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Found 15 results

  1. This story has been published elsewhere, but I thought it was time I should publish it here as well. You know, being Christmas and all... It Takes a Village (1) With the hand of a god, Robert lifted Brian Sandberg off of the track just before the train would have run him down. He knew that Brian and his friends Pete and Hassan were playing near the embankment, but Robert had no idea how one of them had gotten onto the tracks themselves. Perhaps he slipped in the snow. But if Robert hadn’t noticed… The town wasn’t even equipped for funerals, he thought. He hadn’t foreseen a need. There shouldn’t be a need. In fact, the whole town should exist on a plane about as far from any thoughts of death and funerals as it is possible for it to be. That was his intention when he had designed it: to create a slice of self-contained paradise where the darkness of the universe simply didn’t exist. And Brian might have ruined that. He decided that the boys needed to go home to their families, which was a good thing especially for Hassan, who might otherwise have been late for afternoon prayers. The train, having not killed a boy, continued on its pre-ordained mission of circumnavigating the small county, heading at this point for the station at the energy plant, the largest active station outside of town. It would pick up the workers at the end of their shift and take them home: just another normal day. Some people actually still had normal days. Robert could hardly remember them, though it had been less than a year. Less than six months, in fact, but the universe doesn’t need more than a moment to change completely, as Brian, his friends and family, and for that matter Gene, the train conductor, might have discovered a few minutes ago. As so many discover every day. As Robert himself had discovered last June. Since then, days had been anything but normal. At first he tried to keep working, keep designing the shopping centers and refurbished town squares that had made him a known commodity in the world he’d dedicated his life to, but he couldn’t focus on any of it. Abandoning all of his other projects, he began dedicating his creative efforts to this one alone, and he had seen it continue to grow and grow. It began, as most projects did, with a vision: create a permanent Christmas village. Of course it had evolved from there, especially once he determined, first of all, that his initial idea had already been done, and second, that the concept was far too confining for what he needed this to become. But there were trains in the Christmas village in his mind, so there were trains here as well: two trains, running on separate tracks with separate schedules, running simultaneously around and through a wintry landscape that he had meticulously created after working as much as eighteen hours a day to make his vision come alive. Of course, he was not the only one who had suffered a loss, and he knew that. It was in fact one of the reasons he felt such an urgent need to complete his project: something in his mind told him it might help Charlotte. If Robert missed Emily and felt devastated by her death, he knew that his emotions were only a fraction of what his 12-year-old daughter was feeling. He simply could not imagine being so young, so completely attached to your mother, and losing her in that stupid, incomprehensible way. As if any way would have been better. She was so lonely these days. And it seemed that she could never find anything to do that interested her anymore. At first, he’d tried to enlist her help with the Village, but she simply wasn’t interested at all, though he caught her paying attention on the periphery at times when she thought he wasn’t looking, so he knew she was at least aware of what was happening. After he had the basic environment of the county and the trains, which had grown to take up a huge chunk of one half of their oversized living room, buildings sprang up along the tracks. At first the buildings related to the train: stations of one sort or another. But it didn’t take long until a small town blossomed near the largest station, complete with commerce and people to create that commerce. He’d decided from the beginning that the town would be modern, its style matching the trains he’d started with. Still, theme village or not, it was going to be Christmastime there, so a bit of retro flair—horse-drawn carriages and the like—wouldn’t be out of place. Homes sprang up in the outcroppings of his little universe, as did small businesses like gas stations, restaurants, and the like, and a few other little enclaves in random corners of the huge and ever-expanding complex. People build where they build; he wasn’t going to stop them. And by December his universe was humming along, full of people and life and whatever comes with it. Like his own life, though, that of his universe was of the still variety. He did what he needed to take care of his daughter. Or anyway he tried. When she began wetting the bed, that had surprised him; she’d never done that before. But the child psychologist he’d taken her to (after being assured by her doctors that nothing was physically wrong) told him that it wasn’t uncommon for children to react in many different ways to such traumatic losses. The shrink had suggested using protection to limit the mess. Robert really thought Charlotte would fight him on that, but she’d agreed without even a word. She saw the shrink every two weeks alone, and every week with him. He wasn’t really sure if the therapy helped either one of them, but he knew he would try anything. It was so hard to help her when his own world was so shattered. Emily had been that world since the day he’d met her. She’d been standing outside of Second City, this beautiful redhead desperately trying to get rid of two tickets for that night’s show. So he went up to her. “How much?” he asked. “Oh God,” she laughed. “At this point, I don’t even care!” He joined her laughter. “Well,” he said, “you really are not a very good negotiator. Tell me, why are you giving them up?” She shrugged. “My boyfriend turned out to be a dipshit, so I got stuck with these.” He thought for a moment, and then said, “Tell you what. I’ll buy both of them at face value if you’ll use the second one and see the show with me.” She shrugged again. “Well, you can’t be any more of a dipshit than he turned out to be, and at least I get sixty bucks and a show in the bargain.” They’d both gotten much more than that. Until last summer, when… Robert looked across the living room at his daughter, glumly seated on the couch with a book perched in her lap, a nearby lamp illuminating her, pretending to read. “Charlotte?” he said. She looked up. “I was thinking: want to put up Christmas decorations? In truth he really didn’t want to; it was something that reminded him too much of Emily. But he thought Charlotte should have something normal. She shook her head. “Not really,” she said. He looked down at his universe. There was a large parcel in the east side he could do something with. The O’Deans might want to move out of the apartment they were sharing with her mother, with the baby on the way. Maybe they should build a house just out of town, and if he put up a new subdivision? He shook off the thought. Focus on Charlotte. “Why not, Honey? You usually like putting up decorations. It would be fun.” She didn’t even hesitate. “It won’t.” “Come on, Char. We can light some candles to get that nice Christmasy smell we like, and I can drag up all of the decorations to put up, and—” “NO!” she practically screamed, cutting him off in mid-thought. For a beat, there was silence. He looked at his daughter and saw, in the lamplight, that her eyes were damp. “No,” he repeated. And then, though he already knew the answer: “May I ask why not?” Her small voice filtered across the room. “Because it was Mommy’s thing.” With that, she got up and quietly walked down the hallway to her bedroom, closing her door behind her.
  2. Since the malware attack ate all the stories, I've finally gotten some spare time to start reposting a few. A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS C.K. Cute Kitten "I'm not wearing this damn thing!" Reila swore under her breath as she pulled her cobalt jeggings back up. She wiggled around the tiny bathroom in her fur trimmed Ugg boots. The soft, stretchy fabric of her jeggings- the bastard love child of jeans and leggings- felt weird as it rubbed over her bare crotch and butt. Finally, the tight material settled just right on her slender frame. She tugged down her bright turquoise sweater-tunic and smoothed it in place. She turned, checking herself in the mirror above the sink. The thick, knitted wool covered her butt, hiding her freshly un-padded bottom from view. "Perfect. The old hag will never be able to tell." She smirked and tossed the unused purple with pink butterflies printed pull-up into the garbage, hiding it under layers of used, balled up paper towels just in case her mother decided to check the bathroom in suspicion of just such a stunt. Reila put her hand on the door, hesitating for a second with a nagging sense of guilt. What if her mother lifted her shirt to make sure she still had her protection on? Given the last few months, Reila wouldn't have put it past her. But in a crowded airport? No, not even her mother was that insane. She pushed the door open. Eight hours was a long flight. What if she fell asleep and wet herself, as she had been doing every time she dozed off? She bit her lip, tempted to go back in, fish her pull up out of the trash and put it back on. Planes had toilets. She'd just have to remember to go a lot so her stupid, malfunctioning bladder stayed empty. She stepped out and was immediately accosted by her mother. "Took you a while." Sonja stared at her daughter, pursing her red lips in displeasure. "I had to take a shit." Reila fired back at her mom's suspicious accusation. She crossed her arms defensively. "I'm eighteen, not two. You can trust me." "Yet you wear the same undergarments as a two year old and act just like one. After your recent escapades, you've lost my trust. You're doing a poor job of earning it back. Even the judge saw fit to strip you of your adult status. Need I remind you that just days after court. One more screw up and it's straight up the river for you." Sonja's eyes narrowed at the back talk as she stared Reila down. Reila's defiant glare gradually withered to a sulky pout under her mother's cool, firm disapproval. Sonja was at her wit's end with the girl. Barely an adult, yet she'd racked up a laundry list of misdemeanors and law violations long enough to do any hardened criminal proud. Just like her absent father. Sonja encouraged Reila's spunky spirit, knowing it would help her get through tough times in life. Sonja could have used a little more spunk and backbone in her own childhood. Maybe then she wouldn't have married young to a man who turned out to be a murderous loser that ended up in prison for life. Reila had gotten into fights in preschool and elementary school. Middle school saw her skipping school and taking up smoking. High school was full of underage drinking, unsupervised parties, and smoking pot. Reila progressed to breaking and entering , vandalizing school property for a senior prank. Even though she was not a senior. She should have been, but all that hookie and sleeping in class led to her flunking junior year. This year she should be graduating, but she was repeating her junior year instead. Then came the sex tapes on the internet. The proverbial cherry on top was her getting arrested for shop-lifting lingerie at the mall. The judge, being lenient with youth offenders and in the spirit of the Christmas season, gave Reila one last chance to clean up her act. He gave Sonja legal custody of her, declaring Reila unfit to run her own life Next stop for her was prison or one of those new Regression Therapy discipline camps for youth offenders designed to turn troublesome youth into moral, upright citizens. "There's a line of people waiting for the bathroom." Reila said sulkily, lowering her gaze to her mother's scuffed, off brand boots. Sonja, a single mother, did her best to give Reila the name brand things she liked. Right now, she just wanted her mother to stop staring at her. "Because you were holding it up. You'd better still have your diaper on." Sonja hissed in a loud voice then swept past for her turn in the bathroom. "They're pull-ups, not diapers!" Reila retorted just as loud as the door closed in her face. She was suddenly aware of eyes on her; her eyes scanned the airport crowd. Those nearby stared incredulously at her- the pretty, fashionable young lady loudly proclaiming her pull-ups were not diapers. Meeting her gaze, most on lookers looked away in embarrassment but some continued to stare. Few smirked in amusement. Her cheeks flamed red as Rudolph's nose and she ducked behind a nearby pillar. Why did the airport have to be so damn crowded? It was only the first week of December. Not holiday travel time, even though that's what she and her mother were doing. Her mother with the embarrassingly loud mouth. Life just loved to take a big, steamy shit on her. All she wanted was to have a little fun, to live her own life. She never hurt anyone. Yet the judge saw fit to turn her back into a child just for a little harmless pick-pocketing. Her mother had breathing down her throat ever since she was arrested and released. On top of that, her bladder had been acting up since she woke up in the hospital several months ago. She'd gotten her stomach pumped after passing out due to a cocktail of various alcoholic drinks and funny shaped pills. Maybe a line or two of cocaine, she didn't really remember. Those were the best parties- the ones she couldn't remember. Pure bliss. Now, her life was pure piss. Wet bed every fucking night since she'd woken up in the hospital. Pissing herself during the day, too. Like when that cute cop handcuffed her. Or when she peed herself standing in front of that bastard judge. In a bizarre way, wet pants, along with her baby face, had helped convince the judge to be lenient with her. All these accidents were just flukes. Nerves. Stress. The doctor had said something about street drugs being laced with other shit and unpredictable side effects, but what did that stupid bitch know? Reila did NOT need diapers. Pull-ups. She'd show them all she could keep her pants dry. "NOO! LEMME OUT! AAAHHH!" The loud, prolonged screams made Reila jerk her head in the direction of the sound. A girl around her size and age thrashed, strapped in an over-sized stroller. A special needs stroller. A five point harness securely strapped the screaming girl in place. Heavily padded, yellow baby booties covered her feet, which were strapped into the leg rests to prevent her from kicking. Matching mittens covered her hands. A pink, plastic bib hung around her neck, covering her chest. It shined with dribbles of her slobber, which also coated her chin. Her blue jumper dress was pushed up by the thick straps restraining her. Under her dress was a long sleeved, yellow onesie. The crotch snaps were open, revealing her voluminous, bulging disposable diaper. She slammed her mitten covered hands down on her legs, occasionally thumping off her thick diaper. The front of the once-white plastic was lumpy, soggy and yellow-tinged brown. The diaper was obviously well used. The girl had shit and pissed herself and had been left to stew in her own juices for quite a while. Reila stared in fascinated horror. The poor girl more resembled an over grown baby a disabled person. Her eyes zeroed in on the dirty diaper on prominent display between the girl's spread legs. An impending sense of dread washed over Reila; she felt as if she was staring at her own future. That could be her. She'd fit in that stroller. In that horrible, thick diaper full of piss and shit. Suddenly her despised pull ups were much more appealing. The attention of the crowd was now on the spectacle of the screaming, big baby and the woman in a neon pink, velour track suit pushing the stroller. "Rachel, sweetie. Shh. Mommy will get you out of that icky poo-poo diapee soon. You've been so backed up. You're just full of big poopies, yes you are!" The woman cooed loudly, but the girl only screamed more, helplessly throwing an enraged tantrum. The woman finally noticed all the eyes upon her. She looked around and said loudly. "Nothing to see here, folks! Just the face of severe autism!" At that, most people looked awkwardly away, yet a few continued to stare. Rachel was one of them. It was too much of a spectacle. The lady pushed the stroller towards the family bathroom right behind Reila, so Reila ducked behind another side of the pillar. Hiding so the woman would not see her. The stroller and screeching, red-faced big baby in it suddenly stopped besides the pillar. The lady bent down, digging through a yellow diaper bag with carousel horses on it. "Rachie. Shhh. It's okay, sweetie-baby. Your tum-tums must really be bothering you. Such a constipated baby. I guess that suppository didn't get all the poopies out of you. An enema will get the rest out and you'll feel all better!." The woman cooed as she fished around the diaper bag. Reila peeked out at the woman, her neon pink tush up in the air for all to see. She ducked back behind the pillar and peeked around the other side at the girl in the stroller. Puffy, red rimmed eyes in a snot-covered, red face stared pleadingly back at her. "Help! Please! She's crazy! I'm not autistic! I'm normal! She turned me into a big baby! Help! My stepmom's evil! Call 911! Call the cops! You have to help me!" The girl whispered frantically. Her wild eyes bore into Reila's. Reila stared in shocked horror. She did not know what to make of the situation. Surely there had to be something wrong with the girl. Who in the hell would turn a normal girl into a big baby and humiliate her in public like that? Suddenly, a warm, wet spurt spread along her bare crotch. Reila's eyes widened and she forgot all about the girl. How? She just went potty! Pee! Peed on the potty like a big girl. Went to the bathroom to urinate like an adult. She was an adult. With a wet crotch. "Here we go!" Rachel's stepmother beamed as she stood up, holding the enema box up like a trophy. Rachel whimpered helplessly, her body sagging into the stroller cushions in defeat and dread of what was to come. Before Reila could hide, she found the smiling lady suddenly smiling down at her. She wondered if the woman had overheard her daughter pleading for help. "Thank you for entertaining my silly baby. Is your mommy here, little girl? Does she know you had a little accident? I saw pee-pee stains on your pants." Reila's face paled. Didn't her long sweater cover her crotch? But the woman had been kneeling down. And she knew Reila had been spying on her. She was too shocked to even register how the woman was talking down to her. "Oh, don't worry, dearie. Only a mommy used to spotting leaky diapees would notice. Your pants are dark, it hides it well. Now, did you take your diapee off? Or did your mommy run out? I've done that before." Reila was shell shocked. Not even Sonja talked down to her like that. Did this deranged woman just assume Reila was retarded because she stood there in wet pants, staring at the woman's freakshow daughter and the shitsack of a diaper on prominent display?Reila's face flushed red as Rachel's, and she opened her mouth to give this crazy bitch a piece of her mind. "I'm not a little girl, you daffy old-""Reila! What's going on?" Sonja cut her off before she could even get started. Sonja stormed over from the bathroom, assuming her daughter was causing trouble again. She paused, blinking in surprise at the large diapered girl in the stroller. Just what was going on? "Oh, you must be this little girl's mommy. She was so helpful, entertaining my autistic baby while I got a new diapee out. The girls were playing hide and seek! Oh, and your little girl had a little accident in her pants!" The woman added in a loud whisper. Sonja stared in disbelief and confusion. No one ever complimented Reila's behavior. "I-um- Reila…was…helpful?"Just then, Rachel got her second wind. She brought her mitten covered hands up then slammed them down angrily on the huge bulge of her dirty diaper. She howled and thrashed once more. Causing people to stare once again, including Sonja and Reila. "Rachie, shush, baby." The woman looked at Sonja. "I got to change Rachie's diapee- but here. Take these, I insist. Your little girl needs a new diaper, and it's always good to have an enema on hand. Us moms of autistics got to stick together, you know! Toodles! Have a blessed day!" The woman waved and disappeared with the screaming Rachel into the family restroom.
