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  1. The reason why Sara isn't panicking is the culture of this fictional, near future corporate run world, and her own personality which will be becoming more clear as the story goes on. I tried to imply that it's also reversible at the end of the contract, but i guess that didn't come through cleanly. Thanks! I'll try and keep it rolling, though it'll likely be quite slow due to RL obligations
  2. Finally a new chapter. I got some ideas, and this might also clear up some unclear stuff from earlier chapters. I'm still feeling it out, having a vague idea of where it's going but it's taking me longer to let it crystallize than i thought. Sorry for the wait! As always, feedback is *very* welcome! Chapter 5 There’s nothing like an akward elevator ride to make you ponder your life choices. Or, if not that, at the very least make you feel incredibly self-conscious, as is the case here. This even despite the other woman standing next to her, who should arguably feel more self-conscious than she did, but Suzie somehow exuded an aura to make the reverse happen instead. It was only then that Sara noticed that Suzie was just a bit smaller than her. An inconsequential detail perhaps, but one which stood out as other aspects of the naked woman were certainly in a league above Sara’s, as far as dimensions are concerned. Shaking her head of the thoughts, Sara tried to think of how she managed to end up in this situation. The answer was not too far away though… She’s always been rather aimless in a way, doing whatever seemed like a good idea at the time without trying to find out more about what she’d actually be doing. She tried a multitude of sports this way, with more than one being ditched after just one day after finding out what they actually entailed. She’s never made any real friends due to this mindset either. No one really clicked, no one really understood her. How could they if she didn’t even understand herself? Still, she always brushed it aside and went with the urge of the day, never really thinking far ahead. It’s how she ended up going for a field of study which, as she realized all too late, never intended to actually get a job in. Speaking of jobs: Getting a new one every other week, either by quitting because it wasn’t fun or getting fired because she just didn’t seem all that bothered with it was par for the course. Living from day to day, week to week, never finding that hook to be able to form an ambition for what she actually wanted to do with her life. It’s no wonder that she got estranged from her parents after moving out. So here she is, standing in a stark, white elevator, a naked woman standing next to her, she herself having legally signed her continence away for a job where she’s not sure what she would be doing exactly. Just another consequence of being as carefree as she is usually, probably. At least that mindset keeps her from getting loopy. Unless she already is, and given the evidence that might indeed be the case. While Suzie seems chipper as the elevator dings, Sara sighs as the door opens, leading them into another stark white hallway, looking less clinical and more like a modernist designer’s dream. Recessed lights running along the edges of the walls, both floor and ceiling, subtly rounded walls and a lot of open space and glass doors up ahead. Given the abundance of light it’s a small wonder her eyes haven’t popped out yet. As the pair moves forward, other people come into view when they’re nearing what seems to be a common area, the cafetaria of at least this floor. It’s not exactly subtle anymore when the people are wearing what could charitably be described as kinky outfits, by Sara at least: Lots of black and red latex catsuits, men or women, some wearing a leather contraption of some kind instead with straps running all over their body. One of those is crawling on all fours, a leash from his neck leading to the hand of one of the catsuit-men behind him. Both smile as they’re passed, giving Sara an awkward chill running up her spine when she realizes that despite her situation she might be the only one wearing something nearing common clothes. Suzie looks bemused at her ward, for lack of a better term, and places her hand on Sara’s shoulder to guide her into the cafetaria. Suzie is greeted directly by quite a few of the people around here, which seems to interject with her ability to keep Sara in the loop. Finally they find a table to sit down at, in a still all-white area which somehow feels like it’s designed to contrast directly with both the color and shapes of the people visiting it. “You really didn’t know, did you?” Suzie bemoans, looking just a tad worried at Sara across from her. The girl shakes her head, slowly sitting down with a crinkle, still looking around the place with one part wonder, one part amazement and one part bewilderment: “Well i…. May have skimmed some of the material sent to me….” She looks back at Suzie: “I just needed a job, you know?” Suzie nods, smiling again: “You’re holding up quite well i’d say.” She ruffles Sara’s hair: “I’ll get you up to speed. Though i guess i should warn you that you’ll have to wear a uniform when at the office the next time you visit.” Sara looks confused for a moment, just a moment, before realizing what was just said. She raises both eyebrows, and blushes lightly, looking around again at the other employees. As on queue, she is reminded by the possible complications that dresscode would pose when she lets out another involuntary, short squirt into her diaper: “I can’t back out now can i?” Suzie grins, making Sara consider her options: “Can i?” Suzie shakes her head: “The term was 12 months, so for better or worse you’re stuck here for now… The company didn’t just sign you up but invested in you. You waived the right to quit in that time.” Sara can’t help but facepalm, muttering to herself: “Great job there Sake.” Suzie continues: “You’ll be well-cared for though. If anything this place takes care of it’s employees like no other. You just have to follow the rules and do your job well, though in your case half of that takes no effort at all.” Sara takes a few moments before realizing what Suzie meant and starts blushing deeply, pressing her legs together: “I don’t know whether that was supposed to be funny or mean….” Suzie grins and winks at Sara: “Both!” She giggles and gets up: “I’ll get us something to eat, stay here.” Suzie moves off to the line, leaving Sara to slump back into the seat, looking down at herself. The skirt is doing an admirable job of not covering anything at all at this point, though she can’t help but notice that no one is really paying her much mind outside of a courteous smile. Despite her