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  1. 85 / 95 Attends Side By Side

    I'm fully aware that they were before the application of SAP as well as many other things. Thats what I love about them
  2. XP Medical - Ownership Change

    So thats what happened... I noticed that my shipments stopped being packaged discretely. It isn't too bad because I use the attends with waistband and its not like the word "diapers" is printed on the case in huge letters or anything. You can find the name attends though, in small print, if you know where to look. As a few others have posted I also noticed they stopped selling samples. I hope they don't go under. I LOVE the attends with waistband. 2-3 of these at once and its the closest thing to 80s diapers that I've been able to find.
  3. 85 / 95 Attends Side By Side

    Seriously about to cry seeing those. I want mid 80s diapers so bad. I was born in 83 so I can remember what it was like. The "diapers" these days just don't feel the same. I wonder what became of the machine that was used to make those 85 attends and how much it would cost to buy/operate it.
  4. Creating a new diaper

    Or you could make an actual diaper. Like the ones from the 80s with incredibly thick padding that goes all the way up the front and back, and all the way out the sides into the wings. You'd be the only company with a diaper like that for sure. Every company these days is focused on super absorbancy. You could focus on super thickness with the ability to take 1 or 2 wettings instead of a billion. A diaper thats a diaper. Not just a discrete incontinence brief with prints. Thats your selling point.
  5. Adult diaper with largest padding dimensions?

    I wish one of the ABDL companies would make a diaper like the one in the video. Probably would be super expensive to manufacture if they went with the trend of making a super-duper-alpha-absorbancy diaper that can hold 1million gallons of wettings. Have you seen the video of ABU's new diaper coming out in like a month? Lol the vid shows a simulated... 10 wettings? 10 freakin wettings. If they just made it fluffy using pulp like the old days instead of using SAP I think it would be cheaper. Then they could make them way thicker. Sure, they might not hold 10 wettings but they'd hold one or two. Think about it. When's the last time you heard an AB or DL say they DIDN"T want thick diapers? Maybe during stealth situations, sure, but if they had their choice? Think most of the community would opt for thicker diapers. If I had the money and the know how I'd start that business in a heartbeat. I think there is a real market for super thick, rather than super absorbent diapers. Among abdl's that is.
  6. Adult diaper with largest padding dimensions?

    I checked those out on their site. I want to try them out!!! They look pretty nice. Out of my size though Gonna have to wait until they restock. Hopefully won't be too long.
  7. Adult diaper with largest padding dimensions?

    I haven't tried their newer stuff. Only their SDK v2 and their old cushies and SDK. Maybe I'm too picky but as an 80s baby I'm just not a fan of all around print diapers. xD I guess I should give them a chance though.
  8. Adult diaper with largest padding dimensions?

    Yeah those look pretty nice. I need to check those out. Thanks for the tip!
  9. I noticed a thread about thickest disposable but I was looking for something related but different so I thought I'd start a new thread. My question: I was wondering what adult diaper currently has the largest dimensions for its padding? I'm an 80s baby and therefore my dream diaper is essentially one of these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWqojAw_nPE The thing about this diaper that I love is that the dimensions of the padding are huge. By that I do not mean thick. Sure, the diaper in that video IS thick(which is great, and almost as important), but if you take a closer look, the padding goes all the way up the front and back, and all the way (or most of the way) out the sides in the wings. Sadly, this is not the case for many adult disposables which tend to have generous differences between the dimensions of the diaper vs the diapers padding. We 80's babies need to form a coalition to start a company that makes diapers like these for adults XD
  10. Best US online diaper supplier ?

    I cast my vote for xpmedical. I've never had an incorrect order or a damaged order shipped to me. Shipping has always been prompt and discrete. Plus, they carry the attends with waistband. A cheap diaper which, when doubled, is basically a huggies diaper from the late 80s early 90s. (Bulky without being rigid. Padding that goes well into the sides of the diaper and further up the back and front compared to some other brands. This diaper makes you feel enveloped in padding!) Since the diaper is so cheap it only becomes more expensive than ABDL diapers when you start wearing three or more at once, and even then its actually pretty competitive. I used to buy 24/7's from them too, but then the manufacturer changed what was an awesome, bulky diaper into a "low profile incontinence brief." No fault of xpmedical though. As far as ABDL brands, I've only tried ABU and Bambino and was happy with both. Shipping was prompt enough. No problems with any orders. It's just that their diapers are so expensive! The SDK v2 is great though. I used to love Bambino Teddy's but they downgraded it, from what I read on their site, to be on a level with Classico in terms of thickness. Lame Both companies have come out with so many cool products since last I bought from them. I need to sample some of the new stuff!
  11. Any computer programmers in the community?

    Thank you so much to everyone who replied!!
  12. I was wondering if there were any computer programmers among us or just IT folks in general. A year ago I decided to go back to school for mechanical engineering but switched to comp sci after realizing that I genuinely looked forward to and enjoyed the programming classes/assignments. So far I've only taken basic courses in Java and C++ and a data structures course using C. I've also recently started solving problems on projecteuler.net in my spare time and have completed several courses on codecademy.com. I started looking at job postings just to get an idea of what people are looking for and man do I have a LOT left to learn xD Is there anyone that could give advice to an aspiring computer programmer? Anyone willing to mentor a newbie? I'd work for experience
  13. Dry Care 24/7

    They posted a message on their site today. Sales expected to begin January 2014 with a slimmer more discreet diaper. Goodbye dry 24/7 diaper, hello dry 24/7 discreet incontinence brief. (sigh) Hate to toot my own horn, but I totally called that one.