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  1. "Good girl." I say with a smile. I undo Bobbi's diaper, and Dr. Roberts takes off the colection jar from Bobbi's penis. I start rubbing Bobbi's penis, trying to give her the help he needs.
  2. "S-smaller?" I ask confused. "How... *hic* How are you g-gonna do that? ...T-that's impossible."
  3. I hold Baby's head to my chest, and let him suckle, slightly amazed that he latched properly on the first try. "Ohhh, my, such a good boy. Thank you for not making a fuss Baby."
  4. I try to hug Daddy while still in Dada's arms, and give him a kiss as well. I settle into Dada's chest as he sits down, and snuggle up to him, gently relaxing, and closing my eyes as he rocks
  5. Dr. Roberts smiles. "Well we'll make that happen. But first you've gotta make pee-pee and poopies, and we need to draw some blood, and get some of your cummies as well. Okay?"
  6. "W-what n-no!" I blubber, crying even harder. "I'm gonna g-grow up! You hafta let me g-grow up!"
  7. I frown apologetically again. "I'm afraid not Baby. And yes I can, but I need you to help me. You need to suck on my nipples. If you don't you're going to get very very sick, and neither of us want that."
  8. I nod and hug Zac tightly, "Okay..." I still feel unsure, and afraid of what's going to happen.
  9. I nod. "We'll hold off then. We can talk about it later. I will keep you safe Baby, I promise." Dr. Roberts chimes in. "You'll be perfectly safe whenever you're here Sweetheart, I promise."
  10. "N-noooooooooooooooooooo!" I wail, sobbing hard into Vincent's chest hard.
  11. I frown apologetically. "They did some tests Baby, and there are some vitamins, and nutrients you need that are only in human milk. I figured you'd rather get it from me than anyone else."
  12. I gasp and grin. "IT IS?!?!" I ask excitedly, and bounce in Dada's arms. "What are we gonna do? Am I gonna have a cake? Are we gonna have a party... who would come... I don't have any friends anymore... I... I don't want people to see me like this..." I become somewhat sullen and quiet. "Dada...? I... I don't want to do this..."
  13. I grin. "I like it too Sweetheart. And how do you feel about things that aren't permanent that would make you more like a little baby?"
  14. I simply whimper in Vincent's arms, not able to think of a response.
  15. I smile, Baby seems to be slipping very naturally into his role now that he's okay with being a baby. "Okay Baby, let's get you some milk then." I slide my shirt off, exposing my chest, then pull Baby to me. "Time to nurse from Daddy Baby. You need Daddy milk to grow up big and strong."