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  1. Countess Paule de la Fraise had always been unkind to those less prestigious than her at court, which included everyone except Queen Liza and her courtesans. She particularly looked down on the littles who resided at court, treating them with disdain due to her belief in their inferiority. Not only was she the most corrupt aristocrat in the entire court, but her scandals were so numerous that Queen Liza eventually decided to take action. After her latest scandal, the Queen had her countess arrested to put an end to her mistreatment of others. When brought before the Queen for judgment, it was made clear that the evidence of her corruption and abuse was undeniable. The Queen presented her with three options to choose from: capital punishment, lifelong exile, or de-Amazonization.
  2. Luna’s predicament Fulgrim Prologue It all began with a flash,then a boom, and finally an infinity of sensations once forgotten came like a tsunami to Luna after the banishing of nightmare moon. Things like breathing, coldness and tiredness came crushing to the poor princess, now finally free from that curse born from ancient hate. Alas she was free, Free, but she didn't have much time to ponder as she succumbed to exhaustion. ________________________________________ “This is it ?” said twilight exhausted from such extraneous activities “Yes it is” said Celestia in her usual optimistic tone “But, I don't understand ?” said twilight confused Were once stood a mighty foe,now was but a little filly “Magic and alicorn biology are things truly mysterious,I didn't know what her banishment and subsequent exorcism would entail… such a predicament.”She said now stoically “So what now ?” Said twilight wishing to go to bed, of course not before reading a 50 page essay about Blue eucalyptus lilies. “Now it is high time me and my little sister go home” Now a bright, brighter than the brightest of suns adorning her mouth. ________________________________________ Now Celestia began her journey to her palace, now with an added package in the form of her little sister. Whilst for her subjects a restful night was ahead of them, for the princess of the sun, the night had just begun, as she had now to prepare everything for the reintroduction of her sister. From a room to rest, medical staff to attend to her wounds, tutors to teach her all the things she missed during 1000 years, to a hundred other little things. Indeed things were going to be quite occupied for the bearer of the sun, but she was genuinely happy over the development of the affair, and whilst she was preoccupied about the predicament of her sister, she could do nothing to change it, indeed it was a good night. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sooooooo the prologue to my first ever kink story, yay i suppose, just to be clear i don't know how long this whole affair will be but hey, who cares? Thanks for reading and have a goodnight. Chapter 1
  3. This story takes place around 2008, if you are a stickler for detail that is probably before Goodnites were available in licensed prints, and before size 7 Pampers were available. I wanted to set the story before the modern online age of smartphones, social media, and all that. Chapter 1 It had been the worst year in Ashton’s life, in January his father left his mother and moved far away.. It was a total surprise, since his Mom and Dad always seemed to get along great. Ashton’s Dad left the Jones family with a house and car payment that his Mother couldn’t afford. Ashton, his sister Ella and his Mom Lori left the beautiful suburban home with a big back yard and moved into a rent assisted apartment. Lori traded in her 3 year old Honda van for an 18 year old Kia and got a job working during school hours. To make matters worse Ashton’s little sister Ella was growing tall like her Dad, while Ashton was staying short like his mom. At 11 years old Ashton was now three inches shorter and several pounds lighter than his little sister who was 8 years old, and she was both stronger and faster than him. He had gotten the nickname tiny tot at school which drove him crazy. The only thing Ashton had on her was the fact that his sister had started wetting the bed. It had started in February, just after they moved into their new little apartment. After three wet mornings in a row Lori bought a mattress protector for her daughter, and after another week of soaked PJs and sheets she bought a pack of Goodnites bedwetter pants. Ella threw a fit but eventually gave in and wore the pull-ups and for the first time in nearly 2 weeks woke up in a dry bed. When she didn’t have to take her wet bedding to the laundry room she quickly changed her opinion of the Goodnites and was happy to wear them. Unfortunately, bedwetter pants were an expense that Lori couldn’t really afford, but she had always been a practical woman and quickly found that she could buy pull-ups and diapers on craigslist very cheaply. Lori hit the jackpot when she was given 3 cases of girls goodnites, they were a smaller size and featured Disney Princess, but they still fit Ella. The woman giving them away had an autistic daughter who was slow to develop and the deal was that Lori couldn’t just take the Goodnites, there were 3 big plastic tubs with stuff her daughter had grown out of, X-large toddler clothes, size 7 Pampers, and My Little Pony Training Pants, and other assorted baby items. Lori happily took the tubs and planned on selling the stuff, but put them in her storage container with all the things that wouldn’t fit in their small apartment and forgot about them. One day in May Lori sat down with her two kids and made an announcement, “Guys we are going to make a big change, we are going to move in with my Sister.” “In Florida,” Ashton asked? “Yeah we are moving, Jenna’s going to let us live in their house, they have