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  1. We welcome your comments and criticisms. Prologue: A young girl named Abigail will have to deal with her stepmother for six months Chapter 01: Abigail was a beautiful, intelligent girl with bright blonde hair and a clever look in her eyes. She lived with her family, including her stepmother Lilian, who was a strong and dominant businesswoman. Lilian was about to marry Abigail's father, Mike, a man who traveled a lot for his work. Despite having an initially friendly relationship with Lilian and enjoying the moments they spent together, Abigail had a secret that worried her. Ever since her mother left when she was little, Abigail had suffered from the problem of wetting the bed at night. Her father reassured her that it was just a passing phase, and Lilian also tried to be understanding, but deep down she considered her immature and discreetly called her "baby" because she still didn't have proper bladder control.All of Lilian's cruel actions were hidden from Mike, always away from his eyes. Abigail felt helpless and feared what would happen when her father wasn't around to protect her. One evening, during a family dinner, Mike made an announcement that would change the course of everyone's lives. He revealed that his company would be opening a branch in another country and that he would need to move for six months to manage this new venture. Abigail sank into her chair at what her father said, but also felt a certain relief, as she knew that her stepmother wouldn't be staying at the house during this period. Before Abigail could get up and leave the table, her father asked her to stay and announced something that left her even more astonished. He said that, as the wedding between him and Lilian was approaching, and considering the closeness between Abigail and her stepmother, Lilian could look after her during his absence. Abigail lost consciousness for a moment, unable to process what was happening. Still half-stunned by the shock of her father's announcement, Abigail was still dizzy when Lilian broke the silence and said: "You wanted to go to bed at that time, didn't you, Abigail? I'll take you." Abigail wanted to refuse, but some part of her, perhaps the fear of confronting Lilian, made her agree. "Yes, let's go," she said, holding out her hand to Lilian, who promptly took it. The two went up the stairs together, arriving at Abigail's room. The room still bore traces of the girl's childhood, even though she had long since outgrown that phase. Toys scattered around the room, walls painted in pastel colors and a small closet full of children's clothes gave the place an atmosphere that no longer matched Abigail's age. Lílian selected an outfit for Abigail, chosen from among the pieces she had bought months ago, clothes that were more reminiscent of a child's style. She picked out a light blue sweater with floral prints. Abigail allowed Lilian to help her put it on, feeling uncomfortable. After covering Abigail with the blanket, Lilian approached and said, with a tone of veiled threat: "Little one, I have a deal for you. If you wake up dry tomorrow, I won't do anything to you. But if you wake up wet, there will be changes in this house." Abigail, aware that this was her only chance of avoiding trouble, decided to accept the deal. With a little hesitation, she murmured: "Yes.”
  2. Chapter 1: For Her Good I will add the story here as I can. Full story already available here: https://www.wattpad.com/user/AFictionalPhile and https://www.deviantart.com/afictionalphile/gallery/91841094/for-her-good-15-chapters The problem was that she had three roommates. Yet, Sir always said that never being alone was for her good. Sir said it just like that, in a text message, in response to her worrying. Sir said that life goes on. Sir said that... I will not bury the lead. I will not sugarcoat it. Consent culture rightly necessitates that I lay this more bare than anything. We are trying to change your life. Remind yourself once again, Mari. Are we entering this agreement purely for sensation? It was conversations like these that made Mari blush more than the details of their agreement. Sir's language stripped Mari like she'd brought a bomb through TSA. Sir had so effectively undressed her fantasies and fears, in these months, Sir had so quickly probed and unwound her proclivities, that she still felt like a child going to a parent with something as trivial as a hopelessly knotted shoelace. Except that in the case of Sir, she'd shown up presenting her tangled up psyche. Sir had unraveled her problems just the same. Sir had found her mental G-spot with the precision and command of an award-winning chiropractor. Sir never had to say things like: You will cum for me now. Instead Sir would just say: ahhh...that got you there, didn't it? And Sir, as if they were in Mari's head and not in her phone, would always be right. Big girls would respond with more than just emojis, wouldn't they? Sir's presence was digital yet encompassing. Texted but seemingly scriptural. No manager, professor, teacher, or other esteemed individual in her life had so thoroughly outclassed her. She was a rowboat bobbing beside a cruise ship, when Sir's messages crowned her phone banner. Never before had she been so blissfully cowed. Nothing crossed her mind that Sir had not thought of first. No mental caverns existed that Sir could not, with just a few whispers, lead her out of. I understand what you mean. Know this. You are the brave one. You are facing who you are. Take your sense of unworthiness, Mari. Let us say that you're the fuckup. The dropout, the girl with the dead end job. The under-performer. Let's pretend that your three roommates are indeed smarter, better grown-ups than you. Let us say that you've screwed up every relationship you've been in because you're a needy crybaby. Let's own that, Mari. Let's ball it up – put it in a diaper. Change it often enough and it won't leak. If we do this, perhaps none of your faults will leak into your worthiness either. *** A few days before the beginning of her agreement, the first cardboard box (Sir said that there would be very many), lay unopened beside her bed. The box was tucked between her bedside table and the closet, wedged in the space so that she could not even exit her bed to that side without crushing it. It stood out little among the messiness of her room – another token of fuckupery that even Sir did not know about. Even her roommates called her Monster Mari for the way underwear, socks, and clothes were piled on the floor. At her best, she told herself that it was organized. That there was a method to Monster Mari. At her worst, she knew the panties were going in a shoebox, destined for the mail. For Your Good. Just days away from the beginning of her agreement. Sir's last question burned on the phone. Is this thing we are about to do purely sensational? She shot off a message. "No Sir," she said. She knew it was a little girl's answer, and that Sir wouldn't be pleased. Sir was going to coach her through her fears, once again, and in the end Sir would be right. Mari rolled over and groaned. Sir had owned her orgasms almost since they'd begun messaging. She'd almost begged Sir to take them; without prompting, one night when they were first messaging each other. Before diapers and all that took over their DMs. She'd just asked for permission, Sir ignored it. She'd asked again, hot, her fingers moving fast. The question had prompted another lecture from Sir – one of the hottest things she'd ever experienced. Sir would do no half measures. Sir played no games. Permission now is meaningless without a totality, Mari. And I won't get into something so serious, so flippantly. That night, she'd wanted it. "Can I?" she asked. Again and again. Mari. You can do whatever you like tonight. We can have a serious conversation about it, and I would like to. But we will not have it now. They'd had that conversation just a few days later. Mari, for all her distractibility, for all her reprimands at work for not being on the phones long enough, for not working as hard as she could be, had never been more focused on a thing in her life. Selling her pussy to Sir was a divine urgency; it was the only thing that could get her heart to stop beating through her ribs. She sat on calls at work, at her desk in her Monster Mari room, one hand constantly between her thighs. I have a standard for this, Mari. This isn't my first rodeo. You will only cum with my permission. When I command you to go to your room to play and cum, you will do so. I will not ask when this would be disruptive. Though it may not be what you want, I will always ask For Your Good. Honesty is up to you. You can have sex with any person and any outcome is acceptable, so long as you report it to me afterwards. The last part always struck her as odd. Almost disappointing. She was hoping at least for something savage. Anal chastity, the purchase of some grotesque implement to rail herself on camera. It took her months to test Sir's nugget of freedom. When she returned to Sir with reports of a cocktail-soaked conquest, she was surprised about how happy Sir was for her. "Aren't you...I used YOUR pussy like that? You know?" Use big girl words. "Aren't you jealous?" I get to talk to you as much as I do. You don't know who I am. I have no right to feel jealous. And least of all no cause. I'm proud of you. "But it's YOUR pussy and I just...used it..." It was a guy, right? And he fucked you? "Yah. It wasn't, like, amazing. But yeah." And did he cum inside of you? This sort of question, with anyone else, would have made her roll her eyes. But with Sir it piqued her. She was once again disrobed with a text and it took great discipline for her to not respond with an emoji. "Well...in a condom. But yeah." That's what pussies are for, Mari. I am like an underwriter for your car, if you had one. I would not be displeased if you drove your car. I would, however, like to know if you were spinning donuts in a parking lot with it. Think of it this way. Your pussy doesn't belong to me. Rather, it simply does not belong to you. We do not live in a world where a public pillory to display your entries is safe or acceptable. But know this. The world is a better place when you have been mounted and used. In the same way that the world is better when food is eaten and not left to spoil, just so I hope that those who want to enter you, may. It is the same with your eventual diapering. When the day comes, Mari. You are not giving up your adulthood. You are simply accepting that everyone – everyone – is more adult than you. She remembered thinking about this for a while, and almost forgetting to ask for permission. "Will this be the case when I'm in diapers?" Yes, of course. "Will I get an exception for my diapers when it comes to...sex?" Do you want an exception? "No..." Then why does a little girl ask this question?
  3. Chest 19.5"/ Shoulder 16.5"/ Sleeve 6.5"/ Length 31.5"/ Collar to Snaps 35" w/ some stretch. Uploading photos on here is a challenge due to the limit. I had to greatly shrink the size.
  4. Chest 15"/ Shoulder 14"/ Sleeve 5"/ Length 27"/ Collar to Snaps 28.5" w/ stretch (rear)
  5. Chest 15"/ Shoulder 14"/ Sleeve 5"/ Length 27"/ Collar to Snaps 28.5" w/ stretch (rear)
  6. Chest 17"/ Length 28"/ Collar to Snaps 30" w/ stretch (rear) Collar to snaps 30" w/stretch (rear)
  7. Chest 16"/ Shoulder 15.5"/ Sleeve 8.5"/ Length 30" / Collar w/ Snaps 35" w/ stretch (rear)
  8. Anyone in the Topeka/Lawrence are looking to baby someone?
  9. I. My face, deep red with a combination of embarrassment and tears, was on full display, the rest of my body fully moving in momentum to my locked-tight wrist, which was firmly in the grasp of the supervising party in my life, my Mommy, who’s infuriated look pulling me along said all anyone needed to know. I could have whined, I could have done anything, but I felt…paralyzed. Things like this had happened so much in my life lately that I didn’t know what else to do. I just more or less marched along, I didn’t know what else to do. It was so embarrassing. I wanted to be anywhere but here, but here I was, unable to leave. It'd have been embarrassing enough if I was only in trouble. Making this whole thing even worse was what was around my waist. My bottom? Covered in poop. I had a diaper on, sure, but still, anyone within a 10000000 mile radius could smell it. It had a huge blowout, there were messy streaks going down my previously-pristine leggings. It looked every bit as bad as I smelled. It wasn’t the first time I had one of these, but for whatever reason, this was different. I’d even had poopy blowouts in the mall before; today, I was just on a heater. Tantrums, all of that. At this point, I didn’t even care, and I figured that if this was how I was going to be treated, I might as well give Mommy what she wanted. We were a sight for anyone who bothered to pay attention; my Auntie Stef walked at a steady distance behind, carrying my “older” sister, who, judging from this whole scene, had clearly passed me in the maturity department. “Unbelievable, just unbelievable, I’m at a complete loss for words,” Mommy bemoaned aloud, targeted at an audience of one, “all this, all this…embarrassment for Mommy, all because of a poopy diaper, a poopy diaper!” This end of the statement drew a few curious stares, but Mommy was undeterred. “A poopy diaper baby, you’ve ruined the day for all of us, and especially your sister, all because of a damn poopy diaper, something I think we see more than once per day? I don’t get it, I really don’t.” Mommy was scary when she was upset because there were bits of calm mixed into the inner seas of her volcanic temper. “You just think you’re going to get to watch Gabby’s Dollhouse when your sister does when we’re home, well, you’ve got another thing coming, Missy. You’ll be lucky if you’re able to leave your playpen all week after this little display, ughh!” Mommy started again, before once again showcasing the madness of it all, “…all because of a poopy diaper, unbelievable, even your sister doesn’t melt down like this because of an accident, and she’s expected to use the potty; you’re not, you go in your diapers, ugh, just unbelievable.” I just tried to move fast in my complicated waddling state, my legs uncomfortably mixed with my own fecal matter, all while reflecting on the current events. Seeing my sister really surpass me and take her rightful spot as the older kid in the house, it just set me off.. It wasn’t fair, she got to have her ears pierced, and I had to watch! What should have been a delightful rite of passage for my sister, Mommy, and Auntie Stef, quickly devolved into my own tantrum on the floor of Claire’s shortly afterwards, to the delight of no one. Compounding it all was the fact that in the middle of this tantrum, I had made a runny poopy in my diaper, making a further mess even worse by throwing myself on my bottom in the middle of it all. All because I was supposed to watch the other three shop for my sister. I didn’t want to watch this! I just wanted to be anywhere else; or my own ears pierced. How dare they! As I was dragged across the mall floor by Mommy towards the family bathrooms, I snapped back into reality. I’d been falling into these mindsets more and more lately, which was concerning, but probably was something I’d better become more used to. I didn’t know when I’d ever be out of this treatment, if ever, so maybe I’d better just start giving into the end of the rainbow more; I didn’t know where this was ultimately headed. I’m a little conflicted though; on one hand, this was my present and indefinite future reality, which thought this was what I always wanted, and I should be ecstatic, but on the other hand, this was my present and indefinite future reality, and it was embarrassing mostly and other times cringe worthy. It truly had become a textbook case of “be careful what you wish for”, forced into this due to my own missteps, unlikely to ever leave, at least anytime soon. As simple as my life had become, it was equally complemented by perceived complication. We finally got near a familiar sight, the family restroom sign pointed a direction that our destination was nearby. I was surprised Mommy took this detour; but then, why would she need to get the car seats poopy and make my Auntie Stef’s car stinky if she didn’t have to. Maybe, I guess, I didn’t know. Just guesses, my time for planning and those sorts of things had gone out the window a long time ago. Just as I was hoping for something uneventful, we turned the corner to the family restroom and…it was “out of order”. “Hmmm,” Mommy looked at Auntie Stef, “any ideas?” “Let’s just take everyone to the ladies room, I’ll take Amelia potty while you can take care of Courtney’s poopy diaper, there’s a place to change her there,” Auntie Stef informed her. “Alright, ladies room it is,” Mommy still seemed annoyed, but obviously not with her sister. We once again were off at Mommy’s brisk pace. Thankfully, the ladies room wasn’t too far away. I wasn’t too sure though, I didn’t like the fact that this was much more public than the family restroom we originally were going to use. As we went in the doorway, Auntie Stef took my sister, “want to go to the big girl potty with Auntie?” “Mmhmm,” I heard Amelia say. “Alright, we’ll meet you out here when we’re done, see you soon,” Mommy smiled and kissed Amelia, before turning towards our destination. Mommy pulled me towards a back corner, where there were several changing tables, built in to the counters, each separated into different changing areas by a dividing wall, but set up in a way that multiple changes could take place simultaneously. As we approached, I saw another mom starting a similar job with her own toddler, who sounded about as thrilled as I was to have their diaper changed. I was still a crying, teary mess, so I had no room to talk. Mommy walked to the table next to the occupied one, setting down her brioche diaper backpack on a space behind the changing table. She moved my hand from her vice grip to around a metal rod by the structure, leaving me to stand awkwardly while she took everything out. A new diaper, a travel case of wipes, a changing pad, new clothes, nothing was spared; she even took out hand sanitizer for herself for after the change was done. Like I said, very prepared. As I stood there awkwardly, alternating my glances between Mommy’s pretty brioche Petunia Pickle Bottom bag and the environment around us. As I glanced, the other mom looked over, giving us both a half smile, before doing a bit of a double take at me. At 5’6”, I wasn’t the typical baby having my diaper changed.Soon, I felt Mommy pushing me towards the table, her immense strength overpowering me, “Up,” was all she said. As I moved my poopy bottom towards salvation, I noticed Mommy making a smile to the other mom who was looking at us. “Poopy diapers, doesn’t matter how big the baby, always gonna be poopy diapers, am I right? Just when I thought I had both of my girls out of diapers, this one decided her journey in them didn’t want to be over, and here we are!” Mommy said in a feigned exasperation of catharsis. “Oh I can relate to that!” I heard the other mom say, “when her brother was born,” she began telling Mommy, motioning to the toddler she was changing, “she decided to cancel her own potty training, and I’ve got two loads of poopy diapers to change now! Gotta love motherhood!” “Have lots of babies, they said…” Mommy began and laughed, to which the other mom laughed too. She pulled back my sodden leggings and began the dirty work. As she pulled them down my dirty legs, she pulled out a plastic bag, rolling the leggings into the bag, tying it shut, and walking over, past the other relatable mom. Mommy quickly tossed it away, there was no reusing of it, not in any known universe. “Looks like a code brown and a half,” I heard the other mom say. “Like I said, just another day,” Mommy laughed, coming back to find me, “it’s why they sell clothes right?” As Mommy began pulling out wipes, the other mom must have finished, I heard her say goodbye, and Mommy happily bid her adieu. I always found mommies/moms to be such strange individuals. They were the only people I knew who could exchange pleasantries while being wrist deep in poopy. I guess it was a labor of love or something sappy. “Phew, phewwie, you stink stinkyyy,” Mommy teased somewhat melancholy; I think she’d rather be doing anything but this right now, especially given her current state of furor. Before taking on the diaper, she ran a series of wipes up and down my legs, cleaning off the blowout aftermath, putting the wipes in another plastic bag she’d popped out. Soon after, she opened the diaper, revealing the mess that necessitated this visit in the first place. “Yucky wucky, you’re so stinky, inky,” she teased, taking on the unenvious task of cleaning my diaper area. As mad as she could get at me, diaper changes were always pleasant, Mommy made them fun, no matter how many she did. She made baby noises, Mommy noises, in exaggerated tones throughout the entirety of the charge. Prior to Amelia using the potty, Mommy was just the same. A real natural, one could not argue.I knew I was really in for it when I got home, but for this moment in time, Mommy made me forget about it, as brief a reprieve as it might be. The cool wipes moved across my bottom, up the crack, over and over. Across my little peepee, which by this point was very much unusable except to potty, and all over the rest. A large cloud of baby powder soon followed, as did a dollop of rash cream. Soon, Mommy lifted me, sliding another diaper underneath me, taping it up. Mommy then took out a khaki skirt, pulling it up my legs. It matched my purple Gabby’s Dollhiuse shirt, I was impressed. “All done, Princess,” Mommy looked at me, putting the wipes into the used diaper and taping it up;, “lay there so Mommy can pack all your diaper goodies up.” Mommy squirted hand sanitizer on her hands, and began rubbing them as she looked at the landscape. She put the wipes container back, the powder and cream back, and then had me get off the table while she put the changing pad away. She slung the brioche bag on her shoulder, taking the used diaper in one hand and my hand in another. As we walked towards a garbage can, another mom came in, babies in tow. She and Mommy made eye contact, each shaking their heads and exchanging a laugh. Mommy tossed my used diaper out, and led me out towards the mall, where Amelia and Auntie Stef were waiting. “Looks like you got that solved,” Auntie Stef chuckled. “All in a mom’s work, right?” Mommy said lightheartedly. “Of course, nice choice too, she’s really rocking that diaper, isn’t she?” Stef asked. “You better believe it, you know she loves it, doesn’t she? Doesn’t she?” Mommy teased. I just got red and embarrassed. Aunt Stef was right, I was “rocking” my diaper. My skirt was really short, the bottom peaked out, and when I raised my arms the teeniest bit, the diaper stuck out the top. Anyone could see it, anyone within ear shot could notice it. “Well, let’s go home, we’ll get Amelia a frosty and us some lunch, and we can take it home and eat it; I’d love to eat in, but we need to get the baby down for her afternoon nap, she’s kind of cranky, if you couldn’t tell,” Mommy said in a mocking tone, to which the two laughed. Amelia gave a cute laugh of her own, but I think it was mostly to humor the adults. Off we went, Mommy holding my hand and pulling me, Aunt Stef carrying my sister. Two different directions, me pulled towards perpetual and infinite babydom, my sister pushed to higher and higher heights. I was overwhelmed, and so deeply conflicted. As we made it out to Auntie Stef’s Highlander, a dark and extended reality began to settle on me that I would never escape. As I was buckled in my car seat, I began to sob, beginning to process the day that this ear piercing adventure had wrought. “Oh Courtney, it’s ok, you’re just tired baby,” Mommy tried to console me, handing me a bottle, “drink some milkies, and enjoy the ride; Mommy will carry you in at home if you fall asleep, you’ve had a long day Princess.” I took the bottle and began to suckle down the bitter pill my life had swallowed. It wasn’t always this way, but it looked like it was going to be moving forward. As I began to doze and take it in, I thought about it all, and how I had no one else but myself to blame.
  10. In a certain sense, incontinence is like an empty gas tank. At some point you're driving and something has to be done about it and if you don't, you're going to be waylaid. Often it's smart to pre-empt the needs of your tank. The only difference is the obvious, that being empty and being full mean quite different things when it comes to gas tanks and diapers. I have, unfortunately, been known to run on fumes. In other senses, incontinence is like trying to keep a sandcastle from slumping and oozing into the dunes of the beach. Too wet or too dry, your magnificent plans are always coming back down to mush. Sometimes I describe it as a constant choose-your-own-adventure picture book. Except that it is one where almost all of the outcomes are bad (LEAKED - WOMP WOMP), where every 'picture' is a dark spot on my ass. I have, unfortunately, been known to be as bad at incontinence as I am bad at continence. But this story isn't about incontinence. Well it is, don't get me wrong. I don't have any stories about myself that don't include a diaper. This is about refilling the tank. This is about keeping the sandcastle up. This is about finding that final, glorious page of the picture book where something other than 'GET WET, LOSER' is written. I live with my boyfriend, whose name is Pete. He likes me for every other reason than my babyishness, but he likes that too. He doesn't mind that I'm too fraidy-scared to drive. He is totally okay that half of our cabinets are filled with sippy cups and disney plates – the ones with the little dividers and princess painted on them. He doesn't mind that I occasionally, without even noticing, shove my thumb into my mouth, though he does make me take it out for a pacifier if I do. He doesn't mind that I screech when I see a bug, though to be fair, who really really likes bugs anyway? It started in the middle of the night. I woke up confused and disoriented. I both knew why I was awake and at the same time, I couldn't figure it out. What was that, down there, on my butt? Is it Pete kicking me in his sleep? Is Gubbles, our cat, making biscuits on my tush? An intruder? Did the pillow get in between us to rest on my butt? What the... I realized that it was what it always was. The mess is what wakes me up. I never awaken with cramps with time to hop out of bed. That would be hopeless anyway. I'd probably just end up elbowing Pete in the face. After that, I'd trip on the covers. I'd step on Gubbles. I'd run headlong into the bathroom door. And despite all of the bumps and bruises and general carnage my midnight rush would cause, my diaper would still wind up heavy. No, any dramatic hope of getting to the potty is beyond me. I'm going to shit the bed and I'm going to find out after the fact. Now, the next thing here Daddy definitely should not know. I went back to sleep. I waited until the movement stopped and then I put a hand down there to feel it. It wasn't a ton. It wasn't anything in the emergency category. It really never is. I wear a special extra pad in the back part of the diaper for exactly this reason, and I usually don't need it. Sometimes I wrongly assess how much poop is really down there. Like I said, I'm not very good at being incontinent. Daddy – Pete – says that I should deal with it anyway, and no matter how disoriented he is, he is always willing to help no matter the hour. I know that I'm supposed to wake him up. But I also know that when poop does wind up in my diaper, like now, I'm supposed to wait. You never quite know when you're done. Well I don't, at least. So I crack my back and roll over to see if the smell or if the sounds of my toots have woken up Daddy, but they haven't. I tell myself I'm going to wait to see if there is more, and then I'll wake him up. I definitely don't want to wake him up for messy diapers twice in the same night, right? He has to work tomorrow, after all. So I wait, knowing full well that no matter how much poop is in the diaper right now, I'll have no trouble falling asleep...if I just don't...close...my...eyes... I wake up sometime later with a foreign hand on my hip. It's pushing me. Why? I wanna be here! Whyyy? Oh. I let it push me on my back. The dream I'm having surges back until I feel a cold feeling on my legs. The jammies are gone. Whyyy? I pull a hand towards my face and it gets most of the way there but then the dreams come back. Something about a beach...sandcastles...sandcastles melting and sand in my diaper... Not sand. I woke up to see Daddy. He's done more than push me on my back and take my jammies off. There is a new diaper on the corner of the bed. There is the powder and the wipes beside it. There is light coming from the lamp by the bed. I'm no longer by the pillows, I'm at the end of the bed. And there is something under my bum and I can feel the edge of it against my back. "Hi," I said. "Hi," he said. And that's all we needed to say. At some point my doodoo must have woken him up. Now my legs were up, now they were down again. In his tiredness he forgot the cold wipe countdown and I squealed. He didn't say sorry, but he put a hand on my tummy and told me that it was okay. I woke up again sometime later. The smell of poopy was all gone. I didn't even remember the rest of the diaper change. I didn't remember him taking the diaper downstairs to the bathroom with the genie. He didn't like putting the dirty ones in the upstairs genie. I don't remember him going in and washing his hands or spraying the febreeze or turning the fan on or opening the window, though now I could hear the constant tread of heavy rubber tires on the street below. I don't remember him coming back to bed, or if he kissed me on the forehead or tummy once as he did. But he was next to me. His back was turned. I moved to snuggle into him. I don't make a very good big spoon but I like to try. As I do, I realize that the butt of my diaper is stiff and bloated. I try to tell myself that it's not bad enough for Daddy to change me before breakfast, but I know that he probably will if he sees it. I fall asleep again and don't wake up until his alarm goes off. I get up fast. I'd fallen asleep too fast during my nighttime change for Daddy to put my jammies back on, so I found them in the laundry basket and put them back on. I realized that they still kind of smelled but I honestly didn't care. Carliah is a pooper, that's what it is, and poopy probably isn't done with me today yet anyway. Oh no. It wasn't. It definitely wasn't. That's why I'm telling this story. I try to sneak out of the bedroom once the jammies are over my diaper. It's even wetter than it was when I woke up and snuggled earlier. Even worse, the pee pee smells because it's been since the evening since I had any wa-wa. Thinking of that, I find my baba on the bedside table and take a slurp. I figured I'd have a quick sip and then go down to fill it with cold water. All so I can stay away from Daddy and enjoy my pee pee diaper for a little longer. But the slurps from the bottle turn out to be an oopsie, and Daddy wakes up. "Come here," he said, after aching and stretching under the covers. His eyes aren't open yet. One of his hands flops to the edge of the bed and beckons me. I try to ignore his command. "Hi Daddy!" I say. "Hi Carliah," he said. "Come here." "I'm thirsty." "Come here." I try to step around him anyway. I don't want a change and I know it's on his mind. My diaper crunches under my jammies, though, and despite his eyes being closed, he can hone in on my location with ease. His hand lashes out and grasps my back until it closes around my wrist. Rats. "Daddy!" I say, trying to sound as meek as I can. It's probably a miscalculation. Sounding small will only make Daddy harder under the covers, and a hard Daddy means, paradoxically, a dry Carliah. At least in this situation. I'm certainly wet in a brand new way as I feel his fingers enclose around my arm. I'm too horny to yank myself away. But I do try to turn towards him. I can feel where the pee is and its where it usually is – in the back. If he's lazy and he just pats the front he might not lay me down on the bed. But even if he's grunting with every movement of his body. Even if every joint cracks as he slugs his way to the edge of the mattress. Even as yellow gunk falls off his eyelids. Daddy doesn't settle for just patting the front. He tells me to spin around and presses in the shield of the diaper. His hand does not find the crunchy plastic of a dry diaper. Not even close. He leans forward and sniffs. "Daddy!" I say. "Are you pooped?" "No I'm not pooped Daddy," I say. "Smells like it," he says. I think for a second. Sometimes, poop can take me by surprise simply because I'm just so used to it being down there. But I don't think that it's the case this time. I came up with a reason. "I put my jammies back on," he said. "Okay," he says. There is a pause. "Lay down." "Daddy!" "You're too wet." "Daddy!" I say, tugging on his grip. He doesn't release and I'm still too horny to really fight. I couldn't get away anyway if I did. Soon enough I'm on my back. Once again. Daddy, more awake now, decides to give me a morning lecture. "The weather is getting warmer," he says, pointing at the window. "You know how it gets in the summer, Carliah. You know that we need to stay on top of it." "I know." "So I don't want you to fight me. I want you to help stay on top of it too. Were you trying to sneak out of here with this diaper?" "No." "Carliah. Did you wake up when you did your poopy last night?" "No! Daddy, please!" "Carliah?" "What Daddy?" "Be good. And lift your butt. That's better." Daddy was right. It was getting warm, and Spring was coming through the windows. I didn't put my jammies back on. I wore one of Daddy's t-shirts and long socks past my knees and I sat down on the couch. I had to fix my diaper a little; it wasn't one of daddy's best tape-jobs, but I couldn't complain because I'd been fussy and he'd been groggy. Daddy made me toast and some eggs and laid them down on the coffee table. He had picked one of the baby plates, this one with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. He had made himself the same thing, complete with a coffee. He poured me juice, though, and put it in a sippy cup so I couldn't spill. "Aww, I forgot the apples," he said. "It's okay!" I said, popping up. "I can get them." Daddy looked at my diaper, which flashed before his t-shirt fell over it to cover it. "Thank you honey," he said. I walked over to the kitchen. I tucked a hand under my shirt to feel that yes, my diaper was still actually dry. I still missed my big wet diaper, but this felt good too. Like a full tank of gas. Like a newly washed car, complete with its own new smell of plastic and powder and lavender lotion. Like a brain that was freshly snoozed, with no weblike gunk between the ears, ready to think big smart thoughts through the whole day.. I leaned across the counter with both hands to grab two apples. Carliah Garcia is not someone blessed with hands big enough to hold two apples in one hand at the same time. Perhaps it was the way my tummy contorted against the marble countertop. Maybe it was my movement, or perhaps the prospect of food. Food is always a catalyst; mealtime becomes change-time. I'm rarely in a state to order dessert, if you know what I mean. Sometimes the check can't come soon enough. But today, all I needed was to reach for two apples. And then that new car smell was gone. It hit my diaper in a flash. Like someone had pulled open the back and dropped a fist-sized rock right into the seat. Pee surged out too, as if it had been waiting for the time to strike. It came out with a fart too. Daddy looked up at me. He had a big mouthful of toast. "Everything okay, honey?" I knew I was blushing. I knew he could probably hear what had happened too. I stood there, arms outstretched, with two apples. "Carliah?" "Should I wash the apples?" I asked. Daddy smiled. "Yes Carliah, of course. Just a quick rinse. But you don't have to cut them up." "Okay!" I said, inflecting my voice as positively as I could to avoid my embarrassment. And disappointment. I had just convinced myself that my clean diaper was cozy. I did as I was told for the apples. I did not do as I was told earlier about my accident. About how it was getting warmer and I needed to be responsible. Instead, I sat down on the couch. I'll tell you that as soon as I did, I was no longer sad that I'd ruined a clean diaper. It felt good. It wouldn't last long, of course, Daddy was right there and would smell it, surely. Honestly, it was a perfect diaper. Not enough pee or poop to leak, but just enough that I couldn't forget it. You could say that an incontinent lass like me has developed her own, refined tastes. I'd really be like this all day every day if I could. With every bite of my toast I wormed my but into the couch a little more, squishing it further. If Daddy wasn't there, I'd make rubbies for sure. But he wouldn't allow it. He wasn't cross, but he was more in the mood for a lecture than indulgence. I expected him to give me a lecture about how I was supposed to get used to changing it myself this summer when he caught me. But he didn't catch me. We finished our breakfasts. He got on his phone and read emails or texts, I couldn't tell which. When I was done eating, he took our plates away. While he was in the kitchen I snuck a few rubbies in. Just a little. When I heard his footsteps again I stopped quickly, but the feeling was too good. I brought my heel against the crotch of my diaper and dug it in. I examined my split ends while gently rocking on my foot. I assumed it was change-time when he came by to kiss me on the head, but once again, he didn't lift my shirt and he did not begin to sniff around. Instead, he went back upstairs to get ready for work. I watched him disappear. Then I mounted the couch's armrest. I rode it almost all the way until I had an orgasm. But Daddy's feet appeared at the top of the stairs and I had to throw myself off on the couch. My diaper didn't feel so good anymore; the motion on the couch had distended and mushed it further. But I figured Daddy was taking me up to the bed and towel in just a moment, so it didn't matter. "Watcha doing?" he asked. He stopped beside the couch. He could probably see my diaper, but it didn't matter now. I was kinda hoping for that change. "Nothin. Still sleepy." "Okay. You'll remember to look at the chore list we made last night, right?" "Yes Daddy." "And I'll be home for lunch, as usual." "Yes Daddy." He took a step around the couch. I was sure he was going to lift his shirt off of me and patt my bum. But he didn't. He pulled my hair aside and gave me a big wet kiss on the cheek. "Anything else, honey?" "Hm?" "Are you all good?" I don't know how long it took me to respond. It felt like forever. But since he gave me another kiss, it couldn't have been that long. "I'm good, Daddy," I said. And then he turned and left out the door, smiling at me as he shut it and locked it behind him. To say that I was quite in shock was an understatement. Sure, the poop in my diaper wasn't the biggest ever, but it wasn't nothing. It was definitely poop and there was no way that Daddy would have missed it. It had been almost an hour since he'd grabbed my wrist beside the bed too, and he always checks me more than that. And then I realized that he knew. Of course he knew. And I lied. And he knew I lied. I ran upstairs and got my phone. It was a weird feeling, to move quickly with that much stuff smushed in there, but trust me, I've felt weirder. I found my phone under the covers and texted him. "Daddy," I wrote. "I messed up." "I just thought you were going to change it yourself." "But it's messsyyyyyyy," she said. "I think you can handle it." "Daddy!" "Daddy what?" "Daddy please?" Daddy came back in and marched up the stairs. I got the towel out for him, as well as the wipes and a new diaper. He put the diaper back in the drawer and procured a thinner one. "I want a thick diaper," I said, sucking my thumb. He batted my hand away. There was no time to find a pacifier, but he did scan the bed for one closeby anyway. "You're going to get a thinner diaper. If you leak, you're in trouble." "But I have to wait until you get home for lunch!" "Only if you don't change it yourself." There was no more discussion. I submitted to his wipes. He told me he was disappointed that I lied, and that we'd have a discussion about it later. He also reminded me of how much cream he'd needed to use last summer, and how much I whined about the rash. I took it all in silence. Soon enough, I was back in a thin diaper and alone until lunch. I was clean. I know what you'll think about this next part. You're going to say...Carliah, that's not real. You're going to say, Carliah, you're only five-foot-two. You didn't have steak and bloody marys, you didn't eat a whole damn piggy for dinner the night before. You even pooped twice yesterday – once around breakfastime, and once right after Daddy put you in a diaper after your shower (because that's how it goes sometimes). You might say, well... maybe this part is reasonable. Maybe it wasn't that much today, at breakfast, and maybe it wasn't that bad overnight too. Your Daddy wasn't late for work and didn't lose that much sleep, so maybe what happened next was not just reasonable, but predictable. All I can tell you is that I'm too little to know for sure. I don't know where the best place on the beach is to build a sandcastle. I don't, at the drop of a hat, know where the best gas station is to fill up a car in the city. I haven't, in fact, memorized the decision tree in the picture book so as to avoid all of the trap doors to an OOPSIE outcome. I'm a baby and shit happens. In fact, my opinion was that I was in the clear. I had, after all, filled my diapers quite hard that morning. Things were moving, and likely had moved. Prospects were as good as any. Chance of showers: minimal. Tornado warning? Pssh. Carliah was smooth sailing. Did Daddy give me a thinner diaper? Sure. Was I in trouble? Yeah, I was in trouble. But Daddy might forget. And Daddy didn't know that I'd got 95% of the way to orgasm on the couch. No permission. So I dodged most of the trouble anyway. The chores I had to do involved some errands. Cucumbers, more hand soap, more buttcream (always embarrassing to buy). Go to FedEX to get some postal thingy printed. Go pick out a card for Daddy's sister's birthday. There were other things. Phone calls about the house I had to make. And he wanted me to do some research on a vacation for the summer. But I figured that since my diaper was clean and dry, and thin to boot, and because the messes had just happened, that the best time of any to get out and about was right away. I said before I was bad at being incontinent. That I run on fumes. Honestly I don't know what else I could have done. Sometimes you're just toast. I took an Uber to the farthest place, which was the FedEx store. I got that taken care of, but while I was waiting I did a self check and rats, I was peed. Not too bad. I checked my bag just in case, and saw that I hadn't brought a diaper change. This didn't worry me. I often do that. Daddy never takes me out without one, but I often dip out without a dip. Especially on days like this, when the pee and poop came with the early birds. I went to a Hallmark to get a card. I started to feel something. It can sometimes be like that. Usually it's more like it was when I was grabbing the apples. When I have no idea I'm about to mess until it's in the diaper and still coming out. Sometimes, though, I get a tease. And sometimes it's a lie. I can't tell you how many diapers I've ruined going to the potty at the slightest feeling down there. It turns out to just be my period or my tummy or just, idk, the weird feelings you get just cause you're old. Or horniess. I've legitimately mistaken the feral need to fuck, so serious and debilitating that it feels like anxiety or a cramp, and sat on the potty because of it. I don't really know. Maybe it's just because I've had so little success pooping on the potty that I just don't know what normal, potty trained people feel like when they have to go. I think it's supposed to feel like what it feels like when a cock is coming out of your ass. Sorry. I know those of you anal fuckers probably think of it the other way. That a slipping cock feels like shitting. But I associate these things the opposite way, for obvious reasons. So I had a feeling. I thought it was horniness or the eggs. I suppose since I have ovaries, those two concepts aren't so different. I picked out a card without too much worry. I even squatted down to inspect the lowest ledge in the display. I worried more about the waistband of my pants and the sound of the crinkles than what was going on in my tum-tum. The feeling came and went, came and went. I trickled pee into the diaper, as usual, but nothing really progressed on the other end. In retrospect, I have to be a toddler – at best – to not have realized what was coming. Sometimes context, such as my messy morning, can be deceptive. Sometimes it might be better to think less, to understand less. My bottom made the need abundantly clear as I was about two back in the line to check out at Hallmark. It surged all of a sudden, like snow suddenly breaking off a roof. Like when you tip the cereal box too far to one side and the log jam breaks and the Lucky Charms all come cascading out. It was lucky. It was a miracle I caught it and clenched at all. More pee came out but I held my bum tight. I bit my lip and almost bent in half the card I wanted to buy. I looked behind me and saw a yoga mom idling through her phone, blissfully unaware of the jeopardy my diaper was in. I looked ahead, and an older lady was paying for her card in cash. Worse, she was paying not just in cash, but in exact cash. A coin rolled off the table onto the floor and the old lady looked at it wearily until the patron behind her stepped forward to pick it up. The situation was laughably hopeless. I almost laughed. There was no way I was paying without losing control. Daddy is gonna get hard when he hears about this. I thought about the edge of the couch, but I remembered that the diaper he gave me was small. And it wasn't close to lunch. And I was over a mile from home. It was getting warm. I still had chores to do. The feeling was a bit like trying to balance a basketball on your index finger. Drop it and...boom. Specifically, the feeling was a bit like trying to balance a basketball on your finger when you've never actually successfully balanced it before. So yeah. All it took was someone bursting through the automatic doors to make me drop the ball. They came in, turned, and shouted at someone idling in a car outside. Like any normal human being, I turned my head to see what was happening. I pooped my diaper for the third time since midnight. A man stepped up to counter and waved me over. "I can help you at this register, ma'am." The old lady was gone. It was still coming. I walked over. "Can you give it to me so I can scan it?" he asked me. Still coming. "Oh, yeah." The yoga mom was behind me. Really closely for some reason. "Cash or credit?" It's like my diaper is growing a rudder. "Credit." "Okay, whenever you're ready." Still coming. Right? No, all done. Oh. Wait. Definitely still coming. "You can remove your card, ma'am." Ma'am! Ha! No. No I'm never going to be a ma'am. I walked home. It felt too disrespectful to get into an uber. I carried my printout from FedEx and my Hallmark card and I passed right by the grocery store. I'd do those chores later. I texted Daddy, but he was busy and did not reply. Daddy was right, it was getting warm. The sun was beating down on me and my bloated diaper. I tried to stand away from people at crosswalks, but they didn't know to avoid me and found their way beside me more than usual. I hoped that the wind would waft my scent away. Or that they'd blame it on a dog or the sewer. I couldn't decide whether to hurry or go slow. I wanted to get home as fast as possible, but I also didn't want to pass in front of other pedestrians. I preferred to let them pass me. But there were always more coming out of shops and around corners. Walking fast meant it squished more. Walking slow meant I was in the hot sun longer. About halfway home I was sweating so much I was sure I was leaking. The mess in my diaper seemed to heat up my groin until it almost became claustrophobic. I realized that I was waddling and tried to correct my gait, but after a few blocks I gave up. I realized that when I got home, I had nowhere to go. I still had chores around the house. But what was I going to do? Stay standing the whole time until Daddy came home? Or sit down in this hot mess? I wanted Daddy! I texted him again. No reply. Someone bumped into me and I bit my lip. Was it possible to run away from my own butt? "Daddy I'll be in all the trouble in the world but you have to meet me at home now and change my diaper!" "I'll do no cummies for a week! I'll let you spank me bunches and bunches. But I need a new diaper soooooo bad." Finally I made it home. A part of me was mad at Daddy. Still no reply! I took off all my clothes and checked my pants to see if there had been a leak. There wasn't. I looked in the mirror and got turned on and I hated it. There was no Daddy to do anything about it and I'd ruin the couch if I did my favorite thing again. Gahh! Daddy called me. "Daddy!" I yelled into the phone. "Are you home?" "No." "Are you coming home?" "Carliah. I stepped outside. Carliah. No. Please listen. You have to do it." "You don't understand I had a..." "Carliah..." "Daddy PLEASE!" "Carliah, let me talk. Or it really will be big trouble. Do you understand?" "Yes Daddy." "You've done it yourself for years. You know many people who do it themselves. You have incontinent friends who change it themselves. You can do it too. I know you can." "But Daddy I have you!" "Mhm. And you also have trouble." "That's good I understand any kind of trouble but..." "This is the trouble. The kind of trouble involved in growing up. You're changing it yourself, Carliah. No, I know you made a big mess. Of course I love you. But I'm not coming home from lunch. Do you understand? Carliah? Carliah?" *** Peter arrived home at approximately six in the evening. He hadn't heard a peep from Carliah all day since she hung up the phone. He wasn't mad. No, far from it. He was curious. He didn't mind that she probably resented him, and that it would be absurd for her to resent him. After all, him making a twenty minute drive to wipe her butt, wolf down lunch, and drive back to work every day was a bit absurd. It was just so hot. It pained him not to do it. He really did like that he always changed her. She was so...dependent that way. But it was unsustainable. Both time wise and health wise. She needed to relearn the responsibility to clean up her own messes now and then. Not always, but often. He would have work trips. He would leave her on her own. She would need to deal with it. What was he saying? Carliah was over thirty. Carliah was fine. Carliah was getting spanked big time. She was getting soaped and he was going to make her use her mouth to great lengths to apologize to him. So he opened the door with a devilish grin. What he saw made his jaw drop. There was Carliah, her breasts out, her face panting and delirious. Her long dark hair was disheveled. She was wearing nothing but one sock and a diaper. Not even a bra. Her glasses were hung down to the very edge of her nose, and it hardly seemed to matter because her eyes were glazed and cross eyed. "Carliah!" She was perched atop the armrest of the couch. On foot on the couch, the other hanging off. Both hands pressed against her crotch. Sweat dripped down and Peter noticed her hair was stuck to her face. His eyes, stuck for a little while on her erect, raw nipples, made their way down to her hands. She had changed her diaper. No...she hadn't. He looked closer at the waistband. The waistbands. The many, many, many waistbands upon waistbands. "Carliah..." Carliah didn't acknowledge him. She rocked back and forth. What he smelled made his eyes go wide. Peter pushed through it and stepped up to the edge of the couch. Carliah was almost taller this way. She rocked back and forth, the massive balloon of plastic around her waist squeaking and crinkling as she moved. He closed his eyes and kissed her. Her mouth and breath were warm. "Daddy," she whispered, almost as quiet as a breath. She cracked a weak, delirious smile. Like she knew what was about to happen to her. Like she understood that the only place deeper and more full of poop than the septupled diaper she was wearing was the hole of trouble she'd just landed in. "I put new diapers on, Daddy. Like you said. Am I a good baby?" "You are...a baby," he told her.
