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Here is a commission I wrote for another satisfied customer :D It is just short of 10,000 words and I will be posting it bit by bit to make up for the lack of updates in my main story, "Bad Husband, Better Baby". The other reason for my lack of updates is because I'm writing an ebook, that story won't be posted here but I will give more details about it when the time comes. It is a more innocent story than most of my other work.

A quick warning, this story contains some forced sexual scenarios and some other darker themes.

As always feedback is appreciated.

I am also looking for more commissions.


Daddy’s Cabin

By Elfking

Tyler stood in a clearing looking at the rudimentary map he had brought with him into the woods. He scanned it with a furrowed brow and then turned the map upside down as he tried to work out where he was situated.

“Come hunting they said, it will be fun they said” Tyler whispered to himself as he put the map away and started dragging all the equipment he had brought with him further into the forest.

He was looking for a cabin, a cabin he was promised would be luxurious and full of his friends waiting for him with beer. Right now though Tyler was sweating with the back breaking effort of hauling all his gear through the woods.

Tyler checked his phone but found that he had no signal. Not a surprise really since he was way off of the beaten path and the only town he passed had been way out in the middle of nowhere, he had found it hard to get a signal there too. The people of that town certainly acted weirdly, Tyler thought to himself. He felt like he was being watched wherever he went.

As Tyler headed further away from the car and deeper into the forest that slowly engulfed him he thought about the conversation that had led to him being in the forest in the first place.

He had been thinking of a way to celebrate his 20th birthday and he was running through ideas with friends. He was coming up with the usual stuff he enjoyed doing such as going out drinking or just hanging out at home with some games and beer. It had been Connor who had come up with the idea of going out hunting. Initially Tyler had been against the idea, Tyler was not an outdoors person, he would have been far happier celebrating the day at home but like the easily swayed fool he was he had allowed himself to be talked into it.

So here he was drenched in sweat in the Summer heat as he dragged all his bags behind him. His friends had gone ahead of him the day before. Apparently they were going to set up a party for when he arrived, unfortunately none of them had thought to give him instructions for finding the cabin or come to meet him at the car park. All they had given him was a map of the area with the cabin they were to be staying in circled in red. They had unfortunately forgotten that Tyler, not being a lover of the outdoors, had very little idea about how to read a map.

After another fifteen minutes of walking he finally spotted a cabin in the distance. Panting, he sighed with relief and started making a beeline for the cabin.

“This better be the best party ever.” Tyler shouted towards the cabin as he drew near to it.

He was smiling and anticipating someone coming out to meet him but his shout was met with silence.

Tyler walked up the wooden steps of the cabin and up to the door. Giving it a gentle push the door creaked open.

It was dark inside the cabin, Tyler had expected a lot of light and noise but it was all eerily silent and dark. Tyler flicked the light switch by the door and after a quick flicker the hallway lights came on. Tyler stood in the now bright hallway wondering where his friends were when it suddenly hit him that they must be setting up a surprise party for him!

He grinned as he set down all his equipment and started walking forward into the cabin expecting his friends to jump out and shout surprise at any moment.

As he stepped forward over the creaking floorboards he saw a door to his right that was slightly open, unlike all the other doors which were closed, and there was a light coming out of it. Tyler thought if his friends were anywhere, it would be in that room. As he stepped forward toward the door he thought he heard a floorboard creak from another room but ignored it.

Tyler pushed open the door and was frozen in place by what he saw. In front of Tyler was a room full of oversized nursery equipment!

He stepped into the room and his head swivelled as he looked at everything in there. A crib, a changing table, a box full of toys and, what was truly weird about it all, was that everything was adult sized.

Tyler stepped forward toward the window where the crib was and looked up slightly to the big mobile above the baby bed. As he reached up to touch one of the little cartoon animals dangling from the mobile he suddenly heard the door close behind him.

Tyler spun around just in time to see a tall man quickly walk up to him and swing a fist that connected with the side of Tyler’s face. Tyler, who was much smaller than this mysterious man, fell to the ground.

He groggily looked up as the man lifted him up and took him to the large changing table. Tyler’s limbs felt extremely heavy and he suspected he may have been mildly concussed, which meant that as the man started to remove all his clothes he was unable to put up much of a resistance.

The man remained silent as he pulled off all of Tyler’s clothes until he was laying perfectly naked on the table. Tyler begged his limbs to start reacting to what was happening but they were only slowly starting to regain feeling. Tyler tried to make out the features of his attacker but the only thing he could make out for sure, other than the fact that the guy was huge, was that he also seemed to have a pretty large bushy beard. The rest of the man’s face was obscured by the hood of his hoodie.

Tyler blushed as he realised he was now completely naked in front of this stranger, he tried to speak but his words were slurred and it was clear he was still recovering from the hit he took.

The mysterious man then leaned down and pulled something out of a drawer under the table. He then lifted Tyler’s legs and slid the item underneath Tyler’s butt and folded it up between his legs.

Tyler used all the strength he could muster to lift his head and look down at what was happening and through the haze in his vision he realised that this man was now putting something very soft, thick and white on him. Tyler’s mind was unable to connect the dots at that time and as he dropped his head back to the table he was unable to process what was happening.

The bearded man pulled out two oversized safety pins and stuck them through both sides of the padding, holding them in place securely. He then took a pair of baby blue plastic underwear and slid them up Tyler’s legs.

The man then lifted the still mostly limp Tyler and took him over to a giant high chair in the corner of the room, he roughly dropped Tyler into the wooden seat, though the impact was largely absorbed by the padding on his rear.

Tyler could put up only the slightest resistance as his wrists were firmly secured to the sides and a tray was pushed in place effectively immobilising the young man in the chair.

