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  1. The second question, which asks "Do you...." has not a "no" option and why would a 5 year old girl wear a bra It has always been the nature of a dress, sometimes being the only outer garment, to cover the panteis fully. There used to be a term "decent", Even a babydoll orignally covered panties, which were usually full cut like baby panties and often with about 4 or 5 rows of lace trim going all around the panty. These horrible things thay call dresses that do not cover the panties were not a thing until the 1970's or VERY ladte 1960's when the sexualization of little girls began as part of the "sexual revolution". As short as they are, my babydolls cover the panties. 65 years ago they were used to teach little girls to carry themselves properly and keep their skirts down where I came from
  2. Go to ebay, search bar and put in your country and "ab sissy dress". Unfortuantely, sellers do not seem to understand the differences between LG's and Sissy and some of the dresses will be overy frilly or too short to be chaste. You will need to know how to size things What I have a problem with is finding proper babydolls. They should be halfway to the knee and should include a very full baby-paty style panty with 4 or 5 rows of lace all around
  3. If I get two vistis in 3 days, or 3 in one week by someone who either I do not know, does not fill out their profile or with whom I have nothing In common. THAT is creepy and guess where they are going. I have no desire to be part of anyone's S&M/HNG fantasy

  4. I donot know, but if it is held at the North or South Pole, it is a travasty of just ice So I sez to the Fairy; I sez "Wanda" So I sez to the atheist; I sez "Godfrey"
  5. Little Christine