  3. [06/03/20XX] 10:54.35 AM The black screen comes to life, catching the sight before it in crisp, high definition quality. The setting is a simple room, viewing the front end of a bed, draped in a brown comforter as rays of light bathe its side from the right off-camera. A computer on top of a desk sits right next to the bed, and its monitor is lifeless, just like the lamp on the nightstand to the side. Everything is quiet, minus the chirping of birds from an open window. “BOO!” A woman suddenly hops in from the left, crashing on the cushiony bed, as her brown hair bounces with the constant shifting. “What’s up guys!” She keeps her attention fixated on the recording screen, straightening out her cream-colored shirt. Her jeans didn’t need any readjusting, as they clearly did a good job at holding to her figure. “I know it’s been a bit since we last talked, but I just got finished moving a few days ago, and I’m completely, totally 100% moved into my new place!” She let out an exaggerated cheer. “That’s right! I finally made it to XXXX!” She laughed again, wagging a finger. “Sorry, but I’ll need to take that out in post. Can’t have you guys sneaking up on me, after all! But here I am! I’ve been browsing so many forums about this place. It just feels great to be off the islands and on the mainland! People are HUGE here! I’ve heard they can be a little pushy, but they are pretty much just like Littles.” She stood up for a moment, walking out of the shot and returning with a water bottle of a massive size, supported by the both of her hands.. “So like,” She finished taking a sip, screwing the cap back on. “I’m starting my part-time job tomorrow, and I’m pretty nervous. Thanks to you guys though, through all your support I can sustain myself and put out more content. This job is just to give me something to do other than film! Oh, and also the P.O. box won’t be up for a bit! I still need to figure out how I’m gonna do that here.” She leaned back on the bed, kicking her feet in the air, lazily. “The place already came with internet, cable and the whole shabang, so apart from me getting used to the area, ya girl Sarah is fully functional!” She cleared her throat. “I gotta go grocery shopping now though. Stomachs, you know how they are! I’ll talk to you guys soon. Till next time!” With that, the video star walked up to the camera, her figure quickly enveloping the entire lens, and then the screen truly cut to black. [06/03/20XX] 5:39.22 PM “Ugh! The nerve of some people!” Sarah didn’t bother with playful introductions this time. The camera hadn’t changed spots compared to last time, and if anything was slightly turned more to the left, revealing the beginnings of a doorknob. “Hey guys,” She kept a passively annoyed look on her face. “Just wanted to give you an update. I got all the food I needed, but jesus if that wasn’t stupid as all hell!” She was already digging into a large plastic bag, pulling out a sizeable chocolate bar. [END OF CLIP] [06/05/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [06/18/20XX] 2:31.47 PM “Weekend is finally here everybody!” Sarah sat on the same bed as usual, sporting a pair of shorts and loose top. “Man, am I ready to unwind! I’m just ready to get my games on…” She looked longingly over at the computer, which never seemed to have changed. “I should be doing a livestream soon, so stay tuned for that. But for today’s video I wanted to-” She was cut off by the ringing of a doorbell. With a strange and unexpected look, Sarah shifted her head to the left, to somewhere out of the camera’s range. She sighed, hopping off the bed. “Fine, fine...I guess I’ll just put in a jump cut...” Ignoring the camera, she walked to the noise which now turned into a resounding knock. “Yes! Yes! I’m coming!” Sarah already sounded irritated. The noise of a door opening was heard. “Yes? What can I do for-” Sarah’s voice went silent, as it was quickly replaced by a shriek. “You again!? How did you--?!” The entire altercation still remained out of the camera’s vision. All that could be registered was the sound and slight vibrations from nearby. “Is that ANY way to greet your new mommy? Honestly!” A sigh from a second voice could be heard. “You’re definitely going to take some work, Sally...” “Sally? My NAME is Sarah, you creep! Now get the hell out of here!” It sounded as if she were closing the door forcefully, but with a prolonged swinging motion, it was clear that she was being met with resistance. “If you come quietly I’ll make this as painless as possible missy!” The female voice was stern and commanding, followed by the sound of the doorknob hitting the side of a wall. Sarah screamed, and the tapping of feet became rapid and louder as Sarah’s figure darted from one end of the screen to the other. She remained partly in view, taking a defensive stance towards where she ran from. She was breathing fast, her adrenaline pumping. Footsteps from where she came that were much louder and composed arrived. “St...stay away!” Sarah had quickly lost her bark, and as she backed out of view, the camera could only capture up to the knees of this unknown figure. From the top of the screen, the underside of a wide bag suspended from her torso was evident. “I gave you a choice, and I’m being extremely nice by offering you again,” Her words were like ice, and her threats were dressed in thorns. “Am I going to have to punish you already?” “I’ve already called the police!” Sarah’s voice shouted. “You better leave before they come!” The giant’s posture gave no sign of change in attitude. “Right,” The woman was clearly unconvinced. “Next you’re going to tell me that I have a tail? Mommy likes a silly baby, honey, but now is not the time for fun and games.” The words came heavily with a deathly seriousness to them. “I suppose we’re doing the punishment first...” Nonchalantly, the bag was dropped on the bed, clearly in view behind the figure’s legs. What could be seen were smiling balloons and letter blocks on it, with multiple storage compartments installed. Without much warning, she walked towards where Sarah was, and it was followed by the screams of a defenseless, much smaller figure as the much larger one bent over as if to pick something up. “LET ME GO! PUT ME DOWN!” From her screams alone, it was evident that Sarah was the thing that had been picked up, and she was currently thrashing for dear life. “I don’t think we’ll be needing these anymore!” She chuckled, as Sarah screamed only louder. An article was suddenly tossed into view, hitting the ground with a small noise. The recording was sharp enough to identify it as a pair of shorts. “And my, my! How bold of a choice my wittle Sally!” She commented.“I think you’ll find your new underwear much more appropriate though.” “FUCK YOU, you psycho!” The woman returned to the bed and sat her bottom on it; taking up just about the entire width of the mattress with it. A twisting and turning Sarah was then lowered into center-view from the camera’s perspective, as she was pinned to the assailant’s knee. She was missing the shorts she first wore at the beginning of her recording, and now the black panties she was wearing underneath were visible. No matter how much she kicked her legs, it did nothing to free herself, she kept struggling for as long as she could, but it became evident she was only tiring herself out. The camera perfectly caught the steady hand which planted her down, as the only thing which tried to move was the restrained Sarah. “Aww, all tuckered out?” The camera could now see up to the woman’s lips, decorated in a light red lipstick as they curved upward at the corners. “Let me go!” Sarah was still shouting, but obviously low on stamina. She found it in herself to grow wide-eyed though, when in one swift motion, a large hand yanked off her underwear and tossed it off-screen. Tears could be seen forming from the visible part of her face. “Please...” She had started to assume a weakened, pleading tone. “Don’t touch me down there! Don’t violate me! I’ll pay you! Take anything you want! Just don’t!” The woman tutted her voice, as the hand closest to Sarah’s bottom drew out of view. “Such a dirty mind, too! You’ll need to learn how to not have such a potty mouth, young lady. Besides, what could you have other than yourself that I’d possibly want?” Much faster than when it left, the hand came crashing back into view as it collided with the round bottom attached to Sarah. Almost immediately she let out a shriek, her muscles visibly stiffening while her head and legs shot upwards, quickly falling back to their semi-relaxed state. “Four more ought to do it.” The woman sufficed, repeating the same motion from just a moment earlier. Smack! Sarah’s second scream this time had become much more thick, as if something else were on its way. “Just remember, you could have prevented this.” Smack! Sarah’s shout was a bit quieter than last time, but tears were rolling down her cheeks now. Although only one was visible to the camera, it was a likely assumption for the other out of view. Smack! She was full-on crying now, her body reacting less and less as her cheeks turned red. “PLEASE!” Sarah’s voice came out awkward and shaky. Her body was quivering all over. Surprisingly, the hand didn’t come crashing down yet. As if she was willing to listen. “I’m sorry...so--!” A jolt of pain must have ran through her body, as she visibly winced. “P-please...stop the spanking!” The hand came back down, but much more slowly this time, in such a fashion that it was apparent it wasn’t homing in on Sarah’s backside. “Well...I’m glad to see you’re starting to learn, hmm?” Sarah’s teary face could only nod and make an agreeing noise. Her face looked somewhat relieved; only because she couldn’t see what was happening behind her. “Babies need to know though, that misbehaving will not be tolerated, and that there are consequences to their actions.” With that, the hand came down with an unmistakable amount of force greater than the the times before it. The slight shake of the camera backed up this theory. In her system Sarah found the energy to wail yet again, as she almost hung there lifelessly, sobbing as she had been totally and utterly defeated. The crying didn’t stop as the giant, oddly enough, pulled her in for a hug with her severely red bottom faced towards the camera. “There, there...” She cooed in a syrupy voice. “Now we’re gonna make it all better.” She stood and turned, leaning over the bed as Sarah disappeared somewhere on the covers. The sounds of fishing through the large bag could be heard. “Now let’s get all your supplies~!” The woman spoke in a sing-song voice, as she pulled two things out. In one hand was a large, white rectangular bottle, and the other a white plastic square, covered in childish motifs. “I couldn’t wait to bring you home, Sally!” The sounds of plastic unfolding could be heard, and a second voice, likely Sarah’s could be heard whimpering as she tried to protest. They were quickly silenced by the sound of a slap on bare skin. “But I will not listen to this grownup nonsense anymore, got it?” She eased into a hum as the edgings of a white cloud could be seen around her figure, with more sounds of thick plastic and padding being secured. “Annnnnd done!” The woman cheered. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” “Why are you doing this to me?” A silent voice spoke. “Because this is who you are, silly!” The calm and collected voice laughed. “And if I didn’t pick up your little padded bottom today, it sure would’ve been someone else tomorrow! You’d be surprised how much we were gossiping about your little tush! You little ones are always so uncertain and nervous about this at first, but I can tell you’ll fit in very nicely. It’s too commonplace for you uppity balls of energy to wind up back in diapers! You’ll be thanking me soon enough. Now enough chit-chat, up we go!” She made a woosh noise as her arms raised in the air. She turned around and set Sarah down in front of the camera, with a clearly different set of underwear on. Caught from a side view, a thick set of padding snaked its way in between her legs and emphasized both her bottom and crotch. Large yellow tapes drew the sides to the front, as the disoriented girl turned past the camera, sharing the happy bears that were frolicking on the plastic front with the screen. With each shift in her unsteady posture, a loud crinkle was picked up by the still-recording device. With the giant’s back turned, Sarah pulled at the tapes, but her brows started to furrow and lips began to quiver when they did not budge. “Now let Mommy tidy up your changing supplies, then we’ll be on our merry way!” “Wh...where are you taking me?” She shifted her terrified focus from her plastic prison to the warden who put her in it. “Where else would I be taking you? Home, silly!” She laughed as if it were a given. “I know you’re excited for Daycare, but we don’t even have you signed up yet!” “But I live here! You can’t just kidnap me!” “Not a single person would think twice about a Mommy carrying out her adoption. And how could you keep living here? We don’t even have a changing table for you! I got your baby powder all over the comforter too...” The red-faced Sarah, still out of the woman’s line of view, looked in just about any direction, as if she were searching for something that might help. Then, her eyes collided with the camera, as her eyes grew wide, and her hands quickly snatched it. The screen started to shift in awkward angles, as it suddenly found its way in between Sarah’s shirt and bra, the lighting quickly becoming dark. It did not last for long however, as Sarah made a worried whine, illuminating the scene once more. Her breathing still fast-paced, the camera was suddenly faced at an awkward angle. Looking down at the ground, all that could be seen was the front of Sarah’s cushy diaper and her toes which just managed to peak past the overbearing pad. With her other hand, although visibly straining with a stifled groan, she just managed to peel the elastic waistband from her stomach, opening a gap in between. The gap grew bigger and wider until all that could be seen was darkness, as the interior padding ceased to look white without proper lighting. Noise could still be heard from outside, but it was clearly muffled now. “Okay, precious! Time to get a move on! Up we go!” The slight turns and shifts of the camera did little to suggest how the diaper containing it was moving, but suddenly the pad pressed inward on the camera’s vision, with the screen suddenly going black. [06/18/20XX] 8:24.17 PM The screen was still dark. As dark as it had been before, if not a little more. The sounds were still muffled as well. “Now Mommy has been very generous with your bedtime tonight, since I know you still need to adjust a little, so I think we’ll get your bedtime schedule on track starting tomorrow.” It sounded like the giant from the last known recording. “What? But it’s only like 8:30!” The sound of Sarah’s voice complained, much closer to the camera. “Babies need all the sleep they can get. And your little tush is no exception!” “When are you going to let me go? When can I go home?” There was a sigh in the room. “I thought I had made this clear with the first two spankings. You are home Sally! It’s scary, I know, but you’ll come to find this is much better than that mean old life I plucked you from; riddled with so many tough responsibilities.” Oddly enough, Sarah didn’t seem to protest, as if she knew better than to. “Don’t you feel so much better in your jammies, wearing a comfy diaper?” She cooed. “Well?” The second time she spoke came with a bit more authority, expecting a response. “..Yes...” Sarah bitterly