The man brought out a couple of jars with a mush in them that Tyler couldn’t make out. He tried to read the label but was having a hard time processing anything. He saw and understood one word though, “Baby”.

Tyler’s mouth automatically opened and allowed the man to spoon feed him the tasteless jars of bland food. Tyler didn’t have the strength to resist or even realise he should be resisting; the mental fog still hadn’t cleared.

After the jars were left empty the man held a bottle to Tyler’s mouth and with a hand behind his head forced him to drink from it until it was empty. By the time the bottle had been drained Tyler felt like his stomach would burst from everything he had been forced to consume.

Once the feeding was over the man unrestrained Tyler, lifted him up and carried him over to the crib. Tyler tried to ask what was going on but the only sound made was incoherent babbling.

Tyler was put down in to the crib and the man quickly went to work securing him to the bed. Tyler felt his waist and legs get strapped to the bed making him completely immobile, his wrists were also secured to the crib bars.

Without a word the man lifted the side of the crib and left the room. Tyler watched him go as his vision went blurry again, he put his head down and before he knew it he drifted off into a deep and recuperative sleep.


The sound of chirping birds filled the room. The warmth of some sunlight coming through the window fell on the sleeping man as gradually he stirred back to consciousness.

Tyler tried moving his arms in a sleepy daze but found that they wouldn’t go far till the leather cuffs stopped them. Shifting he tried to sit up but the straps around his waist held him securely in his place. He grunted as he tried to pull himself up but the unforgiving strapping stopped him from moving at all. But something did happen as he strained to sit up, he felt the diaper that the strange man had put on him.

Suddenly the memories came flooding back and his eyes flew open, taking a moment to adjust in the early morning sunlight before seeing the decorated room around him and the mobile above him. Tyler whimpered in panic, as he twisted and turned desperate to free himself from his restraints.

Tyler lifted his head up and looked down. He saw the white strapping holding him down and was immediately reminded of the sort of restraints you would see in documentaries or films set in mental institutions. But Tyler noticed something else, the diaper that was between his legs had seemingly puffed out. Tyler wriggled his legs a little bit before confirming that the diaper was definitely wet.

Tyler felt heat rising in his face through embarrassment and also fear. He had to get out, he thought to himself.

Tyler pulled at the straps for a few minutes before suddenly feeling the cuff on his right wrist come a little bit loose. Seizing his chance, he pulled and twisted it until it gave way completely. In the next few minutes Tyler had managed to undo all the restraints and climbed out of the crib. He tried to be as quiet as possible but the plastic pants made a crinkling sound no matter how slowly or carefully he walked.

Tyler noticed a window had been left partially open, presumably to keep the air in the room fresh and Tyler hurried over to it. He hoisted himself up and fell forward out of the window and back into the forest he had been in yesterday.

Tyler was thankful it was warm and sunny as he started running away from the cabin in nothing but a diaper and plastic pants. In any other weather this would have been even worse than it already was.

Tyler was just starting to think he was getting away when it seemed the whole world suddenly turned upside down.

With no warning at all a net suddenly sprung up around him and lifted Tyler into the sky. Tyler let out a yelp as he was lifted up and closed his eyes expecting a big fall or something. When the net stopped moving and Tyler felt it was safe again he slowly opened his eyes. He found that he was now stuck sideways a few feet off of the ground, swaying slightly as the net he was now trapped in moved with the breeze.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” Tyler said to himself quietly as he swayed from a tree branch. It was like something out of a cartoon, Tyler thought.

Looking over to the cabin Tyler could see the man from yesterday sitting on a rocking chair on the porch watching him. Tyler thought for a second about whether he should call out for help, there was certainly no other way down from the net that he was in.

“Fuck him.” Tyler said to himself. There was no way he was going to call that crazy man to help him. He would find his own way down.

Tyler started shifting around in the net looking for a weak point. He was getting very hot as the sun beat down on him. Even though he was naked except for a diaper and plastic pants the heat from the sun was making Tyler’s life very uncomfortable.

After an hour of fruitless attempts to escape Tyler had all but given up hope. He was exhausted from the effort and the sun had sapped him of all his energy. What is more he could feel his bladder was starting to strain and his already wet diaper would almost certainly leak with another wetting and that would make his situation even worse.

Five minutes went by where he tried to decide what to do next before he turned his head back to the cabin. The bearded man was still sitting in the chair, rocking his chair slightly and reading a book.

“Help!” Tyler called out toward the man. His voice was a little hoarse from the heat and dehydration but clearly the man heard his plea. The man stood up and slowly walked over to Tyler and the net.

As he got close he pulled a penknife out of his pocket and cut the rope holding the net up causing it to fall to the floor. If Tyler thought this would allow him to escape his predicament, he needed to think again because the man quickly and deftly tied a knot in the top of the net keeping it closed and keeping Tyler trapped in it.

The man crouched down and for the first time Tyler could see more of his features. He had piercing blue eyes and a slightly crooked nose. His hair was short and a dark brown colour, his beard was the same colour but much longer than his hair.

“You are to call me Daddy, ya hear?” The man said quietly. He had a gruff voice with a Southern twang.

When Tyler didn’t answer, the man got up and turned to head back to the cabin.

“Yes, OK, whatever… Just please don’t leave me here.” Tyler quickly blurted out. He was afraid of this man and the cabin, but he was more afraid of being left trapped in a net in a forest with the blazing sun.

The man came back to Tyler and the net. He grabbed the top of the net and started dragging it to the cabin. It hurt as Tyler was dragged over the rough ground but he didn’t dare make much noise in protest.

Daddy dragged Tyler effortlessly back into the cabin and back into the room that Tyler was previously in before his botched escape attempt. When Daddy closed the door he finally turned around and cut the net open and allowed Tyler out.

