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  1. ALICE Alice is 25 years old. She is a tall girl and has a stature to carry with a remarkable presence. Her bright eyes are like the sky on a clear day, captivating one's gaze and rendering a person a feeling of depth and calm. Red waves flowing around her face frame it, expressing her lively and passionate character. She has a well-toned body, acquired only by a constant devotion to physical exercises, which is visible through her well-developed muscles. The large breasts add a touch of femininity and prettiness to the already prominent figure of hers. SARA Sara is 24 years old. She has black hair and her eyes are dark as the night; with it, she has a quite mysterious and intriguing charm. Compared to Alice, she is of a smaller stature, though her presence is equally significant. Her slender body is almost fragile, with thin lines that, however, stress her natural elegance. Sara has a deep quality of reserve and gravity, usually reflected in her compelling gaze. Her type of beauty is sophisticated and discreet, as well as her character, which often has small notes of quiet inner strength and determination. MELISSA Melissa is 22 years of age and thus the youngest. Youthful, fragile features of her face give the girl a somewhat babyish air and make her instantly lovely and cute. Her eyes are shining with innocence and curiosity, reflecting her lively and playful character. Melissa is slightly above 1.5 meters, and her very small breasts are in perfect correspondence with the slender figure. Even though her body is small, the spirit is big and the energy is contagious to bring joy and lightness wherever she goes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- " No, I'm not going to wear that just to pay less for our vacation!" Said Melissa, stamping her feet on the ground. "Come on, you were drawn, Sara and I had the same odds as you," said Alice holding up the diaper-it was an adult diaper with childish designs. "I know but it's not fair that in order to pay less for the cruise I'm forced to spend all my time dressed like a 2 1/2-year-old." "Either you put it on yourself or we'll put it on you! " said Alice approaching threateningly. Melissa huffed and took the diaper from Alice's hands. She went to the bathroom, took off her panties and tried to put on the diaper herself. It was a genuine feat: she had to lean her ass against the wall while she held the base of the diaper in place with her legs. After a few minutes She managed to get it in. The diaper was very tight around her, at the top it reached above her belly button in front, tightened at the level of her thighs and then re-opened around her bottom. The decorations were savannah-themed, in the front was a drawn lion while behind the fabric had a lush design of plants, fruits and other African animals. She stopped to read the brand name on the package: 'Reaz Safari'. Who on earth could have worn these things voluntarily. She paused to feel the feel of the diaper on her: it was thick and soft; she could feel the plastic touching her skin. She turned to look at the back. The diaper also covered her bottom, in fact the diaper was so loose that it covered her almost completely, leaving her with the typical look of a padded bottom. Probably if she had fallen she would not have been hurt at all. She turned red when at the first step she heard the typical creak. "Here's your dress," said Alice irrupting into the bathroom. Melissa instinctively put her hands in front to cover the diaper; but then she realized it was quite useless. She did not even try to protest when she saw the little dress; she would have been obliged by Alice anyway. Then there was hope that she had covered the diaper. The dress was white with a black bow at breast level, the skirt was wide and seemed to cover the diaper quite well. She did not realize that if she bent over she would show her rear to everyone. "I hate you," Melissa said as she climbed into Sara's car. Of course, she was sitting in the back. The vacation consisted of a month-long all-expenses-paid cruise. Children up to age 3 were not paid. The plan was to pretend Melissa was the adopted daughter of sara and alice, who in turn would pretend to be a newly married couple. Soon they arrived at the boarding gate where the stewardess was waiting for them. "Well welcome! Your room is on the third floor at the family deck," She said, handing the key to Alice. Then She lowered himself looking at Melissa " hello baby, what is your name?" "Melissa," She said blushing and looking down. " I see the baby is still wearing diapers, no problem our baby care has already put some in your room and will provide you with as many as you need, I hope to see her soon at the baby club" Melissa tried to open her mouth but Alice promptly shoved the pacifier into her mouth to silence her. "Perfect, see you at the presentation, " Sara said, taking Melissa by the hand and heading for the room. It was not easy for Melissa to keep up with Sara's quick pace; her diaper forced her to hold her legs open and walk swaying. Upon arriving at the room, all three were amazed: they had been assigned an entire suite! There was a living room with a sofa and a plasma television, a small bar area, a room with a double bed, and another room was made especially for a child: a crib decorated with a maritime theme, a cabinet full of toys and a carpet with puppets, and finally there was a cambina armadio full of baby clothes suitable for melissa. "Well I guess this is the baby's room," Alice said, patting the bottom stuffed with lemon balm. "Kill yourself," said Melissa, spitting the pacifier at her. Alice laughed, then the three headed for the bathroom. The bathroom had a huge tub, in which all 3 of them would fit easily. At the back was also the changing table: it was a tall, white cabinet with padding on the part Melissa would lie on. On the sides were drawers full of diapers: there were ones for the pool, for the night and for the day, all decorated with different patterns. Finished the sweep Sara undressed completely, putting on a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants, then went to lie down on the couch. "Well it says that we can't leave the room until the ship sails, so we can unpack," proposed Alice. "Can I take off this diaper?" Melissa asked annoyed. "No way, if someone from room service came in? It would blow up everything," Sara replied "At least take off this dress," Melissa said, raising her arms "Aren't you able to do it yourself?" Said Alice. " children don't change themselves," replied melissa. Alice did not respond; she simply removed Melissa's dress and replaced it with a T-shirt. "Aperitif?" Proposed the girl in bundles. "Sure," replied the other two. Sara went to uncork a bottle of white wine and soon returned with glasses. Alice, like Sara received a goblet, while Melissa got her drink inside a baby bottle. Melissa stopped and looked at him for a moment, immediately noticing that the figures drawn were in tone with his diaper. "Why do I have to drink from this thing?" Melissa asked in disgust. "Children don't know how to drink from adult glasses, " Alice said, sticking her tongue out at her. Melissa sighed but decided to give it a try, holding him with two hands at head height, she grabbed the teat with her mouth and tried to suck, immediately her mouth filled with the sweet taste of wine. "I thought worse," She thought. "So child? How is she?" Sara asked, noticing that Melissa was not responding. "Well it's not so bad, I can drink lying down," replied Melissa as she detached herself from the bottle. Soon the conversation of the three veered to the schedule about the month of vacation, which left Melissa on the sidelines-she did not feel much like doing the things that were planned especially when dressed as a child. Solo, however, was happy when Alice ordered more wine. Another half hour passed, Melissa had almost finished her second bottle, when she felt a sensation she never wanted to feel: she had to pee. She tried to resist, but the pressure on her bladder increased more and more. At a certain point she could not resist got up and walked toward the bathroom "What's going on? Where are you going?" Said Alice " according to you? I'm going to the bathroom," Melissa replied. Sara laughed:" your toilet is on you," she said referring to the diaper. " There is no way I am going to pee in this thing" shouted melissa. "Of course you will, and you'll have to get changed, too, since those diapers are designed not to be taken off by the wearer." Melissa could not believe her ears, had no intention of peeing herself like a baby, tried to pull one of the rips in her diaper but did not move "Hurry up so we can get back to chatting " continued Alice. "You're a bitch," replied Melissa, trying to open her diaper. "If you behave and have a tantrum, I will change you baby right away," Sara said. Melissa couldn't take it anymore, she felt drops of urine coming out already. She had no choice but to use her own diaper, like a 2-year-old. Melissa opened her legs slightly and began to pee, felt the flow hit the plastic of her diaper and settle between her legs. She could feel the diaper expanding and becoming warmer, heavier and wetter. But eventually the dampness disappeared, leaving only the warmer plastic. I've already published the next parts to my ream account. Subscribe to get early access to the new adventures of Anna and Melissa. https://reamstories.com/scrittoreanon Also there exclusive stories for my subscribers
  2. This is my very first real foray into ABDL/age regression (had another one, but it went nowhere). Like all of my stories, there are mature themes, and I will warn you when we get to them - even with the content warnings in the tags; I have not led readers astray or lied to them about trigger warnings, and I'm never going to start. If you're ready - and still with me - let the story begin: Chapter One: A Girls' Night Out on the Town. - Svetlana Volkova was going to meet her two friends, Tatiana Voronina and Galina Tigrova for a normal Sunday brunch, and she had the feeling it was going to be quite exciting - especially on the day before Halloween. The three women weren’t really anything special, not really. All three were twenty-five-year-old Pittsburgh natives (from Russian parents), athletic, excellent figures (each of them were D cups), and all three were top-notch daycare workers. They had known each other since they were young, since before they could remember. Each of them had mousy-brown hair that they dyed to look prettier, and each of them had piercing icy-blue eyes. Some had confused the three for triplets at first glance. It was fine by them; they were each very much close. Even when they had their fights, it was solved rather quickly and with no hard feelings. Svetlana walked down the sidewalk with a purpose as her Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, knee-length black skirt and purse fluttering in the gusty wind. She brushed her shoulder-length dyed-golden-brown hair away from her eyes as she neared the stop. Tatiana was the first to notice, as she waved and smoothed her Penguins jersey and golden skirt, her shoulder-blade-length dyed-auburn curls noticeable. She nudged Galina, who was busy twirling her navel-length, shockingly-dyed-royal-purple hair before she turned to see her friend and jumped to her feet out of shock (and yes, she too was wearing a Penguins jersey and a golden skirt). The women walked over, hugging each other with gleeful looks on their faces. “Well, you finally came here, Svetka,” Tatiana said with a smirk. “We were beginning to think you had gotten bored.” “Bored? Of you girls? Never!” Svetlana was beaming. “Girl, I can’t remember the last time we haven’t spoken!” Galina exclaimed. “We do this so much, they give us free food.” “And we wear it well,” Tatiana laughed, causing the other two to join in. Svetlana sat down with her two friends. “So, how are things with you?” she all but sang. “Good! Can’t wait for the Pens game; that new swanky bar has the perfect place to watch,” Tatiana said. “You feel like coming, Svetka?” “Of course, Tanya!” the woman said. “I’m surprised we’re going out barhopping, though; we don’t have a car…” “Oh, come on, Svetka,” Galina said. “It’ll be so much fun.” She paused. “The only problem is, we have to bring someone else who can drive us, since our car is in the shop, and the only person we know who’s interested is…” “Celine,” the three said simultaneously, as they all let out annoyed sighs. Celine Fuchs was their old housemate they hated, and the feeling was very much mutual. A nosy busybody three years younger than them, Celine made no secret about having a fiancé to go back home to (it wasn’t that they couldn’t get boyfriends if they wanted; they were just not interested in dates at the moment.), and she critiqued them on every little thing, every miniscule detail, despite the fact that she was a law clerk. It was hell to deal with her. “You going to call her, Svetka?” Tatiana asked. “It’s not like we have a choice,” Svetlana muttered. She opened her smartphone and called Celine’s number. One ring. Two rings. Three rings. “Hello, who is this?” Celine asked in an annoyed tone. “It’s Svetlana.” “Oh, hi, Svetlana. What do you want?” “Tatiana, Galina, and I were going to catch the Pens game tonight at the new bar. Was wondering if you’d come.” “Oh, that would be marvelous!” Celine’s voice entirely changed, sounding genuinely excited. “Well, I’ll have to get ready. You planning on parking? Bringing money for food? What time would be best to leave-” “Don’t worry, Celine, we’re all going in the same car,” Svetlana said calmly. “Might as well bring my car; it’s a new one.” “You sure?” “It’s got multiple seats.” “Okay, fine. We’ll take your car.” “Can I bring my fiancé?” “Sorry. Girls' night out.” “Oh, well, I’ll tell him to go to our house. Where do I pick you three up?” “Right at Market Square. You’ll know us.” “Of course. Have a wonderful day! Go Pens!” Svetlana sighed when Celine hung up on her. Her two friends looked at her. “Guess it’s a go. She’s picking us up in her car.” “Ugh, she always likes to brag,” Tatiana muttered. “Always. It’s a new car, new clothes, new boyfriend, what-fucking-ever, I don’t care.” “She’s so fucking insufferable,” Galina said with a sigh. “I guess riding in her car won’t be the worst thing, right?” “True. It’s only one time, then never again,” Tatiana agreed with much reluctance. “Let’s just go to Market Square and wait; the game starts at 5:00, and it’s already 2:00 PM.” “Agreed.” They finished paying for their brunch and included a generous tip before walking to Market Square (hey, they always could use exercise, even with the various male catcallers), getting there at around 3:00 PM. It was a short wait until a brand-new Honda Odyssey that all but blared that it was Celine’s car pulled up, the aforementioned driver waving at them. “Hellooo!” she called. “You ready!” “Yeah, we are,” Svetlana said. No shit we’re ready, you dumb bitch. We’ve been ready! The three women packed into the backseats, none of them wanting to sit in the front with their annoying old housemate. “Look, I get you don’t like me, but…I do appreciate you bringing me with you to the bar with you,” Celine said politely. Svetlana looked at her younger ex-housemate who had a genuine smile on her face. Celine certainly was fairly attractive, actually, scratch that, definitely attractive with a blonde pixie cut, inquisitive sea-green eyes, and a larger bust than even they had. Tatiana was the only one to break the silence. “Sure, I mean, might as well bring you along; we know how big a fan you are,” she said. “Still, it is appreciated. Still, expect this to be a one-time thing, though.” “The feeling’s quite mutual,” Svetlana said bluntly. If only she knew just how dead wrong her words were. - So, let me know if there's anything I can improve on, anything you liked or disliked, stuff like that~
  3. An autobiographical story in which a girl recounts her unexpected regression. Thats a one shot story Part 1: Hi! im Silvia If someone asked me how all this started, I wouldn’t know how to answer. I only know that one morning I woke up, and the bed was wet. Obviously, my mother was not happy at all; she spent the morning yelling at me. She couldn’t understand how an 18-year-old girl could wake up in a wet bed and have no idea why. I don’t really remember the feeling of a wet bed; I just know that by the fourth night of lying in my own urine, my mother brought home a pack of pull-ups. The pull-ups were pink and covered in heart-shaped patterns. They weren’t like regular underwear; they were padded but more discreet compared to what I wear now. I cried and yelled at my mom, refusing to wear them, but in the end, she was right: I had become a stupid girl who wet the bed. The first time I wore them, I was surprised by how comfortable they were and how they didn’t show under my pajama pants. The next morning, I woke up dry. I was happy, moving my legs under the sheets, but then my hand reached the new underwear. Pressing it, I felt the imprint of a cold liquid still soaking the cover. I got up with my heart in my throat. My pull-up was soaked. I didn’t even tell my mother; she already expected it. I simply took it off, threw it away, and got dressed for class. And so I quickly went through the first two packs of 10 pull-ups: it had become a routine. In the evening, I brushed my teeth, put on the pull-up, and wore my pajamas. I even stopped changing it immediately; sometimes I went straight to breakfast. The worst part was when I lost control during the day. At first, it was just a more urgent need to pee, then a few drops would come out, and eventually, I ended up wetting myself freely. My mother took me to all the doctors in the world, but none could give me an answer. In the end, she gave up and made me wear pull-ups during the day. Then came the summer holidays, between wet pull-ups and often failed bathroom runs. Summer arrived, and it was time for diapers. I still remember the first time I pooped in my pull-up: I was at lunch and felt a strange sensation in my butt. It was like an itch that disappeared as soon as I pushed. I spread my legs and without realizing it, I pushed everything into my pull-up. The most embarrassing part was that I was in front of my mother, who looked at me in shock. That was the last time I wore pull-ups. I still remember the first diaper I wore. Of course, my mother spanked me heavily to make me wear it. The diaper was childish, white with a parade of bears carrying crayons on the front. The diaper came up over my navel, tightened at the level of my pubis, and then widened at my butt. It was incredibly comfortable, I felt like I was hugged by a cushion. At first, when my mother wasn’t looking, I played by patting my butt, marveling at the fact that I didn’t feel anything. Over time, my continence worsened: I wet myself freely, often without noticing, finding the diaper soaked. For pooping, it was different: I knew when I was doing it but didn’t have much warning. Eventually, I gave up trying to run to the bathroom and simply stopped wherever I was, spread my legs, and filled my diaper. The only thing that consoled me was that I was home for the summer holidays. What changed was my relationship with my mother: at first, I changed myself, not too happily when I smelled, and she commented that I didn’t put the diaper on correctly. Then she started automatically fixing the diaper tabs, ignoring my annoyed face. Then she started coming into my room while I was changing to see if I was doing everything right. Finally, she made me lie down, and she changed me. To be honest, I wasn’t too opposed, after all, it was one less dirty job. The only problem was that she started checking if I needed a change. Eventually, I became dependent on her; I no longer monitored the state of my diaper, and if my mother didn’t change me, I would stay in a dirty one for hours. It must have been the summer heat, but eventually, I started going around the house with just a t-shirt and the diaper in view, my mother cleaning my dirty butt, so who cared. I giggled when I saw myself in the mirror. I liked how my butt would sag and wobble after wetting. I even stopped noticing the smell of a dirty diaper. Then came the changing table. My mom bought it and put it in my bathroom: it was like a cabinet, painted pink, with drawers to keep my supplies. There was a purple ladder I used to climb up, and on top, there was a white mattress. It was very comfortable; I climbed up, lay down, and my mother did everything. I soon learned the difference between day and night diapers: the night ones were thicker, and I could sleep without fear of leaking. I realized I actually needed diapers one day, during a change, when I peed without noticing. My legs were still open, and the clean diaper had just been placed under my butt. Luckily, my mother was quick enough to close the front part, waiting for me to finish. Then I started sucking my thumb; I don’t remember how it happened the first time, I just know it ended up in my mouth automatically when I slept or did homework. After the thumb came the pacifier, “better for your teeth,” my mother said. The first pacifier was white and pink with a bunny drawn on it. I sucked on it often, not because it was really necessary, but because it was a habit, like I needed it to feel good or calm down. Then came the bottle: I started spilling the contents of glasses on myself, and soon my mother placed a bottle in front of me at dinner. I didn’t object; I was too thirsty. Drinking from a bottle was completely different: I could carry it around, drink lying down, drink while playing and studying. But what was strangest was my relationship with the outside world and my friends. Nobody cared that I was in diapers, nobody cared if I messed up in the middle of a store while shopping. The same went for my friends; they treated me like it was all normal, like the pacifier and diapers were my normal. It was different from how a child is treated, no, mine was normal, as if I were a regular 18-year-old girl. None of my friends said anything if my diaper was soaked, none seemed to notice my words distorted by the pacifier in my mouth. When we went out for drinks, I was sure my friends got a glass while I got a bottle. Eventually, I stopped worrying that people would see my diaper, nobody cared anyway, sometimes I even went out with just a t-shirt and the diaper in view. Part 2: Smelly diapers and highchair I forgot almost immediately that diapers were not my classic garment until a few weeks ago, simply as my friend clara wore pink panties, I had a nice padded diaper, white with pink hearts. After the pacifier, after the bottle, came the baby clothes. I discovered that I liked dungarees, especially with shorts; I also liked the bulge that could be glimpsed between my pubes and my bottom: it had become my outfit for evenings. To stay at home I often wore rompers: I had all kinds, one more childish than the other, and then according to my mother it was easier to change if there were buttons on my bottom. Another fact to recount is the sleepover at Clara's house. I showed up about 7 p.m.: I was wearing my favorite dungarees, pacifier in my mouth and hair pulled back in pigtails. I had my diaper bag with the essentials with me. Clara opened the door and let me in, we stood in the living room watching TV series, eating popcorn and drinking lots of coke of course from my bottle Toward the end of the first season my diaper was heavily in danger of leaking. It was at that moment that Clara surprised me by saying: " do you want me to change your diaper?" I turned and looked at her surprised; I had always thought that only my mother knew. " yes, if possible," I said somewhere between a flicker of shame and insecurity. He took me by the hand and walked me to the bathroom where he made me lie down. I didn't know what to say, I was embarrassed at first but then I realized it wasn't that different from when my mother did it so I let go. We finished changing and went to the bedroom where we chatted for a while as if it was normal for my best friend to change my diaper. Then Clara asked a question that amazed me: "How does it feel to poop in a diaper?" I looked at her a little stunned. "Well, I first feel a sensation on my bottom, as if my diaper wanted me to do it, then I feel that I have to push I spread my knees and do. I feel when my body starts to empty. When the poop comes out of me I can feel it flowing inside the diaper, like it's very hot and then it settles there until they change me," I replied with a splash of honesty. "It sounds extra gross," said clara. Eventually the strange questions ended and we went to bed. And so it was that July came between messy diapers and drunk bottles. It was on my birthday that my mother let me find the high chair: it was white, with two wooden dumbbells, one on the right, one on the left, and on one side, the seat was padded, white, like the small table that lowered over my legs. I didn't know what to say, the only thing I did was wet my diaper, strangely enough.... But my mother seemed so enthusiastic, so I indulged her. The feeling of being in a high chair is strange but I will try to describe it : the high chair is a taller chair and my legs are dangling, the padding is great, always to be on a cloud. The coffee table is lowered under my chest is comfortable because it is close and I don't get dirty with food What I learned after settling down is that diapers and high chairs are connected, if I wasn't padded and had to run to the potty I wouldn't get there in time. The only downside is that I have to depend on my mother to pass me the dishes and the baby bottle --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The last part is already out in my ream account, if u like my story pls subscribe to get priority access to my new parts e to others story that i dont publish here. https://reamstories.com/scrittoreanon
  4. Hey there fellow diaper dwellers! Im an open Adult Baby that recently moved to the Peninsula area (near San Francisco). Considering that Im relatively new to this side of the bay, I wanted to establish some new friendships with other ABs, DLs, Furries, and Bronies who share my interest in Infantalism and Age Play Regression. A little about me. Im 32 years young, slender, straight, 5'9, caucasian and Ive been involved in the AB/DL community for over a decade. Just to note, Im not seeking anything sexual. This is a friendly get together for those who wanna engage in harmless escapism. My apartment was recently converted into a nursery, which really captures that nostalgic feel of being young. I have a room full toys, games, cartoons, plushies and baby necessities to accommodate your needs. If you wanna bring your own stuff, its actually encouraged since everyone has that special something to make them feel comfortable. One thing I ask before you contact me, is that you must be over 18. Otherwise, people of all genders and sexual preferences all welcome. In respect to everyones agenda, I feel that it would be convenient to hold these meet ups on the weekends including friday nights. Perhaps we can have sleep overs in the future if things really pan out. Cost: FREE!!! Its about making friends, not money. When: Every Sunday from 12pm - 6pm Feel free to post your questions below! Address will be revealed privately to serious attendees.
  5. As with my previous stories, this one contains several elements inherent to the pre-established 'Diaper Dimension.' These include, but are not limited to: Diapers and their usage for their intended purpose Breastfeeding Non-consensual mental regression through various means (Including possible drugs, hypnosis, and/or surgery) References to surgery to achieve various nefarious goals Humiliation Giants, aka, Amazons or Bigs Predominantly female domination (some male) Babying of adults (perceived or otherwise) Experimentation on humans Kidnapping Coerced or manipulated actions through possible means of white lies, gas lighting, or incentives Mild language or use of explitives Depictions of death, illness, or handicaps Graphic imagery associated with any of these warnings This story has not been labeled as mature, due to a lack of specific references to anything overtly sexual, but this warning serves as a 'turn back' point for any readers who do not wish to read about the previous warnings. Lastly, this list is subject to change during the course of writing this story. While most of the plot is ironed out, more warnings may be added if needed. For those readers interested or do not care about the warnings listed, please enjoy the following story or for the first story, go to the following link: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/86107-a-stuffys-tale-one-bunnys-journey-in-the-diaper-dimension-chapter-17-complete/ For those interested in the sequel to the first story and the near parallel story of this one, go to the following link: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/90405-dashs-redemption-a-stuffys-tale-and-diaper-dimension-story-chapter-15-complete/ Hey everyone! So, as promised, this is the follow-up mostly concurrent story with Dash’s Redemption. I know that story didn’t prove to be the most popular of all the stories I’ve written, but I think this one should be a little more of the standard fair, and to be blunt, I’m almost kind of using this as a bit of a palate cleanser before moving on with my other stories this year. Further, due to how this one even popped up and the fact that I’m going to probably be shying away from other stuffy’s tales in the near future, I just wanted to finish this one up right away, rather than waiting a long time on it. If I continue to do the voting for the next stories from you all, I have a feeling I wouldn’t get to this story for a very long time, if ever. So, I’m doing it here and I’ll probably be going very fast through it. Unless something massively changes, expect successive days of chapter postings. Also, just as a tiny warning here, there is a particular scene that could be troubling to some readers in here. I do have my little warning previously, but I just wanted to add another one here. It doesn’t last long, but I just wanted to ensure that everyone knew about it first. Also, on that note, Emma’s story has already been partially written out, and sometimes, to fall, things need to break a bit. Please keep that in for the other chapters as well… Moving forward, right now, this story is standing at about 16 chapters. While that’s about twice the length I was originally thinking it was going to be, I think you all will definitely enjoy the fleshed-out characters more and some of the implications and connections I’ve added here. All that being said, I’m only going to be polling two stories this go around. As I stated at the end of my previous story, because this story wasn’t even on the list, the polling will just be between the Tell Me More sequel, or the Bethany semi-follow up to The Opening. For those of you just reading this story, I will be sharing these two options at the start of my next chapter. Lastly, just to clarify, when I said that I was going to ‘retire’ the age regression virus story, I only meant that I wasn’t going to include it in the polling for just the next few stories at least. I may consider asking about second choices, which admittedly could have changed the outcome of what I was seeing you all wanting this round, but I’ll keep that in mind for a future story poll after this one. For now, in the year of mostly sequels, I usually include in the poll two sequel stories, and one new story, and at the moment, I will just be including another completely separate story instead of the age regression virus story. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys this first chapter of my next story! Chapter 1: I Was a Teacher on Break Well, I finally made it here. A month of research and continuous travel agents talked to, had all led up to me being here… in another dimension no less. I of course had been born before they came, but now, almost 20 years later, it just felt like a distant memory. The therapist I used to see said it was repressed memories or some nonsense like that, but basically, I always just remembered the race of Amazons, sorry, Bigs, in my life. Alternate dimensional theory was now a cornerstone of most college courseloads, but still… being here and seeing everything, really was just something else. I had heard the rumors about this place, but I had always just chalked them up to paranoid people trying to get in the way of everyone enjoying our new paradise on Earth. After all, life expectancies had essentially doubled and things like medicine, energy, and education were all on the rise. In retrospect, it’s probably why I became a high school English teacher. I was Miss Breckenridge, or Miss Emily if they were trying to suck up to me somehow, but it was a solid job, and I got most summers off if I chose to. With our salaries much higher than decades before, teaching had become the hot new career for aspiring academics. That being said, despite all the changes, raging teenage hormones and attitudes did not. So, out in Arizona, when the summer session was coming up in the beginning of May, I decided to spread my wings a little bit and try something new. * * * “Are you really going?” Vicky asked me skeptically, her history teacher roots making her highly suspicious of any country or race coming to another, where one was drastically more technologically superior to the other. “What if it’s like the Aztecs and the Spanish… and we’re the Aztecs?” I could feel the raw apprehension in my friend, and I stopped packing up my room for one moment to try and ease her mind. “Relax, Vicky. You worry too much about that sort of stuff. It’s been over twenty years since they came, and we’re all still here. No smallpox or invading army turning us into slaves.” I was actually quite impressed I could still remember her nerdy little reference and shoot something back to her myself. There was a reason I was an English teacher instead. She just shook her head though. “English teachers… you all are just dreamers… I bet you imagine yourself like some brave new explorer going over there, huh? Like in one of your precious books?” I smiled. “Oh, yes. Emily Breckenridge… explorer extraordinaire!” She lightly shoved me on the shoulder. “I’m serious, Em. Jus be careful, will you?” She then lowered her voice and walked slowly closer to me. “Look, I just read this article about some guy that went over there. There’s some freaky stuff going on. Like treating you all like… babies.” I rolled my eyes. “Give me a break, Vic. I read the same stupid article as well, and the five stories that have been published like that since I was a teenager, as opposed to the hundreds of positive stories. I mean, did you happen to read that it was posted in some tabloid piece originally? I think it was even nestled between Aliens replaced my cousin and the fountain of youth being discovered near some daycare in Florida in that issue. You can’t believe everything you read. I might be a lowly English teacher,” I joked, “but take it from me… you can’t believe everything you read. I mean, you don’t really think that Mr. Darcy was real, do you?” Now, it was Vic’s turn to roll her eyes. “Fine, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.” She then retreated back to my classroom door before turning back to me with a face I could only recognize as worry. “Just promise me you’ll be safe, okay?” I sighed and paused once again as I packed all my stuff up for the summer. “Yes, Vic. I will be as careful as I can be. I’ll even stay in contact with the embassy as soon as I get settled, okay?” My friend just nodded, heaved a great sigh, and left my classroom. I could tell that she was legitimately worried about me, and to be honest, I was no fool and had done my research. It was almost a hobby of mine now I had spent so much time on it, but I had thoroughly investigated every company and agency getting people over there. After numerous searches, I had finally found a tour group that seemed pretty open and widely expansive across the country. Plus, they boasted, with real statistics, a 90% success rate, even over multiple trips. For perspective, the next highest was only at 70%. So, armed with my new knowledge, I packed my last To Kill a Mockingbird marked-up copy away and headed back out to my car. I refueled at the nearest EV charging station, went home and retrieved my travel suitcase, passport, and papers, and hailed a driver to take me to the nearest rail station. The new rails were all the rage lately to get between the states and plus, they connected most of the country together now. Having one just on the outskirts of Phoenix, I was able to get to most places in the country in half the time it used to take. To my delight, that included the portal facility out in Nevada. Unfortunately, they were still constructing the one to serve the greater Arizona area, but with the rail lines, I was just as happy to go to a main transport hub, instead of bouncing around the country to get to your intended destination like before. So, one 300 mph trip later, I rocketed into place right in front of the portal facility now gleaming before me. “Miss?” a kindly woman waved at me. “Checking in today?” I nodded and rolled my bag over to her. “Yes, uh, one flight to Virgan,” I informed her as I grabbed the ticket in my top suitcase pocket. It was hard not to get frustrated with the paper copies, but apparently last year, some poor guy was sent to Australia on their side because his electronic ticket was hacked by Big spies on this side of the portal. I wish I could say that it was an isolated incident. “Hmmm… Virgan. A very exciting and upcoming place. Come this way,” she beckoned me inside. I, of course, followed behind her and to the travel desk located just inside. Some portal facilities acted just like any other airport terminal, while the one here in Nevada favored the more ‘personal touch.’ According to their website I had read up on a month ago, it led to less unfavorable incidents. ‘Less though… not none…’ The lady quickly helped me along and after checking that I was all set, she handed my ticket back to me. “Perfect. You’re all set, and it actually looks like we’ve got a portal coming right up to Virgan in the next 15 minutes.” She then pointed to a hallway behind her, marked with a giant number ‘1’ on both the walls and even the flooring. “Just follow the hallway down here and get into the tram. Only that tram and just go to the gate they tell you after. Hold onto your ticket no matter what.” I nodded with the seriousness she intended in that last part. I for sure didn’t want a mix-up and end up in aplce like Honshu. Still, I smiled back. “Thank you.” I then resumed wheeling my bag and made sure I stuck to the single designated ‘1’ hallway. Minutes later, it ended, and I hopped onboard a tram service in the car marked with another giant red ‘1.’ The cars in front of us were then marked with a blue ‘2’ and green ‘3’ right after. “All aboard. Leaving for portal building in ten seconds…’ the electronic voice called out from the speakers above. I closed my eyes for a moment and only reopened them when I felt a lurch and could feel the warm sunlight from outside bathing the car. There wasn’t a town for miles around and even the main hub of the portal facility was separated from the actual portals themselves. One expert cited radiation, another explosion, but another more ludicrous theory was that the original portal almost blew a hole in the dimensional fabric of space time… or something like that. I was grading papers at the time and for most of us living on Earth still now, as long as the portal remained stable, the old reasons of why the separation mattered less and less with each passing year they remained safe. In the midst of my thoughts, the car lurched to a stop right at the height of the looped track and in front of the actual portal building. Inside seemed pretty plain, but once again, I just followed the large red ‘1’ on the floor and from the signs overhead. Those from cars ‘2’ and ‘3’ still had to wait for their portal to be recalibrated and relocated to another region of the other dimension. Finally, though, I showed my ticket once more to a tall, burly man waiting by a pair of revolving doors, and satisfied I was who I claimed to be, I moved past him and to the large room on the other side. Rumors had swirled for years about the specs and veneers of the portals changing, but they still looked like they did for the past almost 15 years now. Circular hubs vibrated and pulsed as the energy coils recharged while several bumbling scientists muddled and fussed with the bevy of controls and dials before them. Occasionally the lights would flicker, but since none of the scientists below seemed the least bit concerned, I felt pretty confident that nothing was amiss. Seeing a few others have their tickets be inspected and then directed elsewhere, I stepped up and made sure my ticket was already out of my suitcase. “Ticket, please,” one of the younger scientists, dressed in the stereotypical lab coat, asked me. “Richt… here you go.” I handed him the ticket once more with a smile. He just took it without any overt sign of emotion before handing me a single blue triangular pill. “Good. Just in time. Group 4, down in front by the portal,” he said, readjusting his glasses while gesturing over to the large crowd of people there now. “Take the pill before and just give the coils a time to recharge and you’ll be off in no time.” I nodded and followed over to the rear of the line before swallowing the pill whole. Just as I got in line, though, the coils began to vibrate even louder, and the scientists panicked briefly. I wondered if I should, but at the last second, one of the more elderly ones cranked a handle all the way to the left and the vibrations turned into a low pitch, like a low note had just been plucked on a base guitar. It pulsed for a moment, before the whole place shook once more and then stopped as liquid then seemed to fill in the previously empty circular device on the platform above the crowd of people that I was now a part of. As soon as the seemingly calmly bluish liquid touched though in the center, it let out a final twang, sucked in and out, and finally, was still. The resulting surface still shimmered with an unearthly blue and seemed about as reflective as glass and as full of life as a bubbling stream. “Beautiful, but ugh! Popped my ears I think…” I mused out loud while trying to blow my nose to fix the fullness I felt in both ears. “Yeah... these things have a tendency to do that,” the man in front of me said casually, turning around over his shoulder a little bit. “Punching a hole in the universe or something like that. Popular Mechanics ran an article a few months back… I think that’s what it said…” He seemed less sure at the end, so I wasn’t sure if I was getting the full picture of the article, but it still made sense. “Right… guess this stuff isn’t for amateurs anymore…” I said half-heartedly, recalling when the technology was released to the public and a few start-up companies tried to make their own. As people began to enter, I remembered the results were… unfavorable, or at least from what I’ve been told. Then, after the man in front of me went through the portal, I stepped up, my ticket was ripped in half and the scientist there gestured to the portal. “Whenever you’re ready…” I nodded and took a breath. ‘Just like an explorer in one of your books, Em… just go right on through… it’s a whole new world.’ I took another breath and as the final bit of air released from my lips, I stepped forward and bathed myself in the shimmering metallic blue in front of me. All at once, I felt my body being stretched, on fire, contorted, deep frozen, and smashed like a ripe tomato in the summer. It was awful and I wanted to puke. My legs dangled in the air, and I swore I could feel wind in my face as the ripples of thousands of explosions of color rocketed before my eyes. Just as I began to completely freak out though, my feet touched solid ground again. “There you go, missy,” a loud booming voice above me noted. “Easy does it.” I felt a hand guide me by the shoulders, and it honestly took me a minute to see that first, I was in a very different and almost elegant building compared to the near-warehouse one I had just come from, and second, the hand on my shoulders actually seemed to almost be able to reach both of them, being so large and all. I almost yelped out a bit of surprise when I looked up and there was a woman staring right back at me. “Hey there, let’s get you cleaned off, huh?” I panicked and almost wanted to run away right there, but the woman just guided me to what almost looked like one of those old phone booths my grandparents used to use. Instead of a phone inside though, as soon as the door was closed, the whole chamber filled with a whiteish, greenish smoke. I felt I had arrived at my ultimate doom, but not even three seconds later, all the smoke was sucked away and the woman guided me back out. “Perfect! All clean and sterilized. Now, just right down those steps and to your destination!” Her tone unnerved me, and it took me a second to pin down why. It wasn’t condescending... quite the opposite in fact, but with a mild amount of panic, I realized it was that same type of sing-song voice that was used in customer service… crossed near seamlessly with the tone one would use with small children. ‘Damn! I knew I should have worn my leather jacket over here instead of my light blue sweater!’ I was in this dimension for less than two minutes and I already felt marked. It didn’t seem to matter much though, as another Big then escorted me to a singular waiting room. “Please. Wait right here and have a cookie and some juice. You might have lost some sugar on the way over here with our new methods and from the pill you took.” I nodded listlessly, parked my suitcase in front of a chair, and grabbed myself an oatmeal cookie and what appeared an awful lot like grape juice, though it was called ‘uva’ juice. I almost even opted out of drinking it, fearful of all the nasty rumors I had heard about Bigs spiking drinks or whatnot, but feeling lightheaded, I figured it was better to drink it now rather than pass out later. Feeling rejuvenated after a moment, I saw there seemed to be an almost unending stream of travelers arriving after me, so, my juice empty and my cookie eaten, I stood up and pulled my suitcase along with me. One hallway, covered in pictures of happy tourists, later, and I was standing outside at what looked like a bus and taxi depot. “Ticket, ma’am?” a voice asked me. Now, I was prepared to be surrounded by the whole giant lot of them, but as an adult, once just gets used to the notion of most other adults being about your height. Standing a few inches under 6 feet tall, at worst, I just had to look up a little… no need to readjust where I was standing to not hurt my neck. The Big before me though was not anywhere in the ballpark of six feet tall. “Ticket, ma’am?” he asked again, his expression almost seemingly asking if I was okay as well. My eyes just stared up at this being, who despite looking like he had just graduated high school, seemed to be almost twice my height. “Uh… uh… here…” I shakily said, retrieving my ticket and then handing it over to him, still in awe of the differences in our sizes. Inside, I was half-dazed, but now here in the full light, my senses were feeling a little overwhelmed at the view before me. For a moment, he seemed to dislike my awe, or was just impatient, but once he looked at my ticket, his smile returned. “Oh, look at that. Local travel. Wonderful! I’m sure you’ll just love our city! Loculofus is the best kept secret in Virgan!” I could see right through his sales pitch, but in truth, I wasn’t really sure how long I was going to be staying in the capital of Virgan. Still, it was a nice greeting at the start of my trip here. “Uh, I hope so. Can I get a ride, or a…?” He wasted no time and held up his finger to stop me. “Wait one moment.” Then, with the speed and power of a train whistle, he parted his lips and blew into fingers, creating a high-pitched sound. A car quickly pulled up. “Here you go, ma’am. First ride is included with your transport. Be careful out there but enjoy the city!” I nodded and quickly loaded myself and my suitcase into the car, before he shut the door and waved goodbye to me. “Thank you!” I quickly shouted as the car began driving away. He smiled, nodded, and then just went to help the next in a string of us new portal Littles here. The driver had to navigate some pretty odd ways out of the portal facility, but as he began to make his exit, he finally piped up. “Where to, miss?” I was so distracted by all the differences from back home that I had completely neglected to tell him where to go. “Oh! Sorry about that… uh… just once sec…” I then pulled out a map I had purchased beforehand of the city on my phone. There was a whole slew of apps now dedicated to helping Little tourists like me, and this one had received the best reviews so far. “Uh… monument park, please?” He hesitated for a moment, but still nodded his head. After a few routes onto the main highway system, I saw my first glimpse of the steel and granite city, all refined in its splendor after the reconstruction from the last Height War, or at least that’s what my travel guide said. It filled me with excitement, but the driver then spoke up. “Uh, miss? I’ll take you to where you want to go… free charge and all, but are you sure about wanting to be dropped off at monument park?” “Yes…” I said confidently, but the way he was looking back at me and seemed nervous, caused a few cracks to form in that feeling. “Uh, just out of curiosity, why do you ask? Is there something problematic there now?” He quickly shook his head. “Oh, not at all. Just that… well, most Littles want to go to their hotel first. As I said, I’ll take you where you want, but I’m just putting it out there.” For the briefest of moments, I considered what he was telling me. I had two things I knew though that went against his advice. First, most Littles went to their hotel and ended up having a problem anyway… some hotels even being centers of regression programs apparently. Second though, I had looked up the distance on my phone before I left and saw that there were beautiful monuments in the park, and it was only about nine blocks to my hotel. To a daily walker like me, it didn’t seem so bad. I shook my head. “No. Thank you for your concern, but I want to see the park while I still have the chance. I don’t think the walk will be too bad anyways.” He nodded and continued driving. Not long after, we pulled up and I could see the petals blooming on all the trees lining the park and the avenue beyond it. I got out, breathed in the fresh air, and then leaned back over and thanked my driver. He nodded back and sighed. “Good luck.” With that, he drove off and I was all alone. Now, I had grown up in the rubble of what was once our country after all our own wars and crises. It had toughened me up a bit and being alone on the streets wasn’t exactly new to me, so I just rolled my suitcase along and began to take pictures of all the art decorations and sculptures dedicated to the past heroes of Virgan. Military seemed to be the most prominent, but as I continued, I saw a few scientists, creators, and lawmakers as well. Curiously, all were sculpted the exact same size, despite the obvious markers at the base of each denoting, Big, Middle, or Little. I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it, but a very long block later, I decided to stop for lunch. The line was a bit odd, to see from the outside with the varying heights and I will admit, it was the first time I was truly intimidated here, being sandwiched right in between two Bigs, both of whom looked at me with a look I didn’t quite recognize. A little more sleezy and I thought that they would have hit on me, but a little softer, and I would feel like they were my dad about to ask if I needed any help like it was my first day of school or something. I didn’t really like the look and just focused on my order and getting my food. “One hot skylos, please?” I asked the man at the counter. He almost seemed to grumble, but then turned around and caught sight of me. He paused for a moment and seemed almost perplexed for a moment as he stroked his stubbly double chin. “You’re not from around here, are you?” he asked gruffly but with a warmth I didn’t really expect. I shook my head. “Is it that obvious?” He laughed and some of the other Bigs did as well, but a few just looked impatient. “You could say that. See, what you just ordered is about a quarter of your entire body length.” He then looked at me up and down and smiled. “Seeing as you’re new and just out the portal, I’m gonna give you two pieces of advice. First, look up extensively what you’re going to buy before you do. Not everyone’s gonna be as nice as me.” A few of the previously impatient Bigs chuckled. The vendor briefly looked up in annoyance but then came back to me with a smile. “Second, just get off the street and get to where you’re going fast. This area ain’t the best for you types and all. Got it?” I swallowed at his last warning and quickly nodded. He smiled widely back and reached in and gave me a normal sized looking what I would call, hot dog. “Here. No charge. Just get to where you’re going pronto. Good luck.” I tried to pay him after, but he just insisted on the goodwill gesture. So, I soon found myself hurdling down the block about as fast as I could. I only got about two blocks before I just had to stop. I was feeling faint, and my stomach was nearly gnawing me in two. Not liking it, but feeling I had no choice and listening to my stomach over the vendor, I sat down. I tried to eat about as fast as I could of the hot skylos, but for some reason, it seemed to fill me up much faster than I was used to. Not intent on puking today, I slowed a bit and tried to plan out my trip. See, I had planned out most of this trip already, but I had given myself two options, of which, I would just cancel one when I figured out what I wanted to do. Going north, I could hit Libertalia’s capital city, New Columbia, and eventually make my way up to New Eboracum City. Both cities and all that lay between were practically the same as where I had just come from, but being in the north, it was usually safer for Littles. On the other hand, I could go south to Carolusa and eventually Flosus. I would hit a few cities but going south meant more of an emphasis on the natural wonders. Waterfalls 200 feet tall weren’t uncommon and the mountain views were voted as some of the best on the east coast. On the flipside though, being the south, Littles didn’t tend to do better down there. Still, as soon as I finished my last bite, I knew I had to table the decision until later. Unfortunately, I only got about a block further when I realized just how long the blocks were here. First, I was already battling the longer stretches of the two types of blocks, as every block east or west was about two going north or south. Additionally, because of the supersized everything here to accommodate the Bigs better, that amount could easily be doubled again. So, while I had read nine blocks to my hotel, I probably should have read it more like 36 blocks, and right now, I had only just about the halfway point. Tired, sore, and still running on fumes from the amount of energy the portal travel had taken out of me, I stopped and looked at my map once more to see if there were any shortcuts to the hotel. From what I could see, there weren’t any, but I finally saw a friendly-looking couple walking my way. Both being Bigs, I knew it was a risk going up to them, but I was desperate, so I decided to take my chances. “Excuse me?” I asked the pair once they got withing talking range. Both stopped and looked down at me with large smiles. “Yes? Can we help you, miss…?” the woman asked nicely. “Uh, Emily,” I replied back a little hesitant over giving my name out. Still though, I wanted their help, and I didn’t want to offend them by keeping that secret, or if they were the tricky types, I had heard that some Bigs viewed a Little not giving out their name as an admission they were too young to know it. “Good to meet you, Emily,” the man spoke up. “I’m Jim and this is my wife, Lilly. How can we help you? Are you lost?” I noticed he was eyeing the map on my phone. I blushed and nodded. “Geez. I guess I’m a little too obvious out here with my map and all.” “Just a little,” Lilly said, still smiling. “Might want to memorize the route and look at it sparingly.” I nodded. “Definitely, but I need to find my hotel… the Hotel Eirinison?” “Ooh. Fancy schmancy. It’s just up the street here,” Jim said, pointing in the exact direction I was headed. “Right, but…” I gestured to my suitcase still rolling behind me, “do you have any suggestions for getting there quicker? A shortcut maybe?” Both seemed nervous and looked at each other before nodding. Lilly turned to me. “We do and it’s a cut-through alley just ahead beyond the statue of the Little soldier up there.” I looked beyond and saw it. “It will lead you straight through to the other side...” “But we strongly suggest you stick to the park and street path you’re on now,” Jim emphasized while Lilly nodded her head in agreement. “It’s a little longer but it’s safer.” He paused and looked back to where they had just come from. “You can also cut over two blocks from here after the metal sculpture. It’s not much but it will save you a little time later.” “Well, thank you both.” I then stuffed my phone back in my pocket and we both said our goodbyes before departing back our separate ways. Strangely though, as they left, I also received my third ‘good luck’ today from them. Each of the three had been said in about the exact same tone after each had warned me about a potential danger. With each ‘good luck’ before, I had listened to and then ignored their advice and as I came to the Little soldier statue as Lilly had pointed out, I was at yet another decision. The Little soldier stood proud and tall, but I could also see the fear in his eyes as if he was looking at someone particularly frightening before him. I definitely wondered about that war, seeming to be the last in all the major conflicts here, but now, I felt I just had to summon the courage that soldier once possessed as well. It didn’t hurt my resolve either that ‘Hotel Eirinison’ was emblazoned on the building front I could see right at the end of the alleyway. So, sighing, I turned right instead of just continuing through the park. Oddly, the whole city seemed to have been rebuilt following one of the apparently more severe bombings here during the war. According to one source, the vileness of some of the Bigs toward Littles in the south stemmed from the Great Height war as many Littles captured or invaded cities to the point where mass bombings had to be conducted to win them back. Still, most news articles purported the south was fully swinging back and most cities only blazed with light and progress. This alleyway though, seemed to be immune from all that progress. An asphalt street snaked its way in between the facades of two brick buildings, both worn and even crumbling in a few spots. Downtown had now become a mix of both the new and the old, and from the looks of it, I was definitely in the old part. About a minute later and almost to the other side, I thought I heard a clinking behind me. I turned to look, but I didn’t see anyone, so I just kept walking. Another clinking. This time, I spun around faster. Still no one, but now, a single cardboard box wavered slightly on top of the trash from the backdoor of what I could only guess was a restaurant. Nervous, I turned back and saw the hotel sign, closer than ever. Right then, I heard another clinking sound. This time though, when I turned around, I came to face-to-face with a single Big. “W… who are you? Wh… wh… what do you want?” I could feel my pulse racing. He cocked his head to the side. “Lost are you, little one?” He smiled and I could see him flash a pair of yellow teeth, matching horribly well with his tattered clothing. I wanted to retreat, and I even backed up a little bit, but then, I heard another clinking sound behind me. This time, I only turned a little, to keep the other crooked teeth man in my view still, but to my horror, I saw the other end of the alley was now blocked as well. “Hello, sweetie…” the well-manicured man said confidently, walking a little closer to me. This one was dressed much nicer than the other one and the bearded mute man by his side. Whereas the other two’s shoes were patched or dirty, his shoes shined. “Please… just leave me alone…” I hated how I sounded so weak, and I really wished I had just listened to the other Bigs, but I knew it was too late. I thought about yelling out for someone to help, but the crooked teeth one came closer, and his coat opened a little to reveal a large terrifying knife hanging from his belt. It silenced any of those notions pretty quickly, especially considering the knife seemed like it could have easily split me in two. The three just sinisterly laughed, as each stalked ever closer to me. I could feel my stomach in my throat, and I tried to see a way out of this, but I was failing at every angle. There were more of them, and each was twice my height. Also, once again, they gave me the same look between creepy and caring. If I could have crawled out of my skin right then, I would have. “I think she wants to play, boss…” the crooked teeth man taunted, laughing dumbly at his own joke after. The mute man just smiled, and the rich man’s eyes lit up. “Perfect. Just who we were looking for.” Each got within striking distance and the rich man stared back into my eyes with both desire and satisfaction. I could only imagine in terror what he had planned for me. “Now, sweetie, you stay quiet, and my boys won’t have to get nasty. You got it? Nod if you do, darling.” Remembering the knife, I slowly nodded and allowed myself to be escorted by the three back down the alleyway and away from my hotel. The mute man took my suitcase as the crooked teeth man handed it off to him and the rich man pounded on one of the doors. I could hear music inside and I looked up to see where I was likely headed. To my horror, I saw a single clearly regressed Little pressed up against one of the panes of glass above me. They seemed so lifeless… almost dead even and I felt very different than them, but I knew with all the technology of the Bigs, both good and bad, the distance between me and that Little was uncomfortably close. So, seeing the three men momentarily be distracted by their own dealings, I knew it was a small opportunity, but I saw my opening. Despite the threat of the knife I had seen, fear of whatever happened to that Little happening to me was a bigger motivator. Then, in fear and taking a quick breath, I ran. I didn’t get far though when the crooked teeth man caught up with me. His hand grabbed onto my blue sweater, but I just yanked out of his flimsy grip as he almost started to brag back to the rich man. Unfortunately, the force catapulted me forward and smacked me into the side of dumpster. Still, undeterred, I got back up and ran once more. “You idiot!” the rich man admonished the crooked teeth man. “Don’t damage the merchandise. You know what a prime Little like that would go for!” Meanwhile, the mute man had just kept running and tried to catch up with me once more. I was doing pretty well, but his strides proved too much though and he lunged out to grab me. He succeeded but I guess he also liked to play with his prey. He then began to push me around a little. It wasn’t much, but a few gentle shoves here and there in the decrepit alleyway quickly tore holes and seams all over my clothing. For their part, the crooked teeth man and rich man only chuckled amusedly at my torment as they walked closer. Finally, the mute man stopped, but I then realized his widened stance and his beckoning face just wanted me to charge him. So, in hope I could bust my way out, I did, and he caught me by the scruff of my neck once more as I tried to wiggle loose when I failed to. My wiggling didn’t work but I also realized he had left himself vulnerable in trying to control me more. Seeing the opportunity, with myself half-cocked and one foot already in the air as I teetered over the pavement, I used my free leg and kicked him right in the crotch as hard as I could. He yelped in pain, let me go, and dropped to his knees in agony. Unfortunately, I guess it had just rained here and I dropped right into a puddle of water. Still, I could hear the angry shouts of the rich man echo off the alleyway walls. “Go! Go after her! Don’t lose her before she gets back to the street!” I then realized that the alleyway had been chosen on purpose by these Bigs. It represented a dark territory for authorities to patrol and while Littles weren’t treated well in the south here, there were still some rules. So, looking ahead and seeing the street only a quick run away, I knew if I could make it, I would at least be safe from them. So, I ran for it. I could hear the panicked thuds and splashes of the shoes running behind me, but I didn’t dare look back until I was safely out of the street once more and touching the Little soldier statue. I stared back defiantly at the three now defeated men before me. Each could have squashed me like a bug, and I felt triumphant as they soon left and vanished into one of the nearby buildings. Unfortunately, my feelings of triumph quickly ended. The mute man, before going back into his hiding place in one of the buildings, sneered at me as he retrieved my suitcase and took it with him. All my clothes, passport, and money were held within that bag. I had my phone still, but now, I was wet, bruised, and penniless in a land in an entirely different dimension other than my own. Still, I felt I had to press on and at least get into the Hotel Eirinison. Unfortunately, as I grimly suspected when I started walking over there, garnering numerous looks of shock and pit from nearly every passing Big on the way, they wouldn’t let me check-in unless I had my passport from the portal travel bureau. As it stood, that single laminated card was in my suitcase and had taken me a month to obtain it back home. Here in this dimension, I heard rumors about where some took three months to get a new one… if they even made it that long. So, on the verge of being destitute, I went back outside and sat on a park bench by a tall radiating fountain. The city shimmered all around me in glorious magnificence and technological might, but I was now trapped in the same scenario I had worked so hard to avoid in the first place. ‘Shit and double shit! What the heck do I do now?’ I cursed my independent attitude prevailing against the advice of the other Bigs. If I had only listened to even one of them now, I might have been safely tucked upstairs in my hotel room planning out the rest of my trip. Instead, I was now outside and in a world of hurt. And it only got worse as I looked around. To my left, I saw a police car and cops get out and detain a clearly homeless Little. They seemed so scared getting hauled into the back of the police cruiser, and I morbidly wondered what waited for them at the station and afterward. I felt a shiver of fear creep up my spine, and though I was nowhere near looking like that particular Little, my scuffle with the three hadn’t left me too much better off. Then to my right though, I saw what looked like a religious service talking to and helping out another homeless Little as they offered them blankets and hot soup. It was unusually cold for early May, even around here, but my partially soaked clothes clung to me tightly and the wind seemed to pass right through them. I would have availed myself of the free service right then, but as I looked at them closer, I recognized the logo on their front smocks as the Acolytes of Artemis. They were a charity organization dedicated to helping the poor and needy Littles of their world. It was a perfectly wonderful calling for many Bigs, but underneath it all, lay the foundations for the ruin of every Little who sought their services. Most, it seemed, were simply lost to the system, and were never seen again. I shook my head at the notion and just wrapped my arms around myself. It provided little, but some comfort. At the same time though, the reality and desperation of my situation began to settle in. I still had my phone, and I could go to the Earth embassy in the city for sanctuary, but the process was always complicated without a passport. It was possible, but it would take time and most Littles weren’t allowed in until they could at least be verified. As a result, many kidnappers were said to be lurking right outside the gates for desperate and unsuspecting Littles. Worse though, here, I knew the embassy was at least 15 blocks away from my hotel. Having just walked nine to get here and being totally exhausted now, I didn’t like my chances. It was all just too much to deal with. I was a strong independent woman. My time on the streets in a crumbling city before I was 13 had taught me a lot, but it was my hometown. I knew each alley to avoid and where the best free food was on garbage days. I had fought my way out of that mess, but now… I felt I had nothing. So, not seeing a way out, I just dropped my head in my hands and began to softly cry. Now, I know I shouldn’t have, but sometimes, emotions just bubble to the surface whether you like it or not. Crying though, and so obviously, I was making myself vulnerable to any passing Big. I was surprised it took longer than five minutes for one to finally stop and slowly sit next to me. “Tissue?” she finally asked with concern in her voice and holding a large single disposable sheet in front of me. I didn’t want to accept the offered item, but I knew my face was probably a mess and I hated to turn down such a generous offer, even if it was a stranger. “Thank you…” I said quietly, trying not to reveal my ruined face to the Big. From my quick glance at her though, I could see her blonde hair practically shining in the day’s sun, and I could see a little hopeful smile play across her lips as I took the tissue from her hand. I then blew my nose and dabbed off my cheeks. “There… much better, huh?” I nodded. “Thank you, uh… sorry, I didn’t get your name.” She smiled and outstretched her hand to mine. “Nancy. Nancy Donahue. Good to meet you…” “Emily. Emily Breckenridge,” I replied, with a smile on my face, shaking her offered hand. I had no doubt that my makeup was ruined, and I still had no plan, but right then, I felt a sense of calm wash over me. Whomever this Big woman was, I felt that things were finally going to turn around for me.
  6. As with my previous stories, this one contains several elements inherent to the pre-established 'Diaper Dimension.' These include, but are not limited to: Diapers and their usage for their intended purpose Breastfeeding Non-consensual mental regression through various means (Including possible drugs, hypnosis, and/or surgery) References to surgery to achieve various nefarious goals Humiliation Giants, aka, Amazons or Bigs Predominantly female domination (some male) Babying of adults (perceived or otherwise) Experimentation on humans Kidnapping Coerced or manipulated actions through possible means of white lies, gas lighting, or incentives Mild language or use of explitives Depictions of death, illness, or handicaps Graphic imagery associated with any of these warnings This story has not been labeled as mature, due to a lack of specific references to anything overtly sexual, but this warning serves as a 'turn back' point for any readers who do not wish to read about the previous warnings. Lastly, this list is subject to change during the course of writing this story. While most of the plot is ironed out, more warnings may be added if needed. For those readers interested or do not care about the warnings listed, please enjoy the following story or for the previous story (to which this is a soft sequel to), go to the following link: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/86107-a-stuffys-tale-one-bunnys-journey-in-the-diaper-dimension-chapter-17-complete/ Hey everyone! Oh boy, did Con drop hit me this year, but writing this story and a few others since I got back has certainly helped. I’m not sure how often I will post this particular story, but I know that it will likely be one of the shorter ones that I have written in a while, so I’m thinking that it will likely be done before the end of this month. Also with this story, I just want to mention that I have purposely written Dash as a bit of an enemy in this first chapter. I know that this could hurt people caring about him like they should usually do for the main character, but I also wanted to start him as lower than the dirt and then to redeem him throughout this story, hence the title. I know that while good guys can be redeemed in their own ways as well, I always find that misguided villains have much better arcs in the long run. Lastly, I think I liked the whole concept of you all choosing the next story, but I think I want to have the concept run a bit longer this time. As such, I will likely post the ideas for the next story sooner than I did with my last story so that everyone has a chance to pitch their idea before the last chapter. So, be on the lookout for when that happens. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys this first chapter of my next story here! Chapter 1: The Bottom of the Pole The smell of burning, busted batteries and once fresh cotton and other such stuffing materials filled the air. Fluff and even electrical components lay strewn about the yard in tatters and heaps from the trajectories they had sought in their own escapes from the teeth in the heavy-set jaws still gripping onto my body. I thought I was dying. Well, at least to the point of dying one could be being a stuffed animal or toy that is, but still. I thought I was about to slip into that mysterious nether world where all of us toys go, and it just felt wrong. I was a supreme toy for all Littles after all, ready to usher in a new age of regression and compliance, but I guess in the end I was still just a toy, and my fate would be the same as any other ratty hide of any other toy off the shelf. It was almost laughable to be on the same level as those poor excuses, but all this… all my current pain and decimation was all thanks to one single long-eared stuffy and my own poor escape attempt after I lost my duel with him and his friends. All that seemed very far away now though as I felt death cling to my feet and its icy fingers clasp around my shoulders, ready to pull me down into the awaiting and unknowing abyss, but then, I saw a shadow approach. “Marie!” the approaching figure shouted. “It happened again! Fetch my tool kit. We’ve got another one to fix. Looks like a doozy!” The figure then approached and crouched down to wretch me away from the mangy mutt’s mouth. It was not lost on me that another dog was ripping my own dog form apart right then. The man then surveyed me closely in both of his hands. From my limited vision, I could already see bits of my previously pristine fur nibbled and folded over in ways it clearly was not meant to. My apparent savior before me could use a shave and a new pair of glasses from this decade at least, but I also saw that his eyes were studious and kind. His touch was soft and delicate over my broken body, but I had little time to take comfort in his tender ministrations. “Oh dear, Paul,” a woman said upon seeing my form as she rushed out of the house with a small metallic box in one hand. She then looked around the yard in disbelief as if she was viewing some bloody crime scene unfolding just beyond her own back deck. “Whadd’ya think happened to this one? Looks more resilient than the others we’ve found, but still the same outcome though. You think you can make a go at the poor fella?” Paul sighed deeply and studied my body even more closely than he had before. “Probably one of those advertised super toys, but I guess just another one of those poor mentally regressed Littles must’ve tossed their toy in here by accident, and Buster got hold of them again.” I felt my back paws and tail being lifted gingerly with one of his wrinkled and well-worn hands. “Hmmm… might be a bit tricky with some of these components I’m seein’, darlin’, but I think I should be able to make a go of him. The daycare could always use another one of their fluffy companions back. Might be a bit rough, but you know some of those Littles… they would hug a stuffed sock if it gave them comfort.” ‘Damn…’ I had just escaped from the daycare after my duel and it was certainly the last place I wanted to go now, but I knew I was in rough shape. If Paul could help me, even a little bit, I knew my chances would be better down the line. After all, as it stands now, walking a single block back towards some kind of safety would probably cause me to lose all my remaining fluff. * * * That butcher! Five intermittent days of torture on his workbench while I watched helplessly as my guts were taken out and retooled back in. Three outside consults over how to patch up my electronics and fur, and all he could do was just fix me up in the best way he could. I should be grateful but pardon my seeming lack of gratitude when I’m now covered in stitches and other bits of cloth and fur that doesn’t even match my original covering. Heck, even Victor, the daycare gorilla outcast, looks prettier than me now. Now, it’s my third day at this dumpy daycare and I’ve already been rejected by three Littles because I clearly wasn’t ‘Dash, the fastest dog alive’ anymore. I knew I was internally at least, but those empty-headed droolers only cared about my appearance in comparison to the cartoon they were continually fixed to in the Canopy Room. Maybe I wasn’t the shiniest toy off the shelves anymore, but I was still Dash. Still, sensing that the room of recently acquired Littles or even unregressed Littles might have been too taxing for my current appearance, I moved on down to the Meadows Room. Between the forest, the rolling hills, and barn in the back corner, the Littles here seemed much more my speed. I had met my first owner, Charley, when he was in this room after all, and considering I last left him in the younger Burrows room after my regression techniques, I felt I could achieve my purpose once more. There was just one big problem though. The current toys, and especially the stuffy’s, in this daycare all hated me. At first, I felt I could just push past all of them without worry, but I was continually being blocked as much as they could without revealing their true nature to any non-toy in the room. As such, on my third day here, I had yet to interact with a single Little for more than five minutes at a time. A knocked over book or broom would cause the room to erupt in chaos nearby and the Little I had in my sway would run about and then quickly forget about me, likely finding some brighter or shinier toy. So, finally, I decided a little change in the totem pole hierarchy around here was in order. “I invoke the right of dominance here!” I announced as soon as the last daycare attendant had left later that night. The room, normally awash with conversations about the problems or highlights of that particular toy’s day, became eerily silent. Each stared at me until a creak from nearby could be heard. Every toy’s head snapped back toward the rear of the room and then all parted down the middle to form an aisle of sorts directly to me. There, at the end of this new aisle, a stuffy lioness I knew was named Nadia, stepped forward. “You challenge me, Dash? Are you sure about that in your… present condition?” I looked down and saw my stitched seems and grimaced at the notion that I could be weaker than I once was. She, amongst others, had helped Hop in his duel against me. I probably would have won if it hadn’t been for all the help that he got, but in this instance, the right of dominance for us toys was strictly a solo venture. No outside help could be offered or accepted, or the challenge would be forfeited. “I doubt you’ll have the same reservations about my condition when I defeat you. One on one, Nadia. This time, it will actually be a fair fight.” Some of the other toys ‘oohed’ over my accusation. They had all seen the fight that day and knew what I was referring to. They had also seen my defeat, but I knew a victory tonight in this manner would assure a change in leadership and therefore policy around here. I would be the ultimate leader toy and all Littles entering the daycare doors would be regressed, just as things were intended in this world. Nadia nodded in her usual calm ways, but these didn’t last once the challenge was initiated. In no time at all, she bared her teeth and swished her tail as she began to threateningly crouch as if she was on the hunt back in the African savannah or some such. She growled and then spoke in a low and hushed tone. “Very well, Dash. Be it on your head then…” I followed her crouch, and we began to circle each other as the two animals we were meant to be. Her tail was longer than mine and could present a challenge if she used it properly, but I was still a super toy. My claws, teeth, and tactics were still intact at the very least. All I had to do was pop them out, and then I would clearly have the upper hand against the aged toy before me. For now, though, each of us just waited for the other to strike first. After a minute though of just continually circling each other without any further result, my impatience was getting the better of me. I was known as Dash for a valid reason after all. Lightning moves were my style, and I knew that the elderly toy could be using this time to only improve herself and her position against me. I knew it was likely going to be now or never if I won this particular duel, so, I paused for a quick second to crouch lower, and then I flung my entire outstretched body right into her. Mid-flight, I could see the terror in her eyes. She knew about my hidden features, seeing the damage I had done to Sgt. Luvman previously, and I suddenly felt victory was at hand. My speed was dominant over hers and I was going to now have a higher ground over her. If her reflexes were at all slow, I would win. As I neared her though, I tried to extend my teeth to sink into her neck. To my utter horror, they didn’t. Panicking and my giant leap now grounded, I wrestled around her still-crouched form. My speed was useful, and I was able to trip her up to take the moment and try and extend my claws. Unfortunately, once again, my hidden components failed to execute. I could see Nadia nearly smile right then as she knew she was right, and I was wrong; I was no longer the fierce super toy I had once been. Still, I had my speed gratefully and I managed to doge several of her blows, but I couldn’t strike her back with any lasting damage that could end this fight with me as the victor. What’s more… we both knew it now. As such, once again, with my passing meager glances off her hide, Nadia was given time. It was time enough for her to plan and analyze. For me, I tried to get my teeth or claws to work in her stunned moments after my attacks, but all my efforts fell short. So, Nadia must have seen her chance, and this time, went on the offensive. In seconds I had been battered to the side and lay gasping at the serious force behind her one single hit with her sturdy head right onto my flank. I knew I couldn’t endure too many more of those, but I just tried to stay confident and keep up my speed once I had gotten back up after she broke off to regain the ground that she would need in order to strike again. My few seconds of rest didn’t seem to matter though. In mere moments, Nadia used the tactics she had clearly been thinking about, encircled me, and then used her tail as a whip of sorts to knock me over while I was still off-kilter. The duel between us was fierce, but ultimately, her previous hits had weakened my stance considerably. I was still formidable, but Nadia had the upper hand now. So, one more flick of her tail sent me sprawling to the ground and in seconds, I could feel a single paw pressing up against my back. “Give up yet?” Nadia asked, half taunting me and half clearly legitimately trying to get me to surrender. She was fierce and the victor, but she had a compassionate side about as equal endemic to her being as speed was to my own. Given a second to breathe for once, I weighed my options. By now, all the toys at Little Friends Daycare had gathered around us. From my time with Hop here, I knew that Nadia was the well-respected leader of everyone here. She was never officially granted the role of dominance, but it didn’t seem to matter. I also marveled at how only a few weeks ago, most of these toys were my loyal friends and fans. Now, it seemed I was the odd man out in this scenario. My mauling of Sgt. Luvman probably didn’t help matters, nor did my severe regression of the beloved Charley or my duel with Hop. If this had been any other time, I might have backed down. I would have shown a streak of dominance and strength still by even challenging her and keeping up in the first place, but now, it felt too late for that. So, I managed to wrestle myself free and then quickly lunged at Nadia once again. This time though, she was ready for me. Without my finishing moves of teeth or claws, I could only use my speed against her. It was my only advantage, but Nadia’s advantages were far more present now in the later stages of our duel. Her patient moves and her longer tail quickly struck and sideswiped me. I missed the first, the second, and even the third of her tries this time, but the fourth… it came too swiftly for me to dodge. It caught me off balance and unhinged two of my paws from the ground. In a second, I could see Nadia knew her victory was at hand, smiled, and then swiped at me once with her own front paw. Unbalanced already, the force of her paw sent me crumpling into the ground. Before my own mauling, I might have recovered, but this round, Nadia was on top of me in seconds and didn’t let up. I could already feel the weight of her whole form bearing down on me. “Yield, Dash. Yield now or there won’t be bits of you large enough to sew back,” she growled from above me. I winced as I felt one of her paws press down on my chest and the other on my neck even deeper to drive her point. I knew I was defeated, and worse, everyone could see it. I had no excuses left, and blinking back at the shame I was feeling, I nodded my head. “I yield…” Nadia quickly relented and backed away. “Good…” She then sat on her hind paws as the true leader everyone knew her to be. “I shall not exile you as is our tradition after such a challenge, but I want you to think about your new life instead. You have changed and you best get used to it, Dash. If you don’t, I have no doubt that you will soon end up on your way to the landfill. This will be your only warning…” After her final cautioning, the rest of the toys soon departed and left my heaving mass on the floor still. I could feel my disjointed parts lock together and groan under the strain I had put them under. Functionally, I was still intact, but my fight with Nadia only showed the broken toy that I was now. Still, I needed to fulfill my purpose. For a toy, it was what drove them, and some even suspected gave us this half life with the rest of the world. Most of us never questioned it, but to defy one’s purpose could be the end of a toy. At this point, whether I willed it or not, I had to get back out there and regress a Little. So, the next night, I challenged another toy to a duel. She was just a meek tabby cat, and not even experienced in fighting, so I thought my odds were pretty good. This time though, I didn’t even have a chance to try and activate my teeth or claws a second time. She was simply too fast for even the likes of me and had scurried through my limbs and brought me down by tripping me up with my own limbs. So, just as before, I was once again defeated. She neither gloated nor scolded me, but just simply walked away. That loss stung, but I still felt determined. If I could lead a pack around here, I could work myself back up and then use my new posse to defeat Nadia as Hop had done with me. Then, I would be able to achieve my purpose. So, the next night, I tried again. This time, I fought against a lamb. Small, gentle, and even known to be weak, so I thought it was a sure thing of victory. After all, I was the mighty super toy and dog, Dash. My scars didn’t take that away at least. To my ultimate shame though, the past two nights of fighting had left me weakened and desperate. The lamb, smaller and even more nimble than my own now creaking body, was able to scurry about and just let me tire myself out. Even in less time than with the tabby cat the night before, this lamb devastatingly defeated me as well. No one was watching tonight, as there were few stakes to this one, but it was pure humiliation for my own fragile ego, and I quickly slunk off into the night. Now more than ever, I felt I was the pariah of the group, the shamed… the defeated. It was hard to imagine it now, but when I first arrived here, I was the terror or the pride of all the toys that gathered around me. Most were either one of my followers or feared me enough to just stay out of my way. Now, even a lamb was no longer frightened of me. I could even hear the snickers and the looks of pity tossed my way as I curled up under a crib and fell asleep. My pride stung for sure that night, but part of me was also a realist. If the fights were any indication whatsoever, I knew that I was no longer the same as I had been before Buster’s destruction to my body and old man Paul’s subsequent attempts to fix me. At the same time though, I was also a toy, so my internal drive to eventually regress a little won out and the next day I tried again to achieve this goal. This time, however, keeping in mind the blockages that I had experienced previously in trying to connect with a Little, I found the strength within me to use my patience in order to find my subject carefully. It took time, but finally, during snack time, I saw that several of the other toys were thoroughly distracted. I had been eyeing a Little all day and I knew that now was my time to strike. The Little in question was a timid loner and obviously in the early days of their regression process. While for some this could pose a problem, for me, I felt pretty confident in the notion that they at least wouldn’t fight back. Despite not being regressed, they almost seemed broken in their current state. I guessed they were likely a portal Little here on vacation and had gotten separated from their family. They almost always made good targets if they were already this shy and not fighting back, so they felt perfect with this new path I was on. I then crept closer and made sure not to be spotted by any of the others, Little, Big, or toy. Just as I got close though, a new girl entered the fray and thrashed about wildly in the tightly woven arms of a daycare worker. “No! No! You can’t do this to me! I want my panties back, you stupid cow!” she cursed at Miss Mindy, who just continued to drag her out of the room. From her clothing and lack of bulge around her pelvic region, I knew she was likely at an early stage in the regression process. Her jeans weren’t soaked so it wasn’t hard to guess that she was likely just another candidate for regression and was on a schedule rather than an incident-based regression process. I liked the incident-based regressions better as the Little would often eventually feel that diapers or whatever childish item being implemented was necessary to help them out. You don’t want wet pants? Try a diaper… That being said, I also knew that the scheduled regressions seemed to be more popular lately. After all, Bigs hated to be told what or when they could do something. Scheduled regressions were on their timetables, better for the Littles or not. “Tsk, tsk…,” Miss Mindy chided the fighting girl still wrapped in her arms. I was frankly surprised she wasn’t getting another volunteer to help her out, but I knew from the past that Miss Mindy was strong, resilient, and independent in her work with Littles like these. “Such a shame. You were such a good girl for us since you started coming to daycare, little miss. I guess we were giving you just too much slack in the Canopy room. No worries… we know just how to handle your type…” The girl continued to fling herself wildly about, but Miss Mindy kept up her iron grip over the flailing Little in her arms. “I want out now!” the Little continued to wail. “Wait until Nancy hears about this! She’ll have your job! Get off me know you stupid bi…!” That was the last I heard of the violent woman as Miss Mindy finally exited the Meadows Room. That woman Little was a prime example of why my task was so important here, even beyond the need to fulfill my internal drive. Littles deserved to be regressed in order to be controlled and therefore be happy. It was in their nature to fight the system and break the rules, but that only led to punishments and cruelty from others trying to get them in line. Littles just couldn’t help themselves and with my methods, I was able to provide the path that could lead them to happier lives under the guardianship of the Bigs. So, with my added boost in confidence in what I had to do, I turned back to the Little before me. They had briefly looked up during the incident with the thrashing about woman, but once again using my speed to my advantage, I dove out of his sight lines to maintain my toy cover. ‘Perfect… just look away for a second… come on little buddy… that’s it…’ He finally did and I took my chance. In a second, I was right by his side like I had always been there. I was very much counting on his lethargic state to not question my newly discovered presence. “Huh?” he questioned as he looked back and saw my body perching right next to him. His chubby fingers glided along my fur and played with a few of my more obvious stitches. “You’re kinda ugly lookin’, but you wanna be my friend?” As I predicted, he neither cared nor questioned my sudden appearance by his side. He just wanted a friend above all else. I could then feel his fingers quickly adjust themselves over my head and nod it for me. ‘Perfect… get comfortable with me. Be my friend and relax… just relax…’ In a moment when he seemed most content with my presence in his life, I turned on my subtle messaging. It wasn’t anything permanent or devastating, but it was just enough to lull the defenseless Little into complacency. Soon, the Little slacked up a bit and leaned back against the wall, half-dazed and clearly content from the little upturned corners I saw from his mouth. ‘Good… Now, just listen to my sounds…’ I turned on my pulse, just the moderate one though. If I turned on anything higher, I knew that every Little within 20 feet would likely be drooling and then messing themselves within twenty minutes for even the strongest willed of them. Using my moderate pulse would just affect my new Little and maybe the nearby one doodling in their massive coloring book. Regardless, everything was going well. I could see the Little’s eyes gloss over and a dumb even more present smile creep over his face. My plan was working perfectly, and I felt satisfied in my work. It then continued like that for five minutes, but in a quick turn of events, I noticed his eyes changed. Fearful in a way, but that wasn’t a problem in all honesty from my standpoint. Fear was useful and even suspected occasionally if the Little ever realized what was happening to them. It was rare but it did happen. What I didn’t count on however, was the look of revulsion in his eyes as well. I tried to figure out what was wrong, but then I smelled something. Not fetid, sour, or even acidic like one could expect in this type of babyish environment, but almost like burning plastic. Before I could locate the source, the Little almost seemed to be snapping out of their trance. ‘Not good…’ “Oh! Woah!” Miss Tully shouted from nearby. She was a new worker and often switched between the Meadows and Burrows room, apparently in an effort to ‘ease the transition of Littles as they regressed downward.’ Her running over to us clearly panicked was a problem though. Before I had a chance to slightly move out of the way of her hands though, I felt myself immediately being hoisted up. My Little’s trance was quickly broken as I took off my pulse and they then began to freak out almost instantly. “Oh shoot!” Miss Tully exclaimed as I was lifted high above all the ensuing chaos. Curiously, looking back down, the area around my Little almost seemed a little foggy. “Patty! Come over here quick. We’ve got a bad toy here. Can you calm down Tyson here? I think this toy frightened him a bit.” Mrs. Gillies nodded and ran over to comfort my previously ensnared Little. It was all so confusing, but my view quickly changed to a nearby restroom. They were few and far between here, but there were some for those Littles who still clung onto their foolish hope of maintaining their potty training. Bigs and the occasional Middle had their own, but the one facility here for them had a key to prevent Littles from using it themselves. Based off the low squatting potties and the cartoon faces emblazoned on many of the potties or sinks here, along with a few cute reminder posters, however, all let me know right away which of the restrooms we were now in. Miss Tully then set me on the countertop. “Oh my, Dash,” she said as she inspected my rear. “Looks like you might be wearing out… makes one miss the old just fluffy toys…” I was still very confused until I quickly glanced in the mirror while Miss Tully was briefly looking away to cough. There, right before me, I could see that my back half was slightly smoking. I wasn’t on fire or anything, but it was readily apparent to me that my electronics must have malfunctioned and started to emit the smoke. It was another notch on my devastation that occurred after my mauling. My one purpose in this life was to regress Littles. Sure, it was to love them as well, but that really only came afterward, and it was engrained in me to only resort to that protocol to get closer to my Little. Now, without the apparent ability to enact my regression software, I was feeling lost and almost without purpose. Still, a tiny part of me just hoped that it was just a onetime fluke. Miss Tully looked back over me and waved around my rear and midsection to clear the remaining smoke. “Hmmm… seems to be all gone, but I think I better move you to a new room. Tyson and the other Littles are just a bunch of little tinkerers and can be a little handsy and push buttons they’re not supposed to. Let’s try out the Burrows room for a little bit and see if you do better there.” ‘Damn…’ I was not a fan of the Burrows room only in the fact that most of the Littles there were already regressed. My function there would be limited to finishing Littles off or just… cuddling. I shuddered to think of such a fate, but Miss Mindy was in charge of my direction for now, so I just went along with it. Soon, I entered the dimly lit, quiet, and almost serene room. I still found the whole concept of being underground here to be highly disturbing, almost like being buried alive, but I guess it worked for the brainless Littles currently occupying the several cribs already in here amongst the glowing roots and rock-like furniture. Miss Mindy placed me on the floor and then just simply walked away. Being a little hesitant about my current state, I decided to inspect myself first and just continue on my quest tomorrow. A malfunctioning toy in here would likely only be a one-way ticket to the dump, so I wanted to check myself first for anything that I could possibly fix in case today wasn’t just a fluke. So, satisfied with my inspection, the next day, I tried again. The same thing happened, and while I managed to clear the smoke before a Big was alerted, I ended up spending the rest of the day cuddled tightly up against a Little with an ever-expanding diaper. Hoping today was just a case of pushing myself too far too quickly, I tried again the next day as well. Failure. Utter failure and if I hadn’t been quicker this time, I would have likely even set off the smoke alarm in here. Fortunately, my Little was too far gone at that point to really say anything about my quick actions right in front of them. Unfortunately, instead, they just stuck my ear in their mouth as they cuddled into me like my previous Little had yesterday. If there was a personal hell for each of us toys, I was pretty sure this was going to be mine. Today though, as opposed to my entire with one Little, I managed to sneak away and try one last ditch effort to redeem myself. It was just after naptime, and I found my next prey. He was clearly regressed in his massive one-piece footed sleeper, but he also seemed lonely in this dark room. He was probably a recent arrival and therefore a perfect subject for my regression methods and pulses. To even further my cause and confidence, I noticed that his sleeper also sported the logo from the cartoon show from which I hailed. It was the best scenario I felt I was ever going to get in this daycare, so gathering up about as much courage as I could, I ventured closer. Being just after naptime but before the post-naptime bottle though, he was nearly fully alert, if not maybe just a smidge sleepy still. Now, his previous regression was obvious to me, so I knew that even if I wasn’t successful, he likely wouldn’t even be believed in the first place, or maybe not even remember me. At the juncture he was at, most Littles minds were very fragile and prone to fanciful stories or spotty memories. Boosted in my confidence, I pawed my way over to him. It didn’t take long for his sleepy eyes to spot my approaching form. Now, Paul had done a number on me, and while I was still recognizable as dash, I now looked like something out of a horror flick. Stitches adorned my body at least every few inches and some of my fur was now covered in patches of ill-matching fur or just fabric patches altogether. Not necessarily frightening to anyone else, but to a Little, I was basically an undead creature coming to claim their soul. So, about as soon as he saw me, terror struck into his little beady eyes. “Monstah! Monstah!” he called out as he pointed in my direction. I tried using my subtle messaging to get him to calm down, but every time I managed to get closer to him, he would cower and look away like I was the monster in every one of his nightmares. Finally, on my fourth attempt to get closer, I guess he managed to muster all the courage he had, picked me up with his drool-coated hands, and then threw me across the crib. Clearly defeated, I initiated my pulse as my method of escape. He was out in seconds and as if to signal my departure, he let out a massive wet fart as he settled down amongst the fresh smoke that I had emitted afterward from my still faulty circuits. That’s how I, drool-covered, smelling of used diapers and burnt electronics, and utterly defeated, then found myself walking away from all the Littles in the Burrows room. I spotted one empty crib on the far side of the room and trudged over to it to find some peace. The ‘monster’ was now retreating, likely for good this time. Resigned on my journey away from all the other Littles, I felt utterly defeated and disgusting as a toy. He should have been so simple… they all should have, but I failed with each and every one of them. Now, I couldn’t deny it any longer and I truly felt like the broken husk of the once proud and majestic super dog and toy that I used to be. Old man Paul had given me a second life after his dog had nearly mauled me to pieces, but now I was a ruin and a shadow of my former self and glory. I felt then that no Little could ever care for me or even allow me to get close to them. Further, even if one miraculously did, it was now clear to me that I could no longer truly regress them to any extent without letting off a massive, smelly, and disruptive cloud of smoke. And, if I wasn’t the regression machine I was designed to be, I felt I was no one. So, finding an empty crib and therefore far away from any Little and the potential to set myself and everything around me on fire, I crawled underneath the piece of furniture and collapsed under my own weight of tremendous failure. Resigned and defeated by all that I encountered, I was now that toy that hid under cribs for fear of what a Little or fellow toy may do to them. I was broken and bent in more ways than I ever could count. My thunderbolts, on either side of my hind legs, were even smashed through and only remained in place once they were stitched back together. At this point, they were now one of the few reminders that I had ever been ‘special.’ I had once taken my fanbase for granted, seeing them all as loyal followers or beings to be regressed under my special powers, but now, with the rejection of my latest Little, I feared that not even the staunchest of fans would flock to me anymore. I was once the king of all, a superhero even, but as that Little had so perfectly noted, I was now only just a ‘monster’ that all should flee from. I could feel my practically forbidden emotions begin to surge in my chest as they never had before. After my defeat by Hop and his friends, I felt shame and it completely blotted out the pride and joy I had felt in regressing Charley before all that. Then, I felt defeat after Nadia had beaten me in my challenge for the right of domination in this daycare. Since I had first begun to smoke though, I felt a new feeling, one far more terrifying and shameful than all the others: fear. It was peculiar to a toy like me. My character on the cartoon show was always shown to be fearless and brave, a true super dog for the ages. Even at the point of near death or defeat, that iteration of Dash still triumphed and maintained their dignity as a hero of the narrative. Now, seeing myself cowering under an empty crib, I felt I was a ruin of what I once was, and I feared for my inevitable future. I looked over to the trash bin on the far side of the room near the changing tables. My fear was coupled with the unnerving notion that the bin I was now staring at was going to be my future home in a best-case scenario at this point. As my fears began to crawl and seep into my inner being, however, I knew it was much more likely that the dump and then the fiery furnace of doom afterward was much more likely to be my fate if I only waited long enough. I had once banished Hop to the same sticky end, and now, here I was on the precipice of sharing the same outcome. Unlike him though, I doubted I would ever return from such a grizzly destination for us toys. It was now all blackness and sorrow for me. I had never coped with these emotions before and now, I had few defenses against them. I didn’t mean to let the thought seep in, but it did, and my mouth couldn’t help but utter those terrible words. “Maybe it would be easier for everyone if I just tossed myself to the dump now… save them the effort…” “Easier maybe, but not a wise decision I assure you,” a voice suddenly said from behind me. I quickly pivoted around and hunched down ready to strike whoever was behind me. To my shock though, I just saw it was the old parrot stuffed animal of the daycare, Pete. Knowing his typically pacifist nature, I eased up and looked away in shame over what he had heard me say. “What do you want?” Pete stretched his fading but still brilliant multi-colored feathers out to stretch and blocked the dim lights of the room that managed to reach under the crib, before retracting them back in. “I’ve come to offer you a chance, Dash. Only a chance, but if you take it, you might just find what you’re looking for.” I turned away from the aged bird and drooped my head down. I was defeated and now even Pete, my former enemy, was reaching out to me in some type of pity after hearing my self-loathing statement just now. In truth, I had never felt lower in my life. “I’m too far gone as a toy Pete. I’m more fire hazard now than anything…” I heard Pete sigh, and I could hear him waddle up to me before placing his wing on my shoulder. “It’s never too late for a toy, Dash. Let me help you.” He then paused and gently patted my shoulder twice. “After all, hitting rock bottom is scary, but once you do, that’s when everything can truly change…”
  7. Hey everyone - I wrote this randomly in 4 hours today. Posting it for fun. I usually write stories for my own enjoyment but decided I'd share this one. I know there are a lot of fundamental mistakes, grammatical errors etc and I'm naturally bad at writing pros. I did not really proof read this. I know the content is a bit unrealistic and what not - but it the kind of story I like so I decided I'd take shot at it. Anyway - if people like the general theme or where it is going, I'll clean it up - format it and continue it in parts to share... Kyle's Summer Vacation: INTRODUCTION: It has been one week since summer began, and Kyle Connors was anxious with how quickly the last year had gone by. The 20-year-old boy lived with his parents in upstate New York, they were both professors at a local university and had high expectations for their children. His mother was a neuroscience researcher currently on sabbatical to write her book and his father was an archeologist who had just left for a dig in South America which would last most of the summer. Kyle’s older sister Kayla had been the golden child, she was a math/science prodigy and enrolled in Dartmouth two year’s prior. Kyle unfortunately was not as scholastically gifted as his sister, but he did okay was a B student and had been a competitive track athlete until a nasty fall ended his career during the final meet of the season. This led him to take a gap year instead of enrolling in college, he just wanted time to reevaluate his situation. So, over the past 6 months he’d been taking a few classes at a community college and working part-time at a local supermarket. To his parents’ disappointment – his progress at community college was well below their expectations, with him barely getting a C average his first year. More than anything they were concerned with his lack of attention and complacency, he seemed unmotivated. If anything, this gap year had caused him to go backwards – he was still relying on his parents for so much and didn’t seem to want to grow up. In fact – Kyle seemed to be settling into a normal routine as the child in the household. He would wait until the final moment to do his laundry, usually his mother would just end up doing it for him. He was resigned to playing video games and watching cartoons more often than his parents would have liked. He was naturally a clumsy person, so being around the house more often – he seemed to always be spilling on the furniture and tracking dirt through the house. Things like dishes, yardwork and general adult responsibilities were simply difficult for him to handle, so his parents were resigned to do it all themselves. Not surprisingly – Kyle’s parents had put numerous restrictions around his life. He had an early curfew, still had a bedtime and they even had parentals controls for him when he was watching TV or using the internet. To reduce distractions they’d throttled his phone, so the only apps he could engage with were learning based or educational. Beyond this – they had just taken to treating Kyle a bit younger than his actual age, basically wanting to know where he was at any given moment, what he was doing and wanting to make sure he was safe. In their eyes he simply was a kid, not an adult. Kayla had just arrived home two days ago, she was on her summer break and was ready to enjoy a relaxing summer.. Kyle was extremely jealous of his older sister, and it was really dawning on him how much better she had it. At this moment summer vacation was a thing of the past for him, he had to work at his boring job and was in online classes to make up for the failed classes from the prior year. His parents were elated with all her progress, and she was not under the same rules or super vision Kyle was. She had complete freedom as an adult should. This was not helping his stress and anxiety – the peer-pressure was a lot for him to deal with and he was having trouble sleeping, with dreadful anxious thoughts of failure keeping him up at night. Even though Kyle had been injured the prior year, he was still able to run long distance, and this was his main outlet for relieving himself of anxiety or stress. At 5’3 and 135 pounds – he had the perfect body for long distance and was pushing himself to get ready for marathon coming up in the fall. Even with all the strenuous exercise – he still was having trouble getting enough sleep and this was starting to complicate his life even further. About a week ago, the reality of his sisters return and his depressing circumstances set in on him. His mental health was waning and it was all starting to affect him physically. It seemed to all come crumbling down when he woke up a 4:30 AM to discover he’d done something that hadn’t done since the 8th grade – Kyle had wet the bed. This was not exactly foreign to Kyle – he had issues with intermittent bedwetting all the way up to middle school and had worn Goodnites for his predicament until he was 11. In fact, Kyle had struggled with potty training in his early years and because this he’d started kindergarten a year late, since at age 5 he was still in and out of diapers. His doctor had told his parents he had a small bladder and this was something that he’d likely have to deal with for the rest of his life. Kyle was good about limiting liquids but still usually went to use the restrooms 2 or 3 times more frequently than his peers. This is something he just had learned to deal with. That early morning Kyle was so disappointed in himself, he couldn’t believe what had happened and was not looking forward to his parents finding out. He luckily had a change of sheets in the closet. So quickly – he removed his soil linens and stuffed them in shopping bag and was able to fall back asleep. The next morning, he slept in and his mother was gone when he woke up, likely on her morning walk. He quickly went downstairs to do the laundry and cover up his shameful wetting incident. When his Mom arrived home later that day – things began to get complicated… Kyle was sitting in the kitchen watching Hilda when his mother called out from the den -“Hey honey – did you put some laundry down?” his mother asked in a surprising tone. “Yes, Mom I put it down an hour or so ago, just my sheets – I think it should be done soon” Kyle answered in a nervous studder. “Why did you do your sheets? I just washed them yesterday” his mother inquired shouting from the other room. “Sorry mom, I had night sweats last night and they just were gross – I’ll put them in the dryer shortly” he was really hoping his mother would drop this and move on. “Okay well I appreciate you helping, looks like they just finished so I will put them in the dryer – I need to get the rest of our laundry done” she thought to herself that this was a good sign, Kyle almost never did chores like this, maybe this summer he’ll start to grow up. As she opened the washer she was met with a pungent smell – it was unmistakably urine. As a mother of two children, she knew exactly what had happened. “Hey Kyle” his mother shouted presumptuously “did you forget to put detergent in the washer?” Kyle’s face went pale, and he sat in silence hoping the inevitable would not happen – how could he forget such a simple thing. As he turned to go try to mitigate the incident his mother came around the corner with his sheets in her arms. “Kyle Anders Connors – do you have something to tell me!” she was looking at him with a stern expression. Kyle couldn’t bring himself to admit the truth, so he stared at his bowl of cheerios sheepishly. “Kyle these sheets smell like pee, did you wet the bed last night?” his mother asked concernedly. “I, I, I’m not sure what happened mom – I’ve been really tired and I did 8 miles yesterday I must have drank too much water, I’m sorry” his face was beet red with shame and he wanted to run as fast as he could out the front door. His mother responded calmly but in a serious manner “Young man, accidents happen but I will not have you lying about it. I need you to be honest with me and your father all the time. It’s obvious that you can’t handle this like an adult. Let’s hope this is a one-time thing, if it happens again – you need to tell me right away and I will take care of cleaning it up since you seemingly can’t do it properly. If I’m not here, you need to call or text me to tell me what happened and I’ll give you instructions, am I clear?” “Yes mom” he responded with a very embarrassed look on his face. This was not exactly how he wanted this summer to start. He wanted to come up with some sort of excuse, but he couldn’t think of anything worth saying. His mother left the room quickly and put the sheets in the washer to run them again with soap. As she returned to the kitchen she sat down at the table across from Kyle… she sniffed the air inquisitively, there was a musty smell and she realized where it was coming from. “Kyle! Have you showered since this happened? You smell like pee!” she stated bluntly. “Sorry mom, I was hungry and had come downstairs to eat – I just forgot!” He responded with a terribly embarrassed look on his face. He was almost at tears. “That is ridiculous and gross! You must be more responsible than this. What next, am I going to have to bathe you as well! Go up and take a shower this instant!” Kyle immediately got up from the table and ran upstairs – so relieved to get away from possibly his most embarrassing moment in recent memory. After the awful morning and a long shower Kyle was determined to have a better afternoon. He went for a run on his favorite trail and was going to push to do 14 miles today. During the run he thought about what had happened and how much he must have disappointed his mother. Hopefully the next few days would improve, and this would be forgotten about. Unfortunately – the next few days and week did not improve at all. His bedwetting became persistent, and he only managed to have two dry nights over a 7-day period. There was even a day on his way back from a run when he had an urgent need to pee and ended up soaking hit pants just minutes before arriving home, fortunately he was able to scramble up to his room and throw his jogging shorts along with his socks in plastic bag which he hid under his bed. Each wet morning he would strip his soiled pajamas off, take a shameful shower and after which he would head down would go to his mother to tell her what had happened. This routine was becoming painful for Kyle and for his mother. Both of them just hoped things would work themselves out, but it was becoming obvious something would have to be done to help Kyle with his issues. CHAPTER 1: PLANNING FOR BLACK BEAR It was Sunday afternoon and Kyle’s mother Karen was preparing for lunch thinking about the next few weeks. The next day Kyle, his sister and Mother would be driving 6 hours north to Maine for a 3-week trip at Black Bear Resort and Lodge just outside Acadia National Park. This was an annual tradition for the family and something Kyle always looked forward to. This year, since Kyle’s father wasn’t joining them – his mother had arranged for her research assistant Candice to come along. She was a single mother of a three-year-old girl named Karly. Candice has been having a tough year, with a recent divorce and grueling new project she had undertaken that was putting undue stress on her. Her specialty was in childhood/pre-adolescent psychology, and she had recently been working on a new study to identify issue in children suffering from avoidance and regressive behavior. Kyle’s mother always enjoyed Candice’s company and was excited to have an adult friend to spend time with on her annual vacation. The kids always went off to do the various activities during their trips to Black Bear and it would have been a rather lonely experience to be with the older crowd at the pool and bar by herself. In fact, when the kids were younger, they’d typically be in the kids camps and she would spend most of her time at the adult pool with her husband relaxing during the trip. Candice had been somewhat concerned about having her little girl along with her, especially since she explained that she was struggling with potty training. Candice had decided to take a break on training for the first month of summer to relieve pressure on both of them and planned to ramp it up again as they started to get closer to the school year. Kyle’s mother assured Candice that the Little Cubs activity program and daycare would be awesome for Karly. Also, there was a cabin designed for families with little ones or kids with special needs – stocked with a changing table, large tub and Montessori bed for children. She remembered how helpful the resort amenities have been with Kyle since he was also a late bloomer with the potty. Candice was relieved at this and was excited to get a few weeks to really relax. As this conversation was happening – Kyle’s mother was reminded of the current bedwetting issue her son had been having… she decided to bring the topic up to Candice. “Hey Candice… this is a bit embarrassing for me to admit – but can I ask you for some advice in confidence?” she asked sincerely. Candice realized that something was concerning her friend… “absolutely you know you can tell me anything, what is up?!” Kyle’s mother began with a slow sense of apprehension “Well this a bit embarrassing, the past few weeks Kyle has been having an issue… he’s been wetting his bed almost every night and actually I even found wet shorts and socks in a plastic bag under his bed the other day when cleaning – which I think was from a daytime accident ” Candice eyes grew softer and she spoke with empathetically “Oh I see – well that is a bit concerning for a boy his age. I know you’ve voice concerns about him before – have you managed to take him to the doctor yet?” she asked with concern. “Well yes, actually I got the call yesterday and all the tests came back. Medically he is in incredibly good shape. Years ago he was diagnosed with a small bladder and he’d struggled with this until he started middle school but we’ve had no problems until just recently…” She paused nervously getting ready to pose the next question. “You see I’ve been thinking about the trip and what to do – obviously I can’t have my son wetting his bed in the cabin every night. The laundry situation alone would be a nightmare, not to mention the potential damage to the mattress… so I’ve thought about getting him some… well protection for his nighttime accidents. I know this seems extreme putting a 20-year old in diapers but I don’t know what else to do. I wanted to ask – as my friend and a professional in the field – do you think it would be damaging to him, from a mental and emotional standpoint?” her face was glowing red at this point and was filled with dread at how her friend might respond. Candice looked on with a calm and determined expression “Karen – I actually think you’re going in the absolute right direction here. In fact I believe it would have a positive impact on him – both mentally and emotionally. I’d even encourage you to take it… well maybe a step further, let me explain. Look you’ve been talking to me about Kyle for years and I’ve gotten to know him ever since we started working together. It has never been my place to say this, but I think Kyle struggles from avoidant personality disorder. In my recent research – we’ve found that adolescents with high achieving parents and even more so those with high achieving older siblings – can suffer from a fear of failure that pacifies them from taking on challenges since they’d rather not try than fail at something.” Candice pauses for a moment to gauge Karen’s emotion, although concerned, she seemed engaged and willing to hear more. She continued “in my recent studies – we’ve found that lowering the bar – if you will - can have incredibly positive outcomes for children suffering from this condition. In fact we’ve found recently that letting a child take a few steps back, can help them really explore themselves, release anxiety and gain new perspectives on life. This leads to more confidence, a willingness to take chances, helps them understand that failure is natural and is a natural part of life. This is part of the reason I’m having Karly go back to diapers for summer and am encouraging her to be little for a bit longer, not making it a punishment but an opportunity for he to be my lovely baby for just a little while more. This way she can come to terms with her outcome and be ready to try again with renewed confidence.” Karen looked at Candice with a somewhat concerned but very understanding look, “so you’re saying I should encourage Kyle to… umm act like a little kid? How would I even begin to do that?” Karen asked. Candice thought for a moment then said “well I think you just approach the whole situation with as much concern and empathy as possible. I’d suggest you bring up the diapers to him and make rules around the situation. For one, I think you take control over the whole bedtime & diapering process and further put him on a potty training regiment. That means, you’re the one who puts him in them and takes him out of them and you're the one supervising his use of the bathroom. Although he may be resistant in the beginning, it will take pressure off of him – I think it will be key to do this in the most loving and encouraging way possible. I’d also explain that since he is not completely potty trained – that there will be rules – just like I had with Karly. For instance – if he has any daytime accidents - that would mean he is in diapers for the rest of the day. From there – I bet there are little things we can work on together during our trip to help naturally regress him. Also - this is up to your discretion but I think you may need to explain to him the situation and give him options. He would either comply with our program or enroll him in a different type of correctional program... I'll let you decide what that would be. I mean he isn’t that big to begin with and if my evaluation is correct on him – the regression process will be a somewhat natural process for him. One thing I think we do right now, is call the Resort and see if they have any additional family rooms available. I bet Kyle would be just the right fit for the Montessori bed I the room they got for me and it would help with the whole process.” Karen nodded her head apprehensively “Okay I think this is worth giving a try, thank you for the advise Candice and the help in executing this. Hopefully we get great results for Kyle”. Although she was concerned over this, she felt what Candice was saying was right and this might be the perfect opportunity to give Kyle some time to be a kid again… well actually little kid and get him over the fear of failure. So that afternoon – they made all the arrangements and came up with a plan. Candice went shopping for a few things to help and was going to pack basically double for Karly to prepare for how far down the rabbit whole Kyle ended up going. Karen called the resort to make some changes to their reservation and ask some questions on camp policy. She was greeted by the nicest lady to which she explained her situation. She told her that one of her teenagers (she fibbed a bit here) had been having some issues with incontinence and would need extra help during the trip to attend to his “special needs”. The resort admin was extremely grateful for Karen’s information and honesty – since the camp has strict access policies for children who aren’t potty trained. The office woman expanded that she was in luck since a three-bed family cabin had just been canceled on and had 4 weeks of availability. She further explained that it was two rooms with queen beds and a third room that was designed as nursery/special needs room. She wanted to make sure this one was okay with her, since it was equipped with a large built in changing table, twin sized toddler daybed with a detachable front gate and a rocking chair. Also, she added that the room’s additional fee included complimentary access to ALL kids camp programs, which were accessible to children under the age of 17. Karen realized that she was being a bit dishonest here but knew that Kyle could easily pass for a teenager with his small size and baby face. “We’ll take it Miss, thank you for all your help we really look forward to checking in and enjoying our stay.” She got off the phone and went up to Kayla’s room where she was reading – she needed to fill her in on what was happening and how she’d be needed to support this. “Hey honey we need to talk” Karen said to her daughter. “Sure mom whats up?” Kayle responded. Karen explained the situation to her - Kayla although somewhat confused and frankly a bit amused seemed to grasp the plan and agreed to be supportive of everything her mother and Candice wanted to do. With that Karen grabbed her keys and with Kayla were off to the store to get supplies for the 3 week vacation that they were sure to never forget. CHAPTER 2: WAKING UP TO NEW RULES It was Monday morning at 8 AM – the day of the long journey to Maine. Karen walked into Kyle’s room to start the day and get things moving, She had planned this out in her head a thousand times the night before. He was still sound asleep and she was not surprised to smell the extremely strong smell of urine in the air – Kyle had wet himself in his sleep once again. Karen gently shook him awake, as Kyle stirred and slowly opened his eyes his mother in the most sweet tone she could muster said, “Sweety – it’s time to get up we have a very big day ahead of us. You had a big accident last night honey, you go shower to go get cleaned up and come back in here so we can get everything ready” Kyle was dazed and confused, his mother never came in his room like this but he figured it was a big day ahead so she was just trying to move things along. With less shame than usual as this had become more routine, Kyle said “I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to have another accident – yah okay I’ll go jump in the shower right now” she gave him a sympathetic stare and said “aww its okay my sweet boy, you couldn’t help it – just go get all clean and come back in here for a little chat when you’re finished. We just need to talk a little, don’t worry we’ll get everything sorted out” He nodded cautiously, a bit embarrassed by his mother’s tone and somewhat concerned by what she wanted to talk about. He jumped out of bed quickly to escape the situation and headed as quickly as possible to the bathroom across the hall. While in the shower – Karen got his bed stripped, put on the new plastic sheet she’d purchased the night before and brought in the new bag she had packed for Kyle which she would be showing him as they discussed the new rules he was going to have for summer. After a nice hot shower, Kyle came back in his room wrapped in a towel, his small frame was totally exposed and he was a bit timid to be so bare in front of his mother. His mother had pulled up a chair next to his bed and patted the soft plastic sheet saying “Okay Kyle come sit down, we need to have a talk” Kyle nodded his head and although he wanted to protest, he knew better with his mother and didn’t want to risk having a fight right before they went on vacation. He was somewhat upset by the new plastic sheet on his bed but was not surprised and thought it was rational in a lot of ways. He nodded his head and went and took a seat on the side of his bed. His mother spoke sternly but calmly “Kyle you’re just going to listen to what I have to say and not interrupt me – do you understand – I will tell you when I’m finished, if you interrupt me you will be punished and will not like it” Kyle nodded his head and began to realize this was going to be more than he had expected. “That’s a good boy – so as you know we’re going on our little trip today. The past few weeks you’ve been having a lot of trouble with the potty and it is time we address this issue” Kyle winced at his mother using the word potty, is seemed so childish and demeaning but he continued to listen to his mother “We are in a tough situation here, I simply can’t have you wetting the bed or your pants while we are on vacation. Especially since there is no way for me to do laundry, you could damage the bed in our cabin and plus it is just too much work for me to deal with while I’m trying to relax on vacation. As you know Candice and Karly will be joining us on our trip to Black Bear and will be riding up with us in the car today. I’ve spoken with Candice about your “situation” and we determined that the next few weeks is the perfect opportunity to deal with your problems and help you along. I know you’ve been under a lot of stress and we want to help you release that stress and get over your fear of failure.” Kyle as this point was terrified, what could his mother be talking about and why did she tell Candice about his bedwetting! Still Kyle remained silent and let his mother finish, she continued “I’ve decided that from a practical standpoint, you’ll need to be wearing protection during this trip. That means at night you’ll be wearing a diaper and during the day you’ll be wearing goodnite pull ups. Do not protest, I know you wet your pants the other day and hid it from me.” Kyle was dumbstruck but stayed silent, he new better than to interrupt his mother in these moments. “Further I’ve decided with Candice’s guidance that we should let you have some time to be free of responsibility and give you extra attention during this time. I promise this is going to be good for you and you’ll really enjoy it once you get past some of the natural embarrassment. You do not need to worry about being teased or anything, Kayla, myself and Candice are all on board here. So during the next three weeks, you’re going to be treated a bit like Karly, instead of a 20 years old – we’re going to give you the attention and supervision that a 3 year old would need. Not on everything but on little things. That means there are new rules you need to be aware of: We need to keep track of your potty time and give attention to your bedwetting. As I said you’ll be wearing protection at all times. Diapers will be required at night. You’re not allowed to remove your diapers on your own, an adult will be putting them on you and changing you out of them. During the day, unless deemed otherwise, you’ll be in pull ups. When you need to use the potty, you will come get an adult who will take you to use to bathroom, this will encourage you to be more attentive and will make sure you have no embarrassing accidents. Secondly – if you have an accident in your pull up, you’ll be put in diapers for the rest of the day and the bathroom will be off limits until the following day. We can’t be having accidents all the time. During our stay – we’ve arranged a family cabin. You’ll be staying in your own special room which is setup to accommodate your needs. The first week, your bedtime is going to be 8 PM. I will get you ready for bed an hour early, make sure you’re fed and bathed before bedtime. If you’re good and behave, we can talk about later bedtimes the 2nd and 3rd week. If you misbehave you’ll be subject time outs and if it gets to it, I will spank you if you disobey me, Kayla or Candice. You're required to be under adult supervision at all times. No going anywhere with out me, Kayla or Candice. When we are doing adult activities during our stay, you’ll be going with Karly to Kid's camp. We’ve arranged it all and you’ll be in good hands there. Staff are aware of you potty issues and they have specific rules/policies that you’ll need to follow. I will be picking out your outfits, bathing you and taking care of most things for you so you can focus just on having fun and relaxing during this trip. “Keep in mind, this is not just to address your potty problems but also something we’ve determined will be a therapy to help you overcome your crippling anxiety. I know you want that for yourself, so I hope you can be mature about this and let yourself enjoy this treatment for what it is. If you refuse, then I’ve made arrangements for you to stay at the University Hospital over the next three weeks in the Psychiatric ward – for an experimental drug therapy which I think you’d find to be… well not very fun. Okay so with that, I’ve said what I need to say and you’re free to respond.” Kyle looked down at the floor with and clenched his hands in fist. How on earth could his mother be doing this to him. This was so incredibly bizarre. How could he – a 20 year old man be reduced to wearing diapers and being treated like a child. Beyond the legality of it – he figured it was just crazy, however he knew he was in a pickle. His mother has a lot of power and knew the law incredibly well – he was not about to go to the Psychiatric ward – he’d been there before a few years ago when he took a bunch of pills and did not want to go back. He gathered the courage to respond and held back as much malice in his voice as he could, “I, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! I do not deserve this… I mean I’ll wear diapers at night, that I can at least understand but why do I have to be treated like a toddler! That is simply ridiculous. Can I just wear the diapers, I’ll even let you change me if that makes things easier… I just can’t imagine going through all this.” Kyle pleaded aggressively. His mother stood up and sternly said “Kyle this situation has been evaluated and the plan is in place, either you accept this or we make the call right now and have you in the hospital this afternoon. This choice is up to you” Kyle looked was furious but he was deflated and staired at the floor. Karen calmy took her seat and put her hand on his knee “Honey I promise you’re going to have a lot of fun these next three weeks and it’s going to be good for all of us.” She gently tilted up his head and looked in his eyes “So baby, can you be brave boy for me and go along with what we have planned – we know what is best for you and this is going to help so much.” Kyle was tearing up and although he was upset at the whole situation – he knew his trade off and he had little choice but to comply. Kyle nodded his head begrudgingly and his mother smiled. “Awww that is my good boy, well we’re going to make this a trip to remember. So I have some things to show you and we need to get you ready for the big road trip”. With that his mother reached under his bed and pulled out an extra-large light blue suit case with Mickey mouse cartoon characters running all over it. This made Kyle blush in embarrassment. “So this has everything we need for your trip but I went ahead and got some of your swimsuits and regular clothes in there too for the last few weeks. Let’s get you all ready for the big car ride little guy” Karen walked over to the closet and came back with some clothes in her hand and to his surprise she was holding a big white diaper, with powder and lotion. “Mom – I thought you said I was going to be in pull-ups during the day?” Kyle asked – he was so embarrassed that he was actually begging to be able to wear a pull up, this was insane. His mother replied “Look we have a 6 hour car ride and we can’t be stopping every few minutes for you baby. Plus you always nod off in the car and your pull ups just wouldn’t hold a big wetting like that. This is for the best and plus – I said you’d be in diaper as “deemed” necessary so lay down on your bed and we’ll get you all ready” Kyle was flabbergasted, this was happening so quickly. In that moment he was paralyzed and just did what his mother asked. He laid down and closed his eyes so incredibly embarrassed on what was about to happen. His mother peeled away the front of the towel and exposed her naked little boy. She was surprised to see Kyle had no pubic hair, but she remembered that she had always bought him extra razors for him to shave his legs, he just preferred it as a runner – I guess he did it all the way up. With her little boy exposed she proceeded to lifting up his legs and having him hold them in position. She fluffed out the thick disposable and tucked it neatly underneath his bottom. She then proceeded to rub lotion on him and dust him with baby powder. She had him lower his legs, so she could do the front and then fit the diaper snugly over him. Taping each side securely in place. She knew in a few days this would become very routine and was actually surprised by how much fulfillment she was getting out of caring for her little boy. “Okay sweety that wasn’t so bad, you can open your eyes now you’re all done” She said softly to him hoping this wasn’t too much for her son. Kyle leaned upward feeling the new padding between his legs. It was humiliating but he was surprised with how comfortable it was, the fresh powder and lotion giving him an odd sensation. The brief moment of calm was disrupted by his mother saying “Okay arms up for me” He complied and his mother put a light blue smoky the bear T-shirt on him, he was about to protest but she was too quick. He was simply mortified by what she had for him next... “Alright little one let’s get you to step in your cute little outfit I picked out special for today” What she held out for him what was unmistakably a dark blue denim short-alls, he wouldn’t have been surprised if they were girls as they were uncommon for men but no doubt they were his size and would fit him. Again, he didn’t see any other thing to do but to listen to his mother. So with one foot and then the other he stepped into his new childish garment. His mother asked him to stand up as she pulled the shorts over his diaper hand secured the buckles of each strap over his shoulder. He could feel his diaper underneath pushing up between his legs and he was blushing red at the babyish feeling he was getting from being dressed like this by his mother. He simply couldn’t believe this was happening to him and stared in defeat at the floor, afraid to even glance at himself in the mirror. His mother gushed “Oh my you just look so adorable, already for our big adventure!" To be continued...
