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Found 80 results

  1. Hello all! ^^ I would like to take the time and tell you a little about myself. I am a 34 y/o healthy, continent male (no history of bladder/bowel issues) that has had an interest in diapers from a very early age. I was around 7 years old when I “borrowed” a plastic backed Pampers diaper from my 2 year old cousin’s diaper bag. The babysitter was my aunt; who is the coolest person ever and knows about my “interests” in diapers. I unfolded it and put it in my underwear. I walked around in it and heard the crinkle and wished I could wear diapers all the time as well instead of my “big boy” undies. Of course, there is a whole lot more to my story but this is a very brief summary to keep from boring you all. I’ve had 24/7 stretches (for up to 6 months) in the past but had to stop due to financial/personal reasons when I was in college. Now, here I am at 34 years old and still wanting to be back in diapers for good. The desire isn’t going away and I’m tired of fighting it. It’s what makes me whole so that’s just the way it is and is going to be for now on. Over the years, my desire to become diaper dependent has not waned in the slightest and no matter how many times I place it on the back burner - they’ve always been there. So I’ve decided to go through with this. I also have a girlfriend, who I love with all my heart who completely supports me in becoming diaper dependent and she actually prefers me in them! I call her “mommy” most of the time which she loves. Having said all of this, she was vaguely familiar with the AB/DL community before we started dating ~7 mo ago. She supports me and loves me for who I am. This is very hard to come by especially since there’s no clear cut answer as to why someone would have the desire to become incontinent and how much our community is misunderstood. I have slight AB tendencies, but I’m not an exhibitionist or advertise the fact I wear diapers out in public. That’s not for me and please DO NOT post anything about ‘showing your diaper off’ etc. I have a very respectful job and conduct myself in a very professional manner dealing with well over 50 clients on average per day in a clinical setting. The bottom line: I value discretion and privacy to maintain my dignity. If (inevitably) my diaper rides up the back exposing it a bit, then 99% of people will assume it's a medical condition and mind their own business. The other 1% can ....well you get the point. **I have a onesie so I will wear it often at work** Reading the other forum posts has given me a lot of insight and motivation to push forward in my journey to diaper dependence. For now, I am only untraining my bladder, so I will try to retain my bowel control. From what I’ve read, some people have experienced a decline in their bowel control during their bladder untraining adventures. This makes perfect sense considering the nerves that are responsible for both bladder and bowel control are interlinked. ie; if you weaken one neural pathway, then there is a natural weakening/desensitization of the other. I will, of course document and report any changes in both my bladder and bowel control. Another thing of note is masturbation. I’m abstaining from it due to risk of exercising the muscles by accident. I have also fallen victim to the feeling you get after you’ve “done the deed” and don’t want to put another diaper on. It’s just not worth it and the fact that it increases DHT in men is more than enough to keep me from doing it. I have a full head of hair and plan to keep it! ^^ I will keep my diaper area shaved clean at all times for obvious reasons. My Current Continence Level A brief note about my current continence level. I am currently completely continent in both bladder and bowels. I wake up completely dry every night, but I love wetting my diaper prior to bed and sleeping in it overnight and waking up pretending I soaked it in my sleep. Eventually, I hope this will happen for real! ^^ If there is any advantage I have coming into this journey, I would have to say that from years of wearing diapers often and the 24/7 stretches in the past - that I notice once I have a diaper on, that I can wet anywhere at anytime with very minimal effort or thought at the slightest urge. Along with many other people and I’m no exception, the hardest position for me to initiate wetting is in a position when my urethra is kinked - esp while driving. It’s weird because in the past, I had “good” days and “bad” days. If I was fluid-loaded, I clenched up and/or it was hard to start peeing. If I sipped fluids throughout the day (3 big gulps of water in 10-15 min intervals) along with practicing the “reverse kegel” of keeping the bladder muscles relaxed as much as possible; then I’ll go immediately without issue. I’ve noticed if I’ve worn 24/7 for a brief period of time (like 1-2 days) and haven't exercised control of my bladder muscles - that I get frequent urges throughout the day (about every 30 min - 1 hr) and will continue for 4-5 days afterwards. This is good news in my book because it means that the muscles are weakening faster than they can gain strength back. ^^ IMO, these constant urges that come about of being out of diapers after a 24/7 shift is enough to motivate me to put a diaper back on. No having to rush to the restroom and interrupt my day at work (medical setting). My current stock of diapers are 2 cases of the Abena M4’s Plastic Backed and one case of the Tena Active Fit Maxi (great discreet daytime diaper!). I plan to keep at least an extra case on hand at all times for those instances when I slack off in ordering diapers, which is few and far between but it happens. To sum all this up: -I’m always diapered 24/7 from this point onward -Keep the bladder muscles relaxed and practice reverse kegeling after I wet -Stay well hydrated throughout the day to practice uncontrolled wetting and 16 oz of water before bed -Keeping bed adequately protected with quality mattress protector and trust my diapers -Listen to hypnosis recording; preferably before bed (this is optional and to help my subconscious adjust) -Expect WEEKLY UPDATES from here on out documenting any changes I experience in my continence, unless I come up with something to mention or ask about that pertains to my personal situation. So that’s it for my gameplan. If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or anything you feel I left out; please feel free to ask them here! I will try my best to answer in a timely manner as I work full time and life just gets in the way. Thank you very much for reading my post and here’s to a new life of being padded 24/7! ^^
  2. Hello all hope your are all well.Ive signed up today to share my story. Recently I have had a life changing incident. I was hit by a car whilst riding my motorbike quite badly and am now a decent amount paraplegic and have become incontinent. im still in rehabilitation wearing permanent bladder drainages and am in a wheelchair permanently.Prior to the accident i was a closet ABDL and my partner nor anyone ever knew. i would wear abdl type diapers as often as i could and had trained myself to wet them. Id wear them under clothing and go out and enjoy the thrill of wearing secretly in public. I would also make effort to meet other people with similar interests.Now i feel lost. I no longer have the freedom to be how i once was. In almost half a year I have not worn a diaper except for once in the hospital until they stopped that because its apparently bad for my skin and put me on a drainage bag.. I know its a pretty complex question, but does anyone have any advice or maybe experience that could help me in my abdl life? Anyone in or have been in a similar situation
  3. loving to meet other diaper lovers or diaper wearers in the Allentown, Emmaus or Bethlehem area. I am a 34 year old male and live on the south side of Allentown. looking to meet others in my area!
