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penis chastity devices

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Made it through airport security again with no problems.  Maybe my diaper obscures the chastity device lol.

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So after wearing my chastity device a few days now I am finding that there are some upsides to chastity and wearing diapers.  First, your wee wee is always forced down and towards the middle.  Not pointed up and not off to the side near a leg opening.  The weight of the cage makes my wee wee more between my legs which means when I have properly put a channel in my diaper by folding it correctly a lot more wetness transfers to the back than when not in chastity.  Lastly, my wee wee is not pushed up against the padding on my diaper, instead it is in a partially filled cage.  I have found that this configuration allows for me to keep my bladder sphincter relaxed longer.

The biggest downside is my wee wee does not get to feel the squisy goodness of a wet diaper as it is secure in the cage.  As my diaper gets wet my cage just slides around a little more but I can not really tell how full my diaper is getting.

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Does it add a notice-able bulge to your pants? When I tried wearing one, it tented-out my diaper, which in turn made a noticeable bump in my pants. I guess maybe it might depend on the make and design of the thing too..


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