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  1. This is a story about college roommates who discover the wide world of corporal punishment and diaper discipline. It starts out with lots of spanking (F/F and F/M), and the age play elements unfold much later. Hope you enjoy! — Ted was about to start his senior year at a small urban college. The school had limited housing, so dorms were reserved for freshmen and sophomores. Having spent most of his junior year in a study abroad program, Ted had missed out on the flurry of leases that his friends had secured in the spring, and he was struggling to find a place to live for his final year. It was early August and the fall term was set to start in just a couple of weeks. Ted was very anxious, still at his parents’ house for the summer but knowing he had to get to campus soon. He had put feelers out to find a place, but kept coming up empty. Ted couldn’t afford to live alone, but he also didn’t want to live with a bunch of random guys. One evening, his phone buzzed. It was a text from his friend Lara. “Hey Teddy! Hope you had a great summer. We missed you on campus last semester - some great parties at the end of the spring! Anyway, I heard through the great vine that you might be looking for a place to live in the fall?” Ted’s eyes widened. Finally! A lead! And it was great to hear from Lara. She and Ted were close - they had a great rapport and could really make each other laugh. Many of their other friends wondered why Ted and Lara had never had a fling, but it seemed each valued their friendship too much to risk getting romantic. “Hey! Yeah I had a blast in Europe, but definitely missed partying with the crew. Looking forward to being back in a few weeks. Yes I need a place to live! I am getting desperate. Do you know some guys who need a roommate?” Lara wrote back right away. “Well… not some guys… actually Stacey and I need a third for the house we rented. Ashley bailed on us at the last minute and we can’t afford the rent with just the two of us.” Ted hesitated. Room with girls? The thought had never crossed his mind, but why not? He and Lara were such good friends, and Stacey was super cool too. And a whole house? Think of the parties they could throw! Might make for a spectacular senior year. His hesitation worried Lara. She sent another message quickly while Ted was still in a daydream about a raging kegger. “Sorry if it’s weird. We’ve tried all the girls we know and everyone already has something lined up. It’s a really great house, fully furnished so no need to bring a bed or any other furniture. And it has two bathrooms so you’d have plenty of privacy. Stace and I are kinda desperate, but we talked about it and we think you’d be an awesome roommate. What do you think??” Ted snapped out of his daze and furiously texted back. “Wow thanks for thinking of me! That sounds great, I’d love to live with you ladies.” “Awesome!! You’re a lifesaver. You’re gonna love the place, I know it. We get the keys tomorrow, so you can start moving in anytime.” “Amazing! YOU are the lifesavers! I’ll start packing up and be there in a few days.” “Great. Can’t wait.” Ted collapsed back on his bed and let out a huge sigh. He felt like he could finally breathe. Not only had his housing crisis been solved, he would get to live with two great girls in a party palace. His mind wandered to his two new house mates. Both of them were great friends and had similar personalities to Ted - they worked hard and played hard, got good grades and loved to laugh and party. They were also both very easy on the eyes. Lara’s long black hair was cut with cute bangs in front, giving way to her warm brown eyes. She had exquisite tits and a full figure that would make an hour glass jealous. She wasn’t quite taller than Ted, but her long slender legs were a marvel. Stacey, on the other hand, was in fact taller than Ted. She was curvy with wide hips, ample breasts and an ass to match. Her blonde hair and blue eyes were very inviting, though she did have a somewhat domineering side - not mean or stern, almost maternal. Laying on his bed imagining the faces of his new roommates - faces he hadn’t seen for several months - it dawned on Ted that some sexual tension could arise in this new living arrangement. There had always been a bit of that anyway with Lara, but now sharing close quarters, Ted worried it could get awkward. But nothing he couldn’t handle. Any tension would be well worth it to be able to spend his senior year with these two lovely ladies in a house that was sure to be the envy of the rest of his friends. A smile spread across Ted’s face. It was going to be a great year.
  2. Chapter 1: “Abby, is this really necessary?” A whine sounded from her throat. Dani crossed her arms over her chest, pouting at the ceiling as her legs were held up by the ankles. A warm wipe made its way over her nether regions, cleansing every inch of her dirty bottom and between her legs. “Yes, Dani, this is necessary. It’s necessary when you willfully disregard all instructions not to eat gluten. Really, Dani, what were you thinking?” her voice was firm, not angry, but the disappointment was clear. She’d only had a tiny bite of cake left on the counter and it was only too tempting dipping her finger into the frosting and biting into the yummy sweetness. The doctor said she had Celiac disease but Dani hadn’t believed a word they said. These Amazon’s were on a power trip and the only thing the doctor believed she should be having was milk straight from an Amazon’s tit. But now her tummy ached and the messy explosion down below was the result. Abby stared down at her with the same condescending look given to all Littles trying to prove they were bigger than they actually were. “Just because you are a Little does not mean we are all out to get you. Believe it or not, Doctor Heany actually wanted to help you. This is all your own fault, Daniella. You have no reason to be upset.” Okay, she did have a point, the Little reluctantly agreed. But, that didn’t mean she had to diaper her! Dani squirmed, wiggling around on the table as the Amazon woman reached down below, pulling out the thick padding. “NO!” She cried out, anxious to get away from the monstrous article of clothing, if it could even be called that. Dani knew she had been extremely lucky the past several years. The apartment building she used to live in decided they’d no longer accommodate unadopted Little’s after her neighbor had left the sink faucet running and fell asleep which resulted in the flooding of the entire apartment. The damage wasn’t extreme but the Landlord was not pleased. The Little was adopted not even a day later and the Landlord refused to rent to Little’s any longer. It wasn’t that Dani didn’t understand the Landlord’s frustrations but everything in this world was Amazon size, meant for those eight feet and taller. They had step stools and ladders and accommodations were made for the regressed but the average unadopted Little hardly stood a chance, especially when they couldn’t even reach a sink faucet - a task that would be simple if she wasn’t so short. And she’d gotten lucky, finding an Amazon that would even rent to her in the first place because most places wouldn’t even entertain the thought. A Little pretending to be an adult, no more mature than a toddler, yeah that’ll go well… Knowing she was about to be booted out on the street, tears welled up in her eyes. She was the prime candidate for any Amazon. They just couldn’t ignore their parental instincts, seeing a Little in distress (or any Little in general). The urge to smother them with “love” back into diapers and turn their brains to mush was too strong. But Abby wasn’t like the other Amazon’s - not really, well, kind of - she was different. Abby had saved her. But it’s not how she saw it at the time. Dani had been arguing with the Landlord, a grumpy ten foot tall man who never had time for Little’s and their whims (as he liked to put it) about just needing another day or two to move out her stuff. Her best friend said she could stay with her for a while until she was sorted. But she had too much stuff to move in twenty-four hours coupled with the fact there were about fifty other Little’s moving out the same day, it was an impossible task they were meant to fail at. Look at all the Littles, too immature to follow directions correctly. Too tiny to even lift and carry out all their items. That is why instead of them doing the carrying, they need to be carried by a big and strong Amazon. He’d all but laughed in her face as she continued to argue her case, not only for herself but other fellow Littles. However, it wasn’t until after, she’d realized she’d gone a bit too far. “I’m half tempted to call the adoption center!” The man exclaimed. “Not even able to follow proper instructions, disrespectful and talking back? This is a serious case of Maturosis.” Oh god. Her heart had dropped to the bottom of her stomach, unable to do anything as she watched him pull out her phone. “Please!” She pleaded. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry-” “What’s going on here?” They’d both turned around at the sound of the voice. An Amazon, one of the tallest she’d ever seen, came strutting over across the lobby. The woman must have been about thirteen feet and that was tall for Amazon standards. Unconsciously, she backed up, eager to be rid of both Giants because while one was worrisome, two was a nightmare. “Miss Brady!” The man’s voice turned jovial at the site of his fellow Amazon. “Nothing to worry about here. Just the standard case of Maturosis, I’m dialing the adoption center as we speak.” Tears poured down her cheeks and the Amazon stared down at her, blue eyes shining with an expression she couldn’t make out. The Amazon was beautiful and blonde with curves she could only dream of having. “Oh don’t do that,” the woman smiled, waving her hand. “I’ve been searching for a Little for myself actually! I think Little Miss -“ “Daniella Avery.” Said the man with a Cheshire cat grin as he hung up his phone. “Miss Avery would be absolutely perfect! You don’t have to worry about her apartment. I’ll take it over as well.” The Little didn’t have time to run as she was quickly scooped up and swung over her shoulder. The girl let out what could only be described as a tantrum. Kicking and screaming and pounding on the Amazon’s back, that should have been the end. At twenty-one years old, this should have been the point where her life drastically changed forever and any happiness she contained disappeared. But it wasn’t. Instead, it was quite the opposite. OoOoo Abby won in the end, like always, and could only smile at the pouting Little who couldn’t have been any more adorable in her puffy pink diaper secured tightly around her waist. Honestly, she’d be content making her go out dressed in only that but Abby really didn’t have the energy to deal with the tantrum that would surely ensue. “Why can’t I at least wear a pull-up?” “Do I really need to explain this Dani?” She did not. The Little stayed silent. “You know what we agreed on. Say it.” Her hand landed down on her pale thigh tainted pink, having been slapped one to many times in response to her poor behavior. Dani frowned, rubbing at her wet eyes. “Mommy knows best and Little girls need to learn that their naughty behavior has consequences,” diapers being it. All Abby really required was obedience and a companion to watch over but not regress. The Amazon, unlike most others, did not desire a baby to look after or to be called Mommy or diaper full-time. She wanted a Little she could snuggle up with at the end of the night, a Little that would still maintain their adult mind and could have normal conversations yet acknowledge their place in an Amazon's world. Dani could handle that because her Mommy, for all-intents and purposes, always said, it could be a lot worse. She had freedoms, too many to count and it just came over the small price of being fussed over and treated at the most like a five to six year old. However, the times she was diapered, dressed up in humiliating garb and made to nurse were her own fault. It was her own stupid actions having landed her in this position. Like now. But Dani knew, if she even voiced a desire to be regressed, Abby wouldn’t hesitate. Instincts always won over in the end. “Very good,” Abby smiled, patting her head. “Arms up.” The Little complied, allowing the sparkly blue dress to be slipped over her head ending just past her knees. Abby would’ve had her permanently dressed in pink just like her nursery and about every babyish outfit she owned but seeing a diapered Little in pink and alone in public was a recipe for disaster. Hands under her armpits, she was lifted to the ground. Her legs wobbled attempting to catch her balance having been on her backside for way too long. Her head didn’t even reach halfway up to the changing table just like every other item in Amazonia and while Dani was proud to be Little, she wished she were just a few feet taller. Only at 4’8, she was short even for Little standards which made her even more delectable to the Amazons and absolutely impossible to be taken seriously, more so than her fellow Littles. Now, Abby hummed a tune, something familiar from her childhood as they stood at the mirror, brushing her red curls back into a low ponytail. “All my friends are going to see that I’m wearing a diaper,” Dani sulked looking down at the ground because she couldn’t bear to stare at her own reflection. “You don’t have to play with your friends. We can always stay here and have a Baby day. We can watch your favorite movie and cuddle and have bathtime. I know how much you love bubbles.” Her cheeks turn pink at every word, worse than the last. Dani was mortified to admit how much she actually enjoyed herself during those times. It was maybe only a year after she’d been adopted that she truly let herself relax and indulge in the lack of responsibilities, realizing she wouldn’t be taken advantage of. Being taken care of for once instead of having to worry about her every little move, was a nice change. Still, Dani couldn’t help but feel guilty, knowing this was exactly what so many Little’s were fighting against, what she had fought against, and here she was enjoying it. Even now, Dani wouldn’t mind a cozy day in her favorite fuzzy pajamas. But the Little knew it was more of a punishment and there was no fun in being reminded of how stupid she’d been. “What if they say something? What if they laugh at me?” “Then they are not your friends.” Finished tying the black ribbon at the top of her hair, she was lifted into her arms. “My tummy doesn’t hurt anymore though. I don’t need a diaper, really. I’ll be fine.” “But we can’t be sure, can we?” The woman gave her a look. “Besides, you don’t have to go to your friend's house at all but I know how much you were looking forward to the, what was it… bachelorette party?” No! She couldn’t miss it! Her bottom lip slipped between her teeth as she carefully considered her next words. Abby would keep her home if she really wanted too. She didn’t even have to let her keep seeing her friends and that’s what Dani appreciated the most. But like everyone, the Amazon had her limits and Dani was inching dangerously close to crossing the line. “You’re right.” The Little finally muttered in defeat. There was no arguing her way out of this one. “Of course I am!” She bounced her in her arms. “Mommy is always right!” OoOoo It was a sunny August day as they made their way outside from the third floor and out onto the busy street. Surprisingly, Dani had no fight as she was strapped into the pink stroller (which was always a problem). Abby watched as she laid her head back, soaking up the sun and her eyes closed. A hint of a smile appeared on her lips at the very visible sight of the puffiness beneath her dress, pulled up by the strap between her thighs. She’d fussed at the frilly white socks and Mary Jane’s but really, it was the least of her concerns. Even just the tiniest argument allowed her to maintain her sanity, showing that she still had a voice to fight back against her imprisonment. She closed her eyes as to not see all the cooing Amazon’s, pretending she was somewhere on a warm island sipping a Mimosa and not stuck in this horrible contraption they called a stroller. It was a quick walk, about twenty minutes away yet it couldn’t have felt shorter as they came to a stop in front of the five story building. Tucked away in a quiet neighborhood, the area was predominantly occupied by Littles and Inbetweeners, not quite as big as Amazons but still tall enough that they were ignored by the Amazons. “Here we are!” Abby chirped. Leaning down to undo all the belts, Dani didn’t hesitate to hop out, seeing that they were alone on the street. “Here is your phone and gift for your friend,” she reached down into the bottom pocket of the stroller. “Are you fine to go in on your own?” “Yes!” Dani said eagerly, grabbing the wrapped present and tiny flip phone. The last thing she needed was her friends seeing her Mommy walking her inside like a baby. “Very well. Do you remember our rules?” Abby bent down, taking her chin in her hand so she couldn’t look away. “Yes,” she sighed. “No drinking, no dirty behavior and no boys.” Dani struggled not to roll her eyes. It was the tiny restrictions like this that got her the most fed up. She was twenty-one years old for crying out loud and the girl had needs! “I will be back at six pm but text me if you need me beforehand or want to come home early. I will be here in a jiffy.” “Six?” Dani sputtered, doing her best not to stomp her foot. “That’s only five hours! The party is going on all night -!” “Daniella!” She said sharply. “I’ve been very patient all morning with your little fits. Do you want me to make it shorter? Do you want to go at all? We can turn around right now and go back home. We could also go upstairs and spank your little bottom in front of all of your friends.” A dark look had settled over her eyes, warning she was on her last straw. “B-but,” tears just about welled up in her eyes. “I hardly see Carly and it’s her most special day! Can I stay until ten at least? Pleaseeee?” “Absolutely not. Six o’clock.” “What about nine?” Abby paused, seemingly considering her words. After a pregnant pause she said, “eight o’clock.” “Eight-forty five-“ “Daniella…” her hand warningly grasped her bottom. “Fine.” She relented. “Eight o’clock.” The Amazon sighed. “That’s your bedtime so I don't want any whiny girl later on and don’t even try to argue for overnight since there is no adult present.” “Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I’ll be good!” Dani couldn’t help but squeal, knowing this was the best she was gonna get. Attacking Abby with a hug to the neck and a thousand kisses to the cheek, really she was grateful. How sad was that… happy for just another two hours… oh how much she’d fallen. Her reaction was adorable, melting the Amazon’s heart because all she wanted was for her Little girl to be happy. She didn’t want to leave her alone with a bunch of other Little’s, especially with the very grown up behaviors they still presented, but it was a necessary sacrifice if she didn’t want Dani to despise her forever. Unlike other Amazon’s, she actually cared how her Little felt which was not a popular sentiment. “Now run along,” she sighed, disentangling her arms and patting her bottom. “You don’t want to be late.” OoOoo The receptionist knew her by now, a kind Inbetweener who really didn’t care if she was Little or not just as long as no trouble was caused. She said hello, practically skipping towards the elevator that for once was placed at the right height so she could press the button. The only reason Dani hadn’t moved in here was because the complex had reached their quota for Little’s allowed. Only thirty-five percent could be occupied by Little’s in order to accommodate the Inbetweeners so they wouldn’t feel upstaged. Not that it really mattered in the end, but still, it made her pissy just thinking about the stupid rule. It was a quick ride up to the fourth floor and the party was already in full swing. “Dani!” Squeals broke out throughout the room as she walked through the unlocked door. She was embraced with hugs from her already tipsy friends, not only drunk on happiness. “Congratulations!” She exclaimed finally seeing the blonde bombshell of her best friend. She embraced the bride to be in a short white dress meant to show off her boobs and ass in the best way possible. Abby would have a stroke if she saw what she was wearing right now. Dani couldn’t help but think. “Wha-what are you wearing?” Carly stepped back, finally taking in her appearance. Her face heated up, realizing all eyes were on her and the room had gone quiet. It wasn’t a secret that she was adopted but it was embarrassing knowing she was different from everyone else. Sometimes, the energy was just off. There was them and then there was her. It was almost as if they were weary of her, as if her Littleness would rub off on them somehow. They were still her friends, nothing would change that, but these days she felt even more insecure. “Abby.” Is all she said. Hums of realization went around the living room. “I’ve got clothes and makeup in my room,” said Carly. “Go change and for fucks sake, take off the diaper. No Amazon is ruining our night.” Oh, she didn’t have to say that twice! A smile lit up her face as the energy resumed and she rushed off. A few minutes later, there are large exaggerated bangs on the bedroom door. “Knock knock knock! Open up bitch!” Olivia. She smirked. “I’m naked!” “Even better!” The door opened to reveal the girl who had been with her through thick and thin. The girl who’d contemplated begging Abby to adopt her just so they could remain together before Dani had told her what a stupid ridiculous idea that was. But that’s who Olivia was. Crass, confident and unequivocally lovable. Her caramel skin positively glowed, hair pulled up in a crown of long braids in a short midnight black dress and don’t even get her started on her long tanned legs. She’d always been the hot girl in college. The one all the boys chased after and every other girl wanted to be. “You look hot. Is that a new brand of diapers? Gucci? I heard they’re making them extra absorbent nowadays.” “Oh shut up!” They collapse into a fit of laughter, jumping on their friend’s queen size bed. Olivia was the one person she didn’t need to hide around, the one person who could turn any awkward situation into a joke and who didn’t really seem to care about her new status in life. “Help me choose an outfit before they start wondering where we are. Jesus, she’s got so many clothes.” She walks to the closet, pulling out a blood red corset dress with a dangerous slit up the side. “Too slutty?” Oliva’s brows wiggled in a suggestive manner. “Not enough!” “Perhaps, we should consult with Mommy dearest. I wonder, does she have any matching red diapers?” “Don’t give her ideas,” Dani shuttered at the thought. “Now help me into that thing and do my makeup. I want to look our age for once.” OoOoo Bachelorette parties were supposed to be sweet and wholesome, celebrating the start of a new chapter in the woman’s life. For Carly, there would be none of that cutesy crap. As Littles they already dealt with it enough. Early marriage wasn’t uncommon for Littles in Amazonia because one day you could be free and the next day stuck in a crib. You never knew how much time you had. Dani hadn’t even gotten to the point of finding a boyfriend before being adopted and the thought of marriage was a faraway dream. That’s why she couldn’t have been any more happy for her friend, getting to live out all of her fantasies. “Are you staying the night?” Olivia asked as she carefully applied her eyeliner. “Until eight.” Dani sighed. “Let me guess, Abby?” “You bet.” She muttered. ”Good thing you’ll be here for the stripper then.” “Stripper!” Dani gasped, eyes flying wide-open. “Shhh!” Olivia put her fingers to her lips. “It’s a surprise. We planned it for Carly. Don’t say anything to her!” “H-how’d you even find one?” “The Underground, duh. How else would we?” It was no surprise that any raunchy, sexual activity including drinking were off limits to Little’s. Anything that threatened the innocence of a Little was outlawed. That’s why there was the Underground. Anything a Little needed could be found there. Alcohol, Lingerie, certain activities… you just needed to know where to look. “We figured you couldn’t stay the night so they’re coming at half six.” Dani was grateful for the thought, yet her face still turned as red as her hair. They shouldn’t have to make decisions like this in the first place or change the plans just to accommodate her. Often she wondered if her presence was more of a hindrance. “Don’t be like that,” Olivia nudged her playfully. “I love you. Carly loves you. We all love you. Let loose, have some fun before you go back to baby jail. Perhaps you’ll just meet the love of your life.” Dani barked a laugh. Imagine. A stripper and a diapered Little. That would make one hell of a story. OoOoo A/N: Hey all! I know it’s been such a long time since I’ve posted but I’ve been so busy with school. I’m coming up on my last year of college, I’m in the middle of an internship and getting ready for Masters programs so literally I’ve had no time for anything else! I just wanted to post a little something because I need a break from everything. I know that I have so many stories going on but when something pops in my head, I’ve got write it down! I’ve got about one hundred drafts of different stories written but I’m still working on Baby Dolls and whatever else is posted right now. I’m not really sure how long this story will be but please stick with me! This is my first time writing a diaper dimension story so please share your thoughts and as always, I love reviews! Also, I had no clue what to title this so any better suggestions are welcome!!!
  3. In an alternate world where female domination of cosiety is complete and men are forced into a submissive role Jack is trying to find his way. The eighteen-year-old was soon to go back to school and that means needing to get supplies. Even a simple trip to the mall can be fraught with humiliation.... --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- The Domination of Man By Elfy The world had changed a lot by the year 2060 but not in the way many people thought it might. All the usual issues remained in the world but a new and unexpected problem had quickly risen to the top of the agenda all over the globe. The changes were most evident at meetings of the UN or other international organisations, if you scanned the images you would find something seemed different but it might take a few moments to work out what. A long-term scientific study involving the top minds around the world had made a startling discovery which fundamentally changed how the world worked. They found that males were developing slower than female people in the same age range and in the same place. Physically, emotionally and mentally male people were falling increasingly far behind. It started a debate that raged on and on, it almost ended up tearing society apart. The difference between the two genders quickly widened. The scientists urged calm and told people that males should avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible because it seemed to make the situation worse. Women took the advice to heart and a small group of them started to make sure their boys didn’t get stressed wherever possible. They started at the very beginning and refused to toilet train their children, the idea being that males should have as little as possible to think and worry about. It started small but quickly started growing as it got more and more attention. These mothers were helped by studies that showed that these boys were indeed performing a little better than their toilet trained classmates, though they were still at a significant disadvantage compared to girls. Men don’t like being told they are inferior but eventually it became nearly impossible to deny what the scientists had insisted was true. Society changed rapidly and irreversibly, what had been a patriarchal society started to shift to a matriarchal one. It was like a snowball, as soon as the changes started to happen they snowballed out of control. In America it started with the overdue election of a female president. She was elected on a platform of recognising the scientific studies and promising to alter the world for the better. It got significant support and it was followed by Congress and Senate elections that produced big female majorities. Both sides of the house endorsed the studies and were prepared to make changes. As women started wielding more and more influence and power they started to change laws and strategies. For the most part these changes didn’t cause much problem but a very controversial strategy was adopted and publicised by the female administration that a lot of people didn’t like. When it became clear that boys who weren’t toilet trained were performing better the president decided to actively advise more parents to go this route. Time went by and more studies were conducted which only reinforced previous results and even suggested going further to change society. Men were forced into increasingly subservient roles in society and women took the roles that men were forced to vacate. Once it was estimated that around fifty-per-cent of the male population was either not toilet trained or had females who wished they weren’t it seemed fitting for the government to pass laws reinforcing this. There were a steady stream of laws that aimed to marginalise males including laws that made it a requirement for all males to wear protection when in public. From birth to death many men would feel no underwear except for diapers. There was the expected backlash from the few men who had any control but it was easily silenced and overpowered. The truth was that by this stage most males had come to accept this position, or at the very least they had their resistance whittled down. Society had essentially flipped around from a century earlier. With all the laws in place and society accepting that men were inferior to women it became harder for males to get jobs. With women becoming the main breadwinners more and more men were staying at home to look after children, prepare the meals and clean the house. The law forcing males into diapers had come into force right as summer was starting and now a whole slew of students who had never had to wear diapers to school previously were preparing for the embarrassment that was coming. Jack was one of these students. At eighteen-years-old he had never been forced to wear diapers until the law made it an absolute requirement. Jack had grown up in a society of female domination and he was used to it, his younger sister was considered his superior despite only just starting her freshman year of school. From the moment she had been born she was treated as more of a grown-up than Jack. The fourteen-year-old girl, Alice, always got her way. When the law had first been passed Jack had hated the very idea of diapers. He had seen many other men and boys forced to wear them and they always looked so embarrassed and ashamed. Jack spent three weeks refusing to leave the house before he started going stir crazy. Eventually he had been forced to go to Sarah, his mother, to ask for diapers so that he could go outside. It had been the most embarrassing moment in his life up to that moment. Three weeks after that first diaper Jack was now sat in the backseat of the family car with the now familiar padding wrapped around his crotch. His mother and sister occupied the front two seats and they were just pulling into the shopping mall parking lot, they were grabbing supplies for school along with a lot of other families. Jack stared out the window as he watched hundreds of stationary cars passing by. When the family had finally found a spot Jack was the last to step out. He looked around nervously and was still not at all comfortable with being outside in the diaper. “We have plenty to get.” Sarah said as she started glancing down a shopping list, “Jack requires a lot of new things for the new year.” Jack winced as he walked around the car to where his sister and mother stood. The thick padding of his diaper forced his legs further apart and he was still not used to it. He was grateful though, at least he was dry because he was very aware that wet or messy diapers made it a lot harder to walk. He knew his opinion didn’t matter so he remained quiet and followed his family into the mall. “Mom, some of my friends are already here.” Alice said shortly after walking inside and checking her phone, “Did you want to give me some money and I’ll go off and do my own thing?” “You know I usually wouldn’t mind but I want you with me today so we make sure we don’t miss anything that you need.” Sarah replied. Jack stood silently. He had friends here as well but he knew better than to ask to go off and see them. Despite being older than Alice he was never allowed to go somewhere without female supervision, few males were allowed such privileges these days. “Can I at least see them after we’re done?” Alice asked with the merest hint of annoyance. “Of course.” Sarah replied, “Now come on, we have a lot to get.” Jack looked around as he walked through the mall. He had seen videos and pictures of life before the changes to society and although much remained the same a lot had changed. There were far fewer male orientated stores. Males with disposable income were few and far between so even the shops selling male clothes or equipment were more catered to attract the eyes of the women who would be spending the money. It was not unlike how toy shops sold their wares to kids but had to convince the adults to pay. Jack saw men doing all the menial jobs whilst women in suits walked around with phones clutched to their heads and briefcases in their hands. As Jack looked around he saw a boy who had to have been around his sister’s age standing next to a woman on a bench. This person who Jack assumed was the boy’s mother sniffed the air around her for a second before leaning over to her son. Jack watched the child’s face wince as his mother pressed the back of his shorts against his body. Shortly afterwards the woman stood up looking slightly annoyed and escorted the boy towards the restrooms. “Jack, how’s your diaper?” Sarah asked loudly. The question made Jack blush and Alice giggle. It may have been common to see diapered boys and men everywhere but Alice found Jack’s embarrassment particularly funny. The worst part for Jack was that he couldn’t respond to his sister, to do so would only invite punishment. “It’s… Fine.” Jack replied. “You know what I mean…” Sarah sighed in exasperation, “Do you need a change?” “No.” Jack replied quickly but firmly. As Jack followed his snickering sister into a stationary store he remembered back to before he had been forced to wear diapers. It already felt like so long ago, he never realised he had taken boxer shorts for granted until he watched his drawer of them get replaced with disposable diapers. Asking for those first few diaper changes was difficult as well. Jack had eventually been forced to relent and wet his diaper for the first time, he went downstairs as soon as he was finished and stood in front of his mother and sister. He tried to be as dignified as possible but when asking for a diaper change there is only so much you can do. By the time Jack was following his family around the mall he had gone through a lot of diapers. Even though the law technically said he only had to wear diapers in public he found he was often kept in them at home as well, he didn’t like it but he had no option but to acquiesce. “Alice, you just need the standard school things.” Sarah said as she looked at her list, “Pens, pencils and all that stuff.” “What about Jack?” Alice asked. Jack didn’t like how much of an interest she was taking in this new situation. “He needs a bunch of stuff.” Sarah replied, “We’ll get his specialty things and then sort the standard stuff out afterwards.” Jack followed his mother and sister through to the back of the store. There were a lot of students of all ages hanging around this area, most of them looked embarrassed to be seen in this situation as their female companions measured them and picked out the clothing they needed. Jack could see that some of the males were very obviously padded whilst others were much more subtle, Jack wondered how obvious his own diaper was underneath his pants. “Damn, I knew I forgot something before we left.” Sarah said as she looked around, “I need to take your measurements.” “OK?” Jack replied, “You can just do that here, right?” “Yes but I want to make sure I get it right.” Sarah said, “I’m going to need you to get undressed.” “Undressed!?” Jack exclaimed as he felt a sudden chill go down his spine, “Can’t you measure over my clothes? Please, I don’t mind if the clothes are a little big, don’t make me get naked.” Jack’s desperate pleading was quiet but it couldn’t help but be overheard by some of the people around them in this busy area. Jack could see guys looking at him with pity but no one dared to speak up, the males were all far too cowed to argue. Jack felt himself tearing up a little, he kicked the floor nervously. No one else was having to get stripped down and many women seemed happy to do measurements over the clothes. “No one else has to take their clothes off…” Jack continued in a whining voice that didn’t seem to match his eighteen-year-old body. “Jack, are you talking back to me?” Sarah said crossly. Jack was in a lose-lose situation. He had his mom standing over him with warning flashing in her eyes and his sister stood behind her smirking as she enjoyed the embarrassment her brother was forced to go through. Alice had taken to the matriarchal society like a fish to water, she truly believed she was superior to all men and it showed. Jack let out a low whine as he slowly lifted his t-shirt over his head. When his head emerged out of the bottom of the shirt his face was bright red. Jack was thin and not particularly strong, he didn’t particularly like showing his body off like this and he put his arms across his chest to try and protect his modesty. When he looked down he could clearly see the papery waistband of his diaper poking above his pants. “Come on Jack, we don’t have all day.” Sarah said crossly. Jack looked around the room again and saw many people were looking his way. He closed his eyes tightly and grabbed his waistband, he slowly pulled it down revealing the plain white diaper underneath. He tried to tell himself that all the boys here were diapered but it didn’t help much when his one was the only one visible. Jack was made to lift his arms out to the side as his mother leaned forward and started measuring him. Jack was ordered to keep his eyes forward which meant he was looking at Alice whose superior smirk didn’t help him feel any better about the situation. He could feel that his bladder was full but there was no way he was going to wet himself when everyone could see his diaper like this. As Jack stood as still as possible with his arms out like a scarecrow he looked at the other people around the crowded area. He could see women walking around with piles of clothes and female employees running around everywhere trying to fulfil everyone’s orders. Jack didn’t know what clothes he had to get, males weren’t generally told anything more than they absolutely needed to know even if it affected them.