  4. Angela Bauer

    Nancy Joyrides

    Nancy Joyrides Chapter 01 By Nancy E as told to Angela Bauer On Thursday, 18 October 2018 Nancy E saw a story on ABC TV News about a mother in El Paso, Texas who spanked her 14 year-old son with a belt after she caught the lad joyriding in her new car. That inspired Nancy E to tell me about a similar experience when she was nearly 16. I am rushing this to Daily Diapers. I would love to see comments. It is now April of 1999. My name is Nancy Cooper. I will turn 16 in a few weeks. I have passed my California written driver’s test and I have a student license so I can take driving lessons. I am just finishing Tenth Grade at Polytechnic Prep School in Pasadena, California where I live as an only child with my Mom (Megan) and my Dad (Kent). Oh, yes, incidentally, I have lost all my bladder control, meaning I always wear some kind of diaper. My folks have promised that as soon as I have my first driver’s license for several months I will be allowed to use a family car only when one of them accompanies me. Once they are convinced that I am a responsible driver I will be allowed to drive alone or with someone over 18 with a driver’s license until I turn 18 myself. That is when I will be allowed to have my own car. Then I will pay for my auto insurance, but they will give me the car and pay for gas and maintenance. I am happy with that deal. Sometimes I chafe not being able to drive friends my age or younger. It does not seem fair. My driving instructors say I am ready to take my behind-the-wheel driving test now, but I have to wait until I turn 16. Life sucks! For as long as I can remember my Dad has driven a Bentley. He is a name partner in an important law firm founded by his grandfather. His father just retired from the firm. Dad specializes in corporate civil litigation. He feels entitled to own a Bentley. Mom has always driven SUVs. Currently that is a Cadillac Escalade. I have never been allowed to even sit behind the wheel of Dad’s Bentley. I doubt that Mom has ever driven it. I practice driving in a dual control car from my driving school or with Mom in her Escalade. A couple of weeks ago Mom bought a new Mercedes as her second car. Fortunately our home has a four-car garage. I assume one space is reserved for my future car. Anyway, recently I have taken to driving Mom’s new car up and down our driveway, when she is away, of course. I know that is against the rules set by my folks. Yesterday I did a very naughty thing. I am sure my Mom totally over-reacted. All I did was ‘forget’ to turn on the home security system when I was alone and had permission to walk or ride my bike away from home. I feel I am too old to ride a bike for transportation like a little kid. I mean, it is bad enough that during the day when I’m not in school my diaper is a Size 6 Pampers. For school their rules require me to wear a less comfortable Attends Adult Breathable Small. The school feels less absorbent diapers will leak during class. That is also unfair! When not in school I frequently wear a Pampers for over 4 hours without ever leaking. At school I never wear the same Attends as long as 4 hours, so they get wasted. At least the school nurse finally has allowed me to change my own Attends. In frustration, after I turned our security system off, I took the spare key I had made a couple of weeks ago and started Mom’s new car. I decided to drive it around the block, which is over a mile. That was so much fun! As I was approaching our driveway I decided to drive around three blocks. As I was turning a corner to return home on the street to our north I saw my friend Karen walking by herself. I stopped and offered her a lift. She never asked if I suddenly was allowed to drive. She is only 14 and is not in a hurry to start driving. What I did not know was that Karen’s mother saw her get into an unfamiliar auto. She could not see who was driving so she was worried for Karen. I also did not realize that each time I use my code to turn off our security system, the operator contacts Mom or Dad. Mom had assumed I would stay at home on a beautiful spring day. She asked the operator to send a security officer to our home to double check that everything was okay, especially that I was home, and so was her car. A few minutes later a security officer phoned Mom to say I was not home and neither was her car. Mom instructed the security officer to activate the Lojack in her car and to inform the police that her car had been stolen. There I was driving without a care in the world. When I saw a police car approaching in the opposite direction I casually waved at the female officer. I had dressed up for my drive, wearing my bright red lipstick, eye makeup, thigh-high stockings and 3” stilettos. My skirt was barely long enough to hide my diaper or the tops of my stockings. My blouse was form-fitting and décolleté. I felt sure I looked mature enough to be driving that car. Apparently the female cop learned Mom’s car was reported stolen. I did not see her make a U-turn. Karen and I were talking. Suddenly behind me I could hear a siren. I pulled as far as I could to the right to let the siren pass. Karen turned in her seat and told me a police car with flashing lights was behind us. Seconds later I could hear a female voice over a loudspeaker ordering me to stop my car and shut off the engine. When I stopped the loudspeaker ordered me to roll down both front windows, for me to throw out the keys and for both of us to stick our arms out our respective windows. Nothing happened until two other police cars arrived, one with two officers. Turning I could see every police officer had a gun, three pistols and a shotgun. I peed; fortunately I was diapered. Karen also peed; unfortunately she was not diapered. I was ordered to slowly get out of the car, turn with my back to the officers and lift the hem of my blouse. Then I was ordered to lay prone in the street. I complained I did not want to get my clothing dirty. The answer was getting dirty was just too darn bad! Karen was told to do the same. She was wearing slacks. One of the officers shouted, “The passenger wet her pants!” Very soon I was handcuffed and lifted to my feet so I could be searched. I told the female officer that I was wearing a diaper. I was not allowed to talk to Karen. Each of us was put in the back of a different police car. I noticed that an officer had taken a piece of plastic sheet to protect the back seat of Karen’s car. The officer with 3 stripes on his sleeves told the others that both of our mothers were headed to the police station. The officer without his own car picked up my key and would drive Mom’s car to the police station. I told the officers that my diaper bag was behind the driver’s seat and that I would need