  11. Hi! Hi! I am CD! I am looking for a F4F Mommy that is interested in a ABDL girly like me. I am a 22 Lesbian and I am looking for someone that is looking for a long term relationship. I would love to see if we fit. I have a discord account, and my favorite shows are Bluey, and rn I thing I am really into watching Gravity Falls. I am a big fan of Homestuck. my Homestuck Godteir is Muse of Mind. My favorite movies are the Princess Diaries, Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. I also love Alice in Wonderland (Johnny Depp), Maleficent, and Cruella. I also really love Where the Wild Things Are and Avatar (like from the way of water) :3 My favorite diapers are Bunnyhopps from ABUniverse. I love the kawaii themed diapers from anywhere to be honest though. My music tastes are house, electric, rap, lofi, 8bit game music and hyperpop. I love fashion, and Music as I am studying music theory, I also want to study dance. I am studding these things on my own. My favorite games are Animal Crossing and Minecraft. If any F4F mommies are interested in getting to know me please send me a message so we can get to know eachother (please no petnames until we are close, I go by CD) I have a lot of freetime to get to know a new friend and potentially meet the mommy of my dreams! :3 Thank you & Have a wonderful day!!
  12. Chapter 1: One Afternoon, Grace was driving home from work super excited for this weekend with her husband. His name was Michael. They had been married now for 3 years. He was also her “daddy” because she was an ABDL babygirl. He was the one who had helped her discover her baby side and it made her life so much more exciting. She was excited for this weekend because he was taking her to a cabin for baby time with just them. No one else would be there to bug them for the weekend. Her mother had even agreed to take their son for the weekend to make it easier on them. This weekend was one of Graces only chances to be a complete baby without any responsibilities. She was so looking forward to that. She was giving her husband/daddy all of the responsibility of taking care of her. She really needed this due to the amount of stress she had from working as a director at a daycare and being a mom to her crazy 3 year old little boy. She was so looking forward to relaxing and being the 1 year old little baby she felt like. She knew her daddy would take really good care of her. Grace pulled into the driveway about 10 minutes later and parked her car next to her husband's SUV. Which she could see he was already starting to pack with what they would need for this weekend. She decided to sit in her car for a few minutes to just collect her excitement before she went inside to start the weekend. Her mind then instantly wondered to the pull up that she had decided to wear to work to make herself feel little to try to start the weekend early. She then realized she had to pee really bad. She decided to wet the pull up as a little surprise for her daddy. She knew it would show him that she really is just a little babygirl that needs him to take care of her. He did not know that she had worn a pull up to work that day as she had hid one the night before. She smiled big as she relaxed her bladder and soon soaked the pull up completely. She wore a pretty red dress to work with her pull up underneath so that she could make it easy on her daddy to tell when he checked her. She then headed inside practically skipping as she locked car doors. Grace smiled big as she unlocked the front door, opened it, and walked inside. She immediately notices the bags her daddy has already packed sitting on the floor of her baby stuff for the weekend. He was making sure to pack everything they needed and more. Her dress was swaying perfectly as she walked, hiding her very soaked pull up underneath so unless anyone “checked her”, no one would be able to tell. She then called out, “Daddy I am home from work.” She then sits down on the bottom step of the stairs to take off her shoes that were her big girl shoes. She wanted her little shoes. She was bouncing in her seat happily super excited and could no longer contain her excitement. Meanwhile, Michael was upstairs finishing packing the last few items they would need to make this baby weekend perfect. He had packed lots of diapers, pacifiers, baby food, regular food, adult baby clothes, bottles, sip pies, bath items, toys, her blankie she needs to sleep, some of her stuffies, and anything else they would need. He wanted this weekend to be perfect for his little princess as he knew how much she needed this. He had noticed how stressed she had become with work and their son. He had even come up with a few surprises for her. The first surprise was he had gotten a custom adult carseat for her to make her feel extra little on the ride over and back home. The second surprise was the cabin he had rented for the weekend was from an ABDL company so it was all set up for his big babygirl. All the furniture they would need to make her feel extremely baby like. Micheal smiled big when he heard his little Grace call out to him that she was finally home from work. She had only done a half day today at the daycare. He had taken their son to his mother in laws this morning for her so she did not have to. He had just finished setting out the outfit he had picked out for his little baby. It was a Cushies diaper, 2 stuffers, pink ruffle socks, pink ruffle butt diaper cover, and a cute baby dress that would not cover the diaper cover at all. He also had 2 hair ties and ribbons ready for her hair and her pink pacifier and clip that said I love Daddy. He headed upstairs from the basement where their secret nursery was hidden. He sees her on the stairs taking off her shoes. He said, “Hi babygirl, are you ready to become my little babygirl for the entire weekend and no more big girl responsibilities?” Grace instantly looked up at Michael with eyes of anticipation and smiled so big feeling instantly little. She said, “Hi daddy. Yes I am very ready to be the baby I truly am this weekend.” She giggled as she said that knowing how true it really was. She stood up slowly from the stair onto her tippy toes. She smiled and gave her daddy a big kiss on his cheek. She was super happy and little for the first time in a while. Michael smiled big at his little baby and kissed her back. He then picked her up and as he did he noticed under her dress she had a very wet pull up on. He said, “Uh oh it looks like you really are ready to be my babygirl this weekend. You started early with a very wet pull up for daddy to change.” He chuckled and held her up by her bottom with one hand and her other hand on her back. He then headed downstairs to the nursery carrying his little baby. Grace giggled and blushed hiding her face in his neck beginning to suck on her thumb happily and bashful when he said that. She said, “I is only a baby daddy. I can’t help it.” As she said that, she lisped using her baby voice and baby talk. She sucked on her thumb all the way down to the nursery wiggling in her daddy’s arms as it was almost impossible to keep her excitement in. She almost instantly started feeling like the baby she was going to be when they walked into the nursery and she saw the outfit her daddy had picked out for her sitting on the changing table. She knew it did not matter to him carrying her outside in the outfit because they lived at least 2 miles or more away from their neighbors and they had a fence up out front. Michael smiled at his babygirl as he sat her down onto the big adult changing table. He saw her thumb in her mouth and said, “here babygirl, have your pacifier. I do not want you to chap your thumb up. That can be painful. It can also hurt your teeth.” He picked up the pink pacifier he had for her and stuck it in her mouth carefully as she opened it willing. He then unzipped her big girl dress and pulled it over her head and said, “No more big girl clothes for you young lady for the rest of the weekend.” Grace smiled and giggled happily behind her pacifier that she was sucking on eagerly. She could not have been more excited then she was for this weekend to begin with her nice thick diaper he was about to put her in. Michael then gave her pull up a good squeeze chuckling as he laid her down on the changing table. He instantly unfolded the new diaper for her and put the 2 stuffers in it getting it ready for once her pull up was off. He then ripped the sides of the pull up and said, “wow babygirl you really soaked this pull up, you are lucky it did not leak.” He then began to wipe her off front to back making sure she was clean. He smiled down at her as she laid there looking so cutely up at him as he cleaned her off. He then pulled the pull up out from under her and rolled it up. He threw it into the trash now ready to put her in a very thick Cushies diaper. To Be Continued…. Chapter 2: Michael sat the diaper he had prepared next to Grace as she laid there on the changing table. He smiled down at her and said, “okay babygirl can you lift your bottom up for daddy please? Daddy needs to get your diaper on before you have an accident all over the floor.” Grace giggled at that comment and did as she was told. She lifted her bottom up while Michael slipped the diaper underneath her bottom fully. He then patted her upper thigh to let her know to set her bottom down on the nice thick diaper. She lowered her bottom instantly and sighed happily as soon as she felt the diaper. Michael smiled when Grace sighed. It was so cute how ready she was for this weekend. She had already regressed so much as she laid there sucking on her pacifier. He grabbed the powder and started to powder her completely making sure to not miss a spot because he did not want his babygirl to get a rash. He pulled the diaper and stuffers up and positioned them. He started taping the diaper up. He got it completely taped shut and snug. He patted her diaper smiling and said, “all diapered up babygirl. Let’s get you dressed now.” He grabbed the diaper cover and slipped Grace’s legs into it. He then said, “lift your bottom babygirl.” She did so and he slipped the cover over her diaper. She put her bottom back down and Michael sat her up. He picked up the little pink dress he had picked out for her. He slipped it over her head. Michael then stood her up off of the changing table and adjusted the diaper cover and zipped up the dress. He patted her bottom that was not covered by the dress at all. Her diaper was on complete display for the world to see as the dress was way to short. He loved that part of the outfit he chose. He then picked her up and sat her back on the changing table. He put the frilly socks he had chose for her on her feet. He then put black buckle shoes on her feet that looked like shoes for babies. He then got a hairbrush, hair ties, and ribbons. He split her hair into pigtails and tied it up with the hair ties then put the ribbons in her hair. He clipped her pacifier to her dress. He smiled and said, “awwwww my babygirl is dressed and so cute. How do you feel babygirl?” Grace smiled big from behind her pacifier and said, “I feel like a little babygirl daddy.”She said it in her best baby voice with a cute lisp that the large pacifier in her mouth causes. Michael chuckled and smiled at his very cute babygirl. He picked her up and cradled her for a moment happily rocking her. Grace put her head on his shoulder, sighing happily loving being her daddys little babygirl. He held her for about five minutes before he said, “why don’t we put you in your high chair for a quick snack before our 3 hour drive to the cabin? Daddy also needs to finish packing car so you being in your high chair will help daddy do that. He can’t leave you lose because you are just a baby.” Grace nodded being hungry and liking being treated like a baby that can not be by herself. It made her regress even further. Michael carried her over to the high chair and sat her down in it. He sat her down in the seat and grabbed the buckle that goes between her legs and around her waist and buckled it tight to secure her. He then slid the tray onto the high chair locking it into place, securing her completely in so she could not get out even if she wanted to. He put a bib on her tying it around her neck so she doesn’t get her pretty dress all dirty. He put a bottle of milk on her tray, some cut up strawberries, and some mini chips ahoy cookies. He said, “Okay babygirl eat up. Daddy will come get you when he is done loading the car and getting everything ready for us to head to the cabin for the weekend.” Grace nodded and spit her pacifier out so that she could eat the snack he had given her as she was hungry. Michael smiled watching his babygirl eat her snack. He then headed upstairs and started taking all of their stuff out to his SUV. He opened the trunk of the SUV and loaded everything into the back easily and quickly. He shut the hatch and smiled. He then headed to the garage to get the first surprise he had for his babygirl. The car seat he had custom made for her. He got the car seat and took it to the car and opened the back drivers side door. He sat the car seat in the car and strapped it in. It was perfect for his babygirl. It had a 5 point harness to make her feel very little and safe on the drive over to the cabin. He stood there for a second looking forward to heading to the cabin with his babygirl. Meanwhile, Grace was sitting in her high chair eating her snack happily and quickly as she was super excited to head to the cabin. She kept thinking about everything that was gonna happen. She thought about how much she wished the cabin would have ABDL furniture but she doubted it would. She had no idea what was coming. She finished her snack happily having cookie crumbs all over her face and bib. She even had milk that had dripped down her chin and onto the bib. She sat there happily in the high chair swinging her legs waiting for her daddy to come back from loading the car for their trip. Michael puts Grace’s favorite teddy and blankie by the car seat knowing she would take a nap on the way there being tired from work and stuff. He then left the car door open to make it easier to load her in. He then headed inside and down to the nursery to get his babygirl. He was smiling so much as he was excited to spoil his little babygirl this weekend completely. He walked into the nursery to see a very messy Gracie. He said, “my my you are one messy baby. I am glad I put that bib on you or your pretty dress would be all messy.” He realized her bottle was empty and took it to the bathroom in the nursery which was just a sink and a tub. He filled it up with nice cold water after rinsing it out. He wanted her to have a drink if she wanted it on the way there. He then grabbed a warm washcloth to clean his babygirls face. He headed back to her in the high chair and took the bib off of her. He cleaned her hands and face off. Grace wiggled and fussed as he cleaned her off just like a real baby would. Michael chuckled at her reaction and finished cleaning her off. He then said, “Okay babygirl you are all clean now. Are you ready to get going? Daddy has the car loaded for you and has a surprise for you in the car. I really think you are gonna love it.” He then unlocked the high chair tray and took it off and unbuckled the buckle around her. Grace smiled and said, “yes daddy I am ready.” Michael popped her pacifier back into her mouth and picked her up from the high chair. He patted her bottom and began to carry her upstairs and out to the car. She sucked on the pacifier as he gave it to her and instantly put her head on her daddy’s shoulder smiling big super excited or the surprise he has in the car for her. He walked out of the house with her in his arms to the car. To be Continued…
  13. I woke up and stretched my legs as far as I could before they were stopped by the white wooden bars of the crib I was laying in. At 5'7" and 34 years old I was quite surprised I could fit in it well enough to sleep and that it could support my weight. In case I needed a reminder why I was in a crib at this age, my wet diaper underneath my footie pajamas covered in adorable alpacas and snapped up and down both of my legs and crotch kept me from forgetting. Oddly enough, I didn't hate it but it really wasn't my thing either. I knew how happy it made my husband seeing me completely dependent on him and he was lucky I loved him so much to agree to this. It wasn't the first time I wore a diaper for him and not even the first time I donned clothes more suited for a toddler, however, it was the first time I had slept in a diaper and in a crib, though I could see by the lack of light coming in from behind the curtains that I still quite a bit of sleeping to do tonight. Every time before tonight when we had played 'daddy/baby' I was diapered, bottle fed, and snuggled while sucking a pacifier and watching a movie. When the movie ended, so would the baby routine. My husband would lie me down and remove my diaper, clean my private area with baby wipes and gently slide my adult panties back on me and tell me over and over how much he loved me and how happy it made him that I would humor this side of him. It was nice to see him so happy. This week would be different. We rented a vacation home a few hours from our house that had an adorable toddler room for a girl around two. It was decorated perfectly with pink and very light blue elephants and butterflies with thick white carpeting and a large play mat with babyish unicorns all displaying a letter of the alphabet. A baby monitor was anchored to the wall above the crib ensuring the hippo and giraffe mobile did not block the view of the baby inside. A changing table fully stocked with changing supplies sat opposite the crib next to a white dresser painted with fun patterns of pink and polka-dots. The rocking chair in the corner near the window looked ever so inviting and I was sure was used many times to calm down a cranky or hungry baby. If it weren't for the adult sized but baby themed diapers that my husband placed next to the stack of toddler diapers you would have never guessed it was a room for an adult. I knew I had better get back to sleep but it was hard to get comfortable. The plastic mattress protector under me was loud and trying to lay on my side was uncomfortable as my diaper was very swollen between my thighs making the position awkward. Laying on my stomach felt better and if I could have fully stretched my legs I would have felt comfortable but that wasn't an option. As I stirred and repositioned myself trying to find that perfect spot I spotted the pacifier I was put to bed with and placed it in to my mouth. I found it surprising that it was the item I enjoyed most when being babied by my husband. Perhaps the soothing feeling it gave me was instinctual or maybe it was just enough to take my mind off other things, like a warm wet and slightly itchy diaper, but at any rate, it did the trick and I found a comfortable position laying down with my stomach on my upper thighs and my padded bottom slightly in the air. I was nervous to what the morning would bring but very excited to be changed into a fresh diaper.
