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  1. Anyone on here ride?

    Rider here. In the U.K. On a Bmw.
  2. Leeds & Yorkshire

    work in leeds here... be nice to chat or meet.
  3. Any bikers in Midlands/Nottingham?

    Me me me! I was sure i had seen a bike thread... and im up near sheffield and out in the peak district lots. Pm me if want.
  4. Adult Nappies in South East England

    Clearwell mobility in Woking.
  5. ABC Club recently??

    I know there are a few posts about the ABC club in london, but i wondered if anyome had actually been recently? Is it still running? I know its in a gay bar, is everyone that goes gay? Im straight and i dont wanna feel too uncomfortable. Anyone fancy going? Dont wanna go on my own.
  6. Hello :)

    Hi & welcome! There's lots of friendly people here and lots in the UK, I'm not a million miles away near basingatoke. Have fun!
  7. As per the title, just wondering if anyone has used thus company for nappies or other supplies?? Thanks.
  8. amd slip maxi

    Well.... been and bought a pack of amd slip. Got one on now and first thoughts is they are very generously sized! I watched a YouTube video review which said they were undersized but this isnt the case. So, given that i have a size too big they are quite bulky to start with. Its still pretty much dry at the moment but ive just drank plenty of fluid so hopefully things will soon change. Will report back later!
  9. amd slip maxi

    Hi all.. Just wondered if anyone has used the AMD Slip Maxi? I normally get nappies from one stop mobility in Woking and they seem to have stopped selling the euronform, which i love, and have started selling the amd slip instead. Has anyone used them?????
  10. Hampshire

    Basingstoke area here.
  11. Any DL in Surrey/Hants?

    North east hampshirr here!
  12. am bk

    Welcome back.. Im in north east Hampshire and in a similar predicament in that i cant tell my wife!

    Hanpshire here too!
  14. Tena - Asda

    That's not the Fareham branch, speedfields park is the one.
  15. Tena - Asda

    Spotted - asda Fareham.