“You are a feisty one ain’t ya!” Daddy said with a small chuckle.

“What do you want from me?” Tyler said before adding, “I can give you money, or is this is a prank from my friends?”

“These friends of yours tell you to break into my property?” The man said as he locked the door before walking over and closing and locking the window with a key.

“I thought this was the cabin my friends wanted to meet in. It was a mistake.” Tyler said desperately.

“Well you are right about one thing…” The man said as he walked over and lifted Tyler off of the floor and placed him in the crib again, “You definitely made a mistake.”

Daddy began to strap Tyler to the bed again, this time being extra careful to make sure everything was done up tightly. As Daddy put the straps around Tyler’s waist he slipped a finger inside the plastic pants and checked Tyler’s diaper and discovered it was wet.

Tyler was trying to think of what to say, he had to find a way out of this situation. Just as he was about to plead to be let go again, Daddy spoke up.

“And this is the only cabin for miles around.” Daddy said conspiratorially.

If that was true, Tyler thought, then why had his friends directed him here? He was a little lost but if what Daddy said was true then… Had he been set up? Tyler’s mouth hung open as he thought about this possible revelation.

As he was wondering about this Daddy lowered the mobile above the bed. It was only now that Tyler noticed that the mobile had a tube running through the middle of it that came down from the ceiling. Tyler wondered what that was for when Daddy brought it down much quicker all of a sudden and before Tyler could react the tube was forced into his mouth.

Tyler tried to fight it off but Daddy pushed the tube down till a previously unseen mouth guard hit Tyler’s lips. It left the tube pushing halfway into Tyler’s mouth. He stared around with wide eyes, terrified by what was happening but unable to move or call out for help.

Daddy took the strap that was hanging from the tubing and tied it around Tyler’s head, he secured it tightly making sure that Tyler would have no option but to eat whatever came down the tube.

“You must be hungry and thirsty from today…” Daddy said as he straightened up after finishing with the straps, “This machine is gonna feed ya… And it is gonna give you something to drink. You just be a good boy and swallow it all down.”

With that Daddy flicked a switch on the mobile. The mobile lit up and started slowly spinning and playing its childish tune whilst Tyler’s eyes were drawn to the clear tube which was now turning brown as a mush came down from the ceiling through the tube and eventually to Tyler’s mouth. Tyler started panicking, he had no idea what he was being forced to eat or drink here.

“Relax baby.” Daddy said as he saw Tyler’s wide eyes, “Just swallow it all down and then have yourself a nap.”

Daddy turned and left the room after that closing the door behind him.

Tyler, meanwhile, lay in terror as the mush slowly was forced lower and lower in the tube, it seemed there was an awful lot of it. Finally, the food reached Tyler’s mouth and it started emerging from the tube. Tyler began swallowing as the food rapidly filled his mouth, he found he had to swallow often to keep up with the sheer amount of food coming through the clear tube. Fortunately, the food didn’t need to be chewed so Tyler just focused on swallowing rhythmically and trying to forget about the odd situation he was trapped in. He realised the mush must be either blended up food or baby food as he forced down the tasteless mush.

He quickly started getting full and yet the mush kept going. There seemed no way of stopping the machine from doing its job so Tyler was just forced to lay there and swallow everything that came down. Tyler felt like he could feel his stomach expanding for all the food that was relentlessly forced into his mouth, his stomach was groaning at everything it was forced to take in.

Just when it seemed he couldn’t take anymore the mush finally stopped and was replaced in the tube by a white liquid. Tyler felt the first mouthful hit him and realised it was milk. He swallowed it down with difficulty as his body tried to digest everything it had been forced to take in.

Eventually the milk in the tube emptied. A few minutes after this Daddy came back in and unstrapped the tube and raised the mobile back up.

As soon as the tube left Tyler’s mouth he gasped for air and struggled against his bonds as his stomach churned trying to force through all of its contents.

“Get some rest.” Daddy said gruffly and brought a pacifier out of his pocket and forced it into Tyler’s still gasping mouth. The pacifier was attached to a leather strap and Daddy tied it around Tyler’s head forcing it in place. Daddy leaned down after he tied the strap up and gave Tyler a little kiss on the forehead which caused Tyler to flinch a little.

Tyler was forced to lay still thanks to the restraints but he really wanted to just curl up in a ball. The pain in his stomach was pronounced as his overloaded digestive system worked extra hard to force everything through.

When Daddy left the room again Tyler found himself getting sleepy very quickly. He briefly wondered if there had been more than just food in that tube as he quickly found himself drifting off into a deep, but uneasy, sleep.

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Here is part two. I think after this there will be one more part to post. I didn't get many comments for part one, if anyone had suggestions, ideas, or any comments or predictions for what might happen then please post them :)


When Tyler eventually opened his eyes again he felt like he had been asleep a long time. As he slowly came back to reality and looked out the window he could see that the sun was just beginning to rise again. This shocked Tyler somewhat since it can only have been late morning or early afternoon when he fell asleep the previous day. This basically confirmed to Tyler that he had been drugged when he was fed.

He tried to move before realising he was still strapped securely to the bed. He stopped the struggling and sighed when he realised there was no escape this time. It was when he stopped struggling that he realised that the air in the room didn’t smell too fresh. It took a minute for Tyler to realise the smell was coming from himself.

Tyler feared that he knew what was causing the smell and when he wriggled his butt slightly he realised exactly what the problem was.

There was a distinctly mushy feeling underneath Tyler’s bum and he realised there was only one possible reason for that to have happened...

