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Why diapers are better than toilets.

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A diaper, fresh out of a pack or laundry, is is nice and clean.

Toilet seats are always crawling with bacteria and other nasty germs. 

So it's a no-brainer which one I'd rather have pressed against my sensitive parts.

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On 4/4/2015 at 3:56 PM, theluvsmonkey87 said:

Come up with a fun reason for why diapers are better than toilets. For example, diapers are better than toilets because...


You don't have to flush a diaper.

You can't clog a diaper.

Your supposed to pee on the seat of a diaper.


Now it's your turn.

Diapers are better than toilets because...

Diapers are better than toilets because I can play video games for hours and hours on end with no need to use a bathroom, and no distractions from trying to hold it all in. I fucking dominate PVP encounters in DayZ on the PS4 lmao. XD

HMU Survivors! Server 2299! Russian zombie apocalypse is depressing without a TRUE friend; like, one that I DON'T eventually have to kill because I suspect he's about to stab me in the back for a can of beans lmao. ....All my friends end up having to die lmao....I AM SO LONELY! Rotflmao. ???

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  • 1 month later...

Diapers are better than toilets, because when I was wiping a floor around one particular toilet, there was an expensive ceramic toilet brush holder next to it, which I accidentaly knocked over, and of course, it cracked into pieces.

Never experienced anything like that with diapers.


Oh, and one more reason. We all know wet wipes work better than toilet paper, but you're not supposed to put used wipes into the toilet, because it would clog the sewers. 

You can however put them in the diaper that you're about to dispose of (unless it's a cloth).

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  • 7 months later...

Toilets are disgusting and are a trap into adulthood. Being an adult baby and incontinent, I’m glad I don’t use the toilets anymore and I’m kept in diapers permanently. No more potty training for me.

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4 hours ago, Kawaharu said:

Toilets are disgusting and are a trap into adulthood. Being an adult baby and incontinent, I’m glad I don’t use the toilets anymore and I’m kept in diapers permanently. No more potty training for me.


you are correct: toilets are disgusting, along with the bathroom sometimes that they are sitting in. There are times when you really have to use the bathroom, and sometimes the bathroom that you open up is perfectly fine. 

there are times however that you go into the bathroom and it is totally disgusting. By this I mean that someone has used it, and made a mess all over the place. I won’t go into the gory details or the disgustingness, but let’s just say that they forget to clean the toilet, they leave paper all over the place, and it smells pretty bad. There’s also times when the toilet is plugged in someone has used it and can’t flush it so you leave that mess because you don’t want to sit in it. It’s getting to the point that the only toilet that I will use will be ones that are in the hospital or in my doctors office, should the need arise, or may be at my work. The reason I will use these facilities is because they’re clean:  it ispresented without having any issues, and or I know the person that cleans the bathroom that I’m using. How much try to use my own, but when I’m out there are certain bathrooms that I will use.

Diapers are better than toilet because you’re not going to leave a diaper in a situation where it is not taken care of. They’re so mean you’re going to go in you’re going to use the diaper, and then you will change the diaper. If you’re like me or many others, you will actually dispose of the diaper in an appropriate manner so that it will not smell up the bathroom. If you’re using diapers at least you know that where you are releasing is clean, so you don’t have to worry about sitting on something that is disgusting or possibly picking up some sort of disease because somebody can’t care for their ownBodily mass and they leave it for somebody else to sit on. I feel bad for the ladies sometimes because they have to sit down on top of some of the most nastiest toilets I’ve seen in my life.

@Kawaharu Is exactly right and right on the button. Toilets that are public use unless they are actually clean properly are disgusting. You never know who the heck has been using it, and you’re not sure if they are clean. You basically take a chance every time you use the bathroom. Unless you’re standing person and you can pee in the toilet standing up. Ladies unfortunately have a harder time doing this, so most of them that I know of down on the toilet seat that is disgusting.

