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Found 66 results

  1. newly Incontinent

    Hi all- I have recently become incontinent.
  2. Hi! I thought I would write this post so that I could try and help anyone who thinks they might suffer from incontinence. Do you have uncontrollable urges to urinate? Do you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh? Do you constantly urinate without any control whatsoever? These are all forms of incontinence. It is estimated that there are quite literally millions of people in the United States alone under 50 years of age that suffer from some loss of bladder control at present. So, it is not just an
  3. Incontinence Plateau

    I am over 50 and began tio have stress incontinence issues about four years ago, graduating from pull ups to diapers for security. I have been 24/7 in terms of peeing only for about two years ago and swiftly became able to pee without clenching, finding 'mindfullness' type relaxation in this loss of control - if such an association is not too pretentious. I have reached a plateau now, with a two second warning before peeing starts generally automatically. If my body feels it is safe, the peeing starts but if not I have to force myself to have 'no control' . My wife is aware of my incontinence and diapers and we sleep in separate beds for other sleeping issues. When alone in bed , I wake and pee or sometimes do not wake and pee. When with my wife, at home or in a hotel my brain has to demand my body to relax. Similarly I can pee indoors or in public but again if my body feels unsafe, it refuses to co-operate. I note that others achieve the ability to just pee without warning anywhere and I suspect that the older one gets the more auto responses get embedded and difficult to shift. Has anyone else reached such a plateau and can it be overcome?
  4. Not a day of rest

    Yesterday was Sunday, and that is usually considered a day of rest for many people, and i consider it that as well. Since i have a few medical conditions i am always scared to death to go out somewhere without being diapered, and especially if food is involved. I already struggle for what control i have, and yesterday decided to take a chance and didn't wear a diaper when i went with my friend to eat at an Indian restaurant. The food was amazing, and i mean words can't say how wonderful it was. However, on the way back, i started having trouble, and this is where my incontinence is always so confusing. Did i just have an accident or not? Did something come out or is it about to? So it did happen, and i had an accident in my friend's car, thankfully he is a lifelong friend and is well aware of my struggles. However, it was still embarrassing, painful, and i won't do this again. Going undiapered has before and still proves to be a recipe for disaster for me.
  5. Managing in summer