  8. Hello everyone! Long time lurker first time poster! Please enjoy my goofy little story. I tried to make something fun and silly that I hope everyone can enjoy. I need more fuel to finish off the sequel I'm working on... Thanks for reading!! Chapter 1 - How Baby Cindy was (Re)Born The Berry family seemed like they had the perfect life. They had a nice house in the suburbs. The matriarch Joan ran a very successful Salon chain in the state, all while a single mother of two to boot! But things weren’t always as pristine as everyone thought. Her son Chris had always been the boy who never fit in. He didn’t have many friends and would usually get mixed up with poor influences. Joan would do her best to show her son he was loved, but he just carelessly acted out anyway. Joan decided to get pregnant while Chris was barely finishing high school. She wanted someone to care for when he went away, almost like a second chance. Sally was born and was the apple of Joan’s eye. Sally brought Joan so much joy, but Chris started to get jealous of all the attention of his little sister. Only enabling his acting out more so, not thinking about all the work his Mother had running the Salon while raising a baby girl. Coincidently when Sally was in the middle of her terrible twos, Chris moved back in after failing out of college. The return of her son didn’t make life easier for Joan. An ungrateful brat of a son wasn’t needed while dealing with an over-excitable toddler girl. One who was unfortunately struggling with her potty training. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the night Chris crashed Joan’s Lexus Sedan into a tree while under the influence. Joan didn’t know what to do with him anymore. Looking after a literal toddler had her in no mood to entertain his grown-up temper tantrums. So Joan had a funny idea. She told Chris he was grounded for the foreseeable future. Except he was no longer allowed in his room with his computer and PS5 until he saw a serious attitude adjustment. “You’ve been setting a terrible example while I’ve been looking after your baby sister Sally who is somehow less of a hassle than my 20 year old son! So you’re going to be Sally’s twin, and if I’m lucky her sweetness will rub off on you!” Chris made his disagreements loudly and abundantly clear, all of which were shot down by Joan. For the first time in almost 2 decades, she spanked her son’s bottom bright red. The next couple days Chris was given a whole new wardrobe, Joan had larger doubles of Sarah's rompers and dresses manufactured in her brother’s size. He begrudgingly was put into a romper exactly matching Sally, while being changed into a large disposable diaper. When Sally first saw Chris she was so excited and giggly, seeing her big brother in a completely new, gentler light. Chris had an attitude, but even he wasn’t able to escape Sally’s adorably welcoming energy. They were both fed with bibs and booster seats. They watched the same baby shows and kept the same nap schedule. Along with Joan changing double the diapers, a small price to pay for the much more peaceful house order. A week in, Joan decided that Chris wasn’t a good girl name for Sally’s new sister. So they started calling him Cindy, who was promptly referred to as a little girl ever since. The routine was a drastic adjustment for Cindy. But there were enough days of playing alongside her sister, she began meeting Sally on her level and Cindy’s insecurities slowly began to melt away. The loneliness of college really isolated Cindy from the people who loved her, especially her Mother. But all the thoughts that she wasn’t important disappeared as she was doted on alongside Sally. After only a couple months of the new arrangement, Joan noticed an incredible attitude adjustment from Cindy. Sally really was an incredible influence on her. But this plan ended up working a little too well. It was over the following months Sally started getting the hang of using her big girl potty in the girls bathroom. She even advanced to Pullups, to Joan and even Cindy’s delight. But as the time went along, Joan found Cindy was forgetting to tell her Mom when she needed a change, more often following Sally’s pullups victory. Looking through the nursery camera in the girl’s nursery, Joan watched as Sally would get up to use the bathroom, which was Cindy’s cue to crawl into a corner beside her crib and purposely use her diapers. Returning to play like nothing happened after the fact. Joan was seeing that Cindy seemed to be losing interest in growing up like her big sister. Sally even began coming out to tell her mother when Cindy’s poopy diapers were stinking up their nursery. It was then Joan came to a conclusion. That night at dinner, Joan told her daughter’s how proud she was of how they’ve been behaving over the past six months. Cindy and Sally felt proud as they ate their chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. It was then Joan told Sally that she was going to give Cindy’s old room to her with a brand new big girl bed. Sally looked so excited as Cindy slowly processed what her Mom was saying in between spoonful's of mac and cheese, finding herself to be more sad not sharing a room with Sally anymore than losing her old adult room. Sally also realized that and looked upset. “Wait Mommy, what about Cindy?” she looked back at her sister with soft eyes, the two being close as ever. “Well sweetie, the nursery will be Cindy’s now, big girls don’t have to sleep in cribs, but Cindy is still a baby and needs hers.” This was when it dawned on Cindy, she was now the baby of the family. “Does that mean I’m Cindy’s big sister?” Sally asked curiously and Joan perked up and gave Cindy a grin, “Yes it does sweetheart! You’re my big girl! And now Cindy is going to be your baby sister!” Sally jumped up in her booster seat and cheered, a huge smile came across the messy three year old’s face, taking in her new responsibility as she turned to her baby sister. “I’m gonna be the best big sister ever! I promise Baby Cindy”. Cindy was blushing bright red at the news. Looking over at her sister in her booster chair, with her food divided in little piles. Cindy was sitting in a special high chair she got a couple months ago, and all her food was mushed together in the same bowl and a pink princess crown bib around her neck. Cindy was not becoming the baby sister, she already was. Yet, Cindy really was so grateful and proud of Sally growing up, and wasn’t exactly complaining about her new lifestyle. She put down her spoon and said “Big sister” softly back to her, blushing more and making Sally fall into a giggle fit along with Joan just beaming at the girl’s acceptance. Sally took Baby Cindy’s paci from her high chair and put it in her mouth, keeping an awe-inspiring smile into her big baby sister’s eyes. Baby Cindy suckled the paci and accepted her new permanent role. Shortly after this, the sisters only fell deeper into their roles. Sally moved into her own room across the hall and couldn’t be happier with all her space. She got her own bed and picked out her Bluey bed sheets. She had a lot more room for her big girl toys. She got a boombox and was promptly spoiled by Joan. She was happy to help with the sliding scales of her daughters. Baby Cindy was given a brand new special crib, one that was accessible for Sally to help her baby sister out of. She got all new furniture sized up for her. Her wardrobe went from toddler outfits, to full on infant wear. Baby Cindy never wore anything that wasn’t showing her bare thighs for the world. She continued in diapers and her potty training simply evaporated. Sally loved helping Mommy out with Baby Cindy. Joan felt incredibly lucky to get so much bonding with Sally while taking care of her perpetual big baby sister. Things were finally perfect. So it was on this Wednesday morning two years later that Baby Cindy felt herself groggily waking up in her car seat as Mommy was driving her Lincoln SUV through their quiet town. Baby Cindy was 22 years old now and deeply settled into her baby routines. She looked around and saw Sally, now 5 years old in her own big girl car seat next to her. Sally could hear the rustling and smiled at her, “Mommy, Baby Cindy is awake!” she sang out. “Thank you Hunny, we’re right around the corner from school”. Joan pulled into the parking lot of a big pastel complex. She parked and helped Sally out of her seat while Baby Cindy suckled her paci still waking up from her short car nap. Sally started unstrapping Baby Cindy as Mommy pulled out a large plush stroller out of the trunk. The Car door opened and Baby Cindy was helped into her stroller and strapped in snugly. Joan started pushing her towards the entrance as Baby Cindy looked in front of her, giving a happy coo as she saw them approach the building the girl’s would be staying for the day, “Sweetie Pie Kindercare Center!” with a banner underneath reading “Featuring Big Baby Cindy!” with a cutout of her on the end. Chapter 2 - Baby Cindy’s Nursery Morning Mommy was out the door after checking her daughter’s into the building. A teacher leads Sally down the hall to Kindergarten as Sally blows one last kiss towards her baby sister. Baby Cindy coos as a daycare assistant began to push her down the opposite hall. suckling on her paci and smiling at all the other teachers and kids who are walking down the hall past her. Baby Cindy was dressed in her favorite pink princess party onesie with a clear outline of her thick, crinkly disposable diapers underneath. A pair of chunky light up sneakers and frilly socks were on her feetsie’s. A snug and poofy Baby bonnet was tied under her chin to complete the absolutely infantile ensemble that Baby Cindy wore with the silliest look of pride. She was pushed into the "Caterpillar" Nursery room at the end of the hall. This was where Baby Cindy spent most of her day. She gets unbuckled and is helped on the floor by one of her teachers to go play with the other babies who all shared her play skill level. She crawled amongst her peers. Finding some toys and plopping her crinkly bottom onto the soft carpet of the Nursery. Little did she know she was in for a busy day. When Baby Cindy was first enrolled into Sweetie Pie, she was invited into Sally’s Preschool Class (after a large donation from Joan towards the center) , being that was the age she seemed to get along with. But best she tried, Cindy was always sliding into more infantile tendencies than her classmates, despite her size. It was shortly decided that Baby Cindy was better kept as the baby she was clearly meant to be. She was even given her own playpen in Preschool. It was a total delight for the other kids watching their biggest classmate revert to the most infantile in the class, as most anyone would be amused. But the Baby Cindy ripple effect appeared to make an impact on the entire Preschool class, as they all were on their best behavior. It was like having Baby Cindy around seemed to give the kids a better sense of responsibility. All of the kids, especially the girls, were glad to help with her feedings, leading and including her in their playtime, even keeping an eye on her diaper. Baby Cindy was a welcome distraction to the room. When Joan heard about the great success Baby Cindy was having in Sally's Preschool class. She decided to work out a deal with the staff as Sweetie Pie. Now modeled on getting kids an early jump on their maturity. Sweetie Pie ran like just about any other daycare, but for a period every other day. Each class would get a visit from Baby Cindy, and each class would design activities around playing and taking care of her for the day. She was getting the toddlers out of diapers faster, Preschoolers to take care of themselves and their little siblings. All because none of them wanted to end up like Baby Cindy. With that, Baby Cindy was moved into the nursery room to be fed and put down on a similar schedule as the other infants. Baby Cindy was playing with ring stacks and cooing listening to the soft nursery music. She was bouncing around when she felt a hand on her padded bottom, someone was sticking a finger inside and checking that she was clean. This was Miss Harriet, Baby Cindy’s All-Day Daycare Nanny. She was assigned specifically to facilitate all of Baby Cindy’s needs, and oversee other students lending a helping hand. She fell in love with Baby Cindy and was the perfect replacement for Joan during the day. Miss Harriet sat beside Cindy and rubbed her back. “Are you having fun with your rings sweety?” She asked warmly, Baby Cindy nodded quietly with a big smile. Having gotten accustomed to being nonverbal more often than not. Miss Harriet was very excited to bring her around today. She loved watching Baby Cindy bring out the best in the other children. Miss Harriet got back to helping the other Nannies get all the babies settled in for the day. Leaving Baby Cindy to play for a little while longer, which she didn’t feel one way or the other, relying on everyone else to tell her what to do having made her a very obedient baby. As she continued playing, a little baby boy named Jacob crawled beside Baby Cindy. Jacob was in a pair of overalls and sat down next to Baby Cindy, picking up the stuffie beside her. They didn’t pay much mind to one another as they played with their toys. But Tyler started to grunt and soon Baby Cindy smelled the very familiar scent of a freshly loaded pamper. The smell made Baby Cindy’s nose wrinkle a little, but it certainly didn’t bother her much. She had been accustomed to that particular stinky smell for a while now. She just continued suckling on her paci and living in the moment with her fellow crawler. Miss Lauren, the head of the nursery room, walked past and caught a whiff looking down at the pair of babies. She leans down and goes for Baby Cindy before feeling a still dry disposable on her bottom. Miss Lauren giggled and picked up Jacob, confirming he was the stinker. “Wowwe, sorry Baby Cindy, you’re always such a safe bet for Morning poopy’s. But Jacob is gonna give you a run for your money!” She giggles and pats Baby Cindy’s bottom before walking away to change Jacob. Leaving Baby Cindy to coo and crawl around the room as her classmates continue their morning playtime until it’s finally time for Baby Cindy’s grand tour! Chapter 3 - Baby Cindy Goes to Daycare Miss Harriet helped Baby Cindy back into her stroller when it was time to head to the daycare wing with the toddlers. Baby Cindy cooed and bounced with excitement, waving to her little friends, who barely noticed she was leaving. Baby Cindy was always most excited for the toddler room. It was where she felt the most appreciated by the other kids. Maybe it’s because the kids were closer to babies than the others, but they all seem to be in awe of Baby Cindy. Like an oversized baby dolly turned to life that they couldn’t wait to play with. Baby Cindy watched the door open in front of her as she was pushed into the “Butterfly” daycare room to a bunch of toddlers squealing and giggling at her grand entrance, “Hiii Baby Cindy” “It’s Baby Cindy!” “Hehehe big baby is back!” they all exclaim and get excited. The rowdy class of toddlers excited for their morning play date with Baby Cindy. She would coo back and babble softly as her stroller was pushed to the front of the class as all the kids circle around her on the carpet. “Hey kids, Has everyone said hi to Baby Cindy this morning?” Miss Harriet asks smiling. “Yeessssss” They all shout back. “That’s very good, because this morning Butterfly class is going to help me feed Baby Cindy her breaky!” She beamed and the kids all giggled excitedly, a bunch of little girls looked especially giddy and smiling up at the equally excited, bouncing baby girl staged in front of them. Miss Harriet takes out a bottle of formula from Baby Cindy’s diaper bag in the back of the stroller. The kids watch quietly and patiently. “You see, babies can get a little excitable sometimes while waddling around, so you gotta keep them fed so they can keep lots of calories. So this Baby Formula is made special to keep Baby Cindy full and healthy.” The kids giggle again, seeing Baby Cindy smile big at the bottle, her big tummy protruding from her onesie clearly marking that she stays well fed. Miss Harriet pulls out Baby Cindy’s paci from her lips and sets it on the stroller table. Baby Cindy can’t help but whimper as more giggles come at her neediness. But as soon as the bottle was pressed in between her lips. The baby girl begins calming down, as Baby Cindy enjoys her breakfast for the class. The kids all watched and murmured to each as Miss Harriet kept the bottle steady for Baby Cindy. “Who wants to help me out today?” Miss Harriet asked the rest of the class. Many of the girls raised their hands and only one girl near the front was picked out. Emily, one of the girls teachers have noticed is most receptive to caring for Baby Cindy. Emily approaches Miss Harriet and Baby Cindy, still suckling away at her bottle. “Keep it nice and still for her. Remember you’re the one feeding her, you just want it to be easy for the baby to drink.” Emily puts her hand on the bottle, keeping it tilted as Miss Harriet lets go. Emily smiles big as Baby Cindy continues her hungry noisy suckling for the beaming little girl. “She’s so hungry” Emily giggled as Baby Cindy finished off her bottle shortly afterwards. Emily gave the bottle back to Miss Harriet as she put it back in the diaper bag. She then went to unstrap Baby Cindy, leaning her forward and keeping her steady in her arms. “Now we need to help the baby make burpees ok?” Emily nodded already well aware of what came next. Standing on her tippy toes, she starts to softly pat on Baby Cindy’s back. Baby Cindy looked forward to the rest of the class while being held by Miss Harriet. She could feel a bubble come up from her belly and she let out a big baby burp to many more laughs from the little crows sitting watching the special baby care presentation. Miss Harriet leaned Baby Cindy back and wiped her lips for any milk dribbles and started a little clap, “Let's hear it for Emily for being such a big girl today” Miss Harriet pulled out a yellow star sticker from her back pocket and taped it onto Emily. It read “I was a big kid today!” The whole class clapped and Baby Cindy just smiled and bounced, as she had her paci returned to her by Emily, suckling happily with it returned to her lips. Emily took a seat back in the group and Baby Cindy was unsnapped out of the stroller and helped out, before being placed on the floor and getting a pat on the bottom from Miss Harriet, “Go on honey, join the others for now” Baby Cindy crawled over as the kids smiled, The same group of girls Emily came from made room and Baby Cindy sat around them, their hands all over her excitedly, as they felt her onesie and bonnet and little sockies. Her diaper crinkled a little as she settled into being another plaything for the girls. They made her feel included in a funny way, cooing softly behind my paci. The toddler teacher, Miss Wendy took over and sat in front of the class opening up a story book. The kids learned about colors and shapes, while Baby Cindy mostly was distracted by the girls who had brought little tinker toys and were all trying to get Baby Cindy’s attention. She kept looking around, staying giggly and distracted as the other kids listened to the little lesson. Shortly after story time, the girls lead Baby Cindy over with them towards their favorite play table, they all like to color with Baby Cindy and bring her over as she stays on the floor, a little too big for the table. Emily was feeling very confident having helped feed Baby Cindy earlier, so she was a little bossy with her friends Sophia and Bonnie, two other toddlers who also like having Baby Cindy around. They all started coloring together in their books and showing each other what they’ve been working on. Baby Cindy looks and coo, not saying much with them. Happily listening to their excited chatter, finding herself having much in common with the girls. Baby Cindy colors in her princess coloring book, though wasn’t doing great at coloring in the lines. Bonnie peeked over and decided to help her color in the lines easier. Miss Harriet watches behind and admires how well all the girls play together. Baby Cindy felt her bottle start to catch up with her and began to wet herself while she watched Bonnie, suckling her paci slowly as she felt urine flood her diaper and soak up the padding in her crotch as the swell hugged her chubby thighs, her onesie settling as it fills up. Bonnie looks over to tell Baby Cindy her favorite color for skies when she sees the big baby’s frozen stare, looking down and noticing Baby Cindy’s padding sagging under the table. Bonnie giggled and bounced up for her seat, “Miss Harriet Miss Harriet!” she squeaks to the close by teacher, grabbing at her hand with a little bounce. “Baby Cindy pee-peed her diaper” she giggles and points Baby Cindy’s way. Baby Cindy looked a little blushy only just realizing she had wet, given she doesn’t totally retain all that goes on in her diaper anymore. Miss Harriet walked over and felt the back of Baby Cindy’s pampered bottom, feeling its squishy heft and smiling. “Wow Cindy you really had to go huh?” She chuckles and turns back to Bonnie. “That was really good work Bonnie.” She goes into her pocket and hands her a little star sticker like Emily’s. Sticking it to Bonnie’s shirt, she gets a big grin. Miss Harriet gives her a pat on the head and turns back to Baby Cindy. “We’ll get you changed before lunchtime, baby doll” she rubs her back gently before getting up to talk with Miss Wendy. Bonnie returns to her spot next to Baby Cindy with a slightly jealous looking Emily. Chapter 4 - Lunch and a Diaper Change for Baby Cindy The clock hit 11:45 and Miss Harriet started to lead Baby Cindy back into her stroller. All the kids waved good-bye to her as she got strapped back into her seat. sucking her paci and looking around at all the toddlers faces. Some of the kids were laughing at Baby Cindy, in a way that didn’t always feel nice. It used to make Baby Cindy embarrassed but she was starting to lose some of her social skills after being babied for a couple years now. But other toddlers were all giggly and smiling at Baby Cindy, appreciating their time with the big baby. Before they left, Miss Harriet tapped Bonnie on the shoulder and knelt down to her level, waving over Emily as well. “Bonnie and Emily dears, since you were both such a big help today. I want you both to be today’s Junior Nannies with me in the Caterpillar room!” Both of the girls squeal excitedly, jumping up and dancing around together. Baby Cindy giggles and coos back, smiling at the two girls, having enjoyed their coloring time, excited to play with them more. The girls walked over to the stroller beaming back at Baby Cindy. Giggling as they hold hands and stand beside the stroller as Miss Harriet starts pushing Baby Cindy out with Emily and Bonnie. “So girls, first we’re gonna need to get Baby Cindy into a fresh diaper, and then it’s going to be lunchtime. So we’ll need to feed her. Can I count on you both?” She asks doubtfully, giggling as they bounce up and down making sure Miss Harriet knows they’ll be a big help to her. They enter the nursery as the other babies start rotating through their lunch time. “Awww so many babies!” Emily coos as she skips inside and looks around the nursery. Bonnie giggles and squeezes her hand, “hehe, but we get to help with the biggest one ever!” They both let out giggles as the stroller is parked and Baby Cindy is helped out, standing up with Miss Harriet. Bonnie holds her other hand and they all walk over to Baby Cindy’s special changing table. With Baby Cindy joining the daycare full time with no sign of graduating, she needed appropriate furniture. Baby Cindy’s Mommy was happy to supply everything they’d need to make her baby fit right in with the others, while also making something to enhance the special program. For one, the changing table was in the back of the room with the regular nursery table. But beside it sat a larger, plushy table, fit for a baby of Cindy’s size. It was covered in Princess’ and was fully stocked with only the best changing accouterments available, including special ones produced by Joan. And it was monogrammed with “Baby Cindy” on the poofy white changing pad that sat above it. The girls giggled and looked over it in awe, as Baby Cindy approached the changing table, or as Miss Harriet called it, “Her royal throne”. Baby Cindy was helped onto the table and rested comfy, bringing her legs up to her and rocking back and forth. Waiting for yet another change out of her very soggy pampers. As blushy as she could be perpetually in diapers, she had found acceptance, as well as a sense of entitlement. With all the attention that comes from being a big baby. Miss Harriet looked back at the girls, “Bonnie I’m going to have you stand under and hand us what we need to change Baby Cindy, Emily you’ll hop up with me and be my assistant.” Bonnie pouted a bit not getting to be the helper. But Emily was a little bit older and had been working her way out of pullups, unlike Bonnie. So Emily got picked up onto the table. “Hi Baby Cindy, we’re gonna get that soggy diapie off of you!” She giggled. Baby Cindy cooed and rocked more. Miss Harriet then went right to it like every day. She unbuttoned the snaps on Baby Cindy’s onesie, pulling it up and showing her soggy Bunnyhops. Emily giggled at her cute, yellow diapers as she sat on her knees and watched Miss Harriet. “Bonnie! She’s got Bunnies on her diapie!” she called down to Bonnie who giggled and bounced from the side trying to get a peak. Miss Harriet opened up Baby Cindy’s diaper and started to wipe her down. Baby Cindy looked up and started to drift into her baby space, where she usually goes when she’s getting changed. Especially at daycare. Which helped her be less blushy during diaper changes with Junior Nannies. As Miss Harriet wiped down Baby Cindy’s sticky little privates. Emily giggled and asked without a second thought, “Does Baby Cindy like being a girl even when she used to be a boy?” A question that made Baby Cindy blush bright red, unsure if she should say or do anything, just lying helplessly in her open wet diaper. Before she could think anything else, Miss Harriet chirped up “Baby Cindy is the happiest big baby I’ve ever seen, and she’s especially happy to be a baby girl isn’t that right pumpkin?” She tickled Baby Cindy’s tummy and made her wiggle and giggle bunches, making Emily and Bonnie giggle and awww. Answering that question for everyone. Miss Harriet pulled out her wet diaper under her bottom and rolled it up shut. Tying it up and handing it to Emily to put it in Baby Cindy’s diaper pail beside her. As Emily took care of it, Miss Harriet asked for a diaper from Bonnie, who kneeled down and picked up a clean diaper for her. This time a special diaper, brought in from Baby Cindy’s Mommy. A XXXL Bluey huggies made for babies like Cindy. “Ooo great choice” Miss Harriet smiled as she laid down the diaper and slid it under Baby Cindy’s bottom. “Now what am I gonna ask for next” Asked Miss Harriet to Bonnie. Who was already pulling out the baby powder and rash cream. “Wow so smart!” said Miss Harriet. Giggling as she applied some cream onto Baby Cindy’s bottom. She then took the Baby powder bottle and had Emily hold onto it with her as they sprinkled a little over Baby Cindy’s baby bits. Emily beamed as Miss Harriet taped down her diaper and snapped her onesie back over the fresh crinkly huggies. A little pat on the butt signaled to Baby Cindy she was clean. Giving out happy gurgles and smiles behind her paci. “You did such a good job changing Baby Cindy today girls! Let's cheer for them Cindy!” Miss Harriet would clap for them as Cindy joined in, the girls were bouncing and bowing feeling so proud. “Can you say thank you Baby Cindy?” Miss Harriet asked the excited baby, “Thwank wuh” she made out with her paci still in her mouth. Making everyone laugh. Now that she was fresh, Baby Cindy was brought over to her special highchair with Bonnie and Emily in tow. Baby Cindy took a seat with Miss Harriet's help and strapped into her chair, tall enough that her chubby legs dangled from the seat. Bonnie and Emily were brought to her height with an extra seat built into the highchair. “Now girls, I’m gonna have Bonnie help me feed Baby Cindy her lunch ok?” Emily immediately got pouty, “What do I get to do then?” she asked. Miss Harriet ties a big bib around Baby Cindy’s mouth, it reads “Princess Pamper Packer”, she also hands a little cloth to Emily, “You’ll help keep Baby Cindy clean. She can be a messy eater” giving Emily so much joy as she dances in her seat. The girls feed Baby Cindy two jars of big baby food. The thought process around Baby Cindy has become to keep her as the youngest infant she can be. So she’s been without solid food for almost a year now. Her Mommy thinks she is doing just wonderful on a strict formula and baby food diet. Even Baby Cindy has been enjoying it, especially when it’s a special blend Mommy has been making. Giving her yummy different dinners all mushed up in a jar. Or just some regular flavors, to keep her level and not expecting something too exciting for her sensitive tummy. Bonnie feeds Baby Cindy a jar of carrots and peas and a jar of banana strawberry. Baby Cindy fills her cheeks and still chews, feeling it drip down her chin as she doesn’t eat with her mouth closed and having the girls work to get it all in. “Sit still silly!” Emily giggled as Baby Cindy wiggled around as she had her face wiped. Miss Harriet laughs at how much of a handful she was being. One that was thoughtfully watched over by someone as experienced as Miss Harriet. After she’s all fed, Baby Cindy is put back into her stroller and the girls follow behind. “Thank you so much for all your help today, girls. I know Baby Cindy really appreciated it.” The girls giggle and skip back to their class, where they’ll go to have their own lunches. “Goodbye Baby Cindy!” they call out as their teacher brings them back inside. Baby Cindy waves and Miss Harriet kneels down beside her stroller. “Alright Baby Cindy! Are you ready to play with the preschoolers!” She pumps her fists up. Baby Cindy nods and bounces excitedly. Miss Harriet started to push the stroller down the hall and through a door leading outside into the playground. Chapter 5 - Baby Cindy’s Playground PratFall The “LeapFrog” Preschool class had been taken out to the playground following their lunch. Young kids aged 3 to 4 ran around the fenced yard of the building, making up games to play with one another. They were all being watched by a young woman named Miss Carol. As Miss Harriet approached her with Baby Cindy, Miss Carol waved them over. Most of the kids were still playing but others ran over when they saw Baby Cindy getting pushed over. “Welcome Baby Cindy! The kids have been excited for you to join them!” Miss Carol said as Miss Harriet helped Cindy out of the stroller. A couple kids approached Baby Cindy, Patty was an eager little girl bouncing in place with her friend Peter, a more shy little boy. “Miss Harriet, Miss Carol, can Baby Cindy play tag with us?” Patty asked shyly. Miss Harriet nodded, “Sure thing kids, but Baby Cindy can’t always play big kid games well. So if she gets fussy just let me know.” She giggled and patted Baby Cindy’s bottom as the kids took the big baby’s hand as she toddled out onto the grass. Baby Cindy followed obediently, if not a little shy herself, a little shyer around the preschoolers, who were already becoming more advanced than she was. “Okie Baby Cindy, we’re gonna play tag. We're gonna run around and someone is it. Don’t get it or you gotta tag another kid.” Patty explained this to Baby Cindy who was barely listening, looking around at the green grass and screaming toddlers running around the playground and swings. She smiled but didn’t realize that all the kids were running away. She started to toddle around in circles, doing her best to fit in. But was soon tagged by another boy. “Baby Cindy’s it!” the boy yelled out laughing. Baby Cindy saw the boy running away from her. She started waddling after him, but he quickly outran her. She tried chasing other kids but everyone was a little faster than her despite her longer legs, her thick diaper bottom seriously slowing her down in the grass. After a minute or so, Baby Cindy was getting tired of everyone running away. She stopped in her tracks and pouted, sitting in the grass and huffing, a minor temper tantrum compared to what Baby Cindy was capable of. Patty saw Baby Cindy wasn’t having fun and ran back to her, trying to console her, “Awww I’m sorry Baby Cindy, you can tag me if you want?” She kneeled on the grass and rubbed her back. Miss Harriet, having watched everything, started to approach, deciding that for the sake of the other kids, Baby Cindy played something less challenging. Patty raises her hand “I can take Baby Cindy to the sandbox. I don’t mind playing with her.” Miss Harriet pulled out a gold sticker for her. “That’s a great idea sweetie, have fun you two. Make sure she doesn’t put any sand in her diaper.” She giggled as Baby Cindy crawled after Patty in the grass towards the sandbox. Baby Cindy and Patty played around in the sandbox for the next 15 minutes. Patty had picked out some sand buckets and started filling them up to work on a castle. She found a little shovel and gave it to Baby Cindy, “Do you want to build the moat?” she offered as Baby Cindy started digging a hole around the space. The girls worked together and admired their sandy princess castle. “Wow we did so good, Baby Cindy, do you want to live in the castle together?” Patty asked. Baby Cindy cooed and went to sit on the castle, her big diaper bottom smushing the castle and getting her onesie all sandy. Patty giggled a bunch and patted Baby Cindy on the head, giving a big silly smile back. The two bonded playing together quietly, much calmer than most of the other preschooler’s. “Have you played Patty Cake before Baby Cindy?” Patty asked curiously, Baby Cindy cooed remembering playing it before with Sally. Patty smiled and sat in front of her, the two of them clapped hands together and Patty sang to the claps, “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man, Bake me a cake, as fast as you can; Pat it, prick it, and mark it with B, Put it in the oven for baby and me!’ She gave Baby Cindy a tummy tickle when they finished and made her giggle. “Good job Baby Cindy! What do you wanna do before we go inside?” Patty asked curiously, wanting to let Baby Cindy pick something. Cindy looked around nervously, there were so many fun things to do and she didn’t know what to pick. But when she saw the slide in the jungle gym. She just pointed at it while sucking her paci and Patty understood. “Let’s slide Baby Cindy!” The two joined hands and made their way to the jungle gym. Baby Cindy toddled up the tough stairs, getting in line with Patty as they both waited to slide. Suddenly, Baby Cindy felt a familiar ping in her tummy, clenching as the feeling was a bother, one she knew how to easily get rid of. She started to grunt and push besides Patty. Patty looked over seeing her face scrunch up and started to realize what she was doing with a knowing giggle. Baby Cindy huffed and felt her lunch make its fated return, taking a large, soft poopy plop into the seat of her diaper. It made a small lump on her bottom as she emptied her tummy, Just Patty and her left on the jungle gym. Baby Cindy finished as turned back to Patty, giving her a knowing smile and a little giggle. Patty gave Baby Cindy a pat on the bottom, feeling her mushy lump and giggling more “Hehe, what a good baby.” to Baby Cindy’s soft, appreciative coos towards the positive reinforcement by her new friend. The girls looked from the top of the jungle gym as Miss Carol began to call the kids back inside. Patty quickly jumped down and slid a few feet down to the bottom. Looking back up at her padded playmate. “Come on Baby Cindy, slide down to me!” Baby Cindy looked at the slide and smiled, Getting in position to slide down and falling a bit onto her bottom with a harsh squish as her butt met the contents of her messy diaper, giggling to herself, almost like she did it intentionally. Baby Cindy slid down and joined Patty who gave her a friendly hug, before walking her to the doorway back inside. Miss Harriet followed with the stroller, letting Baby Cindy use her legs with Patty, who was doing a great job of making sure she didn’t leave the baby behind. The two of them entered the classroom and joined the rest of the kids in the middle of the classroom for storytime. Patty walked in holding onto Baby Cindy so they could sit next to each other. Patty could smell Baby Cindy, trying her best not to mind it so she wouldn’t lose her new baby friend. They sat together on the carpet as other kids joined them, leaving some distance between the two. As Miss Harriet walked through the door. It was pretty clear something was up with Baby Cindy and Patty. But the mystery was solved when Peter called out, “Ewwww, Miss Carol! Baby Cindy smells like poop!” Chapter 6 - Baby Cindy’s Poopy Preschool Predicament Miss Carol looked down at the carpet and could see Baby Cindy looking rather shy, along with a suspicious Patty beside her, but it was an unmistakable smell that someone in here had dropped a load into their pants. The suspect list dropped to one being Baby Cindy was the only one in the room still wearing diapers full time. Miss Carol smirked and came up with an idea, happy to make an example of the big baby sitting in her classroom. “Patty, can you bring Baby Cindy up to the front of the class for me please?” she asked Patty. The preschooler walked Baby Cindy to the front beside Miss Carol. Miss Harriet joined her on the side, standing close by the kids and getting a whiff of Baby Cindy’s bulging behind. Miss Carol looked at the class, “Well it smells like someone had a stinky accident huh kids?” she mocked, all the kids nodding and exclaiming “YES!” Baby Cindy looked around shyly with all the eyes on her being so judgmental. Miss Carol turned back to her, “Baby Cindy, did you make poopy on the playground?” Baby Cindy looked back and was so shy. She was used to the act but all the questions made her lose any big kid words she had left. “Patty, you were watching Baby Cindy? Didn’t you notice that she’s so smelly?” Miss Carol quizzed Patty, holding her nose and looking down shyly like she was in trouble. Miss Harriet decided to step in and cooed towards Cindy, placing her hand on her back. “Kids, remember Baby Cindy is still a baby.” she explained earnestly. “Babies like her don’t know when they need to potty like you guys.” More kids giggled and Miss Carol nodded. “Well if you don’t mind Miss Harriet, I want to check Baby Cindy with the class even if she isn’t so sure.” She smiled to more giggles from the crowd. Miss Harriet nodded, respecting what Miss Carol wanted to do and kneeled down next to Patty. “Patty do you wanna help me dear?” Miss Harriet asked her, Patty smiled and agreed. Holding Baby Cindy’s hand as they turned her around for the class. Cindy was suckling her paci and spacing out more as all the attention went to her, and specifically her bottom. Miss Harriet unbuttoned the onesie and pulled it open with a small gasp. “Oh Cindy hunny.” she tsk’d as she opened up the onesie to see a little bit of runny poop pushing out of the leg creases in her diaper. The back of her huggies were shaded a heavy brown, discoloring the dancing Bluey and Bingo palling around over her heinie. The class got really rowdy with giggles and ewws. Pulling up the onesie further showed the mess had crawled up her back and got on her onesie. Baby Cindy had a big blowout on the slide and the class couldn’t handle it. “Ewwww you can see all her poop!” The kids were giggling as Baby Cindy was turned around and blushing at all the noise, looking more shy at all their jeers. Feeling all of their negative energy as she started to well up behind her paci, genuinely not being able to help what the poop did in her diaper. “Now kids can we please go easy on Baby Cindy, it’s not her fault!’ Miss Harriet tried to hush the crowd, rubbing Baby Cindy’s back to calm her down. She sighed, trying to roll some positive in with this particularly embarrassing lesson. She looked to Patty who was blushing standing next to the huggies disaster beside her. “Patty sweetie. Do you know what it’s called when this happens to Baby Cindy?” Patty started to smile and nodded. “Baby Cindy had a diaper blowout Miss Harriet, sometimes my baby sister plays too long in her poopy diapers and then it starts to come out too” she giggled after she finished her sentence. “That’s right. Cindy is a very active baby and her diaper can’t always keep up with her.” Miss Harriet nodded and gave Patty a second star for the day. Not before saying, “And that’s why we need to tell a teacher when she needs a change. So she doesn’t get a rash alright?” Patty nodded bashfully and took her second sticker on her shirt. “Thank you kids for letting me know. I think It’s time Baby Cindy got changed out of this stinky old diaper.” Miss Harriet smiled and tugged Baby Cindy’s onesie back down, but not snapping it back, her full diaper peeking out below, giving it one last pat. “Can I please help Miss Harriet? I’m really good with my sister” asked Patty genuinely. Miss Harriet just chuckled. “I think I’m gonna handle her myself for right now. But maybe next time?” Patty nodded and gave Baby Cindy a pat on her thigh and smiled up. “Have a good changie Baby Cindy” she giggled, Cindy cooed sadly as her new friend sat back with her class. Miss Harriet went behind the stroller and got Baby Cindy’s diaper bag around her arm. She took Cindy’s hand and started leading her into the Preschool bathroom as Miss Carol got the kids attention again with a new story to be read. Baby Cindy waddled into the bathroom and started to head towards the potty to sit down. Miss Harriet held her back, “Sweetie just stand still please. We don’t want you getting your poopy on the big kids potty.” She rubbed her tummy with a smile and placed the diaper bag on the sink. Baby Cindy’s diaper bag was a necessity in most any situation, stocked with everything one could need looking after such a stinky big baby. Miss Harriet pulled out Baby Cindy’s Moana changing pad and rolled it onto the floor of the bathroom. “Come come, stand here please” she patted the floor and Baby Cindy waddled on top of it. Miss Harriet took off Baby Cindy’s Bonnet and set it aside, she pulled up her onesie and tossed it on the floor for now, it didn’t stand a chance against a Baby Cindy Blowout. In just her very smelly huggies, Baby Cindy sucked her paci and hugged her body. Looking down as Miss Harriet untapped her diaper and gently brought it to the ground. A big swath of brown covered the inside of the diaper, with plenty left around Baby Cindy’s waist. She had successfully caked herself in her own mess after the bumpy slide ride. Miss Harriet sighed a little and looked up at Baby Cindy, finding her smile again saying, “You can be quite the handful baby girl.” She chuckled as she started to use some baby wipes to clean off Cindy's mushy bottom. Baby Cindy felt her soft touch wiping her off, feeling cleaner as Miss Harriet worked through, wiping down her little privates, feeling them flinch a little at her touch but barely growing by any noticeable measure. “Patty looked like she really liked playing with you sweetheart.” she cooed. Putting down the last wipe as she spun Baby Cindy around to make sure she was clean from all her mess. Baby Cindy smiled, feeling less yucky and also cooing at her words. “So many of the girls love being able to help take care of babies, and you’re really the best baby I’ve ever seen Baby Cindy” she kept gushing to her as she balled up the messy diaper and put that on the side of the stinky onesie. She helped Baby Cindy down onto the changing mat, reaching into the diaper bag and pulling out a fresh Tykables Unicorn for her. “I’ve looked after a lot of babies hun, and I’ve never met one as obedient, darling, and quite as adorable as you Baby Cindy.” She pulled open the diaper and laid it down, scooting Baby Cindy up and sitting her back into the fresh crinkles. “Plus growing up is good and well for the other kids, but babies as special as you deserve to stay that perfect forever.” She cooed, rubbing Baby Cindy’s privates and bottom in diaper rash cream and adding a sprinkling of baby powder, filling Baby Cindy’s nose with all her favorite nice smells. “So don’t ever worry about making lots of pee pee and poo poo’s in your diaper baby for me. Because I’ll always be around to change them” Miss Harriet taped up her diaper and gave her a gentle tummy rub. Seeing Baby Cindy’s confident smile behind her paci as proof she was good as new. Baby Cindy sat up on the changing mat and bounced softly. Hearing the familiar crinkles of a clean diaper. Miss Harriet leaned over to peck Baby Cindy’s forehead. “All clean!” She smiled as she stood up and put the changing supplies back into the diaper bag. “Now we need to get you a new outfit Princess!” She looked down as the happy baby, rocking gently on the floor in her diapers and sketchers. Miss Harriet’s eyes lit up as she pulled out Baby Cindy’s spare onesie. A sparkly pink onesie with princess dress prints along the chest and tummy. Complete with poofy sleeves, back ribbon, and ruffles on the butt, it certainly made a statement for the wearer. “How darling!” Miss Harriet giggled as she showed Baby Cindy, who cooed happily at her new onesie. Mommy told her Sally picked it out for Baby Cindy’s birthday, and it was one of Sally’s favorites for her sister. She cooed and lifted her arms as Miss Harriet pulled the onesie over her head, bringing Cindy up and snapping the crotch and fixing out the frilly Princess outfit. “I don’t think that’s all” Miss Harriet smiled as she pulled out the final pieces for Baby Cindy’s outfit. A poofy bonnet with green gems on the brim. “I swear no one works a bonnet like you Baby Cindy.'' Miss Harriet giggled as she tied it around Baby Cindy's head. Next was a bedazzled pacifier, Baby Cindy felt her old paci replaced as well as a new frilly paci clip attached to the front. Last but not least was a little rattle toy, blinged out like a scepter fit for a baby. “Wowwe, you look like the most regal crinkler I’ve ever met Baby Princess Cindy!” Miss Harriet turned Baby Cindy around and showed her. She looked like the most frilly, fanciest baby who ever lived! With so many different odds and ends, Baby Cindy sucked her paci with her usual grin, not sure what else to do in the moment but bouncing around all excited. Miss Harriet folded up the messy onesie and put it in the diaper bag with everything else. She picked up the messy diaper in one hand and Baby Cindy's free hand with the other. Taking her out of the bathroom just as the preschooler’s were getting ready for naptime. “OH MY GOSH LOOK AT BABY CINDY” Patty screamed. All of the kids looked over and got a big reaction out of Baby Princess Cindy. A mix of oos, aahs, and giggles for sure as Baby Cindy was led into her stroller and smiled back at the other kids, shaking her rattler to more giggles. “Can we please play with her later!” Patty asked from her mat up at Miss Harriet, giving Baby Cindy the most glassy eyes in awe. “I’m sorry hunny, I gotta take Baby Cindy back to the nursery for her nap. She still needs to sleep in a crib. But she’ll certainly be back another day” Miss Harriet explained empathetically to the kids. “Now say bye-bye Baby Cindy” she called out, “BYE-BYE BABY CINDY!” They all spoke in unison. Cindy gave everyone a wave with her rattler as she was turned around and pushed out the door by Miss Harriet, leaving the kids to their nap. Baby Cindy and Miss Harriet made it back into the Nursery as naptime was already in progress. The blinds were pulled down and the infants were sleeping on floor mats, a few others taking cribs in the back. That was where Baby Cindy was heading. Baby Cindy was brought over to the crib area, where her specialty plush crib was set up among other smaller regular ones. “Wow, we're being visited by royalty today in the Caterpillar room huh?” giggled Miss Lauren. Getting a smile from Miss Harriet and Cindy. Miss Harriet unstrapped Baby Cindy and opened up the crib for her to climb into. Baby Cindy got on her back and the bars were pulled up. She saw Jessa, a pink poodle, one of Baby Cindy’s favorite nursery stuffies still in her crib. Snuggling it in her arms and giggling. Miss Harriet smiled back at her through the bars and pulled out an apple juice bottle cut with water for Baby Cindy. “Sweet dreams Princess” she smiled and gave her one last tummy tickle before walking away and letting the sweet nursery music play. Baby Cindy took a few sips of her bottle before she was lulled to sleep.