  4. ((Based on the wonderful worlf created by altered states. Warning: story will contain themed such as forced orgasms, institutionized sexism, and other mature themes.)) Marry woke up grogily as she heard the banging on her apartment door. She practically rolled out of bed, not even bothering to change out of her pajamas. She'd change just before she went to school as normal. Marry was one of those lucky girls who didn't have parents. Making her effectively emancipated by defualt. No diapers, no frilly clothes. So, instead of princess pajamas like many of the girls who attended her college she actually had semi mature nightwear. "H-hello" marry said as she opened the door surprised to see 2 police officers and a... very bubbly girl. "Hello! Would you be Mary Foster?" The girl said in a pratonizingly sweet voice. "Yeah that would be me. Whats going on?" Marry asked wondering just what the hell was going on? "Perfect!" The girl said before giving a nod to the officers. Before marry could react the two officers started pulling mary away from her apartment. Try as she might she could not stop them. Despite her growing panic and desperation they forced her into a car seat, restruaning her to it. Before they drove off she heard the girl say something about an orphanage. Still confused, and honestly a bit scared she could only look out the window of the cop car as it took her from her life.
  5. Hello friends, this is a repost - I was going to fill in the old thread that still had some of the comments, but that was deleted completely recently. So here we go. I'll be posting 2-3 chapters per day to allow for discussion (it'll be new for some people). When the story is done, I'll share a brand new one! ----------------------------- "No, Aimee, for the millionth time, I won't diaper you. You're my roommate, not my baby. I'm sorry your job sucks, but do you really want to just throw away your adulthood?" Fiona was exasperated at her roommate's constant attempts to get her to Amazon-up and baby her. She kept finding Little goods catalogs casually left around the apartment, showing happy Amazon mommies cuddling their fully-grown adult Littles. They watched the news together, they both knew how bad it could be on other islands. Catalon, for example, didn't even see Littles as persons. They were second-class citizens at best, pets at worst. No Little there went undiapered. Here on Gaule things were drastically different. Gaule still had a thriving native Little population, most of them fully functioning adults."Fiona, c'mon.. we've known each other forever. You can't honestly say you haven't wanted to see me in a diaper, even one time?" Aimee blinked her long black eyelashes at her roommate. She had her blonde hair in ringlets and was wearing a pink t-shirt with Tinkerbell on it, Patron Saint of Diapered Littles, under her shortalls. She purposefully dressed in a way that made her cute and vulnerable. She had the blonde hair and blue eyes that most Amazons prized, but Fiona just wouldn't budge."I can honestly say I have never wanted to see you in a diaper, you silly Little. If you want to be adopted that badly, why don't you just go stand in the middle of a store and pee yourself?" Fiona folded her arms across her chest, covering up the TARDIS on her worn t-shirt. She leaned away slightly from her pushy roomie."Owie," Aimee frowned, "I don't want just anyone, Fi.. if I did that, who knows what would happen. I could end up in an orphanage or something, I don't want that. And my job sucks more than you can even imagine. And it's not like you need my help to pay the rent! You just got promoted AGAIN." Fiona would be the perfect mommy, Aimee just knew it. She knew that if she could just get her friend to buckle once, to see how wonderful it was to snuggle someone who needed you, everything would just fall into place. She stared up into her friend's green eyes, reaching up and flipping her tight brown ponytail. Fiona hated makeup and her long hair, she'd shave it off if she could, but she needed it in her climb to the top at work."I have zero interest in taking care of someone's diapers, and you're an adult. You're my friend. We play games and watch movies. And yes, I got promoted but that doesn't mean you can just give up on being an adult. How is your job that bad?""I'm a greeter, Fiona. A greeter. I greet people. I stand on top of a big platform in a cutesy costume and I welcome people into the store. For eight hours. Each day. I already wear diapers at the store, they're not a big deal. They're actually really comfy. I hate changing myself though, and I hate using our stupid giant toilet here." Fiona didn't mind all the Little-aid devices that were around the house that allowed Aimee to live a normal, adult life. The ladder on the toilet didn't seem like it would be that bad to her."Tough nuggets, Aims. I'm not changing your diapers, you aren't my Little. If you're so keen on being a baby, why haven't you put out an ad or gotten adopted by someone while you're on the job?""Oh yeah, I want someone I don't know, or someone who works at the same awful store as I do as my mommy. No. My badge says clearly that I'm licensed, nobody can claim me without my permission. I give you permission!" Aimee flung herself into Fiona's arms, knocking Fiona's controller out of her hands, clutching at her shirt and clinging to her."Ugh," Fiona pushed the Little back onto her own couch cushion, "For the last time, no. And it's your turn to cook tonight. Finish your move in the game and go start dinner while I take my turn.""It's not fair," Aimee whined, turning back to the TV and picking up her controller, "I thought all you Amazons had crazy hormones that made you want to baby cute Littles like me." Aimee put in her orders, instructing her civilization that all Littles should be diapered no matter what, which caused her international reputation to plummet. She ended up making choices like these in most of the games they played, Littles ended up diapered like it was the way things were supposed to be. Fiona thought her dear friend should probably visit a therapist to talk about it, but any time she pressed the issue, things went very badly."You're not as cute as you think," Fiona tickled her roommate as she delivered the joke, "And who would honestly want to wipe someone else's butt? I've never understood it.""You're supposed to want to, we're supposed to be irresistible. I know it's not me, I get asked to come home with a customer at least once a week," Aimee sighed, knowing not to push this too far, Fiona would get really upset if anyone implied she was abnormal, "I just wish you wanted me that way, Fi. You're really great." Fiona allowed Aimee to lay her blonde curls across her Amazon lap. Aimee finished her turn from this odd angle, it didn't matter that they watched each others' turns - they always had it set so they were in a permanent alliance. It was always the two of them against the world.With a dramatic sigh, Aimee put the controller down on the coffee table and trudged to the kitchen. Aimee was actually a really good cook, she had this knack for knowing exactly what spices and what proportions to use, she never used a cookbook or a recipe. Tonight was chicken enchiladas, one of Fiona's absolute favorite of Aimee's dishes. Fiona chose to dream of her wonderful, gooey, cheesy chicken delights rather than focusing on how Aimee was getting incredibly pushy again. She hadn't pushed this hard in a while, things must actually be pretty rough at her job. The last time she got in a big fight at work, before she changed jobs, Aimee had actually started having "accidents" in the apartment, but Fiona had made it clear that she was either to take care of her own diapers or find another place to live. They'd been friends forever, but she just wasn't going to deal with that. Aimee's bladder control returned miraculously shortly afterward.Aimee was right, they didn't need her money to pay for anything in the apartment. Fiona had just made VP at work and money was not an issue.. but she really, truthfully had no interest in owning a Little. She never had, no one in her family did. She had grown up very nearby a Little community and had been friends with many in her youth, the thought of treating her good friend like a baby was just weird. She didn't understand why anyone would want it at all. Littles were adults, they weren't as smart or as strong as an Amazon, but they grew up and learned things and had thoughts and feelings just like anyone. They could be productive members of society, they could fall in love. Not that Fiona understood a lot about love, either.She focused on her turn, using her civilization to make peace on behalf of their alliance. The President of her democratic government was a Little, and had to spend a lot of time explaining her backwards partner's anti-Little attitudes. Honestly, it made the game more challenging. Fiona hated it when they teamed up and the game was too easy, she may as well just play solitaire. But she got to build up her military to defend Aimee's borders and work out the diplomacy, while at the same time protecting her own Littles from the worldwide attitude shift that Aimee's civ caused.Dinner was wonderful as always, Aimee put Fiona's own culinary skills completely to shame. The spanish rice and black beans were perfect. Fiona took just a moment to wipe the footprints off the countertops, it was totally and completely worth it. As was the deal, Fiona took care of all of the dishes on Aimee's night to cook. She helped Aimee down from her Littles chair and took her cartoonish pony plate and rubber fork. Aimee bought those with her own money, she wasn't going to make her get rid of them. If Aimee really wanted to wear diapers and be a baby, that was fine.. as long as she did her share of the chores, kept cooking her wonderful meals, and took care of her own diapers. In fairness, Aimee's share of the chores was smaller. She had to go to extra effort to make meals large enough to satisfy Fiona's Amazonian hunger so Fiona took care of the majority of the chores in general, especially the ones that would require more strength than Aimee had. Fiona took care of most of the dishes and the garbage, Aimee did a lot of the cooking and always took care of her own laundry.As usual, the pair stayed up a little bit too late playing their game. Aimee fell asleep on the couch during a particularly difficult turn for Fiona, who carried her off to bed and tucked her in. Aimee had to struggle very hard not to smile as her giant friend carried her, cradled in her strong arms. She "fell asleep" like this quite often, she'd hate to tip off Fiona that it wasn't always real. Being carried was addictive though, Fiona was always so careful, so gentle. Before leaving the Little's bedroom with its tiny furniture, she shook her head as she picked up a fallen pacifier and dropped it on Aimee's desk. She slipped out quietly and closed the door, then closed the smaller, Little door as well with a soft click.Fiona was pretty sure that her Little friend's longing was just a "grass is always greener" situation, she wouldn't actually like life as a babified Little. And even though she had mentioned it, she would be heartbroken if an Amazon came and took her best friend away from her. Somehow she didn't think she'd be able to go have video game playdates as a visitor in a nursery. She sighed as she climbed into her own normal-sized bed, fully expecting to wake up to Aimee snuggled in her arms in the morning. The thought brought a smile. They were best friends, but Fiona really did love Aimee in a way. She wasn't exactly sure in what way, and she wouldn't ever call the feeling "love", but she knew it was there.Her thoughts turned to the stresses of her new position. She was rubbing elbows with a different class of people now, there was a big difference between being a Senior Director in the firm and a Vice-President. Tomorrow was the start of her second week in her new office on the 14th floor, and she was still finding her footing. She wasn't used to having a secretary or having to talk to people outside the firm as part of the job. It was a new skill set she was having to hone. She had the knowledge and the expertise from the internal-facing side, but she had to succeed in this external interfacing capacity if she were going to continue her climb. It had been a long, hard road but she hadn't reached the peak yet. And she wasn't going to give that dream up for anything. Fiona was on a path to make her mark on the whole world, not just to help bring products to the market that made Little lives easier in Gaule, she wanted to reach a position where she could help Native Littles everywhere. Chapter Two Aimee struggled down from the booster seat in the back seat of the car and let herself out. She crossed in front of Fiona's car and waved to her friend to let her know she was okay. Aimee still had to go put on her uniform, it was in the breakroom with her work diapers. Fiona waved back, her hair coiffed perfectly and her dark blue suit immaculate. A gold bracelet glinted on Fiona's wrist as she waved, and then she was gone. Off to live the life of someone with power, while Aimee struggled into her diaper and her hated costume to stand and wave at people who barely paid her any mind. She wished that Fiona would change her mind, even if it was just for a week, and let her be the baby. Stay home, watch TV, snuggle... it sounded amazing. The ultimate vacation, free from all cares and worries, she wouldn't have to do anything at all..."Hey mascot," the voice snapped her back to reality. Kurt. "Need help getting into your diapers?""Kurt, that sounds suspiciously like sexual harassment to me, do I need to go talk with Helen again?" Aimee whirled on him, hands on her hips. Kurt was a jerk, he was only a couple of feet taller than her. He was one of those In-Betweeners who made themselves feel better by being mean to Littles, he was the personification of the idiom 'Shit rolls downhill'. His greasy brown mop hung down into his eyes and his face was broken out in blemishes, he just didn't seem to care enough to take care of himself. He wore the standard uniform, black slacks with a brown collared shirt. He leered at her as he responded."Offering to help a Little into a diaper isn't sexual harassment any more than offering to help a fish flopping on the ground back into the water. You know where you belong, baby girl. Like all Littles, you're just waiting for the right Amazon to scoop you up and whisk you off to a life of bottles and diapers. Everyone knows you like your work uniform.""Go fuck yourself, Kurt," the Little stormed off toward the employee ready area, Kurt couldn't see the tears in her eyes as she left. What hurt the most was that he was right, though. If Fiona offered to sweep her away to a life of cribs and bottles, she'd take it with glee. It was her favorite fantasy. But Kurt made her feel like she was betraying Littles everywhere just by having these feelings.Being Little in an Amazon's world sucks, why shouldn't I want to be cared for and loved? Work sucks, having to struggle to climb everything sucks, finding transportation sucks. Why is it so wrong to want Fiona to just pick me up and carry me? If diapers go with that, fine by me - they're cute and comfy anyway. She was consumed by her thoughts as she locked the door of the employee ready room and stripped. I should probably go to the bathroom first, she thought - she almost always did that first, but Kurt threw her routine off. She laid down and powdered herself as best she could, pulling the medical-looking plain white diaper up between her legs and fastening the tapes. She'd be standing up on the greeting platform for the next eight hours with only a few breaks and the bathroom was on the other side of the store. She had learned quickly that if she spent her break time using the bathroom... she never got a break.Aimee toddled out of the ready room in her neck-to-toe teddy bear costume, the round ear headband atop her blonde curls. The original costume had a head, but they found the customers responded much better to Aimee's bouncing locks, so the manager modified it. They'd actually done an empirical study and discovered that Aimee provided a not insignificant boost in sales when she was the greeter... but they didn't tell her that, of course."Hey Aimee," Helen's voice came from behind Aimee as she toddled toward the front of the store, "Need a lift?""Sure, I'd like that," Aimee agreed, raising her arms. She liked being carried in general, especially when she was having trouble getting around like she did in the bear costume. Helen was a true giantess, too - she was easily a foot taller than the average Amazon, so Aimee felt delightfully small in her arms. Helen scooped her up and smiled down at her as she walked toward the front of the store. "Are you okay? You look a little upset.""You mean I look like an upset Little," Aimee joked, "Kurt was just being a jerk, saying stuff about how Littles belong in diapers, his usual stuff. It just got to me today.""I can talk to him if you'd like," Helen offered, smiling down at Aimee. She had thought about offering to adopt Aimee before, but she had never worked up the courage. Aimee already had to deal with wearing diapers as part of her job, she probably hated the idea of being babied, or so Helen thought. She carried Aimee in one arm and ran her fingers through her short-cut blonde hair. She had brown eyes to Aimee's blue, but they were similar enough in complexion that you could believe for a moment that Aimee was really Helen's relative. "He's got to stop picking on you, it's unprofessional.""Thanks, Helen.. but no," Aimee declined as Helen placed her on the platform above the carts at the front of the store, "I'll handle it. I'll try not to let him get me down. Thanks for looking out for me.""Any time, Aimee. You're a good friend to me," Helen smiled warmly at the Little dressed as a teddy bear, but Aimee didn't pick up on the sad longing that hid just behind that smile."You're a great friend too, Helen," she waved as her giant friend walked away. She turned toward the people walking into the store and shouted, "Welcome to Sir Bearington's! Be sure to check out our special on Little ladders! They're beary great!"* * *Fiona pulled the sedan into her designated parking spot, close to the building. Of all the small perks that came with the new title, the reserved spot was one she enjoyed quite a lot. Her car looked a bit out of place, a simple Honda sandwiched in between a pair of BMWs. She didn't have much practice at being one of the "fancy people", but this was part of the game you had to play if you wanted enough power to make a real difference. She'd have to upgrade her car soon, after another month or two in her new job. Fiona hated buying things on credit, she had an old-fashioned philosophy of wanting pay for things outright and not be beholden to anyone.She smoothed a wrinkle from her skirt as she slid out of the car, grabbing her briefcase from the passenger seat. She sighed at the cheeseburger wrappers Aims had left in the back seat, she'd have to get her Little roommate to clean those up, she couldn't afford the hit to her image at work. They'd just have to excuse her for now, the booster seat would provide all the explanation she needed for the moment. The elevator ride to the 14th floor was pleasant, if a little lonely.. as Senior Director she mingled with her product team a lot, now that she was VP she was a little isolated up there with the executives, but this still felt like the right move."Good morning, Miss Marr," Carol's voice floated across the office as soon as Fiona stepped out of the elevator. This was the hardest thing for her get used to, having a dedicated assistant. She and several other Directors had shared an office assistant before, so it wasn't the fact that her only job was to help out.. it was just that Carol's only duty at all was to help Fiona. Carol was a little bit older than Fiona, but not by much. Today she was wearing a classic red blouse with a lovely gold necklace that matched her gold hoops, her earlobes exposed by her high braided honey brown hair. She was an earth tone and her makeup was perfect with just a touch of eye shadow ad the faintest gloss on her lips. Carol was an expert at wearing just enough makeup to look like she wasn't wearing any at all."Good morning, Carol. But please, call me Fiona," Fiona reminded her gently. She'd been with the company for a long time, almost as long as I had, but always as an executive assistant."Right, sorry Miss M... Fiona," Carol was very good at her job, but old habits die hard, "Your 11 AM called, Mr. Whitmore, he can't come to the office for the meeting today but he said he'd be happy to meet with you at the club."The club, Fiona cursed in her head. She didn't have a membership yet, but she knew she'd need one eventually. Osmium was an fairly exclusive club that many of the movers-and-shakers she'd need to interface with belonged to. A lot of business was done there, and getting on the membership roll was on Fiona's to do list. It was looking like that one would get crossed off sooner rather than later."Please confirm with Mr. Whitmore, I'll be happy to meet him at Osmium," she smiled to Carol as she strode into her office, but she wasn't exactly happy. "Please move my 1 o'clock to allow for travel time." Carol chirped a confirmation, the one PM was an internal briefing, it could wait. Getting Mr. Whitmore's agency to approve the new designs for the Little Pilot seat her team was working on for testing by actual Littles. The design was revolutionary, it used a low-latency neural interface that when installed and configured would allow a Little to drive a full sized car with no further modifications. Littles could technically drive currently, but not all roads had a Little lane, and it was still very dangerous for them, most Littles relied on ride-shares which had their own risks, or public transportation. This would give Littles worldwide more freedom than they had had... well, possibly ever. Lawrence Whitmore was the head of the LPSA, the Littles Product Safety Administration, and Fiona needed his agency to sign off on the testing before they could go any further. It wouldn't be easy due to the social ramifications of the new product, and getting to Mr. Whitmore himself was the fastest strategy.Fiona sat down at her desk and started with the emails that had piled up overnight. She knew the morning would fly by in no time and she'd have to be on her way to the club, she'd need time to do the membership application.. there was no time to waste.* * *Greeting felt like such a waste of time. She just said the same thing over and over - it could be done by a robot, why did they want an actual Little in a bear costume shouting at customers?"Oh my, the cute mascot is working again today," she heard a passing Amazon remark. "I like her much better than the one with the bear mask, she's so adorable! Did you see her ringlets.. " the conversation faded as they walked away, but Aimee felt good. She liked knowing that people thought she was cute. Of course, most of the Little customers didn't seem to approve of her getup, neither the ones who walked in of their own will nor the ones riding in the front of a cart, sucking on a pacifier. She watched jealously as an Amazon mommy pushed a Little girl into the store, the girl had very similar ringlets to Aimee's own. If only that were Fiona and me, she daydreamed for a moment, a dream of Fiona pushing her in a cart like that.. leaning forward and squeezing her diaper and remarking how she would need to be changed soon.."Gaule to Aimee," Kurt's voice shattered her daydream into a million pieces, "Helen's been calling you on the intercom, dummy. Walk your bear butt to her office and then take your break.""Ugh," she groaned, "Thanks Kurt," she said grudgingly as he helped her down off the platform."Sure thing, squirt. Hey, sorry I was rough on you this morning. I.. had a bad night," he walked off before she could respond, but any kind of apology was nice. Aimee wondered if Helen had said something to him. Waddling to the manager's office in a wet diaper and a bear costume took forever, she wondered if she'd have any break time at all when this was done."Great job representing us Littles," a Little man in a t-shirt and jeans said snidely as she passed, "I can smell your piss from here." Aimee blushed and hurried on, she knew she should have gone before putting the costume on, she was wetter than usual for this time of day and the medical grade diapers the company provided weren't the best, it was barely 11 AM - there was still a lot of time left in the workday. By the time she made it to Helen's office, she was fighting tears, feeling betrayed by her own desires. Yes, she was wearing the diaper for the job... but she'd gladly let Fiona diaper her for real, all she had to do was ask. It felt like her fellow Littles could see that hidden desire, and they hated her for her traitorous feelings.She pushed open the Little-sized door cut out in the larger door to the manager's office and closed it quietly behind her."Helen? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you calling me over the intercom, I was shouting at people to buy ladders," Aimee walked into the office looking for her giant boss, faking a smile, "What's up?""Aimee," Helen smiled from the enormous desk. She got up from her seat and crouched down to be "on the level", as they said. "I have great news! You're Employee of the Month! We've gotten so many compliments on your greeting that they're giving you a $100 gift card to the store as thanks. And I get to give it to you," Helen beamed a genuine smile at Aimee as she handed over the card in a gold holder. "Great job, Aimee. Your picture will be up in the entrance this month. Congratulations!""Wow," Aimee stammered a bit, genuinely surprised, "Thanks Helen, I had no idea I was even being considered!""Take an extra ten minutes on your break and keep up the good work, Aimee." Helen was genuinely proud of the Little, and it took everything she had not to scoop her up and give her a big hug. The smile on the girl's face lit up Helen's entire world. Every fiber of her being screamed at her to sweep up this cute thing and snuggle her, to feed her and protect her and never let anything make her sad ever again. She had really laid into Kurt this morning, she watched him like a hawk for a screw-up and nailed him to the wall for it. Something about Aimee brought out every Amazon instinct in Helen.. and it took incredible willpower to keep that in check, especially because she already knew that this wonderful Little was already diapered, and probably wet too.Aimee felt light as a feather as she headed back to the ready room to stash her giftcard and change her diaper, when she felt a hand on her shoulder."Oh, what a cute Little, where's your mommy?" the woman asked, bending over Aimee in a way that was intended to intimidate her. Her accent said clearly that she wasn't from around here, "Your diapee smells so wet, Little one. Let's get you to your mommy so you can be changed.""Back off, lady," Aimee said grumpily, holding up her employee badge, "It says clearly that I'm licensed. I'm on my way to change right now, thank you very much.""Oh," the woman practically hissed as she stormed away, "You shouldn't send false signals, brat. This island is so backwards, it's ridiculous.""Have a nice day," Aimee called after her in her most pleasant tone, but more quietly added, "I hope you trip and break a bone." She was grateful for her license, it kept her from being scooped up by just anyone... there was only one woman she wanted as her mommy. And she doesn't want me, Aimee thought bitterly to herself as she reached the ready room, ...yet, she finished the thought with a smile. Chapter Three Fiona's car was sorely out of place in the sea of Audis, BMWs, and Lexuses as she parked in the guest lot of Osmium. The grounds were enormous and the clubhouse was austere and intimidating. On her way up the stairs to the entrance, she passed a man in a power suit with a red tie talking on his phone as a Little in a poofy princess dress ran to keep up with him, the lead to her reins held in his left hand. She shook her head, feeling badly for the poor Little. This was the kind of thing she was out to fix."Good morning, ma'am," she was greeted warmly by a man in a black turtleneck behind a counter. He was balding on top, his hair shaved short to hide it, "Can I help you?""Yes, I'm a bit early for my meeting with Mr. Whitmore. I don't suppose you could help me with a membership application?" I smiled warmly to him as I strode over to the counter."Of course, madam," the man smiled pleasantly, but didn't move an inch, "I just need to know the name of your sponsor and the name, gender, and age range of your Little." The sponsor she had expected, she already worked it out with her boss that she would use his name.. the part about the Little was a surprise."Dean Jackstone is my sponsor," she smiled, handing him a card with perfect confidence."Mr. Jackstone, really! Oh he is a fine member, quite well-liked," he took the card, his demeanor warming, they went through the initial paperwork and were just about done when he asked, "And your Little?""I don't have a Little currently," Fiona stated this quite matter-of-factly."I'm afraid all members must have a Little, Miss Marr. It's part of the club bylaws. I'll be happy to let you in today for your meeting with Mr. Whitmore, but just for today. Only members are allowed is Osmium, and they expect all members to support our care facility for Littles. Adopt yourself a Little and we'll finish your application. I'm sure you could have one today in your position." He sounded a little jealous.Ugh, I don't even want a Little, what am I going to do about this membership? Fiona wondered to herself as she entered the club proper. The entire right wall of the club was glass, looking down into a giant plastic jungle. Dozens of Littles ran and played in there, obvious diapers on display. Fiona shook her head, this is what she was trying to fight, not trying to encourage. The man from the desk led her deeper into the club, she was in what looked like a large restaurant, waiters bustled about, various bigwigs were dining or drinking. Littles were obviously meant to be seen and not heard in this part of the club, the few that were in the dining area had auto-feeder pacifier-bottles strapped to their faces for their meals, or were otherwise silenced by breasts or restraining pacifiers. All conversation was done in hushed tones, silence was apparently golden.The balding man led her to a back corner, what looked like private booths.. each booth had its own curtain. She was asked to wait while he peeked into a curtain, she only waited a moment, he returned and motioned for her to enter the right side of the curtained booth. Lawrence Whitmore, a very large, very wide man sat across from her. He had tiny, round glasses perched on his nose.. they had to be for show, it was very rare that someone who needed vision correction had a condition that couldn't be solved with an easy surgery. He had a pencil-thin black mustache and a dusting of gray hair on top of his head. The position of his bushy white eyebrows indicated that he was in a serious mood at the moment."Miss Marr," he greeted me. His booth was lavish, the seats were a soft leather and there was plenty of room between the seat and the table. There was a Little in the corner, strapped into a booster seat with his elbows secured to the table, his hands forced to hold a bottle that he sucked from, his eyes closed. He was dressed in shortalls with a blue shirt underneath.. why in the world would Aimee want that? "You've got quite an interesting project that you're working on. Do you really think Littles can be trusted to drive?" He looked pointedly at his captive Little."The majority of Gaule's Littles are perfectly capable, Mr. Whitmore. They have jobs, they pay taxes, and they are perfectly capable adults. It's true that there are some Littles who shouldn't be driving," I smile at his Little, hating myself just a bit, "but I doubt any Amazon is going to allow their diapered Little to get a license, unless you intend for Little... ""Rusty," Lawrence smiled, with what looked like genuine love."Little Rusty here to chauffeur you?" Fiona finished with a smirk, hating herself just a bit more. The mental image caused the large businessman to laugh heartily, and Rusty blushed deeply, looking very much like he wished the world would swallow him whole. "We both know that Littles are big business, both in diapers and in the workforce. And giving them this mobility will increase their employability and thus their spending. I know I'll be making some strategic investments when this product is ready for market... " she finished with a sly smile.A waiter came and took their order - Fiona hadn't really intended to eat here, but Lawrence insisted. Fiona kept herself to a simple club sandwich and chips, Lawrence had quite a large steak with all the trimmings. She stayed and ate lunch with him and they talked stocks and sports while he spoonfed his Little some of what looked like yogurt. Rusty still hadn't spoken a word. This meeting was running much longer than she had intended, Fiona was very glad she had already asked Carol to move her 1 PM."You've definitely piqued my interest," Lawrence turned back to Fiona's original topic after the meal was concluded. "Unfortunately, I'm out of time for today. Would you be willing to meet me here again on Thursday? I want to review your plans personally, have you explain them, and if I'm satisfied I will personally promote your Little Pilot to the department.""That is exactly what I was hoping to hear, Mr. Whitmore," I smiled, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Rusty." His Little blushed and hid his face in his still-secured hands, which caused Lawrence to laugh. Fiona slid out of the booth with her briefcase and made her way for the exit, pondering the best way to secure her membership...