Tyler’s eyes watered from the humiliation of the realisation that he had lost control of his bowels in his sleep. Tyler hadn’t even thought about the fact that this was an inevitability in this situation and for it to have happened without him noticing made the embarrassment even worse. He noticed as well that the front of the diaper was clinging warmly to his groin and realised that he must have wet himself in the night too. This was embarrassing but it paled into insignificance when compared to the mushy and lumpy mess in the back of his diaper.

Tyler did the only thing he could think to do in this situation… He started crying. The pacifier gag made the crying a muffled sound but it didn’t mute him entirely.

After only a few seconds the door creaked open and Daddy came striding into the room. Tyler watched him enter from the crib and as the man walked toward him it somehow seemed to soothe him a bit and his crying died down.

Daddy silently walked over and put his hand over Tyler’s crotch and then reached around and felt the large mess in the back of Tyler’s diaper. Tyler thought this was all unnecessary since it was obvious from the smell what had happened.

Daddy started carefully undoing the straps whilst looking Tyler in the eye as if to warn him against any attempt to escape. Tyler stared back as if to say, “how can I escape in this condition?”

When the straps were undone Daddy helped Tyler to his feet. Tyler was a little unsteady from lying down for so long but being able to move properly was like a godsend for him.

As soon as Tyler stood up he felt his diaper droop dramatically. It was even heavier than Tyler thought and it was with quite a waddle that Tyler, whilst clutching Daddy’s hand, made his way over to the changing table. The walk was disgusting with every step further spreading the mess in Tyler’s diaper.

Daddy lifted Tyler on to the table and Tyler winced visibly as he was sat on the edge and felt the mess ooze throughout his padding. With a small push from Daddy, Tyler laid down on the table. Daddy pulled down the plastic pants and as soon as that seal against his skin was broken the smell got a lot worse. Daddy made no comment or showed no sign of reacting but Tyler’s cheeks blushed red at the smell he was giving off.

Daddy just pulled a handful of baby wipes from the packet of wipes he had on a shelf next to the table and silently went about cleaning Tyler up. It lasted for several embarrassing minutes as Tyler had his legs held up and was cleaned thoroughly, Tyler remained silent, he was too choked up from tears of humiliation to protest and Daddy was too strong to physically resist so he just laid there and accepted what was happening.

Eventually Daddy lowered Tyler’s legs and began cleaning his front. During the cleaning Tyler could feel his body reacting in a way that made him blush more than he was already doing. Daddy was rubbing Tyler in his most sensitive area and that area was responding to the rubbing in the way it was used to, Tyler turned a deep red as he felt his tool swell and stiffen until it reached its full size.

Tyler covered his face with his hands from embarrassment, he almost felt like he should apologise despite the situation being totally out of control. However, whilst covering his face Tyler only felt the sensations of pleasure continue, in fact they became more focused and before long Tyler realised that Daddy had abandoned cleaning him and was instead masturbating him.

Tyler was shocked at the new development but the sensations running through his body prevented him from trying to get Daddy to stop, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted Daddy to stop because at that moment Daddy’s delicate touch was the only thing in Tyler’s mind.

The rubbing became more intense and before long Tyler had started bucking his hips and even letting out the occasional moan as he was stimulated. After just a couple of minutes Tyler was reaching the point of no return.

“Oooh, Daddy…” He moaned as he felt himself building up to a climax.

Daddy responded by speeding his hand up until he was rewarded with shot after shot of Tyler’s cum, all of it collected in some well-placed baby wipes.

Tyler bucked his hips and moaned loudly as he climaxed and only stopped once all the pleasure had evaporated.

Almost immediately after the sensations had stopped Tyler felt guilt creeping in. How could he let himself enjoy that? Tyler felt his eyes watering as the reality of his situation came back to him but he willed himself not to cry, not to give Daddy that satisfaction.

Daddy, meanwhile, continued as if nothing had happened. He placed and pinned a new cloth diaper on to Tyler and drew up a new pair of plastic pants, these ones were purple. Daddy then placed some locking mittens on both of Tyler’s hands which greatly restricted Tyler’s fingers.

Daddy then picked Tyler up as easy as if Tyler was just a bag of shopping. He carried Tyler at his side like a parent would do for a real infant and Tyler was forced to hold on to Daddy’s big chest to keep himself steady as Daddy carried him out of the nursery and into the living room.

This was the first time Tyler had seen a room outside of the nursery and he was shocked by how normal it was. It looked like any other living room with a TV in the corner and a sofa facing it, there was even a nice fireplace on one side, though it wasn’t lit since they were in the height of Summer. The only unusual thing about the room was a baby swing set up in the middle just to the side of the sofa.

It was this swing that Tyler was now placed into by Daddy. The swing was situated just high enough so that Tyler’s feet barely touched the floor when he was placed in it. The ropes attached to the ceiling and were made of an elastic material that sprang up and down when Tyler moved.

When Tyler was safely in the swing and Daddy was confident of no escape he turned on the TV and switched it to a kid’s channel showing cartoons. Daddy then went and laid on the sofa and before long he had fallen asleep.

Tyler saw Daddy sleeping and decided to try and test the swing, to see if he could escape. He tried grabbing at various parts but his hands, covered as they were in mittens, meant he couldn’t grasp anything. He tried sinking down with all of his weight to try and break the elastic but it proved to be very strong and instead it left him just bouncing on the spot like a toddler enjoying the cartoons.

When Tyler realised there was no escape he just slumped in the swing and accepted he was stuck there for the time being. His mind turned to how he ended up there in the first place. Had his friends deliberately sent him to this strange man? If so, why? He thought back and tried to work out why this had happened. Suddenly a realisation hit him like a freight train. Connor, who had first suggested a hunting trip and had convinced everyone else, the same Connor who had given Tyler the map. Connor was suddenly prime suspect. But if he did it, why would he do it? Tyler thought back to his and Connor’s interactions leading up to Connor’s suggestion that they go hunting. It didn’t take Tyler long to think of a plausible reason for Connor to do this to him...

