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Found 11 results

  1. I've been bitten by the festive spirit bug, so I whipped up a little holiday story about a girl with an attitude just as bad as her bladder control who ends up dealing with much more worse than Santa and his lumps of coal. Santa isn't the only holiday spirit coming to town, and this particular spirit specializes in punishing bad babies. Thoughts, comments, critiques, etc are appreciated! I'm still writing this as I post it in pieces, so suggestions/ideas are welcome. ETA: This was supposed to be a short story. So far, it's at 30K words. It's pushing into novel territory. And it's not done yet! (starting to get there, though!) A NAUGHTY CHRISTMAS by Cute Kitten ~ Part One: To Grandmother's House We Go ~ “I’m not wearing this damn thing!” Reila swore under her breath as she pulled her cobalt jeggings back up. She wiggled around the tiny bathroom in her fur trimmed Ugg boots. The soft, stretchy fabric of her jeggings- the bastard love child of jeans and leggings- felt weird as it rubbed over her bare crotch and butt. Finally, the tight material settled just right on her slender frame. She tugged down her bright turquoise sweater-tunic and smoothed it in place. She turned, checking herself in the mirror above the sink. The thick, knitted wool covered her butt, hiding her freshly un-padded bottom from view. “Perfect. The old hag will never be able to tell.” She smirked and tossed the unused purple with pink butterflies printed pull-up into the garbage, hiding it under layers of used, balled up paper towels just in case her mother decided to check the bathroom in suspicion of just such a stunt. Reila put her hand on the door, hesitating for a second with a nagging sense of guilt. What if her mother lifted her shirt to make sure she still had her protection on? Given the last few months, Reila wouldn’t have put it past her. But in a crowded airport? No, not even her mother was that insane. She pushed the door open. Eight hours was a long flight. What if she fell asleep and wet herself, as she had been doing every time she dozed off? She bit her lip, tempted to go back in, fish her pull up out of the trash and put it back on. Planes had toilets. She’d just have to remember to go a lot so her stupid, malfunctioning bladder stayed empty. She stepped out and was immediately accosted by her mother. “Took you a while.” Sonja stared at her daughter, pursing her red lips in displeasure. “I had to take a shit.” Reila fired back at her mom’s suspicious accusation. She crossed her arms defensively. “I’m eighteen, not two. You can trust me.” “Yet you wear the same undergarments as a two year old and act just like one. After your recent escapades, you’ve lost my trust. You’re doing a poor job of earning it back. Even the judge saw fit to strip you of your adult status. Need I remind you that just days after court. One more screw up and it's straight up the river for you.” Sonja’s eyes narrowed at the back talk as she stared Reila down. Reila’s defiant glare gradually withered to a sulky pout under her mother’s cool, firm disapproval. Sonja was at her wit’s end with the girl. Barely an adult, yet she’d racked up a laundry list of misdemeanors and law violations long enough to do any hardened criminal proud. Just like her absent father. Sonja encouraged Reila’s spunky spirit, knowing it would help her get through tough times in life. Sonja could have used a little more spunk and backbone in her own childhood. Maybe then she wouldn’t have married young to a man who turned out to be a murderous loser that ended up in prison for life. Reila had gotten into fights in preschool and elementary school. Middle school saw her skipping school and taking up smoking. High school was full of underage drinking, unsupervised parties, and smoking pot. Reila progressed to breaking and entering , vandalizing school property for a senior prank. Even though she was not a senior. She should have been, but all that hookie and sleeping in class led to her flunking junior year. This year she should be graduating, but she was repeating her junior year instead. Then came the sex tapes on the internet. The proverbial cherry on top was her getting arrested for shop-lifting lingerie at the mall. The judge, being lenient with youth offenders and in the spirit of the Christmas season, gave Reila one last chance to clean up her act. He gave Sonja legal custody of her, declaring Reila unfit to run her own life Next stop for her was prison or one of those new Regression Therapy discipline camps for youth offenders designed to turn troublesome youth into moral, upright citizens. “There’s a line of people waiting for the bathroom.” Reila said sulkily, lowering her gaze to her mother’s scuffed, off brand boots. Sonja, a single mother, did her best to give Reila the name brand things she liked. Right now, she just wanted her mother to stop staring at her. “Because you were holding it up. You’d better still have your diaper on.” Sonja hissed in a loud voice then swept past for her turn in the bathroom. “They’re pull-ups, not diapers!” Reila retorted just as loud as the door closed in her face. She was suddenly aware of eyes on her; her eyes scanned the airport crowd. Those nearby