* * *It was like Amazons were all members of the same club, they all seemed to have the same jokes. Aimee had just heard the, "Oh she'd look cuter in a crib," joke for the hundredth time today, but nothing was going to get her down. She was Employee of the Month and it felt great. All the cooing and fawning over her, the not even whispered questions about whether or not she was diapered under the costume only reinforced the fact that she was desirable goods to Aimee. Fiona should be begging to change her diaper! She was so cute, she was the Little every Amazon wanted, it just didn't make sense. They had been best friends forever, why didn't Fiona want to take things to the next level? Aimee shook the thoughts away, focusing on the crowd."Good afternoon sir," she greeted a Little as he walked in, "Welcome to Sir Bearington's!""Thanks," he said gruffly, grabbing a cart and heading inside."Hello pretty lady," she smiled and batted her eyes at an incoming Amazon, she didn't have a Little but seemed like the type who wanted one. She wore a simple blue dress and sandals, and had a lovely blue leather purse that matched her outfit. "Welcome to Sir Bearington's!""Oh my goodness, aren't you the cutest thing?" the Amazon cooed up at her on her platform. "Does your mommy work here, sweetie?"Normally this sort of thing annoyed Aimee a bit, but she was feeling so good today. Knowing that Helen and the company appreciated her work made all the difference in the world and she was feeling really good about greeting people. The whole day just felt brighter after the lunch break, which she spent a good chunk of the time staring at the gold envelope. She wasn't even sure what she wanted to buy with it."No pretty lady," she smiled, wishing she could curl a finger through her hair.. but all she had was a bear paw, "I don't have a mommy, I'm licensed.""Oh, such a shame. A cute little thing like you shouldn't have to work, although you're doing a wonderful job!"I know, right? Aimee agreed silently. I shouldn't have to work, I'm cute! "Thank you ma'am," Aimee smiled, "I like my job though and my Amazon bestie would be disappointed in me if I gave it up." The first half of the sentence would have been a lie just this morning, but Aimee was feeling really good about the job today, it was silly what a big difference a gesture of thanks had on the attitude."Well, not everyone can have the right opinion on what a cute thing like you should be doing with her time, I suppose," the lady smiled, "If you were my Little, I'd never let you go.""Aww, that's nice," Aimee smiled, knowing full well that the nicest gesture from the nicest Amazon could just be a trap. Once a Little was adopted, there was no way out. You only wanted to enter that kind of relationship if you knew you wanted it to be forever... like it should be with Fiona. Wonderful Fiona, Aimee fawned, who would never hurt me or make me do anything unfun. This lady seemed nice, but for all Aimee knew, she was a total sadist with a fully decked out punishment nursery waiting. Some Littles liked that, after all... Aimee, not so much."Would you like to go to dinner with me sometime, cutie?" The Amazon flashed an amazingly white smile.. it was dazzling."I uh.. " Aimee was sorely tempted, dating an Amazon while licensed was mostly safe, as long as she didn't get full-on kidnapped. This lady didn't seem like the predatory type..."Aimee," Helen's voice came from behind her, "I need your help with something. Are you available?" Helen had been watching this whole scene unfold and a cold fear gripped her heart. She couldn't bear to see Aimee get abducted, sometimes the nicest-seeming Amazons were the craziest ones. This particular lady looked like the type who wouldn't give Helen the time of day, so she was immediately distrustful. Amazon women tended not to like Helen, or so she felt, because she was so big and tall. She didn't have many friends in school and she was often ostracized as awkward. This lady seemed like the sort that would have picked on her back then. For all her trepidation regarding females, Amazon males were even worse. It was extremely rare that she could find one as tall as she was, and no one seemed to want to date someone taller than them. It severely limited Helen's fashion choices, and she was quite jealous of the lady's chunky-heeled sandals. Adding even a few inches to Helen's already above average height was awful, but she wanted to wear cute shoes too."I gotta go, sorry," Aimee excused herself and climbed down from the platform. Helen desperately wanted to scoop up Aimee and hold her close, but she had to show the lady that Aimee was a strong and independent Little, even helping her down from the platform would only encourage her to pursue. The woman lingered as Aimee toddled over to Helen. "What's up, boss?" she asked cheerfully.Helen gestured for Aimee to follow and walked slowly away from the woman, trying to think up some excuse for why she needed Aimee. She hadn't at all, but the thought of Aimee going out with that... temptress sent her into a complete panic."I um," Helen hesitated, "It's stupid, but I can't get my computer to respond." The lie was plausible, Aimee wasn't a tech wizard or anything, but she knew her way around. Helen was no dummy either, but she could claim the problem was real and had fixed itself, "I was hoping you could poke at it. I have to get a report done today.""Sure thing, boss!" Aimee beamed, toddling along next to Helen at what was a painfully slow pace for her. Aimee was overjoyed at being asked to help, today was positively fantastic. The journey to the manager's office was a long one, and neither of them noticed the lady from the entrance casually following them, looking at merchandise here and there. She only gave up once the door to the manager's office was closed."Okay," Aimee said brightly, climbing up with a considerable degree of difficulty into Helen's chair. "Let's see what we can see." She tapped the screen and the keyboard and the computer sprung to life. Aimee did a couple of standard gestures and the computer responded correctly. "You say it was frozen?""Of course it's working now," Helen smiled nervously, a tell that she was lying - one she wasn't even aware she did, "Sorry for wasting your time, Aimee. Computers always seem to do this to me, they work fine as soon as I ask for help.""I hate that," Aimee commiserated, "Well, I guess I should get back to greeting people.""Actually," Helen said a little too quickly, "I was wondering if you could do some sorting for me. It'll probably take you the rest of the day, you'll be in the back so you can switch to your street clothes." Helen was really worried about that lady, she could be lurking around, just waiting for Aimee to return to the front and Helen to walk away. "Do you mind?""Of course not, I'm happy to help you however I can," Aimee hadn't really thought much about Helen, other than as the often-hated authority figure at work, but she felt really valued today and Helen was a big part of that. She wanted to make Helen happy, and it would be nice to get out of the uniform for a while. "I'll head to the ready room and go change, and meet you back here?""Well," Helen started and hesitated, "Would you mind if I carried you?" She was terrified that she was pushing her luck, most Littles would be incredibly offended at the question. "Just to save some time, err.. not that you're slow or anything, I just walk quite fast for an Amazon.""Sure! I don't mind, having short legs sucks," Aimee turned the chair and lifted her arms up, ready to be carried... and Helen felt weak in the knees. She shouldn't fantasize about an employee, but she really wanted this. She felt her cheeks grow warm as she picked Aimee up and placed her on one hip. Helen had never walked faster in her life, it was a speed-walk, it was almost a run. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she felt like she might faint. "Wow," Aimee remarked, "You really are fast! It must have been torture for you walking from the front, I'm sorry.""Oh, no.. it's no big deal," Helen stammered a bit. She would need to calm herself down actively while Aimee changed. "I don't mind, it's relaxing to walk at a slower pace. My sister says I need to slow down anyway."Helen leaned against the wall with a hand against her chest, steadying her breathing as Aimee went and changed. She hoped no one else was watching.
  6. This story takes place in a world where women are significantly bigger and stronger than men Daniel is a workaholic who really needs a break. His life consists of nothing more than working for much longer than he should and then going home to scroll social media. So when he receives a letter from a cousin he had lost touch with saying they should catch up he is only too eager to agree. Emmy, however, isn't exactly the cousin he remembered her being. --- Writing is my passion and my only source of income. If you enjoy my stories you may be interested to learn that you can see every update I post one week before the rest of the world with a $5 pledge on Patreon. For $10 you can see everything early AND 50 full length stories that can only be found on my Patreon page! The money I get goes to paying bills and putting food on the table so I appreciate all of my patrons and would appreciate anyone who might be interested in supporting me to check out my Patreon ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Cousin Emmy By Elfy Daniel tapped away on his keyboard. He hadn’t stopped in a long time, his eyes were practically glued to the screen as he wrote line after line of code. His eyes were sore but he couldn’t stop, he needed to keep going and meet his deadlines. Daniel enjoyed his work and when he got into the right frame of mind he could easily work non-stop for hour after hour. With a swipe of his hand Daniel brushed his hair out of his face. It was growing too long, that was what his mother always told him when she visited. He clicked save and looked away from the screen for the first time in hours. He had to blink a few times, every time his eyes closed he saw the code on the screen again. He knew it as the “Tetris Effect”, when you look at something happening for so long you can see it when you close your eyes, it was very disconcerting. He rubbed his eyes, he only had sight in the left one though he hadn’t let that stop him from doing anything. “What the…” Daniel realised his one good eye wasn’t going blind. It had got very dark indeed. He checked the clock on the corner of the screen to see it was late in the evening. He had worked long past quitting time. The office was empty. All the lights were off and so were the computers. Daniel was the last person to leave and his shift was meant to have finished hours ago. If he had any kind of social life he would’ve been upset but, in truth, no one would notice he had worked overtime. He lived alone and didn’t really have many friends, certainly not ones he often went out with. With the computer shut off Daniel picked up his things and left the office. He lived in the city and didn’t own a car, he didn’t mind walking and using public transport. It was good for the environment and his own fitness. He was a slim guy anyway but a little extra exercise never hurt anyone. It was already dark out and the wind had a slight chill to it that made Daniel pull his coat a little tighter to himself. He gave a wide berth to some teenagers that were loitering outside an electronics store. He always felt nervous when passing rowdy groups thanks to his diminutive 5’4” frame. He was very slight physically and that made him anxious about becoming a victim. Daniel hurried by and carried on home. He lived in an apartment halfway up a building. His programming for an independent video game company didn’t pay a great deal but living on his own meant he didn’t actually need much money, it wasn’t like he went out often after all. Daniel opened the front door of his place and walked inside. He flicked on the lights and walked through to the kitchen. It was late and he didn’t feel much like cooking, he warmed up some instant noodles and then dropped on his couch in front of the television. There wasn’t much on and Daniel ended up watching a random roller-skating competition on one of the niche sports’ channels. He had no interest in skating but he was essentially just killing time until he went to bed and then went to work again. This was his life. Working and then sitting around waiting to work again. With a sigh Daniel looked around. He was an introvert, he didn’t mind being home alone rather than out partying but at times like this he wouldn’t have minded having someone just to talk to a little bit. He had considered getting a pet before but it didn’t feel like he would be home enough to take care of them. For the next hour Daniel looked at social media on his phone whilst occasionally glancing up at the television. Most of the people on his friends list were either colleagues or family. There was nothing exciting going on. Daniel turned off the television and stretched. He walked into his hallway with the intention of visiting the bathroom before bed. He paused when he saw a letter on his doormat. If it had been there when he got home he hadn’t noticed it, and yet it felt like he would’ve seen it. He frowned, he rarely got letters that weren’t bills but he could see his name and address handwritten on it. Daniel picked the letter up and turned it over. There was no clues as to where it came from. He opened the door out in to the building’s hallway. He wasn’t sure what he expected to see but no one was there. The only movement was on the light on top of the elevator, one of the numbers was descending as it lowered down towards the ground. Closing the door Daniel started opening the envelope. He pulled the single piece of paper out and read the handwriting. “Hi Daniel, it’s been a long time!” The handwriting was very neat with all the letters curving into the next one perfectly, “You should come visit and catch up. I’m sure we have a lot to reminisce about. It would be a lot of fun to have you stay for a while. Your favourite cousin, Emmy.” The note ended with a return address as well as an e-mail. Daniel read the note a second time. He remembered Emmy well. She had been practically his best friend as a youth but once he had moved to the city they had lost touch. Daniel remembered getting into a lot of hijinks with Emmy, she was two years younger than he was but always seemed to be the one who took charge of their arrangements. She had been taller than he was to the point most strangers assumed she was the elder cousin, she seemed to enjoy that a lot. Daniel climbed into bed but placed the note on his bedside table. He would send a reply from work the next day. Going out to the countryside to revisit his youth and catch up with an old friend would be just the tonic to his stressed life. --- Daniel sat on the bus with his suitcase pulled up between his legs. He had woken up at the crack of dawn to get ready and head to the train station, then he switched to the bus to get him as close as possible to Emmy’s rather remote home. He felt excited but also anxious, social situations had been alien to him for a long time. When Daniel stepped off the bus with his suitcase he had to look around to try and work out where to go next. This wasn’t the town he had grown up in though it wasn’t far away, he had only been here a few times before and that had been many years ago. He pulled out the piece of paper with directions and then started walking down the street. After talking to Emmy through e-mail and deciding on a visit Daniel had gone to his boss to apply for time off. He was able to take quite a significant amount of time since he hadn’t used his holiday time that year. Daniel wasn’t planning to spend all his time off with Emmy, he didn’t want to impose, but he liked that there would be no rush on their catching up. Emmy had a spare room that she said was ready just for him. It took thirty minutes for Daniel to eventually end up on the right road. He had underestimated the distance and pulling his suitcase with him the whole way had left him out of breath. The buildings on this road had plenty of space between them and each seemed to be situated in its own sizable parcel of land. Daniel stopped in front of one of these isolated homes and checked his paper again. This was the right address but everything seemed to be a little odd. He couldn’t put his finger on it as he looked at the house from the road. He started walking down the long driveway. “What on Earth…” Daniel’s eyes widened the closer he got to the house. Everything about the house appeared normal at first glance. The white two-storey walls had regular windows and a front door on a porch, it looked like the carbon copy of thousands of other houses until Daniel walked up the large steps of the porch. The front door towered over him, the letterbox was at head height whilst the handle was even higher. The brass door knocker was out of reach even if Daniel had tried to jump for it. It had to be at least ten-feet off the ground. Daniel turned around and saw some wicker furniture on the corner of the porch. The two chairs, table and rocking chair looked gargantuan. If Daniel didn’t know better he would’ve thought he had shrunk to half his height. After another check that this was indeed the correct address Daniel knocked on the door. He heard a loud scraping and then footsteps coming to the door. He could feel the wooden boards under his feet vibrate with each booming step. Daniel instinctively took a step backwards as the door’s lock clicked and then swung open. Daniel had just one second to take in his cousin Emmy before she was right in front of him. “Daniel!” Emmy excitedly stepped forwards with a huge smile, “You haven’t changed a bit!” Daniel saw a woman in front of him that wasn’t just tall but a giant. Her arms reached around Daniel’s waist and before he knew it he was lifted into the air in a great big bear hug. He felt his cheeks reddening as he was held against his cousin’s chest, her voluptuous breasts threatened to engulf him. It was more than a little uncomfortable and awkward. “Mmm!” Was the only sound Daniel could make as he wondered if he was going to suffocate right there between his cousin’s boobs. “Oh, sorry. I sometimes forget my own strength!” Emmy loosened her grip. To Daniel’s embarrassment Emmy didn’t set him down on the floor. Instead, she shifted him to the side with remarkable ease so that he was sat on her hip. His arms and legs automatically wrapped around Emmy as she took his suitcase and carried it inside. Daniel felt embarrassment coursing through him along with questions as to how Emmy had got so big. He hadn’t even had a chance to say anything! Daniel was final set down in the living room as Emmy sat on the couch. Daniel was left stood in front of her feeling like a child sent to report to the Principal. He was finally able to take all of her in and he was astounded. Emmy was incredibly tall, he could only estimate but if she was shorter than eight feet tall he would’ve been extremely surprised. “How was your trip? Was it OK?” Emmy asked. Despite her size her voice was very light. Her shoulder-length golden hair bobbed slightly as she sat up straight. The apron she was wearing over her black dress bunched up and she had to pull it down. “It was fine.” Daniel replied quietly. Looking around the room Daniel could see the interior of the house was the same as the exterior. Everything was bigger than normal, the couches and armchairs were so tall he would struggle to clamber up on to the cushions, Even the windowsill was so high up he could’ve used it for chin-ups. He had never felt smaller as he looked round at the giant room. “Oh, where are my manners?” Emmy chuckled, “Let me help you up.” “Wha-… No I’m-” Daniel found himself being lifted again and this time deposited on the couch. He hadn’t been handled this much since he had been a baby, it seemed like Emmy had some real issues with personal boundaries. Much to Daniel’s embarrassment his legs hung over the edge of the seat without touching the ground. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy asked excitedly. She leaned back and turned sideways to face her new guest. Her breasts were very distracting as they pushed out towards Daniel. “Oh, you know… This and that.” Daniel muttered as he forced himself to look away. He had so many questions but Emmy wasn’t giving him a moment to say anything. Daniel wanted to ask Emmy what had happened to make her so incredibly tall and about her house. Did she have a genetic problem that kept her growing? Did she have this house custom made? Why wasn’t she a star basketball player? Were those boobs real!? “You have to give me more than that!” Emmy giggled and draped one of her long arms over Daniel’s shoulders, “Come on, we’ve got all the time in the world. Tell Aunty everything.” “Aunty?” Daniel replied with a frown. “Oh, silly me!” Emmy giggled again, “I’m so much bigger than you I forgot you aren’t one of my sister’s kids! Just a maternal instinct I suppose, you’re actually older than me by a couple of years, hard to believe, huh?” As Emmy laughed heartily Daniel forced a trepid smile across his face. If he could’ve done he would’ve excused himself from this bizarre house and run away because Emmy was acting very strangely. He didn’t like the very “hands on” approach she was taking to him, it wasn’t normal to just be picked up like this. “So what have you been up to?” Emmy said again. “I went to university.” Daniel looked away from Emmy as he shifted uncomfortably, “Studied video game design and then got a job at an independent company. I wor-” “Wow!” Emmy interrupted, “Impressive! I’m proud of you, what a clever boy!” Daniel blushed a little as he was praised in such a strange manner. He bit his lip as he felt his face flush with embarrassed heat. This had been a big mistake. His social isolation had pushed him into this meeting but he had never expected a situation like this. Despite his loneliness being alone at home seemed very attractive at this point. “Let me show you your room so you can get settled in.” Emmy said after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence. --- You can find out what happens next RIGHT NOW on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cousin-emmy-part-92754660
  7. Hi there. My name is Kinsir, and im an ABDL for quite some years now. My whole life, i was allways sexually fixated on diaper content, but id love to take it wven one step further. So im dreaming about conditioning or training myself in such a way, that im fully diaper dependant on diapers. If possible maybe in such a way that i cant propperly masturbate without wearing one anymore. It would be my total dream. So i was curious if you had any idea what i could try out, in order to further go into that direction. Thanks for your answers in advance
  8. Hello everyone! This is going to be my first serious story on this site. I am attempting to create a subscribestar to release early chapters. This story focuses on Nary and Melody. Two highlevel catkin who helped to defeat the demon king. ..... Melody sat squirming in the carriage. She hated being stuck in one place. It made her feel exposed, a common problem among [Assassins]. Her brother was already asleep. Sometimes she envied the [warrior]. She looked into a nearby mirror in the carriage noting her appearance. She was a catkin, a demihuman race who looked mostly human with the exception of catlike ears and a tail that swished back and fourth. Both her and her brother had jade green hair and looked to be in their early 20s. As the carriage entered into the city proper, she grew a bit excited. It had been five years since they had helped the hero Vivian defeat the demon lord Roldwen. When the battle was over her and her brother had asked for one thing. For their race to be happy in the new kingdom. Under the demon lord catkin had been subjected to poverty, slavery, and worse. She saw that were once had been shops selling catkin slaves now stood colorful clothing shops with pastel sighns such "Nyaedy: Catkin clothing shop." She did notice that the dresses sold were a bit frilly and childish but she'd never been one for fashion and was just glad that her kind had devolped a fashion. It made her feel a bit guilty about going into seclusion after they had beaten Roldwen. She should have been here to witness her people claiming back their lives. She put that in the back of her mind though. It was useless to think about and besides they were getting closer to the castle. Once the home of the dread demon Lord it was now the home of Vivian Allbright. The castle was a grand building floating high up in the sky. A drawbridge was the only way to reach it. Its spiraling towers and brick exterior painting a forboding atmosphere. She woke up her brother who mumbled and promptly went back to sleep. Melody kicked him. "Hey!" He protested as he fully woke up. Eye blinking rappidly and his ears twitching in agitation. "You need to wake up. We are almost at Vivians" she said matter of factly. He grumbled but stayed awake as the finaly entered the courtyard. A large collection of servants already put to greet them. Finally they were here. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  9. Author's Note: if you've been following some of my more recent works, this is gonna be a bit different. Less on the fetishy side and more of an… emotional conversation? I dunno what direction I'm gonna take it yet. Anyhoo, enjoy! ~~~~ God, what a hell of a day! I had to check my calendar to make sure it wasn't a Monday. Nope. Just a supposed-to-be-boring old Thursday. Are Thursdays the new Monday? Shit, who knows? I'm just glad to be home. I can't wait to take a hot shower, boot up the Xbox, and maybe even put on a- My thoughts were interrupted by my apartment door suddenly swinging open to reveal my girlfriend Grace standing in the doorway. She wore her usual casual clothes: sweat pants and a t-shirt commemorating some emo rock band from the early 2,000s–today it was Black Veil Brides. Her long black hair cascaded down over her shoulders, framing the most beautiful face I'd had the pleasure of seeing almost every day for… Huh. How long had it been? Four months? Six? Who knows, who cares. I barely remembered a life before her anyway, that's how happy she made me. “Hey Aaron.” She said, smiling up at me. “Uhhhhh, hi?” Hi? Is that all I could say? “I didn't expect to see you today. I didn't forget a date or something, did I?” Shit, had she made plans for us today and I forgot? I don't think I did, but if I did she was gonna be pissed… “Nope. Just thought I'd drop in and surprise you.” she stepped out of the doorway to let me in. “Well… Consider me surprised!” I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my lips to hers. Even if my original plans were out the window with her here, it was well-worth it to spend the evening with the love of my life. “Want some coffee?” She asked when her lips were finally free from mine. “Is that a question? Of course I want coffee!” She knew I had a routine of having a cup of coffee when I get home from work. If I was anything I was a creature of habit. She sauntered off to the kitchen to get me my drink. I was very particular about my coffee, but she had a knack for making it *just* the way I liked it. It was reason #217 why I loved her. I went about my arriving-home routine of hanging up my coat, putting my wallet and keys in their usual spots, kicking off my shoes, and changing out of my work shirt. I had just finished all that by the time Grace came to me with my favorite coffee mug–the one that said “I before E, except when your foreign neighbor Keith receives eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.” I took a sip of my coffee and I'm sure the look on my face must've conveyed something akin to orgasmic bliss. “Mmmmm, perfect as always.” She gave me a satisfied grin and grabbed my free hand, leading me back out to the living room couch. I figured she either wanted to play games or watch some of our shows, and I was fine with either of those options. I sat down on the couch and was slightly taken aback when she opted to sit on the coffee table in front of me, instead of taking her seat beside me. “So.” This was a little game she played sometimes. “So.” I repeated, prompting her to continue. “You know how you helped me learn to communicate better and not overreact during conversations?” “I do seem to recall this, yes.” It was true. When we met, she wasn't all that great at dealing with conflict. Not that I blamed her. To say she had come from a broken home would be like calling the Hindenburg a little oopsy-daisy. “Well,” she continued “I may have done something that might require you to use those same skills…” I quirked an eyebrow at her. This was… Very unlike my Grace. She was normally outspoken and unapologetic when it came to the things she did. Now it seemed the cat had gotten her tongue pretty good. “Ummm, okay? Consider me braced for bad news. Hit me.” I was honestly perplexed as to what she could have done that she'd be afraid to tell me. Cheated on me? No, not a chance. She regularly told me that I was the best thing that had ever happened to her–a sentiment I reciprocated just as regularly. Stolen from me? No, not her style. “Well you see, the other day I was here and you were taking a shower and I was bored so I kinda just started… Going through your closet…” My face turned pale as a ghost. Fuck. I felt her hand on my knee “Just bare with me a minute, okay babe?” my whole body felt like it was on fire, but her smile definitely helped put me at ease. I let out the breath I didn't know had caught in my throat and nodded for her to continue. “I was obviously a bit confused, so I ummm… went through your phone. Found some things…” My eyes were glued to the floor. I had envisioned this scenario a thousand times, and it never turned out well. I had to stop my mind from jumping to the conclusions it was certain that this conversation was leading to. “You have a thing for diapers.”
