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  1. *wave* New shy baby

    Heeewoooo and wellcome do DD! I bet you will make a lof of friends here!
  2. Homeland diapers

    Wow! These boosters must be really good. I usualy have to change during the work.
  3. Homeland diapers

    Safari are super cute nd looks awesome. Pitty it cost very expeisnde to order and ship it to here. Which is your favourite ABU? Preschool? Space Diaper? SKD? Cushies? They all are super cute. If you try the Tykables tell us about it.
  4. So cool and yummy going out with big bro to get chocolates for easter hehe. :lol:

  5. Homeland diapers

    Heeeewooo everyone. Sure we all know the fammous diaper brands (abdl brands or not) like Tena, Abena, Molicare and such. But, we know there a lot of buddies from all the pieces of the glob here as well so I was wondering which diaper brands our homelands have? Would be cool we all know a bit of the non so fammous brands around the world. I will start. I am from Brazil and a fammous adult diaper brand here is Bigfral. They are made by the same compnany that makes a super cute and good diapers for babies and toddlers (this brand os called Pom Pom). Bigfral is still only plastic backed. We have one called Plenitud, Mili, Sensaty, Drymax, Cotidian and some others, these one i mentioned you ca nfind some in plastic backed, others in cloth backed and some others there are version in both backing. Here you can find Tena Slip and Abena but this last one is super expensive. So... which diapers brands do you have there in your country?
  6. Poop in sleep

    I did it a lof but like willnotwill said, better you have a good cream protecting your skin.
  7. Do You Sleep Better In Diapers

    I sleep super fine diapered and with my teddy
  8. What do you use your Diapers for?

    For wetting and poopimg. Wear all the time
  9. Cold night... Should I ask big bro to prepare a yummy hot chocolate? Hehe :rolleyes:

    1. Little Christine

      Little Christine

      Only if Big Bro is watching

    2. ruffledpanties


      Big Bro is always watching little blushy boy.

    3. Little Christine

      Little Christine

      Since 1984?  Aw well...

  10. Cold... Brrrrrr...

    1. ruffledpanties


      It's time for insulated jammies 

  11. Back home after staying in hospital. :mellow:

  12. Sleepovers are soooooo fun! :lol:

    1. Joey_AB_DL


      I bet an AB sleep over would be a blast!   Do tell.

    2. Caio


      It was awesome, I had a lof of fun. Diaper changes a lot of play!

  13. Big bro and I.

    Yeah hehehe