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  1. The Pumpkin Prince: Prologue A/N: Hello again! This story will be my next pet project on this site and it's an idea I've had since October. It's taken me this long to put it into action. but I hope you'll enjoy it. This story focuses on our Main Character Nathan who finds himself in a mysterious world where he must masquerade as the child of a prestigious Count. It's a bit weird, I admit, but vampires and supernatural creatures are my special interest and I've been wanting to write this story for months. It won't contain much of a horror element as much as the Halloween tag may fool you. It will contain semi-forced regression, coercion, intimidation, breastfeeding, bondage, and despite all of that, a lot of fluff. This is just the prologue and while it may seem like a lot so far, I promise we haven't even gotten to the best bit. Without further ado, let's get into it! Nathan hit the bottom of the chasm with a harsh thud. He had no time to prepare himself as the ground had crumbled beneath his feet while walking through a simple pumpkin patch; practically picked clean by patrons the previous days. Groaning, he found he had landed on yet another pumpkin which broke most of his fall. Hissing, he pushed himself up onto his knees. There was a throbbing in his rib and it was with no light amount of disgust that Nathan found he was covered in pumpkin goop. “Fuckin’ hell,” He tried to comment but a rustling of leaves nearby halted him. He finally noticed his predicament as he absorbed his surroundings. He was deep in a cavern, the walls arching up some 30-40 feet up. Lanterns hung down from the ceiling along with a multitude of simple floating candles. He found himself in the middle of a bountiful pumpkin patch. Very Charlie Brown-esque. The rustling grew nearer and was soon accompanied by a voice. “Fibby, Tibby, is that you? You know your mom said she’d ground you if you two picked my pumpkins again-” Time seemed to stop as the figure revealed himself and Nathan felt his stomach drop. Standing in front of him was a tall, lanky figure. It towered over him and was dressed in well-worn overalls; the kind with patches on the knees and one strap broken. It wore gloves that had to have been white at some point but were now stained a dark brown with time. A simple threadbare flannel under the overalls and worn black rainboots finished the ensemble. However, what shook Nathan was the burlap sack over the figure’s face. Bits of straw poked through the bag forming a patchy beard while the bag conformed to the shape of a face. The eyeholes were wide and expressive and looked down at Nathan with what he was sure was a faux concern. “Oh, you poor thing-” The Scarecrow cooed as he leaned down toward Nathan, finally forcing him to act. “AHHHH!” Nathan screamed, scrambling away as quickly as he could. Which wasn’t very quick mind you. He found himself slipping in the pumpkin goop until his back hit a large white fence. Pain shot through his side and leg at the moment, but Nathan was more focused on the scarecrow now approaching him quickly. Another scream tore through him. “Shhhh!” The scarecrow hushed him quickly. “I’m not gonna hurt ya, little guy. Honest.” Throat now burning from exertion Nathan could only whimper as the scarecrow shuffled closer. Its gloved hand reached up toward the bag on his head and pulled it off slowly. With the bag off, Nathan balked at a very familiar sight. “M-Mister Myles?” He stuttered looking into the soft wrinkles of Mr. Myles Patch, the sweet and kind middle-aged man who kept his minuscule town stocked with award-winning pumpkins every fall season. Mr. Myles nodded slowly, seemingly emboldened by Nathan’s waning fright. He snuck a bit closer, gently placing a hand on Nathan’s leg causing him to gasp in pain. “You bumbled yourself quite a bit.” He muttered worriedly. “We need to get you inside so I can call a doctor before anyone sees you here.” Nathan opened his mouth to speak but had to bite down on his lip to fight a wail as Myles lifted him from the remains of the pumpkin. He was swiftly carried inside what looked to be a cozy cottage. Mr. Myles wasted no time carrying him towards a living room that looked like something out of a granny’s dream home catalog. However, the couch was more comfortable than it looked as Mr. Myles laid him down. “Sit tight, kiddo while I call a doctor.” ‘I’m not a kid.’ Nathan wanted to comment as he was 17, about to be 18 come next season. But he was more focused on trying not to cry what with his throbbing leg and side. There was quick mumbling coming from the tiny kitchen. Mr. Myles saying something about ‘-An emergency. Come quick and come alone.’ When he returned, he held a glass of clear water, a thin straw sticking out the top rim. “Come on,” He encouraged as he held the straw to Nathan’s lips. “Have a sip.” The water was cool and refreshing to Nathan’s sore throat, but it didn’t erase his questions. “Where am I?” He demanded. “What happened?” Mr. Myles bit his lip before putting the glass down and sitting on the armchair nearby. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. It sounds crazy.” Nathan huffed out an annoyed breath. “I fell through the ground into a pumpkin patch owned by a scarecrow who just so happens to be the friendly old man who lives up the street.” He summed up. “I’m in pain and I want to go home. Just tell me what’s going on!” Mr. Myles seemed to be battling with himself for a moment longer before he sighed. “This is Autumn Hollow…A village that’s existed below yours for centuries…It’s another world, of sorts. The hole you fell in was a portal. I don’t know how you found it, usually, it’s closed.” “I was walking through your patch…” “I closed up yesterday morning, though, son. Shouldn’t you be trick or treatin’?” Nathan shrugged and winced. “I was passing through. Clearing my head.” It was definitely more than that. But he wasn’t about to dump his whole home life on what was essentially a stranger. Luckily, a quick knock on the door saved him from having to explain. Mr. Myles got up to greet the doctor and soon he was leading in an elderly woman in a black apron. She looked nice enough with her grey hair curling around her ears under a wide-brimmed black hat. When she saw Nathan tense with pain on the couch, her face fell. “Oh you poor dear,” She set a heavy bag down on the coffee table with a thud and pulled a square cloth from her pocket. Nathan could only lay there as she dabbed at the pumpkin goop drying on his face. “Ma’am, are you a doctor?” He asked hesitantly. “Oh, sweet child. I’m better than a doctor,” She smiled reassuringly. “I’m a witch!” “Can you help me?” Nathan pleaded. He had seen so much already and frankly he wasn’t in the mood to dispute the logistics of an old woman being a witch while laying on a couch belonging to a scarecrow. “I’m in a bit of pain.” Immediately, the witch nodded. “I’ll fix you right up, baby. We gotta let the cauldron boil.” What followed was a series of terrifying events all leading up to an anticlimactic finish. As the unseen cauldron started to boil, the witch disappeared into the kitchen with Mr. Myles leaving Nathan a mere 20ft away. “Myles hand me your eyes of newt.” “Lucky I picked some up not too long ago.” “Now we add the spider legs…” “We need the plan to get him home. You know I can’t tote him through town.” “Spider. Legs. Myles.” “Right, apologies.” “I could have sworn I brought some snake fangs…” “Right here. So what do you think we should do?” “Hmm…You have a half-sister, don’t you? The one married to the Count?” “So?” “Say he’s your nephew. Problem solved.” “You’re missing the moon drops-” “Don’t tell me how to brew!” “Well- I can’t say he’s my nephew! Nobody would believe that even if he could pass as their son, why would she let him visit now?” “It’s none of their business. Just say he’s your nephew and move on.” “But he can’t pass for Hollow Folk, Debs.” This bickering continued until Nathan felt as if his stomach was turning inside out. After all, goat’s tears?! No way he was drinking that. He’d rather suffer. But when Mr. Myles and the witch returned, she wasn’t holding some disgusting concoction in a glass bottle. Rather, she held a plain white mug with a mountain of what looked like whipped cream and chocolate shavings. The cherry on top was a cookie wafer straw sticking up through the foam. “Okay, baby. I made you some nice hot cocoa to help you feel better.” Immediately Nathan looked at her with mistrust. There was no way that came from those ingredients. But she only looked at him with gentle regard. “Come on, son. You don’t want it to get cold.” Very hesitantly, he took the mug, wincing as Myles propped up pillows behind him to sit up. Nathan sniffed the mug, but only smelled sweet chocolate and whipped cream. He licked the whipped cream peak and found it to be exactly as he remembered it to taste. His reservations slowly disappeared when he took the wafer straw into his mouth and took the tiniest sip. It was hot chocolate. Warm, sweet, creamy even. Not even burning hot considering how quickly they had brought it out to him. As he took another, deeper sip, he realized his aches and pains were starting to melt away. Breathing was getting easier. His knee throbbed less and less before halting completely. Each sip of the delicious liquid made him feel warm and soft. Before he knew it, the mug was empty. Even the whipped cream had melted into the cocoa and he crunched the softened wafer straw before putting the mug on the coffee table. “Feel better?” The witch asked and Nathan nodded. “Thank you, ma’am,” Because he had manners. “Oh, please,” The witch sat down on the couch beside him, ignoring the pumpkin goop smeared on the cushion. “Call me Debbie.” Nathan gave her a gentle smile before Mr. Myles’ throat cleared. “I’m glad you’re feeling better, son, but we have to get you home before nightfall.” “We’ve already discussed it, Myles. He’ll play your nephew and you can get him to the return portal!” Debbie groaned. “I can make him look like Hollow Folk if it makes you feel better, but it’s not as big of a deal as you say.” “Whatever gets me home.” Nathan agreed readily. Myles ran a hand over his face, somehow ditching his gloves when Nathan didn’t notice. “What if my sister hears?” “Then you can explain. She’d understand. She’s not as uppity as you make her seem. She was a small farm town girl at one point.” Debbie seemed determined, rooting through her heavy bag. “I have just the thing too.” As she was searching, Myles pulled on his burlap sack once more. It was a strange sight to see as it contoured to his face looking identical to him now that Nathan wasn’t panicking. Debbie hummed triumphantly as she pulled out what looked to Nathan to be a set of plastic vampire fangs. The kind that came with a cheap vampire costume and made it hard to talk. He wasn’t sure of the intelligence of the Hollow Folk, but a simple set of plastic fangs couldn’t possibly fool them. Debbie, understanding his confusion, pointed to Myles. “It’s like his mask, son. This will disguise you well enough to fool anyone in town. Pop them in, and bite down as hard as you can. Be prepared to adjust.” Nathan had no idea what adjust meant but he took the fangs anyway and slipped them into his mouth. Before he bit down, Debbie stood. “I’ll get the sink ready for a bath.” He dismissed her words as more magical nonsense and bit down as hard as he could. A rush of warmth overtook his body. It almost felt like the drop of a roller coaster and his back met the soft pillows. Opening his eyes that he didn’t know he closed, Nathan took in the sight of the cottage. What was originally a dimly lit, the worn-down cottage was now a rich, homely environment. There were motes of light casting soft shadows around the room and he couldn’t help but stare. “The improved eyesight is a pretty good deal,” Myles noted and Nathan was startled upon realizing Myles towered over him so harshly. ‘Give me space!’ He tried to say, but what came out was a high-pitched slur. “Spay!” “Spuh-” He stuttered. “Spay!” “Easy there, son,” Myles reached for Nathan and lifted him off the couch by his underarms. “The magic goes by your spiritual maturity. Relax and let me get you home.” Nathan ignored him. “Me dow’! No!” He squirmed as he was carried to the kitchen, just as cozy and lit as the living room. And Debbie had filled a large farm sink with sweet lavender-scented suds. “Let’s get that pumpkin guts off him. I’ll bathe him while you find him something to wear?” Nathan was stripped much to his protest and deposited into the sink. To his horror, he fit inside. He felt tears fill his eyes as he looked up at Debbie. “Noo!” He warbled. Looking down at his hands. They were small and chubby, little clumsy sausages gripping the edge of the sink. “Baby,” Debbie cooed, running a warm cloth down his back. “The sooner we get you clean the sooner you can go home.” “No’ baby!” Nathan pouted, pushing the suds in rebellion as tears started to dribble. “Wan’ go ‘ome!” “You will,” Debbie promised. “Trust me.” He cried through the entire fiasco that was the bath and even harder as Debbie wrapped him in a fluffy red towel to dry while Myles hunted for clothes. “That man,” Debbie huffed the longer he took. “Grab anything and I’ll shrink it down!” Myles returned soon enough with a handful of garments. First was a billowy nightshirt in impeccable condition. Not a spec of dirt or wear which happened to be a sharp contrast to the entire home. The second was a rectangle of fabric. “This was my sister’s growing up,” He held out the nightshirt. “And I figure this…Is necessary.” He held out the fabric. “Oh, my my,” Debbie said with a pleasant smile. “He’ll look so adorable. Like a little Pumpkin Prince should!” She grabbed the garments and held a squirming Nathan over to Myles while she shrunk them to size. Myles bounced Nathan slightly, trying to cheer him up. “You’re gonna go home, kiddo. We’ll go right after we get you dressed.” Nathan’s cries ceased from exhaustion once the clothes were ready. Debbie slipped the nightshirt over his head and tied the neckline in a neat bow. His humiliation increased as he realized the strip of fabric was in fact a diaper. But it was an old-school sort. The kind that was done up with safety pins Debbie had no trouble conjuring out of thin air and secured the diaper on. “There we go, Viscount Dracul.” She spoke in a heavily accented tone before scooping him into her arms and encouraging him to lean against her shoulder. “Let’s go then.” And Nathan watched as Myles packed a small canvas bag with various items. A blanket, a stuffed pumpkin plush, and an umbrella which most definitely shouldn’t have fit in the bag but did. “Remember, Nathan. I’m your uncle. Your mommy and daddy let you stay with me for the day and now we’re sending you home. You are 18 months old and you’re very tired after a long day of playing.” “M’tay.” Nathal gave a shuddered breath. It wouldn’t be too hard to pretend to be exhausted, he thought. Boy was he wrong as they stepped out into the front yard. If the inside of the cottage was straight out of a movie, the outside view was an otherworldly vision. Myles’ cottage sat on top of a large hill overlooking an entire village. The village was abuzz with sights. Quaint little houses all as cozy and homely as Myles lined up along a grid of walkways. But the further out the walkways went, the more the town changed. It was as if it were one big carnival. The music carried through the air, wrapping around Nathan’s mind and luring him in. He could smell the sweetness of caramel apples and kettle corn. “Head down, baby,” Debbie instructed softly. The trio walked (well Nathan was carried) down the hill to the entrance of the town. Chatter could be heard all around. They didn’t make it far before a chirp-like voice called out to them. “Mr. Myles! We’ve been looking for you,” Nathan turned his head to see a rather short creature with the head of a raven approaching. “We need another judge for the pumpkin carving contest!” “I wish I could, Cork, but I need to get this little guy home.” “Oh?! Who is this?” They asked stepping up to Debbie. “My nephew,” Myles said quickly. “Really we have to go. His mother wants him home before nightfall. And he’s already so sleepy. You know how babies are-” The bird creature gave a pleasant tweet as it held its hands-wings? Up to Debbie to receive the child. “Let me get a looksie!” Nathan watched Mr. Myles give Debbie a look as she bent over and handed Nathan over. “He doesn’t look so sleepy to me,” Cork trilled while looking Nathan over. “What’s his name?” “Uh..” Myles’ eyes shifted back and forth to get an idea. “Nathaniel.” Cork nodded and Nathan felt a delicate feather pressing his chin down slightly. He let out a noise of discontentment and Cork let him go quickly. “Such a strong name. And I can see his fangs poking through he’s gonna be a heartthrob for the ladies. I can already tell!” Cork handed Nathan back to Debbie as he started to squirm. “You should bring him ‘round to Martha. She’d love to meet him!” “I would, but-” “Martha!” Cork cawed through the air. Pretty soon a whole horde of Hollow Folk came to get an eyeful of Mr. Myles’ nephew Nathaniel. And with them came gifts. Nathan couldn’t help but preen at the attention even if some of the Hollow Folk made his tiny heart clench at the sight of them. They were all quite nice from their first impression. He didn’t know which one had deposited a sunflower crown on his head, but it made him feel special nonetheless. One woman in a similar, newer-looking, black apron compared to Debbie’s came up with a small spoon food of orange-tinted puree. “Let’s see how the baby likes my pumpkin pie.” Nathan wasn’t one to turn down treats, especially if they were as delicious as the hot cocoa he was served before. The tiny spoon slipped into his mouth and he mushed the paste around with his clumsy tongue. It was miles better than the store-bought pies his mother tended to buy at the last moment for Thanksgiving. The filling filled his mouth with warmth and as he swallowed his bite, he couldn’t help but let out a gurgled giggle. “‘Ummy!” He tried to tell the woman who visibly melted at the sight of his joy. “Oh my stars, he loves it!” She cheered triumphantly. “Now, wait a minute,” A sweeter voice chimed in from the back of the crowd. “I want him to try mine!” “And mine!” Several more voices piped up and Nathan found himself the sole judge in a pie-baking contest. Debbie sat down on a bench made from woven fibers and a line of women wanting their pie judged filled in front of her. When each pie was tasted, and each woman gave a word of praise from his limited vocabulary (because each one, he swore, was the best pie he had ever tasted) he was handed a large blue ribbon. “Which one was the best?” Debbie encouraged him to pick. She even set him down on his feet to choose despite his bare feet. The ground was soft even for a child, tufts of grass not too long to trip, but long enough to cover the soil. He took one step forward towards the group. Nathan blinked at the group of women eagerly waiting to be chosen for the ribbon. This attention was as far different than before. He was the center of attention, but rather than doting on him, they were waiting for him to do something. It was all too familiar to his parents. Waiting for him to decide on a college, waiting for him to graduate, waiting for him to do something impressive. Eager to just get it over with, Nathan rushed over to the first woman, the youngest of the group, and handed her the ribbon. He didn’t wait for their response before he rushed to the nearest adult he recognized which just so happened to be Myles. Myles of course wasted no time scooping him up into his arms. Nathan buried his face into the rough texture of the flannel on Myles’ shoulder and held onto him tightly. “‘Ome. ‘Ome.” The revelry of the group seemed to dissipate as they realized their judge wasn’t as enthusiastic as before. “Oh no,” One baker cooed softly. “Did we scare him?” “No, no,” Myles was quick to assure. “Poor baby isn’t used to such a large crowd. He’s really looking forward to seeing his Mommy and Daddy again.” “Well, if Mary would bring him by once in a harvest moon he wouldn’t be so jumpy,” Someone scoffed. “But she’s pretty busy up in her ivory tower now, too busy to say hi to us hicks, huh?” “That’s my sister you’re talking about,” Myles warned. “She’s just been busy what with her work and now the baby-” Debbie took it as a great time to step in. “You all forget how old-school the Count is. He was around before we folk started to spread out. It took him and Mary a great deal of thinkin’ before they decided to let Myles keep the baby overnight.” She lied flawlessly. “Now instead of judging a first-time mom, we should all be thankful and show her her faith was not lost on us to show her baby boy a good time.” “But that can wait til the next trip!” Myles stepped in once more. “She only let me watch him for a few hours so we should get him back about now-” “Awww can’t it wait just a little longer?” Cork lamented. “We haven’t had a baby around since Tibby and Fibby were born!” “And that was over a decade ago!” “Next time,” Myles swore. “If I don’t get him back by nightfall, she’ll be so angry she won’t let me watch him again.” A gasp overtook the crowd as if he admitted to some heinous crime. And then it wasn’t so hard to walk through the village. People waved and cooed at Nathan but didn’t try to halt their path. A few times, they would hand the boy small trinkets and gifts which he accepted happily. A hand-carved wooden dog, a necklace with a bat on the end, and even a woven bracelet slipped onto his chubby wrist. Despite his fright from before, Nathan felt his heart sink the closer and closer they grew to an old white building with purple light emanating from stained glass panes. Was he ready to go home? Wouldn’t it be better to just stay here where people clearly wanted him around? He made a small noise of distress and Myles patted him on his back soothingly. “We’re almost there, bud. You’ll be home soon.” “Wha…” The baby stuttered, fingers dipping closer to his lips in nervousness. “I ‘tay?” He asked. “What is it?” Myles asked, pausing in his steps and looking at Nathan’s hidden face. “Wan’ ‘tay.” Nathan spoke clearer. Debbie chose then to pipe up. “I think he’s asking to stay, Myles.” At once, Myles’ face fell. “Oh, son,” “Wan’ ‘tay.” “You gotta go home, son. Your parents are probably wondering where you are. I already told the town you’re going home…Your place is up there,” Myles motioned to the dirt ceiling. “You’ll go home and eat dinner and…this will all just seem like a weird dream.” Tears sprouted in Nathan’s eyes as his lip quivered. “Nooo!” Myles didn’t know what it was like. Myles could just disappear down here where people liked him and forget about the outside world. His fists struck, thumping against Myles’ shoulder without force but the man kept walking. “Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if he stayed,” Debbie piped up. “Just for a little while…” “Time moves differently up there, Debs,” Myles sighed. “Each night here is two months up there. He has a life and family up there. And we can’t keep him. Especially if my sister heard that I’ve been toting around a topsider as my nephew.” Nathan sobbed heaving breaths. If he went home, he’d have to go back to a family who barely cared about him. To friends too busy deciding their own futures to even spend the day with him. To the stack of transcripts and pamphlets on his desk demanding he decides what he was going to do when there wasn’t anything that interested him in the world. He wasn’t an athlete or a genius. He was just Nathan, a small-town boy who sometimes bagged groceries at the EZ Mart on the corner. What was there in the world for him when there was something so homely and soft right under his feet? Myles kept walking until he opened the door to the white building. He set Nathan down on the ground and Nathan found himself in a small room. The purple light came from an arched portal in the wall, swirling and glowing with energy. “Now all you have to do is walk through that portal and you’ll be home…” “Wan’ ‘tay!” Nathan said once more but Myles shook his head. “No, you don’t, buddy. You have a life you need to live…And I’ll still see you around occasionally. Maybe even come back to my patch next year and I’ll share a cup of cocoa with you.” Nathan looked up at Myles, his face crumbled and pleading. “You’re breaking my heart here, kid.” Myles sighed… “Go on…” Hands balled up in the fabric of his nightshirt, Nathan turned to the portal and ran through. Clearly, he wasn’t wanted… Nathan woke up on the cold hard ground with a gasp. Shooting up, he turned his head around to see that he was once more back in the pumpkin patch. He was in his old clothes free of any pumpkin guts and part of him wondered if he had just dreamed the entire thing. Tears bubbled in his eyes and he took a moment to cry at the loss. But as he went to stand, several things caught his eye. There in the grass was a sunflower flower crown, a hand-carved wooden dog a bracelet…and a plastic set of vampire fangs. Fishing around his neck, he felt the cold chain of a necklace as well. So it had happened… Gathering his trinkets, Nathan stood and had no other choice but to head home…He walked into the back door hoping to not be noticed, but his luck had always been terrible. “Nate? Is that you? Where have you been?!” His mother called out from the kitchen. “I haven’t seen you all day!” “I was over at Mike’s house…we were…looking at scholarships…” He lied quickly, already heading for the stairs and going up. “Well, we already ate dinner.” She called up to him. “Your plate’s in the fridge.” “Thanks, mom…” She left him alone after that and Nathan was free to hide away his new trinkets on his nightstand. He would lay in bed that night and dream about a world underground. People who looked odd, but had hearts made of gold. Being doted on. Being loved. He’d shed tears on his pillow, hoping one day he could go back.