spoke, obvious with unwilling compliance. Her voice seemed to read as if she were blushing when she spoke. “That’s right. Now Mommy gave you some special juice at dinner, and that diaper has been bone dry since the moment I put it on you this morning! You’ll need to learn that the potty is your diaper now sweetie, and not the toilet where the grownups go. I expect that to be well-used by the morning, okay?” Her absolute words resulted in Sarah’s whimper, as she started to sniffle, clearly upset by her words. “Goodnight Sally,” a faint kiss on skin could be heard. “I expect to find a pleasant surprise in the morning!” Right before the sound of footsteps and a door closing, the beginnings of a nursery rhyme’s tune could be heard. A few seconds passed, and suddenly noise from above the camera could be heard, followed by more plastic crinkles. “Come on..you...stupid diaper!” A hushed voice silently whined as the camera was slowly but surely lifted out of its prison. For a brief moment the darkened room’s scenery was revealed beyond pink bars basked in moonlight. The floor was carpeted, and had a rug laid in the center of the room. A tall changing table sat on the opposite end, with clear view of the many diapers stored underneath. A chest labeled ‘toys’ was visible in another corner as well, right beside a rocking chair. In the darkness, all that was discernible from the walls was that they were of a pale color. A few interesting quotes hung from the wall as well...one reading: “A wet baby is a happy baby.” There was more to the room, but the view was quickly changed as it spun to the crib’s interior, and was currently being leaned on what was likely a stuffed animal, with its brown, furry, stuffed legs taking up a small portion of each side. Sarah was back in view, yet again, only now that she was wearing a new set of thin, yet soft looking pants and shirt. A smiling sun was adorned on front, and her pink bottoms were covered in white stripes. And needless to say, the way the lines on her bottoms curved only emphasized the bulge that was caught on camera earlier. A white waistband was peeking from all sides. Sarah looked equally as distraught as she did at first, only slightly more composed now; beyond her initial fears and settled into a constantly frightened sense. She sat on her knees and leaned a bit to level with the camera’s angle, as her bottom crinkled and her assumed stance gave the perfect view of her much more rounded crotch. “If you are watching this...” Sarah spoke in a hushed, yet urgent voice. “Please...” She already started to get teary-eyed. “Please help me...I don’t know where I am, but this woman has kidnapped me and taken me somewhere. She’s treating me like her baby!” Sarah choked back a full-on cry. “I don’t even know her name...she’s only telling me to call her...Mommy...” It looked as if she wanted to vomit at the thought. “I haven’t been to the bathroom all day!” Sarah looked in any which way, as she shuffled her legs and hips, with a hand pressed to her crotch. “I really need to go...but there’s no way I’m gonna fucking piss myself for that monster!” Admitting her predicament was clearing starting to get to her. “I can’t…” Her sobbing face looked to the side. “I can’t even take the damn thing off...” As if to check one last time, she snaked down the front of her pajama bottoms, revealing the same plastic front as before. Pulling as the tapes like a mad man, it was as if they refused to acknowledge her existence, confirming her worst fears and despair. “I don’t know what she fed me earlier, but my stomach hasn’t felt right since...” Her face grimaced at the thought. She took a few heightened breaths, as she suddenly wrapped an arm around her abdomen. “I can feel it pushing, and I can’t stop it...” Sarah sniffled. Quickly, she suddenly turned to the bars, allowing an angled side view of her position, including the view of her pronounced bottom. “I….can’t….” Sarah whined. “...hold it!” With hands fiercely clutching the bars for support, she grunted and moaned in as much of a hushed voice as possible. She tried her best to cover her mouth, but the struggles in her voice were unmistakable; doing anything she could to suppress her audible struggles. On her knees, she stood up the ever-slightest, and then her plastic underwear began to make slight noises as the outline of her bottom began to expand. Slowly, her backside expanded and her bottom quaked, and in an exhausted state she tried to set it down gently. Uncovering her mouth, she kept taking rapid breaths. “Oh...oh god…!” Her head laid sunken, hands clutching the bars as she sobbed, trying to process what she had just done. “She actually fed me laxatives!” Her hand slapped the bar, making a small noise, crying in defeat. Turning back to the camera with an exhausted look, puffy eyes and reddened cheeks, she tried to stay off her backside for obvious reasons. “I need to...” Her nose slightly twitched as she quickly pinched it, with a new disgusted look on her face. “I need to find a way out of here...This isn’t righ...” Sarah gasped as she quickly cupped the front of her crotch. Based on how close she was to the camera, the slightest hissing noise was evident. There wasn’t much noise after that, as tears silently rolled down her cheeks. Her hand left the front of her masked diaper, and laid on the blankets lifelessly. “My name is Sarah Foster,” She silently started, trying to keep her tone straight, although it was thick. “Aged 19, almost 20. I have lived as an adult for almost my entire life,” It seemed as if it hurt to speak any further for her, visibly becoming stressed as she spoke. “And...” She blinked, glossy-eyed. “I don’t want that to stop now.” With each passing moment, her eyes seemed to grow heavier and heavier, as if she were being sapped of her strength entirely. With what strength she had left, Sarah raised the screen and lifted what looked to be a pillow, and covered the screen’s vision. “I’ll tune in soon...” The screen went black. [06/20/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [06/20/20XX] 12:43.06 PM “Sader Street! It’s Sader Street!” Sarah in a fast whisper occupied the entire camera’s vision. “I heard her talking on the phone, I think she’s ordering something, and she was giving an address. I was trying to listen, but then she put me in this stupid playpen...” She backed from the camera to give a better view, revealing the denim shortalls she was in, sported by an obvious diaper underneath. “I managed to sneak the camera out when she let me play in my--the nursery.” Sarah quickly corrected herself. “I can’t hide it in the diaper like I did the first time, because she checks in the morning and--...” Sarah’s blush signified she didn’t want to elaborate any further. She looked a bit jumpy, or at least she couldn’t seem to stand still for very long. “And god if only there was some way I could get to the toilet without her knowing!” The stress was becoming more and more visible. “I swear, when I get out. I’m gonna-” “Mommy’s sorry about that sweetie, but I needed to hear the grownup on the other line! Your diapers are a little bit too noisy for me. Especially when they’re so dry! Speaking of which, I think somebody’s a looking a bit fidgety right now!” With Sarah still in view, a familiar hand pressed her on her bottom, as it leaned into her abdomen. As physical resistance was clearly not an option, she tried to fight the battle internally on her reddened face, but it was clear who became the victor once she involuntarily let out a gasp, followed by a sigh. The bashful girl remained still for a few moments, unable to respond coherently. “Much better!” The woman cooed. “Now let’s inspect the damages...” With an easy motion, she had the snaps on the crotch of Sarah’s overalls undone with a discolored diaper partly on display. “Yep! Wet as a walrus!” She confirmed with an audible squeeze, then started to button the crotch back up, much to Sarah’s displeasure. “But we can do much better than that to warrant a change. We need those to last, after all!” “But I want to be changed now!” Sarah shouted, her focus no longer on the camera. She was quickly lifted out of sight though when a pair of hands swooped her from the armpits. “Little girls do NOT want in this household missy!” Sarah was starting to shout and struggle.”I really thought we made some progress these past two days! I guess not though...I think I’ve been too lenient with the spankings, so it looks like we should add 5 more and maybe some corner time, hm?” The smacks and shouts of protest continued for only a few minutes, as it was quickly replaced by crying. “I know it hurts, Sally, so why do you have to make things so hard on yourself? It’s as easy as playing with your toys and doing what you’re told! I don’t want your bottom moving an inch from that stool until this timer goes off, and I say it’s okay, understood?” There was silence. “UNDERSTOOD?” She raised her voice. “Yes...” The words came out in a meek and broken voice. The noise of a spring windup could be heard, and was followed by a constant ticking noise nearby. It seemed whatever conversation the Woman was having earlier, she moved it into the room with the playpen. “I’m sorry about that Janette,” She sighed. “It’s been a rough few days breaking her in, that’s all.” There were periodic pauses over the phone, followed by agreeing tones. “I think that Daycare will do her some good. I’ve already loaded a few nursery rhymes into her mobile that should help with some tendencies and triggers. Just to get her feeling a bit more acclimated, that’s all.” “Hypnosis? What do you mean?” Sarah’s frightened voice shouted from a direction that implied she was facing the wall. “Did I say you could speak during corner time, Sally? I thought we just got finished with your spanking? Maybe third time’s the charm...” The woman could be heard walking from the area. “...no...no...no..No, NO!” Sarah’s voice became louder and louder, as genuine fear began to consume her cries. “I’ll be good! PLEASE!” No physical noises could be heard. “This is your LAST warning Sally. You are on EXTREMELY thin ice. Another outburst like that and you’ll have another spanking and 30 more minutes on the timeout stool. Do I make myself clear?” The woman sat back on the couch. “I want her to be happy, I do. But, she just fights me at every twist and turn! It’s a little fun to tease her every now and then, but we both know her role, and she clearly isn’t acting it.” Her voice came a bit lowered this time. “I guess I’ll keep spiking her bottles and food. Maybe that’ll do some convincing for her...” She resumed her normal volume. “She actually starts a week from now! I know she’ll be nervous, but I’ve only heard resounding things about what they do for Littles. I think it’ll help her let off some steam. And, oh! You should have seen her the first morning. Poor thing completely soiled her diaper; back and front. If only I could get her to do that on her own...In due time though! I think we’ll work on getting her used to wearing used diapers next. Can you believe it? She expects me to change her after a single wetting!” She let out a laugh. “It’s the adults who make the decisions, though. She’ll understand that soon enough...” The conversation carried on for a bit longer, but after 30 minutes the timer rang, and Sarah was collected then deposited back into the playpen. “Now what do we say?” The woman asked, hanging Sarah slightly off the ground. Clearly Sarah didn’t want to say what she was expecting, but after a cold stare and moment’s hesitation, she mumbled, “I’m sorry….” “I’m sorry, who?” The woman pressed. “M...omm…..y...” “Come on sweetie, put it all together now! I know you like the timeout stool, but I’d really like to give you some playtime too.” “I’m sorry, Mommy!” Sarah shouted, in an almost defiant voice. The hands let go and dropped Sarah, unprepared for the crash landing. The sudden drop coupled with the added weight around her hips sent her on her bottom, unsure of how to react. “We’ll need to work on our manners, but I suppose that’s a start.” Sarah sat there aimlessly for a few moments longer, but then scurried over the camera, her diaper crinkling slightly less louder compared to when it hadn’t been used. “Hypnosis? God! I need to get out...soon…” [06/27/20XX] 9:32.43 AM “Okay everyone! Gather round! We have a new friend joining us as of today!” This was a new female voice, the screen shrouded in darkness. The sounds of giggles, murmurs and whispers could be heard. “Can you introduce yourself to everyone, sweetheart?” “Hi.” It was Sarah’s voice. Clearly it the kind of tone that did not want to play ball. “Ooh, you’re a shy one, aren’tcha?” The nearby voice laughed. “Can you tell everyone your name?” “Sarah. My name is Sarah.” “Hahaha!” The voice seemed to be getting closer in the middle of the laugh. “Listen up, little girl. I will NOT tolerate any form of disobedience. Now you’re going to drop that little grumpy attitude of yours right this minute, or you can go over my knee and we’ll try this again. Need I say we’ll have to tell Mommy about how bad you’ve been behaving? Do I make myself clear?” “...Yes....” Sarah sounded as if there was more than just verbal coercion involved. “Now can you tell everyone your name, sweetie?” The venom had seemed to leave her voice, as was loud enough to address the unknown audience as well. “I’m...Sally. Nice to meet you...” “What a pretty name!” By their previous actions, the voice’s fawning was likely artificial. “Can you tell us some things you like to do? I’m sure there’s at least one thing here you’ll love to do!” “I like to film.” Sarah was keeping it brief, but not in the uncooperative sense. “Sometimes I like to read and draw, I guess.” “Coloring?” The person exclaimed, obviously dumbing down what was supposed to be a sophisticated hobby. “Well, I know Alice over there loves to draw pictures with crayons! I think you two will make great friends! Daniel right next to Matty also likes picture books too. We’ve got quite the selection! Maybe if everyone’s alright with it, you could even pick the story we’ll read after recess!” “Do you have any murder mysteries?” There was an obvious bit of sarcasm in Sarah’s voice. A faint giggle could even be heard through the muffler. “Oh Sugarlump, you and your silly jokes! We’ll have to be on our toes around you.” The laugh was equally as artificial as was her interest in Sarah’s fake name. A meep escaped Sarah, as the camera shifted with her movements, as if she slightly bent over. The sound of plastic could be heard rustling, as if her diaper were expanding. She made a small groan. “Uh oh!” The voice announced. “Looks like Sally had an oopsie! Well, that’s alright. There’ll be plenty of time for you to meet the others during snack time. Please get along with Sally, everyone! Let’s all do a great job at getting her used to Daycare!” It sounded as if everyone dispersed and resumed their play, with the noise level turning back up a bit. “I gave you a warning, potty pants.” The voice was like poison again, in a hushed whisper. Sarah could be heard sniffling, as if she were trying to keep herself composed. “Your Mommy told me all the phrases that make you tick, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ll change you this once, but after that you’ll be waiting for diaper checks just like everyone else. Even if you mess yourself like you did right now. You’ve had your fun, but I think it’s high time you realize your place. There will be no backtalk, and if there is you’re either getting spanked or worse. Don’t expect me to speak to you like a stubborn adult anymore, because clearly the messy diaper around your hips supersedes that kind of idea.” “But