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  1. DIY bowel incontinence stent

    It's a fun idea, but wearing a claw large enough for this purpose for more than an hour or two is going to start hurting really badly.
  2. Aww man, don't ruin Ferix's topic, please This is one of my favorite threads on the site. Even if I can't achieve his success, it's wonderful reading the progress of someone closing in on one of my biggest dreams in life

    I have a newer SDK 2.0 order, and they really are much improved over the old SDKs. But they are still not quite as nice as the Kiddos were. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the Kiddos felt less stiff, and seemed to be less prone to leaks. But I only had two samples instead of a case. Either way, I'm a fan, just wish they were cheaper. The ABU Simples cost less than the Kiddos, and are much thicker. You have to really like the printed design to pay more for less. I will probably buy a case anyway just for the variety. Also I agree, the new tapes are amazing! Both on the Kiddos and Little Pawz.
  4. Ethical question about a diagnosis

    If you ever go without, they may catch you in the lie. But if you're truly always 24/7, then it seems like a fine white lie to me to avoid explaining stuff that's really none of their business anyway. The alternative of telling them you're a DL seems like it'd cause more stress for everyone involved. I wouldn't openly tell someone unless they asked, and realistically, I've never once been confronted or asked about it, even the one time I leaked at work. I doubt most know, but I can't believe I've been 100% discreet for 16 years and counting. Especially considering the thickness of the ones I wear, and that I usually don't wear a onesie because it gets too hot.
  5. The trick to wetting in any position in bed with disposables for us guys is to always point down. On one's stomach, a leak is basically guaranteed if you are pointing up. And since it tends to move around on its own, especially in our sleep, I can get in a state where I'm not sure which way it's pointing when the urge hits, and that causes a hesitation as I check first that I feel isn't good for convincing the subconscious to just stay relaxed and let go. I almost never leak in any position with disposable when I'm pointing down. There are ways to keep it pointed down, but they're either uncomfy or potentially not super safe. But for me, cloth diapers are way too much work. I don't want to do laundry daily, or have the washer tied up with a pending load all week. That's great! I try to psyche myself up and view it as an accomplishment to actually leak, especially in vulnerable spots like between the shower and a change. But the subconscious is really tough here so I've almost never had that happen. But try to gamify it and see it as a reward if you leak, and it may help make it easier to not clench when it happens.
  6. Oh don't worry, it's not OTC so I'm not gonna try it. But I did read they were so safe that they were considering making them OTC, but of course urologists didn't want their patients to get away without having to pay them for visits so there was pushback. My understanding was they helped the muscles to relax, which was to treat BPH (prostate swelling). Unclear what if any effect it'd have if you didn't have BPH. Also wasn't thinking it was a miracle incontinence treatment, just something that'd make it a bit easier on one's untraining journey.. maybe. Diuretics have the same issue with lowering blood pressure, which is what causes the orthostatic hypotension. Easy enough to deal with that, just hold onto things if you stand up too fast and start to feel light headed. The potassium-sparing ones are even more dangerous. It's hard to avoid hyperkalemia when literally every edible food contains potassium. I came to the same conclusion. There's not really safe any OTC or herbal solution that will help with bedwetting. I do know of some unsafe things but I don't want to mention them here and would not attempt them personally. The alcohol thing didn't work for me either, but then I rarely ever drink anyway. Stents are dangerous too, as UTIs can potentially kill you too and the stents can migrate inside the bladder, which happened to one person here. I still am mostly convinced this is the reason I can't seem to achieve incontinence. Most of the people who have done so seem to have already had a history of bedwetting before, which I've never had an issue with even as a small child. I think I'm just out of luck on my goal, though I'll never stop trying. Don't mean to sidetrack the original poster's thread, sorry. The point of my post was just to try and get feedback from him if he finds any successful ways to bedwet once again, so I can try to copy those techniques
  7. Hiya, congrats on your progress! I hope you find success I'm really happy to see another who agrees with this being a form of BIID. The downside is it's not well understood, so people still try to talk us out of it all too often, which is akin to telling a depressed person to "just be happy". But I like that we're having a discussion about the mental health aspects of this, given we're unlikely to ever be the subject of any serious research into why we want this. So we have to figure ourselves out ^^; In my case, I've been aiming for incontinence for well over a decade. I seem to have hit a roadblock at being able to go easily in any position and to go frequently in small amounts. I believe the issue is that I don't and can't bedwet. I think that when I am sleeping, the bladder muscles constrict and stay that way until I wake up. And this is resetting all of the progress I make during the day of trying to stay relaxed. It allows those muscles to retain some tone. The usual tricks for it don't work for me (hypnosis, drinking lots before bed, having the mattress protector and getting used to leaks, etc) and stents are super scary. I tried with a simple sound, boiled it to sterilize, thoroughly cleaned hands, still got a UTI. Alpha blockers might be a safe, light nudge in the right direction as they will help relax the bladder muscles a bit, but aren't OTC yet so I can't try that. I am a light sleeper, but I am not going near sleep aids beyond melatonin, those aren't safe. I'd be very interested if you find a way to make progress on bedwetting Also, one thing I've heard some incontinent folks say is that the weakening of muscles down there tends to affect both bladder and bowels at the same time. Not enough for full bowel incontinence, but it seems that either one makes the other one more relaxed too. Not sure you'd notice that in just 10 weeks, but it may be something to watch for.
  8. Wetting, messing or both?

