of staying with their sister, and being cared for even if it was weird overshadowed any negative feelings that could have crept in.

          “I think there’s a Denny’s up here,” Jim told Nicole and the girls.  “We should get the kids some breakfast, and then stop by and get them some clothes.  It’s not good to have them wearing dirty clothes even this long, but as they didn’t have anything to change into before, we have no choice until we stop.”

          Nicole nodded.

          Olivia and Lacey squealed with delight.

          “Please calm down, girls,” Jim told them.  “I’m glad you are happy, but your piercing screams are not good for my driving, and we certainly don’t want any reason for the police to stop by, do we?”

          The girls smiled and nodded agreeing with him. 

          Before they knew it, Olivia and her small family was stopped outside a Denny’s.

          Jim opened the side door, and then he looked in on Olivia.

          “Olivia, honey, do you have a problem with being daddy’s little girl and letting me pick you up?”

          Olivia looked a little uncertain at Nicole.  He had carried her earlier without even asking her, but now, he was asking her to accept what he wanted to do.  She felt her face get a little red, but Nicole nodded at her to go along with it.

          Eventually, Olivia nodded and reached up at him to let him lift her from under the shoulders and settle her in a comfortable position with one hand under her bottom for support and the other hand around her back.

          Lacey frowned up at what he was doing, but Olivia didn’t pay much attention to her sister’s frown.

          When they got into the restaurant, they were given a table almost right away, and that’s when Jim let Olivia down and they let Lacey sit next to her while the ‘adults’ sat across from them.

          “You girls can get anything you want from the menu,” he told them.  “Don’t look at the prices, but just get one breakfast and maybe one side thing if you want.”

          The girls nodded up at him.

          Nicole looked over at Jim for a minute, but he smiled.

          “Nicole, I told you.  I want to do this.  Don’t be scared to eat.  You’ll be on your feet soon enough and be able to take care of the children, but until then, let me spoil them as if they are my own little kids, okay?”

          Nicole nodded and ordered breakfast along with everyone else.

          All the while of eating, Jim looked at the little girls, and Olivia could see something in his eyes that she had not seen in anyone’s eyes, aside from her sisters for her, in a very long time.  There was patience, there was caring, and there was enjoyment at what she was doing, even though the only thing she was doing at the moment, was eating.

          “After you kids eat, we’ll take you potty once more just to make sure,” he told the little girls.  “And then we are going to get you some clothes you can change into.  Playing in the mud can be fun, but it’s no fun wearing dirty clothes like that for two days.”

          Olivia nodded as did her little sister, Lacey.

          Lacey looked up at him.  “Do I have to go in the bathroom with you?”

          “You can go with your mommy,” he told Lacey.  “I’ll take care of Olivia for now.”

          Lacey nodded and Olivia gulped.

          “I already went at the rest area though, daddy.  I really don’t have to go again.”

          “I want to be sure, honey.  It might be a while before you can go again once we get back on the road, so I want to give you a chance to go as much as I can while we are near bathrooms.”

          Olivia nodded.

          True to his word, he took her right after breakfast, and again, he let her close the divider door to pull down her skirt to go, but she felt like everything else he did, it was not exactly treating her like a ten year old.  Sometimes, she felt more like a three year old, especially when after she was done, she was once again lifted up, carried to the sink, put on it, and helped to wash her hands. 

          Was she ten or was she three?  When she looked up at him to tell him that he was treating her more like a baby than a ten year old, she saw that look in his eyes again, like when they were at the table, and her heart fell.  She couldn’t tell him that he was being uncool.  She didn’t want to make him mad at her, and not because she was afraid of him, either.  It was because she didn’t want to disappoint him.  So, with a sigh, she let him wash her hands for her.

          “Daddy?” she looked up at him as he dried her hands off on paper towels.  “Is there another reason you like us to act like little kids other than just hiding us?”

          He touched her nose.

          “Let’s talk about that later, in a place that’s not so public, okay?”

          Olivia nodded.

          Jim picked Olivia up after he was done with getting her ready to go, and he carried her back out to the car where they’d continue their journey.

          “You seemed to have been thinking a lot clearer before you were brainwashed by this guy than you are now,” Doctor Scotts observed.  “If you knew there was more to his agenda than hiding you, why would you willingly want to go back to it?”

          “Because,” Olivia looked him in the eye.  “He cares about me, he cares about Lacey, and he tried to keep us together.  No one else even did one of those things for us before.”

          “How do you know he cares about you?  If he cared, wouldn’t he realize that he’s doing things that you don’t like?”

          “Things I don’t like?” Olivia raised her eyebrow at the doctor.  “…And what about making me come to these dumb sessions?  I suppose that’s something I’m supposed to like, right?”

          “I… Well, no.  But this is different.”

          “You bet it’s different,” Olivia said.  “I’m being forced to come here without any choice at all.  And the only thing they’ll tell me about it, is that I’m sick and I need the help, but when I agreed to do what daddy asked, he asked me to do it, and he explained that it was to hide us from people like you.”

          “But he didn’t tell you everything at first, did he?”

          “Maybe not, but he did tell me.  It’s more than I expect from you or the people want to put me through all this.”

          Dr. Scotts sighed.

          “We’re not doing this because you’re sick,” Olivia was sure he was lying.  “We’re doing this so you can understand what happened to you, and understand why it’s abuse.”

          “Oh, right.  Someone who cares enough about us to take care of us, put us in nice and clean clothes, be understanding when we are upset, and shower us with love is more abusive than a home that hits us for no reason or for reasons that we can’t understand or control, a home that makes going to school hard on us, and a home that wants to separate us from our big sister for good?  You are such hypocrites.”

          The doctor shook his head.

          “Believe me, if the state thought that the home was doing half what you think it was doing, then they would have yanked you out of that place a long time ago.”

          “Yeah, right!  Because there are so many other places that want to take three little girls in to take care of, right?  Even if they did, we’d probably have ended up all separated years ago.”

          Dr. Scotts shook his head.  “So, you put up with the placement center you were in because it kept you together?”

          “No.  We put up with it because we had no choice.  They tried to separate us many times, so we never knew when they were going to make it work.”

          He sighed and went to the table with the pictures and showed her another one.

          “You were in the sixth grade when we picked you up, weren’t you?”

          Olivia shrugged.

          “Do you remember this?”

          Olivia gasped at the picture he showed her.  It showed her sitting in class at just the moment of her last panty accident, and she remembered that day quite clearly.  Nearly the whole class laughed at her when she eventually had to stand up and walk to get in line for lunch.

          “…And doing this to yourself was your idea, was it?” Dr. Scotts asked.

          “No.” she said in a bad mood now.

          “No, indeed,” Mr. Scotts agreed with her.  “It happened because of something you agreed to do for your daddy Jim, right?”

          “No,” she said in a pout.  “He had nothing to do with that.”

          “Didn’t he?”

          “No, he didn’t.”

          The doctor put the picture down.

          “Well, we’ll see.  You still have more to tell us about your little adventure in escaping the state, don’t you?”

          “If you insist,” she said though her attitude showed that she knew she had no choice in the matter and it definitely didn’t make her happy to talk to him.

          “Well, why don’t you tell me what happened after that first breakfast then?”

Changing for Daddy

          Olivia remembered being in Target, next, a department store that had all sorts of things that children needed for their lives, whether it was clothes, toys, games, or sports equipment to include bicycles. 

          For the time being, Olivia was being carried by Jim while Nicole was holding Lacey’s hand, and they walked through the main entrance to the cart area.  Jim put Olivia in the cart, and then he picked Lacey up and carried her. 

          Olivia didn’t worry about being stuck in the cart.  With her clothes as dirty as they were, and she was sure that she smelled bad, she was glad that no one saw her walking around.  The cart was a lot better, and if everyone thought she was an elementary school kid, then even better.

          Eventually, they did get to the children’s clothing section, and Jim put Lacey down, and then he picked Olivia up and put her down so they could walk.

          “You take Lacey around,” Jim told Nicole.  “Get her four tops, six bottoms of whatever you think is best for her, some underclothes, socks, and whatever else she needs.  I’ll take Olivia around.”

          Nicole nodded, she started to head off with Lacey while Jim pointed out the pants, skirts, and overalls area to little Olivia.

          Of course, all these clothes were decorated for a little girl with cute designs on the overalls pockets, hearts and girly designs on some of the skirts, and even the pants had some with hearts on the pockets, My Little Pony characters on the back pockets and other cute designs.

          Olivia looked up at him.

          “Let’s see what we can find that would be fitting for you, honey,” he said with a smile.  “I’m sure there has to be something here you’d like.”

          Olivia nodded and looked around at the different things they had while Jim also took this off a rack, put it back, and then pulled that off.  She wasn’t sure, but it looked like Jim was going to make the final decisions on what she got, though she couldn’t blame him.  He was using his own money, after all, and it had been so long since they had new stuff anyway, she would go along with almost anything he decided on.

          Though he did have the final say, she found out when she tried to get something that he thought was too teen-like, he did let her choose if she chose plainer or more childish like clothes.  So eventually, she had a jumper-overalls design purple skirt, A pink one just like that, a pair of blue overalls that were pants style, and a couple of jeans.  She also got several cute childish shirts, three of them with cartoon-like drawings on them, and two that just had pretty designs on them, and then he took her to the undies area.

          She blushed, but she knew she had no choice but to endure him standing there letting her know what panties she should get or what she shouldn’t get.  While they were there, she started to feel a little nagging at her bladder, but she didn’t want to go to the bathroom with him in such a busy place.  It was bad enough that morning when he took her at the rest area, and then tried to get her to pee after breakfast.  She ignored it and continued shopping, something that he seemed in no hurry to finish because as he said, it was not worth shopping if they missed something important.

          They were in the store for nearly two hours when he happened upon some quite thick cotton panties that were mostly plain colored. 

          Olivia blushed as he seemed to seriously consider these, and in the end, he bought more than enough for her and Lacey, and in both sizes.  He was going to expect her to wear them, but he also got her some cute thinner little girl panties with cartoons on them or with girly designs.

          After nearly three hours in the store, and Olivia thought they were about ready to pay, Jim suddenly looked over at the toys area as the small family walked together.

          “If these girls are going to be real children,” he told Nicole.  “…Then they need some toys.  At least three stuffed animals or dolls a piece, at least one activity, and two other toys that girls like.”

          Nicole nodded looking at the ground. 

          “You’re already getting them so much, and there’s no way I think I can pay you back for what you are getting.  Besides, what if they don’t want to play with them?”

          Jim shrugged.  “They need to get used to playing with toys if they want to stay with you.  They need to be convincing little children or someone may figure out what is really going on.”

          He said it right next to both Olivia and Lacey holding their shoulders so that they would definitely understand what he expected and why.  Olivia gulped and nodded as did her little sister.

          “Good.  Get some toys, girls.”

          Olivia started to shuffle in place as she looked at a stuffed animal.  She was really needing to pee badly, but she really didn’t want Jim to take her.  She kept quiet, biting her lip and staring determinedly at the toys not wanting him to take her to the boys’ room.

          She put one of her choices in the cart, when she suddenly shuddered and went stiff trying to keep herself from leaking any.  That’s when a hand found itself on her shoulder.

          “Do you need to go potty?” Nicole asked her quietly from just behind.

          Olivia nodded.

          “You better let daddy take you before you wet your pants.”