  2. This is a preview of the new Patreon exclusive story "Violet's House" a 16,000 word Halloween story full of spookiness and diapers! My Patreon page is my sole income and I rely on it to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep my butt in diapers. All equally important things. If you would like to help support my work and allow me to continue focusing on writing please consider checking out my Patreon. I post new story updates twice a week and now have 50 stories EXCLUSIVE on Patreon! To find more information on tiers rewards and everything else please visit the link below. All suport is appreciated ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Tom is about to have the strangest day of his life. After experiencing several strange occurrences he leaves an after-work party to go home... He never arrives. On the way home he encounters a spooky house with a very strange owner. Once inside he finds leaving a lot harder than he hoped and the Mistress of the house has some very worrying plans for him. --- Tom staggered slightly as he stepped out of the bar. He wouldn’t have said he was drunk but he certainly wasn’t sober. The cold air of the night hit him and he shivered a little as he zipped up his jacket. As he turned away from the bar and started to head for home he felt a tremendous sense of pride and joy about his work that day and was ready for a weekend of relaxation before work started in earnest on the new account. Tom’s apartment wasn’t too far from the bar. It was a reasonably short fifteen minute walk but with a spring in his step Tom took a slightly longer route down a street he didn’t frequently use. As he walked along a row of houses surrounded by a white picket fence he quite unexpectedly heard the sound of children’s voices. It was very late for children to be playing, the sun had long set and Tom imagined most children would’ve long been in bed. As Tom continued down the path he saw some movement in one of the front yards. With just the faint light of a nearby lamppost Tom saw a young girl sitting on a swing in front of an old fashioned pram. She was swaying back and forth slightly but not making much progress. Tom couldn’t make out much about her other than her braided pigtails that went down her back. As he looked over the fence he saw the girl turn to look at him, her face still obscured by the darkness the scene felt very eerie. “Hello.” The girl said. Her voice had a softness that made it seem like the words might get lost in the darkness on the way to Tom’s ears. “Um… Hi.” Tom replied. He felt uneasy. He wanted to make sure the kid was alright but at the same time it didn’t look great for a grown man to be talking to a child this late at night, “Is everything alright?” “Uh huh.” The girl replied, “We’re just playing.” “Isn’t it… a bit late?” Tom asked, “Are your parents home?” The girl didn’t reply. In the darkness Tom couldn’t be sure but she didn’t seem to be taking her eyes off of him for even a minute. He wondered what, if anything, he could do. He didn’t want to leave a young child out there alone when any number of creeps might walk past. He was just about to suggest the girl go inside when she spoke up. “Could you help me?” The girl asked. “What do you need help with?” Tom asked. Again the girl didn’t respond. Tom felt a chill run down his spine which wasn’t entirely down to the cooling temperatures of the late evening. He looked around with half of his mind telling him to just go home and forget about this and the other half wanting to do the right thing and making sure this girl was safe. “If I help you will you go inside afterwards?” Tom said. “Sure.” The girl replied. Tom thought about it again before sighing and opening the gate. He walked diagonally off the path to the swing that the girl was still sitting on. As he got closer he passed the pram that was in front of her and could see more details about who he was talking to. She seemed to be around eight-years-old but was taller than expected for that age. He could see she was smiling and hadn’t looked away for a second. “What do you need?” Tom asked. He was anxious to get this over with before someone came along. “A push.” The girl replied. “A push?” Tom repeated. The girl moved back and forwards on the swing without really going anywhere. Tom looked back at the gate before walking over to the girl. He hesitated and then started pushing the swing. The girl started giggling almost immediately. He continued a couple more times before stopping. “Alright, maybe it’s time to go inside” Tom suggested. “No.” The girl replied, “More!” Tom was now sure he had made a mistake as he pushed the swing again. As the girl giggled he looked over to the nearby pram. It was black and in the baby carriage style seen in old films and cartoons. It looked older than most of the houses on the street. As he looked over he suddenly noticed there was some movement from inside the pram. Tom stopped pushing the swing and slowly started walking over towards the pram. As he got closer he saw more movement from inside. As Tom got near he saw a very peculiar sight. There was a baby boy in the pram but he seemed cramped and almost too big for the baby carriage. He was wearing a baby blue bonnet with a matching silky… dress? “What the…” Tom muttered. The little boy was clearly in a dress with a bulging diaper underneath. In his mouth was a blue pacifier and he was staring at Tom with eyes that seemed absent of emotion. Tom stumbled back and as he did so he nearly tripped over the girl who had seemingly silently got off the swing and was standing right behind him. “You kind of look like him.” The girl said with her head tilted to one side. “Huh? W-What?” Tom stuttered as he spun around to where the girl’s voice had been. To Tom’s shock there was no one there. The swing was gently moving backwards and forwards letting out a small creaking sound as the wind pushed it. He heard a child’s laughter and turned around again to see a blanket on the far side of the yard, in the darkness it was only just visible. “You need to go inside.” Tom said as he quickly walked across the yard, “It’s not safe out here alone.” As Tom neared the blanket he could see that the little girl and her baby brother were sitting together with a doll. The girl was making it move across the space in between them towards her brother who was smiling in apparent delight. Tom continued forwards until he was right next to the blanket. “You look like him.” The girl said again. Tom looked at her brother but couldn’t see any resemblance. It was only as he turned back to the girl to say as much that he saw she had turned the doll towards him. He froze with his mouth hanging open. She was unmistakably holding a Tommy Doll. Not only that but it was wearing a dress and, as much as Tom didn’t want to admit it, its face did faintly resemble his own. Tom felt thoroughly creeped out by everything that was going on. He backed away from the kids as his brain tried to rationalise everything that had happened… and failed. He should’ve gone straight home and now he was going to correct that fact. As he hurried towards the gate he briefly looked back over his shoulder to see the girl making the doll wave at him. “I… I have to go.” Tom said as he fumbled with the gate’s latch, “You guys should go inside though, OK?” Tom didn’t hear a response but he wasn’t sticking around regardless. He felt thoroughly unnerved by what he had seen and just wanted to get home as soon as possible. He pulled his collar up and hurried away from the kids without even daring to look back, however he hadn’t even turned the corner at the end of the street when he noticed something else happening. At the end of the street there was a house unlike any of the others he had passed. It looked much, much older than the relatively modern houses nearby and was set back from the street with a winding paved path leading from wrought iron gates to the front door. What had really caught Tom’s attention was a group of teenagers up near the door. He could only see them thanks to the porch light and the darkness all around made them stand out even more, they were laughing and spray painting the wall with all sorts of foul language. After his previous encounter Tom had no desire to hang around and get into trouble. He started to walk by the gate when he noticed something altogether more sinister. He was just to walk out of sight when he saw one of the young men trying to light something on fire. Tom stopped. As much as Tom wanted to continue on home he couldn’t ignore that this group were committing arson and for all he knew someone lived in that housel. He pictured an elderly woman helpless as these kids vandalised her house and worse. He sighed and backtracked to the gate. As Tom stepped off the street and on to the paved path a chilled wind blew around him. “Hey!” Tom shouted with all the authority he could muster, “What are you doing?” Tom didn’t know what he was expecting but he was somewhat surprised when the kids saw him and ran away into the darkness by the side of the house. Tom frowned and wondered if they were trying to lure him in to the shadows or if they were simply hopping fences as they ran away. Regardless they had dropped whatever they were using to try and start the fire and Tom saw it smouldering on the ground. He walked over and stamped on, what turned out to be, just some papers. “Damn kids…” Tom sighed as he looked at the front of the old house. The wall was covered in graffiti and scorch marks. Trash had been thrown everywhere, mostly the remnants of whatever the gang of kids had been eating. Tom shook his head, he decided he should try to see if anyone was in and if they were alright. At the very least he could explain what had happened to the outside of their house. Tom walked up the porch and pressed the doorbell. He heard a loud dong that sounded more like a great church bell coming from inside the dark house. Another chill wind whipped around him. It didn’t seem like anyone was in, he pressed his ear to the door but couldn’t hear any footsteps. Deciding that maybe the house was empty and abandoned after all he turned away. No sooner had he taken a step than the large door swung open with a creak that split the night. Tom turned around. In his mind he had expected to see an old person living in this house, perhaps someone who was infirm and unable to chase the kids off their property alone. What he actually saw was very different indeed. “Hello.” Came the sultry voice. Tom was stunned. The woman before him was tall and slim with a long gothic black dress hanging around her. She was leaning against the doorway with a thin smile on her lips that were as black as the dress and contrasted with her very pale face. Her black hair hung down over her shoulders and looked impossibly straight. “Oh… H-Hello.” Tom finally stuttered when he realised he had been staring, “I was just going to let you know that-…” “Why don’t you come in?” The woman suggested. Her voice carried authority that made Tom stop as soon as he heard it. “I… I really need…” Tom was looking to go home but the woman was very convincing. One long hand raised into the air and from that hand came a finger that beckoned Tom closer. The woman backed away from the door and was slowly swallowed by the darkness inside, there didn’t seem to be a single light on. “I need to go home.” Tom said slightly louder than his normal talking volume. There was no response from the woman. Tom took a step back but didn’t leave. The woman was exceptionally attractive and was inviting him into her home. It had already been the strangest day of Tom’s life but maybe there was a happy ending to it all. He found himself thinking about how happy the woman would be that he helped her out, he found himself wondering about possible rewards… Against his own better judgement Tom started walking forwards. The tall woman stepped aside but smiled down at Tom as he passed the threshold. The house was left shrouded mostly in darkness, in fact aside from a radius a few feet around him Tom couldn’t see much of anything at all. The floorboards creaked underneath him as he moved to stand in the middle of the foyer. A creaking from behind him made Tom turn around. He looked back at the door just in time to see it get closed. The moonlight was snuffed out and a heavy click announced that the door was completely shut. Tom was now left in complete darkness, he couldn’t see anything even a few inches in front of him. There was silence. “H-Hello?” Tom said quietly. He couldn’t hear the woman or anything. There was a sudden clap right behind Tom and candles on either side of the hallway sparked to life. The darkness was replaced by a gloomy kind of lighting that seemed muted. Tom was looking back towards the door but to his surprise the woman wasn’t there. He spun on the spot trying to see where she had gone. “You really are a special one.” The woman’s voice came over Tom’s shoulder. Tom yelped as he turned again and saw the woman standing right behind him with that same ghostly smile. He backed up a couple of paces to give him some distance and looked at the door, he wondered if it was too late to make excuses and leave, the whole situation was giving him the creeps. “My name is Violet.” The woman said. Her voice instantly attracted Tom’s attention again, “And I want to thank you for helping me out.” “Oh… It was really no trouble.” Tom said nervously. He looked around at the candles and cleared his throat, “H-How did you do that trick with the candles?” “Trick?” Violet repeated. Her smile grew revealing her large pristine teeth, “I assure you there are no tricks here.” “O-Oh.” Tom played with his hands and was unsure where to look. Violet was taller than he was, quite a bit so, and she seemed to tower over him right then. Violet started to circle Tom slowly. Her long legs ended in very high heels that clacked noisily on the floor with every step she took. Tom rather got the feeling of someone stranded at sea being circled by a shark. He swallowed nervously. He looked out the corners of his eyes at the foyer he was stood in, it seemed to be a lot bigger than it had any right to be. The house had appeared fairly average front the front yard but it seemed a lot larger now. It had to have been a trick of the candlelight. “I’ve never met one quite like you.” Violet said in a sultry whisper, “I think you’d be perfect.” “Erm, perfect?” Tom repeated with concern. “Definitely.” Violet said as she ran her long fingers across Tom’s shoulders, “Come with me.” Without waiting Violet turned to a corridor and started sauntering down it. Her ample rear swayed under her tight dress in a way that was almost hypnotic to Tom who was more confused than ever. At last the rational part of his brain overpowered the horny side and instead of going after Violet he quietly tip-toed to the front door. He pulled on the knob but it was stuck fast, it didn’t budge even a millimetre, it was as if it was simply a part of the wall. Tom swallowed nervously and turned back towards the hallway that Violet had just disappeared up. He tentatively started creeping up the dark corridor. There were candles at frequent intervals but their light never seemed to shine too far. There were a lot of doors but all of them seemed closed and locked, occasionally there would be old paintings on the wall, mostly portraits of Violet. Towards the end of the corridor there was a door that was slightly ajar and light was coming from within. It was brighter than the candles in the hallway and so Tom started slowly walking that way. The corridor seemed impossibly long for the house it was a part of. “V-Violet?” Tom called out, “Are you in there?” “No.” Violet’s voice came from directly behind Tom again. Tom jumped nearly out of his skin as he spun around and fell against the wall. He was breathing heavily and thought he might have a heart attack as he saw Violet standing right behind where he had been. “How… How did you get there?” Tom asked in confusion. “I would like to invite you to an exclusive club.” Violet completely ignored Tom’s question. “Huh? What club?” Tom asked with a frown. “Club Dark Elite.” Violet replied, “You’d be perfect as my very special guest.” “I mean, I’d love to but… I really need to get home. It’s late and…” Tom started gesturing back down the hallway towards the front door. The problem was that Violet was blocking that way and she didn’t seem to be moving. “I have your room all ready for you.” Violet said as she extended a long arm to gesture at the door that was opened just a crack. Room? Club? Tom was confused. He didn’t know what was going on but every extra second spent in this strange house was only making things even stranger. He looked from Violet to the door and back again. He really just wanted to leave now, he was past the point of being concerned about rudeness. “If I look in that room can I leave afterwards?” Tom asked, “N-No offence. I’m just feeling pretty tired and I’m ready to go to bed.” Violet didn’t reply. She simply smiled down at Tom and waited. After a couple of awkward seconds he sighed and pushed the door open. Like the rest of the house it was very dark inside, initially he couldn’t see anything so he slowly stepped inside. As he looked around the darkness only feeling able to make vague guesses at the hidden shapes in the blackness of the room he felt Violet walk in behind him. The door closed. Any light that had been coming into the room was extinguished. “What is this?” Tom asked. “An introduction to what the Dark Elite is.” Violet replied in her deep sultry tones, “A future you are destined for. The chance for a new start.” “That… doesn’t help.” Tom said. He was squinting as he peered through the darkness. He thought he could see bars, was it a cage? Tom jumped as he heard the sound of a clap behind him. Around the walls torches flared to life lighting the space with a warm yellow tint. In normal circumstances Tom would wonder how that had happened, how the torches had seemingly lit themselves, but these were far from normal circumstances and when he looked around he only became more confused. The room was a nursery. It had all the fixtures and fittings one would expect from a small child’s bedroom but it was bigger. The whole room was dark, not because it was unlit but because everything seemed to be in blacks, purples and dark colours. A crib was on one side of the room, so black it seemed to suck in the light from the surroundings. Above it was hanging a dark blue mobile but instead of smiling animals or airplanes twirling underneath it there were bats, spiders and other things that seemed more apt for a Halloween store than a nursery. Everywhere Tom looked, mouth agape in shock, he saw more strangeness. There was a rocking horse that was black and looked foreboding with red eyes and bat-like wings, not the sort of thing Tom could imagine putting a child on. A changing table that was surprisingly normal, if you ignored the deeply unsettling dark red colour, except that it was stocked with black diapers. It was as if Tom had accidentally walked into a haunted house version of a baby room. Tom’s eyes fell upon a pile of stuffed toys on in a chest at the back of the room. He felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him as he saw a doll sitting on top. It was the same doll he had seen in the commercials, the same doll had been on the side of the truck that morning, he had been seeing it everywhere and now it was in front of him. Tom covered his mouth as he saw it was wearing exactly the same clothes he was. A chill ran down his spine. The Tommy Doll was like a miniature version of himself. “What is this!?” Tom repeated his question but this time there was fear going through every word. “It is everything you’ll ever need.” Violet replied, “We have made space just for you.” Tom backed away. He had been creeped out before but now he was downright terrified. He felt like he had stumbled on something he couldn’t even begin to comprehend, something no one could comprehend. He slowly stumbled backwards past Violet who was smiling but there was no warmth coming from her, it was a hollow smile like one you would expect on an automaton. He hit the door and instantly spun around. Tom wrenched the door open and hurried out into the corridor. He was through being polite or pretending this was even remotely normal, he didn’t care how he looked he just wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. He started running down the corridor with adrenaline coursing through him. “Where are you going?” A whisper seemed to push its way into Tom’s head. It didn’t sound like Violet’s voice and seemed to come from nowhere. “You are right where you belong.” Came another voice. It seemed to drift into Tom as if blown in on the breeze that passed him as he ran. The corridor just kept going. Tom couldn’t understand. He felt like he had run at full speed for a full minute but he still hadn’t reached the end, there was no possible way the house could be this big. He slowed to a stop after ascertaining that Violet wasn’t following him. There were doors on either side of the corridor and he reached uncertainly for one. He pulled it open and felt his breath catch in his chest. “Mmmm!” Came the muffled voice of a young man who was naked, gagged and bound to a chair. Tom’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates as the man looked back at him with wild eyes. The most shocking thing to Tom wasn’t the man, as unlikely as that sight was, what really surprised him was the room. It didn’t look anything like the rest of the house, it was modern and shiny, well-lit and there seemed to sunshine coming through the windows which couldn’t be possible. Just as Tom was wondering if he should go in a hulking brute of a man stepped in front of the doorway. He was completely bald and dressed in a suit. He looked out of the door as if he couldn’t see Tom and then slammed it closed. Tom backed away until he hit the door on the other wall. He turned and opened it. “Tom, dear, where do you think you are going?” Violet was stood just inside the doorway. The nursery, the one Tom had just spent a minute running away from was right behind her. “That… That’s impossible!” Tom yelled. Panic was flooding Tom’s body and the only thing he could think to do was rescue the man through the other door. He needed an ally, someone who could help him, he certainly didn’t want to be alone. Tom ran across the hallway and opened the door again. “Wouldn’t it be easier to just come in?” Violet asked from inside. Tom couldn’t comprehend it. His mind couldn’t compute what was happening. Violet and the nursery had taken the place of the man Tom had just seen. His mouth opened and closed dumbly. He turned around to run again only to go straight into Violet who was now, somehow, right behind him. “You really must trust Mommy.” Violet said. Every time she spoke it was like every other sound stopped, as if the very ambient noise of life wouldn’t dare interrupt. Tom turned to run again but before he could take even a single step he felt Violet’s long fingers wrap around his arm. He shivered, her touch was cold but strong, no matter how much he pulled her grip was unrelenting. She was bigger than him for sure but he didn’t expect this kind of strength. “Come to Mommy.” Violet said as she started pulling Tom closer. “Let go of me!” Tom screamed as panic overwhelmed him, “Help! Help me!” Tom was lifted into the air with ease. It seemed as easy for Violet to lift him as she would a piece of paper. He kicked and thrashed but couldn’t loosen the grip that now carried him into the nursery. He kept shouting uselessly as he was taken towards the changing table. The door to the nursery closed on its own effectively sealing Tom inside. “What are you doing!?” Tom demanded to know, “What do you want from me!?” “I only want what’s best for you.” Violet replied, “Now be a good baby and stop struggling.” Obviously that was an instruction Tom was never going to follow. He had no idea why this woman, whoever or whatever she was, kept talking to him like she did. He was no baby. It was only just beginning to sink in for Tom that was he was experiencing must’ve been paranormal. The impossible house, Violet’s otherworldliness and the strange doorways that seemed to lead to other locations entirely were all impossible. Before Tom could really start to wonder what he was faced with his shirt was grabbed and pulled up. He tried to resist being stripped but Violet’s pulling was unrelenting. The shirt was getting caught under his arms and pulling his shoulders up, in the end he was forced to raise his hands in the air and the shirt slid off him. Violet moved quickly and was soon tugging down on Tom’s pants. He tried to hold them up but it was like playing a tug-of-war with a bodybuilder, they were quickly around his ankles. He tried hitting Violet, his distaste at hitting a woman completely subsumed by his fear, but she didn’t seem to notice. “No, no, no!” Tom squealed as Violet’s hand went to his underwear. His last remaining piece of clothing. It was hopeless. Tom’s underpants were pulled down and he quickly had to adjust from fighting back to using his hands to keep a tiny amount of modesty. Violet moved one of her long slender legs forwards and trod on the clothes between Tom’s legs. She then lifted him and the pants, along with everything else was left on the floor leaving Tom completely naked in her arms. Tom was in shock. Things had been weird before all this but everything had gone very quickly from a little strange to completely unreal. He felt frozen by how bizarre the situation had become, his brain was short-circuited and just didn’t know how to process all the bizarre sensations he was experiencing. Violet lifted Tom into the air. Her hands were under his arms and he was unable to keep covering himself up as his arms lifted up. He whined and despite everything that was going on he still found time to feel embarrassed. It didn’t seem like Violet noticed anything, she certainly wasn’t making a big deal about the fact that Tom’s genitals were exposed. Tom was laid down on the changing table. He tried to scramble away but just one of Violet’s large hands placed on his belly was enough to keep him in place. The tall commanding woman reached under the changing table and pulled out the thing that Tom was dreading. A thick rectangle of crinkly black padding. A diaper. “No!” Tom tried to twist away unsuccessfully, “I don’t want it! Stop!” “Don’t be fussy.” Violet said simply, “Mommy knows what her baby needs.” The diaper was placed on the changing table. Tom could only watch on helplessly as Violet unfolded it one-handed in a way that made Tom think she had definitely done this before. The hand on his belly went to his ankles and before he knew what was happening his legs were lifted and rolled back. He yelped as his back bent until his dick was hanging above his face. When Tom was lowered back down he could feel the soft cotton of the diaper underneath his ass. He whined uselessly as baby powder was sprinkled over his crotch. He looked down through desperate eyes to see that, like so much else in this weird place, the powder was black. “P-Please…” Tom said as Violet put the bottle of powder down, “Let me go!” Violet ignored Tom’s pleas. The front of the diaper came up and over the prostrate man’s crotch. He shivered as he felt the padding encase him. He could only briefly look down to see the dark crinkling plastic, it looked even thicker now that it was being taped on. Tom was hoping the diaper would be the end of the humiliation but Violet wasn’t done yet. She went to the closet allowing Tom to sit up, the crinkles echoed around the room causing him to blush. He had the urge to rip the diaper off and run but looking back up at Violet he felt too scared to do anything. “You are going to be the cutest baby at the club.” Violet said. Her voice was impossibly smooth and almost entrancing, “I guarantee it.” Tom was about to reply when he saw the domineering woman turn around. Her black dress twirled around her slightly and her hips swayed mesmerizingly as she walked back to the changing table. It wasn’t Violet’s walk or her outfit that had him struggling for words though, it was what she was carrying in her hands. It was an embarrassing looking sailor outfit. It wasn’t a uniform though, it was exactly like what was often put on babies in older cartoons or television shows. Dark blue with thin white stripes and a small anchor embroidered over the heart, it even came with a pair of small navy blue shorts and a cap. Tom backed up along the changing table until he was pressed into the corner. He hugged his knees closer to his chest and inadvertently gave Violet an even better look at his new underwear. He was shaking his head rapidly as the woman approached him. “You can’t remain naked.” Violet said, “Unless you would like to go to the club in just your diaper…” “I don’t want to go at all!” Tom exclaimed, “I just want to go home!” “Baby…” Violet smiled widely showing far too many teeth, “You are home.” --- You can read the rest of this story here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/violets-house-91742867
  3. "I told you we turned a wrong turn Justin!! This doesn't seem like the right path. It's almost midnight and we still need to hit some houses before Halloween is over!!" Cody yelled. Justin just ignores Cody then sees a path through this cool pumpkin patch. Justin saw a sign that said "do not enter". Justin then said "hey Cody check out this path!! It looks totally sick and I feel like we could probably see more houses if we went this way". Cody then says "it says do not enter but it is halloween and does look pretty awesome. Hmm sure why not it is halloween so why not, I'm sure it won't hurt to take this path, what's the worse that could happen". Cody and Justin then walk down the pumpkin patch. They see lots of small and big pumpkins that looked already carved and kinda spooky. Something seemed a little bit odd. Fogged started to form more around the pumpkin patch and sounds from the ground started to form. There was then a scent of baby powder in the air which seemed very strange. "Hey Justin you hear that, I hear like sounds coming from the ground and idk why but it smells like baby powder all of a sudden, maybe we should turn back" Cody shivered. Justin laughed "come on Cody, it's probably just the wind or something. Don't be such a baby, I think I can see the houses from here". Cody then looks at his phone and the time then hit midnight. All of a sudden the jack-o-lanterns started to glow green. Vines started to come out of the ground from the pumpkins. The jack-o-lanterns rised from the dirt. One big giant one rose up behind Cody and Justin. "Oh my gosh this isn't real what's going on!! We are surrounded by big giant pumpkins. What you want from us!!". Cody shrieked. The big giant pumpkin smiled then Vines started to wrap around Cody and Justin's feet. "Hey get off us!!". The pumpkins did not stop. Vines then wrap around the twos arms. Leaving them fully defenseless and then decending in the air. Cody and Justin out of fear start to wet their pants. Other vines started to rip off their clothing one by one shirts, pants, socks, undies until they were fully naked on display. Both blushed in embarrassment. "No way they just stripped us naked!! Come on please let us go we will do anything and we won't say anything. We are sorry for trespassing!!". Justin pleaded. The pumpkins just ignored their crys of mercy and continued the himulation even further. Wet wipes then appeared from out of the ground. Wiping their bums and crotches from the wetness of pee they made. Both Cody and Justin felt the wipes rub again their dicks and then started to get hard and aroused."This is so embarrassing!! They are actually cleaning us with baby wipes and ugh I'm getting so hard. I can't be enjoying this". Cody blushed. The vines then held the two with their butts in the air. Then two big vines came across their touching them. Then *SMACK SMACK SMACK*. The vines then swatted against Cody and Justin's butt like a whip. "OUCH OUCH PLEASE NO STOPP!!!". The two were spanked till their butts were red roses and and cried with each swat. The vines then stopped spanking the boys. "Please we learned our lessons just let us go!!". The pumpkins still did not listen. Then they saw from a distance vines bringing over some familiar items from when they were super young. When it got closer and closer. Cody yelled out "Wait no, you can't be serious... DIAPERS!! No please we don't need those we arnt babies". The two were laid down across the ground and then all supplies like the baby powder rash cream came by. The two legs were lifted up by the vines, fully exposed red butts from their spanking. The vines slipped the diaper under each of their butts. Then the baby powder was applied to their butts. The boys just blushed and had no words on what was happening. They just wished this nightmare would be over but it was just beginning. The tapes of each diaper were now fastened. And all they could hear was the thick diapers around them crinkle and blush of how they are now big babies. The vines then held them up in the air and the big pumpkin then smiled like it had another plan. "Listen we promise we will never come through here again!!" They both pleaded again. The pumpkin didn't give no response. They then saw really smooth and soft vines slithering up their legs like snakes. Cody and Justin could not do anything from the other vines wrapped around their legs and feet. They just watched in horror as the vines started to slither up and then entered through the leg holes of their diapers. The smooth vines just felt around exploring inside their diapers. Some were going against their butt cracks and some were moving and twisting around their cocks. Cody and Jake started to feel horny and hard. "No we can't be enjoying this, we must resist this. No way am I going to give into this pleasure" Justin pleaded. The pumpkin then smiled even more and then some of the vines from inside the diaper started to ooze out this muddy mushy orange slime that started to fill their diaper up. "Eww what is this stuff !! It's so slimy and and.. oh.. ahh... omg this feels so uhh.. good.." Cody then just couldn't help but smile with pleasure from the ooze and vines and Justin's diaper started to do the same. They then started to feel one of the vines slither toward their butt holes then entered a little just enough to give them pleasure inside. Both Cody and Justin moaned loudly from now being fucked. They couldn't even complain anymore or plead them to stop. It felt so good. Then they felt the slime ooze in their butts from the vines. It felt like they were being cummed inside. The vines then slowly exited their butt holes and then Cody and Justin just filled their diapers by pooping out the orange ooze inside them. The orange slime started to leak out of the leg holes of the diaper. The vines then started to have a nice soft grip on their wieners and started to stroke them. They just moaned in pleasure and enjoyed. The soft vines from the backside of their diapers then went back inside their butts filling more orange ooze but the vines this time went in and out of their butts like dildos. "Ahhh omg fuck yes!! It feels so good. All this slimy ooze in my hole and in the diaper. I can't stop enjoying this. It feels amazing and I think... I think.. I'm about too... AHHH CUMMM!!!". Cody then shoots and full load of cum in his diaper. Then Justin moaned out load and Cody could already tell he was climaxing. The vines still stroked their dicks till all the cum was out. "Wow I can't believe that!! Best orgasm ever but ewww now I can't stand this slime in my diaper. I need out of this". Cody said the vines then put the two down and untapped their diapers. Cody and Justin blushed from how much they cummed and all the mess in their diaper. One vine came over then changed shape and started to suck like a vacuum all the slim off and cum. The baby wipes then came and wiped their bums and crotch area again. "Gosh well at least thats over". Both butt naked they really just wanted to leave. They got up butt naked and tried walking away saying "well hey we are really sorry about walking in here and well did enjoy the pleasure you gave us but we best be goin......". Justin and Cody were cut off with vines then grabbing their legs and make them fall on the dirt ground. They both were being dragged back butt naked and then saw vines holding more diapers and then cried out as they were being dragged "please no I don't want to wear another diaper I'm not a baby!! ". They were then put in both another diaper this time super babyish with little cute Halloween designs on them. High chairs then rised from the ground and then were both picked up then restrained in the high chair. The high chair had shackles and locked their hands in place so they couldn't do anything. The vines then brought over jars of baby food and then a vine then shapped into a spoon and scooped a nice big yucky slimy bit from the jar. "No please we arnt hungry and espically don't eat baby food". The vines just came closer with the food and tried to feed them but both resisted. Two vines then pinned each others noses and they were forced to open up and then fed a big chunk of baby food. It tasted so gross but couldn't do anything at all about it. Then two big giant baby bottles of milk came and the vines held them and this time Cody and Justin resisted and whined really hard. The vines then slipped in the back of their diapers then went up their butt holes again and then Cody and Justin couldn't help but moan then open their mouths from the pleasure. Then the milk enter their mouths. They were defeated and kept drinking the milk. The vines then exited their butts after done drinking. Then both boys tummy started to make noises and farts started to escape their butts. "No please get me out of this!! Slime is one thing but please I don't want to poop my diaper". Both struggled to keep themselves from shitting their diapers but then the vines pushed on their belly. *FURP PFFT*. A big messy load then started to enter their diapers and to make it worse they were still sitting and the mess started to spread to the back and front. "Eww gross!! I can feel it again my butt cracks and privates. I'm still going too!! " Both kept filling till their diapers were nice and brown. Finally was over but then the vines took them out of their seats and had their butts positioned in the air. "Wait no they arnt going to do what I think there going to do!!". The vines then came down hard spanking the dirty diapers and the boys just felt all the mess squish all over and smush up again their butts. The smell even got worse. It stinked so bad. The vines then put them on a old fashioned teeter totter and had them bounce up and down on it. "No please stop this is so embarssing!! And gross. Get us out of these diapers!!". Justin yelled out. The vines then took them and changed their messy diapers as they wished. A big giant crib started to form and then once both were wiped cleaned and change into thick diapers. They were then put in onesies that said "mommy's little pumpkins". Both just blushed and they were both put down in the crib and they tried to get out but then the pumpkins placed two pacifiers in their mouth. It was weird they didn't spit them out. They just sucked on them and slowly fell asleep. Morning then came. "Hey you big stinky babies wake up!!". Both Cody and Justin opened their eyes slowly and saw two pretty girls infront of the crib they were trapped in. The pumpkins were gone and disappeared. "Well well well if it isn't Cody and Justin. You two have always been teasing and pranking us at school. And now it's our lucky day for payback. Looks like we see two big babies with two stinkyfilled up diapers that probably need two mommy's and we been looking for the perfect baby dolls to play house with" the girls laughed and smiled. Cody yelled "no way we arnt going to be your stupid dumb diaper filling babies". *click*. Both girls holding phones up taking pics then giggled "oh really well how about we send these pics of you two in your dirty diapers in a crib dressed up as babies and send them to the whole school or you can come with us and be our babies forever and we will won't show anybody these pics". Both knew they didn't have any other choice. They wanted to keep their dignity at school so they agreed to the terms. "Great now how about you two jump in these strollers that happen to be here and we will go home and get your diapers changed. We got lots of plans in store for you two stinkers and we have friends that are willing to help making the new nursery for you two". Both Cody and Justin blushed and got in the strollers and started the beginning of their new life now. (Art by diaperpailarkham)
