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  1. Oh no, this doesn't cause incontinence at all. Stent is probably the wrong word, but it's also not really a sound. I guess you could call it a hollow sound maybe, although sounds are usually used as an aid in self pleasuring, which this device is designed to prevent, so... I don't know how to classify this thing I'm using it for a few reasons. First is to get used to inserting things into the urethra safely and comfortably. Second is to enhance the chastity cage by making pull out impossible. Of course on the latter account it's not too successful as I can't safely wear this 24/7 because it holds the urethra open. It doesn't go into the bladder, but that didn't save me last time. Sure it'll be covered by a diaper but I don't know if that's enough. UTIs are insidious in that you can't really tell you've gotten one until several days after it's too late. I think the pain is because it's still too big. I have no real experience with play in this area, but the bulb on the top is 8mm diameter. It goes in quite easily, but certain movements probably put too much pressure on the urethra. But I'm not really sure as again I don't have experience here. My next step will be to try and find a shop online that sells hyodrophilic catheters online without a prescription, and practice going all the way to the bladder. But I have to make sure my technique is definitively sterile before I try going inside the bladder directly. Once I get used to catheters all the way to the bladder, then I'll start experimenting with homemade stents that rely on retrieval cords. But I'm much too nervous to try that on my own yet.
  2. I do have some pictures yes, please see attached With the older silicon tube that was 80mm long, I could do nothing but lie straight in bed or stand straight up. Any other movements would cause a good bit of pain. With this new one, I have to be careful sitting and I can't bend down to pick things up, but on the whole it's a lot more comfy. Hoping with time I'll get used to it and be able to move freely. Then when I get good at that, I'll start looking into making my own incontinence stent It's possible this type of stent can allow bacteria to travel up the tube. But with constant voiding it should flush anything that tries to travel up the tube, I would think. Even still, I don't think I'll risk longer than 24 hours at the very most without taking it out and boiling it again. About the iodine part, it seems to go against modern advice. If it's a "can't hurt" situation I don't mind trying it anyway. But what worries me is some sites say it can increase risk of UTI. http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/skillsmodules/content/urinary-catheter-care/equipment/cleaning-and-personal-hygiene.html "Do not use povidone-iodine, alcohol, or any other strong agent on the genital area. Although this practice was common in the past, it has been shown that it does not reduce infection and is more painful."
  3. Spent a week on ciprofloxacin, seems to have kicked it. While I had one tablet left, I thought I should try one more time. So this time, I took the last cipro, then took a D-mannose supplement, then took out an all-steel version of the cage that has the stent/sound permanently fused onto the device. No silicone involved. So I put that into my water kettle and boiled it for 20 minutes straight, completely submerged. Then I washed my entire area with anti-bacterial soap and dried it off. Then I took 91% isopropyl alcohol onto a fresh towel and wiped the entire meatus down. Burned quite a lot, but that's okay. Then I put on gloves, and poured some silicone lubricant (with no glycerin) into them, and coated the stent portion and inserted it. Finally, I wiped down the outside of the cage with the alcohol to make sure it was clean. This steel stent is about 30% shorter in length, and a lot less uncomfortable. Left it in for an hour. Voiding was painless and felt natural this time. The entire time I drank a ton of fluids. No blood after I took it out. Then I took another D-mannose supplement and made sure to void right away to try and empty out the urethra. I have to say, it feels really nice having this thing in there! It's surprising. It also makes the cage inescapable, and makes me totally unwilling to try and cheat it for fear of causing damage, so on those fronts it's such a huge success that I really hope I can pull this off routinely in the future. Going forward, I have purchased a 144ct box of 3oz Surgilube packets, and I also bought a box of 50ct individually sealed powder-free sterile gloves. I've read that using iodine on the meatus isn't shown to really make a difference, and could in fact make things worse. So I think this is going to be my routine going forward, but I'll welcome any suggestions to make things even safer!
  4. Well I screwed up big time. Had blood in there today, burning and urgency got worse again, so went to the local clinic to test. He said the bacteria levels were crazy high and I must've had the infection for more than a few days. I asked about skipping the antibiotic but he said it would be a really bad idea to risk it at this level. Sigh. I might try one more time, with full on extreme sterilization, but this is very discouraging to my stent plans =( The pain and risk isn't really that bad, but having to take antibiotics definitely is.
  5. I started practicing stretching with an 8mm silicone sound (hollow), for an hour at a time. Had the usual for a beginner tiny bit of blood come out upon removal, and there was burning for about a day each time after urinating. That went away, but about three or four days later after having not used the sound at all, the burning came back really badly all of a sudden. There's no blood at all. So I did all the usual stuff like drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. The burning has gone down a lot but is still a little bit there another two days later. I guess I didn't sterilize the sound well enough using antibacterial soap followed by 91% isopropyl alcohol. I didn't want to boil it. Or maybe the non-glycerine silicone lubricant was no good. I'll give in and get some iodine and boil the stent next time. Maybe buy the surgilube stuff too. But my question is, can I just keep drinking a lot of fluids and hope for the UTI to clear itself up? Or is that basically impossible? Can I wait until I start to experience the first signs of back pain and fever (the signs it's migrated to kidneys) before going to get antibiotics? I really want to avoid taking antibiotics and building up a tolerance against them, and the urgent care place is expensive to go to so I'd rather avoid it if I'm able to.