          Olivia gulped and nodded.  Nicole was right, if she didn’t let him take her soon, she would definitely be peeing her pants.

          “Jim, you need to take care of Olivia.  She’s trying to hold it, but it seems she’s also been hiding it because she doesn’t like to go in public toilets with her daddy.”

          Jim smiled and nodded. 

          “Come on, sweetheart,” he told Olivia.  “We don’t want a messy little accident, do we?”

          Olivia shook her head and reached up with her hands letting him pick her up as he often felt the need to do.  As he carried her, one hand under her bottom for support and the other on her back, she leaned her head against him and hid her face in his chest.

          She tried to squeeze her legs together, but the way he was holding her, it was more like she was squeezing him around the side between the stomach and the back with her thighs, and because of that, she couldn’t close her pee place at all.  She felt a little spray out before they got to the bathroom.

          With tears in her eyes and a determined frown on her face, she willed her body to obey and her and to stop spraying for a few minutes. 

          It worked until they stepped into the bathroom, and then suddenly, she started to sob and shake as pee just flowed down all over her legs and then got him a little wet and peed all over the floor as he lifted her down to her feet. 

          She stood there, peeing through her panties under her skirt for the next few seconds, and then she looked up at him shaking.  Tears were in her eyes.  A feeling in the pit of her stomach reminded her of what happened at the home when her little sister would wet the bed a couple of years ago, and she looked up with her eyes pleading him not to hit her.

          Jim bent down to her when he thought she was finished peeing, and then he gently lifted her from under her arms again.

          “Well, I guess we’re too late this time,” he told her.  “If you don’t want to wet your pants, you need to tell daddy sooner if you need to be taken to the bathroom, honey.”

          He patted her wet bottom through the back of her skirt which was just as soaked, and he kissed the top of her forehead.

          “It’s not the end of the world, baby.  You needed to put on some clean clothes anyway, so after we finish getting the toys, and paying for the clothes, we’ll get you changed in the car, sweetie, unless you want to come back in the bathroom to change.

          She shook her head no.  She didn’t want to change in front of a bunch of boys, and she hoped in the car, she could duck down and at least only let the people that she had to trust see what she was doing.

          Jim patted her back lightly.  “That’s what I thought, baby.  It’s okay.”

          He carried her back out of the bathroom and back to Nicole and Lacey.

          “She didn’t make it,” he told Nicole.  “But she’ll be okay until we get them to the car.  For now, let’s finish getting them some toys.”

          Nicole looked like she wanted to say something, but the look Jim gave her made her reconsider and keep her mouth closed as the girls continued to be encouraged to get enough toys.

          Once the children had the minimum number of toys he wanted them to have, toys appropriate for an eight year old and a ten year old, he carried Olivia, and Nicole had Lacey hold the cart side as they walked to the cashier to pay.

          Some people gave Olivia strange looks, but then she was all wet and being carried like a baby, and she was definitely bigger than a baby.

          Jim ignored the people looking at her, and every time she looked like she was going to see someone looking their way, he distracted her with some words of comfort, or with directing her attention at some candy he would buy her and then Lacey, too.

          Finally, they were through the line and back in the car.

          Jim opened the door for the girls to get in, and then he started to unload the cart into the back of the car, while holding out a clean pair of panties and a clean jumper skirt for her.  He did the same for Lacey, but the difference in the underwear, was that he gave Lacey a pair a thin regular ones while he gave Olivia a pair of thicker pink ones.

          The girls didn’t argue.

          “You’re both dirty,” he told Lacey.  “So you both need to change your clothes.  When we stop later on, at a motel, you’ll both get a bath.”

          The girls nodded.

          Jim didn’t get in the way of the girls taking off their own dirty skirt or jeans, panties, and even shirts.  He just let them put on the clothes he gave them, and told them to take off their shirts too.

          “Your jumper skirt will hide enough of your body for now,” he told them.  “We’ll put a shirt on you later after we get to a motel.  Besides, you’re little girls.  There’s nothing to see, babies.”

          He was sort of right.  Even without their trainer bras and undershirts on, it was hard to tell that they were really developing at all.  Even Olivia had rather flat ones, and the overalls hide the important parts well enough that she certainly looked no older than 11 or 12 years old.  Lacey’s was even smaller, so she easily passed for the eight year old they were asking her to be.

          “I’m sorry I peed my pants at the store,” Olivia eventually whispered in the car as they drove along, both little girls finally in their clean clothes and sitting in the far back seat so as not to get their clean clothes any more dirty than they would be from being worn on dirty bodies.

          “It’s alright,” Jim whispered back towards her.  “It was an accident, and a ten year old that was almost kidnapped from her mommy and her younger sister has good reason to be scared of being separated from them even to go potty.”

          Olivia and Lacey looked at one another.

          “Lacey may not have wet her pants and let mommy take her potty, but then she’s only eight.  She doesn’t understand what almost happened as well as her ten year old sister does,” Jim went on to explain what he wanted them to be like.  “You are a big girl, Olivia, and since you were almost kidnapped, of course you’re scared and that kind of thing, even in a big ten year old like yourself, it can cause you to be scared enough to wet your pants, baby.  Daddy and mommy will never be mad at you for peeing in your pants because you are not yet comfortable after such an experience, sweetie.”

          Olivia and Lacey’s mouths dropped.

          “It’s okay,” Jim continued.  “Olivia is going to be having some accidents both during the day and in her sleep for a while.  It’s expected.  I expect you, Lacey, to give your sister a break and not make it any harder than it has to be for her to wet her bed and not always make it to the potty even when’s awake.”

          Lacey frowned, but nodded.

          “Olivia, no one in this car is going to punish you if you want to hold it long enough that you sometimes don’t make it.  The more childish you are, the less likely people will think to look at you as a teenager.”

          Olivia looked down.  Was he telling her he Wanted her to pee her pants sometimes and to wet the bed?  That’s what it sounded like to her.


In Session:

          “So, that’s when you were first to understand that he wanted you to pee your pants and to wet the bed?” Dr. Scotts asked Olivia interrupting her story.

          Olivia nodded.

          “And you don’t think that’s abuse, to make a kid, whether she’s fourteen or she’s ten, to wet her pants?”

          “He didn’t make me,” Olivia told the doctor with a pout on her lips.

          “Maybe he didn’t hit you or tell you in such a way that it scared you to disobey him, but he still encouraged it, didn’t he?”

          Olivia looked at her lap.  The doctor was right about Jim encouraging her to do that, not only then, but there were a few talks she could remember about him trying to make her feel okay with wetting her pants, and telling her that it was good that she was being childish so she wouldn’t be seen as a teenager.  He called it childish, and then he also said it was from the fear of being almost kidnapped.  It was like he was inventing a story to tell people if they asked why she wets her pants.

          “Maybe he did ask me to do it, but I would happily do it again, if it meant you didn’t find Lacey and me, and take us away from our big sister and our new daddy.  He might not have been someone you think is good, but he was really nice to us, and he cared about us.”

          Dr. Scotts nodded.






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Why has no one commented on this brilliant story? It's well written, clever and has a twist that makes it more than just jack-off material. Please keep this going.

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It is a great story. Please keep up the good work.

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Thank you, Cynthia CM and Guilend.

I'm working on part II.

I'm not sure when I'll get it up yet, but I am hoping to move the story to the point where they have settled in their new town before posting part II.

At the moment, I have written them just where they have gotten to the motel, and honestly, not even half as much as part I as yet, so I do want to move it along a little more before I post it.


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Well, I've been working on this second part.  I actually rewrote it like three times, and I've just now come to terms with what I have so far.  

It's not nearly as far along as I hoped for the second post, but it has been a while, so decided I would share what I have....

Thank you to those that are following the story and have commented.  I hope I'm not moving it along too fast... as I feared I might be, which was why I had to rewrite it two or three times.  Yes, you will see some things that will likely not make much sense, and I'm not sure if I'll be explaining them in the story or not....  at least not to anyone's real satisfaction.


Here we go...

Something He Said

          Olivia didn’t really remember what happened during most of the car ride.  It was like a blur, but she did remember that the next couple of times they stopped, one, she was holding herself and trying not to pee, and another time, he just took her without even knowing she had to go.  He carried her both times to the bathroom, and somehow, she had been put on the toilet before she could embarrass herself.  He closed the divider door for her each time, and he would go in after she was done, check that she flushed, and then carry her out to wash her hands.

          Each time they stopped, he made sure to get the little girls something to drink and asked them if they wanted a snack.  He was never ever cross with her, and she was starting to get used to the idea that he wanted to be there for her every time she went to the bathroom.  He didn’t watch her pee, and he didn’t even pull down her pants for her, which she really appreciated.  He just wanted to be there, just in case she needed someone.

          The sky was starting to darken, and the Jim seemed to be looking for something.

          “We’re going to stop for dinner in a little bit,” Nicole called back to the little girls.  “Daddy says we’ll get you fed, and then you both really need a bath because you’re pretty dirty after a couple of days.”

          Olivia and Lacey both nodded.

          Olivia felt really dirty because not only had she not had a bath for a couple of days, but she peed her pants twice, and she still had a little dried mud on her body from climbing through the ditches the other day.

          She looked over at Lacey, and could see the hope in Lacey’s eyes as they talked about taking a bath.  Of course Lacey wanted to get cleaned up, too.  Lacey might not have wet her pants today, but she was just as dirty as Olivia was, and she had peed herself the day before.

          The car stopped at a Denny’s and Jim got out and went to the back of the car to open the door and help Lacey out, and then to reach in and pick Olivia up.  As usual, Lacey’s hand was taken by Nicole.

          Olivia felt Jim put an arm and hand under her bottom to support her, and then after he closed the SUV door, he locked it with a push of a button on his keychain, and after storing his key away, he used his other hand to support her back and they walked in.

          The place was not as busy as it normally was for some reason, and though a few people looked up at the girl that was in the man’s arms, Olivia felt safe.  She didn’t care how much anyone looked at her.  She had regular clothes on, well almost.  She did lack a regular shirt under her jumper, but still, her chest was covered enough just like daddy Jim said.  She was wearing dry comfortable panties, though they might be pink and a little fluffy, and she was in her daddy’s arms, and she knew he carried her because he cared about her.  He was probably trying to make her feel okay with going in to Denny’s without a shirt on.

          He set her down at the table, and he handed both girls a menu.

          “Find something you girls want to eat,” he told the children.  “Eat as much of it as you can, but if you can’t finish it, don’t be scared to leave any.  I want you both to get full, children.”

          The girls nodded.

          Lacey whispered over at Olivia.

          “I need to go to the bathroom.”

          “Well, you could tell Nicole,” Olivia whispered back.

          “I would, but I feel like Jim wants me to hold it for a while.”

          “Why do you think he wants you to do that?”

          “Well, if you are too embarrassed to say you have to go in the car, then shouldn’t I be embarrassed to say it in a room full of people?”

          Olivia frowned and thought about what Lacey was saying.

          “Besides, he really takes care of you,” Lacey told her.  “I think he enjoys babying you.”

          “Do you want him to baby you, too?” Olivia asked her.

          “I… um… of course not.  I just….”

          Olivia could see it in her eyes though.  She was a little jealous that daddy wasn’t picking her up like he did with Olivia, and she seemed to like the way he treated her when she didn’t make it potty.  Maybe it was because Lacey’s last memory of being wet, was with her panties over her head and sent in the corner for it when she wet the bed a couple of years ago.

