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Found 185 results

  1. New Game! WOULD YOU RATHER!!! Very, Very Simple game. Player 1 ask Would you Rather (Blank) or (Blank). Player 2 picks answer and repeats for next player.
  2. Max's son hadn't been doing well in school at all. This wouldn't be an issue on its own; he usually helped his son with homework when he was younger and he wasn't all that great in school either as a kid, but nowadays it seemed less like Danny was having trouble and more like he was slacking off. On top of that, he'd been going out past his eleven-o-clock curfew and didn't even bother telling him where he was going or how long he'd be gone. Sometimes, his son just flat-out ignored him and he was getting sick of being disrespected. When Danny came home, he'd have a surprise waiting for him. Max decided to renovate his room; he replaced his bed with a crib, gutted the rest of the room and replaced everything with babyish furniture, like a playpen and changing table in the corner. If Danny was going to ignore him and stop trying in school, if he was just going to stop following the rules, he'd have to punish him. Max had always wanted his baby boy back again, so he discovered the wonders of diaper punishment, and decided he'd be giving this a try. Max would have his baby back, and little Danny would learn to stop misbehaving; what was not to like? He couldn't wait for his son to come home and see what he had prepared.
  3. 18 Runcorn cis Girl. BBW (big beautiful woman) size 16-20 clothing size. Bra cup size is B. 5.8ft Looking for a daddy or an abdl. I am a abdl but also a mommy looking for a Cis or trans man or a woman (any age) will post photos in a few days. Looking for anyone around Runcorn. Or will share pictures and chat on kik if you want.
  4. It was tiresome, and Max didn't know if he could handle it anymore; eventually, he just sighed and threw up his hands. "Ugh, fine. Listen, I need to tell you something about my brother. You know, the one we're going to be staying with?" He shuffled his feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, he isn't exactly adult-material. You'll see when he comes to pick us up-" That was when the car pulled into his friend's driveway, and Max slapped his forehead the instant he saw the tired-looking teen slouched in the front seat. Not only was he wearing a coffee-stained shirt-again, for the millionth time, even after he specifically asked him to wear something clean-he wasn't even wearing it properly. The damn thing was on backwards, and his long, black hair was a total mess. He hadn't even shaved the stubble off his face, so now he looked like a hobo, and he was even drinking the coffee while driving! He'd told him not to do that. Perfect first impression, Max thought to himself, scowling as he walked over and slipped into the seat alongside his friend after helping him with his bags. "Bill, you have got to be kidding me." The eighteen-year-old rolled his eyes at him and drummed his fingertips against the steering wheel as he started to drive, "What is it this time, mom?" Max rolled his eyes and shot back, "Your shirt's on backwards again, you obviously didn't brush your hair, you haven't shaved, and I bet you drank that coffee on the way here and spilled it on yourself again, didn't you?" The boy just slouched and muttered something unintelligible under his breath. Max waited for him to speak up, before finally commanding him, "Speak up so I can hear you, Bill." Bill simply pouted at him from the front seat before raising his voice so he could hear, "Yeah, I might've spilled it a little, but I diddit yesterday an' you were fine wit' it. Not like it matters, anyway." He mumbled childishly, swinging his feet as he drove them to his and Max's abode. Max didn't have the energy to keep arguing; he just glared at him from the corner of his eye. He sighed, looking back at his friend when the car stopped as if to say "do you see what I have to deal with" before sitting back in his seat.
  5. Idea: My character is a professor at a local, prestigious college and he is often late to his own class, barely takes care of himself, always dresses sloppily, etc. Eventually, someone(either an exasperated student who feels they are not getting their money's worth or a fellow professor who believes he must be punished) takes matters into his own hands and starts treating him like the baby he is.
