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Found 144 results

  1. Simply put, here`s how this one works: The person above states a scenario and you tell us how you would act in face of that scenario. Simple, right? What would you do if.... You woke up strapped to a crib?
  2. I'm looking for someone to rp with me. My character being a teenage boy forced to be a baby girl. I would like to rp on skype but email or anywhere else is fine too
  3. Chase Was 15 he has blond hair and wore tshirts and shorts even when it was cold out. he was about to graduate to junior His mom was pregnant when Chase was 13, she was pregnant with twin boys. Chase never helped with his brothers he just stuck to him self. It's friday night and Chase was going to go out with his boyfriend,but as he was about to leave he noticed his mom was dressed up. she looked at him "Chase your babysitting for me tonight ok" He quickly tried to argue "But mom i was gonna meet with.." but she cut him off "sweetheart please just this once.. you can go out next time ok.. " she smiled . he sighed started nodding "Fine.." she smiled leaving "Bye sweety thanks again" he gulped "Now where to are those little munchkins"
  4. Chris is a 15 year old boy he was shy and very nervous around others (will post more when others join)
  5. Does anyone want to do role playing and can I be the kid the Cartier I'll be playing is a boy his name is Johnny he has blue eyes and he still wears diapers
  6. From the album Me

    Still looking for that 24/7 thing.
  7. From the album Let's Play! Hooray!!

    So all I needed now is a door and I got my Newest crib!!!
  8. I stayed little longer than most. My younger brother was born when i was 4 and i guess I wanted to be babied too. I remember getting diapered and being changed. I wasn't potty trained until I was 5 and even after that I had a lot of accidents. Mom constantly reminded me to go to the bathroom and I wet the bed until almost 14. As a 7 year old, I started wanting to be a baby again. I talked like a baby, wanted mom to help with my bath and dressing and even intentially did bad on school work to get attention. Now as an adult baby I look back and think thats how i have always been. Just one time I'd like to be changed and rocked and even nursed. I dont see anything changing as I get older!
  9. Hello! My name is Cody and I am a diaper lover near Springfield/Decatur, Illinois. I was wondering if anybody in this area wears!? I can't seem to find anybody, and would love to meet up!
  10. daippers

    are there any good adult baby nursery that recommended
  11. Since I wear diapers almost every day (I take them off under some circumstances), my answer to this question is yes. What about you?
  12. Idea 1: My character is a stubborn 23-year-old lawyer whose arrogant ways, forging of evidence, and brattiness get him into serious trouble. When your character(a man he'd framed for a serious crime) discover he pissed all over his office, you take that opportunity to force him into wearing diapers in public. Your character relishes in treating mine like a big baby and making him "accept his place". Idea 2: My character(lawyer or otherwise) is kidnapped by yours. You play a Daddy who simply wants to have an obedient, happy baby to play with. You're delusional, and you see my character as a cute little baby boy who just needs to be disciplined and cared for by "Daddy". When my character acts like a big boy, however, you become domineering and sadistic, going to extreme lengths to demean and hurt him until he starts being a baby again.
  13. From the album Let's Play! Hooray!!

    I turned my own room into a play area! all i need nw is a play yard gate and we are good to go PLAY!!!!
  14. Hey guys & girls.... So, I've actually been admiring this website for many years now, without ever posting anything. Yet now, I feel myself a need to question a few things, and get peoples' opinions.... Basically, I managed to get my girlfriend into nappies (diapers) in the early stages of our relationship, by showing her they were a product that could be bought on a sex-toy website we were both viewing. I showed her the product and said I'd like to give those 'nappies' a try, and she didn't deny any mutual interest. I have since had numerous occasions of wearing around her (actually- she was the first person to wear a nappy upon their arrival, in our box of 'sex toys'). However, since then we have had a baby, whom I adore more than anything in this world. Subsequently, I often feel very awkward 'wearing' around her, for fear that I appear somewhat pathetic and the 'baby', too. She has never, ever complained about this at all, but I can't help but it make me feel quite awkward now when it comes to wearing. Up until the point our baby was born, I even got up the courage to wear when we were out shopping, and my GF was absolutely fine with it! It was a HUGEEEE turn-on to say the least! Has anyone got any experience of this, or any advice as to how they would approach this...? I can't help but feel so helpless in a nappy when I'm the least of my gf's concerns when it comes to our baby.... Please help guys! I love the fact there's such a big community out there where we're all accepting to on-another! Blast back 15-20 years and this whole behaviour would have been completely frowned-upon! Thank you guys!
  15. From the album Me

