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  1. It doesn't work for all of us who have tried it. But overall it seems to have a decent chance of success, and is worth trying first. I think the key is being a bedwetter first, or even having been one in the past. Without that, night time causes retention which reverses the weakening of not clenching during the day.
  2. I keep a single pair of briefs that I'll wear when I go in to the doctors or hospital. That happens once every 1-5 years. Since I'm not actually incontinent, it's simply not worth explaining a fetish to a doctor. If I were to become incontinent, then I would accept that and wear even then. Would not be pleasant, but not the end the world either. As for concealment at all other times, plain white onesies work perfectly well for that
  3. People post many fantastical stories that never happened. I have a lot of trouble believing someone poured bleach into their bladder through a catheter without any evidence. Not the least because that wouldn't do anything to cause incontinence. Good way to cause death, though. That is correct. I don't know of any surefire way to cause incontinence through physical harm that anyone can do. A sphincterectomy (sphincterotomy?) would require a skilled surgeon to perform. To who? Can you name names? Show some posts, evidence? I've been following this specific subforum. Not as long as you have. The most dangerous thing I've seen anyone post picture evidence of them doing was designing a stent. And for one guy, he had to get the stent removed by a doctor.
  4. I feel like no one is considering the points I've raised But I've already been having the same meal every day for over a dozen years. It did suck out most of the sexual aspects of diapers, but that's something I wanted as well. There are certainly people who have never gone 24/7, but warning them serves no purpose. They won't be intentionally able to become incontinent without first living it 24/7 for a year or more. They'll have plenty of time to realize the downsides on their own. And even then, it's very unlikely they will ever be able to become incontinent anyway. It's like if this were a "furries-support" forum, and people kept coming in and saying, "dude you don't really want to become an anthropomorphic wolf. If you spoke, humans would want to run lots of experiments on you and imprison you, or hunters would come after you. You wouldn't be able to get a job, the fur would probably be really warm, nobody would sell you a house, it'd be a lot harder to find a partner..." Seriously, name one case of a person who wanted to become incontinent, worked at it voluntarily, became incontinent through natural means, regrets it, and can't simply retrain themselves again now. It doesn't exist. There's plenty of people who have had accidents that have made them incontinent. But guess what? They'd be incontinent now whether they had those desires before or not. It helps to prevent leaks by going more often and in smaller amounts. Dribbling instead of flooding. It also leads to better sleep when you're not woken up at night to go the bathroom. But you're right, there are more negatives than positives. It's important to shave or trim down there regularly if wearing 24/7. The odor seeps into the hairs otherwise. My ideal fantasy isn't being forced to be incontinent. It's being able to void automatically when I want to. To not have my bladder fill up until I notice it, but now I really have to go. If we could have that state (which doesn't exist), then you could experience incontinence for a weekend, turn it back off and go to work on the weekdays. Stents are the closest to this, but those do have some actual risks. Minimal, but still present. What decision can someone at 19 make that will render them incontinent for the rest of their lives without any control? You're worried about a hypothetical that can't ever happen How many of those became incontinent voluntarily? And why can't those people simply retrain themselves? And lots of people don't understand why a person would want to wear diapers at all. After all, diapers are expensive even when used less frequently! They contribute to environmental waste! They're gross and smelly and for babies! You could get painful rashes! The heat can lead to infertility! Potential mates will likely be turned off and maybe even leave you over it! You'll have to buy loose-fit clothing to wear them in public! What if they get exposed? Others will make fun of you! Wearing even short-term, they could leak and that could be embarrassing! What if you run for public office and someone finds out about your online purchases? Have to explain it to the news! Sounds like wearing diapers is a really bad idea, doesn't it? I very much doubt I will want to be incontinent past 60 or so, when it starts to become very painful just to move. You need a lot of flexibility to change your own diaper. But the grand irony is that I'll probably become naturally incontinent right around that time. So i'll be continent when I don't want to be, and incontinent when I don't want to be. There's no winning for me
  5. I probably am, sorry. I spent years feeling outcast and alone just liking diapers. So finding forums that were okay with that really helped a lot. And so it really pains me when I see people on this forum, who've all been there, turn around and say the same kind of, "you're wrong for liking this, how could you like this?" points (not directed at you two, just in general), as if anyone even here even fully understands why they like diapers in the first place. But a part of me is also really curious. I obviously can't be truly incontinent, but if there is really a difference from simulating it 24/7 for over a decade, then I'd sure like to know what that difference is. So far, both of you had additional complications beyond urinary incontinence, so I think understandably it'd be less enjoyable. I'm sympathetic to both of you for the parts you dislike. The people who have been courageous enough to try stents don't seem to have changed their views much. I started with that and immediately got a UTI (-not a big deal, just don't like having to take antibiotics), so I'm very weary to keep at that route. At the end of the day there's not much point to warning people though. There's no magic pill or Craigslist 'home doctor' that's going to make someone incontinent overnight. A few lucky people can retrain themselves, but it takes years to do so. Years of living the life where at any point they can stop if it becomes unfun. And even then, those people can retrain themselves continent again. The only surefire means to incontinence are accidents (car crash, etc) that are more likely to kill you, and thus won't be things anyone is trying. So rest assured, it will remain just a fantasy for most of us =(