  4. He almost fell to the ground but was pushed close against the wall. Her body penning him. He could feel her skin warming from the fresh blood that filled her veins. She whispered into his ears. "Oh baby, you just did it for me. Can't believe they'd bring a helpless child to a fight. Guess I'll have to take care of you. Better get you washed. I got so much blood on you. And you pissed yourself too." She shook her head and clicked her tongue. yet firm English accent. No. Something closer to Irish. The man shivered as he felt her warm body up against his bareback. Her wavy red hair hung in his face as she places her arms around his chest and her chin on his head. Her perky breast was on his neck. His heart was racing. Pounding like a relentless debt collector. Like he was in the paw of a lioness toying with her prey. "Are you cold darling? You've been shivering ever since I brought you inside. You should be all warm after our bath. It was a little messy out there, and all that rain. At least most of it will be washed away. It's pouring heavy tonight." The man felt her weight on him. He was boxed in from all sides by the soft and pale creature. Her questions were farcical in nature. Asked if he was cold knowing full well that wasn't the reason he was shaking. What she did outside to his partners. Why he was pissing the thing she strapped to him. "Still you're silent." She said softly as she pulls off him and rubs her hands on his back. "Bruises and scars. How could someone be so ruff with a fragile thing?" She kisses his bruises from the other day's hunt. "No more boo-boos for now on. I'll keep you out of harm's way." Part of him was furious as he was afraid. He'd watch her take down two of his fellow hunters. Their blood spilled from their necks before they could fire a bullet or stake her in the heart. Two far more experience than a rookie with a year of hunting under his belt. She laughed as she killed them and proceeded to attack him next. Grabbing him by his neck and squeezing it with her delicate pale hand with strength far unexpected for a woman, let alone most men. Her speed left him little time to react and his grip left little air to breathe as he was slammed against the wall. She only relented with she heard him beg and the tears falling down his cheeks. To add to his embarrassment, he soiled his pants in the fear he couldn't suppress. This wasn't some basic creature, no foolish goblin or brain rotted zombie. She smelt the scent of urine and her eyes widened and her grip released. He almost fell to the ground but was pushed close against the wall. Her body penning him. He could feel her skin warming from the fresh blood that filled her veins. She whispered into his ears. "Oh baby, you just did it for me. Can't believe they'd bring a helpless child to a fight. Guess I'll have to take care of you. Better get you washed. I got so much blood on you. And you pissed yourself too." She shook her head and clicked her tounge. She pulled and pushed him into her domain. She slapped his ass every time he tried to resist.She escorted him to the bathroom and made him watch as she prepared him a bath and undressed him herself. She then did the same for herself, tossing her blood-soaked clothes to the floor. They bathed together, the fighting he did had long ceased as she smacked and pinch his butt into submission. He felt like some child, which was what was intended. She teased him and mocked him with baby words. He remembered her saying this. "You can't even wash your crack right. Such a mess. No wonder you wet your knickers and pants. Boys like you need something more practical. Nappies." He didn't understand what that meant at the time. He glanced back at her when he had the courage. Emerald green eyes, rich red hair, and dark lipstick against her pale white skin. Her beauty was similar to that of a statue made from marble. Her eyes were another story. Stunning emeralds drew him in. All she did was smile back. Still, he knew this was just a monster in the form of a gorgeous woman. She continued to clean him until she was satisfied. She then began on herself. The water grew murky with red blood. The blood of the men he'd considered allies in this war of the unnatural. They stepped out of the bath and she dried him off with a towel and then herself. Once the creature finished cleaning herself off and attempt to tickle her captive to laugh a little...it worked. They finished and she escorted him to her room. He thought it was over for him but he found this torture and embarrassment would continue. She stepped ahead of him yet held his hand firmly. She opened the white-painted door and kept her eyes locked with his. "You are going to love this." She pulled him inside and what he saw made him want to scratch his head. There was not a single window in the room. It was large and white. Where the wall and ceiling met there was some sort of tapestry along each wall. Safari print with the letter of the alphabet correlating with an animal. The room had a white crib with a mobile above and a changing table next to it with multiple stacks of diapers and other changing supplies. A blue toy chest off to the side. The carpet was clean and soft and the air was sweet like baby powder. Opposite of the baby stuff was a king-size bed with blue sheets and pillows. Complete with nightstands and an old lamp. One thing about the baby stuff that bothered him was its size. So big. Even the diapers. He could easily fit in the diapers and cribs. That's when the hunter's eyes grew larger and the emerald-eyed creature laughed and pulled her prey deeper inside. He wasn't going to be killed like the others, she had other plans. She took the naked man to the changing table. "Upon the table love. Mommy wants to get this over with." She waited for him to move. "Now!" She raised her voice. The hunter heard the creature raise her voice as she remained in eye contact. He started to move, part of him felt as if he was in a trance. Was it fear, some spell of magic, hypnotism, or just him not being an idiot? Whatever it was, he was laying on the soft padding of the table and having his butt tickled. "Good boy. Might as well just lay down and let me help you. Pissing yourself out there just shows you aren't nearly ready to do big boy things like killing what goes bump in the night." She was then applying lotion on his bottom and humming a tune. Mary had a little lamb. "Help me out and keep those legs up. Gonna have to shave those tomorrow. A little too hairy, but not too much muscle either, just a boy." She said picking at the hunter's confidence. "It'll be gone eventually. The muscle. I'll fatten you up just a little. And those muscles will eventually fade away." He watch as she reached under the table and grabbed something. She kept eye contact and her wicked smile. She pulled up a bottle of baby powder and went back down for something else. "Like wearing clouds darling. So soft and comfy." She pulled out a giant diaper with the designs of jungle animals covering its white background. "Nappies are so cute." The hunter couldn't look away from her. Even as she focused on the diaper. Her eyes then glance back and him as she started powdering his butt and proceeded to unfold the embarrassing thing with her hands. Her smile grew wider. She saw the pain on his face and reveled in it. "Don't make that face. My babies wear nappies because they need nappies. You pissed yourself. I had to bath you myself and you had crumbs in your crack. You can't even wipe correctly." She slides the unfolded diaper under his waiting bottom. "Bring those legs down." The hunter wanted to die. His eyes started to get teary but he didn't let a single tear fall down. She fixed the positioning of the diaper with her pale hands and then slide her hand down his legs. Leaving trails of powder on them. "Before I tape this well-earned nappy on your little butt, I want you to say it for me." He looked at her in confusion. "Say what?" Her green eyes lit up. "Are you my little baby boy?" Her dark lips smiled from ear to ear. "My helpless little boy." He hesitated. She wanted him to debase himself a tad bit more. She smacked the side of his leg. It stung him. "Tell me! You are my little baby boy! Tell Mommy what she wants to hear." He never thought a creature would be telling him this. "I'm your baby boy." He said flatly. He felt another smack on his ass now. "Why?" "Mean it. More pride in it. Louder. You are Mommy's helpless baby boy. Say it." She wanted to hear it again. It made her tingle. She was putting the fresh blood to work. This made her feel truly alive again. "I'm your helpless baby boy, Mommy." He said louder and prouder. Well not actually prouder. The opposite actually. He felt another smack. "I"m your little helpless baby boy. I need you, Mommy." "You're not a man. Not some hunter. Just a baby. A baby in need of his nappy. Tell me, baby. Ask me to put it on you. Make it sound good too. Or else." She flashed her fangs and her green eyes squinted with authority. He did so quickly. "Mommy. Please put my diaper on. Please, I need it." She looked at him and he knew it wasn't enough. "I'm just a baby. I need a nappy. I can't hold it, Mommy. I'm..." Damnit. A tear was rolling down his cheek. "I'm not a man. I'm a baby. A baby. Mommy please, put a nappy on me before I have an accident." "Of course cutie. No need to beg." She quickly began tapping the diaper on and had it tightly wrapped around his waist. "Precious little boy. Feels like a cloud doesn't it?" The diaper felt comfortable. The thickness of it made him feel like he was wearing a pillow. Soft and comfy like the creature said. He didn't respond to her. He didn't want to satisfy this bastard again. She'd probably enjoy hearing him confirm what she said before. This woman was into a sweet form of domination. A maternal one. Where she's needed and is in control. She helped the hunter off the table and had him standing in a juvenile diaper as she caressed it with her hands. "You won't be using the bathroom again, except for baths and brushing your teeth. For now on, when you gotta go potty..." She squeezed the diaper and placed a hand upon his shoulder. "You'll go in here." She tapped on the safari diaper with her finger. "Your nappy." She said soft and sensually. She then had him sit on the floor and she walked over to the toy chest that was in the corner. The pale naked creature bent over and unlocked the chest. Soon she was tossing toys his way. Toys from now to a 100 years ago. The older ones were in amazing condition. She turned around and gave him an order. "Play." The hunter did as he was told, but he wasn't in the slightest enjoying it. It was mostly baby toys and dolls made from fabric and stuff with cotton. Wooden block and some modern toys that made noises and flashed colors. His captor watched and smiled. She eventually went to the closet and began to dress herself. She now wore red leggings and a tan bra. Nothing else, she didn't need to cover up much around her baby. She then was hovering over the man and the curious thought of how he tasted entered her mind. She was then pricking him with her fangs and the hunter was pissing himself in fear leading to the start of this story. This was how this hunter found himself dress like some baby. "Now your all wet. Tell me, does having a wet nappy feel nice? It's still warm, baby." She moved her fingers up and down the wet portion of the diaper. "Being Lady Seymour's child is a pleasure. I'm very sweet to my babies. Even the unhappy ones change their minds after a while." She whispered softly in his ear and a kiss on his cheek. The hunter couldn't deny it. She was enchanting. He turned his head to look her in the eyes, those rich green emeralds that he couldn't look away from. Those grinning black lips and beautiful face. Her silky soft words were seductive. She made being her pet sound right. Her baby. The hunter needed to remember. To resist the mesmerism she had slowly placed him under. He felt a hand caress his face and a kiss on his cheek. "Now I'll go fetch you a bottle. Be good." She stood up and exited the room. The hunter wanted to stand up and search the room. But she told him to play. To be good. He didn't want to upset her. He knew he wasn't supposed to be standing up or searching for something to kill her. The hunter starts to look around. The lack of windows was smart. She must be in this room a lot. Not like the bed was an obvious clue. He expected a coffin. One hunter told a story of how they caught his cousin Elvis, yup that Elvis, in his coffin, and ended the fat Hawaiian virgin blood-drinking bastard. NOW THAT'S WHAT A HUNTER DOES. Fighting the mesmerism. He reminded himself what he was. Not some pet or baby for some pervert of a creature with some age play fetish. He had studied for this. He'll bide his time and wait for the chance to stake her overconfident ass in her dark evil heart. One of the rattles. Keep one of them hidden and sharp. Not as effective as blessed wood but enough force can do the trick. At the very least she'd kill him. The creature returned 15 minutes later with a baby bottle in hand. Far larger and more juvenile images on it. "A warm bottle to calm your nerves." She crouched down and offered the Hunter his drink. He grabbed it and examined it. Warm white milk from what he could tell. He then saw pale fingers snapping in his face. "Don't look at it like that. I wouldn't give you anything that would cause you harm. Drink up. You need it. Don't be so nervous." She ordered with her stern motherly tone. Trying to avoid eye contact with the creature forcing him to play baby; he lifted the bottle's nipple into his mouth with both hands and suckled. His new Mommy grinned with delight and moved in closer. She planted a wet kiss on his cheek and sucked her teeth. "You are so cute sucking on that bottle. Who'd let you ever be a Hunter? You are much more suited for nappies and acting as you really are, a baby." She said teasing her new baby/pet. She began to play with your hair. "We are going to have so much fun together." She pulled on the Hunter hair and made him look at her. He refused, as it would as looking into Medusa's evil gaze. Luckily it wasn't as lethal, but becoming her thrall might be worse. He felt the urge to obey. The image of her pale marble beauty, deep red hair, and emerald eyes. It made the blood rush into the spot. The creature was annoyed. He wouldn't meet her eyes. She grabbed his chin as he drank the bottle. He was going strong. At least he was drinking it. "Is there something wrong. Look me in the eyes and tell Mommy." She jerked his head directly facing hers and got as close as she needed. The Hunter tried not to look at her. Yet he couldn't resist and choose to simply close them shut. Nice and tight. He felt the grip on his chin grow tighter. "You little brat. Am I not worthy of your gaze anymore? Let alone your words. Such ungratefulness is not going to be tolerated. Spanking for you!" She exclaimed as she stood up. "Wait." The Hunter said removing the rubble nipple from his mouth. "I just have something in my eye?" He came up with a quick and lousy excuse." She shook her head with an incredulous look on her face. She removed her wavy red hair from her face. She noticed her baby still wasn't looking her in the eyes. She could tell. She had learned to notice a lifetime ago. She was hiding it. His little resistance was turning her on. It felt better when she had fresh blood running in her veins. It filled her with life, and made her really want to do something 'fun' for her. "You're going to lie to me? You're only going to speak when you're going to get some discipline?" "No. It's not like that." It totally was like that. "It just. You're intimidating. And pretty. I just feel awkward looking like this." His little compliment made her heart flutter. Still, he was going to get it, and no amount of honey could change it. She did love the compliments. "Awkward? Intimidating?" She asked. She shook her head in disapproval and clicked her teeth. "Me having to put you back in baby pants? I'm not the one who can't hold it. Or beg for mercy." She reminded him. "Get over to that bed. I think we should lay down the ground rules." She said pointing towards it. He looked at her and then the bed. Her face may have looked displeased but he could see the delight in her eyes. "I didn't mean it like that Mommy. I've just never met a woman like you." "You're still talking and not crawling?" He lowered his head and crawled over to the bed across the room. His Mommy looks on at his diaper butt and grins. "That looks right for some discipline." She walked over to the bed after he had climbed onto it. She had reached into her nightstands shelf and pulled out a paddle. Made of wood and image of bats going down the flat paddle. She sat down next to him and place an arm around his shoulder like she would a pal. With swiftness, she had thrown the grown adult over her lap. She tapped his padded butt with the paddles and stroked his head. "Say you deserve this spanking." The Hunter, if he is worthy of such a title, looked peeved. The amount of humiliation this bitch had put him through. He had to kill her. He needed to. He then felt a hand under his chin and an iron grip squeezing his cheeks. "Cat got your tounge darling? Say it, or I got worse in store for you." Her stern motherly look had made him smaller inside. "I deserve a spanking." He did as she ordered and told her the words that made her tingle with delight. "That wasn't good enough. I didn't hear my name. You said it earlier when you were all scared." She said with a grin and a spank. "I'll pull down this nappy and leave you purple. Now say it again...correctly!" She raised her voice as she hit his padded butt again. "Mommy, I deserve a spanking. I need a spanking, Mommy." The pale creature cooed and stroke the young man's head. Her baby's head. "Please spank me, Mommy Seymour." She leaned into his ear and whispered to him. "Brats like you need to be put in your place. And in your nappies too." That was when the creature started to dole out her punishment. The sound of the wooden paddle smacks and striking wet padding. It stung his ass like splash into a pull from high up the wrong way. A sharp pain spread across his butt as he kicked and bucked in her lap. Her supernatural strength kept him from escaping and his actions only delighted her more and cause him more pain. "A brat. First, you beg me for your punishment and then you act like this. What am I going to do with you?" The pale creature asked rhetorically. She then moved the brat around in her lap to place on leg over his legs. She grabbed his hair and continued her spanking. "Try to struggle now. Can't? Mommy's too strong for the silly baby isn't she?" The paddling was continuing. He wanted it to cease. The entire dilemma he was stuck in. As she punished him he could only imagine piercing her heart with a sharp rattle through the mounds of fat on her chest. It continued for about another 50 or more spanks until she suddenly stopped. The baby had shed a few tears in that time and pleads for mercy. She was wiping them away with her thumbs. "I'm done. I think you had enough. Just remember. Mommy will do it again when you try to be a bad baby." Her condescending tone was had made worse of how her hands were now patting the diaper. "You know what will make your cry baby \butt cute as hell. A dummy." She released him from her clenched legs snd tugged him farther into the bed. She then reached into her nightstand and pulled out another cute little item. It was a pacifier. It was purple and the shield was shaped like a bat's wing. It was cringy. The irony was a thing the creature found amusing. It even had a yellow string to make it a necklace. The hunter sat in a wet diaper on the bed as she removed the cap off it and brought it up to the Hunter's lips. "When you don't want to speak. You're gonna be sucking and chewing on this." She said sternly. The Hunter tried not to look her in her hypnotic emerald eyes. She grabbed by his chin and forced him to look at her. She was then on top of him and pinned him to the bed with her hand and weight. She didn't blink and only starred at him. Her stoic face started to grin. He'd had peed himself again. Some during the spanking and more just now. "Mesmerism is such an effective power. Just because you know you are under my little spell doesn't change anything. Now suck on this Dummy. Then I'm going to get that nasty butt of yours cleaned up." The Hunter started to open his mouth as she slowly and surely slid the dummy into his mouth. He did have lucidity. He wouldn't become her thrall. What she calls her baby. "Why am I your baby?" He asked as his mouth closed down on rubber. She smiled with excitement when he asked that. "Why? I told you." She enjoyed playing with him. She then saw the look in his eyes. He wanted to know. Why this. Why did she do this? She left her finger in the pacifier's ring. "Suck it. And I'll give you a better answer." The hunter did so with her pale finger there. Back and forth his suckled on the rubber nipple. She smirked and shook her head with approval. "Come to your changing table. I'll explain. I promise." She removed her finger and moved towards the table. The Hunter followed behind...on his hands and knees. The creature lift the big baby up and gently laid him on the table. She placed her pale fingers on the tapes of the diaper. "You soaked it quicker than expected. Just a natural baby huh? You'll be messing too. This little kink of mine goes all the way." The Hunter's heart dropped. "Shwit muself?" "Don't use that word. Don't make me spank you again." She threatens again nonchalantly. She began to remove the tapes. They crinkled and ripped as one tap after another was removed. "Nappies are just so perfect for domination." The nature of her kind. Domination. It was what they loved. They only bow when forced most of the time and love to bend others to their will. The pale creature was simply getting off to this. BDSM is considered normal for bloodsuckers. This however was out of the norm. She pulled down the diaper and was reach below for the supplies. She grabbed powder and along with it ointment. The Hunter had looked up at her when she first put him on the table. The Emeralds had caught him again. Her enchanting wicked smile and beautiful pale features. For a moment, maybe staying with her wasn't so bad. She grabbed the cool wipes and started cleaning him. Similar to how she washed him. She hummed a tone that soothed the both of them. As stern as she could be. This creature was gentle like dotting Mother. "Treating someone like this. As my baby, it just hits on the right buttons. Age play you'd call it. But it's better when you force it down someone's throat like a stream of warm milk." She giggled. "What better fate than that? Others are into much darker things. I just want to care for you. Make you love me." She clean his front and then slid it down and up his butt. She enjoyed humiliation too. All of it. What continued to excite her was when he would start to like it. Giggle and appreciate it. Now that would be the most gratifying. The creature then lifted his legs and pulled the wet diaper out from under him. She quickly rolled it up and tossed it in a nearby diaper pail. The creature reached down below the Hunter's view and came up with more diapers. Two this time. One with Baby written on it in blocks and another one with blue space theme diaper. "Pick which one you want Love." It didn't matter. He'd be wearing diapers no matter what. "The blew won." He said through his pacifier. It was better than to baby one but not by much. "Cute choice." She thought of putting him in the white one. Then again, the blue one wasn't a step up. "It's a good nappy. Very adorable. Space aliens and adorable planets. Just imaging your big nappy butt is turning me on even more." The Hunter watched the pale woman unfold the thick blue diaper and slide it under his butt. The smirk is ever-present. Her green eyes kept her pacifier sucking victim entranced. Something about her made him want her to please her. Why would he want to please her? To gain her trust? He wasn't sure. She grabbed the ointment and spread it over his bum. She hummed her tune as she babied him into her arms. Domination isn't always barbed. It can be gentle and sweeter than sugar. Perfect for keeping babies as babies. After applying the rash ointment she did a layover of lotion on his nether areas. She even took time to tickle his bottom. "Now time to powder you up and get that nappy on. Pissy pants." She grabbed the powder and covered him in it and rubbed the lavender-scented powder in. "So adorable. So helpless. Precious." Soon The Hunter found the diaper being tapped on nice and tight. She pulled the tapes on his crotch firmly on each side. She patted his diaper and squeezed it. "Squishy little sponge. Nappies are so your thing." she teased again. The Hunter felt the softness on the clean dry diaper around him. Part of him knew he didn't need it. Yet another made him feel safe. It was only made better by the presence of the creature...woman who changed him. "Come on baby. Come close and wrap those legs around Mommy. I'm strong enough to carry you. I can bounce you in my lap later if you want. I will actually." She told him in the sweetest tone. The Hunter panicked. He wanted that. He wanted that. It made him excited down there. To be in her lap. He could just imagine how sick and weird it was. Fuck! He moved closer to her felt her arms come behind his butt and lifted him up. The Hunter wrapped his legs around the woman like a baby as she took him back to the bed and sat him down. She just stood over him looking sultry and smug. Her curly red hair on her face. "Even though you've been a brat. I think you deserve a treat. Two of them." She snickered. The undead creature had started to rub her busty breast and bounced them while they were still in her bra. "You hungry? Two fat tits all for you brat." She said in her teasing tone. She was even more confident now. "I'm still warm. But for how long? Better-" She unhooked her massive pale breast and let them hang. They looked soft and sweet. "-suck me up now. They're still full of freshness." The creature crawled onto the bed and tossed her bra on the floor. "What a little baby. You were all big and tough only a few hours ago? Stalking me through the night. Now, look where that got you. Not a bad situation, is it?" He was gently sucking on the woman's breast. He didn't think about the action and simply did it instinctually. The warm and honey-sweet milk traveled down his throat. He didn't even think of those whose blood warmed this woman. He looked up at her and into the emerald eyes. He felt a hand on his diapered butt and the smug yet gentle smile on the pale woman's lips. "That's right." He was gently sucking on the woman's breast. He didn't think about the action and simply did it instinctually. The warm and honey-sweet milk traveled down his throat. He didn't even think of those whose blood warmed this woman. He looked up at her and into the emerald eyes. He felt a hand on his diapered butt and the smug yet gentle smile on the pale woman's lips. "That's right." The hunter continued to drink her nectar. "Drink more. Faster. You're hungry." Her hand caress and spanked his diaper rear. "Drink it up." She stroked his head and bit her lip. She closed her eyes and exhales a moan. "Faster!" She moaned through clenched teeth. The suckling and pulling off her nipple. The noise of him slurping her up. She chuckled at the irony. It all egged her on. The diapers. The humiliation. The entire situation. His resistance to her will. It was all that she enjoyed. HER fantasy for more than a century. The hunter felt little in her grasp. So small and unable to stand up against her. As milk traveled down his throat as he heard her tell him to speed up. The smacking of his bum and being rocked in her laps. He drank as much and as fast as he could. He heard her moan and he knew he was pleasing her. Mommy. He did remember his plan. He wanted to attempt it. He didn't want to be some kink slave and become her thrall for the foreseeable future. Yet, he didn't want to leave her. To not see that beautiful smile and enchanting eyes, neither giving up the warm nectar from her amazing bosom. He wanted to be a baby. Her baby. That thought made him curl up in fear. He was really hers. Another side of him was happy about it. The rich milk made him feel drowsy. Elated and lightless. He felt such good things from her breast milk. All the troubles in life were numbed. He eventually switched tits as she feed him. It continued from the other. "This milk will keep you nice and full. And youthful. Not immortality, but better than growing old and decrepit. And most of all, you'll be addicted. Withdraws are a B I T C H." She said sounding quite satisfied. "Momma's baby boy." She leaned in closer. "Forever." The hunter shed some tears as he dug closer into the creature's bosom. He felt the comfort of her presence. The pat on his bum. Even in all this trouble, there was a comfort. Eventually, the stream came to an end. He belched as she shoved the pacifier back into his mouth. He began to feel the stress of the night melt away. He felt the effects of the milk still. He was feeling like a baby. He felt his Mommy pull him close and a pinch on his neck. It only lasted a few seconds. It didn't hurt. Whatever it was. Blood dripped down her lip and onto her chest. Just a drop. "I just needed a taste little one. You feed on me anyway, I think it was a fair exchange. She then licked the wound of the blood and kissed it. In a matter of seconds, it started to close into just marks. "Kisses make everything better." With a little fresh blood in her. The creature left the bed and scooped the hunter up. She felt his legs wrap around her and carried him to the crib on the other side of the room. "Time for bed. You got an adorable crib to sleep in." The hunter was laid in his crib like an unhatched egg. "Baby." She said gaining his attention. With a beautiful smile, she removed his pacifier pointed at the side of her cheek. "Give me a kiss. A little thank you for cleaning you up and setting you right." The regressed Hunter smiled and gave his new Mommy a big kiss on her cheek. She smiled widely and tittered at it. She took this chance to plant a kiss on the forehead. She laid him down and grabbed his blankets. She covered her new baby with the covers and tucked him in. She placed the pacifier back into her baby's mouth and loomed over him. She watched her newly enthralled baby fall asleep. She had a cute boy to play with. So much more fun they would have. There was more that needed to be broken and new habits ingrained into him. Such as learning to do all his messes in a diaper. She was feeling hungry again. She had dragged the two she feed on before into the living room and set them by the fire. To warm the lifeless fools up for her to feed. Hunters were always easy prey and the cutest toys.
  5. I know they've sold big baby costumes for adults in Halloween stores but this is the first time I've heard of a celebrity going as a big baby. https://nypost.com/2022/10/31/billie-eilish-jesse-rutherford-slammed-for-creepy-costumes/
  6. Cody enters his room after getting back from a halloween party to see it filled wuth his sisters dollies and babyish stuff. "SARAH I told you to stop leaving your stupid baby stuff in my room. Like I get you like playing house with your little dollies but play your little dumb baby game in your room" Cody yells. Sarah leaves the room upset and mad at her brother. She enters her room and then goes to the window. The moon was full on halloween night. She then makes a wish "I wish my brother could get a taught a lesson and experience how fun playing house can be!" As Sarah went to sleep and as Cody is starting to clean his room. Some force pushes him over. Then feels a hand pulling his pants down and giving him a huge wedgie. "Owww quit it Sarah that's not funny. You'll be so sorry after I get you back" Cody yells. Cody soon turns around and soon discovers its not Sarah. It's one of her dollies that seem to have grown to about his height smiling down at him. The doll then speaks "you really should not yell at your sister. You been a bad boy and your going to be taught a lesson you soon will never forgot" The doll snaps her fingers and a bunch of other dollies appear and push him to the ground and pin him on the ground. The big dolly laughs "so you think your sister is such a big baby for liking dollies and playing house? Well I think it's time you experience first time the joy of playing house and guess who's going to be the baby". Cody thought he was dreaming but he wasn't. "Please let me go. I promise il be better towards my sister!" The dollies ignore his plead then start stripping him butt naked. The dolly then speaks "Wow you sure do have a small wee wee and you won't be needing to play with it anymore so let's fix that" the dolly then grabs a pink chastity cage and puts it around Cody's wee wee. "Come on please you can't do this. You can't lock it up." Cody whines. The dolly laughs "if your a good boy maybe you'll get play time but now we need to put your diaper on before you have any accidents" Cody eyes widened "no way I'm not being your dumb little baby you can't...." then a pacifier gers popped into his mouth and can't spit it out. "Now now baby don't fuss all babies need there diapers" The dolly then snaps it fingers and a huge thick diaper appears. This diaper was different it moved and acted like a alive monster. It quickly ran over and then wrapped itself around Cody's waist and then tapped itself shut. "Much better now its time to feed the baby" the dolly says. Just then a highchair appears and the dolly carries Cody to it and takes out the pacifier. The dolly then grabs yucky baby food "open up sweetie it's feeding time". Cody tries to close just mouth but the dolly plugs his nose and gets a fully mouthful of goop in his mouth. She feeds him 4 packs of baby food. She then takes him and lays him across his lap then feeds him a warm bottle of milk. Just then Cody releases a huge fart *pfft* "My my I think baby needs to go poopy. Well go on use your diaper mister" the dolly giggles. Cody yells "no way I'm using this diaper you can't make me" Just then the diaper attached to him starts to squeeze in onto his stomach making it hard to hold in his poop. Unfortunately he couldn't hold it anymore and made a huge mush of poop in his diaper. "Peeyeww what a stinker looks like you need to be kept in diapers. How about a ride on the stink train" The dolly grabs him and bounces Cody on her knee mushing all his poopy all over. Cody disgusted couldn't believe he was treated like this. The dolly laughed "Ok time for your diaper change" the dolly puts him on the changing table and starts to undo the tapes. "Wheew somebody made a big present in his diaper" the dolly laughed again. Cody blushed but it was way better then staying in it. The dolly then takes off his cage and says "how about some fun since you been such a good boy". The new diaper she put underneath him formed a tounge from the inside and wrapped around his dick. Then it started to rub up and down its slimy tongue. The dolly the revealed her boobs and had Cody suck her booby milk "thats right Cody drink your mommys milk and make milky in your diaper" the doll smiled. The dolly then placed its hand in lube then stuck its finger up his butt. Cody couldn't help it. It felt so good. "That's it make milky for mommy" the dolly smiled. Then Cody blasted a full bunch of cum into the diaper and the diaper licked it up. "Such a good boy but you made a bit of a huge mess in your diaper. Time for a spanking" The dolly places him over his knee and spanks his bottom red. After his spanking the dolly puts him in a crib then gives him milk and he falls fast asleep. The next morning a flash of light wakes him up. His sister Sarah had her phone taking pics of him. "Oh my gosh baby bro you look so cute. I didn't know you liking acting like a baby" Cody protested "no Sarah its not what you think. Your dolly came alive and put me in this. Please delete the pics" Sarah then smiled "what a overactive imagination you have but sorry your just too cute and it's going to be fun having my own baby brother to play house with. If you don't play il send the pics I took to everybody you know. So better play along"
  7. Hey! Welcome to the Lovington Effect. I hope you stick around for awhile. While writing Without Merit, I thought of a prequel for my prequel even though there isn't a sequel, or an actual story for that matter. However, Lover Boy takes place in the 1980s, and it was supposed to be a one-shot, then the music took over. And entirely different story came out. A warning though. This story is rougher than Without Merit, and is a lot darker. It also contains frequent mentions of a sexual assault. If that is big concern to you, there are other great stories on this site. All characters are over eighteen. Thanks for reading. 1: Private Eyes 2: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 3: Every Breath you Take... 4: ... I'll be Watching You 5: You Spin me Round (Like a Record) 6: The Voice Beyond the Mirror 7: Total Eclipse of the Heart 8: The New Forever 9: The Baby Shower ————————- Lover Boy 1988 Part 1: Private Eyes Every girl in Lovington knew about Beau Taylor. He was a walking, talking cautionary tale; all too similar to Icarus, fly too close to his hotness and your heart was sure to melt. Senior quarterback for the varsity football team, muscular build, tight denim jeans. Notorious bad boy with good hair. What was there not to like? He had bedded a good number of the girls in school, and a good number of girls outside of school as well. No one from the female persuasion was safe from the ‘Lover Boy’. The upperclassmen hung out on the lawn after the final bell, finding spots among the green grass, on the side of the concrete stairs, or beneath the shade of a half a dozen oak trees that lined the side of the school. The football players laid claim to a grassy knoll that overlooked the parking lot. From their high perch, they would catcall and wolf-whistle at all the girls. Appreciating the angry looks from mothers and fathers who happened to pick up their blushing virginal daughters from high school. Beau found his friends already there, laid about the ground, lounging and laughing. His best friend, Sherrod, sat taller between a pair of reclining oversized humans known as offensive linemen, Monster and Handley. Sherrod was an incredible athlete like Beau, they shared the backfield as quarterback and running back. They also shared the same outfit that day. Black shirt, blue jeans and denim jacket, down to the same bright red Converse shoes. Beau slapped the back of his black friend to grab his attention, catching Sherrod by surprise. Loudly announcing his presence with, “How are you three queers doing?” The three supposed ‘queers’ laughed as they exchanged special handshakes without leaving the ground. Monster looked up and asked, “What’s up, Beau?” “Nothing besides my dick.” The quarterback handled his crotch through his jeans. They all laughed again. “No, seriously man,” Beau continued, “my johnson is a little tired, it had quite the weekend.” “No shit?” Sherrod flashed a curious smile. “No shit, my man. You know how I score on and off the field. I’m talking about Vanessa, Christine, and Holly. I’m talking about how I get busy!” Next came something of a pelvic thrust to make sure his friends picked up his subtle connotation. Handley appeared surprised. “I didn’t think Holly was the type for that kind of thing.” “That’s where you’re mistaken, tubby.” Beau corrected him. “All of the ladies are the type for the ‘Lover Boy’.” Sherrod groaned. “Come on, you don’t have to show us your ass again.” But it was already too late, the jeans and the BVDs were already mid-buttock, revealing his heart tattoo with the words ‘Lover Boy’ on his upper right cheek. They didn’t want to look, but a heart-shaped tattoo on a pasty white ass has the innate capacity to grab attention. “You need to stop showing everyone your butt,” Sherrod warned him after catching an eyeful. “People are going to think that you’re homo or something.” “Well, I’m not the one who keeps staring at my buns of steel. What does that say about you guys?” Beau intermittently flexed his cheeks side to side like an experienced male stripper in a speedo. Which caught the attention of a trio of girls just beyond the football players. He made sure to give them a wink when he was done pulling up his pants. Monster gave the girls a wink, too. But they laughed incredulously and turned away from him. Maybe the big guy needed a tattoo on his butt. Handley asked, “Beau, why are you even here with us lowly, car-less peons — where’s the firebird?” Beau shrugged his backpack further over his shoulder and looked away. “You know, the old Bird is in the shop, getting its oil changed.” This was a lie. He had totaled his muscle car early Sunday morning. Right after showing Vanessa the ‘Lover Boy’ in the backseat and sending her limping back to her parents. Also, right after downing a six pack of beer. His parents were more than a little pissed at him about the wrecked car, especially his tough-love mom. She said that there would be a few changes coming his way. A dire warning that Beau didn’t care to heed. Speaking of his mom, he saw her station wagon turn the corner. Beau rushed towards the getaway vehicle, waving at the dudes, blowing kisses to the ladies. He didn’t want anyone to see him getting into the car with his mom. He had a reputation to uphold. “See ya, losers.” Beau called back. “Catch you at practice tomorrow, and I’ll see you girls after the game.” He jogged down the hill to where the wagon ran idle at the curb. Beau didn’t even notice Vanessa in the front seat until he was literally right on top of the car. The surprising sight caused him to trip as he rocketed down the hill, his hurried stumbling and fall braced by the impact of the long wood-paneled hood of the station wagon. How had he not spotted her there? The loud blonde hair, the blinding pink halter top, and dangling earrings should have been noticed from the top of the hill, from over a block away, or the next county over. Beau played it off as being silly, he was good looking enough to get away with being a klutz if it looked like he did it on purpose. He comically stretched out over the hood of the car like a bikini model. Moment saved. Vanessa rolled down the window with the hand crank. “Beau, what the hell are you doing on your mom’s car?” Mmm. There was that tasty condescension that he loved about his girlfriend. If you could call it ‘going steady’, he and Vanessa were the closest thing to going steady. Obviously, it didn’t mean they were completely true to one another. “I have a better question,” Beau said as he pulled himself upright and back onto his feet. “What are you doing inside my mom’s car?” Vanessa did what she did best, dealing with his childishness by running a hand through her hair. The fake blonde, over done, hair-sprayed fashion statement was partially to blame for the hole in the o-zone layer. All joking aside, it wasn’t all bad to be with a girl like Vanessa. She did have her perks; two of them in fact, and they sat on her chest in the most beautiful fashion, straining the thin fabric of the pink halter top. Ten years ago, it would have been empowering for her not to even wear a bra. Suddenly, Beau dreamed of driving a Delorean and meeting a crazy guy named Doc. She leaned out the window. “Quit being stupid, I’m trying to run some errands with your mom.” Beau hesitated outside of the car. “Errands? Where are you guys heading?” His mom turned from the driver seat, her thick glasses captured the light in a weird way. It made her eyes look all funny. “We need to pick up a few things from ‘Ma’ Webber’s for a baby shower.” Mrs. Taylor lit the cigarette between her lips. “Baby shower?” Beau grinned. “I hope I’m not going to be a daddy.” He winked at Vanessa who lightly tousled her hair again to dismiss his stupidity. Vanessa answered matter-of-factly, “You won’t be.” He was in the back of the station wagon without any fuss, leaning over the front seat without a seatbelt, and bothering Vanessa as much as he could with his mom present. That only lasted a few minutes, as Vanessa didn’t seem to care for Beau, or his presence, or his flirtatious sense of humor. Recognizing a lost cause, Beau finally gave up. The radio played a fuzzy tune, the tired speakers in doors kicked out the whinging guitars of Hall and Oates. The song was called 'Private Eyes'. Private Eyes they're watching you they see your every move Private Eyes they're watching you Private Eyes they're watching you watching you watching you watching you Beau drummed along with the beat with his fingers. The car strolled down main street, past the city park, slowing as it went by the old government lab just outside the center of town. You play with words you play with love you can twist it around baby that ain't enough cause I'm gonna know if you're letting me in or letting me go don't lie when you're hurting inside 'cause you can't escape my Private Eyes He settled on chilling against the vinyl seat, trying to put together why he even bothered with Vanessa in the first place. Then he reminded himself of exactly two reasons ‘why’. As he leaned back, he looked out the side window as the station wagon came to a stop in front of a house, not a baby store. Beau instantly recognized the house. It’s where he picked up Christine last Friday night; before he showed her the ‘Lover Boy’ in the back of the movie theatre. Oh boy, did Vanessa know about Christine? Because Christine knew about Vanessa, and she told Beau that she didn’t care if he already had a girlfriend. He watched in horror as Christine came out of the house and approached the passenger side with a brooding look, her jaw set and her eyes forward like living was an awful chore. She went by Christine, not ever Chrissy, you’d get popped in the mouth for calling her that. And she was the typical punk rock type, a metal head, a headbanger. Always wore black clothing, black jeans, ripped t-shirt, short cropped black hair. Even the leather fingerless gloves were black, and they looked great against her ivory skin. Multiple piercings in each ear, multiple studs in her leather jacket. She gave off a lot of that ‘look but don’t touch’ kind of vibe. But that didn’t keep away the ‘Lover Boy’. Beau could see past the rough exterior, which was easy to do since he’d more than once seen her naked. Her skinny pale figure had the slightest of curves at her breasts and hips, and was something to die for in the dark. Her bodacious body was worth all of the trouble that it came with, even if it drew the ire of the tempestuous blonde riding up front. Christine spoke to Vanessa. “You guys are running a little late, Vanessa. I just called Holly to tell her we were on our way.” Beau choked. “Holly, too?” Not her. Anyone but her. The girls turned his way and gave him a condescending glare to prove how much they were planning on ignoring him. Vanessa addressed Christine as coldly as a suspicious lover. “Thanks for coming with us, Christine. It wouldn’t happen any other way. She wanted us all to be there.” “Who? What?” Beau sounded the alarm. Vanessa interrupted him. “Beau, sweetie, us grown-ups are trying to talk.” Grown-ups? Sweetie? Her name calling had certainly been toned down this afternoon. Normally, Vanessa called him every four and five letter word that could make a sailor blush. “We got to motor if we want to make it on time,” Vanessa continued, undeterred. “Hop in the back with little Beau, and we can be on our way.” Christine was already pulling her seatbelt over her chest before they got moving again. She asked, “What took you guys so long?” “Beau was all about dry humping the hood like Tawny Kitaen,” explained Vanessa. “I wasn’t dry humping anything,” complained Beau. “Sure, you weren’t.” Christine tapped his cheek with a belittling soft touch. He slid to the bottom of his seat as Christine settled down next to him. She smiled at him, and he smiled back. It felt like calamity was knocking at the door, and all he could do was hide behind the curtains. Beau didn’t want to go to Holly’s house, see Holly’s face, or share the same planet as Holly. There were reasons why he wasn’t as proud of his conquest of Holly as he was Christine and Vanessa. It could be scratched up to miscommunication. He’d leave it at that. They had to check the addresses when they pulled up to Holly’s street, because all of the houses in the neighborhood looked the same. This one had a real quaint cottage appeal, a real copycat of the house next door and the one next door to that. Vanessa spotted little Holly on the porch-swing in front of her house, just rocking back and forth in a slow, melancholy way. She wasn’t taking this well, some girls don’t after getting the ‘Lover Boy’. Holly was demure, mousy little thing in round glasses. A naive brunette that always wore cheap dresses that looked ripped straight out of Little House on the Prairie. She liked puppies, kittens, rainbows and ponies, they were all over her Lisa Frank trapper keeper. She was so childish and innocent, and Beau — Beau gritted his teeth. He growled, “Why does she have to come with us?” Christine recoiled. “Whoa, Beau. What’s crawled up your butt?” “I just don’t fucking — I mean, I just don’t like her, she’s super weird, a real psycho like in that Carrie movie.” Mrs. Taylor waved a bony finger at her son. “Young man, you need to do a better job of watching your mouth, or I’ll pull this car over.” Beau slammed the front seat with an overhead swing from both of his hands. “We’re already pulled over, mom! Quit being such an idiot all the time.” Christine put a hand on his shoulder to calm him, but he rebuffed her touch with an angry shrug. “Beau, you don’t have to spaz out on your mom like that.” It was just so strange. All of these women in the same place was doing things to his mind. Making him think about things, and Beau didn’t like to think about things. Reflection was only for mirrors, not for Beau Taylor. He wouldn’t reflect on what happened this weekend, he wouldn’t think about it at all. His knuckles were in his mouth, stifling a tiny internal scream. He was still deep in his non-reflection when the car door opened. Holly was there, but her usual braces-filled smile was noticeably missing, and something cold and callous filled its place. No, she wasn’t taking the ‘Lover Boy’ treatment very well at all. He still greeted her, pretending to be all friendly-like even if he knew they weren’t friends. “What’s happening, Holly?” Beau tried to mend the fence, but it looked beyond repair. “Oh, hi Beau,” Holly replied, nasally and snarky. “When did you start sucking your thumb like a baby?” He didn’t even realize