    Still looking for that 24/7 thing.
  16. Hello, everyone! I'm not looking for anyone to meet in RL. I'm just a naughty boy looking for a strict and condescending Daddy-Dom to force me back into diapers in an RP. Please comment here if you're interested, and we can work out the details. I enjoy RPing with a dominating Daddy who kidnaps my character and forces him into babyhood to re-raise him as a good boy, stripping him of his adult status and taking on a position as his legal guardian. You can spin that however you want, though. If you want to RP as a Daddy with another motive, say so here. I won't be mad, just make sure you punish my character quite a bit.
  17. From the album Michael Gardner

    These are just pictures of me relaxing in my tee shirt and diaper. I look comfy don't I?
  18. So I'm new to the acting like a baby and was hoping for some advice from people who love the AB side. I have a Mistress Mommy (my wife) who loves to be dominating. I told her about my fetish almost 2 years ago and we have played around for a little bit, but recently I've been put back in diapers and must stay in them till she she's otherwise. I love it. But i've never done the baby thing before like bottles, clothes, etc. What's the best place to get clothes? What should I get and what should I try? Suggestions? Thanks
  19. From the album Pipsqueakstevie

    This crib, was at Angelica's house, in upstate new york, I was able to sleep in it for four days, and I got the best sleep of my life!

    © pipsqueakstevie

  20. From the album Pipsqueakstevie

    This is me just relaxing as a sissy.

    © pipsqueakstevie

  21. From the album Pipsqueakstevie

    This is one time when I was changed next to the road.

    © pipsqueakstevie

  22. I am curious if others try to mimic the walking style of a baby after they have learned to walk without holding onto something. I have been a DL since I was a child, and more recently decided to take the full plunge with the AB side of it, with proper clothes, bottles with formula, toys, playmats, etc. So this is something I am trying to incorporate into my age play when I halfway or fully regress. I have done a lot of reading about why babies walk the way they do. Some of which of course I cannot change because they are due to the baby's bodily development. For starters, babies have a higher center of gravity when they first start to walk. Thus why they stick their arms out more. Next, their leg are bowed outward more at the knees and thus gives the impression of the cowboy stance and walk. Thick diapers between their legs further exacerbate this as it is harder for them to close their legs. This also means that while walking their hips are moving back and forth in a more circular motion (cowbow walk) rather than a linear motion like an adults hips while walking. I have also read that studies have been done comparing babies walk with and without a diaper. Disposables seem to cause the widest walking, Cloth is less wide but still wider. Walking without a diaper gives babies a walk that is more similar to adult walking Lastly I have read and watched that babies tend to put more preasure and weight towards the front of their feet rather than their heal. So when I am in age play, I try to encorporate all of this into my walk, but it seems to require more concentration than I prefer. However, after my diaper is saturated or I have a load in my diaper, all of these movements seem to come more naturally with littler to no concentration. I also have one extra padded AIO diaper that also seems to facilitate this. Curious if anyone else tries to walk this way and what you do to let it happen just naturally?
  23. Hey, I've been looking to explore more babyish positions while cuddling with a caretaker, or other littles. So far I've just done pretty normal cuddlely positions, which are fine but certain positions, like the cradle, seem so very babyish and wonderful to me and I'd like to try them out. I tried to get the cradle and a couple others to work with a partner and it was quite awkward and uncomfortable. We shifted and adjusted for a while, but just couldn't find the sweet spot. Turns out cradling a 6' tall baby can be somewhat difficult! I'm sure we will figure it out in time, and the sweet spot depends greatly on the body types of who are cuddling... but I was wondering how others have gone about exploring babyish cuddling like the cradle. Share your experiences and knowledge please!
  24. From the album Me

    Still looking for that 24/7 thing.