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  1. Little Christine

    Bad Jokes

    Well at least the Rams fans did not give us any Goff. I am a bit jealous, though, they are so Gurly
  2. Little Christine

    I Am Back....I Think

    This is the first place I am posting to on my new device. It is a bit strange. The keyboard is about a 2/3 size and the thing is a touchscreen AIO so it kind of gives me Tight Tiara Syndrome and may take awhile to get used to, but basically I like it
  3. Little Christine

    What do you guys have?

    This These can be worn in 5 ways: single light, single heavy, double light, one of each or double heavy And these The snap-on's are LL Medico 7 mil which have a wide range of size fit. These are 2xl though I can fitr in xsmall to 4xl. The ivory ones are Babykins 14 gauge rubber size xl and the outer pair are A.C. Meidal size large which have a wide range of fit. The wide range are better since you can use them with any of the combinations of diaper mentioned above and looks like this in use which explains why many little girls from the 1950's and even 60's were in pretty full-skirted dresses.Before the Interstate system, many tirps would take two or more hours since the average road speed was about 40 mph: A trip from Tiverton RI to Roxbury, Boston, MA would take 2-1/2 hours.. If a girl could nothold it COMFORTABLY for 2hours or was under 8 years old, she would be in diapers. For a boy or man, the car could be pulled over next to a wooded area, whoich were plentiful in 30+ mile trips, he could get out and go behind a tree, a girl could not. Also girls tended to stay at someone's house for the afternoon, 12:30 to 4:30, in groups of 4 or 5. if two or ore of them were under 8 or could not hold it comfortably for 2 hours, to save on water and keep the bathroom from being tied up, these girls would be in diapers and rubber panties, which were less wter (in 1952, a water bill of over $4 in a month was considered a disaster) wa to clean than having the toilet, then 5 gallons at a time, being flused 6 or 7 times. Such diapers to ensure dryness were either very thick or used in multiples Which, along with the stay-dry liner shown here, which was used for several purposes usually go for 114 - 16 hours and once went 22
  4. Little Christine

    Bad Jokes

    I crowwed the Patriots and -- Star Trek: Got Bob ShuttleKraft My rippde-off jokes: Got Robbed Groankowski
  5. Little Christine

    Health Center pushing AB/DL?

    What is also cute is hearing med techs trying to avoid calling the "diapers" (if they are throw-aways, I have no trouble not calling them "diapers". We always callled them "pampers", "throw-aways" or "paper diapers" and really never considered them "the real thing")
  6. Little Christine

    Health Center pushing AB/DL?

    No, since one goes there under one's own volition and if one does not like what one fines one does not go back there again, or one ignores the ABDL items. Onesies are not necessairly ABLDL .. In any case being there is voluntary. Wearing in public is done indiscriminately without regard to who is there and how they might respond. The store has a door and is private property and those who go there are free to not do so if they do not like what they find. I did not see anything as far as I read, enough to get the idea,n your post that was strictly ABDL mentioned/ Beyond that, they may believe that some persons benefit psychologically from using ABDL or what could be considered ABDL-related items. Now, if they had ALG babydolls or rhumba panties, you could pin something on them, but it would still not be "pushing the fetish" since it is by choice, behind a closed door on provate property
  7. Since I do not do that, it is a non-issue for me
  8. Little Christine

    Nappy leaked in public

    Gee. I do not have that problem, nor do I expect to the the guest of honor in the "standing head" about being found in just a diaper in public and named in the ensuing article, as the thrill monster that casues me to "stage a public wetting" demands bigger, more overt shows to get off
  9. Little Christine

    Ready set, Superbowl go.

    I had a pizza Life is good when you are the Evil Empire
  10. Little Christine

    What is your earliest memory?

    I have two that are competing I am being diapered on the bed in the downstairs bedroom, looking straight ahead and seeing th bedroom light and someone holding peach colored rubber panties 2. outside in a field of dired and straw grass near my howse with the much older girl cousin with whom I live. it is bright and sunny and a bit too warm Both of these and another are before my 3rd b-day
  11. It is time for me to get out of this diaper, I have been in it since 6:30 last night and  had first wet it by 7 and it is now 12 noon

  12. Little Christine

    do you fell shame in your wetting

    I have the same problem as you but I do not have the anxiety. What I have suggested works well against anxiety until you can see a professional, who you should tell all of what you told here. My eyesight is such that I could have made the same call in the Saints-Rams game as the refs and have a legitimate excuse. Maybe your eye doctor can help with that general anxiety thing. Medical professionals should have links to things that help
  13. Little Christine

    Is pooping your nappy in public acceptable

    It happens to the best of us
  14. Little Christine

    Computer Nerds - What are you running?

    This is what the thing comes with. I am not even mediumly interested in games, just cuasually and older machines could play pinball perfectly well. A 1050 with 4 gb GRAM dedicated should be very adequate for the job of 60's and 70's arcade style games. My old XP and 98 machines could do them fairly well I also understand that the text-based, late 1970's/ early '80's style games are coming back. Holy TRS-80; Batman!
  15. Little Christine

    What Do You Do with Dolly(ies)?

    This was inspired by this This is strictly about what you do with Dolly or Dollies if you have more than one NO PLUSIES OR STIFFIES; you have a place for tha and there is plenty of discussion about them. This is structly about you and your doll(s) I have several of them. Now, though their bodies are hard, they are person-shaped so it is easy to cuddle them. I also kiss them lightly and quickly on the cheek like a little girl. I named them and I talk with them and take them to bed with me. Dollies love to sleep with people, especially under the covers with their heads on the same pillow as 'Mama". It tells them that they are the same as any other persons I lived mostly with my mother's sister and an uncle. When I was 5, my sister came to live with is. She was about 3 and had the classic "rubber dolly" of that time time. One day, I got a hold of the doll and took it in my room to study her. The first thing I notieces was the dress, it lookd like a real little girl's dress and the skin was soft and smooth like real person skin. I looked more cloasely at the doll's face.She had an expression of sorts, unlike the toy "men" that were about 3 or 4 inches tall. the lips were pursed in the usual doll expression, but I could read it as an expression. this made me wonder if this was a toy or some kind of person. when I held the doll closely face to face, it "felt" like a person's head (the sense is perfectly normal and is called "facial vision" and is most pronounced among blind persons). Then I looked at the eyes, they were, I knew, glass but not "sleepy [open and close]". At this time they caught the light from the window some 10 feet in back of me and sparkled, which was definitely a human trait so I kind of was left stuck with the idea that this might be some kind of person, if not a people person than some kind of other person. So that is how I treat them. the "doll" expression is more of a pre-expression, it can be the pre-cursor to a smile or a giggle, or a frown and tears, depending on what the little girl is feeling at the time and is percieved to go on from there and the feeling is attributed to the doll, who, being a girl, is no percieved to share the little girl's feeling i got so much mileage from that doll, that my aunt used to refer to it as "my" doll The net result is that, since traditional dolls look basically human, unlike stuffed animals, I treat my dolls like some kinds of persons. The more you do with dollies, the more of persons they become