embarrassment being in full view she’s feeling rather comfortable, no one paying any special attention to her outside of Suzie. The pokes the plastic garment between her legs, sighing, a plastic tray with a rather ordinary looking dinner on it suddenly being put down in front of her: “Yes, that’s your underwear from now on.” Suzie grins again as she says it, Sara blushing once more and sitting up straight again: “Just checking…..” Suzie nods, unable to help herself: “You’ll have to do that often! Unless you want me to do it for you?” Sara gasps, still red from before, and pouts at the woman across from her. Suzie can’t help but laugh: “You’re such a cutie when you blush! I might just keep getting you to do it.” Before Sara can respond Suzie removes a plate from the tray and puts it in front of Sara, along with some cutlery. While ordinary, the food still looks good, a small steak, some mash and peas alongside it: “Dig in Sara! Dinner’s always on the house here.” Neither of the women need any more (self-)encouragement to start eating. “Now, Sara: This is your first day. I’ll be your buddy for your introduction period and your overseer for your tasks. I’ll get you up to speed on how things work here, and get you settled into your new place later today. They want to break you in gently, so outside of that you’ve got no other appointments for today, but tomorrow you’ll get briefed by the project leader on what you’re doing in the next couple of months.” Sara nods as Suzie explains, slowly relishing her dinner, not having realized until now how hungry she was. Suzie continues after a few bites her own: “And you’ll be my roommate! So we’ll have some fun. For now you just work during office hours, but that can change in a couple of weeks depending on what they want you to do and where. I’ll try and come with you when i can, unless i have my own prior engagements to take care of.” Sara couldn’t help but ask the obvious question to the naked, big breasted woman across from her: “What is your job exactly anyway? Aside from the buddy thing?” Suzie smiled wide: “I’m an actress.” She rolls her eyes: “Sort of. I play in some of the movies the company makes. I used to do this all the time, but they wanted me in a new position…” Suzie can’t help but break out laughing for a moment: “Sorry, just cracks me up every time someone says it. Anyway, this new…. Job just has me leading around new hires, getting them acquainted with the main office, their workplace and their living accomodations. I’m also consulting for some other girls which are taking over some of my old duties, and some of the in-house directors.” Sara narrows her eyes and tilts her head: “You’re doing porn?” Suzie nods emphatically, smiling ear to ear. Sara rolls her eyes: “I should have guessed…. Is that why you’re naked all the time?” Suzie nods: “My company uniform. Not that i mind. I actually rather like it! It’s so… How to put it…. Liberating, in every sense of the word.” Sara raises an eyebrow as Suzie lets one of her hands move over her nipples, rubbing them lightly: “Empowering, almost. I get to do what i want and i get paid for it!” Sara gulps, coughing for a moment as she tries to swallow down the last bite of the steak: “Empowering? Doesn’t it at least get cold?” Suzie shakes her head: “It’s just for indoors, and the main office is very well heated. Well, not heated, just insulated. I mean, it’s pleasant in here.” She nods to herself as Sara points to some of the other people: “So what are their uniforms for? What are they supposed to indicate? What’s with the strappy guys we saw earlier?” Suzie chuckles: “Office workers also get their own uniform silly. That’s most of what you’re seeing right now. The gimps are just….” She taps her chin: “Lets say some of them are just on their R&R. Probably too complicated to explain in another way, at least until you get a grip on how we work.” Sara wiggles a bit on her seat as she finishes her food: “So what about me then?” Suzie shrugs: “I honestly don’t know. You’re our first diaper model, but i guess we’re going to see what they came up with tomorrow morning.” Sara sighs and points at Suzie’s neck: “And what about that? So far i’ve only seen you wear it.” Suzie looks a bit confused for a moment, but then fingers her collar: “Oh, nothing you need to worry about. Part of my uniform, you could say.” She leans forward to ruffle Sara’s hair again: “I’ll tell you about that later. Now let’s get you settled at home.” She takes Sara’s hand - Rather forcefully, and drags her to what seems to be a massive entry hall. There’s quite a few people hustling in and out of the building through the various revolving doors, two reception desks serving quite long lines of people - Ordinary people now. Somehow it feels like the hall is on the treshold of two worlds, one inside and one outside of the kinky, modernist madness of the building. Despite this, Suzie presses forward, pulling Sara down the stairs, drawing quite a bit of eyes from the men and women in the lines with her naked figure. Is she doing this on purpose so no one would take a second look at herself, Sara thought: It seemed very odd to just do this out in the open, but she quickly notices the limousine outside with an open door and a rather well-dressed driver holding it. Just as quickly as the pair of women exit the building, the enter the limo, Suzie looking rather energized: “Such a rush! I’m usually supposed to dress up before going out but i thought that….” Sara just looks bewildered and rather surprised at the naked lady, obviously getting a rush out of her streaking performance. Suzie just sticks out her tongue at Sara: “You gotta treasure the little things.” Just as Sara wanted to respond, she tenses up a bit and presses her legs together, a short burble from below making its presence known as she starts pushing something out, much to her own surprise. She grows pale, a soft, wet far being the only sound heard within the cabin, the back of her diaper getting a small and subtle, yet noticable brown patch on the back. As quickly as the feeling started, it subsided, the girl looking down at herself in shock. However small and short it was, this was a feeling she’d not hoped to experience so soon... Suzie giggles and pokes the diaper between Sara’s now spread legs: “Don’t worry poopy pants, we’ll get you changed when we’re at home. It’s just about half an hour from here if we don’t get stuck in a traffic jam.” She knocks on the glass behind her, with the limo setting off promptly: “Though it is rush hour at the moment.” Suzie just grins as Sara stares at her, groaning, her pale complexion returning to a blush. The woman across from her lets her grin change into just a smile: “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. I’ll take care of you.” Once again, Suzie ruffles the hair of the diapergirl, Sara frowning a bit as she has to straighten it out yet again, but is left to ponder her situation as the limo makes its way through the streets of the city, towards its edge.