a spare bedroom and you’ll get to be with your cousins,” Lori explained. “But all my cousins are girls, and I don’t know anyone in Florida,” Ashton whined. “Quit whining Tiny Tot, Florida sounds awesome,” Ella said. “Did you tell them that Ella wets the bed?” Ashton asked. “Ashton, don’t be mean, and yes they know,” Lori said. “You’re such a jerk, I hate you,” Ella yelled and then realized what her Mom just said. “You told them!” “Yes I told my Sister about your bedwetting, it’s really not a big deal honey,” Lori said. “I bet Trish and Sable know too, they’ll probably let you sleep in the nursery with Lisa,” Ashton said. “I’m gonna get you,” Ella yelled and started chasing her brother around. Lori grabbed them both, “Ashton one more word about your Sister’s bedwetting and your Nintendo will both be gone for two weeks. And as for you young lady, you never tell anyone in this family that you hate them. Apologize.” “I’m sorry,” Ella said, but they didn’t see her fingers crossed behind her back. That night Ella got a wonderful idea, her stupid brother had been giving her a hard time about wetting the bed for months, and she was sick of it. One of her friends had told her that if you put a sleeping person’s hand in warm water they would wet the bed, so she slipped out her room and snuck to the kitchen and filled up a bowl with warm water. She silently creeped through her brother's open bedroom door and ever so slowly moved his hand and placed it in the water. She waited and nothing happened, right about when she was ready to give up he rolled and caused her to spill the bowl, warm water creeped under Ashton’s midsection. He mumbled something and then Ella heard the muffled sound of running water and her brother seemed to relax and melt into the bed. “Now we’ll see how you like it,” Ella whispered as she made her way to the bathroom before going back to sleep. Ashton was having another weird dream. He was having lots of these dreams lately where girls were picking on him, they would chase him around trying to braid his long blond hair, put makeup on him or force him to play dolls with them. Ashton would run and run, but they would always catch him. He would often wake up scared that he was being turned into a girl. Tonight he was running from his cousins, they were chasing him and waving a cute girly dress they wanted him to wear. Since they were in Florida he ran to the beach and right into the warm water. He needed to pee and since he was already in the water he went ahead. He then realized he was in the pool and having a good time swimming, it was a very relaxing dream. Ashton woke up like he usually did at 7AM and couldn’t figure out why he was so cold and wet. Ashton had memories of wetting the bed some when he started kindergarten years ago, it only lasted a few weeks and his mattress already had a waterproof cover so it wasn’t that big of deal. He knew this was different, he was 11 now, way too old to wet the bed, and after all the crap he’d been giving his sister about it, he knew he had to do something. He wadded up his sheets and pajamas then put on some new underwear. Their apartment had a shared laundry room so he hid all the wet stuff at the bottom of the hamper then grabbed a towel. He was thinking he would get away with it, but didn’t see his sister smiling in the doorway watching him furiously trying to dry his bed. She snuck away to inform Lori. “Did you wet the bed?” his Mom asked. Ashton mumbled and then saw his sister grinning behind his Mom. “She’s laughing Mom,” Ashton said. “OK it’s one thing to have an accident but you shouldn’t have tried to hide your wet sheets, do you realize how bad that would have smelled,” Lori said. Ashton felt tears and began to cry, Ella knew she had won, she knew that some of the kids at school called her brother sissy and with his long blond hair and the fact that puberty has not touched him yet he could easily pass as a girl. “You can’t cry your way out of this sissy,” Ella said and Ashton began to bawl. “You two are about to get on my last nerve!” Lori said. “Your little spat is over. You’re both bedwetters now and unless you both want to be put back in diapers and have your breakfast from a baby bottle then I suggest you never give each other crap about it again. Understood!” “Yes Mommy,” they both said. That night Lori came into Ashton’s room with one of his Sister’s Princess Goodnites and a folded up plastic sheet. “Oh, Mom, no way!” Ashton said. “I know honey, but it’s not easy to do laundry here, and I can’t afford for your mattress to get ruined,” Lori said. His mother unfolded the plastic sheet. It was covered with pink and blue baby blocks and rattles. “That’s for babies,” Ashton protested. “I’m sorry honey, but I don’t want to buy a mattress protector, this might have been a one time accident, and Mrs. Wilson gave me this for free. Now stand up, and don’t complain.” Ashton stood and folded his arms while his Mom placed the infantile baby sheet on his bed. It turned out to be completely covered by his sheets and comforter so maybe it wasn’t so bad, but then the real humiliation came. “Slide your undies down, and step in,” she told him. Ashton caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror in the Little Mermaid Goodnite, they were a little tight on his sister but they fit him perfectly. He quickly started to slide his underwear back on but his Mom stopped him. “I’m sorry but if you have another accident it will just get your underwear wet too, I don’t want to wash your PJs bottoms either but you can wear the tops.” Ashton sat down on his bed and heard it crinkle, then he looked at the picture of Ariel on the girly pink and purple bedwetter pants styled like little girl’s Disney Princess panties. He turned red with embarrassment, “Mom,” he said. “I’m sorry Ashton, if you keep wetting and these bother you I’ll try to find you some boy ones.”