  10. Trapped in Diaper Dreams: Prologue I yawned, despite the three cups of coffee I'd already downed this evening. The subject of my testing, a Mr. Franklin Jones, snored next to me at a decibel level high enough that I wondered if I should be wearing ear plugs to prevent any long-term damage. Well, I'd have to remember that for next time. Mr. Jones was had volunteered for a special sleep study in which I, Dr. Hannah Lynton, tested my ingenious invention on him. It was an apparatus designed to allow a conscious person to control the dreams of someone who was asleep by measuring the activity of the awake person and projecting it as theta waves into the brain of the sleeper. On the surface, not many people see the utility of such a device. Why would you want to control someone's dreams? But they don't see the bigger picture. This could be used to allow people to speak to comatose loved ones. Or perhaps it could be used as a rehabilitation method on the criminally insane? The possibilities are as limitless as… Well, as dreams! Unfortunately, I haven't had much success. The test involved myself and the patient wearing special headgear attached to the machine between us. Then once he was asleep, I was to read a novel–in this case Moby Dick–and then when the patient awakes we ask him what he dreamt about and see if it matches the events of the book. This was our 5th time repeating this test and we've seen few positive results. On the 2nd night he did dream about being on a boat, but that's where the similarities ended. If tonight didn't yield any workable results, I'd be back to the drawing board. The door opened to my right and I managed to glance up from my book to see my colleague, Dr. Bethany Avery bringing me another cup of coffee. "Having fun yet?" she whispered. I gave her a quick smile and turned my attention back to my book. Protocol dictated that I keep distractions to a minimum. Although I had to admit, I could find myself very easily distracted by Dr. Avery… She placed the coffee cup on the tray next to me and took my empty one. "I don't know how you manage to drink so much coffee during these tests knowing you can't get up to use the bathroom until morning. Unless you're wearing an adult diaper or something?” I cringed at the thought. A diaper? Me? ”As if I would ever do something so…” Humiliating? Childish? ”Unprofessional.” She shrugged “Is it really all that less-professional than pissing in a bottle?” She glanced under my chair and I felt heat rise up to my cheeks. I know she couldn't see the bottle I'd hidden inside my purse, but I suppose she must have surmised that I was finding some way to relieve myself during these overnight tests. I think she sensed my discomfort with the topic and backed off a bit “Sorry, I'm being weird. Do whatever you think is best, doctor.” The sudden use of an honorific somehow made me feel like I'd messed up. Pushing Bethany away was the last thing I wanted. “N-no, it's fine! I umm… I guess I just… Never thought of it that way?” Perhaps I was just projecting my own desires, but I could've sworn I caught a hint of a smirk in her eyes. Was she… Enjoying watching me get all flustered? “Well, if you decide you wanna try it, I can probably sneak a diaper from the supply closet for you.” she winked, heading out of the room. My gaze lingered on the doorway after she was gone. Damn. She sure does have a way of getting under my skin… And her idea was… Not without merit. Using my “piss bottle” as she called it, was among my least favorite parts of this whole experiment. I'd never considered that there might be an alternative solution. But diapers? Really? How could I, a grown woman, stoop so low as to wear a diaper and pee myself like some kind of… Baby? And why are my cheeks burning so badly at the thought? *ZZZZZZTTT!* The lights overhead suddenly flickered as something on the machine burst and sparks spewed out. But none of that registered to my mind as my body went completely rigid and my head felt like it was on fire! I don't know if it lasted a second or several minutes, but when the Surge of electricity finally subsided I slumped in my seat, my vision darkening as I fell into unconsciousness… \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (And now, a message from Wannatripbaby): Hi all! So this is the Prologue for a sort of Anthology series Princessdiapergirl and myself have decided to start for any sort of random, crazy story idea we get that isn't quite big or bold enough for a multi-chapter story. This way we can get straight into the good stuff without all the set-up. So far, we have one (1) fully written story for this series which we will likely post sometime within the next few days. After that? Well, that's where you come in! If you can think of any crazy or kinky scenarios you'd like to see us inflict upon our poor Dr. Hannah Lynton, leave a Comment down below and tell us! We might just make it a reality! 😁
  11. This story is set in preston: a town were women have virtually no rights. Its an under used setting that I like and want to write a story set in it. And hope other would be authors use it as well. Here goes... Alice tried desperately to stop sucking on the pacifier to no avail. She hated not being able to speak. Not being able to say what she wanted to say. She hated it less then she hated her "playtime". Shed been nothing but the model of a good duaghter. Good grades. Good looks. She was even going to graduate from college! Any parents would have killed to have a duaghter like her. Every parent exept hers that is. They always tried to get her to act like a spoiled brat. When she got good grades theyd ground her. When she landed a job they tried to talk her into quiting. Shed even had to hide the fact that she was attending a virtual college. She thought that when she showed them her certifacate they would finnally be proud of her. Instead they drugged her and sent her to preston. "Sweetie its time for stickies!" She heard as she exited the land of memories. She started to cry immediately. She was not allowed to control her emotions. If she hated something she had to cry or be punished. As she qas placed on the vibrating rocking horse forced to cum and cum and cum again she flashed back to the day this all started.
  12. I want to have my character (Vivien) end up in thick diapers, becoming completly dependant on them. Main points: Getting lots of praise for becoming a good baby girl. Allowed to masturbate in diapers after using them or having your character help Vivien to reach an orgasm after wetting/messing. About my character: Vivien is into abdl and likes wearing/using diapers for pleasure. She cleverly hides her activities though. Vivien works in an environment where she puts diapers on other adults (for example in a regression clinic or as a 'adult baby' babysitter or somewhere in the DD). Vivien likes pleasuring the adult babies after they used their diapers, getting quite aroused herself. How I want the RP to start: Your character discovers that Vivien is into diapers. With this knowledge you reverse the roles and give Vivien a taste of her own medicine. At this point Vivien becomes very submissive. I hope that you're interested
  13. A/N: IMPORTANT TO NOTICE Hey all! I hope you're all doing well! Do not worry! I am still working on my other stories but had started this a while ago and felt like I should post it! Just a warning in the beginning that this story will contain a lot of non-con, sexual content and humiliation. If this makes you uncomfortable than I suggest you don't read it! I love seeing comments so I'd love to see everyone's comments! ooOoo Summary: When a young new independent journalist decides to write about something other than the typical run of the mill stories, she is introduced into a new life, just not in the way she expected. ooOoo Chapter 1: MommyslittleBiggurls.com 22 December 2021 Hello Friends! It sure has been a while! I hope you’re all doing well on this frosty morning. Here in Montana, we’re certainly going to have a white Christmas. Sugar and Cookie sure are excited to see Santa and have been extra careful to be good girls; always asking for the potty like good little girls, eating all of their veggies at dinner and making sure to drink all of their babas full of yummy milk! I’m sure you all are experiencing the same with your little ones at the moment, even the disobedient can’t ignore the happy cheer of Christmas. I really can’t believe it’s only been three months since we first adopted our newest little girl, Honey! Of course with new littles, it’s always an adventure and Sugar and Cookie are being the best big sisters they can be! It can be hard, especially around the holidays to deal with an un-regressed, naughty little so that brings me to the topic of today’s post: Punishments. If you're like me or are a new caregiver, it’s never easy training a new little and before they can be our sweet little babies, they will be literal demons! It is never fun but in order to nip that naughty behavior in the bum, punishment is required and it is not always as simple as quick spanking. Listed below, you will find three different punishments to try if you, like me, were at a loss. Punishments: Punishment 1: Corner time with a twist Depending on the severity of the naughty behavior, instruct your little one it's corner time for a certain amount of time. While many, if not all, will just find this incredibly boring and whine, there is a small twist. Listen carefully to these five steps: Take littles’ clothes away (that means no diapers/pullups/or undies as well!), Give a nice soapy cold enema to their bum-bum and insert a buttplug to ensure no dribbles Administer a firm spanking (I’ve found different objects such as a belt or hairbrush to be most effective!) Little will bend down or kneel in the corner with their bum-bum high in the air for everyone to see After a certain amount of time, if the little has not moved from their position, you will instruct the little to tell you what they did wrong and have them beg to release their bodily functions. If you are unsatisfied with their response, even more minutes will be added to corner time Punishment 2: Potty Time with Horsy Let’s get real, we’ve all struggled with littles refusing to go potty in their diapers or on the training toilet and it’s a pain to have to insert enemas and suppositories into screaming littles. That’s how I came up with horsy time. The rocking horse, while meant to be an object of amusement during playtime, can just as quickly be turned into an object of torture. What you need to do is listed below: The little will sit on the rocking horse in only their bottoms, whether that be a diaper or pull-up Place earphones on little and set to the wet diaper hypnosis Instruct the little to rock back and forth and do not stop no matter what and not to mess or wet themselves Plan a certain amount of time and come back when the time is up If the little is still rocking and is dry, they have earned the privilege to go potty. If not, horsy time is extended and the dirty diaper stays on another several hours The constant rhythmic motion combined with hypnosis at the same timing will put the littles right in the mood to have to relieve themselves. How they do it will no longer matter. The added pressure to keep a constant rocking in order to avoid further punishment will take a heavy toll on their mind as well and increase the need for positive behavior. Punishment 3: No Playtime with Teddy If you choose to allow your little to have any sexual release, this punishment can have a rewarding effect. As a human race, we are sexual beings but not everyone deserves or should have such an experience. Littles have gotten it into their minds that they should be allowed to have such experiences, but what do they know? They’re just littles. It is our job as caretakers to instruct and control their urges. If we leave them to their own devices, who knows what will happen? My little girls are allowed one play session a week with Mr. Teddy Bear to release all of their icky cummies by the hand of mommy and daddy. While Rosie and Cookie know being a good girl will lead to happy feelings, Honey is still learning. Orgasm and cum denial or “the tickles and ice cream dance” as we call it, are an excellent way to assert dominance and make them quickly realize who the real grownups are and who is in charge. Mittens or restraints are a must for untrained littles! You never know where their wandering hands will end up! Chastity belts are also a great device, especially if they get a little too excited during playtime and try humping (which is extremely discouraged!) IMPORTANT: It is important to enforce anything sexual is not allowed without the approval, observation, and act by grown-ups because you never know when littles might accidentally injure themselves! I hope you all enjoyed my little list and hopefully it helps you on your journey to having a regressed little! It may seem tough at times but we’ve all gone through it before (I currently am!) Stay tuned for next time and meanwhile, have a Merry Christmas! Love, Mommy Bree ooOoo The sound of the ding signaling the post had been successfully posted was a happy feeling to say the least. Unknown outside the world of ageplay, Bree Hawthorne was as famous as could be within the community. With over ten thousand followers and readers, people tuned in from all over the world to read about their simple little family. Being a blogger on top of a mommy had become her full time job and she didn’t regret a single second of it. She always knew she wanted to have a family and her love for blogging couldn’t have been a more perfect combination. There were so many who envied to fill the role of a Hawthorne little but only so few could actually meet the requirements. That’s why they had taken to unique means of obtaining their little girls. Kidnapping was a bit too harsh a term. They preferred adoption. Did the public need to know that? No. Would they ever find out? Probably not. Looking around outside the large glass windows, the only view for miles was farmland with snow capped mountains in the background. Bloomington, Montana was the perfect place to go to if one didn’t want to be found. They had the freedom to be who they were without any nosey neighbors disrupting their lives. Her husband, coming from old money, allowed them to own lavish homes around the country, buy the newest high-tech adult-baby equipment and pay off those they needed to stay quiet. Everything was as it should be. Everything would soon be perfect. They were our babydolls. Sugar, Cookie, Honey and- “Another post?” Jasper. At the sound of his deep voice, she spun around in the swivel chair. Face to face with her blonde, strong-jawed, blue eyed handsome husband. He was everything she dreamed of in a man. Strong, smart, caring, loyal. A great daddy to their three wonderful girls. What more could a person ask of a spouse? “Yes. I’ve finished just in time for… lunch!” she exclaimed, glancing at the time and shutting down the macbook. “Today’s post was about punishments and I gave the best examples of Honey. How is she doing this morning actually? The baby monitor on her end has been awfully quiet.” she asked, having been in the office the entire morning working. “Sleeping.” was his only response, scowling with his hand over his face. “Do I want to know what happened?” “No.” It was always a struggle to tame the girl and her rebellious behavior and silly dreams. Most often then not her bum was black and blue, littered with marks and bruises. How a five foot, one-hundred-twenty pound girl with not an ounce of body fat had managed to give them this much a fight, they did not know. While the little blonde fought they pushed back just as hard. She would break eventually. They all do. “Sugar and Cookie are in the playpen writing letters to Santa,” that made them crack a smile. “I can feed them while you handle, Honey? I may just take her over my knee again and that’s not what she needs at the moment.” Bree reached out, wrapping her arms around his neck as his face burrowed into her kinky black hair, placing a trail of kisses upon her chocolate colored skin. “So it’s my turn to play the bad mommy,” she mused. “Precisely.” her husband cracked a smile. “It feels so much longer than three months since we got her. Remember?” Oh, how could they forget…
  14. Rick grew up in a fairly rural town. The houses weren’t miles apart or anything, but it definitely took some effort to drop in on your neighbors. There were several families in Rick’s neighborhood, so carpooling was the norm given the distance to get to school, sports practice, music lessons, etc. One evening, while coming home from soccer practice with his friend Aaron, Aaron’s mom Gloria said she needed to stop off for a few groceries. “You two can go choose a soda, and meet me back here in five minutes,” she instructed the boys as they all made their way into the store. Rick and Aaron took off for the soda aisle, but made a brief stop in the bakery where some fresh donut samples had been laid out. After stuffing their faces, they each grabbed a bottle of soda and headed back to the registers. Back in the car, the boys guzzled their sodas on the way home. “Now don’t spoil your dinner,” Gloria chided in a colloquial, old fashioned way, “or else you’ll get your bare bottoms spanked.” Rick’s mouth hung open. He had never been spanked, but he knew Aaron got it from time to time and the subject has fascinated Rick for some time. “She’s definitely just teasing,” he thought, “but what if…” His mind started to wander. Aaron piped up from the front seat, “We already accomplished that!” “Getting your bare bottom spanked??” Gloria balked. “No! Spoiling our dinner! There were donut samples in the bakery.” “Ohhh.” Gloria replied. “Well hopefully you worked up enough of an appetite on the soccer field.” They all laughed, and the moment passed. ————— Fifteen years later, now at age 27, Rick had moved to the city and had a steady job. He had gone through a few girlfriends of late, never quite finding that strong connection. His fascination with spanking had grown considerably over the last several years, and he’d had serious difficulty divulging his fantasies to any of his romantic partners. But his cravings for a sound, bare bottomed spanking from a strong woman never abated. He found himself day dreaming about it often, what it would be like to have his pants yanked down and be thrown over the lap of a stern lady, be it a coworker, friend or a stranger off the street. Whoever was delivering it, Rick just knew he wanted to be spanked. That summer, Rick was visiting his family back out in the country. His mom told him that Gloria’s husband had left her, and her kids had grown and moved out, leaving her alone in the big house down the road. She urged Rick to go pay her a visit one evening and provide some company, even texting Gloria to make sure she was home before practically shoving Rick out the door to go see her. As he walked down the long country road, carrying a bottle of wine his mom had provided, his mind slowly drifted to the day Gloria had playfully threatened him with a bare bottomed spanking. He recalled how quickly the moment had passed, but how impactful it had been. The rest of that car trip home, he pictured her pulling the car to the side of the road to dispense the punishments. Walking down the very road where the spanking could have taken place, he felt his member begin to stiffen in his pants. He wondered if he might be able to steer the conversation with Gloria tonight toward that incident… Gloria greeted him at the door with a big smile and a warm embrace. Hugging her back, Rick caught the scent of her perfume and was again transported back in time to that infamous day in Gloria’s minivan. As she pulled out of the hug and ushered him in the door, he half expected a few pats on the rear, but alas, they never came. Following her into the kitchen, Rick noted how well she had aged. Her figure was impeccable, wide hips and a round butt, accentuated by the high-waisted shorts she wore. Her button down blouse was open far enough that Rick got a great look at her pert cleavage. “Have a seat at the table there, Ricky, I’ll open this wine,” she instructed, using his childhood nickname. Lately he far preferred the more grown-up sounding “Rick.” Returning quickly with the open bottle and two glasses, Gloria remarked, “Look at you, all grown up! I still remember when you were a little boy, running around this neighborhood causing mischief.” She winked at him and poured the wine. Gloria’s teasing and maternal time made Rick blush. He could feel the heat in his cheeks, but smiled and took a big gulp of his wine. “Oh come on… I never caused mischief! I was a perfect a perfect angel,” he replied, batting is eyelashes and flashing a toothy grin. Gloria giggled, “I wouldn’t go that far… but I guess you were fairly well behaved. At least by comparison to my own.” Rick was getting antsy. The conversation had already started out in the direction he had hoped for. His mouth was getting dry, so he gulped down some liquid courage. But then, Gloria abruptly changed the topic. “So catch me up on you! You’re living in the big city??” Small talk ensued as the two of them got caught up. They chatted, laughed and drank, and after an hour or so the wine bottle was empty. Just as Rick began to fret that their time together might end without even a reference to spanking, Gloria picked up the empty wine bottle. Standing, she said, “Well we’re just having too much fun here, we’ll need another bottle. I want to do some more reminiscing.” She returned with a fresh bottle and topped off their glasses. “It’s still a bit funny for me seeing you drink wine. You’re still just a little boy in my mind!” Again Rick blushed. “It was great growing up around here. You were always kinda like a second mom for me.” “Aw, how sweet,” Gloria cooed. “Yes I suppose it was like that. We all looked after each other’s kids in this community.” “Yeah, but it’s not like I needed looking after… I was always a really good boy, wasn’t I??” “Oh yes, very polite and well behaved. Not like the kids in my house,” Gloria chuckled and shook her head. “I always told them, ‘why can’t you behave like that good boy Ricky?!’” Rick laughed nervously. He saw an opening. “Well you didn’t always think so… you did threaten to spank me that one time on the way home from soccer practice.” His words hung in the air. He could hardly believe he had brought this up, but there was no turning back now. Gloria looked at him quizzically. She seemed to be racking her brain. “I don’t recall that…? You were always so polite when we car pooled!” Rick was nervous that he’d overstepped. But he had come this far… “You warned Aaron and me not to spoil our dinner with soda,” he said. Pausing to sip his wine briefly, he added, “or else we’d ‘get our bare bottoms spanked.’” He used air quotes, and held his breath. Gloria studied him for a moment, then clapped her hands together loudly and laughed. “Ohhh yes!” She wagged a finger at him, “You boys were sneaking donuts in the bakery if I recall correctly.” “Yes ma’am,” Rick reflexively replied, suddenly feeling like a little boy again. Gloria clicked her tongue disapprovingly. “And here I was praising you up and down, not remembering you were capable of plenty of naughtiness too.” She smiled and sipped her wine. Rick giggled softly. Silence hung in the air for a few moments. Rick’s cock had be come stiff, and began to throb with anticipation. Finally, Gloria cut through the silence. “Well since you seem to recall this event so vividly, what happened next?” she asked. “Did I pull over to the side of the road and give you a smacked butt?” “No ma’am,” Rick returned, a bit sorrowfully. “Do you think I should have?” Rick stared across the table. Could this possibly be about to happen? He steeled his courage. “Yes ma’am.” Gloria’s eyes pierced through him across the table. She knew deep down all men were still just boys, and they never outgrew the need for firm discipline and a sore smacked bottom. Here in her kitchen, Gloria had a young man who was practically asking to be put across her knee and taught a lesson. What luck. She decided to toy with him a bit more first. “Perhaps it’s not too late. You clearly seem to have thought about that day a lot over the last several years. Maybe you are harboring some guilt about it all.” Rick was putty in her hands. He was silent. Gloria waited a moment, then prodded him. “Well?” “Yes ma’am,” was all Rick could muster. “I see,” Gloria said. She sipped her wine. “Don’t you think you’re a bit too old for a spanking, Ricky?” “Um… well… I’m not… I guess I…” She cut him off. He was firmly wrapped around her finger now - no need to make him keep wriggling. “The correct answer is no you are not too big for a spanking. I believe no one is.” Gloria watched the expression on Rick’s face vacillate between excitement and trepidation. She decided to lighten the mood. “In fact, I sure wish I had spanked that deadbeat husband of mine! I’m sure he wouldn’t have walked out on me if I’d have put him across my knee on a regular basis.” Gloria chuckled. Rick laughed in kind, nervously. “Well then,” she redirected, “you’re sitting here telling me you believe you deserve a spanking?” Rick gulped. He blinked, and answered, “Yes ma’am.” “I know your mother didn’t spank you growing up. Have you ever had a proper spanking?” “No ma’am.” “Well it is certainly high time then. But I want you to understand what you’re getting yourself into, Ricky. “A spanking from me is serious business. You will be put over my knee and thoroughly punished, with a very red and very sore backside. I only ever give spankings on the bare bottom, and I always spank with my hairbrush. You will likely have a hard time sitting down the rest of the evening, and possibly even all day tomorrow.” She let her lecture sink in. Gloria could tell that Ricky wouldn’t back down, that he was craving maternal nurturing and discipline. And possibly craving something else… “So, knowing that, do you still want a spanking?” Gloria was right. There was no way Rick was backing down now. “Yes ma’am,” he said, rather timidly. “Alright then. Stand up young man.” Rick slowly rose from his chair, and Gloria stood to meet him. Taking him by the wrist, she led him around the table. Silently, she escorted him to the foot of the stairs. Leading the way, Gloria took her time shaking her hips side to side slightly as she climbed the stairs, knowing the naughty boy trailing behind her was surely enjoying the view. She had noticed the tent in his pants when he stood from the kitchen