a change as soon as we reached the police station. The driver of my police car put my diaper bag in the trunk of his car. At the station Karen and I were taken to separate interview rooms. A different female police officer wearing plain clothes brought my diaper bag into the room. She asked what I needed from the bag. I told her just a Pampers and the baby wipes. She must have been surprised to see how I had modified Pampers with packing tape. It turned out she was a detective with a 4-year-old daughter who still sometimes needed diapers during the day and always at night. By way of conversation I told her that I wore gauze diapers to bed, Attends to school and Pampers as often as possible to save money and because they were more comfortable. My handcuffs were removed. I removed my skirt. The detective said she had never seen a gal my age wearing a Pampers before, especially one that wet. I asked her for one of the plastic shopping bags from my bag to hold the wet diaper and wipes. She put the shopping bag on the table along with the wipes and a fresh modified Pampers. I removed and folded the wet Pampers, using the packing tape to hold it folded. Then I wiped myself clean. Finally I put on my dry Pampers. The detective told me she had spoken to my Mom. Her instruction was that I was to leave off my skirt, but that I could put on my blouse. I was told that Karen’s mother would be driving my Mom so that Mom could drive her new car home. After what seemed like forever, Mom appeared at the door of my interview room. She wanted the diaper bag, saying, “Karen will be going home in a diaper, after her spanking. As for you, Young Lady, I’ll remove your diaper when the time is right!” Soon, even with the door closed the detective and I could hear Karen wailing during her intense spanking. I know that in the past Karen was routinely spanked. We had compared ‘war stories’ about getting spanked. Eventually Mom appeared in my interview room, holding a Mason Pearson hairbrush. The detective got up from her chair. Mom undressed me, finally removing my diaper. From my bag she removed a changing pad which she used to protect her lap after sitting down in the armless chair. I assumed the position of shame without instruction, my head to Mom’s left. I tried to be stoic, but soon I was sobbing and yelping. The detective was so impressed she asked where she could get a similar hairbrush, explaining, “My eight and nine year-old daughters now need more than hand spanking.” When I was limp and sore, Mom pointed out how she had concentrated on my spank spots: “My Young Lady will feel her spanking for hours. No worries, tomorrow I’ll give her another spanking, and keep that up until I am sure she will never think about joyriding in the future!” So saying Mom presented her Mason Pearson to the detective. “Please don’t worry; I have a spare hairbrush in reserve at home.” Only after my tears stopped and I was allowed up from Mom’s lap did I realize several female officers, as well as Karen and her Mom, had been watching my spanking. They also saw Mom re-using my still dry Pampers. At least I was allowed to wear my hose, skirt and blouse home. However, Mom had brought me a pair of flat slippers: “My Young Lady will be grounded from high heels and makeup for a long time. She will have no further driving lessons until she is seventeen and might not get her license until she is 18.” Both of us thanked all the police officers. I never had to go to court about my joyride. My parents had to pay the cost of the police response, a few thousand dollars. My allowance was docked to cover the cost, I did learn my lesson. Our mothers made sure every student at our school and all of our friends learned about our spankings at the police station. I was teased about that until I graduat Nancy Joyrides DD edit 01.docx
  5. Your Wet Friend

    Bedwetter in Training

    Hi, I've lurked here for years, and even posted a couple of times under an old account years ago. I've taken the plunge to become a bed-wetter for real. Partly for fun, as weird as that would sound to anyone outside this community. And partly so I can get a continuous, uninterrupted night's sleep. In other words, I am aiming to train myself to cease waking up to go. So, I'm thinking about establishing a blog to chronicle my progress if anyone is interested. I've been at it for about four weeks now. I'm getting some customized coaching help to see if I can speed things up faster than the 12-month program. (I know, typical American, always in a hurry.) I want to sleep soundly all night through bed-wetting to be willing to pay a bit for help if it really works. I will mention the training I'm using on my blog if I set it up. I don't mind mentioning it here so long as that does not break any of this site's rules. (Don't want to start off participating in forums by getting in trouble!) I may put some ads on my blog like an Amazon store, but I have zero financial interest in the bedwetting training service I use. I'm neither an owner nor an employee nor an independent contractor. I'm just a satisfied customer -- given progress so far. I can also chronicle progress here which has been kind of interesting. But again, still trying to sort out if there is interest and where I should post my experiences as well as when I hit my goal of sleeping all night and letting things "go" as they will. I'm not looking for acrimonious debates, so I'll just ignore any nasty comments should they pop up. If you're interested, great! Tune in. If not, well, DD is a huge site so there are plenty of other places to play. Bob
  6. I haven't posted much lately, crazy busy with work and preparation for my daughters wedding. I knew if I thought enough and developed the right techniques, I'd come up with the appliance. Unfortunately, the description will have to do for now. The computer is being stubborn and I can't upload pics from my phone. Start with a straight vinyl catheter. I use 16FR. You need a heat gun, steel ruler, razor knife, clamps, and a pair of pliers with a round notch approximately 14FR. I'm using a pair of electrical pliers that have a pair of smooth round notches in the jaws. Pre warm pliers with heat gun. Hold catheter in plier notch near hole where inner sphincter is. Heat inner side next to pliers VERY SLOWLY and tubing will start to swell. Use slight pressure to mushroom tubing against flat edge of pliers. The pliers will protect the part of the tubing from the heat and shrink it's diameter slightly. Measure from the narrowing about 6-8 cm and cut the tubing lenghtwise starting with a long sloped cut. Place the ruler on edge in the U and clamp down. Cut on both sides leaving a thin tail. Trim smooth and cut to final length. For me it's 19cm. I'll upload a pic a soon as I can.