you made me mess!” Sarah with a stifled voice spat. “Maybe, but poop doesn’t end up in a diaper on its own, now does it? The time for big girl talk’s over though. And from now on I expect you to address me as Nanny Desna. I’ll accept a shorter name though, as long as it’s appropriate. But pee-yew Sally!” Her voice was upbeat again. “I think you did quite the number in your pants, silly! I think a clean diapie suits you much better. Not that they’ll last for long though!” The swishing noise indicated Sarah was swept into the air, and the screen went black. [06/27/20XX] 7:43.23 PM “Goodnight sweetheart,” It was Mommy’s voice. “I’m so glad to hear such a good report today! Maybe there’s hope for you after all! But after bath time it’s time we go beddie-byes! I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun in Daycare tomorrow! Sleep tight, sweetie.” The sound of a mobile could be heard as the door closed. Again, a diapered bottom scrambled as what was a stuffed animal was lifted off the camera. Sarah was in footie pajamas now, with no visible zipper on the front. Sarah took a moment to look up in the direction where the mobile sounds were coming, its shadows dancing across the blankets, illuminating stretched shapes of bears and butterflies. She looked as if she were contemplating something heavy, and suddenly turned her focus back to the camera. “That Desna bitch fucking made me shit myself!” Sarah looked as if she were ready to pull hair. “Momm--That woman put these...triggers,” Sarah wiggled her fingers as if she expected them to be tangible. “These ideas inside my head! I don’t even know what they are! She used so many words at once, I have no idea what it could have been! And ugh! That name she used! Sugarlump? How do you even-” Sarah looked strained, as she sat on her knees and hands, looking as if she were starting to stretch. She groaned and grunted, with her bottom tilted upwards. “Un...believ...” Even after all this time she found it in herself to cry. Apparently repeated messings hadn’t made it any easier. Wiping a tear from her eye, trying to stay bittersweet she tried yet again to support herself. “Guess we know what one of them are...” “Right after she changed me, I was sent to go play with some girl. Alice I think her name is? She was an adult too! Not only was she my size, but she had fucking breasts too! Bigger than mine!” As if to emphasize the point, she fondled her own chest for a second. “I’m not even allowed to wear a bra..” Sarah whimpered. “And I can’t get off in these stupid things!” She looked to be reminding herself of old, painful memories. “Last time I tried, all it got me was a spanking. God…! It’s one thing to put me in diapers, but don’t pretend as if I don’t have adult tendencies too!” “I swear Mommy--” Sarah looked as if she wanted to hit herself for that one. “She,” Putting a large amount of emphasis on the pronoun. “Keeps spiking my food and drinks. I’m sure of it. I don’t poop until I...have too...But the peeing part happens too often. I’ve never peed so much in one day! Not until I was under her finger, that is. And!--” Sarah looked to be keeping an emotional check on herself. “She won’t even change me when I shit myself! She’ll always say, ‘Not wet enough sweetums!’ Or, ‘My? You can hardly call that diaper used, can you?’” She imitated her voice in the most mockingly way possible. “It’s a miracle I haven’t gotten a rash yet...” Sarah sighed. “I’ve never had someone use a trigger word on me before though...” Genuine fear started to loom over her. “It feels...invasive. Like I don’t have control...I didn’t have control...” Sarah gave a slight hiccup. “She’s making me drink this stuff too,” Behind her, Sarah produced a baby bottle proportionate to her size. The bottle apart from the teat was translucent, looking as if a white liquid were inside. “She’ll spank me in the morning if it’s not finished, or even worse, Mr…..” She went quiet. “Ever since I’ve been drinking this stuff--It’s been a few days I think, but ever since then mornings have felt weird. My bladder has been feeling full, like, really full...So much that it takes me like a whole ten seconds to finish!” She stuck the nipple in her mouth and gave it a few sucks. “I gotta say though...as bad as this stuff is, it actually taste kinda good...Like bananas and vanilla ice cream...” She shuddered. “It’s kinda addicting...” “Daycare was terrible though,” Sarah leaned back onto her bottom, and visibly cringed when a look of realization overcame her along with a squish of plastic. She didn’t sit upright though. She merely tried not to move. “Apart from that Desna bitch breathing down my neck, all we did was have nonstop playtime, then snack time, story time and finally naps. And of course they stuck us in cribs. Fucking pathetic. The only thing that was redeeming was the juice. It wasn’t unbearable...But you try telling me that mashed chicken and peas is something you could stomach! It’s like school food, but for babies! I’m an adult though...I am. I’ve been waiting on any more information I can get, like maybe an address for the Daycare. The only reading material accessible though are those stupid picture books we read from! And god are they depressing! It’s all about Littles being submissive; having this ‘divine’ revelation,” She motioned a rainbow with her hands. “That somehow returning to a life of diapers is the end-all-be-all. The lengths these people go to for both mental and physical conditioning is absolutely sickening. I think for the most part I’ve managed to hold it together. I better cut this short though...Space is starting to become an issue...” [06/30/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [07/13/20XX] 2:21.33 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 33%] “Don’t worry, I promise you Sally’s in good hands!” The voice reassured. “I know...I tend to fret. This is her first play date...that’s all.” It was Mommy’s voice. “I’ll be fine!” Sarah’s voice groaned. “I think someone’s a little excited to play with their friend!” The first voice joked. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she gets the right stuff in her system. I have your number and her diapers for when she needs them. She and Alice are gonna have a great time!” “Oh...I know they will! Come here Sally, give Mommy a kiss before she goes.” “Bye...” Sarah briefly spoke. She didn’t seem to make much motion, as if she hadn’t moved from her spot. “That’s okay, Mommy can just come give you kisses instead!” The sound of pecking filled the audio, with each kiss sounding wet and overbearing. “You know, maybe if you learned to cooperate a bit more it wouldn’t have to be so hard...” Mommy whispered with a sigh. The sound of a zipper could be heard as Sarah yelled. “Hey! What are you doing with my skirt?” “Well, how else is Alice’s mommy supposed to check your diapies? I might know when you’re going peepee or poopoo, but Alice’s mommy hasn’t seen that little bladder of yours in action, has she?” “There’s no need to feel embarrassed, Sally. Your mommy has a point. I think it’ll be easier for me to check you this way. And I think your diaper looks very pretty sweetheart.” “But I don’t wanna be naked...” Sarah sounded to be pouting. “Then it’s a good thing you have your diaper on!” Her mommy laughed. “Okay Sally, I’m gonna get going. You be good now, and listen to everything Alice’s mommy tells you to do, understood?” “Yes...” “Alright then. I’ll be back at 6! Have fun!” Alice’s ‘mother’ could be heard giving the other giant a goodbye, and a door was then opened and closed. “Now then!” The new giant-in-charge spoke happily. “I think a certain somebody is waiting for you upstairs! Up we go!” The sounds of plastic crinkling could be heard as Sarah was hoisted in the air, the sound of bare feet moving across wood. It creaked ever so slightly as if they were going upwards. “Aaalice! Guess who’s here!” “Sarah!” The female voice happily shouted. “You’re here!” “Ah-ah-ah!” The mother’s voice almost sounded stern. “Remember we talked about this? Her name is Sally.” “But Sarah tells me to call her Sarah at Daycare!” The protest was adamant, but childish. “Sometimes Sally likes to be silly. Her mommy named her Sally though, so that’s what we should call her. Isn’t that right, Sally?” “I think I prefer Sara--Ow!” The resounding noise of a slap on bare skin could be heard. “Such a poor start already...” The larger woman sighed. “What’s your name, honey?” “Sa...lly….” “Attagirl.” She spoke with satisfaction. “Now I’ll be right back with juice for you two, alright? Play nice now.” A few moments went by, and Sarah was on the move. “Jeez, I can’t believe I almost thought your mommy--Sorry, I mean your owner was nice for a second there. She didn’t have to slap my thigh so hard...” “Mommy can be a bit of a meanie sometimes...” Alice’s voice agreed. She didn’t sound totally sophisticated, but her tone was a tad bit more relaxed. “As long as you do as you’re told, it’s not the worst.” “Yeah right, that’s the understatement of the year,” The screen became light again as Sarah stared down the front of the screen. She was a little blurred however. “Hey, can you reach the wipes on your changing table? I was hiding my camera in my diaper and I couldn’t...” Her voice trailed off, not looking to finish the rest of her sentence. “Yah, I’m a good climber. I’ve had lotsa practice.” She waited there for a few moments, and a third hand reached in with a white cloth. “Thanks. It’s nice knowing I can count on at least one person...” The cloth draped the screen, and wasn’t as blurry but seemed a bit damp. Sarah grabbed a piece of the blue frock she was wearing and wiped the front, giving a brief glimpse of the diaper she wore underneath. With the view mostly cleaned, her nose leaned in, sniffing curiously. “Disgusting...” Sarah muttered. “Why do you always keep that thing with you?” Alice asked, as Sarah tilted it upwards to get a decent view of the room. She faced it towards a brown, wooden crib, then turned it back towards the rest of the room, setting it down. Here legs were spread far apart while she angled it, giving a view of her padded crotch. It looked to be a little discolored. She backed up, as if she were assessing the shot. Seeming content, she turned her focus back to Alice. With her full body on display, without the supposed skirt she once started with, the lower half of her underwear was on full display. “Because it’s my ticket out! Once I get the information I need, all I need to do is upload that video and someone will come and save me. I have a pretty sizable following you know.” “Really? So you’re like a movie star?” “Well, I wouldn’t say that...But a lot of people on the internet know who I am.” “Cool! So, how are you gonna upload the video?” “Well I...” Sarah stammered. “I haven’t got that far yet...” “I’m sure you’ll figure it out Sally. You seem pretty smart.” “Er, thanks. But don’t tell anyone I have it! Everything would be ruined if you did. I’d….I’d be in big trouble. And please call me Sarah. Even if your mom--owner, said so, I still prefer Sarah.” Alice looked to be nervously playing with her hair. “I don’t know...What if she hears me call you that? Then I might get in trouble...and I don’t wanna...” Her face looked to be getting stressed fast, and she was starting to hiccup. “O-o-okay! That’s fine. Just call me Sally. Whatever makes you feel better...Your trauma must run deep, huh?” Alice sniffled as she nodded her head. “Yeah...I don’t like to talk about it so much...” “That’s alright. I’ve been in my share of deep poopie too...” Sarah almost looked a little shocked, covering her own mouth. “But I...I could have sworn I...” Alice stifled a giggle, “You can be pretty silly sometimes Sally.” “N-No! But I knew what I wanted to say! I meant to say sh-poopie!” She looked mortified. “Why do you keep saying poopie?” Alice had a slightly turned head. “But I’m not!” Sarah whined. “I’m thinking of the word, but what I’m trying to say it spelled: S-H-I...A? C? No no no! I can imagine the word, but I can’t say it! And when I try to spell it, I just...I just forget!” She turned to Alice, who seemed to be at a loss, or at least not on quite the same wavelength. “Motherfu-nny!”Sarah let out another whine, stomping her foot off the carpeted floor. “Are you telling me I can’t even swear out loud anymore? That’s a load of bull-poopie!” “I mean, bad words aren’t that important, are they?” Alice had absent-mindedly started to play with her foot, paying no mind to the hem of her sundress being lifted as it put her diaper on full display to the camera. It looked to be in a state similar to that of Sarah’s. “Don’t you get it? She’s taking away everything from me!” Sarah sounded to be having a meltdown. “First it was my name, then my dignity, next my potty training and now my vocabulary? Where does it end? How the fu-nny am I supposed to cope with something like that?!” “I’m sorry...” Alice looked down at the ground sheepishly. “I don’t know...” “Alice...” Sarah pulled her in for a hug. “It’s not your fault. I just annoyed. I want to get out of this as soon as possible.” “Promise?” “Yes. I promise. And another thing, could you let me know if I start to wet myself?” “Sure. But why?” “I haven’t exactly been able to keep good track of it lately...” Sarah’s voice was somber and disappointed. “I know I can’t do much about where it goes right now...but if I can at least keep track of it during the day, maybe I can somehow--” “You’re peeing right now!” “What? Really?” From the side view, Sarah quickly lifted the front of her smock, pressing a hand to her diaper. Her knees buckled as her lip quivered. “I could barely feel it happening...Only after you told me did I realize...” “It’s okay, I’m sure Mommy will change you if you ask nicely. Maybe after she brings us juice?” “Somehow I doubt it...I’ve been in a diaper for too long to know what feels like a change-worthy diaper...” Sarah, trying to keep herself composed sniffed. “And this isn’t it...” “Does it really feel that bad though? I think they’re kinda comfy...” Alice awkwardly pressed her fingers together. “That’s not the point!” Sarah raising her voice had Alice slightly taken aback. “I’m sorry...” Sarah sighed. “I just want to be an adult again...” Alice closed the distance with a hug. “I’m sure you’ll be, but no matter what happens, I’ll always be your friend!” Sarah’s arms seemed a little weak at first, but she clutched the other girl soon after. “Thank you...” She let out a slight sob. “I think you peed a little again...” They broke up the hug as Sarah tried her best to laugh. She didn’t seem too crazy about it though. “Okay girls! Who’s ready for juice?” “Mee!” Alice cheered as she waddled over to the legs in the door frame. Sarah slowly followed in tow. “One for you, and one for Sally!” Both in the distance now had bottles in their hands, suckling the orange-looking substance. “Okay Alice, you know what time it is. Can you show me what a big girl you are and help me do a diaper check?” “Mhm!” From just the right angle, the camera could see as Alice almost immediately dropped her bottle, using both hands to lift the front of her dress high up. “My! What a good girl you are!” Her ‘mommy’ fawned. “I think that diaper can last a bit longer though. And now it’s Sally’s turn...” Sarah looked to be lifting her own hem, only not with as much enthusiasm (A bottle wasn’t seen hitting the floor). Before she could finish though, the giant’s hand had already made an audible crinkle by squeezing her crotch. “I was gonna show you!” Sarah complained. “I’m sorry Sally, but that’s a privilege you need to earn. Your mommy told me to keep you on a tight leash today. I know I can trust Alice to check