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  1. There are no DL websites

    I think the three are different in kind. If there is a "spectrum", the relevant dimension is one of sophistication. For the DL, from what I see, the diaper is the story. For the AB, the diaper is a major PART of the story, but with other parts as well that are self-supportingly independent of the diaper. For the Little, the narrative is very rich with multiple facets and things, of which the diaer is, again, a major one. Look at the early threads in the Little Girls' Playhouse and the Little Boys' Tree Fort. One interesting and a bit strange thing is that, while there is more variety to boys' activity in the real world, the girls are more talkative and expressive of their things here. Any of these could be the center of some part of the story. Some of my early blog entries about specific girl thing may be fully intact. Also look at the top row of pictures on my signature image
  2. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    You still have to get panties and supplies. For panties I recommend the Gary 7 mil plastic at L L Medico and Johnson's Baby Powder and Rite Aid Baby lottion and the large pins from Protex. I do not know your usage habits but for a test kit maybe 6 diapers and 2 panties This is a page on cleaning baby diapers. Since DD was attacked hand my blog ispretty much dead for now. use This. Their two top picks are Tide and Dreft. http://www.fluffloveuniversity.com/how-to-wash-cloth-diapers/ What I do is derived from this I do a deep wash cycle to rinse, soak overnight in Xtra with Oxy, then Express. At the end of the month I do all my diapers in either Whites or Heavy Duty Wash Fro drying my panties Rubber panty care Rubber panty hangers for drying
  3. A Problem

    BINGO! It seems that when I told it to "Clear History" it took the cookies with it
  4. A Problem

    late ths morning I found I had the new version of FireFox. It is called Quantum. Well it ruined all the add-ons I like like 'Show Passwords" and FireFTP. Also none of the automatic signins did not work. I replaced it with a copy of 56.2 and setit not to update, since it did not have replacements for the "legacy add-ons" like the two that I mentioned When I came here, my login did not work, It had the username and password but it kept recycling me back to itself. I finally got something but it uses the screen name and password. I checked "Remember Me" but it does not log me in automatically, Neither do Ebay, Facebook and Google, despite the fact that I have things set for remember. I cannot use my Emial since my verizon webmail account has totally gone Trump on me I know that some work has been going on here. Is my new problem related to that and is there somethiing I can do or am I stuck?
  5. There are no DL websites

    We do have a few here who claim to be DL only and whose profiles show either no "play age" at all or indicate that their play age is the same as their real age. But by and large, a play age in the songe digits is there It also seems that the DL narrative is about 1.discussion of the minor, or miniscule, differences of one of the paper diapers or the other. 2.Wetting for its own sake and soaking the diaper beyond reason. 3. Wearing in public and 4. 24/7. The AB/Little narrative can have many more aspects, pacifiers, clothes (other than onesies (which are part of the DL for practical reasons), toys, bottles, etc with the diapers being one topic of the story. As a subset, I understand that LG's discuss the specific accoutrements; dolls, tea sets, clothes, more than boys do theirs, or at least used to. Also, we have Fairy. At any rate there is just more to the AB/little narrative. The pure LG sites like GirlTalk To. often show disdain for diapers and Sissy, with many members splitting of their AB selves from the LG. In hearlier times, diapers were part of the lives of many little girls for a number of reasons, even up to the age of 9 as for long trips and for not being bladder trained as strictly as boys. In the 1950 and even into the 60's I knew a good number of 5-7 year old girls whe were in diapers a good deal of the time. Also they were part of playing with dolls Sissies tell a different tale. Mostly about being abused in some way with the accoutrements of female as part of that. Also they saem to have a problem defining themselves in our terms, as shown by the fact that there are at least 3 "What Is a Sissy?" threads, which led me to believe that it's origin and main impetus are elsewhere The little girl treatment is part of that abuse whereas for an LG, there is nothing demeaning about being a girl. We have all the pretty, cute and attractive things. Dolls; expecially bride dolls, dresses, tiaras (wherever I went in the LG and TG community I brought the tiara fancy and it would spread like wildfire). Princess, seems more part of Sissy for some reason. We would never have slut or SPH. That is not to say that we do not have some humiliation but that is a grownup-little thing and mimics real life. The abuse in BDSM/FemDom/Sissy appears to be nearly a central theme. and a male LG would not be demeaned because he "can't satisfy a woman". That issue would never come up and he might often be complimented for showing some respect to her by not demeaning her for being feminine, since that would be a positive value to him
  6. Pizza