  7. Hello all! I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place but I was hoping to get some help from the forum. A year, maybe two ago (maybe longer :s), I purchased a case of adult pull-ups that were pink and in support of breast cancer. Tired of the beige and white pull-ups I've been using lately I was looking to find these and have been striking out. I can't remember the manufacturer or where I purchased from, or if the product was a limited time thing. If anyone has information on if/where these are still available that'd be appreciated. Thank you
  8. HeyLookItsGemma

    Managing in summer

    Heya, having suffered with incontinence my whole life I made a pact with myself (see "Living with Incontinence" post) to not let my disability stop me from doing anything. I found that going to the beach however did prove one of the hardest past times to enjoy properly. I just wanted to share how I manage and hopefully get an insight in how other genuinely incontinent people (hopefully females as to get some tips) go about enjoying themselves there. First things first I'm not a massive swimmer which does make things easier as the range of adult swim protection is limited and only really caters for
  9. Hey I was wondering if there are other incontinent desiring video gamers out there that have found they have issues letting go while playing video games. For me I find I get very tense while I play games and I end up clenching all my muscles making it hard to pee. I was wondering if this has been an issue to anyone one else and if anyone has any suggestions in how to stay calm and relaxed while playing a fast passed action game? Bye and hope you all have a great day
  10. ellieiswet

    School Friend

    So I was good friends with this girl called Ellie She was a pretty girl, Small, Blonde, blue eyes, skinny. Well with Ellie she was raised with some issues that caused her not to be toilet trained which affected her teen not that she could care cause she in fact enjoyed wearing diapers and peeing her pants... Just to add that her school which was a mild special need school offered free incontinence products cause diapers ant cheap. This is all based off true events that happened. Assemblies sucked! Ellie was wearing black school trousers, Black polo shirt, and a sweater One time in Assembly she was sat in front of me and she was tabbing her leg quite angrily and asked the teacher if she could go loo. The teacher said no so she tried holding it in but she didn't make it. I was sat there and saw pee dripping off the sides of her chair... She went bent over and then looked behind her to me with an embarrassed look on her face and chuckled and sat there for the rest of the assembly until a teacher saw what happened. Another occasion with me sat behind her was when she was wearing a diaper. I was sat when she arrived and she had a nice diaper bulging bum and she sat down with her t-shirt catching on the top of the chair exposing her Tena slip plus diaper waistband. The food hall is a meanie Twice I remember her peeing her pants in the food hall. She was wearing her black school trousers and Polo shirt and black sweater. The first time we were all chatting and laughing about stuff and I noticed she had a look of discomfort and then a look of relief and then I heard pee dripping onto the floor below to then hear her admit to peeing her pants. She said she just gonna start wearing diapers again. She finished eating food and got changed into some trackies. I know her mum gave the nurse permission that she can start wearing diapers again if needed so we met back up with her wearing a diaper under her trackies. I know this cause she openly told me. Another time same uniform in the same occasion she tried holding it in but didn't want to miss out on what her friends were saying and she stood up in panic and hand went straight to her crotch and bent her knees so there she is slightly bent over the chair peeing her pants. You could see the peeing dripping off her bum and onto the chair and floor. It sweat honest! On Sports day and a hot sports day, we were all doing sports. Obviously. If your wondering. She wore a black sports polo shirt and black trackies and trainers. Well after her mile run or something she had a couple cups of water then some more water from her water bottle. we didn't have any other sports plan so we just chatted for a bit. After a while, she was fidgeting and her name got called for the long jump. so she went and did that and won! but I remember her standing still afterward with a discomfort yet relaxed look on her face. Then I see her trackies getting a darker black and wet with glistening pee running down them. Teacher sees and just tells her to change into the PE shorts. She tried to convince the teacher that it was sweat. The next day she was wearing a black skirt with leggings. She normally wore a diaper under her skirt but I guess she decided not today for whatever reason. Well, Long story short I was walking down the path to see her squat in her black skirt and leggings