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    Just turning 5 in 1950. What you would expect of a part Fairy "Little Christine" : A big dolly-girl; blonde, adorable, sweet; and totatlly manipulative :Giggle: Made to wear and wet thick diaper. rubber panties and little babydolls for being "Proud". Let us face it; very little girls are MUCH more interesting: Don't you think?

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  1. Little Christine

    Exposing, without exposing..

    Another "that guy" in in the hatchery as the thrill gets less and less over time and the ante goes up and up
  2. Little Christine


    Another thing is that a LARP can mutate and get a life of its own over time, as Dr. Philip Zimbardo found out https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=OoHwW_PtF4iL5wKnuL7AAg&q=philip+zimbardo+experiment+youtube&oq=philip+zimbardo+exp&gs_l=psy-ab.1.2.0l7.5608.54608..74448...0.0..0.233.2928.0j18j2......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..35i39j0i131j0i10.TMxfjBj1xEQ
  3. Little Christine


    The problem with trying to have a thoroguhly written contract is that the unpredicted happens the very next day, besides which, it would be so long and complex that it would be unwieldy or even unusable. There are two competing ideas of rules. "what is not permitted is forbidden" vs "what is not forbidden is permitted". The problem with the first is that you would have to go through an infinite amount of material from which to derive the permitted. the second can be done more efficaciously by applying a set of principles that usually can be figured out via common sense applied to the desired goals according to priorites, such as privacy. It can clearly be seen that the second is the easier and more intuitive paradigm In any RP with any kind of verisimilitude, I cannot see how the caregiver would NOT be the one to change the diaper of a toddler or even a little. Would you expect her to change herself at age 2, 5, or even a recalcitrant 7 year old (little girls of that age were often diapered for situations where they would not have access to a bathroom for two hours or more, this being before the US Interstate system with straight, wide-laned (If you go to NYC, check out the Whitestone and George), roads, was built beginning in the mid 1950's to the 1970's, which upped speeds from averages of 40 mph to 60) or if several of such would be in one place and the grownups did not want the toilet to be used every half hour or hour)? Also a bit of humiliation if the dipaered one is over-aged to be in diapers is part of RL. I have seen it many time IRL, Beyond that, IRL a toddler would not be embarrassed about being asked about being changed whereas a little would and Mommy would either use that as a goad to try to get her to learn to "hold it like a big ..." or enjoy teasing her or ESPECIALLY him a bit about it: "Do I have to change your diaper [again, like a baby girl, etc]?": I have SEEN all of this. As a "little girl" of 7-3/4, I was in a diaper while learning to change one on a doll. the mother of the girls with whom I often stayed did not want Linda and me, both under 8 in and out of the bathroom, which was strangely located such that to get at it, you had to go out the door, around the side of the house and into the basement from the outside (their house was an early 19-teens place with both a well and a privy that had been cheaply modernized in the mid 1940's and rented out cheaply at about $6/week in '52-55/ To see the house I grew up in, google up 544 Main Rd. Tiverton RI 02878, where that eclosed structure is now was a porch when I was little that was taken down and replaced in 1958 for no good reason. It was a stone farmhouse from the 18th century and modernized in 1943). When I stayed over at night, I had to wear diapers until I was 9-2/3 and they moved away and since the older persons, 10 and up could hold it all night and Linda, my age, was a bedwetter anyway, there was no potty to use in the bedroom where we slept and they were not going to get one on my account since I would be the only user and would sleep over maybe 6 nights a month or so and they had plenty of diapers and rubber panties and were told to "treat [me] like one of your own"
  4. Little Christine