    I do not pay close attention to all that stuff which changes with the decades The health nuts who bitch about high fructose corn sugar in soda are the intellectual, spirtual and social descendants of the same ones who crybabied about sucrose in soda and recommended using fructose. I eat food, not agenda; agenda tastes like cardboard. The best thing you can do is have a widely varied diet. that ensures you get 1. a wide variety of nutrients and 2 not too much of anything. How many things look good on paper and when they hit the real world are a grand flopperooo? Save yourslef the stress, that will kill you before the others will
  7. Pizza

  8. Wetting until your diaper sags

    As I understand it, the original throw-away baby diapers were pinned and as late as 1979, I waw some adult paper diapers where the tapes were on a separate sheet and had safty pins drawn on them, I think they were called BUDDIES BTW; it's "duck" tape, so named by soldiers in the 1940's, because it was waterproof, along with "60 mile an hour" tape for it's strength. I once used it to fix a stubborn problem in a new apartment building that kept leaking. When they finlally located the problem, it was torn flaslhing. They would have had to teare out a good deal of the building exterior to replace the flahsing. I whipped out my duck tape and said "try a piece of this". Problem solved
  9. Pizza

    No: Never heard of them
  10. Pizza

    Believe it or not, and Dr. Dean Edell's midical talk show of a fiew years back, pizza sould be listed as a health food since it contains a variety fo foods (carbs, frouit/vegetable, dairy and meat). Like everything else, just do not overdo it. Save some room for the Italian grinder, also a good choice for taste and variety (the real secret to healthy eating; the more different kinds of food you cram in your pie hole, the wider your nutritional base) However, for me, the top spot is hot dogs
  11. As with political doings, so with marketing: "Perception is reality". These companies do not created the "perception", they just use it. Non-elderly uses are percieivd to be too minor to register on the public opinion meter and are, as the engineers say "down in ther with the noise", being a tiny percentage of the potential market the catering to which would cost more money than it would make. Also the largest population increase in history is headed into that category. However, that is balanced by the fact that the 70+ crowd is perceptibly physically younger. I am most often mistaken as 10 years younger than I am by medical personnel; like my Priary Care Physician. I am not really in good shape but I can carry a 20 lb pack for 2-1/2 hours, a 30 lb pack for 1-1/2 hours (and that because I ran out of places to go) and am on my feet routinely walking with a pack and sometimes 12-15 lbs, for 3 to 4 hours straight through, and have done 5 in the last year. When I was in my teens and earlier, you have no idea of how many people died shortly after retiring: But now "60 is the new 40". when I am mostly sitting down, even after a large cup of coffee I can often go from about 2:30 AM when we leave for a delivery in NJ to about 11:45 when we get back into the Darian CT pit stop without having to pee, but If I leave to walk to the the shopping center to do my major grocery shopping and other things that is 1.8 miles, I have to go when I get there and again when I get back, by which time I am starting to do the Gottago Hoochie-koochie. So it is really a mixed bag, but my age group is the most noticeable target for diapers
  12. Something All Of Us Could Use

    Good grief; when I hijack a threat, it STAYS hijakcked, whether I want it to or not. And all it was was a throw-away line
  13. Something All Of Us Could Use

    They thought so, too, because after that they did "the mudder eats the fodder" and loafing
  14. L L Medico does sell Gary panties with "encased" elastics that are in the same smooth material as the panties
  15. the Sissydoll

    The picture on the bottom is not me, I would not be caught dead in anything like that