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  1. spider8itch69

    Any tips for hemming from people who have sewing experience?

    Alright, thank you!
  2. spider8itch69

    What's your favorite weather?

    I love cool, cloudy weather, and I really love rain!! It's so calming and cleansing, it seems to wash everything away and allow a new start. Also, I hate sunny days, I find it visually and in general overwhelming and far too bright.
  3. spider8itch69

    Why Do You Wear Diapers

    I wear them because they make me feel safe and give me some sort of mental security. I feel like nothing bad can reach me in them, they make me feel like a baby(they're an important of regressing for me)
  4. So, I recently bought some baby stuff that I'm VERY excited about!! However, the onesie is several inches too long(you can see it on me in the picture below)
  5. spider8itch69

    How Clearly do You Remember Your Childhood?

    My earliest memory is of
  6. spider8itch69

    What Decade Is It For Your Inner Child?

    For me, it's an anachronistic mixture of the 90's and now. The 90's because of the cartoons and the quintessential baby stuff that's overly modernized now. And now because I use a lot of technology that wasn't availible back then, even though it wasn't too long ago.
  7. spider8itch69

    Are Thick Diapers a nostalgia thing?

    Hm, well, I don't find it nostalgic as much as thick diapers simply feel more babyish than thinner ones. There might be some nostalgia involved, as modern diapers are thinner than the ones I wore in the 90's(not that long ago, I know, but things have still changed), but for me it's mostly just feeling like I'm wearing an adult-sized
  8. spider8itch69

    AB vs DL are they different?

    Neither answer describes what I think. Some people only like diapers, whereas some people like roleplaying as babies(like me) and a diaper is only 1 part of something much more complex.
  9. spider8itch69


    I'm pansexual, but that doesn't mean much in AB/DL as I don't get anything sexual out of it.
  10. spider8itch69

    What is your favorite adult diaper?

    So far, I'd say ABU Lavender. They smell REALLY good, they can hold easily more than 2 wettings, they're super thick(which I like), they leakguards are comfortable, they have a fade when wet design,
  11. spider8itch69

    At what age were you fully potty trained?

    My Mom told me that I was daytime potty-trained when I was around 2 and 1/2. However, I can distinctly remember still not being nighttime trained until I was 11 and my Mom threatened me into it.
  12. spider8itch69

    What do you prefer?

    Hm, well, I prefer mine to be the opposite gender of me(male) and that's mainly because my Dad was often not there in my life. I mean, I know him and am in contact with him, but he was always a long-distance father and wasn't a strong paternal figure. I prefer a man who's how I wanted him to be; strong, confident, and sure of himself but soft and gentle(and comforting when needed)
  13. spider8itch69

    Can't truly act like I want to

    I certainly can. It often takes effort to act like an infant, even when I'm in littlespace and it feels natural to me. I get super quiet and reserved as well, with occasional exceptions. When you're new to a form of age regression, or new to accepting that you do it, that kind of thing can happen.
  14. spider8itch69

    Baby items that you imagine and fantasize about

    Oh yeah, I do that all of the time. I sometimes go on the Babies R Us website just to do that, lol. It mainly happens when I see changing supplies or cribs or even high chairs. I usually fantasize about being laid down on a changing mat or changing table and changed, then rocked and cuddled and babytalked. I sometimes fantasize about being bottlefed or fed in a high chair, and, less commonly, being in a crib. I think that's a common thing for ABDLs, and if not, at least I do it, lol.
  15. spider8itch69

    Why Are We AB?

    On 8/22/2016 at 11:31 PM, eatenbywo1ves said: Do you shoot standing leg gathers instead of webbing? While my story is no where near similar as to how I ended up here, I definitely get this.