  4. Anya was quietly filling out paperwork in her office- it was another late night. Being a high level executive of a famous marketing company, there was ALWAYS work to be done. People were clamoring after their world famous ad designs, posters, billboards... And though she was happy to lend such a service, it was exhausting after so much time. So... It wasn't too big of a suprise when her eyes began to wander, and she saw a dark figure out in the hallway. Strange... Usually the office was empty by now except for her! She slowly got up, crept out into the hallway, and followed the sound of quiet but clunky footsteps, until she found one of her new interns- not any of those young, keen, cutesy interns who were happy to do her bidding and get some meaningless praise- but an adult adult like her! One who was just starting out in her career, but one who was still, nonetheless, a degree holding career woman, like any other. Anya raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing here, huh?" She called out softly. When she finally saw the girl in her entirety, she was shocked to see that she was not holding a lunchbox or a briefcase- it was a trashbag that seemed to be... dripping? Anya approached the girl and gently took the bag, glaring at the girl. Was she trying to smuggle out stolen money or something? Unthinkable! And besides... Why would it be wet? Anya's face turned from anger to confusion when she saw what was inside- a pair of wet pants and a wet thong too! "What is this? What are you doing here so late and with something like this?" She asked quietly, prepared to handle the situation when she was inevitably given the wrong- or right- answer. It wasn't like the girl could go anywhere and hide, either. They were on the tenth floor of a big office building, she couldn't jump out of the window, and Anya stood between her and the main staircase!
  5. Prologue: A kidnapping in Maine leads to a long investigation for Special Agent Paul, who will have to work as a team Hi, let me introduce myself, I'm Lola and I want to try to write an abdl story that mixes criminal investigation, this story is based on series of the genre, I hope you like it, please leave comments with criticism, praise and improvement, I'll make it clear that English is not my native language spelling and punctuation errors may occur Chapter 01 In picturesque southern Maine, a short, blonde girl ran along the wooded trails of a local park. Wearing a neon orange shirt with the word L.E.C printed on it and pink leggings, she enjoyed the sunny day while working out. Benson, as she was known, was a popular figure on social media, with a profile full of photos of herself showing her routine and her friends, she was a blogger, while she was running, Benson took her cell phone out of her pocket and captured a photo of the stunning scenery. around you. Excited by the prospect of sharing her activity with her followers, she posted the image on her social networks, adding the hashtag #vidaaoarlivre. Satisfied with the post, she continued her run, holding a bottle of water to stay hydrated. However, a small accident happened. Benson absentmindedly spilled some water on her pants. Although the incident was barely noticeable to most people, a young brown-haired woman was watching her closely from a nearby bench. Seeing the situation, she quickly got up and started running towards Benson. Upon reaching her, the woman accidentally hit Benson and immediately apologized: "Sorry, oops! It looks like I spilled water on you." The woman was also carrying a bottle of water, showing a strange coincidence. Benson replied casually, "Don't worry, it's no big deal." However, the lady insisted, offering a solution: "Let's go to the bathroom. That way you can clean yourself better." Benson, feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the woman's insistence, hesitated for a moment. She didn't have much strength to resist, and before she could say anything, the woman grabbed her hand and started dragging her towards the park's bathroom. However, her words seemed to fall on deaf ears. The woman was determined and showed no signs of stopping. In a moment of desperation, Benson began to think something was wrong. Her heart was beating fast, and she felt a sudden dizziness take over her body. Before she could understand what was happening, the woman, with a cloth in