  3. This is a repost of a story of mine that went away with the boardwipe. Good thing too, since it had some errors or odd moving passages in it that i since have been able to fix: At the time i was also struck by a writer's block, i hope i can finally update this story a bit quicker than last time. I have a general outline in my head, though much still has to crystallize. Note: This story contains no regression and nearly no adult baby stuff. It's diaper lover only, with a generous sprinkling of bondage and other bdsm themes in it (these will get more prevalent as the story goes on), so read at your own peril!. I always felt there was a bit of a drought in DL stories on the forum: A lot of them are about regression in some form or another. Personally that's just not my thing, so i decided to do something about it with a story of my own It might also be somewhat slow moving, but i want to make its progression feel as natural as possible. I feel like i already made a few huge jumps in the development though. Feedback is always appreciated! Chapter 1 As Sara sat in the rather dark, square room she obviously felt uncomfortable. She was sat at a small, rectangular table, on a plain, metal chair. A bright light shone from above, from a recessed lamp in the ceiling, giving an unnaturally artificial flair to the otherwise featureless room. An empty chair was across from the table, behind that, a closed door. Despite appearances, this wasn’t a police station and she wasn’t about to get interrogated. In fact, she’s here for a job. Sara pondered about the road she’s taken to get here, sitting in a dim room in an office building of a company she doesn’t know anything about, despite having been interviewed quite a few times already. The terms were too good to pass on though, especially for someone in her situation and in this day and age. Just 15 years ago, the country was quite different. Heck, the world was. Simple things like public healthcare just got implemented, the minimum wage was still there and social security for those who didn’t get it, and voting still mattered. At least, it felt like it did. It didn’t take long for the situation to change, when big lobbies started openly controlling elections and politics and big corporations acted like those gelatinous cubes from D&D - Rolling over and swallowing smaller corporations, even people, into their big, fat, bodies. People didn’t care. They were distracted with reality shows, and populistic displays of the show politics from the time kept people busy with irrelevant issues, blinding them to what was actually happening. Heck, they still don’t care, as long as they can have their fun. And fun, oh well, fun can be bought and sold, so no one has a problem with that. It’s a win-win! Sara was always a bit absent-minded, even to the point where to some she might seem reckless at times. She chose to go to university, taking out the obvious necessary loan. However, realizing it too late, she chose the wrong major (‘becoming a doctor’ is so much easier to say than to do) and ended up with a university career she couldn’t finish as well as a whopping $200,000 debt. So, when she dropped out, she was in a slightly panicky mood, as you can imagine. She scoured the job boards, not finding much for a university drop-out. The low-paying jobs she could find and take basically left her on life support, as that loan still needed to be repaid. Living off scraps while the interest went higher than what she was able to pay back was not exactly the situation to be in. Along came a spider. A job listing, actually. Modelling! No experience needed, $5000 a month, $10,000 signing bonus, 12 months with an option for permanent extension. How could she not at least try out for it? Some company called Bound Inc. She never heard of it, but it sounded legit enough. Fortune 500, apparently, which is no small feat considering the competition nowadays. She was led through the recruitment process. Their main office is plain white from the outside, with black accents around the corners and windows. It looks like a modernists’ wet dream, almost literally, as the walls and floors were glossed to a fault, the lights running around the edges and corners of the entire ceiling, which was matte black otherwise. It gave a strange, flattened feeling to the interior. Her first contact was a blonde woman, all dressed in tight, black clothes. The company must have a rather lax attitude to it’s dress code, she thought. She did seem rather strict, but extremely professional and still friendly. A few more rounds of interviews followed, though most seemed pretty inane, they seemed to have less to do with the job and more like she was visiting her family, asking her about what was going on in her life. So, now, in this dim room, oddly contrasting to the rest of the building’s interior, she was awaiting the final interview. Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched from behind a cliché, a two-way mirror of course. Smoke hangs in the dark side-room, as one of the men was smoking. He looked at the girl beyond the mirror, a frown on his face: “Ted, her breasts are too small. She doesn’t have any modelling experience whatsoever either. That’s two strikes.” The man was looking over some pictures, showing off more of Sara’s body than is visible at the moment. She’s athletic with relatively wide hips, but a very well shaped body otherwise, though her breasts never got past the ‘barely A-cup’ stage. As the daughter of a caucasian father and asian mother, her face and skin show traits of both, full, tout lips and a short but cute nose under big eyes, half-long black hair draped over her shoulders in the pictures, but in a ponytail at the moment. Deep blue eyes and raven black hair can easily get you lost in her face. “Sir, we’re not just looking for a model. We’ve had 1200 applications and of those, only she has passed all the tests. Even this one she’s passing with flying colors, look at how calm she remains. Besides, the breasts we can fix.” The smoking man puts the cigarette out and simply observes the girl, which seems calm, looking around as if trying to entertain herself with something as she waits: “Are you sure she’s got potential?” “Her tests were all very positive. She can deal with the pressure and she looks like she picks up things quickly. Besides, she’s not going on to a catwalk any time soon!” The second man, Ted, chuckles at his comment, the smoking man grinning in agreement: “Seems that we don’t have much choice otherwise. None of the active approaches were successful?” “No. Most were already engaged otherwise, the ones who weren’t were not interested in this project. Understandable probably, given the requirements. Unless you want to wait for another 6 months for a slim chance of getting even an equivalent candidate, she’s our best bet.” The smoking man puts his elbows on his chair’s armrests and his fingertips together. He stairs at the girl for a few moments and gives a solitary, but strong nod to Ted: “Get her prepped. Suzie will supervise her introduction period. I want her ready in 3 weeks, we need this stuff out before the holiday quarter starts.” Ted gets up, tidies his suit and walks towards the door: “D? E?” “C is good my man. She needs to appeal to a broader audience than our other models.” Ted nods, and continues on to the other room, where Sara is currently fidgeting. He sits down, calmly, and puts forth a small document: “Miss Keys, i’m here to offer you a contract. Please read it carefully, initial all pages and write your signature on the last page, on the mark, if you agree to all the terms. Feel free to ask me any questions you like.” A wide, warm smile forms on Sara’s face. She can’t believe it, she’s been accepted! Her financial troubles are over, her family will finally get off her case again for being a failure in their eyes. She’ll be famous! “Really? I thought you wanted to send me home after you let me wait here for almost an hour… I mean, thank you for giving me this opportunity sir!” She bends down over the document, reading it. Though, after the first section, confirming the pay and duration, she seems to be skimming it. Ted almost looks like he wants to say something, but refrains himself, instead a smile forming on his face. Not menacing, not awkward, but strangely self-satisfactory. As Sara pens down her signature on the final page she almost slams down the pen: “When do i start?” Ted collects the document, his smile still present on his face: “You just did. Collect your things, you’re expected back at the office in 3 hours. Your introduction period starts tonight.” Sara jumps up and extends her hand in an almost child-like way: “Thank you sir! You won’t regret this.” Ted chuckles as Sara tries to correct herself: “I mean, i’ll do my best!” Ted smiles and nods at Sara: “You’ll fit right in ma’am. When you return, report to the medical station, they will be briefed on your arrival. “ Sara nods strongly, not questioning why she would have to start there of all places. She hasn’t had a checkup for a long time, and she might need one anyway… Chapter 2 Her own place wasn’t actually very far from the company’s office. Just about 20 minutes by public transport. Very public transport. Fashion has moved quickly over the past 15 years and fads spread like wildfire due to this generation’s access to the internet. A lot of the older people - If by over 30 you mean old - still stick to the standard of jeans and shirt, with a plain jacket to cover it up. However, other materials have become increasingly popular, though they have mostly stayed within the realm of one piece of clothing at a time. Luckily, one might say. However, it’s one of those things Bound Inc. has apparently been using quite expertly to grow the business, and grow it fast. Stepping into the bus, Sara was greeted by quite a few teenagers, not much younger than herself, wearing PVC jackets and boots. Some of the girls were wearing a sarong to go along with it, some of the boys a kilt. High schools were becoming an ever more popular battleground for such fads and trends. At 21 she was only just out of that phase, though her parents raised her in such a way that she still preferred old-school, plain clothing. A quick ride and quite a bit of money later she arrived at her apartment building, at the edge of the city center. Not dilapidated, but close, it had that dirty, brown look to it’s exterior, old fashion dumpsters in an alley to the side and a small set of stairs towards the front door. It’s that kind of building you’d see in those movies from ages ago, but if you haven’t seen one in the wild, you’d expect to be walking on to a set. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the walls were crumbling, the stairs were creaking and the neighbours were loud. Sara sighed as she crawled up the steep, dark wooden stairs up to the third floor, towards her front door. No one in sight, so far. Seems like most of the residents don’t come out much, though she preferred it like that. Her apartment was a mess. Clothes everywhere, a laptop lazily sitting in a corner, on top of a desk buried in so much paperwork of all sizes and colors it almost looks like someone was blowing leaves. The entire space was tiny, with a kitchenette right in the living room, a small bedroom to the side and a bathroom tucked into a corner. She threw her backpack in the corner and slumped down on the bed, face first: “I guess this means i can finally start looking for a nicer place…”, she told no one in particular. A sudden knock on the door prevented her from nodding off. “Miss Keys? Are you home yet?” A light, male voice sounded out through the door. Unthreatening, friendly. Very creepy if you’ve lived here for any amount of time. Sara hopped up: “Coming!” She opened up the door, leaving it on the chain and peering through the crack: “Yeah? What do you want?” “Bound Inc, ma’am. We could have driven you home, but you left rather quickly. We’re here to help you pack.” Sara spotted two more men behind the first. While they stood like security personnel, hands folded in front, black, casual suits, they didn’t seem very threatening: “I… Really? Pack?” “Yes ma’am. We will wait if you’re not ready yet, but you’re expected at HQ tonight. You’ll be staying there for the next 8 days, in the meantime we will be preparing your new accomodations.” Sara gulped. This job was getting better by the second. “New… “ She opened the door and waved the men in, they gave her a friendly nod as they passed: “Yes ma’am. We take care of our own, as you will see. We will retreat to a nearby cafe for the time being if you wish to remain, we still have a few hours.” Sara simply stood there, looking around. She wondered whether she would be missing this place. She then wondered why she would, just as another fight between the married couple next door broke out. The men in the room looked surprised, though one of them can’t supress a chuckle and the others a facepalm as the conversation apparently revolved around sex dolls. Yes, the walls are that thin. She then took a deep breath, and looked out the window: “Let me get a few things then, and you can get started. I don’t need to stay here if i don’t