stared incredulously at her- the pretty, fashionable young lady loudly proclaiming her pull-ups were not diapers. Meeting her gaze, most on lookers looked away in embarrassment but some continued to stare. Few smirked in amusement. Her cheeks flamed red as Rudolph’s nose and she ducked behind a nearby pillar. Why did the airport have to be so damn crowded? It was only the first week of December. Not holiday travel time, even though that’s what she and her mother were doing. Her mother with the embarrassingly loud mouth. Life just loved to take a big, steamy shit on her. All she wanted was to have a little fun, to live her own life. She never hurt anyone. Yet the judge saw fit to turn her back into a child just for a little harmless pick-pocketing. Her mother had breathing down her throat ever since she was arrested and released. On top of that, her bladder had been acting up since she woke up in the hospital several months ago. She’d gotten her stomach pumped after passing out due to a cocktail of various alcoholic drinks and funny shaped pills. Maybe a line or two of cocaine, she didn’t really remember. Those were the best parties- the ones she couldn’t remember. Pure bliss. Now, her life was pure piss. Wet bed every fucking night since she’d woken up in the hospital. Pissing herself during the day, too. Like when that cute cop handcuffed her. Or when she peed herself standing in front of that bastard judge. In a bizarre way, wet pants, along with her baby face, had helped convince the judge to be lenient with her. All these accidents were just flukes. Nerves. Stress. The doctor had said something about street drugs being laced with other shit and unpredictable side effects, but what did that stupid bitch know? Reila did NOT need diapers. Pull-ups. She’d show them all she could keep her pants dry.
  2. i was woundering what is the best abdl gift or preasent that you want to buy your self or some one to buy you
  3. A special Christmas

    Satyana bounce on her bed while her mummy change Keeva's dirty diaper. 'Ok sweetie that's enough' smiled Alyson Hannigan as she put the now clean Keeva in her crib. Satyana laid down on her bed as Alyson tucked her in. 'Mummy can I stay up late to see Santa?' Asked Satyana egarly Alyson smiled as she poke her nose, 'sorry sweetie, but Santa only comes if good girls go to bed' she kiss Satyana on the forehead, 'goodnight' Alyson got up and left the room. Satyana yawned as she go gently to sleep. Alyson walked towards the living room. Her friend Cobie Smulders was sitting on the couch with her daughter sleeping on her lap. 'A www she sleeps like an angel' said Alyson 'Yeah when she's not nagging me about presents, think it's time we go now' said Cobie as she got up 'Hey congrats on being pregnant' Alyson said as they hug with Cobie lifting Shaelyn but then the girls heard bells. 'What's that noise?' Asked Cobie holding her daughter Alyson shrugged as they looked around for the noise when they notice it's coming from the fireplace. Cobie laid Shaelyn on the couch as she and Alyson crept towards the fireplace when pink dust burst from it. Alison and Cobie gagged as they rub the pink dust away. Satyana sat up as she heard jingle bells. 'Santa is here!' She quickly got off her bed and ran towards the living room. She hid behind the wall as she hears noise, strange she could hear cooing and gurgle like Keeva is in there. She turn her head around the corner and nearly fell as she saw Mummy sitting on the ground with her back towards her. Satyana notice mummy isn't wearing a shirt and she hears sucking from her. 'Mummy?' Said Satyana 'are you ok?' Alyson turned her head and Satyana could see mummy was sucking on a pacifier. Alyson smiled as the paci fell, leaving her drooling and gurgling as Satyana walked into the room. Satyana notice that her mummy is wearing a big diaper, 'mummy why are you in diapees?' asked Satyana as she sat infront of her mummy. Alyson just giggled as she spread her legs apart, her boobies exposed for Satyana to see. Satyana notice a letter on the front of her diaper. She tooked it off as she read aloud. Dear kids I've decided since you all been good this year, and I mean the good ones that for Christmas day you can take care of your parents for the whole day, which means taking care of them as thbey took care of you. So merry Christmas HO HO HO -Santa Satyana looked towards her mummy as she suck her thumb, maybe this will be fun, she thought 'ok mummy let's get you to bed' she got up as she grab mummys hand as she led the naked diapered woman to her bedroom. But then she notice a light from the kitchen. She crept in and found her friend, Shaelyn bottle feeding her mummy, who was also wearing a big diaper like Alyson. 'Hey Satyana' said Shaelyn as Cobie drank her milk 'Hey Shae, your mummy is a baby too?' she asked 'Yeah, I woke up and found her like this' Cobie threw her bottle away and laughed. 'Well we better get them to bed' said Satyana as she led them to Alyson's bedroom. Alison and Cobie lay on the bed as the little girls put pillows on the side of them. Allusion and Cobie suck on the paci's as they fell asleep, Satyana and Shaelyn decide to sleep with them so they hug their mothers and fell asleep as Alyson started to mess her diaper.
