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  1. Neither answer describes what I think. Some people only like diapers, whereas some people like roleplaying as babies(like me) and a diaper is only 1 part of something much more complex. They are 2 seperate things with some overlap, as some diaper lovers might occasionally regress, or some adult babies might wear a diaper occasionally without regressing.
  2. I'm pansexual, but that doesn't mean much in AB/DL as I don't get anything sexual out of it.
  3. So far, I'd say ABU Lavender. They smell REALLY good, they can hold easily more than 2 wettings, they're super thick(which I like), they leakguards are comfortable, they have a fade when wet design, they look both pretty and babyish, AND they're not overly big. The last one is especially important since I have small hips and many diapers are too big on me. But yeah, I have nothing bad to say about them!!
  4. My Mom told me that I was daytime potty-trained when I was around 2 and 1/2. However, I can distinctly remember still not being nighttime trained until I was 11 and my Mom threatened me into it.
  5. Hm, well, I prefer mine to be the opposite gender of me(male) and that's mainly because my Dad was often not there in my life. I mean, I know him and am in contact with him, but he was always a long-distance father and wasn't a strong paternal figure. I prefer a man who's how I wanted him to be; strong, confident, and sure of himself but soft and gentle(and comforting when needed) with me, and someone who jokes around and plays with me when not tending to my needs. Despite all of this, I think a female caregiver who displays the above traits would be satisfying as well, or at least I wouldn't mind one who's female.
  6. I certainly can. It often takes effort to act like an infant, even when I'm in littlespace and it feels natural to me. I get super quiet and reserved as well, with occasional exceptions. When you're new to a form of age regression, or new to accepting that you do it, that kind of thing can happen.
  7. Oh yeah, I do that all of the time. I sometimes go on the Babies R Us website just to do that, lol. It mainly happens when I see changing supplies or cribs or even high chairs. I usually fantasize about being laid down on a changing mat or changing table and changed, then rocked and cuddled and babytalked. I sometimes fantasize about being bottlefed or fed in a high chair, and, less commonly, being in a crib. I think that's a common thing for ABDLs, and if not, at least I do it, lol.
  8. Oh yeah, I get that. I have now accepted this myself for sure, but I still like to find reasons why. I simply just don't prioritize knowing why. Also, I experienced bedwetting as well, but I'm not sure what from. I just wetted the bed from the time I got out of diapers(guess I only got out of them during the day) until the age of 11. Mom was told by many pediatricians that I'd grow out of it(as many children do), but as time went on, that never happened. She tried having some dude come over with an anti-bedwetting program, but I bitched at him so much that I made him leave. My Mom later threatened to have me wear cloth diapers and plastic pants. I then came up with my own plan, and I stopped within a month. I can't remember what my plan was, but I knew that before that threat, I was perfectly content with with going to bed in pull-ups. Not sure if this is linked to why I'm ABDL, but I do think it was a sign of it.
  9. Thanks, hun!! I'll check it out.
  10. I finally got a Visa gift card and I'm using it to buy an adult pacifier online. Does anyone know of any cheap brands that make decent quality adult pacifiers? Cheap meaning $11 max. Thanks!
  11. For me, it's mostly recreating a time in my life where everything was fine, and getting the comfort and security i lost so early in life. I had a single mother of 2 kids(me and my older sister) who simply couldn't always be there and I often felt neglected. I also had some....issues, around the age of 10 or 11, maybe a little younger. Some traumatic events(that I will not discuss) occurred and no one ever gave me the comfort and security I needed, or even time to recover as I was made to live with my Dad shortly after the worst events happened. I only lived with him for a month before returning to my Mom, but I was still forced to suppress the feelings around this by this happening. And again, while there, I got no comfort. I became easily startled from the traumatic events and would jump a little when someone walked into the room unexpectedly. My Dad once said to me "Don't do that", as if it was deliberate. And he knew what happened, too...Another major factor was my stepsister. She bossed me around and treated me like shit. Long story short, ABDL allows me to get the comfort, love, and protection I needed but never got. I often got the opposite, unfortunately. It also allows me to release my long-suppressed soft and vulnerable side. There's actually more to this but I won't say it since I have already typed a paragraph.
  12. So ya don't think they'll see my online purchases? OK then, I hope you're right. Thanks. ^^
  13. Sadly true.
  14. Hm, you have a point there. And I'm not sure, but they have seen some checks I've written and whatnot.
  15. I'd like it if they groped my crotch first, then maybe if they stuck 2 fingers in the waistband in the back like how parents do to real babies.