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So, I'm preplanning. We are traveling to Walt Disney World this summer. Heat will be a major issue but stealth and convenience are also an issue. 

My question is, does Zorb breath at all. I will be wearing pocket diapers and I prefer cotton but I would like the extra absorbency of the Zorb and the thinness. But if I'm going to be sweating and uncomfortable, I'll stick with my day weight cotton and deal with the extra changes.

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Hello HeyJude!

I just got back from Disney World this past week and had a great time with my wife and kids all week.  The temperature wasn't as hot as it would be in the summer, but was definantly hot enough (85-90).  I only wore cloth diapers and had no problems with changes and changing frequently.  We didn't spend all day at the park.  We would get there in the morning when it opened, stayed until noon.  Came back to the park around 5pm, this gave me time to go back to our hotel and air out a bit.  I could get away with 2 diapers while I was out.  One in the morning, go back, air out for and hour or so, change into a fresh diaper.  Then change again right before we go out at night.

I use baby prefold diapers for inserts.  1 XL and 1 small perfold on top of that.  I have a fairly thin cotton velour cloth diaper that I use. Very discrete but also plenty absorbent.  You sweat enough you shouldn't be soaking your diaper.  I use a custom PUL diaper cover that I make myself, exactly the same fit that a baby PUL diaper cover works.  If your interested in seeing pictures of what I use, you can always PM me.  

As for zorb, I would say yes as long as you don't have direct contact to the skin.  It can cause some chaffing.  

The only drawback as always with cloth diapers is a little more smell in the heat.  Nothing your not use to if you've been wearing cloth for a while.

hope that helps!!!

Have fun at WDW.


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darboy' - thank you for your feed back. I'm sure it will come in handy!! I'm glad you had a good time!! 

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