  4. on the naughty list

    From the album Diapers! (Pull Ups Album Separate)

    literally wet my diapee the second I put it on ;) i love huggies
  5. waiting for santa

    From the album Diapers! (Pull Ups Album Separate)

    Guess I'll just HAVE to rub my freshly soakesd diapee. N the mean time.
  6. 21-year-old Becky Goodman was led on her stomach on her laptop when she got the message. It was from WelshDaddy88, she’d been chatting to him online for a few weeks now. Becky was an adult baby; she loved the idea of wearing nappies and being treated like a baby by a caring “Mammy†or “Daddyâ€. She’d never even tried wearing nappies before; Becky was unemployed and still lived at home, her mam was the snooping kind, so she’d never get away with hiding nappies anywhere in the house. Her job hunt wasn’t getting her anywhere, so she decided to look for her fun elsewhere. She made a post on an ABDL website: “20 yr old Baby Girl looking for Mammy or Daddy – Wales/South East Areaâ€. A week went by and there were only two replies, both agreeing with her and wanting a Mammy or Daddy too. Months went by and Becky forgot about it, until one day she received a private message from someone under the username WelshDaddy88. He was 26, only a little older than Becky. He’d had a “baby†before, he spoke of how he and his ex-girlfriend used to have fun together, until she met someone else and left him about a week ago, leaving behind all the baby stuff. He’d loved being a “Daddy†and wanted to find someone else to share this with. The two of them would chat online regularly, until one day in December; he invited Becky to stay with him over Christmas. Becky had been telling him how her Mam was going to stay with her auntie and uncle in London (Becky opted not to join her) and her Dad’s lot were spending Christmas in Disneyland, so she had nothing on. He jumped at the chance to invite her to stay with him during his week off, the same time Becky’s mother would be away. Becky’s fingers shook as she nervously typed her response. This was what she wanted, tis was why she made that post, but now it was actually happening she felt so…scared; they say you shouldn’t meet people off the internet. She thought it was unlikely, but what if he was an axe-murderer or something? She tapped the enter key and stared at her response “sounds great!†When the day came Becky almost regretted her decision. She’d usually take the train which took 45 minutes, but for some stupid reason they weren’t running today (Christmas eve), so she had to take the bus and then wait around in a bus station for 20 minutes so she could change to another bus; this took nearly 2 hours. He’d said that he would have come to get her, but his car had broken down. When she finally arrived he was waiting at the bus stop; she recognised him from his profile picture. “Becky?†he asked “Yeah….um, so what do I call you?†“My name’s Alex…but you can call me Daddy.†Daddy only lived a few streets away. Daddy pulled Becky’s suitcase with one hand and held her hand with the other. The two chatted until they stopped outside a modest mid-terrace house and Daddy unlocked the door. “Ladies first,†he said, waving her in. Becky took a deep breath and stepped over the threshold into Daddy’s nicely decorate house. “Now then,†he said, closing the door, “Let’s go over the rules and get it done out of the way so we can have some fun.†He sat down in an armchair and without warning, pulled Becky onto his lap. “Starting now until you go home, I am your Daddy and you are nothing more than my baby girl. That means if I tell you to do or not do something, you will obey, if not you will be punished. You will wear nappies at all times and only I will change you. I will feed, bathe and dress you. I assume you have clothes in your suitcase?†Becky nodded. “You won’t be needing them, I have clothing much more appropriate for your “ageâ€. Now then,†he said, his voice changing to cooing, “I think we’d better get a nappy on you before you have an accident on Daddy’s lap!†Daddy picked up a dummy from the coffee table and popped it in Becky’s mouth before she could answer. He picked her up with ease and carried her to the bathroom on his hip. Despite her having had a shower that morning, he started filling up the bath and removed her clothes, folding them neatly and putting them on the side, while Becky stood with her arms crossed to cover her chest. “None of that,†said Daddy, uncrossing her arms and lifting her into the bath, “babies don’t care about being naked; in fact many seem to prefer it.