his hand was already back in his mouth. Beau quickly yanked it away, pretending to scratch his chin, or anything besides sucking his thumb. His frazzled response very much the opposite of being the ‘Lover Boy’. “I’m not sucking my thumb, I was just —“ Holly interrupted, “Sucking your fingers?” Mrs. Taylor weighed in on the subject as she put the car into gear. “My baby Beau always had an oral fixation. When he wasn’t on a bottle, he was on a pacifier. Took a damn long while to kick that habit.” His mom frowned as she flicked the ash free from her cigarette out the rolled down window. Christine giggled, “Oh, really.” “That explains a lot actually,” Vanessa added. “His obsession with certain things, am I right Christine?” “You’re right, can’t keep his mouth off of them.” Vanessa scowled towards the backseat in the overhead rear view mirror. At both Beau and Christine. What were these girls doing? Talking about ‘Lover Boy’ things in front of his mom! You didn't do that to a guy. He wasn't one to be afraid of a little innuendo, but there was a time and place to be sexual, and this wasn't it. That kind of talk was best saved for the backseat of the Bird, or the row furthest from the screen where no one could see or hear. Or in a restroom at her parent's restaurant. No. Why couldn't he block that out? He couldn't push that out of his mind like he wanted. It stuck around like a bad smell, as soon as it left his mind, it found its way back like a boomerang. Beau searched about the car for someone to take his side, but no one came to his defense. He suddenly felt exposed, and he didn’t like it one bit. “You’re all just trying to be funny, like I’m sucking my thumb right before we go shopping for a baby shower. What are you going to do? Buy me a pacifier? Goo-goo, gaa-gaa.” He expected them to laugh, especially when he broke into the baby talk. They just stared at him, as empty of mirth as a funeral. “You’re starting to get the right idea,” Holly laughed. Then the whole car laughed. In unison. Things were getting sorta weird around here, and Beau had enough of being outnumbered by their little hen party. There was far too much estrogen in the air, he had to puff his hairy chest to counter all the womanly energy. Something to do with aligning of the moon and the coordination of their monthly cycles. Deep thinking stuff. “Who’s this baby shower for, anyways?” Beau shot back with some swagger. “I’d like to know which one of you got knocked up.” The car went silent again. He shrugged like the Fonz. “What? Was it something I said?” Vanessa sighed, “Quit being such a wastoid, Beau.” Holly asked, “Why do you need to know?” The mousy girl spoke in a distant way as her eyes traced the world outside the window. Beau tried to explain his logic to the helpless females. “If I’m being dragged along on some crazy shopping trip, I’d at least like to know a few simple things. Like, is it for a baby boy or a baby girl?” His mom cleared her throat. “It’s for a boy. A sweet little boy.” Beau pushed the smoke away as his mom exhaled. It stung his eyes. “Does that satisfy your curiosity?” Vanessa said. “Nope,” Beau coughed, he didn’t care if he was being belligerent. “Why are you guys all together, who do you all know?” Holly snapped, "We all know you." “What’s that supposed to mean?” Beau asked. Oh, man. This deep thinking stuff hurt his brain. Okay. Maybe Holly knew about Christine, because Christine knew about Vanessa, and he was pretty sure Vanessa now knew about Christine. However, no one knew about what happened between him and Holly. That was a secret. A mistake. The mousy girl should know when it was her turn to keep her mouth shut like he told her. Beau clenched his fists until his knuckles popped. “You’ll find out soon enough,” Holly answered when she finally turned his way. The wood paneled station wagon pulled into the large gravel and dirt parking lot. The large and lonely store had more of a warehouse look than a home to retail. It sat like an empty island in the middle of nowhere. It was just a short drive from Lovington, but felt like a more different domain, and had a different feel about the whole thing. A long faded tarp was stretched across the front windows. A mainsail that billowed in the mild breeze that also kicked up a bit of dust. On the tarp was a handwritten message in what he guessed was shoe polish: Welcome to Webber’s Open at our new location Now with more influence Now with more inspiration However, the baby store was far from a ghost town. Dozens of workers in white overalls shuffled boxes around like drones with orders specifically from the queen. There was sawdust all around the door, he could even see the tell-tale signs of new construction from far away. Beau looked around at the chaos. "Is this place even open yet?" "It is by appointment," Holly commented as she opened the car door. She quickly caught onto his reluctance. "What? Are you afraid of going into a baby store? I thought you were some kind of tough guy." Beau shook his head. Stay ahead of this, and don’t let her get to you. "I'm not scared, it's just weird. What kind of bogus baby store needs an appointment to go buy diapers? Don’t babies use them all the time?” “Always on about the diapers,” Christine commented. “As if babies didn’t do anything besides pee and poop. Men are so clueless sometimes, am I right?” “Back off Christine,” Beau cracked. “I’m just trying to make conversation.” Vanessa was already outside of the car. "No need to get all defensive, baby Beau." That was it. They had challenged his masculine superiority, and if they started into this baby nonsense, they would never stop. He had to get ahead of this. Yeah, he was notoriously childish. Yeah, he was outnumbered. Yeah, the girls were acting kind of weird. Yeah, he was running out of yeahs. He'd overpower them with his powerful personality, let the 'Lover Boy' show. Well, not that ‘Lover Boy’. He'd get arrested for showing that off in this — empty parking lot. They were the only car there. No other customers, judging by the size of the building, for a huge department store. There were big moving trucks in the front, but those belonged to the workers. The same could be said about a small row of vans and sedans parked along the backside of the store. How had he just now noticed the empty lot? There was a cloudy feeling in his head. He tried to shake it off. He'd felt this way before, it felt like a hangover, but he hadn’t had anything to drink since wrecking the firebird. No. It reminded him of getting his ‘bell rung’ while playing football. Which was ‘coach speak’ for taking a bad shot to the helmet, which was bad news because his head was in there. A hard tackle could send his brain ricocheting inside his skull, resulting in subtle, temporary brain damage. The world would ring for a few minutes, or longer; and you were supposed to shake it off, not let it bother you, and battle the headache that sometimes lasted for days. That’s what it felt like, confusing, foggy headed, and hard to focus. Beau pulled at the inside handle of the car door, hoping the fresh air would alleviate all of this cloudiness. He pulled at the handle, and the door didn't move. He wiggled his hand to re-grip, and then he tried again. No. He roughly grabbed it with both hands and started violently shaking it back and forth. "You coming or not, Beau?" Holly leaned into the doorway from her side of the car. "It's just this fuc-, I mean this stupid door." He tempered his language for his angry mother, who was already working on her next cigarette outside. That habit was going to be her death, and maybe not soon enough. "You can always come out my side," Holly offered. "NO! I'm going through this. banging. door!" Beau knew he was being irrational, it was all irrational. His head felt hot as he strained against the unrelenting station wagon. He needed to show off his strength and beat this unopenable door, pop it open like a pickle jar for these women. That would get them to leave him alone. Christine waited just outside the car, watching his pathetic attempts through the window before figuring out the hold up, and opening the door from the outside. "That's the problem,” Christine observed. “It looks like the child lock was accidentally engaged. No need to throw a hissy fit, Beau." “It wasn’t a hissy fit,” Beau argued as he stepped outside and flipped his jacket collar. “Throwing a temper tantrum like a toddler, maybe Beau needs a timeout.” Vanessa giggled at her own joke. “Or he could use a spanking,” Christine added. Roll with the punches, Beau. Let them have their laughs, they were laughing with him, and not at him, right? There really wasn’t a difference, it’s what the dweebs told themselves to make themselves feel better about being dweebs. He calmed himself as the group set off towards the store. It wasn’t worth making a scene, he already made a fool of himself with the stupid door, with the stupid child lock. How had that thing been engaged? There hadn’t been a baby in the backseat in almost two decades, and Beau was an only child with no little cousins in the family tree. "You're going to want to behave yourself here," Holly warned as they all made their way across the dirt parking lot. "I've heard some strange stories about Elizabeth Webber. Also known as 'Ma'." "Like what?" Beau hurried to walk even with the smaller girl. "The first being that she's really into old school discipline, one of those grannies that still believes that humiliation is the best teacher." Holly actually sounded close to admiring this woman, Beau made it a point to steer clear of someone like she was describing. Mrs. Taylor whispered, "Maybe she can be the one to fix Beau." "What was that, mom?" Beau turned on his mother. "Do you think there's something wrong with me?" She didn't have to answer. He didn’t want to be the one to admit that his mom was right. There was something wrong with him. A dark part of him that did something wrong, that couldn't handle how wrong he went, and Beau knew it. That mistake with that mousy girl. Forever wiping the smile off her face every time she saw him. Being the 'Lover Boy' had its drawbacks. He couldn't hide behind the ultra-confident persona when Holly was around. Why was she even here? Why was he even here? He could just walk away, but he found his feet leading him to the store instead of the fledgling sunset. “And the second?” Beau’s curiosity was getting the better of him. “About ‘Ma’ Webber?” Holly pretended to be surprised. “Well, let’s just say if you act like a child, she'll treat you like one. So try to act your age for once.” Vanessa giggled. “Lay off the threatening, Holly. He’ll find out soon enough.” Beau asked, “Find out what?” “About the true meaning of diaper discipline,” Christine finished the conversation. Then she glared at Beau. He stopped with his mouth open, the girls didn’t really mean what they were saying. This had to be a prank, a way to mess with his head. And it was working. The girls continued inside while Beau hung around in the parking lot, going over the building one last time before joining them. The workers that hustled around him didn’t talk as they removed products from the backs of a pair of large white trucks, sometimes one at a time, for bigger things they worked in twos. He had to move to the side as two of the gruff men in faded white overalls and white hats pulled a huge car seat from the store, heading past him towards the parking lot. Beau stopped to watch the men struggle with big plastic safety-chair. Then he finally realized what the workers reminded him of, Oompa-Loompas. These guys were like a cross-breed between a biker gang and Oompa-Loompas. Except the little orange fellas sang as they worked, these guys only wore a scowl for their minimum wage. Still, the size of that carseat was something he couldn't get over. It looked like it could sit an adult, the various straps and buckles seemed thicker as well. It reminded him of a strait jacket, and it gave him the Heebie-jeebies. "Dude, did you guys catch the size of that carseat?" No one heard him. The girls were already inside, meeting Miss Elizabeth ‘Ma’ Webber, collecting a shopping list, and deciding how to best split the load. They had to get ready for a baby shower tonight.
  8. I have posted this on my Patreon for some time now, and have decided to start publishing each chapter a month elsewhere. I’ve found this story to be one of my better stories I’ve written thus far. I hope you can enjoy the golden apple I’ve worked hard on! Vampers Halloween Trial A Diapered Fantasy By Takumi41 Chapter 1 The Vampire’s Lore This world is filled with many beings. Small as a tiny lily, giant as the trees in a forest. Animals roaming the plains, humans dancing down the streets. However, this world doesn’t just have mere mortals that exist. A parallel world houses what humans consider “monsters.” These monsters can be beasts, witches, and even vampires. Though these monsters may seem scary, they do not chase after humans. In fact, the majority of them live in isolation. I can tell you that is the truth because I am one of these “monsters.” With enhanced physical abilities and sharp fangs, I am a vampire. My name is Viki, and I’m a twelve-year-old vampire girl. Growing up as a vampire on this side of the world hasn’t been difficult. As I mentioned before, with isolation, vampires normally don’t socialize. So, for all these twelve years, I’ve lived, I haven’t talked with a single human once. But I have always given it a serious thought and still wonder why we never do socialize with them. If I could, I would change that. That has been something I’ve dreamed about ever since I was younger. As a vampire, I do have sharp fangs. So as a precaution, I’m pretty good at not showing my teeth to give it away. Unlike many beliefs there are of our kind, we vampires do not bite living beings to suck their blood. In fact, we don’t drink blood at all. Another misconception is that we don’t shapeshift into other forms either. Despite our fangs, we don’t have many differences from the others, including humans. We get up at the same time, study, eat the same things and play. I suppose one of our significant differences, besides remaining reclusive, is that we have unusual abilities. The magical energy within us can be harnessed into many different shapes and forms. As well as being utilized for many tasks to make them more manageable. Being part of the vampires, we have chosen to live away from the other beings in our world. This world being Earth—a planet that has two sides to it. One we often call the “Main” world or even “Human” world. The other is where I was born, the “Alter” world. The Alter world is a different realm than the Main one, where many differences can be spotted. Such as the living beings that reside there. Even with our differences from humans, I lay awake with the sun’s beam through my window. Blinking my eyes, I feel a set of damp sheets under my white knee-length nightgown. Its scent drifting about the room. I, Viki, a twelve-year-old vampire, lay awake, finding my bed wet. Sighing to myself, I cannot believe what has happened. I’m a twelve-year-old girl and a vampire, no less! I shouldn’t be wetting my bed! I scratch the scalp below my long ash-colored blonde hair before blinking my azure eyes a few times. Still, a wet bed is below me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Getting out of bed, I stepped in front of my mirror. The mirror had a floral design on the wooden edges that belonged to an older generation in my family. But here I was, looking at myself—a big wet stain on my nightgown. Brushing my hair with my fingers, I sigh to myself, glaring into the bright blue eyes. Though this is the third wet bed in a row, I know I have to bring my sheets to the wash as soon as I get up. My parents called me out for not letting them know right away on the first day I had the accident. With that in mind, I began the process of striping the white sheets off the bed and taking the pink blanket off my bed. This bed had a valence decorated in a floral pattern—a bed that shouldn’t have been wet. Holding the needed to wash materials, I turned towards the door to my room. Passing by an ornately carved round table with a large novel on top, I marched out of my room through the wooden door. Stepping out, I was greeted by a long hallway with several other rooms. Of course, the bathroom was to the left, but it wasn’t needed now in my current state. I could sense there should be no one down the path. Pillowing through the hallway, I exit into a four-way path of hallways. Pictures lined on the walls, along with short tables with vases filled with flowers. The laundry room which I was seeking was straight across from the hall that my room was in. Through an antique-looking wooden door at the end of the hall led to a room with white walls. Several washing machines and driers were placed in. This was the goal I intended to reach with my sheets—the laundry room. A woman with black hair, a navy-blue collared knee-length dress with a white apron stood looking at me. She was one of our current maids to assist in our daily lives. Not to mention one I could trust with my current predicament. The maid swiftly took hold of the sheets I currently held and put them in the nearby empty washer. “I see the problem still persists, my lady,” the maid spoke with a curtsy. “Unfortunate, but that does seem to be the case,” I sighed. “Thanks for your help, Miranda.” “Of course, you can count on me to help lady Viki!” Miranda replied enthusiastically. However, her look of enthusiasm vanished into a head tilt. “Should I make mentions to the headmistress?” The “headmistress” Miranda was referring to was my mother. Though it could make my life easier, I already made my decision the second I arose from my chambers. “No, I chose to make her aware of the dilemma myself.” “Ah, quite mature, I see,” Miranda smirked. “Well, if you’d require my assistance, do give me a call. Perhaps I can help you change from the current attire?” Looking down showcased the wet-stained knee-length white nightgown with some details around the skirt. It was clear I should have changed out of them. “Nah, I prefer to showcase the evidence,” I twirled my hand in the air. “Alright, well, I wish you the best of luck. Oh, I should tell you she’s in the main hall right now.” “Thanks, Miranda. I shall go reveal the truth to my mother now then. Though, I’m not sure how to get her alone…” “Ah, here, let me assist you with that.” After making her statement, Miranda wrapped me with a pink blanket. “This should hide you from the others from knowing.” I smiled, looking up to her calm crimson eyes, “Thanks!” With a quick wave and an exchange of curtsy’s, I exited the laundry. The main hall was several more corridors and stairs down to reach. This was currently the most enormous estate mansion my family-owned. Even though it wasn’t as big as our primary home, I still found it rather pleasant. This estate served its purposes rather well to my family every year around this time—of October. Once I reached the mansion's main hall, I could spot a woman with a full-length navy-blue dress. This dress had floral embroidery on the collar, a pair of sleeves that streamed below the waist, blonde hair well below her shoulders—my charming mother. My mother was currently directing a few of our maids on how to “decorate” the place. At least, how to decorate it to her vision. The decoration was getting prepared for the month’s event in October—Halloween. Unlike humans having a spooky atmosphere with cobwebs, tombstones, and monsters, we vampires dapper the location with silky white drapes and celebratory flowers. There are other kinds of accessories that go into play. Still, it goes into our celebration of Halloween that vastly differs from mere mortals. Clamoring my way towards the top of the regal rug-covered stairs, my mother looked in my direction. I was glad she did too, as any closer, and I’m sure the maids would be able to smell my accident. “Well, good morning, sweetheart,” My mother exposed her fanged smile. However, she looked at the current attire. “I see you haven’t prepared yourself for the day…and possibly a dilemma?” I looked towards her, then to the side. “Yeah…about that.” My mother turned to look at the maids, “Um, can you wait for us while we talk in private.” With no rebuttal, my mother swiftly jaunted up the stairs, took my hand to the nearby room to the right while the pink sheet drifted along the floor. This white textured door had carvings of a dragon placed over the exterior—fitting for the main hall entrance. Behind the expensive door was a table in the center with floral decorations at the corners. It was not the prettiest room in the estate, but used for conversation with lesser individuals. Closing the door behind her, my mother took a deep breath. “I see you had another accident during the night.” The thought of it brought overflowing mist steam in my eyes, “Yeah…I’m actually worried, mother…” Unable to hold back, I leaped into my mother's arms, escaping the blanket around me. “This is my third accident in a row…But I’m a vampire…a princess no less! This is absolutely unbecoming of me!” Tears began flowing down my eyes. Before I could speak anymore, my mother brushed my hair. “Shh. Shh. It's okay. Everything’s okay! I know the issue brings about a sour taste, but I know it won’t persist forever. There’s an abundance of girls your age who soil themselves at night. This isn’t anything to worry over.” “But…I’m a princess!” I barked back with tears. “That doesn’t matter. Every girl has a set of hardships to overcome—that includes princesses. So, you don’t need to worry over something this meek. But if it troubles you so, lean into me longer. For no matter your status as a princess, queen, or common girl, you will always be my precious little gem! Now let your mother shred those fears of yours.” The instance her grasp ensnared me tight, a pleasant sensation quaked within my tiny frame. I attempted to exchange the same snare. “It’ll all be okay. Mother loves you obsessively. Just soothe into my arms, and everything will be just.” I closed my eyes, grasping my mother tight. Her grasp relocated below my waist, and she held onto my petite bottom. Not realizing the full extent my mother did, I grew closer to her heartbeat. Laying up against her delicate chest, I curled my body—almost fetal. My mother's soft fragrance and hums were the only thing I could sense from my keen observations. Opening my eyes once more, I perceived my location had changed. Mother caressed me to a nearby chair, holding me tight in her arms. Despite me having grown from my infantile stage in life, this was something I’d always cling to. My love for my mother flourished, and it persistently shows. If I ever needed my troubles to melt, my mother would sacrifice to make it so. This care she has done so openly in the past earned her the title of “nurture queen.” Despite wanting to grow up, it always warmed my heart even at this age. Though, we only hug in private locations like this due to our status. “I’m sorry for having you do this for me…” I glanced downwards. “Please, it warms me to hold you,” My mother smiled. “So, think nothing of it as long as you feel better.” “Okay!” I beamed in her direction. “Can I stay like this a little longer, mommy?” “Of course you can.” “Hehe, yay…” Closing my eyes once again, I curled my legs to an even superior angle. With one hand still clasped around my mother, I wrapped my legs with my open hand—thus entering a fetal position. The short hums my mother presented warmed my body. Once I felt fully calmed down, I reopened my eyes once more. Leaning up, I hopped off her lap. “Feeling better, hon?” My mother questioned. “Yup!” I landed with a twirl. “That’s good then. I was beginning to worry if it was affecting you. The last couple of days, it took us by surprise. Even though you seemed fine, I still worried about how you were processing it. Given how the mood vastly changed, I smiled at how informal our private conversation moved. “Yeah, it still bothers me, but not as much now.” “That’s good, just remember, even though you are a princess, accidents happen to the best of us. Though, I won’t deny it…it doesn’t happen to many vampires…” “Wait…what?” I felt stunned. “That doesn’t matter though, you’re our special little princess!” My mother quickly hugged me. “Hehe.” “Well, let us not worry about it for the rest of the day, alright. But if it does happen again, we might need to consider a solution.” “Okay, I agree to that.” It was true. The notion was pointless to ponder about. Despite the idea of what “fixing” the problem could entail, we’ll just have to cross that bridge. “Alright, hon, you should get yourself ready for the day,” My mother scanned my nightgown. I did question the possibility my mother did wonder why I was still wearing the same soiled clothes, but it seemed she didn’t care. The only thought to care about was my well-being. “I can reason with that notion. Probably a good thing too, because I kind of need to go potty now.” The urge didn’t really show itself as I was contently laying in my mother's arms, but a notion of desperation took form. Clasping my legs together, I put my right hand on top of my stained nightgown to hold the best I could. “A good thing indeed. Otherwise, I might be wiping my daughter’s urine off the floor. And I’d have to change my pristine clothes.” “Yeah, I almost took a nap too…” “If you had, I’d most likely be getting Miranda with a mop bucket about now then.” She gave me a devilish smirk showcasing her fully grown fangs. “Haha yeah, well, if you’ll excuse me then.” “Have a good bath, sweetie! I’ll have the maids prepare us breakfast in the meantime, so take your time, okay.” “Okay,” I walked up to the door. “One last thing, mommy,” I started dancing in place. “Yes, Viki?” “Hehe, I love you!” I beamed before scurrying out the door without waiting for a response. I didn’t believe I had it in me to reach the bathroom I would be performing my bath in, so I stopped at the nearest one. Sitting on the porcelain throne, I began to relieve myself. Thinking to myself, I am a twelve-year-old vampire princess, relieved to have made it and not an accident on my mother's lap. Once finished, I flushed the toilet of my waste, closing up the pitstop with a wash of my hands. Now that I could sigh in relief that I didn’t fail to keep the current attire clean a second time, I proceeded towards the area my room was located. The bathroom of my preferred tub was located over in that location. Within the same hall of my room, which door was currently closed, I continued to the end of the hall. Turning the handle led to a bathroom, which walls were covered by a pastel blue, a taque flooring (similar to marble), and small bird creature designs depicting a snazu throughout. Although the bathroom design seemed more of a childish feature, I mainly have fawn memories of it. The bathroom was about half the size of my room. A wall divided the portion with the toilet and bathtub. A double vanity across from the tub made it fun to change which side to use each day. But the critical part was the tub that was built for someone the size of my mother. So, no matter how much I’d grow, I’d always be able to enjoy a pleasantly warm bath in this bathroom. Without a moment's hesitation, I turned the handles for warm water fill the tub. Stripping off the dried wasted clothes, I look in the cabinet under the sink. Once I find the pink bottle, I procure it with a fanged grin. With a naked skip in the air, I opened the bottle above the tub. Pouring a fair bit of the bottle's contents out into the tub as its levels rose up caused a bubble effect to take place. A bubble bath of this nature helped me calm down with the assistance of the aromatherapy scents to be sprayed. The sprays occurred through motion, so once I would get in, a soothing aroma would be gently poured into the atmosphere. It was similar to having a candle, though my parents didn’t trust me with fire, even near an open source of water. Turning the handles once more the other way caused the water to stop pouring from the faucet. Stepping into the pleasantly warm water with a smile, a relaxing scent blew my direction. Soaking my hair under the water as my fingers felt the bubbles, I felt far better than I did before. No maids would come to aid us in cleaning up, given that was not a duty we had given them. As a vampire, we prefer to take things into our own hands. Plus, it would take away from the relaxing atmosphere under the presence of someone else. Or so that’s what my mother always told me when I asked in the past. Finishing up this lengthy soothing soak, I unplug the drain. As the water level slowly sank, I rose up out of the tub. Hoisting a pure white towel made with a soft fabric made for royals, I proceed to dry myself off. Wrapping the towel around myself, I find myself ready for the next step in the daily routine. Following my earlier tracks outside the door, I take a detour into my room. If the day were to present itself like any other, well besides my nightly accident, I should find a set of clothes prepared for me in my room. Pushing open the door, I found as I would have expected—a clean set of clothes picked out from the maids hand-picked by my own style. Even though we do not have maids assisting us through our daily needs such as bathing, they still help straighten things out, like getting our clothes battle-ready. Although, I am the final say in the style they choose. For this current time, I have set the type to be cute. I choose this style, as I admire the kinds of clothes they’ve picked out for it. In the current case, I see laid in front of me a silky dress. This white knee-length dress is slightly different from your average dress. The top part has a collar with a sash tied around the chest with a similar pair of sleeves that my mother had. For the bottom half had frills at the hem. Lastly, a couple of comfy black leggings followed by white undergarments that have a cute little black ribbon. If the clothing were a bit trickier to put together, a maid would stay behind to assist us in putting the equipment on—typically Miranda. However, that doesn’t appear to be so for this case. So, I begin the equipment process by dropping my towel. Once I finished equipping the dress, it drooped an inch below my knees. Admiring the frills at the hem, I find myself excited how today’s outfit turned out. Stepping into the regal floral mirror in my room, I take a good look as I turn and twist my body to view at different angles. Smiling with my fangs, I am delighted at today’s choice of clothing. However, my hair wasn’t in the best of shape, given it was still wet. So, I scoop the towel I used and head back over to the bathroom. Back in the bathroom, I step in front of the mirror to locate a nearby brush and hairdryer. I could call for a maid or even my mother to do this for me, but I felt the need to be a big girl since my recent accident. After I’d finish this procedure, I would have an excellent breakfast to look forward to. Now that I have been prepared, I continued out the bathroom doors down the main hallway I used before. Near the main hall on the ground floor was a corridor with a set of doors leading to my next destination. With our family now up and battle-ready for the day, we could proceed our breakfast operation. Opening up the regal wooden door leads to a set of decorated white-clothed tables with a vase of colorful flowers to the right. Gorgeous glass ornaments hanging effulgent from the ceiling. A large circular table with a white cloth covering is placed at the center. Elegantly crafted chairs resting against the table for guests to enjoy. As well as my mother and a well-dressed vampire-man with dark hair. They noticed my presence and turned my way with a fanged smile. Returning their kind expression, I endured up to my mother to take my seat between her and the male vampire. First looking up to my mother, then I look over to the man who is my kind father giving both of them a warm smile. Now that I had taken my seat, we could proceed to the main dishes for our breakfast. The family I sat next to is the current queen and king of all vampires within our nation. Much like other monarchs that exist within the world, the royal family's blood is passed on. Royal blood runs through the veins of our current king—my father. Our kind never took much the interest of inbreeding to keep the royalty “pure,” so the majesty would always be looking for lovers as they grew up. According to the story, my mother tells me how the two of them got together on a starry night. They had known each other for several years and supported one another but didn’t have romantic feelings at first. “Until that starry night,” my mother would say with a giggle ending the story. Despite not knowing the exact details, I ended up coming about the world due to the two of them which I am grateful for. Perhaps one day I’ll get to know, but I am happy to be their daughter for now. Being their daughter would mean that the royal blood runs through me—much like my liquids at night. That would have me be the royal princess. Unlike other princesses, our kind has been protective of each individual’s decision since ancient times. Thus, the princess in our kingdom wouldn’t be marketed off to another country just to “strengthen the countries ties.” The thought of it disgusts me. Having my decision being respected would mean if I desired a different path than royalty, I can pursue it. However, my parents and other relatives love saying how I’m the spitting image of the very revered Kassandra. Kassandra was one of our very early empresses who saved our kind from being forced into slavery by other beings. Supposedly her famous quote is “love our surroundings, but perish not.” Though no matter how many times I look over at her portrait, I can’t find the similarities. I mean, sure, we have the same hair color and eyes…not to mention I completely agree with that quote. To appreciate everyone for who they are, but to care for our kind first before moving into agreements with the other species was more or less how I perceived it. Given this comparison has had me a little troubled to figure out my path for my own future. “Now that I have my two favorite girls at the table,” my father began to speak. “We can discuss a short bit of these upcoming days. As I’m sure you are aware, Halloween is coming soon, and that will mean I’ll be busy into the late evening.” He looked towards me and gave a bright expression. “Of course, I will always make myself available at our usual time.” By “usual time,” he was referring to the time he instructs me. As a princess and a vampire, I do not go to any kind of institution for schooling. At least the leading vampires have voted against it. “I have plans in the process currently in the works as well,” my mother spoke up. At this point, they continued to explain their business relations with the government board and cabinet members. This had been a process I have come accustomed to given my twelve years of being a princess. Though it always sounded like a lot of work went into each Halloween. Unlike the mortals who would dress up as fowl creatures to greet each doorstep with a demand for sweets, we vampires send our proper respects and thanks to those before us. Such a tradition was put into place closer to a thousand years back. Back in those times, vampires were relegated to the shadows just for how different we were despite the majority of us only trying to mind our own business. That was till a group of vampires banded together and eventually formed their own civilization outside. Thanks to their efforts, we can live in comfort, isolated from the disasters that sprung from others. Hidden from human knowledge, Halloween is only an adopted term from us. From what I have studied about this holiday, humans did stumble on a ceremony in the process. Those humans took that knowledge, ignorant that it was a group of vampires, and spread information to others. The following year, it began as a pagan tradition as some means to celebrate spirits. However, their Christian churches didn’t approve of this belief. They began spreading treats at their doorsteps to the youth to prevent them from participating. The church had a lot of success in this and shut down the pagan ritual. Despite it being shut down, the idea was continuously passed down. Eventually, the great depression hit America, which caused the idea to cause mischief in most youth. Given the problem it was causing, they ultimately gave the kids treats at the doorsteps once again. A tradition they adopted from miscued beliefs long before that belonged to us—Halloween. “With Halloween approaching,” I began to voice myself. “I wanted to experience the traditions human children would perform.” After I voiced my desire, silence filled the room. I understood my wish was like a comet in chances, but it was still one I desired fulfilled. As we vampires have grown to recluse away from other societies, we trade with them. We’ve only grown better at hiding these years, and something inside me just didn’t like that, though. A heavy sigh escaped from my father, “You know very well that we cannot interact with their kind. Especially the history our kind has endured. I’m sure you’re also aware of how terrible they treat themselves! How the woman of their kind have suffered through so many hardships and the discrimination just based on one’s own skin!” I began to pout, “But they have changed their ways long since then. It's only our stubbornness that keeps us from changing. Plus, I thought it could be a start to show the government and our people those changes!” Hmph! I remember hearing you say something similar to that too! We continue to glare at each other till we hear my mother clearing her throat. “W-well, regardless of this matter, your father and I will be unavailable for some time. So, we will have to leave you to the care of our maids once again.” I exhaled a heavy sigh, “Sigh, again. I thought you’d think about a different possibility for me this year.” “I’m sorry, sweetie,” My father stated solemnly. “I know you don’t like being in the care by our maids, but it isn’t like we have many other options.” My mother looked at me with a sour expression, “You know our maids would be just like hiring a sitter anyways. Plus, I thought you were close with Miranda?” “I-I am! I thought I was grown enough to be left alone, though,” I puffed. “B-but…sigh,” my father wrinkled his brow. “Look, we’ll think about this later, alright. We can enjoy our meal then and begin your studies for the day.” “Alright,” I gave in. It wasn’t something I felt pleased with for the idea. Still, my options didn’t seem very existent besides being left with the maids. Although I did feel alright with them here and helping out whenever it just didn’t feel right without my parents being present. With breakfast taken care of, I could now begin my daily studies. As a princess, I was homeschooled—through with the best education to offer. A majority of vampires were often homeschooled, though. Not many public schools existed for us to gather to, as generally there wasn’t enough of our kind to fit that demand. The fertility rate of vampires had been relatively stagnant for many centuries. Still, I suppose it’d make sense for our kind, given we do tend to live longer than the average mortal. The first subject I would tackle today would be mana harnessing. However, it was specialized to my physique. Unlike other vampires who typically graduated harnessing in their elementary days, I was a particular case. The mana inside me was far refined in comparison—thus, I had a more substantial capacity for mana usage. Granted the subject field had sparse research available for proper instructors, it would fall to my father to instruct me. From what I’m aware of, mana is generally genetic. Which would mean my father should also have a higher capacity than the average vampire. However, it sometimes can be spontaneous and unpredictable. So, it's generally genetic to a certain degree of percentage. My father first taught me that I was a unique case when it came to a vampire’s mana. Even though the royal family is lucky in children rich in mana, I was essentially an absurdly large diamond. Not yet refined, but no value could compare. Hence when we had instructors try to teach me at a young age, they would all abandon their position due to a lack of understanding my physique. Thus, due to no other vampire being able to visualize my being, my father decided to be my instructor and made sure to cut enough time for it. The best suitable location for harnessing mana is in a peaceful environment. So, our typical classroom was in the green room located in the back of the mansion. Many colorful flowers flourished alongside the greenest trees the world could witness. The half-dome shape was covered in window paneling to give a fantastic view outside. This room had a spectacular view at night when the moon sparkled through. Taking our seats in comfy outdoor seating arrangements, my father and I would begin the instructions. “Alright, sweetie, before we begin, let us meditate,” My father stated. This was a widespread routine I had been accustomed to. The meditation was to assist in harnessing one’s own state. At least that’s what I was told. Sitting with my legs crossed on top of each other, I put my hands together, closing my eyes. Slowly breathing in through my nose—witnessing many gorgeous scents around me before exhaling out my fanged mouth. A tranquil feeling came to me. “That should be enough for meditation. Now let us proceed with today’s procedure,” My dad stood up. My eyes opened up and followed in suit. “Today, I think you are ready to graduate to the next stage.” “Oh really?” I felt shocked. It was about a couple of years back before my father stated something similar and when our subject field changed. I’m still unsure what the importance of all that I had learned was, but my father tells me I have a pure talent for it. “Yup, as a matter of fact, you’re getting close to surpassing your father,” he said with a pleased expression. “It wasn’t till my late teens for when I got to this stage. So, it has me very pleased to see how much progress you can make this early on. As a father, it has me undoubtedly happy, and as a vampire, I am curious to see where you might go.” “I see…” I said, blushing away. The sudden praise felt very good, but I tried my best to contain it. “What will we be covering now?” “Well, as we have covered the subjects of harnessing your mana, circulation, and the idealization stages, it’s now time for you to learn how to harness it in other means.” Hearing the term had me perk my ears in interest for what it could mean. “So, for today’s first lecture will be about self-defense. But I first wanted to mention that your mother and I are both on the fence about you learning this. As we always want to be there for you, is there really a means to teach you self-defense? That was when I recalled my old instructor and retainer.” The term “retainer” stuck out to me, as I remember the old gentle Frederick. He was a kind man that I came to love, and I called him my uncle. However, he passed on many years back when I was still relatively young. Those tears I had I still remember to this day. “Well, Frederick once told me that even though I may be royalty, would that mean I shouldn’t have a need to learn self-defense? But that would only weaken me to becoming an easier target. If I wanted to be defended at all times, at least the self-dense, I know would be there for me in dire times. It was through this teaching that had your mother, and I change our minds. So, with this teaching in mind, we can at least sleep easy that you can manage by yourself when the time comes.” “Ah, that does sound like uncle Fred!” I smiled with my fangs peaking. “But I’ll do my best that I can!” “That’s my girl! Now for today’s first lecture will be about putting something to sleep…” The lecture and technique went on for about an hour before we stopped for the day. With a pleased smile, my father leads me back to my study room, where I would begin studying other subjects. Though the latter half of our instructions for self-defense, I couldn’t help but think about being able to spend time with mortals once again. I couldn’t help muttering “if only there was some way,” out loud. But he left me within the study, hoping me a good rest the day before sitting in meetings for the day. I’ve once had several tutors come through to make sure I’m on a topic only to find I was advanced from where I should be. Thus, I’d continue to make progress on my own. *** Several more hours of studying go by before I could call it a day, thus closing the book with a clump. Now that I have finished all my studying, I could proceed through the day with my hobbies. The current hobbies in mind were reading and playing with my dolls. I know I was a bit old for playing with my dolls, but the process of imagination and how cute the dolls were constructed always had me returning for more. As for the stories I enjoyed reading, I can’t help but admit I’m a stickler for princess novels. It's kind of embarrassing to admit that I, a princess enjoyed reading about other princesses. Though the kind I read about is more fairy-tale related. Where the princess becomes trapped, and a handsome prince slays a dragon to save them. Such romance I couldn’t help but admire. But I’ll sometimes lie, saying I like to read only about vampire mysteries. Despite my enjoyment, the thoughts about another soiled bed remain in my head. Would I wake up with another wet bed? Was I severely different from a vampire? Was there something wrong with me? I couldn’t help but be somewhat afraid for my future. However, I could only hope there was at least some way I’d be able to bridge past the vampire’s issues of the outside world.