          “Lacey, trust me.  I only let him pick me up because I want him to keep protecting us.  I’m doing it because he wants it, not because I enjoy being babied.”

          “So, it doesn’t feel good?” Lacey asked her.

          Olivia’s face flushed because if she told her sister that it didn’t feel good, she was sure Lacey would catch her in the lie.  “Sometimes, it makes me feel safe,” she eventually admitted.  “But I don’t like it in public.”

          Lacey nodded.

          “Do what you want, Lacey, but I promise, if you end up peeing your pants, he’ll treat you like a baby.  You might end up not liking that after all, you know.”

          Lacey nodded.  “I’m not going to pee my pants.  I just want him to notice me.  I’m supposed to be eight years old, right?”

          Olivia nodded.

          “Daddy,” Olivia decided when she saw Lacey starting to grit her teeth and hold herself.  “Lacey is going to pee pee in her pants if mommy doesn’t take her right now.”

          Lacey looked up at Olivia with her mouth in surprise.

          Jim stood up. 

          “I’ll take Lacey,” Jim told Nicole.  “You’ve had a hard couple of days, and I want you to rest.  Come on, girls, you can both come.  I’m sure if Lacey has to go, then Olivia must need to go, too.”

          The girls stood up, and then Jim saw Lacey doing a potty dance, holding her privates tightly with one hand and looking up at him with tears in her eyes.

          Olivia smiled at Lacey knowing Lacey wanted to know what it was like to be carried by daddy and taken potty.

          He picked the little eight year old to be child up, and started to carry her while holding Olivia’s hand with his other hand once he had Lacey supported.

          He whispered to Lacey so Olivia couldn’t hear, but she could imagine what he was saying.

          “Sometimes, eight year old children don’t make it,” he was probably telling her.  “It’s okay if you leak a little bit, sweetie.  Daddy won’t be mad.”

          Whatever he told Lacey, Jim led Olivia into a cubical first, and let her go sit on the toilet while he closed her door and told  her to lock it.  Then he heard him shuffling to the next cubical with Lacey, and Olivia heard him not close the door for Lacey, but to actually be in the cubical with her, talking to her, and helping her undress.

          “Aw… little girl did almost wet herself, didn’t she?” He had whispered, but the echoes of the bathroom carried his words into her cubical since it was right next door to where he was taking care of Lacey.

          Lacey must have been really sad because she was very quiet and remorseful as Olivia heard her say “I’m sorry, daddy.”

          “It’s okay, baby,” Jim had said back.  “It’s not that bad, and after dinner, we’ll get you fixed up in the car, okay?”

          Olivia scooted off of the toilet and wiped herself, doing it more like she used to do when she was ten than the way a fourteen year old wipes herself before she gets off of the toilet.

          Once Olivia thought she was clean enough, with two passes of the toilet paper over herself, she pulled up her panties and stepped out of her cubical.

          Lacey’s cubical was still partly open with Jim in there, holding Lacey on the shoulders as the last of her pee stream died down.  Olivia could hear it die down, and then he lifted the little child off of the toilet and to her feet where he helped her wipe as though she were a four year old.

          Olivia tried to ignore what he was doing.

          Eventually, he had fixed Lacey’s clothes again, and he picked her up and took her to the sink.  Placing her on one side of it, he then reached down and lifted Olivia to place her on the other side, and then he turned on the faucet.

          “Wash your hands, girls.”

          A boy had come in, and his mouth dropped when he saw Jim helping Lacey with her hands, and saw two girls, though he had no idea how old they really were, were sitting on the sink and being helped like babies.

          Olivia saw him and she smiled and then stuck her tongue out at him like a little kid would.

          He shook his head and went off towards the urinals.

          Olivia looked away.  She didn’t care to see his privates.  Even as a fourteen year old curious girl, actually seeing a boy’s privates still scared her, and so she couldn’t ignore the impulse to look away even though this was the perfect chance to see maybe see what made boys different from girls.

          Jim picked Lacey up again, and held his hand out to Olivia, helped her down from the sink and then walked them out where their dinner was waiting for them.

          The girls sat down and started to eat right away.

          Jim whispered something to Nicole, and Nicole gave both the little ones a small smile.

          Olivia wasn’t sure what he told Nicole, but it could have been that Olivia stuck her tongue out at a boy that came in and saw daddy taking care of them, or maybe he told Nicole that Lacey almost wet her pants… or maybe dribbled some in her undies.  Whatever he told her, Nicole didn’t look upset or anything.  She just smiled at the little girls.  Whatever he told Nicole, it must have been something he found cute.

          Dinner was a very enjoyable experience for the little girls, and they were allowed talk and play all they wanted while eating, something that the old place they had come from would discourage with a very harsh punishment.  At the home they had come from, dinner was a time to be quiet and reflective.  It was a time to just sit and wait to be excused once you were done eating.  It was so boring.

          “You children don’t need to be so quiet,” Jim had observed at one moment.  “Are you tired or something?”

          “The place we come from doesn’t allow talking at dinner time,” Nicole had told him.

          “That’s nonsense,” Jim said.  “Are you robots or are you children?  Of course children talk, laugh, and even play at the table.  If you get out of hand, I might ask you to quiet down a little bit, but I would never expect you not to play or talk unless you were in trouble, babies.”

          At first, it was difficult to start any talking because Olivia and Lacey could feel the eyes of the adults on them, and they remembered how much kids younger than them cried when they forgot the rules.  But eventually, because Jim and Nicole were talking, they were able to start talking while eating.

          A little talking led to laughing, and a little laughing lead to playing around a bit, especially as they got full, and Olivia, for the first time since being told she was ten, really felt like a happy healthy ten year old little girl.

          When the adults were done eating, Jim looked up to see the little babies playing, and he let them go on for a minute or two, and then he whispered to them.

          “Are you full, girls?”

          They both nodded.

          “Then let’s go clean up your faces and hands and get on the road again, okay?”

          The girls nodded.

          Now that Lacey was not holding herself and dancing around, Jim went back to what he always did, and picked Olivia up and then held a hand out to Lacey.

          Lacey looked down, sadly.

          Jim let Olivia down and he bent down to her and put the back of his hand against her cheek.

          “What’s wrong, sweetie?” he asked Lacey.

          “Why you always pick Olivia up?” Lacey asked him.

          “What’s the matter?  You feel like daddy doesn’t love you or something?”

          To Olivia’s surprise, Lacey suddenly nodded.

          He then picked Olivia up and hugged her.

          “Nicole, will you take Olivia to the bathroom to wash?  I need some alone time with the baby so I can try to explain things to her.”

          Nicole nodded.

          Olivia followed Nicole into the bathroom.  Nicole was much more reasonable and logical about what ten year old children were like, and she let Olivia wash her own hands by herself.

          “Daddy does pick me up a lot,” Olivia told Nicole.

          “Don’t you like it?” she asked Olivia.

          “Um… I guess I don’t mind it.  I was just wondering why he always reaches for me even though Lacey is the eight year old.”

          “Well, it’s like he’s been telling you, honey.  You are older, but that means you understand better what almost happened.  Your kidnapping has left you really emotionally inapt to take care of yourself that well, and that’s why he expects you’ll be peeing your pants and even the bed more than Lacey.  He also thinks you need to be watched more carefully because if you feel unsafe, there is no telling what might happen.  He thinks that Lacey, being only eight, and not quite understanding what happened, she will feel safe as long as her parents are near her to protect her.”

          Olivia frowned.  “So, even though he says Lacey is eight and I’m ten, I’m more of a baby than Lacey is… and it’s because the state almost kidnapped us?”

          “That’s right,” Nicole told her.  “He also wants you to get used to him, because if you get used to him, then it will be easier for Lacey to get used to him naturally.”

          “Well, I think that second part is working,” Olivia looked down.  “It looks like Lacey is starting to feel left out.”

          “That’s a good thing,” Nicole said.  “But I hope he starts paying as much attention to her so that she doesn’t feel like you are the only favorite.  You should both feel like loved children.”

          Olivia nodded.

          “Daddy always puts us on the sink and he seems to think he has to help us wash our hands.”

          “Do you want me to do that, too?”

          Olivia shook her head.

          “I only let him do it because you said to make him happy.  I don’t really care for him putting me on the sink like that, or carrying me all the time.”

          Nicole smiled and nodded.  “You’re doing a good job.  He really is starting to love you like as if you are really his little kid.”

          “You think so?”

          “Yes, I do, honey.  He told me things that make me think so, like the way he saw you stick your tongue out at the boy.  He said it was as if you were teasing the boy that you had a daddy that cared that you were safe while the boy didn’t seem to have a daddy that cared.”

          Olivia blushed.

          “I stuck my tongue out at him because he was staring at us.  I know I’m kind of big to be put on the sink to wash my hands, but still, since I felt embarrassed, I wanted to him to think I wasn’t.”

          Nicole laughed a little and washed her own hands.

          Before Olivia knew it, they were in the car and on the road again, this time, looking through the night for a motel.  Lacey was a lot happier when they were back in the car, and she smiled over at Olivia.

          “Daddy says we’re both his little angels, and that I’m such a big girl….”

          Olivia turned to look at Lacey.

          “He says that anytime I feel like I want to, I can come and get picked up, but he knows a big girl like me doesn’t want that all the time unless there is something bothering me, and so that’s why keeps picking you up.  He says that something almost happened to you that is hard to explain to me right now, but that’s why he needs to constantly make sure you are safe.”

          Olivia looked down at her lap.

          “Daddy says, that’s why you pee pee your pants all the time, and that I shouldn’t do that because I don’t have a real reason to.  He said he won’t be mad if I do, but it’s not healthy to just pee for no reason, and to be nice to you because you are not peeing for no reason.  You are a really scared and upset person who needs constant watching.”

          Lacey suddenly reached her arms around Olivia and hugged her.

          “I’ll always be there for you, sis, no matter what.  And I won’t let anyone be mean to you at all no matter what they think.”

          Olivia looked up into Lacey’s eyes, and she saw sincerity in them.  This was not play acting.  Whatever Jim told Lacey, Lacey genuinely felt like she needed to be there for Olivia now.  What did he say to her?  Did he really believe whatever he told Lacey?  How could he fool her sister when her sister knew Olivia much better than Jim could know her?

          Olivia hugged Lacey back.

          “I’m okay,” Olivia told Lacey.  “I promise, I’m okay.”

          Lacey nodded.  “You are so strong, Olivia!  You always protected me at that other place, and I had no idea.  You don’t have to pretend or to protect me anymore.  Daddy and Nicole are here to protect both of us now.  You don’t have to be strong anymore, sissy.”

          Olivia let it drop not knowing exactly what Jim told Lacey, and not wanting to make things harder.  She wasn’t even sure she wanted to know what Jim told her.


          “Are you sure you have no idea of what Jim told your sister?” Doctor Scotts asked.

          “Yes, I’m sure,” Olivia said.  “I just know it must have been something really sad or bad because Lacey never left my side at daycare when we started, and she didn’t leave me in my classroom until the very last minute at school, and she came to find me immediately after school every day.  The only times she enjoyed herself, was when she knew I wasn’t alone, and that I had either Nicole or Daddy Jim to watch me.”

