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Found 58 results

  1. ruffledpanties

    Stuffies and pacis

    BunBun is my bestest friend ever.
  2. I'm truly 42. But it's really true that inside I'm just a scared 15 year old. Always. When I'm 15, I need diapers cuz I have accidents. So what? That doesn't mean I'm a baby, like my sister always teases me. And...okay, I sometimes use my pacifier. Big whoop. It has a calming thing to it. Stop teasing me! By the way, I do not think you can hear or see that I'm wearing diapers when I'm wearing my basketball nylon pants. No way. Anyone else feel like that 24/7/365 like me?
  3. LittleLani96

    My new binky

    From the album: Let's Play! Hooray!!

  4. LittleAmytheil

    Stocked Diaper Bag

    From the album: Amytheil's Diaper Bag

    This thing holds onto everything I need, including pockets on the outside for bottles, and pockets on the inside for pacifiers, clips, and additional bottle nipples.
  5. LittleAmytheil

    Owly Diaper Bag

    From the album: Amytheil's Diaper Bag

    Is this not the most adorable thing ever?
  6. Edit 7/8/2017: Thank you guys SO much for the recent support! I really appreciate all your favorites and page views. Use Code: 30FREESHIP for free shipping on orders of $30+ now until 7/25/17 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Use code: ILOVEYOU for 10% off your purchase of $5 or more until June
  7. BabyWendyMarie

    baby time

    gaaa gaaa dy dy
  8. BabyWendyMarie

    baby time with bow

  9. BabyWendyMarie

    baby time

  10. SubSpaceLeathers

    New Vegan AB/DL Range

    SubSpaceLeathers now have a growing VEGAN Range of AB/DL items for sale via our Etsy store, and a Bespoke service for those wanting something in a Vegan material. After many requests from our customers to create some of our popular items like our pacigag in Vegan materials, we have now re-created them in a choice of 7 strap or 11 paci colours here;
  11. I sleep with my pacifier fairly often its a Nuk5(i think i have no idea how to measure it, was a gift from a friend) buts im unable to sleep with it wihtout putting up with pain on my two front teeth on the top of my mouth after waking up. Is this a sign the pacifier is sitting to far forward in my mouth and i need a longer neck? Other than the pain there is no chance on tooth position and this is after nearly a year of sleeping at least once a week with a pacifier. How should a pacifier sit on your mouth??
  12. I finally got a Visa gift card and I'm using it to buy an adult pacifier online. Does anyone know of any cheap brands that make decent quality adult pacifiers? Cheap meaning $11 max. Thanks!
  13. http://mashable.com/2016/06/02/justin-bieber-pacifier/#Gf61BoLSbgqQ An excerpt: "Justin Beiber, 22,
  14. Pipsqueakstevie

    Sissy baby relaxing.jpg

    From the album: Pipsqueakstevie

    This is me just relaxing as a sissy.

    © pipsqueakstevie

  15. Hello! Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I've been trying to find a source where I can buy silicone pacifier nipples. Does anyone know where they're sold? Preferably they'd be nuk 3's or 5's. I want to modify and glamify pacifiers to sell on etsy. It looks like fun.
  16. marxthebaby