†After being thoroughly washed and shaved, Daddy lifted Becky out of the bath and dried her off with a fluffy towel. “I hafta wee,†said Becky, with great difficulty due to the large teat in her mouth. “Well, we’d better hurry and get you in your nappy,†he said, “lie down on the towel.†Daddy opened a cupboard and took out a thick pile of towels, nappy pins, baby powder and plastic pants. He folded the four towels, and Becky realised they were nappies – very thick ones. After she was powdered, the nappies were pinned on snugly, followed by the crinkly plastic pants, which had a pattern of teddy bears. “There we go,†cooed Daddy, sliding on a pair of pink thumbless mittens. Once on she had no use of her fingers. Daddy helped Becky stand up and held her hand while she waddled out of the bathroom and into his bedroom. There was a large cot at the foot of his bed. He went to the chest of drawers in the corner of the room and started rummaging around in the top drawer. “I know it’s only the afternoon, but we’ll pop you in your pjs, you must be exhausted!†He took out a fleecy footed onesie with a hood and flaps attached to the sleeves, which folded over her mittens, the hood had antlers, eyes and a red nose. Once Becky was dressed in this it was impossible for her to take it off “There we go,†cooed Daddy, tickling under her chin “All snuggly and warm. Just one more thing†He removed Becky’s dummy and tied a ribbon to each side, before sliding it back in her mouth and tying the ribbon at the back of her head. Try as she might, Becky could not talk or spit out her dummy. “There we go, now my little angel won’t lose her dum dums!†He picked her up and carried her down to the kitchen where there was a large highchair waiting, sat her down, buckled the straps and clicked the tray into place. “Now let’s see what we can have for dinner.†He left Becky sat there fighting a losing battle with her bladder; finally she gave up and wet her nappy. Daddy returned with a plastic bowl full of mush and tied a huge plastic bib around Becky’s neck. He removed Becky’s dummy and before she could say anything, pushed a spoonful of the mush into her mouth, which turned out to be porridge, which Becky liked. “Here comes the aeroplane,†he cooed, putting another spoonful in her mouth. He continued until the bowl was empty and Becky’s face was covered, which he cleaned with a wet wipe. He released Becky from the highchair and carried her through to the living room, putting her down on the rug. “Here you go,†he cooed, handing her a large bottle full of milk, “now be a good girl and drink it all up while Daddy eats his dinner.†He turned the TV to CBeebies and went back to the kitchen, leaving Becky watching Charlie and Lola and holding her bottle between her mittened hands. She decided she wasn’t thirsty right now and put the bottle down, becoming surprisingly engrossed in the cartoon. When Daddy came back, Becky had not touched her bottle. “I thought I told you to drink your bottle,†said Daddy. “I don’t want it right now.†“You will do as you are told missy.†Becky pushed the bottle further away from her and crossed her arms. “Right,†said Daddy, picking her up. “What are you doing?†she complained. He ignored her as he sat down on the settee. Putting her across his lap, he started to spank her, even over her thick nappy she could feel it, and it hurt. She started bawling, begging him to stop, which he did momentarily to ask her, “Will you drink your bottle?†She hesitated, choking back her tears; he took her silence as no and resumed the spanking, until she agreed. Tears were still rolling down Becky’s cheeks while Daddy cradled her on his lap, holding her bottle in her mouth while she sucked. “Daddy didn’t enjoy punishing you,†he said, “but you were warned that you’d be punished if you weren’t a good girl.â€
  7. Hi One and all, friends, new folks and old lurkers I hope you all have a jolly happy and plesent christmas, full of good cheer, presents and warm company. If i dont see you over the break, i will see you in the new year which i hope will be a better one big huggles Fozzy xxxx