          “Well, that was abusive, wasn’t it?” Dr. Scotts asked her.  “I mean, this way, you really had no privacy and no time to make friends of your own, did you?”

          Olivia frowned at his questions and didn’t answer them at all.  She wasn’t sure what to think about them, especially if Jim truly thought that something was really wrong with her.  One on hand, it did make life less private for her, but on the other hand, to know that Jim cared enough for her to make sure she was not left alone so nothing would happen to her because he really believed what he told Lacey….  That wasn’t abuse.  That would be love… unless it was a lie.

          Olivia shrugged and waited for the doctor to ask something else or for him to let her continue with her story.

The Dark Demon of Fear

          They had been cleaned up for bed, daddy having washed both little children and dressed them for bed in long shirts and thicker panties even for Lacey, and they were under the blankets, watching some cartoon daddy had turned the television to, when Olivia’s world eventually blacked out on her.

          The darkness was scary, but there was no one around to call to to help Olivia.  She felt herself breathing really heavy, and she felt herself shaking, but she couldn’t really see if she was standing or sitting or whatnot.  She couldn’t see anything.  There was only darkness.

          A second heavy breathing was near, but not right on top of her.  She didn’t recognize the breathing as belonging to anyone she knew.  It was scary.  It was like a monster.

          Her heart pounded against her ribs.  Her face felt hot and sweaty.  She willed herself to run, but she couldn’t feel her legs or part of herself at all.  She didn’t know if she even lifted her arms or not.  She only felt panic.  Still, the presence that was in the darkness was not upon her yet, so either she was running away from it somehow, or it too, was unable to move.

          She tried to lift her eyelids apart.  She tried to raise a hand.  She tried to move a leg, but she still felt nothing.  Nothing changed except her heart racing faster and her head feeling more like a furnace, and her legs were somehow getting wet. 

          She must have been running through water, but for some reason, her brain had not registered the movement of her legs, only that they were now wet.  She was still trying to will herself away from the dangerous beast in the darkness….

          The bed bounced and the blankets kept being pulled away and then pushed around, waking the twelve to be eight year old Lacey.

          Eventually, Olivia’s eyes opened to a dim room with adults sleeping in one bed, and her own sister grasping her tightly and hugging her in their bed.  Someone had wet the bed in the night for it was all wet all over both girls.  Olivia shook, and she whispered to her little sister.

          “What’s wrong, Lacey?” she tried to still her still excited heart from her own nightmare.

          “You were having a fit,” Lacey told Olivia.  “You seemed to be really scared, so I held you tightly, and when I did, you started to pee yourself in your sleep.”

          “What?” Olivia pushed Lacey off of her and pushed the blankets back to confirm what Lacey was saying.  Lacey was wet, but her side of the bed was dry.  Lacey was only wet on front, while Olivia was soaked.  Olivia had wet the bed for the first time she since she was potty trained.

          Lacey rolled right back to her sister and grabbed her in a tight hug not caring she was now in the raw wetness of the peed in bed and on Olivia’s wet nightshirt.

          “It’s okay, Olivia.  It’s okay.  I know you didn’t mean it,” Lacey whispered to her.  “It’s like daddy said.  You were really hurt, and that’s why you are so scared.”

          Olivia looked up at her sister not understanding why her sister was so okay with her peeing her pants at fourteen years old, and not understanding what she meant by being hurt.  She didn’t remember anything bad happening to her like that.

          “Lacey,” Olivia whispered up at her sister who insisted on holding her firmly to let her know that she wasn’t alone.  “I just had a nightmare.  I’m okay.”

          Lacey nodded and wiped Olivia’s sweaty face with her hand.

          “I know, Olivia.  But even just a nightmare, I want you to know, that just like you were always there to protect me at the home, now, I’m here for you, even if it’s only a nightmare.”

          Lacey made to rock Olivia thought Olivia was a big bigger and heavier than her little sister so that it was not as effective as Olivia thought Lacey wanted it to be.

          “I’m honestly okay,” Olivia told Lacey.  “But if you feel that strongly about it, let me get comfortable, and you can hold me while we go back to sleep.  It’s still too early.”

          Lacey nodded and after Olivia was comfortable, she wrapped her arms around her sister, lying right in her sister’s puddle, it seemed, and they went back to sleep with the blankets around them.

          The next thing Olivia knew, she heard crying and pleading just before she opened her eyes, and when her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw Lacey standing in front of the bed with her wet nightgown showing towards Jim, and she was trying to block him checking on Olivia.

          “Please, daddy.  Don’t.” Lacey said trying to stay between them.

          “Don’t what?” Jim asked Lacey.

          “Don’t hit her.  She didn’t mean it.”

          “Didn’t mean what, baby?”

          Lacey pushed at him to try to back him away.  “Nothing….”

          Jim picked Lacey up and hugged her.

          “Now, what do you think I’d want to hit Olivia for, baby?”

          “I… I don’t wanna tell.  You might get super mad at her.”

          “I don’t see what she could have done in her sleep that would make me mad, baby.”

          Lacey frowned.  “You’re gonna find out anyway if you take her blankets.  She accidentally wet her pants.  She had a nightmare.  Please.  Don’t hit her!”

          Jim hugged Lacey tighter and patted her bottom.

          “Baby, I’m not going to hit either of you little ones just because you wet the bed.  Don’t you remember what I said last night?”

Lacey put her finger to her lips as though thinking to remember.

          “I said that your sister is going to be wetting her pants and her bed a lot more than you will, and it’s because she needs a lot more help now that she’s safe.  She needs us to be understanding, and I will never hit you or her for peeing your panties, okay?”

          Lacey looked into his eyes and frowned.

          “Not even if she peed really bad?”

          “Not even if she soaked the mattress through and through, baby.”

          Jim then set Lacey down and went towards Olivia and pulled the blankets off of her.

          “Your little sister was so scared daddy was going to be mad, sweetie.  Come here, Olivia.  Don’t be scared.  Daddy knows you didn’t do it on purpose.”

          He reached out towards her and waited for her to sit up and to come to him.

          Olivia did sit up, but she waited for a bit a little scared of getting out of bed.  She knew exactly why Lacey was so emotional about him finding her wet in bed.  The home that they came from had done that to her.

          Olivia looked down at her wet bed after she pushed the blankets back, and she could see that the water was like a lake on the bed, and it felt a little warmer than it should.  She must have just peed before she woke up.  She shuddered and then she looked over at daddy, and he had a small sad smile on his face and he had his arms out to her.  His fingers wiggled in anticipation for her, and with a sigh, she obliged and scooted out of bed towards him where he immediately picked her up.

          “My big girl have a little unfortunate problem in her sleep?” he asked her.  “Don’t worry about it,” he kissed her on the cheek.  “We can take care of that in less than ten minutes, baby.  And we can give her little concerned sister who stayed at her side though the night the same attention.”

          Jim put Olivia down and then took both girls by the hand to take them back into the bathroom for another short bath.

          “We just need to clean you girls up because of the wetting incident, so it won’t take as long as it did last night,” he told the little ones.  “Then once you are clean, we’ll pack your toys up and your clothes, and we’ll go somewhere and have breakfast, okay?”

          The girls smiled up at him and nodded.  Willingly, now, they undressed in front of him and got in the bath while he ran the water.  Soon, he was washing first, Lacey, to send her off to go get dried and dressed by Nicole, and then he washed Olivia.

          “Never feel regret or fear about telling your daddy that you wet, baby,” he whispered to Olivia.  “If you can’t even tell your family, then who can you feel safe to tell?”

          Olivia nodded at him.

          He was careful to wash her thoroughly, but he never did anything that made her feel like he was a creep.  He was careful around her privates, and though he did wipe between her butt crack, she was shown why and was grateful he didn’t call her dirty for not being able to get all the poop out of there.  For some reason, she couldn’t understand, no matter how many times she wiped, there was always something there when she took a bath, and more than once, at the home she came from, the people in charge found a little mark on her panties, would wipe her butt to see, and then show her and tell her how dirty she was not to pay better attention.

          He didn’t do that at all. 

          “This is why I make sure to clean you up there, honey,” he told her.  “Sometimes, children don’t get it all clean when they go potty because it’s sometimes not so easy to do.  Even adults have to clean our butt cracks just in case, honey.  And while I hope you can eventually learn to clean yours more thoroughly, I won’t be upset about cleaning you up and finding a little dirty there.”

          She blushed, but at least he wasn’t being mean to her about it or telling her that she was dirty because she couldn’t seem to get it as clean as she wanted to.  Of course, when she took a bath, she would clean it, but by then, it was too late for her panties she just had on.

          Jim finished cleaning her up, and then he picked her up and hugged her as he went to get her a towel.

          “You are a good little girl,” he whispered to her as he started to dry her.  “Daddy will always be proud of his good little girl.”

          She smiled up at him as he continued to dry her off, and then he led her by the hand into the next room, naked, and he found some clothes for her to put on.

          When she was dressed, she was wearing a purple shirt with a big heart in the center with cursive writing that read: I love life and hearts on her sleeves, and she had on a pair of light blue jeans.


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is this roughly based on the roleplay you are doing ?.

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I had the story in mind before I had started the RP, but yeah.  I'm doing the RP based on this idea.  Of course it differs because what I imagine happening doesn't always work when you add someone to roleplay the characters their own way.

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The writing style is good, noticed a few errors but nothing that’s stands out. My biggest concern with this story is it reads like it is leading towards pedophillia and the male character really creeps me out.

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20 hours ago, Babyqtboy said:

The writing style is good, noticed a few errors but nothing that’s stands out. My biggest concern with this story is it reads like it is leading towards pedophillia and the male character really creeps me out.

Babyqtboy, This is not that kind of story, or at least it is not intended as such.  The man is just the daddy.  However, the authorities are trying to confuse Olivia and make her think he is like that, which is the point at which they are calling it abuse.  The legal system does sometimes misconstrue things... even on purpose if they think what is going on is deviant anyway.  The man will never, in the couse of this story, do anything strange to the younger girls other than making them be little kids, perhaps treating them even younger than he first says he will.

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While It did seem like it was heading that way, I had a feeling that it wasn't. Though one comment the "daddy" made when they first started on this trip was he told the oldest sister that even though she's the mommy he would even understand if she didn't make it to the potty, or something like that and it makes me wonder what might happen on that end. All in all I am really enjoying this story and thanks for putting in so much effort and work on this wonderful story.

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@ Author
It is beautiful and interesting written.
I especially like the interviews with the psychologist!
Only your dish is too lightly spiced for my taste.
The story has for me from the beginning only one target group, namely the ABs.

Pedophile reproach!
Only the psychologist tries to interpret something that does not exist!
Offices like to do that only when they do not want to understand something!
Even better, if the person holding the office puts his interpretation into action instead of actually acting according to the law! ... "Human misbehavior!"
At the moment, I do not see a pedophile conflict, not even when Jim cleans or bathes her.
Any pedophile would have taken advantage of these scenes to describe it extensively.
But the author did not do that at any time!

Therefore not guilty !!!

For me, the story is written interesting, especially the way he tries to dive under, with the three girls, without any violence.
But at the same time, unfortunately, a bit illogical and predictable.

For me, is Nicole doesn´t a mother!
Even if she looks like 21 or 25 (but she is 19)... then an 8 and 10 year old daughter ???
Sorry, but we all know that give 9 month pregnancy, also that the first attempt does not always lead to success.
So she had sex with 14? (really hard is 8???) and that with a adult man how old he is? 25???