  9. Hello dear readers! It’s been a while since we checked in on Mike, Katie, Sandra (and now someone new)! This is the latest installment in this series. As always, comments and critiques are welcome. All plot characters are 18+ At Miss Katie’s House Katie sat on the couch, idly flicking through a parenting magazine she had “borrowed” from her obstetrician’s office. Who even subscribes to paper magazines anymore? Well, apart from Doctors, obviously. She glanced up to look at Mike and her almost 3-year-old niece, Jessie, playing in the corner. The contents of the small tub of toys she kept for babysitting were strewn across the living room. Mike and Jessie were playing adjacent to one another, but not together, per-se. Each was fully engrossed in their own little game, oblivious to everything and everyone else. Katie knew this was normal at Jessie’s age, and probably at Mike’s current developmental stage as well. She hadn’t seen as much of Mike lately, not since her decision to move him from her preschool classroom into the “2s and 3s” room (AKA the pre-potty-training room for kids not quite out of diapers or otherwise unready for preschool). She had loved having Mike as her Little Helper, but it was just getting too difficult as his regression took a deeper hold. Of course she’d played her own small part in accelerating that on at least one occasion (it had to be done), but it was his wife, Sandra, who was really in the driver’s seat there. She still wasn’t sure how far Sandra was going to take things with Mike’s treatments. She knew Sandra was still taking him for regular visits to the Regression Center, but surely she’d have to stop soon? No one wanted a giant infant did they? Who knows. Sandra clearly wasn’t done yet. Mike had slipped even more since she’d last seen him about a week ago. Developmentally, she’d put him somewhere between 2-3 and definitely closer to 2 now. Arguably less mature than Jessie in many important ways. The pastel liner peaking up above his waistband and the bulk around his bottom were confirmation of that. Mike had joined her in late summer as a very capable pre-school-level little. In fact, at that time he was the most advanced Little Helper she’d ever had in her classroom. He probably could have gone to another classroom, but Sandra had insisted that he be placed with her, and she could hardly deny that request given their history. Plus, she still liked Mike. True, she had liked him in very different and more adult ways before his regression, but a good portion of that affection had carried over to him in this present state. He was just adorable and cute now rather than sexy. As summer turned into fall though, Mike had begun to fall further behind the actual children in the class. At first it was in more subtle ways, like getting frustrated when he couldn’t keep up with the rules of new games or forgetting to wash his hands after using the toilet. That was ok. She could help with that stuff. It was part of the job. But the decline continued, and by early October he was very clearly struggling with even the most basic tasks for a Little Helper. His occasional dribbles and wettings had become an almost daily occurrence, meaning she was spending more and more of her time tending to his accidents, and less time doing her actual job. She’d tasked one of the junior teachers with keeping an eye on him and reminding him to use the toilet, but she was still the only Preschool teacher certified to clean up and change potty accidents from the Little Helpers, which meant long periods of time away from the classroom in the staff bathroom wiping down Mike’s pee-soaked crotch and legs and helping him into fresh undies. The first time he soiled his pants in her classroom, he had been quite upset, and she’d had to take him to the quiet/nap room to calm him down before cleaning him up. She’d pulled him into her lap like a toddler (ignoring the smell from his bottom) and rocked and shushed him gently in the dark until he calmed down. Unfortunately, it seemed she had done too good of a job of calming and reassuring Mike after that particular accident. He had absolutely drenched his lightly-padded training pants while sitting in her lap, and some of it soaked through to her pants. Lesson relearned: tinkle usually follows soon after poop. That was also the first time she had noticed him sucking his thumb. Normally she would discourage that behavior in her preschoolers, but with MIke’s current trajectory, what was the point? After that day, she had insisted that Sandra start sending Mike to daycare with several clean pairs of the thickly padded “training pants” she knew she was putting him in at home (and which Mike usually arrived wearing in the mornings). In truth, they were pull-on cloth diapers, and so they did a pretty good job of containing both kinds of messes, but cleanup was still a bitch because they had to be pulled down his legs. It wasn’t the accidents that had led to Mike’s eventual demotion, though. It was his nonchalance about them. The Regression Center specialized in total regression therapy, which included modules aimed at re-socializing clients into more developmentally appropriate attitudes and emotions. Sometime after Halloween, Mike reached a stage where he was no longer overly embarrassed or concerned about his increasingly babyish behavior, including going potty in his pants in front of others. And that was simply bad for business in a preschool classroom where the most important skill to be learned and reinforced was the need to keep oneself dry and clean. Bottom line - Little Helpers were special - but they were still expected to set a good example for the others. And Mike was no longer capable of doing so in her classroom. The final straw fell one afternoon when she had to pause story time because her nose had detected a familiar foul odor. Her eyes went immediately to Mike who was kneeling (not sitting) rather conspicuously in the circle of children on the reading rug around her. Normally, she tried to be discreet about checking for and dealing with his accidents, but this time she had just asked him in front of everybody if he needed to be changed. Mike might’ve spared himself the demotion if he had told her the truth. But instead, he lied, and insisted quite adamantly that he didn’t. He even tried to blame the odor on the girl next to him. Katie had sat there for a moment, looking at Mike and waiting for him to confess, while he just stared back defiantly. The whole classroom was watching this interaction, and she knew she couldn’t just let this slide. Silently, she stood up, marched over to him, and pulled back the back of his pants to check him. She didn’t need to announce what she had found in there. The whole room already knew. She held a tight grip on Mike’s hand as she wordlessly handed the book off to her junior teacher and walked Mike out of the room and into the hall, picking up his backpack on the way. Once there, she turned to him and put on her best firm, teacher voice: “Mike you lied to me again about going poopy in your pants. Remember what I told you about setting a good example for the others?” Mike slipped a finger in his mouth as if in thought and then nodded slowly in the affirmative. “Uh huh. Well, unfortunately you haven’t been doing that lately. I know it’s not your fault, sweetie, but I think we need to put you in a different classroom, at least for a little while.” Mike felt vaguely unsettled by this plan, but he couldn’t quite place why. Everything had become so jumbled and fuzzy lately. And he was zoning out more and more often. Sometimes he lost whole afternoons or days. Oddly though, he didn’t feel that concerned about these lapses. In fact, in this moment he was feeling quite docile and very happy for Katie to lead the way to something new. He had even forgotten about the mess in the back of his pants. Now they were walking again, hand in hand. Mike had assumed that they were going to the toddler room to change first, because that’s where Miss Katie usually took him after a messy accident. But today they kept walking past the toddler classroom and stopped in front of an unfamiliar, brightly decorated door. Katie knocked twice and then opened the door, pulling him inside with her. It was laid out almost exactly like the preschool classroom, but it was very quiet for some reason. There appeared to be no kids in here. Mike was suddenly overcome with a wave of shyness, and did his best to hide behind Katie, who squeezed his hand reassuringly. Across the room at a single large changing table, next to what looked like a bathroom, a woman was finishing changing a boy of around 2. She stood him up on the changing table, pulling his pants back up around his fresh diaper, then lifted him onto her hip and turned to greet them, still holding the soiled diaper. She was a lot younger than Katie, but still very much a grownup compared to Mike. As an adult, Mike probably would have considered her more ‘cute’ than pretty with her button nose and minimally applied makeup. Her sandy blonde hair was tied back loosely in a functional ponytail. She smiled warmly at both of them, put her finger to her lips to indicate that they should be quiet (it was nap time), and then walked over to them both still carrying the tot. “You must be Mike” she said, now looking directly into his eyes and holding that same friendly smile. “I’m Miss Rachel”. Mike nodded shyly and fidgeted. He was suddenly very aware again of the contents of his pants. “I’ll be back in a minute so that we can introduce ourselves properly, but right now I need to get this one settled for nap time. Would you mind disposing of this for me?”, she asked, handing the used diaper to Katie. Katie nodded and pulled Mike along with her across the unfamiliar room and into the bathroom. There was a diaper pail in here next to the trash can along with a couple training potties and a small toilet with no stall. Katie disposed of the diaper in the bin and then turned to Mike. “Phew - I don’t know if it was that boy’s diaper or yours that’s stinking up this place, but why don’t we go ahead and get you changed too before Miss Rachel comes back?” This wasn’t a really a question, even though it was posed that way. Katie knelt down almost immediately and helped Mike remove his shoes and socks and step out of his pants. She found they were a little bit damp in the crotch, but she knew Sandra always sent him in with a spare pair. Katie stood up and removed the clean pants from Mike’s backpack. Then she turned away from him and opened a large cabinet above the sink, removing a tub of wipes, a wet clothes baggie, and a pair of vinyl gloves. She held something else behind her back while she turned and set the rest of the supplies on the small bench next to where Mike now stood. The tile floor was cold on his bare feet and it was very bright in here under the fluorescents. Mike put his thumb in his mouth, shivered a little, and looked to the doorway to find Miss Rachel filling it. Her eyes lingered on his dampened crotch for a moment and then flitted to the items on the bench. She had already noted the telltale bulge in the back of his soggy panties before he turned around. “Braiden went down quicker than normal, so that’s a small victory I guess”, she said. Katie laughed and continued to pull on her vinyl gloves. “You can change Mike out here on the changing table if that would make things easier?”, Rachel asked. “I can put his changing supplies in his cubby while you do that…unless you just want me to go ahead and change him?” “No, it’s fine”, Katie said, kneeling again in front of Mike. “I’m already invested in this process here”, (she held up her gloved hands for emphasis), “and besides, Mike is used to me taking care of him when he’s a Mr Stinky Pants, aren’t you, Mike?” Mike smiled and nodded sheepishly. He glanced at Rachel who smiled back, which put him more at ease. He sighed deeply, inhaling the aroma from his backside mixing with the one from the diaper pail. This wasn’t so bad. Miss Rachel didn’t seem to mind that he had gone potty in his big boy pants, nor did she act surprised by it. He’d also overheard her talking to the little boy in the same sweet and playful tones that Katie and Sandra often used when they were changing him. Thinking about that now prompted a familiar dopamine-induced rush of warmth and contentment that spread from his head to his toes. He decided in that moment that he liked Miss Rachel. He imagined her humming gently and laying him down in the nap room with a stuffy and a full sippy of warm milk. It seemed so real - almost like a memory instead of his imagination. He sighed again, and let the imagery and sensations wash over him fully. For some reason Miss Rachel seemed very big now, and he was very small. In fact, he now fit on the toddler nap mat with room to spare. The room was dark and there was a soft lullaby playing from somewhere. She was sitting next to him and gently stroking his hair. He was aware of the bulk of his naptime diaper around his waist and between his legs, but that was OK. It was just for when he was asleep, or on long car rides, or at the zoo. Besides, lots of the kids in this class wore diapers ALL the time - even when they were awake. He contemplated the thought of wearing daytime diapers. He knew he used to feel adamantly opposed to them for some reason, but he couldn’t remember exactly why. A wet diaper was much more comfortable than wet training pants, and lately he felt very safe and secure whenever Sandra put him in one. It just felt right. Of course he knew that he was still too old to wear diapers all the time. Only babies did that. And he was still a big boy wasn’t he? He thought about this for a moment and decided that, yes, he was still a big boy as long as he got to wear big boy pants at least some of the time. And he could. He could even start going tinkle and poopy on the potty again if he wanted to. Come to think of it - when was the last time he had used the grown up potty? He found he couldn’t remember that either. All he could picture was Sandra holding his legs in the air and wiping his bottom as she praised him for not making a fuss about using the potty. Oh well, it didn’t really matter right now did it? Because he was feeling soooo warm and sleepy and content. The funny, nagging pressure from below his waist felt very far away and unimportant right now. He decided he would let Miss Rachel put a daytime diaper on him the next time she offered. Or maybe he’d ask for one after his nap, just to test out those waters so-to-speak. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? He began to imagine her diapering him as he felt his bladder let go, the tickling warmth running down his taint and pooling around his bottom before being absorbed. This was heaven! A shout of surprise from Katie brought him back. He looked down to find his soiled pants gone and his bottom now clean. In fact, everything was great in the back. It was what was happening in front that was the problem: A golden arc of tinkle was currently streaming from his naked pee-pee and splashing onto the tile floor. Oops! Mike watched in fascination, completely mesmerized and unable to recall how to stem the flow. It felt like this was the dream and the memories of being tucked in and soothed by Rachel were reality. He was all out of sorts. Thankfully, Rachel sprang into action - grabbing the open diaper that had appeared next to him on the bench, and cupping it deftly over his crotch while pulling the back up between his slightly spread legs. “Oopsie - looks like someone had an unexpected visit from the tinkle monster!”, Rachel said in a singsong voice as she held the diaper on him with one hand still covering his crotch and the other gently cupping his padded bottom. Mike just smiled and nodded as he stood there and finished. The tinkle monster was indeed a very frequent visitor these days. The reassuring, gentle pressure from Rachel’s hands through the diaper felt nice against his skin. He shivered a little, but this time not from cold. When Rachel was sure he was done she pulled the diaper away, used the back to roughly mop up the puddle on the floor in front of Mike, and then threw it in the diaper pail. By now, Katie had recovered from the shock of almost getting peed on. She stood and retrieved a fresh diaper from the cabinet, this time making no effort to hide it or her intentions. She had been prepared to claim that the diaper was only because he might take a nap soon, but surprisingly Mike didn’t offer any objections. She glanced outside the bathroom to make sure the coast was clear of any other children before leading him by the hand to the changing table where she creamed and diapered him without a fuss. Then she pulled his pants up, helped him off the table, and sat him down on the floor with a gentle pat to his diapered bottom. “Rachel - I know you guys are already intimately acquainted by now, but I’d like you to formally meet Mike, my ‘favoritist’ Little Helper and former neighbor.” Rachel arched her eyebrows for a moment at this news. She hadn’t known that Mike and Katie had known eachother before his…change. Clearly there was more to this story, but that could wait for the staff room or after work drinks. She bent down and smiled at Mike while offering her hand for him to shake. “Nice to meet you properly, Mr Mike! I think you’re gonna get along great in my classroom, don’t you?” Mike nodded. “Yep - you’re gonna fit right in here. But don’t think for one second I’m gonna let you just play baby all day. I’ve still got some very important jobs for you to do like helping me put away toys and bringing me things like diapers, pullups, and wipes when I need them, OK? Can you do that for me?” Mike beamed and nodded again proudly. He understood his role as a Little Helper, even if it was in a different class. Katie had left him with Rachel soon after that, feeling a little melancholy about losing her daily time with Mike. But she knew it really was the best thing for everybody. And besides, Sandra had been asking her to babysit more and more frequently in the evenings and on weekends so that she could go out on dates with her many different boyfriends. Katie was pretty sure the current beau’s name was Mitch, but she could never keep up with the revolving cast of dudes. How did Sandra do it? Her husband was out of town for the week and she had agreed to have Mike and her niece for the afternoon while her sister shopped. Watching 2 toddlers wasn’t much different than one, and she needed more practice in the home anyway. Her own baby was due in less than 8 weeks now! Time flies! Speaking of which, she glanced at the clock and realized Jessie was way past due for her nap. “A mother’s work is never done” she thought as she scooped a protesting Jessie into her arms and carried her towards the spare bedroom, leaving Mike to play on his own for a moment. She knew he probably needed changing by this point, but that could wait.
  10. Hello there! Well... once again, I got an idea for a new story, and now have yet another one to work on, with already a long list. Sighs Anyways, this is a fun idea that I hope you enjoy! Please consider leaving a comment or review, as that really does just make my day! Youth Center (Chapter One) by Panther Cub "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Please don't make me do this!" Jessica complained from the passenger seat. The light grey bunny girl looked up at her white and brown spotted father in desperation. "Jessie, this is happening," he said, resolute. "You're 15, you need a job, and you need to get away from those friends of yours for awhile." Thomas doesn't like putting his foot down like this, but he knew that he had to stay strong. "But, a daycare? I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of screaming kids and changing diapers! Can't I get the job at the shop Erika's mom owns?" Jessica pleaded, giving her father the sad eyes, which he ignored and focused on the road. "I just said that you need to be away from those trouble-makers you call friends, like Erika. Besides, all of their parents agree that some time apart from one another and attitude adjustments all around are in order." Thomas said, signaling before turning down a road. They were a few miles outside of the city, passing by rolling green hills with a forest coming into view in the distance. "Can't I at least have my phone?" Jessica asked, desperate. "No," Thomas said with a roll of his eyes, "you'll be on that thing non-stop until they take it away from you. So I decided that it was best to cut out the middleman." "You mean mom decided," Jessica huffed, crossing her arms and pouting. "I decided, Jessie," Thomas said with a sigh as they started to approach a large building. The outside was painted a calming robin's egg blue, with a manicured lawn and hedges in the front yard, and a very large fenced off area in the back, a bright multi-colored jungle gym already in sight. "Whatever," Jessica said, looking away, staring out the window. "Now, Jessie," Thomas said as they pulled into the long U-shaped driveway, turning to look at his oldest daughter, "this place is going to be a wonderful experience for you. Your mother and I researched it thoroughly and even met with the owner herself. And she assured us that proper disciplinary actions will be taken to help curb your negative behavior. So do not expect for us to come and get you if you start acting up." "So my first job is going to be more like I'm a prisoner, surrounded by a bunch of brats, oh joy," Jessica said, full-on snark. "Sweetheart, we don't like doing this, but you didn't leave us much of a choice. All that's going to happen is that here, while you work, you'll also work on correcting your bad behaviors, and making some extra money on the side... for college," Thomas added with emphasis when he saw the gleam flash in Jessica's eyes, before she resumed pouting. "Think of it like a fresh start." "Yeah, a fresh start to spend my entire summer vacation being brainwashed, whoopee," Jessica said, unbuckling her seatbelt and opening her door. Thomas sighed and killed the engine as he got out, looking over to see Jessica straightening her simple light green t-shirt and jeans. He then went around to the trunk and grabbed her two suitcases, before the two headed towards the big oak double doors. They passed by a large bronze sign set in a stone wall next to the walkway. Happy Cubs Youth Center, the polished bronze glinting in the afternoon sunlight. The front doors opened with ease, and the two were greeted by the feeling of the cool AC and the happy chatter and occasional screams of children. The long halls had various pastel murals painted on them of cartoon characters and cute scenes. The tiled floor beneath their feet, which was polished, was colorful with differing zig-zag patterns. The lights overhead were bright, yet soft, not harsh in the least. Seeing the reception desk, Thomas nudged Jessica, who trudged with him over to it. Sitting at the desk was a chipper-looking bear female, wearing a lavender skirt-suit. "Welcome to Happy Cubs," she said in a melodious voice, "are you checking in as one of our new cubs?" she asked, looking at Jessica, who blushed and shook her head. "I'm here for work," she said, sounding gruff about it. "I'm Thomas Thumperton and this is my daughter Jessica, and we have an appointment with Mrs. Clawto." Thomas said, politely, as he set Jessica's suitcases down and adjusted his tie. He was wearing his navy blue suit, still nervous that Jessica could somehow disqualify herself from the program. "Right on time, Mr. Thumperton," a voice purred to their left. Jessica and Thomas both turned to see, casually strolling down the hall, a very large and muscular, yet clearly feminine, white tigress. She was dressed in a simple, yet somehow elegant, white sundress. "And this must be little Jessica," she said, reaching over and rubbing the bunny girl's head. Jessica's ears had been drooping at her displeasure, but the sudden surprising headrub made them perk back up in surprise, just before she stepped away, batting away the larger paw. "Hey, I'm not one of the little kids you're used to dealing with here every day!" She said, indignantly. Mrs. Clawto simply laughed, a surprisingly musical sound. "I'm sorry, sweetheart," she said, looking down at the girl, "it's a force of habit." She then turned to Thomas, who was nervous that they were about to be turned away. "Please relax, Tom, your little Jessie seems just as spirited as you described. I think she's going to fit right in. Now, how about we go see her new room?" "Or, how about me and my dad get back in the car, and go home?" Jessica snarked in, not appreciating people discussing her as though she wasn't there in her presence. "That's enough, Jessie. Mrs. Clawto was kind enough to take you on, and you're staying, end of discussion!" Tom said, Jessica's ears perked back up in shock, before drooping as she looked at her feet. "Fine," she mumbled. The white tigress chuckled, her tail swishing. "It's quite alright, Tom," she said, resting a calming paw on his shoulder. "Children like Jessie just need a little extra help, and working with her here at Happy Cubs Youth Center will be sure to help her see things from a different perspective. Now, follow me you two." With that, she turned and started to walk down the hall. Jessica reached down and grabbed her suitcases, grumbling and trudging along behind her father, who was smiling, clearly in good spirits. "Don't worry, baby carrot," Tom said, making Jessica wince with the use of the old childish nickname he had never stopped calling her, "once we get you all settled in, you'll be having fun in no time!" "Not likely," was Jessica's surly reply. "Please try not to fret, sweetheart," Mrs. Clawto said with a purr, "I promise you that your stay here is going to be very fulfilling." The tigress stopped at an elevator and pressed the up button. It let out a ding, and the polished stainless steel doors slid open. Getting on, Jessica became aware of the elevator music, it being the childish song The Wheels On the Bus, without any vocals. She simply rolled her eyes and tried to ignore the almost obnoxious pastel yellow of the side doors. She didn't bother to see what floor her new boss had selected, but after a few moments there was a ding, and she looked up to find that they were now on the sixth floor. The walls of this floor were a light green, and the tiled floors had a more swirled pattern to it. They turned down a few halls, before coming to a door. "Now this floor is reserved mainly for live-in staff. Of course, sometimes some of our more adventurous kids tend to come exploring. But don't worry, during your training here, you'll learn what to do in such an event." Mrs. Clawto was far too chipper for Jessica's liking. They then came to a door. There was no number on it, and Jessica had no idea how she was going to keep track of where her room was, but shrugged it off for now. "We use keycards for the staff living quarters, staff break rooms, and most areas that are generally off-limits to the little ones," the tigress said, pulling out a keycard on a pink lanyard from her white purse, and waved it in front of the knob. There was a light beep and a loud click, and she turned the knob, swinging the door open. She then turned and handed Jessica that card. "This will be your temporary keycard, until we make one that will serve as your staff i.d., which we will do tomorrow. Now try not to lose it, sweetie." Jessica rolled her eyes and slipped the lanyard over her head. They then headed into the room. Looking around, Jessica internally grudgingly acknowledged that the room was decent. It was like a hotel room, with a large queen-sized bed in the main room. There was a small walk-in closet, next to the door to the bathroom, which had a giant wall-sized mirror behind the sink. The carpet was soft beneath her feet, and was a very light blue. She frowned at the sight of a picture of a baby bunny in a yellow dress, thumb in her mouth, lying down in a crib hanging on the wall. It didn't help that the bunny in the picture had the same light grey fur with the same white cream colored fur on her chin, neck, and presumably stomach. "Can I remove the picture?" Jessica asked, setting her suitcases down on top of the bed's comforter. "I'm afraid not, sweetheart," Mrs. Clawto said. "It's bolted to the wall. It also happens to be a picture that one of our more gifted little ones painted." Jessica sighed and let it drop, while her father continued to look around. "Oh wow! This is like a fancy hotel room! Now see? Don't you feel silly for all the fuss you were putting up?" "Oh yes, it's every fifteen-year-old's dream to sleep in a daycare," Jessica said, zipping open her suitcases and taking out her clothes, already neatly folded, and started to put them away in the drawers across from the bed. On top of the drawers was a large flatscreen tv, which made the bunny girl feel a little better. "Well, baby carrot, this is goodbye," Tom said, feeling a flood of emotion. He was always known to be the emotional one back at home. He walked up and practically smothered his daughter in a tight hug. "Now remember to call us every day. You can use the staff phone. And your mother and I will come and visit you once a week on parents' day, just in case you're worried about feeling lonely." "What's parents' day?" Jessica asked, confused. "It's when parents of our guests and those little ones that are staying here for a while longer than just a day come to visit and participate with their little ones," Mrs. Clawto chimed in with a bright smile. Jessica simply rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she mumbled. "Oh! Before you finish putting away your clothes and other items, I almost forgot to ask," Mrs. Clawto said, "do you have a recent history of bedwetting?" That made Jessica freeze, her ears going rigid. "Oh yes, actually, for the past week, she's had three... uh... nighttime accidents." "DAD!" Jessica said, blushing underneath her fur. All three accidents had bewildered the teenaged bunny. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, sweetheart," Mrs. Clawto said, stepping forward, sounding conciliatory. "We just need to take some precautions, that's all." "Precautions?" Jessica asked, confused. "Yes. Since these mattresses are so expensive to clean, we require those of our live-in employees with problems with nighttime accidents to wear some protection." She was so sweet and motherly as she said it, that Jessica almost didn't understand what she meant. And then it clicked, and Jessica's cheeks burned bright red beneath her fur. "I am NOT wearing a diaper! No way! I don't need it!" she said, stamping her foot indignantly. "Jessica!" her father bellowed, which cut off her spur-of-the-moment-would-be-tirade, making her shrink in on herself a little. Her father had always been slow to anger, but when he did, he could be very imposing. Now was one of those moments as he looked at her with hard eyes. "You will NOT throw a tantrum just because there's a rule here that you do not like! Whether you like it or not, young lady, you will follow all of their rules, and you will be on your best behavior. Have I made myself clear?" Jessica trembled a little, before quietly nodding her head. "Y-yes, daddy," she said, her voice quiet and meek. Almost instantly, the stern face of her father evaporated into his usual sunny smiling one. "That's my good girl," he said, hugging her and rubbing her head, splaying her ears as he did so. He planted a kiss on her forehead as he let go. "And the nighttime protection isn't permanent for your duration here," Mrs. Clawto added, putting a massive arm around the girl's shoulders. "If you can go a full week without any accidents, you can sleep without them. Can you be a big girl for me and go one week with your protection?" "Uh... w-well... I guess..." Jessica said, now feeling small. "Good girl, I'm so proud of you." Mrs. Clawto said, giving Jessica a hug. With another tearful goodbye from her dad, Tom took his leave. Jessica's boss helped her to put away the last of her clothes, tucking the suitcases away in the closet, where a number of Jessica's blouses and shirts and a few dresses were now hanging. "Do you need to take a quick potty break before we continue on with the tour?" Jessica did a double-take, but quickly brushed it off as a result of the tigress spending so much time around small children. "Uhm, I'm good, thank you," Jessica said. "Alright, but speak up if you need to potty," Mrs. Clawto said, leading Jessica out of her room, waiting to check that the door locked after it had shut, which it did. They started to walk down the hall, which was still without any identifying landmarks. "Uh, how do I find my room?" Jessica thought to ask as they made their way down the winding hall finally making it to the elevators. "We actually got some remodeling done so sometime this week number plaques will be set up along the walls and on the doors. Until then, we're going to have adult chaperones show the employees to their rooms." Mrs. Clawto said. Jessica nodded, not liking the idea of a chaperone, even for a few days. "Now, the finer points of your responsibilities will be covered in orientation tomorrow, where you will also meet all of your other fellow employees," the tigress said after the elevator doors closed and they started to go down. "But in large part, for the first couple of weeks, you'll all be more or less the special helpers of the adults and older kids leading their classes. That includes things like setting up chairs, clearing away toys, keeping an eye on the little ones as they play, that sort of thing. And you'll be interchanging frequently from the various age groups, until we find the one that best suits you. I'm going to be upfront with you, and let you know that the teachers of the older age groups usually do well on their own, so only a few of you will be joining their classes on a regular basis. The majority of you will be joining the younger classes, like the kindergarten and younger age groups." Mrs. Clawto explained, making Jessica's head swim a little. "Ugh... please don't tell me that I'm going to have to change any diapers," Jessica said with a shudder, making the tigress giggle. "Oh sweetheart, I'm sure you'll become much more comfortable with diapers after a little while," she said, just so upbeat that it made Jessica roll her eyes. The elevator came to a stop at the bottom floor and dinged. There was some more idle children chatter and squeals of joy to be faintly heard. "Now, since we only finished with the renovations recently, our current number of little ones is a bit on the small side, however, since we're expanding into a more scholastic area, we're going to be enrolling a lot more children. So summertime will be more of a preview for when we open our services for the school year. We're going to have classes and teachers extending from pre-school all the way to high school!" she said as she started to lead Jessica down the halls. "Wait, high school? Really?" Jessica asked, confused. The tigress simply nodded. "Absolutely. Due to the constraints of the current education system, facilities like Happy Cubs are taking a much more extended and involved approach to education and development. Whether it's starting with a little one and helping them to grow and learn, to the program you're currently enrolled under, to help correct certain behavioral patterns, and maybe sneak in a college prep class or two," Mrs. Clawto said with a happy wink, "we plan to help all of our children develop and mature, with personalized plans based on individual needs. Thankfully with generous amounts of private funding." "Wow..." was all that Jessica could think to say. Yeah, because teens are gunna be so thrilled to attend a high school called Happy Cubs Youth Center. Gods, this is so embarrassing! After rounding a few more corners, passing by various doors labeled Wiggly Worms and Busy Bees and such, Mrs. Clawto waved her own keycard, which had her picture and i.d. on it, in front of a doorknob and opened it, holding it open for Jessica. She entered an office-looking room, with several tables, a microwave, a fridge, a large flatscreen against one wall, with the new GF5 and the new GameTrapezoid Series Y in a cabinet underneath. There was also a bookshelf and some bean bag chairs, a sink, some cabinets, and other amenities. "This is the student-staff breakroom, just for those enrolled in our adjustment program. This is where you'll take your breaks, socialize with others, and generally decompress," said Mrs. Clawto. "Woah, you've got the latest consoles?! But they're not even out yet!" Jessica said, impressed. "Mmhmm, just some of the perks," the tigress said with a giggle at the bunny's excitement. "Now, we shall continue with our tour!" Jessica was then led back out to the hall and down a few doors, to be let into another room. This one looked like a school room with desks and what appeared to be a teacher's desk at the front, complete with markerboard. "This is the student-staff meeting room. Unless having been assigned otherwise the previous day, this is where you all will come for early morning updates, schedules, and assignments." "Assignments? What, like homework?" Jessica said, a note of displeasure in her voice. "No, silly," Mrs. Clawto said, giving her charge another head rub, "while we are teaching responsibility for those like you, we take a different approach to it. Assignments are more like games and projects intended to be fun and stimulating. Like scavenger hunts, games of whodunnit mysteries, and so on. It's to help you further socialize and bond not only with your fellow student-employees, but also with those teaching you, as well as help you learn and think in ways you're not used to. Why, we even run a few escape rooms! And of course, we don't exclude the little ones out of the fun there. Although, before they arrive en masse, you'll all be given the chance to experience them first-paw, if you'd like." "Woah... that all sounds pretty cool... I guess," Jessica said, now even more excited. "I knew that you'd like it! Now, we're not done yet!" The tigress then led Jessica out of the room and down a few more halls, pointing out different rooms with different teachers assigned to them, before leading her out the back and into the playground. Jessica had to stop, her eyes wide with wonder. The fenced off area was much larger than she had initially thought based on the glimpse she had seen. The area was so massive that she spotted two baseball fields, a soccer field, what had to easily be the world's largest jungle gym, what looked to be a garden, several large sandboxes and, gated off, an olympic-sized swimming pool, complete with water-slides and lifeguard towers. There was even a section of the woods fenced in with a trail on it. What's more, Jessica noted that the afternoon had shifted to late-afternoon and was quickly approaching dusk. "Exercise and getting in touch with nature are very important here as well. So we try to incorporate as much as we can. Of course, safety comes first, especially so out here, so we have to remain vigilant of the pool and forest areas especially, as well as the jungle gym, despite all of the safety rails and such. In fact, part of your job will include forming teams to go in and help clear out any stragglers, as well as find any messes like spilled juice... or accidents that may have happened inside, and mark the section off so that it may be cleaned. And don't worry, our top-notch custodial staff will handle the cleaning aspect." The more Mrs. Clawto spoke, the more Jessica started to feel that this was not going to be as terrible as she had thought. "Why, we even allow for our student-employees to spend some time out here each day without the little ones. Of course, it's all divided into shifts, same for the classes and their different recess times." "Holy crap! The tuition here must be friggin' astronomical!" Jessica said, suddenly finding a white-furred finger wagging in her face. "Now, I would like to impress upon you, Jessie, that naughty language like that will not be tolerated. Not only are you here to help out and make this a fun and rewarding experience for the little ones, but you are also to act as a role model for them. So no more potty-mouth, alright sweetheart?" Jessica nodded, finding herself being hugged all of a sudden. "I'm sorry to be so stern with you," Mrs. Clawto said, gently rubbing Jessica's back, "I know that you're really a good girl. You just need a little extra help staying one. But don't worry, that'll be something we here will help you work on." She released the admonished and slightly abashed-looking bunny and smiled down at her. "Now, how about we meet up with some of your new friends in the cafeteria? I'll bet you could go for an early dinner." Jessica didn't get the chance to respond, as her stomach let out a hungry growl that was almost a full-on bark. Mrs. Clawto giggled and booped Jessica on her pink nose. "Sounds like your tummy emphatically agrees, come along now," she said, taking Jessica by the hand and leading her back inside. They came out to a large space with tables and a buffet-style line up of food. All of the smells made Jessica's mouth water, and forget that she was being led by the paw. She saw some other teenagers standing in line and sitting at tables, chatting and eating. She spotted a lizard girl with pink scales dressed in a black t-shirt with a red miniskirt on, talking to an excited black cat who was wearing a purple band shirt and jeans, animatedly discussing something. A wolf boy with a surly-looking face was sitting by himself, eating what appeared to be macaroni and cheese on his tray. An opossum girl in a red dress was laughing uncontrollably at the antics of another wolf boy, this one with russet-fur. A pair of foxes were in line, both snow white and appearing to be brother and sister, and as far as Jessica could see, there was no one else her age in the cafeteria. She saw several adults standing around, keeping an eye on things, and eating their own lunches. There were a couple of female kangaroos, a friendly-looking male lion, a male jackrabbit, a female coyote, and a panda lady. "This is just a few of your new friends. But don't worry, they're all good kids, and more will be joining us soon. In fact, the rest are all confirmed as being on their way. Not everyone's parents could personally bring them, so others are being bussed in. I'm sure that you're all going to have lots of fun together," Mrs. Clawto said as she brought Jessica to the buffet line and handed her a tray. Looking around at all the choices that made the bunny girl's mouth water, she elected to settle for a fruit salad, a yogurt, and some grape juice. Mrs. Clawto, who got a few slices of ribs, a salad, and a small smoothie, saw Jessica to her table. "Now, if you need me, I'll be right over there with the other grownups, okay sweetie? Also, remember to bus your own tray like a good girl." She gave Jessica a couple of affectionate headpats, ignoring her scowl, and went off to be greeted by the other adults. "This place is nice, but she's seriously gotta stop talking to me like I'm a little kid," Jessica grumbled to herself just before she popped a grape into her mouth. "It seems to be a pretty common thing amongst the teachers here," came a voice to Jessica's side that made her jump and almost choke on her grape, She swallowed and looked to her left to see the energetic cat sitting right next to her. "Hi! I'm Alyssa!" she said, extending her paw. Jessica looked her over and concluded that this girl was the same age as her. "Jessica. So I take it that you're here for punishment too?" she asked. "Pretty much, although, going through this place, it doesn't feel much like a punishment," Alyssa said with a smile. "True... but still, we're probably going to think differently once the work starts." "Maybe, but it still seems like a fun place to work!" Jessica quickly decided that this cat was just bursting with energy on a regular basis. They chatted for a little bit as Jessica ate, before she finished and took her tray and set it in the appropriate alcove next to the buffet line. Then she turned to see the teachers all herding the other teens to do the same and out the different doors. Mrs. Clawto approached her and gave her another headpat. "Good girl, bussing your own tray like that! And already, it looks like you made a new friend. I'm so proud of you!" She said. Jessica searched her voice for any trace of condescension, and found none, and so shrugged the treatment off, figuring that there's a way to submit anonymous complaints if the treatment didn't let up. She too was herded out to the halls and towards the elevator. "Now, don't worry about not being able to remember all of the areas and directions. You'll pick it up soon enough. Besides, there'll be teachers and hall monitors to help you if you still get lost from time to time." Mrs. Clawto said on the ride back up the elevator. Once more she led Jessica through the halls of the sixth floor, now able to see other adult staff and teens, some with their doors open, before they came to her room. Mrs. Clawto had Jessica unlock her room herself with her temporary keycard. "Good girl! See, you're getting the hang of this place already!" she praised, making Jessica blush and confused on how to respond from such praise for doing a simple task. "Now, feel free to watch a little tv and relax until bedtime, which is 10 PM. The tv will actually not be able to be turned back on until morning after 10 anyways, and will shut itself off. Also, I'll be back around then to help you get ready for bed, so how about washing up first?" Mrs. Clawto said, making Jessica blush. "F-fine... but seriously, a bedtime?" Jessica said, with a whine in her voice. Mrs. Clawto simply smiled warmly. "The little ones will be on a sleep schedule that we all have to meet, sweetheart. Can't have you staying up super late and then sleeping in, or worse, being groggy all day. But don't worry, the routine will become something you'll get used to after a while," She said, patting Jessica on the head once more. She showed herself out, and Jessica sighed, trying not to think about the humiliation that was to come later. She hopped in the shower, after stripping off her clothes, and relaxed as she bathed, She spent some time at the furdryer, before brushing out her fur, with the tv on. Of course, it was only kid-friendly shows and movies, but she was at least able to put on The Revengers, and get dressed in her pj's. The pajamas themselves were just a simple white t-shirt and some green shorts. Just as 10 o'clock rolled around, her tv shut itself off, just as promised, and there was a knock at her door. Jessica briefly considered the idea of simply not answering, but knew that Mrs. Clawto could open it anyway. The knocking was just a courtesy. She sighed and got up and went to the door, opening it, her eyes suddenly going wide. Mrs. Clawto was standing there, smiling down at her, holding a package of Snuggies brand Sleeptights. "What if someone saw!" Jessica whined as she stepped back to let the tigress in. Mrs. Clawto giggled as she set the package down on the dresser and tore it open. "It's perfectly okay, Jessica, there is nothing to be afraid of. Now, be a big girl for me and lie back on your bed." She said, pulling ove of the offending garments out, and fluffed it. Jessica saw that this was the version of Sleeptights, pink with flowers for girls, that had tabs like a diaper. "C-can't I put it on myself..." she asked, blushing. "Sorry, sweetheart, but this way we know it's going on nice and properly. Now, please lie down. The sooner we can start, the sooner we can end, and you can go to sleepy land," Mrs. Clawto said with yet another giggle. Jessica blushed yet obeyed, hoping that no one would find out about this. "This is ridiculous, anyway, since I'm not going to wet the bed." "Of course you won't," the tigress said, her tone suggesting that she didn't really believe the bunny, "but just in case, we'll keep your beddy-bye all nice and dry." The tigress then pulled off Jessica's shorts and underwear, and lifted up her legs with just one paw. This caused Jessica to let out a surprised squeak and her bottom was raised, and the open Sleeptight was slid underneath. And, instead of setting her right back down, Mrs. Clawto picked up an opened canister of baby powder, that Jessica had somehow missed, and started to liberally powder the bunny's bottom. She then set her legs down and dust her front. It was then that she pulled the front of the Sleeptights up front and tped it in place. After running a quick finger through the leg cuffs, she rolled Jessica over and did the tape over the tailhole. She finished it by giving Jessica's padded posterior a pat. "There, now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Mrs. Clawto asked. Jessica was surprised by the thickness between her legs, and how it crinkled, as well as pushed her legs apart. Instead of answering, she grabbed her shorts and attempted to pull them on and hid what basically was a diaper... yet they wouldn't fit. "Sweetheart, I'm afraid that these shorts are just too small. But don't worry, if you can go the whole week without wetting in your sleep, you can sleep with them instead of your Sleeptights," mrs. Clawto said, gently patting the front of Jessica's padded underwear and taking the shorts from her, folding them up, and putting them in the top drawer... which she then proceeded to fill with the rest of the Sleeptights. Jessica held her tongue, just wanting this over as soon as possible, which it was, just after the tigress surprised the teen bunny once more... by tucking her in. "There you go, all snug as a bug," she said, leaning down and planting a gentle kiss on Jessica's forehead. "now get some sleep, angel, you've got a big day ahead of you tomorrow!" The tigress then turned out the lights, and exited the room. Jessica reached down under the blanket and sheet to rip the Sleeptight off... before stopping. She realized that, more than likely, in the morning, she was going to be checked if she wet or not, and if they found her without her Sleeptight on... she was probably going to get in trouble. At the very least have to go to bed wearing them for longer. Another, smaller, part of Jessica was also worried... that she might wet the bed again. Sighing, the teen bunny simply laid there, before quickly falling asleep. What she was unaware of, was the lullaby that was coming through the tv speakers, at a pitch and frequency that didn't register to her as being heard. If she could have known she was hearing it, it would have sounded soft and gentle. And indeed, it was the reason why she had been so quick to fall asleep at her allotted bedtime. It was also the reason why, as she slept, her bladder emptied itself into her Sleeptight, flooding it and making the flower design on the front fade. The teenage bunny was in for a surprise in the morning. I truly hope that you enjoyed the chapter!
