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  1. From a number of sources both here and elsewhere. No, but it will most likely lead to dependence as the physical and psychological elements of the control system atrophy from lack of use
  2. This is a repeat and to repeat my answer "a closed mouth gathers no foot". Why it keeps coming back up like a greasy hot dog, I do not know
  3. I tried that with one of those Playtex Living Bras -- and the friggin' thing BIT me!
  4. That still kind of misses the point. The key operative phrase here is "dependent". Under present coneditions, you can still bail, but once you become "dependent", not only can you not opt out, but you are bound to whatever else goes with it. You do not change when you want to, but when you HAVE to. In fact NOTHING about diapers: or your life, is as you want it. It is all a Gotta with no escape hatch or magic ring to undo it. You are changed irrevocably forever. Does it bring to mind something with "Be careful what you wish for..."? No amount of research is going to change this nor can it anticipate your reaction to when it all becomes real and the impoicatiosn set in and you can do NOTHING about it
  5. How may of the little boys will deliberately try to lose just to get hit by the Infanto-ray? https://playclassic.games/games/action-dos-games-online/play-space-ace-online/
  6. Why not say "Hello" to us and tell us about yourself?

  7. There is a DIY method for doing that: Start a Club
  8. Last Saturday night, when I looked in the mirror to be sure that my babydoll was on right. I had made the frill a smidgin too large, which made the babydoll a bit too short, so I readjusted it
  9. I do not know if "discoveringf" would help. What if my parents had wished that I was born a girl? I think I would be crushed
  10. I have had the 7 mil sanp-on from LL Medico for over 5 years as part of the search for a replacement for Comco and I did the review of both them and the pull-on in about 2014. My panties are still in excellent condition. The thicker the material, the longer it will last. My Comco's are over 8 years old and some of the elastics are worn but the metarial is in good condition. The thicker the materia, the less of a percentage of it is exposed to the air and oxygen because there is less surface area in proportion to the thckness so the softener does not oxidize out as quickly as the thinner materials. Comco's were at least 5 mil and probably 6. Protex has some 8 mil panties. Another thing about Gary's is the shape and fit. There is a large overlap of sizes. ( have a 36" waist, I can wear anything from an XS to a 3XL (I have 2XL). The side searms are long enough so that the pantly swallows up my 14" at the hip diapers so I do not need the high backed ones. The snaps are towrd the fron so I need not worry about sleeping on my side. There are 4 things to look at Waist, Crotch width and side at the shortest length from eastband to legband. and of cource the leg size. At my suggestion LL Medico added the "side seam" length measuremnt. So take a look at thier size chart But these feel nothing like plastic backed throw aways. They feel like classic baby panties
  11. How come you never say "hello" when you come over, which you do quite a bit?

  12. Never heard of them, and after this https://www.sybermoms.com/forums/13-general-parenting/44268-diaper-covers-snibs-where-get.html I do not think I want to "[feel] like textured garbage bags"? Ewww
  13. You might try PEVA. One of the reasons I do not like it is that it feels so much like trash bags more than panty material. I got a 3-pack of Gerber to try on my dollies so I know what it is like. They did not like it, either. You better like the noise that goes with it
  14. While I am not IC, I am a regular user over the years and this is true for ANY user of cloth diapers at the introductory level. If you are using all the time then at least a dozen, The more you wash in one load, the cheaper it is per unit and the less each one will be used per unit time. Flats are better since you can fold them to accommodate yourself. I use nothing but fully waterrpoof pantis, To my knowledge, all textile-based panties have had reported issues, usually of dampness on the outside where they contact clothes. Cloth diapers have two advantages: used properly they do not leak at the sides unless something very unusual happens and, being reusuable many times over, the system costs less over time. Generally, the ratio of panties to diapers should be about 1 to 3 or 4 with some spares to double up at night. So fore newbies, a dozen diapers and 5 panties. ultimately, if you wish to go all in, you will want about 3 dozen. At first, you will double-diaper at night, then you will get "night-weight" diapers. and about 10 or so panties. The nice thing about Gary sna-on pantis is that the snaps are not exactly at the sides, they are noticelably towards the front. Also, thickness, I do not reccoment anything under 4 mil. Babykins rubber panties are very good too. The smooth material is generally of higher quality I reccoment against all-in-ones. If either the shell or liner tears, the whole is uselss. Second both the diaper and shell are held up by the same waistband. wht diaper and panties, each is held up on its own, This means that there is less likelihood oof sag. Back in the DPF days, AIO"s had a reputation as being the bottom of the barrel, with which I agree, unless your are changing after one wetting. The diaper and rubber panty combination has worked for over 140 years and surives today. There has to be a reason