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  1. I just checked this site out. It's really neat and well worth the look for curiosity. It's new but is growing and the site admin actually keeps control of it - as opposed to one of those sites that allows things to become outdated and people to get out of hand. It's exactly what an ABDL site should be - inviting, compelling and enriching. I look forward to watching littlespaceonline grow.
  2. Haven't been on this site very often recently, beyond posting a few stories. I had forgotten how muc DailyDiapers offers to do.

  3. Disc Golf in the Lehigh Valley

    Disc Golfing sounds like a blast. There's a course here is Lancaster, PA. Maybe you could create some sort of an event and see who shows up. Best wishes, Nate
  4. New Daddy - Need Advice!

    Princess Luvs, Being as this topic is quite a few months old, I hope you found the answers you sought, but if not ... I offer this suggestion just simply as a suggestion and nothing more. And that suggestion would be to read ABDL stories. Sometimes, you find the idea you're looking for or were thinking about but didn't have the words to say. If you find a story you like, ask him to read it, too. Maybe there's something in the storyline that will peak his interests. Also, I think it's a great advantage that you are the dominant personality. If he is asking you what you want, then he wants you to decide. Having that position of power will aid you. Look at it like this: Break it down to moment by moment. First ask yourself: What do I want in general? Come up with some sort of answer, no matter how broad. Then ask yourself: What do I want today? This helps you to identify what's on your mind presently. Then ask yourself: What do I want at this moment? This helps you address the mood you're in and what that mood craves.
  5. How Did You Decide You Where A Mommy Or A Daddy?

    I think the Daddy seed was planted in me when I was fairly young. In third grade, I met a girl who joined our class as a new student in the spring. She was extremely shy. She made no friends and was relentlessly bullied by our classmates. All of this happened to her only because she was incontinent and wore a diaper. I became her only friend and her protector of sorts. It's a longer story, you can find it here. But the short version is: we formed a bond with each other. I was so young I didn't have the words to explain it. But I felt it. I would put it together and understand it by high school, but that's when I knew. I love threads like this one. Everybody's beginning is different. I guess that's what makes us all unique.
  6. What Does Your Little Call You?

    Perhaps if you use her middle name when you're role playing? Or perhaps a shortened version of her first name, ie. Christine to Chrissy? What might also work would be to littlize your speech when saying her name, inserting w's in for the r's and such, ie Chrissy to Cwissy? For myself, my yittlin calls me Daddy, but sometimes she adds a word to it, like Daddybutt or DaddyHead. More often than not, she'll text Dada.
  7. What Do You Guys Drive

    I drive a 2003 Dark Blue Volvo S-60. The absolute best car I have ever owned. I've driven it through 17 states. Recently, I crossed over 200,000 miles and I hope for another 200,000 from it.
  8. How To Write A Love Letter