her diapers, but you might be a different story. Maybe next time.” She tussled the top of Sarah’s hair. “And I think your diaper has a ways to go too. You are a tad bit more wet than Alice though...I’ll check on you in half an hour. Your mommy told me juice goes through your system fast.” The larger figure disappeared, and the two girls were left alone again. Sarah turned back to the camera, and was walking with purpose, anger and frustration in each step. “Sally? You left your juice back here. Do you want me to-” The screen cut to black. [08/15/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [09/22/20XX] 7:57.59 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 21%] Sarah stared back into the camera, yet again in her crib setting. The only key difference now was the pacifier rhythmically pulsating in her mouth. A few minutes lingered until she finally pulled it out; a faint bit of drool following. “It’s been a while since I last did a clip.” She was currently in a onesie, sporting the same podded posterior. “I’ve been having to delete old clips...or at least the ones I DEFINITELY do not need. I’m starting to run low on space...” Her eyes became a bit glossy. “And battery...” She wiped a few tears from her eyes. “Mommy stopped giving me that white stuff about a month ago, I think. She said I didn’t need it anymore...My bladder isn’t full in the morning,” She slightly grimaced. “But I don’t wake up dry either...” She rocked a little back and forth, quietly beginning to moan and sob. “I can’t tell when I’m peeing anymore...Either I’ve stopped focusing, or I can’t control it anymore? Or….or maybe both...” She let out a strange sigh, almost urgently pressing her hand on her front, but didn’t do much else about it.. “I miss panties...I miss wearing a bra...It’s hard to even remember what it was like keeping my pants dry for more than an hour!” She stomped her foot into the crib mattress. It barely made a noise. Desna finally stopped being a poopie-head to me at Daycare...or I at least stopped getting in her way. She still likes to torment me every now and then though...I’ve learned how to stay on her good side...for the most part. We started doing some dance too, and I don’t like it...It’s starting to make my body feel funny...” She yawned and gave a stretch. Fatigue was obvious on her face. “I’ve…*yawwwn* been trying to do these later, but I think this mobile is starting to make me fall asleep faster...sometimes I’m not even fully awake if I mess….I DON’T like peeing or pooping in my diapers...but I’ve at least adjusted to wearing them now...I still wanna use the potty though...I’ve at least tried to ask Mommy about potty training, but she always laughs it off...” Her lower lip quivered as she hugged her legs, the white outer bands of her diaper peeking through her leg holes. “I wanna go home...I don’t like it here...I wanna...Hang on...let me just get comfortable...” Sarah laid on her stomach, facing the camera with her head tilted to the side. “Sorry about that...I just feel so wiped out at bedtime now...I...just….” Her eyes closed, and they didn’t open. She quietly breathed as all that could be heard was the mobile’s nursery rhyme tune. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [09/16/20XX] 7:22.41 AM [WARNING: BATTERY 13%] As the time went on, so did the camera. For almost 11 hours, the camera watched the soundly sleeping Sarah, who had forgotten to turn it off. Suddenly though, she quietly stirred as she slowly opened her eyes. Stretching while still lying down, she slightly pushed herself up, giving the camera a view of her torso. The lower half of her onesie had turned a much darker shade than her upper half. It looked wet, even. “Oh no...” Sarah’s nose sniffed and then twitched. “Not again…!” She did her best to stand up while handling a sodden pad between her legs, as she clutched the bars for support. From this angle, it could be seen that her thighs looked a little wet, right where the edge of her diaper was. Even through the onesie, the backside looked a bit heavy, and fuller as well. “Good morning Sally...” Mommy’s voice entered the room. “Oh! Honey! You leaked! It looks like the backend isn’t doing so well either...” Sarah sounded as if she were trying to stay strong, but it looked and sounded to be a downhill battle. She let out a little gasp however, when she almost dived to the camera, fumbling with it. “I forgot to turn it off?!” Sarah silently screamed into the screen. “I think maybe it’s time for some thicker diapers, sweetie. Daycare has been saying you’re often a bit fuller than the others...That’s okay though, mommy loves that about you! I’m sure you like your squishy diapies by now anyways. Let’s get you changed though! We need to get you ready for Daycare…” The screen cut out once again. [09/25/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [10/19/20XX] [TIME UNKNOWN] [CLIP MISSING/NOT FOUND] [11/30/20XX] 3:21.54 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 3%] Again, Sarah was sucking on a pacifier, only that it was connected by a strap and was clipped to her denim dress, the hem of which easily stopping short of the midpoint on her diaper. This one seemed a tad bit thicker than the past ones she’d worn. It looked unused. “I gottah pawshwood!” Sarah shouted into the camera. She had a brief double take, and pulled the pacifier out of her mouth. It dangled from the clip on her breast pocket. “I got a password! I found Mommy’s notebook when she was cleaning my highchair...” Sarah blushed. “I may have leaked...But it was on purpose though! I needed ta distract her. I’m at Alice’s right now. We’re watching tv.” “Sally! You’re gonna miss it! The Cookie Monster is back!” Almost with a sense of urgency, Sarah turned her head towards the direction of the voice, almost as if she were contemplating whether or not to rush to it. “I uhh….” She looked back at the camera, then the doorway. “I should probably go...I don’t wanna miss...” Her face grew a little blank, as her brow furrowed. She stood on her tippie-toes as her face grew a little red, grunting, and then letting out a sigh as it became evident of the business she’d done. Picking the camera up, she waddled in a hurry to the exit of the nursery, a shuffling diaper being heard with each step. “Saaallly!” Alice’s voice shouted. “I’m coming! Hang on!” “Girls! I know Sesame Street is exciting, but you need to-” The screen cut out. [12/24/20XX] 11:57.38 PM [WARNING: BATTERY 0%] “I don’t know how much time I have…” Sarah’s cheeks were wet. “I tried...so, so, so hard! So why? Why does it have to end like this?” “Mommy saw her password book was moved...When I tried the password when I had the babysitter, it didn’t work! She never accused me...but I think she...” “It won’t be that bad...right?” She tried to smile at the camera, but her despair was beyond evident. At last, she’d reached the end of her rope. “I have Alice at Daycare...And messy and wet diapers are at least bearable now...The juice isn’t bad either...” With each point, she seemed to cry and shake more and more. “I don’t wanna be a baby!” She started to shake her head, left and right. “I want my panties back! I don’t like eating mushy food all the time! I wanna know when I need to pee! And I’m sorry everyone! I lied! My name’s not Sarah! That was a fake name I used for social media...It’s actually An-” [12:00.01] [WARNING: BATTERY DEAD] [MERRY CHRISTMAS]
  4. Let's see - this is a complete story, but I'm only giving it to you a chapter at a time. Does that make me the Grinch, or is it in the spirit of the holiday? Well, either way, here's the first one. Hope you enjoy! Ornaments 1 Gina blushed as they walked toward the entrance of the mall, clutching Daddy's arm tightly. She couldn't believe she'd let him talk her into this. Under her heavy overcoat, under the long skirt she wore, was one of the Tranquility ATN's he'd been putting on her at home during the day on occasion, what he referred playfully to as her “little-girl panties”. At home, they made her feel little, playful, and very affectionate toward Daddy, much the same way the much thicker Drynite 24/7's made her feel at bedtime. She'd even gotten somewhat used to wetting them, though she was very fussy about being changed immediately after. But here, now, in spite of all the layers of clothes, Gina could hear the rustle. And she was quite certain everyone in the mall would be able to hear it too. But Daddy said they needed to go shopping for an ornament, something to celebrate their first Christmas together, and he hadn't given Gina any time to think about what she was wearing before he helped her put her overcoat on and whisked her out the door. By the time it sank in what was happening, it was much too late to protest. Daddy was very strict about Gina wearing panties of some sort at all time. It was a bad habit she used to have before she met him, going commando, and during the week, when they were apart, she had to send Daddy a picture of her in the panties she chose each day before going to “school”, and then show him that she still had them on when they video chatted in the evening. She actually enjoyed those little show-and-tell moments, and she suspected Daddy did as well. A cold gust of wind bit their cheeks, and they quickened their pace. It was such a relief when they passed through the air curtain and into the warmth of the food court. “So, where shall we start our search?” Daddy asked. “Um...” Gina was trying not to fixate on her underwear, but it wasn't working very well. “How about Justice?” His sly smile gave away his real intent there. There was only one reason ever to go to Justice, and that was to add to Gina's growing collection of very little-girly hair accessories, barrettes, headbands, and other oddities that just made the 42-year-old look that much more like a 3-year-old when she looked in the mirror after Daddy dressed her on the weekends. Not that Gina didn't enjoy the heck out of it. She loved feeling little, and looking the part just pulled her that much deeper into her little-space. “Daddy, there's no ornaments in there!” It was a distraction, and it was helping. She had to give him that. “There aren't? Well where do you think we could find some?” “Macy's has a whole Christmas section, Daddy!” “Ah yes, I seem to recall it right near the little girl's section. Perhaps we can find you something pretty to wear while we're there?” “Daddy! We're supposed to be shopping for ornaments, not baby clothes!” Being five feet tall and very slender made for constant awkward moments whenever they were near girls' clothes, since she could easily fit a girls' 14, and routinely wore girls' size 12 jeans because of how tiny her ass was. “Well then by all means, let's go shopping!” Daddy playfully swatted her on the bottom, redirecting her attention right back to the thick padding hidden underneath those clothes. No girls' size 12 jeans were fitting over her current underwear, that was for certain. She blushed deeply as they began to make their way through the crowds, his hand on the small of her back. They didn't go straight to Macy's, though. They wound up stopping at Justice, where she found the absolute cutest little headband with a cluster of pink flowers over the top. And they stopped at Hallmark, to look at their little ornament offerings. There were lots of adorable ones there, and she would have bought them all just because they were so cute, but nothing really said “Daddy and babygirl,” especially not for this, their first Christmas together. They stopped at Bath and Body Works too, just because she loved smelling all the smells, not to mention watching Daddy cringe at all the smells. Lobbying for a rather expensive gift pack got her what she really wanted, which was a bottle of “Sea Foam Cotton” scented body wash she'd been lusting after for weeks. Then the inevitable happened. She had to pee. She was sure this little shopping trip would be done and over before she had to face this. The worst part was, her body almost betrayed her right away, as relaxed as she'd become wearing diapers and wetting them over those few months. But she couldn't do that, not here! People would see! They'd know she was peeing herself! Everyone would know! And what if it leaked?! She'd be mortified! Everyone in the mall would laugh at her, with pee in her socks! She froze stock-still right at the entrance to Macy's, feeling the heat fill her face, and her knees buckled in not very subtle fashion. “What's wrong, princess?” Daddy whispered. “I gotta go pee, Daddy!” she whispered back, her voice trembling. “So what's stopping you?” “I don't wanna do it here! Everyone will see!” “Everyone will see right through your overcoat and under your dress and watch you pee in your pampers?” “No, they'll see my potty-face, and they'll know what I'm doing!” “And you really think all these people are going to stop and pay attention to you instead of worrying about what they're here to do, which is go Christmas shopping? Close enough attention to recognize that someone they've never met looks like she might be going tinkle in the middle of the store instead of the bathroom?” “No, but...” “But you're just being silly, then. Come on, let's go find a pretty ornament for the tree.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him in a side hug, kissing her forehead. And that was that. Daddy had issued the verdict, and she knew making a scene would be far more humiliating here and now, not to mention painful later over Daddy's knee, than what was about to happen. They moved through the store, him setting a brisk pace that forced her to abandon any attempt to clench. Within minutes she was leaking, and the heat rose up into her face as she stared at the escalator stairs in front of her. They stepped on, and she finished her business, the swollen warm mass between her legs simultaneously comforting and teasing her. She wanted a change. Even at home, she hated sitting in a wet diaper very long. Didn't matter how meticulous Daddy was about putting cream and powder down there to make her feel dry, that was still her pee, and it was still wrapped around her waist, and she wanted out of it. But a change now would mean trudging all the way back out to the truck in this cold weather, not to mention the mortal fear of some passerby catching a glimpse while Daddy changed her in the back of the truck. And there was no way Daddy was going to just let her take it off and dispose of it in the ladies' room. Little girls needed to be wearing panties, that's all there was to it. And then she saw it. There, hanging on the fake tree set up in the Christmas department, she saw it. The most perfect ornament for their first Christmas together. She reached out and picked it up by the string. “Oh Daddy. It's perfect...” Wet diaper was forgotten. Shame and embarrassment was forgotten. The crowd was forgotten. All else ceased to exist but her, and Daddy, and the perfect little ornament. He smiled broadly and pulled her close to him. “It's adorable. Just like you, babygirl. A perfect ornament for our first Christmas tree together. Good girl!” Her toes curled involuntarily, and pleasant little electric shocks shuddered up and down her spine, as they always did when he said those two words... ---- Gina smiles as she hangs it on the tree, right at eye level, right in the front, right where it belongs. Their very first Christmas together, commemorated with a little girl, head full of blonde curls, snuggled up in a red blanket with white fur trim at the base of a beautiful Christmas tree. “Baby girl's first Christmas,” it read on the placard below. She takes a long look at it, and a sigh escapes her lips. She reaches back down into the box...