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Closing the book and heading out of the nursery shutting the door and turning out the lights. A young woman probably in her early 20, she's a pink bunny with floppy ears. She is sitting in an office chair spinning before she notices the black deer. "o-oh boss, you already have the little ones to sleep?" The young lady has a slight blush on her face. The deer giggles and smiles. "I'm surprised you didn't want to join them? Heh." The bunny girl blushes more and laughs. "Well someone has to watch them right? Kinda part of my job. I know you've been looking for more help so I've been keeping an ear out for you." The deer puts her hands on her knees and smiles at the bunny. "Oh really! That's wonderful Sally. Tell mommy all the information and I'll go find you some new friend~" The bunny girl who looked in her early 20s begins to look smaller. She would blush more playing with her ears. "W-well there are two boys who are very sweet but it turns out they lost their home and are homeless now. It's really sad but I'm sure mommy can help them! Then they can work wif us!" The bunny girl gets younger and younger till she's about two years old, the deer grabs the bunny girl. "well ok, then mommy will check on these boys. But in the meantime, you need to get some sleep." The deer grabs a pacifier and puts it in her mouth. She rests her head on the deer and the deer pets her. Like magic, the bunny girl begins to fall asleep. She takes her to the nursery laying her in a crib and leaves thinking to herself. "Two young boys who are homeless. That's so sad… but I'm sure I can give these boys a better life, Heh." The deer leaves the nursery looking up at the sign Staries 'little' getaway. Was the name of this apparent nursery. "It's so hard to find help… No one wants to work here, they all want to stay here." She says with a sigh. She heads to a house next door and walks inside. It was a normal-looking home. But it had stuff set up like she had a child or two. But there was no evidence of a husband or even a kid. She heads to her room removing her skirt and brown apron. She gets dressed in some silky pj's and sits on her bed. "You're going to change the world Starie and if not… I'll make them change." She says with a giggle laying down and quickly falling asleep. The next day Starie wakes up stretching. She throws the covers off her and grabs her phone. She had a text from Sally, it was just a random address and some text that said, love you. Starie smiles and texts back. 'love you too baby bun.' She giggles grabs a new apron and skirt with some panties from her dressers and heads to the bathroom. She gets undressed and gets in the shower just relaxing and cleaning up after she gets out, dries off, and gets dressed. She leaves the bathroom and grabs her phone heading to the kitchen. She hums while she makes herself a bowl of cereal. She scrolls through her pictures on her phone and smiles. "Aww, I can't believe it's already been a year." There was a pink bunny that looked like Sally. She was covering her face as she was an adult in nothing but a diaper laying on a changing table. In the next few pictures, she was younger, probably about 16. Again she was in a diaper standing in the grass in a dress. Just looking around confused. More pictures later the pink bunny was a kid. She was crying because she had scraped on her knee a little. The next one though she was about 2 years old. She was sucking on staries boobs, eating while Starie petted her head. "She would kill me if she knew I took all these pictures. She doesn't have a huge debt to pay off. I probably still own her for another 10 years at least. I doubt she would quiet after though." She giggles and finishes her cereal. She finally gets up and heads to her computer and opens a document on her computer. She works for a few hours before printing it off. "That should do. All I have to do is get a few people to sign this." She grabs the 30-page document and puts them in her purse. Throwing it over her shoulder and heads out of her house. "Let's see here." She pulls out her phone and looks at the address again. "307 west peanut Street. Got it~!" She locks her phone and puts it in her purse and heads down the sidewalk. After about a half-hour of walking, she Finally finds peanut Street. She keeps walking and finds a homeless shelter and frowns. "I feel like most of my workers should come from here just to give them a second chance. Poor people. We will see." She says with a sigh she goes to walk up to it and finds an anthro pony orangish yellowish pony. He had a black eye and is handing a small girl a Halloween bucket. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine! Isn't that right Resuku? Me and him couldn't have you without Halloween candy next week now could we?" A skunk with orange on the back of his tail white belly and brown the rest of the way around smiles shyly and nods. "Ya… though brave took quite a beating…" Brave soul covers Resukus mouth. "Shhh! Yap! Just fine, now go have fun." The little girl smiles. "Thank you, mister!" She skips off and Starie smiles. "That was super sweet. How old are you two?" They both look around before looking at each other. brave spoke up first. "Us? Well, we are the same age, 26 ma'am." She giggles and smiles holding her hand out. "Oh, I should introduce myself. I'm Starie! You are brave? And your boyfriend is Resuku." Resuku blushed and brave blushed a bit. They both shook her hand. "He's my friend… we are not uhh together like that. But can we help you?" Brave asked as Starie nodded. "Oh right, well I hear you two don't have a place to call home anymore? Would you like a chance to have a place to live for one year? After that, we will see where it goes." Brave looks suspicious but Resuku looks interested as he speaks up. "Wait… like we pay rent or something? We don't have jobs but we could with a place to stay! Right brave?" He holds up a finger. "Hold on. What's the catch lady?" She frowns. "Aww, already caught on huh?" Brave smirks. "I'm not stupid." Starie pulls out a bunch of documents from earlier from her purse. "All you have to do is fill out this. Sign a few papers and for one year you have a free place to stay. I mean you can buy other stuff to make life more enjoyable but we will give you the basic stuff for free." Brave and resuku look intimidated by this large document. "Holy… crap…" Resuku says. "Oh ya it's quite long. Would you prefer me to come back another day, to get time to read it over?" Starie asks with a smile. "Uhh let's go inside and sit down and look it over I suppose?" Brave says. he's kinda excited. He couldn't believe such an opportunity to get back on his feet was here in front of him. They all head inside and sit around a table in the main area of the homeless shelter. They began reading the first page. It was very simple stuff. The normal for a legal document. Reminded them of kinda like a renters form. "Well… What do you think Resuku? This looks legit?" Brave asks. Resuku nods. "Let's sign it! I'm sick of this place. I'm ready to get back on my own feet and live my own life again!" Brave smiles and laughs and they begin to work on the document signing everything they need to. After what felt like forever of paperwork they hand the stuff to Starie who's texting on her phone. She's texting Sally. All it says is 'bring the van'. Starie looks up with a smile. "Oh all done? Well, congratulations on your new home!" She puts the paperwork away. And brave gets in her face. "S-so umm when can we go to this home…?" Resuku also looks interested but too shy to speak. Starie giggles. "Soon! I got a car coming to pick us up." They wait a good half hour before Sally comes running into the building breathing heavily. "I-im here! Sorry! I was changing-" Starie puts her arms around Sally. "Sally! Say hello to Brave soul and Resuku. You two, this is my worker Sally. She's a bit scatterbrained. But does her best." They all shake hands. They head out to the van and get in. "Smells like baby powder in here." Brave says, Sally blushed and was about to say something. "And? It's a better smell than something rotten wouldn't you say?" Brave shrugs. "Huh… ya I suppose so?" Resuku shrugs and smiles. "I mean...it kinda smells nice." Starie nods. "Yap! Oh while you two sit back there I got one more form for you to fill out. This one doesn't have anything about boring stuff. This is about what you all want. There's stuff that costs money here but don't worry you pay nothing for the full year. Then after you can either pay off your debt or work for me to pay it off. Sally's a previous customer! " Sally blushes more and nods. "Y-ya that's right! I racked up so much debt on day one… I had to stop and go with the free options." They take the paper Starie hands them and looks it over. Do you want an adult bedroom for $5000, a child's for $1000, or a baby's free. (girls bedroom would depend on clothing) Clothing options, adult $2000, child $500, or baby free. (Girls' clothes give you money in the opposite way. Baby $2000, child $500 an adult $200) Underwear? Adult $5000, childish, $2000 pull-ups $500, and diapers free. Food. Every meal adult $1000, baby food $500, breastmilk free. Bedtime, 7 free 10 $1000 no bedtime $3000 Fun items can be anything you want. They both had an incredible blush on their face. Brave speaks up. "You can't be for real? Why is all this baby stuff free? You just can't expect us to pick that?" Sally giggles and Starie smiles, turning to them. "Oh right, I forgot to say. The first 3 days you will be regressed, younger and younger. Till You're both about 2 years old. So the baby's stuff will come in later. Just depends if you want it earlier. It also won't make your debt much higher." They both blush more. "it's not possible to regress someone right…?" Starie reaches behind Sally who's driving and pulls her pants down a bit showing her diaper. Sally blushes like Crazy. "M-mommy!" Both the boys couldn't believe this was an adult in diapers. They both looked at each other as Starie kissed Sally's cheek. "Sorry baby, but mommy had to prove it to them. Now, are you going to select your stuff? Or do I get to?" Both their eyes get big. "W-we will." Resuku says filling out the information on his paper. Brave sighs and does the same as they turn them into Starie. She secretly takes a picture of them and sends them to an unknown number. "... We could just runoff." Brave says. "And risk jail time? The papers you signed give me ownership for one year. Take your choice boys." They sigh. "Guess we are going with you… but I mean what happens if we max out the debt?" Brave asks. Starie giggles. "You work for me for the rest of your life. But don't worry you will get a place to stay and stuff, In the nursery that is. Sally likes it there." Sally whines as they Finally make it to the house. They both blush. "N-nursery? Oh God… let's try not to make this permanent…" Brave says, Resuku nods. "I agree… but this will be so humiliating…" Sally gets out of the van running into the building with Starie’s 'little' getaway written on it. Starie laughs. "She's so shy about her diapers. But a year as a toddler will do that to you." They both shake gulping. She gets out and opens the door for them. "Well come on! Let's head on inside. You were both so excited!" They both take their time getting out of the van and follow Starie up to her house. They all step inside and she shuts the door. "Please take off your shoes." They both do as she says. "So uhh… I mean this place isn't that bad… right Resuku?" Brave asks. Resuku nods shyly. "Y-ya… do we get separate rooms?" Starie frowns. "No, unfortunately not. I only got one spare room. I never expected to take on two at the same time." Brave kinda shrugs. "I don't mind. Could be worse right?" Resuku blushed. "R-right! Like having to wear diapers… or something." Starie giggles. "Oh that will be a given eventually but I'll let you try to keep without them as long as you want. But I won't give anyone false hope. Now let's check out your new room for the day shall we?" They all head to a spare bedroom and open the door heading into their new room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. *sigh* Here I go again, beginning another story when my last ones are unfinished... however, I had to post this considering it's October! I've always wanted to post my own spooky story and it's finally my chance. Among the many years I've been anonymously reading Halloween stories when October hits, it's my pleasure to finally post my own. This is *supposedly* a short story, one I plan to finish at the end of the month. If there is a continuation, as in second book, expect it the following October to be posted. Anywho, enjoy! ?‍♀️?? Chapter 1: Beware of the Witch Marnie felt the crisp fall air flow through her black sheer cloak as she heard leaves crunch under her feet, stopping at the edge of the forest, “It’s witching season, witches.” She smiled to herself with her bright red lipstick and moss green eyes, anticipating another rewarding hunt. She walked towards the familiar Moore’s Crossing in the Knight Realm. A cold, mythical land with many powerful witches and warlocks between it’s interweaving castles and far-stretching woodsy forests. A few days before she had received a cauldron glow and placed the vapor into her cauldron wand that usually lit up bright white. The smokey swirls slowly turned dark purple in the bulb as her eyes cast in the new call for help. Her signs of urgently needed help were never called upon by a specific person, but a collection of souls in great danger from dark forces. Marnie immediately went to her crystal ball, searching for where the call resonated from. Her eyes narrowed in confusion, eye brows knitting together, “Moore's Crossing?” She asked herself, confused. Her memory serving her that Moore’s Crossings had many witch hunters and warlock protectors of all kinds. It was home of the 7 realms, the true protector of the Realm of Magic. Moore's Crossing didn’t need an independently contracted witch hunter! If Marnie had received the call, then they must have been in desperate need. She was a rookie witch hunter, but one of the best streak records around the 7 realms. She halted a lot of dark magic witches, alone at that. Many witchhunters fought the dark forces in groups, yet here Marnie was, on calls alone and the best among. Many people knew of her quickly, although she was new to the game, and many were easily annoyed by her cocky attitude and seemingly naïve ways. Marnie was a witch herself and a good one at that. The Realm of Magic had many good witches and warlocks, a rare sort, around. Among these, left many dark and, ugly -may Marnie add- witches who stole upon the young to regain beauty, elasticity and material gains at the expense of the innocent. The last witch Marnie had turned in to the Ghouls Oubliette was disheveled to a saggy bone-bag of a woman. Yuck! Marnie had her own nightmares of that one when she removed the hex off of the teenage girl she kept in her tower. She hadn’t been to Moore’s Crossing in ages. In fact, it had been almost five years since she’d been in the realm when she acquired her Magistry license, graduating early from GildWick’s School for Witches and Warlocks . She didn’t go to university, deciding that a magical gap year was what she truly needed. Little to say, she ditched the witch school entirely and explored the Realms, eventually starting her own craft of witch hunting. Her favorite subject had always been the dark arts. Although she didn’t want to practice, she was intrigued on the aftermath. Despicable, unforgivable things that they only had in the forbidden section of the library. After a few nights of stealing enchanted books from the restricted section of GildWick's, Marnie had read enough to set her into the path to become her own witch hunter, to help the vulnerable and weak. She knew, firsthand, how the Dark Forces of the Realms could spread and takeover, just like they had in her home Realm. Orne was once a beautiful realm, luscious with dark green foliage and mystical animals of every sort trotting around. It was abundant with fruits and creatures. Within a few months, the realm was swept with ravaging flames, dark clouds, and witches. The Dark Forces had hexed and swarmed the realm with poisonous smoke, debris and bugs. The sickening smog grew and choked those who breathed it. The ash of innocents flaked down on the soil of Orne, forever changing the land. As the White Witches of Orne protected the realm, it was not enough. The Dark Forces invaded so rapidly that the White Witches split up, some being poisoned by darkness, some murdered, and others taken by the Obscure. The Obscure were part of the Dark Forces, an ancient group of dark beings that stole witches for their own use. Legend has it, they used the White Witches as thralls, mesmerizing them into Dark Force numbers. Marnie was 13 when she awoke from her spell-induced coma. She was told her parents were lost in the flames and smoke that engulfed Orne. Marniee didn’t have any recollection of them, her family or life before. She had many dreams of this land, maybe past memories infused of what once was the land, yet she couldn’t remember any solid memories. Her memory was completely gone, as if lost in the smoke that encompassed the land. The Orne realm was now a forbidden place, inhabited by the Dark Forces. After graduating from GildWick, Marnie applied to join the Circle, which was missing a White Witch who burned on a stake in Orne during when the Dark took over. The Circle protected all 7 realms, with 7 warlocks and witches covering each Realm. Many of the Circle were immortal, ancient, wise and skilled warlocks. Together, their forces of good and power can halt any evil that can attack the Realm of Magic. With a missing link, the Circle was incomplete and that could cause imbalance among the Realms. Ever since Orne’s Circle member was murdered, the Realm has been vulnerable as the Dark Forces grow ever more powerful, quietly growing like a tumor from within. Marnie had a chip on her shoulder when she wasn’t even accepted into the trials for the Circle. They didn’t even consider her or see what she could do! The only thing she really lacked was… well, her ability to levitate or fly on a broomstick. As many times as she would try to raise off the ground, her magic wouldn’t allow her. She would stands for hours and hours holding her hand to her broomstick, chanting, “With love, light and magic I condemn you to rise.” Over and over, yet all she would get is a slight twitch of the wooden stick. She even bought multiple broomsticks, thinking that maybe one broomstick was cursed, yet, no luck. Indeed, it was naive for Marnie to even consider the thought of joining or even trialing for the Circle. To even trial for the Circle, you have to be able to check ‘yes’ for all seven wonders. Only the highest status witches and warlocks could even be considered for the trials. The trials were deadly, especially if you didn’t have the gift of life, but Marnie wanted purpose, a way to prove herself. She wanted to join the fight against the dark forces and joining the Circle was all that she wanted ever since awakening from her coma. Her other abilities were, well, average, but the girl had heart! She knew she lacked the power, but her witt made up for her lack of intensity of her spells. She was intelligent, reading many dark arts books, and practiced defensive magic for many years before she took up her witch hunting craft. It was a somewhat scary, yet thrilling job that she wouldn’t trade for anything. Although she wasn’t a part of the Circle, she was protecting the Realm of Magic in her own ways, even if the realms wouldn’t let her do it the legal way. She could have joined the Protectors, but that was a lost cause. Too many mindless tasks like writing reports and ticketing people for broom violations was not her cup of tea. She had greater plans for her magic and wanted to prove to the Circle that they messed up. Marnie walked through the gates of Moore’s Crossing, looking at the high brick walls that surrounded the far boundaries of the guarded town. As she walked through, freshly baked bread hit her nose with nostalgia. She remembered when her and her friends from GildWick would sneak out of their dorms to Moore’s Crossing for sight-seeing, shopping and witches brew. She could never forget seeing for the first time the high towers of the Realm of Magic’s castle that encompassed King and Queen of the 7 realms. King Peter and his Queen Belinda lived in the tower, ruling the realms. As Marnie looked across the many towers she couldn’t even begin to imagine how many stairs they’d have to climb a day! Marnie always wanted to fly around the castle on her broomstick, which was strictly prohibited and could end in arrest, yet, she saw protectors and even rebellious young witches and warlocks do it. She could only imagine how beautiful the view was from way up high. She had only heard rumors of dragons and mythical invisible creatures protecting the doors of the castle, but she had never stepped foot or flew above to see for herself. The castle’s doors and perimeter was heavily guarded with magic, witches and warlocks. Anyone of evil intention is said to be instantly paralyzed from entering until the spell is lifted and they are imprisoned for acts of malicious intent. However, Marnie heard the stories of dark forces casting spells to enter without a trace or using vehicles such as dogs, creatures or other people to enter. Marnie, herself, had a few spells that would allow her in, but she had no evil in her blood to even have an issue with entering. Marnie walked past the young kids ooohing at Beezle & Beetris Tricks Shop from the outside. She smiled, remembering that was the coolest young witches and warlock store to be in, even for the non-magic folk of the realm. That’s where her and her friends would spend most of their time, as Marnie tended to slip away to the Moore's Crossing Library which contained archives of lost books, nonsense books from the Mortal Realm, and, most intriguingly to Marnie, restricted, forbidden books. Marnie had attempted to get into the restricted section before, yet, all her attempts failed. To access, you had to have a form of identification and status in the Realms. Marnie was an ‘illegal’ witch hunter and, supposedly, she didn’t have access. She did have a wanted poster in the Halcyon Realm but, alas, it wasn’t important. Only the protectors, knights, high-status officials, the Circle members and select few around the Realms had access. It wasn’t fair, but Marnie had been working around ways to get in. Ever since Marnie knew her next call to her witch hunts led to the Knight Realm, she knew she had a alternative mission to get into the restricted section. It had been 5 years since she last tried and this time she was a much more experienced witch. Marnie’s eyes searched the store fronts, businesses and homes as she walked along the brick paths, beginning to go to the outskirts of Moore’s Crossing far from the castle. She was scoping the territory, eyeing the crowds to look for signs of dark forces, eerie or evil sightings. The nostalgia of the town hit her so deeply that she forgot that she was there on a task, not a vacation. The thick crowds of people she had walked through earlier cleared and some teen warlocks stood at the edge of a bridge, about to take flight. Oh, how she envied the flying! She had never been able too, and it was the one shame she had as a witch. She sauntered for a moment, watching the boys jumping to a takeoff and zooming circles in the air as they went far in the distance. Marnie smiled, feeling lonely for the first time in a long while. It was tough being a wanderer witch, with no home realm. She had a small tent she packed with her but it wasn’t a home, nor company for that matter. It was a lonely time, one she chose, but sometimes it reminded her of how alone she truly was. As Marnie stood in an alleyway, mesmerized by the sight and slightly jealous, she could smell chicken pot pie in the distance. Her nose wiggled as she began walking towards it, feeling hungry for dinner. She walked down a dimly lit path, towards light at the end of the narrow alleyway towards the scent. There were a few abandoned shops at the end of the path and, at the corner facing the tower, lay a hut-like shop, with a wooden sign, “Free Readings, taking anyone!” Marnie laughed quietly to herself, knowing that was a classic tell-tale sign of a black witch. This job will be easy, Marnie thought to herself. The potpie smell was even coming directly from the hut! How blatantly obvious could a wicked witch be? Marnie used a 3-edged rule for the wicked and downright ugly: First, they were usually deceitfully beautiful in some way but truly ugly and scary, second, they promised lies, and, third, they attracted people to them through smell, sight, and touch. She brought her black, disheveled and ripped satchel to her front hip, clamoring through it for her wand. Marnie shook her head, staring at her almost empty magic boost potion. She had needed it more and more as the months went by. It was as if her magic was gradually dwindling. Marnie tried to not think of it because her magic was something that made her, well, her. Without magic, Marnie would be nothing. It was something that ate at her core and she didn’t want to be equivalent to a non-magical commoner or human. It was a gift she could use to live and, without it, she’d be forced to get a 9 to 5 job at an office or store. If anything, she may consider becoming a brewista for Starbrew if her magic career ever vanished. Marnie pulled out the vial, swirling the silver glowing liquid that only had a few drops left. “Fuck.” She whispered, knowing she’d have to find ingredients soon for another brew. Marnie took out the dropper and stuck her tongue out, licking the icy sweet drop as it hit her taste buds. She took in a slow breath, feeling a tickle of magic in her fingertips underneath her wand, “Alright, let’s do this witch.” Marnie walked closer, seeing a warm orange glow from the webb covered windows. There was a sheer dark purple curtain that split in the middle as Marnie walked through, placing her wand in her black jean pencil skirt’s imperceptible wand pocket. As she entered, she went through a few layers of colorful beads and gem curtains. Already fucking hate this entrance, Marnie thought. “I’ve been expecting you, child.” A croaking voice spoke as Marnie finally was through the collection of beads, the noise sounding of rain as she entered, heart rate pulsing. Marnie almost wanted to roll her eyes, wow, haven’t heard that one before! Every ‘psychic witch’ that Marnie had came across has said the same line or two. If they really were psychic, then they wouldn’t have been so easily caught by Marnie. “Oh, wow! So you must be the real deal then.” Marnie smiled innocently, hopefully as if she were an actual customer. Her eyes met the witch’s cloudy cataract-forming ones. She was much uglier than the others Marnie had came across, that’s for sure! She was plump, morbidly obese with thick, puffy lips, a squat face, and bulging big eyes. The old, sagging woman had beads intertwined around her grey and red hair that came across her forehead, one bead stuck on the middle of her eyebrows like a gigantic red pimple. This witch looked like she was ready for another feasting of young naïve flesh, but not today or ever again. Marnie would make sure of it! The woman immediately smiled, “Have a seat, sweetie.” The chair in directly in front of Marnie scooted out with magic, awaiting her as the old witch stood, “You’re hungry, let me fix you something!” Without Marnie responding, the woman walked away, in large, loud thumps to her tiny kitchen nestled in the corner that smelled incredible. Marnie’s mouth watered as she sat, knowing she would not be taking a bite. She looked around the dark red painted room with glowing lanterns hanging around the walls. A crystal glass ball sat in the center and another beaded curtain lie behind where the psychic was sitting, which Marnie assumed was her room upstairs. The woman sauntered back in, steps heavy on the ground with a thump, thump, thump that drew close as she set down a pot pie and tea in front of Marnie, “Eat, it’s not poisoned, that’s a promise.” She smiled down, a thick bead of sweat running down her forehead. Marnie was surprised by the suddenly direct comment. She declined, “No thank you, I’m not hungry.” “Sure you aren’t!” The woman plopped down on her big bottom with a laugh as her dark purple fur cloak fanned in the air. She went quiet, studying Marnie, “I’m Madam Myriam. And you are…” Her eyes lit up, “Marnie Blairwitch?” Marnie was caught off guard, a ‘psychic’ witch had never been able to guess her real name! Marnie cast a pseudo spell to confuse any telepaths or mediums which meant only two things… it was wearing off or this witch may be very powerful? The spell last a month and she had just enchanted herself a week before… She felt a rush of blood and a magical itch in her hands. Maybe she was dealing with a more powerful witch than she presumed. Marnie nodded once, eyeing the witch’s cataract green eyes that bulged back at her, “How did you know that?” Madam Myrium’s eyes lit up as she smiled, “I thought you came into my hut for a reading? Is that not true?” She cocked her head at Marnie who felt a bad, dark feeling as the lights flickered, “Ah, I sense it’s not the reason you came in, hm?” Marnie shifted, hand on the back of her wand, ready to draw. Marnie smiled, eyebrows furrowing, “No- I mean, yes I came for the reading. I just wanted to make sure you were real.” Madam Myrium slammed her hands on the table, causing the pot pie to jump with Marnie, “Then take your hand off of the wand!” Madam Myrium yelled as Marnie’s eyes flashed, surprised she even knew that much. Marnie immediately stood, the chair toppling behind her as she drew her wand, pointing it to the ugly, despicable witch. “You are being arrested for dark magic of the malicious degree. Surrender to good now or I have do this the hard way, witch.” Silence filled the room as the witch’s eyes shifted to the tiny girl, amused. The witch began laughing loudly as Marnie stood there, annoyance appearing on the young girl’s face. “Take a seat, doll. You are not powerful enough for that, we both know that.” Madam Myrium said, gesturing for Marnie to sit. Her tone was degrading, as if Marnie wasn't even a witch at all. “Parasius.” Marnie said, her wand’s tip not lighting. She looked towards the witch, seeing she was smiling as if watching a cute sight. Marnie’s hand dropped the wand, her fingers going numb as the numbness crept up her arm, like a rapidly spreading viral infection. Marnie cursed, “Fuck, no, no.” She felt her legs becoming weak as the witch stood, watching Marnie crumble to the floor, frozen in loss of feeling. How did her spell rebound?! This was an act of dark magic! There was no other explanation. Marnie was paralyzed, from her own spell, as she looked at the ceiling of the wood-boarded hut's ceiling, anxiety immediately flooding through her thoughts. She couldn’t move and was entrapped by this disgusting old hag of a witch! How was she going to get out of this one? She couldn’t even gulp as she stared straight up, the witch leaning over and looking down at her, “Oh, my! We have some things to talk about, don’t we?” She kneeled, pinching the spell-paralyzed Marnie’s cheek who wanted to scream, but, due to her unfortunate circumstances, couldn't even twitch a muscle.
