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  1. It sure has become a lot easier to source great diapers in Canada these days. Not long ago you couldn't even find a domestic supplier of Abena and you'd have to pay a hefty fee to import. The best on the market were Attends and later Tranquillity. Boy has that changed, there are now multiple reputable online retailers engaged in intense competition and prices have come down while selection has increased. Anyway, I'm curious as to where the rearz inspire diapers are made? They mention that they use "USA grade A fluff" in their description; no idea what that actually means or whether they are sourced from somewhere in the US. As a rule I generally avoid the "made in China" diapers that seem to dominate the ABDL speciality seen, so I'd be curious to try this if it turns out to be made elsewhere.
  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences, turns out it didn't happen last night; I woke up briefly for it. But it's kind of strange how it happens some nights but not others. To be honest I wouldn't mind if my mind signalled that wetting the bed while wearing a diaper was OK, but I certainly wouldn't want it to happen when not wearing a diaper. I don't wear 24-7, just at night, but I suppose that's reason enough for me to perhaps have at least a couple dry diaperless nights per week to ensure it doesn't happen when for whatever reason I don't wear to bed.
  3. I wear a diaper to bed most nights now, partly for the comfort/security and partly because I've had some major sleeping issues, waking up to go to the bathroom frequently and not being able to sleep afterwards. I've got into the habit of not getting up and just wetting my diaper while laying on the bed instead if I need to pee in the middle of the night; it seems to have helped. But one thing I've noticed is that I'm waking up as much as several times a week now with a wet diaper and no recollection of having wet it. This is particular true for comfortable familiar diapers like Molicare Super Plus, but happens with others too. So I'm now wondering if this means I'm waking up and wetting but too tired to remember, have unwittingly trained myself to wet the bed if wearing a diaper, or potentially full on bed wetting. I'd prefer not to wet the bed when not wearing a diaper and I have noticed that the sleep-diaper wetting only seems to happen if I drink a glass of water before bed. I'm careful not to drink much before bed if for whatever reason I'm not wearing a diaper, and I haven't had an incident yet. Still it's always at the back of my mind. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  4. Wellness Briefs

    The Wellness Superios are is one of the worst diapers I've ever tried. Maybe the they give out samples are of higher quality than the ones you get in the bags, because I've had nothing but bad experiences with these. 1. I've found it difficult to get a good comfortable fit, and despite being super thin they don't breath well at all and tend to get hot and uncomfortable in the night. 2. The tapes also have a tendency to slide back and rip when you go to refasten them. 3. These are the first diaper I've had actually tear on me during the night, resulting in a large leak and mess of polymers. 4. They are comparable to Depend for absorption rate, so even in a moderate wetting you'll be sitting or laying in a pool for awhile assuming it doesn't leak. 5. They have a blue stripe down the middle but it doesn't appear to act as a wetness indicator and it left blue stains all over my bedsheets. To top it off these are pretty pricey for what you get. There seem to be some major manufacturing defects here and I just don't see the value in these, there are way better alternatives out there.
  5. I frequently buy products from agecomfort.com and was pretty impressed to see them list themselves as "ABDL" friendly; this was impressive because I'm not aware of any other mainstream diaper distributors that make such a claim. Well those days are over, it appears sometime in the past few months the site was updated and any references to the ABDL community were removed. You can view the original text here: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:gwdA0AuWqy8J:www.agecomfort.com/categories/Incontinence/%3Fpage%3D4+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca "Whether you are looking for light protection, all through the night protection, low absorbant or high absorbant protection, we have you covered. We are ABDL friendly and with different levels of comfort and protection you can count on AgeComfort.com for your incontinence needs" And the new content: http://www.agecomfort.com/categories.php?category=Incontinence "Whether you are looking for light protection, all through the night protection, low absorbent or high absorbent protection, we have you covered. With different levels of comfort and protection in Adult Diapers, Adult Briefs and Incontinence Pads, you can count on AgeComfort.com for your incontinence needs." Unsurprisingly, the removal of the "ABDL friendly" identifier coincided with a bunch of posts in there product reviews referring Molicare/Abena diapers as the best "adult baby pampers" and such, which appears to have really rubbed someone the wrong way. As seen from the comments in the product reviews: http://www.agecomfort.com/products/ABENA-ABRI-FORM-ORIGINAL-BRIEFS-X-PLUS-NIGHT.html http://www.agecomfort.com/products/MOLICARE-SUPER-PLUS-BRIEF.html Now agecomfort probably should have had pre-moderation to filter out such comments before they ever showed up on the public page, as they are completely inappropriate for a site that gears itself toward the sales elderly care products. Personally, I'm surprised they haven't taken down or edited the ranting replies either, as it doesn't make the look very good. But I do find it frustrating that some in this community have such a lack of self-restraint that we continue to destroy what little goodwill or recognition exists.
  6. Molicare Brand

