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  1. Doubling up

    Yes, I used to use Huggies in the old green plastic Depends, and later Goodnites in Tranquility ATNs. I would tear off the sides (grab at the leak guards), and poke holes in the waterproof membrane with a sharp knife. Worked great and cheap. Now I either use NorthShore boosters in the ATNs, or most of the time Seni Quattro for which no booster is needed.
  2. In search of new diapers

    I second (third actually!) the Seni Quattro recommendation. They are my current nighttime favorite, very comfortable, quite thin, yet absorb well even for a belly sleeper - no leaks ever if worn with a Gary Active PUL pant that makes the top very snug. BTW wholesalepoint has the best price I have found in USA.
  3. XP Medical - Ownership Change

    Used to order my Senis from XP. Now I use WholesalePoint. Faster and quite a bit cheaper. They also carry Abena etc.
  4. Stent questions

    That's interesting, how did you size it? The Spanner is designed to relieve urinary retention due to excessive prostate enlargement, and normally allows for voluntary urination since it doesn't impede the external urinary sphincter's function. Please elaborate?
  5. That medication (like most antipsychotics) has indeed sexual dysfunction and libido decrease as known side effects. If you are on depot antipsychotics you likely tried several shorter acting medications before settling on this specific one. So it's quite possibly the one that was the least bad... This one (paliperidone) has incontinence anecdotally reported only. Some other antipsychotics such as clozapine cause it more frequently (but are far more dangerous than the one you take). Aside from that, I can't really add anything to YeOldeDiaper's very knowledgeable and relevant answer. I also wish you well.
  6. Where do wellness briefs stand?

    The Superio (not the original) is great for daytime wear. Very discreet and comfy, absorbs a lot for its thickness. It's better IMHO than Abena because the Welness is more supple, and the padding is arranged in a way that minimises overall bulk, as compared to the Abenas that have uniform thickness.
  7. Tranquility ATN

    I have used ATN for years. I bought a case about a year ago (now using Seni) and at the time the quality was unchanged. Still a good value, and pretty effective if you add a booster.
  8. Sexual side effects are a valid reason to explore alternative medications with your psychiatrist. You don't need to get in the details. There are several classes of antipsychotics, with differing side effect profiles. It's common at the start of therapy to have to try different molecules, reduce dosage but add another molecule, and so on. Which antipsychotic are you currently taking?
  9. Rearz Inspire+ Incontrol L10

    Tried a few of these, and they unfortunately leak at night for me, from the front. They are shorter in front than the Seni Quattro or ATN (of same size ratings) I normally use, and I sleep on my belly. The tight Gary Active PUL pants that work very well to prevent front leaks with the Seni and ATN by compressing the diaper's front top plastic is of no help here. I suspect maybe going one size larger with the Rearz could help, but that's an expensive experiment if it doesn't. For day use they work very well and are quite comfortable as others have reported. The bulk makes them unpractical for wearing in public under normal clothes, unless you don't care being obvious.
  10. I ended up ordering a few cases of Seni Quattro from Wholesale Point. No issues, fast shipping, and $13 cheaper per case than XP. I will order from them now.
  11. https://twitter.com/AstroPeggy/status/882222501220110337/video/1 am I dreaming? Look at the lady...
  12. Best overnight diaper

    Seni Quattro is very good. Cover with a Gary Active PUL pant to help prevent leaks. Very comfortable, wicks well. No leaks even while belly sleeping. Also like Tranquility ATN with a booster (baby diaper with holes poked in back, NSC or XP Medical). I find the Confidry is too bulky for comfort, and doesn`t wick very fast.
  13. Tamsulosin actually is now OTC in several countries such as England. It has less severe side-effects than prazosin. What is funny is that doxazosin, which is just as effective for BPH, but is available as a much cheaper generic medication, isn't. Alpha-1 blockers such as tamsulosin relax smooth muscles such as the bladder neck and internal urinary sphincter. They are useful for some types of urinary retention, but in a normal healthy person won't have much of a noticeable effect on urination.
  14. Be careful, as they can cause orthostatic hypothension and fainting. Alpha-blockers act more on the internal sphincter so will usually be associated with stress incontinence rather than enuresis. Even then it's an uncommon side effect, almost only ever seen in older women. I tried prazosin many years ago (plus a bunch of other things that in in retrospect were quite unwise) and all it did was give me a headache and stuffy nose. Urinary effects were very mild. After essentially studying enough to get a degree in pharmacology aside from my "official" one, I regret to say that the two modalities that are know to be effective with a reasonable (to a participant of this forum, that is) risk/benefit ratio are *occasional* moderate pre-bedtime alcohol drinking with prehydration and being very tired, and stents. No medication I know of (and I know a lot of them) will induce incontinence or enuresis with any acceptable level of danger for recreational use. Benzos, GHB and so on all can kill you even if you know what you are doing.
  15. My days are numbered

    It's probably too late to help Abi, but for anyone else worried about the same risks the techniques and procedures to mitigate them are actually fairly within reach of people who are not IT specialists. The EFF has built a very informative and clear guide here: https://ssd.eff.org/en/module/keeping-your-data-safe For non-criminal actions such as simply accessing sites that could be questionable where you live, booting Tails from USB and using reasonable discipline will more than be enough. It will prevent any forensic "fishing expedition" from revealing anything since there won't be anything incriminating stored on the computer in the first place, nor ISP logs.