  11. I know it's a little early for Halloween, but this story is for the Story contest that @kasarberang is putting on which is supposed to be submitted by the end of September which is kind of close to Halloween. I hope everyone enjoys this story and please leave feedback! Link: Chapter 1: Mary Walker stared at the computer screen watching time slowly tick away. She stared at her reflection seeing her beautiful long locks gone and the reflection that stared back showed what looked like a baby woman's natural hair cut. She couldn't believe James had done such a thing and now her hair matched her adult baby's daughters more then ever. Mary knew after dating James through college and now after being married for a year the tricks would get worse, but she knew she needed to figure out a way to get back at him. It was Halloween night and knew it was night of the big Halloween party Jame's work put on. James worked for a large furniture company that supplied adult baby furniture to the Baby Hotel. He had gotten the job after they graduated from college and after they adopted there beautiful baby girl Amber his work donated a full nursery for them. His job expected a lot from him and he also asked a lot of her when he brought up what she needed to do for Halloween night. He wanted Mary to dress up in the most sluttiest costume she could find so he could show her off to all his colleges. Mary saw the clock reading 3:30 which meant she only had 15 minutes before she would clock out and go pick Amber up from the daycare. She knew she needed to think of something, but her mind stared blank. She knew it had to be something clever and something James wouldn't see coming when her eyes stared at a picture of her adult baby daughter Amber. She stared directly at the photo looking over her daughters baby outfit seeing her wearing a traditional baby onesie stretched over a large adult baby diaper. Then her eyes caught her daughters hair and suddenly thought to herself. "That's it!" Mary chuckled to herself wondering how she was going to pull off such a thing and knew she would need some help. She stared at the clock watching it ever so slowly go by until the time had come and she clocked out and quickly ran out of her office towards her car. She was filled with so much energy and excitement and quickly through the car into gear and rushed towards the daycare. Mary pulled into the daycare parking lot already seeing it completely empty and knew it being Halloween night parents had already picked up their babies. She parked her car and walked quickly into the building and pressed the door bell on the side of the door and waited patiently for her friend Allison to answer. She pulled out her phone from her purse and saw it had already been 15 minutes and only had 2 hours before James would be home and ready to go to the Halloween party. She stared up hearing the sound of doors opening and saw Allison walking towards the front door with her adult baby daughter on her hip. "Hey girl!" Mary smiled and watched her friend open the door and try to hand her daughter to her, but she placed her hands out saying, "Can you put her in the playpen inside for a second? We need to talk!" Allison held the door allowing Mary to walk inside the daycare saying, "Of course! I am guessing this has something to do with James." Mary nodded her head and watched as Allison placed her daughter inside a large playpen and spoke saying, "I think I figured out a way to get him back." Allison chuckled saying, "You two were made for each other you know that?" Mary giggled and nodded saying, "Just listen! I need some help with this prank and I knew you would be the perfect person to ask." Allison smiled asking, "What's the prank? and how can I help?" "I want to trick James into thinking that I am Amber." Allison stared confused asking, "Wait?..What do you mean?" "I want you to make me look like I am Amber's twin. I want you to dress myself and Amber in identical outfits so James can't tell us apart." Allison couldn't help, but laugh and tried to catch her words asking, "Wait? So you want me to dress you up like a little baby so James can't tell you and Amber apart?" Mary rolled her eyes and spoke saying, "Go ahead and laugh, but yes I want to see the look on his face when he takes Amber to his party and not me." Allison facial expression changed and spoke saying, "I think I can make this work, but first I am going to need you to strip." Mary pulled off the dress she was wearing allowing it to fall to her feet as she stood there only wearing her panties, bra, and heels. Allison grabbed Amber from the playpen and started stripping the baby woman of her onesie leaving her only wearing a large comical sized diaper between her legs. She turned around seeing Mary now nude except for her bra, panties and heels and pointed. "those as well". Mary spoke quickly saying, "I am not really a baby though". Allison spoke seriously asking, "do you want to make him believe your Amber or not?" Mary sighed and slipped her feet out of the heels, unbuttoned her bra, and pulled down her panties. Allison motioned for Mary to come to her and patted the ground saying, "come lay down for me beside Amber. Mary laid down right beside her daughter and wondered what her friend was doing and noticed her giggling again. "Whats so funny?" asked, Mary Allison shook her head saying, "I never noticed how similar you both look, you are both the same size." Mary blushed and spoke asking, "Whats next?" Allison stared over Mary's petite body staring at all body hair and spoke saying, "I want to give you both a quick bath and then we will get you both dressed." Mary stared confused asking, "a bath why?" Allison stared down at her friend asking, "We need to make sure James can't tell, so please trust me." Mary sighed and spoke saying, "Fine!, Where is the bathroom?" Allison pulled the tape tabs off Amber's diaper and pulled the soaked garment to the side saying, "Follow me". Mary followed behind her friend staring at her nude adult baby girl and cooed at her. She couldn't believe she was about do this, but she knew that she was going to enjoy seeing James defeated when he gets laughed at for bring a baby to his works Halloween party. Allison placed a plug into the bottom of the tub and turned on the water. She placed her charge into the water and turned around to Mary saying, "Jump in." Mary stepped into the large tub and sat down beside her daughter watching as the tub started to feel. She couldn't believe she was actually sitting her nude with her daughter in front of her friend. Allison noticed Mary blushing and spoke saying, "Don't be so modest I have taken care of a lot of baby men and women." Mary spoke saying, "I am not a baby Allison." Allison giggled saying, "Will see if we can't change that!" Mary continued to blush watching as the water filled the tub wanting this to be over with already. Allison turned the water off and picked up a large cup saying, "The first thing we need to do is get all of that big girl make up off of you." Mary stared watching her friend scoop a big thing of water into the cup and closed her eyes knowing what was coming next. The hot water flowed down her face as her ears heard the cup refilling and another cup full was dumped over her. Allison couldn't help but giggle seeing how different her friend looked without make up. It was like Mary was becoming her daughters twin faster and faster. She reached for the tubs drain and pulled the plug and noticed Mary staring confused at her. "Were done already?" Allison nodded saying, "that was all I need to do for this part." "What about Amber?" Allison shook her head saying, "I think she will be just fine, we just need to get you looking like her." Mary stared confused and watched as her friend pulled two large white towels out from under the sink and used the first one to pull Amber out of the tub. She watched as her daughter allowed her friend to get quickly clean and placed her on the ground. "Your turn." Mary reached for the towel, but before she knew it she was quickly picked up out of the tub and was being dried off by her friend. "Hey!" Allison placed Mary on the ground right beside her daughter and spoke saying, "lay right there for me while I get something." Mary didn't have to wait very long and saw the bathroom door opening and saw an electric razor in her hand and asked, "What's that for?" Allison walked over and got down in between Mary's leg saying, "this is to get our new little baby nice and smooth." Mary shook her head saying, "No way! This is going a little ove...Mpfh!" "That's enough little one! all you have done is complain! I am trying to help you, but you won't let me help! Can you be a good girl and cooperate?" Mary laid her head back and couldn't believe her friend just stuck a large pacifier between her lips. She crossed her arms and tried to move her tongue, but the large bulb wouldn't allow her any movement." "Buzz!" Allison quickly shaved the hair from her friends crotch making sure to get it baby smooth just like her daughters. She looked over both of them wondering what she needed to do next and then stared at both of there hair. She knew Mary wouldn't go along with that and would have to figure something else out and knew the next thing to do was get them both dressed. Mary felt the bulb of the pacifier leave her lips and stared up seeing Allison and spoke saying, "I am sorry." Allison smiled saying, "It's alright! I need to go get your outfits! Can you carry Amber out into the front room and I will meet you both in there?" Mary nodded and scooped her daughter onto her hip and followed right behind Allison. She walked towards the front room watching as Allison walked into another room and thought to herself that must be the nursery. She placed her daughter onto the ground and got down with her when she suddenly wondered what the time was. She stared around the room and noticed a nursery style clock reading 4:55 and knew they only had an hour before James would be home. She was about to hop up to find Allison when she noticed her walking into the front room with a large tote and sat back down. Allison smiled down at them both saying, "lets get my soon to be twin baby girls dressed shall we." Mary giggled and watched as her friend pulled out a large changing pad from the tote and placed it beside her. She sat there nervously as her tall friend gave the pad a pat with her hand motioning for her to get on top. She slowly moved on to the pad knowing what was coming next when she saw her friend grabbing one of the large comical sized baby diapers from out of the bag. Allison giggled saying, "It's diaper time!" Mary laid her head back and knew if she was really going to go through with this she would need to wear a diaper. She shifted her bottom up allowing her friend to place the diaper under the bottom and instantly felt the thickness from the diaper lifting herself up off the ground. Allison grabbed a bottle of powder and sprayed it into her friends crotch and bottom and started to rub it in seeing her friends facial expression changing quickly. She grabbed the front of the diaper and pulled it up and between her friends legs watching as the diaper bowed her legs just like any other babies. Mary tried to close her legs, but the thickness from the diaper wasn't allowing her to do anything almost like it had left her feeling somewhat helpless. She felt the diaper getting tighter as each tape was placed. "All done!" Mary felt hands coming underneath her arms as she was placed back on the ground. She turned seeing Allison place the pad underneath her daughter about to repeat the same process. She stared down at the thick diaper giving it a good rub and inspecting the large garment that she has been placing her daughter in for the last year in a half. She gave the diaper a good one over and before she could make another move she heard soft crinkling turned seeing Allison placing her diapered daughter right beside her. "Ok babies, lets get you dressed!" Mary watched as her friend reached into the tote bag pulling out large stacks of clothing. She tried to go over towards her to help, but the thickness of the diaper wasn't allowing her to do very much. Allison giggled and stared at her diapered friend asking, "Having a hard time in that diaper?" Mary nodded and chuckled saying, "I have a whole new respect on why my daughter has a hard time moving now." Allison sorted through the clothing thinking to herself none of these seem like they would work and suddenly remembered about something she had missed in the other room and knew it would be perfect. "I'll be right back!" Mary watched her friend throw all of the clothing back in the bag and looked towards the clock seeing they only had 35 minutes to get home. She started to think this was beginning to be a bad idea and there wasn't going to be any way for them to pull this off. "found it!" Mary turned her head seeing Allison walking towards and stared at the identical matching outfits that she was walking with and started to shake her head saying, "No! I am not wearing that! You don't have anything el...Mpfh!?" "That's going to stay in until I'm finished little one! I am done listening to you try to argue with me, but you asked for my help to turn you into Amber's twin and this will work perfectly. We only have a little time so can you be a good little baby for auntie Allison and help me get you and your sister dressed?" Mary suckled on the pacifier and nodded her head not wanting to wear what was about to come next. Allison dressed them both quickly in the matching outfits and stared in complete awe and if she didn't know any better would really believe the two adult baby women she was staring at were twin baby sisters. She walked over to the corner of the day care and brought over a mirror and placed it in front of both babies. "Want to see what you look like?" Mary eyes lit up when she saw the reflection that was staring back at her. She stared behind at her daughter Amber and couldn't believe how similar Allison had really made her look. She stared at the outfit already not believing she was sitting here wearing a frilly pink baby dress, a pair of frilly tights that had ruffles across her bottom, a bonnet, and a pair of black mary jane shoes. Allison saw the shock running across Mary's face and looked up towards the clock seeing they only had 20 minutes before James would be getting home. She quickly scooped Amber up first and spoke saying, "lets get you babies home!" Mary reached her hands out and allowed Allison to help pull her up off the ground. She had to take a second, but held onto her friend's hand and waddled towards the front door. Allison opened her company car and placed Amber into the first car seat in the back and quickly buckled her up and turned watching Mary trying to open up the front seat. "Babies ride in car seats!" Mary tried to argue but the babbler between her lips sent the words into nothing but baby battle. "I know baby, but if we get pulled over I can get in trouble for not having you in a car seat." Mary felt herself being buckled in and then watched as the door closed and Allison walking back into the daycare. She looked around seeing she didn't have her purse or phone and turned her head trying to get her friends attention, but then realized she walked back in the daycare to grab a large diaper bag. Allison saw a look across her friends face and reached into the diaper bag pulling out her friends purse and watched as the worry look turned into a relief. Mary sat back in the soft car seat and trying to relax wondering how this whole trick of getting back at James was getting away from her. She felt the car starting up and watched as they headed away from the daycare and towards her home. Allison pulled into her friends neighborhood and stared seeing James car was not in the driveway yet and smiled knowing they had made it. She placed her car in park and reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a set of keys. "Which one is for the house?" Mary pointed towards a gold key and watched as her friend left the car and quickly ran and opened the front door. Allison ran back to the car and opened the back seat and quickly unbuckled Amber and placed the baby on her hip saying, "I'll be right back for you!" Mary stared at the cars clock seeing it already 4 minutes until James would be pulling in and hoped to god this wasn't about to turn sour on her. Allison placed Amber down into the playpen and noticed the clock behind the couch seeing she only had three minutes. She quickly ran back outside the front door and saw the passenger door opened and Mary trying her best to help. Mary saw her friend walking over towards her and scooped her out of the seat and placed on her hip. "I told you I would be right back you little stinker!" Mary blushed and placed her head into her friends shoulder not wanting any of her neighbors to see her dressed this way and also wondered if they would even recognize her. Allison closed the front door and walked over to the large playpen and placed Mary down inside and stared shaking her head wondering how they really pulled this off. She reached into the diaper bag and pulled out a large baby bottle saying, "If you get thirsty drink this". Mary pointed towards her pacifier and Allison quickly removed it saying, "I will see you later tonight if everything works." Mary didn't even get a word out watching her friend run out the front door closing it behind her.
  12. Just a real quick story i wanted to throw out before Halloween was over... I hope i made it in time. I know, it's weird, it's odd, it has problems and i wrote it in the past 2 hours but hey, i thought, what the hell. Maybe someone else will enjoy it. At The Last Minute Jill looked nervous, hesitant. This costume was ridiculous as much as it was a cliché: The sexy nurse. Only, this time, it was a ridiculously short, white latex nurse dress, complete with the red cross on the chest and the little hat - Also latex, of course. She looked at herself in the mirror: The shoes were even more interesting. White patent leather, wedge heeled ballet shoes. She trained as a ballet dancer and knew how to walk like this, but it still proved difficult. At least her body was flattered by the outfit. She always kept herself in shape, her b cups being held up nicely by the rubber cups inside the dress - And padded slightly - made her look quite attractive indeed, especially when it’s topped with her pale, soft face and long, straight black hair falling loosely over her shoulders. Her Japanese heritage was clearly on display, though she heels increased her size to a healthy 6 feet. She had no idea how she let Clarice talk her into this. “It’ll be fun!” she said. “We decided to just go kinky this year!” She told her all about the catsuit - a literal catsuit - she was going to wear, just like ‘the old batman film’. She shivered, not knowing whether that was better or not than her own attire. The ballet heels were the one thing no one else would be able to mimic, at least, she thought to herself. She pulled at the hem of the dress, which just barely covered her white latex panties. Finally, she nodded: “Well… Can’t stay here all day.” The party was already well underway when she went downstairs. When she moved in she knew the 4 story building had a large party cellar, though it was rarely used - Halloween was one of those nights where all the residents came together and organized a party, and this year it was Clarice - Her neighbour across the hall - Which had the honour of organizing it. And, knowing her, she decided a kinky fetish party was the thing to do. Mister Gladstone, from the ground floor, did last years party. Snoozefest! Nothing organized, just some crackers, old music no one else liked…. At least the booze was good. All mister Gladstone did was brag about this clock he found at a flea market, which counted years rather than hours. The black and orange monstrosity, at least a foot in diameter, was hung in the room that night. For some reason, it ticked over at midnight at halloween, rather than the first of january. It was promptly forgot. Entering the room it seemed like almost all the residents did buy into the theme, though none of them were as… Hardcore as her and clarice, it seemed. There was a leather hood, some cuffs, even a furry costume, a red fox wearing a pilot suit. She’d have to deduce who it was by checking who was not here, later tonight. Clarice herself stood in her full, black latex catsuit, including the ears and a tail, showing plenty of cleave and brandishing a whip. She had won the physical lottery in a similar way to Jill, though obviously quite a bit taller, even without her high heels. The catgirl grinned at Jill as she shuffled toward her: “You go girl! That looks so good on you!” “Yeah well… Next time i’m not wearing these heels. I can just barely stay standing, this isn’t what ballet dancing is about Clarice.” The catgirl chuckled: “You still make it look amazing.” She winked at Jill. The party was going slowly, as it’s early in the evening. The lights were still on, the decorators were plenty - And orange, got, how she hated orange - The booze was still kept on a snip. Then, finally, someone started the celebrations song. Mr Gladstone, oddly enough, was dancing next to the radio, the short, stocky elder man looking rather proud of pressing the button. Everyone let out a hearty chuckle, and the party began in earnest. The booze began to flow, and conversations started to turn a bit more open hearted, and minded, as Clarice, the furry fox, Jill and mister Gladstone ended up sitting together at a table. “You know, i don’t know what it is but that costume looks rather well made, young man.” The fox nodded at Gladstone, the voice a bit muffled: “Took me a lot of time… I’m taking it to a con next week.” Clarice slapped her thighs and exlaimed: “STARFOX! I knew it!” Jill blushed a bit: She’d made an assumption there she shouldn’t have. Alex - The fox boy, as she found out - Seemed to catch it, and chuckle: “What are you blushing about?” Jill shook her head: “Nothing, just had a weird thought.” “Well, so was I. I was thinking it’d be fun to go to a hospital where the nurses dressed like you.” Clarice nudged Jill in an “i told you so” way, much to Jill’s chagrin. It seems the boy was coming on to her. Jill responded: “I’d be a terrible nurse, all i know is how to change diapers from when i was babysitting.” Gladstone chuckled heartily: “Well, you could always babysit me!” The comment drew surprised looks from everyone at the table - Even the fox face looked like it was surprised. After a moment, people laughed out loud, finally in on the self depracating joke from the old man. He was far less stuck up than she always thought. Jill laughed a bit less: Diapers. A secret fetish. She was thinking for the longest time about whether to actually go for broke and dress like a baby for the party, until Clarice provided her with an alternative outfit. All for the best, she thought, she wasn’t really into the baby thing… But it’d have let her live out her fetish for real, for at least one night. “So why don’t you then?” A whispered, dark voice in her ear. She turned around, but nothing - Clarice, Alex and Gladstone were in a lively conversation with one another about…. Something. She shook her head, but the voice returned. “Such a waste. Why don’t you just wear them all the time?” She looked around again, nothing. Everyone was in their own cliques, tables, having fun. No one was near her ears. She shook her head again, and looked at the glass of whiskey in her hands: “Well, that was weird.” It was almost midnight, just over one minute to go. The party was going strong, some people were dancing in the middle of the room. So was Jill, who was bumping hips with Alex. The clock started glowing, feintly, in the corner of the room. Something felt off. “Just give in to your desire.” Jill felt a bit lightheaded, and stumbled for a moment, being caught by Alex’s hands. Paws. Furry things: “Everything alright?” Jill nodded, then straightened herself. She felt warm, somehow. Well, warm in one particular spot. She rubs her head for a moment, and as she looks down, she notices something weird. Did her dress slide up or her panties down? They were in plain view. Tipsy, she chuckled, and tried to lower her dress. “And if you don’t, i will make you….” She looked confused, as her hands touched plastic under her latex dress, rather than the expected rubber. It crinkled. It was thick. She touched her crotch, and sure enough, her white latex panties turned into a thick, white plastic diaper, clearly sticking out under her dress. Even worse, it was warm, and turning slightly yellow… She shook her head. This can’t be happening, she’s just happily drunk, that’s it, yes. “No, this is quite real, and will be for the rest of your life….” She felt a sudden shiver move down her spine, her mind switching instantly to a more lucid state. She *was* wearing a diaper, and she was wetting it. She could feel herself doing it, but could not stop the stream…. The clock now glowed, brightly, as midnight was seconds away. “Now you have every reason to wear them at all times, incontinent girl.” She gulped, looking around again. She had dismissed the voice as ramblings of a drunken mind, but it was definitely here, the deep and bellowy sound reverberating in her ears. Others were panicking as well now. The fox…. It looked unreal. Real. The ears twitched. The eyes rolled in their sockets. The fox boy seemed to hyperventilate, looking at his paws. Clarice…. Clarice dropped to all fours, licking herself. Her suit had changed: It had grown shiny fur all along its surface, but… Somehow looked melded to her skin. Her ears twitched as well, now seemingly more real than her own. The place were Gladstone sat was now occupied by an actual, sleeping brown bear. Other figures were writhing in the dark as their soundless screams were drowned out by an oppressing silence. “Enjoy your gifts, you have earned them.” The clock flashed a bright orange, catching everyone’s attention, before vanishing from existence. Panic ensued in the room. People were fighting to get out - Well, people…. Jill just stumbled back into a wall, trying to figure out what happened as the flooding finally stopped, though not of her own accord. She felt empty, though her diaper now made her waddle lightly, a task not easy by the shoes still attached to her feet. It took a while, but finally the room was empty, save for her, Clarice, Alex and Gladstone. Or what was left of them. All of them had kind of drunk enough to be stupified by the experience, and not break into an outright panic, like the rest of the residents. Odd, no police sirens. They’d have expected them by now. Clarice was licking her hands, latex fur covering her otherwise human form, though the tail and ears were clearly alive: “I have no idea what happened, but i kinda like it. Alex just stared ahead of him, his head looking eerily real. Well, it was. He was mumbling something, but it was too soft to understand. Gladstone was still sleeping, letting out a yawn once in a while. A comical sight. Jill looked flabbergasted. She was peeing herself, again, only a little. The drinks were making their way through her body quickly. Did she have to count herself lucky? “What just happened?” The others just shrugged, a drunken stupor clearly keeping them docile. Clarice rolled her eyes: “If i know…. Well, i have no idea what i’d do.” Jill just blushed, looking down at herself: “Well… I think i may need to go to the pharmacy in the morning….” Just like that, something snapped, her sudden lucidity having made way for a gradual decent into the same drunken stupor as the others. A bonk was heard, followed by two others, as the trio fell fast asleep on the table… Maybe it was all just a dream.