    Yeah, try agecomfort. They have the cheapest diaper prices I could find anywhere in Canada with free shipping. http://www.agecomfort.com/products/MOLICARE-SUPER-PLUS-BRIEF-SOLD-BY-BAG.html I've never tried requesting a sample from them but you can request one here: http://www.agecomfort.com/pages/Request-Samples.html
  7. Dry Care 24/7

    That would be great if agecomfort started supplying them, I'd definitely buy. I'll send them an email when I've got some more time. However, if Dry 24-7 is in the middle of shifting their manufacturing I suspect agecomfort wouldn't be able to start bringing them in until the shift is complete.
  8. Dry Care 24/7

    Anyone know where you can order these in Canada?
  9. Age Comfort Canada

    I've been pretty impressed with them in my past orders. Hopefully they keep it up because I haven't found a better price in Canada and they ship out fairly quickly.
  10. B4Ns Issues

    Agecomfort has worked well for me. The return address appears as "CRAFTEX INDUSTRY INC". So far I haven't been able to find cheaper prices for Abena/Molicare/Tranquility in Canada with shipping included.
  11. Yep, when I was somewhere around 4~5 years old I remember being diapered by my cousin before bed at my grandparents house. She was only 4 years older than me so I must have thought it was so unusual that it left a lasting impression. It's strange because I have plenty of memories before that age when I must have been wearing diapers but don't actually remember the diapers. I also remember my brother who's 2 years younger than me finished potty training before me so I must have been a pretty late. But I don't really remember wearing diapers after that either. That memory stuck with me throughout my childhood and I somewhat suspect it resulted in me becoming a DL.
  12. Diaper Suppliers In Bc

    There's not much in Nanaimo, but if you're willing to take the 1.5 hour drive down the Victoria I know you can get some better stuff at the Shoppers Drugmart Home Health Care or Rexall Home Health Care. Not sure what they currently have in stock but Shoppers Home Health Care has always had Tranquility ATN in stock when I've been there.
  13. Aside from often being bad for the economy there's a pretty good health reason for blocking counterfiets. Even as it is you still get lead toys and toxic dog food/toothpaste working its way through the cracks. Counterfieters usually can't be tracked back to their original source and thus have no accountability for the damage they may cause so no incentive to follow a safe manufacturing process. I can't imagine the sort of stuff that would make it through if there was no customs. Diapers may not seem like a big deal and for the most part they probably aren't, but they certainly can be exposed to toxic materials in the manufacturing and during transit. They have a natural tendancy to absorb substances so I wouldn't take my chances. Now copyright enforcement that's a totally different issue...
  14. Any Diaper Lovers In British Columbia?

    From BC, but on the Island not the Okanagan. I know of a few on the Island but I've only met another DL once. These days I'm too busy for much of anything.
  15. Online Purchase Dilemma

    Thanks leafy kille, I'll probably pass on the lille then. So far I'm very impressed with the Abena and Molicare I ended up getting. It sounds like Wellness is made in Turkey but I haven't heard much about them. It's tough to get information on a lot of these companies and I suspect some manufacture in several different locations; though I'd imagine that, if they have manufacturing locations outside of China, the products being imported here are most likely from those locations.