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  1. Hi there are you still out here looking to chat and possibly meet, I can entertain, and chat.Smiles

  2. Lil_jasuto

    Ontario ABDL group on kik

    Just started a ABDL Ontario group. We are six so far but I hope to keep building it up. We hope to maybe get a group together and meet up and do stuff together like a munch. If interested in joining here is the link
  3. So I got punished the other day and mommy forced me to wear a pink nappy :(


  4. Not to necro an old post, but I feel this needs to be updated. So Frome what I can tell, Glen Erin Pharmacy has been stocking their shelves with Rearz products for a while now. Every time I go in I see a steady stock of Safari's, Spoiled, Seduction, InControls, and on occasions the Lil Squirts. In recent weeks I have seen them carry ABU Cushies and a few other printed designs as well.
  5. Just hanging out in my Cushies. I love the two tape diapers. I

  6. Lil_jasuto

    Hobbies- who has them?

    I play guitar, I write (Not well mind you), gaming, repairing electronics and troubleshooting software, hanging out with people, cats, and spending time with my gf.
  7. Lil_jasuto

    I got found out

    I dont think you should worry about this too much. You maybe overthinking the matter. If she wanted nothing to do with you there would probably be no note, or a very different kind of note. Nothing has changed. Keep your cool dude.
  8. Lil_jasuto

    Cooties: A Medical Guide

    I lol'd this is an amazing write.
  9. Lil_jasuto

    sleeping in a wet bed

    I especially cant since i share a bed with someone else. I never was a fan of wet beds to begin with.
  10. Lil_jasuto

    So, I told my S/O awhile ago...

    I had recently told my girlfriend about my little side. She is still a bit unsure about the idea so we mainly keep the age play on text messaging. At first for me, I was excited. But looking back I think I made a mistake by telling her as she is becoming more and more reluctant about the idea. I'm just afraid that she will say that she is not into it, which is fine because I don't want to pressure to do something she doesn't want to do. But at the same time i don't want to give up my little self. I cant afford to pay someone to be a babysitter. Nor have I been lucky enough to find someone to do it for free. I am glad singner everything is working out for, and I hope you both get to enjoy the fun experience and everything it has to offer. Just be patient and understanding with them and don't be afraid to explain things to them to help clarify any misunderstandings. Don't leave them in the dark to guess. communication is key and it seems to be going well for you
  11. Lil_jasuto

    what about your bed

    I honestly felt secure in confident in the Rearz Level 10 protection diapers that I am confident enough I dont need anymore protection.
  12. Lil_jasuto

    How do you put on your diapers?

    I lay on my back to put them. I find if I tape them up standing that they dont last more then 2 hours as the tapes fall off.
  13. Lil_jasuto

    Back to Toddlerhood (private between Danny and Lil_jasuto)

    "Oh you will be changing your brothers diaper yes. It seems fitting of a punishment, but so is this. You seem to be a bit curious about diapers. You also need to realize this isnt the first time I've caught you with diapers in your room. Heck even some went missing Danny. We cant afford them to go missing so maybe I'll buy you some to help out with your curosity!"
  14. Lil_jasuto

    Back to Toddlerhood (private between Danny and Lil_jasuto)

    "You seem to be misunderstanding something, hunny! These arent for your brother!"