    In general I like both, but would never wanna mess in public. But since this is on the incontinent-desires forum, I'd only like to be urinary incontinent. Bowels would be a lot harder to manage. But if there were a "both urinary and fecally incontinent" magic pill, and no way to get only the first effect, I'd do it.
  9. Bambino Diapers Brand

    I just stopped buying from them. ABU makes superior products at competitive prices on the mid-range (Barebum) and high-end (Simple, LittlePawz), so I just buy from them instead now. I'm thankful for what Bambino did to help open up the market for us, and I'd have remained their customer indefinitely, but they chose to sabotage their brand by cutting corners to raise profits. At the end of the day, these are products that I need to work reliably and consistently with every order. They've had that problem from the very beginning. I've had batches that would split down the back because the shell was too thin, tapes that wouldn't work (either pop off too easy or separate from the sides), batches with super stiff and rough plastic, batches with stiff padding inside, batches with pinhole leaks, the failed stretchy tape experiment that was way worse than before, even one with upside down tape panels. Most of the problems I could work around. This all sounds bad, and sometimes I've lost a few diapers per case due to substantial defects, but for the most part 98% of the diapers were perfectly usable. ABU also had a batch with bad tapes once. This is what happens when companies buy their products from China by the shipping container. You can't exactly send a container back when the supplier changes things on you. ABU told us and discounted their bad stock. Bambino lies about it and says they're just "compressed more" when empirical testing proves that's not the case. http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/91494-Bambino-Classico-Review-(Updated-Fall-2016) "This price is in line with high-end, "premium" adult diapers and lower capacity ABDL diapers. The Bambino Classico for its entire existence, really, had been a benchmark diaper, offering “premium” capacity with an ABDL print at one of the lowest price points among ABDL diapers, but this is no longer true. This version of the Classico doesn’t stand up to “premium” adult diapers in capacity. The Bambino Classico/Teddy/Bianco now ranks among the lower capacity offerings by ABDL vendors, and in this category, it’s a pretty typical offering. Bambino’s older products have nonetheless been pared back in quality with this update, and are no longer one of the best values to be had."
  10. The road to incontinence

    Anything permanent can be something people end up regretting. Tattoos, piercings, incontinence, and even gender reassignment surgery. And I agree with you that 19 is too early to decide this, even if I myself started trying to become incontinent at that same age. But who decides what age is appropriate? Is it okay now that I'm 34? Should I wait until I'm 50 and most of my life is now behind me? I would ideally like to see a person desiring incontinence to go to a psychologist, work through it, spend a year living as functionally incontinent, etc. But ultimately there comes a point where I think we have to let a person make a decision for themselves. Not have us make it for them. And if they end up regretting it, well then it's on them. Likewise they should have to find a doctor that was supportive of the procedure, but it would need to be possible to find such a doctor or the whole thing is moot. There are plenty of people who don't regret irreversible decisions. We should not prevent them from being happier because someone else chose poorly. Frankly, and I'm sorry if it offends any trans folk here, I can't see the difference between saying a person can't become incontinent and a person can't have GRS, simply because they might regret it later.
  11. The road to incontinence