hand, roughly placed it over Benson's mouth. The cloth gave off a strange odor, and the girl felt increasingly weak. It was as if some kind of sleeping medication was mixed into that fabric. The brown-haired woman went unnoticed by other people in the park, acting like any mother with a child. Her car, an ordinary black SUV, didn't attract attention. Opening the back door of the vehicle revealed a car seat used for children. Carefully, she placed Benson in the car seat and fastened the seat belts, treating her as if she were a child. Taking advantage of the situation, the woman inserted a pacifier into Benson's mouth, as if she was trying to maintain the appearance of an ordinary, harmless child. Once everything was ready, the woman quickly left, heading away from the park and southern Maine. The fate was uncertain, but one thing was clear: Benson was being taken away against her will. -------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., a young special agent named Paul was lying in his bed, resting, when he received an unexpected call. When he answered, he heard a familiar woman's voice: "Special Agent Paul." She was Monica Martinez, the head of the F.N.C agency (FBI, NCIS and CIA) and a high-ranking figure in the intelligence service hierarchy. Monica got straight to the point: "There's been a kidnapping in Maine. I need you immediately. Come here in ten minutes." Paul recognized the seriousness of the situation and the urgent tone in his boss's voice. He quickly responded, "Okay, I'll be there." Paul hung up the phone
  6. Ms Jaimie: *the 5’4 brown haired petite math teacher sighed as she handed the tests back to her four worst students” here are your tests girls I must I’m very disappointed looks like it’s summer school again and of course no cheerleading next year but of course this wouldn’t be happening if you four actually bunker down
  7. The start plays in my head how we got here, We had been friends since diapers, growing up I was always the defacto leader of us. As we grew through the years I used anything I could to tease you both in private and public, friends strangers it didnt matter to me. Giving wedgies and panting you were everyday things, the worst though was when ever I brought up your constant bed wetting and the never ending need for diapers. Even after you stopped and grew up bigger than me I used it to put you down, anyone new we would meet would quickly learn of it. I had just turned 19 and we both started college and decided to move in together it didnt take you long to discover my deepest seceret. The first time you had walked into my room early morning and caught me jerking my 3 inch dick. You quickly closed the door and never mentioned it but as the weeks went on a plan formed in your mind, maybe it was time for some revenge and take me down a few pegs. One night after getting super high a bet was made loser had to suck the winner off, an hour later found me naked on my knees, your load fresh on my face, and your phone up having filmed the whole thing with my hard peeppee hard as i passed out you locked a pink chastity on me, you were in control now. So this is kinda the flashback to how this story starts i would like to discuss where this might go and what you are willing to write. I try to write about that much at a time and I try to post daily at least.
  8. Hi, I'm a mommy leaning rper. I'm open to pretty much any scenario and gender pairings, if you have an idea you've been dying to try, I'm open to it! I'm especially open to rps involving the diaper dimension or any sort of humiliation/domestication centred rps with reverse potty training.
  9. Lucy held the position of local manager at a highly esteemed multinational corporation specializing in early childhood products, generating millions of dollars in revenue annually. Through years of dedication and hard work, she had earned her place within the company. However, she faced a significant challenge in the form of her less-than-competent personal assistant. Despite Lucy's patience, the assistant's repeated errors, some of which were grave, had caused serious issues within the company. Following a severe reprimand from her superiors due to a mistake that jeopardized a $17 million deal, Lucy decided to address the situation. During lunchtime, she summoned her assistant to her office and calmly instructed her to take a seat.