  5. Hey! Thanks for dropping by to read this short. Please leave comments and feedback! Enjoy the holidays! It's Christmas, After All. “Good morning Anna...it’s time to get up…” The small girl stirred in her bedding dismissively, preoccupied with maintaining a state of bliss that only sleep could make possible. A much larger hand than her own gave her back a slight rub, dragging her further from peace itself. “Don’t you want to open all the nice presents Santa brought you?” Presents? What was she talking about? She needed to get up for work and- Oh. Right. It had been one of those dreams again. The kind where Anna wasn’t being awoken by a person countless times her size every morning. The kind where she could sleep soundly in her own home without a single soul claiming ownership over her. The kind where she’d fight the struggles of reality with caffeine and willpower, sitting at a desk completing menial tasks to secure the paycheck that guaranteed her survival until the next one. Pessimistic, she knew; but god if that hadn’t become her idea of paradise now. Instead of such strange luxuries, she had become acquainted to the life of submissiveness that robbed her of all possible freedoms. Replaced by her alarm clock was now a doting “mother” that never seemed to take no for an answer, nor ever leave her unsupervised for a second; banishing the concept of privacy altogether in Anna’s life. Yes. The kind of life where it was inappropriate now for someone of her age and stature to be drinking coffee, much less working an “adult” job. The filing work she’d done, reports she’d submitted, presentations she’d given, had all now been downgraded into clashing dolls with each other and learning that the cow goes moo for the fifty-fucking-thousandth time. The dreary grays of maturity couldn’t help but feel so tempting now; oh how she’d taken it for granted. Instead, every day now was regulated happiness showered in sickeningly bright colors and infantile songs and games. And oh how she missed playing with herself. She couldn’t remember the last time she was able to touch her own nether regions… It was despairing to think that someone else was now placing sanctions on her own crotch. It was the cursed fate of a Little, someone who fell at the mercy of the “superior” Amazons. Every morning she’d have this sort of reflection; a longing to meticulously consider each and every possible way she could have avoided the fate she was now trapped in. Not that her regrets would ever change anything now, it was fair to say that stepping outside her apartment wasn’t the smartest move in a world of Amazons. A fall from grace could not even begin to describe the constant dread Anna felt on a daily basis, and it almost felt like human instinct was what kept her going at times. That’s all she could reason with, as anything else that might justify her will to see the sun rise would either be snack time at Daycare, or seeing the mischief from when the Cookie Monster was up to no good. But of course that wasn’t the case. Even if the juice was really starting to grow on her… “It seems like somebody had a soggy dream!” The maternal voice continued to coo from above, easily rolling over the drowsy Little. A hybrid noise between a squish and a splosh became audible to Anna’s ears, and the faintest bit of liquids swam in her pants; forcing her to yet again acknowledge and lament her greatest setback of all and worst misfortune. Almost ready to grimace, she cringed at those all too familiar words, as Mommy’s repetition of them had long since conditioned Anna to know that was her ‘cutesy’ way of saying she’d done quite the number on her terribly thick and cushy diaper. By no means was Anna a bed wetter, or, at least not until Mommy got through with her. She’d long since ran out of tears for her bedtime ‘accidents,’ as she used to call them in protest. The excuses stopped though after Mommy kept reinforcing the point that they couldn’t be accidents if that’s what was supposed to happen, and you tend to stop calling the sky green if it never seems to stop being blue. From Anna’s opening eyes, past the shield of her pacifier, the unmistakable bulge pronounced itself on her crotch past the thin and snug pyjama bottoms, decorated in twirling butterflies and smiling flowers. The aimless grins the motifs donned had clearly become something that mocked her, acutely aware of the garment they confined her to; intentionally hugging her waist and legs just to emphasize the unmistakable bulge that never left her bottom. She could still remember the pair of panties that used to be around her legs like vivid war flashbacks. Each and every day that passed however, she fell farther from the feeling of adult cloth that hugged her in only the necessary ways. Now she had a cloud around her hips. The only luxury brands she ever wore now were either Pampers or Luvs. She’d miss her morning diaper change if she started to think about the toilet next. God how she missed her porcelain throne… “Come on honeybunches! Aren’t we excited to see what Santa brought us?” Mommy had started standing the groggy and bow-legged Anna up in her crib. The waistband of her diaper peaked past her bottoms as she raised her arms in a stretch and muffled yawn past the pacifier. Anna could feel the lukewarm pad shift with her movements. Whenever she woke up nowadays her wettings at night had gone from a question of “if” to “when.” It was a tough pill to swallow that it was considered the inevitable now, and the only thing which could keep her even remotely sane or invested in resistance was trying to guess when she last wet it. Judging by the neutral temperature in her pants, it was at some point during the later half of the night. Needless to say, she was ready to feel dry again. Not that it would do much to change the constant smell of lavender powder she smelled. That was a package deal now, of course. Wherever she and her diapered bottom went, the telltale crinkle and smell would follow. The brand of infancy if you could call it that. The brand of shame. Even amidst all that though, despite living 20 years of her life, only to be sent back to square one, her first Christmas in hell still had her spirits elevated by a somewhat mentionable amount. Anna wanted to believe that somehow beyond her Mommy’s demeaning and condescending treatment, there was some form of genuine affection she had for her. Maybe her recent forms of complacency would at least earn her a smidgen of something resembling maturity. She could only hope. It was no secret that she did the gift shopping, but of course any parent would maintain the facade for their “baby.” Anna suddenly felt reminded of past spankings when she tried to argue the toothfairy wasn’t real. Daycare never was the best place to raise controversial topics of discussion… Mommy hooked a finger around the ring of Anna’s pacifier and gently pulled it out, the slightest string of drool trying to maintain a connection between the teat and her lips. Immediately Anna could feel herself craving for that vanilla-flavored silicone again. She tried her best to stomach such urges though, as it’s what the adult in her would want. “Can you change me now? I want to be in something clean.” Anna for the most part remained neutral, as submitting simply was not an option, and resistance was met with punishment. All she could do now was hold on for dear life as she compromise without rocking the boat too much. “Such a good girl! Even you know how your morning’s go!” She chuckled. “But...” Her buts never ended well. They were always on such a different wavelength, Anna had grown to know that what was sugar to Mommy was clearly salt to her. The only thing she could do now though was learn how to stomach it. “Since you’ve been such a good girl the past few weeks, and I know you’re excited to see all the presents,” Anna was then hoisted into the air as a strong arm pressed the soggy diaper closer to her. “Maybe we can do a diaper change after you open your presents!” It was as if she thought she were doing Anna a service. How twisted could her mindset be? “Tab-Mo..mmmy,” Anna every once in a while still found herself getting caught on the name. It had mostly been curbed by repeated hypnosis though… Even when she made a mistake, instilled commands knew how to pick up the pieces for her. Why she didn’t do away with her bladder control too was beyond her. Maybe Mommy somehow got enjoyment out of a Little who’s thoroughly broken themselves in. “I’d actually rather be changed now. Please?” “That’s okay honey,” Mommy stroked the back of Anna’s shoulder-length hair. “Mommy knows you like your wet diapees! I’ll indulge you today since it’s so special.” Anna bit her tongue at that one. It was one of those moments when Mommy knew just how cruel she was actually being, but despite everyone in the room knowing her true intentions, she still felt the need to dress them up in syrup and sugar. “But first, let’s do the potty song you’ve been learning at Daycare!” No. Anything but that. “I think I wanna go open my presents instead!” Anna did her best to sound chipper, her voice sounding a little worried as her pulse raced. Mommy set her on the carpeted floor, her feet doing their best to support a soggy bottom. “I think that means were going to do the potty dance,” Mommy said in a much more stern and commanding voice. “Unless we need to start the morning off with Mr.Bubbles and a spanking?” God she had a name for everything...it was annoying to no end! Mr.Bubbles was someone she wasn’t fond of though...or rather something. Too many times has she been blessed with his presence; an enma that gets her bowels moving in all the wrong directions. Needless to say, the threat of Mr.Bubbles already had her posing for the Potty Dance. She wished she could say she forgot, but how could you when they make you start the day with it and finish off on it too? And it was just a theory, but they were somehow working subliminal messaging into the Daycare to get you to remember it too. Who knows what else they might be poisoning their minds with… “And let’s get these things off too. Mommy needs to make sure the dance does the trick after all!” Mommy then took the liberty of snaking off Anna’s pyjama bottoms, leaving the discolored diaper on full display, the friendly and familiar faces of Barney characters plastered on front too. Clearly in a better mood than the half-naked Anna was. Anna by this point was almost shaking, remembering what it feels like to do the dance. Christmas break had made her fortunate enough to score at least four days out of that living hell, but trauma was fast-coming. This was the one thing she’d never get over. Especially in front of an audience. “Chop chop hun-bun! Those presents are waiting for you!” Anna took a deep breath and tried to maintain her big-girl composure. The thought of the Potty Dance already had the hardwired instructions flooding her head. Each lyric engrained like a carving to a rock. Anna put on an artificial smile and began to move. “I’m….not a big boy!” Anna started in a sing-song voice. “I’m notta big girl!” she wiggled her hips, the swollen diaper she wore following to-and-fro. “So when I gotta go potty, I like to pee my pants!” She leaned forward to her gushing Mommy, whilst Anna drilled her fingers into her cheeks with a forced cheshire grin. She could already feel an uncomfortable pressure on her abdomen. But not even the fear of what was to come could stop her almost mechanical motion now. Manual input was fast transitioning into automatic. The subliminal messaging the Daycare used really had a fix on her. “The potty is my diaper and I like to pee--my--pants!” The only freedom she had in this ritual was whatever name she ended it on...It was obvious though she didn’t have an option. By now her sphincter muscle was ready to lose a downhill battle. Tears started to form as something foreign kept her tone upbeat and diapered posture upright. “So I make my Mommy proud when I poop, my, pants!” Like clockwork, Anna spun to face her back to Mommy, as she felt her body assume a crouched position on its own and allow herself to void the already soiled diaper she was trapped in. She could almost throw up as she felt the muddy mess invade her underpants, but wanted to openly sob when she could feel the slightest sense of pride the song was teaching her to feel. The slight crinkle from stretching plastic filled the room, as it made room for its new visitor. Needless to say, the cherry on top was when she smelled the unmistakable odor. “Well?” Anna sniffled as she wiped her tears, standing in a much more heavy diaper now. “Are you happy? Can you change me now?” Mommy certainly was smiling, and Anna could tell there was some malicious amusement hidden in there. “Of course, sweetie!” Mommy cooed as she forcibly guided the pyjama bottoms back up her legs, stretching them over the expanded diaper. She lifted Anna, squishing the mess into her backside as she supported her bottom. “After we open your presents, of course!” “Something