  11. I have posted this on my Patreon for some time now, and have decided to start publishing each chapter a month elsewhere. I’ve found this story to be one of my better stories I’ve written thus far. I hope you can enjoy the golden apple I’ve worked hard on! Vampers Halloween Trial A Diapered Fantasy By Takumi41 Chapter 1 The Vampire’s Lore This world is filled with many beings. Small as a tiny lily, giant as the trees in a forest. Animals roaming the plains, humans dancing down the streets. However, this world doesn’t just have mere mortals that exist. A parallel world houses what humans consider “monsters.” These monsters can be beasts, witches, and even vampires. Though these monsters may seem scary, they do not chase after humans. In fact, the majority of them live in isolation. I can tell you that is the truth because I am one of these “monsters.” With enhanced physical abilities and sharp fangs, I am a vampire. My name is Viki, and I’m a twelve-year-old vampire girl. Growing up as a vampire on this side of the world hasn’t been difficult. As I mentioned before, with isolation, vampires normally don’t socialize. So, for all these twelve years, I’ve lived, I haven’t talked with a single human once. But I have always given it a serious thought and still wonder why we never do socialize with them. If I could, I would change that. That has been something I’ve dreamed about ever since I was younger. As a vampire, I do have sharp fangs. So as a precaution, I’m pretty good at not showing my teeth to give it away. Unlike many beliefs there are of our kind, we vampires do not bite living beings to suck their blood. In fact, we don’t drink blood at all. Another misconception is that we don’t shapeshift into other forms either. Despite our fangs, we don’t have many differences from the others, including humans. We get up at the same time, study, eat the same things and play. I suppose one of our significant differences, besides remaining reclusive, is that we have unusual abilities. The magical energy within us can be harnessed into many different shapes and forms. As well as being utilized for many tasks to make them more manageable. Being part of the vampires, we have chosen to live away from the other beings in our world. This world being Earth—a planet that has two sides to it. One we often call the “Main” world or even “Human” world. The other is where I was born, the “Alter” world. The Alter world is a different realm than the Main one, where many differences can be spotted. Such as the living beings that reside there. Even with our differences from humans, I lay awake with the sun’s beam through my window. Blinking my eyes, I feel a set of damp sheets under my white knee-length nightgown. Its scent drifting about the room. I, Viki, a twelve-year-old vampire, lay awake, finding my bed wet. Sighing to myself, I cannot believe what has happened. I’m a twelve-year-old girl and a vampire, no less! I shouldn’t be wetting my bed! I scratch the scalp below my long ash-colored blonde hair before blinking my azure eyes a few times. Still, a wet bed is below me, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Getting out of bed, I stepped in front of my mirror. The mirror had a floral design on the wooden edges that belonged to an older generation in my family. But here I was, looking at myself—a big wet stain on my nightgown. Brushing my hair with my fingers, I sigh to myself, glaring into the bright blue eyes. Though this is the third wet bed in a row, I know I have to bring my sheets to the wash as soon as I get up. My parents called me out for not letting them know right away on the first day I had the accident. With that in mind, I began the process of striping the white sheets off the bed and taking the pink blanket off my bed. This bed had a valence decorated in a floral pattern—a bed that shouldn’t have been wet. Holding the needed to wash materials, I turned towards the door to my room. Passing by an ornately carved round table with a large novel on top, I marched out of my room through the wooden door. Stepping out, I was greeted by a long hallway with several other rooms. Of course, the bathroom was to the left, but it wasn’t needed now in my current state. I could sense there should be no one down the path. Pillowing through the hallway, I exit into a four-way path of hallways. Pictures lined on the walls, along with short tables with vases filled with flowers. The laundry room which I was seeking was straight across from the hall that my room was in. Through an antique-looking wooden door at the end of the hall led to a room with white walls. Several washing machines and driers were placed in. This was the goal I intended to reach with my sheets—the laundry room. A woman with black hair, a navy-blue collared knee-length dress with a white apron stood looking at me. She was one of our current maids to assist in our daily lives. Not to mention one I could trust with my current predicament. The maid swiftly took hold of the sheets I currently held and put them in the nearby empty washer. “I see the problem still persists, my lady,” the maid spoke with a curtsy. “Unfortunate, but that does seem to be the case,” I sighed. “Thanks for your help, Miranda.” “Of course, you can count on me to help lady Viki!” Miranda replied enthusiastically. However, her look of enthusiasm vanished into a head tilt. “Should I make mentions to the headmistress?” The “headmistress” Miranda was referring to was my mother. Though it could make my life easier, I already made my decision the second I arose from my chambers. “No, I chose to make her aware of the dilemma myself.” “Ah, quite mature, I see,” Miranda smirked. “Well, if you’d require my assistance, do give me a call. Perhaps I can help you change from the current attire?” Looking down showcased the wet-stained knee-length white nightgown with some details around the skirt. It was clear I should have changed out of them. “Nah, I prefer to showcase the evidence,” I twirled my hand in the air. “Alright, well, I wish you the best of luck. Oh, I should tell you she’s in the main hall right now.” “Thanks, Miranda. I shall go reveal the truth to my mother now then. Though, I’m not sure how to get her alone…” “Ah, here, let me assist you with that.” After making her statement, Miranda wrapped me with a pink blanket. “This should hide you from the others from knowing.” I smiled, looking up to her calm crimson eyes, “Thanks!” With a quick wave and an exchange of curtsy’s, I exited the laundry. The main hall was several more corridors and stairs down to reach. This was currently the most enormous estate mansion my family-owned. Even though it wasn’t as big as our primary home, I still found it rather pleasant. This estate served its purposes rather well to my family every year around this time—of October. Once I reached the mansion's main hall, I could spot a woman with a full-length navy-blue dress. This dress had floral embroidery on the collar, a pair of sleeves that streamed below the waist, blonde hair well below her shoulders—my charming mother. My mother was currently directing a few of our maids on how to “decorate” the place. At least, how to decorate it to her vision. The decoration was getting prepared for the month’s event in October—Halloween. Unlike humans having a spooky atmosphere with cobwebs, tombstones, and monsters, we vampires dapper the location with silky white drapes and celebratory flowers. There are other kinds of accessories that go into play. Still, it goes into our celebration of Halloween that vastly differs from mere mortals. Clamoring my way towards the top of the regal rug-covered stairs, my mother looked in my direction. I was glad she did too, as any closer, and I’m sure the maids would be able to smell my accident. “Well, good morning, sweetheart,” My mother exposed her fanged smile. However, she looked at the current attire. “I see you haven’t prepared yourself for the day…and possibly a dilemma?” I looked towards her, then to the side. “Yeah…about that.” My mother turned to look at the maids, “Um, can you wait for us while we talk in private.” With no rebuttal, my mother swiftly jaunted up the stairs, took my hand to the nearby room to the right while the pink sheet drifted along the floor. This white textured door had carvings of a dragon placed over the exterior—fitting for the main hall entrance. Behind the expensive door was a table in the center with floral decorations at the corners. It was not the prettiest room in the estate, but used for conversation with lesser individuals. Closing the door behind her, my mother took a deep breath. “I see you had another accident during the night.” The thought of it brought overflowing mist steam in my eyes, “Yeah…I’m actually worried, mother…” Unable to hold back, I leaped into my mother's arms, escaping the blanket around me. “This is my third accident in a row…But I’m a vampire…a princess no less! This is absolutely unbecoming of me!” Tears began flowing down my eyes. Before I could speak anymore, my mother brushed my hair. “Shh. Shh. It's okay. Everything’s okay! I know the issue brings about a sour taste, but I know it won’t persist forever. There’s an abundance of girls your age who soil themselves at night. This isn’t anything to worry over.” “But…I’m a princess!” I barked back with tears. “That doesn’t matter. Every girl has a set of hardships to overcome—that includes princesses. So, you don’t need to worry over something this meek. But if it troubles you so, lean into me longer. For no matter your status as a princess, queen, or common girl, you will always be my precious little gem! Now let your mother shred those fears of yours.” The instance her grasp ensnared me tight, a pleasant sensation quaked within my tiny frame. I attempted to exchange the same snare. “It’ll all be okay. Mother loves you obsessively. Just soothe into my arms, and everything will be just.” I closed my eyes, grasping my mother tight. Her grasp relocated below my waist, and she held onto my petite bottom. Not realizing the full extent my mother did, I grew closer to her heartbeat. Laying up against her delicate chest, I curled my body—almost fetal. My mother's soft fragrance and hums were the only thing I could sense from my keen observations. Opening my eyes once more, I perceived my location had changed. Mother caressed me to a nearby chair, holding me tight in her arms. Despite me having grown from my infantile stage in life, this was something I’d always cling to. My love for my mother flourished, and it persistently shows. If I ever needed my troubles to melt, my mother would sacrifice to make it so. This care she has done so openly in the past earned her the title of “nurture queen.” Despite wanting to grow up, it always warmed my heart even at this age. Though, we only hug in private locations like this due to our status. “I’m sorry for having you do this for me…” I glanced downwards. “Please, it warms me to hold you,” My mother smiled. “So, think nothing of it as long as you feel better.” “Okay!” I beamed in her direction. “Can I stay like this a little longer, mommy?” “Of course you can.” “Hehe, yay…” Closing my eyes once again, I curled my legs to an even superior angle. With one hand still clasped around my mother, I wrapped my legs with my open hand—thus entering a fetal position. The short hums my mother presented warmed my body. Once I felt fully calmed down, I reopened my eyes once more. Leaning up, I hopped off her lap. “Feeling better, hon?” My mother questioned. “Yup!” I landed with a twirl. “That’s good then. I was beginning to worry if it was affecting you. The last couple of days, it took us by surprise. Even though you seemed fine, I still worried about how you were processing it. Given how the mood vastly changed, I smiled at how informal our private conversation moved. “Yeah, it still bothers me, but not as much now.” “That’s good, just remember, even though you are a princess, accidents happen to the best of us. Though, I won’t deny it…it doesn’t happen to many vampires…” “Wait…what?” I felt stunned. “That doesn’t matter though, you’re our special little princess!” My mother quickly hugged me. “Hehe.” “Well, let us not worry about it for the rest of the day, alright. But if it does happen again, we might need to consider a solution.” “Okay, I agree to that.” It was true. The notion was pointless to ponder about. Despite the idea of what “fixing” the problem could entail, we’ll just have to cross that bridge. “Alright, hon, you should get yourself ready for the day,” My mother scanned my nightgown. I did question the possibility my mother did wonder why I was still wearing the same soiled clothes, but it seemed she didn’t care. The only thought to care about was my well-being. “I can reason with that notion. Probably a good thing too, because I kind of need to go potty now.” The urge didn’t really show itself as I was contently laying in my mother's arms, but a notion of desperation took form. Clasping my legs together, I put my right hand on top of my stained nightgown to hold the best I could. “A good thing indeed. Otherwise, I might be wiping my daughter’s urine off the floor. And I’d have to change my pristine clothes.” “Yeah, I almost took a nap too…” “If you had, I’d most likely be getting Miranda with a mop bucket about now then.” She gave me a devilish smirk showcasing her fully grown fangs. “Haha yeah, well, if you’ll excuse me then.” “Have a good bath, sweetie! I’ll have the maids prepare us breakfast in the meantime, so take your time, okay.” “Okay,” I walked up to the door. “One last thing, mommy,” I started dancing in place. “Yes, Viki?” “Hehe, I love you!” I beamed before scurrying out the door without waiting for a response. I didn’t believe I had it in me to reach the bathroom I would be performing my bath in, so I stopped at the nearest one. Sitting on the porcelain throne, I began to relieve myself. Thinking to myself, I am a twelve-year-old vampire princess, relieved to have made it and not an accident on my mother's lap. Once finished, I flushed the toilet of my waste, closing up the pitstop with a wash of my hands. Now that I could sigh in relief that I didn’t fail to keep the current attire clean a second time, I proceeded towards the area my room was located. The bathroom of my preferred tub was located over in that location. Within the same hall of my room, which door was currently closed, I continued to the end of the hall. Turning the handle led to a bathroom, which walls were covered by a pastel blue, a taque flooring (similar to marble), and small bird creature designs depicting a snazu throughout. Although the bathroom design seemed more of a childish feature, I mainly have fawn memories of it. The bathroom was about half the size of my room. A wall divided the portion with the toilet and bathtub. A double vanity across from the tub made it fun to change which side to use each day. But the critical part was the tub that was built for someone the size of my mother. So, no matter how much I’d grow, I’d always be able to enjoy a pleasantly warm bath in this bathroom. Without a moment's hesitation, I turned the handles for warm water fill the tub. Stripping off the dried wasted clothes, I look in the cabinet under the sink. Once I find the pink bottle, I procure it with a fanged grin. With a naked skip in the air, I opened the bottle above the tub. Pouring a fair bit of the bottle's contents out into the tub as its levels rose up caused a bubble effect to take place. A bubble bath of this nature helped me calm down with the assistance of the aromatherapy scents to be sprayed. The sprays occurred through motion, so once I would get in, a soothing aroma would be gently poured into the atmosphere. It was similar to having a candle, though my parents didn’t trust me with fire, even near an open source of water. Turning the handles once more the other way caused the water to stop pouring from the faucet. Stepping into the pleasantly warm water with a smile, a relaxing scent blew my direction. Soaking my hair under the water as my fingers felt the bubbles, I felt far better than I did before. No maids would come to aid us in cleaning up, given that was not a duty we had given them. As a vampire, we prefer to take things into our own hands. Plus, it would take away from the relaxing atmosphere under the presence of someone else. Or so that’s what my mother always told me when I asked in the past. Finishing up this lengthy soothing soak, I unplug the drain. As the water level slowly sank, I rose up out of the tub. Hoisting a pure white towel made with a soft fabric made for royals, I proceed to dry myself off. Wrapping the towel around myself, I find myself ready for the next step in the daily routine. Following my earlier tracks outside the door, I take a detour into my room. If the day were to present itself like any other, well besides my nightly accident, I should find a set of clothes prepared for me in my room. Pushing open the door, I found as I would have expected—a clean set of clothes picked out from the maids hand-picked by my own style. Even though we do not have maids assisting us through our daily needs such as bathing, they still help straighten things out, like getting our clothes battle-ready. Although, I am the final say in the style they choose. For this current time, I have set the type to be cute. I choose this style, as I admire the kinds of clothes they’ve picked out for it. In the current case, I see laid in front of me a silky dress. This white knee-length dress is slightly different from your average dress. The top part has a collar with a sash tied around the chest with a similar pair of sleeves that my mother had. For the bottom half had frills at the hem. Lastly, a couple of comfy black leggings followed by white undergarments that have a cute little black ribbon. If the clothing were a bit trickier to put together, a maid would stay behind to assist us in putting the equipment on—typically Miranda. However, that doesn’t appear to be so for this case. So, I begin the equipment process by dropping my towel. Once I finished equipping the dress, it drooped an inch below my knees. Admiring the frills at the hem, I find myself excited how today’s outfit turned out. Stepping into the regal floral mirror in my room, I take a good look as I turn and twist my body to view at different angles. Smiling with my fangs, I am delighted at today’s choice of clothing. However, my hair wasn’t in the best of shape, given it was still wet. So, I scoop the towel I used and head back over to the bathroom. Back in the bathroom, I step in front of the mirror to locate a nearby brush and hairdryer. I could call for a maid or even my mother to do this for me, but I felt the need to be a big girl since my recent accident. After I’d finish this procedure, I would have an excellent breakfast to look forward to. Now that I have been prepared, I continued out the bathroom doors down the main hallway I used before. Near the main hall on the ground floor was a corridor with a set of doors leading to my next destination. With our family now up and battle-ready for the day, we could proceed our breakfast operation. Opening up the regal wooden door leads to a set of decorated white-clothed tables with a vase of colorful flowers to the right. Gorgeous glass ornaments hanging effulgent from the ceiling. A large circular table with a white cloth covering is placed at the center. Elegantly crafted chairs resting against the table for guests to enjoy. As well as my mother and a well-dressed vampire-man with dark hair. They noticed my presence and turned my way with a fanged smile. Returning their kind expression, I endured up to my mother to take my seat between her and the male vampire. First looking up to my mother, then I look over to the man who is my kind father giving both of them a warm smile. Now that I had taken my seat, we could proceed to the main dishes for our breakfast. The family I sat next to is the current queen and king of all vampires within our nation. Much like other monarchs that exist within the world, the royal family's blood is passed on. Royal blood runs through the veins of our current king—my father. Our kind never took much the interest of inbreeding to keep the royalty “pure,” so the majesty would always be looking for lovers as they grew up. According to the story, my mother tells me how the two of them got together on a starry night. They had known each other for several years and supported one another but didn’t have romantic feelings at first. “Until that starry night,” my mother would say with a giggle ending the story. Despite not knowing the exact details, I ended up coming about the world due to the two of them which I am grateful for. Perhaps one day I’ll get to know, but I am happy to be their daughter for now. Being their daughter would mean that the royal blood runs through me—much like my liquids at night. That would have me be the royal princess. Unlike other princesses, our kind has been protective of each individual’s decision since ancient times. Thus, the princess in our kingdom wouldn’t be marketed off to another country just to “strengthen the countries ties.” The thought of it disgusts me. Having my decision being respected would mean if I desired a different path than royalty, I can pursue it. However, my parents and other relatives love saying how I’m the spitting image of the very revered Kassandra. Kassandra was one of our very early empresses who saved our kind from being forced into slavery by other beings. Supposedly her famous quote is “love our surroundings, but perish not.” Though no matter how many times I look over at her portrait, I can’t find the similarities. I mean, sure, we have the same hair color and eyes…not to mention I completely agree with that quote. To appreciate everyone for who they are, but to care for our kind first before moving into agreements with the other species was more or less how I perceived it. Given this comparison has had me a little troubled to figure out my path for my own future. “Now that I have my two favorite girls at the table,” my father began to speak. “We can discuss a short bit of these upcoming days. As I’m sure you are aware, Halloween is coming soon, and that will mean I’ll be busy into the late evening.” He looked towards me and gave a bright expression. “Of course, I will always make myself available at our usual time.” By “usual time,” he was referring to the time he instructs me. As a princess and a vampire, I do not go to any kind of institution for schooling. At least the leading vampires have voted against it. “I have plans in the process currently in the works as well,” my mother spoke up. At this point, they continued to explain their business relations with the government board and cabinet members. This had been a process I have come accustomed to given my twelve years of being a princess. Though it always sounded like a lot of work went into each Halloween. Unlike the mortals who would dress up as fowl creatures to greet each doorstep with a demand for sweets, we vampires send our proper respects and thanks to those before us. Such a tradition was put into place closer to a thousand years back. Back in those times, vampires were relegated to the shadows just for how different we were despite the majority of us only trying to mind our own business. That was till a group of vampires banded together and eventually formed their own civilization outside. Thanks to their efforts, we can live in comfort, isolated from the disasters that sprung from others. Hidden from human knowledge, Halloween is only an adopted term from us. From what I have studied about this holiday, humans did stumble on a ceremony in the process. Those humans took that knowledge, ignorant that it was a group of vampires, and spread information to others. The following year, it began as a pagan tradition as some means to celebrate spirits. However, their Christian churches didn’t approve of this belief. They began spreading treats at their doorsteps to the youth to prevent them from participating. The church had a lot of success in this and shut down the pagan ritual. Despite it being shut down, the idea was continuously passed down. Eventually, the great depression hit America, which caused the idea to cause mischief in most youth. Given the problem it was causing, they ultimately gave the kids treats at the doorsteps once again. A tradition they adopted from miscued beliefs long before that belonged to us—Halloween. “With Halloween approaching,” I began to voice myself. “I wanted to experience the traditions human children would perform.” After I voiced my desire, silence filled the room. I understood my wish was like a comet in chances, but it was still one I desired fulfilled. As we vampires have grown to recluse away from other societies, we trade with them. We’ve only grown better at hiding these years, and something inside me just didn’t like that, though. A heavy sigh escaped from my father, “You know very well that we cannot interact with their kind. Especially the history our kind has endured. I’m sure you’re also aware of how terrible they treat themselves! How the woman of their kind have suffered through so many hardships and the discrimination just based on one’s own skin!” I began to pout, “But they have changed their ways long since then. It's only our stubbornness that keeps us from changing. Plus, I thought it could be a start to show the government and our people those changes!” Hmph! I remember hearing you say something similar to that too! We continue to glare at each other till we hear my mother clearing her throat. “W-well, regardless of this matter, your father and I will be unavailable for some time. So, we will have to leave you to the care of our maids once again.” I exhaled a heavy sigh, “Sigh, again. I thought you’d think about a different possibility for me this year.” “I’m sorry, sweetie,” My father stated solemnly. “I know you don’t like being in the care by our maids, but it isn’t like we have many other options.” My mother looked at me with a sour expression, “You know our maids would be just like hiring a sitter anyways. Plus, I thought you were close with Miranda?” “I-I am! I thought I was grown enough to be left alone, though,” I puffed. “B-but…sigh,” my father wrinkled his brow. “Look, we’ll think about this later, alright. We can enjoy our meal then and begin your studies for the day.” “Alright,” I gave in. It wasn’t something I felt pleased with for the idea. Still, my options didn’t seem very existent besides being left with the maids. Although I did feel alright with them here and helping out whenever it just didn’t feel right without my parents being present. With breakfast taken care of, I could now begin my daily studies. As a princess, I was homeschooled—through with the best education to offer. A majority of vampires were often homeschooled, though. Not many public schools existed for us to gather to, as generally there wasn’t enough of our kind to fit that demand. The fertility rate of vampires had been relatively stagnant for many centuries. Still, I suppose it’d make sense for our kind, given we do tend to live longer than the average mortal. The first subject I would tackle today would be mana harnessing. However, it was specialized to my physique. Unlike other vampires who typically graduated harnessing in their elementary days, I was a particular case. The mana inside me was far refined in comparison—thus, I had a more substantial capacity for mana usage. Granted the subject field had sparse research available for proper instructors, it would fall to my father to instruct me. From what I’m aware of, mana is generally genetic. Which would mean my father should also have a higher capacity than the average vampire. However, it sometimes can be spontaneous and unpredictable. So, it's generally genetic to a certain degree of percentage. My father first taught me that I was a unique case when it came to a vampire’s mana. Even though the royal family is lucky in children rich in mana, I was essentially an absurdly large diamond. Not yet refined, but no value could compare. Hence when we had instructors try to teach me at a young age, they would all abandon their position due to a lack of understanding my physique. Thus, due to no other vampire being able to visualize my being, my father decided to be my instructor and made sure to cut enough time for it. The best suitable location for harnessing mana is in a peaceful environment. So, our typical classroom was in the green room located in the back of the mansion. Many colorful flowers flourished alongside the greenest trees the world could witness. The half-dome shape was covered in window paneling to give a fantastic view outside. This room had a spectacular view at night when the moon sparkled through. Taking our seats in comfy outdoor seating arrangements, my father and I would begin the instructions. “Alright, sweetie, before we begin, let us meditate,” My father stated. This was a widespread routine I had been accustomed to. The meditation was to assist in harnessing one’s own state. At least that’s what I was told. Sitting with my legs crossed on top of each other, I put my hands together, closing my eyes. Slowly breathing in through my nose—witnessing many gorgeous scents around me before exhaling out my fanged mouth. A tranquil feeling came to me. “That should be enough for meditation. Now let us proceed with today’s procedure,” My dad stood up. My eyes opened up and followed in suit. “Today, I think you are ready to graduate to the next stage.” “Oh really?” I felt shocked. It was about a couple of years back before my father stated something similar and when our subject field changed. I’m still unsure what the importance of all that I had learned was, but my father tells me I have a pure talent for it. “Yup, as a matter of fact, you’re getting close to surpassing your father,” he said with a pleased expression. “It wasn’t till my late teens for when I got to this stage. So, it has me very pleased to see how much progress you can make this early on. As a father, it has me undoubtedly happy, and as a vampire, I am curious to see where you might go.” “I see…” I said, blushing away. The sudden praise felt very good, but I tried my best to contain it. “What will we be covering now?” “Well, as we have covered the subjects of harnessing your mana, circulation, and the idealization stages, it’s now time for you to learn how to harness it in other means.” Hearing the term had me perk my ears in interest for what it could mean. “So, for today’s first lecture will be about self-defense. But I first wanted to mention that your mother and I are both on the fence about you learning this. As we always want to be there for you, is there really a means to teach you self-defense? That was when I recalled my old instructor and retainer.” The term “retainer” stuck out to me, as I remember the old gentle Frederick. He was a kind man that I came to love, and I called him my uncle. However, he passed on many years back when I was still relatively young. Those tears I had I still remember to this day. “Well, Frederick once told me that even though I may be royalty, would that mean I shouldn’t have a need to learn self-defense? But that would only weaken me to becoming an easier target. If I wanted to be defended at all times, at least the self-dense, I know would be there for me in dire times. It was through this teaching that had your mother, and I change our minds. So, with this teaching in mind, we can at least sleep easy that you can manage by yourself when the time comes.” “Ah, that does sound like uncle Fred!” I smiled with my fangs peaking. “But I’ll do my best that I can!” “That’s my girl! Now for today’s first lecture will be about putting something to sleep…” The lecture and technique went on for about an hour before we stopped for the day. With a pleased smile, my father leads me back to my study room, where I would begin studying other subjects. Though the latter half of our instructions for self-defense, I couldn’t help but think about being able to spend time with mortals once again. I couldn’t help muttering “if only there was some way,” out loud. But he left me within the study, hoping me a good rest the day before sitting in meetings for the day. I’ve once had several tutors come through to make sure I’m on a topic only to find I was advanced from where I should be. Thus, I’d continue to make progress on my own. *** Several more hours of studying go by before I could call it a day, thus closing the book with a clump. Now that I have finished all my studying, I could proceed through the day with my hobbies. The current hobbies in mind were reading and playing with my dolls. I know I was a bit old for playing with my dolls, but the process of imagination and how cute the dolls were constructed always had me returning for more. As for the stories I enjoyed reading, I can’t help but admit I’m a stickler for princess novels. It's kind of embarrassing to admit that I, a princess enjoyed reading about other princesses. Though the kind I read about is more fairy-tale related. Where the princess becomes trapped, and a handsome prince slays a dragon to save them. Such romance I couldn’t help but admire. But I’ll sometimes lie, saying I like to read only about vampire mysteries. Despite my enjoyment, the thoughts about another soiled bed remain in my head. Would I wake up with another wet bed? Was I severely different from a vampire? Was there something wrong with me? I couldn’t help but be somewhat afraid for my future. However, I could only hope there was at least some way I’d be able to bridge past the vampire’s issues of the outside world.
  12. This is a special world where pokemon are anthro and work jobs like regular humans a local Mew has opened up a daycare for lil ones to come and hang out and visit from time to time. Upon entering the large decorated daycare you would find its full of everything for lil ones including diapers, tables for changing, high chairs for feeding, cribs etc. and tons of wild pokemon and plushies everywhere for the lil tots to play with.