  10. Chapter 1 Rush week. The very beginning of her university experience, and the best opportunity she’d have to meet friends she might have for the rest of her life. Riley had chosen this university specifically because of the party scene here. She was smart and had good grades, and she’d been captain of the cheer squad in high school. She could’ve gone anywhere she wanted, but this seemed like a place she could spend her 4 years partying, drinking, and getting as much dick as she could handle. “The girls at alpha beta tau seemed nice” she thought to herself as she walked to the party she was heading to, “maybe a little to focused on the academic side of things”. The party she was going to was hosted by beta pi. Normally the fraternities would throw parties and just invite the sorority girls, but this was technically a “meet and greet” for all the girls trying to rush the place. And all the hot guys they’d invited. Fuck, she was getting horny just thinking about it. She fully intended to fuck at least 2 guys at the party, maybe even at the same time. She’d always been a kinky girl, but now that she was in college and surrounded by people that also just wanted to fuck, she could finally let herself loose. The party was fun. She got drunk off white claws and vodka cranberry almost immediately. The other girls there were sooooooo fun too. If she could be in any fraternity, she really wanted to be in this one. Some guy was walking up to her. He was cute enough, but not really her type. “Hey! You got a nice pooper. I’d love to shove my face in there hehehe” were his first words to her. Not a great opener. She already hadn’t liked him, but now he seemed downright creepy. Then an idea popped into Riley’s head. That’d be hilarious. “Oh, you mean this”, she said coyly, turning and bending over a little to show her ass off to him, “go ahead, why don’t you give it a little kiss” as she lifted up her dress a bit. “Right here?” he asked a little incredulously, gesturing to all the people around them. “Aw, what’s wrong, too embarrassed to do it in front of all your friends?” She countered in a condescending tone. From the way his face was looking as she said this, she knew she had him. “Ok” he responded with his dumb, excited looking face. She turned so her ass was completely facing him and lifted her dress up all the way as he knelt down to kiss it. He was clearly still a little embarrassed about this and just went for a soft peck on her left buttcheek. “Come on, you can do better than that”, she chided him. She reached around to grab his head in one of her hands while holding her dress up with the other, and shoved his face directly into her ass crack. She waited for a moment. She wanted to make sure he was really enjoying himself before she put her plan into motion. He wasn’t struggling, in fact she was pretty sure she’d just heard a sniff. And was that his tongue? Oh my god, he was actually licking her ass crack. Yeah, it was definitely time now, she could see a few of the sorority sisters watching. Riley clenched her ass cheeks. The moment she did, she could feel the guy try to pull away, but her hand kept his head firmly in place. And then- PRRRRRRBT! She let out a loud, intense fart on his face. Now he was really trying to get away, she had to use both hands and grab onto his hair to keep him in place as she let out a few more hOOOO! fssshht! prrrrrrrrrt. She sent three more farts directly into this guy’s face before he managed to stagger away from her. Both the sorority girls and his friends who’d been watching were laughing their asses off as he tried to get up, tripped over himself, and then half-ran away while trying not to throw up. Riley was laughing too. It was funny. Imagine being someone that pathetic. Wait, one of the girls was coming over to talk to her. She was still laughing about it. This was her chance to get in with the beta pi girls. “That was HILARIOUS!” The slightly older girl said to her. She was pretty, with brown hair, dark skin, and her makeup looked fantastic. She was probably about 2 years older than Riley, a junior. “I know, right? guys like that usually don’t take just like, being rejected, but now I’m sure you won’t be seeing him again” “Thank you. I don’t even know who invited that guy, he’s not even that hot, maybe he just snuck in with some of his friends.” “Do guys do that?” “All the time girl. You think they don’t wanna get in here to have a shot with girls that look like us? It’s not too big of a problem, but sometimes you get creeps like that guy” She snickered “what was it he said again” “He said ‘hey, you got a nice pooper’” the older girl lost it when Riley said that “POOPER?! Who calls a girl’s ass her ‘pooper’” she said in between her uproarious cackling. Riley couldn’t help but join in the laughter. It was such a bad opener, how could he possibly think that would work on girls? “hey, what was your name again” asked the older girl once she finally calmed down enough to talk. “I’m Riley” “I’m Katie. Are you a freshman here?” “Yeah” “You trying to rush beta pi?” “I heard you always get invited to the best parties, and Scarlet’s in my history class, she told me to stop by” “Oh, Scarlet invited you? She’d lose her shit if I told her about what you did to that guy, I’ll have to remember. Riley? You’re awesome, you should come by the house on