    Chapter 1 He awoke to the sound of a car's engine starting up, and immediently knew that something was wrong. For one thing, he was in a great deal of pain-something he hadn't felt for God knows how long-he was sitting in something that was soaked, that clung to his bottom, and his thighs and bottom were hurting so badly that he couldn't help but start crying. What didn't help was the alteration of his vision; every bright light made his eyes ache, and everything looked to be larger than he was. As he moved himself around, he felt something tighten around his body, and unleashed an annoyed curse when he found that it only served to put pressure on his already aching thighs and bottom. Sobs erupted from his lips before he could hope to stop them, and he heard someone sigh. "The bastard's awake, Fazbear." The name automatically sent a wave of hate and anger throughout his body, and before he could react, opening his mouth to scream, something was forced into his mouth. "He's just being difficult; just check his diaper and make for damn sure he's nice and wet." At the sound of that, he felt confused; what did they mean, nice and wet? If they put him into a diaper, didn't they intend to get him out of it? He was about to ask, when a hand jerked back the waistband of the wet diaper and a man with black hair peered into it with a malicious grin on his painted face. "The poor thing didn't wet his diaper enough yet; thank God. I guess he's just cranky." What in fresh hell was this? Frustrated, he spat out the rubber thing that had been in his mouth and tried to speak, "What the fuck is going on-" Nobody seemed to pay his words any heed; whoever had spoken earlier was silent, and the painted man just plucked the rubber object up from the ground, dusting it off before plopping it back in his waiting mouth. Bothered by this development, he spat it out once again, and began talking once more, "Tell what's happening! I didn't sign up for this shit-" when, once more, the dreaded object created to make him placid was forced back into his mouth. The painted man smiled when he sighed in surrender, folded his arms, and began sucking on the rubber. "What a funny baby; you just want attention, don't you? Spitting out your cute little pacifier and babbling like that; you're just so adorable, trying to be a big boy." This was strange; did they not hear him, or were they just not listening to a word he said? Bothered by being ignored, he plucked the offending rubber from his mouth again, and this time, he screamed his words at the top of his lungs in hopes that somebody would listen, "Why am I here, and who are you people?!" After a moment of heavy breathing, he saw the painted man smirk coldly as the engine stopped, and heard a loud click when the man pressed down on the thing that had been holding his body in place, lifting him from it with ease. He was bounced up and down gently as the man carried him out of the car, murmuring in his ear, "Be quiet, baby; it's okay. You're just confused because you're in a new place, aren't you?" For a moment, he was silent, attempting to digest whatever was going on, when he realized something that was truly horrifying. This man wasn't much larger than he was; his long, now fleshy legs were still dangling from the man's hold on his bottom right over the arms that clutched him, and he still retained his budging muscle. His wavy, brown hair remained as long as ever, and he was wearing a sodden cloth diaper big enough to swaddle him. He was human again, still an adult, but how, and why? As he tried desperately to escape the grip that held him firmly in place, he saw the other problem with this. The man who had just left the car, the one who had an oddly large diaper bag slung over his shoulder and walked at the flank of the one who held him, was carrying a loaded machine gun that was aimed right at his body.
  17. Hello there! this is a post aimed to people who: Live with their parents, live with roomates, or overall, don't live alone at all. How many baby things have you lost or have been caught by the people surrounding you? I think this is an interesting topic and a way to let out some steam... For example here are some stories of mine: I've bought a boy pacifier and I always was hiding it but suddenly I forgot about that and my mom found it and she thought it belonged to my baby cousin so she gave it to my aunt and I was like:
  18. Hey everyoneCan I get some feedback on pacifiers and bottles.No mention of Nuk or custom made ones.I want to know where to get good pacifiers and bottles?At the moment I have the extra large tommee tippee super soft ones from Australia which are my favourite.Also happy baby extra large from Australia.
  19. lilmissmommy

    Pacifier or thumb?

    *This is my first poll so if I've messed up the format please forgive me.
  20. Purple Pacifier:http://www.ebay.com/itm/181862525153Sport Print Onesie:http://www.ebay.com/itm/181862499128Sport Print Training Pants:http://www.ebay.com/itm/181862510508Tan Shortalls:http://www.ebay.com/itm/181862540478
  21. BabyWendyMarie

    Being a Baby in Thick Cloth Diapers

    I'm interested in being in touch with people over 50 who also love to wear pretty much only cloth diapers (esp. prefolds) and who also love to regress into infancy while wearing them, as I do. I do not wear my diapers often, once or twice a week, but I can't resist the feeling of a double- or triple-thick cloth diaper (usually with a soaker pad) covered with a roomy pair of yellow or pink baby panties. I love to suck my paci while reading a sissy baby story (I'm a sissy baby too) and it's very important for me to wet my diaper and then to make baby creamies in my diaper after reading for awhile. What about you?
  22. sonofninasayers

    Scared to buy a pacifier

    I have been thinking about getting myself a pacifier to suck on and every time that I go into somewhere like the co op or pound land to buy myself one I somehow get scared and leave with out buying one
  23. ChristinaGraham


    This is a pacifier I would love?