Sorry that does not work for me !!!

It would have been wiser Jim is in his early 40s and his wife is in their end thirties.
Both have compassion with there and helping them escape.
But it is not better, because then they could also adopt the girls!
And if they know they do not get the girls, then they flee with the three girls! ...


A other devile idea from me is ... :ph34r::D:ninja:

It would also be a nice and sarcastic twist if the psychologist takes the three girls to his home, where he and his wife are strictly educating the girls (sex-free but in diapers) and the adult Nicole becomes her sex slave in diapers, because Nicole also wishes it now, through the experiences with Jim.

But that will not come so, I am really sure!  :P
So this story is all possible, but certainly not pedophile or even unfair to the girls (except the authorities people)!
This story can be seen for miles, around the cuddling.

Only the narrative of the story from different views, let me come, to this point here.
But now I'm gone again.
I wish everyone else much fun in this story.



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I have enjoyed the story to and I think you are doing a great job with the writing. I am kind of with Babyqtboy in that I get a little uncomfortable feeling with how daddy is treating Olivia in particular. I do realize he hasn’t done anything wrong but still have that feeling. I think the reason might be because we had no background on him. Had we heard before he picked up the girls what his intentions were it might have softened his attention to them some more.  Still I am really looking forward to reading more. 

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1 hour ago, CDfm said:

I have enjoyed the story to and I think you are doing a great job with the writing. I am kind of with Babyqtboy in that I get a little uncomfortable feeling with how daddy is treating Olivia in particular. I do realize he hasn’t done anything wrong but still have that feeling. I think the reason might be because we had no background on him. Had we heard before he picked up the girls what his intentions were it might have softened his attention to them some more.  Still I am really looking forward to reading more. 

The point of leaving daddy a little mysterious, is that you learn about who or what he is by how he reacts to the children.  Had I told you everything about him from the beginning, I doubt there would be much of a story here.  Afterall, I think one of the reasons that people are reading, is to find out why he is so willing to go out of his way to help the girls given he has only known Nicole for a short time.

On ‎3‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 12:37 PM, Guilend said:

While It did seem like it was heading that way, I had a feeling that it wasn't. Though one comment the "daddy" made when they first started on this trip was he told the oldest sister that even though she's the mommy he would even understand if she didn't make it to the potty, or something like that and it makes me wonder what might happen on that end. All in all I am really enjoying this story and thanks for putting in so much effort and work on this wonderful story.

Good observation.  Not going to give anything away though.


I have been working on the third part, but it's not as easy to write as I thought it would be, so it's taking a lot longer to put together so that I'm happy with it.  I've already restarted it three times trying to make it sound the way I want it to, and I may have to yet, rewrite it a fourth time because it's still not quite where I want it.

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I can't seem to add to this?

One more Day on the Road


              After breakfast at Denny’s, Olivia and Lacey settled in the far back again.  Though the seats closer to the front were almost dry by now, the two girls liked being a little further away from the older people, especially since they were expected to explore the world of being a child and learning to play with stuffed animals again.


              The concept of play was very easy to understand, but at Olivia’s age, her real age of fourteen, she felt like it was a world apart from what she had ever done, it had been so long since she even picked up a stuffed animal to do much more with it than move it from once place to another. 


              Even Lacey had not seen a stuffed animal for the last four years because where they were at, the few toys the place really had went to the little kids, and Lacey was considered too old to join in since they got there.


              Olivia whispered to Lacey a little further along, Olivia still just holding her stuffed monkey and her stuffed panther-like cat.  “Lacey, I have to pee.”


              Lacey shrugged and looked up at her big sister.  “What am I supposed to do?  Daddy is driving.”


              “I know, but I don’t think he wants me to say.  I think he wants me to be embarrassed to talk about it or something.”


              “Okay…, so?”


              “So, can you go tell Nicole that I have to go?”


              Lacey smiled and nodded.  “I knew that’s what you wanted, but I have to act eight, don’t I?”


              “Don’t you think an eight year old would figure that out on her own?” Olivia asked a little irritated that her sister made her spell out what she needed.


              Lacey shrugged.  “No.”


              Olivia sighed as her little sister went to the front of the car with her stuffed animal, and she tapped Nicole on the shoulder lightly, and when Nicole looked to her, she said a little louder than Olivia wanted her to.


              “Olivia wants to use the bathroom,” she said.  “Mommy,” she added as an afterthought.


              Jim smiled at the little one and patted her head.


              “Tell your older sister I’ll find a bathroom for her soon.  And ask her if she’ll sit in one of the seats closer to the front in case something happens.”


              Olivia could hear him perfectly well, but she figured he was playing along with the way Lacey was being an eight year old, and so without Lacey having to say anything to her, she moved up and into the seat just behind Nicole, the one that Lacey had sat in the night before.


              As Little Lacey went back towards the back of the car, Jim looked up into the mirror at the kids, and then he called at her.


              “Lacey, baby, come up and sit closer to the front honey.”


              “But those seats are probably still wet,” she complained.


              “And you probably have to pee, honey,” he told her.  “If your big sister needs to pee, I’m pretty sure you do, too.”


              Lacey sighed and moved from the back row and went up to the seats.  She pushed on the seat that Olivia had sat in before, and a lot of liquid came up out of the seat and she shook her head.  She went and pushed against the seat that Olivia was in, but didn’t see any liquid come up.


              “Can I sit right next to you, Olivia?” Lacey asked her.  “Otherwise, one of us has to sit in that seat, and it’s still soaked.”


              Olivia nodded and made room for her little sister to sit next to her.


              “Maybe I should just sit over there,” Olivia told Lacey after a minute or two feeling her bladder sending signals that told her that she needed to tighten her legs and her muscles to keep dry.


              “No,” Lacey said in a whisper at her.  “If you sit there, you’re going to be all wet for sure.  I’d rather you have an accident in the same seat as me, than for you to get your pants wet for no reason.”


              “But that’s disgusting, to sit in someone else’s pee,” Olivia told her.  “I caused the seat over there to be wet, so I should just….”


              “It’s just as disgusting and maybe worse to sit in old pee no matter who made it,” Lacey told her.  “If you tell me you’re about to pee, I’ll just stand up or something so you don’t have to worry.”


              Olivia shook her head.  “No, you don’t need to do that.  If I feel it starting to leak, I’ll just stand up.  I don’t want to soak another seat anyway.”


              Olivia was starting to bounce around a little though, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could wait.  She looked up towards daddy Jim and then at Nicole hoping they would find a bathroom soon.


              It seemed like either time or service stations, or maybe even both were against Olivia, and the more they drove, the closer she got to losing control, and still nothing within sight.


              A small spray hit her panties, and she stood up.  It was getting too close, and when she stood up, Lacey looked up at her and then shook her head as she leaned in towards the adults.


              “Daddy,” Lacey whined as though it could have been her that she was worried about.  “Olivia is in trouble.  Isn’t there anything?”


              Jim shook his head and pointed out ahead at the road.  “Do you see any place to pull over Lacey?”


              Lacey shook her head no.


              “Just tell your sister to sit on the floor if she doesn’t want to sit in the seat, and let her know that it’s okay to pee.  You, too, honey, if you are getting in trouble, too.  No one will yell, I promise, baby.”


              Lacey nodded and sat back in the seat again.


              Olivia, having already heard Jim, sighed and sat down on the floor, well, kind of, actually sitting on her heel to try to help plug the hole, but that wasn’t really working as well as she had imagined it would.  She wasn’t sure where she had heard the trick from, but she was either doing it wrong, or it was a myth because it wasn’t really helping that much, and what was worse, it was sort of hard to balance herself like that.


              She dug her hands into her privates as she fell and sat down hard on her bottom.  Somehow, she kept from peeing when she was jarred in the rough sitting.  But with her panties already damp and warm and the pressure within pricking her like a needle while the line of fluid seemed to pull its way towards the front door, she knew that even holding herself wasn’t going to work for long.


              Somehow, Olivia had held out, and the next thing she knew, the car was pulling into a Seven Eleven and service station.  She shivered and clamped her hand over her privates as the car pulled into a parking spot, and then Jim opened the door.


              “Come on, girls.  Let’s get you two to the bathroom,” Jim called them and waited for them to get out.


              Lacey climbed out first, and then Olivia carefully stood up and climbed out.  As she put her first foot down from the car to the pavement below, she felt a bit of warmth escape into her panties.  She looked up at Jim who put a hand on her shoulder and started to guide both little girls towards the store.


              Olivia was feeling really close to losing it, and she was scared of doing it right in front of a whole store full of people, but what could she do?  She couldn’t even get her legs to move at one point, and then Jim bent down to the little ones.


              “Olivia, what’s wrong, sweetie?” he asked her.


              “Um….  I can’t, daddy,” she quietly whined.


              “You need some help?” he stopped and bent down next to her.

“It’s okay, sweetie.  Just do your best, and no one will think badly of you.”


              Jim picked her up and carried her towards the store, Lacey running ahead of them towards the bathroom.


              Jim carried Olivia right into the bathroom, and Olivia saw that Lacey went right into the men’s room.  Of course, that’s where Jim would have wanted her to go, but she went there, when she wasn’t being controlled?


              Oops!  She felt some liquid spew out and run down her bottom and then down her leg, and Jim was carrying her!  How embarrassing.  She tried to stop it.


              Pss.  Pss.  Pss…sss…sss… tt. Tt.  T.


              It stopped, but the inside of her leg, her bottom, and probably part of daddy’s shirt was already wet!  She was being such a baby!  Who would believe she was fourteen years old, being carried like this, and now in soaking wet pants? 


              Olivia started to cry.


              “It’s okay, baby,” Jim whispered at her soothingly as he patted her wet bottom and she knew by now, he had to have felt what she did.  “You didn’t hurt anything, Olivia.  It’s okay.”


              He walked into the bathroom with her, and then it started again just as he put her down next to a cubical.


              Pss… ss… ss… s… t.. t.


              One long spray poured into her panties.  Then a second one as she squatted trying to get control.  Then, the third one turned into the main event, and she flooded her pants, the floor, and everything all the while, crying.


              Jim went and put his hand on her shoulder.


              “It’s okay, sweetie,” he told Olivia.  “It’s okay.  Little girls that hold it a long time on a car trip do sometimes not make it, baby.”


              He was saying this just as someone about her real age came in.  The boy looked at her for a minute, and he smiled and then went off to a urinal.


              Her face heated up with fire, and her heart sank at being caught by a cute boy, squatting there, peeing her pants as daddy tried to calm her down and smooth the experience over for her.  She felt tears double up in her eyes, and they flowed down her cheeks.


              Jim reached for her hand and when Lacey came out, he took his little girls into the main part of the store.


              “You two get something you want to snack on, girls.  We probably won’t stop for a while, so make sure to get enough to keep you happy until we stop for dinner, okay?”


              Olivia looked up at Jim.  “But daddy…,” she started to whine and hold her hands over the front of herself trying to hide her wetting from anyone looking at her.


              “Honey,” Jim bent down and whispered to her.  “Don’t think about it.  No one knows where that water came from, sweetie, and no one cares.  You’re just a little girl, and little girls spill things all the time.”


              He hugged her.


              Olivia nodded and after he let her go, she looked at Lacey who smiled at her.


              “Come on, sis.  Let’s go get some candy.”