Tuesday. We’re having another event, but this one’s gonna be more of a private thing, we’re only inviting girls who we’re thinking about letting into the sorority.” Yes! She was in! She was sure it wouldn’t be a problem to get the girls to like her at the private meeting. She hadn’t had any trouble being popular in high school, and she already had a great story to tell everyone there. “Absolutely! I’ll be there” Riley said, beaming with a smile on her face “Oh yeah, there is one thing I should probably mention” Katie interjected “What is it?” “Well, since it is a competitive environment to get in, you know, we got a lot of girls trying to rush us this year, we do do some hazing for our rushes. It’s usually not anything too serious, just trying to embarrass you mostly.” “Like how?” “Well, for one thing, we give all of you a ‘house name’ that you have to use instead of your real name whenever you’re with us” “What like you just give us a different name?” “Well, for you, I think I have something already in mind” “You do?” asked Riley, a little worried “Whenever you’re here, from now on, we’re gonna call you Pooper” Chapter 2 For an “exclusive event”, the house looked pretty busy, Riley thought. There were probably at least 40 or 50 girls here, most of them looking like they were about her age. That was a little worrying, given what Katie had told her about it being competitive to get in, but if anyone could handle it she was sure it would be her. Still, it was a fun little get together. The bachelor was playing on the tv, and while this was officially a sober event, she’d already smoked some weed with Scarlet beforehand and she was probably going to head back out with these two girls she was talking to to have some more in a minute “Oh, did you hear that apparently we have to go through ‘hazing’ to get in here” said one of the two, a short indian girl dressed in leggings that showed off her extremely muscular thighs “I heard about that, I’m a little worried but Katie told me it’s not anything too bad. Just like, having to show your tits to a bunch of guys or something” said the other girl “I was gonna do that anyway this weekend” said Riley, eliciting a giggle from the shorter girl. “Oh, by the way, I didn’t quite catch your two names” “She’s Manny” Katie interjected, having just walked up and gesturing at the indian girl, “and her name is Wetthroat” she said regarding the other girl. “Don’t forget, you have to use your house names while you’re trying to rush, Pooper” Katie continued with a smirk. Fuck. She’d forgotten all about that. I mean, if all of the rushes were doing it, it wouldn’t be that bad she supposed. At least she had a funny story to go along with her name. Now that she thought about it, maybe the other girls did too. Riley made a mental note to ask them about that once she had the opportunity. “By the way, I’m just letting everybody know that in a minute we’re gonna share the first event for rushes, so head outside” said Katie “Oh, what’s the event?” asked Riley, “Is there another party for us to go to?” “You’ll see in a minute. I gotta go tell the other girls, just head outside ok?” Katie turned away to go tell the other girls. Across the room Riley heard her “heeeyyyyy. We’re heading outside now to talk about the next rush event” as she was walking out through the sliding glass doors with feminist quotes and memes taped up onto them. Outside the other girls were starting to gather around a makeshift stage they’d set up next to some speakers. It was a little cold out; Riley hadn’t felt like she needed to dress too slutty since it was only going to be girls here, but even the strapless dress she’d chosen still wasn’t exactly the warmest thing she could’ve picked. “Hey, do you vape?” Manny interjected, offering Riley a hit off of her carti. “What flavor is it?” Riley asked as she took it, immediately bringing it to her lips without even waiting for an answer. She’d brought her own vape of course, but it was in her bag inside and she didn’t want to go back in to get it, and it was close to dead anyway. “This one’s watermelon, I mean if you couldn’t already tell” Manny responded, giggling a bit. “Alright everyone, we’re so happy to see you all here!” Katie yelled from atop the makeshift stage. It looked like she’d finally gotten everyone outside and was ready to give this big announcement. The girls in the crowd responded with a resounding “wooooooo!” “Anyway, I think I already told most of you, but beta pi had a lot of applicants this year, and, unfortunately, that means we might not be able to let you all in” “Awwwwww!” moaned the crowd in an exaggerated way “I know, I love all of you and I wish we could let all of you in, but we’re only allowed to let a certain number of girls in each year. I’ve tried asking the university about that but for now that’s the rule. Anyways, obviously we want to make sure that we find whoever’s the best fit for us, so we’re gonna be doing a round of interviews with each of you. We’ll go around and give everyone a number that we’ll call, and until then, you can just hang out, I know we said this was a sober event but…” As she trailed off, two other older girls came carrying baskets of alcohol. Riley couldn’t see it clearly, but it looked like it was mostly wine and champagne. Some of the girls in the front cheered one more time, and