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  1. Diaper Pins

    I use the giant pins from MyProtex https://myprotex.com/collections/adult-diapers/products/protex-long-3-inch-colorful-adult-baby-diaper-pins-163
  2. Bored

    I have a palm-sized SanDisk Fuse that will do that. AND the content can be kept on Micro-SD, Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC and it will play those. It has a rechargeable battery.My phone has a 128 GB SDXC card that is good for media. You can get audio books from LibriVox or Internet Archive (Home of the Wayback Machine). If you have something with a screen, you can get ebooks from IA. If you can download a vid from YouTube, you can use Audacity to make an MP3 of the audio by way of ffmpeg_for_audacity then one of the effects-conversion-export as mp3 chains. In my general purpose laptop, I have all my vids and mp3 audio on an SD card Given all that I have, if there is a power outage, I am feeling no pain
  3. Bored

    If your power goes out, there is always knowing how to play acoustic guitar and piano, or ever a battery powered keyboard or, if you are into games, a laptop or tablet or your mobile. You would be surprised what you canh get away with with a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. The screen is almost ideal for pinball. My battery powered Casio wk3500, acoustic 12-string and battery powered Tascam 8-track Pocketstudio and it is like the outage never happened
  4. Bored

    Then there is that horrible 4-letter word: BOOK
  5. Little Girl: Will your wish come true? ASK FAIRY

  6. LL Medico

    I wonder if they are going to follow the Northshore lead with a special ABDL sub-section. I suggested that some time ago. I cannot do ABDL-oriented reviews on the normal site pages. Also they could featrue some of the more AB items like the dress or other things. and they could add new AB specific items About the dress; the waist is too low for easy diaper changes and the skirt should be about 5 inches longer to be a proper dress. A proper skirt should cover thick diapers and heavy panties completely. generally about halfway to the knee. Gary could also make a babydoll,which would be the dress with a waist just under the armpit or nipples and the skirt down to halfway above the knee. they could also make a full-circle skirt in several lengths for 18" to 26" as RearZ does. the latter could be used as a sleeveless babydoll Maybe thy could get the long full-coverage bibs like the ones from 20 years ago that were as long as a babydoll and had the traditional crumb try and often had a matching panty Also, I lost my copy of the more exotic items catalog
  7. Girl Touches Your Diaper

    That would be something, since she would have to get under or lift my skirt. She would obviously be after something and to get a t my diaper, she would have to put her hand inside my panties, so she better like feeling thick wet cloth
  8. Benefits of plastic pants?

    For how many DECADES have the makers of throw-aways been saying you do not need rubber panties?. Yet every 5 years or so, they say "New, improved leak guard" implying that the previous leak guard did not cut it. Why do people believe them after the third time they've said that -- 25 years ago? And people are still complaining about leaks. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me, but fool me: Or THINK you can fool me, 5 times?! The question now becomes "what planet...?" Guess what: You NEED rubber panties!
  9. Heavy duty plastic pants

    7 mil is no big deal. Look at LL Medico. and they will not bread the bank. Babykins does 6 mil and 15 guage rubber panties, too
  10. Bad Jokes

    I do not know what 30 year olds may or may not know. Our oldies, since 1955 have been treated much more kindly than those before us. YouTube's Musicprof has extensive postings of music from the late 1950's and early '60's. Who does not know Elvis Presly or the Beatles? When CSN was formed (before Young joined) I was 23 I saw McGuinn's werk before the Byrds with the Chad Mitchell Trio in '62 (Lizzie Borden) and '63 (the John Birch Society) and it was from the Byrds that I learned about the 12-string guitar, whcih I just HAD to have and have been identified with since 1968, along with the combo organ (portable electronic organ like Vox and Farfisa). I can be found in the Music Producers Club But there are plenty of places where 1960's music can be found on the internet, like YouTube
  11. Bad Jokes

    I guess it's getting to the point where I'm no fun anymore
  12. Bad Jokes

    What few persons know is that, in 1951, a leading American "crooner" was charged with an unusual crime. Grand theft auto, and thefit of some valuable bat guano. The car was an American Motors Statesman. The headline read "Crosby Steals Nash and Dung"
  13. How many wear 2 plastic panties at once?

    No, I would want something current or very recent. J K has been gone for decades and also the listing was destroyed by the maleware attack
  14. DIY Site for Little Girls

    Just found it and took a quick look http://www.coolcrafts.com/
  15. Baby powder without a diaper?

    As a dry lubricant, BP is better than the wet or jelly ones. With the wet ones, you feel the librican, with a dry one appled just thick enough to do its job, you feel the material