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  1. Are there any ab/dl's who attend Bloomsburg university right now? i possibly might go there and id love to see if there is anyone in the community who is like me. thanks
  2. Hi everyone, My name's Kimberley. So decided to join the forum after a long while lurking..lol. I'm a long time Tgurl and as with many of us evolved. In recent years I've become more leaning to my sissy side, still trying to understand, but I love the feeling it gives me. Along with this has come my desire for wearing nappies , though thats been something I have dreamed about for most of my adult life. It is in recent months I took the plunge and purchased my first nappies. I bought a whole 10 pack. The thrill of opening the parcel! to finally get to wear them..It has been bliss. Hope to share experiences and make friends here with our common interest. Hugs Kimberley..x
  3. Anyone in Ocean County? Lifelong DL here.
  4. I was finally done with finals, and winter break was here, time for relaxation, and not having to study for anything, no tests, no projects, no anything but relaxing with my boyfriend. And of course that meant one thing; lots and lots of diapers. We both loved them. It was a huge coincidence when we found out about or shared interest, but it made us all the more perfect for each other, and I never would have moved in with him so fast if it weren't the perfect excuse to have somewhere for the two of us to wear diapers whenever we wanted. I pull into a parking spot at our apartment complex, and get out, slinging my backpack over my shoulder. I trudge up the steps to our apartment, fishing my key out of the tight pockets on my jeans, and unlocking the door. As soon as I'm inside I sling my backpack off onto the ground beside the couch, hopefully to leave it there for a month, and kick off my shoes. I close the door, then unbutton my tight jeans and slide them down my legs, wiggling my way out of them, as I reveal the childish cotton padded training panties My boyfriend had gotten me as a joke gift a while ago. He never expected me to start wearing them so frequently, and at first I hadn't either, but I loved joking about needing them "just in case". It was one of a bunch of little things that had started "jokingly" and had become more and more serious as we both just kept doing them. Like the "No pants in the house" rule, I had jokingly suggested, and had slowly become practice. Both of us were more Diaper Lovers than Adult Babies, or ageplayers, but I did have little things that I liked that fell more into the AB category than DL. I debate going ahead and changing into the first diaper of many that I'd wear over the break, or waiting for my boyfriend to get home. I argued it back and forth for a bit, before deciding to wait for him, it always felt better to have someone else change you. I flop down on the couch, and turn on the TV, booting up the PS4 to load up Netflix, and look for something to watch while I waited. I find myself just drifting back to an old sitcom I had probably watched a hundred times by now, and sigh. I settle down for a bit, and then decide I just don't want to be wearing a bra anymore. I slip my hands inside my shirt, and unfasten it, then slip my arms inside to slip out of the shoulder straps, and finally fish the black satin and lace piece of fashion torture out of the front of my shirt, tossing it aside. I settle back down with a satisfied sigh. I relax on the couch in just my shirt, socks, and panties, watching the familiar show. Already knowing most of the lines before they're said, causes my mind to start to wander, and bring up interesting ideas. for the thousandth time I think about going full time in diapers, and not just going 24/7 but unpotty training myself so that I'd have to rely on them no matter what. It seemed like a crazy idea, a pipe dream, yet it was an idea I just couldn't seem to shake. I'd talked about it with my boyfriend a few times even. It was so crazy that it couldn't be the right thing to do right? Being unable to stop wetting myself, and probably starting to poop myself as well. There was no way that would stay completely private. I would't just be able to wait to go to the bathroom anymore, rather I'd have to go whenever my body needed to, or else just sit in my mess. It had to be more inconvenient. Yet the idea of my body just going, being unable to control it at all, perhaps just getting so used to it that I wouldn't notice I was going unless someone pointed out to me that I was already wet. It gave me a thrill like nothing else I could imagine. I passed the idea back and forth in my head until I realized that this wasn't just going to go away. I needed to do this, and I needed help. I resolved that I'd talk to my boyfriend when he got home, and let him know that I wanted to untrain, and if he was willing, I wanted him to untrain with me.
  5. Hello all, My desire to wear diapers begon since I was 7 when I sneeked out one of his pampers and wore it and wet it at night and as of right now I some times purchase diapers to wear ocasionaly. I am abdl curious and i'm looking for some one to meet up who can roleplay, guide me and have fun. I finally got some courage after a while to make a post as i fear being rejcted by any one. I'm looking for abdl / dl friends and potentially meet them in person. (I've been reading about abdl stories, life styles for 3 years allready but i am completely new to actually doing it in person) Dorset - Dorchester
  6. New to the DL world, want to meetup and talk to people who share the same interest as me. PM me if you want to meet up or just want to talk
  7. From the album: ME in Goodnites

    Haven't shaved my legs in ages! Feels so good!