then the crowd started to disperse. Some of the girls went back inside, some went to go collect the alcohol, but Riley thought this was her chance. Now that the speech was over, she approached where Katie had just gotten down from the podium. “He-ey” said Riley “He-ey” Katie returned “Great speech” “Thanks” said Katie, looking a little more sheepish now than she had a moment ago “I was a little nervous, it’s my first time doing this in front of everyone” “You did amazing, I could never” responded Riley, who had never once struggled with public speaking “Thank youuuu!” Katie responded in the overly sweet voice of someone who was already a little drunk. She pulled Riley in for a hug as she was saying that. “Oh, did you get your number yet?” “Not yet, I mean, I don’t think anyone has yet” said Riley “Oh, psssh, right, I’m stupid. Here, you can be number 1.” said Katie, but then paused. “Wait. You can be number 2, Pooper” Haha real funny. Riley faked a laugh despite really being embarrassed by the reminder that that was what she was going to have to be called. She really wanted to rush here, so she was just going to have to deal with it, but she wished she could have at least gotten something like Manny that was a little less embarrassing. “I’m gonna go give these out to the rest of the girls, you should be called pretty soon though since you’re only number 2, I’ll see you after though” Katie said, walking away to do just that. Saying that she would see her after, not during the interview, worried Riley a little though. She’d kind of been assuming that Katie would be the one leading the interview. Not that it’d be a problem for a boss bitch like her though, obviously. She would do fine, there’s no way they could dislike her. She did want some of that champagne though. Despite what Katie had said, it was about 20 minutes before they actually started calling anyone to start the interviews. This gave Riley plenty of time to drink, she had to admit, a little more than she probably should have. She’d been a party girl back in high school and gotten drunk plenty of times before, but she’d never had champagne before. It tasted really good actually, much better than what she was used to, and plus they kept offering it to her and the girls were so nice and she didn’t want to seem rude. “here, take another shot” some redheaded girl who looked about a year or two older than her said to Riley “Thanks, I think I’ve probably hit my limit for now. Don’t want to throw up in the middle of my interview” she responded “You’ll be fine, trust me, you look like someone who knows how to keep it down. Here just try one more” the redheaded girl insisted. Against her better judgement Riley took the shot. That last shot hit her a lot harder than she expected, and she actually stumbled as she headed back over to the couch. They’d called number one a few minutes ago, and Riley knew her number was gonna get called any second now, but suddenly she was hit with a pang in her bladder. Fuck, that champagne had gone right through her. She really had to pee. As she got up to go look for the bathroom, though, suddenly she heard it. “number 2, does anybody know where number 2 is? We’re ready for you” Fuck. She really had to piss, but it looked like she’d need to go deal with this first. She walked over the girl who was calling for her, hoping desperately that… “Hey, I’m number 2” said Riley, holding up the piece of paper Katie had given her. The girl she was talking to was shorter than Riley, and Riley couldn’t tell whether she was Filipina or Mexican. She was also had the kind of curves that Riley fantasized about having. Riley was proud of her ass, of course, but this girl had hips and tits like a cartoon mom. None of that mattered right now though. “Ummm, I’m so sorry, but could you actually wait just a minute while I run to the bathroom?” “Oh, don’t worry, this won’t take too long” the girl responded, making it clear that, unless she wanted to look pushy in front of the sorority she was trying to impress, she was just going to have to wait. “They never take more than a few minutes”. Once again against her better judgement, Riley began to walk towards the interview. The Beta Pi house had a weird little structure out in the yard. She wasn’t sure whether it was like a shed, or some type of garage, it was made out of cement, but, well, that was where the interviews were being held. As Riley walked towards the structure, hoping that her awkward shuffle would be attributed to the heels she’d worn and not her desperate attempts to hold in her pee, she saw the previous girl, a tall, blonde, white girl with the kind of tits that would’ve made Riley jealous if she hadn’t been focusing on her own shit right now, walking back towards the house. She looked a little red-faced, and was adjusting her skirt down, but Riley didn’t pay much attention to her; she had her own issues to deal with. The two girls who’d been handing out the alcohol were standing there in the doorway, admittedly looking pretty welcoming. One of them was the redhead who’d convinced Riley to take that last shot. Fuck. They probably wanted her to get drunk so they’d be able to see what she was like shitfaced. To be fair, Riley was usually pretty good at handling her booze, even she’d been surprised how hard this stuff had hit. It was probably the