table, and sought to tease him a bit. Opening the door to one of the vacated bedrooms, she pointed to a corner of the room. “I want you to stand in the corner and think hard about what is about to happen, and about why you are being punished.” Rick complied, shuffled across the room and stuck his nose in the corner. Gloria came up behind him and quickly unsnapped and unzipped his pants. Hooking her hands in the rear waistband, she said “Let’s have these down,” and quickly tugged Rick’s pants and boxers down exposing his bare butt. His hard cock held them up in the front, and dripped into his underwear with anticipation. “I’ll be back. Don’t you move.” Gloria punctuated her command with a sharp slap on his naked bottom, and quickly left the room closing the door behind her. In the hallway, she gushed. How fortunate that little Ricky had been so eager for a good spanking. She was a bit titillated and more than happy to oblige him. Having just gotten a good look at his cute, tender backside, she knew she would enjoy herself while punishing him. She took out her phone and texted Ricky’s mother. “Hey there,” she wrote, “Ricky’s had a bit too much to drink and I think it’s best if he just stay here tonight. I’ve got plenty of space, and it will be nice to have someone around overnight for a change. I’ll have him check in with you in the morning, ok?” Rick’s mom texted back quickly. “Oh so glad you two are having a fun night! Enjoy the company, and give him a kiss goodnight for me.” “Will do!” Gloria sent right back, thinking devilishly, “I’ll give him more than just a kiss!!” Gloria walked down the hall to retrieve her hairbrush. Picking it up off her vanity, she caught sight of herself holding it in the mirror. A wry smile spread across her face. It had been so long since she’d had occasion to use the brush to deliver a spanking. Though out of practice, she had no lack of confidence in her abilities. Ricky was surely in for a blistered bottom! For his part, Rick stood facing the wall, his mind a blur. His feelings of excitement and disbelief that his spanking fantasy was about to become reality were coupled with fear after Gloria’s detailed description of how the harsh spanking would be. Still, his cock stood at full attention and he knew he’d have to go through with it. If not, he’d just go back to always wondering, what if…? Gloria returned to the bedroom and sat down on the neatly made twin bed. She laid the hairbrush in her lap, flat side up, and beckoned Rick from his place in the corner. “Come sit next to me on the bed dear,” she instructed. Rick shuffled over, his pants slightly impeding him, his bare bottom still on display. He sat next to Gloria, and relished the soft fabric of the blankets connecting with his naked cheeks. “Now Ricky, I’m going to give you one last chance to change your mind. Once you are across my lap, no matter how much you beg, cry or scream, I won’t stop until I decide you’ve learned your lesson.” Rick’s eyes were transfixed on the brush in Gloria’s lap. Taking his chin with one finger, she lifted his head to meet her gaze. He felt about two feet tall. “If you truly want this, and truly believe you deserve it,” she said, “I want you to ask me.” Rick took a deep breath. “Mrs. C.” he said, using the name he had called her throughout his childhood, “will you please put me over your lap and spank my bare bottom? I have been naughty and deserve to be punished.” Gloria smiled at him. “Yes, young man, you have been naughty and you do deserve a spanking. I will gladly put you over my lap and teach you the lesson you need to learn. Stand up.” Rick rose to his feet, feeling much more like “Ricky” than he had in quite some time. Gloria set the hairbrush aside and tugged his pants down further below knees, exposing his massive hard on. Gloria took note, running a single painted fingernail up the shaft. “My my, you certainly are a big boy these days aren’t you? I think we’ll have to make your friend here go away, one way or another.” She quickly snatched his elbow and flopped him headlong across her ample thighs. She captured his hard cock between her bare thighs and squeezed it tightly. Wrapping her left arm around his waist, she started in smacking his bottom with her right hand. Rick’s cheeks quickly turned pink and he began to wriggle. There was a sting, no doubt, but the hand spanks were driving delightful vibrations through his most sensitive areas. Gloria’s grip on his cock between her legs tightened, and he felt his excitement build. Wetness oozed from the tip and provided sensational lubrication as he rubbed against her skin. Gloria picked up the pace and intensity, sensing that the young man was close to climaxing. She allowed his hips to buck up and down slightly, his cock sliding between her thighs. With his butt starting to really redden, Rick finally let loose. The pressure that had built over the last several minutes was released in a massive orgasm, spilling hot cum all over Gloria’s legs. As he moaned in ecstasy, she stopped spanking and rubbed his bottom gently. As he fell limp across her lap, she slowly reached and picked up the brush. Tapping it against his bottom, Rick flinched and gasped. “Now that we’ve dispensed with your little fantasy, we can get down to business,” she chided. “Brace yourself little boy, it is time for your punishment spanking.” Rick felt the brush leave his bottom, and held his breath… Gloria tapped the brush against Rick’s reddening backside. The young man flinched across her lap. With his libido faded, she knew he likely was suddenly less interested in continuing the spanking. “All the more reason to make this a memorable experience,” she thought. Gloria reared back, and brush exploded across Rick’s naked rear. He gasped in shock and instinctively reached back to rub out the sting. Gloria quickly grabbed his wrist and pinned him in place. She began the onslaught. She spanked him hard and steady for several minutes, without speaking a word. Rick wriggled and writhed over her knee, moaning and whimpering, but not yet crying or asking for it to stop. Gloria knew she had a long way to go. She paused for a moment to admire the crimson color that had spread across his cheeks, at the same time tightening her grip on Rick’s wrist so he knew she was not through with him yet. She alternated cheeks, expertly smacking each side with the brush and spreading the sting to all parts of his bottom. She began to scold. “I should have turned you over my knee a long time ago. You are clearly still just a naughty little boy who needs a mommy to look after him. I have a feeling this will not be the last time I have to give your bare bottom a good dose of my hairbrush.” Rick couldn’t believe how much the spanking hurt. His ass was on fire, and the heat only continued to grow. As Gloria scolded him, his mind was able to drift for a moment away from the sting and to her words and disposition. He noted how he felt so small, truly like a little boy being punished by his mommy. He felt searing embarrassment, but also a strange sense of reassurance, that Gloria was spanking him because she cared for him. Gloria kept scolding as she continued beating his bottom. “This is what happens to naughty boys who misbehave,” she chided. “They have their pants taken down and they go over the knee for a good, hard, old fashioned, bare bottomed spanking.” Each word was punctuated by a hard slap of the hairbrush. “This is just what you can expect from now on - a soundly smacked backside each and every time I decide you need one.” Finally, the pain became too much for Rick to bear. He kicked his legs and began begging for mercy. “Please!” he shouted, “I’m sorry! Please stop!” Gloria, though, showed no mercy. She threw her right leg over Rick’s legs to stop his kicking and lock him in place. She turned up the intensity, seeking to make the boy submit and cry. “I will stop when I’m good and ready. Since you’ve never had a spanking, we have some lost time to make up for. This will be a lesson you will not forget anytime soon, little boy, I promise you that.” Rick’s butt has turned deep red and was showing some signs of purple in a few spots. He wiggled on her lap futilely, moaning and ouching loudly. She knew she was getting close. She spanked him as hard as she could, finally hearing some sniffling and feeling his body go limp across her lap. Gloria paused for a moment, resting the brush on his throbbing bottom. Rick sobbed softly, praying the blistering was over. Rubbing the brush in small circles around his sit spots, she indicated she was not done with him yet. She told him so. “We’re not quite finished here, young man. I am going to paddle you 20 more times. These will be hard and will hurt quite a bit. It’s ok for you to cry. After I’m done, you’ll go back in the corner for ten minutes. Do you understand?” Rick was silent, other than his muffled sobbing and sniffling. Gloria reared back and smacked him hard. “OOOWWWW!! Yes ma’am!!” Rick yelled. “Good boy,” she said. Without waiting another moment, she reared again and delivered the 20 blistering spanks. Rick bawled like a baby. Then, finally, it was over. Gloria let go of his wrist and gently rubbed his bottom. Rick lay limply across her lap, sniffing and sobbing. “It’s ok sweetie, it’s all over now. You took your spanking like a very good boy. You can get up whenever you’re ready.” She continued caressing his backside, taking stock of how warm it had become. Rick didn’t move for several minutes. His head was spinning, still trying to catch his breath. As he regained a sense of himself, he became aware of the gentle petting on his red hot ass. He had been punished thoroughly, given a good beating, but by someone who cared enough to give him what he so badly needed. She now reassured him with a gentle touch, telling him he was a good boy. It felt so good. Eventually, Rick rose to his feet. Gloria did not remove her hand from his bare bottom, and kept up her caress. She beamed up at him from her seat on the bed and smiled warmly. “You are a good boy, Ricky. And even good boys need spankings sometimes.” Rick wiped his nose. “Yes ma’am.” Gloria leaned over and produced a tub of baby wipes from the nightstand drawer. Removing a few, she reached up and wiped Rick’s nose and cheeks. With side-eyed wink, she then turned to wipe Rick’s mess from her bare thighs. “I have learned to keep wipes handy when spanking naughty big boys, in case of any accidents,” she smiled. Rick blushed. As she finished wiping up, she instructed, “Ok buster, in the corner for ten more minutes. Then it’s straight to bed.” Rick stared for a moment. “Oh right. You can sleep right here tonight,” she patted the bed. “I’ve already contacted your mother and let her know you’ll be spending the night.” Rick’s jaw dropped. She called his mother?? “Oh sweetie- don’t worry,” pinching his sore bottom, “this part is our little secret.” He breathed a momentary sigh of relief, before she slapped his butt sharply. He jumped straight in the air. “Now go stand in the corner little boy!” she commanded. Pants at his ankles, Rick waddled across the room to endure the last part of his punishment. “And no rubbing!” she called after him, “hands at you sides.” He did as he was told and faced the wall without reaching back to ease the intense pain in his rear end. He could hear Gloria shuffling around the room. She left briefly, and Rick had a chance to process what had happened. For so long, he had fantasized about this moment and now here it was. He relished every bit of it, even the throbbing soreness across his still-bare backside. The stillness of the moment was broken when Gloria came back in the room, and saw him standing there. She had gone to find some pajamas, and now from the doorframe of the bedroom, she witnessed Ricky. The boy from up the road, now 27 and fully grown - bare bottomed and well spanked, propped in the corner on display. The perfect picture of a naughty little boy. She laid the pajamas out on the bed. “Ok young man, come on over here. Time to get you ready for bed.” Rick turned to see her sitting in the bed, with a set of flannel pajamas neat on the bed next to her. He waddled over, pants and boxers still about his feet. Gloria reached down. “Let’s get you out of these,” she said. Rick attempted to grab his underwear, but Gloria slapped his hand gently, and pulled his feet through both leaving him naked from the waist down. She rolled up the legs of the pajama pants and held them out for him to step in. Feeling like he was about four years old, Rick put his hands on Gloria’s shoulders and allowed her to pull the pants all the way up and tie the draw string. The soft fabric felt nice on his swollen butt, and also rubbed him in the right ways in front… “Arms up,” she instructed. Knowing better than to even think about not complying, Rick lifted his arms. In a matter of seconds, Gloria had removed his t-shirt and replaced it with the matching flannel pajama top. “Ok, Ricky, now you are still being punished so it’s straight to bed,” Gloria said. “I’ve left to toothbrush on the sink. I want you to brush your teeth, use the toilet and get right back in here.” As if in a trance, Rick methodically brushed his teeth, peed, and returned to the room. Gloria stood over the bed with the covers turned down. He smiled at her sheepishly and lay on the mattress on his side. Kneeling to tuck him in, she said, “I’ll check on you in 20 minutes. I expect you to be asleep.” Reaching over and patting his bottom, she emphasized, “It is lights out time, so don’t even think about getting out of this bed. I think you know now what will happen if you disobey me.” Cringing as the somewhat gentle slaps sent waves of sting through his ass - but also sent vibrations to his cock - Rick meekly replied as he had all night, “Yes ma’am.” “Goodnight sweetie,” standing, Gloria kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you, Mrs. C,” Rick said softly. Gloria smiled broadly. “Anytime sweetie,” she returned. Leaning down and spanking him several times, she chuckled and added, “in fact I expect I’ll get another opportunity sooner than later.” Rick yelped. And giggled. And felt his manhood stiffening against the soft flannel pants. Gloria pecked him once more, then turned off the lights and closed the door. Left alone, he tried diligently to comply and go right to sleep. He was emotionally and physically exhausted. But replaying the night’s events in his head, he found it hard to sleep, and found something else hard as well… Reaching down between his legs with both hands, Rick rubbed the soft flannel against his stiff member. The sensation was incredible. Closing his eyes he gripped his cock and pictured himself sprawled across Gloria’s lap, being spanked red by her hairbrush. Continuing to rub with his right hand, he reached back and touched his sore bottom. Rubbing the soft fabric against the bruises, squeezing firmly, his dick became immense and dripped with anticipation. It only took a few more minutes of stroking before he squirted cum down his leg and all over the inside of his pajamas. As the ecstasy of the orgasm wore off, his body finally gave in to exhaustion and he quickly fell deeply asleep.
  15. “DAAAD!”, Mikey whined, almost crying, “Suzy spilled the baby powder!”. She had been arguing with him for the iPad and when he yanked it out of her hands – she grabbed the bottle of baby powder and threw it at him – it had hit him and burst everywhere. “Suzy! That’s it! Now you’re gonna get it!” said Daddy sternly. Mikey and Suzy we sitting on the floor on the colorful Winnie the Poo carpet surrounded by playthings, cribs, a diaper change station and a pile of baby cloths. They were both just in white puffy adult diapers and nothing else, Suzy’s small breasts exposed as she sat defiantly and frowned at Mikey. This was all an act by them for Daddy, but lately they had both been feeling more and more as if this was all reality. Mikey was 22 and she was 20. They had both dropped out of college a year ago and were broke and flailing in downtown Minneapolis with no real hope - and kind of resigned to their fuck up fate as they were lazy and had no real prospects. They were quite good looking and not above turning tricks for money. About 6 months ago they had answered an Ad in the local alternative paper posted by a sugar daddy, looking for male and female adult babies/ Diaper lovers to take care of indefinitely – all expenses paid in a luxury high rise penthouse. Neither had any interest in this fetish but, in their desperate state, they jumped at the chance. They were both pretty and had slight builds, They were very skinny, tattooed, pale and undernourished looking when they arrived, but now had cute baby pot bellies now that Daddy had fed them so well since. Suze had small almost non-existent breasts and Mikey had a very small penis- they had shared naked photos with “Daddy online and he had accepted their application saying the were “perfect”. They both had dark thick unruly hair, on their heads only - as they were completely waxed and shaved smooth everywhere else on their bodies. “Daddy’s got a special punishment for YOU little girl”, Daddy said as he crossed the room towards her. He pulled her up to her feet. Daddy was a very large muscled and heavy man, he towered over both of them and maybe had 30-40lbs over both of them combined. He put is big hand down the back of her diaper. “Ah, you haven’t done your poopies yet today, hmm? But I bet you need to soon, don’t you?”, he asked. They had both heard her tooting a little and squirming on her bummy on the floor a few times about 10 minutes ago. “Well, DADDY has to go too!”, he said as he laid her down on a blanket and started tearing the tapes on her wet diaper. She wasn’t sure what she was in for - daddies punishments had progressed to ever increasingly imaginative tortures in the last couple months. She accepted them all willingly and found that she enjoyed the depravity and humiliation more and more. She shuddered and gasped a little as the air hit her bare, hairless, pee wet pussy. He pulled down his boxer shorts and squatted over her open diaper facing her. He started grunting as he pushed out his big turd. “Uh…. You’ve been a very …Uh….BAD girl”, he struggled as he strained and closed his eyes. “No Daddy, No”, she whimpered quietly, but accepted her punishment, spread her legs wide, and tucked them up towards her chin… her face turned away and blushing. Daddy’s thick hard log dropped slowly between her legs. It was huge and she felt the heat of it near her exposed pussy lips. The tail end of it fell against her inner thigh and she whimpered again. He finished, sighed happily, and wiped himself with one of their baby wipes then threw it on her lower belly. “Lets get you aaaalll fixed up now”, he cooed deviously. Daddy then took the sides of her diaper and refastened the tapes, making sure to tighly smush the mess against her lower parts. He grabbed a pair of latex panties from the baby change station an pulled them over her diaper – the panties were very tight and had longer legs and waist section, which tapered to prevent any leaks from escaping. She gave a shuddering moan as daddy’s hot load pressed firmly up against her pussy and bumhole as the plastic pants tightened around her. The massive poopoo was very dry, hard and lumpy… and when she squirmed sightly in the plastics, it slid over her clitty in a not unpleasant way. “aaaww, daddy”, she moaned whimperingly as tears came to her eyes. He picked her up, carried her to her crib, plopped her down hard into it (delighting in her gasp as the log pushed inside her slightly) and locked her neck collar to the side of the crib. He put a ball gag in her mouth, and locked it around the back of her heads o she could only moan and whimper and not give him any guff back. “There you go naughty girl – you just think about what you’ve done.”, he smiled. She tried to get comfortable – but any move she made only pushed the stinky daddy poop more against her lower regions. There was no room it the skin tight plastic panties pressing her overfull diaper so snuggly against her. She also knew she was about to poop her own diaper right before this incident occurred, and since she was sitting cross-legged on the floor, had probably kept it in held in too long. She really had to go now, but there was no room left in the diaper. She tried to push - but her poopoos wouldn’t come out against the pressure. Mikey watched her face go red with exertion trying to push her girl poopie out against the tight diaper. He always liked watching when Suzy did her diaper poos, it turned him on to see her face contort and concentrate - then catch a wiff of her stinkies as it filled the room – then the satisfied relaxed smile and glazed eyes as she finished and noticed him looking….. His little peepee would be standing straight up in his diaper and he’d have to go over to his stuffed animal toys and do rubbies against them until he made cummies in his diaper. Daddy FORBID them to touch themselves or each others privates – so they would have to do what they could against objects in the playroom INSIDE their diapers. He little boy clit was hard as he watched her struggle and contort her body trying to find some room for her morning poopoo in the destroyed sealed diaper. Daddy was watching this too – and Mikey saw the bulge in his boxer shorts as his 10” big daddy cock stiffened and he started rubbing it. She tried every position but it only pushed against her little open bumhole harder. She was sweating as she settled on lying on her back and arching to try and squeeze out little nuggets of poo at a time. As she pushed her poops out little by little, it just increased the pressure of daddy’s hard packed log against her pussy – making her gasp with an almost orgasm every time she pushed out a little piece of her massive poo. “Ahem! It takes TWO to tango young man!”, Daddies voice startled Mikey out of his horny trance staring at Suze. He saw Daddy staring hungrily at him and his stomach shuddered. “Daddy needs to punish his little naughty boy too!” His little hard peepee faltered a bit, and a flood of warm pee escaped into his nappy as he knew what was next. “OK, Daddy.” He whispered submissively. Daddy pulled the cushioned foot stool directly in front of Suzy’s crib and motioned Mikey over to it. Mikey crawled, like a cowering puppy that had just pooped the floor, over to stool, bent over it facing the struggling and moaning Suzy(in her own poopy nightmare and not noticing anything else around her), and pulled down his freshly wet diapy - exposing his smooth tight bummy and pink quivering boy pussy towards daddy. His little excuse for a cock had shrunk to its normal 1/2”, and his little rosebud pucker was clenched and expectant. Continued in Chapter 6….
  16. My partner introduced me to ABDL and it's been good in all the ways I think they were worried about. Their likes and preferences don't bother me and so far at least I've been 'mummy' and have been enjoying it. There is a sexual aspect to most if not all that we do and I'm not sure how common that is. I don't have any issue with how sexual things are because I've always had relationships where sex is a big part of things. I happen to believe that for my partner this isn't a fetish in the sense of something that's one of their favourite positions but that it is part of their identity in a similar way to how others might identify themselves as male, female, straight, gay, etc. (I apologise if that isn't a great way of expressing it. I know how I feel and think about them but getting my brain to find the right words for those thoughts and feelings is something I'm still working on.) Believing this is who they are has made me wonder about how I fit into things. I'm not sure I know how to articulate what I mean and was hoping that another caregiver or anyone here really, might help me clear up some things in my head. I'd like to feel a bit more clearheaded and also have more or better language to talk to my partner about it. They've gone to so much care to make sure I feel comfortable with things that I would hate to accidentally give any suggestion that any of this make me question our relationship. The best I can explain is that I'm not sure if their bond or attraction to me is because of the role I play in making their wants about diapers and little space possible or if their bond and attraction is towards me as who I am and me playing the mummy role is a bonus thing we enjoy together. I don't want to phrase it as "do they like me or do they like me because I make their diaper/little fantasies come to life" because it sounds too much like "do they love me because I'm me or do they love me because I make it possible for them to get to what they really love or want". That isn't even a blunt version of what I'm wondering because I'm not wondering if it's me or if it's diapers in the sense it's one or the other. I have a close friend that is gay and for various reasons didn't feel comfortable being himself for such a long time. H did what was safe and expected, got married to a woman, had kids, and while everyone is in a good place now there was a lot of difficulties and painful times. I don't know that it's a fair or accurate comparison but it's in my head and I can't seem to not wonder if diapers are my partner's true love/dream relationship and me (or another person even) is just how they get to their true love. If a human partner is a necessary evil - enjoyable, fun, good in a lot of ways, but not their end goal. That sounds again like "pick between me and diapers" or "do you love me or your diapers more" and I really don't feel that's what's in my head. Part of the reason I've loved past partners is because of what they've allowed me to do or how they've made possible things I was interested in so I think it's normal and healthy for those sort of things to be reasons why you love them. I think I'm wondering if me being "mummy" is the reason my partner likes me. I'm looking for (and they said they were as well) a long term relationship. I don't have any interest in asking them to stop being who they are or for us to do less but if I'm thinking long term partner then "what if diapers/mummy/that sexual dynamic becomes impossible - would we still work". Could they be happy with just me or would they have to fantasise about their true love or attraction for us to have a sexual relationship. I apologise if I've said anything hurtful or inaccurate - please correct me. I can't figure out how to put better words to what's in my head. It feels like this might be a common thing in situations where something isn't a kink but is a fetish and must be present.
