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Found 93 results

  1. Little Christine

    ready for her babydoll to be put on her.jpg

    From the album: Putting a Babydoll on Christine

    One of the most important things about a babydoll is that the size is not exact. This is so that they can be adjusted to fit persons of different sizes or the same person at different ages. Thus the same babydoll that fit the little one when she was 4 or 5 will still fit when she is 8. The proper length of a babydoll, as with ANY training or chastizement garment, is halfway to the knee, or "baby length. it is long enough to be decent but with very little to spare. As a training garment this will make her pay attention to keeping her skirts down and as a chastizement garment, it means her rubber panties will show if she is not careful. and what people can see, they often want to FEEL A baby length ANYTHING is not something a proper girl will wear of her own accord and will do all she can to keep from being put on he', more so it if is rubber, with its "dry sliminess" that is always felt, to the point of being distracting and annoying on any and every part of the body where it is put. And that is just what will be put on Christine! Before she was put in her thick diapers, Christine was treated to a good long heavy tickling to make her spend her strength and energy, which, since she is part Fairy, is quite considerable for a girl her age and she, like all Fairies, is as agile as a cat. But now she is little more than a doll and she knows it and is quite aware of what is being done to her and exactly what she can do about it. We do NOT need to waste the time and energy in the wrestling match that she would create if she were not properly subdued. All the wriggling, giggling, screaming, crying and attempts to escape over that 20 minutes have used up her energy and strength and sapped her will. Any girl who has been through that will be just a sobbing little baby with whom you can do whatever you wish
  2. Little Christine

    Paradise in Pink & Blonde

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    A basic babydoll: This scrumptious little thing, like all of Christine's clothes, feels like flower petal and her golden tresses just make you want to sit her on your lap and just fondle her for just ever. Right ladies? Now fess up
  3. Little Christine

    rubber underslip.jpg

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    There are two rubber underslips that one can use with a babydoll. Both are a bit longer and made to just "peek out" from under the hem just a smidgen. The first is pearlescent and worn under a see-through babydoll, it makes it a bit iridescent and, being non-see-though, not trollopy looking. The other is very see though and is worn under non-see-through but can still be seen enough so that you know what it is made of. Either may be put under one of Christine's two satin babydolls so that it helps kee them clean and not let the scrumptious material touch her body and show that she has rubber under them Worn under rubber babydolls, they make Christine's clothes more noisy with a kind of noise that mamy ladies like to hear, which tempts them to fondle her AND if she wishes a lady can put her hand BETWEEN the babydoll and the underslip and get double feelies
  4. Little Christine

    Blouse and Blue Babydoll

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    Shows how versatile the little babydoll can be. It can be used with other things, like a blouse. Like all the see-through babydolls, this one isorn over a slightly longer pearlescent underslip to add a bit of iridescence to it. The key to the babydoll is the shortness and high waist to make it easily lifted fro changing, which puts the "baby" in babydoll and often makes it a disliked garment for someone who wants to show that she is a big girl and should not be in diapers and rubber panties
  5. Little Christine

    Christine's rubber babydoll slip

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    Unde either of Christine's satin babydolls is put a rubber see-through or pearlescent ivory rubber slip that is a smedgeon longer . Since satin is a bit of a "fussy" material, this keeps her babydoll dry and away from her body so it stays clean.
  6. Little Christine

    Babydoll and Gingham Check

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    The hem of this babydoll is turned up so that if water runs down, it will be stopped before it gets on Christine's legs so it keeps them dry
  7. Little Christine

    The Short Little Babydoll Dress

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    A short babydoll is easy to lift for changing, or other things. And see just how short this one is? It is made of the same scrumptious material as the panties. Just the thing for a Little Wetsy Girl. The secret to a proper babydoll is not that it lets the panties show; then it would be trollopy, not cute, but that it almost does and will if Little Girl is not careful. And if she lets them show, she knows what happens next. Especially if they are RUBBER panties: "Ooo; can I feel?"
  8. Little Christine

    Christine 1

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    Christine in her babydoll and bed-jacket. You can see just how long her babydoll is The babydoll dress is in two parts., a pearlized, transparent pink with an underslip of somewhat translucent pearlized light ivory like the one that is put on her in the other pictures
  9. Little Christine

    Christine 2

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    Soon Christine will be in bed. How long do you think it will be before one of her dollies gets her hand under Christine's babydoll to make sure her rubber panties are on right?
  10. Little Christine

    Blouse and Skirt

    From the album: Christine's Babydolls

    A little skirt in the same color and material as the blue babydoll, worn over a crinoline with a wetproof lining, also easily lifted or gotten under for changing or other things as needed
  11. jan241989

    My new parents (open)

    This role play is about a women who is seeing a therapist about her childhood. She would like to relive her childhood.
  12. jan241989

    Time Travel to the 1950's (open)

    This role play is about a little girl named Debbie who travels back in time to the 1950's
  13. Little Christine

    First of THREE rubber panties

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    After the diapers are pinned snugly in place, the first panty, a snap-on that is changed with the diaper, is pulled and tucked between Christine's little legs and made ready
  14. Little Christine

    For Little Girls

    Not my favorite, but a fine introduction to a ladylike artform https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=klutz+chicken+socks+tiaras&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=klutz+chicken+socks+twindkly+tiaras
  15. jan241989

    Catherine (Open Role Play)

    My name is Catherine Leigh Doyle. I am ten years old i grew up in dallas texas my parents names are emily and john. My mother is a very nice person bu dose not have alot of free time which is why i have a nanny her name is maria. My father is the ceo of a bank he works all the time even at home.
  16. JPen112

    Daddy looking for baby girl

    Hello! This is my first time on here but I am a 26 year old from Illinois. I got into ddlg/abdl through bdsm and really identified myself as a daddy. I love taking care of a little one and just making her happy. I love to see the smile on her face. Currently I am looking for a little girl that I can take care of, but first chat and talk to haha.
  17. erwino2018

    new little girl

    hello everyone! im Liv! I’m from Michigan and I’m looking for a daddy! if anyone is intrested please email me at [email protected] I’m 18, a current high school senior and I’ll be studying biology in the fall at a state university. I love to sing and dance, as well as color, fish, and anything outside! I look forward to getting to know you :)
  18. From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    Dolly Andrea and Dolly Lisa are soooo helpful, making sure that Christine's rubber panties are of the highest quality and properly in place. At least that is what they better be doing. See how they put their legs on top of Christine's to make sure that she cannot get away. How did they lift her little babydoll?
  19. Little Christine

    snap in place.

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    Then it is snapped into place. We are now ready for the next rubber panty
  20. Little Christine

    Trnaslucent rubber panty

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    This is the panty to the semi-clear pink babydoll set
  21. Little Christine

    little pink babydoll

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    The Little pearlescent pink babydoll to the pink panties
  22. Little Christine

    pearl babydoll rubber panties

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    The rubber panties to a pearl colored babydoll
  23. Little Christine

    see through red panties

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    These rubber panties are part of Christine's red babydoll. You can see the pearl colored slip that is put under every see-trhough babydoll to make it look mre iridescent and to keep her looking chaste and not trollopy
  24. Little Christine

    amber see through panties

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    The panties from the amber colored see through babydoll
  25. Little Christine

    See through blue

    From the album: Christine's Rubber panties

    My, but Christine has quite a fiew see-through babydolls, The pearl slip she wears under them give them a kind of iridescent look that the Fairies just love