    Heya, having suffered with incontinence my whole life I made a pact with myself (see "Living with Incontinence" post) to not let my disability stop me from doing anything. I found that going to the beach however did prove one of the hardest past times to enjoy properly. I just wanted to share how I manage and hopefully get an insight in how other genuinely incontinent people (hopefully females as to get some tips) go about enjoying themselves there. First things first I'm not a massive swimmer which does make things easier as the range of adult swim protection is limited and only really caters for bowel incontinence which is great if you only have bowel incontinence but useless if you have complete (unless you like ruining beach towels and being covered in pee). When I go to the beach I tend to go prepared to stay in the shade and relax in the most comfortable manner possible with the possibility of entering the water for a brief period. In order to do this I usually combine a plastic backed with a soaker and go over the top with my personal favourite of either "Splash About" adult swim nappies covered up with a Sarong and bikini on top or my first choice if its not too hot of the "KesVir" Swimming Costume (See below). Now the Kesvir is great because not only does it keep everything inside but it also has a little skirt attatched which really helps with the "battle of the bulge" i.e. water bulking of your slip if you do decide to brave the water. I also made a list of what else I tend to take in my grab bag in case it gives you an idea. Plastic backed slips (as many as you think you need for the day, more if you plan on swimming lots) "Top Tip" - keep all the little packs of silica gel you get with shoes and the night before put a slip in a sealable food bag with a couple of the sachets. Put the bag in the fridge and when you're packing your cool box in the morning put the bagged slip in with it. The silica gel keeps the slip from absorbing any moisture and also makes it super cool and gives some respite from the plastic prison on hot days) Disposable changing mats. Great for whacking underneath you during changes etc. Disposable anal plug. (Not kinky, don't even go there) Powders, creams and cleaning stuff for when it gets a bit swampy. Sarongs. A girls best friend for hiding whats going on down there. And of course the obligatory SPF30, big hat, sunglasses and whatever other glam accessories you need. I think this about covers it. Hopefully gave those legitimately incontinent people a couple of ideas on how to not get left out next time all their mates go to the pool/beach as well as staying a little more comfortable. Love Gemma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Ive been on this site before and come back for another go and after reading a lot of posts etc. I decided to make one myself and tell you all a little about my story. Gather round, it might take a while. My name is Gemma, born and bred in the mountainous region of North Wales in the sunny British Isles. Im 27 years young just turned and have suffered with incontinence my entire life. At the age of around 5 after being completely impossible to potty train me and after god knows how many scans, MRIs and other unpleasantnesses Doctors finally came to the conclusion that while in the womb my spine formed a bit weird at the base (Cauda Equina) causing compression on the bundle of nerves at the base of my lumbar region. The diagnosis was neurogenic bladder and bowels as well as some other associated nerve damage. Luckily the damage was reasonably localized allowing me to walk and only affecting my "toilet" functions and some lack of feeling. Growing up was an exceptionally stressful time for me. I faced a great deal of torment and made only a few close friends. Despite on the surface of it being as most call me "pretty" I failed to let anybody get close to me for my entire teens and into my twenties. Coming to terms with my incontinence was fairly easy having never known any different however was still exceptionally hard. I vowed at a young age to not let it hold me back on what I want to do and as a person from North Wales what I wanted to was usually outside. I am an avid mountaineer, I have climbed many peaks and I also love to travel. I have been overseas around 100 times and visited 26 different countries to date. I play several instruments and also love to ride motorcycles (I have two). I hike, ride, row, partake in archery and used to play a lot of hockey. Yes being incontinent made things very difficult but nothing was impossible if I put my mind to it. 27 years on im now a pro at management of my issue. Having a close shave with a kidney infection that almost killed me I came to terms with nappies being the most feasible management option for myself. Around 7 years ago while travelling I met my partner. She is the kindest, most sweethearted (sometimes frustrating) person in the world. We share our hearts and everything that goes with each of us. She not only tolerated but embraces my problem and between (mainly her) found a way to not only indulge some of her fantasies but make it into a positive in our relationship. This is slowly but surely rebuilding what self esteem I had dashed during my formative years and I feel will end in me being a stronger person on the other side. I guess the point of this article is for the legitimate incontinence sufferers on this site who don't like their situation, who may be struggling with self image and looking for help. However bleak it seems to you right now, It IS possible to find that special someone and your problem can't stop you doing anything. All you need to do is get out there and seize the day! It might be hard but Im living proof it can be done. You don't need to feel second rate or make excuses for anyone. Just go out there and own it! I hope this was of some help to some people out there. Please take from this what you will but understand that its meant as a message of support from one person who has been to dark places to others who need help so be sensitive and understanding to the theme of the diatribe and the people on here who don't like but struggle to accept that "protection" is a part of their lives. Thanks and stay strong! Gemma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. https://surveyplanet.com/592b0e942237ce4c3136094eI'm looking for as many AB, DL, IC, and bedwetting folks to answer my survey as possible. Hopefully we can gain some insight into the current state of the diaper market, so manufacturers and retailers can better serve customers like us. Leaving an email address is completely optional, so you can be as anonymous as you like.Thank you for participating!
  8. The road to incontinence

    Hi guys. I've only recently joined this forum, while having had an attraction to the lifestyle for as long as I can remember I want to take it to the next step. I've read through the twelve month program as well as other posts on 24/7 wearing with the aim of losing control, and was wondering if anyone has any personal tips/experience that could help pad out(phrasing) the program. I've been wearing every night for little over a week now and am starting to wear more and more through the day, and just recently wore out in public while in the company of a friend (I can say the fact no one gave me a sideways glance was liberating, though it will be a while before I'm confident to wear at work). Yet I don't consider myself to have started a rigid program yet. Any advice would be great in helping me try to figure this out. Regards -BaybayJay
  9. Just for the sake of options, i am curious to know where everyone buys their diapers from? Who is best about using discreet packaging? So far i mostly buy from bambino, and have bought secure x plus before they were available on bambino. So what are the best sites if you live in the US?
  10. Very interesting piece on the adult diaper "boom" so to speak. It's definitely going to climb with baby boomers getting back into diapers once again hehe. But mainly just discussing the logistics of it and how it's affecting paper sales in general. It didn't get to specific but I think they were almost entirely talking about disposables and even more so it seemed like depends based on the picture they had with it. Take a read for yourselves! http://bloom.bg/2nc3j8f
  11. IMG_0700.JPG