  13. “Boo” There was a time, a very short time, when I enjoyed Halloween. As a toddler me and my twin sister Jessica would be dressed up by our parents and guided around the neighbourhood collecting candy. Our outfits always seemed to attract a lot of “Oh ain’t you just the cutest” type of remarks and our plastic jack-o-lanterns would be filled with more sweet goodies. I think mom and dad actually liked the event more than either Jess or me, mom especially loved creating our matching costumes. They would hang back at the end of the pathway leading to each house and take great pleasure in the homeowner’s delight in seeing such sweet and adorable, ghosts, ghouls, risen dead or whatever outrageous getup we’d been put in. As in every neighbourhood there is always a house that has a ‘history’ and, depending on who is telling the story, that history could be a number of things; death, murder, the unexplained, strange disappearances, ugly neighbors… you get the drift. Some of these myths may have had some basis in fact but as a seven year-old, if someone older told you such a story, you regarded it as true. One such house was ‘Laurel Grove’ (or Laurel Grave as many people called the place) where they reputedly had the best Halloween displays (very scary) but also, the best candy should you dare to knock at their door. # On this Halloween mom had got us ready but had suddenly felt unwell so we were entrusted into the care of James and Hillary Templeton, our thirteen year-old neighbors to supervise. Of course they didn’t really want anything to do with a couple of seven year-olds but their mother, mom’s best friend, had insisted so they got stuck with us. Things hadn’t gone too badly. Despite them almost dragging us as quickly as possible around the block we had managed to collect a sizeable amount of stuff in our Halloween bags. Jamie and Hills eventually grew tired of our company and desperately wanted to get us home and off their hands but Jess and I still wanted more candy. However, the teenagers came up with a plan to get us to run home and never come out again, they decided we should visit Laurel Grove. # They told us of the deep secret the place concealed, that although it was a scary and frightening place to visit, should we be brave enough, the rewards were everlasting… and the candy was the best too. Neither Jess nor I had heard of this place before and I think the only thing that registered was “the best candy”. Jamie kept saying it was really a place for grown-ups, those over twelve, and probably not a place where seven year-old babies should go because they’d probably wet themselves and run home to mommy to get their diaper changed. We understood the inference… that Jess and I still wore diapers… we didn’t… so didn’t like that one bit. They were baiting us and we, as petulant second, almost third, graders were desperate to prove we weren’t a couple of diaper wearing pre-schoolers. We agreed to go with them the extra couple of blocks to see this particularly scary place. # When we got there a whole new bunch of people dressed in their creepy best were doing the rounds. Most of them appeared older than me and Jess but we never saw anyone go down the pathway of Laurel Grove. The twenty yards or so from sidewalk to front door were wonderfully kitted out in incredible Halloween props; gravestones, coffins, disembodied arms and pieces of flesh hung in a mist they had somehow created. The place looked fantastic, just like a movie set, with strange groans, howls and spine-chilling sniggering emanated from behind every bush putting nerves on edge. Jess and I looked at each other and though impressed by the set, decided not to take our chance at getting the best candy ever. Our teenage supervisors said they understood, we were probably much too babyish to dare to do such a thing and besides they didn’t want the responsibility of having to change our diapers. Their teasing was having an effect and we were getting fed up with this reference to us being diaper wetting babies, neither of us had worn them since we were two, so the joke was on them. Ha! However, when they said that most people were scared of knocking on that particular door, and it would take someone with an enormous amount of courage to do so, we saw our way of not only proving we didn’t need diapers but that we were more grown-up than some of these older boys and girls who were avoiding the place. We saw that not only would we get the best chocolate and candy EVER, we would no longer be seen as babies but become heroes to older kids. This thought spurred us on. # There was absolutely no doubt that we were both sweating heavily as we started slowly and nervously on the journey up the haunted pathway. Jess looked terrified with each moan she heard and became quite upset as some red gunge dripped over the side of a broken coffin. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore each horror as it appeared but my head filled with even worse terror when I walked into a spider’s web that glued itself to my face. The words of encouragement (and giggles) from Jamie and Hills seemed muffled as we drew closer to the door, even though we were still only halfway there. A rustling in the bushes and the bright red-eyes of a skeleton dog howled right next to Jess and she turned tail and ran back down the path. I swallowed hard, determined that I was going to be a hero but already feeling my tummy tighten and breathing difficult, at the same time my bladder and bowel both seemingly wanted to burst. I had no idea this was what fear felt like but I desperately didn’t want to return empty-handed to the sidewalk. I knew that James and Hillary would never let us forget that we were just a couple of scared babies who couldn’t even get up the courage to knock on a door. # I concentrated on achieving my goal. I wasn’t far away and the ghostly hand that touched my face, and the whispered warnings filling my head, only stopped me in my tracks for a few seconds before I forced myself forward. There was low satanic laughter coming from behind the door. I could hear scratching and an evil voice telling the pitiful moans ‘…they would never leave - ah ah ah ahhhhh!’ The hair on the back of my neck was somehow crawling and despite the sweating, I felt goosebumps chill my body. My teeth began to chatter, each step felt like I was dragging a huge weight and the moaning and flapping of wings was getting louder. Blood oozed around the doorway, I felt pee rush into my underwear, shadows drifted by and a bigger shadow filled the reflection in the glass window. The shape changed from man to animal to… I wasn’t too sure but when I looked back to the sidewalk all I could see was the thick mist obliterating everything but a crawling skeleton I hadn’t noticed before. # I gulped and a strange shiver ran down my spine. I was inches away from the door and steeled myself to knock and hope that I wasn’t transformed into some abominable creature of the night. As I raised my little hand to knock, the lit up porch was suddenly plunged into darkness. Fear, or some other shade passed through my body but a purple light switched on. When my eyes got used to the new illumination I could see the word ‘BOO’ smeared in still glistening blood across the door. A scream of death or pain or torture filled my mind and it was that terrifying moment when my bowel decided it had had enough and I filled my underwear. I couldn’t move as my bottom emptied and a rush of lumpy liquid and farts packed my pants with a smelly, mushy load. I stood spellbound for a few moments, staring at that bloody word that appeared to have been so recently scrawled across the woodwork by some poor, ravaged creature. It looked wet and dripped and then I realised that I was also in the same predicament. ‘BOO’ That’s all it had said but those three letters would, unknown to me, haunt me for the rest of my life. # The trip back home was a messy business. Jamie and Hillary didn’t want to have anything to do with a shitty little seven year-old, what with the filthy marks all over my costume, not to mention the smell. Nevertheless, they were nervous of the consequences because they were supposed to be looking after us both and now, one scared little seven year-old had crapped his pants because of their lack of care. Thankfully Jessica held my hand and guided me home because I never would have made it I was crying so much. The two teens were begging me not to tell, whilst coming up with suggestions on how I should explain the disaster. As I was so traumatised by the entire experience I wasn’t party to any of these negotiations. I waddled, slowly and with legs apart, to try and prevent my soiled pants from rubbing against any other part of my body, so I really wasn’t listening. Meanwhile, Jessica had managed to get all Jamie’s and Hillary’s candy and I never knew what else as payment. Once home she spent no time in telling our parents what had happened, how scary the place was and who was really to blame for enticing me up that pathway. Of course mom blamed herself for not being there, whilst dad went around and told their parents. They were grounded for two weeks. # I was still crying when mom led me upstairs to the bathroom and cleaned me up. However, no sooner had she put me in my PJs than a nervous tremble ran through my body and I immediately wet myself. She could see I was in shock and didn’t quite trust me to not spend the night wetting the bed so took evasive action. She told dad to go out to the garage and bring in all the stuff she’d stored there from when I was a baby. In moments he returned with a huge box and mom seemed to know exactly what she was looking for. I was laid out on a towel draped over my bed to ‘catch’ any further accidents and, as she rummaged in the box, through my tears I noticed she had found a couple of thick fabric diapers I hadn’t seen for many years. I wanted to protest but in reality I could hardly get my breath so she had me diapered and in a huge pair of clear plastic pants (which I never remembered owning) in a matter of moments. For the first time since being outside that door at Laurel Grove, I felt out of harm’s way and the thick padding that mom had shrouded me in added to my sense of protection from any evil that may have followed me home. Mom and dad both came and kissed me night-night but left the light on so I wasn’t scared. That didn’t actually work because my dreams were terrible. Every time I closed my eyes I could still see that garden and when I did drop off I was being pursued by all kinds of devilish beings. In the morning I was in no better state than I had been when I’d arrived home that night. It was a good job that mom had the foresight to make sure I was thickly diapered. # For the next few nights I remained well-protected but after a couple of days I was waking up dry and we all thought the drama had past. Life, and school, went on as normal and things only changed when one Saturday morning Jessica crept up behind me and shouted “BOO” and ran off giggling. Under normal circumstances I would have chased after her and this would have developed into a game of tag or have us both roll around on the carpet play fighting. Alas, on this occasion the strange shiver that ran through me on hearing those three letters had the same effect as those scrawled so unnervingly on Laurel Grove’s front door – I filled my underwear. Totally unbidden, pee and poo took urgent leave of my body and soaked what little clothing I was wearing. I looked down in horror as a pool of the stuff formed at my feet - shocked I didn’t move but started to cry. Jessica came running back and saw what had happened and called for mom. She couldn’t believe her eyes on seeing her seven year-old son standing in the middle of his bedroom covered in such a mess. She scooped me up and not caring about her own clothes carried me to the bathroom. She stripped and hosed me down with the shower, then once dry, carried me back to my room and got Jess to find my diapers again. Within minutes of the horror striking, I was back in a thick diaper and plastic pants hugging mommy and wondering what had happened. I don’t suppose the fact that she had scared me even entered Jess’s head, all she explained to mom was that she’d just ‘tagged’ me and ran off when she heard me crying. I couldn’t offer a better explanation, the word ‘boo’ having no connection at the time, so mom must have presumed I was still having some kind of memory to that traumatic night. My diapers stayed with me now for school because on two occasions I’d wet myself while in class. It wasn’t completely unheard of for a seven year-old to have an accident but, with my recent history, mom thought it better to keep me protected 24/7. I didn’t mind. Although I didn’t particularly like the thickness wrapped around me, I certainly didn’t like the wet pants and stifled giggling of my class mates more. Being called a baby was so much worse if there were pee stains down the front of your pants. As time went on I seemed to be wetting myself almost constantly so my diaper was ever present. I never knew when I would leak, or flood and I couldn’t work out the reason. The therapist I saw of course blamed my current situation on the ‘Halloween experience’, which left both my parents feeling very guilty seeing as how much it was they who enjoyed the occasion most. However, I’d seem to go ages without any sort of accident and then suddenly whilst reading, or even walking down the street, I’d feel that shiver and instantly fill my diaper. # I haven’t been able to shake this feeling for, well, since I was seven and I’m sixteen now but I think I now know what might be the cause… it’s those three letters B.O.O. It wasn’t the Halloween garden - the ghosts, blood and bodies, it was those three simple letters. I know this because when I read a book, my concentration is on what I’m reading but as soon as I stop and relax, the word BOOK is no longer the word, all I can see is BOO. The same goes for seeing any word with ‘boo’ somewhere in it. For instance, the word BOOB has recently had me peeing my diaper like a fountain on many embarrassing occasions, especially when I’m trying to chat up a girl. Boomerang, not a word I see often, but I found myself pissing my pants to once I did notice it. The same goes for many words containing those three letters together. So, walking down the street and seeing Book Shop, often finds me filling my diaper. I didn’t notice that was the reason when I was younger, I always assumed it was the event that had caused my problem but now I see the real cause. I hadn’t put the word and that experience together. In fact, although I remember the incident perfectly, the word itself I never thought of as traumatising, just the way it was scrawled bloodily on the door. However, now I think I know the reason, I’m not sure I can tell anyone, I feel stupid that a childish scare word has had such a devastating effect on my life for over nine years. However, I needed help so went to see the shrink and he said he was bamboozled by my casebook. I left his office in a right messy state. ~~~~~~~~ THE END Or is it… BOO
  14. Hey everyone, halloween is coming so that means two things copious amounts of candy and adorable costumes. So in the spirit of the season, I've decide to throw an impromptu Halloween costume competition! Only cutest most adorable, full size candy bar worthy costumes will win! For a prize of £50 amazon or build a bear gift voucher (winners choice) for my favourite and a £25 gift voucher for the community favorite all you have to do is follow these simple rules: All entrants must be submitted to this thread by the 31st of October, closing time midnight GMT. All entrants must be a photo of you in your costume, good lighting and camera angles will help your chances. All photos must be your own, anyone found stealing photos from another source will be disqualified and sent to the naughty corner. The winners will be decided by myself and a community poll on the 1st of November, all decisions will be final. Naturally all photos must be safe for work and no Minors like at all, seriously The prizes will be sent via private message or email (winners choice) after the competition is completed You don't have to be wearing a diaper but it might be cuter So come up with your most creative and adorable costumes you cuties can think of
  15. A couple weeks ago, a nameless user on a certain imageboard posted a prompt that I really liked. I asked him if I could use it, and he allowed me to. Here is the prompt: "Twin sisters plan to dress as each other for Halloween. However, while one is an ordinary grill, the other is a Little. It's an AB friendly world, Littles are identified early on, never potty trained, kept off solids, not subject to the same education system, etc. They plan to go to a neighborhood party, the Big in all her sister's clothes but a cat ear headband and make up whiskers to at least be in a more obvious costume. The Little really wants the Big experience, and doesn't let her sister know that she didn't wear her diapers, instead sneaking a pair of panties. She should probably spend a lot of time mesmerized by the panties, the insane thinness, the texture, how she feels absolutely naked. And how she personally believes that it's the underwear that let's Bigs use the potty, so she erroneously thinks she'll be fine at the party despite never having held an ounce of anything back before. Of course an accident happens at the party, I'll leave punishments up to you, but the Little should complain a lot about how the diaper ruins her twin costume." Hopefully this story is up to that person's standards, and that I didn't deviate too far away from his prompt. Sorry for any grammar, spelling or general story-writing mistakes. Please enjoy. -- Panties. Actual, real, cloth panties. Thin, thin, thin! Kaylee wasn't just holding them. She wasn't just seeing her twin waltz around their apartment, flaunting them. Kaylee was wearing them. Despite it being un-ladylike, she couldn't help but keep her hands in her leggings, just feeling them. It was such a strange feeling, compared to her usual diapers. Thick and plastic, they added a layer of bulk and fluff around her crotch. She wiggled a bit. It was almost like being naked. Wearing a bra was maybe a more apt comparison. Normally, she wore diapers. Big, crinkly diapers. Sometimes they had cute designs, sometimes they didn't, but they were never undergarments that could be considered grown-up. No, mature. Mature is a much more grown-up word. A slight blush appeared on her cheeks at the thought. Her, wearing something other than diapers, being so mature. In the whole world, no other piece of clothing could make her more mature. Panties were the pinnacle of adulthood in her eyes. Thin, sleek, noiseless panties. She wasn't sure if they could be described as comfortable, but they were something she coveted. They weren't an object of desire just for their matureness alone. Although, Kaylee would admit—a million times—how big of a difference such a small article of clothing could make in self-image. Kaylee had a feeling that panties did more than just make someone look mature. Kaylee had never been potty-trained, like many who shared her social status. Although she knew potty-training was a thing, and she understood the ideas behind it, she had a bit of a superstition regarding underwear: What you wore determined your ability. If you wore diapers, you wouldn't make it to the potty. If you wore panties, you'd be able to hold it for hours. Deep down, she knew it was illogical. She had no evidence to back that claim up. Why wouldn't everyone wear adult underwear from the get-go? She didn't know. She just had a hunch. Hope, really. A hope that she had always kept to herself, ever since childhood. Now that she was wearing the coveted item of clothing, she felt emboldened. She wasn't supposed to wear them, since her sister thought she'd have an accident, but she snuck them on earlier. She had to. Tonight was her chance, and she had to know. It'd been at least ten minutes, and she hadn't yet wet herself. To her, it seemed like the theory was holding up. She was potty trained now. Even if she somehow really wasn't, she was just glad she got to experience the feeling of wearing an adult's underwear. It's just so incredible. Panties! Thin! Not plastic! Cloth! Mature! The slam of a door caused her hands to shoot away from her crotch, and it put a cease to her wiggling. It suddenly felt warm around her crotch. No, she couldn't have. She was wearing panties now. Kaylee instinctively sat up straighter, although she probably didn't notice the change in her own posture. Nothing was wrong. Not at all. It was just the heat from her thighs being closer together than they had ever been. She definitely didn't wet her mature underwear. Hailey, her sister, popped around the corner that lead into the hallway. She was done changing into her costume. She would've checked. She would've put her hands back to her crotch. However, Kaylee couldn't afford to let Hailey see her being so crude. That was the least of her problems, though. She couldn't let Hailey know that she was wearing panties, nor could she give an inkling of the impression that she might've wet herself. She really didn't want to be punished, not tonight. The potentially wet girl turned to look at her sister. "So, how's it look?" Hailey stuck her arms out and did a twirl. Hailey wasn't normally a twirling kinda girl. 'Adorable' was the first thing to pop into Kaylee's head, so that's what she went with. It was ironic, as that was usually how people described her. "Adorable." A big grin spread across her face. Her posture slackened. This was gonna be a great Halloween. Hailey was dressed like a kitty. She was garbed in a black onesie, which did little to hide the diaper around her waist. Kaylee could tell it was one of her overnight diapers. Thick, black tights adorned her legs. They extended all the way up into the onesie. A long black tail was attached to the rear of the onesie. The tip of Hailey's nose was black, and three black lines adorned each of her cheeks. Two cat ears, as black as her hair, stuck out of her head. Anyone that looked at her would see an adult baby, ready for an amazing Halloween. Anyone that looked at her would see Kaylee, not Hailey. Hopefully, anyone who saw Kaylee would see Hailey instead. That's what they wanted. The two were twins, and they had decided to go as eachother for Halloween. It wasn't a totally original idea. Tons of people would dress up as those they knew for the holiday. Schools had been doing "Twin Day" for spirit week since the beginning of time—not that the twins ever would've done that before, being sent to different schools and all. It wasn't an uncommon concept. What made it different, and interesting to the both of them, was who they were. Kaylee was an adult baby—or little, depending on who you talked to. Hailey was the opposite. Some might call her a big, but she didn't care for identifying herself like that. She preferred to be called an adult, if she was to be called anything. The exemplified the two types of people that existed in their world. Roughly thirty percent of people were considered adult babies. Some, like Kaylee, decided to never potty-train, if you could call childhood stubborness a decision. Some chose their station in life while young, others chose it quite late. Some dabble in it, while the majority make it a lifestyle. Whatever their story, they existed as a distinct group. Grown-ups, adults, those deemed mature by society, were the opposite. A majority of the population existed as they had since time immemorial. Some adored adult babies, and these people supported the lifestyles of many. Others just went about their lives. Hailey was firmly in the second grouping. She didn't want to adopt an adult baby, like some of her peers. She didn't visit the rent-a-baby nurseries that were currently in fashion. She didn't directly dabble in the culture, like some of her more adventurous friends. She tried to be as normal as possible. Why did she jump on the idea of being her twin for Halloween? Kaylee had no idea. Hailey was normally as far from adult-baby culture as possible. It had been Kaylee's idea. An idea that she had little hope for her serious, mature sister to entertain. To her shock, Hailey embraced it. She was even the one to suggest going as cats. She had even picked out that specific costume, which was a far cry from Hailey's usual low-effort ensembles. Kaylee felt underdressed in her sister's idea of a costume: black leggings, a black hoodie covering a t-shirt and a cat-ear headband. "Well, are we ready then?" Hailey asked. Kaylee snapped out of her slight daze and nodded her head a few times. "Remember, you're acting like me tonight. Turn on your big-girl mode, ok?" Hailey herself began to activate little-girl mode. Today, she was the overgrown baby. She'd have to start acting like it. "Sure, sure! Let me go grab my bag, then." She put emphasis on 'my.' She was Hailey now, not Kaylee. She was a mature, adult. Everyone, even their friends, would be none the wiser. She stood up and made towards their kitchenette, where Hailey usually set her bag. Only, she had forgotten something. "Kaylee. May. What's this wetspot on the couch?" Kaylee froze. Hailey's reactivated her adult mode instantly, if she had ever really deactivated it. "And why don't I see any padding on that heiney?" "Uh, well, you see..." Kaylee didn't have much of a defence for herself. She knew the rules, and she knew her body. Hailey only let Kaylee move into her apartment, since she agreed to her rules. Their parents only let Kaylee move into Hailey's apartment, since Kaylee agreed to her sister's rules. Rule one: Hailey is an adult, so what Hailey says goes. Rule two: Diapers all the time. Hailey didn't want her furniture or her carpet ruined, which Kaylee could easily do without noticing, like she just had. Hailey sighed. She wasn't angry, but Kaylee should've known better. "I know you want to be a grown-up tonight, but grown-ups know their limits, rights?" Kaylee nodded, and she started tearing up. She was in so much trouble. "That's why I told you to wear a diaper. You know the rules, sis." "Y-yea. I do." Kaylee stuttered. She was normally a really good girl. Not once had she broken one of her sister's rules. She felt the opposite of mature now. The panties were such a silly idea. "Now, now," The other twin was already in another room, grabbing a few things. She returned as quickly as she had left the room. "You're not in trouble. Too much trouble, at least. We're just gonna get this taken care of, ok?" Kaylee nodded her head, more demurely than earlier. If it had been any other night, Hailey thought, she would've actually punished her twin. Maybe a spanking, maybe a time-out, but not tonight. She wanted tonight to be perfect just as much as her twin did. Before Kaylee knew it, she was naked below the waist, and a changing mat was on the floor. "Hailey, please not tonight. I'm supposed to be a big girl." She was tearing up more, and the mature twin felt a tantrum on-coming. "Big girls wear diapers too, plus, no one's gonna notice." She wasn't totally sure about the later statement. None of Hailey's pants would hide a diaper, and Hailey almost never wore skirts or dresses, which might ruin their costume idea. She'd have to think of something. "B-but, panties!" "C'mon. It'll be okay. Lay down, so there's not anymore of a mess." Kaylee obeyed, and the whole ordeal was over in no time. Glancing at her now-soaked panties, Hailey was just glad it wasn't a pair of her 'sexy' undies. Kaylee had somehow picked out the plainest pair in the dresser. Both the leggings and the panties ended up in the trash. Hailey wasn't too interested in wearing those ever again. "Sis, there's no way anyone's gonna think I'm you in this." Kaylee tugged at the hoodie, trying to cover-up a bit. She wasn't normally one for modesty, but she had felt so adult earlier, the sudden shift was a bit much. "Don't worry, I'm thinking of something." Hailey was already cleaning the stain on the couch. There was a bottle of pet-stain remover laying around just for this occasion. Hailey wasn't totally sure it would work, but it was better than any other option. "What made you wear my panties, anyway?" She tried not to be too accusatory, her sister was beating herself up enough. The poor girl hadn't moved from by the changing mat. The loss of her first pair of panties was devastating. Her sister reminding her of her reasoning somehow made her feel worse. A stupid, childish delusion. She explained the reasoning, and she pouted when Hailey laughed. "That's something else. Mom's gonna die, when she hears that." "I'm serious, Hailey. It's not funny." Kaylee was one step away from stomping her foot. "I believe it. Never doubted you. It's just funny." Hailey paused. "It is not! Not funny at all." Another tantrum. This girl was on a short fuse tonight. "All I want is to be mature." Unlike some, it was a bit hard for Kaylee to suddenly decide to not be an adult baby. There were a few failed attempts at potty-training during their senior year of high-school. Hailey knew she'd have to nip this one in the bud too. She could not let a tantrum go unpunished, but she didn't want to ruin the night either. A solution popped into her head, one that might not work. One that she was apprehensive about. A solution that made her stomach turn with so many emotions. She wasn't against it, but she didn't know if she was ready to take this step. Forcing herself, she strode towards her sister, took her hand, and she placed it on her crotch. On one hand, this wasn't something you taught an over-grown toddler to do. On the other hand, they were the same age and Kaylee knew this was an exception. Hand in place, Hailey pushed. She knew she had to pee, at least a little. With effort, the dams burst. It felt like she absolutely flooded the diaper. She was a bit worried, despite knowing Kaylee could wear one for a full twenty-four hours with no leaks. Her cheeks were flushed. Embarassment, excitement and a bit of disgust rose in her. She almost felt the adrenaline. "S-see Hailey? Big sis is a potty-pants like you, now." She waited on edge for the response of her immature twin. "What do you mean?" Kaylee had a dumbfounded look on her face. "Did you wet yourself? I didn't feel anything." She bent over, looking as if she was inspecting her twin's nethers. Hailey backed up. How dumb, she thought. These are premium diapers. No way anyone would be able to feel her wetting through them, especially the first wetting. That thought made her blush even more. It was just a first wetting. Hailey was brought out of her thoughts by Kaylee's giggling. "Cute, super cute!" She wrapped her arms around Hailey, hugging her. "It's super cute that you would do that for me." The loss of the panties was momentarily forgotten. "That's what big sisters do." A nervous laugh escaped her lips. She couldn't believe she did that. Now, she was gonna be going to the party like this. She couldn't begin to imagine. She hadn't been this embarassed—at such a loss—since high-school. Suddenly, it came to her. The memory of a certain Halloween arose in her. The memory of an old costume, one that would fit perfectly with their theme. "I think I've figured it out, Kaylee." The twin headed towards her room, specifically her closet, while ignoring the sensations between her legs. She kept most of her clothing, even silly costumes. If it still fit, it stayed. No sense in wasting things, right? "Wait," Kaylee followed after her sister. "What is it, what is it? Panties?" She knew better, but she couldn't help but throw that possibility out there. "No, silly. Something that'll cover that crinkly butt." And there it was. In the very back of her closet, a witch's outfit, complete with hat, that she had worn their junior year of high-school. Hailey was never oen for dressing up, but her Trigonometry teacher had promised bonus points to those in costume on Halloween. Obviously, sacrifices had to be made. It was a cheap garment, but it had held up well. Better yet, it would still fit either of them. "How about this?" Hailey held the costume up to Kaylee. "That's not panties. It also doesn't seem very mature. It also also doesn't seem very like you. It also also also isn't a kitty. We won't be matching anymore." A slight frown formed on her face. "Well, think of it like this. You're a witch, and I'm your familiar." She knew Kaylee would go for this. Her eyes lit up. She loved the idea. She almost wished she could be the familiar, but that wouldn't work. Not this Halloween, at least. "What about everything else?" "It does seem very like me, since I bought it and wore it a few years ago. It does seem mature, because we can say Hailey dressed up at Kaylee's insistence. I'll play that bit up, if I need to. And, it is definitely not panties. Not much I can do about that one." Hailey answered each complaint in turn. This would work, she'd make sure of it—as much for Kaylee's sake as her own. She wanted this night just as badly. She might've wanted it worse. "Go ahead, try it on." Hailey encouraged. Kaylee deftly slipped out of the hoodie, removing the cat-ear headband first, and slipped the silky-smooth dress on. She then adorned her head with the pointy, black hat. A complaint about shoes almost escaped her lips, but Kaylee remember that she had a pair of black mary-janes that would compliment the outfit. She would put those on before they left. "It's no panties, but what do you think?" Hailey smiled, sure that her sister would love it. The smile was returned. "I think it'll be an amazing Halloween. Now, let's go, potty-pants. We have a party to get to."
  16. This story is complete and is available on kindle or my patreon, along with other stories (Bad Seed, Beach Baby. There's 4 new, ongoing stories there for first tier patrons and 6 for second tier members- the first 4 same as the first tier in addition to 2 short stories. Fun in The Sun featuring more adventures of Liz and Chloe, and Up and Away, two diaper boys on a hot air balloon adventure) https://www.patreon.com/Cute_Kitten https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WH7V8WT/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i5 PUMPKIN PATCH by CK “Come on, Lizzy. Let’s go to the pumpkin patch. Please? Pretty pumpkin please with whip cream on top? It’s Halloween- today’s the last day to go.” Chloe begged her best friend and roommate. She clasped her hands like an excited little girl and put her best puppy dog pout. “I thought you were going with your club? They rented a bus, and you know I have a paper due.” Elizabeth looked up from her laptop, unswayed by her roommate’s childish antics. Chloe dropped her eyes and fidgeted, tapping the tips of her pointer fingers together. “Well. I was gonna. But June was there and she-Sorry! I mean xie!” Her eyes widened as if she’d made a grievous, unforgivable mistake as she stumbled over the pronouns, terrified June would pop out of nowhere and holler at her even though she was alone with Liz in their dorm room. “Xie wanted me to sit with xim.” Liz snorted. “So, she was bothering you again? You need to tell that unhinged loon to piss off.” “Liz!” Chloe’s cheeks turned red. “It’s not so easy. I don’t want to hurt June’s feelings.” As a pre-op transgirl herself, Chloe could empathize with June’s feelings of being uncomfortable with her body. She was not as good at asserting herself as Liz was; that’s why she admired how confident and self assured as her best friend was. She wanted to be more like Liz. She wanted to speak up when June made her uncomfortable; June flirted with her and often got handsy. She never protested, never told June to stop; she never encouraged it, either. She was too self conscious and scared, especially after witnessing June’s spectacular, screaming meltdowns whenever someone upset xer. Some of June’s public tantrums had found their way onto Youtube. Chloe had no proof, but she was pretty sure Liz was behind a few of those postings. “Sure, it’s easy. You just open your mouth and tell her to stop and leave you alone.” Liz went back to typing on her laptop. The clicking of her keys filled Chloe’s ears. “I’ve tried, but she-xie scares me. I couldn’t take being trapped on a bus with xer, so I came home. But I really, really wanna go. You know how much I’ve been looking forward to Halloween.” It was all she’d been talking about for the last two weeks. It was her favorite holiday; it was also Liz’s. The keyboard stopped clacking. Chloe bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling. “Besides, like I’ve been saying all this time, it’ll be more fun if you’re there with me. We don’t have to go anywhere near that group. It’ll just be the two of us. So, please?” “I have to work on my paper.” “I’ll do it. Take me to the pumpkin patch and I’ll write your paper. You know I’m good at writing papers. I always get A’s.” “I don’t know….” Liz debated, running a hand over her buzzed head. Chloe loved rubbing her head- the short hair was soft and fuzzy, reminding her of a teddybear. “Oh, alright.” She caved when she couldn’t come up with any more good excuses. “Yay!” Chloe cheered, twirling in excitement. Her flowy orange skirt flared out. Black leggings hid her diaper from view but could do nothing to conceal the obvious, tell-tale bugle of such a thick diaper. One quick glance and anyone could see her heavily diapered state. The crinkle of her diaper filled the room. She wore a fuzzy black sweater with a ghost and a smiling Jack O Lantern. Liz smiled in amusement at her childish antics. “Are you ever going to grow up?” She teased. She felt too old to go to the pumpkin patch, but that was just the kind of place an overgrown nineteen year old like Chloe loved. Liz knew she could easily put her foot down and refuse and Chloe wouldn’t argue. Chloe never did. Whatever Liz truly wanted or insisted on, Chloe caved like a house of cards. She always sought to please, even at the expense of her own feelings. Other people- like June- often took advantage of her. Liz felt a little guilty for the rare times she took advantage of Chloe. But she tried to make up for it by being protective and looking out for her. And letting Chloe feel safe enough to indulge her little side, like she was doing now. Liz stared at Chloe, at her carefree smile, brown eyes lit up in excitement. She really was like an overgrown child, filled with innocent wonder. Watching her made Liz almost nostalgic for the few good moments of her own childhood. It almost made her want to be a kid again. Then she remembered the bulk of her unhappy childhood- screaming parents, her father diagnosed with a fatal glioblastoma brain tumor, her grieving, alcoholic mother. The only good memories she had were of her times spent at the stable for her weekly riding lesson. Dizzy from twirling, Chloe collapsed to the floor with a giggle and a crinkle. She’d had a tough childhood, too. She was the only child of failed Las Vegas showgirl turned single mother. Her mom became a dancing instructor. She’d been accepting of her son-turned-daughter, but she’d also micromanaged Chloe, determined to have a daughter accomplished in tap, jazz, and ballet. Chloe had been kept on a rigorous training and competition schedule; she felt like she never had much of a childhood. Perhaps that was why she indulged in her AB side so much. She wore diapers 24/7, and had for the past year, ever since coming to college. She didn’t own any panties; diapers were her underwear. The thick padding gave her a sense of security and comfort, plus she liked the way it hid and flattened out her boy-bits. She was pre-op, but she’d started HRT. When she looked in the mirror, all she could see were the parts of her that screamed BOY; the width of her shoulders, the V of her torso, her too narrow hips, flat chest. She wanted the soft, womanly curves like tough girl Liz had. Chloe hid what remained of her masculinity behind lace, frills, ruffles, and a smile. Her padding gave her a confidence boost. Liz stood up, closed her laptop, and stretched. Chloe looked up at her from the floor and admired the curves of Liz’s body, both attracted to her and jealous of her at the same time. Being jealous made her feel guilty, so she looked at her toes up in the air. With her legs splayed and up, her diaper bulge was on prominent display. She did her best to hide her diapers out in public, but with such thick, noisy padding there was only so much she could do. “Do you need a diaper change before we go? How wet are you?” Liz reached for her wallet, leather jacket, and motorcycle keys. Chloe scrunched her face up, blowing blonde bangs out of her eyes. These days, she wasn’t always aware of the status of her diaper. She knew when it was saturated and she needed a change before she leaked, but that was it. She’d been padded for so long, so used to wetting and messing herself, she hardly paid attention. She only knew she was peeing after the fact, when she felt her diaper swell warm and wet. A lot of times, she failed to notice that. She only became aware of her diaper once it was so full and saggy with pee it squished when she sat down. Bowel movements took her by surprise too- most of the time she didn’t know she had to mess until the back of her diaper was full and heavy. She hadn’t had a dry night in over a year. Six months ago, on a dare from Liz, she put on a pair of Liz’s panties. She hadn’t even gone 30 minutes before she’d peed all over the carpet. Now, she couldn’t be out of her diapers even if she wanted to. She’d never set out to become diaper trained but, maybe, subconsciously she had. Maybe, deep down, she wanted her emotional need for diapers to turn physical. Either way, she had no intention of ever giving up her diapers. She stuck her hand with black and orange nail polish down the front of her leggings. Inside her diaper didn’t feel wet, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t peed. It just meant she didn’t know if she’d peed. Messes always announced their presence, but pee was sneaky. The pink plastic shell was warm and only a little swollen over her crotch. “Just a little wet. My diaper can hold a lot more, so I’m good.” “Then grab your jacket and let’s go.” Liz waited by the door. “Kay!” Chloe rolled to her hands and knees, oblivious to how visible her diaper bulge was. She got to her feet, grabbed her heavy double knitted cardigan jacket and crinkled after Liz. tbc...
  17. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WGJ1H9X/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i3 BAD MOON RISING by CK Cute Kitten “This shit hole hasn’t changed much in a century.” The noise of the crowd swallowed Prudence’s mutter. Fair booths lined both sides of the street. The Fall Harvest Festival was like a Halloween themed farmers’ market. Some booths had games, but most sold homemade goods and sweets. Hand-knitted sweaters and blankets, apple and pumpkin butters, summer jams, hand pressed ciders, homemade fudge and candied apples. Warring scents assaulted her sensitive nostrils. Fried fair food -burgers, corn dogs- mixed with freshly popped kettle corn and pumpkin flavored cookies, cakes, pies and mingled with scents of homemade candles. This bouquet of smells was underscored by the sting of homemade alcohol. Shrieks of excited children pierced her ears and the pungent aroma of dirty diapers filled her nose, drowning out the other scents. Little sugar-crusted snot goblins ran everywhere, too fast for tired parents to keep up. Prudence nimbly side stepped the kids as she slid between the gaps of people milling about. Her slim hand slipped into pockets as she passed, occasionally coming out with money. Mostly chump change from the locals, but she got quite a few crisp twenty dollar bills from the visiting yuppies. And a few wedding rings she could pawn, though the gold was low quality and not worth much. Her haul was better than the last time she strolled down these streets, pick-pocketing at the turn of the century. Newton was a small town surrounded by farmland and woods. Cornfields and wilderness as far as the eye could see. That hadn’t changed much; now there was more farmed land, less woods. The town had expanded as the population grew. Dirt roads paved over. More automobiles. No more horses and buggies. Telephone polls. Street lights. Cell phones. Girls in pants. Main Street was still the largest street, running right through the center of town. A couple of fast food joints. A few diners. One grocery store. Some gas stations. Feed store. The three bars in town still stood in their same spots. The names changed and buildings were modernized. Her hometown was still just a backwoods scratch on a map. Just a newer version of the same old shit she’d left behind. Even the Halloween Carnival was mostly the same. The name had changed; somewhere along the line, it morphed into the Harvest Festival. Main Street still got closed off and shut down so booths, a spook house, bounce castles and a few carnival rides popped up. A maze of hay bales and tables for pumpkin painting. Prudence noted one big difference as she walked around; a big increase in the number of attendees. Farm families were too far apart, so they used to bring their children to town for trick or treating. Adults took advantage of the time to trade goods, thus spawning the Halloween Carnival. Now, city-dwelling yuppies, enamored with romantic idealizations of the quaint, wholesome, rustic country life flocked with their broods to the small town. They drove for an hour or more for the honest, simple country folk to fleece them with over priced, hand-made goods. Prudence couldn’t fault the locals for their business savvy. The yuppies were ripe for the plucking; big pockets, small brains. No common sense. City living bred it right out of them. Not that she was complaining. She smirked and patted the pilfered money in her own pockets. “This Halloween sucks.” Picking the pockets of idiots with their guard down was the only entertainment this town had. She’d never wanted nor planned to return. Only once had she come back, in the 1940’s to burn a few records of her past and erase some evidence. Local police had labeled those fires as Halloween pranks by deviant youth. One of those fires occurred a few streets away from where she stood now. She recalled a full harvest moon in a starless black sky and the orange flames turning day to night. That night had been a ill moon for the town. Tonight was a full moon on Halloween, too. She stuffed her hands in her pockets, feeling all her ill-gotten gains. “Looks like it’s another bad moon for you, baby.” She grinned to herself then laughed. Hicksville was boring as hell, but all that she hated about this place made it the perfect place to lay low. She had pissed off quite a few dangerous, powerful wolves when her latest, not-quite-legal, get-rich-quick scheme went bust. The law got involved. The law breakers were not happy. Now Prudence was laying low until the heat- both from the cops and the wolves- blew over. The crisp autumn breeze shifted. Red, orange, and yellow leaves fluttered about. Costumed kids shrieked, tiny hands grasping for the dancing leaves. The change in direction of the wind brought in scents of earth, of rotting vegetation, pine needles, and animal musk. The forest. Fresh cut hay and pumpkins from the fields. Pumpkins everywhere. Just like when she was a child. A human. Pru struggled to recall happy childhood memories. Fought for nostalgia as her feet once more trod the soil of her birth, both as a human then as a wolf. All she felt was nausea. She’d discarded her childhood as easily as she’d tossed her humanity. All she had left were vague memories. A screaming mother. Fighting siblings. So many siblings- faces and names all blurs. A father who always reeked of soured whiskey and who was heavy handed with his belt. Constant hunger in her belly. She shook her head, brushing the cobwebs from her mind. They weren’t worth remembering. She crossed the street to another row of booths, looking around aimlessly. Three little ball jointed dolls in a glass display case caught her attention. These were collectors’ items, not toys for children to play with and ruin. The dolls were little children dressed up for Halloween in exquisitely detailed costumes. The faces and hair were realistic looking; little replicas of real life. She almost expected them to blink, to giggle, to move on their own. She drifted closer to the booth, standing right in front of it. She never took her eyes off those hauntingly beautiful dolls. Childhood memories frozen in porcelain. “Like the dolls, dearie? Win them in a raffle. Only five bucks a ticket. Helps out the firemen.” A middle aged lady with gray streaks in her ponytail shook a roll of tickets in Pru’s face. Pru took an involuntary step back, blinking and shifting her focus onto the lady. A sense of deja-vu hit her and she was swept back to her childhood. The woman was a dead ringer for her old teacher in the local one-room school house. Mrs. Fisk had been a strict but fair schoolmarm. Most of the kids liked her. Prudence often was on the receiving end of Mrs. Fisk’s switch; neither teacher nor student had liked each other very much. This raffle lady had to be one of her descendents; a great great granddaughter or something like that. “I’ve never seen dolls that detailed. They’re almost life-like. They should be in some high-end store, not a prize at a fair. “ “I thought the same when I first saw them. Lucas is such a talented boy. He refurbished these from a thrift shop. He should’ve just sold them on ebay. His cousin Rosie said he insisted on donating them to the raffle when she dropped them off.” The lady shook her head. “The dolls have been a big help. These tickets sell like hot cakes. We just might be able to get that new equipment after all.” Prudence tuned her out as she prattled on. A boy created such a treasure from junk? She wondered what kind of person this artist who created such beauty was. Trash turned into art. She wanted to meet him. She was tempted to swipe the dolls, but they were at the back of the booth, under glass. And the lady watched them like a hawk. Too much trouble... But if an opportunity presented itself, she’d be ready to pounce. “You look really familiar. Are you related to a Mrs. Fisk?” The lady blinked, taken aback. “Fisk is my maiden name. I’m a King.” She looked up from her tickets, giving Prudence a long, hard look. “You look familiar, too.” She squinted. “I swear, I’ve seen you before. But I know you’re not from around here. I know all the locals.” Her voice took on a touch of pride. “Oh, I was born here, but I haven’t been back in ages. Left plenty of family, though. The Pipers still around?” “There’s a few. You’ve got the look of a Piper.” “They still causing trouble?” “Never stopped.” Prudence laughed. She liked the lady. Maybe she’d let the old bat keep her dolls, as a favor to the very late Mrs. Fisk. “What did you say your name was?” “I didn’t. It’s Prudence.” “Prudence Piper?!” The lady’s grey brows rose nearly up to her hairline in shock. Pru smiled, a mischievous glint in her eyes. “Something wrong with that name?” “You don’t know who Prudence Piper was?” Pru shook her head. The lady rambled on. “Whoever in your family named you has a sense of humor. Prudence Piper is something of a local legend.” She leaned forward to stage whisper. “She was a notorious girl. A bootlegger during Prohibition. Rumor has it she had ties to the mafia. Al Capone’s sweetheart.” Prudence laughed at that. “I’m not so sure about that last part. But I bet the rest is true. Well behaved women rarely make history, after all. She sounds like a fun gal.” She gave the dolls once last look then drifted away.