  14. Hello All, Most of us have other kinks outside of of ABDL. One of mine is slimes. The tentacles, forced feedings, breeding, etc. I find them all erotic, but I thought some of you might enjoy a combination of slime and ABDL. I don't plan on developing this story any further, however, if you all end up liking this I'd be willing to write more. Let me know. Slime Mommy The night was cold and the air whipped past Reina’s curled, fiery hair. Her motorcycle hummed with a steady rumble as the trees passed her by in a frenzy. Autumn was at its end and the cold winter nights were coming to her small farming town. Though she had stayed in the town she had grown up in, the feeling of wanting to travel to greater places always seemed tantalizing and the bike she now rode was the first purchase she made as an adult. All in the hopes of riding it to greener pastures one day. Fantasies of it carrying her away always crept up in her dreams, but the right time never seemed to present itself. Slowing down she banked towards a dirt path she had stumbled upon many years ago. A road less traveled that led to a pleasant hill with an old oak tree at its top. Friends, lovers, and just her thoughts had been her company to this wonderful little get away out here. Removing her helmet and making sure the kickstand was firmly in the ground Reina made her way up to her usual spot at the base of the old tree. Her leather jacket easily kept her warm enough and as the sun fully set she found a quiet peace in the twilight around her. “I’m not sure if I’m ever going to be able to leave this place.” She mumbled to herself as the first stars began to show themselves. Out here, the light pollution was minimal with the closest city being half a state away. The smell of forest was still barely present and the feel of soft grass below her beckoned her to lay a while and enjoy the view. The hum of crickets and the dancing of fireflies around her was like a lullaby to her work weary body and slowly she closed her eyes to rest for a moment. Staying out all night here would have been a bad idea, but a quick rest before going home would be perfectly fine. The dreams were covered in mist as she remembered her time in highschool, her first kiss, and then more passionate memories. It had been a while and her subconscious was all too happy to remind her of her time spent in warmer beds. The comfort of a plush carpet and the smell of herbs was pleasant in her dreamlike state. Reaching down she could feel the warmth radiating from underneath her. “God, why can’t all dreams be this pleasant?” Thinking to herself that the time to wake up was now, she began to flex her muscles and extended her fingers to dance upon the grass. Instead the plush carpet of her dreams met her fingers. Sitting bolt upright, the young girl tried to gauge her surroundings. Gone was the grass field. Replaced with a confusing union of plush white carpet and shiny metal roof. The room she found herself in looked like a half dome from some modern science fiction film. The soft glow of various colored lights dotted the ceiling with the very center dominated by a light that shined down upon the entire area. Was she still dreaming? No. The warmth of the floor and the clearness of her surroundings was too realistic. In a panic Reina rushed to the edge of the room. Hands slapped against cold steel as she frantically searched for the exit. Running along the circle it had to be the size of a baseball diamond, but with no way out. Frantically she began banging on the walls, “Hellllooooo! Is anyone there? What is this place?” Silence met her calls and the fear began to creep up on her. Curling up into a ball she began to try and make sense of the situation. In the midst of her panic a squelching sound came from the opposite side of the room. Between the cracks in the panels a green substance was oozing out. Horrified, Reina could only watch silently as the ooze continued to pour through until a large mound, the consistency of jello and the size of a small car formed from it. Nothing happened for what felt like minutes until suddenly the goo began to swirl around itself. It compressed into a cylinder standing over 8 feet tall before splitting apart into various tendrils. Certain areas seemed to darken, mostly towards the top, and eventually the slime sculpture was complete. A curvaceous giant woman stood before the frightened girl with dark green hair, light green eyes that glowed, and…...nipples? Finishing it’s human form the slime woman stepped towards Reina who began to shake violently. As it approached she felt a warmth spread from her crotch. Unable to take her eyes of the giant figure now casting a shadow on her tiny frame, the fact that she had just wet herself barely registered. A piercing scream came out of the redhead's mouth as the two translucent arms reached down towards her. The feeling of solid liquid surrounding her midriff and under her arms was unlike anything she had felt before. She felt in equal parts like she was both trapped and could slip through the substance at any time. Tears streamed down her face as in terror as she was pulled towards the monster. One of the arms seemed to reach down and hold her by her bottom as her face was pressed into the shoulder/neck of slime. She’s going to eat me! The horrifying thought screamed in her mind as she waited to be pushed into the green ooze, however, once her face actually met the surface of the creature, she could feel the surface resisting. Almost like a waterbed she felt her right cheek squished into the slime woman. Still scared for her life, Reina continued to cry and shake, desperately hoping something would save her from this monster. She felt a slight change in gravity suddenly as her vision went up and down. The hold on her butt was pushing her slightly up and then letting her slide down. Is she bouncing me? Like a mother carrying her infant, the slime woman was bouncing the young girl up and down gently in her arms and began pacing back and forth along the length of the room. Fear began to subside as Reina was now filling with questions. “Ummmm. Can you understand me?” Silence. If this thing could understand her then it gave no indication. Reina decided that instead maybe someone watching this would be able to help. “Hello. Ummm. Whoever you are. Could you maybe let me in on what's going on?” Silence. “Helllllooooo!” Silence. Now she was getting mad. What the fuck was actually going on? Suddenly, she felt a fizzy bubbling sensation down where the rapidly cooling seat of her pants were. Obviously concerned Reina tried to pry herself away from the weird creature trying to comfort her. Its grip was like iron though and the best she could do was crane her neck an inch or so. The hand that had wrapped around her bottom had thinned out and spread over most of her pants. She watched as it continued to travel down her legs toward her boots. Underneath the surface of the ooze small bubbles were forming along her pants and gently floating upwards. The color of her jeans changed in one spot which began to grow. A deep black could be seen on her left butt cheek through the slime. Then another spot appeared close to her lower back. Once the spots were big enough Reina realised with horror that it wasn’t a spot, but a hole! This stuff was eating her jeans and now her black boy shorts were becoming completely visible. Reina began to thrash against the slime and shouting up at its nearly featureless face, “Hey! Stop that. What do you think you're doing with my pants?” But it wasn’t just her pants. Soon the bubbling reached her skin through her panties. A soft bubbling could also be felt along her toes as the boots she was wearing were now filled with the ooze and were suffering the same fate as her pants. Hoping that anyone would hear her and come to help, she began yelling as loud as her throat could handle. “HELP! HELP! Please someone. Anyone! HEEEEEELP! Heeee...mmmmm!” With her mouth open, a sudden rush of liquid quickly silenced her. She could feel it push her cheeks out with force, but thankfully it seemed to only fill her mouth. Instead of drowning in whatever material this was she instead was just effectively; gagged. Crossing her eyes she could see the hand that had been holding her back had split into fairly detailed fingers, with nails and even knuckles. Two led to her mouth and she could see little bumps slowly leading towards the tips almost like a 90s cartoon firehouse. The filling of her cheeks stopped after a short minute and as the creature pulled back its digits a shield formed at the entrance to her mouth that just touched her cheeks and nose. A tentative bite down was met with a rubbery flex that once she relaxed pushed her mouth open again. Several attempts to bite, chew, and tear through the gag proved useless. While she was preoccupied with her mouth, the slime on her pants finished its job and retreated back towards the hand holding her up. Embarrassment filled Reina as she realised she was completely bare down below. The feeling of slime moving across her cheeks, down her crack, and then finally covering her sensitive areas was a shock. Fearing the dissolving from before would also eat her skin made her blood run cold, however, the feeling of flesh melting never came. Instead the ooze continued to roam and cover her entire bikini area and up slightly towards her lower back and belly button. It was almost like high waisted underwear. However, using her eyes to follow the arm that was causing this new garment to appear on her she could see the bulges similar to the ones that gave her the gag continue to pump material downward. She could feel her legs pushed apart as the relatively thin slim panties began to inflate like a balloon. After several minutes the bulges stopped, as did the pacing and bouncing. The arms holding her close relaxed and slowly lowered her back down to the carpet. As her feet touched down and she began to hold up her own weight, she suddenly lost her balance. The bulk of the slime had caused her to lose her center of gravity and she began to flail, trying to regain it. Like a bolt of lightning, a green flash passed her vision and she felt a giant firm hand hold her back and push her back to a straight upward position. Looking up, the eyes of the slime creature thinned and its head tilted to the side. Almost like it was miming, “There you go. Be careful.” Bow legged and mouth firmly sealed Reina watched as the creature gracefully walked off towards another part of the room. It began touching the panels of the wall. Curious if it was going to squeeze itself out, the young girl watched as instead a pink ooze began to come out of the walls. The creature waited until a fair bit had come out, before moving its arms in a sweeping low arc. The pink slime followed the path and moved along as the woman directed it over closer to the center of the room. Once they had reached the apparently preferred destination the woman began to build the pink slime up into what looked like a box. With smooth flowing motions slots were cut out and different sections took on a glass like rigid look before becoming opaque. Pink bars began to appear and slowly Reina began to recognize the shape. Is that a crib? Looking down at the balloon of slime at her waste and the shield covering her mouth, the pieces began to fit together. Realizing what they were brought a pink blush to her cheeks. That thing made me a diaper and pacifier! Satisfied with the crib the woman returned to the wall and began to lead another section of pink slime to another area, before beginning construction on another object. Why the hell did it put me in a diaper? Oh. The recent memory of wetting herself and then screaming/crying came to mind as the blush deepended from pink to deep red. Being put into a diaper made of slime was one thing, but in a small way deserving it, was infinitely worse. Maybe if I convince this thing that I’m not a baby, it’ll help me figure out what the hell is going on. She stumbled taking her first step but quickly picked up an exaggerated waddle as she made her way over towards the creature and its newest invention. Unsure of how to get its attention, Reina felt her ears burning as she did what any child would do to get Mommy’s attention; she gripped its leg and gave it a soft tug. The thing must have some sort of sensors on its “skin” as the tug had the desired effect. It rose to its full height before turning around and looking at the small human in front of it. Now what do I do? It would be nice if I could talk to it. Gotta get this thing out of my mouth first. Reaching up with her hand, she pointed at the shield of her pacifier and mumbled as well as she could, hoping the message would get through. The creature stared at her for a moment before closing its eyes, something Reina took as its way of smiling….maybe? Its arms reached down once again, picking her up and bringing her close, this time in a cradle. Once she was secured in the crook of the slime’s arm she felt herself falling with the giant as it fell backwards into its new addition to the room. Once it was seated, the slime pushed with its legs and began to rock the both of them back and forth. First a crib and now a rocking chair, I have to stop this quickly. Once again she pointed to her pacifier, this time trying to act out a pulling motion as she grabbed at the edges. The arm not holding her reached up and touched the shield covering her mouth. YES! Success. She could feel rubbery material squirt past her teeth and out of her mouth. Able to once again breath through her mouth, Reina took a deep breath. Thankful for the opportunity she plotted her next words carefully. As she was finally prepared the slime must have sensed her intention as it turned Reina face to face with the young girls right cheek pressed up against the sizable breast with its...unsettling areola also in view. “Ummm. Hello. I think that there’s been a mist…..” Once again she felt her body shift as the hand that had just removed the pacifier was now at the back of her head pushing her face directly into the slime’s massive boob. With her mouth open the teat, easily the size of a cow udder, was jammed into her mouth. “MMMMmmmmm! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm!” Ew. Ew. Ew. Gross. Ew. Reina struggled once again. Shoving her hands into the boob now forcefully held against her face. The entire teat went well into her mouth and the thought of what was happening made her want to vomit. Suddenly, the skin of the slim seemed to give way as her hands were pushed into the mammary before stopping and being held at her wrists. Trying to pull her hands out proved useless as she was now fully attached to this massive breast. Trying to pull her head away, she was shocked as liquid came squirting out and hit the back of her throat. Fear of drowning once again filled her mind as she attempted to close her throat. Instead of her mouth filling, however, the liquid seemed to have its own mind, as it forced her throat open and pushed down into her stomach. She could feel gush after gush push itself down her throat as tears came down her eyes. She was being force fed some kind of liquid from a living giant slime woman out of its boob. The liquid was warm as it filed her stomach. Her constant struggling caused it to slosh and coat her insides as she was quickly becoming full, yet still it came. Just as she was feeling ready to burst, the gushing stopped and a pop could be heard echo through the room as she was pulled away from the suction of the breast. Breathing heavily she could only lay in the crook of this slime's arms as her distended belly hung out below her breasts. Wait… when did my shirt and jacket come off? Unaware of anything but the gallons of slime being forcefulled breastfed to her, the giant woman had taken the time to also dissolve the rest of her clothes. “Wha… what are you doi…” Once again the feeling of slime entering her mouth stopped her questions. Instead of going down her throat, the pacifier from before was reformed from the tops of the woman’s fingers. Looking up in a pleading fashion, Reina hoped that whatever this was would relent. While she lay there helpless and full, she also noticed something strange. Are her boobs smaller now? In hindsight, it made sense. The liquid now resting heavily in her stomach had to come from somewhere, but the thought nearly made her want to gag. In fact she could feel the usual feeling in her throat that meant bile was on the way. However, the feeling just...stopped. Whatever was in her seemed to want to stay inside her. At least it was warm. Like a thick creamy soup, her stomach seemed to radiate heat. She could feel it course through her all the way from her head to her toes. Her skin even warmed as she could feel the comforting warmth tingle across her skin. She could feel every inch that the slime woman touched as her hand once again reached down to her diaper. The hand melded with the diaper and the familiar bulges came racing down to inflate the diaper even further. Before she could try to comprehend what was going on, the increase stopped and the hand traveled up past the diaper towards belly. Electricity danced across her skin at the very touch of the giant hand. As it slowly flowed up past her belly button and up towards her chest she could feel every nerve it passed light up with a fiery passion. She couldn’t help but let out a deep moan behind her pacifier as the hand spread out to cover both of her breasts. The feeling of the warm slim rushing past her nipples was unlike anything she had ever felt before. Arching her back she looked on in the throws of arousal as the bulges returned and allowed a thick membrane to form over both her breasts. While not particularly proud of her pert B cups, she was shocked to see that once the hand was removed, she had easily grown to Ds if not DDs. The slime on her chest retained its clear green color, but seemed to adhere to her skin in a way that left no ridges or bumps. As she reached up to examine her new figure, the sensitivity of her skin seemed to extend to the slim. Closing her eyes in rapt arousal, she could barely tell the difference between what was skin and what was the newly formed slime. She could barely help it as she tweaked the newly formed bumps coming out of the slime boobs only to feel her own nipples were being lavishly sucked on. She felt herself being lifted up off the chair along with the creature and then carried over to the fully formed crib. At some point a mattress had formed with some kind of fur like sheet fitted over it and as she was lowered down onto it, the soft feel of fur across her skin was like a million fireworks dancing across her skin. Completely consumed by a primal sexual drive she thrust her entire body along the sheets to feel the white hot sensation tickle her entire body. Turning over onto her back the feelings continued as she grabbed both of her enlarged breasts with her hands and began furiously kneading the sensitive mounds. A gasp left her mouth as she felt movement from below. Looking down in shock she could see the opening of her womanhood slowly spread apart within the diaper. The feeling of a thick girth penetrating her left her desperately gasping for breath from behind the pacifier. The slime began to fill her completely before withdrawing. The slime seemed to mix with her own lustful secretions as it easily glided back in. The penetration only increased in speed as she could just barely see the outline of a massive cock sliding through the thick slime. She felt like she might explode at any second as each thrust was met with her own desperate need to rub as much of her body with her own hands and against the mattress below. Her climb towards pleasure was suddenly halted as yet another opening down below was slowly being spread apart. No. Not there! She reached down and desperately tried to grab at her bottom, but the diaper easily kept her hands from reaching what was happening. Suddenly a filling sensation had her desperately arching her back as the ooze began to trickle into her now gaping bottom. She flung herself over to her stomach to try and claw at the slime. As she did though, her full stomach let out an ominous noise as the pain caused her to bend her knees and relieve the weight on her stomach. With legs spread, face down, and bottom up she continued to try and stop the slime from filling her like an enema. The diaper didn’t seem to take any notice as once again, the semisolid cock was plunged deep into her slit. Thick beads of sweat rolled down her sides as the churning in her bowels were met with a sinking sensation in her gut. There’s no way. That’s way too quick. No matter what the poor girl thought. The dinner from before, provided graciously via breast from the resident slime giant, was making its way past her stomach and into her digestive system to meet the enema she was currently receiving. Horny, sweaty, sensitive all over, full on both ends, and desperately confused with all these feelings Reina looked up towards the towering figure looming over the side of the crib. Only able to desperately moan towards the creature that had put her in this predicament she prayed that she would be able to find release in one form or another. What had now been labeled as a smile, the woman slightly closed her eyes before reaching down towards the desperate girl’s face. Touching its fingers to her pacifier she was hoping that it would be removed. To her shock and horror, more bumps appeared along the slims arm and as the rubber inside her mouth inflated. It was now taking on a longer form moving towards the back of her throat. However, instead of the gushing feeling like the breast feeding this was more solid. As the hand was carefully pulled away, the shield also seemed to thicken. Looking up in confusion she suddenly gagged as the pacifier pushed itself deep into her mouth and then into her throat before withdrawing. The front of the pacifier was pushed out like a spring cord before plunging back in. She was being face fucked! As the pacifier pushed its phallic bulb back and forth in time with the cock in her pussy, she was left part way between moaning and choking. The sensitivity only seemed to be increasing as well as the fire that danced across her skin began to make the violation its own form of twisted pleasure. Throwing herself into the waves of ecstasy, Reina abandoned all hope of stopping what was happening and tried to match her own rhythm with that of the slime. Sitting up she began to grind her crotch into the mattress as she once again returned her hands to her chest. The sudden shift in position had another unintended consequence as her bowels also seemed to loosen. The spreading feeling of her anus completely dissipated, leaving her feeling completely filled throughout all of her insides, but without any more going in. Rather, it all seemed to want to come out. Stopping her gyrations she attempted to clench down on her sore anus. The sweat from her brow dripped past her eyes as she tried to concentrate, however, the cocks penetrating her mouth and pussy had no such concerns. They continued on pushing her further and further over the edge. Without warning there was a sensation of a wet tongue at her asshole, as the slime slid across her sensitive backdoor. The motion repeated itself, beckoning the deluge of waste outward. Desperately horny and desperately trying to prevent herself from embarrassing herself furth, she was caught with a choice; find sweet relief and fulfill the burning desire of her loins or hold back the inevitable. The choice was made for her as she felt large firm hands on either shoulder, pushing her down, before relaxing. She looked up as she was bounced up and down on the mattress in rhythm with the thrusts. Completely giving in, a wave of pleasure built inside as she relaxed her clenched cheeks. As she could feel the slimy poop gush out of her bottom, an orgasm unlike anything she had ever felt before washed over her entire from. Wave after wave of heated pleasure crashed down on her sweaty exhausted frame. The bouncing continued as all the muscles in her body went limp and let the process continue. The pleasure didn’t stop as she could feel her pussy bursting with juices for wave after wave. Never before had she squirted with such force. Were it not for the diaper sealed around her lower half, she was sure whatever bedding she was on would be ruined. Eventually the bouncing stopped and the slime cocks that had penetrated her receded. She was lowered onto her back desperate for air as she looked up at this strange alien creature that had just given her the most pleasurable experience of her life. She looked up with exhaustion, confusion, and maybe even just a hint of appreciation at what she was just given. Looking down at herself she could just see past the massive slime boobs towards the equally large slime diaper. Brown chunks were floating amongst the sea of green. Disgusted at first, Reina watched as they were quickly dissolved, much like her clothes, until there was nothing left but pure slime. The slime woman reached down to wipe some of the sweat from her brow and then to softly caress her cheek. Reina welcomed the kind jester until she felt the hand slid down her face and cup the side of her head over her ear. Too tired to stop it, Reina shuddered as she felt something trickling into her ear. She could feel the slime enter into her hearing canal and make its way gently past her eardrum. The feeling was entirely disgusting and fear gripped her heart, but the look from the slime woman felt almost reassuring. Sure, everything had been weird, but she hadn’t been harmed, and in fact had ended up enjoying the sexual play that she had just encountered. Reina fully relaxed her body and let the warm feelings that were creeping across her body continue to spread. Unlike the arousal from before, this heat was one of comfort. Never before had she ever been this relaxed. The warm smile from Mommy above was reassuring, her diaper was comfortable, and the suckles she performed on her paci kept her nice and calm. No more worrying about adult responsibilities. Just Mommy, booby time, and playtime came to the progressively altered mind of the young girl. Maybe Mommy will let me make more cummies. I love cummies, and I love Mommy. A gurgle could be heard behind the pacifier and the suddenly energetic Reina kicked her feet aimlessly while enjoying the soft cot below her. Her legs were spread apart from the bulk of the nappy around her bottom as the crotch area began to grow. A small orb was forming as the rest of the diaper shrank to its first size. Once the orb was fully formed, the surface split and the newly formed slime ball fell forward off the diaper. Smiling at this development, Slime Mommy retracted her tentacles from the infantilised mind of the baby woman squirming in her cot to pick up the slime ball. As she raised it to her face and let out a joyful hum as two eyes formed on the orb. “A successful reproduction!” Slime Mommy thought to herself. “And on the first try.” Looking down at the babyfied human in the cot below the translucent alien was giddy at her thoughts of the future, “This race of humans might just be what we are looking for. So compliant after just the smallest alterations. I might not even have to change anything with how this one reacted to positive stimulus all on her own.” Reina rolled back onto her stomach and began to crawl forward, inspecting all the crib had to offer, much to the amusement of her captor.Looking down at the newly formed slime in her arms, the alien felt her own excitement building. “Gotta get this new one to the incubator to develop.” Walking away from the cot, Slime Mommy began to prepare her body to leave the nursery. “I’ll have to tell my sister’s of this planet.” End. Thanks for reading!
  15. Chapter 1: The Accident "No, no, no, no," Emily whispered to herself as she scrambled out of bed. She wanted to cry. Her pajamas were completely soaked. Running her hand back over her bed she realized that it to was soaked. She had wet the bed. Bedwetting wasn't new to Emily as she had started having nighttime accidents a few months before. The only issue was that because of her accidents, Emily had been wearing Huggies Pull-ups to bed every night. Well, except last night, of course. Last night, she had decided that she was a big girl and didn't need to wear one of her pull on diapers and so after her mom wished her goodnight, she switched her Pull-up for a pair of panties. Emily knew that her mom would be upstairs soon to check on her and make sure she was up and getting ready for school. She needed to hide the evidence from her accident, fast. She stripped off her pajamas and slid them underneath her bed. She didn't have time to shower and so she did her best to towel off before getting dressed for the day. when it came to her bed, Emily only had one option and that was to remake her bed like she did every morning and hope her mom wouldn't realize she had an accident. She would deal with it when she got home from school. "Emily," July, Emily's mom, shouted up the stairs. "Are you ready yet?" "Coming mom," Emily replied. She made sure that everything was where it should be before heading downstairs. "What took you so long, sweetheart? You're going to be late." "Sorry mom, I slept past my alarm clock." "Hmm, ok. Did you have an accident?" "Mom," Emily whined, "I didn't wet the bed." She hated being asked that question. It made her feel like a baby. "Alright, I'm just asking," July replied, handing Emily her lunch box and water bottle. "Now come on, let's get going." Grateful her lie had passed, Emily grabbed a pop-tart out of the pantry before climbing into the back seat of the car. Now all she had to do was make it through the school day without her Mom finding her wet bed and pajamas. With that, Emily dove into her strawberry pop-tart with a sigh as her mom pulled out of the driveway. Throughout the school day, all Emily could think about was her accident. She was worried that her mom would find her wet sheets and the thought made her uneasy. Even if her mom didn't find out about her accident, she had no idea how she was going to clean up her sheets without being asked about them. Maybe she could pretend to spill some juice on her sheets to have an excuse to wash them? No, she would still get in trouble for spilling on her bed and her sheets would smell from the accident. The whole thing made her head hurt and she wished she had just worn the stupid Pull-up in the first place. As soon as the bell rang after school, Emily grabbed her backpack and fought her way through the horde of kids to the car rider line. She only had to wait a few minutes before she spotted her mom's car and sure enough her name was called out by one of the teachers. A pit formed in Emily's stomach as she climbed into the back seat of the car. All she wanted to do was pick her mom's brain about whether or not she had found out about her accident. Emily knew better than that though and kept quiet about the subject. "Hey, sweetheart. How was your day?" "It was good. We got to go to PE today instead of music, and I got an A on my math test." Emily's uneasiness was already starting to go away as she relaxed. Her mom was asking the usual after school questions. She didn't seem suspicious at all about the accident. "That sounds like a fun day. Anything else you want to tell me? "Not really. We started a new book today in class, but it's pretty boring." "Is that all you want to tell me about?" "Yyyaaa." Emily fidgeted in her seat. The pit in her stomach was back and she felt a little nauseous. Her mom had to know something was up, but she wasn't going to admit to anything. "Are you sure there's nothing else that happened. Outside of school maybe?" It was over. Emily knew her mom had found out about her accident and it was time to fess up. Her face was bright red and full of shame. She tried to avoid the conversation a minute longer by gazing out the window. "I... I had an accident last night." "I know you did, sweetheart. Why didn't you tell me?" "I don't know." "That's not an answer, Emily." I... I didn't want you to be mad that I didn't wear a Pull-up last night. I'm sorry momm... mom. I... I didn't mean to." Emily was on the verge of tears. She felt bad for lying to her mom. She didn't normally lie, but lying about the accident seemed better than admitting that she hadn't worn a Pull-up to bed like she was supposed to. "Sweetheart, you should have told me this morning." "Would you have been upset?" "Yes, sweetheart, I still would have been upset that you didn't wear a Pull-up, but we all make mistakes. What I'm more upset by is the fact you lied." "I'm sorry, it won't happen again." "I know it won't happen again because there are going to be some changes around the house." "What do you mean?" "You'll find out when we get home. I want to show you your room before we talk." Emily didn't know what to think. What had her mom meant by "changes around the house" and why did she need to see her room? The only thing she knew for sure was that she was in big trouble and she slumped back in her seat, sitting in silence for the rest of the drive. At home, Emily slowly trudged inside and set her backpack down. She watched her mom head upstairs and she tried not to follow. She wanted to stay as far away as possible to try and avoid whatever punishment she was about to receive. "Emily, where do you think you're going, little one?" July asked, holding out her hand. "Come on, let's go see your new room." Little one. Emily had never been called this before. It stopped her dead in her tracks. Her mom had never been so serious and yet so calm before. She had no choice but to take her mom's hand and follow her up the stairs. Taking each step as slow as possible to try and delay the inevitable. Upstairs, Emily found something she wasn't expecting. There was a new sign on her door. It was a cute, pink sign that was very babyish in design. What she couldn't figure out is why it read "Emily's Nursery" in big bold letters. She had to read the sign a second time just to be sure her brain wasn't playing tricks on her. She hadn't been mistaken though, the babyish sign on her door hinted that there was a nursery on the other side of the door. Her nursery. But that didn't make any sense. She didn't have a nursery, she had a bedroom. "Don't be afraid, sweetheart, go look inside." Emily wasn't sure if she wanted to see inside, but her mom's firm hand on her backside coerced her into the room. Thanks for reading! This is my first story here on dailydiapers so please leave a comment and let me know what you think.
  16. Today is Friday. Friday is the day that I magically switch from being a high powered Big Girl Angelise to being Baby Angelise and have to obey Daddy for the whole weekend until I go back to Big Girl life again. This weekend started out like all the other weekends with Daddy. I went straight to Daddy’s house after work and as soon as I stepped in the garage I had to take off all my Big Girl clothes and go find Daddy, give him a kiss and let him turn me into his Baby Angelise. Today was more than the usual work crazy and Daddy has learned my stress signs. Daddy saw my face and immediately went to start a bubble bath. When he came back from the bathroom he just pointed to the floor by his feet which was my signal that I can kneel and suck Daddy’s lollipop as much as I need to leave my Big Girl worries behind and be Daddy’s little girl. After several minutes Daddy had his release and I was ready to play in my bubble bath and have the rest of my stress melt away. Daddy says this is his favorite part of Friday when he gets to watch his Big Girl transform into his baby. Daddy got me from the bath and dried me off. Daddy had me climb up on the changing table and put lotion all over. That’s one of MY favorite parts of the day. I knew something was up when Daddy didn’t diaper me right away though. Even when I’m a Big Girl and not at Daddy’s house, Daddy still micromanages me and my body and Daddy knew I hadn’t gone potty for a few days. I told Daddy it didn’t matter because I felt fine but DADDY wouldn't listen. When I saw Daddy reach for the suppository jar with the GIANT suppositories I panicked and kicked at Daddy to make him stop. Every little girl knows you don’t EVER kick Daddy no matter what! Daddy grabbed my ankles with one hand and grabbed that nasty wooden spoon he keeps nearby the changing table and started peppering my bottom with the nasty instrument of torture. I began to yell at Daddy, “NO Daddy NO!!” And Daddy did something he’s never done before… he stopped spanking immediately. I then told Daddy I was so sorry for kicking him. Daddy didn’t respond but just proceeded to force my pacifier into my mouth and fasten it around my head rendering me literally speechless. Now I began to cry in earnest as Daddy’s Step 2 plan was to secure mittens on to my hands so I was completely helpless to stop Daddy. He then put his favorite pink fuzzy restraints on my ankles to prevent me from kicking him again or even walking. All I could do is cry like a helpless little baby which is what I am for the next 72 hours. Daddy told me how disappointed he was in me and he was doing everything for my own good. Once I was secured and I couldn’t speak, Daddy picked up the wooden spoon again and began spanking even harder than before. I was crying in earnest now mumbling how sorry I was and begging Daddy to stop. Daddy ignored all my protests and continued to spank my bottom until it was cherry red all over. Daddy finally put down the poon when he was satisfied that I learned my lesson and reached for the suppository jar again. I just shook my head NO over and over but Daddy didn’t even seem to notice! Daddy took 2 GIANT ice cold suppositories out of the jar and showed them to me. He told me that since I couldn't go the way Big Girls can, that he was going to help me so I wouldn’t get a tummy ache. Daddy proceeded to insert the suppositories one by one. Daddy said only good girls get lube but since I was a bad girl I had to take them plain. To make sure they were all the way in so they would do the most good, Daddy then took the handle to the wooden spoon and proceeded to push those horrible bullets all the way up as far as they would go. I was still crying over the pain and humiliation but once again, Daddy didn’t deem to care about my plight. He then flipped the spoon around and began to spank my bottom hole over and over again saying little girls who don’t mind their daddies and say NO get spankings and sore bottom holes all weekend. I could not stop crying now and was a blubbering mess. Daddy covered me in Baby cream which helped with my pain and put a stuffer in and wrapped me in a SUPER thick diaper which I thought was odd but I learned Daddy is in no mood for questions. Finally, Daddy finished and let me get down on the floor. I had to follow Daddy to the kitchen on my hands and knees because Daddy left my restraints on where he handed me my bottle of juice. Daddy told me I needed to finish it all in 20 minutes otherwise I would get another spanking and he was afraid I would become dehydrated from all the crying. Daddy sent me into my nursery to finish my bottle and told me I could play. I didn’t want to play. I was so wound up from my spanking and all the crying that all I wanted was to relax and have cummies. Now I had frustration to add to my night because Daddy doesn’t EVER let bad little girls have cummies. I thought about humping my giant teddy but I knew Daddy would not hesitate to spank me on my bottom hole again if he caught me. I tried to make the best of it and distracted myself with one of my picture books while I finished my juice bottle. All of a sudden I felt my tummy rumble and it wasn’t because I was hungry. UGHHH…. I felt the biggest cramp and doubled over on my knees until it passed. Now, I began to panic. I crawled as fast as I could to the bathroom. Relief spread through me when I reached for the handle only to send me into a panic again because it was LOCKED! OMG…. another cramp hit just as I reached the knob. Now I began crying again as I banged on the door in frustration. Daddy came running from all the noise and bent down and asked me what happened. I told Daddy, “ I hafta use the potty! Its anmergency!” Daddy just patted me on the head and said, “Babygirl, you’re too little for the potty now. There is no more Big Girl potty for you. You have an extra thick diaper on and plastic baby panties. You potty in your diapers all the time now for EVERYTHING.” I just kept shaking my head and crying hard. Daddy told me, “ The sooner you accept that you’re a Baby girl the easier it will be for you. Say what you are.” I just kept shaking my head in denial. Daddy squatted down in front of me and didn’t even appear angry but said again, “Say what you are out loud.” Knowing Daddy was not going to back down until my humiliation was complete, I said ” I’m a 3 year old peepee princess who can’t control her peepees and needs to be in diapers and plastic panties 24/7 now.” Just as I finished saying it a loud sound came from my diaper and I felt myself pooping into my diaper. Daddy just laughed and said, “ Well, I guess you’re the peepee and poopy princess now and forever. There’s no more Big Girl potty for you again. You’re going to stay in diapers 24/7 because you can’t control when you need to peepee and poopy so Daddy has to keep you in diapers all the time.” I began to cry from the humiliation and the truth of what Daddy said. Daddy reached out to my diaper and began to rub the front of my plastic panties and diaper as I continued to poop. Daddy’s touch ignited my frustration of not having cummies yet and he knew what he was doing. Daddy wants me to get used to being in dirty diapers and started only letting me cum in my diapers a few weeks ago. I am so disgusted with myself right now but the call to pleasure is overriding my humiliation as Daddy continues to rub me through my filthy diaper and whisper in my ear that I’m such a good girl for using my diapers like a baby should. The only sounds are the crinkling from the plastic panties, the rustling diaper and me pooping again into an already full diaper. Daddy continues to rub the mess all over me now. When he knows my humiliation is complete and he is satisfied, he gives me the order to cum. Daddy leaves his hand near my clit and feels the hot wetness from my cummies flow into my diaper. Daddy stops patting my diaper now and leans over the back of me. I think he is checking my diaper but then I hear his zipper. Daddy pulls back my plastic panties and diaper and takes a long piss into the back of my diaper. His hot piss reignites the pungent odor of the poop already saturating my diaper. When daddy is done he makes sure the diaper is still secured and tells me to go play in the nursery. Since I was such a bad little girl earlier, I need to stay in my filthy diaper to remind me that Daddy makes all of the decisions as he is the Daddy and I’m the baby girl. Daddy then gives me permission to have more cummies in my dirty diaper. We both know he is reinforcing my helplessness and his Dominance. I thank Daddy by licking his lollipop until his release again and crawl off to hump my giant Teddy waiting for me in the nursery. It’s a great thing that Teddy won’t mind my stinky diaper. That’s why he is my Bestest friend! THE END
  17. A mom is going away for a month and Carrie wets the bed once or twice but wants to join in the sleepover with her 14 year old sister so along with some friends they slowly regress her into their sweet babygirl