combination of that and the weed she’d smoked earlier with Scarlet. She was never getting crossed again, she mentally swore. And not like those other times that she’d sworn she’d never get crossed again, this time she was actually serious. As she walked in, there was one other girl who Riley didn’t recognize standing next to a table. She was a skinny black girl in incredible shape; even Riley’s ass, the asset she was most proud of, couldn’t hope to compete with the rock hard dumptruck the girl who introduced herself as “Kristal” had going on. “Hiiiiii, it’s so great to finally meet you, Katie told us all about you” Kristal said as Riley walked in, offering Riley a hug. It was a nice gesture, but they couldn’t know how close the pressure pushed her to pissing herself. It did not get easier when the other two girls, “Elle” and “Mina” repeated the gesture. They had a folding table set up with three chairs. Riley’d been hoping that she’d be able to at least sit down, as it might make it a little easier on her bladder, but Kristal’s direction of “Just stand over there on the X and we can get started” shut down what little hope she’d had after already only seeing 3 chairs. The X was spray painted over a drain, which, Riley grimly considered, would at least make the cleanup easier if she wasn’t able to hold it throughout the interview. “So, tell us about yourself, for starters what’s your name?” “Hi, I’m Ri-Sorry I’m Pooper” Riley barely remembered to use the house name they’d given her at the last second, realizing as soon as she said it that they’d probably already known her name and just meant that as a test. “So, Pooper, how’d you get that name?” She recounted the story of the party the previous weekend, her ego swelling with pride as the girls all both laughed and looked impressed when she got to the part where she farted on that creep’s face. “haHA, sounds like you’d fit in here like that guy’s face fit in your asscrack” Kristal blurted out while laughing. “Alright, you’re doing great, I just got one more question for ya” Thank. Fuck. Her bladder had passed the point where it was just difficult for her to hold it in the middle of that story, she was now in actual pain. “Ok” Riley managed to muster, hoping it didn’t seem too stilted and awkward “What would you do to get in to this sorority?” Fuck. This was one she’d actually have to think about. She needed to give a good answer, it shouldn’t be hard, but if she concentrated on that… “I mean, what would you want me to do?” Riley responded, hoping that that would at least buy her some time to think of a real answer. Maybe if she was lucky they would even tell her what she needed to do; Katie had mentioned hazing after all, maybe they were just talking about that. “Piss yourself.” The room was silent for a moment. “Wh-what?” Riley asked in shock, while also trying not to let on that the moment she had registered the command she had, in fact, let out a tiny spurt of piss into her panties, barely managing to stop it from turning into something she wouldn’t be able to hide. “Bitch, I see how bad you have to go” Kristal continued Elle chimed in, “and I saw how you were downing all those shots and champagne glasses” “How many did she have?” Kristal asked with giggly smile on her face “Like 7” Elle responded “Daaaamn gurl. No wonder you been doin that little potty dance this whole time” Kristal directed a comment that sounded almost impressed at Riley. “So, how bad you wanna be in this Sorority?” “Bad” was all Riley could muster. “Then why don’t you be a good girl, and piss yourself” Kristal said. “Right here?” Riley asked. In front of all of you? “Yeah right here! Go on and do it! Go peepee, come on, let’s see it” As Kristal said that, the dam in Riley’s bladder finally broke. It was the alcohol, the pain, the girls telling her to do it, everything, she just couldn’t hold it anymore. The stream of her piss quickly soaked through her panties, and began dribbling down her leg. For once she was actually thankful that she’d worn heels, as her pee awkwardly streamed over her foot, which fortunately she wasn’t wearing socks on for it to soak into. Kristal and the other girls started cackling uproariously, and Riley’s face turned beet red from embarrassment. She was a grown-ass 18 year old woman, and she was still, currently, pissing herself in front of other people. These were the girls she was trying to impress. “Here, turn around, let’s see it from the back” Mina chortled, as piss was still streaming down Riley’s legs. She didn’t refuse. Finally, after almost a full minute, her bladder started to feel empty. The girls did not stop laughing, and only laughed harder when Riley re clenched her bladder, shooting out a final extra spurt of pee. At least the drain she was standing above absorbed most of it. She stood there awkwardly, the most embarrassed she ever been, and rapidly becoming sober enough to realize what she’d done, for about 30 seconds, before leaving with a sheepish “thank you” to the girls that had been interviewing her. As she walked back to find a bathroom and get herself cleaned up, she was too focused on adjusting her dress to try to hide her still-dripping legs, to notice the next girl carefully, awkwardly walking towards the interview area, with her legs pressed together.
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