Diapers have been more popular ever since the pandemic started. This is because most places that were in business had to close for several months because of upticks in the pandemic. Fewer people were out, and they only went out when they absolutely needed to, because they did not want to expose them selves to the general population anymore than they had to be. Diapers were more popular because most times you did not have the opportunity to use a public bathroom once you’re out, so it became more popular to use a diaper during the situation. Even though I’ve had to do that several times, including one or two times when I actually had a BM while I was out and had to come back and change out.  I mean, who wants to go into a bathroom that is disgusting to be able to use it: I’d rather use my diaper and then clean up the mess, because at least it’s cleaner.



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Well, they're just more comfortable and nice looking. For one, it's nice to not have to sit on a chair to do a poo. I'd rather be able to do a poo wherever I want! It's nice to also just sit in the mess sometimes, get a good feel of the "accident" you just did. Same with wettings of course! On top of all that, for me personally, it's cuter to look at big full / wet diapers than at someone taking a fat load on the toilet (might just be me of course LOL). Heck, sometimes I look at myself in the mirror after an "accident" with my legs agape. Sometimes no clothes except the diaper, other times with clothes on that my diaper bulges through anyway.

Not to mention, it's more convenient for me. I tend to play video games a lot (Ranging from rhythm games, mainly ones like Dance Dance Revolution, to good ol' GTA games which are in a genre of their own.) so the convenience of not having to leave for some games is amazing! However, I'm sure you remember the first game I mentioned, right? Well, it's obviously a dance game, so a full diaper comes in more inconvenient than not. If I ever get a full diaper while dancing, chances are a good trip to the floor is bound to happen. Better than the toilet though. 

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  • 8 months later...

Diapers are way better than toilets. Besides, Toilets are only for grown ups, adults and big kids that are potty trained. Adult babies like me are NOT allowed near a toilet because I am not potty trained. I am kept in diapers permanently and not even be allowed to be near a toilet of any kind. It's also why being in diapers, I'm never gona be potty trained to use the toilet and I am always gona be kept in thick diapers.

The reason why Diapers are way better than toilets is that I can wear diapers as thick as a pillow or as thin as an underwear.  I never have to worry about trying to find a potty or inadvertently use the wrong potty. I can go anywhere I want and diapers also make a great pair of shorts as well. I never have to worry about missing anything because I can keep on going and not have to worry about trying to find a potty.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Diapers are better than toilets:-

  • you don't need to be half naked to use a diaper - and freeze your bits in the winter
  • you don't need to expose yourself to other peoples messes (dirty toilets)
  • you don't need to get out of a warm bed to use a diaper
  • a diaper does not tell everyone else what you did in it - unlike a non flushing toilet
  • diaper padding means a hard seat is always padded
  • cuddled up and warm on a chair you don't need to leave.
  • while camping, there is no stingers in diaper padding
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  • 8 months later...

I would like to see anyone got pulled over driveing sitting on a toilet 😂

I know you said a fun reason but I think I might have reversed it a bit, I'm just wakeing up here and haven't had a coffee yet I only had like a toddler snack and 8oz of gerber apple prunejuice so um anyways..

Man the number 1 cause of traffic tickets is people have go #2 and punch it for home so they don't wreck their pants. 

Protect both your pants and life just wear the damn diaper 🤨

The total accident in the diaper can be solved by cleaning up and changeing the total accident that sends you to the ER to fight for your life isn't solved with a bunch of wipes and diaper change 🤨


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5 minutes ago, BabyJune said:

You don't stand there admiring yourself on the toilet, but you can admire yourself wearing a diaper.


There are some people that can't walk by a reflection of themselves without looking / admiring, and do same with a compact mirror and/or the reflection on the rear of a steel toilet door. In a way, self admiration is a required human trait, but I do see and accept your points.

However, I very rarely admire myself in a diaper... to me, a diaper on myself is just not that interesting as it can tend to ruin the perception of self. I do like the feeling of the diaper etc. I tend to admire / be envious of others wearing diapers not for them wearing the diaper, but the associated treatment that they are given - for example, a baby wearing a diaper is given unconditional love, something that most ABs, in my experience, are looking for.

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