    Taken from the book: Tame & Wild (ABDL BedTime Stories), here is a story about the completion of want as a college schoolgirl goes straight to the head of her class. ---------------------------- How to Write a Love Letter - Katie finished writing the tenth sentence on the tiny chalkboard on the wall. She set the chalk back on the ledge and slapped her hands together twice, clapping the residue from her fingertips as she stepped back to look at her work. She smiled warmly, but with a sly upward turn to the corners of her mouth. Everything had worked out exactly as she wanted it to. And she stood in the middle of her professor’s office – exactly where she wanted to be. Her professor was an extremely attractive guy, with a clean-shaven, well-kept look. He was the right mixture of charm and success. The laws of attraction took hold and beginning on the second day of classes, she always sat in the front row, center seat – dressed head to toe as the schoolgirl dream she hoped that passed through his mind at night. In reality, practically every female student wanted him in a way that she only whispered to her pillow at night. Katie was one of many admirers, but at present, she was the only one standing in his office. And before she tucked her tail between her legs from rejection, she would have her turn to woo the sexy writing teacher with her prose. The advanced composition class he taught met three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:10 – 2:30 pm. And it was her final class each of those days. She was called to his office on this particular Friday afternoon for a simple infraction of repeated tardiness – or so he said. Oh my, how she enjoyed being late. Her tardiness was deliberate, in order to get his attention. She would average being ten minutes late, so her entrance would stop him from teaching and make him watch her as she took graceful steps to her seat. Each day, she would add a new little touch to her schoolgirl look. From that perfect make-up to those braided pigtails to the right color of checkered skirt (yanked just a bit higher each try) to the earrings to the partially unbutton dress shirt, her schoolgirl outfit was primed to take her straight to head of his class. Today’s touches included white stocking and a pink checkered skirt, a last minute purchase that morning. Standing in his office, Katie folded her hands behind her back, perusing the books on the shelves and trying not to think of him too much before he got there. The weekly assignment was always to submit a paper to him after each Friday’s class, demonstrating some of the writing techniques they had discussed in class that week. In this particular week, she had submitted her paper to him after the Wednesday calls, hoping it would produce the meet she wanted. She took the opportunity to use what she learned in writing him a letter – straight from the heart. And she held nothing back. This was her first semester in college and as a new freshman, she was becoming engrossed in the freedoms she had never known before now. Dorm life was eye-opening and so were the weekend parties. But Katie always walked a straight line when it came to class work. She took everything seriously and pursued what she wanted with a passion. That’s why the day she first walked into his class, she fell seriously in love with him. And that’s why she did all that she needed to in order to wind up in his office today. She sat down in the cushioned chair behind his desk, taking a moment to sit crossed-legged before parting her thighs and stretching her legs out to rest her ankles on the edge of the desk. This meeting wasn’t about academics, but rather the completion of an urge she simply couldn’t control anymore and didn’t want to. And if the lust in her heart was anything like what he could feel for her, then all the competition she went through to get here would’ve been well worth the effort. All she needed to do was invest in the wiles which fueled her passion to begin with. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt, leaving just enough of a glimpse of her cleavage and the lacey edges of her white bra to make him want to see more. Feeling the backside of her legs, she checked to make certain she hadn’t missed any hairs. In her purse, she had every possible thing needed for every possible direction her time with him may have gone. She pealed her pink skirt up, pulling out the waistband of her white cotton panties, to make certain of her smoothness all over. Her tiny fingertips reached inside her panties and crossed over a peach she had taken quite some time. Heaving her chest and arching her lower back, she traced the outer lips of her labia, teasing her waking arousal before concentrating on her hood. She leaned her head back against the cushion chair as she closed her eyes and let out the first many small whimpers of enjoyment. Yeah, it was a lot of work being a girl, but it was worth it all. She was a girl and he was a guy she liked. Her imagination ran wild. And she saw herself as his lover, his soul mate, his wife … even his BabyGirl (but that would be a revelation of the future, not of the moment.) And they way that she saw it, there was only one thing that stood between the present and the life to follow … she simply needed to tell him how she felt. Recognizing that she could be crushed in a single instant with a single breath of air, she knew that the first impression needed to be lasting. And as the office door opened, she leaped up onto his desk, sitting up and stretching her legs out. It was the fantasy she dreamed and the fantasy she had merely to begin making the rest of her life. The power needed was in her hands and in her heart. Every little advancement in life or good fortune Katie had found came from a bit of hard work and determination –made harder, from time to time, by the natural competition she often encountered from other girls. She accepted that life would always make her work harder than others to get those things which many rarely had to lift a finger to acquire. But she had long since gotten over the hurt of that. Instead, she channeled that hurt into determination. That’s why she basked in the victory she had all ready won by being in her professor’s office. And sitting on the top of his desk as he entered the room, she was ready to let her wiles do the talking. She would not feel guilty for having won the competitions of life nor would she feel bad for what she had to do to get where she was now. Her professor shut the door behind him and stopped dead in his tracks, seeing her sprawled out on his desk with crossed legs, a heaving chest and a twinkle in her eye which showed the lust in her thoughts. “We need to talk, Katie,
  9. In every girl’s tummy, there will be butterflies that appear when her secrets are revealed and she feels exposed. In every girl’s life, there are experiences which bring about these butterflies. What would happen if she became overwhelmed with butterflies? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mia peeked out from behind the blanket she was using to shield her face from the passing cars. She was a bundle of nervous energy for just simply making a trip to the mall, but she had good reason to be so excited about this particular shopping trip. She looked over at the man she now called her Daddy and marveled over how quickly her life had changed. It was just a few short days ago that she met him and just last night that she went home with him. The details, still fresh in her mind, still didn’t matter and luckily so, since he was constantly introducing her to a new experience that showed what reality could feel like when she allowed her fantasies to enter into her life. In less than a day, he had regressed her soul, and then softened her into a BabyGirl. The attention she now received from him affected not only her mind but her senses. His words captivated her. His touch caressed her. The evident kindness in his heart and gentleness to his personality enabled her to expose her heart to him and all its secret wishes. She fell asleep in his arms after having been fed a bottle of warm milk. She woke up this morning in his bed, still wearing the nightie and the diaper he dressed her in. She sat up, nursing off the pacifier between her pink, soft lips. And as if he knew her by every beat of her heart, he appeared at the bedroom door. When she saw him, she became filled with a happiness which knew no boundaries. It was as if this man had just completed every part of her life which she couldn’t. And for this, she longed for him, aching for his touch when he was only a few feet away, craving his words of comfort when he spoke. He slid his hands underneath her and lifted her up with a slow motion as if they were headed across a threshold. She smiled brightly, seeing how she could get used to a lifetime filled with this kind of treatment. The threshold wasn’t their destination. Instead he carried her into the bathroom, a less desirable destination until she saw a bathtub filled with bubbles. She stared at the sight of it in amazement as he set her to her feet, lifted her nightie off and then unfastened her diaper. Naked as she then was, she remained mesmerized by the thought that any guy who would go to the trouble of preparing a bubble bath for her was a gem for which she should never take for granted. But the thoughtful of a bubble bath in itself wasn’t the only thing she needed to adore about him. She had taken many such baths in her life, but never before had she been bathed by someone, let alone a Daddy who understood the meaning of the words Gentle and Caressing. She looked at him now, flipping the turn signal on for the exit to the mall and realized how lucky she was to have found him. He was not only a gentleman, but also understood the importance of her fantasies and how she had been affected for their absence in her life. Following her bath that morning, came a breakfast of the perfect little girl food … oatmeal, particularly Peaches and Cream oatmeal. She sat before him in the room with the fireplace, wearing nothing but her diaper and pigtails and fingered her breakfast into her mouth. What a strange circumstance for her to have longed for. But it no longer mattered how strange she may have thought it to be because as she discovered, it was only a strange thought before she actually got to do it. And following his promise of a special treat for keeping herself clean through breakfast, she took the time to not make a mess of herself. Her Daddy had instructed her to do so and she timidly abided. She startled back to the present moment once again as he pulled into the mall parking lot. She looked up at the building in front of them and then down to the outfit she had on. It took her back, one more time, to watching him iron her schoolgirl shirt as she ate breakfast. He had washed her schoolgirl outfit while she bathed, dried it and ironed it as she ate breakfast and now she sat in a car at the mall, wondering how obvious the diaper under the pleated skirt would be to others. “Lie down, Mia,
  10. What Dreams May Come?