and just pee. I could see the trail of peeing under her going into the grass. She then gets up and rubs her bum off of any wetness. and carries of as normal. The next day she wore the same skirt (Cleaned) with a diaper under it. Her skirt accident got lifted up when she was messing around revealing her Tena slip plus. Accidents happen I remember walking past her and the carpet under her was wet and the bottom of her trousers was dripping so slightly and the legs of her pants were wet. She got changed into her tracksuit and I assume a diaper. Teachers always say no Ellie always peed her pants in lessons. Many times she was sitting there in desperate then pee her pants. Other times she would just sit there and pee her pants. I dunno why teacher always said no to her when she asked to cause there just gonna get a wet floor but oh well. The same occasion always happened afterward. A teacher assistant would notice and get her to clean herself in the changing room and put a diaper on and trackies while the teacher cleaned the chair and floor. I did notice after her wetting accident she would always wear a diaper for a week after like every day afterward after her accident. she would be wearing a diaper. One time she wore diapers for like a month and became incontinence again then had to train her bladder. No care in the world At the end of every school day, we would have to sit in the school hall in our taxi lines. She was in the line next to me. But this day she was wearing her tracksuit with a bulgy looking crotch which she kept adjusting. Well, she was holding her school bag and a see-through bag with some blue panties and her black school trousers. Both were wet and in the corners of the bag was yellow liquid (Pee) so I question her about it she straight out told me that she wet her self... Poop accident She was wearing black school trousers and a black polo shirt. I remember in science we were having an awesome lesson that involved blowing stuff up. Well, I was Ellie lab partner and she kept fidgeting with her bum. She said she was ok but she was bending over a lot and smoothing her bum than it happened. She stood still looking down at the floor with her legs glistening with pee and her hand went to her bum. She looked worried and poop mush sound was heard and a faint smell of poop arose the area. A teacher noticed and took her out of class and the teacher cleaned up the mess and she came back wearing a tracksuit and a diaper. She was a bit sulky about having to wear the diaper. Secretly peeing She stood their once and held her crotch and sighed in relief. She was wearing black school trousers and a black polo shirt. I remember she had her legs tightly pressed being all desperate then lent up against the wall grabbing her crotch and sighed in relief. You could hear the hiss. then it came to an end and she was fine after that. There was no pee on the floor or on her legs. She actually done that multiple times. Sometimes without the diaper... REVEALED! We were outside and we were all chatting about stuff. Then sadly the bell went off and she had to lean down to get her bag. As she leaned down her t-shirt rode up revealing her Tena Slip Plus diaper. Me and two other mates saw it. I just shrugged it off and no one said anything. Questioned about her diapers She was talking to a good mate of hers and I was listening in and her friend asked if "she was wearing a diaper?" which Ellie responded with "Yes" than being asked "is it is wet?" which the response was "Yes" to then being asked "do you enjoy wearing?" which Ellie Responded with "Yes I love them" and the final diaper question being asked "can I buy some off of you?" Which the response was "Yes. Il bring some in tomorrow for you" Am not swimming in a nappie The final story is that she was telling her mate that she was wearing her bikini under her uniform because we was all going sailing later that day ( she was Black trousers and black polo shirt). Her friend than instantly question her about what happens if you pee yourself. Ellie just replied "That's not gonna happen. I'm wearing a diaper" Her mate questioned it saying "You cant swim in a diaper?" and Ellie just replied with "I take it off before we go on the bus silly" Well, the time arrived for us to get on the bus and all the way there she was fidgeting. I was surprised that she held on. well, we got to the location and we all changed into our wetsuits. Afterward we were making a plan of what we are going to do and she stood there with her discomfort look on her face looking down at the floor with pee pouring down her legs and wetsuit. she then got more involved after her accident and we got into the water not long after and did some sailing. I was in the same boat as Ellie and we capsized. We kept messing around with each other in the water and she said stop and held onto the side of the boat and sighed in relief saying "I'm peeing and the best feeling ever" then we uncapsized the boat and carried on sailing. Well those are all the stories Ive got with Ellie and I hope you enjoyed them.
