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  1. Little Christine


    Angela Baur would know
  2. Little Christine

    Cloth diaper inserts

    I avoid having extra materia between my legs becasue it slows the exit of wet from that part of my body. The skin in that area is quite delicate and wet is quite harsh, so that is not exactly a marriage made in Fairyland. This is especially important since I am in the same diaper for up to 16 hours (usually more than 10). The secret is thicker or multiple diapers. What happens with me is the wet quickly passes through the part between my legs and comes up against the rubber panties. It then spreads along the outside of the diaper so that the diaper wets from the outside in. Now, my diapers are very thick bit it is like having a diaper that is 3 layers of material all around instead of something that is 2x4x2. The diaper can be put on at 7:00 pm and not be chanted until 9 or 10 AM. Also the lack of extra material between the legs allows air to move around so it is all good
  3. Little Christine

    Something Strange

    The newest "member" appears to be a business account. IPS Support, with no stat at all. This is strange and noteworthy
  4. Little Christine

    wearing in your backyard

    Well, there is always an Amazon drone After which a couple of Amazons will come by, pick you up and make you into a Little
  5. Little Christine

    wearing in your backyard

    The notion of what satellites CAN do and what would be done are two different things. Nearly 4 decades ago, they talked about a satellite that could take a picture of a liscense plate from orbit, also, "to see a golf ball" from orbit. The thing is it takes time, effort and money to use it. You have to know what you want and where it is. That requires intel, then you have to feed the material into the computer to tell the satellite to locate the target, select the system to use for the widest angle, covering hundreds of thousands of square miles down to the relatively microscopic focus point, and take the shot or video. Scanning systems and focused systems are very different; even if you know what you are looking for, you have to know what that looks like as a spot that is not even "a dot on the map" in relatiom to a swath that may be 10,000 square miles and changing every second. The scan system does not detect the thing itself but signs of its implications on a large scale. That takes on the order of 1/4 to a couple of days. why would they be targetting persons in their backyards wearing only diapers? The deterrent is what it would cost and what the mission would be competing with in terms of what it would accomplish. You spend all that time and money, take resources away from more vital missions like seeing what's going on in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. or Cartegena in Central America or any of the smuggling routes to see someone wearing a diaper in the back yard. IF you are looking in the right place in the right, at most, 6 hour window. The tech has been there for 4 decades and change. it is the human element, monetary cost, opportunity costs and effort, plus the fact that the resources are limited, even with 500 satellites, that makes the scenario into a paranoid sci-fi nightmare. The tech is the cheapest and easiet part, it's the human element that will make it far more than a billion USD and the arguments over priorities and "mission creep" that will consume weeks at a time. The more real thing is drones. Go to B&H's site and price a quad-copter and a half-decent camera Your best orbit for that kind of thing is a polar orbit approximately 1075 miles up. The satellite would be travelling north/south and the earth would be rotaing under it. You would divide the earth into quadrispheres. the best I can imagine is a system of two kinds of 'spy eyes", the high-altitude scanners at 1075 miles up and the actual picture takers in lower, but faster orbits. The co-ordination and maintanence would be quite daunting. The goal would have to be worth the time and money and even 500 satellites would not make finding and spying on persons in their back yards wearing only diapers worth the time, effort or money. Also photint is far less useful than elint and sigint for the kinds of missions, espionage, that would be running and the scanner satellites would probably be more equipped for those two aspects, leaving the photovideo to the low-orbit devices. So unless they start chipping diapers, that is a long way off, if it even could be "a thing". Can you imagine the Reuters report on 21 Feb 2021 that said they missed the 20,000 casualty terrorist attack on LA because they were spying on persons wearing only diapers in their back yards? Not pretty Net result; as far as satellite surveillence, just keep your tiara on straight
  6. Little Christine

    wearing in your backyard

    Both DPF and DD used to boast that exhibitionists wer not part of our community. Now with this, and a couple of other, threads and "Most Daring Thing You 've Done?" in Sissy Room, that is starting to be a lie. And they'll be the first to complain that we are not "accepted"; well, no. In the first place, since kink was regarded as a private matter, it does not matter if a kink is "accepted" or not. it is behind closed doors and "MYOB". But. as the anti-drunk driving commercial used to go a couple of years back "Your lifestyle is your busienss, but when you take it on the road, it's everybody's business". This seems to be more a DL practice since AB/LG's have many other things to do and the diaper is just one part of a complex story (for me that includes Dolly, Tea Party, Fairy, tiaras and the other things you see on my siggy, "About Me"; pts 1 & 2 and what I have put in the Little Girls' Playhouse), I will not be doing VLG things out in the street and ABLG only makes sense where I have my things nearby. I can have a tea party with Dolly Andrea, Dolly Lisa and Bride Dolly Cassandra whenever I like. For the DL, it appears that the diaper IS the story so the more places they can take it. The "better". I do not have to boast about "wearing" at the movies, gym or whatever. I do not "need" to wear 24/7 to prove my "manhood [so to speak]"" THIS . http://tiarabook.sandralyn.net/cover.html and its like will speak for me. I would much prefer chatting or discussing the things of my little world with other VLG's and LG's. I wonder if we could have a girl-and-dolly chat tea party and how it would be done
  7. Little Christine

    wearing in your backyard

    It seems we have a growing number of exhibitionists around here. I would love to be there when you show up in court and maybe required to get a shrink or register as a sex offender if a child is involved, at the office when you are tolld to "collect your things" and you know that your liklihood of getting another job anytime soon is just this side of nil, or when you become "that guy [standing head 'man arrested wearing only a diaper'[". does it bother you that you are imposing your taste on others as well as confirming the worst stereotypes of the ABDL community? I will pass on all those lovely experiences; thank you
  8. Little Christine