              Olivia let Lacey lead her to the candy aisle, and then they got some chips and finally some juice to drink when they came back to the front to meet daddy who was paying for the gas, and who had also picked up some stuff for him and Nicole.


              When they got back into the car, Olivia thought that the pee in her pants must have smelled even more, because somehow, the smell was a lot stronger as they got in.


              “Got to the back, and Lacey, help your big sister get changed into some dry clothes, okay?”


              “Okay, daddy,” Lacey said happily getting into the bags in the back and finding a skirt and some panties for Olivia.


              “Are these okay?” Lacey asked Olivia.


              Olivia, her face all red from having her little sister help her, nodded shyly wanting to shrink so small that her sister couldn’t see her.  But there they were, and she had no choice, but to let Lacey start taking off her wet things since daddy told her to.


              “Don’t be upset,” Jim said as he looked back at her through the rearview mirror.  “I told you that I knew this was going to happen a lot, honey.  You need to trust your little sister to help you because until we get you into therapy, you’re going to be needing her help a lot.”


              Olivia frowned back towards the front of the car, but now, she was certain that Jim was not actually telling her to pee her pants.  It had all been in her head, and what he was telling her, was that he knew she was going to be doing it because of whatever he knew had happened to her.  Somehow, she felt that he knew, and somehow, she was starting to realize that something did happen.


              Olivia started to silently shake and though her chest felt heavy, her head was foggy, and her spirit was crushed, she was not producing tears in her eyes.  She couldn’t describe exactly how she felt.  She just knew that something really heavy had been realized at that point, and that she couldn’t control her emotions.


              Lacey reached out to her big sister, her big sister now in just wet panties and shaking as though she were scared or something, she hugged her so tight, that Olivia somehow ended up in her sister’s lap, and she felt Lacey rocking her side to side and shushing her and whispering soft comforting words.


              “It’s okay, Olivia.  You’re going to be okay now.  Daddy and mommy are here, and they will never let anything happen to you or to me ever again.  You never ever have to protect me like that ever again….”


              Olivia felt her spirit getting heavier, and the shaking was now starting to produce a bit of a whine that drew the attention of the people in the front of the car.


              “Olivia, honey, come on up to the front for a minute, baby,” Jim encouraged her.  “Nicole, hold your baby or your little sister, or whatever you want to call her right now.”


              Nicole didn’t seem to need to be told though, for she was already taking off her seatbelt and moving to the seat just behind her, the one that was still mostly dry, and she reached out as Olivia came to her, and she pulled the crying little girl into her lap.


              “It’s okay, Olivia,” Nicole cooed at her.  “It’s not your fault, sweetie.  You just had an accident.”


              “I… I’m not cry… cry… crying about that,” she could barely get the words out for all the shaking her crying was causing from her body.  “I… I don’t mind peeing my pants for da…da…daddy.”


              “Do you really think that daddy wants you to do it, I mean, to just do it?” Nicole asked her sister.


              Olivia shook as she looked up into Nicole’s eyes.  “He wants me to, doesn’t he?”


              Nicole touched her nose.  “He wants you to be a little girl again, and maybe deep down, he does sort of want you to do it, but he doesn’t really expect you to like it.”


              “That’s… that… that’s why I’m crying?” Olivia asked Nicole.


              “Olivia,” Nicole took a deep breath as thought preparing to say something that was supposed to be too heavy to say, but that it had to be said.  “Do you think that’s why you’re crying?”


              Olivia shook her head no.


              “Daddy knows, doesn’t he?” Olivia asked Nicole.  “He knows something bad ha…ha…happ…pened, doesn’t he?”


              Nicole nodded her head.  “Yes, honey, he does.  He knows something really did happen, and we’ve been wondering how to tell you that somethings that you didn’t understand….”


              Nicole started to cry and could no longer say anything.  She just took her little sister around her back, and she started to rock her and put a hand on her heart as she put her head against her little sister and shook as though she was crying.


              Olivia knew, now, that Nicole knew something about whatever Jim was saying, and that Jim had convinced her that what he had been telling her all along was true.  It was something that had happened a while ago, and something that Olivia had suppressed so deeply, and tried to forget, that she really didn’t know what Jim was on about at first, nor did she believe him when he said something happened to her and thought it was just part of the cover, but now, she knew.  It was a cover, but it was also something that was true.


              Olivia pushed her hands down into her wet pantied privates, as she nervously shook in her sister’s lap, and though she shook, she also felt a heaviness of fear lifting away from her.  Her older sister knew whatever happened had not been her fault, and her older sister was not mad at her at all for letting it happen.


              Jim looked back at them for a moment, and then turned back to the road looking for a place to stop.


              Lacey came up to the front seat and sat next to Nicole and Olivia, and she leaned in and hugged both her sisters.


              Olivia felt her sister’s warmth against her, and she felt even lighter as though whatever Lacey knew, she was not blaming Olivia either, and she was there, supporting her.


              Nicole whispered to Olivia a few minutes later.


              “Olivia, don’t you ever be scared to tell me anything,” she told her.  “Don’t be worried and don’t blame yourself for things that a little girl cannot stop happening, okay?”


              Olivia nodded and snuggled against her big sister.


              What was that warmth?  She can’t be peeing already?  Olivia had just peed her pants not half an hour ago, right?  Why was her bottom feeling warm and wet all the sudden?  She knew that Nicole wouldn’t mind, but she still couldn’t believe she was already peeing her pants again.


              “I’m sorry,” Nicole told Olivia.


              “Why?” Olivia asked her.


              “I… I didn’t use the bathroom at the service station, and you were kind of on my bladder because… because I pulled you into my lap.  I’m sorry.”


              It took a few moments for it to register, but then Olivia nodded and just hugged her big sister.  She didn’t care if Nicole peed her pants at that moment.  She only cared that her big sister was there for her, and she wasn’t chasing her out of her lap.  She was still holding her enough though she must have been ashamed of peeing in the seat.  Lacey must have been wet from Nicole, but even Lacey seemed to refuse to leave her sisters’ sides.


In Session


              “Wait, now you are trying to tell me that something happened for sure at the children’s home you were in before you ran away?”


              Olivia looked up at Dr. Scotts with bright wet eyes and a quivering lip.


              “I don’t remember exactly where it happened or even what happened, for sure.  But I know that something happened, something that Jim had figured out or that he knew about, and something he thought he was rescuing me from.”


              “Were you still in danger of whatever it was that was going on?” Dr. Scotts frowned at her.


              “I don’t know,” she said looking down.  “I didn’t feel safe there, though, and I don’t know how long it went on, or if it was still going on, in some way….”


              “Are you sure this Jim didn’t hurt you?”


              “I’m sure.”


New in Town


              Eventually, Olivia and Lacey were once again in the far back of the car, and they were playing with their toys.  Olivia, not sure how she had gotten it in her mind to actually remember how to play, was actually enjoying some kind of story that she and her sister were playing out with their stuffed animals.


              The story play had gone on probably about an hour after Nicole had finally calmed her down to almost ten at night, when the car finally arrived in a small town.


              “This is it,” Jim called to the car all at once.  “This is where we are going to settle for a while.”


              Olivia looked around, but as it was so late at night, it was way too dark to see anything out the windows of the SUV.  Even most of the neon lights for shops and stores had gone out by this time.


              “Are we staying in a motel?” Lacey asked from next to her.


              “Yes, honey.  We will have to stay in a motel until your “mommy” and I find a job and then a house for us to live in.  Since we need to find jobs, we will also have to put you two into a daycare or something to take care of you.”


              “But I’m really twelve, and Olivia is fourteen, daddy.  We could watch ourselves….”


              “No, Lacey.  If anyone finds out you are staying alone, and puts it together that you are really teenagers, then they will definitely call the authorities and you will be found.”


              Olivia frowned.  “We can do this, Lacey.  We didn’t come all this way just to give ourselves away, did we?”


              Lacey shook her head no.  “I can be eight, I guess.  I have to do it anyway when we start school, right?”


              “That’s right, honey,” Nicole spoke up.


              Olivia frowned at the idea of having to repeat the fifth grade, and having to pretend to be ten years old again in front of other kids when she really should be fourteen and almost ready to be going into high school, but she also knew that Jim had a point, that their running all the way across the state would be for not if they got caught.


              Olivia and Lacey eventually put the thought out of their minds, and started to resume their play when the car pulled into a Motel Six.


              That evening was not too difficult on the girls, and despite Olivia having woken up the previous morning with a nightmare and an accident, she woke up this next morning, quite normal and dry.


              Jim went and pulled the blankets back gently and checked both girls for a wet bed.  He smiled at them and told them that he would not be mad at them for wetting the bed, but as their guardian, it was his job to check and make sure they were okay.


              Olivia and Lacey nodded up at him, and let him check even though both of them were in just dry panties and shirts when they went to sleep.  Jim had seen Olivia on the potty, in the bath, and changing clothes so often these last few days, that Olivia really didn’t think anything about him seeing her in panties which were at least dry this time.


              Jim smiled at the children and helped them out of bed.  He then pointed at the bathroom.


              “Go take a bath, girls.  I want you both to be as clean as possible because we need to find a daycare or something that will take you so we can look around for jobs and a new home.”


              Olivia nodded and took Lacey by the hand and led her towards the bathroom.


              “Do you really think the schools will believe I’m eight?” Lacey asked as Olivia got her into the bath.  “I mean, I can play with toys, but I’m still not used to being a little kid, yet.”


              “I know how you feel,” Olivia told her.  “I’m supposed to be in fifth grade, and I have no idea what I should feel about boys, what I should think about homework, and how to play at recess with kids of this age, and fit in.”


              “I’m scared, Olivia.  What if we mess up?”


              “I know,” Olivia nodded.  “I’m scared, too.  But we need to make this work.  You know what will happen if we mess up.  They’ll send us back, only this time, they will separate us, and I won’t be able to protect you anymore.”


              Lacey looked down.  “I wish I knew you were protecting me like that….”

              Olivia hugged her.


              “You didn’t need to know what people were doing to me, sis.  You just needed to know that I was there for you because we are sisters.  I’m older, so I was happy to keep you safe.”


              Lacey frowned.  “Well, I’ll do anything I can to keep you from going back to that, and to help you protect me from stuff like that if you think it’s so important for you to do that.”


              Olivia smiled.  “I know you will,” she said.  “I feel the same way, and as long as we stay with Jim and Nicole, we will not have to face those kind of things ever again, right?”


              Lacey nodded.  “You’re right.  I’ll find a way to fit in with the third graders.  I hope daddy is putting me in third and not second grade.”


              “I think he said you are going into third grade, and that I’m going into fifth grade, sis.  We have to trust him and that he knows what is best for us.  If we don’t, we have no one else to help us.”


              “I know.”


              The bath was finally ready to get in, and both girls took off their shirts and panties and then climbed in the tub.


              Jim came in almost as soon as they were in the tub and starting to wash.


              “Make sure you wash good, girls,” he told them.  “We don’t want anyone thinking you are dirty and calling people that could make things difficult on us, right?”


              Olivia and Lacey looked up at him and nodded.  “Right.”


              “Do either of you need any help?”


              The girls shrugged.  “You’re the daddy.  You should tell us if we need help since you decided we are only eight and ten.”


              He nodded.  “Well, you didn’t wet the bed last night, so a ten year old should be able to take care of herself, but I would like you to help wash Lacey up.”


