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  1. Little Christine

    Plastic pants or diaper covers

    http://llmedico.com Very full cut, wide range of material and good size overlap so you are not just stuck with one size
  2. Little Christine

    Slap me some tentacle!

    O U Squid! OK: If that is what you really want
  3. Little Christine

    Can you pee your diaper and walk as the same time?

    Not only that, but I can chew gum; all at the same time I an working on adding turning a handsome Elven prince into a frog to the repetoire. but so far all I have manged is a butt-ugly Orc, which was an improvement in the looks department
  4. Little Christine

    How cute!!!

    [As quick as a cat, our little fairylet moves in to take advantage of the situation] Well, you can learn all about them
  5. Little Christine

    How cute!!!

    An unabashed Little Girl And, being part Fairy, she is always wearing a tiara And look what she plays with and And you do not have to beat her senseless or break her arm to mske her do it, either And what mummy would not cherish a Fairy kiss on the cheek, too?
  6. I love the smell of baby powder in the morning...

    Also non and night; 3 PM, 3 AM, just after supper, in bed...

  7. Little Christine

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    So did Nurse Ratshit. But I have NO desire to be named "Pissy Chrissy"
  8. Little Christine

    ABDL Behaving Badly

    We have had persons inquire about the feasibility of doing that a couple of times since I got here
  9. Little Christine

    Questions about diet...

    You are trying to create mushy stuff. That is a characteristic of an infant or a malfunctioning digestive tract, usually leaving in excessive amounts of water int the chyme, which means your body is not getting the full amount of water it needs or you are way overdoing the water intake. In short, if you keep it up, it will do harm irrespective of what your wife is or if you are "shamed" or not. Biology does not care. An adult digestive tract works in a certain way and food, whether pureed or not, is made of specific things. There are pills and some laxatives that will do that but they are for specific occasions and watch what happens when you overdo them. Excessive amounts of cola will do it -- and put you in the hospital. Get informed. I have said all I can say and would just be repeating myself
  10. Little Christine

    Questions about diet...

    You are trying to simulate the digestive tract of an infant in an adult. I should not have to say more
  11. Little Christine

    Questions about diet...

    I eat food, not Agenda; that tastes like cardboard The best diet in the world is deduced by looking at the human dentition and can best be summarized by "un poco de todo"
  12. Little Christine

    How do you put a diaper on?

    I cannot see them standing up to 3 layers of thick DSQ twill and one of Gerber bird'seye. I use the very large diaper pins from Protex. Besides, I would have to learn how to use them AND they are not the real thing I guess they would be fine with PUl or PEVA panties and playing Barbi or MLP; or for a boy or DL Tell me how they can replace THIS: Now, to be sure, mine are not the traditional square or rectangular 1951 diapers for babies, they are made after a diaper that was made for a little girl who was a becwetter by her mother, who worked in a dressmaking shop in 1951 and who had outgrown baby diapers. This girl was the youngest of 4 and was a smidgen older than I. When it came to "designing" things like that, a lady knew what she wanted, in this case something that was more "fitted" to be easier to put on, could be worn for longer periods of time, could be doubled, with room to grow or could fit many different sized waits. Her mother did not have to try and find diapers for a "little". All she had to do was get assorted "super toddler" size baby panties which would, as has been said here, fit a person up to about 10 or 11 over a diaper, to put over them. get a few packages of prefolds, from which she made the diapers and that was it
  13. Little Christine

    How do you put a diaper on?

    This is how
  14. Little Christine

    Do you REALLY Want to become Diaper dependent?

    I am not commenting here on whether diaper attraction is good or bad. That is outside the scope of what I am responding to I understand being "dependent" on something means that it bosses you around (theere are fancy psychological terms for it but I want to KISS) First, you have not made the differentiation between a want and a need Also, you have not differentiated between positive and negative affect. Dependency implies a negative affect and can be related to addiction in an addictive personality. Positive affect means you actually enjoy what you are doing Also, you have not demonstrated that it MUST be diapers. This applies to any specific item as such. The treatment for "blindism"s relies on substition of actions. Blindisms are habits sccociated with being blind or of very low vision. They are, as of 19o75, believed to be a way to add a certain amount of stiulation to the system to bring it up to the minimum for useful function and replacing what would be visual stimulation. One such is rocking back and forth. Nw Stevie Wonder and I could get away with that because we're both musicians and it can be interpreted as "always feeling the beat". For someone else, most persons would find it off-putting. The Carroll Center, in Newton, MA used to teach people to get around that by substitution; training them to use less exotic forms of stimulating the brain, by using more widely practice "fidgets", like playing with keys or the like Behavioral Psychology holds and has proved, that you are not bound irrevocably to things that happened in childhood. This was a pattern of "stimulus, integration, response, donsequences" Behavior modification uses the same algorithm to first remove the unwanted behavior(s) and then replace them with another or others. This is used quite a bit in sports to replace undesired responses to situations with better ones. In this sense Behavioral Psychology is more compatible with "free will" and client-centered therapies since, especially cognitive therapies, engage the client to understand the process of habit-formation and decide what the replacement behavior(s) are desired. In such therapies the client is the "mamoriaty stockholder" and knows nearly as much as the therapist who spend a semester or two learning all of this and how it worls. In short you're not "stuck" with a bad habit, which you decide is or is not a bad habit and you select its replacement and understnad the whole process. This was a major argument between the Behaviorists and Psychoanalysts Beyond that. You negate the possibility of discussion. The concept of innate or instinctual behaviors must show that hte behavior occurs in the overwhelming bulk of the populace. Second innate psychological ANYTHING requires innate knowldege or ideas. Noam Chomsky attacked the notion in analizing B. F. Skinner's BEYOND FREEDOM AND DIGNITY saying "If everything is 'conditioned' then how can I be sure that [Skinner] was not simply conditions to hold that, and therefore it has no meaning?" Any idea of "innate" means you had or have no choice in how you get there so it has no meaning and discussion is pointless, as opposed to "tablula rasa [clean slate]". Behavior Modification, and especially cognitive therapy. has been the most successful forms of psychotherapy Dependency is always a bad thing because it ties you to that which you are dependent on. such as co-dependency and the like. This impairs your functionality If you are trying to defned dependency why do you bring up "nobody on this threat would be a mental wreck without diapers"? Your chart is used out of context. There are probably as many definitions of "self-actualization" as there are courses on it. I would argue that "dependency" is an impediment to self-actualization since it places something about yourself outside of your control This is what I mean by "most of pop psyche is psychobabble"
  15. Little Christine

    Asimov Meets Lovecraft

    I found this on YouTube and here http://www.scp-wiki.net/about-the-scp-foundation