tells me Santa’s been keeping a close eye on you this year!” A few new tears escaped Anna as she could only clutch the fabric of her Mommy’s nightgown for emotional support. Messing was never easy. How this monster could relish in a grown woman shitting herself was something Anna never expected to fathom. All her mind was occupied now was the snaking mess in her pants, conforming to the shifting real estate her Mommy’s hold was putting strain on. They strolled down the hall, Mommy humming her Christmas carols along the way as with a free hand she unlocked the over-5 foot-tall baby gate at the stairs; an extra layer of security Anna had only ever once been skilled enough to challenge. The bars had simply proved too slippery however, and the lock was impossible to reach. The passive reminders of no escape were crushing. “Let’s hope Santa brought you some baby powder, huh?” Mommy pretended to pinch her nose, giving Anna another uncomfortable shuffle in her arms. “Maybe I wouldn’t need some if you-” The unusually vocal retaliation Anna was feeling in that moment quickly died without much struggle as she could see the stern expression in her dominator’s face. Rule number 3, no backtalk. Second only to permanent residency in diapers and addressing Mommy as Mommy. They’d been through this song and dance far too many times for Anna to not know any better Whether it actually was or not didn’t matter. Defiance usually meant backtalk. Which is why Anna shortly followed up with, “I’m sorry for being mean, Mommy...” Mommy’s annoyance was still very real, but almost on a dime her expression changed to one of a much more somber and loving nature. “Well, it is Christmas after all… We’ll let you off with just a warning this time.” Needless to say, a bullet dodged. Even if she was confined to babyhood, you’d never want to start Christmas on a low note… Despite everything, the themes of such a holiday kept her somewhat invested, at least curious to see the breathtaking array of wrapped and ribboned gifts. What may lay on the inside of them was a totally different story, which is why she’d much rather judge the book by its cover. As the rounded the corner into the livingroom, Mommy was the first to let out an intentionally exasperated gasp. “Look Anna! Look at all the presents Santa brought you!” In the corner, a towering tree of green was nestled; dressed in golds and silvers as spheres of shimmering color were suspended from the piny branches. A bright yellow star crowned its peak, with a shine complimented by the lights that spiraled around the giant tree. Two stockings hung alongside atop the fireplace, embroidered with the names Mommy and Anna, hers being noticeably smaller, as if to reinforce a power dynamic. As if the diapers and genetics weren’t enough to convey that. From underneath the tree though, countless boxes of varying size spread outwards like a wave from the base of the tree. Covered in varied prints, no gift was wrapped the same as another, and each ribbon used to encase the already taped paper was a mix of some christmas red or green, followed by a golden trim. Snow pressed against the glass backyard doors, and truly tied together the Christmas scene. For almost a moment, even Anna forgot about the situation she was in, including the state of her pants. Sheer awe had captivated the Little’s attention, as even a small seed of eagerness was starting to bloom within her. “Are...are these all for me?” There were too many to count at a glance, but if Anna had to have guessed, she could make out at least 20 different gifts. Maybe 30? Never had she been showered with so much financial affection! “Well, I don’t see any other good girls in this house. Do you?” Anna almost felt a little giddy when she was lowered to the carpeted floor, her first gift only a mere foot away. By chance, she could see a large sticker plastered on the front, reading: TO : ANNA FROM : SANTA Even if Mommy was trying to drive the point home, she’d at least stop arguing the existence of the fictional figure since she’d gone to such lengths. The first one wasn’t terribly big, but of a decent size. She was so swept up in Christmas memories however, she stopped thinking about the likely nature of its contents. As she slipped off the ribbon and began to tear into the paper, a white flash caught her from the side. Mommy was crouched with her phone, getting just the right shot at the perfect angle of her Little. Pictures were something Anna wish would burn, but had stopped fighting them long ago when the stockpiles at this point had become enormous and any “backtalk” just meant another spanking. It was pointless fighting a battle you knew you were going to lose. Or at least one that you’ve continuously lost. But once the Christmas-y exterior gave way, and the gift was revealed, Anna remembered exactly where she was and how she was being treated. The glows of christmas lights had become dampened and the golds and silvers didn’t feel so bright anymore. Staring back at her was a package of flavored pacifiers. Proudly boasting: Banana!, Watermelon! Mango! She hated herself for still finding curiosity in the taste though… Vanilla was a nice flavor… “Ooooh! Santa knows how much you like your pacis, doesn’t he?” Anna’s foresight to avoid potential reprimand had her smiling in agreeance, even if it was a weak one. She tried to put all her stock in appreciating the aesthetics of the morning. But a small ray of hope was still holding out for at least one big-girl gift! “There’s plenty more to go honey!” Mommy urged. “You can’t sit in your morning poopies for too long you know!” Anna did her best to ignore the condescending remark, already making a conscious effort not to move too much; lest she remind herself of what she was sitting in. Stand on her knees was the only thing she could do to comfortably relieve the stress. Still with hope, her expectations carried on to the next gift, a bit larger in dimensions than before. It was a two-piece box which she had to lift the top off of, and was greeted to the sight of a new outfit to add to her already extensive and infantile wardrobe. It was a pale blue, thick cloth button-up attached to a black skirt. She was positive that it’d show off the tip of her day-diapers in even an idle position. Another tough pill to swallow. “How pretty!” Mommy supplemented the commentary for her. “I think the caretakers are gonna find you irresistibly cute at daycare in this!” What was at least the silver lining was the diaper cover she didn’t see underneath. It was decorated in a lettered-block motif, but at least it was some form of modesty. After a series of more outfits, bathing suit, Little baby-geared toys and a new mobile, Anna had just about reached the end of her rope in presents and hope. Time and time again she had set herself up for disappointment; receiving not a single thing she could even remotely take adult-joy in. The pacifiers and a few other things, maybe as a baby… but clearly she was trying to contradict that trend. Amongst the debris of torn paper and ribbons, there remained one last gift. It was almost hidden behind the tree. “Okay, Anna, I think that’s the last one!” Of course it was. Mommy had probably been keeping a mental checklist of each and every gift that was opened. She was the one who wrapped them after all. From its outward appearance, it was thin, but not hard. In fact, the wrapping paper easily crinkled when she pressed her hand down on it. At this point, she simply wanted to open whatever baby gift it could be out of a sense of urgency. Her diaper had become uncomfortably cold and the recent mess she had made was starting to smell a bit more… As she tore the paper apart, she did little to guess at the contents since her interest had mostly been killed. Clearly this year was a holiday meant for Mommy and her photo album. Anna was just along for the unfortunate ride. But once she fully unwrapped the paper, Anna was suddenly taken aback. P….panties? The sight was unmistakable. Underneath the product’s original packaging, past the unicorns prancing on the crotch of them, a pack of assorted panties was unmistakable! By no means what an adult would wear in terms of pattern design, but certainly a step towards adulthood! “What is it sweetie? What did he get you?” Mommy moved over the many gifts to get a closer look with her camera. For the first time in what felt like forever, Anna happily clutched the one gift she was truly thankful for, and proudly held it in front of Mommy for the picture she knew was to follow. “Panties! T….thank you Mommy!” She still despised the woman, but it was a kind gesture nonetheless. She paused with her smile for a few seconds, waiting for the flash. “Ooh. Really now?” With curiosity on her face, Mommy easily pulled the package out of Anna’s hands, turning it over and looking. Clearly she was invested in this surprise sort of thing. “Can I wear them now? Please?” Anna was already bursting to get out of this diaper. It was only better that it could be a shift into adult underwear now! “I think Santa made a mistake, sweetie.” What? A...mistake? No, no, no. What was she talking about? Suddenly Anna started to feel a bit uneasy she didn’t have possession of the panties anymore. “Huh? But you got- I mean, Santa--Santa gave them to me!” “I don’t think Santa would have brought panties to someone who wears diapers 24/7, sweetheart.” Mommy hadn’t bothered to offer a look of sympathy, as she continued her puzzled expression, setting the panties aside on the couch. “But...but he gave them to me...” The reality was too cruel. The trick Mommy was playing right now crossed a line Anna had never even considered. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as freedom was once again plucked from her tiny hands. “He…” Anna started to sniffle and sob. “HE GAVE THEM TO ME!” “I know honey...” Mommy pulled Anna close to rub her back. “I’m sure Santa mixed up your gift with another big girl’s,” She knew just how to console her in all the wrong ways. “I’m sure the big girl who should be getting panties right now is surprised to be getting thick baby diapers, huh? Don’t worry, I’m sure Santa will fix it by the end of the day. We just need to wait and see!” Mommy started to chuckle, as if she had effectively lightened the mood. But regardless of the mistake she made, Anna was too broken and hurt to keep herself reserved. Fuck you. Anna internally screamed. She seathed with rage. Fuck rules 1, 2, 3, 4 and all the rest! The final screw on her lid popped off, and Anna exploded. “NO!” Anna shouted, easily breaking away from the relaxed Amazon. “I’M TIRED OF BEING A BABY! I WANT TO BE AN ADULT! I DON’T CARE IF YOU MIXED THEM UP!” She resorted to protest in the only way she knew how, and collapsed to the ground, rapidly kicking and pounding her fists off the carpet. “I WANT TO BE BIG AGAIN! I HATE DIAPERS! I HATE LIVING LIKE THIS! I HATE YOU!” In between her screams and shouts, she kept her sobs and cries audible. The tears never stopped, and her cheeks felt wet. Surprisingly she wasn’t shut down immediately, and after a few minutes she had already run low on fumes. Her screams became quiet as a constant cry gradually took precedence. “Please...let me go home...” “Anna...” Mommy’s voice was somber, as if Anna had finally broken through to her. Anna could then feel an arm wrap around her stomach as she was lifted into the air. “If I had known this would happen...” . . . “Maybe it would have been better to start off with Mr.Bubbles after all.” Anna’s bottom lip began to quiver as the started to ascend the stairs, the panties zooming out of vision. She found it in herself to cry yet again as her wails filled the house. All she could feel was disappointment and betrayal, coupled with the smell of a mess she’d been sitting in for almost an hour. What didn’t help was when her weakened bladder invited a fresh stream into the crotch of her well-used diaper. “Shh, shh...” Mommy cooed as she tried to soothe her. “Once we empty out your system you’ll feel much better.” On the changing table, Anna whimpered as the back of her pants and diaper were pulled down in one swift motion, and she could then feel the tube insert into her backside. A rush of warm water began to invade her backside, making her quiver as she barely managed to stand on her hands and knees. Mommy gave her a kiss on the forehead and smiled. “Maybe we can think about pull-ups a few years from now.” The warm torrent of water didn’t seem to stop. The overall shock had Anna completely speechless and stunned. “But I wouldn’t get our hopes up! I don’t think your daycare offers potty training for Littles,” “Not that you mind.” Mommy chuckled as she tussled Anna’s hair. The tube was finally plucked from the Little’s backside, the used diaper being pulled back into place. “But I think I already warned you about backtalk once this morning, didn’t I?” Anna was already over her knee on the rocking chair, her abdomen feeling strange, and full. “I’ll only spank you 10 times though,” “It’s Christmas, after all.”