have to, thank god.” The men nodded, the front man responding: “Good. Brian, Jason, get the boxes. Miss Keys, do you also want the furniture moved, or just the contents?” Sara looked around as she packed up her laptop and some clean clothes haphazardly, apparently in a hurry: “Ehm… Take the bedstand, and…. The desk. The rest belongs to the landlord, so leave those er…. “ She gave a funny look at the front man before he responded: “My apologies, my name is Conan. The others i’ve unwittingly introduced, of course.” The other two waved, responding with a short “Hi!” as they just returned with load of boxes, ready to get started. Sara couldn’t help but chuckle: “Were you named after…..” “Yes, vice president O’Brien. My mother was a fan, back in the day. This is the only time i’ll speak of this, so let’s get cracking, shall we?” Brian and Jason couldn’t help but laugh at their comrade: “Oh shut up you two, you have work to do!” “Miss Keys, do you want a lift to HQ?” Sara nodded: “Of course! All ready. Off to new adventures!” She pointed towards the door, striding towards it in big steps, prompting yet another chuckle from the men as Conan followed her out: “Well then.” Stepping out again, hopefully for the last time Sara thought, a nice, silver Mercedes was waiting for them, in front of a larger, silver van which Brian and and Jason seemed to be using. Obviously a big step up from the crowded bus just an hour ago. Not a limousine, but she knew better than to be picky at this very early stage of her new career, she thought to herself. Conan opened the back door: “Step in ma’am, we’ll be at the office in 15 minutes. I’ve been told Doctor Lennis is already available for your physical and prep work, so she’ll be waiting.” “Is getting a physical normal for all employees? Seems pretty thorough”, Sara asked. “Of course. We want our models in top physical condition for the job they are to perform, this is routine for all first-timers. “ Conan closed the door and got in the front of the car, starting it up and heading off towards the main office building. His driving style was fast, but not reckless, betraying where one of his hobbies may lie. Sara piped up again: “So you had one too?” “Of course. Everyone does.” Sara leaned back, staying quiet for the rest of the drive. Conan took a glance at her via his mirror every so often, a quiet smile on his face as he drove on. After a short amount of time they reached their destination. Sara jumped out before Conan reached the door, following her inside: “Medical station is to the left, up the stairs and straight on until the end of the hallway. You’ll find it!” “Thanks!” Sara skipped along with her backpack quite excited for her new job, though she slowed her pace somewhat as she realized it would be christened with a trip to the doctor. She stopped and sighed before opening the door to his office. Or her. Assumptions! Doctor Lennis was not an old fart, but a rather fetching young woman - Or so it seemed. The doctor smiled, as did everyone here apparently, warmly, welcoming her: “You must be Sara!” The doctor got up and moved her hand towards Sara, shaking it firmly: “Welcome. Let’s waste no time! We have to get you ready for your introduction period. Please follow me!” “Hi i’m…. Well, you know already! And alright, let’s get this done with.” Sara followed the doctor, Leslie as it turned out, lead her into another hallway, and into an examination room. Oddly, it had a hospital bed in it, though she didn’t pay this much mind. “Sara, i’ll have to get thorough, if you don’t mind. Could you please take off your clothes? Leave all your things on the chair here, and sit on the bed.” Sara gulped and hesitated for a moment: “All of them? I mean… Isn’t this just a checkup?” “Of course it is, but a thorough one.” She chuckled to herself. “After that we’ll start the introduction process straight away as well.” “Well…. Alright then.” Sara stripped, though slightly uncomfortable now. A small price to pay for such an awesome job, she thought. She put her clothes on the chair - Jeans, plain black t-shirt and plain white underwear. Not original, but it did the job. She sat down on the bed, arms in front of her chest, as Leslie approached her with a glass of water: “Drink this, and lie down on your back. We’ll handle everything else from here.” Sara nodded, and took a few large gulps, before lying down and making herself comfortable while the doc was fetching some supplies from the cabinet in the room: “Was that so you can track what’s inside me or something?” Suddenly, she felt incredibly drowsy, as the doc replied: “No, an anesthetic of course. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!” Sara opened her mouth to speak, though she was quickly slipping into unconsciousness. With a confused look on her face she saw two nurses enter the room, in green outfits and surgical masks, the doc donning one as well now. She felt a wave of fear rush through her, not knowing exactly what was happening, though it subsided quickly as she drifted off into a deep, uneventful sleep. Chapter 3 The sounds of chirping birds and a light breeze were enough to rouse Sara from her slumber. The sun shone through the window, illuminating what at first glance seemed to be a stark, white room. She could only see the walls and ceiling, both of which were matte painted, but a cursory glance to her right revealed the same shiny floors as before - Still white. The garden soundtrack didn’t seem to be artificial. A quick look outside showed greenery, though she couldn’t make out much more than that before noticing the apparatus next to her, some wires emanating from it and going to her chest and one to her arm… A drip, as it turned out. She raised her head lightly, still as groggy as an Irishman after St. Patrick’s day, and noticed that she had to raise it a bit further to look down her body. The mounds on her chest seemed… Bigger. She slowly moved the covers down, gulping as she did, the little voice in the back of her head screaming about what the hell is going on, though outwardly she remained calm… Mostly. As her consciousness returned to a more productive state, blinking a few times, she processed the sight. Bandages, around what seemed to be bigger breasts than she had before. She blinked a few times, not knowing what to think, let alone do, but as the seconds rolled by, the first thought that entered into her mind was “Well… Those are actually quite nice…” She froze for a moment at letting herself think that, letting her head and the covers drop back down, still exhausted. Closing her eyes she listened to the soothing soundtrack for a few moments, alone with her thoughts, surprised at how calm she is despite the situation. She can’t seem to actually form coherent