About a month before Tyler’s birthday preparations had begun to be discussed, Tyler had accidentally mentioned to Connor’s girlfriend that Connor had cheated on her, as a result of this they split up and Connor didn’t speak to Tyler for three weeks afterwards, just totally cut all contact… Until one day when he and Tyler were at the same party and they had talked about it. Tyler had expected Connor to attack him, Connor was known to have a bad temper, but instead Connor had acted like it was all water under the bridge and he didn’t bring up the incident again. Could Connor have set all this up? Was he that vindictive? Tyler knew the answer already. Connor could be a very vindictive person, and Tyler had always suspected that in the right circumstances Connor could do some pretty bad things.

Tyler had to stop thinking, thinking of his friends right now was too painful. To distract himself from his thoughts and suspicions he started to pay attention to the TV. It was some mind numbing kids show with dancing animals. With a lack of alternatives, Tyler began watching and soon found himself nodding off, whether from the experience on the changing table or the absolute boredom of what he was forced to watch he found himself very tired again. Eventually his knees gave way and he dozed off, being supported by the elastic of the swing his head fell forward and he fell into dreamland again.

How long he remained napping for he didn’t know but he was stirred into life as he felt a rubbing sensation. He slowly opened his eyes, his head was already slumped forward from being asleep in the baby swing and the first thing he saw was a big hand between his splayed thighs that was gently rubbing his thickly padded crotch. Daddy was right behind him; Tyler could feel Daddy’s breath on the back of his neck.

Tyler’s brain clicked into gear and he realised what was happening as he felt the good sensations start flowing through his body. He tried to move, to get away from the touching that he didn’t want but he was held in place by the swing. He could only move a certain amount before the swing brought him right back to his starting point.

Daddy, noticing that Tyler was awake, started rubbing more persistently and wrapped his other arm around Tyler’s chest to hold him in place.

Tyler struggled but couldn’t get free. He felt Daddy’s rubbing getting more and more frantic and he could feel his body responding in the way that male bodies are supposed to. Tyler’s twitching tool was at its full size and despite Tyler’s head saying no his body was responding to the stimulation with a loud yes.

Despite wanting it to stop, Tyler never uttered a word as the experience continued and eventually he felt himself building up to a crescendo where his bubbling excitement would boil over. He felt himself grunting and his hips started pushing forward into the rubbing hand as Daddy continued wordlessly rubbing Tyler toward climax.

With an extra loud grunt and as he pressed himself into Daddy’s hand harder than ever before he felt himself explode within his diaper. He grunted and bucked his hips as he blew his load into his warm cloth diaper. In his mind he knew it was wrong but he couldn’t help it as he emptied himself into the cloth diaper.

Daddy moved his hand away leaving Tyler with weak knees slumped in the swing. Tyler was thankful now for the swing which was holding him upright.

As Tyler recovered from the orgasm, he started to feel uncomfortable from the fact that the result of the unexpected play time was pressed against his skin. With no way of removing his nappy he was trapped and the sticky feeling inside his diaper was not a pleasant one.

Tyler was lost in thought at what was happening. It was only just starting to sink in that he was kidnapped and trapped with this seemingly crazy man who was treating him like a baby. The panic started rising up, Tyler tried to keep calm and to think rationally but he couldn’t, it was all too overwhelming.

Tyler started thrashing around in the swing in a panic trying to escape. He started shouting out for someone, anyone to come and save him from this cabin that he was stuck in. He thought of his friends, he wondered if they had set him up, did they all know what was happening? Did Connor do all of this alone? He just wanted to get out, he screamed in frustration as the reality of the situation started to sink in.

Suddenly, Tyler felt a stab in his neck. Daddy had come up behind him with a syringe filled with something that Tyler couldn’t see. He guessed it was a sedative though as suddenly his limbs felt heavier and harder to move. He felt himself getting drowsy and soon Tyler found himself unconscious again.


Tyler felt movement. As he slowly regained his senses again he could hear and feel that he was in a car. As he opened his eyes he started to wonder if the amount of times he was finding himself forced into unconsciousness was going to have a long term effect. That was something to worry about later though, first he had to worry about the new situation he was in.

Tyler tried to talk, to ask what was happening or where they were going but when he tried to speak he realised he was unable to. He felt his face and found he had a pacifier strapped to his face, his hands were still in mittens and he was unable to undo the back of the strap. He tried to shift position in his seat but found he was buckled very tightly into a large car seat. Essentially, he was trapped.

Tyler saw Daddy look in his rear view mirror and see that Tyler was awake.

“You were makin’ a scene. You need to learn to keep quiet.” Daddy said gruffly.

“Mmmph mmm mmmph.” Were the only sounds Tyler could make. He wanted to ask where they were going but the gag reduced his words to mindless noise.

Daddy let out a bark of a laugh and focused on driving again. Tyler struggled in vain to break free of the restraints binding him to the chair but it was no good. He laid back with a sigh of acceptance, there was no way he was getting free of the car seat and even if he did, he couldn’t jump out of a moving car.

It was only now that Tyler had cleared his mind that he realised that he was slightly more dressed than just the diaper and plastic pants that he had been previously wearing. He was now wearing a t-shirt that Daddy must have put on him while he was out cold. The t-shirt was a light blue colour with some writing across it in bold red lettering. It took Tyler a few moments to be able to read what the words said but when he did finally take in the words he realised the shirt read: “Daddy’s Little Boy”.