  17. Chapter 1 “Aww look like the little ones lost. Oh well, they can become the next lost ones in my game but now I need a new bunch. These past few haven't been as much fun. They end up giving up too quickly.” The lady gets an idea and snaps her fingers. She then pulls out a laptop laying it on her large table. It has character sheets on it that look in bad shape before they crumble to dust and blow away. She opened up a group chat on her favorite d&d website. There were 4 people chatting back and forth. She smiles as she read them the first one is from someone’s username ‘Beast’ “Hell ya, nat 20 bitch! I want to kill it as cool as possible!” The next person to respond was just called ‘GM’ “Ya ya...how the heck do you get so lucky at all my games…? You just break all my stories.” GM explained how Beast killed the large Minotaur with his large two-handed weapon. “Now Brick, can you roll a d20 for me? You did get knocked out after all.” This ‘Brick’ person rolls a d20 getting a 10 “Come on, my rolls are so bad! I swear this game is rigged!” The last person types just called ‘hunter’ replies to brick “Hehehe seriously? We've been playing these games with the same group for over a year now and you think it's rigged? Come on man take a chill pill.” Brick replies back “Ya ya...whatever.” Gm replies next “Ok brick is going to be out for a few days. You can move on and carry him or stay and rest. But we can do that tomorrow. I need a break. But has it really been a year already? And I still have yet to get to play a single game myself…” Beast replies “Well none of us know how to DM. But fine go to bed, he's probably got a bedtime! Sleep tight lol” Hunter replies “Damn it beast, can you be nice to our DM for once?! I got an idea! DM if you find a new DM we can all play a game how's that sound” Brick replies next “I'm in! That sounds like fun! I bet the DMs even better at this damn game than me anyways.” Beast just sends a rolling eye emoji “Ya sure whatever as long as I get to be the badass two-handed ax welder!” The DM replies “Really?! Deal! I'll look for a new DM tonight and get back to you all. I'll text you all later, bye!” DM has logged out, appears in the chat log. Then Hunter replies. “Heh, he's cute when he's happy. Later beast, later brick see you tomorrow!” Hunter has logged off. Brick replies. “Cute? What was cute about that? never heard him speak like that. Anyways see ya man.” Brick logs off and then so does beast. The lady at the table smirks. “Well, Natalie looks like you just found your next group. Now to figure out who this DM is.” Natalie gets to work looking up everything she can off his account and finds the name Laphin after hacking into his account. “Lapin heh cute name. Hmm, interesting he lives not too far away. What are the odds, guess I rolled a nat 20.” She writes down the address and begins to make an invite to a huge D&D game on her laptop. She quickly finished it and Put lapin's info on it and drove all the way to his place putting it in his mailbox. “Now we just play the waiting game~” Laphin is an 18-year-old boy about 4’5 he was quite short. He is a white tiger with glasses he has taped up. He stands up from his computer desk and sighs. “How am I going to find a DM? I'm so tired of DMing games, I want to play for once. I also don't want to let my friends down. Well, I know hunters, my friend, and maybe brick? I don't think beast likes anyone. I really need to get everyone's IRL name sometime.” He lays back on his bed and yawns and an older white tiger lady walks into his room. She looked like she was straight out of the wild west. She carried a gun on her hip and a cowgirl outfit. “Laphin? You're still awake? Get to bed now. Way past your bedtime!” Laphin takes off his glasses and covers up. “S-sorry mom!” Even though he was 18 his mom still treated him like a child. She leaves and he sighs laying on his side. “I bet no one else has to deal with this…what's worse is I get bullied all the time at school for it too. Glad it's my senior year, I can't wait to graduate.” Laphin drifts off to sleep, he sleeps great before suddenly he's woken up the next day. “Time to wake up, Laphin you got mail!” Lapin's mother throws him a letter and leaves. Laphin groans and rubs his eyes looking at the paper, unable to read it. He grabs his glasses and opens it up. “Why am I getting mail? Maybe I got into that nice school?” He begins to read it. “Are you big on Dungeons and dragons? Do you want to play a game for 100 thousand dollars for each person on your team?! Well, come join my challenge for your chance to win, remember teams must be of 4! Give me a call if interested if you need help paying to get your team together I'll help pay for a trip there and back! So come and join my world of Babulis!” Lapin was blown away. He jumped up on his bed and jumped off his bed making a loud thump as he quickly grabbed his phone. Suddenly his mother screams. “Laphin you better not be breaking anything in there!!” Laphin shiver “S-sorry mom! It was an accident!” He quickly messages his three friends telling them about the letter he got. His first message back was from Hunter. “Holy shit dude! This is awesome but it almost sounds too good to be true? You sure we can't trust this?” Next was brick “LET'S DO IT! I'm needing some money anyway. My rent is getting way too high.” And last was Beast to reply “100k?! Let's do this!! I'll beat this game with my eyes closed!” Laphin sighed, and it seemed only hunter wasn't sure. He messaged him back. “Come on, please don't let me be alone with beast and brick. I feel like we are the only two smart ones. But I'm sure we can win! As for safety, why would they spend so much money to get you here if it's a scam or something?” The wait was killer on Laphin before Hunter finally replied. “Heh, alright I'll come. But only if my trip over and back is paid. So you better get ahold of this person ok? I'm sure beast and brick can't afford a trip out there either. So you think you can handle that responsibility?” Laphin jumped up and down typing back “YES YES! Yay thank you, thank you!!” He messaged both beast and brick that he would make sure they had a way over as soon as he could then began to call the number on the mail he got. He held his finger over the call button nervously before taking a deep breath. He hit the call and it rang then someone picked up. “Hiya! This is Natalie! Are you calling about my D&D challenge? “ Laphin was awfully shy talking to real people, not on messages. So he talked quite quietly and softly. “Y-ya...and I got some fri-” Natalie giggles “No need to be shy, but you got some friends that need a trip over, correct?” Laphin was confused. “Ya but-” Natalie interrupts him again. “Wonderful! Just tell me their address and by next week we will start the game. I can't wait to have you all here! Don't forget to tell your family that the game might last a while so you need to be here at least a week. Maybe longer, don't worry about food, I have that covered!” Laphin was just so confused but excited “O-ok I'll get you their addresses” Natalie smirks “Can't wait to play, bye cutie~!” She hangs up and laphin just stares at his phone blushing and then smiles then his face goes pale. “Wait a week?! There's no way mom will let me do that… I’ll ask later I got a week I suppose.” He asks everyone for their addresses and sends it to this Natalie in a text. Suddenly Laphins mom calls him. “Laphin! Come and get your breakfast! What the heck are you still doing in your room??” He finishes up before He puts his phone down “Coming mom!” He then rushes to the kitchen and sits at the table and his mom sits some eggs and bacon in front of him. “Thanks, mom” He sighs and begins to think about how he can ask his mom if he can go play a game of D&D for a week or so. Then he remembered his mom was very greedy. “Oh, mom! You know these games of D&D, I play?” She sighs “Oh, these games that you play when you should be studying?” Laphin groans “I guess, but schools too easy! But that's not the p-” His mom interrupts “Laphin I don't care it’s still just a stupid game they cant make you money!” Laphin smirks “What if I told you I could make 100K from one game if I win?” His mom looked interested. “I'm listening…” Laphin then goes on to explain his chances at this game with his friends. “A week? Or more? Hmm.” They finished eating. “Hmm...Fine but if you win you will pay me some money you owe.” Laphin jumps up out of his chair and hugs his mom “Thank you, thank you! Anything! You can have it all for all I care, I just want to hang out with my friends!” His mom hugs back surprised and smiles. “I'm glad you made friends. I know it's hard with your size and all. And you just being a nerd” She laughs and Laphin blushes. “Mom!“ She pats his back. “Oh get over it Laphin you're still my little boy. But you better win this uhh game, your Christmas present might be on the line!” She laughs and he pouts. “That hardly seems fair...whatever so I can go?” She nods and he smiles. His mom gave him one last kiss on the head. Next, we head on over to Beasts place. There stood a tall black goat named Rie who wore a grey hoodie and jeans. He sets his phone down and heads to his room. He was 28 and lived alone, he smirks. “So I guess I'm meeting these nerds I play with. I'm sure hunter and DM are like these big nerds with glasses but brick acts differently. Don't even know each other's names and we are going to meet. Heh, 100k man so many things I could buy! Fuck my job I will quit as soon as I win!” Rie begins to pack clothing and stuff for next week who knows how long they will be gone. But otherwise, he has a fairly easy week till his trip. Next, let's check on Brick. Brick or Zev as he's known by is a half-goat he's got a goat tail, ears, and horns. He's a 23-year-old man who lives in a small apartment with a bunch of posters of girls. He's quite strong-looking and built well. He always wears a sleeveless shirt and shorts. He puts his phone down on his table. “100k huh? Heh, we will win this easily! Beast will kill an ill tank like normal, we are the best team! Well, and hunter he gets off a few lucky hits...ok maybe a lot whatever. So I'll be going far out next week. That's a shame. Hope mom and my little brother will be fine without me around. Probably won't even tell them so they don’t worry.” He heads to his kitchen to eat then begins to pack his bags. Next, we check on Hunter. They are in a large hoodie covering their body and some baggie pants they smile at their phone after sending their address. “Heh, Gm always acts so cute. He must be a little younger than the other two. Maybe a lot? Kinda hope he's at least 18. That would be fun.” They pull down their hoodie to reveal their long hair dyed purple and reddish-pink. She was a young girl about 26 her name was Zoe. she laid back on her bed. “Hopefully he's not underage….that would be awkward. He acts like he's 15 sometimes. Oh well, guess I'll find out next week. I'm kinda excited for everyone to meet me. I'm sure they think I'm a guy. Better off I'm sure brick and beast would have been hitting on me a lot if they knew.” She giggles. “But that's how I preferred it. I know if Beast or brick knew I was a girl I would never hear the end of it...gross there ok friends I guess, but I don't see myself with assholes like them. Well bricks less of a dick and just kinda...dumb heh” She fantasizes about their first time meeting. Now that everyone was on track all they had to do was wait to see each other next week. I know I'm excited too. Oh sorry, you know me, I'm Natalie and I'm going to be telling the rest of this story. I would let the others tell it but there...busy! Very very busy. WANT TO READ MORE I HAVE 2 MORE CHAPTER UP ON MY PATREON OR YOU CAN WAIT TILL ITS COMPLEATE BEFORE ANY MORE ARE POSTED HERE. I POST A NEW CHAPTER EVERY FRIDAY! ONLY $1 A MONTH https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie
  18. Hi I’m new here, and this is my first attempt at ABDL fiction. Hope you like it. — Part 1 It was my 25th birthday. I was out at a bar having drinks with a group of friends, including my friend’s coworker Melissa who I had been crushing on for a couple of months. I had hoped tonight might be my chance to finally make a move, but before I got my chance, she made her move. “Hey birthday boy!” Melissa said, sitting down next to me at the bar. “Tell me, have you had your birthday spankings yet?” My mouth went dry. I had a huge kink for spanking, among other things. I had enough liquid courage in me to play it cool, though. “Not yet,” I said smiling, “but the night is young.” “Hmm… well no time like the present!” “Right here in front of everyone?” I asked. “Well.. we could go back to my place, but fair warning: if I spank you in private, it’ll have to be on your bare bottom.” My cock was rock hard by now and I could feel it staring to drip into my underwear. I had fantasized about being spanked by a woman for as long as I could remember, and had very recently fantasized in particular about being across Melissa’s knee with my pants around my ankles. I was fairly shocked that, in fact, here she was proposing just that. I couldn’t think of what to say, so just stammered with a grin, “um… that sounds pretty good to me.” She didn’t say another word. She took me firmly by the hand and led me out of the bar. The cool air hit me and snapped me out of my trance. It hit me: I was finally about to get a spanking! Melissa lived in the neighborhood so it was a short walk to her apartment. She didn’t let go of my hand the whole way. Once we reached her door, she opened the door and sent me over the threshold with a few sharp slaps to the back of my jeans saying, “Come on in, little boy, it’s time for your spanking.” Now, when she called me little boy while patting my bottom, I thought I might explode into my pants. See, besides spanking, I also have fantasies involving being treated like a little boy or a toddler. If not for the mild sting and tingle on my butt from when she had slapped me, I would have definitely thought I was dreaming. Melissa guided me to her bedroom and pulled out a chair from her vanity. Sitting down she beckoned me with a crooked finger. It may as well have been a tractor beam - I immediately walked to her side, unable to resist. From this vantage point, I had a great view of her spectacular tits, along with her waiting lap. She looked up at me smiling and said, “OK birthday boy, let’s get those pants down.” I reached for my belt buckle, but she quickly swatted my hands away, insistent on baring my bottom herself. Undoing my pants and pushing them to my ankles, Melissa then quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me across her lap. Resting her hand on my boxer-clad bottom, she said, “Wait now, I promised you a bare bottom spanking, didn’t I?” “Yes ma’am.” The words came out of my mouth reflexively. I couldn’t believe the headspace she had me in. Melissa didn’t seem to notice or mind, and instead just yanked down my underpants exposing my bare butt. “So you’re 25 today, right? I think I’ll give you 25 with my hand and another 25 with my hairbrush for good measure.” Before I could (pretend to) protest about an extra 25 spanks, she started smacking. As this was my first ever real spanking, I was surprised by how much sting she could deliver with just her palm. I squirmed a little, but mostly relished the heat in my seat as my cock throbbed against Melissa’s thighs. After 25 smacks with her hand, I felt her reach back to the vanity and I held my breath as I waited for the brush. I had fantasized for so long about a bare bottom hairbrush spanking, but now had a bit of trepidation about what it might actually feel like. I didn’t have to wait long to find out. Melissa spanked me in earnest, like she was trying to prove a point. I gasped at first, and squirmed a bit, but held still after she firmly wrapped her arm around my waist. I took my 25 smacks and soon had a blushing backside. Melissa put down the brush and caressed my stinging butt, teasing my crack with her fingertips. My dick continued throbbing and dripped readily. Patting me gently, Melissa instructed me to stand. “You took your spanking like such a good boy, I think you deserve a reward,” she said as she started to fondle me through my underwear. “Uh oh, looks like you had a little accident. Better get you out of these.” She pulled down my boxers and slid my member into her mouth in one motion. I thought I might cum right then and there. The anticipation had been so intense and now I was in ecstasy. Melissa took my cock from her mouth, stood and bent over the chair, lifting her skirt and sliding down her panties. I wasted no time stuffing her pussy with my cock. I caught a glimpse of my red backside in the mirror, which inspired me to return some of the spankings I had received to Melissa’s waiting ass. As my pink handprints appeared, I lost control and had an earthshaking orgasm. We flopped down in her bed. After we caught our breath, it wasn’t long before she was rubbing my still tingling butt, and my cock began to swell again. Melissa mounted me and rode my cock, tits bouncing, to two scream-inducing orgasms. After she had had her fill, she rolled over on her back and spread her legs. Grabbing me by the hips, she thrust my cock back into her and spanked my upturned ass mercilessly until I came again. We collapsed in a heap, and passed out as she rubbed my throbbing backside. Part 2 I fell asleep replaying the events of that night in my head again and again. That Melissa had been so keen to spank me, and her effectiveness in doing so indicated that mine was not the first bottom she had spanked. I was on cloud nine having met someone with a kinky streak. Just as I dozed off, I remembered she had called me “little boy,” and had commented that I’d had “an accident.” Could it be that Melissa was into things even kinkier thank spanking…? I woke with a start when the light hit my head. In the fog of my mild hangover, I wasn’t quite sure where I was. It slowly came back, and I grew excited as the memory of going over Melissa’s knee came back to me. As my cock stirred, I noticed some dampness. Rolling over slightly, I realized the sheets were wet all around me. Oh shit! Had I wet the bed?!? “Oh good you’re awake,” Melissa’s voice cut through my panic. “You, uh, peed the bed.” I was mortified. I jumped up, muttering and stammering. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I can’t believe I did that, that never happens, I’m so sorry, here let me clean it up, or should I just go, I’m sorry. I’ll just go…” I reached for my pants and Melissa grabbed my wrist. “Oh no, you’re not going anywhere.” I froze, feeling about two feet tall. “You go stand in the corner while I clean this up. You are in big trouble mister.” Her tone aroused me - I felt like a naughty three year old being punished. But I was still far too embarrassed to think anything sexy. I started walking to the corner, but Melissa hooked the waistband of my boxers saying “give me those little pee pants, I’ll put them in the wash with the sheets. You can do your corner time naked.” Compliance seemed to be my best way out of this dilemma, so I slipped them off and Melissa scooped them up. She then took me by the arm and walked me to the corner, propping me there with three sharp spanks to my bare butt. Standing in the corner, my brain still a bit foggy, I couldn’t tell what to make of the situation. I hadn’t wet the bed since I was nine years old. How could it have happened now? And I couldn’t sort out Melissa’s reaction. She seemed mad, but she wasn’t sending me away in disgust, or making me do her laundry… what did she have in mind? Behind me I could hear her stripping the bed, then rustling around in the closet, seemingly Melissa getting out some clean sheets to make the bed. After ten minutes or so, I heard from behind me, “Okay buster get over here.” I slowly turned around to find her sitting on the edge of the unmade bed wearing her silk night gown showing plenty of cleavage, her legs bare. A few things seemed to have been moved around or brought out of the closet, but all I could focus on was the hairbrush in her hand. Remembering its sting from the night before I was both excited and nervous. Melissa snapped me out of it. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” I fumbled through the some more of my earlier responses, “I’m so sorry. I swear this has never happened to me. I’m so embarrassed, please don’t tell anyone, I’m really sorry, please…” She cut me off. “I don’t have much tolerance for immaturity. I believe firmly that if you act like a baby, you need to be treated as one. “So I’m going to put you over my knee again, and this time it won’t be a little patty cake spanking like you got last night. You need to learn a good lesson.” I swear I saw a smirk run across her face. She was being stern, but Melissa was clearly enjoying this. I took it stride and retorted, “Yes ma’am.” “Good boy.” Then she pulled me forward onto her lap. My stiffening cock slid neatly between her bare thighs. She started slow and firm with her palm, clearly warming me up for something more serious. It was just before she started a strong volley with the hairbrush that I noticed what was on the floor in front of me: a tub of baby wipes, a bottle of powder, and… an open package of Super Dry Kids diapers. There was no mistaking them - I had repeatedly tried to work up the nerve to order some SDKs, but had never gone through with it. I stared at the bag… No way, I thought, it can’t be… she’s not going to… diaper me?? Just then I felt the brush connect with my bare bottom. I suddenly lost all notion of the diapers in front of me and could only focus on the barrage raining down on my backside. Even though it hurt like hell, my cock remained at attention between Melissa’s thighs. The spanking continued and I started kicking my legs a bit. Melissa quickly threw one leg over top of mine to hold me in place. She started to scold. “You hold still and take your punishment little boy. Since you can’t behave like a big boy, I’ll have to treat you like a little boy. And little boys need their bare bottoms spanked regularly. I have a feeling this is not the last time I’ll have to put you over my knee young man.” I was being brave and trying to just take whatever she had to give me. But my ass hurt like hell! Just when I thought I might start crying, the spanking stopped. Melissa took me by the shoulders and guided me to sit on her lap. She held me and rubbed my stinging bottom. I was lost in the glow of her embrace, and the feeling in my bottom. Meanwhile my cock had become rock hard and was starting to drip. Melissa took notice. Grabbing me gently, she said, “oh my, look at you. You’re about to have ANOTHER accident. We need to do something about this. Lie down in the bed.” As she shifted me off her lap, the thought came rushing back to me - the diapers. I lay back on the bed just as Melissa bent down and slid a diaper from the package. I got a fantastic view of her ass peeking out of her nightgown. Coupled with the sight of her unfolding the diaper as she approached me, it was too much. My dick throbbed wildly with anticipation, pre-cum dripping down the shaft. “Ok little one, it’s time to get you back in diapers so you don’t make anymore messes. You’re lucky I had this bag of pampers on hand.” Why DID she have a bag of pampers in her apartment?? I started to wonder but was snapped out of it quickly as she moved closer to me. “Lift that bottom,” Melissa instructed with a wide grin. I complied, and she slid the SDK under me. As I lowered my stinging bottom onto the soft padding with a distinctive crinkle, my cocked bounced wildly up and down. Melissa started pulling the diaper up between my legs, but hesitated as it brushed against my throbbing member. “Hmm… this diaper isn’t going to fit over that thing.” She produced a bottle of baby oil from beneath the bed. Squirting some into her palm, she grabbed my cock and stroked me up and down. My hips thrusted and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to burst. Melissa seemed to know too, as she pulled the diaper up against me. “Oh my! Is mommy’s little boy going to make a big sticky mess in his diapie?” she cooed. The sensation of the padding against my cock and the crinkly plastic between my legs was too much - I groaned and shot hot ropes of cum into the diaper. Melissa looked very satisfied as she reached for some baby wipes to clean me up. With my cock wiped down, she spread powder around my crotch liberally before pulling the diaper into place and fastening the tapes tightly. She smiled broadly and patted my padded crotch. “You stay put, I’ll be right back,” she said rolling me over and slapping my diapered behind. She left the room and I finally had a moment alone with my thoughts. My wildest fantasy had just been realized. I’d been spanked, stroked and diapered by a hot stern woman. I couldn’t believe my luck that Melissa had been so forward in initiating kinky sex. And that I’d been drunk enough to wet the bed… I had nearly forgotten my humiliation from earlier. I was so puzzled by how I could have done that, and then i realized I was laying in a spot on the bare mattress that should have still been damp, but it was bone dry. Then I saw a small bowl on the night stand that seemed out of place. I peered into it to find it full of water. Looking quizzically around the room, I then saw tucked in a corner of the closet, an open bag of Goodnites bed pads. It hit me all at once: I’d been set up! To be continued…
  19. (before i start, i would like to say that this story is based on a dream i had and shared on Deviant art. a fan of mine made their own verion based on that orignal dream idea. if you like this story, and would like to see someone elses interpataion of it, please check out this link! https://www.deviantart.com/crissiebaby/art/Fantasy-Dust-Pt-1-882829623 It was a nice hot sunny day as the final bell for school just rang and signaled the start of summer. Most were excited that school was over. Some were already dreading the summer school they would need to do. But for 2 young men, something special waited just for them. “Hello?” David asked as he walked into a classroom. He reserved a letter asking him to come to the room to discuss something important. His friends all said that it had to be a love letter and that he had to go alone to get confused too. But the classroom seemed empty. Even as he walked further inside and the door closed behind him, he couldn't see anyone. Suddenly someone jumped up from behind a teacher's desk and blew glittery dust all over David! “What the hell!” David shouted as they coffed and fanned the dust away to look at who did it. It was just some nerdy-looking guy David did not know. “What the hell man, is this some type of joke?” David shouted as he realized he was just pranked and got his hopes up for nothing. ”Are you looking to get your ass kicked?” “You can try, but with that small week body I dont think you can do much.” the nerd said with a slightly nervous grin. This made David mad as he charged at the nerd and swung a punch at his face, but somehow only managed to punch his chest and hurt his own hand! “OW!” David yelled in surprise as he looked at his hand. He was never the biggest or strongest, but even he was sure he could beat us some nerd with glasses. “BWHAHAHA!” the nerd shouted in laughter. “I can’t believe it! It worked! That genie I found wasn't lying to me!” “W-what the hell are you laughing about?” David asked confused when he heard genie. “Oh yesterday when I was cleaning the library, I found this old dusty book hidden behind a shelf when I brushed away the dust and opened it, a Genie popped out. It gave me some magic dust to use on someone to “change their reality.” the Nerd told David as he held up the book. “And looking at you now, it clearly worked.” That's when David finally noticed he had gotten a little smaller and his body was now very skinny. “What the hell!” David shouted in fear. “Why the hell are you doing this to me!?” “Oh, actually I meant to leave that note on your friend’s desk. He was the one to bully me in middle school. But I guess I mixed the desks up. And since your already here, I decided to still test the dust out on you first.” “This is fucking crazy! Im out of here!:’ David yelled as he tried to run away from the nerd. “You're not going anywhere. You're going to do everything I say. Stating with bending over that desk.” the nerd commanded. Suddenly, it was as if his body was moving on its own, David spun around and walked over to a student's desk, and bent his self over the table. “Humm, I guess making you scrawny also means you have such a flat body. It's like you make a perfect right angle. Dont worry, if I give you a feminine body, that should fix that.” the nerd said with glee as David's body changed again. Parts of David's skinny body filled out and such as his hips, thighs, ass, and even his chest! If you didn't know any better, you would think David was just some cute tomboy! And the nerd had a great view of David's small round and firm ass. “I swear once im back to normal im going to break your body to where you'll never see a bathroom again!” David threatens the nerd. But the nerd just grinned at the new idea he just had. “Doesn't sound so convincing from the one who gets turned on warring a toilet.” David looked at the nerd in confusion until he suddenly felt very turned on when his underwear became fluffier? “Why dont you show me what's in your pants.” the nerd said as David finally stood up and unbuttoned his pants. His pants fell to the floor and revealed he was now warring a large-sized pink princess pullup! To make it worse, the front was bulging out and making it obvious he was erect. “Isn't that cute? Your mommy must have put you into the pink one since it was already hard to tell you were a boy anyway.” the nerd commented. With horror, David watched as the bulge in his diaper began to shrink. He could still feel himself rock hard and horrny, but his dick was now so small the bulge in the diaper was barely noticeable now! “What the fuck!” David screamed out in shock and horror. “Aww dont be too sad. At least you can enjoy wetting that diaper.” the nerd says as he watches David's face change from fear to confusion as he began wetting the diaper. Why was he enjoying wetting a diaper!? David thought to himself as he tried his best not to and fight the changes. That's when the nerd grabbed the front of the diaper with his hand and gave it a light squeeze. David grabbed onto the nerd's arm with both of his hands. “S-stop that!” David shouted. Too weak to resist. “What do you mean? You're the one enjoying my hand,” they said with glee right in front of David as David then looked down. He was now humping his wet diaper on the nerd's hand! David tried to fight it, but he couldn't stop his body! His arms wouldn't let go of the nerds and were used to help David hump more! The nerd was enjoying every moment as he watched David loos himself and moan in pleasure. Even as the nerd tried to raise his hand, David's crotch world follow. Even getting on his tippy tows just to continue humping. “Why dont you show me the training bra you're so proud of.” the nerd said as he raised David's shirt to reveal a pink child's training bra with little harts where his nipples would be. David's breasts weren't that big, but that's what made it even cuter. David’s moans only intensified as the nerd began to fondle his new breasts before squealing as the nerd pinched his nipple. “You must really love that diaper if you're already cumming from such a short time playing with it.” the nard comments as David’s body suddenly jerked back and smashed his crotch into the nerd’s hand as he had the most mind-blowing orgasm he had ever had! After 30 seconds of shaking and cumming, David's legs turned into jelly as he finally collapsed onto the floor panting. “Im so glad you enjoyed your fun. But now it's time to return the favor” the nard says as he unzips his pants and reveals his hard-on. David couldn't even think strate as his body just leaned forward with his mouth open and excepted the nard inside. “Show me why they call you the best cock sucker in the whole school.” the nard commands as David suddenly began to give the beard the best (only) blow job he had ever had! David didn't know how, but he was able to do things with his mouth he didn't know was possible! It was as if years of experience were suddenly in his head! “Oh god! This is too good! Im already cumming! Thake it all you cock hungry slut! Enjoy your favorite meal!” the nard shouts as he came right into David's mouth. David could not describe the taste in his mouth, but he knew he had to savor it and get as much of it as possible. Before the nard could pull out, David grabbed his legs and put the nard's whole cock into his mouth, and sucked out any and all cum that was still left inside before letting it pop out of his mouth. The nard happily watched as David enjoyed his treat before swallowing it all. “Now what do you say to daddy?” the nerd asked. “Thank you for the treat daddy,” David said happily with a smile on his face as his mind nearly broke just then. The nerd screamed out with laughter. “I still can't believe all of this worked! But dont worry little one, you will have your friend joining you soon.” the nerd says happily as he began to pull his pants back up and heard a crinkle. “huh?” The nerd looked down at his still unbutton pants and could see his underwear was changed out for a pink diaper. “What the?” the nerd said as he then noticed his chest growing slightly and his body changing! “What's going on!” “The wish has been fulfilled.” said a booming voice as the book the nerd was holding earlier opened and a large genie popped out of it. “This isn't what I wished for!” the nard shouted as his body continued to change.” you said you would grant me the power to change anyone into what I wanted!” “That is what I said.” the genie says. “You can change anyone into what YOU wanted. you were granted 30 minutes to change anyone. But once the time was up, you would get what YOU wanted. The beard had a look of horror on his face as he realized the word game the genie had used. “I think I understand how it works,” David said as the nerd spins around to see David standing up. Back to normal, and very pissed. “Hey genie, can I get that same wish?” “Yes.” the genie said as it gives David the same dust the nard had used earlier. The nerd’s diaper was already being soaked as he tried to run away. But David easily pulled the light sissy nerd back and blew the dust into his face. “NO!” the nerd screamed before coffing and fearing what was to come. “Dont worry, im not going to be as terrible as you were. In fact, let's fix that “little” problem in your diaper.” David tells the nerd. Immediately the nerd’s diaper began to bulge out nearly a foot long! The diaper he was wearing was just barely staying together. The nerd was speechless as he stared down at his new huge cock! “Why are you just staring at it? Go on, touch it. When it gets this big it just needs to be milked.” David says as he sits down in a chair to watch the show. With one hand, the sissy reached into their diaper to start stroking themselves while the other hand rubbed the tip of their dick through the socked diaper. their hips rocking back and forth as the pleaser in their dick rises. “What a lovely body you have. You must have a great morning workout to get a lean and town body like that.” David said as the sissys small and skinny body began to get a little muscular and toned. But the nerd didn't even notice as they were too busy getting ready to cum inside their diaper! “HHHHHH!” the nerd moaned loudly as their body shook and came right into the already wet diaper. “Daddy, im coming!” “Oh? I guess that part also backfired on you.” David says as he checks the time. “Well baby girl, we still got time left, and you know just coming once or twice is never really enough for you.” Despite already coming, the sissy still felt the urge to come even more! “Stop!” David tells the sissy just before they could start stroking once more. “Why dont you show me just how flexible you are.” Without any hesitation, the sissy knew what to do and layed down on the ground and swung their lower body over their head. The sissy's long cock freely swung above their face and still dripped some cum. Still, without hesitation, the sissy began to give themselves a blowjob using all the skills they had. “Look at you go,” David commented as they watched. But the sissy was no longer listening. They were too focused on the treat in front of them and nothing would stand in the way of that. “Looks like you can't hear me anymore. Oh well, our time is almost up but I still got a few ideas to do first.” David tells the sissy as they tried to plan out how to do this right. ”thanks to great investments, you are well off in life. Nice car, home, and job. You especially like the house because it has everything you and your lover could ever need.” Looking at the clock, David could see he was almost out of time. But lucky for him, it looked like Sissy was also just about to finish. “That's it, Sissy, show daddy why you love that cock so much,” David said as the Sissy finally came. The sissy's eyes grew wide as they squealed delighted as so much cum filled their mouth! All of which they happily swallowed. When their body fully collapsed onto the ground, the sissy was panting from it all. “Oh baby,” David called. “Are you forgetting something?” Sissy turned their head to see David naked. The moment Sissy saw Daddy's cock, she imiditly became hungry for more. She got onto her hands and knees and crolled her way to Daddy and began sucking his delicious dick. “Such a good sissy,” David tells them as they counted down the last few seconds. 3.2.1. “MMMMMMM!” sissy squealed as daddy's cock suddenly got much bigger and filled her entire mouth and throat before giving her tummy another large dose of yummy cum! David watched as his little Sissy enjoyed his new cock while everything else about them changed. Sissy was back to being small and thin, while David suddenly got toned and stronger. Small memories of his family's investments and how he was able to own his own home and starts his new job next week. Almost everything David could ever ask for. But there was one other thing he wanted. And now that the magic was gone, he could finally get it. David pulled himself out of the sissy's moth. “Turn sound and Show daddy your soggy bum,” David commanded. Sissy did just as daddy commanded and turned around. her face on the ground and her butt in the air just for daddy. David gave the wet diaper a few good pats before he pulled the diaper down. Her dick was no bigger than an oversized clit and was very had to notice. But that didn't matter as daddy grabbed and spread both of sissy’s butt checks and poked her quivering butt hole with his massive daddy cock. “NO!” Sissy suddenly yelled in fear! “You're too big daddy! You'll break my butt if you go inside me!” “You shouldn't worry Sissy, you wear a diaper all the time already.” Daddy sais as he gose in. Sissy squeals out in pain, and lust as her ass is spread wide to take in all of daddy! And daddy made sure he would put it all into her. he wasn't even halfway in when sissy began cumming from her clit all over the floor. “You tried to break me earlier. Well, let's see if I can break you without any magic.” David tells his sissy before raming the other half of his cock inside. “HAAAAAAA!!!!” Sissy screamed as daddy fucked her sissy ass. stretching and breaking it to where she would always need her diaper. but that didn't matter anymore. as her screams of pain turn to moans, she knew the only thing her butt would be good for was messing her diaper and pleasing her daddy. "Daddy! give me more! come in me more!" the genie watched with a smile as his two former masters were happy with their wishes as Daddy came inside his little sissy slut.