  8. Hey first time poster.... I'm going to be moving soon and need to lighten my load so to speak so I will be giving away all diapers that I have left before I move (probably only going to be tena maxi slip left :( ) But please take them off my hands id hate to have to dispose of them! Please take them of my hands if your in the London area, I can meet up anywhere z 1-2.
  9. I wrote this story before joining the forum and having read some of the content I thought members might be interested in reading and commenting. Visit to a Nanny doesn't end well Chapter 1 Tony was at home and at a loose end. Work was not going well; he had a new boss, who was a woman. She was bossing him about almost to the point of bullying. His long term girlfriend Helen, who was out with her friends, had told him to stop being a baby and do what he was asked to as he needed the job. Tony regularly reviewed pornography sites when he was on his own and, although he wasn’t sure why, he kept returning to one story which related the experiences of middle aged man at the hands of a woman he met in a bar. What made the story different in Tony’s mind was the use of a diaper by her as part of his restraint. “Stop being a baby” played in his mind as he read the story. He went to the bathroom and returned with a fluffy bath towel, pulled his trousers and shorts down and wrapped the towel around his waist before rereading the story. Before long his cock was erect and as his hand gently rubbed the towel it became harder. Tony hadn’t reached the last instalment when he cried out as his cock throbbed and he ejaculated into the towel. He sat with the wet towel around his cock and almost without thinking did an internet search on the use of diapers in such circumstances. He found sites that were aimed at people who wanted to regress to being babies; AB - Adult Babies, and sites aimed at those who just liked wearing; DL - Diaper Lovers. None seemed to combine the experience with the sort of bondage and domination portrayed in story he had been reading; until that is he came across a website for a Nanny. Reading the information it seemed Nanny Julia catered for all aspects of AB and DL as you would expect but also included photos of her charges tied with rope and in the background were many dildos and other sex toys. Her site provided a form for anyone interested to complete which was to be used as the first contact - no phone number was listed. On a whim Tony started to complete it and then wondered whether it was the right thing to do. His hand touched the towel still around his waist and he knew it was, so he completed the form; it asked a bit of background and also requested an idea of what type of session was required. Tony copied some details from the story he was reading and, after a quick check, pressed “send” using a new gmail account he created before he changed his mind. He used a fictitious surname but decided to stay as Tony to avoid saying the wrong Christian name. He washed the towel and put it on the radiator to dry so that Helen wouldn’t realise what he had done. Several days later he got an email from the Nanny; it said she had read the information and it gave him a mobile number to call to discuss further. During a lunch break he went out and bought a “pay as you go” mobile and called her. She sounded really nice and her fee wasn’t as high as he had expected and so they agreed on a date when Tony knew Helen would be away at a concert. The Nanny said she would email details of how to pay the deposit and once received he would need to phone her in the morning of the appointment and she would give him her address She told him he was to call again when he was outside; but only at the agreed time. Tony paid the deposit by cash into her bank account and waited for the agreed date with slight trepidation; he wondered why he had pursued this, but he didn’t want to back out now. Chapter 2 On the morning of the session Tony bought his ticket with cash, having checked his wallet contained nothing that would link to his address. The only phone he carried was his “pay as you go” mobile and he used it to make the first call before boarding his train. Whilst noting down the address he thought the Nanny seemed slightly more abrupt than previously. He arrived with 20 minutes to spare, so as suggested in her email, he stopped for a coffee. He then walked to the entrance to a set of flats and at the agreed time called her and was told to walk to the intercom in front of him and select No24. She answered the intercom and told him to come up and the buzzer sounded as the door unlocked. He quickly walked up the stairs and knocked on the correct door. She was obviously waiting because it opened immediately and a voice said; ‘come in’ and by her tone it wasn’t a request, it was an order, and he remembered not to address her as “Nanny” until the door clicked closed behind him as he had been told in her email. Nanny showed him into the lounge and they both sat down. On the table in front of him was a large glass of water and she indicated that was for him. As she spoke he studied her; she was probably in her mid forties. Her long blond hair was tied behind her head in a strict ponytail and she was wearing a blue dress which reached her knees with a starched white apron tied around her waist. Her legs were covered in black stockings. He was nervous so he drank the water and waited for her to start the conversation. She chatted through what he had put on his form before asking him if he wanted to continue and when he said “yes”, she reminded him that was his last opportunity to back out and leave. She indicated the dish on the table; ‘leave your fee there and remove your street clothes and leave them on the chair. You won’t need those until you I permit you to return to the real world’, she said; ‘once you are ready to begin come into the nursery.’ Chapter 3 Tony quickly undressed and walked out of the lounge. He wondered which room until he saw a sign on one door saying “Nursery”. The door was closed and he didn’t want to just walk in so he knocked. The door opened revealing Nanny Julia; ‘what took you so long Tonya?’ Tony’s jaw dropped open as he realised she had given him a girl’s name; ‘well I’m waiting?’ Nanny Julia said and all Tony could think to say was; ‘sorry.’ ‘Well you will be young lady’, Nanny said taking his hand and pulling him over to a large changing table. She pushed him onto it so that he was lying on his back. She leaned over him and buckled a wide leather strap over his chest pinning his arms to his sides; ‘just to stop you falling off’, she said. She reached up to a shelf and pushed a pink dummy into his mouth; ‘suck on that’, she commanded as she pulled blue latex gloves onto his hands. ‘All visitors to my nursery must undergo a full medical examination’, she said with a smile. She applied lube to her right hand and Tony stiffened as she pushed her index finger into his rectum. The finger moved and twisted inside him and he noticed his cock was stiffening and tried not to think about it. When she was satisfied she opened his urethra and pushed her little finger inside, ignoring his cry of pain. ‘Good. I don’t see any problems’, she said opening a jar of white cream. She liberally smeared his groin including between his legs and then shook talc over the entire area. A disposable diaper was soon taped in place but she hadn’t finished, a second, much larger diaper went over the first and then she removed the strap and told him to stand up. ‘Walk up and down and have a look at yourself Tonya’, she commanded and as he did so he saw in the mirror how the bulk of two diapers caused him to waddle. ‘Now I think you should get dressed, we don’t want you catching cold’, she said indicating a neat pile of clothes as she left the room. The clothes consisted of a white blouse and very short check skirt along with knee length white socks; the school girl look he had mentioned on the contact form. He got dressed and found that the blouse was a tight fit and the skirt didn’t cover the bulk of the two diapers. He had just finished buttoning the blouse when Nanny returned and quickly checked he was dressed properly. She then pushed him against the wall and soon he was bound to hooks he hadn’t noticed by pink ribbons. Her hand brushed the diaper and it crinkled under her pressure. She smiled as she felt his erection. As he opened his mouth to say something the dummy fell out and she scolded him. Instead of putting it back she pushed a rubber gag in its place and this time strapped it in place. He soon found out it was hollow when she pushed a tube into it and connected it to a bottle hanging from the ceiling. When she turned the tap liquid flowed slowly into his mouth and he had no choice but to swallow it. He didn’t know how much he drank; but it took many minutes before the flow finally stopped. He didn’t know at the time that it contained a diuretic; he would find that out later. Nanny Julia removed the gag and replaced it with the dummy and this time she tied it around his head with a pink ribbon before sitting down, picking up some papers and starting to read; ignoring him. After a short time Tony felt his bladder telling him it needed relief and he remembered he was wearing a diaper but standing up he found it impossible. Nanny sensed his frustration, she put the paper down; ‘does my little Tonya need a pee?’ and Tony nodded. She untied him and bent him over the changing bench. The strap went over his back to hold him down and she also tied his ankles to the supports. ‘That should make it easier’, she said, going back to her reading. In this bent position it did indeed prove easy for Tony to pee and once he started he found he couldn’t stop and the flow seemed to go on forever. He felt the hot liquid flooding around his groin and found it quite sensuous. Nanny Julia seemed to sense when he was finished and she released him and removed the dummy. ‘Thank you Nanny, that was really good’, Tony said, assuming the session was over; although without his watch he had no idea of how much time had passed. Nanny ignored him and told him to remove his clothes and get back on the bench. She stripped off the two diapers and wiped him clean with baby wipes. She took a folded towel from the shelf; ‘this is a 60” terry diaper’, she said as she expertly folded it into a kite shape and slide it under his bottom. Four safety pins held it in place and then she removed the strap. The soft material stirred Tony’s cock and his mind went back to sitting reading the story back at home. He wasn’t concentrating on what she was doing; but when he did he found she had secured him to the bench with a cocoon of pink rope, covering his chest, arms and legs. He started to say something but his words were cut off by a latex bag shoved into his mouth which she quickly pumped up filling it completely. As she buckled a blindfold over his eyes the last image he had was of her wicked smile. ‘Now it seems to me Tonya you have been a very naughty child’, he heard her voice say. ‘You have been having some very disturbing thoughts which are not normal I have to say; and we will have to do something about them.’ Tony assumed this was all part of her act, but part of him wasn’t so sure but bound as he was there was nothing he could do about it. He felt pressure from her hand on the towelling diaper and his cock immediately responded. For about twenty minutes she manipulated his cock inside the diaper, frustrating his pleas for relief. He had never waited this long for a climax, but when it finally came it felt like it went on forever and the rush of pleasure was immense. Nanny left him for a few minutes to recover and then removed the blindfold. He watched as she gently unpinned the diaper exposing his hairy groin now covered in milky white semen. She wiped him clean with a dry section of the towel and used baby wipes to complete the process. Once she had finished she untied him and removed the gag. ‘There are fresh towels in the shower, please help yourself and come back when you are finished Tony’, she said seemingly indicating the session was over. He showered quickly; unsure what time is was as his watch was outside with his own clothes. When he was dry he wrapped a small towel around his waist and returned to the Nursery. The door to the hall was closed and he went to open it to get his clothes and realised there was a problem when he found it locked. He turned to find Nanny standing with her hands on her hips and a frown on her face. ‘The session is only over when I say so’, she said softly but the way she said it told him he had made a mistake. ‘Let me explain how this works from now on’, she said sitting down in the chair. ‘This session was a trial, not for you to try me but the other way round. When I find a suitable client they become mine and believe me you are a suitable client. You thought by using a made up name and a gmail account you could be anonymous but IP addresses can be used to find your location and from that lots of personal details.’ She proceeded to tell him his real name, Helen’s surname, their own email, addresses and home address. Tony sat on the bench, not sure what to say. ‘You enjoyed today’s session’, she said and Tony nodded; ‘so to avoid Helen getting to know; and this room is equipped with several cameras so I can send photos or videos, you will present yourself to me once every two months. You may have been surprised that me fee was so low but subsequent sessions will cost £1,000 and last as long as I desire. I know from your bank emails that you can afford it.’ Tony hung his head not sure what to say but finally, realising she had him by the “short and curlies”, he agreed. ‘In which case the session is almost over; there is just the need for a punishment for trying to leave before I permitted you to’, she said. She made him bend over the bench once more and Tony wondered what she had in mind. He felt her finger enter his rectum and then something thicker was pushed in followed by something else. She told him to stand up and handed him a pair of white pants. ‘These training pants’, she said, ‘you might need them; now get dressed!’ She unlocked the door and he dressed quickly before she changed her mind. ‘You probably won’t make it home in time before the laxative in your arse works its magic’, she said with a laugh, closing the door to the flat behind him. She was right; part way home he suffered severe cramp and felt something slip from his arse. The absorbent pants contained the leakage but later a second fart expelled more material and he felt his trousers were slightly wet. When he got home and cleaned himself up he found an email on his real account; it was from Nanny giving him a deadline for booking his next session.
  10. dl68


    Hi - I'm David and I'm new to the forum and I live in the east of England. I have been a 'closet' diaper lover for a while but have been very much into bondage and roleplay for many decades. A few years ago a Mistress I visited happened to have a spare diaper and I was made to wear it and I realised how much I enjoyed it as part of the role play particularly when forced to wet it. I have since bought my own diapers and practice self bondage wearing one whilst fantasying about being tied for real as a Girl Guide - don't ask, that's for another time.
  11. I recently became aware of my adult baby fetish. I have noticed i get a lot of pleasure from using my pacifier and making a mess of my diaper. Does anyone else feel the same? What are some of your favorite diaper experiences? I need new ideas. Thanks everyone!
