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  1. Soup... there it is

    not a huge fan of peper water, i love udon soup with eggdrop though
  2. Midnight Movies

    holy necro post batman! lol. Thy don't do midnight showings where i am from, and they only time they do midnight releases of video games is when only one store in the city is doing it, otherwise there isnt enough volume of participants.
  3. wanted to share some news with yall

    mine was just born 13 days ago, and i gotta say, its been amazing. congrats man, its alot of fun!
  4. Are you willing?

    It sounds terrible, but this is basically exactly what i am looking for in life. I have a wife and a baby now, so honestly i probably wouldn't be able to just vanish. As much as id like to, it would be the wrong thing to do. I did have a master who text-ed me commands, public embarrassment, pictures and videos, pretty much the dirtiest stuff you can imagine. When he called, i came running. that was fun. and i wish i could still have that, im looking for a new owner. Running away to an owner to use and abuse me in pretty much the biggest dream of mine sexually, but its not practical. Maybe ill take a month off if i find one.
  5. Going back to the origional point is this. Very simple, What you where doing at 5.223 years old does not apply. Labels divide. Labels Separate. Labels Alienate. You can label yourself as much as you want, but the OP is as king for a total community definition. Separating everyone does no good for everyone. The easiest example is Gay people. Even in my life time, you where straight, bi, or gay. If you wanted to meet gay people, you met gay people. NOW, due to labels, you meet gays, queers, Queens, Flamers, Any number of terms you have to know just for a simple hookup, and god forbit we make love and dating easier by finding the best, closest match, instead of matching SKU numbers. If you want to use the label, do it, but do not expect people to use it with you, or use it on you. Easy as pie/
  6. Giant Diaper Cake!

    1000 dollars? for a 4 foot high stack of diapers? sounds like you are asking for $1000 dollars of free diapers to me.
  7. [DD] Christmas Contest

  8. I just want to toss this out there, Drinking before bed can make you have more urine, if you drink a lot. But not drinking, unless you have truly dehydrated yourself, will not stop the production of urine. Your kidneys make urine every 15 minutes in varying amounts, And your bladder tells you when it needs to go. This process slows at night while you sleep but never stops. I live in a cold environment, and i have found that when i exit my work vehicle i dribble a little if its cold. made a bad habit of just using my pad or diaper to catch what i have. its hard to break a habit like that, be sure you want to wet the bed.
  9. Three women were arrested wearing adult diapers

    Not real news, the site itself claims it is unreliable. Please remember to check facts.
  10. fet·ish /fediSH/ noun 1. a course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment. 2. any object, idea, etc., eliciting unquestioning reverence, respect, or devotion Being an ABDL Is a fetish by pure definition. Fetish as a sexual term is relatively new. and not technical as of yet.
  11. Labels in general are not the main problem, its the volume of letters and the pure Hate that comes from them. it is un-necessary and frankly sad. In this case, Labels are actually HURTING the gay rights movements. The casual supporter can easily type, say and understand SLGBT. But as soon as you go fracturing yourself into splinter groups and splinters from those splinters, people not only stop caring but can actually push back. it is easy to fight for the rights of one general group. It is crazy to even try for 1000. And they all hate each other. The gays who absolutely TRASH me for being Bi sexual, the Lesbians who attack lesbians who dress feminine and act like women. As a simple group you where semi united in the front for rights, now? Nothing. All because someone decided that they where a special snowflake beyond the rest and needed their own term to define their exact level of comfort. Back on the OP, ABDL covers every one. people who like pee but no diapers already have theirs, Poopers too, ABDL defines everyone in the diaper lovers and adult baby world. you might be a small section of the DL, but not sexual, or AB but no diapers, it still covers you, go into specifics over a conversation with someone you trust to have that talk with.
  12. I remember the LGBT community. Then they added more Letters, and i truly stopped caring. Because its not about individuality anymore, or rights, or even respect, its attention. "I want MY share too! look how oppressed WE are too! IF they get a letter i want one too! Tommy got more ice cream than me!" What used to be "I like to take it in the butt, you like to give it, lets do this" became " i am bi romantic with a Pansexual Tendency, but lean toward Demisexual unless i have had too much to drink" and if you don't know every term because you didnt go to sexual trade school, you get shunned from the community. Soon there will be sexual identifiers to how fast you like the dude to go. Bar-codes on our hands will say "40m50g10dbbb92ppmdg" (Thats 40% into males, 60% females, 10%dogs, Bare Back, Bottom, 92 pumps per minute, Dump and go) Because naming them will be too hard. Bit of a ramble, and im sorry. But every person being a special snowflake for being that one extra shade of yellow compared to the rest is just too much for me. Also quoiromanticism is Literally the definition of a useless term. It means you dont know what romantic area you land on the spectrum? so instead of "Undecided" you went and made up a super special term. Welcome to the most tedious level of self absorption there is. Proud to be Flat old Bisexual, and flat old AB/DL. and not a member of the greater SLGBT (Straight-lesbian-gay-bi-trans) (See what i did there? hypocrisy at its finest. No offense intended, trying to be funny.)
  13. Starting to wonder, What is truly wrong with the world. Why must people be so... Idiotic?

    1. Rachel Emily

      Rachel Emily

      Is there any specific act of idiocy to which you're referring?

    2. Little Christine

      Little Christine

      It heops them keep their sanity. If they found out what is REALLY going on, they would lose it totally

  14. Why are we so set to label our self? The sexual spectrum is so convoluted that i don't even know if i ever want to have sex again, So i don't have to pick. Demi-sexual, pan-sexual, bi-lean-sexual, straight-bi sexual. the list is infinite for every little variation. It never ends, and new ones are made every day for every Special snowflake who is 2% more gay than the next guy. BDSM is going the same way. everyone needs to toss in their modifier, im BrDfSm (Bandage rope, Dominant female Slave man) Now we will have AB(S)/DL(M) or DL/ab or 100 new acronyms for something that needs it not. XKCD Can explain it to you with humor. http://xkcd.com/1095/ Instead of searching for your label to remove the need to ask, tell people. When they ask your lean, tell them. if they actually wanted to know in the first place, they will esquire your exact interest. or just consider yourself one of the group instead of needing to separate from the herd.
  15. ABDLism =/= LGBT

    A loud minority can ruin an image. I do not imply that sexuality is a choice, but i push that it is a choice to show it. In the same way i do not want People people preaching their religion at my bus stop, i do not want people making out there ether. if any sexuality should be kept in the bedroom, then all of it Should. While my pain med seem to have made me a little incoherent last night, The Purpose of my post was to express that they are not dis similar struggles. ABDL is as much a part of me as my sexual orientation, and i would like to remove the stigma of diapers and age play so i can be free to be me. LGBT want to be accepted for who they are. Same fight. they have the added struggle of not being legal, but that change would come sooner and easier if some of them got into politics and did it right instead of just shouting "Look at us we are gay!" But LGBT people have to have it separated, they have to be labeled and you HAVE to know that they struggle. I am against every equal rights group in principle. They all begin noble, never stay that way.