  13. When a wolf has a little too much to drink one night, he ends up ruining all of his summer plans. But his mother has found a solution... a job at a local daycare... This a slightly reformatted and edited version of the story I first posted to this Patreon when I launched it. With the next story directly following on from these events, I thought it would be good to properly get it into a post! Without a Care “But Mom why do I have to go?” “Because when I put in the application I had to mention your little accident two weeks ago” “I already explained why that happened! It was because I drank too much the night before and was completely hammered” “You shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place!” His mother shouted back “Besides I still have to mention it. They asked specifically if there had been any recent incidents of bed-wetting. If I didn’t, and anyone asked about it, I could have been in serious trouble” The 16-year-old wolf struggled to find an answer to this one. His mouth opened and closed without any form of communication. “Right” said his mother, clearly annoyed that the conversation had needed to go this far, “That’s sorted then. I’m sorry no where else would take you, but they should be able to give you jobs that will help in the future, especially if you have kids” “Yeah like I’m ever going to be taking care of kids” he replied, beginning to walk off. “Jimmy, don’t forget to pack all the stuff you need tonight. I don’t want you arriving to find you haven’t got enough underwear” “Mum I’m sure I’ll be fine” “Right now get to bed, if we’re not at the day-care by 9:00 tomorrow you’re not going to be giving a very good first impression” Jimmy only snarled. He had wanted to apply for a camp over the summer, in particular one that would be fun but also give him work. His mum had offered to help, and had gone through the various websites and phone channels. Thanks to the “incident” two weeks ago, however, only the day-care down the road had offered him a place to stay and work, mentioning that they had the “resources to deal with such an incident should it happen again”. The very words were like poison. They implied that the 16-year-old wolf would wet the bed, something he hadn’t done since he was 5. “Nothing I can do about it now” he said to himself, hauling his suitcase out of the cupboard under the stairs. Before long he had packed, his entire wardrobe was empty, and the chest of drawers next to his bed was void of underwear and pyjamas. The only thing left now was to go to bed and await the noise of his alarm the next morning. When the alarm did sound, Jimmy was already up and showering. A frustrated nights sleep had meant that he had awoken several times. This was, after all, his first taste of work. It was a big step in the teenage wolfs life, albeit a step in an odd direction. Eventually he had given up at six am, when there was little point in trying to go back to the world of dreams. Wandering out of the bathroom wrapped in only a towel he went back to his room, pushing the alarm button on his clock. This was promptly followed by a voice at his bedroom door “You’d better be out of bed mister, I’m not – Oh you’re awake!” “Yeah mum, can I have some privacy while I change” “Oh, sure” his mother sounded as though she was surprised to see her son awake, let alone half-naked. As she closed the door behind her, Jimmy threw his towel to floor and began to change into his last set of available clothes. As the car went to park outside the “Little Joy Day-Care Centre” Jimmy felt an odd sense of anxiety. He had no idea how to take care of babies and toddlers, yet he was about to be responsible for some of them. However, the voice of his mother from the front seat of the car was enough to shake him out of his thoughts. “Come on get that suitcase out of the back!” Within moments the case was out and both mother and son were walking up to the front of the day-care. As they walked in a combination of sensual stimuli hit both of them, a combination that could only mean “childhood”. White walls and blue floors greeted them, leading up to a pine desk with a fox sitting behind it. There were banners along the skirting boards covered in balloons and teddy bears and the noise of screaming and laughter that could only be coming from toddlers and babies was mixed with the sounds of cooing coming from a room the left of the entrance. The smells of baby powder and disinfectant filled the air, creating a strange aroma that was very nostalgic to the wolf. He had been in a similar place to this a long time ago, he thought to himself, though he couldn’t remember any of it off hand. “Hello there, can I help at all” the voice came from the fox behind the desk, clearly a receptionist. “Yes my son is here to work with you for a few weeks” His mother said, before Jimmy could even get a word in for himself “Ah yes Mr. Hall, if you take a right here you’ll be outside the headmistresses office. She’ll be able to give you more information” she immediately went back to her computer screen without a second look at the two of them. Having followed this simple instruction the mother and son were now seated in front of an older fox. Large spectacles covered her eyes and her hair was tinged grey at the edges. “Mr. Hall I’d like to welcome you to Little Joy Day-care. My name is Jennifer Dart, though I expect you to call me Miss Dart or Miss” she straightened herself up, as if to assert authority over her new worker “As the brief explained you’ll be helping out the staff in many of their day-to-day tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning out potties and diaper pails, cleaning the toilets and changing tables and replacing supplies from the stockroom.” She stared almost menacingly at Jimmy from across her desk. “You will not be required to do much while the children are here, most go home at 4pm with their parents, at which point we begin the cleaning up process to prepare for the next day. I provide my staff with dinner and a bed during the week since many live a long way away. This has simply become the easiest way to run the business, and you will also be given breakfast, lunches and dinners during your stay here.” There was a pause as she looked down at her notes. Spotting something she raised her eyebrows and her eyes moved to look at him, her head staying still. “We will also provide you with night-time protection, since we cannot risk having our beds ruined” Jimmy felt a pang of anger at these words. He wanted to complain, but he knew, by this stage, that there was no avoiding it. “Do you wear such protection at home Mr. Hall?” Jimmy was taken aback by the question “No miss, it was a one time accident”. Again her eyebrows rose to the top of her forehead “Oh… Well we’ll see how you go tonight in that case. If nothing is amiss we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and you can sleep without the diapers” “Diapers?” Jimmy exclaimed, unable to keep his voice from rising in shock “Keep your tone in check young man!” his mother scolded. “At the very least we will ask you to wear a diaper on your first night here.” Miss Dart continued, “This is just a precaution as mattresses cost money and unless you want your mother paying for a new one I suggest you wear such protection. For now at any rate.” Jimmy couldn’t believe it. He was being told to wear diapers in case he wet the bed! He was 16! Not 3! “Since you do not normally wear protection of this kind, may I also presume that you have never changed yourself into a diaper before?” Already speechless from the previous point Jimmy could only stutter out a “N-No” “In that case I’ll have one of the staff change you before bed tonight. If this really is a one time thing you’ll have nothing to worry about.” She smiled at him “But that’s not for a little while yet, let me show you to your room” Both mother and son followed the headmistress back to the main hall. By now the screaming and laughing was in full swing in the day-care centre. Rather than going through the nursery, however, the headmistress took them to a door behind the reception desk. It opened onto a staircase that led up to second floor. “Up here is our staff room, toilet, kitchen and bedrooms” said Miss Dart “You’ll be sleeping in here” as she opened the door, Jimmy immediately noticed several odd things about the room. Firstly it smelled like the rest of the nursery, a combination of baby powder and disinfectants. Secondly all the furniture looked like the rest of the nursery, all white, including the bedspread and pillow. Finally one piece of furniture in particular caught his eye. “Is that a changing table?” “Yes it is” Miss Dart replied, “In some cases some of the children have to stay the night, particularly if parents are on business trips. We provide the service as an extra means of income.” It was at this point that he noticed something further about the bed. There was a large wooden fence folded down over the side. He immediately realised that this could be raised to create a cot. “So I’m in a toddlers room?” “I’m afraid this is all we can provide you with. All the other rooms are taken up by our staff members.” Jimmy could only sigh. He was going to be sleeping in a baby’s room for four weeks. “I guess this is where I wish you good luck!” his mother said, kissing him on the cheek. “I’ll be fine mom, how hard can it be” “That’s the spirit! I’ll be keeping in touch with Miss Dart to see how you’re getting on” as she started to leave the room Miss Dart followed. “We’ll give you time to unpack your things and then we’ll see you downstairs for lunch in an hours time” “Bye Mom!” Jimmy shouted at the door. “Bye! Have a nice time!” After unpacking, Jimmy took a little bit of time to look at some his furniture. As he suspected the fence on the side of the bed rose up easily, creating a suitable barrier, and quite a tall one at that. He doubted even he could climb over it! The changing table was a pretty standard affair, though he noticed it was void of any of the typical trimmings. No diapers, wipes or powder. After making sure all his shirts were neatly folded and stored in the wardrobe he headed back down the stairs to the reception desk. By now it was nearly lunchtime, though he realised he had no idea where to go. Spotting the receptionist he hoped she knew where he needed to go “Excuse me, where do I go for lunch?” he asked, a little nervous/ “Oh right, if you go through the nursery and turn right as soon as you reach the play area you’ll see our dining area. We have lunch with some of the kids, makes it easier to organise everything that way” she smiled at him, then went back to her computer/ “Thanks Miss… err…” “Keri. Miss Keri” “Ah ok, thanks” As Jimmy entered the nursery he was suddenly flustered. All around the room there were kids of various ages and species playing with toys and being tended to by the nursing staff. Some looked no older than about 18 months, with many wearing nothing but a diaper. Some even wore training pants he noticed, as he wandered through the room. The kids didn’t pay their new visitor the slightest attention, most were caught up in whatever activity they happened to be doing. The kitchen was far less intimidating to the 16 year old. There was a lion being fed in a highchair by a kindly looking tigress while the rest of the staff were eating their own meals. Noticing Miss Dart at the end of a table in the centre of the room he moved over to sit down. “Ah Mr. Hall, please take a seat.” She smiled at him again. It was the same smile as before, the one that sent shivers down his spine. “I trust you’ve unpacked everything?” “Yes Miss Dart” Jimmy replied, his voice slightly shaky from nerves Miss Dart seemed to notice his anxiety “Don’t worry, I imagine this is all a little new to you?” Jimmy nodded in response “I’m sure you’ll do fine. For now though I’ve put up a recommended menu for you on the side there. Have you cooked before?” “Only with pasta Miss” “Well that’s two meals sorted at least. As long as one of the staff is here to help I’m sure you’ll have no problem” Jimmy laughed nervously, unsure as to what to do next. “Well then, I suggest you make a quick meal for yourself. Pasta should be fine, there’s plenty in that top cupboard there” Miss Dart motioned over to the worktops “Otherwise pots and pans are in the cupboard next to the fridge. I’ll see you in here in about 20 minutes for your first briefing on what to do next.” “Ok, thank you Miss” She smiled again and left the kitchen, leaving Jimmy to cook. Pretty soon he was full of pasta, and Miss Dart returned, carrying a folder and a notepad “Right, Mr. Hall” Miss Dart started “As your first task, I need you to restock your own changing table” “What?” Jimmy’s voice was once again unable to stop itself from rising in mild shock “We need to ensure all the supplies are there for this evening. This will also give you the opportunity to see the stockroom and where we keep everything” She gave him a stern look “I’ll show you there now” When he entered the stockroom, Jimmy could see only one thing. Diapers, stacked high on nearly every shelf. Packs of different sized diapers for all the different species, all neatly stacked in alphabetical order. “Right Mr. Hall, I’m going to challenge you a little.” She gave him another of those smiles “I want to see how quickly you can find your size diaper and then find powder, wipes and a washcloth” Jimmy turned to look at the room. Logically, the diapers should be easy to find, he thought, since everything is in alphabetical order by species. Wandering down to the end of a row of shelves he quickly found a shelf marked “Wolves” and looked up and down the section. He never knew there were this many brands of diaper. Pawpers were here but so were Snugglies, Tailsies and Puppy Eyes. “How are any these supposed to be in my size?’ Jimmy thought to himself. Noticing that the sizes seemed to go up the further down you went he got on his knees and looked on the bottom shelf. “What the?” he said out loud. On the bottom shelf was a pack of “Teen Pawpers: For Ages 13-18” He couldn’t believe it. All the pack had on the front was a plain image of the diaper and the text. The picture showed that the diaper was covered in cute designs. “Have you found the diapers yet?” he heard Miss Darts voice across the other side of the room. “I think so!” He shouted back, now out of the confused stupor. The rest of the supplies were much easier to find. There were only two sections that weren’t stacked to the heavens with diapers so soon he had powder, washcloth and wipes. The large pack of Pawpers he was carrying in his left hand still left him confused, however. “I didn’t know Pawpers made diapers for teens” Miss Dart just smiled "Well, you do now, and you'll be getting familiar with them pretty soon" Jimmy could only grimace in resposne. “Right, that took you about 5 minutes” Miss Dart continued “Not too bad considering you’ve never been in the stockroom before” she grabbed a diaper pail from the entrance. “I’ll carry this one up to your room for you, keep a hold of the rest” This was all a bit surreal to the wolf; he was carrying his diapers and changing supplies up to his room after all. The rest of day passed pretty uneventfully, dinner consisted of a roast that Miss Dart had cooked for her staff. Soon it was time for bed and, Jimmy realised, for his first diaper change in 14 years. He was just about to change out of his clothes when the door to his room opened. “Alexis could you help Jimmy change for the night?” “Yes ma’am” replied the tiger that Jimmy recognised as being the tigress that had fed the lion at lunchtime. “Lets get you get up on the changing table then” The tigress didn’t even give Jimmy a moment to react. Before he knew what was happening Alexis had lifted him, which was no mean feat, up onto the changing table. “W..Wait I’m not even out of my pants” “Oh shush, I’ve undressed hundreds of kids” she quickly and roughly removed his jeans and boxers, leaving the wolf blushing bright red. “I…. I” Jimmy stuttered as he moved his hands to cover his private areas. “No need to be shy” Alexis merely moved his hands away and began wiping down the insides of his legs, the cold sensation making him shiver a little. She then followed up with a liberally dashing of powder along his front. The smell completely overwhelmed the wolf’s senses, putting him a daze. He felt his legs being lifted up and the diaper being placed underneath him before he looked up to see Alexis move the front over his belly button. His legs went back down and Alexis taped the diaper up on both sides. “There we are, all ready for bed” She lifted the wolf up off the table and set him down. Jimmy was in a state of shock and confusion. The diaper was thick, so thick in fact that he couldn’t move his knees together. The designs on the front were similar to that of any baby diaper, albeit slightly more toned down. “I’ll be in tomorrow morning at 8am. If you’re in need of a change, I’m responsible for that, otherwise make sure you’re ready to start working at 9 sharp” and with that she left Jimmy standing half naked in the middle of the room. Jimmy couldn’t believe it. He had just been changed into a diaper for the first time since he was a toddler, all because he’d had a little too much to drink one night. “This is so weird” he thought to himself. He couldn’t walk straight with the padding between his legs. Instead he found himself waddling over to his bed and climbing in with a loud rustle from his new underwear. He quickly found it impossible to lie on his side and rolled over to his front. He was tired from the day’s events and soon found himself drifting off into a peaceful slumber. ********************************************************************************************************** “Up you get Jimmy it’s 8am!” Alexis’ voice broke through Jimmy’s dreams and he awoke with a start. “Lets get you changed, you’ve got to be ready for work at 9” Jimmy wearily got out of bed and moved towards the wardrobe. He quickly realised something was amiss. He was waddling for a start. Then it all came flooding back. He looked down at his diaper and was shocked by what he saw. It was drooping heavily, the front was stained a light yellow and the tapes were stretched. He had completely soaked his diaper. For the second time in three weeks he had heavily wet the bed. “Come on, stop standing there like a lemon” Alexis quickly solved this problem by hoisting the teenager back up onto the changing table. Still drowsy, all Jimmy could do was stare at the process. Alexis pulled the diaper out from under him and started wiping, causing another shiver to go up his spine. This was enough to give him his voice back. “Why….?” “Hmmm?” Alexis assumed she’d missed half of the question. “Why did I wet the bed?” Jimmy was now on the verge of tears, it was all just too much. “It happens sometimes kiddo, but that’s why everywhere asks. You had one accident, and sometimes new environments can cause others.” Jimmy still felt confused and angry with himself. What was he supposed to say to his mother? “Anyway, you’re all cleaned up so get dressed. We’ll see you downstairs to start work in half an hour ok?” Alexis said, cheerfully. “Sure” Jimmy’s reply couldn’t have been more different. “Awww don’t make that face, cheer up and enjoy the next two weeks!” Alexis’ enthusiasm seemed to know no bounds. After the embarrassment of the morning, Jimmy didn’t feel like talking to anyone when he got downstairs. With Miss Dart waiting outside his room, however, this was going to prove impossible. “So, do you remember your tasks for the day?” “Uh-huh” Jimmy said, despondently. “If you’re still upset about your accident this morning you’ll need to shake it off. I don’t want you daydreaming or mulling around” Miss Dart said sternly “Yes ma’am” Jimmy replied, straightening himself up “Good, I’ll see you in the kitchen at lunchtime” The beginning of the day felt strange to the wolf. Cleaning the changing tables before the kids arrived wasn’t too bad, though the smells of baby powder and diapers reminded him of the morning events more than he would have liked. After finishing up on the tables he felt his bladder twinge. It wasn’t a very strong twinge, and the wolf carried on, assuming that he would be able to hold it. It was therefore a surprise when a second twinge hit, twice as strong as the first, leaving an ache on his bladder. “Gah… Where’s the bathroom on this floor?” Jimmy wandered back into nursery, looking left and right. The day was now in full swing, with cubs running around and the various carers doing their best to control them. Jimmy quickly ran to a carer. “Where’s the bath….” He only managed the first part of his question when he felt a release, and warmth, in his crotch. It didn’t take long for the wolf to realise what he was doing. In full view of cubs that were just learning to potty train, a 16 year old was wetting himself, right in front of a member of staff. It was too much; he just stood there, unable to say a word as his bladder emptied itself into his boxers. Since they were never meant to absorb anything, the slow trickle of urine down his legs quickened, until a small puddle had formed at his feet. When it was finally over, the wolf looked up at the caretaker, a look of pity on her face. “Come with me, I think Miss Dart will want to see you” All Jimmy could do was follow her to the heads office. He felt like a cub, the very idea that he had just wet himself felt so wrong. The caretaker knocked on the door, an action that was quickly followed by Miss Darts voice. “Come in” As he entered, he felt a draft of cool air against his pants, sending shivers around his body; he looked down at them again, only to immediately look back up when Miss Dart stood up, a look of shock on her face. “What happened?” she said, her voice cracking from surprise. “He had an accident ma’am, he was asking me where the toilets were when….” “An accident? Mr. Hall you’re sure you have never had any problems with your continence before now?” her voiced was so stern it caused Jimmy to break down on the spot. “I…. I’ve never had any problems…. Before” he said sobbing. “You said the bedwetting was a one time incident, but we both know there's an underlying problem here.” “Please Miss…. It just happened” “That’s the same excuse toddlers use Mr. Hall, you are 16, not 2” the patronising tone took Jimmy aback. “But I…” “There is clearly something amiss here. I would like you to have a shower and then wait in your room. Alexis will be up there in 10 minutes to see to any other needs you might have” All Jimmy could do was wander up the stairs, bewildered. Why had he wet himself? How had he managed to lose control so quickly? These questions plagued him throughout his shower and the drying process that followed. When he returned to his room, he found Alexis and Miss Dart waiting outside. “I heard you had a little accident today little guy” Alexis said, seeming to find the whole situation amusing. “Alexis, please, we need to have a serious discussion about Mr. Hall’s strange behaviour” “Yes Ma’am” Alexis straightened up, and followed both Jimmy and Miss Dart into his room. It was at this point that Jimmy found his voice again. “I’m sorry, I have no idea how it happened,” he said, his voice breaking under muffled sobs. Miss Darts eyes were focused on him, while Alexis was looking at her nails, seemingly uninterested. “Mr. Hall, while you were showing I came to the conclusion that having you here was a mistake.” The words were like a grenade exploding in his heart. “You have embarrassed yourself and us by losing control in front of children who are supposed to look up to you as a role model. Instead they saw a 16 year old doing exactly what they do because they haven’t be trained yet,” her voice carried an anger that Jimmy hadn’t expected. “Because of this, I have had to make a few changes to your stay here. From now on Alexis will take care of your needs. You will not be required to work. Instead we will allow you to be a…. test” she stretched the word out, letting it drift to Jimmy slowly. “What do you mean?” “Normally speaking we only take care of kids aged between 1 year and 4, as we only really have the resources to do so. We occasionally take care of older children but only on special request and when the money is good enough. What we want to do is see how well the kids react to someone older if they are put in the same environment” she gave Jimmy an intense look before continuing “You are to act exactly the same as any other toddler here, Alexis will be your personal caretaker and cater to feeding, clothing, and bathing you. You do not have a choice in this matter. We will consider not charging you for the carpet clean up if you oblige, but otherwise I can assure you we will spare no quarter in getting something back from you” Jimmy could only stare back in shock. They expected him to be a toddler, to act like a two year old? “That’s crazy! I’m sixteen!” “And yet you’ve proven so far that you have the same self-control as a toddler. You are even talking back to you superiors like a brat” her voice carried malice with that final sentence. “I’ll leave you and Alexis to discuss day to day routines. All toddlers have them after all. We won’t put you in the nursery for any length of time until tomorrow though.” “Righto ma’am!” Alexis stood to attention, ready to carry out her new duties. “I’ll see you tomorrow then, Mr. Hall. Do not worry about the next few days, you’ll have no worries in the world” she followed this up with another of those smiles before closing his bedroom door behind her, leaving Jimmy agape. “So…. How about we get you in a new diaper?” Alexis leapt towards the still dumbstruck wolf, giving him no time to react. He had the now familiar feeling of being lifted on to the padded changing table. “Better make sure you’re not gonna leak everywhere again!” said Alexis, grabbing a diaper and supplies from the table. Despite the clear enthusiasm in her voice, all it did was make Jimmy burst into tears again. “Awww come on little guy. Here’s something to cheer you up” she handed him a little tiger plushie “Now you don’t ever need to worry, I’m always here, at least in plushie form” “I’m 16…. I don’t cuddle plushies anymore” Jimmy sobbed. “And you don’t wear diapers either I assume?” she asked, patronisingly. Rather than have an argument he couldn’t possibly win, Jimmy grabbed the plushie and pulled it tightly to him. Strangely it did feel better. “I’m just overwhelmed from today, I don’t really feel better with a plushie” he thought to himself. Before long he felt the tapes on his diaper being tightened and his tail being threaded through the hole in the back. “Rightio, all changed” Alexis then hoisted him off the table and onto the bed. “Now you stay right here mister I’m going to go get your dinner” she then tussled his hair, gave him a wink and left. All Jimmy did in Alexis’ absence was sit his bed, shattered from today’s events. He couldn’t think straight; all he could do was keep his new plushie close to his bare chest. Eventually Alexis barged into his room carrying a sippy cup and a jar of what could only be described as “mush”. “Here we are, mashed up chicken and rice for my new charge!” she said. “What? I can’t eat that!” “Really? Are you allergic?” “No but….” “Then open wide, the choo-choo train to Jimmy-wimmys tummy-wummy is on time. And no one wants it to be late!” Jimmy was so taken aback by this display of mothering that his mouth stayed open just long enough for Alexis to sneak in a spoonful of the slushy mixture. At first, Jimmy felt like gagging from surprise. Then he got his first taste, then the feeling of mashed chicken on his tongue. The taste wasn’t too bad, but the texture was so alien that he swallowed just to get it down. “Chooga-chooga” Alexis was seemingly unable to help herself, years of playing with toddlers enabling her to just leave any sense of restraint behind her. Jimmy on the other hand was moving further back on to his bed. “I don’t want another….mphh” Alexis was able to move fast enough to pop another spoonful of the mixture into his mouth before he could finish, resulting in the wolf moving forward into his new caretaker, reading to vomit the vile mixture over her shoulder. “If you don’t swallow it, you’ll go to bed without any more dinner” Alexis’s tone changed from one of amusement to seriousness. Jimmy looked up at her, considered his situation and stopped fidgeting. “Fine, may as well get it over with” For the next 10 minutes all that could from Jimmy’s room were the sounds of airplanes flying with badly mangled jet engines and trains that seemed to be built on rollercoaster’s. “All finished! What a good little tyke you are!” still bubbly as ever Alexis began cleaning his mouth with the washcloth he’d brought up yesterday. “Mmph, I would have gotten so messy if you’d just let me feed myself!” Jimmy complained “I seem to remember someone saying that they’d be able to keep their bed dry too!” That shut him up quick. “And now I think it’s time we sorted out what you’re going to be doing tomorrow!” Alexis pulled Jimmy over to her, putting her arm around his mid-rift and hugging him close to her chest. “Ok, all toddlers have playtime between nine and eleven o’clock, which gives parents time to bring them and let them relax. Then we try and teach counting or something at twelve before lunchtime at one” Jimmy grimaced, guessing that “lunchtime” meant eating more of the mixture he’d just eaten. “After that it’s nap-time, then at three it’s story-time and then everyone goes home. Of course in your case it’s a bit different. You’ll be given dinner, then changed for the night and put to bed with another story, read by yours truly” she positively beamed at Jimmy, who could only manage a weak smile back. “Of course, in between all of this you’ll have diaper changes. It won’t always be me doing that. The caretakers check everyone’s every half hour. Wouldn’t want you getting a diaper rash now would we?” She pinched him the cheek, which made Jimmy recoil and send out a weak growl. “Sounds like someone’s a little cranky, I think it’s time for bed little man!” Alexis put on her stern voice again and got up from the bed. Jimmy climbed into his bed, only to find Alexis’ hands moving the duvet over him. He had just been tucked into bed! “And now to make sure my little guy is safe and sound!” Alexis’ pulled the fence up from the side of bed, effectively turning it into a large crib. Jimmy doubted he could get out at night even if he wanted to now. He yawned and hugged his new plushie close to him, hoping he would fall asleep quickly. “Sweet dreams little guy!” Alexis chimed before closing the door behind her. ********************************************************************************************************** When Jimmy awoke he found himself in a very odd position. There was enough light coming through the babyish curtains in his room to see the state he was in. He’d thrown his covers off in the night, leaving his diaper on full display. A diaper that was soaked for the second night on the trot, he noticed. “Dammit!” he shouted, punching the bars in anger. “That’s no way to treat our property Jimmy!” Alexis had been at the door the whole time. “What’s the time?” asked Jimmy “8:00, I got in just as you woke up” Alexis replied. She pulled down the bars and grabbed her charge underneath his arms, carrying him over to the now overly familiar padded table. “Wow you really soaked this again, I hope the girls downstairs are ready for a challenge” Jimmy could only sigh and wait for it all to be over. He smelled the powder and felt his tail threaded through the hole of his new diaper. This was the first diaper he was going to use during the day for nearly 13 years. “All set and ready for the new day! Now just to find a t-shirt for you….” She grabbed a light green one out of the wardrobe. It was an old one that had seen better days. “Perfect” she said pulling it over Jimmy’s head. The wolf just groaned, hoping this would all turn out to be a very weird dream. By the time they were downstairs, Miss Dart had already sorted breakfast for him: Porridge with a sippy cup of orange juice. Jimmy had no qualms with being fed the porridge but the sippy cup felt a bit degrading. Then again he was hardly improving himself in his current situation. “Playtime little one!” Alexis pulled him up and lifted him over her shoulder. Despite the last two days, he was still surprised at her strength. She laid him down on the padded surface of the nursery play area. There were a couple of kids already here, including the lion he’d noticed from the day before. “I’ll be back to check on you at naptime. Be good!” and with that she went back into the kitchen. Jimmy suddenly felt very alone. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted his plushie! He waddled back towards the kitchen, hoping to shout the problem to Alexis. “Stay in the play area dear, we wouldn’t want you getting hurt” Jimmy looked round to see a middle aged husky bearing down on him. “But I want my plushie!” He shouted at her, covering his mouth immediately after saying it. He hadn’t just said that, had he? “Awww it’s ok sweetie, I’ll go find Alexis and ask her to find him for you. What’s his name?” “Umm…. Alexis” Jimmy replied, again without really thinking about babyish it sounded. “Awww that’s sweet, I’ll be right back dear, just put your bottom back on that mat there” As she left Jimmy went back to the play mat. It was at this point he felt something that sent fear through every part of his being. He needed to poop. He knew full well that there was absolutely no way he was going to get out of it. He still had no idea where the toilets were on this floor, and even if he did, if he was found he would likely face the wrath of Miss Dart. The husky still hadn’t got back when he felt a second cramp, much stronger than the first. He clenched his butt cheeks hoping to keep it in as long as possible. He moved himself into a kneeling position, his butt raised high to keep himself from having the most embarrassing accident of his teenage life. “Found it!” the voice of the husky called across from the other side of the room. This did two things. First it distracted Jimmy from his current predicament, causing him to get up off his knees and waddle towards his cuddly friend. The second thing was as a result of the first. Half-way there he felt his tail flag up, his body hunched itself and before he knew what was happening he was pushing mess out into his waiting diaper. The feeling was unlike anything the wolf could remember, the mass in his padding squashed up against his backside and tail before it seemed to drop away. In the same instant he felt a warmth radiate outwards from his crotch. He was wetting himself as well, flooding his new underwear without any hint of control. That was last straw. The teenage Jimmy completely broke down inside. Nothing could stop the flow of tears or the loud wails that came from his maw. The husky could immediately tell what the problem was. Grabbing a pacifier from a drawer she popped it in his screaming mouth. This calmed him down a little but he continued to sob. Grabbing the plushie from her arms he moved backwards, only to overbalance and find himself falling onto the contents of his diaper with a dull “plop”. Before he could start crying again, a tigress, not dissimilar to his plushie, pulled him up and began to change him. “Don’t worry little guy, I’m here for you” Alexis said, hugging Jimmy tightly in her arms. He hugged back. “I nweed twaingin” he said behind the pacifer. Alexis laughed “Come on you little stinker, I think we’re both gonna take a while to get used to that!”……..
  14. Back to school: Special edition [Note: This is a different approach to my other stories. Still with the medical regression sub-plot. Constructive feedback welcome] Being potty trained was a requirement for kindergarten. My parents put a lot of pressure on me to be potty trained. I was able to wear panties sometimes when I was in kindergarten but preferred pull-ups. Every evening, mom would diaper me. Any time I was feeling sick and stayed home, my mom diapered me. I would fuss and complain, unless the cold and flu meds made me too sleepy to care. Having a small accident didn’t seem like a bad thing. I got focused and began to forget about going potty. It felt normal to wet myself. It didn’t seem like thing my mom would get so annoyed about, but when she walked in, well, she was upset. I hadn’t been a good girl lately, a lot of tantrums over silly stuff, not wearing the clothes my mom asked me to, throwing tantrums. Not to mention a few small wetting accidents, just because I was lazy. I kind of hinted that I didn’t care, just to get more attention from mommy. My name is Del, or at least that’s what I’ll answer to. My full name is Madelyn. I hate being called Maddy, I’ve always been small for my age, and quite petite. I’d just turned 10, and still got thought of as a little girl, which I hated. I often got teased for being little, and even my friends joked that I had to buy my clothes in the children's section. I had always been the odd one out, not fitting in with kids my age, or the ‘little kids’, which only made me more moody and tantrum prone. At the same time, I tried to convince my mom I was a big girl, and didn’t need to be supervised or babysat constantly. Because of the pandemic, my school had shut down, and I did most of my schooling on the computer, with a few hours of scheduled lessons with my teachers. The rest was worksheets and reading assignments. The number of wet pull-ups, and wet panties, since all this started had increased significantly. She diapered me as reminder a few times, and I pretended to be upset, but was really just trying to be a bratty girl. It was just after my bath, when my mom came in to check on me, and finding me in wet panties on my bed, just playing on my Switch, and not caring about it, was the last straw for my mom. I’d pushed her too far. She insisted this wasn’t a punishment, but she wanted me feel babyish, until I wanted to be a good girl. This set in motion a series of events that would fulfill my dreams, more than I could have imagined. It was an experience that I will never forget. Another doctors visit planned: After finding me with wet panties, in a wet bed, from being lazy, my mom seemed annoyed, but didn’t yell, didn’t spank me, she just told me to wait on my bed. My mom planned on taking me to the doctors, again, to see if I was healthy, and if anything was causing my wetting accidents. The thing is that TV shows make going to the doctors sound like some fun experience. I get embarrassed and upset because the doctors and nurses do things that scare me, or want to look at my special places. I guess its because I have so many issues going potty. Being put a in diaper for a doctor visit isn’t unusual. What is a little surprising was my mommy expected me to have a soaked diaper from several wettings, when the nurse gets me ready for the doctor to examine me. I wondered why finding me in wet panties, again, made her book yet another doctors appointment, but then forgot all about it. Changes for me: After finding me with wet panties, again, in a wet bed because I was being lazy, my mom seemed annoyed, but didn’t yell, didn’t spank me, she just told me to wait on my bed, then came in and told me to follow her to her room. She had laid out a disposable underpad, some cloth diapers, booster pad, some plastic pants, and few other things. I was scared, partly because she usually changes me for bed in my room, not her room. I started feeling uneasy, that I was about to be spanked. “Can you take off your wet clothes, Maddy?” Mom calmly asked. “Umm… “ was all I could say, before wondering why she didn’t just say wet panties. My top wasn’t wet. I started crying. “All of the clothes… little girls shouldn’t be embarrassed with their parents seeing them without their clothes on!” Mom said without being entirely clear on her plans for me. “Mommy, Am I getting a spanking….for wetting myself?” I asked, starting to cry. I was scared, as I hadn’t been spanked for wetting myself before. “No spanking, unless you really misbehave!” She asked as I removed all my clothes. This was confusing for me, as mom was clearly annoyed. Mom picked me up, and carried me into the bath, which was already filled with warm water. I hadn’t actually been bathed by her in almost a year, and that was when I was sick with the flu. I might wear diapers to bed, but I can bath myself. She proceeded to wash me from head to my mid-section. “Lay down so mommy can clean your little girl parts.” She asked. “Mommy, this is embarrassing! I don’t need another bath! And I can bath myself!” I replied, turning red, with a mix of annoyance and embarrassment. “Maddy! You are mommy’s little girl, and you’ll be bathed and kept diapered like a little girl! Now let me wash your little girl parts, or are you trying to get spanked?” Mom answered, clearly annoyed. I hesitantly laid down and spread my legs so mommy could finish washing my girl parts. I squirmed a little as mommy finished washing my sensitive parts, and finished washing the rest of my body. She then wrapped me in a towel, and carried me to her bed, and laid me onto the pad. “Mommy, are you going to punish me for being bad?” I asked, trying not to cry. She was clearly annoyed at my wet panties earlier, but didn’t say much. “No Maddy.. I’m not trying to punish you. I want you to wear cloth diapers, so you feel the wetness, and then we’ll talk about what happens after that” her cryptic tone, and smile, didn’t reassure me. Mommy was considering changing schools, because I had so much trouble following the classes that were so full, the teacher wasn’t answering my questions properly, and the online lessons were even worse. The other main problem is because the school nurse got mad at me for needing a diaper changed, or put on after a wetting accident. A few months ago, I did a poopy diaper at school, and the nurse called mom to ask what my problem is. I couldn’t stop crying so had to be picked up from school early. Mom proceeded to put rash cream, and powder on my diaper area. I didn’t stay still, but that is normal for me. Mom assembled a cloth diaper, several different booster pads, and another cloth diaper liner. I cried as I realized how thickly I was being diapered, and how long I’d have to stay like this. I remembered when I was 6, and for Thanksgiving, mommy used a thick diaper for the car ride to visit Aunt Katherine’s house. I slept for most 3 hour ride, but had wet my diaper. When we arrived, and seeing me with an obvious diaper on, that was sagging from being wet. She commented that I was a good girl for wearing diapers for car rides, and some young girls need extra help and being taken care of. My younger cousins, potty trained late, and still wear pull-ups sometimes. Aunt Katherine was a nurse, and my mom allowed her to give me to receive a full medical exam, which was uncomfortable and embarrassing. The more I got upset, the more babyish she made things. After a week staying with my aunt, mommy kept me in diapers an additional week. Mommy was pretty nice about having to change my messy diapers, and my little girl behavior. I was awoken from these memories by mom putting on some rubber panties on me. Another cloth diaper was placed over them, keeping the diapers in place. What scared me more was these new panties, with a small locking clip. She slid these locking plastic panties on me, and secured them with a small lock. The last time she did this was when I was 8, and pulled off my night diapers. She was definitely mad that night. She helped me into a jumpsuit, that was a ‘gift’ from Aunt Katherine, and had a rear zipper. I cried as the jumpsuit zipper was locked into place. “Mommy, why are you doing this?” I asked, scared about what my mommy planned for me. “I want you to settle down, and feel like a little girl. Wet diapers are a natural part of that. If you want to be a big girl again, we can talk about that!” mom tried to explain all this to me, but I wasn’t really listening. The reason the I didn’t want to be back in diapers during the day is that if mom decides to diaper me, it could be a while for her to let me use the potty and wear panties again. As the pandemic lock down continued down through summer, she has said that getting me changed at school won’t be an issue for a while. As I was crying, she picked me up and carried me to my room. I’m pretty small, and my mom can pick me up and carry me around. Laid down on my bed, as the bulky diaper would have made it hard to walk. Mom tucked me into bed, and then left the room.
  15. You are a male teenager while at school one day gets a rude awakening that life is mysterious and unfair sometimes. While entering a classroom you open the door to find out that this is a class of snot nosed brats you look around puzzled since your 100% this was your usual classroom. The teacher then calls for you to take your seat and she does it by name this only sets to bewilder you more. The teacher sighs and say is there a problem mister mellrew you blink and say "I think I've got the wrong class?" Most the students laugh at this one of the kids says "since when is this not your class jake?" I say "I dunno like forever." This is about the time I notice I look down and see I'm not a teen anymore but I'm the same age as all these ankle biting kindergartners. I look around panicking a bit at this point and say "there's been a mistake here I gotta go!" The teacher says if you need to use the potty the aid will take you. Then a girl about my original age walks up to me and says "don't worry little guy I can help you." I say "I didn't mean I gotta go pott... I mean I don't have to use the bathroom ok." She then says "where do you need to go then?" I then say "home I need to go home none of this is right." She looks at me with an expression of confusion, then laughs and says "oh your just home sick but you can’t go home for no reason silly besides we’re gonna have lots of fun today.” She takes my hand and for some reason I feel compelled to follow her and it may be because she’s just really pretty or her voice is so smooth or something else but I just nod and follow her. After I get seated at a desk I look to see my name taped to the top of my desk with an abc border around it. This kinda scares me a bit as it sinks in. I think to myself (am I gonna have to go through school all over again have to sit through learning abc and 2+2s?) this thought truly horrified me since I really didn't want to have to do that for a second time in life. Then a boy who sits next to me says while looking at me funny "you look really young!" I look at him and say "well you look really young to you big baby." I'm getting pretty annoyed at this point. He then says "I'm not a baby I just have a young face." I roll my eyes at his comment and think (why even say something like that if your just gonna get be insecure about the same type of comment?) The teacher then takes her seat and starts the class. She then says pull out your work books so we can work on our abc. I reach inside the desk which is a complete mess and find a book that says ABCs on it I open it up and am horrified at not only what I must presume is my handwriting but also some of the answers to the questions. So she then says now open the book up to page 7 after she says that some kids find it but the majority of the class need help from the aid and the teacher. I look at the page 7 and see a picture of a cat it says cat next to it then the alphabet is written around the picture. I cringe at this and think (this has gotta be a bad dream it's gotta right?) so I see no other course of action except to answer the questions as I start I find it hard to recall the answers to these questions and my handwriting looks the exact same as it does on all the other pages. This is about the time I start to get pretty upset as I can't remember how to spell doggy this breaks me and I start to cry uncontrollably. The aid walks over and asked "if everything is alright?" The teacher says "I think that's enough for today class we can pick this up tomorrow." I'm still crying but I hear the teacher say something about "maybe he’s wet.” Or something like that. So the aid says let's head to the bathroom as she takes my hand I'm still crying at this point so I just follow her and we walk to the door at the end of the classroom and I can only assume that the bathroom but when she opens the door it's not a bathroom but what looks like some kind of nursery she then picks me up while I continue to cry and puts me on a mat on a table. This is about the time I start to calm down as the bizarreness of what's happening starts to get to me. She then sits me up on the table and I notice there are a bunch of babies in the room. This makes my stomach drop a bit as I think this can't be it's not getting worse is it. But before I can check for myself the aid says to me "let me check that diaper." I look behind me in the hopes she's talking to someone else but no such luck I'm on this table alone. She then puts two fingers down the front of my jeans the same style as I wore to school originally. I think (it's not like I'm even wearing a diaper for her to check right?) She then says "yes it's wet you need a change." I'm still not sure what’s even happening. but before I can think she takes off my shirt and unbuttons my jeans and pulls them down and sure enough I had a diaper. I cant believe I had a diaper on let alone I had used it. I then think how nasty this is and why was this happening to me? After pulling my jeans down and off of me she then starts to peel off the tapes of the diaper with both tapes removed I could feel the helplessness that has found dominion over my person I can do nothing in this situation I'm no more then a helpless baby getting a diaper change this is truly horrible. She then begins to wipe my bottom half with huggies brand wipes then she put some kind of cream on me and finally powdered my tush and put a fresh diaper on me she then put a new shirt on me and it was super babyish. The aid then picked me up and said "time for lunch." I find it weird she didn’t put my jeans back on I feel so naked here all I’ve got is a diaper and a shirt on. She then takes me over to a highchair and straps me in. I notice there is already food on the tray of the high chair it looks like mushy peas and mashed potatoes. I then think to myself where even am I I was at school originally but there wasn't a kindergarten class at my school and most certainly no daycare there either so have I changed locations or has the school be transformed but we're still in the same spot this thought was put on hold though because I was then told to eat my food which I looked at and was certain there was no way I'd eat that gunk. The aid then picked up the food with her spoon and said "open wide" as she pushed the spoon in my mouth and forced me to eat the mush. It was pretty gross but again I felt the need to obey her orders she even did the choo choo train thing with the spoon it was pretty amusing if I'm gonna be honest. After she finished feeding me the mush she handed me a bottle of what I can only presume is milk. It tasted like milk and was warm so I believe that's what it was. It tasted pretty good to be honest and I drank it all down. The aid then picked me up after she took the tray off the high chair and then carried me over to a playpen. This is definitely when it gets scary I have no idea how to act around babies especially now that I'm one. The aid puts me in the playpen and I hear a bunch of other babies crying and laughing it was a really weird experience and then she left. I felt so alone right now I didn't like this at all. I start to get upset I stand up and walk over to the edge of the playpen and try to get a hold of my surroundings a little better but as I look around it just seems like an ordinary daycare the only oddity is that I'm here and to literally everyone but me it's normal. I begin to feel really weird I have no idea what this feeling is it's as if I've never felt it once in my live I then uncontrollably bend my knees while I continue to hold onto the bar of the playpen. I then start to poop myself I didn't really want to but I had no choice my body just automatically did it. I then feel really embarrassed and ashamed of myself I then hear laughter most likely unrelated but it still stung a little. I then see the aid from before come back into the room. She walks past the play pen and she says "oof somebody made a stinky" she then starts to check diapers and as she was looking she found amongst the baby's one of the others had messed themselves too this is kinda a relief but it's also conflicting as I don't wanna be naked in front of her again but I do have a pants full of poopy that I'd like to get off. She goes over to a closet and gets a couple of diapers and wipes and then begins changing that baby. After she's done changing that other baby’s diaper she continues to check diapers the first one she checks after that change was mine of course she comes over to me puts two fingers down the front of my diaper just like earlier then she turns me around to pull back the seat of my diaper and says "uh oh you made a bid poopy didn't you?" I just turn red at her action of her checking my pants and her comment as well. The she begins to change my diaper I close my eyes from embarrassment but I still look down out of the corner of my eyes. I notice that my body doesn't seem small from my perspective in fact it just feels like I'm kinda chubby but still seem the same as I always have been I know that's not the case of course but it's just odd how perspective works like that. As for the aid she's humongous like a giant monster or something but I digress. She then finishes up and puts me back in the playpen. After I'm back in the playpen she finishes up with the last baby and then says "alright everyone we have a busy day today so it's nap time." She then walks over to a door on the other side of the room and leaves us in there. I assume she's getting the mats or something to bring in here but instead she comes back and says "ok the rooms all ready for you all who wants to go first?" She then walks over to me first picks me up and starts heading to the door she then opens it up and as we enter instead of seeing mats or anything like that it looks like a hospital but it looks like those rooms that you see on tv where they keep the babies after there born It then hits me at that point I just got born didn't I? I can't take it anymore all of this wackiness is just to much to bear so I just fall asleep. I get woken up by the same aid again but she seems older then she initially did she was 16 back at the kindergarten but now she looks like she's in her early 20's now. She then picks me up and says it's time for you to go see your mommy. All I can do is stay still as she brings me there as we go to leave the room everything all just goes dark and everything feels so weird that is when I lose consciousness. The next thing I remember is a light and not being able to breath. I finally get a full breath in and as I do I scream out. Everything hurts all over and I feel like I've been run over by a bus. I continue to scream and cry as the light gets brighter and when it does I can make out shapes and figures it looks like a doctor and a nurse the start doing weird stuff to me put a diaper on me and wrap me in a blanket they then hand me to a women who they say is my mother I look up and the person who looks back down to me and it is none other the the aid. The end. this is my second story on the site and in general so feedback would cool.
  16. In Caralys, in the Republic of Shardany, a new special school for the Amazons has been opened: the nanny special school. This school aims to prepare the best nannies for Little in the world. The students are selected at a very young age, 8 or 9 years old, and immediately put in contact with the Littles led by much more seasoned nannies who teach them how best to look after the Littles. In addition to the normal school subjects, the students take care of the littles in the kindergarten attached to the school so that they can get acquainted with them.
  17. Nora Davies, waited patiently in line for the Cinema. She was slightly annoyed that her best friend had let her down, but she was determined to see the film, so was here on her own. It was to be her 55th birthday at the weekend, so with the preparations, today was her only chance. She started going over those preparations in her head, but got distracted by the pair in front of her, a young woman and her daughter. They had their backs to her, of course, so she couldn't see what they looked like, but the seemed to get on really well, and the child was really well behaved. Her mind went back to some of the childish behaviour she had witnessed in this very Queue. Didn't that kid run about wild last week? Barging past her, banging into her. with no apology from her or her mother, and her mother not trying to make her behave. Nora was old fashioned, and she would never have let her daughters behave like that. She was a bit sad that they had long flown the nest, but she would see them at her birthday. She didn't like to interfere normally, but she just had to say something. "Excuse me" she said. When the two heads turned around, she smiled at both, especially the daughter ""Sorry to bother you, but I just wanted to say that your daughter is well behaved, last time I was in here there was a kid who was just running wild, almost stood on my foot, in fact, and I've been behind you two and haven't heard one peep from her. So well mannered!" She smiled at them, a little nervously, as she didn't want them to think she was some kind of busybody. Stacy, the taller (by far) of the two was a bit thrown aback by the comment. Who was her daughter? She was here with her friend and didn't even have a daughter. She'd been friends of Annie for many years and didn't even really notice her small stature. She didn't even know that her friend was at all sensitive about it. She started to think hard, and was arriving at the answer, when her friend butted in.