  6. Bill was waiting for his latest “victim” to get up. He’d started babysitting a younger kid who still peed the bed like a baby a while back; unbeknownst to the kid’s parents, it was his fault that this happened. He pulled the usual hand-in-bowl-of-warm-water trick more times than he could count, and the little moron always slept right through it. His parents were too naive to suspect the babysitter was the one behind it, and the kid had a history of bed wetting anyway, so he always got off it scot-free. Now he was home with the twerp, the parents were leaving him in charge for a solid month, and he couldn’t be happier. Bill could finally diaper him, like he’d been waiting to. He bought multiple packs of the most babyish-looking, thick diapers he could find, changing supplies, novelty-sized pacifiers, oversized baby clothes, a set of bars for the bed so it’d be more like a big crib, and even a pair of locking plastic panties so he could keep the brat lying in his own pee. Hell, he had a locking set of mittens, so the little shit couldn’t try taking off the panties, either. He could only imagine how amazing that would feel, to lock him up and force him to use the diapers. To have the little bastard crying and begging for mercy. Bill arrived with all of those things, and a plan in mind, but made a fatal error. He fell asleep by the twerp’s bed, his own hand in the warm water bowl, all the supplies spread around him, and wound up pissing himself in the process.
  7. A fnaf rp! Looking for a Scott to tease/catch/diaper Vincent. (If you don't know a lot about FNAF just know that Vincent's known for his big ego and Scott hates him, so in this situation he'd tease Vincent. ) Vincent hummed softly, walking around the small shopping center with the other guards in front of him. They were there for boss, picking up a few decorations for the pizzeria and so on. Vincent was a quiet type in big groups, so he trailed along behind Scott, rather than engaging with the others. He wore tight black jeans and a puffy pastel yellow sweater, looking quite adorable, although he considered it casual. His hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail, as it usually was. As well as... well, boxers. See, Vincent didn't even know what a little was yet, let alone know he was interested in diapers. But, that would soon change. They eventually passed a small aisle around back, labeled adult incontinence. He glanced down the aisle, then paused, his face heating up. Adult diapers, huh..? I wonder how they feel, he thought to himself, blushing further. Vincent stopped to look down the aisle, though the other guards kept walking. He figured no one would notice he was gone, and wandered in to check out the diapers.
  8. I am looking for someone to dom my character and put them in diapers. I have a few scenarios in mind already, but you can suggest some that I didn’t put here if you want. Scenario 1: I am older brother, but I don’t act the part at all. I’m a slob, I barely take care of myself, and I often have accidents. You take initiative and decide to diaper me while our parents are out of town. This leads to humiliation(public diaper changes, etc). Scenario 2: I am your teacher, but I’m not exactly the most mature person you’ve ever met. I’m a brat, I tend to act like a know-it-all, and sometimes I use my position of power to my advantage to blackmail students into behaving. You either make me wet myself or catch me having an accident, and then force me to wear diapers and depend on you to change them...all while not being able to tell anyone without humiliating myself further. The diapering eventually escalated into full-blown babying and semi-public humiliation, and it becomes clear that I have no choice but to quit or risk someone finding out I’m now your baby. Scenario 3: I am a very badly-behaved employee, and you are my boss. You decide that enough is enough after discovering I’ve been forging signatures on important documents and passing my work off on other people, and decide that I need a bit of discipline. Scenario 4: We are roommates, and I don’t do my part at all. I don’t pay my part of the rent or clean up around the house like I’m supposed to, and I always find some way to weasel out of responsibilities you have for me, saddling you with all the work. You get fed-up with my laziness and decide to diaper me, which then leads to full-blown babying and humiliation galore.
  9. Hello, I am looking for someone to rp with who would wind up forcing my(male) character into diapers. I would like it to be noncon(obviously) and I want it to be semi-advanced at least. I am open to any scenario ideas, just hit me up here or pm me with any ideas. The only thing I want to establish is that my character is an adult, other than that the scenarios are open and you can suggest just about anything.
  10. Looking for a Daddy to RP with who will kidnap my character and make him into his baby. As long as it's noncon, I don't really give a shit what you do, just use proper grammar and punctuation please. Thanks.