              Olivia nodded, and then after a moment, Lacey nodded, too.


              Olivia was glad when Jim left the bathroom and let her clean Lacey up instead of insisting that he should clean both of them up.  She was careful and did a good job making sure not to give him reason to doubt her ability to keep herself and her sister clean when he would trust her to do so.


              When they were clean, and came out wrapped in towels, Jim smiled at both girls.


              “Lacey, go have mommy help you.  Olivia, come here, honey.”


              Olivia looked at Lacey, resigned to the idea that she knew he was going to be involved in one way or another of taking care of her as if she really was a little girl.  She didn’t really mind that much, but she did feel like he was babying her a lot more than he was babying Lacey even if Nicole and he said he wasn’t.  Even if he had a good reason to think he needed to do it, she still thought he was doing it too much, and yet, she felt a little funny about telling him so.


              Jim motioned her over because she seemed to pause a moment, and he held out some panties at her.


              Olivia walked over and let her towel drop as she stepped carefully into the panties.  Then she let him put her in a striped shirt and a pair of shorts.


              Looking over at Lacey, she saw that they had dressed her into a striped shirt as well, but they put a pink jean skirt on her.


              First they were getting ready, and next thing, they were having breakfast at McDonalds, and then in a blur, Jim had driven the girls to a promising daycare called Flowers and Bee Land.


              While Nicole sat in the car waiting, Jim took the children into the pink building and talked to someone at the front office.  While he was talking, Olivia saw several other kids come in and walk through the office towards the back, the parents stopping to sign some sheet before leaving again.


              “Lacey just turned eight a month ago, and Olivia will turn eleven in about four months….,” Jim was explaining to the woman in the office.  “Olivia has some emotional problems though, so I need you to be understanding about some of her issues.”


              “Believe me, we don’t judge children here.  Our only job here is to watch out for the kids and keep them safe until their parents come to pick them up.”


              Jim nodded. 


              In time, Jim was starting to leave as a heavy set woman came into the office, and smiled at the two new girls in town.


              “My name is April,” she told the kids.  “If you have any problems, you can always talk to me or to Ms. Jenny, the head teacher here in the office.”


              Olivia nodded and walked behind the nice woman with red-orange hair, Lacey keeping pace with her.


              “I hope the kids aren’t too judgmental,” Lacey whispered to Olivia.


              “Well, at least you don’t have the same emotional problems I do,” she responded to Lacey.  “I’m sure the other kids will leave you alone once they see what a failure I am.”


              “But you’re not a failure, Olivia,” Lacey stopped her a minute and hugged her.  “You kept me safe in a very difficult place, and if you can do that, then I’m sure you can make friends here.”


              Olivia shook her head.  “Maybe.”


              April turned back to the girls and she smiled.  “Girls, I’m sure everything will be find.  The other kids here know that we don’t allow bullying, and in time, the other kids will know what special treasures both of you are.”


              Olivia and Lacey nodded and started to follow her again.


              When they came into the back room where all the school aged children were dropped off, the first thing Olivia noticed was that all the grades were separated at different tables.


              Lacey looked at her sister and then looked at the floor as she walked towards the third grader’s table.


              Olivia walked over to the center of the fifth grader’s table and sat in the empty seat there, only to have several other kids there give her dirty looks.


              “You better move to the end of the table,” one of the other kids told her in a hushed panic.




              “That’s Angela and her gang’s place.  If they catch you there, you’re dead meat!”


              Olivia gave a nervous smile and a nod and stood up to go to the end of the table.  As she stood up, though a girl with golden blond hair waltzed towards the middle of the table as though she were the most important person in the room, and she was flanked by two girls, one red head and one with darker brown hair.


              “What were you doing in my seat?” the blond asked Olivia.


              “I… I didn’t know it was your seat until I sat down and they told me.  I’m sorry.”


              “Well, just don’t let it happen again,” the girl was almost half a head shorter than Olivia, however, she seemed quite willed and unafraid of standing up to other kids.  Brenda, the red-head girl right next to her was almost half a head taller than Olivia, and she was quite a bit bigger around the middle, too.


              “Go to your place,” the redhead pointed towards the end of the table.


              Olivia nodded and walked meekly towards the end of the table.  She wasn’t really afraid of either Angela nor of Brenda, but she was certain that if people figured out her real age, there would be a really big deal made of her fighting with kids a lot younger than herself.


              Cindy smiled, her broad face making her smile seem even more friendly and her wide eyes seeming inviting to the new girl though she stayed next to Angela.  She was a little shorter than Angela, but not much.


              Olivia smiled back and walked on to her end of the table where she was pointed towards so as not to cause any trouble. 


              Soon enough, the other kids started going back to what they were doing, and the popular fifth grade girls started to talk and seemed to ignore Olivia for the time being.


              If Angela had left it at that, Olivia could have spent a full stress-free day just playing by herself and trying to keep low, but that was not the way it would play out.


In Session:

              “So, Jim put you into this situation by putting you in daycare, and you and your sister were clearly too old for it.  It couldn’t have been easy to just walk away from someone much younger than you like that….”


              Olivia shrugged.  “What’s so bad about acknowledging that someone had a certain place at a table that everyone respects?”


              “Nothing,” Dr. Scotts answered.  “But she most likely got that place by bullying others, and she did bully you more, didn’t she?”


              “Well, kind of…, in a strange sort of way, I guess so.  But I don’t think that’s Jim or Nicole’s fault.”


Angela’s Little Baby Sister


              Olivia walked to the end of the table and sat down heavily hoping to stay out of people’s way.  She certainly had no idea of what it was like to be a ten or eleven year old again, especially in front of other kids of the same age.  It looked like things have changed a bit from when she was ten, or maybe she just never saw certain things before.


              While Olivia sat at the table, she could see a small commotion going on at the middle of the table, and though she didn’t really know what it was about, she thought it had something to do with her coming.  Not twice, not thrice, but several times, the three girls in the middle of the table looked down towards her, and other kids were shaking their head and whispering among themselves.


              “Okay, fifth graders,” April, that heavyset teacher that Olivia had met earlier was in the middle of organizing the kids by class on a carpet in front of her.  “Please take the chairs behind the other students.”


              While the youngest kids, it seemed, got to be right in front of the teacher, something that fifth graders really didn’t want anyway, only a few fourth graders and all the fifth graders got to sit in chairs at the back of everyone.


              Before Olivia could really wonder what was going on, she saw the teacher pull out a book and open it to near the middle, and she started reading.


              Somehow, though Olivia had been at one end of the table, and Angela and her friends were in the center of that same table, they ended up in seats with Angela right next to Olivia, and Brenda right on the other side of Olivia.


              “This is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” Angela whispered to Olivia.  “You ever hear of that book?”


              Olivia nodded and perked up trying to listen some more to the story.  Harry Potter was one of her favorite stories.


              A few minutes later, the teacher put the book down and the children started to return to their tables.


              “I want each of you to take your exercise packets and to do at least three pages before you go off and play,” the heavy set woman told the children.  “Angela, I’d like you to show Olivia what the fifth graders are doing, and Ruth, you show Lacey what the third graders are doing.”


              Olivia followed Angela over to the counter where packets were lined up for each grade.  There were folders on the same counter with all the kids’ names on them, but Olivia didn’t have one yet, so she couldn’t get one.


              When they were back at the table, Angela went through the packet with Olivia.


              “The teachers always make us do two or three papers in the morning, and one after lunch.  We also have to read sometime during the day and record it on a record sheet.  I suppose Ms. April will get you your folder in a while because the folder has the place to record what you read, and how many pages you read.”


              “This is like doing homework,” Olivia blinked at Angela.


              “Yes, it is exactly that.  This daycare makes us do these homework projects when there is no school so we won’t forget what we are learning at school.”


              “I guess I get it, but you’d think they would let us have a week or something off so we can just relax….”


              “Well, they don’t.  And you are not going to make the fifth grade look bad, either.  They keep track of the kids that don’t do their packets, and they give each grade points based on how many kids in that grade complete their packets.  I don’t care about the prizes that we get, but I will not have the fifth grade looking like we’re stupid in front of the third graders, so like it or not, you will do the packet.”


              Angela glared down the table at a boy with red hair and freckles.


              “Scott down there, has to be watched sometimes, or he tries to slip away without doing his work.  I always send Cindy and Brenda to watch over him.  Today, I’m going to watch you because I don’t know if you can be trusted to do your work, and do it properly or not, yet.  If you don’t like it, then go tell on me, but I’m sure the teacher will send you back to the table to work on your work.”


              Olivia’s mouth dropped.  “I’ll do the work.”


              “Well, I’m just going to make sure you do.”


              Olivia sighed and sat down to start on her own packet.  She put her name up in the right hand corner where Angela told her it goes, and then she started on the math.  This math was a little different from what she was used to, though.  They were using quite a different method of division from what she had learned before.


              “Does this math really work?” Olivia asked Angela wondering why they did long division this way.


              “It most certainly does.  I guess your schools are a little behind, where you used to go?”


              Olivia frowned and shook her head.  “We just learned to do it differently is all.”


              “Well, you will do it this way while you are doing our packets because if you don’t, you’ll cost our table points and make us look dumber than the third graders.”


              Olivia nodded again at her explanation.


              Olivia was about half way into her second worksheet in the packet, which was based in reading, when she felt an urge to stand up and go find the restroom.


              “What are you doing?” Angela asked Olivia.


              “I’m going to the bathroom,” Olivia told her.


              “No, you’re going to sit there and do what you are told.  You don’t have much left to do.”


              “You’re not my boss,” Olivia told her.  “And I’m not going to just sit here and pee my pants.”


              “No one is telling you to do that.  You can wait a few minutes.”


              “No, I need to go now,” Olivia told her giving her a dirty glare.  “Now, leave me alone.”


              “If you leave the table without finishing your work, I’m going to talk to the teacher about you.  I’m the fifth grade monitor, and I’m supposed to make sure our table does our work.”


              “I’m going to do it,” Olivia told her.  “But I’m not supposed to wait when I have to pee,” she told her bluntly now.  “Please, just give me a minute.  Hell, take me if you must, but I must go.”


              “Don’t talk like that,” Angela put her hands on her hips.


              “Talk like what?” Olivia now put her hands on her own hips.


              “Like a dirty rebellious teenager,” Angela frowned at her.  “We don’t use four letter words that have bad meanings in this daycare.”


              Olivia was getting really tired of Angela’s bossy attitude.  “Look, just take to me to the toilet or whatever, but I need to go.”


              “You will sit down and do your work, or else.”


              “Or else what?” Olivia took a step towards the slightly shorter girl.


              “Cindy, bring Scott over here, please.”


              When Scott stood up, so did five other boys and four other girls.


              Olivia gulped.


              “Get the point?” Angela asked her.


              Olivia nodded and sat back down.  Daddy told her not to hold it very long because they were supposed to be selling a story as to how they came to this point.


              Olivia sat down and worked on the next question, but she was getting nervous.  She looked over at the third grade table wondering if Lacey had seen what happened, but Lacey seemed to be fully engaged in the work that she had been given, and talking to a blond girl that was really in third grade.


              Olivia put her pencil down, she tapped Angela on the shoulder, and she whimpered at her. 


              “Angela, please.  I need to go to the toilet.  I’m not trying to run away from the homework.  I’ll come right back and do it.  I just need to go before I pee right here.”