  11. “Are you sure?” Sarah asked. I nodded my head once again, gritting my teeth a little as I did. “When I need to go, I’ll go. You don’t need to remind me”. She didn’t look convinced. Which, I suppose, was fair. Much as I didn’t like to admit it, I’d had more than a few wet patches and skid marks recently. It wasn’t like there was anything medically wrong, I just sometimes held it a little too long. Well, a lot too long, really. At first Sarah hadn’t noticed the accidents. Or at least, she hadn’t mentioned them, but then there was the night when I was undressing for bed and as soon as I took my jeans off she noticed a smell. I was oblivious to it, so when she asked me to turn around I didn’t think much of it. Until she came up behind me and pulled my boxers down. We were a pretty kinky couple, and we often switched roles between top and bottom. And it wasn’t unusual for us to start a scene spontaneously, but even still, it was a bit of a surprise when she bent me over and gave me ten hard swats on my butt. “What was that for?” I asked, with a slightly more whiny tone than I’d intended. “If you’re going to stain your underwear like a child,” she chided me, “then you’ll be punished like one”. She took my hand tightly and dragged me to the bathroom, where she had me grab my ankles while she wiped my butt, scolding me all the while. After that night our relationship changed a little. Most of the time we were like an ordinary couple, but she was hyper alert to every sign I needed the bathroom, and would remind me to go like I was a toddler. Similarly she would make snap inspections of my underwear, and any marks or stains were met with spankings. It was about two weeks into this new regime when the first proper accident happened. We’d booked a weekend at a hotel on the coast, and it was a couple of hours drive away. She’d made me go to the bathroom before we left, even going so far as to stand over me while I sat on the toilet, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t go. After several minutes of sitting there I eventually squeezed out enough pee to turn the water yellow, and she let me get up, but she gave me a stern warning to tell her in plenty of time if I needed to go to the bathroom on the journey. We’d just passed a sign for the rest stop when the urge hit me. I felt my bladder twinge, and considered telling her that I needed to pull over to pee. The thing was, we were making good time. We’d be there in twenty minutes, and I assumed I could easily hold it until then. I’d like to pretend the reason I failed was because we got caught in a traffic jam, or the car broke down, but the truth is, I was just terrible at guessing how long I could go without peeing. I realised there was going to be a problem just as we sped past the turn off for the rest stop. Within a couple of minutes I was stretching my toes and fingers, trying to distract from the burning in my bladder. It wasn’t long after that that the squirming began in earnest. Of course my girlfriend noticed. “Why didn’t you tell me you need to go when you saw the sign for the rest stop?” “I didn’t need to go then.” I snapped back. “Really? You’re about to piss your pants in my car and you’re getting snippy with me?” “I’m sorry” I tried to placate her, but it was too late. “Apology accepted, but your attitude just earned you a punishment when we get to the hotel” “A spanking?” I ventured. “A punishment, not a funishment. It’s not going to be something you’ll enjoy”. I was too busy trying to hold my bladder to consider what the punishment would be. I pulled my phone out and checked Google Maps. Five minutes to the hotel. I watched as the little dot followed the path… four minutes… three minutes. Then, without warning, the car stopped. “What’s happening? Why’d you stop?” My sense of panic was obvious in my voice. “I told you you weren’t going to like your punishment. Nothing else I’m doing is teaching you a lesson, so now you’re going to have to suffer some real consequences”. My eyes went wide. “The hotel is about a mile away. It’ll take you about twenty minutes to get there. If you’re lucky you might find somewhere en route that’ll let you use their bathroom.” I didn’t move. “Get going, you’re wasting time here. I’ll meet you at the hotel.” Not quite believing what was going on, I eased myself out of the car, careful not to lose control as I did so. Sarah kept the car stationary as she watched me stagger stiff-legged for a few steps, before stopping dead in my tracks and absolutely soaking myself. She pulled forward a little, wound the window down. “I’ll see you at the hotel, honey. I love you”. With that she drove off, leaving me to walk through the town with piss-drenched pants on display for the world. The walk was more tolerable than I’d expected. I only passed a handful of people, but although each one gave me a very strange look it wasn’t as humiliating as I’d expected. That wasn’t the case when I reached the hotel. Sarah clearly thought the walk wasn’t bad enough, and had decided to up the ante. She was waiting for me as I got to the front door, cases beside her, and a shopping bag in her hand. When she saw me she exclaimed so loud people in the next town could likely have heard it, “Oh honey, you wet yourself again. I’m so sorry. Is it just wet or did you mess yourself too?” Without giving me time to answer, she reached into the bag and handed my a package of Tena adult pull ups, “Here you go. These should make it easier to hide your next little accident”. I turned a deep shade of crimson as I took the package from her. I should have been furious, but somewhere between the humiliation and the fact that it was genuinely quite funny, I went with it. After that weekend, she tended to keep me in pull ups most of the time. Every so often I’d be trusted with underwear, but as they were always dirty or damp by the pre-bed check, I’d be back to pull ups the following day. For a brief while that led to a kind of calm equilibrium between us - if I had an accident it was relatively easy to just put a clean pull up on, so although I still got spanked for having an them, she eased off on reminding me to use the bathroom. The problem was, that meant I put off going even longer, and so the accidents not only got more frequent, but worse. The wet spots turned to floodings, and the skid marks turned into full on messings, and more often than not both kinds of accident led to leaks. Things changed with the restaurant incident. We’d both had a busy week, and decided to treat ourselves to a meal out. Nothing grandiose, just a chinese at the local buffet. As usual, I was in a pull up, and as usual I was far more bothered about things going on around me than I was about using the bathroom. I was aware of a rumbling in my belly, but I was also in line for the desert station, and I didn’t want to lose out on a slice of cake just because I’d had to poop. Besides, I’d already soaked one pull up today, which meant a spanking this evening, so I didn’t think a few skid marks would really matter in the grand scheme of things. As I got a slice of cake for each of us, my tummy gave a deep rumble, and I let out a silent but very smelly fart. I was going to have to drop the cake at the table and head straight to the bathroom. I crept across the room, desperate to hold on, but I was less than half-way to the table when my sphincter gave out, and I crapped my pull up. It wasn’t a huge mess, but I was definitely aware of it, and it felt like clean up would be tricky. That left me with a decision to make: I could drop the cakes