  18. This is a reupload of a story originally available here: https://female-punishment-in-preston.tumblr.com/ The Unlikely Couple (Part 1) Brynn and Jaye had been on the road for days, taking breaks only for gas, food and lodging. A tense quiet between them hung in the air as the only sound was from the static arising from radio station’s failing signal. Jaye reached over and turned it off. Finally, Jaye broke the silence. “Jesus, Brynn, are you ever going to fucking talk to me?” There was no reply. Brynn just kept her eyes intently on the road while she drove, completely ignoring Jaye. “Okay, look, I get it. I fucked up and I’m the reason we’re having to move across the country. It’s my fault. I’m sorry.” The defiance in her voice made the otherwise acceptable apology seem less like an apology and more like hostility. Jaye’s problem was her temper as well as her lack of maturity. Despite being twenty-two years of age, she was notorious for being impulsive and short-sighted; the signs of immaturity. Her immaturity wasn’t confined to her brain either. That is to say she was incredibly diminutive, decidedly lacking in the breast department and possessed a cherub-like face that made her look child-like. None of this made her happy in the least and she would invariably lash out if anyone mentioned it. For her part, Brynn was the polar opposite. Two years Jaye’s junior, she was nevertheless more mature, both physically and emotionally. She was capable of holding a job, saving money and showing responsibility in all things. She was also tall and leggy with a curvaceous figure and large breasts, adding to the vast physical differences between the two women. Jaye huffed up at Brynn’s continued silence, looking poutily out her window. She saw a sign that said, “Preston, Kansas: 6 miles”. Those six miles felt more like sixty miles thanks to the tension. When they reached the town, Brynn pulled their large truck into the parking lot of a convenience store before getting out and starting to pump gas. Jaye opened up the door and stepped out, though “stepping out” is perhaps an over-simplification for someone as short as her. She had to spin around so that her legs were dangling over the side of the seat. From there, she had to inch closer to the edge and finally hop down. It was quite a drop, but she usually landed on her feet. Still, she found the whole process oddly humiliating. “I have to piss,” Jaye declared not-so-quietly as she walked toward the store. Brynn watched her as she did so, even smiling slightly. She did love her, in spite of her glaring faults. She was just furious that they had to uproot because of her actions. That was a very good job with great pay, an amazing insurance plan and plenty of upward mobility. Jaye had stuck it out much longer than Brynn expected, which is why she decided to invest in a home of their own. Sure, it was expensive, but with the money they both made, it wouldn’t have been a problem. The ink on the contract had barely dried when her boss assigned a different worker to do a job because Jaye wasn’t big or strong enough to pull it off. He wasn’t being mean, nor was he discriminating against her. He simply wanted his workers to be safe and knew that she would be risking her safety had she done it. It was a construction job, after all, and sometimes strength was critical. True to form, Jaye blew a gasket, calling him names and shoving him. She felt he was telling her that she couldn’t do a “man’s job” because she was short. He had no choice but to fire her on the spot. Knowing that they couldn’t live in the new house on her wage alone, Brynn arranged for them to move in with her Aunt June in California until they could get on their feet. She didn’t want to do it, but felt there was no alternative. Brynn was deep in thought when she heard a voice from behind her. Judging by his accent, she could tell he was from the south. The southern accent was actually fairly hard to notice, but she always had an ear for such things. It was obvious that he was cultured. “You look preoccupied,” he said breezily. She turned to see a good-looking man in his forties putting gas into a blue car. His chestnut-colored hair had an almost feathered look and his eyes were dark and piercing. He wore a brown duster and fairly casual clothes beneath it. “Yeah,” she replied, “I guess I was a little lost in my own thoughts.” The man nodded. “There are worse places to be lost, I suppose.” He paused briefly. “So, you’re from South Carolina, huh?” She looked at him, puzzled as to how he knew that. He recognized the look and pointed to her license plate. “Oh,” she said, feeling silly, “right.” “That’s where I’m from too. What brings you all the way out here to Preston? Just passing through?” Brynn wasn’t really sure how to respond to such questions from a complete stranger. “That’s… kind of a long story. But, yes, we’re just passing through on our way to California.” The man whistled. “That’s a long way to travel, especially with a little one.” “Little one?” she asked, confused. “You know, your daughter. The one that just went into the store.” Brynn suddenly realized what he meant and once again found herself almost speechless, “She’s… not my daughter. She’s my life partner.” “My apologies,” he offered, “I didn’t see her up close and from afar she looked like a child. I hope I didn’t offend you.” Still flustered, she sputtered out, “No. No, I’m not offended.” She looked toward the building to see if Jaye was coming out yet. Halfway under her breath, she mumbled, “Sometimes, I feel like she’s my child.” “What was that?” “Oh, nothing. She’s just not always… the most responsible, you know, and I sometimes feel more like a mother cleaning up a child’s messes than a life partner.” The man projected a lopsided smile. “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” “You just did,” she said with a smile of her own. “Touche.” “Really, I don’t mind.” The man narrowed his eyes and became far more serious. “Do you believe in fate?” Brynn’s eyes narrowed as well, as she wondered where he was going with this. “Fate? In what context?” He liked where this was going. “Like how sometimes a person ends up in exactly the place they were meant to be.” She didn’t respond at first. This man, while disarmingly charming, was moving into “creepy” territory. Being the empathetic type, he could tell he was losing her and quickly sought to rectify that with a slightly different approach. “What would you say if I told you that you could have a nice house, a job that could provide for both of you and assurance that your… life partner’s irresponsibility could do you no further harm?” He could tell she was intrigued, but leary. Jumping right into the pitch was a gamble, but one he was willing to take. “I would simply ask what the catch is.” His smile returned. “I wouldn’t call it a catch at all, to be honest. I’d call it an opportunity to have the life you always dreamed of having. You seem like a very mature young woman who wants some stability in life and I’m telling you that that’s within your reach.” “No offense, mister, but you don’t know anything about me.” His self-assurance came to the forefront. “Don’t I? Sweetheart, I’ve been presiding over this town for five years now and I’ve seen hundreds of women just like you come through here. Women who have known only turbulence and chaos; women who are sick of it all and hope beyond hope that someday–someday–their lives would be stable and free of drama. So let me take a wild guess here. You and your girl had a solid place to stay and a decent cashflow, but she did something that caused it all to crumble before your very eyes. With no other recourse, the two of you packed whatever you could fit under the truck’s tarp and headed out to stay with a loved one until one of you–probably you–could find a job.” The pause was intense, as Brynn felt a swirl of emotions. How could he have possibly known all that? And how dare he make such presumptions! She felt so many things: anger at him for piecing that all together, anger at Jaye for her part in their plight, anger at herself for allowing it all to happen. And then there was the curiosity. Who was this man? What exactly was he proposing? And most importantly, why did she find herself wanting to know more? Seeing the conflict, the man piped up. “So… how did I do?” The smile was back. That damn smile. “I… I… I mean, you may have gotten certain parts right,” she said, putting an emphasis on “certain”. “Fair enough. How about this: you and your little lady can come to my house for a few hours, rest up a tad and my wife will cook us up a nice supper. Hell, you can even grab a shower. We can discuss the opportunity I mentioned and if you aren’t interested, well then, you can be on your way to California as per your original plan.” A break from driving? A homecooked meal? A shower? Even if his proposal was some kind of con-job, at least she would get something out of it. “Sure. That sounds good.” The man looked pleased. “Alright then, once your girl returns, you can just follow me. My place isn’t too far from here.” He started to get back into his car, but realized he hadn’t even introduced himself. Half in and half out of the vehicle, he said, “By the way, the name’s Lucas… Lucas Budd. that’s ‘Budd’ with a ‘B’.” What had she gotten herself into? The Unlikely Couple (Part 2) The truck followed Lucas’ blue car off the highway and through a winding road that passed an old but obviously refurbished stadium used for various local sporting events. After crossing a new-looking little bridge that stretched across a meandering creek, a large house–a mansion–came into view on the left side of the road. The car turned into the long driveway on that property. “Okay,” questioned Jaye, “now WHY are we following this jackass? He could kill and eat us for all we know.” Her protest went unanswered. “Now isn’t the time for the cold shoulder, Brynn. This could seriously be a dangerous situation.” With a sigh, Brynn replied, “About a dozen people saw him talking to me at the store. Why would he risk that if he planned to kill us or whatever? Use your head, Jaye.” “Me?,” Jaye asked incredulously, “I’m the one who needs to use my head? I’m not the one blindly agreeing to go to some stranger’s house! I’d say I’m using my head just fine. It’s you who need to heed your own advice.” “For once in your life, would you please stop bitching? You’re like a damn child.” Brynn knew that was one of Jaye’s sore spots. She was only four feet, seven inches tall and she hated it. Moreover, she loathed being reminded of it in any capacity. Jaye’s anger was palpable and a sideways glance at her confirmed it. Her lips were pursed tightly shut, her left eye was twitching and her body language was unmistakable. She was furious. No words came out of her mouth. Suddenly, Brynn felt bad for what she said. She was supposed to be the mature one, after all. “I’m sorry, Jaye. I shouldn’t have said that.” Her voice was softer and gentler now; softer than it had been since they left South Carolina. “This whole situation just has me so stressed me out and I’m scared that I won’t be able to find a good job when we get to Cali… but I shouldn’t snap at you like that. I’m sorry.” To her surprise, Jaye nodded. “It’s okay. I’m sorry too… for being such an ass. I shouldn’t have gone off on my boss and gotten myself fired.” Jaye wasn’t normally very good at apologizing or at showing any emotion outside of anger, for that matter. She prided herself on being hard and tough, and talking about her feelings went against that mindset. She was raised by her father after her mother passed away when Jaye was only three. He did his best with Jaye and her sister Raye, but he had no idea how to raise girls. As such, he taught them the only things he knew–auto mechanics, carpentry and boxing; guy stuff. Dealing with Jaye wasn’t usually too dissimilar to dealing with a rather childish man. In a way, that suited Brynn, as she was bi-sexual, whereas Jaye was a full-on lesbian. Turning into the driveway revealed the true grandeur of the grounds upon which the mansion sat. It was perfectly manicured with tasteful placement of hedges and statues. The mansion itself was Colonial in architectural style, complete with large columns spanning almost the entirety of the front facing. It was beautiful. By the time they pulled up, Lucas had already gotten out of his car and was leaning against it patiently. He moved to the truck and opened Brynn’s door for her. A true Southern gentleman, she thought. Jaye rolled her eyes at what she perceived was corniness at best, chauvinism at worst. When he started toward the passenger door, Jaye said, “Don’t bother. I got it.” For his part, he looked rather amused by her knee-jerk rejection of gender roles. Just then, a beautiful blonde-haired woman stepped out of the door. She was almost inhumanly elegant and ladylike, clad in a red dress that hugged her substantial curves from the bosom all the way down her impossibly thin waist and further still to about halfway down her shapely calves. How she could walk in such a long, tight dress was beyond even Brynn. The six-inch peep-toed high heels with ankle straps wouldn’t exactly make walking any easier either, that’s for certain. Brynn was mesmerized by her beauty. But she wasn’t alone. Trailing right behind her was what looked like a little girl with dark brown hair that reached well past her shoulders. She wore a pink dress with puffed sleeves, white tights and the bulk beneath the dress made it clear that a diaper was part of her ensemble as well. She was adorable, but Brynn couldn’t help to feel as if there was more to her than meets the eye. Lucas wasted no time with introductions. “This is lovely little creature is my beautiful wife, Shyla.” The child put her hands on her hips in mock frustration for him not introducing her in the same breath. “Daddyyyyyy,” she said, her little brow furrowed. “And this is our adorable daughter, Miracle,” he said with a wry smile. This made the little girl happy. “I’m pleased to make your acquaintance,” she chirped with a curtsey. Even the normally stoic Jaye couldn’t fight off a smile and chuckle at the overt cuteness. Brynn spoke up and said, “I’m Brynn and this is my life partner, Jaye.” Shyla came over and shook their hands and told them how nice it was to meet them before inviting them inside, adding that supper would be done soon. The house’s interior was at least as impressive as its exterior. The decor was undeniably old-fashioned and, for the most part, wouldn’t have been out of place in the late Eighteenth Century. They were led to a sitting room, where they took a seat on what looked like an antique sofa. Lucas lowered himself onto a matching chair directly across from them. Shyla and Miracle disappeared into the kitchen. “So…,” he began, “how long have the two of you been together?” “Almost three years now,” said Brynn with no small amount of pride. That pride made Lucas grin. Three years seems like a long time when you’re young when, in reality, it’s not terribly long at all. To be youthful and naive again. “Good for you,” he earnestly stated with a nod. “How about you and Shyla?” “Twenty-four years and counting,” he said, causing both Brynn and Jaye to have surprised looks on their faces. Neither of them looked old enough to have been together that long, especially Shyla, who looked no older than thirty. “What, was she like four years old when you hooked up,” asked Jaye. Brynn was mortified by her crude remark and she instinctively smacked Jaye’s hand like a misbehaving child. “JAYE!” “What??” Jaye looked at her like she couldn’t believe she just whacked her hand. “It was a legitimate question.” Lucas beamed, though the two women had no idea as to the real reason of that. “No, no, it’s okay. I didn’t take any offense. The truth is that she and I are… rather special.” “Special how?” Brynn didn’t try to stop her from asking, nor did she get on to her for it. She was just as intrigued herself. “I’m afraid that’s a conversation for another day. Suffice it to say, we don’t exactly age like most people. Same for our kids.” Jaye’s fascination turned to disbelief. “Bullshit,” she declared. “There’s no way that you found some kind of fountain of youth.” “Jaye! That’s ENOUGH!” The authoritative tone was unexpected, to say the least. Even Lucas was taken off guard. Maybe what he had planned for them wouldn’t be so difficult after all. Lucas simply looked amused by what was transpiring before his eyes. Jaye retorted, “Come on! Surely you don’t buy into this horse shit, Brynn! Does he really expect us to believe that they don’t age?” Finally, Lucas interjected, “Now I never said anything about never aging. We age… just more slowly than others. It’s a peculiar little genetic quirk with my bloodline. Each of us age differently and we tend to have peculiarities that are beyond the reach of most people. As for Shyla, her father was a scientist who performed really cruel experiments on her. He wanted to create the world’s first enhanced human, but all he did was stunt her aging and allow her to have certain… visions.” Jaye still wasn’t convinced and verbally made that clear. Brynn, on the other hand, started to think that maybe Lucas was on the level. It was the way he said it; the total conviction in his voice. If he was lying, then he was the best actor in the world. “Surely you’re not buying into this hokum,” Jaye blurted out, looking at Brynn. “There are things in this world that defy logic, Jaye. I’m willing to keep an open mind on the matter. I mean, I’ve seen a ghost before, despite science telling everyone that they don’t exist. Maybe this is one of those things.” Jaye turned her head briskly toward Lucas. “Okay, Ponce de León, why don’t you prove that you have superpowers.” “Superpowers,” asked Lucas with an eyebrow raised. “Isn’t that a little overdramatic?” “Fine then. Why don’t you prove that you have these ‘peculiarities’?” The way she emphasized the word ‘peculiarities’ dripped with sarcasm. Lucas took a deep breath and considered whether or not he should make a demonstration just to appease this immature brat of a girl. He saw Brynn was also waiting to hear his response and in order for his machinations to come to fruition, he had to make a believer out of her. He hated being put on the spot like this. His eyes met Jaye’s and he peered deep into the recesses of her mind. It was something that took a decent amount of concentration and energy. While he could read surface thoughts without even trying, delving into long-ago memories was a different matter entirely. After about a minute, he emitted a cocky grin and said, “Do you remember when you were fourteen and your father had to make a trip to Boston but couldn’t take you with him? He had your Uncle Seth stay at the house and watch over you. And Seth? He was a real stickler, wasn’t he? He and his wife thought you should have been raised more like a girl, so she brought some dresses and other girly clothes with him on his visit with the intention of making you wear them. But you threw a fit, kicked him in the cajones and then went into hiding until your dad got back home.” By the time he had finished talking, Jaye was staring at him, mouth agape. Brynn, too, was astounded, even though she had never heard that story before. “H-How…,” stuttered Jaye, “did you know that?” That lopsided smile was back and with a wink, he responded with only a single word. “Superpowers.” The Unlikely Couple (Part 3) Lucas had her in the palm of his hand. Not that he ever had any doubts about that in the first place. It is, after all, what he does… and nobody does it better. The Unlikely Couple (Part 3) Fortunately for all involved, the awkward situation that just transpired was interrupted by Miracle coming in and announcing that supper was ready. Neither Jaye or Brynn remembered much about the meal that followed aside from the food being of utmost quality. They were still trying to process Lucas’ demonstration of his ability to read memories like most people read the daily newspaper. Jaye was more rattled by it than Brynn was, however. Brynn had already believed Lucas’ claims, so she was more mentally prepared for it. Even still, figuring it might be true and actually witnessing it were two different things entirely. In any event, they were introduced to the rest of the Budd family during the meal. There was the oldest son, Dante, who was a physical specimen; large and muscular. The youngest son couldn’t have been much younger than Dante, but was significantly smaller in statue. Supposedly, he was one of the most intelligent people in the world and quite the inventor. The most puzzling of the lot was the oldest daughter, Melanie, who was the sweetest creature Brynn and Jaye had ever seen and as innocent as the driven snow… a stark contrast to her little sister, Miracle, who had this undefinable darkness bubbling beneath the “cutesy” surface. One thing was for sure: this one one strange family. Small talk was made and although Brynn was the one doing the talking between the two of them, Lucas and Miracle chatted enough for everyone. They were so very much alike. As already stated, most of the conversation was hazy… especially to Jaye, who was clearly very sleepy once supper was concluded. Little did they know, Miracle and Lucas slipped something into her drink to accelerate the tiredness. “We have a nice guest room with a comfortable bed if you’d like to lie down, sweetie,” offered Shyla. To Brynn’s surprise, Jaye agreed and more shocking still, she didn’t lose her temper at being called “sweetie”. Brynn even did a classic double-take. Upon Shyla leading Jaye upstairs, Lucas and Brynn moved to the beautiful patio out back of the house. Lucas’ suggestion, naturally. This was her first glimpse of the backyard, which was tastefully landscaped and laden with a swingset and other areas for children to frolic. “I couldn’t help notice how you interact with Jaye,” Lucas said as he sat down in a comfortable-looking chair. He motioned for her to sit in an identical chair, which she did. “How do you mean?” Lucas chose his next words wisely and it was clear that he was doing so. He clasped his hands together and placed both index fingers to his chin. “Let’s just say that I’ve seen many couples over the years–lesbian or otherwise–but I’ve never seen a couple in which one partner acts like the parent of the other. At least not outside of Preston.” That last little bit about Preston confused Brynn slightly, but she was more concerned with the rest of what he said. “I don’t know what you mean,” she said, obviously lying as much to herself as to Lucas. With a chuckle, Lucas said, “Yes you do.” She started to lie again, but if the demonstration earlier taught her anything, it was that she couldn’t get anything past him. “It’s not always like that. Really. But she’s just a terrible decision maker and so argumentative that sometimes, I just can’t help it.” Lucas nodded. “I saw how you smacked her hand without even thinking about it, like it was the most natural thing in the world for you. Do you want to know why?” Brynn wasn’t sure she did. It;s easier to sweep such matters under the rug than it is to face them head on. Lucas spotted her reluctance and went forward with the answer. “It’s because you think of yourself in a motherly manner toward her more than how one lover would think of another lover.” “That’s not true. I love Jaye very much.” “Nobody’s trying to say otherwise. I can see the love in your eyes when you look at her, just as I can see the love in her eyes. The amount you love each other isn’t in question here… it’s the TYPE of love that’s in question.” Brynn felt slightly offended. “I love her as a life partner.” “Look deeper, sweetheart. How long has it been since the two of you have been intimate?” “It’s been a while,” she confessed, “but that’s just because of stress.” “Are you certain,” he queried. “I… think so. I don’t know. Maybe it’s partly because she frustrates me so often. Every time I turn around, I’m having to clean up some mess that she created; like the night a police officer came to our door to ask if we’d seen any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. She said something along the lines of ‘not until you fucking pigs woke us up.’ Then she slammed the door on him and it actually hit him in the face. She was looking at charges being pressed, but I came to the rescue and diffused the situation. It’s like that a lot. Her temper or immaturity causes drama… and I scramble around trying to fix it. It does get old and it’s hard to get, y’know, in a sexual mood when that kind of nonsense happens so much.” Just the breakthrough Lucas was hoping for. He moved in for the kill. “What would you say if I told you that I could fix all of that? That I could make sure that you had the authority to do something about her behavior? That you could finally live a productive life without your so-called partner mucking it up for you?” Brynn was floored. “What exactly do you mean?” Without hesitation, he pressed the attack. “Just what I mentioned to you back at the gas station. I have several small houses on the back property of my land here. I would be happy to sign one over to you, lock, stock and barrel. It would be yours… all yours. No strings attached.” Suddenly, this started to sound good to her on some level she couldn’t comprehend. “What about money? I won’t just mooch off of you.” “Getting you a job would be a cinch, Brynn. Hell, if you’re interested, we’re looking for a maid to help Shyla out around the house. The job is yours if you want it. And if not, there’s a lot of other jobs around town.” Brynn wasn’t entirely sold. “I still don’t get how this has anything to do with Jaye and her behavior.” Lucas whipped out that crooked smile again. Whatever he was about to say, Brynn could tell that he was quite proud of it. “That’s where the town’s… rather unique laws come into play.” So there WAS a catch! She knew it! “Unique laws?” “That’s right: unique laws. You see, Preston isn’t just any old knock-about town. It’s a patriarchal utopia of my own creation.” “You’re trying to tell me that you created this town?” Lucas replied, “Well, not exactly. When I arrived here close to ten years ago, the town was circling the proverbial drain. It was like the Titanic. People were boarding the lifeboats and abandoning the ship. Jobs were scarce, crime was consequently out of control and businesses were closing by the droves. The city was in need of an enema… and I gave it one. It took a lot of ‘doing’, but I nabbed a position as the county’s Sheriff and then went on to gain mayorship, both of which I still have today. But here’s the kicker. I used some political leverage–even all the way up to Washington DC itself–to enact a slew of laws.” “What do you mean, laws?” “Laws that enforce patriarchy,” Lucas said simply, as if that would be a sufficient explanation. “Patriarchy? Isn’t that male supremacy garbage?” Lucas did so love a challenge. “In a manner of speaking, though it’s not quite as ugly as you make it seem. In Preston, women are owned by men, though there are laws in place to keep women safe. If a man breaks those rules, he’s up shit creek without even a boat, let alone a paddle. Women may have to do what they’re told and are property, but they are respected as inferior people who must be protected by their betters.” Brynn couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” “I’m afraid not,” stated Lucas, knowing that he still ‘had’ her regardless of her exasperation and anger. There was something down in her brain that made this all intriguing to her. He could practically smell it, the way a dog can smell a bone. She stood up. “I will not be owned by a man. Ever. I appreciate your hospitality, but I think Jaye and I should be leaving now.” Lucas wasn’t shaken in the least. “Jaye is too tired to travel anywhere right now. Why don’t you at least stay the night and you can leave in the morning. I’m not going to kidnap you or anything. Remember… we have those laws that protect women from that manner of thing. We have more protections for women than any other city in the world.” Brynn slowly took her seat, just as he knew she would. Lucas knew, however, that a different angle had to be taken in order to seal the deal. “Brynn, let me ask you something.” She suspiciously agreed and he continued. “Have you ever been sexually assaulted?” “That’s none of your business,” she exclaimed, “Have you been sifting through my memories?” She was not a happy camper. “Actually, no.” He wasn’t lying. “It was just a hunch.” That seemed to calm her down, as she didn’t feel so violated. With a sigh, she said, “It was a long time ago. I was at a friend’s birthday party when I was thirteen. Her creepy uncle was there and when I went inside to go to the bathroom, he… was waiting. It all happened so fast. I tried to force it out of my mind, but even all these years later, every time I close my eyes, he’s there; waiting for me just like on that day.” Lucas placed his hand on hers in an attempt to comfort her. He genuinely felt bad. For all of his vices and faults (of which he had plenty), he could never condone rape… especially the rape of a child. It was abhorrent to him. Brynn sensed his sincerity and relaxed, fighting back the tears. “Did he go to jail?” She shook her head in the negative. “No. He told me it was our secret game and that if I ever told anyone, he would have to kill me and my whole family.” “You mean you’ve kept this inside all this time?” She simply nodded and bit her lower lip, the tears finding their way out of her eyes and down her cheeks. “I never even told Jaye. I have no idea why I told you.” “Sometimes, it’s easiest to talk about things to someone you don’t really know.” Again, she just nodded. She hated crying, especially in front of people. Lucas allowed the moment to hang in the air for a minute before saying, “Maybe that’s why the thought of patriarchy scares the hell out of you. I know I’d be terrified of it had I been raped as a child. The truth is that patriarchy, when implemented well, PROTECTS against rape. It recognizes that men are stronger and more powerful and that a man–a GOOD man– must do everything in his power to keep them safe; to be their defender against predators like your friend’s uncle. In Preston, we have the lowest sexual assault rate, per capita, in the world. This is literally the safest place on the planet for a woman to be.” “I… I guess that’s probably true,” Brynn conceded. “I would be happy to take ownership of you if you were to accept my offer. Jaye too, for that matter. You’ve seen that I’m no ordinary man; that I can do things… and believe me when I say you haven’t seen everything I can do. I will keep you both safe. But you WILL have to follow the town laws.” The expression on Brynn’s face told Lucas that she was going to be more agreeable from this point on. Sniffling and wiping her eyes to rid herself of the lingering tears, she asked, “What exactly are the laws? I mean aside from just having to be owned and stuff.” “I have a little booklet that outlines everything for new arrivals. I’ll get one for you shortly. In a nutshell, you have to do what your owner says, within reason, and you must dress and act more feminine. Not that you don’t act feminine, but I’m just laying the details out for you. Pants are against the law, for example, as are flat shoes. Hosiery has to be worn as well.” Brynn allowed herself a half-chuckle. “There’s no way Jaye will agree to any of this. She’s very much a tomboy and a stubborn one at that.” “Lucky for you, I’m willing to have her declared incompetent by Alexander, who is a licensed psychologist and psychiatrist. That would put her, essentially, in your custody… just like a child. And since she acts so childish anyway… well, let’s just say that I have some ideas to run by you that I think you’re REALLY going to like.” The Unlikely Couple (Part 4) Jaye walked on the side of the highway, a duffel bag slung over her shoulder. The car that gave her a ride as soon as she left the Budds’ driveway had dropped her off here. Her anger was obvious, even to someone passing by. Her body language said it all… and it spoke volumes. She couldn’t believe what Brynn and that fucked up family were suggesting. The very thought made her seethe! And then there’s the fact that Brynn let her go! She thought she loved her, but now she could see that that wasn’t the case at all. She wondered if she ever loved her. To hell with it. If Brynn would rather be with the Addams Family, so be it. Fuck her! She didn’t need her. She didn’t need ANYONE! Just then, a car pulled over just ahead of her. It was a sleek, blue 1968 Ford Galaxie. She and Raye had worked on a ‘66 model back at her dad’s shop and they both admired it so. The one in front of her wasn’t in as good of shape as the one they had repaired, but it certainly wasn’t a rat-trap by any means. She sped her pace up and found the passenger door was opening. Four men were inside, all of them falling into the classic “redneck” stereotype. The one in the passenger seat, a stout-looking brute with an unshaven face and beady eyes, grabbed her as she neared the vehicle and pulled her in. She was taken completely by surprise and even though she struggled, they contained her easily enough. Within seconds, the door was closed again and the car sped eastward, throwing the gravel from the road’s shoulder everywhere. But perhaps we should back up a couple of hours… “Don’t tell me you’re falling for this bullshit,” barked Jaye. It was morning and, as usual, Brynn had woken up first. She sat on the edge of the bed, already dressed for the day, whereas Jaye was still disheveled and covered from the waist down in the blankets; her short hair stuck up like a rooster’s comb. “I’m not falling for anything, Jaye. It just makes sense to me. It’s a free house and I can get a job to support us. It would keep us from having to live with Aunt June and I KNOW how much you hate her.” She put her hand on Jaye’s knee. “This is a great opportunity for us… and if you agree to it, I’ll completely forgive you for everything. It will show me that you’re trying to make things right.” Jaye almost looked as if she was considering it; she DID feel bad for screwing things up back in South Carolina. But then a look of irritation came over her face. “I’m not living by those stupid laws you told me about. I’m not a girlie girl and I never will be!” “It wouldn’t kill you to wear a damn dress, Jaye!” Brynn was getting fed up with her ridiculous resistance. Staying in Preston made sense. Brynn herself wasn’t particularly fond of having to wear dresses, pantyhose and high heels, but she was mature enough to suck it up if it meant finally having a sense of security. “It’s not happening, so you may as well get that shit out of your head. Were heading to California and that’s final!” If Brynn wasn’t so aggravated, having someone so little issuing orders like that wouldn’t have been rather amusing. But as it stood, she found no humor in it whatsoever. “The truck is in my name and you aren’t tall enough to drive the damn thing, so I don’t think you’re in a position to demand anything, missy!” “Missy? MISSY??” Jaye was infuriated. “Who the fuck do you think you are, talking down to me that way? I’m older than you!” “You sure don’t act like it! No, we’re staying and THAT’S final!” Brynn using Jaye’s own verbiage against her felt nice. Jaye hopped down from the bed–and for her, it really was a hop. She stepped into her distressed jeans and pulled on her tank top over her sports bra (not that she really needed a bra). Once she got her boots on, she spoke again. “You know what? If you want to stay here, fine! But you’re going to do it without me.” On that overdramatic note, she spun around and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. This wasn’t the first time Jaye had declared that it’s over between them and left. Or even the second… or fifth. She was the queen of overreaction. Invariably, such incidents ended with Jaye walking and cooling off before coming back and making it out like she was doing Brynn a favor by sticking around. She was sure this time would be no different. Brynn walked out of the bedroom as well, feeling a sense of deja vu. Lucas and Shyla were at the bottom of the stairs, wondering what happened to cause Jaye to stomp her way out the front door. Lucas said, “I’d ask if everything was okay, but judging by the little ball of anger rolling right on out of here, I’d say that would have been a stupid question.” With an exasperated sigh, Brynn replied, “She does this all the time. She’ll be back in an hour or two.” “Maybe we should at least keep a set of eyes on her, just to make sure she’s alright,” offered Shyla. Brynn nodded. “It couldn’t hurt. She doesn’t know the area well and I’m afraid she might get lost.” Lucas already started walking away when he said, “I’ll have Alexander deploy one of his drones.” By this point, the weight of the argument hit Brynn. She wiped away a tear. “I just don’t understand why she has to do this shit.” Shyla took her hand. “Sweetheart, women shouldn’t curse. But I’m sure she’ll be fine, okay?” There was something soothing about the lady’s voice that put her more at ease. “You’re right. I need to be strong for when she gets back.” Within minutes, Alexander came out with a very high-tech drone. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before; like something straight from a futuristic science fiction film. He walked outside and let it fly. To her surprise, however, he wasn’t controlling it at all. He had what looked like a tablet in his hands, but he wasn’t using it to operate the drone. That meant that it was more of a robot than an actual drone. “Okay, it’s on the job,” Alexander said as he walked back into the house, looking down at the tablet. “So far, it hasn’t laid eyes on her. I’ll be alerted as soon as it does.” “She couldn’t have gotten far,” mused Brynn. “She just left a few minutes ago.” Alexander almost cut her off. “The drone spotted a silver car that had, according to the tire marks and heat signatures, stopped in front of our driveway before pulling off. It detects two people inside, one of which is significantly smaller than the other. I’m having it follow the car.” “Oh my God,” Brynn exclaimed with tears welling up, “she really IS going to leave.” Lucas intervened. “No she’s not, sweetheart. She’s angry, she’s confused and this person in the car probably just came by before she could cool down. She’ll probably have them turn the car back around soon. Until then, we’re going to keep tabs on her, okay? She’ll be fine.” Brynn nodded, still fearing the worst. Lucas and Shyla spent the next stretch of time trying to comfort Brynn and keep her calm. Alexander looked up from his device and stated, “She’s out of the car… east of town.” “Is she walking back this way,” asked Brynn with hope in her eyes. Alexander waited a moment before replying. “No, she’s continuing east.” There was another pause. Another car has pulled up in front of her. This isn’t good.” Jaye thrashed about in the back seat in an effort to attack her captors. She was striking the two men with both her fists and her feet. They would no sooner secure one limb when she would free another one to continue her assault with. Despite her scrappiness, however, she wasn’t even remotely close to escaping their clutches. They were far too strong for her to be a true threat to them, especially in such close quarters. But that didn’t stop her from trying. The car had veered off of the highway more than ten minutes ago and was travelling on gravel-covered country roads. “I hope we’re almost there, Mort. This little cunt is hard to keep a hold of.” The driver responded. “Just shut up and restrain her, dumbass. We’ll be there in a coupl’a minutes. Knocker her ass out if ya need to.” A large fist came crashing down on Jaye’s face with a thud of flesh meeting flesh. It hurt like hell, but they underestimated her resilience. Everything was blurry and she was seeing double. Despite that, she managed to slur out, “My eighty-year-old grandma punches harder that that, fuck-face.” The next punch did the trick and she was out cold. When she regained consciousness, she was in a bare-bones bedroom. It was obviously little more than a shack–old, dilapidated and sparsely furnished. The room contained a boarded-up window, the nasty, stain-covered bed she was laying on, a bare nightstand and a hard-backed chair. She began to get up off the bed, but quickly learned that her left ankle had one handcuff around it. The other end anchored her to the metal footboard. Damn her small ankles! No matter how hard she pulled and yanked, the footboard wouldn’t budge and the cuffs were too tight to slip out of. Just then, the men’s voices could be heard, though she couldn’t make out what they were saying. They were entering the shack, their heavy boots causing quite the racket on the rickey wooden floors. A cluster of seconds later, her door opened and the men walked in. The one called Mort was sporting a vile grin and chuckling. “Well, well, well. It looks like the tiny fighter is awake. I figgered you’d be out longer. I’ll say one thing for ya… you shore can take a punch for such a scrawny little shit.” Angered by the comment about her size–not to mention being kidnapped–Jaye lunged and took a wild swing at him, missing by about a foot due to those damnable cuffs! Instead, she fell flat on her face. The men snatched her up and threw her back onto the squeaky old bed. Three of them held her down, while Mort unlocked the cuffs. She again tried to attack, but it was impossible. “Keep ‘er still, boys,” Mort said, unzipping her pants and yanking them down, “I don’t like a bunch’a squirmin’ around.” Suddenly, Jaye’s anger turned into abject fear. Her reality slammed into her. She was going to be gang raped by these backwood hicks… and she was helpless to stop it. This realization made her do something she hadn’t done since her mother passed away: cry. Mort maneuvered himself into position on top of her. All she could see was his eternally-grinning face and predatory eyes staring right into hers. He was enjoying this; enjoying that he finally struck terror into her. Before he could enter her, a familiar voice could be heard from the doorway. It belonged to Lucas Budd. “You fellas have time to talk about the lord and savior, Jesus Christ?” All four men spun around in shock. Mort bellowed out, “What the HELL?” Lucas, without missing a beat, retorted, “Well now, hell is a topic for another day. For now, let’s just stick to the basics… like how to save your soul when you meet your maker here in a few seconds.” Suddenly, another figure appeared to Lucas’ left. It was miracle, looking chipper as hell. “Daddy,” she teased, “Don’t play with your food before you eat it. Let’s just get to the fun stuff.” By then, Mort and his boys had enough time to register what was going on and they started stalking threateningly across the room toward Lucas and Miracle. Mort snarled, “Boy, you just done went and fucked up.” Miracle’s face suddenly scrunched up a bit, her little tongue sticking out with concentration. Immediately thereafter, one of the rednecks–the beady-eyed one who abducted Jaye–let out a gurgle, clutched his head and screamed in agony. Blood poured from every orifice as he collapsed to the floor. He was dead before his body’s thud could even be heard. Unshaken by their friend’s demise, the others continued. Miracle stepped back, leaving Lucas to deal with the others. Jaye couldn’t really see what was going on, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a fisticuff had erupted. As suddenly as it all started, the fight stopped. Only one of the hicks was left… Mort. The dazed man staggered back into the bedroom, scared out of his wits. “Daddy, can I melt his brain? Pleeeeeease, Daddy?” She sounded like an average five-year-old begging for a new toy at the store. “G-g-get back from me, y-you freaks,” yelled Mort, still backing up. Miracle, paying no mind to the frightened would-be rapist, persisted. “Pleeeeeeaaase??” “Not this time, sweetie. This one belongs to me.” Gone was the southern charm. Gone was the jovial nature. Gone was the wry smile. It was all replaced by menace. Pure, unadulterated menace. A smile appeared. A different smile. One that was more chilling than anything Jaye had ever seen in her life. And his narrowed eyes never strayed from being locked with Mort’s. Lucas walked toward him with vicious intent. All that could be heard for miles around was a bloodcurdling scream that ended abruptly. Mort would never rape anyone…. Ever again. The Unlikely Couple (Part 5) Jaye’s eyes fluttered open. Correction: her left eye fluttered open. The right one had swollen almost to the point of being completely shut. She felt like she had been hit by a Mack truck; sore, aching and throbbing all over her body. At first, she was disoriented, but soon remembered what happened. With a quick examination, it came to her that she was back in the guest room at Lucas’ mansion. She never thought she’d be glad to be there! Brynn was sitting ever-vigilant in the antique chair next to the bed. She had been crying. Her eyes always looked puffy after she cried, tipping Jaye off. When Brynn realized that Jaye was awake, she moved to sit on the side of the bed. “How are you feeling, sweetie,” she asked, pulling some of Jaye’s hair behind her ear to get it out of her face. Jaye had short hair, but it was growing out, especially in the front. “I’m fine.” Brynn looked at her squarely, knowing that she was full of crap and trying to play “tough”. It was a look Jaye knew well. “You were kidnapped, beaten up, chained to a bed and almost raped… and you’re going to tell me that you’re fine?” The jig was up. She saw through Jaye’s act. “Okay, so I’ve been better.” “Jaye, I love you and I will always love you, but you have to stop this behavior. Look at what almost happened. You could have been raped and even killed. I can’t let that happen again. If you love me as much as I love you, you’re going to have to make changes.” It was hard for Jaye to be too mad about what she was saying. Part of it was because she said it so lovingly and sweetly. The other part of it was because she wasn’t feeling so feisty after what happened today… yesterday? She had no idea how much time had passed. She was out like a light. When Jaye didn’t reply, she knew she wasn’t going to be met with as much resistance as she had feared. Given the absence of words, Brynn knew that it was the time to give her some of the details. She felt less trepidatious about it now. She had been raped herself and having Jaye come within seconds of being raped as well made her realize that in order to protect her, she was going to have to be firm. Loving, but firm. “Jaye, I’ve been talking to Lucas and Shyla. We’ve all come to the conclusion that it’s best for us to stay here permanently so that I can take care of you and..” That’s when Jaye found her voice, interrupting Brynn. “But I don’t need to be…” Brynn returned the favor of interrupting with a tone of voice that made it clear what she was saying was not a request or an offer. It was a demand. “Yes, you do. You proved that yesterday. Now, don’t interrupt me again, little lady.” Jaye was shellshocked. Did she just call her “little lady”. When she started to protest, Brynn shushed her with a “tcch” sound and a finger. “As I was saying, we’re staying here from now on and we will both abide by every single law this town has to offer. We’ve had paperwork done to take the privilege of adulthood away from you. It’s not a punishment, it’s protection from yourself. You will now live as my little girl.” “I’m NOT a…” Another “tcch” stopped her in her tracks, much to Brynn’s own amazement. This was so very empowering! “You ARE a little girl, even in the eyes of the law. It’s all been arranged. There’s no backing out now.” She relished the look of helplessness that was developing on Jaye’s face. “For all intents and purposes, you will be two years old and every year on your birthday, you’ll turn two years old again.” Jaye’s mouth was wide open. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. How was this even legal, even in this weird city? She wanted to speak. Really, she did. But no words came out. “You will dress, talk and act like a baby or else you will be punished. I’m sorry to do this, but this is what you need. You can’t go around acting like a big tough adult who thinks she’s as good as any man. I won’t let something bad happen to you ever again and if I have to make you hate me in order to do so, then I will. In time, you will learn to accept me as your ‘mommy’ and become a very good baby girl.” More stunned silence from Jaye. “I know this is a lot to take in right now. Your whole world is going to change. Mine too, for that matter. So, I’ll give you some time to digest it all and leave you be for a little while. When I come back, I’ll have an outfit to put on you so we can go buy ourselves new clothes. Okay?” Even in her dumbfounded state, Jaye knew that Brynn’s “okay” wasn’t so much a question as it was just a way of ending the conversation. With that, Brynn stood up, smoothed out her skirt (something jaye had never seen her wear) and left the room, closing the door softly behind her. So many questions flew around her head like a violent maelstrom. Didn’t Brynn want to be her life partner any more? Why was she doing this to her? What would it take to bring her to her senses? What ulterior motives did Lucas Budd have? Did he want Brynn for himself? How could she not see how demented all this was? She was certainly angry with Brynn and she wanted so badly to hate her for this… but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Sure Jaye was a cocky, brash tomboy who didn’t always make good choices, but she loved Brynn more than words could express. She couldn’t shake that love, no matter how hard she tried. When she threw her tantrum earlier and began walking back to South Carolina, she missed her after only a few minutes. Only her stubbornness and pride kept her from turning back around. And when she was cuffed to the bed in that remote shack, the only thing she could think about was that the last words she said to Brynn were filled with venom. Had she been murdered, her final memory of her would have been one of hostility and that thought petrified her. No, she couldn’t live without Brynn. She would have to try to find a way to convince her that this town and its laws were unhealthy and perverted. ———————————————– “So, how did it go with your little one,” asked Lucas as Brynn descended the dark wooden staircase. “Little one”. She oddly liked the sound of that. It made her feel warm inside. “Better than I expected. You were right. When I showed authority, she acquiesced. I can’t believe it worked. She kept butting in and I made that noise that parents make when quieting their unruly children… and she stopped. Every time.” Lucas looked proud of her. “Good for you, sweetheart. I told you it would work. Little ones often have a lot of swagger, especially the fiery tomboys, but they were never truly adults emotionally. Once all that bluster is peeled back, the real ‘them’ comes out. It’s a slow, sometimes frustrating, process, but it’s one of the most rewarding endeavors you’ll ever take. I promise.” Brynn blushed slightly. “I have to admit that it did feel good when I laid down the law to her. It was like I finally had some measure of control in the relationship. Before, it was just me reacting to whatever ruckus she caused… like I was simply along for the ride.” “Now you see why it’s so important to go through with this,” said Shyla. Her smile was always so genuine and put Brynn’s mind at ease. “I do. I wasn’t too sure before, but I definitely see it now.” Switching gears, Shyla asked, “How are you doing with the new outfit?” It took Brynn a second or two to realize what she was asking, since the subject change was without a segue. “Oh. It’s nice. Different than anything I’m used to, but nice. I’m still not sure about the shoes.” Shyla had started her off with simple 3-inch pumps since she had never worn heels before. Judging by how quickly she picked up walking in them, Shyla figured she’d be strutting around in 6.5-inch heels in no time at all. She enjoyed helping women find their feminine side. In a strange way, as the wife of the mayor and county sheriff, she felt like it was her duty to guide newcomers who weren’t adept in the ways of femininity. It gave her a sense of pride. Shyla had always gone to great lengths to uphold her self-appointed duty, going so far as to offer private lessons for walking in high heels and the art of pleasing men. She viewed herself as something akin to a tutor. In addition to that role, Shyla was incredibly civic minded. Organizing city wide events, helping charitable organizations and anything else she felt would improve the community. This attitude and her engrossing personality has made her the city’s most beloved public figure, even over Lucas himself. The people generally respect Lucas and everything he’s done to save the city, but Shyla is absolutely cherished. “In time, you’ll wonder why you didn’t wear heels before coming to Preston. With your high arches, you were born to wear them.” Brynn smiled. She liked it when people showed confidence in her. “Not to interrupt, ladies,” said Lucas, “but we need to prepare for the second stage of ‘babyfying’ your little Jaye.” “Second stage? What’s the second stage?” Brynn was a little confused. Lucas explained, “I’ve found it’s easiest to turn a woman into a little one when you break the whole process down into manageable stages. Stage One was what you just did upstairs… telling her in no uncertain terms how things are going to be from here on out. Stage Two is getting Jaye dressed in appropriate clothes for her new age. It’s going to be bumpy, but necessary.” Brynn looked up the stairs toward the guest room, as if dreading the “bumpy” ordeal. Lucas spotted it right away, placing a hand of comfort on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’re all in this together. Besides, you showed her who’s boss up there a little while ago. She hasn’t forgotten this soon.” Lucas turned his attention toward Shyla. “I’m going to take Melanie up to heal Jaye’s eye up. We don’t want that marring her pretty little cherubic face. I want you to go find an outfit for her to wear. I’m sure Miracle has something that will work in a pinch. Once you’re done, bring it upstairs. We have to hit her with a rapid-fire combination of things so that she won’t have time to brace herself for any of them.” Her pivoted his head back to Brynn. “As soon as Melanie does her thing, you’ll give Jaye a bath.” “Okay,” said Brynn with more self assurance. Just as Lucas turns to find Melanie, she spoke up again. It was obvious she felt foolish. “Lucas… I have kind of a stupid question to ask.” “Well, I can’t imagine a stupid question coming from a smart, beautiful little thing like yourself. But go ahead. I’m all ears.” “Well… as you’ve seen on Jaye’s paperwork, her actual name is Jaylene. And… I was wondering if we could start calling her that instead of ‘Jaye’. I mean, I know it probably sounds stupid or mean, because she hates it, but…” With a smile, Lucas countered. “Say no more, darlin’. ‘Jaylene’ it is. We’ll call her that and make her answer to it as well.” “I’ve just always hated the name ‘Jaye’, but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, you know? But now, somehow, I find myself emboldened a bit, I guess you could say. And since I’m her boss now, I’d rather not have to call her by a name that I don’t care for.” Lucas liked where her mind was at, already getting the hang of the whole ‘mommy thing’. “Plus,” he added with a wink, “she’ll sound cute as a button saying ‘Jaylene’ in baby-talk. Now, let’s get the ball rolling. We have a little one to attend to.” The Unlikely Couple (Part 6) Brynn had been pacing the floors, worrying about Jaye’s well-being. Jaye had only been on this new job for a week, which was damn near a record for her employment. This time it was a janitorial position. She could barely get her to help clean the house, so cleaning a high school would quickly wear thin with her. Brynn didn’t want to think like that, though. Maybe this would be the one time she would stick with a job. She looked at the clock on the wall of their apartment’s living room. Eleven-thirty. She was supposed to get off work at nine o’clock. She wasn’t even answering her pre-paid cell phone. That’s what was worrying her most. With Jaye’s propensity for getting herself in trouble and pissing people off, this was cause for alarm. She couldn’t call the police and she didn’t know any of jaye’s co-workers. She considered driving to the school to check on her, but the last time she did something similar, Jaye caused a scene and they had an argument in front of almost a dozen people. Once again, she called Jaye’s cell phone. No answer. She left a simple but agitated voice mail. With a deep breath, she reached for her coat and slipped on her shoes. Even if a fight did ensue, at least she would have peace of mind, knowing she was safe. Just as she started to open the door, Jaye’s little VW bug pulled up sloppily in the driveway. Yep, she was drunk. Again. Had there been any doubt of that fact, her mannerisms would have erased it instantly. She wasn’t quite staggering, but she walked stiffly and with great care, as if it took all her effort. “Hey there, beautiful,” Jaye said with a minor slur. “I would ask where you’ve been, but I think we both know the answer to that question.” Jaye made it through the front door. “I’m happy to see you too.” Off went her boots and down she went; plop, right onto the couch. After seeing how upset Brynn was, she said, “Come on, baby… I was just having a few drinks with the guys from work. What’s the big deal? In the light of the lamp, Brynn was able to see that she was sporting a black eye. “What the hell happened?” “Oh, this? I just got into a little scrap, that’s all.” “With who?” Jaye chuckled, “Why does it matter?” “With who?” “My boss’ brother,” she said matter-of-factly. Brynn’s face held a mixture of anger, disappointment and worry. “And…?” Jaye looked at the floor before speaking, “And… there are better jobs out there anyway.” “You got fired?” Jaye stood up and went to hug Brynn, but she moved away. “Come here, Punkin. Let’s get into some dirty business under the sheets. How ‘bout that?” “Seriously? You went out drinking without even bothering to let me know, got into a fight with your boss’ brother, got yourself fired… and you really think that I’d be in the mood for sex??” Jaye scoffed. “It’s not like it was that good of a job. I’ll find something else.” “Rent is due next week. I have my portion of it, but now we’re not going to be able to pay the rest! Why can’t you just grow up and hang onto a goddamn job??” “You know what,” yelled Jaye, “Fuck this! I’m going to bed! It’s not my fault you’re such a shrew!” ——————————— “Sweetheart, are you okay?” There was no response. Lucas asked again, “Brynn, is everything alright?” Brynn snapped out of her daze, finally realizing she was being talked to. “What,” she asked, honestly not hearing what he asked. “I was just making sure you’re okay. You seemed pretty deep in thought.” She smiled faintly, “Just remembering.” Lucas seemed to understand and simply nodded. “Melanie healed her up and we’re ready for you to give her a bath. Do you need me in there with you?” “No,” Brynn said without hesitation, as if the memory had steeled her resolve, “this is something I need to do myself.” Upstairs she went, letting all those memories play ever-so-briefly across her brain as she walked. Jaye was sitting up on the side of the bed, scanning the room for something. She still had Brynn’s white t-shirt on that was so big on her it looked like a dress. Brynn took note of the fact that her eye was indeed back to normal. “What are you looking for?” “My clothes,” Jaye retorted. “I can’t find my clothes.” “I should hope not. We threw them all out.” Jaye’s mouth dropped open. “What the hell for?” “Because they aren’t appropriate for a little baby girl such as yourself.” Jaye’s rage could be felt practically for miles around. Her face was red, her neck muscles tensed up and her teeth clenched. Brynn was determined not to let it bother her. She quickly reflected back on a few past memories, which was all the ammunition she needed to be steadfast. “I. Am. Not. A. Baby. Girl!” she growled. ‘The legal papers we have downstairs say otherwise. Now, come on. Let’s get you in the bathtub, Little Miss.” She stepped toward her, but jaye batted her hands away, while backing up onto the bed. “Now, sweetie,” she said in a sing-song voice, just as any mother would say to a petulant child, “you have to stay clean for Mommy, okay?” “YOU’RE NOT MY MOMMY… I MEAN ‘MOTHER’!” “I believe we already had that talk earlier, Jaylene.” There it was. The name. The name that was on her birth certificate, the name she loathed more than anything else in the world. The name that she had attacked people for calling her.” There was silence, but just momentarily. Jaye had to process what she had just heard come from Brynn’s mouth. Jaye’s voice became low and quiet, but nonetheless intense. “Don’t you ever call me that name again. Do you understand me?” Brynn was not to be deterred. She was the adult here and she wasn’t going to let Jaye’s anger derail the plan. “You need to be a good girl, Jaylene. It’s bath time.” Jaye lost her cool. “What the fuck did I just tell you? You know I hate that name.” “You’ll get used to it in time, little one. Now, let’s get you in the tub or else I’ll have to spank your little fanny.” Jaye couldn’t believe her own life partner threatened to spank her. She wasn’t a child! She couldn’t let that happen. But deep down, she knew that Brynn has physically stronger than her and could probably force her into the bathtub. Her dilemma was a tough one. Should she keep forcing the issue and risk having Brynn snatch her up like a baby? Or should she maintain at least a modicum of her pride and walk into the bathroom of her own cognizance? She wasn’t oblivious enough to think that there was any way out of “bath time”, so she chose the latter. “Fine,” she snarled, “I’ll take a fucking bath… but I don’t want you anywhere near me when I do it.” Somehow, issuing a condition made her feel as if she still held some of her fate in her own hands. “I’m sorry, sweetie, but I can’t let you bathe yourself. That would be too dangerous. Besides, babies can’t get themselves very clean like Mommies can.” “Stop this shit right now! What has gotten into you, you psychotic bitch?” Brynn’s ‘momy tone’ was dropped. In place of the peppy, playful voice was one of dead seriousness; one that Jaye had never heard from her before. It was a voice that meant business. There was no anger in it, no frustration. It was all business. Though she wouldn’t ever admit it, it scared the hell out of Jaye. “You will never speak to me that way again, little girl. Now march yourself into the bathroom and take off that shirt. I am giving you a bath and there’s nothing that you can say or do to keep it from happening. Am I clear?” Jaye said nothing, staring at her blankly. Where had this side of her come from? Whatever the answer was, Jaye was terrified on many different levels. When they had their earlier talk, Jaye was simply stunned into silence. This was different. This time, she was frightened into silence. “Am I clear?” Her voice was more stern than before. Jaye didn’t know what to say. If she said “yes”, then it was defeat and there would be no turning back. All of her “tough chick” cred would go straight down the toilet. If she said “no” or refused to answer at all, it could lead to something even more embarrassing for her and she couldn’t take that. It would be devastating to her ego. “Fine!” It was the best she could dredge up. Her rebellious tone at least allowed her some dignity. But Brynn wasn’t going to accept that. “Enough with the snippy attitude. I’m going to ask one more time: Am I clear?” Damn it! There was no other way to save face. With a slightly annoyed tone, she finally said, “Yes.” “Yes, WHAT?” “Yes, you were clear.” Her voice was still dripping with irritation. You know good and well that’s not what I want to hear. Yes, WHAT?” Jaye knew now what it was she was after and it was something she absolutely didn’t want to say. She still had her pride or at least some of it. If she said it, she wasn’t sure if she’d have ANY of it left. But how could she avoid it without an even worse level of embarrassment? Her mind frantically grasped for options, but found none. “Yes… Mommy.” With the last word, she mumbled it to the point of being pretty much inaudible. “I can’t hear you, Jaylene. What did you say?” Why wouldn’t she just stop it?? Couldn’t she leave her with at least a little sense of pride? She repeated it again, the last word still quite mumbly. Brynn sighed. “Little girl, I’m only going to tell you one more time to speak up. If you mutter it again, you’ll be sorry.” This was it. There was no longer even a shred of hope to get out of demeaning herself more than she ever had in her life. But what choice did she have? Not being able to look Brynn in the eyes, she said, “yes, Mommy. You were clear.” “Good girl,” Brynn proclaimed. The cheerful voice was back. She scooped Jaye up and sat her on the closed toilet seat while she ran the bath water. “Now by the time we get done making you a clean baby, they will have a pretty new outfit for you to put on. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?” It didn’t. Not one tiny bit. But she said nothing. Her ego had already taken such a massive pounding today. She wasn’t sure how much more it could take. When the bathtub had enough water in it, Jaye hopped down from the toilet and tried to get into it herself. Brynn was faster on the draw and picked her up under the arms, placing her down slowly into the water. Brynn washed her hair and then scrubbed her thoroughly, making especially sure to clean her private parts. She felt her wispy pubic hair. “Well, there’s not much hair down here, but I think we’ll need to shave it off. Babies don’t need hair down there.” Goddamn it! Why wouldn’t she stop with the humiliation?? Before lifting her out of the bathtub, she fetched her Venus razor and with a few passes, Jaye’s womanhood was gone; floating around in the water. It was a sign of things to come. There was no way back now. Her path to her second babyhood laid before her… and she had no choice but to walk down it. Or would “crawl down it” be more appropriate? The Unlikely Couple (Part 8) She was in someone else’s body. That’s how it felt to Jaye. She had spent her whole life in clothes designed for comfort and convenience… and now she was attired in clothes that were designed with neither of those qualities in mind. They were designed solely to look as adorable as possible. There wasn’t a single stitch of clothing on her body that felt familiar to her. The tights were, well, tight and thin. Or thin compared to the blue jeans that her legs were accustomed to at any rate. The dress was frou-frou, delicate, ruffly and awkward. The shoes weren’t uncomfortable by any means, but they were shiny and feminine in a childish way. And then there was the article of clothing that gashed her pride more than any of the others: the diaper; the rustling, bulky diaper. It completely changed the way she walked, forcing a wobbling motion that made her unsteady, just like a baby learning to walk. The embarrassment, though, was only beginning. Brynn led her by the hand down the stairs where Lucas, Miracle, Alexander, Melanie and Shyla were. It was plain to see that Lucas and Shyla were ready to leave the house. Shyla had her purse and Lucas fingered his car keys. From this, Jaye connected the dots and realized that she was probably going to be forced to leave the house as well. Brynn could sense that she had pieced it all together and took the initiative. “Ready to go shopping, baby girl?” “I’m not going in public like this!” It was more a plea than a definitive statement of fact. Brynn kneeled down to meet her eye to eye. “Jaylene, I know you’re frightened, but you’ll see that everything’s going to be fine. There are lots of little girls just like you in Preston. There’s no need to feel shame.” “Brynn” she started to reply before seeing a look of agitation, “ I mean… Mommy. I don’t want people to see me dressed in these ridiculous clothes. I’m not a baby!” “We already went over this. You ARE a baby now. I’m not going to put up with these silly little protests. You’re a baby and that’s all there is to it. Now, let’s go buy you some clothes and toys.” She frantically grabbed onto a nearby chair in a sad, last-ditch attempt to prevent the inevitable. Brynn put an end to that by easily prying her fingers loose from their grip. Looking to avoid further complications, Brynn simply picked her baby up and carried her on her hip, adding yet another layer of humiliation to the heap. Jaye hated that she was being packed around like a child by the woman who she had been romantically involved with for years. Lucas and Shyla led them to a detached garage on the south side of the house. Within they found several vehicles, including a fairly sizeable van. Lucas opened the side door, revealing an oversized car seat. It looked just like any car seat that you’d see in a typical family vehicle, but substantially larger. “This should suffice,” offered Lucas. “That’s perfect,” observed Brynn. Jaye started to lodge a protest, but Brynn’s stern expression stopped it dead in its tracks. Her complaints slid right back down her throat, manifesting in a few tears of shame trickling down her cheeks. As Brynn sat her down into the car seat, a depressing revelation hit her: she was almost too small for it. She hoped that would go unnoticed, but no such luck. Shyla suggested that perhaps while they were shopping today, they should purchase a smaller one. Not only was she sitting in a babyish car seat, it was too big for her. The humanity! Click went the buckle, which pulled the skirts upward, making them gather at the crotch. The end result was that her tights-covered diaper was on full display. Jaye began tugging at her skirts in an effort to cover it up, but her hand was lightly slapped by Brynn, who had just settled into the seat beside her. “Stop fussing with your dress.” “But… but I’m just trying to..” “No ‘buts’, young lady. Stop it. Now.” Little Jaye had no recourse but to leave her skirts as they were, exposed diaper and all. Every so often, Jaye would subtly try to adjust them, but rynn prevented it each time. The van started and the small talk began between the adults. What bothered Jaye most is that they completely left her out of the conversation, even when she was the subject of said conversation. Any interjection was met with another smack on the hand and admonishment for butting into a “grown-up conversation.” How degrading. Pouting, Jaye to to sulking and looking out her window. She zoned out, only hearing a few sentences here and there. “You should put her in two or three diapers at once”; “She would look so cute in a bonnet”; “How many stores does this town have?”; “”I’m surprised so many women moved here”. Just bits and pieces. What mostly drew Jaye’s attention was the sights the town provided. She was surprised at how vibrant it was; pedestrians were everywhere in the downtown shopping district… going into stores, coming out of stores, chit-chatting on the sidewalks, window shopping. But that wasn’t the part that really snapped up her attention. No, that honor belonged to how those people dressed and behaved. She saw women on leashes, women wearing long skirts so tight they could barely walk, women who could only be described as bimbos with unimaginably large bosoms and lips that couldn’t possibly be natural. And, of course, there were women dressed as toddlers and babies. The men she saw were clearly in charge; their mannerisms and the way they treated their women made that as plain as the nose on their faces. Many women walked behind their men or, she noticed, behind and to the right of them. Equality simply didn’t exist here in any way. What struck her as particularly odd was how happy almost all of them seemed. Even the women who had the strictest owners appeared to be in great spirits. She wondered if brainwashing or mind control was going on. After seeing what the Budd family could do, she certainly wouldn’t rule that out. Jaye couldn’t fathom how any woman could be happy that way. It was beyond her entirely. How could they not want to be treated as equals? How could they enjoy having to dress in such ludicrous clothes? What was the appeal of being owned? The shopping district disappeared behind them as they drove onward, giving way to a section of town that contained other types of businesses, mostly factories and the like. A few stores, bars and restaurants could be spotted though. One such business—the one Lucas pulled into the parking lot of—was Simms’ Baby Palace. It was comprised of several buildings. The most prominent, though certainly not the largest, was what Lucas referred to as the “show room”. He explained to Brynn that the other two buildings—large metal structures with no ornamentation whatsoever—were the two workshops. In one, they craft furniture and in the other, they make clothes. He also added that behind these buildings is a not-yet-finished building in which they will be producing their own diapers. Lucas and Shyla both voiced their excitement about the new operation. Within a few minutes, they had parked, unbuckled Jaye and entered the main building. What she saw was a cornucopia of the most over-the-top baby stuff she had ever seen… most of which was sized for adult-sized people. To the left was a wide selection of oversized cribs; so much lace and other childish festoons! To the right, she saw playpens, high chairs, rocking horses, changing tables and more. A large counter was straight ahead and near that was a doorway with a sign above it that read: “Clothes”. It was truly Jaye’s worst nightmare! An older gentleman in his fifties stood behind the counter as the group approached. His hair was graying, but still very thick. He had a look of wisdom; one that only a kindly old uncle could possess. He had been reading something when they entered, but looked up and pulled his reading glasses off his face. “Lucas… Shyla… how are ya?” His eyes were bright and it was clear that he was happy to see the Budd family. He shook Lucas’ hand and kissed Shyla’s hand. “I may very well have to steal this lovely lady from you someday, Lucas.” Lucas smiled warmly. “Samantha might have something to say about that, Simms.” “You kidding? She’d love to have beautiful Shyla all for herself if she had half a chance.” The two men laughed and Shyla smiled, obviously flattered by the exchange. Brynn smiled nervously, with Jaye perched humiliatingly upon her hip. Lucas turned toward the two girls. “Brynn… this is Pete Simms. Simms, this is Brynn and her new little baby, Jaylene.” Jaye wanted to just melt into the floor or crawl under a rock. She considered making a scene, but thought better of it out of fear of the inevitable punishment that would ensue. That alone upset her further… that she was in fear of punishment from another adult. And not just ANY adult… but her own life partner. She actually trembled like a real toddler. This was all getting to be too much. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take. “Well, it sure is nice to make your acquaintance, Miss Brynn,” he said, kissing her free hand. “And what a precious little girl you have here.” He moved to pinch her cheek, but Jaye thwapped his hand away. “Jaye!” exclaimed Brynn. “There’s no need to be a rude baby. Apologize this very minute, little girl.” The obstinate look on Jaye’s face indicated that she wasn’t going to obey. Brynn let her down from her hip, grabbed one of her wrists firmly and with her other hand, she swatted her hard on the diapered behind. Three more swats followed. Due to the bulk of the diaper, the pain was minimal, but the level of embarrassment was worse than pain could have ever been. She had just been spanked by her girlfriend… her Mommy. That’s truly what she was now: Jaye’s Mommy. Any trace of “girlfriend” was wiped away at this point, likely never to be seen again. “Now you apologize to Mr. Simms this instant or you’re going to get far worse than that little spanking.” With tears in her eyes, she squeaked out, “I’m sorry.” Lucas interjected, talking directly to Jaye. “Sweetheart, I think it might be better if you say it more like a toddler would say it.” Jaye looked confused. In response, Lucas clarified. “What I mean is that you need to start baby-talking and now seems like the right time to begin. You are no longer a big girl and when you speak like an adult, it draws extra attention to you. It makes people take a second look to see if you’re an adult or a baby. Is that what you want? Do you want people to look at you strangely?” Sniffling, she simply shook her head in the negative. Somehow, what he said made sense to her, though she had no earthly idea how. It was like he knew the exact thing to say to people to get precisely the response he wants. She had never seen anyone so good at manipulating others. Brynn softened her tone. “Okay, then, let’s hear it.” Jaye searched her brain, trying to figure out how a toddler would say it. She was never really around little ones much. There was a pause, partly from that search and partly from hesitation to demean herself by actually talking that way. “I’m… sowwy.” “That’s a good start, sweetie,” encouraged Lucas, “but I think the word ‘I’ should be eliminated from your vocabulary altogether. How about saying your name instead? Try it.” With great reluctance, she said, “Jaye is sowwy.” “No, no, no, baby girl,” corrected Brynn, “that’s not your name any more. Now say it right.” She hated that name and it was the last word in the universe that she wanted to say. And to be forced to say it in baby-talk would be even more excruciating. She frantically tried to think of a way out of it, but came up empty-handed. She took too long, prompting Brynn to say, “Now.” Tears were flowing again. “I’m… I mean… Jaywene is sowwy.” The words burned as they came out of her mouth. Her face twisted up like she had just sucked a lime dry of all its juices. That may have been the hardest thing she’d had to do yet. Simms smiled and accepted her apology. Brynn kneeled down and wiped away her tears with a tissue that Shyla handed to her. “Now see… that wasn’t so terrible, was it?” Oh, yes… it was terrible. In fact, it surpassed “terrible” and left it in the dust. Brynn nevertheless continued. “That’s how I expect you to talk from now on, okay? No more big-girl talk for my baby girl. Do you understand?” Jaye was defeated once again and was emotionally drained. The fight in her was sucked away. She nodded and sadly said, “Yes, Mommy. I undewstand.” Brynn corrected her. “What did Lucas say about using the word ‘I’, sweetie?” Jaye didn’t want to say it the way she was instructed, but had no alternative. “Yes, Mommy. Jaywene undewstands.” “Good girl.” Brynn seemed genuinely proud of her, something Jaye wasn’t particularly used to. She was used to disappointing her with her antics. On that level, she felt a tiny shred of happiness, but it was microscopic. Mostly, she felt destroyed by all this. “So… what can I do for you fine folks?” Lucas replied, “We need to purchase all the goodies for Baby Jaylene here.” Back up on Brynn’s hip Jaye went and she didn’t fight it. She was spent. They started off by picking out a crib. Sims talked and talked to Brynn about the different models, going over each and every feature one by one. The craftsmanship was undeniable and they were all extraordinarily sturdy. One feature was that each wooden bar contained a strong metal rod in its center; another was that the varnish made it impossible for an escaping baby to get a good grip on the bars. The final feature was the one that scared her most; one for sexually active “babies”. Many of the cribs had three armatures that ended with vibrating dildos. The baby could be strapped down and one of these dildos could be inserted into the “baby’s” three orifices. Lucas looked to Brynn to measure her interest in this final feature. Brynn looked deep in thought, before saying, “Well, Jaylene is a lesbian and doesn’t like anything resembling a penis.” Lucas nodded and Jaye let out a sigh of relief. “Understood. However, you have to recalibrate your way of thinking now. Before, everything centered around her. You basically had to dance to her tune. She was in the driver’s seat. For example, she behaved poorly and got fired, causing you to have to relocate. Another example: you’re bi-sexual but because of her, you weren’t ever able to enjoy the romantic or lustful company of a man. Yet another example: she stayed out late drinking with her co-workers, leaving you at home, worrying. It’s high time to dance to your own tune and make her do the same. If you would like to see her hooked up to these apparatuses, then by all means, take a crib with the appendages. If you wouldn’t enjoy that, then don’t. But let it be because YOU want it or don’t want it… not because she doesn’t.” Brynn had to consider this. She had fantasized—secretly, of course—about seeing Jaye being forced to have sex with a man. She never dared to bring that up in the past, though, as she knew what kind of reaction it would bring forth. And truthfully, Brynn always cultivated a rather odd belief that there was no such thing as being gay, only bi-sexual; that it was somehow unnatural to not be attracted to the opposite sex, even if you were also attracted to the same sex. It’s a belief she never told a soul because she didn’t quite understand it herself. But this could give her the chance to see something similar to what her fantasy involved. On the other hand, she was hesitant to go for the gusto. After all, she didn’t want Jaye to legitimately grow to hate her and she feared that that’s exactly what might happen. She voiced this concern to Lucas in a whisper so that Jaye couldn’t hear and he assured her that she wouldn’t hate her in the long term. “Besides, if you make this the only way she’s allowed to have an orgasm, she’ll beg for it. Not right away, but mark my words: she’ll beg like there’s no tomorrow.” Throughout this, Jaye held her breath, terrified that all the whispering and Brynn’s reluctance to commit to an answer were both bad signs. She detested vaginal or anal entry. She always found it disgusting, much preferring clitoral stimulation. Surely, Brynn would respect that. Surely, she would allow her to maintain that boundary. Surely, she would let her keep her sexual identity. Wouldn’t she?? Doubts began to spill into her brain when Brynn stepped away from Lucas, looked at Simms and said, “We’ll take the pink one with the attachments.” Jaye’s heart sunk. Now she wasn’t even going to have control of the only thing that had been previously been left to her. Her vagina, anus and even her mouth were all going to be invaded by penis-shaped objects whenever Brynn decided it was necessary or desirable. And there was nothing she could do about it. She was going to have to adjust to being bi-sexual whether she liked it or not… and she decidedly did NOT like it. All this made Jaye realize that her fate was no longer her own and that it was in the hands of Brynn… her Mommy. The Unlikely Couple (Part 9) Very little about the process of picking out the other babyish furniture stuck in Jaye’s memory, as she was in a world of her own, hung up on the awful notion that Brynn was planning to have fake penises inserted into her pussy, ass and mouth at some point. It felt to her like the ultimate betrayal. She snapped out of her daze when she was carried through the door near the counter. The room was essentially its own building, constructed adjacent to the main structure as an add-on. It was fairly narrow, but stretched almost as far as the eye could see and it had a second floor as well. The shelves and racks were stocked from wall to wall with baby clothes sized for adults as well as various accessories. Despite her repulsion, she was in awe of just how much of it there was. A graceful, woman in her thirties with voluptuous dark hair was sitting in a chair behind the counter. She greeted them warmly, but didn’t get up. “We just bought a slew of goodies from your worse half and figured we should do the same for you.” Lucas’ borderline flirty tone was enough to nauseate Jaye, but she said nothing, fearing the retribution that would result from it. “Well, I sure appreciate it, Lucas,” she said in a sweet voice that underlined her innate femininity. As they approached the counter, Jaye got a better view of why she was sitting down. She was breastfeeding a baby. No, not a baby, but a woman dressed much the same as Jaye was. The expression of humiliation on the woman’s face was apparent; she was burning with shame. Her red face gave that away. Everyone acted as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Brynn, though, looked a little flustered by the scene. Maybe this was a good sign; a sign that she would realize how outlandish this was. Perhaps there was hope after all. “I see your little niece is doing well,” Shyla stated, nodding toward the woman on her lap. The dark-haired beauty, who Jaye deduced was Samantha, smiled. “Oh yes. She’s still quite a brat sometimes, but we’re getting somewhere with her finally. She’s been with us since last summer, so it’s been quite a journey, but the results are speaking for themselves.” Her next sentence was in a slight coo-ing tone and was aimed mostly at the girl, “Little Tammy here sure isn’t breaking and entering any more… are you, baby girl?” With a face as red as a fresh tomato, Tammy, still latched onto her aunt’s left breast, shook her head in the negative. A tear leaked from her eye, down her cheek and onto Samantha’s blouse. Jaye felt sorry for her, but she was more concerned with her own plight at the moment. On some weird level, she was just glad the spotlight was on someone else for a change. Lucas and Shyla introduced Brynn and Jaye to Samantha and engaged in small-talk for a few minutes before moving on to check out the merchandise. The first place Brynn took her was an area filled with racks of fluffy, poofy dresses. She oohed and ahhhed over every ridiculous dress she came across, while Jaye was forced to endure it all. She plucked many of them from the racks and brought them up to the front counter until time for them to check out. Once a deposit of clothes was made, she would carry Jaye back to the racks for more looking. In addition to the fluffiest, most horrendous dresses imaginable, she selected a lot of other clothes: babyish rompers and jumpers, sundresses, skirts and the like. Not one stitch of it could even come close to passing as something a grown woman would wear. Lucas also pointed out a special section of clothes designed specifically for punishments and humiliation. As if the clothes they already selected weren’t humiliating enough! The first rack Brynn approached had simple shirts, but it wasn’t until Brynn began thumbing through them that Jaye understood how they could be used as punishment. Each shirt had text on it, often accompanied by a cartoony illustration to drive the point home: “Fully-Loaded Diaper Girl”, “I’ve been a bad little baby”, “I love poopy diapers”, “My butt cheeks are as read as my face”… there seemed to be no end to the embarrassing shirts. Many of them made Brynn giggle. Jaye, on the other hand, found them to be less than amusing. Brynn snatched at least four or five from the rack, with Shyla offering to take them “up front” for her. The other punishment clothes were at least as bad. One of the worst was a long-sleeved sleeper that looked like a babyish nightgown with a drawstring at the end; it was designed to trap the wearer’s legs in what was essentially a bag. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The entirety of the interior was lined with heavy wool, which would be both itchy and hot. Just as she thought Brynn was going to pass it up, she pulled it from the rack and let Shyla carry it to the counter. “I’m not wearing that thing..” protested Jaye, in a voice that was less self-assured than her normal voice. Brynn looked down at her, riding helplessly on her hip and said, “First of all, I think we made it clear that you were to speak in baby-talk from now on. Secondly, you won’t HAVE to wear it if you behave like a good baby.” Jaye looked to the ground, deflated. Her offensive was aborted just like that. She inwardly cursed herself for giving in so easily, but that was just a remnant of her old self. The rest of her knew that she was now just a baby and would have to suffer whatever the adults deemed appropriate. But just to add insult to injury, Brynn added, “Do you understand?” Jaye slowly nodded her head, but that wasn’t good enough. “I can’t hear your head rattle, sweet-pea. I want to hear you say it… appropriately.” Damn it! Again?? There was a pause. “Well?” urged Brynn impatiently. With a sigh, Jaye said, “Yes, Mommy. Jaywene undewstands.” Brynn was happy with that and gave her a little peck on her forehead. Jaye couldn’t believe this was happening. It was all too surreal. The next hour was spent going through every rack and shelf in the store. Tights, pacifiers, bonnets, rubber mittens meant to keep her from being able to articulate her fingers, petticoats, gargantuan hairbows, sleepers, cutesy shoes, toys… you name it! By the time they gathered all their goods and paid for them, Tammy had long since been finished with her feeding and was in a small playpen behind the counter where Samantha could keep a close eye on her. Lucas hauled load after load to the van. Shyla, Brynn and Jaye had remained inside talking to Samantha. Well, Shyla was really the only one talking to her much. Brynn was strangely silent, almost as if she wanted to ask something but hadn’t worked up the nerve just yet. Samantha was astute, however, and asked her if everything was okay. “Yeah…” she said hesitantly, “I was just wondering…” Samantha smiled and placed her hand on Brynn’s. “You can ask me anything you want, honey.” “Why exactly… do you, you know, breastfeed Tammy?” Samantha smiled comfortingly. Brynn had been nervous to ask such a personal question and was relieved when she saw it didn’t upset her. “Several reasons. First of all, my sister and I talked and decided that it would be best to re-raise Tammy from scratch since she just couldn’t stay out of trouble… and to me, starting over includes breastfeeding. Secondly, she has very brittle bones and breast milk helps strengthen them. And last but not least, it creates an inseparable bond between the baby and the one breastfeeding her.” Brynn’s eyes lit up with that last one. She wanted so desperately to create an unbreakable bond and make Jaye see her as her mommy! When Jaye saw her eyes, she knew she was in deep, deep trouble. But she would draw the line at being fed from her own life partner’s teat. That was just too far! “How do you produce the milk? “Actually,” Samantha said, “I take a bi-monthly shot from Lucas’ son, Alexander. It allows me to produce plenty of milk.” Oh, man! This was looking worse and worse all the time. Not only did Brynn light up like a damn Christmas tree at the thought of breastfeeding, but the means to make it happen was within easy reach. Not good at all! “Oh,” replied Brynn gleefully. Shyla looked pleased and asked, “Are you thinking of breastfeeding Baby Jaylene?” Brynn tried to suppress her excitement. “It’s something I’d like to consider.” Her eyes told a very different story. Jaye was certain that her mind was already made up, despite the words coming out of her mouth. Samantha piped up, “I think it’s a grand idea. Few things put a little one in ‘baby space’ quicker than breastfeeding.” “Baby space?,” asked Brynn. Samantha explained, “It’s kind of a special place a little one’s mind goes to where they feel like true babies and all is harmonious with the world. Even the most defiant babies find their baby space eventually. And when it happens, it’s magical.” “Wow, that does sound nice.” Jaye wanted so badly to revolt against it right then and there. She wanted to rail on them all for this idiocy; to let them know that this whole charade is over and that she would find a way back to South Carolina. But how would she get there? Hitchhiking proved to be sheer folly and she had pissed most of her family off, so they definitely wouldn’t wire her money or drive halfway across the country to pick her up. And where would she stay once she got back home? Again, she had alienated most everyone who had been in her life and she had no job prospects. Maybe her old friend Melissa would do her a solid. She had a nice car and loved road trips. Wait. Jaye got her hung up in a nasty bit of drama a year ago and the two hadn’t spoken since. How about Joe? His Charger would sure make it to Preston and for a little dough, he’d do almost anything. Crap! Jaye had accused him of hitting on Brynn and broke his nose last March. Perhaps Shanique would Western Union her some cash for a bus ticket. Shit! She still owed Shanique close to a thousand dollars, so THAT was out. No, Jaye was stuck in Preston, whether she liked it or not. The rebel in her wanted to lash out and do something brash… but that’s what landed her in this position in the first place. Maybe an opportunity would arise soon. Yes, something would come up, she was sure of it. Good things come to those who wait. She would bide her time and as soon as the opportunity arose, she’d get out of there and never look back… even if she was having a hard time learning to hate Brynn. By the time she filtered through all these thoughts, she was being buckled back into the car seat and they were leaving the parking lot. She noticed that Brynn was staring at her. Not in a mean way or a creepy way… but with genuine love. It was the first time she had looked at her in such a way in over a year. They mostly just fought. How could she look at Jaye like that while she was dressed so preposterously? It baffled her. But like a good baby, she stayed silent and simply looked away. She just couldn’t take locking eyes with her. Just then, they hit a bit of a pothole and for the first time, Jaye became aware of the pressure in her bladder… as well as her bowels. That was okay, she thought to herself… she has always had great control of her bodily functions. She would be fine. She squeezed her legs together or at least as close as her cumbersomely thick diaper would allow, which wasn’t very close at all. “Now,” Lucas declared, “it’s time to buy YOU some clothes, Miss Brynn.” The Unlikely Couple (Part 10) The next store they entered was called Newberry’s and it was an old fashioned department store. It wasn’t posh, but it certainly wasn’t a low-rent dollar store either. Even from the outside, Jaye could tell that. Before they unstrapped her from her car seat, Lucas stepped around the the back of the van and unloaded something. She couldn’t tell what it was because being in the carseat limited her view, but deep down knew that she wasn’t going to like it. Everyone was now out of the vehicle except her, which only added to her gut feeling. The door opened and Brynn unfastened the straps, picking her up just as one would a small tyke. She was never going to get used to that. Upon rounding the back of the van, she saw that the stroller they purchased at Simms’ was all set up and ready for her to be lowered down into, which is exactly what happened. With her being seated in it, Lucas asked Brynn if she wanted to use the arm straps. This baffled Jaye. What arm straps? Why would a stroller have arm straps? As if in answer, Brynn remarked, “Yeah. That way she can’t go covering her face up out of embarrassment. She has to get used to all this.” For whatever reason, Jaye loathed being spoken about as if she wasn’t even there. It was so demeaning, making it clear that she was only going to be regarded as a baby. She started to argue about the straps; a quick glare from Brynn halted the notion. On went the straps—two for each arm—ensuring that she couldn’t move them at all. She wanted to hide her face, but that was to be impossible. No, she would have to face the world head-on… as a baby. Brynn crouched down so that her face was pretty close to Jaye’s. “Okay, now, Mommy needs to go buy herself some clothes. And she can’t concentrate on that if Baby Jaylene is acting bad. Will you be Mommy’s good little girl while I shop?” Jaye cast her eyes downward and after a pause, she nodded. The sigh that came from Brynn let her know that that wasn’t going to suffice. Jaye didn’t want to speak because she was now expected to adopt a childish lisp, complete with baby-talk. The reluctance to speak lingered in the air as all eyes were on her. Damn vultures, all of them, just waiting for her to plunge deeper into her humiliation and despair. Talking that way made her feel small and stupid, not to mention weak… and she hated all of those things. “Yes, Mommy.” she replied dully. Brynn looked her in the eyes and said, “Baby, I really think you can do better with the baby-talk. This is really important to me. I want you to sound like the sweet little baby I know you can be. Please try again.” Inside Jaye’s mind, she was growling in anger… but none of that showed itself in her next words. “Yeth, Mommy.” “Okay, but I think you can say more than just that, don’t you?” Jaye seethed. “Yeth, Mommy,” she said before pausing to figure out what she was expecting to hear. “Jaywene will be youwr good wittle giwrl while you shop.” Using that name, let alone lisping it, made her skin crawl. She could feel her pride eroding more and more every time she’s forced to say it. Brynn looked so pleased and gave her a hug. “Thank you, my little angel.” During the trek across the parking lot and the short stint down the sidewalk, Jaye became incredibly aware of how many people were out and about at any given time in Preston. This was unfortunate for her because she had to look at every single person who came their way. In just the short amount of time, hree people complimented Brynn, who was pushing the stroller, on her “cute little girl”. She eventually took the only option she had left at her disposal… she scrunched her eyes closed as tight as she could. It helped, but only marginally. The traffic in the store itself was less intense, something for which Jaye was grateful. Lucas stopped to shake hands and chat with a couple of men who were obviously there waiting for their wives to finish shopping. Brynn pushed the stroller onward, with Shyla directing her toward the right section of the store. Jaye had a slight reprieve; for once, the attention was on Brynn rather than her. She just sat there helplessly in the stroller while the adults looked at clothes, her eyes shut. Her mind drifted back to a simpler time in her life, one in which she was happy and free to do as she pleased. She took it all for granted then, but that was no longer the case now. She had it so good and didn’t even realize it. She thought back to helping her father roof houses, cracking jokes and listening to loud music while doing so. She thought back to all those parties in which she drank more alcohol than was wise and getting into scuffles with other inebriated party-goers. But most of all, she thought about the earliest days of her relationship with Brynn; they were so happy just being in each other’s presence. They laughed, snuggled and relished their time together. It was all such a sharp contrast to where she was today: clad in a fluffy dress, her legs encased in tights, a thick diaper covering her most intimate parts and having to call Brynn “Mommy” in the most babyish voice she could conjure up. Gone was the freedom. Gone was the good times. Gone was having any semblance of personal choice. Jaye was snapped back to reality by a sharp bladder pang. She always had good bladder control, so she figured she would be able to hold it until… well, she wasn’t sure. She could hold it until they returned to Lucas’ mansion, but then what? She wouldn’t be allowed to use the toilet anyway. Perhaps she could figure out a way to sneak to the bathroom. With that damnable inescapable crib they bought, though, that may be a far more difficult prospect than one might figure… not that they would allow her to be out of their sight for long to begin with. She was running out of options for avoiding expunging into her diaper and that frightened her. To her, peeing in the diaper would be taking away the last vestiges of her adulthood and she was determined not to let that happen. She just couldn’t let it go that easily. She looked up angrily at Brynn as Shyla was holding up a dress to her to see how it would look. What chafed her the most was that Brynn looked like she was having the time of her life, while she was sitting in an oversized baby stroller, dressed like a toddler and squeezing her legs together in an effort not to pee. It’s not that she didn’t want Brynn to be happy… it’s just that she wanted happiness too. Brynn was indeed having a good time, something she never thought possible, considering she never really cared for feminine clothes. She wasn’t exactly against skirts and such, like Jaye was. She just always preferred more practical clothes. “I think this might be too short,” said Brynn. The dress being held up to her was dark red with short sleeves and it was, as Brynn acknowledged, exceedingly short. And tight. “Nonsense,” scoffed Shyla, waving her opinion off. “You’ve got fantastic legs. You should show them off as much as possible.” Brynn blushed a little. “You… really think so?” “Absolutely. Those long legs were MEANT for tiny skirts and dresses… and when you pair that dress up with suntan pantyhose and high heels, you’re going to have half the men in Preston drooling every time you walk by.” A slightly embarrassed smile came across Brynn’s beautiful face. She was flattered… and excited by that notion. She was still flustered, though. “That doesn’t really matter to me,” she stammered, trying to convince herself of that. The truth was that she longed for the company of a man, but never followed through on it because of Jaye’s feelings. Shyla had been around reluctant girls before and reassured her, “It’s okay for it to matter to you. Jaylene isn’t your life partner now… and she’s going to need a daddy soon. It’s something you need to start thinking about. Jaye could keep her cool no longer. It was one thing to humiliate her like this, but it was something else entirely to suggest that Brynn should dump her in favor of a man. “Listen, lady,” she yelled out, causing a few other customers to gawk, “Brynn is my life partner and she’s not going to be with a man! Do you understand, bitch?” She was hoping to hurt Shyla’s feelings and upset her. Instead, Shyla just looked at her with steely eyes. She had been cursed at by unruly little ones before and wasn’t about to let this one get under her skin. The baby’s reaction didn’t surprise her in the least. What DID surprise her, however, was Brynn’s reaction. Brynn, without hesitation, marched over to Jaye and unbuckled the arm straps of the stroller, lifting Jaye out of it in spite of the little one’s struggles. She sat down on a fairly ornate “waiting sofa” with Jaye positioned face-down over her knees. “I’ve just about had it with your behavior, Jaylene,” she said sternly and with grave seriousness. “You will NOT speak to adults that way, young lady, especially ones who have been so good to us.” “Let me go, you psychopath! Put me down! Nowwwwww!” Jaye’s protests fell upon deaf ears. “What are you doing? Stop it!” No response from Brynn, who flung Jaylene’s dress and petticoats over her back. Her diaper and tights were quickly yanked down, exposing her adorable little backside for the whole store to see. When Jaye realized what was getting ready to happen, she wriggled around to get off her lap. It was for naught. Brynn’s grip was strong and her determination to carry out this much-needed punishment was absolute. “NOOOOOOO,” she bellowed out in panic. Brynn’s hand came crashing down on her ass with a resounding ‘smack’ as flesh met flesh. Another blow came immediately thereafter and then another. All the while, Jaye kicked her little legs, not caring that it actually made her look even more like a real child. She refused to cry, regardless of the pain she was experiencing. One swat after another followed, her round little butt growing redder with each one. Jaye’s desperation was obvious; she couldn’t hide it. More swats came raining down with sharp slapping sounds. Was there any end to Brynn’s stamina? Was she going to keep this up all night. Shyla was impressed and saw great potential in her. Jaye’s protests suddenly became less forceful and more pleading in nature. “PLEEEEEASE! STOPPPPPPP!” “Not until you’ve learned your lesson, Jaylene!” The assault on her fanny continued. The pain was immense and she could almost feel tears welling up in her eyes. No! She wouldn’t give Brynn the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Crying was for wusses and children… and she was neither! She gave up on trying to escape, though her legs were still kicking with each swat. Instead, she focused her thoughts on maintaining what little dignity she had left. She would not cry! The spanking carried on, the agony increasing every second or two. Every single time her hand thrashed her butt cheeks, it became harder and harder to keep her composure. How much longer could she keep it together? Why wouldn’t the spanking cease? When would she stop? What was that? No, no, it couldn’t be. Not a tear falling from her eye onto the sofa! She had to stop it! She wouldn’t let them win? She wouldn’t let them turn her into a crying child! Another droplet from her eye! She was losing the fight! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!! Ten more swats hammered down on her tender flesh and the floodgates opened. Tears poured from her eyes, snot leaked from her nose and she was wailing in pain and shame. “Pweeeease, Mommy, pwease stop! Jaywene will be a good babyyyyyyy! Pweeeeeeeeaaaase!” Brynn knew at that point that she was one sorry little baby, but she felt she had to truly drive the message home that she was just a baby and would have to behave, so she continued the spanking with another thirty swats. With each swat came more bawling and begging. By the time the spanking stopped, Jaye was laying limply across her mommy’s knees, blubbering like a baby, sobbing heavily. She couldn’t bear to look up, fearful that a crowd was watching. No crowd existed, however, because this kind of thing had become so commonplace in Preston. Only Shyla was watching. Jaye was beaten… defeated. “Now…,” asked Brynn, who was a bit out of breath now, “are you going to behave like a good baby?” Through her sniffling and sobs, she responded, “Y-y-yes, Mommy.” “And are you going to learn to accept the fact that you aren’t going to be my life partner any more?” She paused, not wanting to concede that. Brynn thwapped her buttocks five more times, as if to prompt an answer. “OOOWWWWWIIEEE!” she cried out in the most babyish way imaginable. More crying ensued, but she managed to choke out, “Y-y-y-yes, Mommy.” “And do you understand that Mommy is going to find herself a man and that he will be my only lover?” This caused a flood of tears. How could she agree to something like that? But she had no choice at all. “Y-y-y-y-es, Mommy.” “Okay, now I want to hear you say it, to prove that you mean it.” Heaving with sobs, Jaye sputtered, “Jaywene will be a good baby. You awren’t my wife pawrtnewr any mowre and you’wre going to find a man to be youwr new wovewr.” Having to say it broke her a little inside; a part of her died, never to return. She was never going to be anything more than a baby whose only purpose is to be taken care of by adults. With that realization, her bladder unleashed a torrent of urine all over Mommy’s lap. Uh-oh! The Unlikely Couple (Part 11) The store attendants were understanding about Jaye’s accident and helpfully mopped the urine from the floor while Brynn cleaned herself up in the store restroom and changed into one of her new outfits. It was a flattering ensemble consisting of a very short turquoise dress that hugged her ample figure, beige pantyhose and peep-toed stilettos that made her stand five inches taller than her actual height. A white belt completed the outfit. She emerged from the bathroom, along with Shyla, who had assisted her. Lucas had stayed with Jaye to clean her up with the wet-wipes stored in her diaper bag. Her dress was still a little damp, but most of the damage was done to Brynn’s clothes as well as the floor. The diaper, though, was a total loss, as the pee had gotten all over the outside plastic. Lucas changed her into a new one. She was far too upset and preoccupied with her own thoughts to protest. Besides, she never wanted a spanking like that again. Jaye was secretly dreading Brynn’s return from the restroom out of stark terror that she would be angry with her for peeing on her lap. To her surprise, her fear was unfounded. “There’s my baby girl,” she cooed as she approached the stroller that Lucas had just placed her into. What a relief! She couldn’t take another spanking, physically or emotionally. Jaye forced a slight smile at her mommy. During the car ride home, Jaye swelled on everything that transpired. Everything, from the humiliation of being spanked like a baby to all the things Brynn said. So they were no longer a couple. Jaye had been expecting this ever since they had to leave South Carolina. She suspected that Brynn would have broken it off with her and left for California alone had she not felt like she would have been abandoning a helpless child. But she wasn’t a child. At least not then. Now, though, even Jaye couldn’t deny what she has become. Was Brynn just looking for an excuse to be rid of her so she could find a man? Jaye remembered the topic of a three-way encounter with a man being brought up, but she had vetoed the notion outright. She didn’t want some grubby man pawing all over her woman whether she was there or not. It just wasn’t going to happen. Even before they became an item, Brynn confessed to her that she wasn’t sure if she could be fulfilled without also having sex with a man. When a strap-on was suggested by Brynn as a possible solution, it was also vetoed… as was a vibrator… and double-ended dildo… and every other option that involved vaginal penetration. Jaye simply didn’t see the need for all that. Clitoral orgasms should be good enough. Before long, they were back at Lucas’ mansion. Brynn carried Jaye in on her hip, a position that was rapidly becoming old hat. But now, the position was particularly uncomfortable on her sore bottom. Every step Brynn took caused the bottom portion of her posterior to slam a bit against the hip bone. But she didn’t dare complain. Brynn now had a bluff in on her diminutive baby girl and the fear of another spanking was enough to make her behave. “I think I have a tired little one on my hands here, so I’m going to put her down for a nap,” Brynn announced, talking as if Jaye was too much of a baby to be talked to directly. “She’s had a long, trying day.” “That’s a good idea, Brynn,” agreed Lucas. “That’ll give me enough time to show you the house on my back property that I’m giving to you, and I can get little Jaylene’s nursery set up.” Jaye really wished people would stop talking around her that way. She wasn’t an idiot. She could understand everything they were saying. Her outspoken nature urged her to rail against it, but her self-preservation kept it in check. “Come on, baby doll, let’s get you down,” chirped Brynn with a kiss to the top of her head. She was taken back to the room they had been staying in. She sat her on the bed and pulled the dress and petticoats off, leaving her sitting there in her tights, diaper and shoes. Jaye certainly didn’t mourn the loss of those cumbersome articles of clothes, but she felt extremely exposed and vulnerable, instinctively covering up her tiny little breasts that clearly didn’t need a bra. Brynn pulled back the blankets and got her laid down before taking off her shoes. Then came the most humiliating part of the process: the diaper check. She pulled the diaper out a bit in the front to check for wetness and then, rolling her over a little, checked her backside for any poop. This infuriated Jaye. She could have simply asked her if she had used the diaper, but no… she had to check herself, the implication being that she wouldn’t know whether or not she peed or pooped in her own diaper. “All dry,” she said in the most chipper voice sh’d ever heard. Jaye was laid back, covered up and tucked in. “Brynn?” asked Jaye in a small voice. In a sweet, motherly voice, Brynn replied, “Sweetpea, didn’t we agree that you were going to baby-talk and call me ‘Mommy’ from now on?” Actually, Jaye never agreed to that, but she wasn’t about to contradict her. “Please, just this once, let me talk like an adult.” Brynn mulled it over a few seconds before agreeing. Once given the go-ahead, Jaye asked, “Why don’t you love me?” Tears were forming in the corners of her eyes. The question really broke Brynn’s heart. Had she been that awful to her? Tears began forming in her eyes too. “Oh, sweetheart, OF COURSE I love you. I love you more than life itself. But I think maybe the love I feel for you is different now than how it was in the beginning. I mean, at first, it felt like we really were life partners, but eventually, it was mostly just me following you around to keep you out of trouble. After a while, I think my love for you morphed into some kind of motherly love. Maybe it’s my fault. It probably is. I should have given you tough love, but I didn’t. I just wondered why you were always wanting to be somewhere other than with me, like out drinking with friends or playing football with co-workers. Any time I suggested that we do something as a couple, you seemed so… disinterested. There was always a reason you couldn’t do it, you know? And you never wanted to have sex unless you were drunk. Over time, I felt more like your caregiver than your life partner. And when we arrived here in Preston, I saw an opportunity to make that official. I fought it at first, but the more Lucas explained things, the more it felt right.” Jaye looked at her intensely. “Was I… really that bad.” Her lip was quivering. “Not always. On those rare occasions where it seemed like you wanted to be with me, you made me smile and it felt like everything was going to be right with the world again. I always held onto the hope that it would continue being that way. Then you’d go back to the disinterested, hot-tempered Jaye that was always out doing… whatever it is you always did when you went out.” “I’ll be better. I promise. Let’s just get in the van and go to California. I’ll change. You’ll see. This time it’ll be different.” Brynn looked sad and even a little conflicted. There was a pause. “I wish I could believe that. I really do, but you’ve given me that same song and dance so many times. And is it really healthy for either of us to go back to lying to ourselves about the nature of our love. If you still loved me as a life partner, you wouldn’t have done the things you did. And if I still loved you as a life partner, I would have… I don’t know WHAT I would’ve done. But it sure wouldn’t have been cleaning up after your messes time and time again.” “Please…”, begged Jaye. “No, sweetie. This is the way it has to be. I have been loving you the way a mother loves an errant daughter and you’ve been loving me the way an errant daughter loves her mother. I can’t go back to pretending. It’s not good for either of us. Don’t you see that?” Jaye just looked downward, not wanting to make eye contact. Was Brynn right? Had their love transformed into whatever this is? Did they truly not love each other as life partners? Was there any hope left for them? “You have to make a choice, Jaylene.” There was that damn name again. “If you don’t want to be here with me, I’ll set you free; I’ll make sure you have a way back to South Carolina and get you some cash to take with you. If you DO want to be here with me, it will be as my baby girl. There is no other way. I don’t want to lose you, but if you can’t accept these terms then…” The way she left off with the sentence said it all. It was the ever-dramatic dot-dot-dot; the cliffhanger; the lead-off that everyone knows what it means. Jaye did indeed have a choice to make. She knew it in her gut. Could she go back home and fall into the same rut she was in—going from one job to the next, getting into fights, having no direction in life? She WOULD have her freedom, for whatever that’s worth. She would be her own boss with no one to tell her what to do, when to clean up after herself, when to shower, when not to drink beer, when to change her clothes. On the other hand, she would be alone in the world. Sure, she would always find drinking buddies, but that felt empty now for reasons she couldn’t grasp. Before she met Brynn, that seemed good enough, but now… now, she wasn’t so sure. She wanted someone to be there for her when she fell; someone to give her direction when she was like a tumbleweed in the wind; someone who would… take care of her. The revelation hit her like a hurricane: what she wanted was someone who was like a mother to her. That’s what kept her with Brynn all this time. She didn’t realize it until that very second, but it was true. But she didn’t want it to be true. It COULDN’T be true. No! It couldn’t! She wanted a life partner; an equal. Someone to take care of her and hold her tight. Damn it! It kept coming around to the same thing: someone to take care of her. Brynn saw the inner turmoil and let it go on a while before asking, “Have you made a decision or do you need to wait until after your nap?” “I don’t need any more time. I’ve made my decision…” And this time, the dot-dot-dot was Jaye’s. The Unlikely Couple (Part 12) Before Jaye could give an answer, there was a tiny knock on the door. “Come in,” said Brynn. She was anxious about Jaye’s decision, but didn’t want to get it while others were around. The heavy wooden door opened and there stood little Miracle and Melanie, each carrying several bags from the store. “Daddy said to bring these up here to you. He’s going to take the rest over to your new house,” said Miracle, obviously proud of herself for being helpful. Her big smile was the tell. Brynn glanced at the bags and realized it was essentials to get both of them through the rest of the day. “Okay, thanks, girls. I appreciate it.” “Nooooo problem,” said Miracle. The two girls placed the sacks near the head of the bed and departed. Brynn and Jaye were alone again. Brynn turned toward her little girl, scared that Jaye’s decision would be to go back to South Carolina. She didn’t need to ask. Jaye could see it in her eyes that she was waiting nervously for an answer. Jaye never was one to draw out such matters. “I’ll… stay. But I’m not happy about all this.” She wasn’t fibbing about not being happy about it. Her mind was still wrestling with itself in regard to how she actually felt about Brynn; whether it was as a lover or as something less adult. She was genuinely perplexed and to her thinking, she didn’t like it. She wouldn’t allow herself to like it. Her answer was completely unexpected to Brynn, who grabbed her up and held her in a tight hug; a hug that said she never wanted to let her go. Brynn allowed tears of joy fall freely without any attempt to stifle them. Jaye shed a few tears as well, even though she wasn’t entirely sure why. Were they tears of joy or tears of sadness? Or perhaps a hybrid of the two. “I love you so much, baby girl,” whispered Brynn into Jaye’s ear. Jaye needed that. She really did… even if the love Brynn felt wasn’t the kind Jaye had hoped for. She spent most of her life being unloved by everyone but her father and sister. Now she had someone who was actually crying because she was afraid she was going to lose her. It felt nice… to be wanted… to be needed. “I… wuv you too,” she whispered back, wiping one of her tears away with her forearm. Brynn didn’t care that she didn’t refer to herself as Jaylene instead of “I”. She only cared that Jaye still loved her after everything that happened over the last twenty-four hours. Their love, in whatever form it was taking, was more real than anything Brynn had experienced before. It was tangible and she knew that she didn’t want to live without her. After hugging for a long while, Jaye lifted her head from her shoulder and did a final wipe to clear away the rest of her tears. Brynn wiped away her tears as well. “Please don’t think that because I love you differently than I did in the beginning that I love you any less. I think I love you more because of it. I know that’s going to be difficult for you and I’m sorry for that, but what we have is special. So what if it doesn’t fall into the category of ‘normal’. Screw normal. Our love can be whatever we want it to be. This town helps make that possible.” Jaye sniffled to prevent snot from running onto her upper lip and nodded, maintaining eye contact. No, this isn’t the type of love she wanted. That much was true. But she was willing to try to live with it. Her Oppositional Defiance Disorder and hot temper would certainly make that difficult, but she planned to do her best. Brynn took a deep breath, more than ready to switch gears. When she spoke again, it was a peppier voice, one with renewed happiness. “Okay, little one, how about we finish getting you ready for your nap?” Jaye nodded again, not quite ready to do any more baby-talking yet. Baby steps, no pun intended. The process of being tucked into bed wasn’t as soul-crushing as Jaye thought it would be. It was a little embarrassing, sure, but only a tiny blip on the radar compared to all the humiliation she had already been subjected to. Brynn kept only Jaye’s tights and diaper on, bringing the soft, fluffy covers up over her. She then leaned over to sift through the bags Miracle and Melanie left. She produced a small package and opened it. Jaye couldn’t tell what it was, but figured she’d find out soon enough. It wasn’t until the item was upon her that she realized it was a pacifier. “I’d like for you to sleep with this pacifier, okay, sweetie? It’ll help you get more rest.” The look on jaye’s face signified that she didn’t want to do it, but she swallowed her pride and opened her mouth to accept it. “That’s my good girl.” Brynn stepped back to soak it all in. For Jaye’s part, it felt weird. The bulb was larger than she expected and it caused her to gag just a bit before getting used to it. The shield, too, was big, almost touching the base of her nose. Given her small stature, a regular baby pacifier likely would have sufficed. This one looked comically oversized, which made Brynn smile. “You look so cute with that in your mouth, baby.” Jaye could only let loose a moan of embarrassment. She made no attempt to remove it though. She promised to do her best to behave and this, she felt, was her chance to show Brynn that she meant it. What Brynn said earlier was true. Every time they had a big fight stemming from Jaye’s behavior, she would apologize and promise to change or shape up or whatever… only to go right back to her old shenanigans. This time would be different. With a kiss on the forehead, Brynn flicked the light off and quietly exited the room, leaving her baby alone with her conflicted thoughts. ———————————————————- “So, what do you think?” asked Lucas after giving Brynn the grand tour of the house he was giving her. She had expected a tiny house that was bare-bones in its construction as well as its furnishings. Even she wasn’t sure why she pictured it that way, given Lucas’ obvious wealth. She was thrilled to find that it was a well designed house that was tastefully decorated and furnished. It looked like a remarkably nice house in any well-to-do suburb in America. It had an open-concept setup with the living room, dining room and kitchen, making it feel larger than it actually was. The second floor housed three bedrooms as well as a master bedroom. The bedrooms weren’t the largest she’d ever seen, but the master bedroom was astonishing and had a nice large window that overlooked the backyard. The bedroom next to the master bedroom had all of the clothes they purchased for Jaye in it, as well as the changing table and crib. Lucas had already set up the crib, but not the changing table. All told, Brynn couldn’t have asked for something more perfectly suited to her needs and wants. “I love it,” she replied, letting her eyes rove all over the main living area in awe. “This is even better than the house we were buying in South Carolina. There’s so much space and it looks amazing. How can I ever repay you?” “No repayment is necessary,” stated Lucas without hesitation. “Just helping you and your little one salvage your love for each other is all the payment I need. I know she doesn’t see it yet, but she will.” “Actually,” said Brynn somewhat excitedly, “Jaylene and I had kind of a moment when I laid her down for a nap. I think maybe she’s starting to see that this arrangement is for the best. I gave her the chance to opt out and she decided to stay and accept our new life.” Very little ever surprised Lucas, but this sure did. “Huh,” he said, not really to know what else to say. He figured it would have taken weeks, maybe even months, to get to this stage. “I mean, I know she’s going to fall off the horse some, but for the first time, I think she really meant it when she said she would do her best to make this work out. Lucas smiled. “You really do love that girl, don’t you?” It was more of a statement of fact than a question. Brynn looked deep into his eyes. “I do.” “Now, sweetheart, you’re going to have to look really close and see how much of the love is maternal and how much of it is romantic. I think you’ll find that the maternal part outweighs the romantic part drastically. Not that that’s a bad thing. Quite the opposite, really. That girl needs parental direction and I have to tell you… I was mighty impressed with how well you handled her when she acted up on our shopping spree. I think you two will be just fine once you find your groove.” She smiled with no small measure of pride. She really did handle herself well. She was stern but fair. There was one thing she regretted, however. “I’m a little disappointed in myself in one respect, though,” she confessed. “Oh?” “Yeah, back at the department store, I kind of lost my cool with her after she insulted Shyla. I think maybe I went too hard on her and said things I should have kept to myself.” Lucas was in his element. He loved taking people who may be doubting things and empowering them with positivity. He always knew what people needed to hear. “Darlin’, you’re gonna make mistakes. That one won’t be the last one you make either. Believe me, there will be plenty of them to come. You’re only human and on top of that, you’re brand new to all this. Nobody expects you to be an expert in re-raising an out-of-control adult baby. You have to be realistic about it. You’re going to mess up and she’s going to mess up. No getting around it. As long as you hop back on the horse and try to do better, you’ll be A-okay. Take my word for it.” It worked. Brynn brightened back up immediately. Lucas basked in another job well done. He learned years ago that sometimes you have to tell people what they want to hear in order to continue manipulating them. The proof was in the pudding. Brynn had started to soften up on Jaye, regretting being so harsh. Instead of trying to forcibly impose the stance that a mommy should always maintain harsh discipline, he let her have her moment of weakness. Otherwise, she may have balked, thinking he was just a sadistic bastard with no compassion and backed away from the lifestyle, escaping in the middle of the night with Jaye. This way, he came off as understanding without telling her it’s okay to be soft. “How would you feel about helping me decorate Baby Jaylene’s nursery?” She brightened up even more. “I’d feel great about it.” For the first time since arriving in Preston, she felt as if things were solid. Jaylene was going to stay, they were beginning to sort out the love they have for one another, she was going to be a homeowner, money wasn’t going to pose any issues and she finally had control over her own destiny. Or so she thought. In reality, though, Lucas was the one in the driver’s seat. She only had the illusion of free will. His machiavellian mind always ensured that he was in total control of everything. Everything. The Unlikely Couple (Part 13) What a day it had been. So much had happened in such a short amount of time that it almost felt like a dream. What a massive difference 24 hours can make. Brynn and Lucas spent several hours working on the nursery. They painted the walls a soft and delicate shade of pink and all the trim was painted white. The new crib was set up aside and the other bits of furniture were brought in as well, such as the chest of drawers and changing table. Shyla had dug out a beautiful antique rocking chair from their mansion and asked Dante to lug it over to be included in the room’s decor. They planned to decorate the walls once the paint was dry, but that would have to wait until the next day. And she just about couldn’t wait to hang up the adorable curtains with princesses on them. That, too, would have to be a project for the following day. By the time Shyla gave Lucas a call on his cell phone to let him know supper was ready, both he and Brynn had worked up an appetite. “The baby is still asleep,” Shyla informed Brynn as they walked through the door. “I just checked on her a few minutes ago. She must have been completely tuckered out.” “That reminds me,” Brynn exclaimed, “What ARE we going to feed her?” “Well, sweetheart, that’s up to you,” said Lucas casually. “You could let her eat adult food but maybe cut it up into small pieces to reinforce that she’s a baby, or you could have her eat baby food. There’s a company here in town that makes special baby food designed to fill adult-sized babies up and give them all the nutrients they need. The final option is to follow in Samantha’s footsteps and breastfeed her.” “She said your son gave her a shot for that, right?” “That’s correct. Alexander’s formula works beautifully and almost instantly. He can give Jaylene a shot that will allow her to exist solely on breast milk too, if you’d like to go that route.” “Samantha said it helped with bonding. Is that true?” asked Brynn, not sure whether to believe it and hoping for a second opinion. “Without a doubt,” replied Shyla. Brynn looked to be deep in thought for thirty seconds before piping up. “Okay, let’s do that then. As stupid as it sounds, I find it comforting that I’ll be giving her all the sustenance she’ll ever need.” Shyla smiled warmly. “That doesn’t sound the least bit stupid. I think it’s beautiful.” With that decision being made, Lucas fetched Alexander, who was exuberant to be utilizing one of his many inventions. He was a good young man without any of the evil exhibited in his father. Sure, his mind had been warped a little by Lucas’ manipulations and child-rearing techniques, but there was simply nothing vile about him. He loved that his vast intelligence produced tools, serums and other gadgets made an impact on people’s lives. And he equally loved talking about the ins and outs of his creations, despite the fact that it was all very much over everyone else’s heads. Usually, his family just nodded and smiled, pretending as if what he said made any sense to them. Poor Miracle would run out of the room as soon as it looked as if he was going to go into one of his long-winded spiels. If he ever figured out they were placating him, he didn’t show it. For all his brainpower, he could sometimes be oblivious. Alexander gave Brynn the shot, but it was decided to wait until after the meal had concluded to give it to Jaylene. The adults could have their food and then they could deal with the baby, just as it should be. During supper, Brynn gleefully filled the Buck family in on the heart-to-heart she had with Jaylene when she put her down for her nap earlier. They seemed genuinely delighted and happy for them. Brynn had never felt happier in her life than she did at that very minute. Moreover, she felt like a part of the family. Before, she had felt so alone in the world in terms of family. Her own family was the pits, aside from a few members, such as her aunt in California. But now, things were different. So very different. What a massive difference 24 hours can make. After supper, the table was cleared and Brynn went upstairs to wake up Jaylene. A part of her was afraid that Jaylene would wake up with her old attitude back in place; a fear that made her blood run cold. She was tired of the confrontations, the drama and the constant fighting. All she wanted was a peaceful life of taking care of her baby until the end of time. “Wakey-wakey, baby girl,” Brynn said in the most soothing voice imaginable, sitting down on the edge of the bed. She had to gently nudge her, though, to get her to the “waking up” stage. Her little eyes were scrunched shut, even though the light in the room was off, and she emitted a big yawn while stretching her arms out above her head. “What time is it?” Jaylene asked, obviously disoriented. “It’s almost seven o’clock. You’ve been sleeping like a log.” She stroked her baby’s hair gently. The disorientation kicked in full-bore at that point. She lifted the covers and looked at her attire, finding herself in the thick diaper and tights. It looked as if she was going to panic. Perhaps she thought it had all been a really wacky dream or nightmare. But when she saw that it was very much real, she calmed down. It all came back to her; the events of the day, their big, tearful talk… everything. Brynn continued to comfort her, making her feel safe and secure. She could hear her stomach making strained noises. She was either hungry or in need of a bowel movement, but she didn’t draw any attention to it. “Everything’s going to be just fine, sweetie. We just need to get you up so you’ll still be able to sleep through the night.” Jaylene struggled to get out from beneath the blankets, prompting Brynn to help her by pulling her up and onto the floor. She looked so cute standing there in nothing but her diaper and tights. Her pacifier had evidently fallen from her mouth while she slept. Jaylene was visibly embarrassed, yet didn’t make a fuss as the dress, minus all the petticoats, was put back on her. The shoes were buckled back on as well. “Let’s see if we can find your paci, baby,” Brynn said as she searched the blankets. “Tan’t I go wiffout the pacifiewr?” she asked hopefully, remembering to babytalk as instructed. ‘I’m sorry, little