    Outfit for Brighton Pride

    It is a pity that persons do not give their pictures real titles and do some description
  6. "I don't need to put plastic under it as I have *yet* to have it bleed throught" Ah: the ubiquitous "yet", the bridge between "why should I..." and "Why didn't I..."
  7. Always happy to help a girl out Begin with standard rectangular cloth diapers based on your waist size and, depending on your usage, the first bacth should be 6 to 12 each with 2 to 4 pair of rubber (baby) panties. I recommend LL Medico or any of the Gary sellers (these were the best replacements I could find for the very popular Comco) The best thing about the Gary, particularly the 7 mil, is the wide fit range for them. I can use, over my thick diapers, anything from the Small to the 2XL (my usual choice) Pay attention to the size chart. Some, like LL Medico lest the crotch width ahd the side seam length (at the shortest point on the side). After that, if you like them in general, you can go to a more customizable fit (foldable) or even a DIY diaper and panties more too your liking or needs. I use a Gary snap on kunder a Babykins rubber under one that is part of my outfit over a custom made diaper that was made after a diaper that was made for a little girl who was a bedwetter by her moother some 68 years ago. This was very different from a baby diaper and could last a 5 to 9 year old 12 hours
  8. In addition, if some poor 6 year old boy was a bedwetter, or wore diapers in general and it got out. He could count on being called a "baby girl" or a "little girl [or a 'little baby girl']", sometimes by members of his own family
  9. I got many of them as they were going out of stock. They are a lowrider of a medium weight material that is a flower print smooth on one side and white grainy on the other. The side seams let go fairly easily and the material does become hard when put next to the body regularly fairly fast. If we are talking about the same thing
  10. Not Really: The overwhelming bulk of those of us using cloth diapers are using rubber panties How can P(olyurathane) fabric be vinyl coated? As I understand it from what I have heard and from the word "laminate" the structure is a thin layer of PU sandwiched (laminated) between two layers of a textile (usually nylon) like Gore-Tex, used for high-end outdoorsman rainwear, which has bewen around for over 30 years Beyond that,, if they are "breathable" that means they are gas-permeable. That is fine for rainwear since pretty muvh the only thing they are dealing with is water and water vapor. There have been complaints about the panties "leaking" what actually happens is that, at near body temperatures, some of the elements of bodily ejecta are gaseous or vapors, they escape since what "breathes" in, also "Breathes" out. Away from the body, they condense back into liquids and get on the outside of the panty and on the clothing. If you are in fairly thick diapers, than "breathe"ability is not an issue since the diapers are too thick for it to be useful. They have been trying to replace the fuly protective materials for well... http://other.sandralyn.net/1942.html and I have heard the same thing about these kinds of fabrics for 4-1/2 decades. I also heard that the waterproofing separates from the textile. Also the material feels a bit out-of-place creepy for baby panties
  11. How may persons think that the Bible is either "creationist" or monotheistic? If you evaluate it IN IT'S TIME" the"born again" phrase was used speaking with a crowd that was mostly non-Christian, so that "Christin"= "born anew" by nature. Also in the OLd Testament Satan was not evil. That was picked up by the Christians from the Apocrypha,, sort of the Junior Varsity Bible. It is likely that "Jesus" was a compilation of 3 would-be Mashia just as King Arthur was a legend made of several chieftains opposing the Anglo-Saxon migration into Britain Failure to think in context, called "the Presentist Fallacy", can lead to so much misunderstadning For example the story of Abraham and Isaac. Everyone gets bent out of shape over it, saying "what kind of god would ask a man to sacrifice his son on an altar" Keep in mind two things. "God" cancelled the human sacrifice and, for those who accepted him as God, for all time. Second: Human sacrifice was the going thing. A man who would be chosen as a king of anything in 2100 BCE would be expected to offer his children up to the gods on demand or would not be worthy of ruling the smallest privy. The point of the story is the OPPOSITE of what people take it as Another misunderstadning is that of the role of faith. In the Medieval mind. It was considered fact that the Existence of God had been proven by Reason (that was an error, You cannot prove the existence of anything by discursive reasoning since things the world exists apart from, and before whatever we know, think want or feel. it is the "factual premisies" in "Factual premises and valid reasoning yield true conclusions"). Also accepted as having been proven by Reason was the goodness of God. Therefore, it went that since God was all those things win "omni" in front of it, and since the humand mind was limited and finite and since God was by nature good and would not lie, than you could and must take his word on things, pertaining to himself. Faith as the unthinking acceptance of what someone said to be the will of God was born with Martin Luther's "Reason is the Devil's whore", which while understandable was the result of the MISUSE of Reason by the corrupted elements of the Catholic Church
  12. Plastic bags are not made of vinyl. A.C Medical had a video by one of the founders of Greenpeace, which I have posted here, that said PVC does NOT use petroleum, which I doubt I could find as I have not looked for it on Google for a number of years Well, I got lucky. Someone should save this to a DD video library
  13. How about mens' babydoll? I will leave you to figure out how it would look
  14. You have seen what kind of diapers and rubber panties I am in. Do you see any bulge? I come from a time when, no matter how thick they were, if a little girl's diaper showed, her parents were the topic of some unpleasant discussion and sometimes, lectures. Even the non-little girl babydolls of the late 50's and early 60's completely hid very full panties that were made to look like baby panties. The G-string panty that went with babydolls did not become a thing until the very late 1960's or 70's. The idea was to teach little girls at a young age to keep their panties from showing. This was often accomplished between 4 and 7 by omitting the panties that came with the babydoll and putting thick diapers and rubber panties, which she had to wet to add to her motivation, in their place and if the girl let them show and got teased or other things, that was her fault and she had to live with it. that was part of what was called "chastity training", which was especially imortant to those of us of Frech (Canadian) extraction because we were very aware of our reputation; both as "piss-a-bed"s and trollops. That is why I call anything like a dress or babndoll that lets the panties show ordinarily, a 'sissydoll". So you will not see a diaper bulge on me
  15. No: I had just put it on Here is another This is my ordinary diaper. As I said now you know why little girls in the late 1940's and early 1950's were in such full dresses when they went on long trips or were at a place with other girls around the same age. That does not show under a good babydoll or skirt The long trip issue was that this was before the expressway system. A trip from Tiverton RiI to Boston MA took two hours. Can you imagine a 5 or even 7 year old girl "holding it" COMFORTABLY for that long? With a boy, you could just stop the car and have him get out and go behind a fiew trees as there were plenty of wooded areas along the route. Try that with a girl. So thick diapers and rubber panties were pretty much standard. In 1953, a Trip from Tiverton to South Kingston RI would take 3-1/2 to 4 hours (I should know, I made it more than once for eye doctor appointments). Leave at 8 AM get back at 4:30 PM