Tyler blushed at the words and the way they were proudly displayed to the world. He was just thankful that being strapped into the car seat like he was so that few people if anyone would be able to see him right now. He prayed that wherever Daddy was driving him that it would be somewhere private.

What made the words even worse was that they felt true as he felt pressure building in his bladder. Before long he found his body wouldn’t take the strain of holding it in any longer, he felt a small spurt of pee escape him and get rapidly swallowed by the thick cloth between his legs, soon the little spurt became bigger and Tyler shuddered as he wet his diaper completely. He tried to not let on what was happening but he didn’t know if Daddy noticed as he lost control in his diaper.

Eventually the car came to a stop. The windows in the car were quite high and Tyler’s chair sunk quite low so when he strained to see where he was, all he could see was the sky. He did realise one thing though, even if he couldn’t see much, he could certainly hear a lot. Tyler sunk back into his restraints in fear as he heard the voices of dozens of people wandering around outside, on the one hand they could help him, on the other hand he was sitting in thick, wet cloth diapers, bold plastic pants and a big shirt proclaiming him to be “Daddy’s Little Boy.” There was no way he could be allowed to be seen like this!

Daddy stepped out of the car and headed around to the trunk which he opened up. Tyler couldn’t see what was happening but he could hear a lot of noise behind him as Daddy seemed to be lifting something heavy out of the car. Eventually, the side door next to Tyler opened and Daddy leaned in.

“You are going to be good, you are going to do as I say and not cause a scene.” Daddy said menacingly just inches from Tyler’s face as he undid the restraints that had been holding Tyler down.

Tyler just nodded slightly and otherwise sat frozen still as Daddy leaned in and undid his pacifier strap.  The look Daddy gave Tyler told him to make sure he remained quiet and Tyler didn’t dare make a peep. Daddy released the restraints from the large car seat and lifted Tyler out of the vehicle.

For a moment Tyler was lifted high in the air and he could finally see where they were. Tyler saw a small car park that was full of cars and beyond that there was a collection of shops. But the thing that made Tyler gasp and scared him the most out of everything was all the people. There were lots of people just walking around, doing their shopping.

Tyler then looked down and saw what Daddy had brought out from the trunk. It was a stroller that, like everything else Daddy had, was modified so as to fit an adult in it. Tyler was so shocked from all the people around him that he put up no resistance as he was put into the stroller and strapped in.

“Please Daddy, don’t take me around this town like this!” Tyler hissed to Daddy as Daddy leaned in close to check the restraints were nice and secure.

“Any more words and I get the gag out again…” Daddy said menacingly. He slipped a hand down to between Tyler’s legs where his diaper was displayed for the world to see. Daddy cupped the warm wet cloth through the plastic pants and gave an almost imperceptible little smile.

Tyler went quiet and also felt also felt a pang in his stomach. He hoped that was from fear of Daddy rather than the other more humiliating possibility.

Daddy stood up and moved behind the stroller and started pushing it forward towards the small shopping centre.

The shopping centre was all on one floor and it had a very open layout, it was more like a high street than anything. It was clearly the commercial hub for a few small villages dotted around the area. The people heading to the shopping centre or back towards the car park were the usual mix of people you would see out shopping, some young, some old, some families and some alone.

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I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed there aren't more comments and I'm not even the one who commissioned it! For what it's worth, I do enjoy this story and seeing as there's only one more part to go I'm very curious as to how it will end. I love your writing and I personally would love to see him stuck in this situation with no rescue, but I have a sneaking suspicion that "daddy" has a daughter that has been wronged by Tyler? I'm not sure where this thought comes from, maybe I saw a hint to it earlier, but I can't seem to shake this feeling that said daughter wanted to have a baby of her own. Nonetheless, I am anxiously waiting for the end :D

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Here is the third and final part of this story, it is longer than the first parts, hope you all enjoy :) Let me know what you think in the comments below..

For anyone with an idea for a story they would like me to write send me a message via PM.


Tyler felt immense embarrassment as he was wheeled towards the shops by Daddy. Tyler tried to sink as far back into the stroller as he possibly could but he was still very visible to anyone who glanced their way. Of course, there were a lot of people glancing their way, a large bearded man pushing a big stroller with an 18-year-old man dressed in only diapers and a humiliating shirt. That would get the attention of anyone.

What was strange though was that the people who were glancing over didn’t seem too shocked by this bizarre sight. A few of them even waved at Daddy as they wheeled past. Tyler was glowing red from the embarrassment of being out in public like this but he was also realising that few people were giving him a second look. A few would stare a little longer, some pointed and whispered to friends, but most just acted as if what they were seeing was totally normal.

As they neared the shops there were more and more people walking around. Tyler felt another sensation from his tummy. This time it felt like more of a cramp and Tyler became aware that sooner or later he would require a bathroom, though he already knew the chances of being allowed into one were very slim.

Daddy pushed Tyler into a supermarket and started filling up a bag that was hanging from the back of the stroller with various groceries. Tyler just sat there feeling as if every eye was on him, he had never heard of someone dying from humiliation but if it were possible then this would have been the end for him.

The stroller stopped and Tyler heard footsteps moving away from him. He strained against his bonds to look behind him and just saw the back of Daddy disappear around a corner.

“Oh my God! Look at him!”

Tyler heard a female voice say from in front of the stroller. He spun around and there was a young woman who can’t have been any older than 20 years old and she was covering her mouth with her hand and pointing at Tyler. From behind her Tyler could see two other girls who looked the same age approaching the stroller. Both girls were looking at their phones as they approached.

“Is that a diaper!?” Exclaimed the girl who had first noticed Tyler. The other two girls looked up at that moment and saw Tyler as well, both of their mouths dropped open at the sight of this man sitting there in the state that he was in.