  12. Hey! just curious if anyone ever feels bold and brave enough to connect for real? Im having one of those brave daze. I would love to go for a walk, knowing we're both wearing a diaper and can wet while we walk! hugs DV
  13. In another thread I mentioned that I was going in for a routine check-up. I thought I was peeing quite a bit more often lately. And so I went. It was all good news; blood pressure, normal (a little low, but OK); heart and respiratory, OK; prostate, OK. So basically, I'm disgustingly healthy. I do need to go back in for a blood test, but I don't expect anything newsworthy to come of it. All this means that I don't have to wear diapers out of necessity. And that's good. The doctor did mention an optional test for cancer by taking a stool sample, he said if I wasn't too embarrassed about crapping in a cup, packaging it up in a box clearly labeled "Fecal Material." I laughed and said that brought to mind a few bathroom quips like: "No shit?" "Yeah, the box is full of it." I also thought I could diaper up, poop my diaper, and scrape off the big hunks into the sample container. Then I thought, "Nah...probably contaminate the sample." Still feels like I'm peeing more often than I used to. Eh....more diaper time, I guess.
  14. Hi, It sems my love of diapers started out as a love of plastic pants. Bed wetting was a problem for me until just prior to puberty and for some reason I loved plastic pants but had little time for diapers. I remember being caught wearing plastic pants in the bathroom of an elderly lady my folks hired to babysit me when I was around 4. There was something that I liked about the feel of plastic on my skin. My parents weren't condemning concerning my bed wetting and I would suggest to my mother that plastic pants might help although she said she didn't see how they would help without a diaper to soak up the liquid. Once I entered puberty I found a whole new use for plastic pants and used to take them from clothes lines around our small town. They proved to be a powerful attraction for me when I would see them and I would begin plotting how I could take them without being caught. This behavior subsided in my late teens and it has been replaced with the occasional purchase and later regret of that action throughout my adult life. About 4 years ago I began experiencing incontinence due to a spinal injury and some of the medication used to manage pain and fibromyalgia. To deal with this I began using disposable diapers and later tried cloth contour diapers with plastic pants. Currently I'm using almost exclusively cloth contour diapers with terry towels for night time booster pads and various brands and types of waterproof diaper covers. Mom was right, without an absorbent medium plastic pants aren't much help but after much trial and error I've found an effective system for managing my incontinence and keeping my bedding dry. I've been on SSDI for several years now and since I don't leave my house very often I only use disposable diapers (Abena M-4's) when I'm out which keeps my cost down. The initial cause of my attraction to plastic pants has always escaped me but I'm almost as attracted to diapers now as I am to plastic pants. It does make me a bit sad that I didn't feel this way about diapers when my mother was trying to deal with my bed wetting though as it would have saved her a lot of work washing bedding.
  15. Hello! Long post, so kudos to anyone who reads it all and is still interested. So I haven’t been on this site in what looks like over three years, and I was brought back when I saw an email notification for something from this site in my inbox. I’ve been RPing on RPHaven for probably most of my time away from here, but this kinda stuff isn’t the most common thing people like to do in the RP's there. Seeing as how I’ve been kinda drawn back here, I thought maybe I’d try to cast out a net for some RP’s and see if I can get one or a couple going via the messages. Absolutely has to be a female character you’re playing, and in all honesty I’d probably feel more comfortable with a female RPer, but maybe I’ll be more open-minded if you can sell me on your RP ability. Who knows? I prefer longer, more detailed responses; a lengthy paragraph or couple of paragraphs each time and I would prefer doing it via private messages. But if people are interested in reading any of these in the Roleplay Forum, I can be convinced to posting responses there if my RP partner is up for it. I tend to lean towards romance being an element in my RP’s as well, so just putting that out there. My interests lie mostly in female characters who probably need diapers but aren’t into them yet (women having accidents or find themselves running to the bathroom and only barely making it in time), and the RP involving them getting into diapers in some way, shape, or form. Be it by their own will or being forced into them. I guess you can say my interests lie a bit more on the DL side than the AB side, but I’m not against regression being an element in the RP and it becoming somewhat AB-oriented as long as the regression is part of the story. Other things I like in roleplays are humiliation (for the female character), women peeing, pooping, and farting, light bondage, somniphilia (sleep sex, being taken advantage of in my sleep or the other way around). I very much enjoy role reversal type scenarios. In this case, probably a woman in a position of power over my character either taking something submissive like being diapered and making it more she’s the one controlling him, OR slowly having the tables turned on her and finding herself dependent on him. Giving enemas, voyeurism/exhibitionism, ENF (Embarrassed Nude Female) / CMNF (Clothed Male Naked Female), and others which I’ll try to come up with if you’re curious and ask. If you PM me, let me know what you’re into, what you’re not into. I don’t need to have all of my turn-ons included by any means, so no pressure if there are things you’re really not comfortable with. If what I’m putting down interests you, then below I’m going to have a handful of RP scenarios for you to choose from. If you’re interested, send me a message with the RP you chose as the message subject, and we’ll discuss things. If I get one scenario going, I might turn others down who come to me with the same RP scenario chosen. Discussing the RP before just starting RPs is probably the way to go. On to the scenarios: 1. 