with Sarah and head to the bathroom to try to clean up, I could tell her what had happened and we could pay up and go, or I could carry on as if nothing had happened and hope she didn’t notice I’d pooped myself until after we’d left the restaurant. True to form, I went with option three. I sat back down at the table, set the cakes in front of us, and began to eat. At first Sarah did the same, but then she paused, taking a sniff of the air. “Ew, can you smell that?” she asked. I thought best to play along, I sniffed the air, “It smells like the drains are backed up, probably the glass washer or something”. She glanced over toward the bar. It was the other side of the room. She shook her head, then locked eyes with me, “It only started when you came back…” She trailed off a little as she realized what had happened, “Oh. My. God. You messed yourself here?!” “I’m sorry,” I squeaked as my eyes fell down to the table, although not before I’d caught the genuine fury in her eyes. “It’s one thing that you shit your pants”, she seethed, as people at the tables around us caught notice of what was going on, “but then you didn’t even try to deal with it? Really?!” I don’t know why exactly, but I began to shake. She caught my eye once again, and calmed down almost instantly, “I know you’re upset. I know it’s not your fault, but I also know that you knew full well what had happened, and when it does happen you need to tell me. Straight away. OK?” I nodded, “We may as well finish this, then you can wait in the car while I pay”. As soon as we got home, I got the spanking of my life, still in my messy pull up. After that we had a talk. She knew I hated being humiliated, and that it really was an accident, but she also made it clear that we couldn’t go on like this. It was the first time diapers were discussed, and the ultimatum was clear, the next time I left anything other than skid marks in my pull up, or I had a serious wetting accident, I’d be wearing diapers until she said otherwise. Since then she’s been super hot on reminding me to go to the bathroom, and for the last six weeks that’s meant that although I’ve had skidmarks and wet patches, she hasn’t had to go through with the threat of diapers. The thing is, I’ve been kind of a brat about it, and have begun snapping at her for nagging me. I know she’s helping, but it kind of makes me feel like a child. Which brings us up to now, and the moment I pushed her too far. “You don’t need to remind me” “But I do, don’t I? Or else you end up holding until you have an accident.” “I haven’t had one for six weeks” “Because I’ve been making sure you go to the bathroom” “Yeah, the second I need to go, like I can’t hold on for five minutes” For a moment she just stared at me, saying nothing. Finally, after a deep breath, she continued, “You think you’re good to hold it? Fine. Come with me.” She took me by the hand and led me into the bathroom. “I’m going to set you a little challenge. You succeed, and I’ll stop nagging you. You can have whatever accidents you like, embarrass yourself however you want, and I won’t say a thing. Fail, and you’ll be back in diapers.” I nodded my head. “Pull your pants down and bend over the bathtub please” I did as she instructed. “When we’re done here I want you to drive to the store in town, when you get there you’re going to buy a cake for us to share, then you’re going to come back and give it to me. Do you understand?” I nodded my head, “I think I can do that”. “Good job.” I felt her finger rubbing around my butt hole. “What’s happening?” “I’m going to make your little shopping trip a bit more exciting” That was when she slipped the suppository inside me. I gave a little involuntary yelp. I’d done anal play before, but this was a surprise. “What was that?” “A suppository. You think you’re so good at holding, now you have something to try to hold.” I made a slight groaning noise, as her finger slid back out. “I’d hurry up if I were you, you’ve got about ten minutes before it takes full effect.” I didn’t need to be told twice. Within two minutes my pull up and pants were back round my waist and I was out the door. Within six minutes I was pulling up to the store. As I got out the car I could feel it churning away, making my belly and my sphincter tingle. I gritted my teeth and headed into the store. The tingling got more apparent with every step I took, and as I reached the cake aisle my belly began to rumble. I reached over to grab the cake off the shelf, and in doing so I stopped concentrating on holding my bowels. I felt something very runny slip past my sphincter, immediately braced myself, trying to hold off the inevitable. I squeezed my butt cheeks together hard, and waddled to the checkout. It only took me a few moments to pay, but every single second was agony. I fumbled as I tried to get my money out, then fumbled with my change when the cashier gave it back to me. By the time she’d given me my receipt, I was sweating, tripping over my feet, and had couldn’t stop passing gas. Never mind not making it back home without an accident, I wasn’t going to make it out of the store. As I stumbled away from the checkout I felt like my whole body was on fire. I was fighting to avoid an accident with every fibre of my being, but no matter how hard I fought I was losing, and losing badly. With each step I took I felt my control slipping. I had terrible wind, and the farts felt lumpy. I finally lost it completely just as I walked out of the store. In full view of everyone, inside and out, I doubled over and filled my pull up. I felt the sludge trying to escape the leg bands as I struggled to my car, finally pushing past them as I sat down. I managed to drive home, but the smell and the sense of humiliation were overwhelming. I don’t remember getting out of the car, or ringing the doorbell, but I remember the look on Sarah’s face as she opened the door and saw me. And smelled me. She ushered me inside, straight to the bathroom, and had me stand in the shower as she stripped off all my clothes. “Well, this is horrific” she muttered, glancing at my stained jeans and the overflowing pull-up. I didn’t respond. Instead I just stared straight ahead. “I think the suppository might have been a mistake. I’m sorry I put you through this” I managed a little nod of my head in acknowledgement. “We can stop doing this if you like,” she continued, “After I clean you up, you can just go back to underwear.” I shook my head, squeaked out a “no.” She seemed surprised. I continued, “Please... “ I began to stutter, “I… I… want the the diapers, please.” She got the shower head down and used it to wash the poop off of me. As the water, then her hands, caressed my thighs I couldn't hold back a smile. “Are you enjoying this?” I nodded, a little shy. My thumb slipped into my mouth. “You little pervert” she grinned. “Let’s get you dried off and in your diaper then” She led me to the bed and laid me on the fluffy, thick diaper. It was far from discrete and there’d be no hiding the fact that I was padded like a toddler. “You’re not going to have to worry about me reminding you to use the bathroom now”, she said, smiling at me. “I suppose not,” I replied, relieved at the thought. “Although I will be checking your diapers.” she said, taping the diaper shut, “And as you’ve proved you can’t be trusted to make decisions about when to use the bathroom, from now on I’m taking that out of your hands.” I had figured this would be the case. I smiled back at her, “Thank you. I love you.” “I love you too, stinky butt” she said, as she leaned down to kiss me.