    Those people are on the wrong forum, then. This is the incontinent-desires forum. Anyone who comes here and is offended to find people desiring to become incontinent have no one to blame but themselves.
  12. Barebums Diapers Are Now Owned By ABU

    I'll give my review. Bambino's quality has been dropping consistently, under their common strategy of making older lines thinner to sell newer, "thicker" premium products at higher prices. Their Teddies now only make it about 5-6 hours before needing a change. They sell for $1.58/each at case quantities, often a little cheaper with sales (ABU doesn't do sales) I would say the overall capacity has declined 30-40% since they were first introduced, and liquid tests on ADISC confirm the same. https://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/91494-Bambino-Classico-Review-(Updated-Fall-2016) So I tried out this Barebum one, which go for $1.50/each at case quantities. Comparing the Teddy to the Barebum, the Barebum feels thinner, yet is the same thickness when stacked side by side with the Bambino. The inside of the Barebum feels more like a generic drugstore cheapo diaper (and the green center mat adds to the mental effect that this is a generic drugstore diaper), whereas the Bambino is a little softer. The plastic outer shell also feels just a touch more coarse than the Bambino. And the print is a straight up loser. Ugly gingnam sides with generic blocks all around. Probably the least appealing printed diaper there is to me. The Barebum also clumps and separates a bit easier. After about 5 hours, the telltale horizontal seam will start to form on the front where the padding separates. It's missing a front waistband, but I haven't really missed it as much as I'd thought. Probably because nearly all AB/DL diaper waistbands are of low quality anyway. But despite the negatives above, I'm going to have to side with the Barebum. Because the key advantage it has, is that it's a lot more absorbent. The Barebum will swell to a larger size, and lasts about 8 hours before needing a change. This is the primary function of a diaper, so for that reason, Barebum wins. Also, the Barebum tapes hold up a lot stronger than Bambino's. They still fail, but take a good deal longer than Bambino's to do so. That and I know Bambino will just keep lowering the quality of their product, whereas I haven't seen ABU do that to its customers yet. I'm excited to try the Kiddos next. But for now, as a diaper meant to be used as intended, this one is better than Bambino Teddies/Biancos/Classicos. Oh, I don't use the Pre-School Plastic because the cut is too low. Even being on the small end of a medium, they don't seem to go up high enough, which is bad for night time use.
  13. 12 Month Diaper Program

    It doesn't work for all of us who have tried it. But overall it seems to have a decent chance of success, and is worth trying first. I think the key is being a bedwetter first, or even having been one in the past. Without that, night time causes retention which reverses the weakening of not clenching during the day.
  14. Getting Rid of Your Undies

    I keep a single pair of briefs that I'll wear when I go in to the doctors or hospital. That happens once every 1-5 years. Since I'm not actually incontinent, it's simply not worth explaining a fetish to a doctor. If I were to become incontinent, then I would accept that and wear even then. Would not be pleasant, but not the end the world either. As for concealment at all other times, plain white onesies work perfectly well for that
  15. People post many fantastical stories that never happened. I have a lot of trouble believing someone poured bleach into their bladder through a catheter without any evidence. Not the least because that wouldn't do anything to cause incontinence. Good way to cause death, though. That is correct. I don't know of any surefire way to cause incontinence through physical harm that anyone can do. A sphincterectomy (sphincterotomy?) would require a skilled surgeon to perform. To who? Can you name names? Show some posts, evidence? I've been following this specific subforum. Not as long as you have. The most dangerous thing I've seen anyone post picture evidence of them doing was designing a stent. And for one guy, he had to get the stent removed by a doctor.