  20. (This is a small colab i'm doing with PinkTheDinosaur. Just a small side project for the both of us to do during our free time. This story contains sexual themes so if that is not your thing please leave.) “Come on Melissa, Please!” Kari begged. “Fine, but only for a bit,” Melissa said annoyed at her best friend. “But you do know Hypnosis is fake right?” “Well see!” Kari yelled excitedly as the 7-year-old turned off the lights and pulled out a lighter. Kari had her friend look at the flame and began trying to put Melissa into a trance. After 2 tries, Kari had done it! Melissa stood there, staring blankly at the flame and slightly drooling. Kari had no idea what to do now that her friend was like this. But she had to test it out. “Melissa, suck on your thumb,” Kari told her friend. Melissa raised her hand and began sucking on her thumb. “Awesome!” Kari cheered. “Ok, ok, Melissa, whenever I say “nighty night meli” you will fall into this trance. Melissa nodded. “You will do everything I say and not remember I said it,” Kari told her friend who nodded again. Kari then snapped her fingers and Melissa was taken out of the trance. “Whap?” Melissa said as she realized she was sucking her thumb. “Why am I…” “I made you do it with hypnosis!”Kari exclaimed. “Kari, there's no such thing as hypnosis,” Melissa told her friend. “Is too! I just did it to you!” Kari shouted. “Fine, then prove it,” Melissa demanded. “Make me do something that I wouldn't do otherwise.” “Fine! nighty night meli!” Kari shouted and Melissa went into her trance. But Kari had no idea what to do. Her mind was racing and she wasn't thinking straight. If she was she would say something like, “Write a letter to yourself revealing a secret and saying hypnosis is real.” “Every time you say hypnosis isn't real you'll pinch yourself.” “You'll cluck like a chicken every few seconds until you admit hypnosis is real.” But no, part of her was mad that she didn't believe her, so… “Poop in your pants next time you say hypnosis isn't real,” Kari told her then snapped. “Well?” Melissa asked. “I did it already,” Kari told her. Melissa looked around but saw nothing different and nothing to show she was hypnotized. “Right… believe what you want but hypnosis still isn't real.” Suddenly Melissa let out a loud fart that made both girls jump. Then Melissa’s eyes went wide as she began pooping into her panties! Melissa let out a loud scream before rushing to the bathroom but it was too late. Melissa’s mom heard the scream and came to see her daughter had pooped in her white panties and left a brown stain on them. Kari was then sent home while Melissa’s mom dealt with her daughter. The last thing Kari remembers about her old friend was that she had to wear pull ups for a week after that. Then she moved away. Kari was very upset that her friend was now gone but they promised that they would see each other again one day and that they would always be friends. Only one of those came true… Years later, when Kari turned 16, Melissa moved back. But Melissa had become a stuck up bitch. Melissa was hot and she knew it. Well-toned, curves, nice ass, B-cup boobs, long blond hair. Kari? She was tall and thin. But not much else. At first, Kari was excited to see her old friend. Hoping they could still connect after all these years! But that didn't happen. Instead, Melissa had forgotten all about Kari. While this upset Kari, she at least hoped her the best and hoped to possibly become friends with her again. Instead, Melissa pulled an evil prank on Kari in order to get in with the other popular crowd of Kari's school. During gym, Melissa pored itching powder down the front of Kari’s underwear while she was changing. “Wow Kari, do you got crabs or something?” Melissa asked as Kari began itching in front of the other girls in the locker room. And that's what Kari became known for. For the next 2 years, Melissa continued to bully Kari. Pulling pranks, spreading rumors, and doing everything she could just to humiliate Kari. Then one day, when both happen to go to the college bathroom at the same time, Kari confronted her about it. Kari told Melissa all about how they use to be friends, played together, took baths together, and shared secrets with each other. But Melissa denied it. Then Kari brought up the last time she saw Melissa was when she pooped her panties. That's when Kari remembered the hypnosis. “nighty night meli,” Kari told her bully and had her fall into her old trance. Kari was surprised it still worked. It’s been almost 10 years since it was used! But as soon as she knew it worked, Kari began to think of how she could get back at her bully. Make her run around the school naked? Give a few nerds a blowjob? Have her do something embarrassing in front of her “friends”? No, if she was going to do this, Kari wanted to do it right and take it nice and slow… *********** a few months later ********* “Melissa, your brother and I are going to the store. We'll be back in a little while!” Melissa’s mom yelled. “OK!” Melissa yelled back. Melissa listens for the front door to open and shut before Melissa got up. “Finally! I can get some privacy!” Melissa yelled as she walked out of her room. It was now summer time and Melissa was grounded. Her mom had ground her because of her bad grades. She now wasn't allowed out of the house all summer. Plus she wasn't allowed to have electronics at all. When Melissa had tried to sneak her brother's phone into her room to search the internet, her mom decided she couldn't be trusted behind a closed door and removed it. This had really frustrated Melissa. Now she had no phone, no computer, no privacy, and worst of all, nowhere to masturbate. Melissa was the type of person that needed to rub one out at least once every 3-4 days or she will get really frustrated. Melissa decided to check the whole house just to be certain that her mother was gone before she made her way to her little brother's room. Melissa can only get off while wearing underwear, but she has a small problem, she pees every time she climaxes. She's forgotten how long this has been happening but its been a while. Melissa had to be very careful at hiding her wet panties and has ruined at least a third of her underwear already. Then Melissa thought up a workaround. Her little brother was 6 and still a bedwetter. All Melissa had to do was were his underwear and their mom will just think it was from his accidents. Perfect! She pulled open his underwear drawer and pulled out one of his tighty whities. She slipped out of her underwear and pulled the new ones on. They were a little tight but fit just enough to feel like panties. She is already very excited about all of this and can already feel her pussy getting wet. She’ll just head to the bathroom and rub one out before her mom gets home. But as she turns to leave, something catches her eye. Her brother's body pillow. Melissa isn't a stranger to humping a pillow, but after ruining one of her's she hasn't done it since. But she remembered how good it felt. “Maybe just for a minute and I'll finish in the bathroom,” Melissa said out loud to no one as she got on her little brother's bed and sat down on the body pillow. Once she was there she began to grind her body on the pillow while one hand stroked her pussy. Melissa loved the feeling of the underwear over her pussy as she got herself excited before she began to hump the pillow. The pillow was soft and fluffy as Melissa rubbed her crotch on it. “I-i love this!” Melissa yelled as she humped the pillow. On any normal day, she would use her hand or a toy to get herself off, but a soft pillow was just as good for Melissa. Melissa could feel that she was on the edge, could feel the pressure building up. She knew she should head to the bathroom and finish, she knew what would happen if she didn't, but the pillow just felt too good! “I'm almost there!” Melissa yelled as she began humping harder and faster. “IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!!!!!” Melissa closed her eyes as she screamed out in pleaser and she had a great orgasm! But as she was panting and opened her eyes, she saw her wide-eyed mother staring back at her in shock. Then, Melissa began peeing in her little brother's underwear while still on top of his pillow and bed. ******** “And that's what led little Melissa here to need a babysitter.” Melissa’s mom said as she leads the babysitter to Melissa’s room. “She’s to stay in those pull-ups all summer and possibly all of the next school year.” Melissa was fuming as her mom led the babysitter into her room without asking. She was bright red as she tried to pull her shirt down to cover her pull up. Her mother had taken away all of her underwear and locked up her pants and skirts. The only time she got pants now was when her mother was taking her somewhere in public. “Know I know this is a weird circumstance, but I have no other option. With my husband gone and Melissa unreliable to watch Danny, I just needed someone to watch the two of them.” “It's no problem, I'll make sure they both stay in line,” Kari told Melissa’s mother with a smile on her face. (I hope you all like the first chapter to our story. If you like it, please check out one of our other stories.we would greatly appreciate it. Also, we have a challenge you you all! FINISH THE JOKE! A mom, her baby girl, and her sissy walk into a bar… Whoever can come up with the funniest joke will have it be part of the chapter! And will get a shout out from us!)
  21. this is part one of a commission series by kasarberang from Daily diapers. Daniel. Berang was head manager of Delta luier, A 5-star hotel, and one of the top hotels in the USA. Daniel was a professional at his job and was a bit of a workaholic. In the last 7 years that he worked there, he had only used one sick day due to breaking his foot but still managed to work while in the hospital. He just had one tiny problem. He was a hard ass. If things weren’t done the way he wanted it, then he would call you into his office to lecture you for an hour or more. Not helping was his short height at 5’ 6”. For some of the taller employees, it was like being lectured by a teenager. *************** “What did bill do this time?” Kamy asked as she clocked in for her job and walked past the manager’s office where she could hear Daniel yelling at one of their coworkers. “Didn’t fold the towels the right way again,” jacky tells her while on her brake. “Man, that guy really needs to get that pitchfork out of his ass,” Kamy mentions as she listens to the yelling. “Sounds like he needs a vacation.” Dela, a new employee who just started working at the hotel last month, mentions. “My sisters own a small resort. Think he would go?” “Naw. that hard-ass would never go. Hell, unless he was fired or something there is no way he would be away from work for very long.” Kamy tells them. “Actually, instead of being fired, why not force him to take the vacation?” Jacky suggests as she gets an idea. “Come on, we need to talk to everyone.” ******** Like that, the 3 women managed to talk to most of the other employees of the hotel before contacting the regional manager of the hotel. They told him all about how hard-working Daniel was and explained that he has never had a vacation since he started working as the manager. They told him that all the other employees pitched in to pay for a small vacation and needed the regional managers to help to force Daniel to take a vacation. The regional manager was very impressed with Daniel and seeing the hard work he put into the hotel and the support he has from his employees. The regional manager agreed to help them give Daniel a vacation. And give the employees a vacation from Daniel. ************ “What the hell am I doing here?” Daniel asked annoyed as he got out of the taxi and was standing in front of a large farmhouse. Daniel was 5'6'' with long brown hair down to his shoulders that covered his right eye. Dew to an embarrassing accident as a kid, his right eye was blind. His once brown eye was now a milky color. To hide the eye he grew his hair long to cover it and hide it from anyone. His normal work suit and tie was now replaced with a casual T-shirt and Shorts. Last week, Daniel received a call from the regional manager of the hotel who congratulated him on all his hard work and was told that all of his employees had come together to pay for him to take a 3-week vacation. All expenses paid. Daniel appreciated the thanks but said he did not want the vacation. He would much rather be at work than doing nothing. But the regional manager insisted and would not take no for an answer. In the end, Daniel was forced to accept the vacation. “Cheap bastards,” Daniel grumbled as he looked at the large 3 story farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. “Couldn’t they at least send me to Hawaii or something?” From the pamphlet he got just before he boarded his flight to come here, this was supposed to be a new hotel converted out of an old-style farmhouse. “Welcome to Cubus Farm! We guarantee to relieve you of any stress and worries of adult life while pleasing guests in many ways.” the pamphlet read. Right… someone probably just inherited their grandpa’s farm and turned it into a cheap hotel. Daniel just wanted to get this vacation over with and go back to work as soon as possible. While he was busy complaining to himself about the hotel and checking his phone to find out there was no service around him, he didn’t notice the taxi drive away until it was too late. “Hey wait! I haven’t gotten my stuff!” Daniel shouted as the taxi was already too far away for him to chase after to get his things. “shit!” Daniel immediately tried to call the cab company to have them send their driver back but was meet with no service. “What the? How can I not have any service?” Daniel asked himself as he started moving the phone all around himself trying to find a signal. “Fucking hell.” Daniel hurried into the farmhouse and hoped he could use their phone to call the taxi before it was too late. The front door chimed as he walked inside and it was exactly as he imagined it to be. It looked like how you would imagine an old farmhouse to look like. Filled with old furniture, pictures and nicknacks all over the walls, and the strange feeling as if he had walked into his grandparent’s home as a kid. The only thing that didn’t look as old was a little desk near the front door and beside a staircase that was unmanned. ‘Sloppy. What establishment doesn’t have someone at the front desk at all times?’ Daniel thought to himself. “Hello? Anyone here?” Daniel asked Daniel heard a strange noise coming from another room before he heard footsteps running in his direction. Suddenly they were coming from his right and he had to fully turn his head to see what the noise was. It felt like I was hit in the face by two large bean bags that knocked him to the floor! “Oh, I'm so sorry sweetie! I didn’t see you!” a woman shouted as Danieli sat up to see what had hit him. Looking up, way up, was a woman who was roughly 6'4'' with short golden blonde hair and blue eyes while wearing a light blue dress. But it was her two large breasts that caught Daniels’s attention. He had never seen someone with G size breast before. “Here let me help you up sweetie.” the woman said with a bright smile as she reached out her hand to help him up. “Now then, where are your parents?” “Parents?” Daniel replied confused. He might have been short but he had never been mistaken for a child before. “No miss, I’m the one with a reservation under Daniel Berang, And im in my 20’s.” “Oh dear, silly me. One second sweetie and I’ll get you checked in.” the woman said as she goes behind her desk and pulls out a book. She quickly writes a few things down before handing over a room key. “Your room is just up these stairs in room 3,” the woman tells him as she gestures to nearby stairs. “Is there anything else I could do for you?” “Yes, I was hoping I could use your phone. The taxi drove off with my bags and I would like to get them back.” “I'm so deeply sorry. But we actually do not have any phones here.” the woman tells him with her bright smile. “You, what?” Daniel asked deeply confused as to how they could not have any phones? “Here at Cubus Farm, we provide an escape from the outside world. That includes the temptation of the internet or phone.” the woman tells me “Wait, but what if you have an emergency!” Daniel shouted. “How could you run any form of business without phones?” “We have emergency alarms all over the farm for firers or other emergencies that send a signal to the nearest fire stations or police. We also stock up on supplies every two weeks so no one needs to leave as often sweetie,” she tells me while handing over a little pamphlet explaining more. “As for your clothes and the taxi, we can provide temporary clothing replacements and my sister can check on your taxi in about 3 days when she goes for supplies.” Daniel let out a low grown as he thought this was very stupid but he didn’t have much of a choice besides walking who knows how far to the nearest working phone. “Fine. I'll take what I can get. What room was I in again?” Daniel asked. “You are in room 3. We hope to bring you such amazing pleasure!” the woman said with a sickly sweet smile. Daniel tried to ignore this and just go to his room to lay down for a moment to gather his thoughts on the situation. But as he was walking up the stairs beside the front desk woman, Daniel couldn't help himself but take a peek over at her one more time at her enormous tits from above. “Yes, sweety?” the woman asked as she looked up at Daniel as he passed and caused him to blush. “N-nothing,” Daniel replied as he hurried off to his room and shut the door. “Dela sent over a real cute one this time.” the desk woman said as she licks her lips, I can't wait to see how he tastes.” ************** Daniel let out a long sigh as he flopped onto the bed before letting out a moan into his pillow. 3 weeks of no phone or internet, Not even his own clothes. Now he had to figure out what he needed to do now. As he wondered what he should do, his jet lag and exhaustion from the trip here began to make him tired as his eyes grew heavy. ******** Knock, Knock, Knock. “Housekeeping.” someone called from the hallway and woke Daniel up. Daniel got up from the bed and yawned before looking at a nearby clock to see that he had taken a 3-hour nap. Another knock on the door followed by someone saying housekeeping. “Im coming!” Daniel called back before yawning again and stretching for a moment. When he opened the door, he was once again greeted with two large breasts right in front of him. At first, he thought it was the same desk woman from before but when he looked up he saw it was a completely different woman standing before him. This woman was even taller than the one at the front desk, probably around 6” 8’ with long wavy dark brown hair and green eyes. “Good evening sir. My sister told me you were in need of some spare clothes due to your taxi diving off with yours.” the woman said with a polite tone. “We deeply apologize for any problems you have while you're staying here and wish to provide you with a temporary change of clothes.” The woman handed over a small stack of clothes to Daniel. “Dinner will be ready in just an hour. If you need anything else please let my sister or myself know.” the black-haired woman tells him before walking away. A big smile on her face after seeing who their new guest was. Daniel just shut the door and went back to the bed to look at what he got. He reserved a t-shirt and shorts with the Cubus Farm’s logo on both and he reserved a footie pajama with the logo on it as well. No doubt from a little gift shop they might have. Daniel sighed and shook his head at the poor selection. “I'll just see if I can get a ride into town tomorrow to get my bags, or at least to the nearest clothing store,'' Daniel tells himself as he folds up the clothes and hopes he wouldn't have to wear them for long. For the first time since coming to the room, Daniel took a look around the room. It was a small and simple room with the bed taking up ⅓ of the space. Beside the bed was a little dresser that Daniel put his clothes into. On the other side of the room was a small bookshelf with a random assortment of books and a mini-fridge beside it. The fridge had a small variety of waters, juice, or sodas. Though sadly no alcohol. On the other side of the bed was a sliding glass door leading to a balcony with a small table and chair. Outside you could see and hear the farm animals in the back. Beside the door to the room was a small bathroom with only a sink and toilet. “What type of hotel doesn't have a shower?” Daniel wondered. “I need to remember to review this place when I get home. Already I'm not liking what I'm seeing.” Before Daniel could think about it anymore, there was a knock at his door again. He quickly opened the door and was once again greeted by breasts in his face. These ones belonged to the front desk woman. “Y-yes?” Daniel says as he tries his hardest to look up at the tall woman and not down towards her breasts. “Hi, sweetie. I'm hoping you're enjoying your stay so far!” the woman said with a large smile on her face. “Tonight's dinner is just finishing up so come along with me on down to the dining room.” For a moment, Daniel wasn't sure if she was trying to be nice and show him the way, or patronizing him and treating him like a child. “Ok, just one moment miss,” Daniel says as he shuts the door and goes to wash his hands and face before dinner. With this being a public dinner, Daniel would have dressed up nicer just as he expected his guests to do at his hotel when the hotel served dinner. But with his clothes missing he would just have to make due with what he had on and hope he didn't make a bad impression on the other guest staying here. When he came out of the room, the woman was waiting patiently for him and show him the way to the dining room. The dining area was a large room with a single very long table. One that Daniel imagined a large family all sitting at to eat dinner. But something was a little odd. Only one section of the table had any food set out and there weren’t any other guests sitting at the table. “Come right along sweetie.” the woman said as she walked over to the end of the table and pulled out a sceat for him. “Thank you.” Daniel thanked her as he sat down and was pushed closer to the table. In front of him was a large bowl of french bread with plates and utensils at only 3 sceats of the table. Before Daniel could ask the front desk woman anything, a large bowl appeared hovering above him before two soft breasts were laying right on top of his head! “Im so sorry sir.” the black-haired woman said as she sat the large bowl of spaghetti onto the table. “I didn’t notice you were sitting there.” “I-it fine!” Daniel shouts as he blushes and turns away embarrassed. The two women look at each other for a moment and smile before taking their own seats at the table. “Um, where are all the other guests?” Daniel asked confused as to why he was sitting at the table with just the two employees. “There are no other guests silly.” the blond woman tells him. “You are the only one staying here.” “The only one?” Daniel responded confused. “We shut down our hotel a few weeks ago for special renovations.” the black haired woman tells him as she gets some spaghetti onto her plate. “Technically we are still shut down for another three weeks.” “Wait, what do you mean technically?” Daniel asked. “You see, our sister asked us to do her a favor and give you a relaxing weekend. So my sister and I decided to open our hotel early just for you.” the black-haired woman tells him. “Which reminds me. We haven't introduced ourselves yet. My name is Sarah. The owner of the hotel.” “I’m Emmy.” the blond woman said as she took Daniel's plate. “And we're looking forward to taking care of you for the next 3 weeks.” Sarah stood up and grabbed a pitcher of water to pour me a glass as Daniel looked up at the two women. Daniel felt a mixture of worry and excitement as the two beautiful women pours his drink and sat down his food. Their breasts practically in his face. realizing he was going to be spending the next 3 weeks with both of those big titty women. What could go wrong?
