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  1. Here we go again.. Please check your facts before spreading misinformation. No Botox doesn`t kill anything, it temporarily blocks nerve impulses from reaching the muscles, and so can cause paralysis. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to have it injected for a sexual fetish though, as there can be complications, some of which quite severe. On top of the ex-member Bettypooh refers to, there was a guy on a French ABDL site who chronicled his quest for botox injections in his external sphincter in a very detailed fashion. He was able to find an urologist to do the job in a Tunisian private clinic, after getting a written statement from his psychiatrist that the fetish was a permanent condition. In summary, it didn't work very well, and needed several interventions to work at all.
  2. I have tried them, but absorption speed seems to be quite mediocre. Had leaks overnight. So far best results with Betterdry, Northshore Megamax, and Seni Quattro w booster (Northshore or a simple Huggies).
  3. Forgive me for asking, but after many years counseling people I feel you may be turbocharging through some things that might warrant skilled help. How much was the diapers/wetting a factor in the separation? Was the drinking the a cause of the crumbling relationship or a consequence of it? Please don't get defensive, I'm just concerned about you.
  4. Wow. At 8% ABV that's the same ethanol quantity as 10 shots of vodka, more than 1/3 of a USA 40oz bottle. For someone not used to alcohol that's enough to be actually dangerous, as in passing out, possibly choking on your vomit, and dying. So folks, don't take that as a recommendation! FWIW I've had "success" on much lower quantities of ethanol, especially when tired from a few double shifts and heavy gym workout. 2-3 * 330ml Belgian 9% beers will work wonders then. As I stated in another thread the key point is to prehydrate. Once you are copiously peeing clear, then drink the beers in close succession, pee again, then go to bed. I have found that being extra tired (such as after a 175km bike race, heavy crossfit session etc) can minimise the alcohol requirement. Also kava can help, but with great caution as low quality kava mixed with ethanol has the potential to cause liver injury. Only use the purest stuff from Hawaii, not cheap caplets from vitamin stores. And no, don't mix ethanol with sleeping pills... that's really asking for trouble. A wet diaper isn't worth the risk.
  5. The SSL certificate presented is their hosting provider's (Viviti) certificate, which causes an issue since the name on the certificate doesn't match rearz.ca. Many browsers will simply halt there to prevent spoofing attacks. The plain HTTP version does indeed say the website is suspended. What is interesting is their DNS record for rearz.ca was updated today, and hosting provider seems to have changed as well today. They are possibly migrating to a new provider. No DDoS as far as I can see.
  6. The meaning of linked picture (my first link) is quite obvious given this forum`s avowed subject and audience. Check the picture... Kitty O`Neill was a stuntswoman in 1979 for the Wonder Woman TV show starring Lynda Carter. This is clearly explained in the article (second link) that you obviously did not read.
  7. Can't help but wonder if my imagination is playing tricks on me... https://www.washingtonpost.com/resizer/4jnobfmi9UGqJ3Dp-Zf6ycD1MaY=/1484x0/arc-anglerfish-washpost-prod-washpost.s3.amazonaws.com/public/2DZAEGHAJUI6RORQU7PNATMPVQ.jpg This is from obituary of Kitty O'Neil, doing a scary jump in article here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/kitty-oneil-deaf-daredevil-who-became-worlds-fastest-woman-dies-at-72/2018/11/04/5d88dc9c-e044-11e8-8f5f-a55347f48762_story.html
  8. So much I gathered, thus my saying I wouldn't comment his posts further
  9. Flomax is actually a trade name for tamsulosin. Tamsulosin is OTC in several countries such as UK. In a normal healthy person you won't notice much if any "interesting" effects. I agree that a stent (after really doing your homework) is probably a better idea than pills.
