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  1. Little Christine

    Diaper sag solution

    A good pair of rubber panties does fine for me
  2. Compared to what I am used to, they are skinny puppies and they are just plain alien; like trying to convince myself that a Barrette is an Alice band or a cloth Alice band is a tiara. At least I can wear an Alice band without getting the creeps. Also, mine are thick all over; front, back sides and between the legs Edit If you are not paying for them, someone else is so you are wasting someone else's money. And it has been shown many times over or even explained to me by a home economics social worler in 1988 that clot diapers, being re-used are more economical and we have a chart somewhere put up by Rosalie that show how
  3. I got it immediately. But why? Rubber panteis are "buy once" and provide good coverage (Gary and Rearz that I can speak to) and I do not think that the throw-aways have that good coverage over a decent cloth diaper Also, I am part of another diaper tradition: Pre 1965. I do not understand how someone who was "rasied" in cloth can abide the throw-aways anyway, they seem more 1960's institutional more than as part of a family setting and they are so thin, they do not feel like real diapers. So they would seem alien. Also there was a sharp division, may babyboomers who started using them were criticized by their parents for using something that you would throw out after only one use in the trash or garbage for being a waster and "leaving your shit around for someone else to take care of " and the second part of that "I didn't raise a pig and a wastrel". Beyond that I am part of the "over-age wetter" and "little girl" tradition rather than the baby. As such, though baby panties were used, the diapers were usually home made to fit and in a pattern used by the person who made them. Mine are a precursor to the contour diapers of the 1960's. There was also a uniquely little girl tradition. If you could not hold it COMFORTABLY for two hours or more then it was feared that, at around two hours, you might "let go" and wet, which would be a major embarrassment to everyone. so diapers were used. This was different from little boys since they could go somewhere out of sight and relieve themselves due to their physical construction, which little girls could not do. This was used in two ways: 1 On long trips of two hours or more. This was before the Insterste system with it's 60 mph speed. Example in 1953, a trip from Tiverton RI to Roxbury, Boston would take 2-1/2 hours, Now it would take a bit more than an hour (My parents lived in frist Roxbury, then in 1954, moved to Dorchester) while I lived in Tiverton RI and we made the trip along Rt 138 quite a bit from 1949 to 1959. a little girl of up to about age 8 would be put in a diaper and rubber panties 2. The grownups had lived through the depression and toilets were 5 gallon users. a $6/month water bill was deemed unacceptable. Little boys tended to roam but girls stayed in one place, often at the houses of a friend, which was usually in the neighborhood. Just as boys tended to group in 4's and 5's, So did girls, Well, if you had two or more girls in a group of 5 or 6 who could not hold it for two hours COMFORTABLY, the toilet would get about 2-1/2 times the use in the afternoon than normal. The parents would be uptight about the water bill. Now, a 7 year old girl can probably hold it better than a 7 year old boy, but, as in the case witrh the long trip, if you were a boy or man, you could find an out of the way place to relieve yourself. So it made more sense to have the younger girls in diapers, especially if one of the children who lived there was a bedwetter, which if you had 4 children, was a good bet so diapers and rubber sheets would be part of the act anyway. This was also true of sleepovers. In 1952 and to about 57 many houses in rural and growing areas had had bathrooms simply shoehorned in in some odd fashion as part of a quick and dirty upgrade from an outhouse Many of us bathed in galvanized steel tubs into which was put hot water before full indoor plumbing. One of the houses at which I would often stay had the "bathroom" in the basement with the washing machine as part of one such upgrade in the late 1940's. The attraction of such housing was the rent; $6/week as opposed to the usual $8 or, in the city, upwards of $9. the about $130/y savings was nearly a month's average salary in 1952. This was quite a savings, especially if you had 4 children and worked in one of the many dress shops for about $35-45 "piece-work"/wk. I remember when $60/wk was HUGE and never heard of $100/wk until 1954. Also, this house, some kind of slightly renovated summer cottage had no stairs, access to the upstairs bedrooms was by ladder and trapdoor, and to get to the basement, you want out the door, around the side of the house and down a hill to the above-ground basement door, into the basement turn on the light and go into the bathroom to use the toilet and sink. Can you imagine using this at 3 AM: Get up, open the trap door, stick the ladder down and then go out the main door (the only door) around to the basement door and in? Most of which was done in the dark. Well this family had two types, The 10 year old and older could hold it through the night. The girl who was a few months older than I was a bedwetter anyway. So the night ritual was use the bathroom at about 8 then get ready for bed. Now, I was aobut age 6 -3/4 to about 9-3/4 (then they moved) and could not hold it for more than two hours without doing the gotta-go hootchy-cootchy. So as part of the little girl treatment anyway, was put in diapers along with the girl who was near my age for the afternoon 12:30 to 4:30 PM and from 7:45 Pam to about 7:15 AM. A potty just for me would not make sense to buy So my diaper world is neither that of an adult baby or a DL and was pretty much gone by 1958
  4. Little Christine