  6. I don't seem to go much more often with just the cage alone. I'm voiding every 3-5 minutes with this 85mm tube in place though. If it didn't hurt this would be awesome. Either the tube is actually hitting the external sphincter some, or the body is trying to flush out the foreign object by dumping lots of water out at it. The seller also has a 165mm length one, which I think should be able to reach past the external sphincter. But I think I need a 6mm diameter one to go deeper than I'm at now. A really nice benefit of the cage is preventing erections which would be really painful with the tube inserted. The benefit of the tube is it's the only thing that fully prevents pull-out, and also prevents being able to stimulate things due to the discomfort. Without it, the other cages only slow me down a little.
  7. Hey all, so I really want to work my way toward trying this. Call it a new year's resolution maybe I wanted to start with a catheter but there's too many options and too few places that sell without prescription. So instead I bought a chastity cage (another thing I'm toying with) that came with a hollow urethral stent. It has a stainless steel concave tip and then it's all some kind of plastic or silicon, not sure which. Very soft and bendable material. It's 85mm long, 8mm diameter, with a 4mm through hole. I clean in antibacterial soap, then pour boiling water on it, then with latex gloves add non-glycerine silicone lubricant, and I am able to insert it all the way. I do it extremely slowly. Like it takes me five minutes to put it in. I do have to push though, it does not slide in on its own. Have a few questions. First, any position other than lying still with legs forward or standing straight up is slightly painful. Urinating is also slightly painful, and I seem to be doing it a lot more frequently and in small amounts. Surprisingly it doesn't feel much different even though part of the urethra is now covered by the tube. There was a drop of blood the first insertion, but none with the second attempt. Will this pain go away as the urethra stretches? How long does that take? How long should I "tough it out" with the minor discomfort each day? I think 8mm is too big, but if I can stretch it out then a stent at 6mm should be a lot more comfortable later. If it's always going to be this uncomfortable then I don't think I can do this. Next, what happens when you insert a hollow tube and make it past the prostate gland's external voluntary sphincter, but not all the way into the bladder, past the involuntary sphincter? Wouldn't that essentially cause you to void without any control? Or can you still stop the flow anyway? If so, how? The bladder muscle is supposed to be involuntary, and triggered only when the voluntary muscle is in a relaxed, open state, right? If the goal is to keep a pathway to the bladder closed off from bacteria then this seems the safest route to me. People wear these chastity cages for days with the urethral plug installed, so it should be safe. Especially if I remove it and sterilize it daily.
  8. I think this might be a mature topic? If you keep getting off and immediately removing the diaper after, it will take a whole lot longer to break the cycle. Our bodies are really good about associating sexual objects with orgasm, so you have to break that loop. To decrease the arousal after putting on a diaper, you need to go as long as possible in one without getting off. If you really can't help yourself, then a locking chastity device to put on along with your diapers could help. To decrease the shame after, you need to keep wearing after orgasm, no matter how much you dislike it. If you can't help yourself, locking plastic pants could help. If you can't help yourself and need a locking mechanism, you'll need someone to hold the key for you or a timelock safe. But I suspect you have the willpower to do this on your own If you don't take either suggestion above, you'll find with time the novelty wears off and it'll slowly get less sexual, and you'll have less guilt when it is. But it can take a really long time. It took me from 14-19 to get over wearing and wetting shame, and from 14-27 to get over messing shame. The more often you do it, the faster this will be, it took me so long because I tried my best never to do them due to the binge-purge feelings. Even knowing about the binge-purge cycle over wetting didn't help me with messing. It requires a strong desire, persistence, and will to overcome those feelings.
  9. They're not quite as crinkly, and they have a slightly different feel to the plastic than the Space and Little Pawz. I don't know how to describe it, but it's a nice feeling. Not buttery smooth or soft, but not like a shower curtain liner either. It feels durable. What I like most is they hold up pretty well. Definitely not nearly as long as their premium products, but they outlast the newer Bambino Biancos. My only real complaint is the front is missing a waistband, and the rear waistband is almost useless. It barely folds at all. Minor complaint is I wish the padding length was 1-2" more, it rides a bit low. There's plenty of empty plastic shell in the front and back for that. It feels like a cost-cutting measure like with ATNs. Overall for the price, I like them.
  10. Haha! I sometimes wonder if anyone notices that I never go to the bathroom. Probably not, and I could always just explain that I'm a germophobe instead
  11. At least with guys, there are some shared muscles around urinary and bowel control. I've heard a few times that urinary incontinence leads to easier bowel incontinence. So I suspect that becoming bowel incontinent first would be much harder. The info I read could be wrong, so take the above with a grain of salt
  12. And it should be less agitating than hard plastic. But I don't know how to construct such a thing. I don't think it will be easy to MacGyver something inflatable. I worry that even if I do get used to the current size, it'll start coming out easily again, and I'll need a bigger size again. When I first got the large plug size, that took a week to get in but stayed in. Now that I can get the x-large in, the large doesn't stay put so easily. So far practice isn't helping with the x-large. I can't keep that one in longer than an hour or two, and it doesn't stop hurting. It'd be perfect if I could build a tolerance to the point of not noticing the x-large.
  13. I think blood is always a sign that something's going wrong and you should take it easy afterward. But I have also read that most people bleed from the very first time using a catheter as well. The people here using stents probably already took care of that phase with catheter practice before. Still though, listen to your body and stop when you see blood or feel pain.
  14. No doctor in the world would ever do that. Even if you travel to a third world country with more lax ethics. Plugs are a safe and temporary form of incontinence. Take it out, back to normal.
  15. I couldn't agree more. They are taking advantage of the community. If this sells well, expect them to raise prices across the board because they can. They might even try charging higher next time. Buying these anyway will only harm the marketplace for all of us.