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  1. Put them together and you get an old FARt Tounderstand,look at gas prices inEurope and how old the US is
  2. I was born in 1945, so for me, "rubber panteis" says it all My "blankie" was a rubber sheet (How that happened I have NO idea, I was 3 or 4 at the time) But rubber panties were a thing with me form (based on what I was told) before I can remember. so I wrote the book, or rather, the page
  3. Well, now you have a reason to want them to hurry up with the autonomous vehicle
  4. For quite awhile it seems that Babykins was not selling rubber sheetin I inquired by email today and was told that they are I have yet to buy any but that will be done by the end of the week You can get at it be going to the searchbar and typing in "rubber sheet" Here are the stats on it "Premium medical grade 13 gauge 54" wide rubber sheeting made in the USA. Available in 1 and 3 yard pieces. Same rubber as our white rubber pants." I amputting this in Scoop the Poop as I intend to do the revuew in Products for RUBBERR PANTIES'R'US
  5. Dreft has been around for better thant 3/4 of a century Also, even after rinsing, it seaves some scent on the clothes In all those years, I have heard NO rpeorts of any problems and they would surface in the ABDLworld or in baby care circles We have discussed Dreft here MANY times and it is sold worldwide Barring a rare condition and 90% of persons tolerated fragrances well but everone is allergic to something and I am sure we can find persons who are allergic to anlything But thise are abberations I turned the television off ages ago I never heard of latexallergy before 1998 A littel persp
  6. I an not using Dreft and, the Blissfuls, in the grand scheme of things are quite dilute in a tub of water and I'm not doing it every day I've been at it for 3 years with ZERO porblems You are the first to mention anything
  7. Do you know how much of a rat's ass I give about the Environmental Working Group? Dreft has been around for over 80 years and all of a sudden all this comes out? If the skin irritation was legit and not either just made up or a buzarre allergy, the doctors would have pointed that out decades ago
  8. Note, I have added aloe vera gel to the forumla for BabyDoll Bubble Bath, which, having two skin therapeutics makes it a premium bubble bath and Iam seeing If I can find a source of clear, fragrance-free honestly therapeuticbath oil to put that in the mix The BabyDoll story I will probably try the Nutrogena oil, cutting the glycerine from 8 to 6 oz per 28 oz container and using either 2 or 4 oz bath oil whichever I can without interfering with the bubbles Clear, Fragrance-free bath oil
  9. Here is the homepage: anyone interested? http://www.wishbookweb.com/
  10. It is surprising that this thread is so dead. it is the CHRISTMAS Catalog, which is why I put it in "Adutl Kids". If you were anything from 6 tp 12 om 1958 tp abpit 1075 or so, you would apprciate the significance of that. you might also have visited the project to see if there were earlier and later versions and put links to them here
  11. I do not know if they have brick and mortar. but the second place you mentioned had online transactions. I thought I saw a physical address The first place you mentioned in Albany is ridiculously far away. 181m or about 189km
  12. Fetware is closer than Albany and the other place had notmuch of anything I cannot get directly fro Rearz and that supplywas poor I guess Carolyn is no longer with us
  13. You did not origiante that one, You got it form Tik-Tok
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