Tyler felt himself go even redder and felt warmth rise up in his face from the embarrassment of this situation, he would give anything to have the Earth just open up and swallow him right at this moment.

There was a second of silence and then all three girls broke into laughter.

“I know we are in the middle of nowhere and these people can be a little weird but this is a whole different level!” One of the girls said, “Look at what his shirt says! “Daddy’s Little Boy” … Where is your daddy, baby?” The girl said in mocking tones as she leaned down in front of the stroller.

Tyler couldn’t say anything; this relentless mocking was too much for his fragile ego to take.

Tyler heard a click and turned to the third girl who had her phone up and had clearly just snapped a picture. He shuddered in panic as his urge to run grew greater, at the same time he felt another cramp in his abdomen.

The first girl who had approached the stroller now reached down and grabbed Tyler’s wet diaper.

“Oh my God! He is wet, you can feel it… Eww, it is so gross!” The girl said turning to her friends who then both leant forward and started poking Tyler’s diaper.

This was too much for Tyler, he started thrashing around in the stroller. He had to get away from this whole situation. To his surprise, Tyler felt the restraints loosen as he struggled against them and then with one particularly violent movement he felt the restraints rip just enough that he could clamber out of the stroller and get free.

The girls all stepped back quickly as Tyler crawled out of the stroller and started running as fast as he could towards the exit. The heavy padding and growing need to use the bathroom was slowing him down but he was moving as fast as he could. He could hear the girls laughing as he ran away from them.

He ran out of the door of the shop nearly knocking an old woman over in his haste to escape. Stopping for a second amidst a horde of shoppers staring at the man who in a wet diaper and shirt, he looked around wildly. He needed a way out or someone to assist him. As he scanned the people around him he spotted through a gap in the crowd a policeman. He ran forward again until he reached the cop. Finally, some luck, Tyler thought to himself.

“Please… Please help me!” Tyler breathless shouted to the policeman as he reached him.

“Excuse me sir?” The law enforcer said as he turned around and looking Tyler up and down as if he was a crazy person.

“A man… A big beard… He kidnapped me, forced me into these clothes.” Tyler said as he bent over trying to catch his breath. As Tyler calmed down from his sprint he was becoming increasingly aware of how he was dressed, and how people were staring at him. He started feeling very self-conscious. It didn’t help that Tyler’s bowels were tying themselves in knots still.

“I see.” The policeman said simply, “And where is this man?”

“In the shop. He had me in a stroller, I managed to escape.” Tyler replied.

“OK, come with me please.” The cop said as he started striding towards the shop again.

“Please… Would it be OK if I visited the bathroom first?” Tyler asked as he went red in the face. He assumed the policeman wanted him to identify Daddy. But he was also now forced to clench very hard to stop his embarrassing situation getting even more embarrassing.

“No time sir.” The cop said shortly and continuing to walk ahead.

Tyler steeled his nerves and concentrated with all his energy on not soiling himself in front of the crowd of people that was watching. Tyler looked out at the people, many were whispering to friends and pointing. Some were even filming or taking pictures. Tyler just looked forward and tried to ignore everything around him. This was surely the most embarrassing moment anyone had ever experienced.

The policeman and Tyler entered the shop followed behind by a large group of people whose curiosity made them watch the strange scene in front of them. Tyler scanned the shoppers and saw Daddy standing over by the stroller, he gasped and tugged on the policeman’s sleeve to get his attention. Tyler pointed at Daddy, the policeman nodded and gestured for Tyler to follow him.

Tyler was reaching breaking point now, every step threatened to be the last that he could take before he filled his diaper. He willed himself to hold on, to not embarrass himself any further in front of the crowd of people that was following him.

“Excuse me sir, is this man yours?” The policeman said to Daddy.

Tyler was taken aback at the odd phrasing of the question but was so preoccupied by his need for the bathroom that he didn’t comment on it.

Daddy nodded as he turned to face Tyler. The policeman nodded back and also turned to Tyler.

Tyler had started sweating with the effort of holding in the mess that desperately wanted out and just looked at each of the other men wondering what was going on.

“What the fu-” Tyler started but he didn’t get to finish.

The policeman grabbed his taser and in one motion he raised it up and shot it into Tyler’s chest. Immediately Tyler fell to the floor and his battle to hold in what his bowels contained was over, he fell to the floor with no control of his muscles and with a loud fart his resistance ended. The back of his diaper expanded outwards as the hot, sticky mess forced its way out of his body.

Tyler was only semi-conscious as he felt the hot rush of poop force its way out of him. It seemed like it took forever to stop and by the time he did Tyler’s diaper had been forced to expand dramatically to take it all in. Even in his haze Tyler was embarrassed by what he had done.

In his half-awake state he reached a hand back and felt the back of his diaper. It had expanded a lot and Tyler immediately knew that everyone watching would know what had just happened.

The crowd gasped at what they had witnessed before starting to giggle. Soon the whole crowd was laughing uproariously at the prostrate form of Tyler. Tyler was still conscious but viewing the world through a haze as the taser had left him only semi-conscious. He was aware of the state of his diaper and he felt a vague embarrassment about it. As if listening from a long way away he could hear the laughter of the people around him, he turned his head to the side and suddenly something caught all of his attention.

In amongst the crowd of laughter was a solitary figure standing still and looking stonily at Tyler. Tyler recognised the man immediately.

“Connor…” Tyler said weakly and he stretched out his hand.

Connor just shook his head and turned away, he took a few steps back and was swallowed by the crowd of people. Tyler looked down at the ground as he tried to work out what was going on. Why had Connor been there?

Suddenly he felt himself being lifted off the floor and placed back into the stroller. Tyler winced as he was lowered down and felt the mess in the back of his diaper get spread all over the padding. He felt for sure the diaper would leak as it felt full up but the padding seemed to be keeping its contents inside it.

