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  1. MyProtex Gone?

    None of my links work. Did they do a Comco? But they show up on Google
  2. Explain Your Screen Name

    Ennaelyrad Enitsirhc is my Evil Twin
  3. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    If you have Audacity, you can use it to play the vid and record the music and save as either MP3 or Wav. In fact, if you want a suite of free creation software that includes Audacity we have FairyWand http://sandralyn.net/agpak.html
  4. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    How about this? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=the+fairies
  5. Music Page Back

    There are provisions at that page to get your own copies in a single download
  6. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    Are you telling us it is not everybody's cup of tea?
  7. Relaxing Baby/Kiddie Music

    Since you did not link to any, I cannot say Now try this RIGHT CLICK on the link and OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW then follow the directions closely and select what you wish to hear and minimize and listen while you browse DD. You can change the tune and everything by simply maximizing and shutting that tune off and starting a new one and minimizing again. To shut it off entirely maximaze and then use the x in the upper right of your browser http://other.sandralyn.net/musicpage.html This is aloso in my about me
  8. Do all sissys wear diapers?

    It was all downhill after 1968 or 9 anyway I knew how to change a doaper before I was 8, but I was, of necessity bi-gendered and taught to compartmentalize (the story is in my blog). If I could have two accounts, I could put together an LB (5-13) 1950's/early 60's setup that would blow away anything here under the name "johnny_7 oma". But that is unusual and requires special circumstances and training. And most "sissies" are NOT sissies nor are LG's http://joanne-chan1.blogspot.co.uk/p/test.html Incidentally, there is a thread in the Sissy Room that contains links to sites and resources that should be pinned
  9. Do all sissys wear diapers?

    I am from 1951 The whole setup you describe looks like a parody of the 1950's so a male "caregiver" diapering and that sort of thing is way out of place. He would not even know how
  10. Do all sissys wear diapers?

    For most of my life: "Rubber panties" was the term for what goes over diapers The nursery was a feminine playce. Men who did anything itn there were considered sissies
  11. Underwear over diapers

    given the paper diapers' ability to leak or let go without warning, it would seem logical to at least have something protective over it, especially if you're carrying a load of shit around
  12. Diaper Game

    The final round, played for night weight cloth and LeakMaster. Rollerball, one set for every point you score
  13. Explain Your Screen Name

    My new name is what I used at TGGuide, one of the original Transgender sites, and what I used at GirlTalk To. I did not use it hear originally because I did not know we could set up image signatures. The first chance I had, I reverted to my "original" LG screen Name and put my full girl name in the siggy that I use
  14. Little Girl Stationery

    This is a Note Card, The degree of difficulty for these can run from total pre-fab for newbies or a quick note, where you just ender your message to total DIY. This one was made by pasiting two images together. That sort of thing requires IrfanView with its plugins; available at RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME as part of a large cretive softwere package
  15. Little Girl Stationery

    This is an example of some of the stationery and graphics items available at the RUFFLES 8 RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. http://sandralyn.net I am deliberately not puttin in a direct link so that you will find your way there which is not hard, and explore along the way. When you get to the "Grounds" the Alise House is the last one there. The first few pages are introduction set the mood and orientation