  18. Preview to my Halloween story Called Carnival Fun! I have been working on this story for a while and have it almost finished. I hope everyone likes the preview and as Halloween gets closer I will post more chapters! Thanks! Chapter 1: Ashley looked around the daycare looking at all of the children running around in there Halloween costumes. She always loved Halloween the idea of going house to house trick or treating always made her feel so extra childish. She looked up at the clock seeing it was already 3 o clock knowing her friend Rachel would be coming to pick her up in an hour so they could go to the Halloween carnival together. She walked into her office grabbing her cell phone off of her desk and decided to call her friend to make sure she had gotten her costume for her as her phone began to ring. Rachel was combing her hair making sure everything was perfect for tonight as she saw her phone vibrating on her dresser seeing Ashley was calling her. She answered the phone saying "Hey Girl" as Ashley smiled saying "Hey I was just calling to make sure everything was still on" Rachel spoke up saying "of course, I am getting ready right now and should be there in an hour so be ready to go." Ashley began to get confused asking "How am I suppose to get ready without an outfit, it was your turn to buy our costumes." Rachel began to freak out telling her "I am so sorry I thought we were buying our own this year since we both live in different towns." Ashley looked up at the clock once again telling her friend "I will try to figure something out and will be ready when you get here, but you owe me one" as Rachel told her "I will get you back" as she hung up the phone. Ashley began to hear the front door opening and peaked her head out of her office watching as parents began making there way inside of her daycare. After watching all of the children leave she looked at the clock seeing it had all ready been 30 minutes and she would need to be dressed ready for Rachel. She began to scan the daycare wondering what she could do as she walked towards the nursery. She began scanning through the closet seeing the array of baby clothing as she placed her hand on a pink sleeper. She grabbed the hanger walking over to the large mirror and placed the sleeper to her body staring in shock seeing how much of a perfect fit it was. Ashley was a small girl she was 4"0 and weighed around 90 pounds which always seemed to leave her being mistaken for a child from time to time. She took the sleeper off the hanger and turned it around noticing the words across the chest reading "Mommy's Baby Girl" stitched into the sleeper. She stared back up at clock seeing she only had 20 mintues until Rachel would be here as she stripped herself out of her t-shirt and jeans leaving herself in just her panties and bra. She picked up the sleeper as she stared at the words on the sleeper seeing the word "Baby" as she turned her head towards the changing table and began to smile knowing she had a fun idea. Rachel pulled into the daycare parking lot and began to wonder why she wasn't already outside waiting for her. She parked her car right outside the front door and decided to leave her car running to go check on her friend. She walked into the front of the building and noticed a stroller parked with the hood down. She looked down at the bottom of the stroller seeing 2 feet on the foot rest wondering why Ashley didn't tell her she was bringing a child along with them as she walked around the stroller seeing a set of keys and a note. She read the note reading the words "Lock up" written on the note as her mind began to click and pulled the front of the hood of the stroller up and stared shockingly at her friend dressed like an infant. She tried so hard not to laugh and wondered where she would of got such an outfit staring at her friend clad in a baby sleeper and bonnet sucking on a pacifier clipped to her sleeper. Ashley looked up seeing that her friend had found her and pulled out her pacifier telling her "Twik or tweat" as Rachel began to coo at her friend. Rachel couldn't help telling her friend how adorable she looked and asked her were she had gotten her outfit. Ashley still in character told her friend "goo goo ga ga" as Rachel smiled asking her friend "So I guess I am stuck baby sitting tonight" as Ashley giggled behind her pacifier nodding at her friend. Rachel pushed the stroller out the front door making sure to lock the door behind her. She opened her passage door as Ashley tried to climb out herself, but quickly found a swat on her backside and blushed as Rachel couldn't help but laughing from the loud thud that came from the swat. She picked up her friend asking "I see I really do have a baby tonight diapers and all" as Ashley continued to suck on the pacifier nervously as she was placed in the front seat. Rachel pushed the stroller around to the trunk as she tried to fold the buggy up and began to wonder why it wasn't folding noticing a large bag. She pulled the bag from out of the bottom seeing her friend had come prepared seeing 2 baby bottles on the outside of the bag along with the zipper looking like it was ready to pop and placed the buggy and diaper bag into the trunk. She opened her driver side seat seeing her friend already buckled in to her seat telling her how proud she was of her for being so prepared for her and telling her how much fun they were going to have tonight treating her as if she was an actual child as Ashley smiled and began clapping her hands. Ashley couldn't help but notice the outfit her friend had chosen it was a basic nurses outfit complete with her own tiara. She thought about how much fun they were going to have tonight and pulled out her pacifier asking her friend "Its been way too long since we have hung out" as Rachel turned her head smiling at her friend telling her "It sure has" as Ashley smiled down at her outfit wondering if she had chosen the right outfit. Rachel looked over at her friend asking her "is everything alright?" as Ashley broke out of her daydream nodding slowly. Rachel always knew Ashley was a bad liar and knew what to do to get her to tell as she pulled into the parking lot of the carnival. She parked her car and unbuckled her seat belt and immediately began tickling her friend. Ashley began laughing as hard as she could begging her friend to stop as she told her "that maybe dressing up like a baby wasn't such a good idea." Rachel began to smile telling her "Your thinking too hard about this and need to relax" as she gave her friend a playful pat on her diapered crotch telling her "just have fun" as Ashley smiled placing the pacifier back into her mouth watching as Rachel got out of the car. Rachel pulled the stroller out of the back of the car setting it up like her friend had it and grabbed the diaper bag sticking it underneath. She opened the passenger door up and scooped her friend up into her arms as she walked towards the stroller as people began to walk by cooing at Ashley telling Rachel how adorable she looked as Ashley blushed wondering if she looked that much like a real baby as Rachel placed her into the stroller. Rachel began to realize how much everyone really saw her as a baby and took her bonnet off the top of her head so people could see her face and stuck it in the outside flap of the baby bag as she walked towards the carnival. Ashley looked up at Rachel wondering why she took off her bonnet and turned to see that they were walking towards the carnival. She looked around seeing everyone from town was here even noticing some of her charges were here with there parents running around in there costumes as they made there way to the entrance booth. Ashley looked up at the entrance booth instantly seeing one of the parents from the daycare it was Ms.Davis. Rachel walked over to the desk telling the woman 2 tickets please as Ms. Davis stared at Rachel telling her baby's get a hand stamp as she walked over to the front of the stroller instantly realizing who was inside as she gasped saying "Ashley?" Ashley stared up at the woman as she sucked on the pacifier nodding as Ms. Davis began to coo at her telling her how adorable she looked. Ms. Davis couldn't believe what she was looking at as she told Ashley that her little Margaret was in the carnival daycare and would be tickled to see her teacher dressed this way as Rachel smiled down at her friend who was beginning to feel very embarrassed telling the woman "I am sure we will bump into them some time tonight" as Ms.Davis waved good bye as Rachel pushed her friend towards the rest of the carnival. Rachel looked around seeing all of the attractions wondering what they should do first as the words hypnotism caught her eye from a booth at the very end. She spoke up asking "Baby do you see whats in front of us as Ashley looked up seeing the same booth reading hypnotism across the sign as she pulled out her pacifier telling Rachel "you know a person really cant be hypnotized?" as Rachel laughed saying "will see" as she walked towards the booth.
  19. Aizawa Shouta had been tired the day he filled out the “Daycare” forms for his class. There was a new section of UA opening up that the principal was surprisingly tight-lipped about, only mentioning that it could serve as a reward, relaxation, or punishment depending on the student signed up. This “Daycare” center sounded like a pipe dream, almost; why would any of the students here want to relive their babyhood? He wasn’t going to judge, but he still didn’t really understand. Maybe he was too old for this job already, but he decided while perusing the recommendations that he’d help out. Perhaps he could understand this Daycare thing better if he were one of the staff. With a sigh, he got to work filling out what he assumed were the forms for a staff member. He listed his age, name, gender, and quirk(all basic stuff), then saw an “age range” and figured it was the ages he’d be willing to take care of. He listed “1-2 years or younger” and then filled out other parts. It asked him about..diaper types, for some reason. Did he have to say which he’d prefer using on the students? Aizawa circled “extra thick” and then checked off the “locking panties required” option as well; just in case he got stuck with someone like, say, Bakugou. Then he found a few more options, asking if he’d be willing to pick from other baby rules. He did so with relative ease(“no talking fully coherently”, “no removing your diapers unless an adult is changing you”, “must allow frequent diaper-checks”, and lastly-to him, most importantly-“must be locked securely into double or triple diapers at night to prevent leaking from accidents”). After he was done, he wrote down his name again at the bottom and went to the aforementioned Daycare, handing over the form. Little did he know that those options weren’t for whomever he’d be taking care of; they were for a prospective baby to fill out all on their own, and he was more than likely going to find that out the hard way.
  20. Dan was a troubled 16yr old boy, he wasn't good at school, his grades were falling, although he tried his best. He was also wetting the bed and not cleaning up after himself after a bowel movement. His parents, George and Brenda getting fed up with his laziness, and Tina decided that she would put a plan into action into getting him to stop acting like such a toddler..... It all started when he came home from school one Friday evening. He was late in, he had detention and he had lied to his mom saying he had a soccer match. Although she knew he lied and she hated lying. Dan walks in his house, nervous and hoping no one was home, but boy was he in for a shock......
  21. Dan was a twin, at 12 years old and had just started secondary school with his twin brother. They both had a secret like for diapers and wanted to wear again, but didn't know how to tell their parents. It was the evening after school, and the twins were sitting watching TV, their parents sitting on the couch, and a diaper commercial came on the TV and both their faces lit up, the parents noticing the boys intently staring at the packs of diapers shown. Mike, the boys father looked at his wife "they seem to like the diaper commercials honey? good thing they don't wear diapers anymore" he laughs
  22. Another commissioned story from me Had good fun writing it and the customer was happy with what they received which is the main thing! This will be posted in 3-4 parts. Please comment to say what you like, dislike and any suggestions or any other comments you may have If you would like a commission from me send me a message. I am open to a lot of ideas and we can discuss them with no obligation of buying if you decide you don't want to. --- Back to Day Care “Mom this is so stupid.” Chris said as he sat back in his car seat. He was currently sat back in the passenger seat with his arms folded in front of him. He was scowling as he and his mom were driving down the road towards the building where his aunt worked. Chris sighed, he rested his head on the side window and looked out of it with a forlorn expression, the kind of expression only an 18-year-old mad at the world could make. “It isn’t stupid Chris.” Allison, Chris’ mom, responded, “You have managed to get yourself fired from your job… Again. So you need another one, and your aunt Diane has kindly let you help her out till you find new work.” Chris let out an annoyed snort. He had dropped out of school at the earliest opportunity, he had never been particularly good academically and had hated being forced to go to the school every day. Unfortunately, as Chris found out, leaving school only meant he had to find work and he was no better at that than he was in school. He had bounced around a few part time jobs but never lasted anywhere for longer than a few months. Finally, after losing his latest job for turning up late, his mom had decided enough was enough and decided to make him work with his aunt. “But a day care? I hate kids…” Chris said with a pout. “It will be good for you. You can learn some responsibility.” Allison responded as she steered the car round a corner and the day care loomed up at the end of the road. Diane had worked at the day care for quite a while, long enough to have been promoted to manager and she had the ability to hire volunteers. Chris never really cared about how his aunt was doing and tended to tune out when she talked so he really didn’t know all that much about her. She was his mom’s sister, she was tall and had long black hair, by many metrics she would be considered attractive but as far as Chris knew she had never been in a serious relationship. Chris yawned as they pulled into the day care’s car park. Looking at his watch he saw that it was still only 8am, much too early to be waking up, Chris thought. But he had to be there early for the duel reasons that his mom had to get to work after dropping him off and the kids themselves would be dropped off soon as well. As the car came to a halt Chris opened the door and stepped out as he surveyed the building in front of him. It was his first visit since he himself had attended as a baby, the building was much like he remembered it, a large central hall with a small playing field to the side. The building was starting to show signs of its age with the paint peeling and some rust appearing on the metalwork. Chris followed his mom into the building and through a door on the inside marked “Staff Only.” “Ally! Nice to see you.” My aunt stood up from the couch she had been sitting on whilst reading the newspaper and ran over to give mom a hug. “Hello Di.” Mom replied with a smile, “Thank you so much for doing this.” “My pleasure! Sit down, you have time for a quick cup of coffee before you go don’t you?” Diane asked as she hurried into the kitchen portion of the staff room. “Oh I should think so.” Mom said as she sat down on the couch and indicated Chris should do the same. Mom and Diane exchanged small talk whilst Chris slowly drifted off. It was an early start and Chris had stayed up late the night before, as usual, which had left him feeling a little sleep deprived. He decided to close his eyes for a few moments whilst he still had the chance. Diane turned around from the kitchen as she conversed with Allison and saw that Chris had closed his eyes. Without a moment’s hesitation she pulled out one of the drawers and quickly grabbed a foil sheet of pills, popping two of the pills out and dropping them into one of the three cups of coffee. They started dissolving as soon as they hit the hot liquid and Diane helped the process along with some vigorous stirring. She grinned evilly as she watched the last of the pills disappear. Picking up the three cups of coffee she carried them over to the couch and placed them on the table. She sat in a chair the other side of the table and watched as Chris stirred from his brief slumber. “Not a morning person? Drink this it will help wake you up.” Diane said with a smile. Chris yawned and pulled the cup towards him before drinking the whole thing in one go. It had a bit of an odd taste but it was definitely coffee and Chris did feel a little bit more awake after draining the cup. As Chris put down the cup he heard a door opening and closing before a fourth person entered the room. Chris’ mouth dropped open as a stunningly beautiful young woman entered the room, quickly realising he was staring he looked away and closed his mouth hoping no one had noticed his reaction. “Hello Chloe.” Diane said as she stood up to clean away the cups, “This here is Chris, he is going to be helping us for a while.” Diane checked her watch. The children should be arriving soon and the high powered, long lasting laxative pills Diane had fed Chris should also be taking effect in a short while. Diane smiled another evil smile as she placed the cups in the sink and turned on the tap. Diane knew that many would think it was cruel to feed someone unsuspecting some laxative pills but Diane believed in this case it was deserved. She remembered all the nights she had got phone calls from her sister who was in tears of frustration and worry about how Chris had messed up with school or work and was at home having been suspended or fired. She had a plan designed to humble Chris and to change who he was. Meanwhile, Chloe had walked over to the couch and sat down next to Chris. She bent forward to pull a bottle of orange juice out of her bag. When she leant forward Chris noticed her perfume, a wonderful smell that seemed to make Chloe even more enticing to him. He couldn’t believe such a pretty girl would be working here, he just hoped it wasn’t too obvious how entranced he was by her beauty. “Gah, Monday mornings suck!” Chloe said to herself as she sat back up with her drink. “Tell me about it.” Chris replied as he yawned again and smiled, “Nice to meet you.” “You too.” Chloe responded with a little smile. Maybe it was just Chris’ imagination but he thought she was perhaps as interested in him as he was in her. “Well… I better be off. Need to go if I want to get to work on time, you’ll let me know if there are any problems won’t you, sis?” Chris’ mom said as she stood up and gathered her bags. “Of course, don’t worry about it, I’m sure Chris will be having an interesting day.” Diane said with a smile. Chris’ mom and aunt hugged, then his mom kissed his forehead and she swiftly departed. Almost as soon as the door closed Chris heard the front door open again. Chloe stood up and hurried out of the room, evidently the first kids had started to arrive. “Come on then Chris. Come into the main room with me and I will show you the ropes.” Diane said as she briskly left the room. Reluctantly Chris stood up to follow her but as soon as he stood up straight and went to take his first step he felt his tummy rumble ominously. He assumed he was just hungry and ignored it as he followed his aunt out of the break room and into the main hall. He had been hearing the voices and footsteps of children heading into the hall and now as he stepped into the main hall himself he saw all the kid running around and playing with the toys that were already strewn across the floor. Chris shuddered, he was not a fan of kids, he hated the way they were so full of energy and constantly needing attention and stimulation. The kids seemed to range in age from some who had just started to walk to others who were clearly going to be starting school soon, altogether there was about twenty kids in all, twenty screaming, snotty little brats that Chris would have to be around all day. Chris looked around the room and took in his surroundings. To one side he saw a door that led to the outside and the playing field. Next to the door and stacked up in the corner was a bunch of folded up beds, evidently they were brought out for nap time, Chris noticed some had sides which he assumed was for the youngest kids. The walls were strewn with the “art” that the kids had drawn, most were just barely comprehensible scribbles. On the opposite wall to the door to the playing field was another door with a sign hanging on it that said “potty” which was pretty self-explanatory to Chris. Next to the door in the corner was a long table with shelves underneath that were filled with supplies that Chris recognised as being for diaper changes. He scrunched up his face a bit at the thought of being asked to change diapers, no way he wanted anything to do with those. The rest of the room was taken up mostly with toys. There were some kids books as well but mostly it was empty space that the children were charging around in like headless chickens. “So Chris…” Diane said as she walked up next to Chris, “What we will need you to do is help organise things. Nothing too difficult, just bring some order to the chaos. We will be sending the kids outside in a minute since it is such a nice day, we will let them run themselves out, when that happens you will basically just need to make sure the kids are safe OK?” Chris just nodded, he felt another rumble in his tummy and he was trying to work out if it was because he was hungry or something more sinister. As Diane started rounding up the kids for the register Chloe sidled up to Chris. “So how did you get roped into this?” Chloe asked quietly with a sly smile. Chris wondered if he should pretend he was enthusiastic about helping to get this girl interested before deciding that honesty was probably the best policy. “That’s my aunt.” Chris replied pointing at Diane, “I’m between jobs right now so my aunt decided I could help out here.” “So you don’t want to be here then?” Chloe asked. “To be honest it isn’t really my thing.” Chris admitted, “But at least it will look good on a CV and judging by these kids, if I can deal with this I can deal with anything!” Chloe laughed and put her hand on Chris’ shoulder. Chris smiled as well, he certainly wasn’t going to complain at the contact, he was becoming increasingly sure this girl was into him! The kids were now starting to head out of the door with Diane stewarding them out into the grassy area. She looked over to Chris and Chloe and signalled for them to follow her outside. “You will do fine, just remember safety first and if you aren’t sure about something just come and ask me or your aunt.” Chloe removed her hand from Chris’ shoulder and indicated that he should follow her outside. The warm sunlight hit Chris as soon as he stepped outside, it was a beautiful day and the kids were already running around screaming. Shielding his eyes, he saw his aunt beckoning him over to her. He walked over as his eyes slowly adjusted to the bright surroundings. “I need you over on the far side of the field by the fence OK? Need you to make sure no kids cross the line and get too close to it.” Diane instructed. “OK.” Chris said. Without waiting for anything else to be said he trudged over to the far side of the field and leant against the fence watching the kids running around. It was a pretty big field for the amount of kids running around in it and it was rare that a child even got close to the line let alone crossed it. A few minutes passed by and Chris was starting to think this was pointless. None of the kids were coming near the fence and he was basically stood in the middle of a field in the blazing sun for no reason. This was made even more irksome when he looked over to his aunt and Chloe to see that they had ample shade to stand under either side of the field. He was just starting to wonder if there was any point to being out there when he suddenly felt a very strong cramp hit him, Chris doubled over and clutched his tummy. After a few seconds the pain abated and he stood up straight again. Diane was stood under a tree on the side of the field, quite near the entrance to the day care. As she glanced over and saw the young man bend over she smiled to herself. The show was about to begin, she thought wickedly. Chris was still feeling wrong; the pain had left him but he felt an urgent need for the bathroom, an urge that was strong and not weakening. Chris started hobbling across the field, he tried to run but his need to clench was forcing him into an awkward half run, half walk. He could see the kids look up at him oddly as he shambled past them and he knew he must look very odd. None of that mattered though, the only thing that mattered was making it to the bathroom. As Chris went through the doorway Chloe, with a worried look on her face, started moving towards the door herself to see what was wrong. She stopped in her tracks when she looked across to Diane who motioned for her to stay out with the children whilst she went back there. Chris was reaching the critical point; he could now barely move forward. He fell to his hands and knees and started crawling towards the promised land which was the bathroom. Another sudden urge forced him to place one of his hands over his butt as he tried to keep it together, the sweat from the hot day was now mingled by the sweat of the effort to keep everything in. Suddenly Chris experienced an even stronger cramp, a cramp that signalled that his body was no longer waiting. “Oh no.” Chris muttered as he felt his body give up and without being able to stop it the hot mess his body had been holding in broke through the gates. Chris couldn’t believe what had happened, but despite everything this wasn’t a disaster. Chris pooped his pants, but it was only a little bit. Despite all the cramps only a little came out. He should be able to clean up, find somewhere to dispose of his underwear and no one will be any the wiser. He certainly couldn’t admit what just happened. “What’s going on?” Came a distinct voice behind Chris. Chris’ heart stopped as he looked around and saw his aunt standing in the doorway. Had she seen everything? “N-Nothing…” Chris said lamely. “Nothing? You don’t think that after working in this day care for so many years that I don’t recognise that position?” Diane said as she strode into the room and straight up to Chris who was still on his knees. Chris remained paralyzed to the spot as his aunt strode over to him. He watched in horror as without hesitation his aunt reached down and felt the seat of his pants. She pushed her palm against the mess that Chris had made and he felt it spread out with the pressure covering new parts of his body and making a relatively salvageable situation into a much worse one. “Diane please, don’t tell anyone, I don’t know what happened! It just came on so suddenly!” Chris pleaded as his aunt continued to probe the lower reaches of his body and assessing the damage that Chris’ accident had caused. “You think I would tell anyone?” Diane asked in mock surprise, “It will be our little secret. But, you will have to do something…” “What do I have to do?” Chris asked hesitantly. “Well… We have rules here. If one of the children has an accident in their pants, then they have to wear… Protective underwear.” Diane said casually as she helped Chris to his feet, “I mean, we don’t have spare underwear here, so you don’t really have a choice.” Chris didn’t respond as he was helped to his feet by his aunt and gingerly he followed her to the corner of the room, if this was the only choice he had then it was pointless complaining about it. He thought they were heading for the toilets but at the last minute his aunt directed him to the changing table. “Come on… I can clean up myself, in private right?” Chris asked aghast at what his aunt was suggesting. “The kids will be heading back in soon.” Diane looked at her watch, “about five minutes from now in fact. You can either get on the table and we get this taken care of or you keep delaying and you get changed on the table anyway, only this time there will be a bunch of curious kids here.” Chris hesitated. “Would you prefer I get Chloe to come in and do this?” Diane asked knowing already that Chris seemed to be crushing on her. Chris bit his lip, he knew he didn’t want the second option to happen but the idea of getting cleaned up by his aunt on a changing table meant for toddlers was not a pleasant thought. Still, with not a lot of options, Chris awkwardly climbed on to the table and laid down. Despite this table being meant for kids it was still big enough for Chris to lie on it relatively comfortably. A part of Chris that wasn’t distracted with this horrible situation wondered why the table was so big. Without wasting any time Diane, who had pulled on some disposable gloves, pulled off Chris’ pants and just as Chris wondered how she was going to pull his underwear off without making a large mess Diane took a pair of scissors and cut the sides of his y-fronts. Chris was a little shocked at first but soon realised that he would never want to wear these again so cutting them off wasn’t too bad. Chris just looked at the ceiling and wished this would all hurry up and be over with. He went a deep shade of red when he felt his aunt lower the front of the cut up underwear and expose him. Without a word she grabbed Chris’ legs and lifted them over his head and begun taking some cold wet wipes to the mess that was stuck to Chris’ bottom. “Don’t be embarrassed I’ve done this to plenty of people before. Though they aren’t usually so big!” Diane joked as she cleaned up the relatively small mess. Diane was happy to see that not much had come out because she knew that the laxatives she had given Chris earlier were far from done working their magic. Chris pleaded with every God he could think of that none of the kids came in right now, and he was especially keen that Chloe didn’t walk in to see him like this. When, after what felt like an age, his aunt had finished wiping him clean she instructed him to get off of the table and stand up. When he did so he saw that Diane was holding out a pair of pull ups. Chris didn’t hesitate, even wearing the pull ups right now would be better than being naked in front of his aunt. He took the pull ups and stepped into them, pulling them up until they fit snuggly around his waist. For a minute Chris wondered why this day care had pull ups big enough to fit him but he was just grateful that they were there. Diane gave Chris a pair of shorts as well, his pants had been soiled by the accident and Diane had bagged them up with his underwear ready to throw out. Chris stepped into the shorts and pulled them up. He was actually quite happy with them, they went down to his knees and it wasn’t at all obvious what he was wearing underneath them. Just as his aunt left the room to dispose of his soiled clothes to the trash, Chloe came back in with the horde of children who immediately started running around the room again. Chloe walked straight over to Chris with a confused look on her face. “What happened to you?” She asked noting the change in clothing. “Oh, erm, I wasn’t feeling well. Had to run in to use the bathroom.” Chris said explaining his sudden disappearance from the field, “Oh and I changed into these because… It is so hot, wanted something that wouldn’t get me so warm!” Chloe looked at him a little suspiciously but nodded her head and turned to round up the kids for some organised games. Chris sighed in relief that he had managed to hide his embarrassing accident from Chloe but just as he thought he was in the clear he felt a small cramp hit him again.
  23. Chapter 1 You lay sprawled, legs resting open naturally to either side of your wet diaper. Cold slender hands slide to take a firm hold of your soft wrist cuffs to transition them with a click to the locking clips by your shoulders. This was standard practice of all households enrolled in the program; although for you, it was almost unnecessary of course since by now you’ve learned it’s better to lie still. A pacifier nurses in and out of your mouth as the first tapes are ripped free by the practiced hands of your Civil Caregiver. Today Sammantha appears in no rush. You feel the diaper lowering, slowly, coaxing you to look at the yellow patch between your legs. Your cheeks burn and you look quickly back to the side to ignore the knowing look on your Caregiver’s face. A wipe is dropped dismissively before a hand joins it. A firm hand gathers your ankles and lifts them to reach any wetness that spread to your bottom. A few moments of loud crinkling follows until the brush of your newest diaper is under you. As the first light tap of cool powder begins, the doorbell rings. Samantha pauses mid-shake, the powder bottle hovers poised above you as she seems lost in an internal debate. You were clean and safely strapped down so she didn't see the harm in leaving you. She lowers your legs to either side of your diaper and sets the powder aside to answer the door. “Ms. Withers?” The voice reaches the nursery and you can glance far enough to see a man in a dark suit and tie standing on the doorstep politely removing his hat. “I’m here for a routine inspection of your charge. May I come in?" "Oh, yes of course!" Samantha beams, eager to show him inside. “I’m sorry if I don't shake. I was just dealing with a very full diaper!” Sam was always completely hygienic with your changes of course, but couldn’t pass up the chance to be a little showy. “That's impressive considering Y/N's age and short length of time sentenced to your care." The inspector said, referencing a file and clicking his pen to take note.Samantha excitedly ushers him to your nursery. You still lay dusted with powder caught in the middle of your diaper change. Seeing the man enter, your knees instinctively crunch closed in your concern for modesty. "Nuh huh!" Sam shakes her finger storming right over to you. ”You know that's a no-no! Even when guests arrive. Open!” Sam spanks you, so suddenly and so hard, you flinch against your changing straps and tinkle a little. Samantha despite a fair amount of strain can’t keep her composure and breaks into a fit of giggles at your toddler-befitting accident before grabbing a wet wipe to drag down your front again and dust the spot with another quick cool puff of powder. The inspector nods approvingly. "She seems very far along." he observes, noting the time and incident. “Now, before we go any further. I need to see more evidence of her regularity." He crosses the few remaining steps inside the nursery to inspect your diaper pail. "...My goodness.” He pauses peeking at the taped bundles inside. “Does she really need changes this often?" He sees your used diapers are almost filling the pail to the brim. Undeterred, he begins counting the number of times you've failed to keep clean, tallying each used pair in his notebook before praising the healthy ratio of wet to messy diapers he sees. "That's right.” Your Caregiver gleefully adds with a self-satisfied smile. “She needs her diaper changed after every nap or bedtime; she fills them right up. Doesn’t even notice not even when she's messing." She grins. "Incredible work," the inspector mutters writing that down in his notes as well. "Now what about when she's awake?" "I'm so glad you asked.” Sam intoned with a pompous air and smile. “She ends up having accidents, like you saw, wetting them mostly. I always give her more than the recommended number of chem bottles and fiber feedings so she’s almost always ready to let go. I know it's not strictly necessary, but I just love catching her in the act. One time, I was cradling her in my lap for her bottle feeding, and I could tell she was struggling, so I gave her just the tiniest of presses, and the little girl completely let go! She was wetting her diaper so heavily against me, I wondered if it was even going to hold it all! Speaking of which...” She eyes you trapped on the table. “Let me finish up her change before she might make a mess." She tuts over to you on the changing table and makes a big show of pulling up her big girl's diaper, once so defiant, now being wrapped up in a disposable. "Then can see why you've chosen the thicker variety." the man observes over your caregiver’s shoulder while she readies your diaper’s tapes. "Oh my yes. I can only keep her in the most absorbent overnights." Sam says securing the tapes over your crinkling diaper’s bulk as if to demonstrate. “She is just such a heavy wetter and her messes need somewhere to go." She pinches you, finishing up the last tape seal with a rub. "But I do love how these diapers still come in the little baby prints. Don't you? She really does look like an overgrown baby this way. Yes she does. Yes she does," she coos and tickles you. "And what a good baby you've been! Waiting quietly while the grown ups talked. You didn't even fuss for your paci." "And how is the progress there?" "Let me show you." She deftly procures your pacifier from where it had fallen and slides it between your resigned lips. They see you suckle tentatively at first, then more prominently and Samantha's grin widens. She leans in, praising her well-trained suckling baby, pressing a hand strategically into your diaper's noisy thickness. She coyly steals a glance at the inspector for his reaction. Needless to say, his eyebrows are high with appreciation as you fidget and turn to hide the heat building in your face. He clears his throat. "Well, I certainly have no further questions." He states tidying up his materials. "Ms. Withers your work here is outstanding. I am recommending you for a higher position in our efforts, and I'm sure our director will want to meet with you," he adds confidently, tucking your folder away and donning his hat. "Oh pish posh." Samantha says bashfully still idly groping at your softly rustling diapered crotch. “Simply following the prescribed number of spankings and dirtying of diapers have gotten us to this point, Mr. Inspector." She smiles. Chapter 2 - A Teaching Moment Locked in your car seat and thickly diapered for what was becoming a lengthy road trip. Your binky rattled with each curious suckle watching the scenery speed past. Your head bobs and eventually the blur of trees lulls you off to sleep. You awake hours later, groggily lifting your head to feel cool air against your thighs and the probing rustles of Samantha’s fingers checking your diaper. She had pulled the car into a rest stop and was leaning through the opened back door for your inspection. "As expected...Come on honey let's get you a new diaper and that stinky one changed.“ You’re confused and burning withshames, but she simple repositions your clothes over your used diaper and unbuckles you from your car seat. Your packed diaper bag is already waiting for you by the curb. She takes your hand, but your head shakes ever so slightly. "...Are you telling Mommy no?" She warns. You nervously look past her again at the crowded rest stop full of proper citizens happily picnicking and enjoying the springtime sun. But one more stern look from your caregiver and you slide yourself out from the car. She walks you past the chatty vacationers towards the public restroom, swinging your packed diaper bag over her shoulder and tugging you along in tow, waddling and struggling to keep up. Some onlookers paused their conversations to snicker at your pacifier and your struggles to walk some even outright laughed noticing your loaded seat was most likely to blame. Samantha drags you inside the woman's restroom to its designated diaper changing counter. She unfurls one of your Issued changing mats to place your mushy pants on top of. She babytalks gleefully proudly pulling down your outergarments, and opening your diaper to reveal your mess. "Phew. I'm glad we stopped when we did or this would have gotten ripe honey. You're also so soaked!" Your cheeks flared. It was still so difficult to accept you were filling your diapers without any indication, but only while you slept! She pushes your legs up to your chest causing your hips to rock back off your dirty diaper to remove it. She dumps it neatly into the restroom's fragrant pail, then gets to work cleaning you up with wet wipes. "That's it honey." She coos. "Just lay still so Mommy can clean all your poopy peepee..." She takes her time. Each chilly stroke longer than the last; slowing even further when people start to enter the public restroom, hoping they’d take notice. "My my." An older lady sneers noticing you on the counter with diapers and dirty wipes. "And here I thought they could control themselves." "...Oh no.” Sam chuckles finishing up her last clean swipe. She holds up your next massive diaper for the woman to see; its rounded thickness hangs open bottom heavy in the air. ”See how much protection she needs? And they get put to good use, believe me.” Sam whisks the diaper beneath you, shaking her head like a put-upon mother accepting potty training was never going to happen. The lady puffed with patriotic pride. "See to it.” She sniffed haughtily before thanking Sam for her service and taking care of her own business the grown up way while Sam continued your change with practiced precision. She was just finishing up arranging you bottoms-up for powdering when another woman approached. "Excuse me...” She began. “I couldn't help but notice...I've been thinking of volunteering for the cause myself. Do you mind if I lend a hand with the rest of her diaper change?" Happy to oblige, and eager to recruit Caregiver potential, Sam agrees wholeheartedly. She dusts a few light groupings of powder onto your waiting bottom before passing the bottle on to your babysitter-in-training. “See? Nothing to it. Just sprinkle some more of her baby powder onto her bottom...” Sam prompts waiting for the woman to begin. "...Just like that! You're a natural! You can add a little more powder if you want. Yes, yes, unfortunately for her, that is a small case of diaper rash. We've been on the road so it's hard to change her when she needs it. Go ahead and add lots of powder to keep her dry. Perfect! Now use your hand to rub it in...spread it out evenly...her little bum-bum is so soft all powdered up, isn't it? Now, I'm going to lower her down onto her diaper." Your powdered bottom is soon cradled in soft padding and Sam arranges your legs to allow plenty of room to work. "She's smooth?" The woman asked inquisitively as she fiddled with the baby powder. "Can you imagine if she wasn’t?" Samantha smirked, wiggling one of your lazily hanging toes. "With the amount of poo-poo and pee-pee this one can squirt out, her changes would take hours!" Dustings of powder tickle down with their giggles and side laughter, adding a thin fragrant coating between your legs. You do your best to ignore it, but cool teasing fingers spread the powder all over your diaper area then you hear loud crinkly rustling, and feel the firm press of your newest diaper pulled up tight. "Now we keep it nice and snug. Oh, no pun intended!" Samantha giggles. "These are adult Snuggies diapers. I'm so glad they make them for us. I find they work best for her." A few more giggles and sticky adhesives were required before Samantha finally helps you sit up, crinkling all the while against the counter as she takes your binky. "What do you say now sweetie? Oh, what was that...?” She cups her ear. “I'm sorry dear we couldn't quite hear you. Shouldn't you say something about your diaper? Remember? Use your words..." Finally you just break down and say it. "That's right!" Samantha cheers patronizingly. "Your diapey is all nice and changed thanks to her. We appreciate your gratitude." She returns your binky, pulls up your pants, and takes your hand thanking the woman herself and exchanging contact information before walking you back out to the car. Chapter 3 An industrial complex looms from your vantage point in the rear car seat. The car pulls up to a security gate and a guard steps out to meet you. Sam hands him her ID with a smile. He moves to check the back seat, and upon seeing you, smiles wickedly, hands your authorized CG her ID back and waves her through with a respectful salute. You feel the squish in your pants from your long trip and watch nervously as the car pulls into a parking space. You had fought the urge for as long as you could. You had your wits about you and so could fight, but one miss-timed bump in the road had left you gasping as you sprayed into your thirsty diaper. Sam knew those sounds well and had simply smirked into the rear view. Samantha gets out the of the front seat taking your diaper bag from the passenger and comes back to open up the door to unbuckle you. She keeps a firm grip on your hand as she walks you through large automatic doors and up into a reception area. "Ms. Withers, Welcome!" a beaming young professional greeted with a file folder in hand. She crouches down condescendingly to you. “And who is this? Y/N? They thought she'd be more trouble..." She teased suggestively with a knowing smile back up to your 'Mommy.' "Oh no trouble at all." Sam waved off the compliment. "In fact do you have a place where I can change her? She's always wet after her naps." "You've perfected that technique?" The receptionist asked with a hint of surprise. "She's only a few years younger than you...” She looks down, flipping open your file. “It says here she's soiling her diapers as she sleeps while under your direct influence. I must say, Ms. Withers, your progress is unprecedented." "It's the least I can do." Sam simpered. "It's my civic duty after all, and I've been working on ways to make it happen while she's awake too. That's what her types really need. Sure she can have accidents from what not, but it's more beneficial when she doesn't realize her diaper is, how we say, growing right out from under her.” She grinned down, shaking your hand a little at your shared, but obviously one-sided joke. ”I know certain treatments have been proposed,” she continued, “but I find we as the Caregivers lose too much control over them that way as well. It's so much better when the baby gets commanded. Isn't it honey?” She taps your hand. "I eventually want to be able to snap my fingers and I see her diaper droop, but I understand her kind have been a stubborn nut to crack and we are still a ways away from that ideal." The receptionist smiles. "And that is precisely why we've called you in today, Ms. Withers. We're hoping you can bring new innovations to our program. If you would just follow me,” she holds out her hand. “I'll lead you to one of our examination rooms where you can change her." A maze of stark corridors followed then a steel door was unlocked with the beep of a keycard to reveal a brightly decorated examination room obviously designed to embarrass bigger babies. ”Feel free to use the diapers provided.” The receptionist indicated the stacks. “And of course any of the changing supplies." She added Sam got right to work after expressing her thanks by unceremoniously tugging you up onto the room’s padded table for a change. Just as your nearly leaking diaper was being brought down the receptionist gave a little wave by the door. "Bye bye, Pottypants." She giggled. “Be good for Mommy, okay? I'll be back to check on you in a little while." Quick Note: I was considering reworking this to be a third person story. I'm happy to hear ideas! I almost always edit a few parts after posting.
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    Daycare RP (Open)

    Seth was 2 and 1/2 when his parents signed him up for Happy Smiles Daycare. He nervously walked into the Bloom Room, where the majority of toddlers were. His mother signed him in, and he walked through the gate. He was quite nervous, even more so because of the Pull-Up underneath his shorts. He looked around at the other toddlers, some in diapers, some in underwear, some in training pants.
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