    There were three problems and Murphy does the rest 1. No clear boundaries were laid down and she knew about your interests and you were comfortable with that. Logical presumption on her part "It is all right if I play along [presumed consent]", which is why I am so explicit in About Me about "Discussions we are NOT having" and added that if you do not see the person post postiviely about a subject, do not bring it up 2. You were "en petite fille" in her presence,which reinforced that presumption. I am very chary about such matters and you are old enough to know how and how come to control your premises of action 3. Mommy shot her mouth off about needing a change; again presumed consent could be inferred, but was not necessarily implied: that is, she could legitimately think it is all right to "join in" even though it was not true because that is where things were pointing and there was no evidence to the contrary. Be specific: Be explcit, How many of us are telepathic? Why should she NOT think it is all right to join in the activities of the moment? Unless clear boundaries are laid down then the zeitgeist and leitmotif that is in operation at the time sets the standard of behavior. The only thing the manager of my apt. complex knows about are the decor and colors of my bedroom (she has not commented on the furnishings) and a few of my dolls which are in open sight, both of which she likes and the dolls I had a reasonable, though false, explanation for. I got the furnishings at a deep discount, which is true (the order in which my color preferences were was based on things that I had seen: satin gold, satin silver; "satin" being iridescent rather than metallic, ebony or white, then, anything else, what was all I found that I liked), and decorated the room in a way that things do not look out of place, the room is small and dark so that white furniture and light colors give the impression of more space and "warm" colors like pink are more attractive and the story is that the dolls were gotten from the closing of a local Goodwill store where I was a frequent customer and would have been destroyed and I felt bad for them as they had been there since the place opened at that location a few years earlier and the dolls and I had become old friends: when I entered that section of the store, I would wave to them for several years, and in all those years, nobody bought them so I got the lot of them for a couple of dollars. And said manager has privacy sense Now you know why I counsel against doing anything like that. This thread should be pinned in OUR LIFESTYLE as a cautionary tale
  5. Little Christine

    Expected lifespan

    The more parts, the greater the liklihood of failure therefore the shorter the lifespan. The traditional diaper has 2-1/3 parts. diaper, pins and a rubber panty one of which can be used with several diapers as the default. The basic set would be a dozen diapers,a dozen pins and 4 panties. If they are of good quality theycan last for about 3 - 5 years of moderate use. for use all the time, 5 dozen diapers and 20 panties may be in order for the 3 - 5 years. There are other, non-basic setups. One is a snap-panty that is changed with eachdiaper. I have 2 dozen diapers of each weight that are used together that has lasted me 9 years of light to moderate use and I am on my third set of snap-on panties, the first, snap-on Comco, the elastics wore out as did my second set of Comco . The third is LL Medico 7mil snap on's over which goes one of 4 pair of babykins rubber panties. The material of my Comco's is in fairly good condition, it outlived the elastics. I also have some Comco pull on's in the same contion
  6. Little Christine

    Diapers and tights question

    I am NOT a Sissy. That should be plain to see since I am not an overdone mass of frills and fru-fru's. I am an early 1950's LG or VLG Very Little Girl. We did not wear tights that much if at all. They are just something else you have to move out of the way when it is time to change and do not let you wear the very thick diapers like I have Imagine trying to put tights over THAT
  7. Little Christine

    Peejamas for kids

    Rubber pj's
  8. Little Christine

    OK, all you clothies, sound off!

    Stick the pins in the material at a shallow angle.MIne has gone through 4 layers of material, 3 of which are fairly thick twill
  9. Little Christine

    OK, all you clothies, sound off!

    I have heard of that, and seen it explained but never saw IRL. I wonder how sanitary it would be and what about for girls in dresses
  10. Little Christine

    Bad Jokes

  11. Little Christine

    Diapers and tights question

    Giggle: And just wait until you become a little blonde with shoulder-length hair. Sort of like this and somebody LIKES having a little girl Next stop: Dollies
  12. Little Christine

    sleeping in diapers or wetting the bed

  13. Little Christine

    OK, all you clothies, sound off!

    I do not wear out. Heaving been around for the original fight, I abide by the rule or privacy as expressed by my "Since I do not want the public in my bedroom [i.e. dictating what I may and may not do], I do not put my bedroom in the public square". The "public ssquare" is by nature "vanilla", open to all for the use and enjoyment of all with none imposing his "thing" on it a and opening himself up to "are you such an addict or so immature or self-absorbed that you can't lay off the thing [whatever that may be; your particular 'kink'] for even a little while?"; what DPF used to mane when the spoke about "balance" and the threat of the gains in freedom being reversed. This leads to my endorsement of the anti-drunk driving ad content, but in a different context "Your lifestyle is your business, but if you take it on the road, it's everybody's business", meaning that your have no legitimate defense against what others think or even say or do as "the public". when they take offense at you, you put it in their face. And there were those who, that half-century ago, predicited that this sort of thing would happen as the hard-core "kingsters" became more aggressive and emboldened and more and more of the nuts who constitute "that guy [in the newspaper acounts of "man areested wearing only a diaper and with a pacifier]" feeling empowered. I hate the notion that they may have been, or their descendants be, correct since they were primarily driven by religion and not Reason
  14. Little Christine

    Bad Jokes

    That would be plane to see
  15. Little Christine

    Bad Jokes

    Because Target already had a piece of that market Yes, in a puff of smoke