    From the album My stents

    My stent on march 16th 2017.
  12. I will be travelling to the U.S. in a few months time and as I am incontinent I will be wearing a nappy or large incontinence pad. Also I will have spare pads and nappies etc in my carry on luggage will it be a problem at airport security.
  13. hi i have to go to asia to work (singapore, but travelling around malaysia, thailand and hopefully more) anyone here with experience of buying adult diapers in asia? Except for singapore, most other countries are developing countries and do not really have an elderly care sector. i bought online from singapore and its actually even better in america as they deliver to me in 1 day, and prices are cheap. i bought from this site Adult diapers tena pants but for malaysia and thailand, surprisingly, not that easy to find tena. I found other brands, but.... i'm terribly suspicious of Asian brands, HAHA, especially china brands. you know what i mean right.... it really sucks if urine get out of the adult diapers. I seen some japanese brands that i may try (japanese defintely more trustworthy than china) but hope there are some experience guys here with feedback? will save me a lot of troubles and money to go for tested-and-proven brands thanks guys!
  14. In 2016 I kept a plog (pee log) at omorashi.org of almost all of my 58 experiences of waking up wetting or already wet:
  15. This Diaper Will Tattle On You

    A University in Japan has developed a sensor for a diaper that requires no battery. It uses urine in the diaper to form an integral part of the power generation to send a wifi signal when the diaper is sufficiently wet. https://www.japantoday.com/smartphone/view/technology/smart-diaper-generates-power-from-urine
  16. Today i did my bills and i realized how much i spend in disposable incontinence supplies. I am thinking about investing in reusables. Problem is there is no trial of reusables. I need any advice on a reusable day time brief / adult diaper reusable AIO with good absorbancy for night time. I have bed pads. I cannot afford disposables for very much longer. I am still waiting on approval of disability.
  17. I am disabled, I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified with traits of Aspergers Syndrome, Epilepsy and multiple learning Difficulties. What does that mean ? I have autism, while I am generally High functioning, I also have traits of low functioning autism as well, sensory issues, communication difficulties and stimming One problem I have with sensory processing disorder, is that I am hypo-tactile, meaning I don't get the same stimulation from something touching me as you would. Because of this I have always enjoyed the sensation of a poopy diaper, as it is kind of a sensory input for me. Being epileptic when I have a seizure (between 1 and 3 times a month) I am usually incontinent. Aside from that I have full control over my bladder and bowel The problem I have is because I am mostly High Functioning, I am overly smart, I can talk about all kinds of things, from Integral and Differential Calculus to Philosophy, from Material Science to Sociology, and I am a Computer Geek and a science nerd. I hate being so intelligent, and such a know it all, because it makes it hard to find friends with similar interests. I honestly wish I was Severely Disabled, and functioned on the cognitive level of a 2 year old, so I wouldn't know any better, and could be looked after 24/7 Knowledge is scary, and it can be used as a weapon as well as a tool. But I doubt that will ever happen, Any one else feel the same way ?
  18. I've been incontinent for the past 18 or so months. It came on kind of quick, but before long, found myself totally incontinent, night and day. (I've chosen to embrace wearing diapers and being incontinent, rather than to fret over it all). But lately, I no longer get that feeling of having to pee. I know I have to pee because I start wetting my diaper. There are times, when laying in bed, I just feel myself peeing. It didn't feel like I had to pee, I just started going. I can't remember when I last had that feeling of having to go. As anyone else lost that feeling? I'm also fecal incontinent now. This started almost a year ago, and started by occasional accidents of just not being able to hold it. But now, I can't hold it at all...I get the feeling of having to go and then before I can do anything about it, I soil my diaper. I'm wondering if what happened with my urinary incontinence, will happen with my fecal incontinence. Will, as some point, instead of feeling like I have to go but can't hold it, will I just start to do a number two in my diaper. Any thoughts?
  19. It's A Big Decision