sentences for the most part, thinking more in feelings, impressions…. Speaking of feelings, one of them seemed to be forming between her legs. An urge, a familiar one. An urge which was retreating… It took a few seconds before it dawned on her, but when she realized what was happening, she slowly raised the covers again and raised her head. The grogginess was disappearing fast, letting her get away with slightly quicker and more vigorous movements - Despite the wires going to her chest, the apparatus stayed quiet, though she could only imagine what was showing on the monitor. Propping herself up on her elbow, she kept raising the cover, until a rather thick and shiny white undergarment was revealed. Again, she stared, the realization coming to her in a shiver down her spine, which conveniently and seamlessly transitioned into another short round or ‘urges’ between her legs. She was so consumed by the sight, another change almost slipped past her - How could she not have noticed? The covers didn’t feel smooth, her skin did! It seems someone put a lot of care into shaving her quite thoroughly, there was no hair in sight on her entire body. Falling back down again, even though it was just a short distance, she groaned and closed her eyes. The cover was now half-off, leaving her torso and crotch exposed as she moved her arms to her face, covering it. Whatever prevented her from going insane at this very moment, she thanked it silently, but still tried to slowly breathe to process this new information. Someone…. They, the company, have done this to her. The skin and breasts seemed to be intentional, but for some reason she didn’t resent those changes at all. Surprising, yes, unwelcome? Probably not? Maybe? Even so, if they were unwanted they were so because she didn’t consent to them. A gust of wind entered the room during that thought. Even her mind fell silent as she realized that she might have… Has she been so blinded by her desperation to get out of a hopeless situation? She didn’t read the entire contract. Was this the reason for the physical and mental tests she went through? What exactly had she agreed to? She shook her head, taking her hands off her now motionless, expressionless face. She wiggled her toes, moved her legs slightly, just making sure that they were still working - Or there in the first place. Why she thought that last bit…. No clue…. She looked up again, raising the covers to make sure everything else was still alright. The sight of a hairless body, from her neck to her toes, greeted her, making her wonder whether the same was done underneath her undergarment…. Those thoughts were interrupted as the doctor entered the room. She carried a wide, warm smile on her face, confidently strutting forward. Sara didn’t seem to be scared anymore - That was reserved for a short moment before her unconsciousness - Though she was certainly surprised. Not at the doc showing up, but what she was wearing! An incredibly tight, mostly white and shiny minidress with deep cleavage showing and most of her legs and arms. A red cross adorned her left pec, the sight being accompanied by an odd, barely audible squeaking. Latex, not PVC, she realized. Oddly enough, the ensemble was completed with plain, flat footed steppers. The doctor realized Sara was now starting at those and chuckled: “One must compromise somewhere my dear. How are you feeling? You’ve been out for 4 days.” Sara looked up again, pulling the covers back over her quickly when a blush formed on her face. She wanted to ask questions - A lot of them - but couldn’t seem to get the words out of her mouth. Doc Lennis sat down next to her: “Take your time. You’ve only just woken up, it’s natural to still feel a bit confused.” Sara mirrored that sentiment to a tee as she looked at the Doc, finally gathering herself: “What did you do? Why am i here?” Those two questions seemed to throw the Doc for a loop. She looked at her chart and back to Sara: “Amnesia shouldn’t happen…. No allergies…” She looked back up at Sara: “You remember your name?” Sara frowned: “I know who i am. I know that you drugged me, and that i ended up here. What did you do?” Doc raised an eyebrow: “You signed up as our new model did you not? The standard modification clause in your contract allows us to make small alterations to your body to help you perform that task as best as you can.” At this point, Sara facepalmed so hard her blush was drowned out by the red spot on her forehead. She slumped forward, putting her head in her hands, only now remembering what she read about modern fashion models: “How could i just gloss over that….” Doc returned to her smile: “Don’t worry, the operations were relatively minor and all of them were completed 100 percent successfully. There will be no side-effects whatsoever.” Sara looked up again and raised an eyebrow, removing the covers and pointing to her crotch: “Then what is this!?” Doc chuckled: “That’s not a side-effect my dear Sara. You’re our new adult diaper model and tester.” Sara’s skin got paler than usual. Something told her she should have looked up what the company actually does and makes before she took this job… Blinded by the pay and a way out of her debts she seems to have gotten herself into another mess. Doc continued: “The modifications done there are purely to facilitate your role at the company. While they make you fully incontinent, we can control the degree of it up to a certain level, depending on what you’re testing and the needs of the media shoots.” Sara just looked at herself, poking at the undergarment, which responded with a soft crinkling sound: “Fully… Incontinent?” “Well yes. Otherwise the testing and shoot conditions can’t be properly simulated and we do not settle for anything less than the best. Trying to emulate them won’t give the proper results.” Sara looked back at Doc, flabbergasted more than anything else. Doc continued again: “I think i know why you were singled out from over 1200 people who wanted this job. You’ll do great!” Sara forced a wry smile, turning back to her crotch: “Yeah…. I guess…” Doc chuckled again, got up and blatantly grabbed Sara’s left breast. The girl jumped in bed and looked at Doc with an expression of utter shock: “Just checking my dear. The bandages can come off soon.” She didn’t know what to think, other than that the shock wasn’t caused by Doc grabbing her, but the fact that the sensitivity of that area was apparently enhanced by quite a bit. Doc walked out again: “You’ll be out of bed by this evening. Rest up a bit. Suzie will be coming over later today to pick you up!” As Doc walked out the door, closing it behind her, Sara looked dumbfounded, absentmindedly pulling the covers back over her otherwise naked body: “Who the hell