    Whiskey and diapers

    In no way is alcohol a "sleep aid". Alcohol temporarily dissolves the lipid (fat) sheath around nerves, That sheath ensures that the "signal" traviels along the long, narrow part of the nerve to it's destination, with that sheath either gone or lessend the signal can get weakined or messed up. Sleep if trgulated by the activity of a part of the brain. The two have nothing to do with each other. The activity of the sleep-rlated areas of the brain is totally different than the nerve impairment caused by alcohol. 4 shots of whiskey is borderline drunk for a person of average size and weight the better alternative is a few minutes of moderate activity from 15 to 45 minutes before bedtime and shut the screens off, or if you must use it, set upa dimmer display with less blue light or get away from them and do the same with fluorescent lighting and high color temperature LED lighting. the change from the day to night vision and the color "center" is called the "Perkenje Shft"
  5. Little Christine

    Drypers Touch or Wee Wee dry diapers

    Without any narration it tells me ecactly nothing
  6. Little Christine

    Drypers Touch or Wee Wee dry diapers

    As I understand it from the 1950's DRYPER consisted of a special rubber panty that held a disposable liner and was put on like a pamper which it preceded by some 10 years or so., though how this was secured I do not know. This might work as a template for a disposable diaper system of the future, that way, the diaper itself need not be either waterproof or with gathers or tapes since they would attach to the panties. The problem would be in waist and leg sizing unless you could get a good fit with large-range elastics like Gary, instead of having to use narrow range like Babykins or the old Comco. In the case of Gary and Comco, the snaps being toward the front would be of benefit to side-sleepers. In fact, Babykins might do a re-issue of Comco, I was told that Comco got their material from General Tire. it is certainly better than the material I have seen them use. it is thick, maby 7 mil but certainly 6 and smooth on both sides and quite sturdy, Comco elastices gave out while the material was in fairly good condtion. They could also sell a choice of disposable or re-usable liners, the latter of 3 or 4 layers of bird'seye or microfiber with wide, vertical velcro attachers. This was essentially how the Sta-Dry panties worked in the 1981 timeframe that I saw
  7. Little Christine

    Happy mistake

    Back in 1981, Mommies were ecoouraged to put the diapers on girls backwards. Good multiple cloth diapers will do that for you all day long> I cannot cross my legs above the knee. And I can go for upwards of 16 hours, usually 12-14 without being changed. That is why medium and larger rubber panties are not considered worthwhile if the crotch is not AT LEAST 10" wide at the narrowest point
  8. Little Christine

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    What a proper cloth baby/little girl looks like
  9. Little Christine

    Bad Jokes

    HDD Hard to Discover Defect SSD Still Somehow Defective SATA Sucky Attempt to Tweak Attributes PCI Pecker Caught Inside (e "eeeek!") VoIP Voided In Pants FTP Friggin' Tortuous Procedure HTML Hard To Manage Lunacy DRM "Damn Retarded Machine!!!"
  10. My Baby Panties. zip (images) I do not know how much usable eyesight you have, Mine is about 20/400 down from 20/300 some 20 years ago. I cannot read printed paper materialof ordinary type size anymore. My image editor of choice is IrfanView with it's plugins
  11. Little Christine

    Have you tried cloth diapers?

    I do not use inserts. By making the area between the legs thicker with more material, they make the caustic wet stay there much longer which means it has more time to do nasty things to that delicate part of the body. An extra full layer of material as part of the diaper holds as much as a double layer insert and it makes the diaper thicker all around. About which girls do not have to worry since a full-circle skirt can hold quite a bit under it. Eat your hearts out; boys, everything has a good chance of showing with you. All we have to do is just keep our skirts down Certainly better than PUL since they do not let vapor through and bettter than PEVA since they do not soooo resemble garbage bags (I was curious to see what it was like and got some for my dollies. They were not Glad, I will tell you that much. But the panties did seem Hefty)
  12. If I am expecting company, I open the windows and use some BabyDoll scented water. If it is cold out, I just put it in a small bowl on the radiators in the livingroom and in my improvised warmer in the bathroom If it is too warm for the radiators, I put it in my electric potpurri warmer (Rival) in the living room and the improvised warmer in the bathroom. Nobody has complained
  13. Little Christine


    Has anyone actually tried it besides me? it was the result of a thread a year ago aboutt scents and related cleaning items which came at the time that I was interested in a LG bubblebath that did not smell like some kind of fruit or the oppressively ubiquitous lavender and everybody loves Dreft Sooo...
  14. Little Christine

    Double diapered

    Yes. cloth