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  1. I follow Tyler to the carpet, and sit down when he tells me to. I don't fight at all when he pulls me onto his lap, instead just snuggling into his chest, and lettting him hold me.
  2. elfowl

    Diaper Training

    (not 100% certain if you're referring to the other girl from earlier as Rose or my character (Lilly)) When Ms. T gets to me, I tell her, "I pottied at home, but not since I came to school." "My Daddy put me in training panties this morning." "I don't think I need to go Ma'am" "No Ma'am"
  3. (No worries ) Jessica seems amazed. "Is there another way to go potty without having to touch the potty Uncle Logan?" The three of us played for a bit more, but we got pretty tired, and bored. I was glad when Daddy suggested that we go inside, and happily went inside. We sit down on the couch with him, and i climb up ontop of him to cuddle. I'm slightly surprised when Jessica climbs up on Daddy beside me, but it's kind of nice having her there. After a while we hear a small voice calling out "Unca LOOOOOGAN!"
  4. I hug the boy, and plant a kiss on his forehead. "Well I hope next time you get sleepy, and wanna fight with me about it." I pick Bobby up and carry him into the kitchen. "Alright, then, how does Spaghetti sound Buddy?"
  5. elfowl

    Diaper Training

    I smile, very happy to receive praise from Ms. T "Thank you very much Ms. T" I continue reading until it's time for what comes next. I'm quite curious about what she means by "check us for naughtiness" and can't help but watch as she goes from student to student whispering to them, waiting for my turn.
  6. I grin, "Thank you Mommy!" I relax as you finish washing me, then lift my arms up to you for you to lift me out of the bath and dry me off.
  7. I grin and nod, strangely feeling appreciative that Uncle Ty was being so protective of me. Everyone around me was much closer to my size here than in the high school classes, but I was still far from the biggest kid around, and it was reassuring knowing I had one of the bigger kids on my side should anything happen. I build happily with Tyler, and the other kids, focusing mostly on a wide base, and structural stability so that we had fewer knockdowns, and much less chance of a big one. When Ms. Kelly rings the bell, I stand up after Tyler, and take his offered hand, letting him lead me to circle time.
  8. "I grin up at you excitedly. feeling nervous flutters in my tummy "I need Mommy to put me in a big fluffy diaper, and dress me all pretty and cute, and then I need to snuggle, and hug, and love her the way only a mommy and babygirl could!"
  9. I pick Bobby up and roll him over ontop of me, shaking him playfully. "And somebody told me that they weren't tired and didn't want a nap!" I press my face into his, getting right up next to him. "And who would that be hmmmmmm? hmmmmmmmmm?" I laugh and pull him into a hug, "Are you hungry bud?"
  10. elfowl

    Diaper Training

    I nod and smile, relief flooding through me. Knowing that I can't mess up is very liberating. "Thank you Ms. T. I think I need to talk about it with my Daddy, but for now I think I want to be able to read." I open the book, and start reading out loud, doing so calmly, and without messing up any words. When I get to different characters I do voices for them, and use my best storytelling voice.
  11. I grin in thanks at Tyler, for telling them to be nice to me, but then frown, wondering why he looks so mad. Since he knows what's going on more, I look at him questioningly before agreeing to let the other kids play.
  12. I grin, predicting that bobby wouldn't last long through the show. Since we weren't very far into the episode, I simply turned off the episode, and simply relax, closing my own eyes, but not quite falling asleep, letting Bobby sleep against me.
  13. I nod when he asks if I know not to wander off. "Yes Uncle Ty." When he dumps out the blocks, I start sorting through them. "A castle sounds cool." I look up at the two other kids, but since they address Tyler I stay quiet, and let him answer.
  14. "Stranger things sounds nice" I reply, queuing it up "Come'ere" I say putting him on the couch, sitting down myself, and pulling him into me, snuggling close.
  15. I hug Tyler back. "Um... I guess let's play with blocks."