    What Dreams May Come Have you ever heard someone say: “Someday, your dreams will come true
  11. How Ironic!

    I never really thought about this subject. The whole period thing is something I guy rarely has on the mind. But thinking about it now, it does pose an interesting bit of discussion. There were some good points brought up: This is obviously true. And while the "A" will always come before the "B" in "AB", it led me to ask: "Does that week of bleeding (or however long it takes) mean that AB/DL girls would prefer to go without the diapers until it's over? ANd then, later in the thread, I got my question addressed: While wearing the AB stuff and doing the AB activities is still possible, is it possible for a female to feel little while in the cycle mode?From a male perspective which will never know the uncomfort of that time of the month, I would initially be led to believe that the AB treatment might serve as a wonderful distraction from the physical discomfort. But once again, I couldn't know if it would make a difference. And this quote brings up a good point. While humiliation is something that a girl gets more accustomed to dealing with (as an AB), the wet or dirty diaper I would presume to be a less embarrassing experience than a menstrual one. Perhaps that's a little too much for an AB Girl. Though the sight of an AB Girl who is embarrassed because of something AB-related is precious, the whole period thing is usually something that a female likes to kept to herself. As an AB Girl, that privacy would be gone. But again, I only speculate. I don't really know. What I do know is that as a Daddy, I haven't had any problem with it (in my experiences). And yes, if a guy wants a girl to be diapered on a 24/7 basis, that cycle time is definitely included.
  12. Daddies and BabyGirls

    Some of the Daddy and BabyGirl Pics I've come across on the internet.
  13. Is This True?

    My fingers are completely cramped up at this point. I've posted this again and again all over the place. So let me get right to it: I'm not dead! I was never in a car accident! I'm fine. I thank everyone for being so concerned about me, but I'm doing just fine. Zorro Daddy - alive and well! (And yes, Nick is gonna here about this!)
  14. In the Mind and in the Heart

    A collection of pictures and drawings that tell a dream like no other.
  15. The Upside To Being "Little"

    ...which is why I explained it to you over the past few replies while also trying to address your concern that my writing somehow insinuated that only girls can be babies. I think we're "duking" out the same thing, from different perspectives. You have made the point that boys can be babies, too. I made the point that I agreed boys can be babies. They simply won't ever appear in my writings. I believe I have that choice.