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Found 33 results

  1. I know this topic pops up all the time, but I have a question for all of you that have tried this. I want to make a huge load and I have read that prunes are good as a natural laxative. But I am unsure, how solid the load will be. I don't like runny and mushy loads, hence I want to be sure that prunes are a green light for me, if I want my loads to be fairly solid/soft. What experiences do you have with prunes? Does your poop become solid/soft or runny/mushy? What alternatives are there if I want my load to be solid? Thanks!
  2. I’m new to this forum and I’m curious to have some questions answered. I’ve preferred diapers since I was very young, but even now, I’m still not entirely sure why. I never cared for other babyish things like pacifiers, cribs, or even acting like a baby at all. I just want to wear diapers. That’s all. All I do know is I feel less self-conscious, along with feeling extra playful, when I wear a diaper. Also, I always enjoyed the sensation of pooping my diaper, way more so than wetting. (Never really cared to unless it was necessary.) But, why? I have a lot of questions as to why I enjoy diapers, but this is one that I always end up stuck on. I’m just trying to better understand my interests, because even though I’ve accepted it as a part of who I am, I’m still clueless as to why I feel the ways I feel. Any ideas?
  3. My name is molly I'm 15 years old and i was just taken in by John and Kathleen Carlin.
  4. Hey guys im new to the forum and i was curious to see what everyones favorite postion to mess there diapers in and what they do after they fill them (ex:sit in it, roll around, pretend nothing happend,ex...) I usualy like squatting but i wanna know if anyone has fun, unique ways they poop there diapys. also i was wondering what types of things u guys do after u fill up. If anyone has any cute ways they mess themselves feel free to share -BabyZachy
  5. jan241989

    Megan (open)

    The role play is about a child named Megan and she is the only child of
  6. Hello everybody! My name is Louise and I'm here to tell ya about myself I guess lol Im 22 years old and a adult baby AND diaper lover through and through. My favourite thing to do is get on some cute footie Pajamas, suck my Paci and cuddle a stuffie while I make stinkies in my pink princess diapers! I'm looking forward to making new friends and to meeting like minded people in the community x
  7. This role play is about a women named jessica who has agreed to become a baby for a couple.
  8. This role play is about a girl named Katie aand her brother who are
  9. My name is Catherine Leigh Doyle. I am ten years old i grew up in dallas texas my parents names are emily and john. My mother is a very nice person bu dose not have alot of free time which is why i have a nanny her name is maria. My father is the ceo of a bank he works all the time even at home.
  10. If you could be small again and diapered by anyone famous (doesn't have to be super famous) who would it be? Also, what would be a stinky diaper scenario that would be your favorite? Perhaps one where you poop in the diaper at the line of the super market? Or maybe you hide in the morning after waking up to a mess in your dide. Whats your perfect stinky dide situation and how would you want it to play out?
  11. This role play is about a little girl named Alex who is taken in by John and Lisa Johnson. Can someone play the parents.
  12. (Hi. I want to do an RP where I am a man(22 years old) who is kidnapped by another man and whisked away to a nursery where he is babified and forced to live with him as a supposedly growth-disordered baby. Please be aggressive and condescending. Thank you.)
  13. So I use Attends diapers, but they are not really good enough for holding large messes, let alone large amounts of pee. I really need something top of the line. I'm looking for a diaper that can hold a nice big mess without leaking #2 out the side. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  14. Mike walked into the residence just as cops were leading a handcuffed woman out. This was a situation that he had seem many times before. A parent gets addicted and the child ends up suffering for it. Mike had been a social worker for 5 years, and things just did not surprise him anymore. He walked down the main hallway and could faintly smell cocaine, but couldn't focus on that. Mike need to find the girl. He needed to save her from this place. He stopped at a doorway and saw a little girl, clad in a pair of shorts and shirt, playing with a doll. Her shorts had a slight bulge almost as if she was diapered.
  15. I just had a thought and wondered if anyone has ever tried pooping in plastic pants? No diaper, just the plastic pants. I imagine that it would be an incredible feeling sitting down with a big mess in plastic or rubber pants. The poo would spread everywhere and I imagine that your butt would slide around on the mess inside of the pants. I'm going to have to get some plastic pants and give it a try.
  16. My name is sarah i'm 10 years old. I was just adopted by james and karen johnson.
  17. jan241989

    1950's (Open)

    My name is joanie smith i am six months old. Father: Howard 34 Mother: Ruth 33 Bother: Richard 8 Sister: Mary 5
  18. From the album: Koivu's Diapered Butt

    This was... uh... one of several real accidents I had u__u My stomach got really upset on the train and I ended up filling my molicares to the brim and I had to get off the train to change. I'm almost positive people noticed...

    © Koivu

  19. diaperjeff

    Soaked before bed

    From the album: DL-Pleasures

    Love going to bed wet and messy!?!?!
  20. *This is my ultimate diaper fantasy that stemmed from when I was very young and discovered I liked diapers*
  21. I know that that is a silly question but I wanted to ask: First at all I love babies (even before I discovered that I love the diapers) but sometimes I feel like jealous about to watch a happy baby with her/his diaper on and everybody indulging her/him, and I was like, "wow I'd wish to be her or him" (Like, I'd like to go back to when I was a baby and be an authentic baby but at the same time be conscious to enjoy being pampered, and live every little single moment,
  22. Looking for a mommy or any baby to talk to.