1. Cranky Boss: A high-ranking executive businesswoman, probably the daughter of someone even higher-ranking, goes to great lengths to deliberately make her new shy personal assistant uncomfortable because she has so much fun watching him clench up. However, when her ‘pranks’ start involving diapers and having him change her, she finds herself softening up and no longer doing it for the reasons she started. Is she falling for him or just enjoying the pampering and diapers more than she expected? 2. Bully-Turned-Daddy: A meek high school girl with a reputation of running to the girl’s restroom every time she needs to go…finds herself being diapered by a bully. She can’t take the diaper off herself, thanks to some super glue the bully utilizes in the tape of the diaper, so she has to embarrassedly report to him at the end of the day so he can remove it and give her her panties back. An unusual romance develops however, when the bully ends up becoming an unexpected Daddy figure in her life and the diapers (as well as someone she can talk to about these issues) wind up being exactly what she needed. 3. 3. Baby Girl’s Trusted Sidekick: The city’s beloved superheroine has a rather unusual origin story. Her bodily fluids and solids actually depower her, weaken her, and at their peak build-up, make her a regular ordinary woman. Unfortunately, the substances within her have chemical properties that are harmful to the world around them and can only be handled in a, undergarment made of material fabricated specifically for her that, regrettably, she can’t physically handle herself for Kryptonite-esque comic book reasons. Her often overshadowed partner, often ridiculed as merely her ‘sidekick’ by others, has to be the one to clean her up and pamper her in order for her to be as effective as she is. Will this secret ever be revealed to the public? Does the sidekick become more than just a sidekick to her? 4. 4. Private Tutoring: A rather kinky teacher with a lust for showing herself off finds herself a boy in her class she thinks she can have a lot of fun with. His eyes linger whenever her short skirts flutter a bit, and he shifts a bit in his seat when she stands right beside him at his desk with her panty-less, miniskirt-covered crotch is mere inches from his face. Being a psychology teacher, she knows full well this boy is struggling to keep his grades up because he clearly is attracted to her, not that it bothers her in the slightest. Private tutoring just gives her more opportunities to have fun with the boy, and even test out some of her more out-there kinks. She’s always wanted to freely wet herself in front of someone, and how naughty to do it with a student who would never turn her in? Surely that’s bold enough, but she keeps going further, until the day comes when she’s having him change her diaper for ‘extra credit.’ 5 5. Not From Around Here: Whether she’s from an alien race that can look human or from some Wonder Woman-esque land outside of average society, this woman finds herself exiled from her people and naively trying to understand the world she now has to live in. Where she comes from, they’re more open with their bodies and a lot of the things typically done behind closed doors are done more openly. She bumps into a man with a womanizing past, admittedly trying to better himself, who takes it upon himself to try his best to help her adjust to the new world around her. Seemingly no longer can she walk around without any clothes on, relieve herself wherever she stood, or pleasure herself whenever and wherever she felt the urge. She might not need to get used to toilets however with the freedom diapers still provides her. Sometimes it’s a dream come true to have a beautiful open woman roaming about the house, while other times she’s a handful. Can he make it work? S Send me a PM if you're interested in discussing any of these roleplay scenarios!
  16. Hiya everyone I'm new here! I really wanna start meeting people in the local community I know there must be a lot of us out here. I'm a 24 (5) year old bi AB/DL. I'm cute and cuddly and I'd love to have someone to share stories with. I'm down to just be friends but I would definitely love to find someone to love
  17. How much guilt have you felt over your time being into diapers? How have you dealt with it?
  18. does any one know where to buy adult footie jammies. walmart used to sell them but it was just a phase
  19. I can't believe i only just found the Meeting Place! I've never had the courage - or realized it's this easy to find other DLs in MN - but some days I am braver than others! Let's at least talk about it and get to know each other a little bit. When I am feeling more bold, the idea of meeting at a coffee shop or going for a walk with someone who is also wearing a diaper (and maybe wetting), well, it would be sooo liberating just to have someone to talk to in real face-to-face time. hugs, dv
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    From the album: Trans me

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