  18. Repost. One of my older stories. I wrote this before I wrote Bad Seed. It was originally posted back in 2013. ? Yikes. Where does the time go? Well, hopefully in all the time that's passed, my writing has improved. TRICKY TREATS by Cute Kitten Kaoru squirmed in her carseat, stretching her cramped muscles with what little wiggle room the dip of the seat and the harness restraint allowed. She pressed against the thick pink cushions of the over sized infant carrier, her diaper crinkling. As much as she loved her carseat, she'd been in it for hours. Her mate, Danny, had decided to drive straight through, stopping only for gas, to feed or change her, or for the occasional piss at the side of the road. She had slept most of the way up north through the night. Mate was a funny word, but given what Danny was, it was suitable. It was the correct term, according to him. Kaoru just called him her boyfriend, but their relationship was deeper than that, more like soul mates from a fairly tale. The term married couple could have applied to them, but that didn't really fit right, either. Mate sounded just as funny to her as boyfriend or husband did to Daniel. Mate was a strange word, but then Danny's true nature aside, they were a strange couple, she supposed. She enjoyed playing baby. It helped her cope with her past and her insecurities. As for Daniel, well, he was not human at all. An oversized infant carrier was just as strange and unbelievable as Danny's true nature was. It had been a gift sent from Auntie Hester, who over the phone had told them in jest that making a car seat that size was as easy as bippity boppity boo. Karou settled back down, staring out the window at the crisp colors of autumn leaves in the early morning sun. Her gaze shifted from the trees to her reflection. Staring back at her was what looked to be a petite preteen girl, half white and half Japanese, or Halfu as she'd been called back in her home country- half Japanese and half gaijin, dressed in a pink, oversized infant sleeper with attached mittens and booties and evident bulge of a ridiculously thick diaper. The sleeper had Disney Princess print. The pink and purple pacifier she sucked on and the Cinderella bib around her neck completed the ensemble. She scrunched her pert little nose up at her reflection. She didn't like how her eyes looked without her usual gyaru style makeup that made her eyes look poppingly big, almost like a Shojo anime character or a doll. Danny assured her she looked beyond adorable either way. The no makeup rule when playing baby was the only part of it she didn't like. Without makeup, she looked even younger than the preteen or young teen she was usually mistaken for. Over here in America, people always thought she was around fourteen or fifteen with makeup and ten or twelve without it. Her actual age was eighteen. She wondered if she ever got the chance to go back to her home country what age people would assume she was. Her actual gender was more tricky. She had been born a male, and had physically been a male for few years of her life. As a toddler, she had been drawn to girly things and had always felt like a girl inside, even when her mom and maternal grandparents insisted she was a boy. That came to a head when her mother's yakuza thug of a boyfriend, after a drinking binge one day, snatched Kaoru by her hair, sliced her dress off with a knife, slicing into her skin in the process, then began to butcher- The memory suddenly vanished, blanking from her mind as if sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. Kaoru gasped, almond eyes wide and pacifier tumbling from her lips. Her pulse sped and she grabbed onto Miss Mopsy, hugging her beloved plush bunny tight. "Pumpkin, you okay?" Kaoru looked up into a pair of concerned blue eyes visible in the rearview mirror as Danny checked on her from the driver's seat. She forced a weak smile that he didn't buy. "J-just a-a bad memory but it....feels more like a bad day dream. It disappeared in the middle-" She trailed off into a low mumble but he could still hear her heavily accented English. Her face showed her confusion. That memory was real, had happened, but it was already gone from her mind, wiped away like the early morning mists. Remnants lingered like ghosts, but even they were fading. Danny's eyes softened with a touch of sadness, sorry that his baby girl's past still hurt her. "Auntie Hester said the effects of the potion she sent will increase with each dose. It will take some time, but soon you'll forget those memories forever." Hester was a very good friend of Daniel's; they considered each other siblings even though they were not related by blood at all. Or marriage. Neither was Hester Kaoru's aunt or any relation at all, but she insisted Kaoru call her Auntie, and Karou seemed to enjoy it as well. Kaoru's smile grew slightly more steady. There were things in her past she did not want to remember. Therapy and medication hadn't helped her cope much, and the scars on her body were reminder enough. Danny's sister had sent Kaoru a special potion she'd brewed, and dose by dose it was gradually erasing the painful things Kaoru dearly wished to forget, misting over the scars of her heart and mind.
  19. This story is complete and is available on Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WN7H42M/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i4 WITCH'S BREW by Cute Kitten Joshua poked at the chocolate cereal puffs and marshmallow bats floating in the milk puddle on his highchair tray. His cheeks and chin were wet with milk; a couple of mushy bats stuck to his face. His plastic bib was as messy as his tray. He wore most of his food instead of eating it, despite his efforts to the contrary. He poked at another cereal puff, trying to pinch it between his fingers. The soggy cereal smooshed under his uncooperative fingers. He puffed his cheeks out in frustration, staring down at his hands and the delicate, silvery webbing of scars on his porcelain skin. His skin was so pale the scars were barely visible. He turned his wrist and the spidery, thin lines shimmered with a pearly sheen. Normal scars were varying shades of pink, red, and white. Not pearl and silver and covering nearly his entire body. The odd scars were souvenirs from a necromantic witch who had slowly burned and destroyed his nerves. He'd been very close to death. Aunt Gertrude saved him just in time. She even brewed him a potion distilled from the Font of Youth, to regrow and restore his injured body. Recovery was not magically instantaneous; his body was like that of a baby, and he had to relearn all over again. Hence his infantile lack of fine motor skills and barely controlled gross motor skills. And Auntie Gertrude raising him like he was an oversized baby. Physically, he was a baby. He couldn't even manage to feed himself yet. Josh puffed his cheeks out and smacked one hand into the milk puddle on his tray. His fingers accidentally hit the rim of the bowl; milk and cereal arched through the air and splattered onto the floor. He froze, eyes going wide as he realized just how big his mess was. He was in so much trouble; Aunt Gertrude would be furious. He wasn't supposed to feed himself; he wasn't ready for that yet. Aunt Gertrude had told his big half-sister Tabitha to feed him, but Tabi had snuck down into Aunt Gertrude's liquor cellar. So Josh had taken the opportunity to prove he was a big boy who could feed himself. He'd failed. Claws clicked on the tiled floor then a snuffling noise near the high chair legs. Josh looked down to see a monstrous, fluffy black dog-like creature lapping up the milk and cereal. Pandora, Aunt Gertrude's familiar. Even at peace, Dora was terrifying. She was slightly larger than a Great Dane, bulky, and fluffier than a Tibetan Mastiff. Her cat-like claws and teeth were made for ripping into the flesh of her prey. She was a barghest, a hellhound; a beast who could only be controlled by a powerful witch. Her massive pink tongue swept out, licking up the last of the spilled breakfast. Dora raised her massive head and started licking the highchair tray. Josh giggled in relief, patting the thick black fur with his clean hand. Orange ribbon was tied in a bow by each ear, making her look pretty for Halloween. Plastic bowl and rubber coated baby spoon clattered to the floor as Dora pushed them out of her way. Finished with the tray, she moved on to Josh's milk-sticky hand then his face. Joshua giggled some more, squirming helplessly as her rough tongue tickled his baby soft, delicate skin. He kicked his feet, his soggy diaper crinkling audibly. A wave of warmth engulfed his crotch as he wet himself but he barely paid any attention. He was too busy being tickle-attacked by Dora's monstrous tongue. "Pipe down. You're gonna attract the old bat with all that racket." Tabitha crept silently out of the basement. She scowled at her little half-brother. They had the same father but different witch mothers. Just looking at him annoyed her. He was so damn pretty; a soft, lovely, delicate baby doll she often just wanted to smash. She felt like an ungainly sow in comparison. "S-sowwy." Josh gasped out in a toddler lisp. His lungs ached from laughing. Pandora sat on her haunches, licking the milk and marshmallows off her muzzle. "Doggy tickles." Shaggy, pale blonde bangs fell into his big green eyes as he ducked his head, looking down at his tray that smelled of doggy slobber. He poked at the mess on his bib. He hated making his big sister mad; it reminded him too much of all the times his mother had been upset with him. "Whatever. Just don't start blubbering." Tabitha snorted, tossing her frizzy dark brown ringlets over her shoulder. She didn't even glance at his tray or bowl on the floor; she turned and went straight to the kitchen cabinet above the sink to fetch a glass. She held up the pilfered bottle to the autumn morning sun streaming through the window. The light caught the pale amber liquid, making it sparkle and shimmer. The bottle should have been brown; instead it was clear to show off the liquor. A homemade label decorated with drawings of pumpkins covered in spider webs. She read the squiggly handwriting. "Spider Cider." She snorted. "Cute. How appropriate for Auntie's Halloween party." She sat the bottle down and turned to Joshua, who still sat quietly in his highchair. "You know, I'm 21. I'm finally old enough to go to the Samhain Feast. Become a full-fledged coven member. Instead, my Halloween is stuck here changing your diapers and handing out candy to filthy brats." "Sowwy." Josh whispered softly, not daring to look up at her. Instead he looked around for his binky. He didn't see it, so he slipped his thumb in his mouth instead and started to suck. Pandora's wet nose bumped into his bare calf and he smiled a little at the ticklish sensation. The barghest stood in front of the highchair and just stared Tabitha down. She didn't growl or bare her teeth; she just stared at the girl. "Dowa, dat not nice." Josh lisped at the barghest. That dead stare trapped her like a cornered rabbit. It was the look of a dog that was considering attacking. Pandora often gave Tabitha that look. She found it almost as annoying as Aunt Gertrude's reprimands. Pandora never attacked her yet, but often looked at her like the damn mutt was thinking about it. Tabi tried to give the familiar a wide berth; all it took was one time, one incident. A barghest attack was hard to survive, and with her sealed magic it was almost impossible. "I'm not scared of you." Defiance laced her tone. Her limbs were stiff and her knees shook. "Anyway, since this Halloween's gonna suck, I might as well have some fun while I can. The least Auntie can do is spare me one lousy bottle of her brew." She slowly, intentionally turned her back on the beast and tried to open the bottle. Her hands trembled and she waited with baited breath to hear a growl in her ear, pain erupt as teeth sank into her shoulder. When no attack came, she let out her breath, hitched on a smirk and slowly, cautiously turned around. "Hey, baby pants, you want a sip?" She waved the bottle, amber liquid sloshing around. "No, he doesn't. You aren't having one, either." A calm, firm voice filled the kitchen.
  20. So I'm thinking of a role play about a girl named Sarah shes 10 blonde blue eyes kinda nerdy. Shes skinny and scrappy. Her and her friends are talking about Halloween coming up in the next couple of days, everyone has their costumes picked out... Well kinda Sarah's mom got her a princess costume instead of the bloody zombie costume that she wanted. Her friends think it's funny. Until one friend dares her to go to the old house at the end of her street, word is an old witch lives there and on Halloween night turns who ever dares knock on her door into that in which they are dressed. All the kids laugh. Sarah says "I dont wanna wear a stupid princess dress what makes you think I'd try that silly old story out like that!" So the kids after much consideration says "Ok, let's make it interesting instead of going dressed like a princess I double king dare you to go dressed like a baby!"... It's a rough idea dm me if it sounds fun
  21. As this is my first story, poorly written and unedited, I debated whether to post this or not. In the end, I decided to go ahead and post it. All criticism is appreciated. Thank you for reading, and, please, try to enjoy. -- I was having serious doubts about this. It went against everything I tried to be. Everything that an independent Little should try to be. Mature, a word that usually described me, was not applicable here. A baby stared back at me from the standing mirror. My costume was infantile. A cutesy, poofy, pumpkin outfit. My legs were bare, as the costume acted more like a onesie. Matching booties adorned my feet. My hair, usually a bob cut, was done up in short pigtails. I looked, for all intents and purposes, like an adopted Little ready to go trick-or-treating with her Mommy. That was the point, though. I wasn't really adopted, and my parents were still related to me by blood. I was ready to go trick-or-treating, however. Eighteen year olds didn't go trick-or-treating, though. Especially not eighteen year old, independent Littles. But, that wasn't to be the case this year. I wanted to do something festive for Halloween. I didn't want to go to some crazy party. I didn't want to watch horror movies at home, with my best friend, for the fourth year in a row. I didn't want to go to the school-sponsored dance. I did like candy, though. When my best friend, Leah, suggested her silly, almost-demeaning idea, I was initially all for it. We couldn't trick-or-treat, because we were too old. Adopted Littles could go trick-or-treating. I was a Little, and Leah was an Amazon. If we went trick-or-treating, acting like an adopted Little and her Amazon, we could definitely get away with a haul of candy. And, we'd be going across town, to make sure that we wouldn't see anyone we knew. It made sense at the time. It made sense, until I put on the costume Leah picked out. A pumpkin. At least it's more festive than a princess costume, or something else. I had been prepared, but it was much more humiliating in person. The costume itself was bad enough. The babyish hairstyle was pushing it too. The worst part was the diaper, that she insisted I wear underneath the costume. I made a fuss about it. Letting my emotions get the better of me was something I didn't let happen often, but a diaper was too much. It had bad connotations to Littles, even in a country as progressive as ours. But, Leah calmed me down. To fool people, she said, the costume had to be really authentic. It did make sense. However, despite my apprehension, I did intend on making use of the costume. Candy was much more important than my pride. "Where's your costume?" I stopped looking in the mirror, and turned to Leah, as she walked into the room. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, normal clothing. "I'm wearing it. I'm a Mommy." "Please. I thought you were supposed to be my babysitter?" "Mommy sounds cuter, though." "Leah, we're like the same age. No one's gonna believe you're my mommy." "There's tons of 'Mommys' and cute Littles, who've fallen in love at our age, Giselle." "I guess." "Plus, no one's gonna care about me. How old I am, or what costume I'm wearing. All they're gonna care about is the cutie in the stroller. Now let's get going, we don't want to keep you up past your bedtime." She winked at me, before swiftly taking me into her arms. "Bedtime? It's only five o'clock. I don't normally go to sleep until eleven." "Cute, babied Littles usually go to bed at eight." I rolled my eyes. This was already too much, and we hadn't even gotten out of the door. I really wanted to back out. I didn't mind her carrying me much, she's picked me up and carried me many times before. I did mind the teasing. The mature thing was not to react, though. I knew she didn't mean anything by it. I stayed silent as we moved towards the front door of her house. "I feel like you're gonna go baby crazy." I said. Leah shook her head. "I'm sorry for teasing you, Giselle. I promise I'm not catching baby fever or anything. Even if I was, I doubt I'd want my best friend." Even if she was, it'd be nonpermanent. It was hard to just snatch an unwilling Little in our country. It'd be embarassing, sure, especially with the position I put myself into, but nonpermanent. I took solace in her words, though. "I slipped your phone into your diaper-bag." It took me a second to register what she said, and another to spit out my question. "Diaper-bag?" "Yes, adopted Littles have diaper-bags, right? If you're gonna pretend to be adopted, you need all the accessories." "Where did you even get one?" "Spare, from when my cousin stays over. Just like everything else." "Everything else?" "Yep. The diaper you're wearing, and the two in the bag, are hers. The stroller, pacifier and bottles too." That was a lot to process. I really hadn't thought about what tonight would entail. My lust of candy blinded me. She must've seen my reaction, as she just stood in the entranceway, waiting for my response. "A stroller?" I finally eaked out. "Yes. You don't espect me to carry you, a diaperbag, and your candy pail all night, do you?" "I didn't expect any of it!" I didn't mean to yell, but I was getting flustered. It was getting too humiliating. Neither of us said anything for a moment. Quietly, I said. "I think I don't wanna go out." "Aw, c'mon Giselle." She said. "I don't wanna force you or anything, but think about this. No one's gonna know it's you. We're going all the way across town. No one we go to school with lives over there. No one will find out. It's going to be embarassing, still, but think of all the candy. Think of how fun it'll be. Way more fun than staying at home watching B-rated horror movies, right?" She was right, but- "Candy. Halloween. Candy." "I guess." "Then it's settled." Leah bent down and picked up the diaperbag, with me in hand, and then left the house. I was worried about this part, due to the high chance of someone we knew seeing us, but I was in the car in seconds. She buckled me into the carseat, that was a permanent fixture of the backseat of her car. It was plain, black, and comfortable. A necessity for all Little passengers, she needed to have one in the car to drive me around. It got a lot of use. She picked me up and drove me home from school every day. She placed the diaperbag on the floor, before getting into the driver's seat. The car started, the radio was turned on to some generic pop station, and we were off. Leah and I talked briefly about class, but her attention was focused on the road. Without a phone, I was got bored quickly. I wanted to worry more about tonight's events, but that wasn't exactly good conversation. For the twenty minutes it took to get across town, I listlessly stared out the window and hummed along to the radio. By the time we were parked in a community center parking lot, my nervousness had increased. Butterflies weren't just fluttering but flinging themselves around in my stomach. Candy. Halloween. Festive. Repeated over and over again in my mind. Leah didn't immediately take me out of the car. Instead, the trunk was opened, and Leah got something out. I guessed that it was the stroller, as I hadn't seen it yet. After a moment, Leah walked to my door and opened it. I was unbuckled, picked up, and deposited in a pink monstrosity. The canopy was bright pink. The tray in front of me was bright pink. The eight point harness was bright pink as well. The cushioning around me was a muted pink. From what I could tell, the rest of the device was the same shade of pink as the cushioning. The seat faced forward, making me unable to see Leah. It did make me visible to everyone we would pass by. Leah moved to the side of the stroller, and leaned down to talk to me. "Are you ready?" "As I'll ever be." "Alright then, let's get trick-or-treating." This neighborhood had a good number of trick-or-treaters. The parking lot was packed with cars, and there seemed to be some tents and booths set up in a section of it. I didn't know what they were for, and there wasn't a lot indicating their purpose. Lots of mothers, probably in their thirties or older, and lots of Littles. Some normal Amazonian children were running around, but not many. Most were probably accompanying their mothers and Little siblings. Leah pushed me towards a two-story, yellow house. Despite it not being dark yet, the porchlight was on. It didn't have much of a porch, with just two steps leading up to the door. She pushed the doorbell, and waited. Only a couple seconds went by before an older woman, probably in her mid-fifties, opened the door. She didn't say anything, but looked at me expectantly. Leah looked down at me. "C'mon sweetie. I know you're shy, but you want some candy, don't you?" It took me a second to register what she meant. I blushed, and said. "Trick-or-treat." "That'sa girl." Leah held out the candy pail, which she must've been holding on to. The woman threw a few Amazon-sized pieces of candy in the bucket. "Now what do we say to the nice lady?" "Thank you, Miss." The lady responded with a "Happy Halloween" and we departed towards the next house. It went much the same way. Eventually, I got into the swing of things, and my candypail increasingly got filled with candy. The embarassment didn't fade, but I managed. We were doing something festive. We were getting candy doing it. I could deal with looking like a baby for a night. When we walked up to the fifteenth house, Leah stopped, which meant I stopped too. "What's wrong, Leah?" I tried to look around, but the harness limited my movement and the canopy restricted my view. She leaned down to whisper to me. "I don't want you to get upset, but I just remembered something that I wanted you to try." That didn't sound good. "Yeah?" "One second." She disappeared momentarily, and then came back into view. Next thing I knew, she was waving a pacifier in front of me. "Oh no. No. What'd even be the point?" I asked. "To make you look cuter? More candy, maybe? Look at it. It matches." She was right. It was a jack-o-lantern styled pacifier. Orange, green, with black eyes and a black mouth. I really didn't want to be sucking on a pacifier, though. "Didn't you say it was your cousins?" "Yep." "Isn't it weird that it matches me?" "Not really. She has a pacifier for every holiday. I picked the pumpkin costume out with this in mind, too." That was a good enough, excuse, but still. "Just try it. Cute Littles get more candy." She was right. "If I didn't know better, I would swear you were easing me into this, trying to really turn me into your baby." I sighed. Another concern popped into my head. "Isn't that unsanitary?" "Don't worry. I washed it. You really think I'm that bad of a Mommy?" She smiled jokingly. I groaned. "Ok, ok. Babysitter." With no good excuses, I reluctantly accepted the pacifier into my mouth. I gave it a test suck, but it was kinda hard and uncomfortable. "Cute. Very authentic. Try to keep it in, ok?" Leah finally rolled me up to the house. It was the same style as the previous nine, but it was a different color. Blue, this time. A man opened the door. "Trick-or-treat." I tried to say, but the pacifier muffled what I said. It came out sounding lispy and babyish. The man dropped a few pieces of candy in the candypail. He smiled at me as I thanked him. "Is she yours?" He asked Leah. "You seem awfully young." It took her a second to respond. Probably deciding what to say. "No, I'm just babysitting her, while her parents stay at home." I was glad she chose that answer, as I absolutely did not want to call my best friend "Mommy." "Well, that's good for them to get some alone time. My wife's out with ours, right now. Anyway, I won't keep you guys. Have a Happy Halloween." We returned the farewell, and then headed towards the next house. This repeated, until we did a full circuit of the block. By this point, the sun was getting low in the sky. We had been trick-or-treating for at least an hour. I wasn't even walking, but even I was getting a bit tired. Tired of being embarassed, but also tired of the repetition. Even Leah seemed to be lagging a little, even if it was barely noticeable. We stopped at the corner of the block. "Do you want to rest for a minute?" I let the pacifier drop from my mouth. "Yeah." "Here." Leah audibly fiddled with the bag behind me. A baby-bottle was hung in front of me. "Something to drink. You have to be thirsty." She was right. I was a bit thirsty. It was a huge bottle, though, and I doubted that I was that thirsty. I took it from Leah. Even both my hands didn't completely wrap around the bottle. I examined the bottle. A clear liquid was contained inside. Water, obviously. I put the nipple into my mouth. It was a struggle to get the water to flow through it. I had to tip my head back, and suck in a certain rythm. Even then, the bottle didn't drain very fast. It felt like an eternity to drink just half of the bottle. I looked at Leah, who had sat down in front of the stroller to rest. I popped my lips from the bottle's nipple. "Are we about done?" "Well, the candypail is only half-full." said Leah. "Only half?" She nodded. We had been around only one block, but it felt like we were getting a lot of candy. I sorta wanted to call it good. We've had some festivity, and we got some candy. Then, I thought for a moment. Half of a pail full of Amazon-sized candy would be more than enough for me. Leah, on the other hand, wouldn't get hardly any candy. She'd be better off buying some at a convenience store. The whole idea was for us both to get a load of candy, and to do it in a festive manner. We'd have to keep going, then. "Alright, let me finish drinking this, and then let's keep trick-or-treating." While I drank the other half of the bottle, Leah stood and grabbed something else out of diaperbag. "Here, another bottle. Just in case you get thirsty later." She placed it next to me in the stroller, and took the other bottle once it had been emptied. We then took off towards the next block. It was much like the first block. Same style of house, and same demographic. The affinity of Amazons for Littles made sure that our candypail was full by the time we visited every house. Embarassment was still a problem, but that might have contributed to our haul. Amazons love humiliated, embarassed Littles, after all. Either that, the Amazons of this neighborhood were just expectionally generous, or I forgot how fast candy accumulates when trick-or-treating. Despite taking only another hour, the moon replaced the sun by the time we had finished. The bottle that Leah had left with me was empty. I had suckled on it inbetween houses. It was a lot of water, but it kept my mind focused on something other than the situation and candy. I was definitely not thirsty now. I had a slight urge to pee, but it could wait until I got back to Leah's house and out of this costume. We had been out here two hours, though, meaning it was probably around seven o'clock. Leah and I both normally ate around this time. We would probably be leaving soon, as there wasn't a whole lot of real food here. "Do you want to visit the booths in the parking lot?" Leah asked. "I was wondering what those were for?" "The community center here holds a fair on Halloween, as well as other holidays." She said. "Do you want to go?" "Not really. I was hoping we could get some food." "They have food at the fair." "Well-" My stomach audibly growled. Hunger was winning out over my other need. "That settles it, then. Unless you really want to go somewhere else?" I didn't. I didn't want to go to the fair either, but I could handle being humiliated for some food. There was no argument from me, as Leah pushed us towards the booths and tents. The small area of parking lot that made up the fairgrounds was packed with people. I could hardly see the booths and tents through the crowd. Leah seemed to know where to go, however. We eventually stopped at the end of a line. A delicious smell wafted through the air. The pressure on my bladder was increasing, but the idea of food took my mind off it. I definitely wanted whatever this booth was selling before we left. By the time we got to the front of the line, I was starving. Even if it was, as I discovered, just generic fair-food. Leah ordered for both of us. A Little-sized corndog and some home-made chips in a basket for me, and an Amazon-sized version of the same thing for herself. She handed me both baskets to carry. Hers dwarfed mine. Holding on tight to both baskets, I felt Leah begin to push the stroller again. We moved towards the edge of the parking lot, and away from the fair. Leah stopped us in a grassy area by the road. The food was delicious, as fair food usually is. It was greasy, hot, and filling. I scarfed mine down quickly. Leah was only half-way through her corndog and chips by the time my basket was empty. While basking in the afterglow of fullness, I remembered my other need. I had to pee, and I had to pee really bad. Littles have never been renowned for their bladder control, and I was no exception. When I had to pee bad, I had to go right then. I'd already held it for a few hours, which was a pretty big feat. "Leah." "Yeah?" She popped a chip into her mouth. "I need to go to the bathroom." She raised one of her eyebrows questioningly. "Why not just use your diaper? That's what it's there for." "Leah!" I fidgeted. "This isn't a joke. I'm not a baby, I need a restroom." Despite being best friends for most of our lives, I don't think Leah had ever seen me this desparate. I was usually very careful about my toilet needs. "And I'm not joking either. Wouldn't it be weird to see a Little, just seconds ago diapered, using the toilet?" "No one would know! Please, Leah, take me to the restroom." I was getting really desparate. "I'm sure someone would hear the tapes being ripped off. It's a crowded event, with one bathroom." I thought about it, and I guess she wasn't wrong. "It'd kinda defeat the whole point of this, if someone found out that you aren't an adopted Little." I don't know if it was just that I agreed with her, or if my bladder just gave out. A warm, wet sensation spread across my privates and my butt. Tears welled up in my eyes, and my face turned to a deep shade of red. That was the most embarassing thing that had ever happened to me. Wearing a diaper already had bad enough connotations to most independent Littles, but basically being forced to use it too? I wanted to curl up and die. I wanted to be changed more, though. "Leah," My voice was soft, and waivering. "I want out of this diaper, please." "Alright, just one second." She popped the last of her food into her mouth, before grabbing my basket and putting it in hers. She held onto it, as she started to push the stroller towards the community center. The whole way there, I could feel the wet, slick feeling of my piss-filled diaper. I felt like everyone was staring at me. They knew what I'd done. They knew what I was, and what I felt like. A puny, dumb, babied Little. The curling up and dying almost sounded nicer than a change. Leah deposited our trash in the trashcan outside of the community center's restrooms. She wheeled me into the restroom. I had expected it to be very crowded, but it seemed to be empty. I almost protested to her about earlier, but decided against it. There was no way she could've known, and, with the amount of people mulling around, even I assumed it was going to be crowded. Three stalls occupied the rightside of the room, while the left wall had two changing stations. Seemingly unconcerned for my wants, we headed towards the changing stations. "Leah." I whined. "Take me to one of the stalls." "No." I knew she already had some reason lined up to deny me privacy. I sighed. "Why not?" "If someone came in, it'd be suspicious." "Of course. Fine." I acquiesced. She unbuckled me and lifted me out of the stroller, before placing me on the changing table. In just seconds, she had me out of my pumpkin costume. I was now naked, except for my wet diaper and an undershirt, that I luckily decided to wear under the costume. While this bothered me, I didn't care too much. All I wanted was to be out of this diaper, and if I had to be nearly naked, then so be it. She placed the costume off to the side, before gently pushing me onto my back. Leah untaped the diaper, exposing my crotch to cold air. I wasn't particularly upset at Leah seeing me naked. We'd been nude around eachother before. The diaper was slide out from under me, and Leah quickly got to work cleaning me up. I felt a lot better because of that. I did not feel any better, when the door to the restroom opened. A woman walked in, carrying a Little girl about my age and a diaperbag in her arms. The girl was dressed in a witch's costume. I was not very pleased that both of them were getting a great view of my naked bottom. My face turned the same shade of red from earlier. The woman carried her Little to the next changing table, and got to work. I couldn't see anything, unlike them, but I could hear her working. Leah began to get a new diaper out for me, when the woman spoke. "Is she new?" "I'm sorry?" Leah froze, leaving me with nothing on still. "Was she just adopted?" The woman motioned towards me. "Oh, uh, yes. She was just adopted a couple of weeks ago." "I could tell. They're always so blushy when they're new." Leah nodded, still ignoring my bare form. "My Elodie was the same way at first. Is she yours?" "No. I'm just babysitting." Leah started paying attention to me again, and a new diaper was slipped under me. I was quite thankful. "That's awfully nice of you. Taking her out Trick-or-Treating, and letting Mommy and Daddy get some rest." Leah smiled in response, while she finished up. The woman must've noticed that Leah was done, as she then said. "Sorry to bother you two, dears. Happy Halloween, have a nice night." I was placed back into the stroller, and we left the restroom. It was late now. By my guess, it was around seven thirty. The crowds were dissipating, and the parking lot was much emptier. "Ready to go home?" "Of course." It wasn't long before we were back at Leah's house, and I was out of that pumpkin costume. I was back in normal clothes, a simple t-shirt and jeans. A dumb, b-rated, horror movie played on the the television, as I unwound from the rather unpleasant night. The candpail was sat between me and Leah, and we both picked at it for the occasional piece of candy. Being in a constant state of embarassment was much more tiring than I would've though. As I popped an over-sized piece of candy into my mouth, I wondered if tonight was worth it. The candy was good, but we could've just bought some at the store. Then, we could've been watching a silly horror movie three hours earlier. It was festive, though. In the end, I decided it didn't matter. I was duped into doing it, by both Leah and myself, but I got some free candy in a festive manner. It was as happy of a Halloween as I could hope for.
  22. I’m sure one if the writers of this show is an abdl. Diaper wearing starts at 2:50. Remember seeing this episode when I was a kid
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