  6. Yes, see, that does sound awful. You're 58, and disabled to the point of not being able to change yourself. You have to wait to be changed. That's not what I am wishing for. I can change myself whenever I want to, and I don't want to lose that mobility. NYJoe is also bowel incontinent. I think I could handle that, but all things considered I'd rather maintain bowel control, at least out in public. I don't doubt that when I'm 70 or so, I'll wish I was continent. But the great irony of life is, I'll probably naturally become incontinent around the point where I start to not want to be anyway. But won't be for the 50 years prior that I wanted to be. Life's just awful like that. Again, all I really want is the ability to switch between "default retaining" and "default releasing". It doesn't have to be permanently stuck on the latter, but that seems to be the only possible way of getting off of the former. The former causes me to wake up at night to go, and to flood sometimes that results in a greater chance of leaks, and doesn't match my mental image of how I want my body to operate. And all I'm asking for is that on the incontinent desires forum, that people respect my desire and stop telling me I don't really want the thing I've been simulating for over a dozen years now I'm sympathetic to people who are incontinent and don't want to be. And if there were a truly loving god in this world, we'd be able to trade conditions, my continence for your incontinence, but that's not the universe we live in.
  7. But if I haven't used the option in 12 years, then what would the difference have been these past 12 years? The 'fantasy' is not having the choice. But if it were to become reality, the result would still be identical. Lots of incontinent people chime in on the desires subforum to tell us we'll regret it! But nothing will actually physically change one iota. If I end up regretting it ten years later and want to stop, well, that's on me. I'll have only myself to blame. But I can't get back the past 12 years (and counting) of being woken up at night to go, of added leaks due to flooding, of not having my body work the way I want it to, etc. That counts for something too.
  8. That is definitely going to result in you disliking your state a lot more than most people who fantasize about it. I'm sorry this happened to you. But good of you to accept what you can't change; no use fighitng such things. This is just not true. I've worn two Bellissimos out in public before with no issue. You need loose fitting clothes, like two sizes two big, and you need a long shirt, not tucked in, that goes below your belt line by several inches. I've never had anyone say anything, not give any clues that they even remotely suspected. I have a spouse who would tell me if it were noticeable. And even if other adults wouldn't say anything out of respect, children don't have that compunction. We are hyper aware of our diapered state, and so we tend to suspect everyone can see right through us. But nobody is even looking, seriously. The question I've had since I got here and will continue to have for the 'careful what you wish for crowd' is this: I wear 24/7. I go as soon as I have the need, no matter what, even if it's between diaper changes, possibly due to a shower in between. I have done this for about twelve years now. The only difference between you and me is that my body will subconsciously retain until I notice to release. Which makes it worse, as flooding results in much easier leaks. I also wake up needing to go, but I don't ever get out of bed to do it. So please tell me how my life would be so different and less fun if I were suddenly really incontinent. I think it'd be either the same, or slightly better. I know some people only wear part-time, and try to hold it between changes and things. But those of us that are serious on the desires front do our best to live as though we were incontinent, even though we're not.
  9. To me, the root of all the shame and resentment over the years (especially in my teenage years) has been the sexuality aspect of them. After wearing 24/7 for long enough, I was able to greatly suppress that aspect of them by making them routine, and I'm happy for that. So for me, I'd want to give up my libido completely. If I still liked diapers after that, then so be it. If not, then also so be it. just don't want my life run by my sex drive. Just giving up the diapers alone now would just result in something else taking its place, and that would just be rolling the dice.
  10. Oh no, this doesn't cause incontinence at all. Stent is probably the wrong word, but it's also not really a sound. I guess you could call it a hollow sound maybe, although sounds are usually used as an aid in self pleasuring, which this device is designed to prevent, so... I don't know how to classify this thing I'm using it for a few reasons. First is to get used to inserting things into the urethra safely and comfortably. Second is to enhance the chastity cage by making pull out impossible. Of course on the latter account it's not too successful as I can't safely wear this 24/7 because it holds the urethra open. It doesn't go into the bladder, but that didn't save me last time. Sure it'll be covered by a diaper but I don't know if that's enough. UTIs are insidious in that you can't really tell you've gotten one until several days after it's too late. I think the pain is because it's still too big. I have no real experience with play in this area, but the bulb on the top is 8mm diameter. It goes in quite easily, but certain movements probably put too much pressure on the urethra. But I'm not really sure as again I don't have experience here. My next step will be to try and find a shop online that sells hyodrophilic catheters online without a prescription, and practice going all the way to the bladder. But I have to make sure my technique is definitively sterile before I try going inside the bladder directly. Once I get used to catheters all the way to the bladder, then I'll start experimenting with homemade stents that rely on retrieval cords. But I'm much too nervous to try that on my own yet.
