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  1. Video Game: Perpetual Change

    WINE basically allows you to run Windows on a Mac or Linux system, it's not an emulator though.
  2. youtube video - birdman

    Seems awfully triggered about this whole thing (being offended) ..which is odd seeing as he has a video on his main page about people being so easily triggered now-a-days. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
  3. Community Season 6 Finale

    So watched the season finale of season 6 for the show Community on Yahoo (Screens) and was humorously surprised for not one take...but several takes of the character "Deen" pop on screen in nothing but a disposable diaper. The episode in question is called Emotion Consequences of Broadcast Television, varies character give their pitch for "season 7". Can be found here: https://screen.yahoo.com/community/community-episode-13-emotional-consequences-070001302.html If you just want to view the scenes in question, in order they are at around 5:40, 8:30 (dancing in a diaper), Deen runs in just diapered at 11:44, 15:05 Deen asks the question "What about this diaper thing? Is it about shaming me?" later mentions he'd rather has his diaper back after being dressed as a tranny in another characters season 7 pitch. Screen captured the first instance.
  4. Simpsons

    Did some searching, it's from Season 26 episode 16 apparently. Sky Police. Can watch it on Hulu http://www.hulu.com/watch/761991 it's around 3:50 in