is Suzie?” Chapter 4 Alone with her thoughts, Sara looked at the ceiling, contemplating the terms of her new job, cursing herself for yet another spectacularly thoughtless life decision. A cursory glance at the chair in the corner next to her revealed that her clothes and bag were still there. Wide awake and nothing to do, she raised the covers and slowly sat up, letting her legs fall off the edge of the bed. Her feet didn’t quite reach the floor, which felt unnerving, though she chalked it up to simply being used to what mostly amounts to a very low stretcher back home. She chuckled at herself, having thought of that dump as home. She wouldn’t be going back there anytime soon. The thought startled her though - Did she just casually imply to herself that she’ll be keeping this job for the foreseeable future? No matter, she needed a distraction. Hopefully the battery of the laptop wasn’t drained, as the only power sockets were used by the machine next to her. The soft crinkle of the diaper provided a different distraction, not a very pleasant one at that, reminding her of her… Recklessness, you might say, in signing up for this. Looking down past the still bandaged breasts, she poked the garment, the white between her legs obviously being a lot darker than above her crotch. Yet, uncomfortable was one adjective not applicable to this situation. The room was pleasantly warm, despite the open window and her lack of clothing otherwise. The way the fabric of the bed moves against her skin feels smoother than she ever thought possible, not even shaving could get this kind of result. And the diaper? Odd, but, not uncomfortable. The opposite, actually. Snapping herself out of it, she slowly got up, silently thanking whatever deity might be listening that her extended nap didn’t cause her legs to fail straight away. Wiggling her toes and grabbing a hold of the stand holding her IV bag she walked a few steps to the chair with a bit of a waddle in her walk. She couldn’t help but focus on the crinkle, the sound being a constant reminder of her situation. Strangely enough, she was fascinated far more by it than worried. She quickly grabbed her laptop out of the bag and returned to the bed, hoping to distract herself for at least a little while. Carefully lying herself down on the bed she pulled the covers back up and opened the lid, only to be greeted with an empty battery: “Well, shit.” Her cursing was interrupted by the door opening, accompanied by someone walking through it. Despite everything she went through today (in her own sense of time at least), this surprised her still - A fully naked woman stepped in the room, white-but-almost-asian looking, with just above shoulder length, black, messy hair and the largest pair of breasts she’s ever seen. In person, anyway. Even stranger, the only piece of clothing she wore, if you could even call it that, was a slim, metal, intricately decorated collar around her neck. “You can close your mouth, it’s not required to stare at me!” The woman giggled, shaking Sara out of her stupor. She blushed and pulled the covers up just a bit more: “Doc will be here soon to take the bandages off, and all those other wires coming from you. We’ll get you dressed and to your new home! Which is to say, our home. Roommates!” Sara looked a bit confused: “Ehm… Allright. Nice to meet you too, i’m Sara.” She held out her hand as the woman replied: “Almost forgot! I’m Suzie, Suzie Miller. Try to avoid the phrase ‘It’s Miller time!’ and we’ll be best friends!” Suzie shaked Sara’s hand, the latter still trying to determine what kind of person she’s talking to. “Before you asked, and if you’re wondering, i’m wearing my company uniform. Everyone gets one, and this is mine! Obviously i don’t go outside like this.” She winked: “Often.” Before Sara could respond, Doc Lennis popped inside again: “Hey Suzie! Long time no see.” “Hey Doc! Still rocking the flatties?” “Hey, work is work. I’m not doing the ballet heels again if i’m trying to deal with patients.” She turned to Sara: “Now then, let’s get you changed, and out of those bandages.” Sara blushed strongly, immediately knowing what she was talking about. Doc already held a clean diaper in her hands as she, rather roughly, pulled the covers back after letting Sara put the laptop on the stand next to her. “You’ve obviously only had liquid sustenance for the last few days, but after you start eating normally again tonight, try and make sure you eat at specific times every day. If you do that you can get away by voiding yourself with an enema, and may not have to use your diaper for that if you want to avoid it.” Sara responded: “I…. Wait, voiding, you mean…” “Yes, pooping, shitting, whatever you want to call it. You are fully incontinent, remember? That bit you can still control up to a certain point though, by making sure you eat at regular times, and healthy enough.” Sara looked a bit glum, once again blushing deeply: “This job just keeps getting better….” Suzie raised an eyebrow: “It’s not like you didn’t know about this? It was in your….” Sara’s rather offbeat and confused expression gave another clue to Suzie: “You didn’t read your contract thoroughly, did you?” Sara nodded: “Skimmed it….” Suzie chuckled, her large breasts bouncing as she did so: “Well, if the company didn’t think you could deal with it you wouldn’t be here anyway, and if you really skimmed your contract…. I’m kind of impressed you’re not panicked.” Lennis responded: “I could have been a bit more... accommodating at the checkup i suppose” Suzie rolled her eyes: “Again Lexa? Keep that kind of stuff at home next time please….” Lexa sighed and nodded, Sara looking just a bit annoyed as she responded to Suzie’s question: “I might still be, but i’m bad at showing it. Look, i admit, i really, really needed the money and i may have skimmed a few parts of the contract. At least give me some time to get used to…. This.” She finished, pointing at both her chest and crotch. Suzie gave Sara an incredulous look, but sighed and smiled. Lexa piped up: “First things first indeed. Raise your hips dear, you’re soaking wet and we need to get you changed. I’ll trust you can do that yourself after today.” Sara closed her eyes, her blush taking on the color of an early morning sun, along with the glow it seemed. She raised her hips, Doc quickly exchanging the full diaper with a clean one, taping it up snugly: “Now, lets get those bandages off. That healing gel is amazing, normally you’d be in here for another week, plus scars.” Sara let herself down again and to her surprise, a satisfied feeling washed over her. The dry diaper felt good, very good even. Catching herself with these thoughts she shaked them off and looked at her chest as she sat up and let Doc