  11. I do have some pictures yes, please see attached With the older silicon tube that was 80mm long, I could do nothing but lie straight in bed or stand straight up. Any other movements would cause a good bit of pain. With this new one, I have to be careful sitting and I can't bend down to pick things up, but on the whole it's a lot more comfy. Hoping with time I'll get used to it and be able to move freely. Then when I get good at that, I'll start looking into making my own incontinence stent It's possible this type of stent can allow bacteria to travel up the tube. But with constant voiding it should flush anything that tries to travel up the tube, I would think. Even still, I don't think I'll risk longer than 24 hours at the very most without taking it out and boiling it again. About the iodine part, it seems to go against modern advice. If it's a "can't hurt" situation I don't mind trying it anyway. But what worries me is some sites say it can increase risk of UTI. http://www.atitesting.com/ati_next_gen/skillsmodules/content/urinary-catheter-care/equipment/cleaning-and-personal-hygiene.html "Do not use povidone-iodine, alcohol, or any other strong agent on the genital area. Although this practice was common in the past, it has been shown that it does not reduce infection and is more painful."
  12. Spent a week on ciprofloxacin, seems to have kicked it. While I had one tablet left, I thought I should try one more time. So this time, I took the last cipro, then took a D-mannose supplement, then took out an all-steel version of the cage that has the stent/sound permanently fused onto the device. No silicone involved. So I put that into my water kettle and boiled it for 20 minutes straight, completely submerged. Then I washed my entire area with anti-bacterial soap and dried it off. Then I took 91% isopropyl alcohol onto a fresh towel and wiped the entire meatus down. Burned quite a lot, but that's okay. Then I put on gloves, and poured some silicone lubricant (with no glycerin) into them, and coated the stent portion and inserted it. Finally, I wiped down the outside of the cage with the alcohol to make sure it was clean. This steel stent is about 30% shorter in length, and a lot less uncomfortable. Left it in for an hour. Voiding was painless and felt natural this time. The entire time I drank a ton of fluids. No blood after I took it out. Then I took another D-mannose supplement and made sure to void right away to try and empty out the urethra. I have to say, it feels really nice having this thing in there! It's surprising. It also makes the cage inescapable, and makes me totally unwilling to try and cheat it for fear of causing damage, so on those fronts it's such a huge success that I really hope I can pull this off routinely in the future. Going forward, I have purchased a 144ct box of 3oz Surgilube packets, and I also bought a box of 50ct individually sealed powder-free sterile gloves. I've read that using iodine on the meatus isn't shown to really make a difference, and could in fact make things worse. So I think this is going to be my routine going forward, but I'll welcome any suggestions to make things even safer!
  13. Well I screwed up big time. Had blood in there today, burning and urgency got worse again, so went to the local clinic to test. He said the bacteria levels were crazy high and I must've had the infection for more than a few days. I asked about skipping the antibiotic but he said it would be a really bad idea to risk it at this level. Sigh. I might try one more time, with full on extreme sterilization, but this is very discouraging to my stent plans =( The pain and risk isn't really that bad, but having to take antibiotics definitely is.
  14. I started practicing stretching with an 8mm silicone sound (hollow), for an hour at a time. Had the usual for a beginner tiny bit of blood come out upon removal, and there was burning for about a day each time after urinating. That went away, but about three or four days later after having not used the sound at all, the burning came back really badly all of a sudden. There's no blood at all. So I did all the usual stuff like drinking lots of water and cranberry juice. The burning has gone down a lot but is still a little bit there another two days later. I guess I didn't sterilize the sound well enough using antibacterial soap followed by 91% isopropyl alcohol. I didn't want to boil it. Or maybe the non-glycerine silicone lubricant was no good. I'll give in and get some iodine and boil the stent next time. Maybe buy the surgilube stuff too. But my question is, can I just keep drinking a lot of fluids and hope for the UTI to clear itself up? Or is that basically impossible? Can I wait until I start to experience the first signs of back pain and fever (the signs it's migrated to kidneys) before going to get antibiotics? I really want to avoid taking antibiotics and building up a tolerance against them, and the urgent care place is expensive to go to so I'd rather avoid it if I'm able to.
  15. I don't seem to go much more often with just the cage alone. I'm voiding every 3-5 minutes with this 85mm tube in place though. If it didn't hurt this would be awesome. Either the tube is actually hitting the external sphincter some, or the body is trying to flush out the foreign object by dumping lots of water out at it. The seller also has a 165mm length one, which I think should be able to reach past the external sphincter. But I think I need a 6mm diameter one to go deeper than I'm at now. A really nice benefit of the cage is preventing erections which would be really painful with the tube inserted. The benefit of the tube is it's the only thing that fully prevents pull-out, and also prevents being able to stimulate things due to the discomfort. Without it, the other cages only slow me down a little.