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Potty training age and accidents?

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i think i was day trained by 3 or 4 night well i still have accidents so i like to stay diapered at nights

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I was taken out of daytime diapers when I was about 3, but I had a number of daytime accidents throughout my childhood. One spectacular accident that I remember because it upset my guardian so much occurred at church when I was 8 or 9. I wet myself while we were singing a hymn and left a sizeable puddle on the floor. 

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I don't remember being potty trained, but I was told that it was average comparing to my younger brother (Who was early on many things, common with second children).  I do remember once when I was under 5, in a car seat, repeatedly telling my aunt I had to go.  She kept telling me "Just hold it a little longer, we're almost home."  At the time I couldn't hold it, and I distinctly remember wetting my denim pants.  To this day I kind of enjoy 'accidentally' wetting denim jeans, probably from this memory.

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