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What Other Fetishes?


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Just the fact that with me being a Dom and into "traditionally" sub things. My thing has always been that I will try something on myself before my sub (if I had one at the moment,) so that I know the effects and how it feels.

Why are they 'sub' things if you're interested primarily on inflicting them on others?

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Enemas and suppositories

Medical procedures- Exams, instruments, cuts and sutures


Body modifications- corset training, breast binding, piercings, tattoos


Fetish fashions- Latex, rubber, PVC (leather offends my vegan sensibilities ^_^)



Childlike clothing- printed cotton panties, opaque white tights, saddle-shoes, jumpers, training bras


Ball-jointed dolls

Anal play- penetration and stretching

Forced dieting


Forced orgasms- manual or mechanical/electrostimulation

Semen left on skin/clothes


Tack/pony play

Collars and leashes

I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

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Other than diapers, I like girls in panties (probably quite vanilla), female desperation, wet panties, having accidents, that sort of stuff, you get the idea.

Also very strong is my love for shoulders and bra straps, preferably just one bare shoulder, although I don't really think it's a fetish actually, more an eroticism


these pictures are not made by me or owned by me nor do I claim any copyright over these images

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I noticed Aoi is into "slime play", not sure if that is the same as my non diaper/wetting fetish.

I am into "Wet and Messy" as it is called in the US, or "Sploshing" as it is called in the United Kingdom, and I like to wear women's bathing suits or lingerie when i engage in my messy fun. I especially like clothes filling with pudding, beans, spaghetti, and pouring cake batter over my head. I plan on soon combing my two fetishes, and want to slime myself with cake batter while wetting a diaper.

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Well I'll preface it by saying I'm a strait male so that influences my tastes. I like mostly tactile and visual things. Women dressed in PVC, latex, leather, rubber ect. Plastic tight "shiny" clothing in general is neat. I like girls in corsets, tasteful yet complicated (can be combined with the first, but not necessary). Boots. Again with a lot of laces and buckles. Boots with tasteful high heels. Shoes or boots with thick heels, again not insane (I'm thinking of the kind Lady Gaga took a nasty spill while wearing and couldn't get back up) but a little wild. I wouldn't call it a fetish per say but for some reason I find women with medical 'modifications' a strong turn on. Catheters, feeding tubes, tracheostomies, ventilators, ostomy bags that kind of thing... I don't know why, but I guess that's the thing about a fetish.

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Guest Bumper

Besides watching a hot AB peeing or pooping in his or her pants, I get off big time by a woman's sexy legs, fet, and toes. This is almost he only fetish I have that is is about females only; male feet turn me off (I know it makes no sense, but it is what it is).

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I've got quite a lot, but here are the major ones:

Latex/rubber - probably my main kink




Diapers (duh...)

A bit of watersports/scat


Anal play


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i like to be gunged in my diapers or out of them its all fun

I never gunged a diaper, but I have gunged a tighter fitting pair of long johns, I used eggs, and on another occasion canned beans.

It would be nice to gunge yourself, or better yet be gunged by someone else and have to stay in the gunged diaper all day.

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Usual suspects:

cheerleader, schoolgirl, goths (when not taken to absurd extremes), lolita, collars (no leash), bare feet, girls who aren't thin, mild humiliation, spanking, long skirts, glasses, fishnet stockings, probably others.

Less Common(?):

Androgyny (but only females), females with small breasts, girls who dress childishly (go figure), Clothing with lace/ruffles (probably goes in with dressing childishly), Accidents (wetting only, and not bedwetting), weapons, and probably others that just aren't occuring to me at the moment.

Turn offs:

scat, blood, needles/doctors/nurses/anything-so-related, anal, old people, teachers, socks, thongs, latex/rubber/pvp/plastic(unless related to diapers), and a lot of other stuff.

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you know, i am into toy play on myself, sometimes i feel that i am bisexual, but i havent crossed that bridge yet, but yeah i love to do personal anal play, i dont know if thats a fetish or if its just creepy... :whistling:

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Definitely not creepy. You mention bisexuality - have you considered bi-gendered as a separate possibility?

I am a bi-gendered but heterosexual male. Coming to terms with this has taken years and changed the way i view others. I am no longer homophobic which i attribute to becoming educated about myself. Learning to accept one's self permits one to learn to accept others.

I am attracted to just females. I don't look female but, given a choice would prefer to live life as a female. I have strong feminine traits. I only wear lingerie under my outer clothing and often crossdress (in diapers too) as "Cheryl" (acting my normal age) at home, with my wife's full knowledge and blessing. When we go to any store that sells lingerie, just like diapers, it's like a magnet.

I used to think of myself as a DL with a panty fetish. Now I kow I am an "Adult Baby" who "needs diapers" and I am feminine. Anal curiousity lead to anal play, but I rarely do it. I would like "pegging" but only with a female. Since I am married and monogamous, and its not her thing I don't go there. But its nice to feel like a woman whenever I want.

ps. I don't flaunt this. Like, at the munches I run its not something I bring up. But I am "out" and comfortable talking about it with friends who can understand. Which is why I am here.

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I never gunged a diaper, but I have gunged a tighter fitting pair of long johns, I used eggs, and on another occasion canned beans.

It would be nice to gunge yourself, or better yet be gunged by someone else and have to stay in the gunged diaper all day.

I must be really old. What is "gunge"? :)

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SIGH okay here we go

Spanking, caning, flogging, bondage, sumbission, domination, paddles, knife and needle play, anal, enemas, blindfolds, gags, ass play, biting, blood, nipple torture, chains, wax play, defilement, latex... i am pretty much open to try anything at least once as long as its safe sane and consentual.

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ALL my fetishes:

nappies(diapers) of course

wearing,wetting, rarelly messing and of course masturbating in nappies(diapers).

plastic pvc popper style pants

chav/charver/scally girl look, basically as they dress like skets/sluts and their attitude.

Classic example is giant hooped earrings, sovereign rings, pvc, leather or demin miniskirts, fishnet tights, fishnet tops and a bra or no bra, caked on foundation and makeup, fake orange tans.

emo/scene/indie/goth girl and guy look

light spanking

bondage: blindfolds, handcuffs,rope tied limbs, gags

handcuffs, not just the usual type but the police type ones as well.

uniforms: school girl,cheerleader, fire fighter, police officer(mostly the female kind).

talking dirty/dirty talk

diaper humilation/diaper desperation (such as piss holding) I do it rarelly as can't be good for u.









girls wearing mini skirts, tutus

thongs on girls

girls booty/ass shaking








satin bras/pvc bras on girls

hotpants on girls (would wear pvc hotpants if I could find any in my size).

anime/manga porn

loilta (as in gothic/japanese fashion look)

collar and lease

watersports too, and if I ever had a gf/bf who was into diapers also this may sound a bit creepy but exchanging/wearing each other's wet diapers is a massive turn on for me.

I'm also bi-sexual.

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