go to work: “I guess i missed the breast thing too?” Doc kept a neutral expression on her face as she concentrated on the bandages, removing them quickly and efficiently: “It seems so. Modifications can be made to help you perform your job better. That’s the reason for the hair removal as well. Serves the dual purpose of looking better on camera and letting you put the necessary clothing on more easily.” Sara chuckled to herself: “At least i’m not a nude model.” Doc and Suzie looked at each other and laughed, Suzie responding: “You’re right about that, actually! Lucky you.” She winked at Sara, who only responded with a look to her side and yet another blush. Doc finished removing the bandages and smiled, touching the now uncovered breasts gently, looking underneath: “No scars. Excellent. They look completely natural. What do you think Suzie?” Suzie only held up two thumbs up, straight forward: “Excellent! And very cute.” Sara finally allowed herself to touch the new additions to her chest as well: “Would it be mean to say that i’m very happy to see they’re not as big as yours, er... “ “Suzie.” “...Suzie? I mean, don’t you have back problems or something with that…. Rack?” “You’re kidding. They’re only J-cups! Besides, you get used to it very quickly. Now get up and get dressed, we’ll be getting some dinner and then head out to my place.” Sara sat on the bed, looking down at herself, then at Lexa, before looking back at Suzie. Lexa seemed to understand, and carefully removed the IV as well as the monitor stickers on her chest: “The clothes you brought with you are still in your bag, on the chair. I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Suzie here now, so have fun!” Sara nodded, still a bit bewildered by it all, and waved at Lexa as she left the room. “I’ll wait outside. Don’t make me wait too long! We’ve got a few things to go over tonight to get you settled in.” With that, Suzie left the room as well, leaving Sara to herself. She got up, having to walk around the bed to reach the chair. Her balance already seemed to be completely restored, courtesy of the drip perhaps? The one thing she was still having trouble with was the strange feeling over her skin, especially between her legs, as well as the distinct crinkling sound she made with every movement she made which in some way influenced her hips. Looking down at herself again she recognized her body, but it felt alien somehow now. Her skin almost glistened, as smooth as it was, and it was impossible to look down without her significantly increased breast size making itself rather obvious. She gathered herself and unpacked her bag, a large backpack, onto the bed. She threw on a black t-shirt, which was significantly tighter now - Possibly for the best, as she had no bra to put on. The rather deep neckline was enhanced greatly, for obvious reasons, despite this being the loosest shirt she had. She considered throwing the underwear she brought with her in the bin right away, but decided against it. Pants were next. With no idea what she would expect she grabbed a few pairs of jeans at random, but in some incredible stroke of luck, she managed to grab the only skintight jeans she had. Pulling it over her legs she hit the obvious roadblock, as they wouldn’t fit over the diaper: “For fucks sake…. You can’t be serious.” Sara groaned, throwing the jeans back on the bed, and rustled through the pile of clothes to see if she didn’t miss anything. As luck would have it, she did! In an about-face however, it turned out a pleated miniskirt was the only other piece of lower body attire she had with her. It was easy to put on, though a big flaw manifested itself straight away: A miniskirt doesn’t go down very far, and this specimen wasn’t exactly meant to cover up her current underwear situation. As it happened, it didn’t. The skirt looked like a band, a few inches wide, between the hem of her t-shirt and the skin of her legs - The pearly white plastic of the diaper peeking out just barely, but visibly, from the front. Reaching and feeling around her back revealed that the situation was similar there, though a bit more of the undergarment was visible. She attempted pulling the skirt down, though it was quickly evident that she couldn’t do that without it sliding down on its own due to the smooth plastic. “For fucks sake!” - she exclaimed, searching yet again through her clothes for anything that could fix the situation. She didn’t even have a sweater to tie around her waist to hide the back and all her t-shirts were even smaller than the one she was wearing right now. Signing this deal in the middle of summer was her undoing, it seemed. Angrily throwing the clothes back into her backpack and carefully closing the laptop to put it on top, she closed the bag and put on her shoes. She exited the room, a big frown and deep blush on her face, Suzie unable to hold back a chuckle: “Seems you were not prepared! No matter, i took delivery of some clothes for you this morning, we’ll get you dressed into something much more… Dignified, is the word, i guess.“ Suzie giggled again, though it seems the irony of her own state of dress was not lost on her, swaying her hips strongly as she passed Sara: “Follow me!” “You are having way too much fun with this… Doesn’t anyone here have something i can wear?” “Not in your specific size, sweetie. The dress code here is very specific.” “Well fuck me then.” “Not on my watch!” Suzie giggled again, a confused looking Sara following in her wake: “Lets go have a quick dinner in the cafeteria downstairs. I’ll explain some of the ground rules, then i’ll get you home and acquaint you with your new… Well, home, actually. Looking forward to it?” “Honestly? I’m not exactly sure what i’m even looking at right now… “ As they passed through the hall and reached the elevators, a full-length mirror greeted her on her approach. Her blush intensified, the tiny white patch between her legs being very visible indeed. She didn’t even want to know what it looked like from the back. Her focus shifted to her chest, which wasn’t as large as it felt, or looked, before. It was actually rather fetching, now that she was finally able to get a good look at it. Her focus was disturbed as she felt a tiny stream leaving her nethers, the diaper getting just a tiny bit warm - It was disturbed even further by the realization that she could feel it happening and instinctively tried to stop it, but couldn’t. Suzie noticed the sudden stillness of her new live-in model and put her hand on Sara’s shoulder: “You’ll get used to it. It’ll be second nature before long.” Sara slowly turned toward Suzie, looked just a bit worried: “I think that’s something i’m afraid of…”
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