  10. Many factors influence urine output, ranging from how salty you have been eating, exertion, several medications, temperature, and obviously fluid intake. In a healthy adult, if normally hydrated (pale straw coloured urine), increasing water intake over the last 2 hours before bedtime is unlikely to cause stomach aches, and should result in fairly copious urine output by bedtime. The idea is to go to bed with an empty bladder, and be quickly, deeply sleeping and relaxed thanks to the ethanol's sedative effect by the time the bladder is full. Actual optimal water intake needed will vary depending on body weight and composition, and can only be ascertained through personal experimentation. Please note this "optimisation" is strongly discouraged for people with hypertension, diabetes, renal insufficiency, or any other disease where homeostasis is already compromised. As with anything else involving "hacking" your body's intricate balance and systems, do your research and go gradual.
  11. Same experience here. I found that especially if really tired from a double shift at work, long bike ride (over 150km) or extra-intense workout, a few glasses of wine or beer will induce an accident. First time this happened I was fortunately diapered (Depends with a Huggies booster at the time). Waking up with a clearly wet, swollen diaper I couldn't believe it, and the mix of confusion, shame and delight at the same time was quite intense. The main thing is to not overdo it, I found that just getting a bit buzzed (far from really drunk) does it. And for obvious reasons, it's not for everyone, nor for every night. Prehydrating also helps. Drink enough water over 1-2 hours to get your pee clear, then have the beer/wine, and go to bed right away. Some other folks in this forum have reported success with sleeping pills, but I would steer clear of that. Especially if mixed with alcohol the results can be unpredictable and potentially way too dangerous for "recreational" use. Plus many sleeping pills are now increasingly linked with increases in mortality rates from cancer and other causes.
  12. BabyKeiff, I believe you are well intentioned but misinformed. I have treated folks with pneumothorax, and it's really not as you seem to understand. In the type of pneumothorax that will kill you fast (tension pneumothorax), air gets in the chest cavity via a wound and gets trapped between the inner chest wall and the lung itself, thus preventing full lung inflation. Each breath makes it worse, and you die unless treated quickly. If fluid got in the chest and prevented breathing that would normally be blood, known as haemothorax, not urine. If you die from internal bleeding it usually is from the hypovolemic shock, not suffocation. I won't comment the medical science (or lack of - actually) in your posts further beyond also stating that if you mix up ureters and urethra it's a bad start when trying to instruct people about bladder (dys)function. BTW people who chronically can't drain their bladders and keep high intravesical pressures (such as some paraplegics with neurogenic bladder) will end up with many issues, thus the importance of regular self-cathing, stents, or other procedure. It's not a good idea to mess with your body too much.
  13. The Quattros are my favourite as well. Just thick enough you know they are there, yet very unobtrusive and comfy. And they work really well. That's the closest you will get to an adult version of the modern Pampers or Huggies. I did find that they need to be "helped" to reach maximum performance, adding a tight fitting Gary Active PUL on top to ensure the top opening will stay snug, and possibly depending on your sex and anatomy a snug stretchy brief to finish things off and make sure you keep pointing down if male.
  14. Actually, the ureterovesical junction (where the ureters enter the bladder) has a valve-like function that protects the kidneys from reflux. The more the bladder stretches from being full, the more the ureters get stretched on the roof of the bladder, and the tighter they are shut. Normally, unless there is a mechanical obstruction in the urethra or severe chronic spasms (as in bladder dissynergia), you won't be able to reach pressures high enough to either backflow in the kidneys or rupture the bladder. You would eventually get an uncontrollable urge to urinate. By the way, urine is not really "caustic", nor able to cause the damage you describe. Urinary bladder trauma is fairly common in car crashes, shootings. The bladder being torn usually is one of the lesser issues, and not in itself associated with major complications. Bladder tears usually heal well. I would suggest you check your facts before expounding pseudo-medical babble that is wildly inaccurate.
  15. Yes, I used to use Huggies in the old green plastic Depends, and later Goodnites in Tranquility ATNs. I would tear off the sides (grab at the leak guards), and poke holes in the waterproof membrane with a sharp knife. Worked great and cheap. Now I either use NorthShore boosters in the ATNs, or most of the time Seni Quattro for which no booster is needed.