one, but I really think it’s best if you got used to it early on, okay? Jaylene cast her eyes to the ground and said, “Otay.” “Ah! There it is!” Brynn announced. “It was hiding under your pillow.” She picked it up, stepped into the bathroom to rinse it off and came toward her baby. For her part, Jaylene opened her little mouth and accepted the large bulb. With that, she scooped Jaylene up into her arms and held her close. The baby buried her face into her shoulder, just like a real baby would. Brynn was so proud of her. Within a minute, they were downstairs. Everyone greeted her warmly when they walked into the living room. The whole family was there, which made Jaylene feel very shy and ashamed of her new state. She kept her head buried. “Can you tell everyone hi, Jaylene?” It was the last thing she wanted to do. Talking and acting like a baby was shockingly easy for her when she was alone with Brynn… but in front of a bunch of almost-strangers? That would be much more difficult. She balked, before being asked again. Knowing that her mommy wasn’t going to stop bugging her, Jaylene raised her head up slightly and, around her pacifier, said, “Hewwo, evewybody.” The humiliation wasn’t lessened by everyone fawning over what she had just said. All she heard was a chorus of things like “Isn’t she just the cutest?” and “She really is the perfect little baby now that she’s behaving.” She didn’t like it, but she chose to endure it nonetheless. She made a promise, after all… and she had broken so many promises to Brynn in the past, so she was determined not to add another time to the list. Brynn sat down and placed Jaylene on her knee, facing her. “Okay, now Jaylene, we need to talk about something very important.” Jaylene didn’t want to engage in yet another big talk. The first one drained her completely and she was certain it would just end with a new method of humiliation for her anyway. Brynn looked a little nervous, which Jaylene rightly assessed that it meant this was going to be a major, major thing. That scared her. “As you know, we have a lot of things to figure out moving forward. This is all new territory for us and it’ll be a while before we develop a routine, you know? But one of the things I had to settle on was your nutritional needs.” Oh, man! Somehow, Jaylene had a pretty good idea where this was headed. Ever since she asked samantha all those questions, she could feel it in her bones that she wanted to breastfeed her. Damn it! “I decided that it would be best if I fed you my breast milk… exclusively.” Yep. There it was. Then it hit her that she said “exclusively”. It was hard to speak clearly with that pacifier in her mouth, but she spoke up anyway, “Excwoothivewy?” Shyla nearly stepped in to give Brynn, who was clearly nervous. Lucas could tell what was going through his wife’s mind and put in hand on hers, shaking her head in the negative. She got the message. He knew this had to be Brynn’s moment. “Yes. Alexander created a formula that makes it so that you can live on breast milk alone. He already gave me the shot that allows me to lactate.” Lucas was impressed that she kept her composure in spite of her nervousness. Jaylene’s dismay was written all over her face and Brynn took immediate action to halt it. In a consoling tone, she explained, “Sweetheart, I want us to be closer than we’ve ever been and in ways we never dreamt possible. This is that way. I want to be your provider in every possible sense of the word. Knowing that I give you the ‘food’ that keeps you alive and healthy will make me the happiest woman on earth. Will you give me that?” Now Lucas was REALLY impressed. He didn’t think she had it in her. Hell, he wasn’t even sure he could have come up with something better. Okay, he finally concluded, he probably could have, but that was masterful. He loved the turmoil it caused within Jaylene. He could feel it washing over his body like a cool ocean wave. It was refreshing, nurturing, orgasmic. He drank it all in. Every drop. Meanwhile, Jylene was stymied. She had no idea how to answer this. Really, it wasn’t a question. It WAS, but it WASN’T. Not really. Brynn had already been given the shot to make her produce milk, so it’s not like she was truly asking her if this was okay with her. Her instinct was to refuse, but she remembered the promise she made. Furthermore, throwing a tantrum about it would only lead to another sore bottom and it was still sore from the last spanking she received. No, there really was only one answer. “Yeth, Mommy. That’th otay wiff me.” Brynn knew that she didn’t want to do it. It was evident in her body language and reluctance to answer. But she was fine with that for now. She just had to show her how beautiful and fulfilling it would be and she’d come around. At that moment, it hit her: within minutes, her new baby girl, the woman who had mistreated her throughout most of their relationship, would be suckling milk from her breasts. She would NEED her just for survival. That thought awakened something in her; something maternal and wondrous; something powerful and alive. Coming to Preston was the best thing that ever happened to her… to both of them. The Unlikely Couple (Part 14) (OOC: I’m sorry this chapter wasn’t quite as long as most. I’ll make it up to you all by posting another installment on Friday night. So, instead of one chapter this week, you’ll get two.) The wait wasn’t long. Brynn settled herself into a very roomy loveseat in the parlor, away from prying eyes. It being their first time, Brynn was too nervous to breastfeed Jaylene in front of others and she was certain that her little one would be equally mortified. The parlor had a calming atmosphere, making it the perfect location for what was to come. While Brynn situated herself, Jaylene stood somewhat awkwardly nearby, not sure how to feel about all this. One thing was certain: she didn’t want to suckle her former life partner’s breast. Granted, her lips had been there many time before, but this was altogether different. This lacked the intimacy and eroticism. Now, it was simply a necessity; a source of sustenance for Jaylene. Now that Lucas gave her the shot a few minutes ago, she would depend solely on this to keep herself from starving to death. They explained that her body wouldn’t be able to handle “grown up food” and that attempting to eat it would result in a very upset stomach. This bothered her greatly; she would never again know the taste of a succulent ribeye steak or the mouth-watering texture of pizza. No, all she would ever taste would be the milk produced by Brynn. She couldn’t believe she agreed to this, but there was no backing out now. The shot was given and it was quite permanent. Besides, she had broken Brynn’s heart enough over the years. She saw that now and she wasn’t about to break it again. “Okay, baby, come on up here with Mommy,” said Brynn with a nervousness in her tone. There was a split second of hesitation. There was nothing in the world she wanted to do less than suck the milk from Brynn’s breasts. She summoned up every ounce of bravery she had and walked toward the loveseat. Brynn leaned forward and helped her climb up; yet another embarrassment she had to suffer. “Why don’t you put your little feet and legs over here and lie down on your side so you’ll have easy access?” Jaylene flung her legs to the side and lowered her upper body so that he face was next to Brynn’s right breast. While she was doing this, Brynn unbuttoned her top and freed her large breast from the confines of her lacy red brassiere. There it was, practically staring Jaylene in the face, no more than six inches away… one of the two nipples that would forevermore be her only means of pabulum. The body part that was once a source of sexual excitement for her took on a more intimidating visage. Its entire complexion was changed by its new function in her life. Brynn sensed her hesitation and placed her hand on the back of her baby’s head, gingerly bringing it closer to her nipple. The nipple was now slightly saturated with a drop or two of milk. Jaylene almost went into panic mode, but Brynn’s soothing voice calmed her down. “It’s okay, Baby Jaylene, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I want this to be beautiful for us both.” Letting her muscles relax, Jaylene stopped resisting the gentle nudge. Her lips met the protruding nipple. Despite the fact that she had had the nipple in her mouth numerous times in the past, it was an altogether foreign feeling, as if she had never done it before. Still, she pressed on and latched onto it, not quite sure what to do next. “Good girl,” said Brynn softly. “Now just start sucking. Everything’s fine, okay?” While Brynn’s nipple was quite large, Jaylene had to use her tongue to assist her in sucking on it. At first, it felt as if nothing was happening, but then she felt liquid squirt into her mouth. She swallowed just as she was supposed to. It took several more squirts before the taste was apparent. It was far more pleasant than she had feared, with a creamy flavor that almost reminded her of vanilla. It was certainly sweeter than regular milk and had a zest that was similar to the taste of nuts. Encouraged by the surprisingly good flavor, Jaylene continued to feed. “I want to hear you suckle nice and loud, baby girl. Can you do that for Mommy?” There was something in her voice that surprised Jaylene even more than the taste of the breast milk. Brynn was getting aroused. Everytime she became turned on, her voice took on a sultry, almost-breathless timbre… and that’s what was happening now. This confused Jaylene, but she obeyed and suckled slightly louder. She didn’t want to humiliate herself by going crazy with it though. “No, little Jaylene. Louder. I want to hear you suckling louder. You’re a baby now and I need to hear it; I need you to accept that you’re my baby now. Louder!” It wasn’t a voice of bossiness; it was almost like desperation, like someone trying to speak while mid-orgasm. Not wanting to disappoint or anger Brynn, she sucked up her own dignity and amped up the volume. She could hear herself making the noisome slurping sounds, which turned her cheeks red with embarrassment. “Louder, baby girl. Louder.” She went all out this time. Jaylene was relatively sure anyone in the next room would be able to hear these noises. At this point, all she cared about was making her Mommy proud of her and doing what she was told. She noisily gulped down mouthful after mouthful of her rich breast milk. She could even hear Brynn panting a little. Was this really getting her off? It became more and more difficult to get milk from the breast until the proverbial well ran dry. Taking a deep breath as if she had been running a marathon, Brynn spoke in an exhausted fashion. “Let’s… switch breasts now, Jaylene.” With a bit of help, Jaylene moved up a little until her mouth was in the right position to clamp onto the nipple of her left breast. Judging by the speed at which she helped situation Jaylene, it was a safe bet that Brynn was indeed in a hurry for the feeding to continue. Her mouth was locked on and she carried on suckling. She hoped she could get away with doing it more quietly this time, but a sharp smack to her thickly diapered butt rained on that parade instantly. Back to the loud noises. Jaylene could hardly believe she had been reduced to this. She was once a proud, strong woman who did whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, without concern for anyone else. And here she was now, laying on her former lover’s lap, busily sucking her nipple in order to avoid starvation… all the while wearing a crinkly baby diaper, fluffy dress and tights. Yet at the same time, she was starting to see that the way she treated Brynn during their relationship was selfish, so perhaps this was exactly what she deserved. Maybe by allowing Brynn to be her mommy, she could somehow make up for it and bring her happiness—true happiness—for the first time in a long stretch. Finally, the second breast rand dry. About three-fourths of the way through, she was fairly sure Brynn had an orgasm. Up until that point, she had been panting a little, making little gasping sounds. Then came a very deep breath and some tremoring of her body. Brynn had tried to obfuscate it, but Jaylene wasn’t fooled. After the orgasm, Brynn was quieter but still panting. All Jaylene could think about wa that she was able to bring her pleasure, something she hadn’t been able to do in a while for various reasons (drunkenness being the primary one). This made her happy. After the breast milk was dry, Brynn just wrapped her arms around her baby tightly, not even bothering placing her breast back in the bra. She produced a little pink wash cloth and wiped the corners of Jaylene’s mouth and her chin where milk had dribbled. With that done, she resumed the snuggling. She never wanted to let her little one go. They sat there for at least fifteen minutes in total silence, savoring the moment; savoring their newfound closeness. While it wasn’t exactly the kind of closeness Jaylene wanted, it was still very special. What neither one realized is that both of them had tears trickling down their cheeks. They weren’t tears of despair or sadness or even fear. They were tears of happiness; tears of togetherness. Something happened during the first feeding and it wasn’t just Brynn’s orgasm. Something happened that fundamentally changed their relationship. There was to be no more pretending; no more delusions. They were now mother and daughter. The beautiful silence was broken by a growling sound coming from Jaylene’s stomach. And then another. The little girl’s eyes got big at the sudden realization that the pressure on her bowels could only mean one thing… that she had to poop. The Unlikely Couple (Part 15) “No, no, no, no… this can’t be happening,” thought Jaylene, as the second rumbling noise became audible. Brynn stroked Jaylene’s hair comfortingly. “I think my baby girl’s tummy is full now. Do you need to go poopie?” Jaylene hoped Brynn wouldn’t hear the noises, but there was no doubting that she had. Brynn repositioned her on her lap so that she was facing upward. Jaylene closed her eyes. She couldn’t make herself look her mommy in the eyes. And she was equally averse to the notion of answering her question. Maybe Brynn would let the question slide. No such luck. “Look at Mommy,” she ordered softly. Despite it being soft, it was still very much an order rather than a request. Red-faced with shame, Jaylene un-scrunched her eyes and gazed upon Brynn’s beautiful face. It was angelic, especially in the shallow light given off by the feeble lamp on the nearby table. She saw Brynn differently now; saw her as larger, more imposing and more confident. In a way, she was seeing her with entirely new eyes. Once Brynn was satisfied that she was looking at her, she asked the question again. “Does Baby Jaylene have to make poopies in her baby diaper?” It sounded even more babyish this time and it made her want to hide her face again. She didn’t want to admit that she did indeed feel the urge to have a bowel movement. Now that would have been a reasonable term for Brynn to use. Bowel movement. Clinical, precise and not embarrassing. Why wouldn’t she use that instead? Maybe she could get away with using it herself. “Yeth… me hath to have a… bowel movement.” “It’s precious that you’re trying to use ‘big girl words’, but babies don’t need to do that. Mommy likes to to act and speak your age, okay.” Not knowing what else to do, she just slowly nodded. “Okay, now try again.” She was never going to get out of it, so she decided to just face the music and get it over with. She paused first though, trying to force herself to say what needed to be said. “Me hasth to make poopieth… in my… baby diapewr.” “That’s my good baby girl.” She pulled Jaylene in closer and hugged her again. “I’m so proud of you.” Despite enjoying the adoration, she had every intention of holding it for as long as possible. And if she WAS going to have to mess, she would rather be alone when it happened. “I know you’re scared. I can see it in your eyes. But there’s no reason to be scared, little one. Babies mess in their diapers. It’s the most natural thing in the world. Nobody’s going to think any less of you for it. I promise. Just relax and let it happen. Mommy’s right here for you.” Feeling desperate and realizing that Brynn wasn’t going to let her wait, Jaylene spoke up. “But, Mommy, me would watherw do it when nobody wath awound.” “Oh, honey, I know. But it’s important to get used to just making poopies whenever you have to do it, no matter who’s around. Besides, it’s just us in here. Everyone else is in the other room. There’s nothing you ever need to hide from me.” Damn. There went that idea. Brynn began rubbing Jaylene’s belly in a circular pattern, causing more of the growling noises. “My baby’s tummy is so full,” she observed. She was right. How could breast milk be so filling? The pressure increased tenfold and the massaging wasn’t helping matters any. Jaylene must have been showing signs of holding it in, because Brynn said, “Come on now. No clenching up.” The baby tried to unclench her buttcheeks, but couldn’t find the courage. She had never messed in a diaper since she was a legitimate baby and forcing herself to undo years of potty-training was no walk in the park. The thought of letting it loose terrified her beyond words. The pressure intensified even more. She strategically released a bit of gas, resulting in a loud but measured fart. “Uh oh, Baby is ready to make her poopies, isn’t she?” All this talking was distracting Jaylene from her concentrated effort to prevent messing herself. A part of her wanted to just bite the bullet and do it, while another part of her wanted to preserve her dignity for as long as possible. Another bit of flatulence, this one smaller than the last. Even though it was smaller, it was more painful to let out without causing a fecal mudslide in her diaper. She let out a whimper of sorts. It struck Brynn as cute. “That’s it, just let it come out. Your diaper will keep it from getting everywhere. There’s no need to hold it.” By this time, Jaylene wasn’t listening. It took every bit of her attention to keep the accident from happening. The words weren’t even registering. It was like the whole world was moving in slow motion. Her mind was locked onto its purpose. She was keeping her proverbial eyes on the prize. She gritted her teeth with agonizing effort. She was backed into a corner and she knew it. She wouldn’t be able to relieve the pressure by letting fly another fart. The next fart would be accompanied by poop. That much she was sure of. Clenching her buttcheeks was becoming more daunting by the second. Her eyes were squinted shut and every muscle in her body strained to hold back the tide of feces. Them, the inevitable happened. It started with a small squeaky fart and then a loud gurgling sound from her belly. The battle was lost and she knew it. Jaylene felt a mass parting her butt cheeks, pressing them away from one another. No amount of clenching could force it back in… and once it got that far out of the gate, so to speak, the rest of it rushed out like a crowd of overzealous shoppers being let into the store on Black Friday. Jaylene could feel the mush pushing its way into the waiting diaper, spreading itself out to the sides because there wasn’t enough room between her skin and the crinkly garment to accommodate it. The incoming poop pressed hard on the diaper itself, testing how far it could push before being forced to the sides; the tights and the fact that she was lying on her back across Brynn’s lap made sure the resistance was firm indeed. The rancid ooze quickly started covering her buttcheeks. She wanted it to stop and desperately tried regrouping her own efforts to clench the supply line shut. No go! It was useless. She had to resign herself to allowing the goopy refuse to do as it pleased. She was helpless as to what was going on in her baby diaper; a bystander. It just wouldn’t stop! More came out of her anus with no signs of quitting. She was reasonably sure that both buttcheeks were now completely smeared with poop. Worse, the first wave of sludge was being ejected from its positions by the new arrivals, pushing it outward further. The first realization of this was when she felt some of it creeping across her hips and then up the small of her back. She knew deep down what was next and it only took a few more seconds for her to be proven right. The poop was shoved frontward and made its way to her vaginal area. That was the worst of all; her most intimate bodily location being invaded by smelly, goopy crap! Speaking of the smell, the foul aroma hit the room hard, prompting a “pee-yoo” from Brynn, who had thus far been watching Jaylene’s ordeal with utter fascination. Yet more mess shot into the overburdened diaper, resulting in loud noises as it did so. Her hips were caked in poop, as was the entirety of her ass. She was afraid it would go so far up her back that it would escape the confines of the diaper. Now, most of the mush was sludging its way crotchward, the only place left for it to retreat to. She specifically felt it on her vagina and could tell it was still moving upward, like a stinky, brown glacier. The pressure in her belly was almost gone and the poop had slowed considerably, just as the goop reached where her pubic hair used to be. It crawled slowly before stopping altogether. It was over. There was a long silence. Jaylene sat petrified, unsure how to process what just happened. Almost her entire diaper area was smeared with a massive load of feces and it was, by far, the most disgusting thing she’d ever felt. The previous champion was the time Chester Fielding, an old friend from high school puked in her hair… but this blew that out of the water. Brynn just looked down pridefully at her baby with a genuine smile on her face. The silence was broken by a sniffle from Jaylene, followed by deep, heaving sobs. She was conflicted on the cause of the sobs. She felt a certain pride in putting such a loving smile on Brynn’s face, so there might be some tears of happiness in the mix. At the same time, she felt so gross and helpless lying there in a diaper containing what felt like tons of her own feces. She wasn’t sure which was the case, as crying was such an unfamiliar thing to her as it was. “You did so good, Jaylene. I love you.” For the first time since the poop debacle began, Jaylene looked Brynn in the eyes. Even through the cloudy sheen of tears, she could tell that Brynn truly meant her words. She was genuinely proud of her for messing in her diaper like a baby. What’s more: she really did love her. That somehow took some of the edge off the inner pain she was feeling. Even still, she wanted out of the diaper in the most sincere way… and she wanted out of it as soon as absolutely possible. Yet, Brynn just kept her there, cuddling with her. She didn’t want to stop the snuggling, but her need to be cleaned up trumped her need for affection. Remembering to baby-talk, she asked through her after-sobs, “Mommy, tan I pwease take a showewr now? I feel so icky.” Brynn almost said yes instantly, but remembered some advice Lucas had given her while they tag-teamed the nursery in her new house. His every word came to her in an instant. He said, “One thing you’re going to want to do is make sure that little Jaylene gets used to being in wet and messy diapers right out of the gate. It’ll make the transition much easier in the long term. Besides, she’s immune to diaper rash.” Jaylene looked up at her with hopeful eyes. “Well, sweetie, I’ll change you in the morning. Those diapers can hold a lot of yuck-yucks, okay? So let’s go in there and visit a while.” Jaylene’s eyes practically bugged out of their sockets. She was not expecting that at all. At most, she figured on having to stay like this another 30 minutes. But the rest of the evening and night? This was going to be unbearable. “But Mommy, it’th tho gwoss. I won’t be able to sweep in dis.” Brynn could understand her turmoil over it. She herself would’ve hated to be trapped in a smelly, sticky diaper for twelve hours too. But Lucas knew what he was talking about and she resolved to take his advice in the matter. “Oh, honey, I’ so sorry, but my baby girl needs to spend some time like this. You’ll get used to it.” You’ll get used to it. Jaylene was so sick of hearing those words. But what could she do? She was at her mommy’s mercy now and she very much wanted to keep her word about being a good girl. In the end, she chose not to throw a hissy…. But hoped nonetheless that some whining and sucking up might help change her mind. “Pwwweeeeeease, Mommy! Baby Jaywene will be a vewwy good baby giwrl fwom now on. I pwomise. Pweeeease change my poopy baby diapewr.” She upped the ante by throwing in “Baby Jaylene” and referring to her diaper as a “poopy baby diaper”. A brilliant touch, all told. In fact, it almost worked. Brynn thought about it for a few minutes, before deciding to stick to Lucas’ advice. Plus, she had to show her who was in control and if she let Jaylene sway her so early on, her baby would get the false idea that it would work every time. The decision was to hold her ground. “No, baby girl, you’re going to stay in your poopy baby diaper until morning. You’ll be fine. And if you’re a very good baby for Mommy, I’ll give you something special when you wake up. Sound good?” With tears welling back up out of dread, she simpered. “Otay, Mommy. Me will be good.” Brynn now wondered just how her little one will react to her surprise. The Unlikely Couple (Part 16) Jaylene didn’t think the mess in her diaper could feel any more disgusting than it already did, but she was wrong. Very, very wrong. When Brynn picked her up and placed her on her hip, in what was now becoming her customary “getting packed around” position, the poop squished around further. And every step Brynn took bounced Jaylene’s crotch off and back on her hip, which made an already gross feeling even more so. Brynn must have noticed the “eewww” face Jaylene was making because she chuckled a little and gave her a quick peck on the head. “It’s gonna be okay, baby. I promise. You’ll get used to it quickly… and eventually, it won’t even bother you at all.” “I don’t think… I mean, ME don’t think me will evewr get used to dis. It so gwoss.” She almost forgot that the word “I” was now forbidden for her to say, but she caught herself and made the correction. That seemed to be good enough for Brynn, who figured that Jaylene will be making mistakes from time to time anyway. All of this is new to both of them; they’re bound to have follies and she resolved to give her baby some leeway. As long as the mistakes aren’t done in the name of defiance, she would be okay. Brynn just smiled down at her. “I love you.” And she meant it too. She had said it before, but it was empty. The spark in their old relationship had long been stamped out (or at least mostly stamped out) due largely to Jaylene’s immaturity and inability to be responsible. Ironically, it’s those same qualities that have reignited Brynn’s love for her. It was a different love, naturally, but she had never felt it more strongly than she did at that very moment… with Jaylene looking cute as a button, wearing a fully loaded diaper and baby-talking. It occurred to her how odd it was that the mere context of their relationship could turn Jaylene’s qualities that drove them apart into something that would bring them together again. The baby looked up at her mommy with a touch of confusion. That was such a weird response to her comment about never getting used to the messy diapers. She couldn’t fathom why it would prompt an “I love you”. Still she smiled slightly and said, “Me wuvs you too, Mommy.” And SHE meant it as well. They just about made it down the stairs when Brynn heard her cell phone’s ringtone. She sat the baby on the floor and, in a mothering tone, said “Stay put. Mommy has to answer her phone.” Jaylene saw a look of surprise on Brynn’s face as she answered with a timid “Hello?” She wanted so badly to know who was on the other end of the call, but she was quickly learning not to intrude on “grown up” business. The voice on the other line was one she hadn’t heard in quite some time. It was Raye, Jaye’s younger sister. Raye was three years younger than Jaylene, but was always more mature than her. In fact, when their father would be away from the house for a short period of time, he always left Raye in charge, a fact that stuck in Jaylene’s craw. To her credit, Raye wasn’t a tyrant with her when she was watching over her, though she did take her authority seriously. That meant that Jaylene couldn’t just get away with anything. And given that Raye took after their father genetically and was quite tall and brawny, there was little Jaylene could do about it. Though they usually got along, Jaylene did harbor some resentment Raye… not just because she was jealous of her size and authority, but also because she went on to do something with her life. That is, she joined the Marines as soon as she was out of high school. “Brynn?” Raye asked upon hearing her voice. “”Yes, it’s me. How have you been, Raye? We haven’t heard from you in six months.” Little Jaylene now knew who it was and was wondering what was going on. “I’ve been better. I pretty much destroyed my hip and my back is in shambles too,” she confessed somewhat sheepishly, as if she didn’t want Brynn to think of her as some kind of wimp. “Oh my God! Are you alright? I mean, can you move? Or walk?” “Yeah, I’ll make it… but my military career is shot to shit.” Brynn could tell she was fighting off tears. She remembered that all Raye ever wanted in life was to serve her country and she was so thrilled when the government passed the bill allowing women to be utilized in combat roles. “Hey, it’s all good, okay? Just thank God that you can still walk. It could have been much worse. Besides, you’re tough. You’ll get through this.” “Thanks.” It was obvious she didn’t believe her, but Brynn understood why she wouldn’t. Her entire plan for the future just went down in flames. It was natural for someone to take time to see that there can still be a happy life in store from them. “So… what happened?” Brynn asked. “We were climbing Mount Motherfucker and…” Brynn just HAD to interrupt. “Mount… what?” That elicited a slight chuckle from Raye. “Mount Motherfucker. It’s a big-ass hill down here in California that we had to go up. Anyway, we got almost to Recon Ridge and this chauvinist asshole named Joey Binetti tripped me. We all had heavy-ass packs on, so I went tumbling backward and couldn’t stop myself. I fell a long damn way before a huge rock stopped me. I couldn’t feel or move my legs for almost a week and it took another week before I could even stand with assistance. They did surgery, but it still hurts to be on my feet for long. Hell, even sitting for too long is agonizing.” “I’m so sorry, Raye.” Raye, never being one to let things get to her too much, said, “Hey, you win some and you lose some, right?” “Where are you at now?” “I’m at the airport, getting ready to buy a ticket back to South Carolina. I’d be appreciative if I could hole up with you for a week or two before I get a place of my own.” Brynn panicked a bit. “Actually, we’re… not in South Carolina.” “You two finally take that road trip you were always talking about?” There was a pause. “Well… it’s kind of a long story. For reasons I don’t want to go into now, we were going to have to move in with my aunt in Cali, but we ended up in a place called Preston, Kansas.” “Like permanently?” Raye asked. “Yeah, permanently. It’s a… an unusual city. It has rules and laws that you’d absolutely hate.” “What, is it like some kind of city full of manly men who enslave women and make them all girly?” She was clearly just joking, but the silence from Brynn made her raise an eyebrow. “Something like that?” Brynn finally said, making it sound almost like a question. “Whoahhhhh, you’re serious?” “Umm… more or less. Look, it’s pretty complicated and I don’t know every law the city has… but you’re not far off the mark at all. Like I said, you’d hate it here.” “Hey, at this point, I’m willing to try just about anything.” Brynn couldn’t tell if she was joking or not. The Raye she knew would never in a million years consent to being “enslaved” by “manly men”. In fact, she knew Raye was a lesbian, just like Jaylene. And she was anything but a girly-girl. This remark left her insanely confused. “Ummm… are you… serious?” “Yeah. I’m dead serious.” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I thought you were, y’know, a lesbian and a big feminist.” “When you take a tumble down Mount Motherfucker, you start to reevaluate everything. Who you are, what you want in life, what you believe in… everything. At the risk of sounding cliche, my life passed before my eyes. That kind of shit is life changing. Right now, I just want to belong somewhere and figure out what to do with the rest of my life now that I’ll never be a soldier again.” Brynn really wasn’t sure how to respond. That was heavy. “I understand. I’m sure we can make arrangements for you here if you want to hop on a different plane.” “Okay, sure. I can do that. Now that you two aren’t in South Carolina, there’s nothing left there for me, except Uncle Seth and he’s a tool. Hey, is Jaye around? I’d like to talk to her.” The panic returned. How could she explain everything in just a few minutes’ time? Somehow “Sure, but she’s living as my baby now” just didn’t seem to cut it. On the other hand, she didn’t want to lie to her and give some lame excuse about her being asleep or some such. Suddenly, Fate intervened. Raye said, “Shit, my phone battery’s about to croak on me. I’ll have to call back later, okay? Talk to you soon.” Brynn let out a deep breath of relief. Thank goodness for finite battery life. “Is her otay?” asked Jaylene, not forgetting to baby-talk. She picked her back up. “Yes, sweetheart, she’s going to be fine. She took a nasty fall that ruined her back and hip, so she’s out of the Marines and will be on her way here soon. Won’t that be nice to get to see your big sister again?” That was a bit of a sore spot for Jaylene, as her father always referred to Raye as her big sister even though she was, in actuality, her little sister. He meant nothing by it, of course. He just thought it was cute since Raye was always so much larger than Jaylene. But it’s something that rubbed Jaylene the wrong way. Now, though, it was only slightly annoying to her. Given her current state as a baby, it rather made sense. But she still didn’t like it. The two joined the rest of the Budd family in the sitting room, as Brynn explained to Lucas about Raye and her plight. She was sure he would be receptive to Raye relocating to Preston… and she was right. What she didn’t expect, however, was that Lucas had already begun making mental preparations for her arrival and stay. Oh, yes. He had plans for her. Big, erotic and twisted plans. The Unlikely Couple (Part 17) (OOC: I’m sorry it’s a little on the short side. I’m still feeling pretty crummy and wasn’t up to doing more.) The itching had become almost unbearable long before Brynn put Jaylene down into their bed. She had, usually while in a drunken stupor, failed to wipe properly in the past and the resulting itchiness was obnoxious to her. It was bad. This? Well, this was on a whole different level. It was a constant agitation and she kept trying to reach down and scratch it through the diaper to alleviate the discomfort, but every time she did, Brynn made her stop because it “wasn’t polite” or “wasn’t proper”. But now that she was alone in bed, she was free to scratch it all she wanted. But try as she might, it didn’t help. The diaper was simply too thick. The only thing scratching it served to do was smoosh her massive load around even more. The itching wasn’t her only source of discomfort though. The aforementioned mess itself was just flat-out nasty feeling. There was so much poop in there that any movement made it shift around, adding to the awfulness of it all. The excrement was sticky and felt even more disgusting once it had been in there a while and became cold. It was bad enough when it was still warm, but far worse after the warmth dissipated. And then there was the smell. To be fair, it wasn’t THAT bad. The special diapers they purchased from Simms had some manner of odor reduction feature and she figured the stench would have been far more repugnant had she been trapped in a different diaper. Still, it was unpleasant, to say the least. Poor little Jaylene struggled to make herself fall asleep. The nightline her mommy left on for her gave only a dim illumination of the room’s features and she found herself doing what she and Raye used to do with clouds. That is, imagining the shapes to be objects and animals. To her, the distant lamp on the dresser looked like a woman’s leg beneath a skirt. The freestanding grandfather clock became, in her mind’s eye, a towering skyscraper. But even this little game couldn’t make her fall asleep. Plus, there was no position she could get into that would lessen the feeling of the mess stuck to her entire diapered area. Lying on her back was a huge no-no, as most of the mass was located on and around her buttcheeks. Major squishing! Lying on her belly felt almost as bad. Not only was the poop caked fairly thickly onto her vaginal area, but the mass in the seat of her diaper seemed to just lie right down on her butt. It was an odd sensation. She found that lying on either of her sides was preferable, but still not ideal. There was a sizable portion of feces on the sides as well, though not quite as much. It was her best chance at a decent night’s sleep. She laid there for what felt like hours, pondering how she ended up like this; an oversized baby who suckles from the breasts of her former life partner. She replayed almost everything that happened to her the last couple of days, over and over again. Most of all, Jaylene wondered how Raye would react to the whole “babying” situation. Would she put her foot down and make Brynn stop the whole thing or would she accept it and go along with the weird charade? She was nervous about her reaction regardless of what it would be. Raye was an imposing woman and though Jaylene would never admit it, she had always felt intimidated by her. The fact that Raye was left in charge of the older Jaylene when they were growing up certainly didn’t help matters any. She recalled an incident that had long since been buried in the darkest recesses of her brain. Jaylene was seventeen at the time and Raye was fourteen. Their father was going to be gone overnight and planned to hire his brother to watch over the girls in his stead. Jaylene and Raye begged him to let them stay there alone since it was just for one night. He reluctantly agreed, but only if Jaylene agreed to behave for Raye. As much as she loathed the idea of being babysat by someone three years younger than her, she agreed amidst much grumbling. She figured once he was gone, she would just hole up in her room for the rest of the day anyway. Raye insisted on having her Jaylene with her so she could keep an eye on her. She took her responsibility seriously and wasn’t about to let their father down. Jaylene started a confrontation about it, which escalated in the blink of an eye. When Jaylene hurled a vase at her head, missing her by mere inches, Raye reacted by spanking her and making her stand in the corner. She even threatened to make her wear a diaper for the rest of the day, which was a complete bluff because they didn’t have any diapers… but that brought her to the awful realization that Raye most certainly won’t be opposed to her baby treatment. This would add so much humiliation to her new life. Self pity kicked in and her eyes became wet with tears. Eventually, everything went dark and sleep overtook her. ————————————————— Brynn, who slept in a different guest room to avoid the smell, stepped through the door where her baby was fast asleep in her filthy diaper. She looked so peaceful, having ended up on her belly without realizing it at some point in the night. Her left hand had made its way toward her face and though her thumb wasn’t quite IN her mouth, it was close enough to put a big smile on Brynn’s face. She pulled out her cell phone and snapped a picture. She just couldn’t help it. “Good morning, sleepy-head,” said Brynn as she gently jostled Jaylene. “It’s time to get you fed so we can get your poopy diaper changed.” Jaylene screwed her face up slightly, remembering the state of her diaper and also realizing that Brynn was expecting her to “eat” while still confined in her plastic-backed poop prison. With a sleepy voice, Jaylene asked, “Why can’t you change me fiwrst?” “Well, sweetpea,” Lucas said that oftentimes babies have to poop again right after feeding… and I’d hate to put a clean diaper on you just to have you poo-poo in it immediately. You wouldn’t want to have to sit in a messy diaper all day, would you?” Jaylene shook her head no. It was logic that was hard to disagree with. She wanted nothing in the world more than to be free from poop touching her skin. And if that meant she had to suckle her mommy’s nipples while still in her current diaper, then so be it. “I didn’t think so. Once you’re done eating, Mommy will give you the nice surprise I mentioned last night, okay?” Jaylene nodded. She had forgotten about that and now her curiosity was piqued. She couldn’t even hazard a guess at what it would be; probably some baby-ish thing that wouldn’t be anything she wanted anyway. But she promised to be good, so she would act like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread in order to appease her mommy. The breastfeeding was slightly less soul-rending than it had been the night before, though still plenty embarrassing. One aspect was worse, however. This time, she was suckling while having to lie there in a shit-filled diaper. To make matters even worse, she could feel her bowels giving her warning sounds by the time she had depleted the first breast of its milk. Upon completion of the second breast, it was clear that there was no avoiding it. Could this diaper hold any more?? Whether it could or not, her old mess was about to get some company. The feces pushed its way out, crowding the available space even further than she ever thought was possible. This new load wasn’t as large as the first one, but still big enough to make it feel like the diaper would explode from the strain of holding it all. “Did my wittle baby make more poopies for Mommy?” Brynn cooed. Jaylene knew not to remain silent. She was picking up on the fact that making her say humiliating things was a part of the plan to babify her and she was so tired of resisting. Giving in was so much less stressful… and less painful too. “Yeth, Mommy. Me made mowre poopies just fowr you.” She knew how infantile it made her sound but seeing the joy on Brynn’s face made it worth it. “That’s my good girl,” she said with a happy gleam in her eyes. “It’s bath time and… then comes your surprise. You’re going to love it.” The Unlikely Couple (Part 18) Bath time had been an embarrassing ordeal, but not as bad as the first instance. The worst part was that she wasn’t allowed to lift a finger to clean herself in any capacity. She was expected to sit there while her mommy scrubbed her hair and her skin, even in the most intimate of places. Very few of the indignities she’d suffered could compare to that of having to spread her butt cheeks so Brynn could clean it with a wash rag. But the bath was over with and Jaylene was about to find out what her surprise was. She honestly couldn’t imagine any surprise that she would actually want. The whole “baby” thing covered every aspect of her new life. She was never allowed to do anything remotely “adult” in nature and anything she would have wanted would fall into the “adult” category. Simple pleasures like using the remote control to channel surf or getting on the internet were now beyond her grasp… and would be for the rest of her life. Brynn laid the baby on the bed and put a fresh new diaper on her. For that, at least, she was grateful. Spending such a prolonged time in that infernal messy diaper made her appreciate having a new one placed on her. Next up was a pair of pink tights. God, how Jaylene hated pink! A month ago—hell, even a week ago—she’d have attacked anyone trying to put pink clothes on her, especially pink tights. But there she was, dutifully letting Brynn slide the feminine yet babyish tights up her legs and over the bulk of the diaper. Oddly, she noticed the tights were devoid of a crotch. That