    Chapter One "It's a big decision," Claire's mother worriedly commented. "Are you sure it's something you want to do at your age?" she asked, knowing that the answer would be the same as last time, and every time before that, ever since Claire had informed Kathy of her intentions six months ago. "Ugh, yes mum," the nineteen-year-old whined from the other room, exactly as Kathy expected. "Besides," Claire continued, lowering her voice to room temperature as she lugged a box into the kitchen, "It'll only be sixth weeks at a time, at least at first." Claire dropped the large brown cardboard box on the table with what she hoped would be a conversation-ending thud, but was disappointingly a merely a muffled comma. Her mother looked up from her rapidly cooling cup of tea, and was about to begin a new tack when Claire cut her off: "Anyway, it's not like they don't have the internet in Germany! And you know I'll always be a few hours flight away." It was the trip of a lifetime, and what's more, it tied into her studies at university, and so would even count towards her degree! She certainly wasn't going to let her neurotic mother get in the way. Kathy had always been more than a little nervous about Claire's various escapades, even something as little as a sleepover with school friends. Of course, Kathy had a little more reason to be worried than most parents. Claire had been, until the age of about 14, what they used to euphemistically call a 'bedwetter', but in the last few years had become known as 'wetters'. As it became clear that the new generation was increasingly likely to be only fully out of diapers by five, and a significant minority of about 20% were in need of night-time diapers until mid-adolescence, new phrases had begun to creep into common usage. The Government initially used the term "incontinence sufferers", but this was rapidly thrown out by the younger generation as patronising. They then moved onto "those who use toilets less", until settling for the simple, catch-all phrase "diaper wearers". Never one to miss an opportunity, of course, the diaper industry had thrived with this increase in marketing potential. Claire remembered the old "Drynites" brand vaguely, and shuddered at the thought of the unfortunate souls who had to wear them. Flimsy, low-capacity and small, they were quickly replaced by increasingly large sizes of baby diapers, and by the time Claire had finally outgrown her bedwetting, most large supermarkets sold tape-up diapers all the way up to a 32" waist, with capacity and print variations to suit plenty of tastes. Kathy's concern for her daughter was more of a hangover from the perceptions of bedwetters from her day - Claire would always tell her not to worry, as usually at least one other girl would be in diapers at any sleepover. Kathy, however, worried nonetheless, and Claire was quietly grateful. It was better, she thought, to have a mum who cared too much, instead of too little. So, 5 years free from diapers, Claire was here, packing for her first big trip abroad - six weeks working at the University in Cologne! Claire opened the large brown box and began placing its contents on the kitchen table. Books, pencil cases, protractors, notepaper - it was all here, stationary she hadn't needed since school days, neatly packed away by Kathy. Kathy, oblivious to Claire's silent thanks, began to fuss, "Well don't get it all out here! Take it up to your room, that's where your clothes and suitcases are!". Knowing she was right, Claire grunted in annoyed approval and began to quickly place the items back in the box. As she threw in the last pencil case, she felt her hand brush up against a familiar surface - a sort of fine cotton - but ironically she couldn't quite put her finger on what it reminded her of. Eager to escape her now irritated mother, she bustled upstairs, trying hard not to drop her now unbalanced box of school things as she went. Laying the stationary out on the slightly dusty floor of her bright, modern bedroom, she began to make piles - "take", "keep", and "throw away". Ikea pencils went in "throw away", treasured teenage doodles went in "keep", and her best pens went in "take", ready to packed off to Germany. As she reached the bottom of the box, having filled the "keep" pile far larger than her mother would have liked, Claire's hand again brushed up against that family fabric. Curious, she looked into the box. There, at the bottom in the corner, was a solitary diaper. It was clearly unused, and it was clearly hers - first, it was covered in a little blue flower pattern, and second, it looked about the size and thickness of a small parcel, certainly big enough for her 24" waist. Her heart beating imperceptibly faster, Claire reached down and picked it up. First, she went to put it into the throw away pile, "After all," she reasoned to herself, "No one would want one old diaper, and I certainly don't need it". But she stayed her hand, and placed it down in the "keep" pile. "Who knows," she though, "I might need it in the future - maybe I'll get the flu, and won't be able to make it to the toilet". She stood up, and was about to go downstairs when the blue and white diaper, perched on a pile of half-used school books and potentially useful post-it notes, caught her eye one more time. "Well, if I am going to be in Germany for 6 weeks, why wouldn't I need it then? Besides, I don't know what exactly the diaper situation is over there, so it may be the only thing I can find." To be on the safe side, then, she moved it to the "take" pile, ready to be packed. But first she went down stairs for a nice cup of tea.
  20. I haven't posted much lately, crazy busy with work and preparation for my daughters wedding. I knew if I thought enough and developed the right techniques, I'd come up with the appliance. Unfortunately, the description will have to do for now. The computer is being stubborn and I can't upload pics from my phone. Start with a straight vinyl catheter. I use 16FR. You need a heat gun, steel ruler, razor knife, clamps, and a pair of pliers with a round notch approximately 14FR. I'm using a pair of electrical pliers that have a pair of smooth round notches in the jaws. Pre warm pliers with heat gun. Hold catheter in plier notch near hole where inner sphincter is. Heat inner side next to pliers VERY SLOWLY and tubing will start to swell. Use slight pressure to mushroom tubing against flat edge of pliers. The pliers will protect the part of the tubing from the heat and shrink it's diameter slightly. Measure from the narrowing about 6-8 cm and cut the tubing lenghtwise starting with a long sloped cut. Place the ruler on edge in the U and clamp down. Cut on both sides leaving a thin tail. Trim smooth and cut to final length. For me it's 19cm. I'll upload a pic a soon as I can.
  21. New UK Midlands based Little...