  8. Sissy Clause wearing a diaper?!

    From the album Little sissy's go in their diapers!

    Jks it's a pull up ^-^ I ran out of diapers D;;;;; ++ Sorry it's blurry >.<
  9. Ab/dl Wishlist

    I was gonna wait until after Thanksgiving, but you can just group me in with all those companies all too early! So, here's the deal. You can post what you want, what you're getting your little, what you're getting a friend (even non-ABDLs), whatever you want to. It's a wishlist- I'm sure we all used to ask for crazy things . Obviously the focus is on ABDLs, cause that what most of us are (whom post here). It can even extend into a fantasy 'If I had a Mommy, I'd make her get me THIS'. The idea here (at least initially) is to generate ideas for others, and talk/gossip about those great gifts we want. Especially those who are horrible at gift ideas for others (this guy!). BE CAREFUL if you have contacts who lurk here (I do). You can still keep it vague and interesting! I will be getting her some small gifts. She loves My Little Pony, Elmo, Disney toys/figurines. I know she loves storytime- so many some good storybooks, too. if you have any ideas for what she, or you might like in this vein, feel free to offer! But she'll also be getting some adult stuff. Still thinking of what would be ideal gifts for her... grr I suck at gifts! Maybe a sentimental gift or two, something special. Maybe a song, maybe a poem... more flowers, perhaps? So, c'mon... list what you are gonna ask for, what you would ideally like, what you're getting someone special, whatever you want! :
  10. At long last, I've decided to write a third "Life with Claire" story, with one chapter each day from now until Christmas Eve. Consider it my gift to all of you who liked my original stories. --- One The atmosphere inside the mall was electric with the holiday shopping frenzy. Whole families and troupes of friends rushed past each other through the aisles and escalators of every Macy's and Sears store, filling the air with the sound of kids laughing and crying while the same twelve Christmas songs were played on an endless loop. Through the chaos engulfing the first-floor Macy's, Jessica walked with a clear purpose. She kept one hand stuck in the pocket of her fur-collared jacket and the other hand tightly gripping the shopping list she'd received from her Aunt Claire earlier that morning. She'd known how insane it was to try and find any Christmas dinner supplies at this time of the season, but she had to try. The whole family was counting on it. From her left, she heard someone call out, "Jess! I got it!" Jessica turned and saw her friend Samantha come weaving and dodging through the thickest part of the shopping crowd. Samantha wasn't hard to miss, wearing a bright red pea coat and a white scarf trailing around her neck. The demented grin on her face brought a smile to Jessica's as she came to meet her friend halfway across the aisle. "You won't believe it," Samantha said, panting for breath as she came to a halt, "but I got the last one." She held up a beautiful tablecloth inside a square plastic package--the reindeer-embroidered tablecloth her grandmother used to have many Christmases ago. Jessica's grin widened. "That's fantastic! So how many older women did you have to fight off for it?" "Only a dozen," Samantha replied with a flippant shrug. She tucked the package under her arm and slid her other arm around Jessica's waist. "That's put us almost halfway done, am I right?" "We just need to get to Sears before all the cooking ware disappears." Jessica consulted her list and nodded. "With any luck, we should be done before six and back home in time for dinner." "Great!" Samantha led Jessica toward the front of the store. "And maybe then, we'll see if Sarah will be up for some roleplaying." Jessica considered that for a moment. Then she let out a satisfied smile and answered, "I think that'd be nice. Let's hope she's not too tired for it." "Say, Jess..." Samantha leaned in with a serious expression. "Sorry to bring this up, but... do you need a break to go change?" Jessica smiled and shook her head. "I'm fine, Sam. But thanks for asking." "Sorry. Old habit." "I still think it's sweet." --- It had been almost seven years since Jessica had finally gotten out of diapers. Like most girls, she had been toilet trained and out of diapers by the age of