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  1. txmade

    Dri-Fit onesie

    Probably but there many generic brands that make clothes out of the same type material.
  2. txmade

    Dri-Fit onesie

    Does any one know of any one that makes dri-fit material onesies? I really don't like the heavy cotton ones, I'm looking for polo ones, all the polos I wear are of the Dri-fit material
  3. txmade

    iD slip and Seni Quatro

    The Id slip look and feel exactly like the Northshore supremes .
  4. txmade

    Snuggies Diapers Finally Shipping!

    Is it me or do these run small ? I wear larges mostly and these seem like they are very small larges. I'm glad I only ordered a sample pack.
  5. txmade

    Seni Super Quatro

    I adjusted the way I tape them up and don't tape them as tight, and they have worked better.
  6. First I don't want to get hopes up, this may not go past a idea. What would it take to creamy a new diaper brand. It would not be catered to the abdl at first . How would I go about reaching possible manufacturing partners? I was looking on allibaba last night, would one start there? Do you have as much say as what kind of diaper you have manufactured? Or are you limited to what they are already creating? Cost what type of costs would I be looking at? I would like to partner up with something like Amazon fulfillment to get started where they handle all of the shipping and packaging . Again just an idea.
  7. txmade

    Seni Super Quatro

    Every one that I have tired has literally broke at the stretchy part of the tapes. It's hard to describe . It's always after a few hours of wearing. I was getting excited thinking I found a new diaper, but I can't have tapes breaking
  8. txmade

    Seni Super Quatro

    Ok these diapers are super comfy and not bulky at all. Up until now northshore was my favorite. But there is one little or big problem depending how you look at it; I have had4 of the 10 pack of diapers that I got today in the mail have a tape break off at the elastic part???? Why are they doing that. For those that have not used these diapers the tapes have like a rubbery elastic so that the tapes can stretch a little for a snug fit, but every diaper I have had one I have had one tape break off at that elastic part. They are not to small, I use large diapers and they fit perfect except for the tape issue . Every other brand I have used I wear large. Has any one tried the Seni Super Plus diapers?
  9. txmade

    Bambino Diapers Brand

    Can some one post a pic showing the difference with the new tapes compared to old tapes ?
  10. txmade

    New Issue

    They pumped me full of antibiotics about 30 min before they put me under for the prevention of infection. I was out during the procedure, it just burns and stings like hell when I pee in diaper or toilet . Wet diaper had a red tinge to it, also I took azo type pill I read online that it sometimes helps reduce the pain when peeing. So I don't know if the last wet diaper had some of that urine where it's discolored from the pill or if it was blood in the pee, they said I would pee blood at first but it would clear up. I'm just leaking blood from the tip
  11. txmade

    New Issue

    When I pee in the toilet there is no blood, just blood in the diaper. I try to use the toilet when I can, especially at home, but stay diapered in case I don't make it.
  12. txmade

    New Issue

    I had the cystoscope procedure done today, man it hurts when I pee, feels like I'm peeing razors! How long does this feeling help, there is blood in my diaper. Haven't lost any control, I read that I could , just blood running into the diaper. Dr said bladder was fine, next neurologist to see what is causing everything.
  13. txmade

    New Issue

    So here's an update, I went and saw a new urologist, he was very thorough and very concerned about my issues. He was baffled that the other urologist just wanted to keep pumping me full of pills. Come to find out I don't even have the issue that the first urologist was trying to treat. Now here's the scary part, he is concerned that I may have multiple sclerosis and is going to send me to a neurologist to get it checked out. He said I have all of the symptoms for it and that it is not uncommon for me in ages 30 to 40 to have it. I don't know much about it, I am kind of concerned and worried that I may have it.
  14. I got the prescription today for diapers, I called my flex card company and they said with the prescription the diapers would be covered. My question is what a company like Bambino B covered. Would they look at bambino as a medical company or a fetish company. Right now i use North Shore but may order some Bambino.
  15. txmade

    New Issue

    Well I went back to the urologist back at the end of November and all he did was take me off antibiotics and tell me to keep taking some bladder meds that gives me really bad heart burn and makes me pee a lot so I'm not taking it. I have begun the process of finding another urologist. I am in diapers 24/7. I can make it to the toilet sometimes so I just uptape and pee, but sometimes when I'm sitting or out at work I get the pee feeling and then start peeing. I try to make it to restroom, the wife I think coming around to this maybe beings long term medical issue. She still doesn't like the diapees but she hasn't made any snide remarksnand the other day I was in a diaper and tshirt at home and she didn't say anything negative about it. It just sucks she won't be intimate with me tell its cleared up as she says it. She keeps telling she doesn't want an image of me in diaper to be the way she sees me, I really don't know what she means by that. I asked her what if this is long term and she said well then we will figure it out . I know I'm comfortable with the diapers due to the fetish, but this is different and I wished she would be comfortable with me wearing them and be intimate.