    wearing in your backyard

    What if they are cloth and rubber panties? then they are not DISPOSABLE underear, "Disposable" does not define "diaper". Ad mine do NOT look like either a bikini or Speedo, which are not underwear. Besides which, who goes out in the back yard in just underwear unless she is a trollop? it is called UNDERwear for a reason. Beyond that, diapers are associated with certain functions, for which they were made
  9. Little Christine

    wearing in your backyard

    A year before she went into the tank for Trump. Ann Coulter made a very salient remark about cameras in public places. "These are public places, if they can be seen, they can be photographed without violating anyone's privacy". This would also apply to any place where the goings on are accessible to the casual observer. If you do not want people seeing into your back yard, put up a fence that will stop it from being seen by just looking in that direction To the person who says "I hope they enjoy the view", don't complain if your picture ends up in the paper. or on facebook or some video site. Do you know what a lawyer would cost to prosecute the case? You could by a tremendous number of diapers with what it would set you back, and you could still lose the case. Your boundearies are yours to define and maintain, but YOU have to do the work
  10. Little Christine

    wearing in your backyard

    Back in 1989, I designed a large camp/combat knife. I specified that the 440-C stainless steel blade not be polished, but left a dull grey, saying "If it shines then it shows". Well, if persons can see it, then it shows and pictures can be taken of it regardless of whether you think they should or not. So learn the difference between a bedroom; and a bathroom, and a backyard. Two have four opaque walls and a door. the other does not. If you hang it out there for all to see, then you hang it out there for all to take pictures of. There is a difference between having your privacy violated and giving it away. The latter is done by choice
  11. Little Christine

    Poll: Toys

    Some goodies http://www.thisoldtoy.com/index.htm Just looked it over: Is this a misnomer. I only recognized about 2 out of maybe 30 items and those are so recent I regard them as quite new, like Weeble and Construx: I did not even see Robotech or He-Man or the Micronauts
  12. Little Christine

    Children's television and movies

    Part of the charm of Rocky & Bullwinkle and the other shows by Alexander & Scott was the cheesy animation. This started wit Ruff & Reddy in the late 1960's and even the late mid-50's FELIX THE CAT by Trans-Lux and the sinilar timeframe Popeye animation whas pretty low end. It workded will with THE JETSONS as it, and the futuristic art made it somewhat surreal. On the other hand the quality of the original FLINTSONTES was much higher as it was going prime-time. From the 1980's ROBOTECH, SPEED RACER, VOLTRON , STARBLAZERS and THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS were quite good though the VLOTRON plots were pretty bad, and FORCE FIVE was a bit tacky as was, sadly, THUNDERCATS (I tried to like it: Hey; it was CATS!). HE-MAN was better plot and characters than animation. I liked TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES in a comical way and MASK (Mobile Aremored Strike Kommand) had some nifty gatgets but the plots were kinda chintzy. Same old VENOM, got tired quickly. Two of the more fascinationg ideas were SECTAURS and ZONE-RIDERS. I preferred GO-BOTS to TRANSFOMRERS as the latter was too ponderous in story telling and I liked the Go-Bots better, though both suffered from "same old same old" for adversaries
  13. Little Christine

    Poll: Toys

    What is a "big kid"? IRL, I had blocks, cares & trucks and a wind-up toy train, and a toy fort (Fort Superior) before I was 5. The first "stufie" I gt was a hugne panda when I was 5. When I was 5, I got a farm set and the John Dere set, which was a tractor and the attachments; plow, harrow, spreader, hay baler and one or two other things. It was the case that a tractor was so configured IRL that you could use the tractor moter to run stationary things like the baler By the time I was 5-1/2, I was strong anough and big enough to pick up and carry an empty 10 gallon milk can so I would often go out with my uncle, whose business consisted of transporting milk from the farm to the dairy. By the time I turned 6 I could "roll" (tip a full can over slightly so that is is on the flange of the bottom edge, then use a hand-over-nad motion to move [roll] the can from one place to another). an "empty" weight 15 lbs and a "full" weighed 100 lbs, So I could actuall do useful things. I used to think these were fun In 1st grade I was the second or third tallest kid in class. By the time I started 3rd grade, I had my 3rd girlfriend In the early grades there is an order of status based on your phsycial "build"; tall, not babyish and how "go aheaded" and competien you are. The year before I started 1st grade, I encountered my first praying mantis (I was 4 going on 5). Rather than being scared, I was attracted and by the time I turned 5 (Sept '50) I could handle them with no trouble. the summer of the year I started 1st grade, I met more of them. so that when I showed in late Sept or early Oct of '51 that I could handle them and they seemed friendly with me so that I could walk around with one sitting on my shoulder or the top of my head like nothing was happening, and I could show the others how to handle them with the same results. I became one of the cool kids. Also I treated the girls differently; like they were people. This led to me getting my first "girl friend". a blue-eyed blonde who was probably the tallest girl in class; about up to the bridge of my nose, and she used to have me come over to her house, until a few months later, her family moved to Wisconsin. If you read my blog, you will know that when I was just turning 5, I met and examined closely my first doll, and where that went, so when i got to Patricia's house, she presents me with her prize possession, a rather large, gorgeous doll, so since I already knew how to treat dolls, that was no problem. When my unlce found out about this girl and I, he went "huh! you went and got yourself a blonde". I was a bit confused as I did not know exactly who got whom This is why I ask; What do you mean by "big kids"?
  14. Little Christine

    Curious, who has it harder being a DL?

    I do not have the free time to ponder all of this. I have a life
  15. Well, I have the Retro Little Girl lessons back to something usable