    Good Evening Guys and Girls, Im a newbie to this site. Not a newbie to wearing nappies. I am 37 yo, I live in West Birmingham and have been near enough incontinent for the last 5 years (Medical condition). I wear nappies 24/7 and use various brands. I am lucky enough to have an amazing girlfriend who supports me through this, who a while ago agreed to wear at night with me and who now doesn't wake up dry very often at all. I am blessed with this and know this is what a lot of people strive for in a relationship. We are lucky enough to know a lot of AB's and DL's around the Midlands, we are also the go to people for nappies. As we dabble in import and export, buying and selling. We don't do this to make a huge amount of money, mainly to help with those who struggle with discretion and cant have nappies delivered to their houses (Message us). We very much look forward to becoming an integral part of the UK community and hope to speak with you all very soon. M & K x
  22. Hey! wasn't sure where to best post this but feel free to move it to different forum. I have a friend who I consider one of my closest friends. For a bit of background we
  23. Force Bedwetting?

    Hello! This is my first post on here, as I am in need of some help. I would like to wet the bed, at night while sleeping, and wake up without knowing I peed... Now I know there are many threads just like this one, but I have a unique question.Is there any special drugs or herbs that can force me to wet the bed at night? Is there any special things I can drink or eat to help wet the bed? What are some methods to train to wet the bed or instantly wet the bed?I'v tried hypnosis and drinking a good amount of water before going to bed, but nothing, as I sleep through the night and wake up with a full bladder...So if anyone can help or give me some tips, please let me know, anything would be appreciated P.S. If this is the wrong sub-forum for this thread, then please move it to the right one, thanks!
  24. So I had a thought, and maybe someone here with a working bladder might want to try it. I think it might be easier to untrain your your bladder with cloth diapers, rather then disposables. I've been experimenting with cloth diapers lately to help with bedwetting and I notice it feels remarkably similar to wet pants, except that it doesn't spread. If you could condition yourself to urinate when there is no discernible difference in fabric, maybe your mind would be willing to let go easier? I remember before I began having problems noticing a distinct difference between wearing a disposable and wearing underwear, and thought perhaps if you make the diaper indistinguishable from clothes, and got use to it, your brain would have an easier time adjusting to the idea of wetting whenever, as opposed to only wetting when you feel the diaper. Also, for those of you who are 24/7 with cloth, how do you like it? I haven't found the right fit for me personally, and I don't really know what plastic pants to get, but the last ones I got gave me a very painful rash around the elastic, is it too tight? Anyways, that's all, sorry if I didn't make my point across very well, let me know if I need to refine it.