His vision got blurry again and he could feel himself slipping into unconsciousness. He welcomed it at this stage because it allowed him to get out of this nightmare situation.

“You need to be more careful. We can’t afford an escapee…” Those were the last words Tyler heard and they were from the cop to Daddy. Tyler then fell into unconsciousness yet again.


Tyler woke up to the feeling of running water all around him. He slowly opened his eyes to discover he was back at the cabin and in the bathtub with Daddy kneeling next to him wiping him down with a sponge.

“That was a stupid thing you did back there…” Daddy said menacingly.

“Why… Why was Connor there?” Tyler said as he slowly woke up to what was happening.

“You still don’t get it?” Daddy said with a snicker as he rubbed Tyler’s chest with the sponge, “This cabin, the town we were in… We are very remote in the forest, cut off from the world. We make people disappear.”

Tyler looked puzzled and scared. Tyler was very concerned what Daddy meant by making people “disappear.”

“We don’t kill people!” Daddy laughed looking at the look on the Tyler’s face.

“Then… How do you make people disappear?” Tyler asked hesitantly.

“We sell them.” Daddy said casually as he continued scrubbing Tyler, “You would be surprised but there is a market for obedient diaper slaves or adult babies… Often foreign buyers, sometimes domestic.”

Tyler was horrified. He felt himself tearing up as the shocking news set in. Was he going to be sold? Was this going to be the rest of his life? No way, he thought to himself, he would run away, he would find a way out.

“But.. But why me?” Tyler said sniffing as a tear rolled down his face.

“I think you already know that don’t you Tyler… You asked why Connor was there. Well I don’t know what you did to piss him off but he was the one who sent you to us. Him coming to see you in the store was going to be a last chance for him. Last chance for him to change his mind on selling, last chance for you two to make it up. But things got a little out of hand.” Daddy explained.

“But all those people saw me, they would tell others surely!” Tyler said desperately.

“They are all in on it Tyler. They all know. This whole town is built on this trade; it has been going on for generations. Taking people and selling them on, we have been doing it forever. We get a few outsiders occasionally but we always deal with them one way or another. Most of them just write us off as dumb hicks and don’t give some of the things they see here a second thought.” Daddy explained as he effortlessly lifted Tyler from the bath and started drying him.

Tyler just stood shivering from a mixture of the water making him cold and fear as to what was going to happen. It was like a nightmare come to life. Like a plot to a horror movie.

Daddy pushed Tyler back through to the nursery. He grabbed a white garment and forced Tyler’s arms into it. Tyler was feeling too shocked and weak to offer much resistance and before he knew it the sleeves of this new piece of clothing was tied behind him. Looking down he realised Daddy had placed him into a straitjacket.

Daddy lifted Tyler up on to the changing table and laid him down flat. Tyler felt himself tearing up again at the idea of what his future had become.

“Aww, now don’t cry…” Daddy said from the foot of the changing table with mock sincerity. Daddy’s hands moved to Tyler’s crotch and he started gently stroking Tyler’s flaccid tool.

Tyler’s crying didn’t get any better and, in fact, got worse when his body reacted to the touching in a way that he wished it wouldn’t. His penis, started thickening and swelling as Daddy touched him in such an erotic way. Before long Tyler was rock hard and Daddy had slipped his hand around Tyler’s shaft and started slowly moving up and down.

Despite the tears Tyler found his hips moving with the motion of Daddy’s hands. He could feel himself getting slightly wetter as he leaked pre-cum which was then spread by Daddy’s ever quickening hands.

Before long Tyler found himself at the point of orgasm. Daddy could sense this and slipped a hand under Tyler’s ass. Just as Tyler was about to lose control he gently pushed a finger into Tyler’s delicate hole.

Tyler gasped and moaned despite himself and suddenly he felt spurt after spurt of his milk leaving him and landing on his waist just below where the straitjacket ended.

As Tyler calmed down and the feelings of pleasure left him, he was left with the feeling of dread about what was to come again. Daddy had wasted no time and had already cleaned Tyler up and pinned him into a new and possibly even thicker diaper than before.

Tyler felt numb as Daddy lifted him and dropped him into the crib. As Daddy busied himself with the straps a sudden thought crossed Tyler’s mind. A thought that might be the difference between him having a future and being sold off into servitude.

“What did Connor say?” Tyler said hurriedly praying for good news, “You said it was his last chance to go back on the deal. What did he say?”

“Well…” Daddy said as he tightened the restraints, “He has until 6pm this evening to decide. He has my phone number. If we hear nothing then you will be broken, re-trained and then sold… Or maybe I will keep you for myself, I’ve taken quite the liking to you.” Daddy finished patting Tyler’s diaper through the new pair of plastic pants.

Tyler looked around anxiously for a clock as Daddy took a step back having tied Tyler to the bed so securely that Tyler could barely move an inch.

“It’s 4pm.” Daddy said in response to Tyler’s searching.

Daddy turned on the mobile above the crib. This time instead of feeding tubes it simply span and played some babyish songs. Tyler watched Daddy head towards and step out the door leaving Tyler alone.

Tyler couldn’t believe Connor would do something like this to him over such a small thing. He felt tears welling up in his eyes again. He hated Connor for what he had done, but he also hoped against hope that Connor would redeem himself and make the call.

Tyler just laid there. He had no idea of the passage of time in this position, no idea if that phone call was coming to save him, no idea if he would ever get out of this mess.

He just waited, and waited, and waited.

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I like it I just wish there we knew what was going to happen. But I thought it was a great story and certainly hangs suspension well. Good job. I do enviro your commissions as they cover a variety of topics and are well done.

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