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  1. heyjude

    Summer/Travel Comfort/Zorb

    darboy' - thank you for your feed back. I'm sure it will come in handy!! I'm glad you had a good time!!
  2. heyjude

    Cheap Start

    I have tried it and had some success. But I know it's not a long term solution. Thank you for the advice!! I will definitely keep that info handy as I proceed.
  3. heyjude

    Cheap Start

    So I am going cloth for many reasons. 1. After an illness left my bladder control
  4. heyjude

    Summer/Travel Comfort/Zorb

    So, I'm preplanning. We are traveling to Walt Disney World this summer. Heat will be a major issue but stealth and convenience are also an issue.
  5. heyjude

    Comfort after a BAD day

    If you read my intro in the newbie section, it gives a longer explanation but I have had significant health problems since early Oct. it left me incontinent at night and somewhat during the day. So I started diapering and 1. My doctor telling me to use the protection as a confidence booster and 2. Being a bit of a diaper lover for years, I went back into diapers with relief (tired of fighting a disruptive battle) and confidence. Besides some chaffing, all has been good. But last Thurs I noticed something going on with my vision. It didn't clear up so my son took me in today. It turns out that the veins in my left eye are not draining. And one of the veins is now obstructing part of the ocular nerve.
  6. heyjude

    Win a Pacifier!

    I like being here because I've been through a lot lately. It's nice to be someplace where I don't have to defend my true self. Where I can stop fighting to be like everyone else and just let go, and feel some peace.
  7. heyjude

    What do you need to start cloth diapering 24/7

    I just had a really rough night with disposables and chaffing between my legs. Halfway through the night I ended up sleeping naked on my protective pad. I won't go into detail how that turned out. I'm ordering my starters today. I'm going to order from a few places but I want enough to get me through 3 days with 3-4 changes a day and 1 change at night. To save money, I'm not going to order any pocket stuffers for now and I'm just going to go to Target and buy two pkgs of overnight prefolds.
  8. heyjude

    Would be nice to buy adult diapers

    If they are really old it might be more difficult but to get poop stains out, rub lemon on the stain and lay them out in the sun
  9. heyjude

    Trust your Instincts

    So what I'm feeling right now is I just want to wear diapers all the time. For months, everything has been a struggle and I'm tired, so emotionally tired. I was just wearing pads during the day and doing the every two hour thing but yesterday and today, I just didn't. And when I was talking to a friend and felt myself start to go, instead of making a panicked excuse and running to find a bathroom, I let go. OMG! The freedom! I don't want to be diaper dependent for the rest of my life but for right now, I just need a break.
  10. My intro is in the newbie section but I want to switch to entirely cloth. I would like to know approximately what you need for a 3-4 day supply. I'm a heavy night wetter and I get up and change when I wake up wet.
  11. heyjude

    Let Freedom Ring

    I'm Jude. I've always had an interest in wetting diapers. I've played with it on and off for years. But I heeded advice of many who have gone 24/7 and knew it would ruin the little bit of fun, every now and then, for me. On 10/7/16 I came down with a high fever that lasted until 11/7/16. I was hospitalized and even sent to Mayo and they never figured out what caused the high fever. The illness caused a lot of damage to my neurological system, muscles, liver, kidneys and bladder. At first I was completely incontinent. I've worked my way back to being mostly continent during the day but still incontinent at night. I hid this from everyone but finally talked to my doctor on Tuesday. She was great and told me to where the protection that I needed as a form of confidence and strength. That and she is confident I will regain control as my body continues to heal. Releif! That is what I felt, releif. I was so tired of fighting this battle. So I went straight to the drugstore and bought what I needed. I'm supposed to be peeing every two hours during the day and setting the alarm to pee once during the night in an effort to retrain my bladder. But that lasted a day. It just felt so good to let go and not plan my life around this. So I've been wearing pull ups during the day and overnight Tenas with a booster at night. Not even my underpaid gets wet! It will probably get old and I will try to retrain but for now, I just love that I can be in the middle of a conversation with a friend and it happens, and I don't have to make some stupid excuse and run away to find a bathroom. The same with overnight wetting. I wake up soaked but everything else is dry. I don't like sleeping wet so I usually get up and change to dry and then I cuddle back into bed and slip peacefully back into sleep. (No changing PJs or sheets) And when I wake up in the morning I don't have to worry about weather I will make it to the bathroom on time or not. I just get up , feed the dog (which she thinks should always be a priority over everything) and then go to the bathroom by which time, I'm soaked again, and take my shower. I'm free! I want to yell it from the mountain tops! But I guess coming here and telling people who are so accepting will have to do for now. My son has been my caregiver during my illness and I managed to hide it from him but I'm going to tell him today. I don't want everyone to know but with him living here with me for now, I don't want to hide it anymore. The next part I say with no judgement of anyone else. I've also ordered cloth because I find it ecologically more responsible. The are cute and with little baby patterns on them and I'm excited to get them!
  12. heyjude

    Trust your Instincts

    It was my doctor who basically said the same thing to me recently but in a very different way. In Oct I developed a high fever that could only be minimally controlled by alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen. My other symptoms were severe body aches, head ache, enlarged spleen and liver. I could barely breath I was in so much pain. I was hospitalized in my hometown and then transferred to Mayo Clinic in Rodchester MN when the fever didn't resolve after three weeks. At Mayo, they never figured out what it was but the fever broke on Nov 7 and I just started to slowly get better. But my body had suffered a lot of damage from the prolonged fever. I could list all the effects but the one that counts here is I was left with nerve damage and total incontinence. I hid it from EVERYONE even my medical providers. (Which is really hard when you can barely move or walk) Working on my own with info off the internet, I was able to gain control of my bladder for the most part, during the day. But at night, no luck. On Tuesday I FINALLY talked to my Doctor about it. She was fantastic!!! She didn't shame me for not telling her sooner. She said that she is confident that my body will continue to heal. She didn't want me to do ANY restricting of fluids because my body is working so hard to heal and it needs to stay hydrated. And she didn't want to try any meds because the risk and side effects outweigh any
  13. heyjude

    Who woke up wet this morning?

    Woke up soaked
  14. heyjude

    do you hide your wetting at home

    This is very new to me. Only since Oct. The only people who know are my Doc and me. I'm hoping to continue to heal and no one ever knows. I'm glad that others who have to deal with this have the freedom to be open. There is no shame in this. I'm just taking it one step at a time just like the rest of my recovery.