four, but things had conspired to go badly in her life after that. Her father suddenly leaving had caused her mother's mind to finally snap, and she'd taken out her rage on poor Jessica, who'd been forced back into diapers and treated like a baby for several weeks. It was only by Providence that her mother's younger sister Claire had steppped in and rescued Jessica from that wide-awake nightmare, although the damage had been done. For the next ten years, Jessica had to struggle with all manner of trauma. Emotionally-triggered flashbacks. An inability to be close with anyone except her Aunt Claire, her cousin Sarah, and her friend Samantha. And of course, the fact that she was completely incontinent. Being a teenager who still had to wear diapers had been particularly humiliating, even if she was fortunate enough that no one except for Samantha and the school nurses ever knew about them. Eventually, though, things got better. Jessica had been able to confront some of her worst traumas after an episode involving Sarah, who had just come out to their aunt about her diaper fetish. She also had found a boyfriend, Ryan, whose sympathy had overtaken his apprehension about the issue of her diapers. Claire herself had finally been able to move on from being simply Jessica's guardian and, after some soul-searching, had also come out of the closet. Now Jessica and Sarah had a whole new aunt, Andrea, Claire's old college roommate and current partner. Everything changed after that. Jessica, Sarah, and Samantha were able to get their own apartment with the help of Claire and Andrea. While Sarah got a promotion at her PR job, Jessica and Samantha went to work for a fashion boutique on Main Street. And most important for Jessica was the fact that she had begun to regain proper bladder and bowel control, having only to wear a diaper at night and getting by with a bladder pad in her underwear by day. But there were also sad developments, too. Just three months prior, Grandma Rose had passed away in her sleep at the age of eighty-nine. After the funeral, it was decided that Claire and Andy would have Christmas Eve dinner at their home for the very first time and the usual Christmas Day party at Sarah's parents' house. This was why Jessica was so urgent about getting everything that day at the mall. Her Aunt Claire was her second mother--her only real mother, as far as she was concerned--and she didn't want to disappoint her in making this Christmas as special as all the others. --- At close to five-thirty that day, Jessica had crossed the final item off her list. She handed the list to Samantha, who promptly crumpled it up and tossed it over her shoulder into a trash can behind her. And with that, they declared their holiday shopping over at last. On their way out of the mall, they passed by the Santa Claus workshop in the atrium, where there was still a decent-sized line of children waiting their turn. Samantha noticed one of Santa's elves was a tall guy with a pencil-thin beard and very cute eyes, though despite her efforts, she couldn't seem to attract his attention at the head of the line. "Nice, Sam," Jessica commented. "Now I finally know what to get you for Christmas." "Plus he's one of Santa's elves, so you know he's good at making presents," Samantha exclaimed in between giggles. "He's the gift that keeps on giving!" Jessica had to stifle a groan behind her lips as she grabbed her friend's elbow to lead her away. But then she heard over her shoulder someone say, "It's okay, Ritchie, I'm off break now..." Something about the voice struck her as familiar. She turned around and saw a man in a Santa suit emerge from behind the workshop, out of sight of the kids. He was holding a thick white beard in one hand and a Santa hat in the other, but it was his face that drew Jessica's eye. She knew his face. The hair was grayer, the skin was more lined, and the eyes were sunken, but there was no doubt it was him. Jessica slowly approached, hands clenched into fists inside her jacket. As she came up, the man glanced her way and froze. His eyes went wide at the sight of her. "J-Jessica," he mumbled, nearly dropping the fake beard. "God, honey... it's really you, isn't it?" Despite the nervous trickle her bladder released into her padded underwear, Jessica didn't flinch. She kept her hands tight and answered, "Hi, Dad. How've you been?"