  22. this is being made for @kasarberang Story Contest. Chapter 1 i fucked up... “Are you ready to meet her?” Julia asked her little 14-year-old sister. “Im so excited!” Betty said happily as her birthday wish was about to come true. “Tada!” Julia shouted as she opened the door to reveal, me. ********** But I think that’s a little too far ahead. Let’s rewind a bit to last week and the last day of school. “Come on, do you realize how hard it was for me to jack his keys?” I asked my friends as we snuck out of the school and made our way to the high school parking lot. “Are you sure this is a good idea? You’re stealing your brother’s car.” my friend told me “Oh dont worry, this is going to be fun,” I tell them as I got into the car. But my friends had second thoughts. “Fine, ill do it myself,” I tell them drove off to do donuts on the football field. But what was supposed to be a harmless prank were I would do a few donuts before getting out and running away, wound up me flipping my brother’s car upside down and becoming stuck and unable to get out of the car. The police came, I got probation and I was told I would need to pay for all the damages to the school and my brother’s car. Along with replacing a 4 thousand dollar computer, my brother was fixing for his college friend. “Come on dad, you got to help me, theirs no way I can pay for all of this,” I tell my dad over the phone. “Your 18, not my fault you consistent stupid stunts all over town makes it hard for you to find a job. It’s your problem. You fix it.” my dad tells me before hanging up. That last stunt was the last straw with him and he kicked me out and disowned me. With no were left to go I was forced to move in with my older brother. The two of us couldn’t be more different. He was a tall nerdy guy who never really went out or anything. I was two years younger than him and despite being very short, I was a party animal. Always getting into trouble and doing whatever I wanted. “Fucking hell. How am I supposed to pay back all this debt?” I grumble. “Hey bro, you know any high paying jobs that need minimal work?” Honestly, it was mostly just a joke but I did hope he could think of something for me to do. “Actually I do,” he responded to my surprise. “Realy? What is it?” *********** “Hi, im Eric. my brother told me you were looking for some type of help?” I greeted myself. “Yes. I was hoping to higher someone to be my little sister’s playmate.” Julia tells him with a smile. Julia was 20 and was from a rich family. I mainly knew her from a lot of the college party’s I would sneak into. Supposedly her parents are constantly gone for some reason or another. “So you want me to babysit her?” I asked a little confused. “No, I want you to be her playmate. Keep her entertained and such.” Julia tells me. “Well, that doesn’t sound too hard,” I tell her. “How much would the job be?” Julia smiled as handed over a piece of paper. Highlighted was how much I would be making. And my eyes nearly popped out of my head. “I would advise you to read it over carefully before signing. Just call me and let me know if you accept the job.” Julia tells me just before her watch beeps. “Oh, look at the time. Got to go meet up with the next person looking into the job.” “Wait, hold up,” I tell her as I grab her hand to stop her. “I’ll take the job.” “Please, I really think you should look over the contract first,” Julia tells me. ‘Oh, it will be fine.” I tell her. I would be a fool not to take this job.” I tell her as I look down at the paper and start signing my name. I never noticed the sly smile on Julia’s face as I finished writing my name. “So, when do I start?” I asked with a big smile on my face. **************** “You know, dumbasses like you really need to learn to read the fine print,” Julia tells me in a snarky attitude I had never seen before. I just stared dumbfounded at the outfit she had laid out for me. “There is no way im wearing, that!” I shout. “Why dont you take this time to actually read what you sighed yourself up for,” Julia tells me as she hands me a copy of the original contract. To sum it up briefly, I just sined my life to Julia for the next two months to be a live-in “playmate”. While I am staying here, I must ware what I am given and do as im told. Should I disobey, I will be punished by Julia in any way she sees fit. Should I quit or try to leave the job, I forfeit all money I would have made during my stay. I also would be charged a cancellation fee should I brake the contract. And, it wasn't a small amount. “Well, us, I could sue you for tricking me into signing this!” I tell her nervously. “But I recorded the who interview and you eagerly signing the contact,” Julia tells me with a grin. “But if you still want to that’s fine. Just hope you could afford a good lawyer, mine is just a phone call away.” My eyes went wide as I realized just how screwed I was. Julia stood up and slowly walked over to me with a sly grin on her face until she was standing right over me. “I suggest you put on your new outfit. Betty has been dying to meet you.” Like that, I have left alone in a large room looking down at the outfit she was wanting me to ware. I gulped and for just a moment wondered how much of my debt I could pay off if I sold my kidney? Most likely not enough to make a dent in the debt I would have if I broke the contract. Reluctantly, I started striping and picked up the girly pink dress in front of me. Put on the matching pink socks and black mary jane shoes. Finally was the one piece I really didn't want to put on. “You better hurry, she's coming,” Julia tells me through the door. I let out a big sigh as I layout the large diaper on the floor and oddly sat down on it. I had never put on a diaper before and it was much harder then I thought it would. “Are you ready to meet her?” Julia asked her little 14-year-old sister. “Im so excited!” Betty said happily as her birthday wish was about to come true. “Tada!” Julia shouted as she opened the door to reveal, me. An 18-year-old boy sitting on the floor dressed as a sissy toddler. How much worse could this all get? Much, much worse... “Awww, she’s so cute.” Betty sais as she comes over to pet me on the head while im still on the floor. “Hey, knock it off,” I tell the kid as stand up. Before im all the way up, I feel a hand yank me up and I feel 3 hard slaps to the back of my diaper. I didn’t really feel it, but it was a surprise. “Dont you talk to your big sister that way,” Julia told me as she let go of my arm. “Big sister?” I questioned. “Ya, im the big sister while you're the baby sister,” Betty tells me. “Baby? What are you talking about? Im no baby and im not a girl.” I tell the kid. It was then I noticed Betty was actually taller than me. Which was unexpected. Ya, im short but this kid was taller than average. “Could have fooled us,” Julia commented as she rased up my dress and revealed my diaper. I quickly pushed the dress back down and was blushing. “I think someone needs to be reminded of the rules” Julia commented with a smile. “Ya, the rules.” Better imitated her older sister. Julia walked over to the contract and flipped a few pages. “I’ll summarize it for you, but basically you are now Betty’s live-in baby sister. You are to play with her and do what she wants. If you backtalk to her or me, you will be punished. If you try to hurt her in any way you will be punished. You are not allowed to do anything inappropriate while in this home. You will be provided a living space and meals every day. Along with a new work uniform, you must wear, as you already know.” Julia tells me and smirks at my outfit. “Lastly, should you quit or do anything that could dangerously harm Betty, you will be fired and forfeit the right to all the money you would earn while staying here.” I knew she had put me between a rock and a hard place. If what she said earlier, there is no way I could quit without causing far more problems then I already have. I just had to suck it up and play her stupid game for two months. Once that was over, I would have more than enough to pay back all my debt and even have enough left over to live a cushy life for a while. ‘So what are you?” Julia asked me. “A, Baby sister,” I mumbled. “Ya, you're my baby sister,” Betty shouted as she grabbed my arm. “Now let's go check out your new room.” The kid forcibly drugged me out of the room and through a few hallways. Just how big was this house? Before I knew it I was in front of a bright pink door that had BABY written on the door. “Here we are,” Betty tells me as she opened the door and nearly had my jaw drop. Inside the room was what looked like a huge nursery. In the center of the room was a large crib that looked to be just my size. On the back wall was a strange-looking table with diapers surrounding it. Beside that was a rocking chair. On one wall I could see a large toy box filled with toys and large stuffed animals surrounding it. On the other wall, I saw a large dresser next to a closet. The one thing I wondered about however was something above the weird table. A large label saying WARNING right above a small hook. “Come on, come and see what's inside,” Betty tells me as she drags me into the room. I was sat in front of the toybox while Betty pulled out different toys to show me. “How is the new baby liking her new room?” Julia asked as she came in. “She’s loving it,” Betty tells her while I roll my eyes. “Ya, really loving it,'' I say sarcastically while folding my arms. “I think someone is a little cranky because they are hungry,” Julia says in a mock baby voice. “Lunchtime,” Betty said happily as she grabs my hand again and yanks me up. What the hell was wrong with this kid? Despite being a teen she clearly acted far younger. When we got to the kitchen, I saw a high chair that I was taken to and told to sit in. I rolled my eyes again and did as I was told and sat in the oversized baby furnisher. Betty sat in the chair next to me while waiting for Julia to show up and make lunch. While Betty had chicken nuggets and fries, I was given a bowl of green goop, a bowl of yellow goop, and a bowl with some type noodles in it. “You want to feed the baby?” Julia asked Betty. “Yes,” Betty replied happily as she took a spoon and got some of the green goop. “There is no way I'm eating that,” I tell Julia “Aww, don't be like that, it's good for you,” Julia tells me as Betty starts moving the spoon closer to me. I just smack the spoon out of her hand. “Agin, I'm not eating that,'' I tell them. Suddenly Julia grabs my arm and before I even know what's going on it's tied to the side of the high chair. Then she does the same to the other. Effectively trapping me in place. “Now this is just a warning. Be a good baby and eat your lunch or someone is going to be punished.” Julia tells me with a smile. Despite the warm smile she was giving me, I suddenly had a cold rush down my spine. Betty grabbed a new spoon and tried again. This time, while I was reluctant, I opened my mouth and ate what I was given. The texter was awful, but the taste wasn't too bad. Either vegetable or fruity. I was then free to eat the blamed noodles with my hands. “Such a good baby,” Betty tells me as she pats me on the head. I grumble a bit before I am given a bottle of juice with a baby nipple on top. Of course, I would need to drink from a baby bottle. Fucking hell. I let out a loud sigh before grabbing the bottle and started drinking it. Before I was even done I felt a slight twinge in my bladder. At first, I didn't think anything of it until I realized something. I'm forced to wear a diaper. Are they also going to make me use it? *************** Julia walked out of the kitchen for a moment as she got an important call. “How is my baby girl doing today?” a man's voice sais. “Very good Daddy,” Julia responds with a bright smile on her face. “Everything is going great. Betty is having fun with her new playmate.” “That's great to hear baby girl.” Daddy tells Julia as a pleasant feeling runs down her body. “They haven't cared too much trouble with Betty right?” “No Daddy, they are a little stubborn but they are behaving for now,” Julia tells Daddy. “That's good. Make sure you train them right.” daddy tells her. “I will daddy, I promise I'll teach her everything she needs to know,” Julia tells Daddy. “I can't wait to meet her. Got to go, be a good girl for daddy, and teach her well.” Daddy tells Julia. “I will daddy, love you,” Julia replies as she hangs up. Another pleasant feeling rushes through her body as she lets out a girlish giggle. She peeks back into the kitchen and looks at Eric as he is looking at his diaper with a puzzled look. Julia bites her lip as she fantasizes what she was about to do to Eric to make him into the perfect little sissy for daddy.
  23. This is my first ABDL story and I hope I can stick with it. I also hope you guys enjoy it and any feed back would be welcome. Chapter 1 The music filled bar turned into a blur of colors as Levi threw back his head to empty the shot of rum down his waiting throat. The liquid burned all he way down and Levi coughed a little and shook his head reactively. “Looks like someone can’t handled his alcohol.” The voice came from his left and Levi glanced over to see a red-headed woman chuckling at him. “I can handled my alcohol just fine,” Levi answered back with tears in his eyes. “I just don’t like to make the shots look bad so I let them think they got the better of me.” He tried to laugh but it turned into a cough shortly after. In truth Levi never could handled his alcohol very well but that never stopped his urge to drink. The woman covered her mouth and giggled. “That’s a good idea. If the alcohol got wind of your strong tolerance it might stop working. It would be a shame if you sobered up on me.” Levi was finally able to stop his coughing and he was able to really take a good look at the woman. She was sitting on the barstool with her legs crossed and swilling her martini with an olive stick. Her auburn hair hung free framing her very pretty freckled face. She was still smiling as she watched Levi with interest in her stunning green eyes. Levi’s eyes couldn’t help but wander down to the shapely legs sticking out from under her tight black dress. From what he could tell she would easily be taller than himself; at a lowly five foot four, he was shorter than most adults. “And why would that be such a shame,” Levi answered back. He wouldn’t call himself a ladies man by any means. Usually women were put off by his height, but this woman seemed obviously interested in him. “Planning on taking advantage of me?” She giggled again. “You caught me. In fact I was actually planning on taking one of your kidneys.” Levi laughed. “If that’s all you wanted you could have just asked. I luckily have two and would gladly give one up to a pretty girl like you.” “Be careful now,” She said slyly. “Keep saying things like that and I may start to believe you’re flirting with me, and that may not be very responsible.” “Shit, you’re right,” Levi said, unable to hide his huge grin. This beautiful girl was hard core flirting with him and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t already infatuated. “But then again I didn’t bring a babysitter so I think I can afford to be a little irresponsible.” “Now that just won’t do. An innocent boy out without his babysitter?” She leaned in closer to Levi and took his hand. “I’ll tell you what little one. Because you obviously need looking after, I will be your designated babysitter.” Levi blushed when she called him “little one”. He had always been self conscious about his size but he tried to push it away, knowing she didn’t mean it as an insult. “Hmmm I don’t know,” Levi said, enjoying the game they were playing. “I’m feeling naughty tonight and I’d rather not be reigned in for my lechery.” He pulled her hand up and kissed it. She giggled again and pulled her hand away. “See that’s exactly why you need a babysitter. I will keep you in check and,” she leaned in and whispered the the next part in his ear, “punish you if you misbehave.” Levi felt a shiver go down his spine and he was instantly, and very noticeably, aroused. She leaned back and smiled as she looked down at the front of his pants. “That settles it. I, Becky Roberts, will be your official babysitter tonight. Now, little boy,” she said, overemphasizing the last words, “tell your babysitter your name sweetie.” He was now putty in her hands, and she knew it. “I have the pleasure of being Levi, and I guess I can trust you to be my babysitter, but I can’t promise I will behave.” Levi caught the eyes of the bartender and she came over. “Please make me, and the beautiful redhead here a trash can.” It might have been from all the alcohol he had consumed that night, but Levi was already in love. After about two hours of hard drinking and continuous flirting, they left the bar to get some fresh air and also do a bit of adventuring. The moment they stood up from their stools, Levi saw that she had a good five inches on him, which made him blush and look down at his feet. However, Becky was having none of that and she grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the bar with a giggle. “What do you do for a living,” Becky asked as they walked down the dark street, hand in hand. “I’m a phleb... a phlebobiss.” When Levi drank, his speech was usually the first thing to go and phlebotomist was not an easy word to say at the moment. “I stick needles in peoples arms. “Oh so your a nurse.” She chuckled. “Little nurse Levi. I would love to see you in one of those sexy nurse outfits.” “I wish I was a nurse. Thay make so much more money than me, and I would rock the hell out of that outfit.” Levi felt a quick swat on his backside; it wasn’t a hard swat but it caught him off guard. “Language little one, or I’ll take you over my knee.” She winked and Levi shivered with excitement. He seemed to be doing a lot of that tonight. The girl seemed to know exactly what to say or do to push his buttons. Levi kept worrying he was going to wake up soon and realize she was just a dream, but thankfully that haven’t happened as of yet. “So you take peoples blood then?” “Technically yes, but we are actually collecting the plasma from their blood.” “I hate needles,” she said cringing, “I don’t know how you can do that but it sounds cool.” “Funnily enough I hate needles too, but it’s actually pretty easy.” Levi was starting to feel the urge to pee and thought it best to speak up. “Hey could we maybe walk back toward a bar or something? I gotta use the bathroom.” They were currently walking past houses and to their left was an old elementary school. “Aww does my little man have to go potty,” she said, adopting a childish voice and making Levi blush. “Well have no fear babysitter Becky in on the case, and I’ve got a much better idea!” She stopped abruptly and pointed to the school. “How good are you and climbing?” Levi was taken aback. “You want to break into a school?” “That’s exactly what I want to do and I’m in charge so,” she stuck out her tongue, and pulled Levi toward the chain link fence. Levi had no choice to follow, and after much huffing and puffing, and a hole ripped in his shirt, they were over the fence, and shortly after that, through the window of the school. Thankfuly the window had been unlocked. “Now little man, lets find you a potty.” Once again she took his hand a led him through the school. “The school looked pretty old, though Levi knew it was still in use. However, it was currently the middle of summer so it had been empty for about a month now. Levi had never been to this particular school, but from how familiar Becky seemed to be with it, she must have went here as a kid. “Here we are,” she said, pushing open a door with the name “Miss Fitts” on it. “This in the nurses office and she’s got a much better bathroom than the kid’s bathrooms.” They pushed though the office which was filled with cabinets, cupboards, and a exam table in the center. To the very back was another door which was labeled “bathroom”. Becky pulled him back to the door and grabbed the handle, opening it. “Now can I trust you to go alone, or do want me to help?” Levi laughed and shook his head. “I think I’ll manage. I don’t think the toilet will swallow me up here.” “It had better not,” she said sternly. “I will be very upset if it does. Now hurry along little one, we don’t want you have an accident.” Levi laughed again and pushed into the bathroom. The room looked overall ordinary aside from the toilet, which was obviously made for a child so it was much shorter than he was used to. In his drunken state, he thought he had better sit down to pee rather than risk making a mess of the bathroom. Levi quickly finished up his business, then pulled his pants up, washed his hands, and exited the bathroom. When he came back into the nurses office he spotted Becky smiling at him with both of her hand hiding something behind her back. A drawer was slightly open behind her but Levi was unable to make out any of the contents. “What have you got there,” he asked. “Well,” she said, her smile growing bigger. “Considering the fact that I am your babysitter, I thought it would be fun if we both got more into our roles and as such,” she reveled the object from behind her back and Levi felt his face burn beet red. “No, there is no way I’m wearing that!” “Oh come on don’t be such a baby.” The irony of her goading wasn’t lost on him as he looked at the blue and white Pull-Up in her hands. The thing looked obviously big enough to fit Levi’s smaller frame, and the Blue’s Clues paw prints seemed to be staring at him mockingly. “The fact of the matter is I am not a baby and I don’t need diapers.” Levi folded his arms and looked over at the wall so he didn’t have to look at the thing. “It is not a diaper it’s training pants,” she walked up to him, threw her arms around him, and grabbed his chin. The next thing he knew, her lips were on his and he was lost in euphoria. It was in that moment he knew he didn’t want to be with anybody else for the rest of his life. It just felt right and that magic, everyone was always talking about when they fell in love, Levi felt a thousand times over in that moment. Her lips were warm and moist, and almost as if by impulse, Levi wrapped his arms around her and pushed his fingers into her sweet smelling hair. It was only a few seconds but it felt infinitely longer than those short seconds. When they pulled apart and he looked into her stunning green eyes, they both knew she had won. “Fine I’ll wear the damn thing.” She put her hand threateningly on his backside and warned, “Language.”
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  25. Mike is a submissive husband. Laura is his wife and Mistress. Mike lives the life his wife wants him to have and has little say in what he does or where he goes. Laura has a special night planned and she wants Mike to make the place ready then, like a good husband, he would sit meekly in his room and pretend not to exist. ---- Every story update that gets posted publicly appears on my Patreon page one full week beforehand. You can view all of these updates for just $5 a month. Pledging $10 gets you the early access plus access to TWENTY-THREE Patreon exclusive stories. There are more tiers and rewards that can be found on my Patreon page. It is only through the generous support of my patrons that I'm able to write and post as much as I do so if you enjoy my stories please consider taking a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 If we get up to $800 a month in pledges I will be posting EVEN MORE regularly! --- A big thank you to all my current patrons who make my writing possible: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Coin W, Hollowbanana, Chloe N, Bojack D, Chris, Robert D A, Whatsnot, Guilend, Gomez J, Padded Quill, Jeremy C, Joseph B-A, Daddysmuffin, Andy, Frank, Ryan, James S, Justin C, Fuli, Spaxxs, J Onyx, Dre, Pat M, Miss X, PF, Georgia C, Camilo H, Babyjay, Jeffrey G, Martijn de J, Phantom Sonic, Vivi L, Mike S, Dr J, Blipp, Jake W, Brandon G, LuvsSissy, DreaR, Alex B, Malcolm E, Pete W, Cless, Frank S, PatheticABDL, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Kim, S Miller, Britnee L, Tim F, WillNotWill, Orion F, Sterling W, Jens B, THE Dude, Wet, Cam, Alex C, Daniel, Robert C, Artemisclydefrog, Raven, Littleb, Scott, Lyra H, ReiofLight, Bask25456, MagmaLord, DJKazoo, Cutecurlybabygirl, Kirk H, Mikkel L, Bruce D, Alice W, Bob S, Timothy A W, Erik P, Ben F, Steven H --- The Submissive Husband By Elfy “Mike! Have you washed my clothes?” Laura called out from the bedroom. “I’m doing it now…” Mike replied from the bottom of the stairs. Mike had just been cleaning the mirror in the entry way with a washcloth. It was the third thing on his list of chores for that Friday evening, he had come home from work to get straight to his duties at home. He hoped he would get it all done in a few hours, he might even get a little time for himself before his bed time. “Hurry up!” Laura sounded exasperated and her voice made Mike tremble a little, “My book club will be here in a few hours and I need my good dress.” “Yes, Laura.” Mike replied with a sigh. As Mike walked across the hallway and placed the cleaning items on the small table next to the phone he felt the thick mass between his legs. His diaper was slightly damp but that was hardly surprising to Mike who was very used to this feeling. It had been over a year since he had put his first diaper on and he had very rarely been without them ever since. Mike made his way down the hallway to the doorway underneath the stairs. He paused for a short time to look at the downstairs bathroom just a little further down the hallway, he hadn’t been in that room except to clean in a long time. He wondered if he could even remember how to use a toilet now, it seemed such a weird thing to think about but it had been a long time since he had used something other than his diaper. Even at work Mike was expected to keep up the diaper wearing routine. He knew he could probably use the toilet if he really wanted but he didn’t want to risk it, he could only imagine what his wife would do if she knew he wasn’t using his diaper like he was supposed to. He was very lucky that he worked alone in an office and he was able to change his diaper without much fuss no matter what the circumstances were. Mike opened the door under the stairs and walked down the stairs into the basement. The washing machine had finished a few minutes ago by the looks of things. He turned the dial to turn the machine off and then opened the door, heat came out from the clothes since the drying process was built in to the wash. Mike stood back for a second as he waited for the heat to dissipate. The fancy dress and other clothes contrasted wildly with his plain white shirt and diaper, his usual clothing for his homely duties. Setting up the ironing board and plugging the iron in made Mike remember when all this had started. His relationship with Laura had always been a good one even if his wife had been a little domineering, if they decided they wanted to eat out she would choose the restaurant and it was the same for everything else. He had been happy to go along with things because he loved her. It only took a few months after their wedding before Laura started taking control more completely. He noticed what little choices he had were slowly being taking away and whenever he broke the rules he would find his wife punishing him in increasingly humiliating ways. Before Mike knew what was happening he was totally under the control of his wife. The day Laura was due to go out to a party with some friends had been the day everything changed. She had asked Mike, although it felt more like an order to the husband, to wash her clothes. Mike had been watching football and had lost track of the time, when Laura walked into the living room asking where her clothes were he was forced to admit he hadn’t done the task. Laura had been furious and she had dragged him out of the living room and down into the basement where Mike now stood. The ironing board was already set up and Mike was forced into a bending position over it. Mike knew better than to try and resist his wife when she was in a bad mood, even when his pants and underwear were pulled down he did little more than ask for leniency. Despite everything Mike had been shocked when Laura suddenly slapped his rear end. His mouth had dropped open and he fell into shocked silence whilst Laura spanked him until his butt had gone bright red. It was the first time Mike remembered there being a physical punishment and it seemed to step everything up to another level. It was a couple of days later that the first diaper was brought out and that was the beginning of the diaper punishment that had so far not finished. At this point Mike wasn’t sure that his punishment would ever end but he still wouldn’t stop doing as he was told. He was beholden to the woman he had married and if she thought this was for the best he wouldn’t stop her. Maybe it was weakness but Mike just wanted his wife to be happy no matter what that meant for him. Back in the present Mike was pulling out the dress that Laura had specifically asked for. It was nice and warm after the drying procedure and it had a strange static feeling. Mike placed the dress on the ironing board and waited for the iron to finish heating up. The dress was long and quite conservative by Laura’s standards, perfect clothing for a book club, the black and white stripes across the chest did a great job of emphasising Laura’s generous figure. Mike ironed the dress until it was perfect and ready for his wife to wear. He carefully folded the clothes and started carrying them back up to the main house for his wife to inspect, he certainly hoped she liked his work since the alternative was more punishments. He was looking forward to sitting upstairs and enjoying some time alone whilst his wife was downstairs having fun, he didn’t want to provoke her ire and end up being tied up or something. Mike knocked before entering his own bedroom and saw his wife sitting at the little make-up desk at the foot of the bed. He walked over and held out the dress for her to inspect. “It looks fine.” Laura said, “Leave it on the bed and wait here in case I have any further need of you.” Mike did as he was told and looked at the back of his wife’s head. Her long blonde hair went just below her shoulders and seemed to flow perfectly like golden waves. Mike glanced at the mirror and saw a reflection of the perfect face he had married. Deep green eyes were above a petite nose and her lips were full and very red with the addition of lipstick for the evening. When Laura stood up Mike could see her whole frame. Her dressing gown hung off her shoulders and although she was slightly shorter than her husband she certainly had more of an aura of power. Mike stared as her dressing gown came off and she stood in front of him perfectly naked. Her breasts were perfect for her size and there didn’t seem to be an ounce of extra fat anywhere on her, she was perfect. Mike could feel himself getting a little excited in his padding, he knew nothing was going to happen but it had been a while since he last had permission for sexual activity either with his wife or alone. “I’ll expect you to stay up here and be quiet.” Laura said, “And obey the usual rules. I’m being very generous in not telling my friends how pathetic you are.” “Yes, Laura.” Mike said quickly, “Thank you, ma’am.” Laura pursed her lips and nodded. She walked forwards and placed a hand underneath her husband’s diaper, she pressed the diaper up and against Mike’s crotch. The submissive man blushed and he was sure Laura could feel his slightly thickened penis. He knew she wasn’t doing anything for his benefit, she was just checking if he needed a change. “I should probably change you before anyone arrives.” Laura said, “I’ll get dressed first.” As soon as Mike felt Laura’s hand leave his diaper he climbed on to the bed and laid down on top of the covers in the prescribed position for a diaper change. He watched as Laura pulled up a pair of scandalously thin pink panties that had a little bow on the front, it was almost too much for Mark to stand. Her ample bosom was soon locked behind a black bra that only seemed to make the breasts look bigger. Finally, the freshly ironed dress was lifted high into the air and pulled down over Laura’s head, somehow she seemed to pull her head through the collar without moving a single hair out of place. It was as if she was magic. “Right, let’s get that dia-” Laura was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. She turned to look out of the bedroom, “Never mind. It doesn’t look like we have time.” “But…” Mike looked panicked as Laura stood up straight and pulled her dress into its correct position. “You know the golden rules.” Laura said as she started to leave the room, “No leaking, no changing yourself and no using the toilets. All the other rules apply too… I think I’ll have to make a rulebook for you!” Laughing as she left the room Laura started hurrying downstairs to where her first guests were arriving. Mike was left watching her go with anxiety, he reached down with one hand and found a diaper already wet enough that he would consider asking for a change. These weren’t normal circumstances though, he knew he wasn’t supposed to leave the bedroom for any reason. His only hope was that there would be a break in the discussion and Laura would be able to come up and change his soggy underwear. Mike liked having time alone since it meant he could do whatever he wanted. He chose to pick up a book and start reading, it was a book about history and was something Mike didn’t often get time to indulge in thanks to his numerous chores. An hour passed and Mike was still sitting on the bed. He turned a page uneasily and looked towards the closed bedroom door, there had been no sign of his wife since she had left the room. The only indication that other people were in the house were the occasional laughter which Mike could hear. A couple of times he heard footsteps on the stairs and he held his breath as guests walked past the bedroom and into the bathroom. It was always nerve wracking knowing that an inquisitive visitor could find out about his secret at any moment. Mike reached down with one of his hands and felt the swollen padding that was pushing his thighs apart. He made a little worried noise as he felt how wet he was, the diaper seemed so full and under normal circumstances would’ve been changed a long time ago. His options were very limited by the rules that had been drilled into his head, he couldn’t use the toilet and he couldn’t leak without terrible punishment. He wasn’t supposed to go downstairs either and yet that was where he would find his wife. Mike supposed he could change his own diaper but that would also break the rules, Laura had no time for rule breakers and he knew he would regret it deeply. Mike tried to wait and after another half an hour on the bed he wet the already saturated padding a little more. The diaper dutifully absorbed it but as he felt the back of the disposable underwear he knew it didn’t have much life left in it. He stood up off the bed and felt the diaper sag heavily as he did so, he reached down and pushed the padding up against his own crotch. He couldn’t remember ever being this wet before. Very worryingly for Mike he could feel moisture around the leg bands and on the plastic itself. It was clear this diapers lifespan was at an end and he needed a change immediately, one more wetting would push it over the edge. The diapers were sitting in a drawer nearby and yet they might as well have been on Mars, he wasn’t allowed to change himself unless he was at work. Mike wondered if there was any way he could contact his wife from up here. Laura didn’t have her cell phone with her and he knew she hated to be interrupted. He only had to remember any of the nights she brought a man home and he was left in the other room. She definitely didn’t like him coming in and disturbing them, Mike shuddered at the memories. Mike couldn’t just leak on the floor or in the bed. If he did that he was sure he would be in a lot of trouble, he didn’t even want to think about the punishments that could be heading his way. There was nothing else for it, he would have to head downstairs and ask Laura to come and help him. He prayed she would be discreet but knowing her it could be fifty-fifty as to what she would do. Walking towards the door made Mike realise just how wet he was. He had to waddle quite dramatically when he went across the room. He opened the door a little bit and peeked out, the coast was clear. Mike grabbed some pants from by the side of the bed and quickly slipped them up his legs. It covered his diaper but the padding caused the pants to bulge out in seemingly obvious ways. Mike walked out of the bedroom on shaking legs. He could hardly believe he was going to do this and he wanted more than anything to turn around and go back to the bed, he had to remind himself that that wasn’t an option. As Mike walked down the stairs he heard another rumble of laughter from within the living room. He felt a bolt of anxiety go down his spine as he got closer and closer to his wife’s gathering. He felt like he was gate crashing something even though this was just as much his house as his wife’s. The living room door was closed and Mike stood right behind it for a couple of seconds as he tried to work out what he was going to say. He felt like a child sticking his head in to a party his parents were throwing, he was completely out of place in this situation. A small submissive man just playing at being a grown up. Summoning up all the courage he could muster Mike knocked on the wooden door. The noise inside the living room died down quickly and there was a little muttering from someone. Mike didn’t open the door, he knew he should wait until he was told to do so. “Yes?” Laura’s voice cut through the silence like a knife. Mike pulled on the handle and opened the door just enough to stick his head through. He saw eight people sitting around the room with books open in front of them, on the table in the centre of the group were several bottles of wine and everyone had a glass. It was an all-female group and they looked around at the male who was disturbing them. “Can I help you?” Laura’s voice was the one to break the silence and it focused Mike on what was happening right in front of him. “C-Could I speak to you out here?” Mike asked timidly. He was making sure not to stick any more of his body through the doorway than he had to. Everyone’s eyes was on them. “No, but you can come in here.” Laura said with a smirk. “It’s OK.” Mike said quickly, “I’ll speak to you lat-” “I said come in here.” Laura cut her husband off.
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