struck her as unusual. A matching pink sundress with white polka-dots was next. Jaylene was just happy that it wasn’t a fluffy monstrosity like the one she had been forced into the previous day. Her elation came to a halt when she realized the dress was so short that her diaper would be quite visible, especially if she bent over or wasn’t careful about how she walked. She tugged at it in a hopeless attempt to make the hemline go down further. “Stop fidgeting with your pretty dress, baby girl.” “But, Mommy, the thingie will be vithible.” Brynn realized at once what was going on. Her baby didn’t want to use the word “diaper”, even though she’d done it before her bath. Perhaps, Brynn thought, she was trying to save face now. “Sweetheart, it’s a diaper. Now I know you’re just a baby and that’s probably pretty hard for you to say, so you can just call it your ‘baby diapee’ from now on. Understood?” A pained look came over Jaylene’s face, but she knew she was defeated. There would be no alternatives. She was going to have to acquiesce and call them exactly what her mommy told her to call them. “Otay…”, she muttered, looking down at the floor. “Well, say it. You’d better get used to it.” Jaylene’s eyes never left the floor. “It’th my baby diapee.” “And you’re not going to try to call it a big girl word again, now are you?” “No, Mommy. I will always call it my baby diapee.” Brynn was pleased with her progress. “Good girl. Now let’s finish getting you dressed.” She produced an article of clothing that made Jaylene tremble with embarrassment. It was a pink bonnet with white trim. On her head it went and she felt Brynn tying a thin ribbon under her chin. The first thing she noticed was that it severely limited her peripheral vision. That, she could tell, was going to drive her nuts. Jaylene’s hands instinctively went up to feel the absolutely foreign article. “Don’t you try to take that bonnet off, Baby Jaylene. That’s to stay on your head, understand?” Jaylene nodded. “Yeth, Mommy.” Brynn pulled some lacy white ankle socks on over her tights, which seemed pointless to Jaylene. It didn’t matter, though. Brynn had carte blanche to dress her whatever way she desired, no matter how ridiculous the ensemble. The outfit was finished off with pink Mary Janes, which were buckled firmly in place. “You look so darling!” said Brynn, clasping her hands together in genuine pleasure at seeing her former life partner dressed like an oversized toddler. In a weird way, that made Jaylene a little proud. “Lift your arms up, sweetie.” Jaylene did as she was told, noting that it made the hemline of her already short dress rise almost to the waistband of her diaper. She hated that so much. Brynn picked Jaylene up under the arms and positioned her so that she was straddling her left hip. The contrast between how the two were dressed was jarring, to say the least. Whereas Jaylene was clad in childish attire from head to toe, Brynn was the perfect picture of adult femininity. She wore a low-cut white blouse, a severe-looking black pencil skirt, suntan colored pantyhose and peep-toed shoes with five inch heels. To look at them together, one would truly believe that Brynn was an adult and that Jaylene was a toddler. This juxtaposition between their clothes was humiliating for Jaylene. Brynn started across Lucas’s backyard with Jaylene in her arms until they reached their new house. Was this the surprise? If so, Jaylene wasn’t impressed. She really didn’t want to have Brynn settle down here in Preston and having a house to call her own was the first step in that becoming a reality. The house was nice enough, but that wasn’t the point. As Brynn stepped through the front door, she announced, “This is our new house, baby.” It was obvious that she was thrilled to have the house free and clear. Jaylene just couldn’t work up any enthusiasm. The only good thing about it was that she wouldn’t have to be around Lucas as much. She really couldn’t stand that man, with his smugness and ego. Brynn seemed enchanted by him and he was able to somehow convince her to do anything he wanted. That was worrisome. “Is dis the supwise?” “No. Your surprise is upstairs. Come on.” Jaylene thought about how moot telling her to “come on” was, considering she was carrying her. Within a minute, they were standing in front of a doorway on the second floor. “Welcome to your nursery…” Brynn beamed as she threw open the door. What Jaylene saw inside mortified her. There was so much pink, offset only by small amounts of white. And there was all the horrifying baby-ish furniture they had purchased at Simms’ store, set up and ready to be used. “Do you like it?” asked Brynn with hope in her eyes. Jaylene was so taken aback that she didn’t know how to respond. She certainly didn’t like it, but she also didn’t want to hurt her mommy’s feelings. She made up her mind to play along for Brynn’s sake. “It’th vewwy pwetty, Mommy,” she answered, lying through her teeth. Brynn hugged her tightly. “I’m so glad you’re learning to accept the way things are now. I do so love you, my baby girl.” Brynn looked at her baby in the eyes and said, “Since you’ve been so good, I’m going to do something nice for you. I know you have sexual needs despite the fact that you live as my baby. I’ve decided to accommodate you so that you aren’t miserable when you become aroused. That’s why I bought the crib with those attachments on it.” “But, Mommy, you know me don’t wike stuff wike that. Me don’t wike anyfing going into my… holes.” She tried desperately to come up with a babyish word to describe her vagina and anus, but that was the best she could spit out. “Sweetheart, babies don’t know what’s best for them. Not the way grown-ups do. It’s important for you to get relief. Otherwise, you’re going to be a grumpy little baby and we don’t want that, now do we?” “No… but…” “No ‘buts’, little girl. I’ve made my decision and I know you’ve come to enjoy it. You have to trust Mommy. I know you’ve experimented with a dildo once, so it’s not like your virginity is at stake.” Jaylene looked so upset and Brynn realized it, letting out a sigh. “Fine, if you really don’t want to… you don’t have to.” Jaylene wondered why Brynn’s feelings seemed so hurt by her protests. Did it really mean that much to her? She couldn’t understand why. Just as Brynn started to walk back down the stairs, Jaylene blurted out, “Wait.” Brynn stopped about three feet shy of the stairs and looked at her baby. Jaylene explained, “Me will do it… if it will make you happy.” “It would make me very happy to see you get pleasure, sweetie. But if it means that you’ll be that miserable, I don’t want you to do it.” At that very second, Jaylene realized just what was going on. The thought of seeing her get penetrated turned Brynn on! What a revelation. Another way for her to please her mommy! She didn’t like the idea at all and found it repulsive, but she now longed only to please Brynn and loved that she had the power to sexually satisfy her in some small way. “Me wants to make you happy, Mommy.” “Are you sure you’re okay with this, little one?” Jaylene shook her head in the affirmative. With that, Brynn carried her toward the crib, getting ready to fulfill one of her most intense fantasies she’d ever had. The Unlikely Couple (Part 19) Some effort was required to get the attachments hooked to the crib, but once Brynn figured the first one out, prepping the other two was a piece of cake. All the while, little Jaylene laid there in the crib—which was big enough to practically swallow her whole—watching her mommy nervously. She really found vaginal and anal penetration to be unappealing… and that hasn’t changed. Brynn was right; she HAD tried using a dildo once, a long time ago, and it was repulsive to her. However, she agreed to go along with it because it seemed important to Brynn, for reasons beyond her imagining. Besides, in truth, Brynn could have just made her do it if she wanted; not that she necessarily would have, but it was within her rights in Preston to make it happen, regardless of whether or not Jaylene wanted it to. With the appendages prepared, Brynn leaned over the crib and pulled the hem of Baby Jaylene’s sundress up to her belly, leaving her adorable tights and diaper exposed. With a fair bit of tugging, she managed to pull the diaper to one side and repositioned the crotch of her tights to allow easy access to her vagina and anus. So THAT was why she put tights on her that had the gusset cut out! Brynn quickly and efficiently lubed up the two appendages that connected to the footboard of the crib. She took one in her hand, and positioned the artificial limb so that the slightly large dildo at the end was in the general vicinity of Jaylene’s crotch. “Let’s do the one for your butt first. It’d be a nightmare to get it in after inserting the other one into your cute little pussy.” This remark caused Jaylene to grumble a bit, as she already felt embarrassed enough as it was. Jaylene felt the touch of the dildo against the rim of her anus as Brynn worked to get it into the right position. This was the part Jayene was dreading most, since she’d never had anything aside from a suppository enter her ass. She knew it was going to hurt. She was right. The pain was immediate as the shaft was pushed further and further up her butt. The lube helped, but it still hurt like hell. She let out a yelp that Brynn apparently found to be adorable, judging by the smile on her face. “It’s okay, little one. It gets less painful. I promise.” “Owwwwiieeeeee!” It escaped Jaylene’s mouth and she was immediately in disbelief that she naturally made such a juvenile sound. “It’ll start to feel good soon. Hang in there, sweetie.” The pain subsided slightly after a few minutes, but it still didn’t feel pleasurable. Brynn pulled the second dildo into position and lowered it toward her vagina. She had forgotten what it felt like, but was rapidly reminded as it moved first to her pussy lips and then deeper and deeper into her pussy. At least it didn’t hurt like the one in her butt. She was grateful for that. Once the second one was submersed in her vagina, Brynn turned her attention toward the appendage attached to the headboard of the crib. Jaylene had forgotten about the third dildo and it filled her with great apprehension, as she’d never deep-throated anything in her life. She didn’t have a high gag reflex, though, which sure made her childhood dentist happy, but she wasn’t looking forward to having this huge shaft shoved down her throat. Jaylene didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though, because Brynn brought it to her lips and was ready to jam it down her throat. Despite Jayene dwelling on what was about to happen, she noticed a look of desire on her mommy’s face. This whole thing was turning her on… and they hadn’t even got started yet. “Open wide for Mommy, Baby Jaylene. Come on. Be a good girl for Mommy.” The lust in her voice was as obvious as could be. Jaylene hesitated momentarily before opening her mouth slightly. “No, no. Open wider,” Brynn said. She opened it a little more. “Much wider. As wide as you can. Be Mommy’s good baby.” Jaylene complied and opened as wide as her jaws would allow. Good thing, too, because the shaft of the dildo was gargantuan and required all the space it was given. It slid effortlessly down her throat, causing a short-lived burst of panic. It felt like she couldn’t breath at first, but she regained her composure quickly. It was still almost impossible to breath through her mouth, though breathing via her nose was still easy to accomplish. That’s what calmed her down. “Such a good baby girl,” Brynn purred. Jaylene was unable to see what her mommy was doing, but she could hear what sounded like the clicking of buttons and ascertained that she was using the remote control for the appendages. That possibility was confirmed when the one in her ass started humming and vibrating, followed by the one in her pussy. A few more clicks were heard and the appendages started moving the dildos in and out of all three orifices. The sensations were very distinct and different for each hole. The movement within her ass was unpleasurable and it felt like it was catching on her anal flesh in spite of the lubrication. The one in her mouth nearly caused another moment of panic as it pushed further down her throat… and it was humiliating because she began making an involuntary gurgling sound. The only one that brought her any semblance of pleasure was the dildo that was thrusting in and out of her vagina. The pleasure was minute, but existent nonetheless. There she was, lying on her back in an oversized crib with three dildos filling each of her holes, causing her to squirm with discomfort and embarrassment, all the while making those ridiculous gurgling noises that refused to be halted. In and out the dildos went, moving back and forth relentlessly. The pain and discomfort soon gave way to an internal apathy. That is, the dildos didn’t necessarily feel bad, but they didn’t feel good either (aside from the vaginal one). It was a neutral feeling really. She could feel every inch of the movement from each dildo, but that was about all. No pain, no pleasure. Jaylene’s jaw started feeling sore after about five minutes of having her mouth wide open and at one point, a cramp nearly occurred. Fortunately, it subsided before it could worsen. Over the humming sound, Jaylene made out a creaking noise and then moaning; excited moaning. She surmised that her mommy had made her way to the rocking chair and was masturbating to the sight of her former life partner being helplessly invaded by the dildos. She really was helpless too. The appendages kept her in place and the dildo in her throat forbade communication. She was at the mercy of these robotic arm-like devices with sex toys mounted on them. This fact dawned on her and instead of feeling scared or angry, she felt something different. She felt turned on! This came as a huge, huge surprise and in her head she was denying it. Why would being trapped and helpless while Brynn was gratifying herself make her horny? No, surely that wasn’t it. There had to be another—more rational—explanation for why she found herself getting worked up. There HAD to be! As Jaylene’s nether holes became wet with her own juices, a sloshing sound was heard. Now her mommy would KNOW that this was exciting her. This was getting more humiliating by the second! But she could hear the same sloshing sound coming from across the room as well. Brynn was well on her way to climaxing! The vibrations were now pulsating throughout Jaylene’s entire body. There wasn’t a part of her that couldn’t feel it, from her head to her toes. The longer they were in place, the more intensely she could feel it. Ad the movement… oh GOD, the MOVEMENT! It was all too much. She felt a million sensations all at once. She realized that even her little legs were flailing about in pleasure. Through her frenzied, panting intakes of breath, Brynn said, “That’s it, baby. Let yourself… enjoy it. I want you… to… be… my horny…. little baby girl!” The words were difficult for her to spew out, thanks to the insane pleasure wracking her body. As soon as the last word came out, her body convulsed in the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced. Her legs clenched together, her muscles contracted and she let out a satisfied, “Yessssssssss! Oh my God, yesssssssssssss!” Jaylene, too, was convulsing, her breaths deep and fast as her chest rose and fell rapidly. Sweat dripped from her every pore. With all the suddenness of a springtime thunder storm, the baby was overcome with an orgasm of her own that sent her bucking and thrashing wildly in her crib! The gurgling noise became something more sexual but no less loud. In fact, it became even louder, escaping what little room the dildo afforded her throat. Then… there was silence; the only sound audible being their labored, heavy breathing in the aftermath of their intense orgasms. Neither one could move; neither one could speak. They were too drained for that. Something happened in the nursery that day… something special and meaningful for both of them. And they both knew it. They had fallen back in love… just in a way neither of them could have ever predicted. And it was magical.
  19. Looking for mommy to dry or wet breast feed me and change my diaper . And take care of me . I am looking for a mommy who wants incest role play . I am a very submissive girl .
  20. Phillip sighed as he stood facing the front steps. He was in front of a large house, with a dozen iron barred windows and made almost entirely out of stone. It was the kind of place he would never hope to afford.The next part was a bit like ripping off a band aid, he supposed. It was better to get it over with quickly. However, he still stood at the stone steps, not moving. He was still on time, but he knew being late would probably make things worse, and he didn't know how strict they were going to be. He laughed to himself. The fact that he would stand still here while knowing he was better off going forward was probably part off the reason he was here in the first place.It was far from the first time he had been here. He had known the owner for years through his sister, and felt lucky that he had. However, the house, and the implication of wealth, seemed far more opposing now then ever before. Of course, there were a lot of reasons he was here. Not studying for his university courses and letting himself get distracted was part of it. Showing up late, or not at all, to his work until he was fired and couldn't pay for the courses he was failing anyway was another. Trying to cheat and hack the system to get his marks raised and his charges lowered was probably the biggest. Now, someone he only slightly knew had a blank check on his future, and he had know idea how she was going to cash it."Oh well," he thought, and walked forward. There was nothing he could do to change it now. He had agreed to it, if somewhat under duress, he better get it over with.He rang the doorbell.The large wooden door opened, and a cheery, blond haired woman poked her head out."Hello Phillip," she said, smiling. "Glad you could finally make it.""I'm still on time! See!?" He said, panicking and showing her his watch.She giggled. Phillip realized she had been teasing him and glared. "Its alright. Come inside, and we will get started.""Yes Ms. Smith," he said."Oh please, don't give me that. Its Rebecca..."Phillip smiled, thinking that perhaps it won't be that bad."For now," she said, and his heart sank.Rebecca was almost ten years his senior. She had come from a well to do family, studied business in university, then used her knowledge to build up the fortune she possessed now. She had known Phillip's older sister in university, and the times he had met her she seemed to be his polar opposite- always on the run, always working, always seeming to be on the exact level of stress that let her stay calm while making her rush to get things done.Phillip gulped in fear. Gingerly he walked into the house, and instantly yelped as he felt something hit the side of his leg."First thing first, lets get you out of those silly clothes.""What? Rebecca, what is that.... OW!"He yelped again as hit him, this time square on the bottom, with a thick leather rod.'I said STRIP. You are to please and serve me as I want. You know the rules. So do it!" "What? Is this some kind of sexual thing? I don't know what... OW!""You're going to strip because I'm going to tell you what to wear. You agreed to do what I said when you signed the contract, so do what I say or I'll send you to jail or worse.""Ye.. yes Rebecca."He quickly grabbed the hem of his shirt and tore it off. He reached down to his belt buckle and looked at Rebecca pleadingly. She raised an eyebrow, and he undid his belt.Really, he had known this was coming. This part was essentially the same for everyone in his situation, and he knew it could be much worse. However, no amount of mental preparation prepared him for the embarrassment as he pulled his pants down and stripped bear in front of his new mistress for her inspection.Once he was naked, Rebecca stood in front of him, looking him up and down and thinking."Hmmm... I have to say you're in fairly good shape. I suppose that was one thing you were competent enough to think of.He squirmed under her gaze. "Yes Rebecca."She walked around him, examining him and teasing him with the rod. She hit him hard across the bottom and he yelped again."Now, it seems SOMEONE's been naughty, haven't they.""Yes, Rebecca."Another hit, another yelp. Phillip felt the lines glowing on his cheeks. "It seems someone wasted their time at university. Looking at naughty pictures when we should have been working, were we?"Phillip blushed and didn't answer. She chuckled and continued."And it seems then, instead of working or dealing with their problems, SOMEONE decided to try to cheat their way out, didn't they?"Another hit. "YES REBECCA!" he shouted."Then, that someone COULD have been lined up to go to jail, or even a subby school, weren't they? Wouldn't that have been fun? Ending up having to choose between months in a cell and a massive fine or having to wonder who your new trainer would be? Would that be fun?"Another hit. "NO REBECCA!""And it seems that SOMEONE was LUCKY that their big sister knew someone who was willing to pay their way out of it, make a deal with the university, get lawyers to drop the charges, and all they had to do was show up a few times a month to help that person out. Isn't that lucky?"Another hit. "YES REBECCA!""And THEN, that SOMEONE was LATE! ON HIS FIRST DAY!""I WASN"T LATE I WAS... OW!" That hit was harder then the others."And who was that someone?""Me, Rebecca.""Exactly right. Can you imagine my surprise when the lazy, unmotivated younger brother of my friend Sarah ended up being the one who did all this? Can you imagine when I found out the guy who spent all his time playing games while his sister was working was the one who did this and got caught? Can you?" She was spanking him continuously now, emphasizing each word with a smack."OW! OW! Yes Rebecca!" He shouted, whinning."Exactly right." She stopped spanking him and walked back to his front and rested the rod on his face, pushing into his cheek. "Now. As far as I can tell I am getting you out of a heck of a lot of trouble and not asking for much in return. So, you are going to do everything here. You're not just going to clean and cook, I'm going to put my feet up and relax as you take care of every little thing, understood?""Yes, Rebecca.""This," she moved the rod around his cheeks. "Is my riding crop. It will let you know when you displease me, and I expect you to willingly bend over for it, understood?""Yes, Rebecca.""And, since I paid you out of it when I could have paid much less for a maid service, I expect you to remember I'm doing you a favor. You are here for my pleasure and to serve me. If at any point you don't like it, you can go back, find a way to pay back the money and take your chances in court, along with the additional charges off breaking your contract with me. Understood?""Yes Rebecca.""Good. Then come along." She led him through the massive open foyer and up a wide, twisting flight of wooden stairs toward the second floor. The floors were thickly carpeted, and the walls were a golden color, as if to emphasize the wealth. She lead him down a hallway, and he glanced inside various doors they passed and at the large paintings she had hung in every open space. Was he going to have to clean this all?It occurred to him that he still had know idea what was happening. He was still blushing, one hand in front trying to hide his nudity as the other rubbed his sore bottom. Was he going to be spanked like that every day? Would he have to clean naked? The thought made him shudder, but was still better then the alternative.Finally he asked. "Rebecca, what am I going to be doing here? Am I... do you really want me naked all day? Do I have to be?"She chuckled. "You'll see in a second. Ah! Here we are!" She opened a sliding door to what he realized was a closet. "Don't worry, I won't expect you to be naked."He let out a sigh of relief, then suddenly caught it as he saw her reaching for a dress. Even worse, it was a french maids dress, complete with long silk stockings and a ridiculously short skirt."Wha... wha..." he tried to ask, but the words wouldn't form.She laughed again and pushed it into his hands. "YOU, my little sissy, are going to be my french maid. I had this made for your size and I can't WAIT to see you in it.""But.. but... can't I just be naked all day?"She spanked him again with the riding crop. "No. I told you, you are here to serve me. You wear what I want, do what I want, act the way I want..." She grabbed at her hair in frustration. Phillip stared at her, he never expected her to show such an open display of emotion. She had always come off as cool and collected to him. Finally, she breathed deeply, lowered her hands and continued.. "This isn't going to work unless you listen. I'm sure neither of wants you to go to jail Phillip. Just do as I say, and we'll get through, ok? Now put the dress on."He got dressed slowly, first pulling on the silken panities. He blushed as he saw them covering him, it was almost more embaressing then being naked. The smooth silkiness was something he never felt before, and something he was ashamed to admit he enjoyed. He pulled on the stockings next, then finally dropped the dress over his head.He blushed. Sissy play was far from rare in these situations, and something he knew might happen, but the fact others had suffered in his place didn't lessen the embaressment.'Good sissy," she said. "Now, for the next part."She reached down to the bottom shelf of the closet and took something out. It was wide and square, and shone with plastic.She handed it to him. It took him a moment to realize what it was- a pink diaper, decorated with rabbits and lambs."A d-diaper..." he stumbled. Sissy play was one thing, diapering was another. He had heared stories about it, dreading but never believing that he might end up as one of the poor, pathetic abdls, condemed to crawl around in full diapers for their master's and mistress's ammusment."Please don't do this to me. Please don't make me wear this. I'll do anything, I'lll..." he stopped as he saw her laughing."Oh silly sissy, I'm not going to make you wear it.""You're not?""No. You think I want to change your stinky diapers? I want the extra responsibility, as you get to play? I told you, I'm not going to do a single thing, and you are going to take care of me.""What?" he asked.In repose, she opened the door beside the closet and flicked a switch. Inside was a giant nursery, painted in bright pastel colors with animals and cartoons all over the walls, and piled high with stuffed animals and toys. There was babyish furniture and clothing everywhere- a high chair, a play pen, even a changing table, all sized for an adult. Not just any adult he realized, but Rebecca. She giggled and skipped toward the centerpiece of the room- a massive gilded crib, piled high with pink sheets and stuffed animals. She picked up a stuffed doll and cuddled it closely."Don't get it yet? Are you slow?" she laughed. "The diaper isn't for you, its for me, Daddy."
  21. This is a story I wrote a while ago, inspired by the kind of things I like to get up to with my own Mummy (who I adore and luff SO MUCH!) I generally write trans characters who are lesbians, and rarely deviate from that. Still, I hope you enjoy! * * * * Once it was normal to sleep in the big bed. Now it’s a reward, doled out by Mommy when you’re an especially good girl. You wake and it’s dark. The numbers on the clock are dim in the faint hue of the nightlight, but you can tell it’s early. Plastic crinkles as you turn, and you’re aware of the wet, sagging garment between your legs. No surprise, since you went before you passed out. Already you’re hard. It’s not one thing, but a number of things. The gentle sucking of your paci is automatic now so you do it in your sleep, feeding your lips to its original purpose. Then there’s the brush of your stuffed animal’s fur against the tender length of your arms. (Her name is Cottontail, and she’s your favourite bunny.) And of course there’s the cold humiliation soaked into your diaper. You hardly realize it at first. Your legs clasp around a pillow and your hips start to grind. Soon the charge of your inflated clit runs up to the well of arousal in your belly. Your breath quickens, and you suck your paci more intensely. Cottontail bulges the more you squeeze her stuffing. A moan escapes from behind your paci, and Mommy stirs. She hums. “Baby?” Flushing red with shame you turn away, but you’re too far gone to stop. You press deeper into the wet padding and slide your length back and forth. But even in the dark Mommy sees you for what you are. “Someone’s feeling playful,” she sings. Her body contorts around the thick plastic and pulls close. The sensation of her nipples brushing your back through your nightie sends a shiver of goosebumps running down your arms. Having Mommy against you calls out the aching need to be touched, to be filled, to be hers. Kisses lap against the back of your neck, prompting a groan wide enough for your paci to fall out. Mommy laughs. “Silly girl.” She reaches down and pops it back in. Meanwhile, her hips match your rhythm, encouraging your shameful little game. “I love when my baby girl gets turned on,” she says. A grin shines in her tone. “It’s so funny when you try to hide it from me!” Few have ever seen you so vulnerable, and nobody more than Mommy. From the moment she teased out your hidden fantasies you belonged to her. Her hand snakes between your legs to clasp you through your diaper. A wave of fresh humiliation burns your face. She giggles. “Do you want to play a secret game with Mommy?” Your breath catches in your throat. A forbidden thrill leaps in your chest. “But you can’t tell anybody,” she says. “It’s a game that’s only for very special girls and their mommies, okay?” You nod with compliance. Mommy wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, and her hand feels so good. “Good girl,” she hums, drawing the words like honey. A gentle hand guides you to your back and lifts the hem of your nightie. You clutch tighter to Cottontail as a string of kisses move along your thigh. She hushes you and reassures you, and you listen, because Mommy knows best. Even now she’s smiling, and you smile too knowing that she’s happy. Her kisses migrate upward, and jump to your belly. They follow the band of your diaper and to the tapes on the side. She runs her fingers along your crotch again to inspect its contents. “A horny baby and a wet baby,” she teases. “Mommy knows a trick or two for that.” The bedside lamp flicks on. Silence breaks as she slowly rips the tabs. Not even Cottontail’s fur pressed into your face can protect you from exposure. You freeze as the bulk unfurls from between your legs and the air kisses the length of your arousal. A whimper escapes your lips, but Mommy shushes you and strokes your cheek. From the side table removes the wet wipes, takes one, and runs it down with finger touch. The way she teases is unbearable. You can’t keep still as she moves around your most intimate corners. It glides underneath you, into the corners of your thighs, around the cleft of your behind and beyond. The cool, soothing wipe makes your nerves jump. “Do you like that, baby girl?” she teases. You nod, though it’s ever so slight. After disposing of your diaper in a designated pail she turns her attention back to you. Her breath tickles your tender flesh, and prompts a giggle. You cling to Cottontail and struggle not to fidget as she plants a kiss at your base. How can touch feel so good? Mommy is magical, and she knows it. She reaches into a drawer and removes a clear tube. Even in the dark you read her grin. You pull your legs to your chest, into Cottontail, in anticipation. “This is going to feel a little cold,” she says. True to her word the viscous liquid chills your flesh. She soothes you as you whimper, keeping you still as it trickles between your cheeks and to your entrance. It warms quickly, and runs smooth when her fingers trace circles. She presses into your resistance, which tenses in spite of you. “Don’t you want Mommy inside of you?” she pouts. You nod into the rabbit. She leans closer. “Do you want Mommy to fuck you with her fingers?” You moan. This time she reaches up with her free hand and removes the paci from your lips. You hold to it, but Mommy gets what she wants. “Use your big girl words,” she says. Her finger presses and you gasp. “Fuck me, Mommy.” She flashes her teeth. Mommy is hungry. “What do you say?” she sings. “P-please… please fuck me, Mommy…” A single digit presses through your puckered hole and curls inside. You whimper, nearly jump, and struggle to be comfortable. It doesn’t feel bad; in fact it feels really good, but it also feels strange. Mommy’s secret game comes with a lot of strange sensations, and you love every single one. “That’s my baby girl. Good girl. You’re a good girl letting Mommy finger fuck you!” Good girl. The words wash over you in a warm cascade. You’re a good girl. Being a good girl makes Mommy happy. When you’re a good girl and Mommy is happy she will make you happy too. Her finger presses into the wall of your insides. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, and you are very happy. With only a single finger she makes you beg. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” You whine as she draws it from you, but are sated a moment later. It returns with a second digit to stretch you wider. One moment it burns, and the next sighs with relief with a fresh drop of the cool, viscous liquid. You ease around Mommy, and she is a part of you. Her touch probes your tender insides, discovering places which you were hardly aware. The tips of her fingers pass over a hard lump. It screams with sensation, and the dam of your arousal fills to the brim. Each stroke whips your thoughts into a haze. You cling to Cottontail. Her fur is your only anchor to the real world while Mommy sends you higher. You thrust against her fingers, driving her further, wanting it harder. Mommy hums in wicked satisfaction. “You are a thirsty little slut, aren’t you, baby girl?” Her giggle is a cruel tease as she leans close and presses a kiss into your swollen flesh. Lips lap at you as if to savor the taste, and move higher toward your tip. Her fingers and mouth working in tandem are too much to bear. She moans into your flesh. Her voice is hot and resonates beneath. “Cum for me, babygirl,” she says, both an order and an invitation. “Show Mommy what a good girl you are.” You can’t hold back. The heat of her breath and the fingers against your button burst the dam wells, sending you into convulsions. You’ve never been this hard. You’ve never been this filled. Your thoughts are lost and spurts of salty clear liquid leap into a pool on your belly. Those few seconds seem an eternity, and even when they pass you’re left in a rippling pool of joy. Cottontail’s fluff is soft against your cheek. You nuzzle her, closing your arms tight. It feels so good to be a good girl. “I’m so proud of you,” Mommy says. Pride sends goosebumps down your skin. “Let Mommy clean you up.” You flinch under each kiss and giggle. Your eyes flutter in some halfway dream while Mommy licks the cum from your belly. She loves you so much, and you love her back. This, you know, is exactly where you belong. When she’s done she rolls to your side, guides Cottontail from your face, and smiles from the shadows. “Did you like that, baby girl?” You nod, and slide into the nook between her arm and her breast. She’s so warm. “Mommy loves our secret games,” she whispers. “Oh, I love you so much, baby girl! Thank you for sharing this with me.” “Fank you for makin’ me feel good, Mommy,” you say in your littlest voice. She giggles and tickles your nose. Then, reaching for the fallen pacifier she teases it back into your lips and gives you a kiss through the hard plastic. Mommy arches her neck and kisses your third eye. You love being her good girl.
  22. From the album: Stuffs

    I'm a little wet and need a change.
  23. Nixie

    Precious bum!

    From the album: Stuffs

    So cute and a little soggy.
  24. Let's see - this is a complete story, but I'm only giving it to you a chapter at a time. Does that make me the Grinch, or is it in the spirit of the holiday? Well, either way, here's the first one. Hope you enjoy! Ornaments 1 Gina blushed as they walked toward the entrance of the mall, clutching Daddy's arm tightly. She couldn't believe she'd let him talk her into this. Under her heavy overcoat, under the long skirt she wore, was one of the Tranquility ATN's he'd been putting on her at home during the day on occasion, what he referred playfully to as her “little-girl panties”. At home, they made her feel little, playful, and very affectionate toward Daddy, much the same way the much thicker Drynite 24/7's made her feel at bedtime. She'd even gotten somewhat used to wetting them, though she was very fussy about being changed immediately after. But here, now, in spite of all the layers of clothes, Gina could hear the rustle. And she was quite certain everyone in the mall would be able to hear it too. But Daddy said they needed to go shopping for an ornament, something to celebrate their first Christmas together, and he hadn't given Gina any time to think about what she was wearing before he helped her put her overcoat on and whisked her out the door. By the time it sank in what was happening, it was much too late to protest. Daddy was very strict about Gina wearing panties of some sort at all time. It was a bad habit she used to have before she met him, going commando, and during the week, when they were apart, she had to send Daddy a picture of her in the panties she chose each day before going to “school”, and then show him that she still had them on when they video chatted in the evening. She actually enjoyed those little show-and-tell moments, and she suspected Daddy did as well. A cold gust of wind bit their cheeks, and they quickened their pace. It was such a relief when they passed through the air curtain and into the warmth of the food court. “So, where shall we start our search?” Daddy asked. “Um...” Gina was trying not to fixate on her underwear, but it wasn't working very well. “How about Justice?” His sly smile gave away his real intent there. There was only one reason ever to go to Justice, and that was to add to Gina's growing collection of very little-girly hair accessories, barrettes, headbands, and other oddities that just made the 42-year-old look that much more like a 3-year-old when she looked in the mirror after Daddy dressed her on the weekends. Not that Gina didn't enjoy the heck out of it. She loved feeling little, and looking the part just pulled her that much deeper into her little-space. “Daddy, there's no ornaments in there!” It was a distraction, and it was helping. She had to give him that. “There aren't? Well where do you think we could find some?” “Macy's has a whole Christmas section, Daddy!” “Ah yes, I seem to recall it right near the little girl's section. Perhaps we can find you something pretty to wear while we're there?” “Daddy! We're supposed to be shopping for ornaments, not baby clothes!” Being five feet tall and very slender made for constant awkward moments whenever they were near girls' clothes, since she could easily fit a girls' 14, and routinely wore girls' size 12 jeans because of how tiny her ass was. “Well then by all means, let's go shopping!” Daddy playfully swatted her on the bottom, redirecting her attention right back to the thick padding hidden underneath those clothes. No girls' size 12 jeans were fitting over her current underwear, that was for certain. She blushed deeply as they began to make their way through the crowds, his hand on the small of her back. They didn't go straight to Macy's, though. They wound up stopping at Justice, where she found the absolute cutest little headband with a cluster of pink flowers over the top. And they stopped at Hallmark, to look at their little ornament offerings. There were lots of adorable ones there, and she would have bought them all just because they were so cute, but nothing really said “Daddy and babygirl,” especially not for this, their first Christmas together. They stopped at Bath and Body Works too, just because she loved smelling all the smells, not to mention watching Daddy cringe at all the smells. Lobbying for a rather expensive gift pack got her what she really wanted, which was a bottle of “Sea Foam Cotton” scented body wash she'd been lusting after for weeks. Then the inevitable happened. She had to pee. She was sure this little shopping trip would be done and over before she had to face this. The worst part was, her body almost betrayed her right away, as relaxed as she'd become wearing diapers and wetting them over those few months. But she couldn't do that, not here! People would see! They'd know she was peeing herself! Everyone would know! And what if it leaked?! She'd be mortified! Everyone in the mall would laugh at her, with pee in her socks! She froze stock-still right at the entrance to Macy's, feeling the heat fill her face, and her knees buckled in not very subtle fashion. “What's wrong, princess?” Daddy whispered. “I gotta go pee, Daddy!” she whispered back, her voice trembling. “So what's stopping you?” “I don't wanna do it here! Everyone will see!” “Everyone will see right through your overcoat and under your dress and watch you pee in your pampers?” “No, they'll see my potty-face, and they'll know what I'm doing!” “And you really think all these people are going to stop and pay attention to you instead of worrying about what they're here to do, which is go Christmas shopping? Close enough attention to recognize that someone they've never met looks like she might be going tinkle in the middle of the store instead of the bathroom?” “No, but...” “But you're just being silly, then. Come on, let's go find a pretty ornament for the tree.” He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him in a side hug, kissing her forehead. And that was that. Daddy had issued the verdict, and she knew making a scene would be far more humiliating here and now, not to mention painful later over Daddy's knee, than what was about to happen. They moved through the store, him setting a brisk pace that forced her to abandon any attempt to clench. Within minutes she was leaking, and the heat rose up into her face as she stared at the escalator stairs in front of her. They stepped on, and she finished her business, the swollen warm mass between her legs simultaneously comforting and teasing her. She wanted a change. Even at home, she hated sitting in a wet diaper very long. Didn't matter how meticulous Daddy was about putting cream and powder down there to make her feel dry, that was still her pee, and it was still wrapped around her waist, and she wanted out of it. But a change now would mean trudging all the way back out to the truck in this cold weather, not to mention the mortal fear of some passerby catching a glimpse while Daddy changed her in the back of the truck. And there was no way Daddy was going to just let her take it off and dispose of it in the ladies' room. Little girls needed to be wearing panties, that's all there was to it. And then she saw it. There, hanging on the fake tree set up in the Christmas department, she saw it. The most perfect ornament for their first Christmas together. She reached out and picked it up by the string. “Oh Daddy. It's perfect...” Wet diaper was forgotten. Shame and embarrassment was forgotten. The crowd was forgotten. All else ceased to exist but her, and Daddy, and the perfect little ornament. He smiled broadly and pulled her close to him. “It's adorable. Just like you, babygirl. A perfect ornament for our first Christmas tree together. Good girl!” Her toes curled involuntarily, and pleasant little electric shocks shuddered up and down her spine, as they always did when he said those two words... ---- Gina smiles as she hangs it on the tree, right at eye level, right in the front, right where it belongs. Their very first Christmas together, commemorated with a little girl, head full of blonde curls, snuggled up in a red blanket with white fur trim at the base of a beautiful Christmas tree. “Baby girl's first Christmas,” it read on the placard below. She takes a long look at it, and a sigh escapes her lips. She reaches back down into the box...
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