  6. Hi folks, I just wanted to pop on and wish everyone a very joyful xmas whatever your doing. X
  7. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a historical fiction set in 1940's Germany. That means Nazi Germany. This is the story of two girls who were best friends when they were little. Now that they're 18, they're reunited. One of them grew up with Nazi propoganda pounded into her head. She wrestles with her morality- that which she senses, knows deep down, is right- and an internal battle with all the brainwashing she's undergone. Let me be crystal clear- the Nazis were bad. They were scum. The main character in this story has to dig through propoganda and lies to learn that truth we know today. FROEHLICHE WEIHNACHTEN by CK- Cute Kitten The soft layers of the cloth diaper rubbed over the sensitive mound of her womanhood with each step. The press of the padding tingled along her nerves, radiating waves of comfort in the quiet dark of night. The hem of her red nightgown swished around her ankles while the lace collar, cuffs, and hem shone like fresh snow in the dim yellow glow of the kerosene lamp. Her thick woolen socks made no sound on the wooden floors of the old farmhouse. Gertrude carefully opened the doors between various rooms, trying to keep squeaky hinges silent. She tiptoed over the squeaky floorboards as she slunk through the house on Christmas Eve. Snitching a few Christmas cookies was an old childhood tradition between her and her twin sister. The only thing that slowed her annual Christmas Eve sojourn was the diaper. Even a single cloth diaper forced her thighs apart, making her waddle. The thickness slowed her gait down. Just one layer, just one diaper, yet it felt like she wore several pairs of thick woolen underwear. How had her sister Heidi tolerated such a bulky undergarment? In bed on a cold night, a diaper was comforting. But up and ambulating around, the warm bulk just got in her way. Heidi never had a choice about wearing and using diapers; she’d been incontinent all eighteen years of her short life. Heidi had been born with deformed, twisted limbs. She was never able to talk or know when she had to go to the bathroom. Incontinent cripple. The doctors at the hospital had called her condition cerebral palsy. The family had called it a curse, an embarrassment. Back when Gertrude was was a little girl, she only brought one friend inside to meet her sister. Her best friend, Magda the little Jewish girl. Heidi was kept hidden away, a shameful family secret. Heidi never went to school. The doctors and family both knew she was incapable of learning. Gertrude tried to teach her what she learned in school, anyway. Heidi was never able to talk, but she learned to read. Heidi and Gertrude even proved it to their parents. The doctors refused to believe it, chalking it up to wishful thinking. Gertrude slipped into the spacious living room. The diaper pressed against her privates. It was dry; she had no intention of actually using it. She only wore them to feel closer to her dead twin. Heidi had been gone for a year, but the would of her passing was still fresh in Gertrude’s heart. Heidi had been her best friend and confidant, even if she could only grunt and drool. Gertrude learned to interpret those grunts until they became a language all their own. The cold living room seemed larger since it was empty. Her grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles were all upstairs, asleep. Her father had cleaned out the fireplace earlier and filled it with fresh logs for Christmas morning. Hand knitted stockings hung from the mantle, lumpy with little gifts. The war had tightened purse strings all across the Reich, but out here in the country they didn’t feel the bite as hard as the city folk. The gifts weren’t much; just small luxuries to sweeten hard times. Some candy, apples, oranges. Scented bar soaps and body powder for the ladies. A new hairbrush to replace an old, broken one. Her grandparents were full of old stories mourning the lost glory of the German Empire and life under the kaiser. Her father and uncles had all fought during the Great World War. They had suffered under the economic hardships steered by the inept Weimar Republic government and raped by the even harder penalties of the Versailles Treaty. Gertrude didn’t pay much attention to politics or what was going on in the wider world. There was too much work to do on the farm, more important things in her immediate life to worry about. What little she knew, she gleaned from the grumblings of the menfolk, particularly when they were soused with drink. The cold emptiness of the room pressed in on her. The magic of Christmas, that most wonderful time of the year, was as chill and dark as the unlit fireplace. Gertrude was the only girl in her family. All ten of her cousins were boys. Nine of them were away from home on the front lines fighting the enemy. Josef was the only one home on special leave. He wasn’t a regular Waffen SS soldier like the others. He was a member of the SS Totenkopfverbande. She wasn’t sure exactly what they did. Josef refused to talk about it, but their domineering grandmother pestered him into dolling out a few crumbs. At dinner, he’d mumbled something about guarding a camp. After a few glasses of grandma’s homemade gluhwein, he’d let slip some slurred gibberish about a place called Buchenwald. The absence of her cousins, the absence of her twin, left Gertrude feeling alone. Up in her little cramped closet of a room she’d once shared with her twin, the lonely isolation had pressed in on her. She hadn’t been able to sleep, even with the comfort of Heidi’s diapers. Memories and shadows of her dead sister filled every nook and cranny of the room and pinched her heart. So she’d fled downstairs, hoping that keeping their old tradition alive would help her feel less alone. That it would bring back some small part of her sister. The diaper shifted and rubbed against her with every step across the living room. It was a constant reminder of her twin. Usually the warm softness of the thick padding reassured her. Now it only heightened the ache of Heidi’s absence. This wasn’t the first time Gertrude wore Heidi’s diapers. She’d been wearing them to bed every night since her sister’s funeral. The first time she donned a diaper was the night they scattered Heidi’s ashes in their grandmother’s rose garden. Heidi used to love staring out the window for hours at the summer roses, watching the bees and butterflies. The night of the funeral, Gertrude had wallowed in the dregs of grief, out of her mind with mourning. So she pulled out one of Heidi’s clean cloth diapers and put it on. Immediately, the press of the thick bulk between her legs had calmed her, reassured her. Heidi was gone from the earth, but she was still with Gertrude in her heart. From that night on, Gertrude wore her dead sister’s diapers to bed. Tonight was Gertrude’s first time getting out of bed and walking through the house in diapers. The padding that usually comforted her now unnerved her. What if she got caught in a diaper? They’d say she’d gone crazy with grief. They’d lock her up in the loony bin. She should’ve taken the diaper off before leaving the bedroom. She’d tried, but her fingers refused to open the diaper pins. She couldn’t bring herself to do it- it made her feel like she was leaving Heidi behind. Casting her sister aside by taking off the diaper. Gertrude shuddered at those thoughts, cold from the inside out. The lantern swayed on the thin wire loop handle in her hand. The soft, swaying light danced on the tin ornaments with their shiny, metallic paint. The candles on the Christmas tree were snuffed out for the night; they’d be relit Christmas morning, along with the yule logs in the fireplace. Most of the ornaments were wood, hand carved by her grandfather, father and uncles when they were boys. Some were knitted from yarn, made by her grandmother and aunts. The ones that drew the most attention were shiny, metallic tin disks proudly displaying thick black swastikas. Her uncle had bought them a few years ago on a trip into the city. He’d wanted to put a big swastika on top of the tree, but grandma refused. She wanted her beloved, tacky, stained glass and lead star instead. Lumpy presents in cheap brown paper lay under the tree. Everybody knew what they were- new hand knitted sweaters or cardigans. Smaller packages were mittens, scarves, gloves. Everyone was grateful, too- the ones from last year were falling apart after months of hard living and working. A hard life made harder with the extra burden of caring for her disabled sister. She’d left Heidi behind once before, when the family moved her into a sanatorium several years ago. Taking care of her disabled sister had become too much of a burden on top of all the farm work, especially as the boys grew up and left the village for adventure and glory in the Wehrmacht. She had missed her sister, but the work-exhausted part of her had been relieved to be free of the extra duties. That relief pricked her conscience now with a sharp slivers of guilt. She rarely had the free time and funds to visit her sister. The home for the physically disabled was in a town several days’ travel from their tiny village. The family received a letter from the sanatorium doctors saying Heidi’s condition had grown more severe, so they’d transferred her to Hadamar psychiatric hospital, which was even further away, for more intense treatment. A few months later, the family received a letter from Hadamar doctors informing them of Heidi’s demise. Gertrude’s insides had twisted in doubt and disbelief when she’d read the death certificate. The cause of death listed acute appendicitis. Heidi had had her appendix removed as a small child. How could she die from an organ that was long gone from her body? The rest of her family insisted it must be a mistake, a mix up. Gertrude had travelled with her father to claim Heidi’s remains and get the death certificate fixed. In the Hadamar waiting room, Gertrude had talked to other grieving families there to claim their loved ones’ remains. So many dead patients. They dropped like flies. Was that normal? Doctors assured her it was. The mentally and physically disabled were of weak, inferior blood. They didn’t live very long. It was tragic. Gertrude had the doctors’ sympathies. But, really, they had assured her, it was for the best. One irate man was there to demand an explanation for the burnt ladies’ hairpins in his dead brother’s ashes. The man’s brother had died of appendicitis, too. Quite a few patients had died from that. There were a lot of death certificate mix-ups, and ladies’ hairpins in male ashes. Way too many mixups. It roused Gertrude’s suspicions. Gertrude’s family swallowed the doctors’ lines. Gertrude didn’t, but every time she voiced her doubts, she was shushed or ignored. The doctors’ told the family it was just her grief talking and not to take her seriously. So she held her tongue, bend her head, and kept working. Put in more hours doing charity work with the Bund Deutscher Madel, or League of German Girls. She could never shake the notion that she’d abandoned her sister to cold blooded killers who couldn’t even keep the remains of their victims straight. Life unworthy of life. She remembered learning about that in school. She’d read magazine and newspaper articles by prominent doctors promoting the idea. Useless eaters. The disabled couldn’t contribute to society. They only took. Times were hard. Sometimes, to save a healthy body, diseased limbs had to be cut off. There was no room for diseased, useless leeches full of nothing but bad blood. They were nothing but a burden on society, weighing it down. Wasn’t Gertrude’s own sense of relief to be free of her caretaker duties proof of that? Staring at the cold fireplace, Gertrude blinked back tears. The guilt ridden ache for her sister burned stronger. She forced her mind back to happier times. Normally, she’d have been to the kitchen and back upstairs by now with iced ginger cookies or sweet, sugar dusted fruit bread for her and Heidi. Gertrude focused on the soft padding rubbing against her crotch and backside as she walked. The sensations distracted her from dark memories. Moving in the diaper was both weird and soothing at the same time, like a beloved Christmas carol sung in a foreign language. The diaper added an extra layer of warmth in the drafty old house. The heavy cotton of her nightgown and thick wool of her hand knitted socks kept her warm enough, but the diaper added the last layer that made her cozy. Sometimes, she wondered what the diaper would feel like wet. She blushed at the thought. Once in a blue moon, when the pain of her sister’s absence was particularly sharp, she felt the urge to add on more diapers and rubber panties then let her bladder loose. Fear and disgust always held her back. How could she even think such a thing? Maybe she really was going crazy. Trying to flee from her thoughts, shut down her overactive brain, Gertrude hurried into the kitchen.
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  12. I was gonna wait until after Thanksgiving, but you can just group me in with all those companies all too early! So, here's the deal. You can post what you want, what you're getting your little, what you're getting a friend (even non-ABDLs), whatever you want to. It's a wishlist- I'm sure we all used to ask for crazy things . Obviously the focus is on ABDLs, cause that what most of us are (whom post here). It can even extend into a fantasy 'If I had a Mommy, I'd make her get me THIS'. The idea here (at least initially) is to generate ideas for others, and talk/gossip about those great gifts we want. Especially those who are horrible at gift ideas for others (this guy!). BE CAREFUL if you have contacts who lurk here (I do). You can still keep it vague and interesting! I will be getting her some small gifts. She loves My Little Pony, Elmo, Disney toys/figurines. I know she loves storytime- so many some good storybooks, too. if you have any ideas for what she, or you might like in this vein, feel free to offer! But she'll also be getting some adult stuff. Still thinking of what would be ideal gifts for her... grr I suck at gifts! Maybe a sentimental gift or two, something special. Maybe a song, maybe a poem... more flowers, perhaps? So, c'mon... list what you are gonna ask for, what you would ideally like, what you're getting someone special, whatever you want! :
  13. At long last, I've decided to write a third "Life with Claire" story, with one chapter each day from now until Christmas Eve. Consider it my gift to all of you who liked my original stories. --- One The atmosphere inside the mall was electric with the holiday shopping frenzy. Whole families and troupes of friends rushed past each other through the aisles and escalators of every Macy's and Sears store, filling the air with the sound of kids laughing and crying while the same twelve Christmas songs were played on an endless loop. Through the chaos engulfing the first-floor Macy's, Jessica walked with a clear purpose. She kept one hand stuck in the pocket of her fur-collared jacket and the other hand tightly gripping the shopping list she'd received from her Aunt Claire earlier that morning. She'd known how insane it was to try and find any Christmas dinner supplies at this time of the season, but she had to try. The whole family was counting on it. From her left, she heard someone call out, "Jess! I got it!" Jessica turned and saw her friend Samantha come weaving and dodging through the thickest part of the shopping crowd. Samantha wasn't hard to miss, wearing a bright red pea coat and a white scarf trailing around her neck. The demented grin on her face brought a smile to Jessica's as she came to meet her friend halfway across the aisle. "You won't believe it," Samantha said, panting for breath as she came to a halt, "but I got the last one." She held up a beautiful tablecloth inside a square plastic package--the reindeer-embroidered tablecloth her grandmother used to have many Christmases ago. Jessica's grin widened. "That's fantastic! So how many older women did you have to fight off for it?" "Only a dozen," Samantha replied with a flippant shrug. She tucked the package under her arm and slid her other arm around Jessica's waist. "That's put us almost halfway done, am I right?" "We just need to get to Sears before all the cooking ware disappears." Jessica consulted her list and nodded. "With any luck, we should be done before six and back home in time for dinner." "Great!" Samantha led Jessica toward the front of the store. "And maybe then, we'll see if Sarah will be up for some roleplaying." Jessica considered that for a moment. Then she let out a satisfied smile and answered, "I think that'd be nice. Let's hope she's not too tired for it." "Say, Jess..." Samantha leaned in with a serious expression. "Sorry to bring this up, but... do you need a break to go change?" Jessica smiled and shook her head. "I'm fine, Sam. But thanks for asking." "Sorry. Old habit." "I still think it's sweet." --- It had been almost seven years since Jessica had finally gotten out of diapers. Like most girls, she had been toilet trained and out of diapers by the age of four, but things had conspired to go badly in her life after that. Her father suddenly leaving had caused her mother's mind to finally snap, and she'd taken out her rage on poor Jessica, who'd been forced back into diapers and treated like a baby for several weeks. It was only by Providence that her mother's younger sister Claire had steppped in and rescued Jessica from that wide-awake nightmare, although the damage had been done. For the next ten years, Jessica had to struggle with all manner of trauma. Emotionally-triggered flashbacks. An inability to be close with anyone except her Aunt Claire, her cousin Sarah, and her friend Samantha. And of course, the fact that she was completely incontinent. Being a teenager who still had to wear diapers had been particularly humiliating, even if she was fortunate enough that no one except for Samantha and the school nurses ever knew about them. Eventually, though, things got better. Jessica had been able to confront some of her worst traumas after an episode involving Sarah, who had just come out to their aunt about her diaper fetish. She also had found a boyfriend, Ryan, whose sympathy had overtaken his apprehension about the issue of her diapers. Claire herself had finally been able to move on from being simply Jessica's guardian and, after some soul-searching, had also come out of the closet. Now Jessica and Sarah had a whole new aunt, Andrea, Claire's old college roommate and current partner. Everything changed after that. Jessica, Sarah, and Samantha were able to get their own apartment with the help of Claire and Andrea. While Sarah got a promotion at her PR job, Jessica and Samantha went to work for a fashion boutique on Main Street. And most important for Jessica was the fact that she had begun to regain proper bladder and bowel control, having only to wear a diaper at night and getting by with a bladder pad in her underwear by day. But there were also sad developments, too. Just three months prior, Grandma Rose had passed away in her sleep at the age of eighty-nine. After the funeral, it was decided that Claire and Andy would have Christmas Eve dinner at their home for the very first time and the usual Christmas Day party at Sarah's parents' house. This was why Jessica was so urgent about getting everything that day at the mall. Her Aunt Claire was her second mother--her only real mother, as far as she was concerned--and she didn't want to disappoint her in making this Christmas as special as all the others. --- At close to five-thirty that day, Jessica had crossed the final item off her list. She handed the list to Samantha, who promptly crumpled it up and tossed it over her shoulder into a trash can behind her. And with that, they declared their holiday shopping over at last. On their way out of the mall, they passed by the Santa Claus workshop in the atrium, where there was still a decent-sized line of children waiting their turn. Samantha noticed one of Santa's elves was a tall guy with a pencil-thin beard and very cute eyes, though despite her efforts, she couldn't seem to attract his attention at the head of the line. "Nice, Sam," Jessica commented. "Now I finally know what to get you for Christmas." "Plus he's one of Santa's elves, so you know he's good at making presents," Samantha exclaimed in between giggles. "He's the gift that keeps on giving!" Jessica had to stifle a groan behind her lips as she grabbed her friend's elbow to lead her away. But then she heard over her shoulder someone say, "It's okay, Ritchie, I'm off break now..." Something about the voice struck her as familiar. She turned around and saw a man in a Santa suit emerge from behind the workshop, out of sight of the kids. He was holding a thick white beard in one hand and a Santa hat in the other, but it was his face that drew Jessica's eye. She knew his face. The hair was grayer, the skin was more lined, and the eyes were sunken, but there was no doubt it was him. Jessica slowly approached, hands clenched into fists inside her jacket. As she came up, the man glanced her way and froze. His eyes went wide at the sight of her. "J-Jessica," he mumbled, nearly dropping the fake beard. "God, honey... it's really you, isn't it?" Despite the nervous trickle her bladder released into her padded underwear, Jessica didn't flinch. She kept her hands tight and answered, "Hi, Dad. How've you been?"