  11. Logan Abernathy was on the move again, leaving the office after a busy day at work. He hadn't had any real "cases" in a while; he was just a paper-pusher these days, and it was boring work. The man had a haggard look to him; his eyes were tired, his hair tied back in a messy ponytail, and his suit was rumpled. He'd forgotten to shave the day before, and the stubble on his cheeks and chin lent itself to his worn-out appearance; he wanted to get home and groom himself, make sure everything was neat. Before the man could truly leave, however, the door to the law firm swung open with a loud bang, "Mr. Abernathy, sir, you forgot this!" Compared to him, the subordinate was weak-looking, small and weedy, with no muscle at all. He simply took the proffered suitcase from the shaking man with a curt nod, and walked away, one hand crammed deep into his pocket after he took a moment to loosen his tie. The dark-haired lawyer didn't even bother to thank his subordinate, simply carrying the suitcase slung over his shoulder with one hand on the handle, cigarette smoking between his lips. When he was sure the kid had retreated, he smirked; the little bastard was just a baby compared to him, so small and pitiful. In this world, he was on the top of the food-chain, the boss of the firm who'd crush everyone underneath his leather, wing-tipped shoes and leave his weak competition begging for mercy, choking in the dirt. A cruel smirk made its way onto his face as he stomped away from the law office, contemplating exactly how easily he could handle his next case. Sometimes, all it took was a little flattery, a little under-the-table bribery, and the clients fell to their knees in front of him and kissed the ground he walked on. It was almost sad, how easily he could twist these people around his finger without even expending any effort; part of him felt just a touch bad, but he soon quashed that sentimental nonsense. He had no time to pity anyone, not when he was in pursuit of prestige and nothing else. Besides, they were weak and he was strong; that was simply how life went. Those who were too sentimental usually also wound up being people he scorned; why waste time feeling bad about something when it doesn't involve or impact you in any way? As long as something didn't impact him, Logan was content to ignore it; he felt was above others' trivial affairs. Over the years, many people had tried coercing him into marriage, asking him out on dates, or convincing him to have children, but what purpose would that serve? It would only hold him back, to be attached to someone else; such sentimental things were just signs of weakness. He knew people who'd had babies-god forbid-and the shitting, pissing creatures often deprived them of their jobs until they were able to sustain themselves. To him, infants and those who behaved like them were the most disgusting examples of humanity rather than the most innocent; they were the weakest of them all, so helpless it made his stomach churn. Helplessness was something he despised in any person, no matter how young; it was better to grow up hardened by experience than to be trampled underfoot later in life by someone stronger and more self-sufficient. That was simply how life was; either you made yourself strong, or you were at the bottom of the food-chain. He didn't make the rules, he simply circumnavigated them to his own convenience, and now he was on top, a predator with enough strength and cunning to topple any obstacle. Over the years, he'd made quite a few enemies among those who saw him as unnecessarily cruel rather than efficient, but he'd long since stopped bothering to keep track of them all. They were a tiny minority in a sea of people who looked up to him and accepted their rightful places beneath him; a dirty speck in a clean ocean. Not worth his time in the slightest. Logan Abernathy simply kept walking, making his way towards the parking lot as he removed the cigarette from his freshly-parted lips, blowing smoke into the air. He looked bored, his expression set in a disinterested sort of frown as he strode forth with a lazy sort of confidence, his voice a tired drawl, "What do you want? Can't you see that I'm busy?" @dontyouloveyourmommy
  12. Hello, I write this mostly to vent a little. Independently if you are an AB or a DL, you already know that being a baby is great, and I believe is a bit more exciting if you have an actual baby to connect with him/her and feel like you're his/her best friend because you already know is living in the best stage of life. I have a younger sister who was born in 2014 and I really enjoyed her and spoiled her everytime I could, I felt identified with her, then the years passed and potty training started and I knew it was over for her being a baby (I don't know about you but I mostly always draw the line of being a baby when she/he is potty trained.) Now she's close to being 5 and already in preeschool. We still have a strong bond but I miss her being a baby, someone I could play & talk babyish. Also I thought "well, good thing also have my cousins" well, by now, time passed so fast and now there aren't babies in my family anymore. And I know all this sounds maybe over the top, but I feel that way. Maybe we are lucky we get to experience being a baby again, but it's sad for me when you actually see that stage of life gone.
  13. Havent found much luck, finding locals on fetlife. Even tho im open to travel. It would be alot easier to travel within missouri =D So i figured id take a shot here.
  14. Looking for like minded people who enjoy kicking back in life with the finer things. Ab welcomed i myself love just love adult diapers. Feel free to ask anything. Im here to make new friends and build some great relationships and friendships that are going to last