              “Are you really more of a baby than a third grader?” Angela asked Olivia sounding surprised.  “You don’t see any third graders trying to leave their table or using excuses like going to the bathroom to get out of their work, do you?  Maybe you should be known as the fifth grade baby?”


              Olivia sighed and gave up.  She could hit Angela in the mouth, but what would that prove?  Her group would just stand up and come and teach her a lesson.


              Olivia wiggled nervously, and worried about the story holding water.  She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of the whole room, but Angela already knew she had to pee, and if she spoke with a teacher about it, and the teacher was told by Jim that Olivia needed to get to the toilet as soon as she needed it….  She saw no other way.  She was going to have to start peeing in her pants at any moment.  It was really embarrassing to even think about.


              Olivia sighed and started to read the passages again so she could do the work.  She knew what was going to have to happen, and she hoped the teacher would understand.  Even if she went to tell on Angela and got the teacher to let her go, the rest of the fifth grade would never let her down that she was an even bigger baby than any of the third graders, and if she told on someone in the process, she knew it would be even worse.


              In time, she started to shake a bit in anticipation of what was to come.  She had no choice, though.  In order for their story to stick, with Angela already knowing she had to go, she had to do it soon, and since Angela wasn’t going to let her go to the bathroom without a fight, she was going to have to do it in her pants….


              One moment, Olivia was bouncing around in her seat trying to look desperate, and the next minute, Lacey was standing next to her holding out her hand.


              “Let’s go to the bathroom, Olivia,” Lacey told her.  “You have to go, don’t you?”


              Olivia turned and looked at Lacey.


              “What business is it that a fifth grader might need the bathroom?” Angela turned and glared at Lacey for trying to overstep her authority over Olivia.


              “She’s my big sister, and I’m looking out for her.”


              “The little sister is looking out for the big sister?” Angela laughed.  “Isn’t that cute.  You better go back to the third grade table or do something else before you get in over your head.”


              “You better leave my sister alone and let me take her to the bathroom before YOU get in trouble.”


              “I’m not going to get in trouble, little one.  I’m in charge of the fifth grade table when we are doing our work packets, and you can go talk to the teacher if you want, but she’ll just get mad at you for interrupting the fifth graders while we are working.”


              “Na-uh!” Lacey told her.  “You’ll get in trouble for trying to make my sister pee her pants.”


              “Your sister is in fifth grade.  She’s not going to pee her pants in the short time it takes to do a little homework!”


              Olivia started to feel some ready to come out, and a lot of time already passed.  She shivered a little, and looked over at the teacher who seemed stuck at the second grade table helping several boys.


              “Lacey,” Olivia had a whine in her voice and her eyes were watery.  “Go sit down.  I can handle Angela.”


              Lacey frowned, but nodded and went back to the third graders.  She was surrounded by a lot of kids from her table, seeming unable to keep the onslaught of questions at bay.


              “Why are you about to cry?” Angela asked Olivia. 


              “Because,” Olivia sniffled and looked down at her lap which started to darken as she let a little bit out, finally, after trying to let it come for the last ten minutes.


              Angela followed Olivia’s gaze down to the new girl’s lap, and then looked back up at her eyes as though not seeing anything wrong.  “Because what?”


              “I’m peeing,” Olivia whimpered softly as she forced out a little more and then a little more.


              “In your pants?” Angela looked as though she was surprised to hear this, as though that was not her intention at all.  “Why?”


              “I told you, I had to go to the bathroom, and I have to go as soon as I feel it, or this happens.”


              She finally was able to get her bladder to flood her panties, her pants, the chair, and several leaking drizzling streams poured to the floor around her from her chair.


              Some kids looked over at the fifth grade table.


              In time, April stopped working with the second graders and came quickly over to see what was going on.


              “Olivia!” she sounded shocked.  “Why didn’t you come and get me and ask me to go, or just go, even.  I don’t mind if you go to the bathroom during your work time as long as you do just that, and come right back to finish.”


              Olivia was afraid to say something against Angela, so she just shrugged, and tears fell down out of her eyes getting her cheeks wet. 


              “Angela, take your classmate to the toddler room and ask Ms. Carla to take care of her.  Ms. Carla knows about Olivia having problems, so she’s prepared for her.”


              Angela frowned.  “Olivia has problems?”


              “Don’t worry about it.  Just do as I ask, please.”


              Angela nodded and took Olivia by the hand.  “You pee your pants sometimes, then, huh?” she asked as she walked the humiliated girl towards the toddler room.


              Olivia just nodded.


              “That’s harsh, man.  So, what is it?  An infection?”


              “I don’t know,” Olivia said as softly as she could trying to keep the whine or hint of hurt feelings out of her voice.


              “I’m sorry you are having a hard time being a big kid,” Angela tormented her a bit more.  “But if you really can’t help it, then maybe someone should protect you so that bullies don’t start being mean to you about it.”


              Olivia looked down as they walked hand in hand towards the toddler room.


              “I can protect you if you want,” Angela told her.  “No one will dare be mean to you if I’m your friend.”


              “I… don’t…,” But Olivia saw a sour look come across Angela’s face as they reached the toddler room, and she caved once again.  “… don’t think I can stand it if someone is being mean about it.  Can you please?”


              Angela smiled.  “Of course, but I need you to do what I tell you from now on, okay?”


              Olivia bit her lip and nodded.


              “Good.  Let’s see if Ms. Carla can get you changed into something dry and clean, okay?  I bet she has diapers.  If you wore a diaper, then no one else will know if you pee your pants.”


              “I don’t usually need them,” Olivia felt embarrassed by Angela’s suggestion and hoped she wasn’t hinting that she wanted Olivia to do it or else.


              “Well, you might not,” Angela patted her back.  “But what if you pee again?  Do you want the whole fifth grade to think you are too much a baby to go potty at all?”


              Olivia shook her head no.


              “I think it would be a lot safer for you if you wore a diaper, and if you can get to the bathroom in time, then I’ll help you get the diaper up and down if you need me to.”


              “Alright,” Olivia blushed as she replied so softly even a mouse might be louder.


              They walked into the room, and Angela took Olivia right up to the teacher and pulled at her arm.


              “What is it, Angela?”


              “My classmate peed her pants.  She wants to wear a diaper, but she’s really embarrassed to ask herself.”


              Carla looked next to Angela to see Olivia and she lowered her top half down towards her and whispered.  “Is that true?”


              Olivia looked at Angela for a moment, and then with a thoughtful finger on her lips, she nodded and pleaded with her eyes that no one else would know about the diaper.


              “Alright, honey,” Carla nodded at a changing table.  “Go climb up there, and I’ll be right over to change you, darling.”


              Olivia looked at Angela for a minute and saw a look in her eye and a nod of her head that told Olivia that she needed to go through with this to make the girl happy.  She climbed up and sat on the changing table for a few minutes, and then Carla came back over.


              “Angela, I’ve got her from here.”


              “Ms. April said I should stay with Olivia so I can show her where to go next.”


              “Alright then, just wait over there for a minute so we can give your classmate a little privacy.”


              Angela nodded and walked away while Carla pulled a dividing curtain closed.


              Olivia looked at the Hispanic slender woman with brown skin and dark black hair, and she smiled as Carla came over to her with a diaper.  Carla looked at her softly, and she put a finger on her lips as she motioned for the young girl to lay down on the table.


              Olivia laid down, and she closed her eyes.


              The woman pulled her pants off of her, and then she pulled her panties off.  She felt something wet but gentle wipe over her privates and her legs and stomach.  Then she was lifted up gently from the bottom and placed on a soft cloud-like cushion that soothed her bottom.  A bit of flour-like sprinkles covered her on the front and it smelled like a baby.  She opened her eyes to see Carla putting the baby powder to one side.  Then the woman taped the diaper closed and helped Olivia off of the table.  Next, she was helping Olivia get her overalls on.  The purple ones that were made with corduroy material.


              She sighed and waited for the curtain to open, and Angela came over and put an arm around her.


              “Feel better?” Angela asked Olivia.


              Olivia turned to look her in the eye, and though it was hard to tell what Angela was thinking, there seemed to be something softer in her eye, and Olivia nodded.


              “Don’t worry.  No one will find out what you are wearing as long as you are honest to me and tell me if you need to be taken back to the toddler room privately.”


              Olivia nodded.


              “And if you need to go to the bathroom, just tell me, and I’ll take you and help you with your dressing.”


              Olivia nodded at that, too.  It was embarrassing to have a much younger girl that she barely even knew looking out for her, but she would rather do that then let the whole fifth grade think she was a baby.


In Session:

              “Jim caused all of this, you know,” Dr. Scotts told Olivia.


              The girl furrowed her brows at him and put a hand up in the air as if to tell him to talk to it.  There was no way that Jim had anything to do with what Angela did to her.  Even if Jim had not told Olivia to keep true to their story, Angela would have made this happen.  She was sure of it.  Somehow, she felt like Angela had been looking for someone to try something like this with for a while.


              “You can put your hand up at me all you want, but the fact is, Jim put you in a daycare that you had no business being in, and he convinced you to pee your pants both at daycare and at school.”


              Olivia shook her head at the doctor.  It was the doctor, the children’s services, and the law that caused all of this.  If they had protected her and her sisters in the first place, Jim would not have been in a situation to need to protect them this way.


              “Shake your head all you want, but you know that Jim wanted you to pee your pants, and you know he wanted you to act like a big toddler.”



Sorry about the space-y unformated version here, but I tried to upload this in the original format and it wouldn't do it.  I decided to try it plain text form, and it finally let me do it, but now it looks kind of funky compared to the earlier layout.

Hopefully, when I upload part 4, it will let me use the original format again.

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I'm not sure how to feel about this.  Clearly the guy was gaslighting the hell out of these kids.  

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I agree with WBDaddy.


I am curious though of how the big sister (mommy) felt when she peed her pants and how the guy handled that and if he helped her get cleaned up and if he either suggested or had her start wearing thick training pants or pull ups just in case she has another accident or a bigger one. 


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On ‎4‎/‎3‎/‎2019 at 3:21 AM, Guilend said:

I agree with WBDaddy.


I am curious though of how the big sister (mommy) felt when she peed her pants and how the guy handled that and if he helped her get cleaned up and if he either suggested or had her start wearing thick training pants or pull ups just in case she has another accident or a bigger one. 


I may be answering your question about how Jim looks at Nicole in the next installment.  I don't know yet how to relate it in words, but it is on my mind to include it.  The trick is, I'm trying to tell the whole story through Olivia's eyes, and there are certain things Nicole wouldn't tell her... but we'll see how it comes out.  Sorry I can't seem to post very quickly on this story because it's taking time for me to write, take out stuff, rewrite, edit and everything until I get what I like, often even starting over 25 pages of garble all over again.

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I enjoyed the new chapter. I am not sure I trust Angela though. I have a feeling that she is going to use the diapers against her.  I am still having mixed emotions about Jim to. On the one hand I can almost buy into his story and that something happened to her which is why he wants her to act younger. I still think there would be issues with that. First haven’t most all children gone through puberty by the age of 14 and those body changes would be very noticeable. How does he change that? That makes me lean the other way and think he is doing it for other reasons. I am looking forward to reading more. 

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I have a feeling that Jim knows from firsthand experience what happened where Olivia and her sisters were.

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