  12. The Problem With Mikey Mikey was very excited. Tomorrow his father had promised him that he’d be wearing his trainer pants instead of the diaper he always wore. This was a huge event for the 14 year-old, it was in recognition that he’d gone three months without any kind of accident in his pants and was now on the verge of becoming a ‘big boy’. He’d tried trainer pants before. When he was three, and after a great deal of effort, the potty training had eventually succeeded and his parents, with a huge sigh of relief, had hoped that their son would finally be able to negotiate its use, as well as know when to use it properly. Alas, the training pants had made the boy confident he was becoming a ‘big boy’ (growing up in fact) but, alas, that info had not been delivered to his bowel and bladder. Time after time what looked like success was soon followed by the messy failure contained in his briefs. Diapers were the only solution as pull-ups just weren’t absorbent enough for Mikey’s random but full scale incontinence assault. # His younger brother and sister were both potty trained and had no such problem but Mikey continued to wear diapers and thick plastic pants 24/7, it was the only way to ensure that there was no embarrassment for him and no mess for others to experience. At first he’d disliked having to wear them to school but, after some very messy events in class and in public, the solution was obvious – to be on the safe side he needed constant protection. His school mates had long since run out of comments, and those that did still make them got no response from Mikey and worse, no response from their peers. What was the point of trying to embarrassing someone if they weren’t embarrassed and your audience weren’t party to the supposed ridicule? Besides, if he did the deed whilst in class, he was always allowed to go immediately to the nurse to be changed. He’d put up his hand and, no questions asked, he was excused because in truth, no one really wanted a damp or smelly kid sitting next to them. Had he been brighter then no doubt he could have turned this ‘inconvenience’ to his advantage but Mikey wasn’t like that, he didn’t plot, scheme or tell lies. # As mentioned, Mikey wasn’t the brightest boy in class, in fact it could be said that he was a bit slow. To some this totally explained why he was incontinent, while others just thought he was lazy and just couldn’t be bothered. The difficulty he had was that his younger siblings, 12 year-old Peter and 10 year-old Mary, were both very bright. They were in their top stream at school, were always reading, asking questions and doing things, whereas Mikey often had no idea what was going on around him. He’d happily sit all day in front of the TV watching cartoons and the only books he was interested in were those he could colour or were full of pictures. His choice of bedroom furniture was that of a toddler. Where other boys his age would have cars, spaceships, models, pop stars etc all over their walls, Mikey liked animals, he especially liked cartoon animals and those were what greeted you when you entered. He also had a vast array of stuffed and cuddly animals on display. Despite this he was very loving and loyal to everyone. Loved his parents, always happy to play with his brother and sister and was usually welcome in neighbour’s homes, liked by his friends (although often the butt of jokes he didn’t really understand) and could regularly be seen taking the family dog out for a run… he was a normal 14 year-old who mentally could at times quite easily pass as a toddler. In spite of his cumbersome diaper and rubber pants Mikey was happy. He understood that all this extra ‘attention’ was needed so as not to be a burden on others who had to clean up after him. Sometimes, when the family were all going out together, or he’d gone some period of time with no mess, he was allowed to wear disposables (with tight-fitting plastic pants) which didn’t feel as chunky or as restricting as the thick cloth diapers he usually wore. When this happened he was happy because he hoped that it signalled he was growing up, a ‘big boy’, and overcoming his problem. Unfortunately, as soon as he was home and getting ready for bed the heavy stuff would come out and he was wrapped in a thick, thick diaper and thick rubber pants. He never argued or complained about this return to the ‘normaility’ but, inside, he was a little crushed that he couldn’t sustain his brief ‘big boy’ status. His mattress had been covered in a waterproof sheet since he had made the transition from a crib to a single bed, so he’d always been used to the distinct smell and texture of his rubberised sleeping arrangements. His parents had tried to make this a fun time and not a punishment but, as slow as Mikey was, he knew it was something he should be over by his age but he just couldn’t help himself. Doctors, medicine and psychiatrists had all been involved in an attempt to ‘cure’ Mikey, as well as many articles read to try and alleviate his unfortunate disposition. When small victories had been attained, a setback was nearly always close behind and a sorrowful and apologetic Mikey would be sobbing as he sat in his messy diaper with the hope his mother or someone would come and change him. Now the family was used to it there was no trauma involved it was just simply acknowledging the situation and getting Mikey as dry and clean as soon as possible. Sometimes he’d go days, sometimes over a week, without any accidents and everyone would get hopeful but, sad to say, it never lasted. # However, he’d gone three months now without any real dramatic accidents. With an unbelievable effort on his part he’d been able to recognise when he needed to go and had been able to get to the toilet in good time… more often than not. So, training pants were going to be tried for the second time in his turbulent toilet-training life and everyone hoped this would signal an end to his problem. His father had bought some layered, brightly coloured pants that looked almost the same as a boy’s regular pair of briefs only slightly thicker. Mikey couldn’t wait to get up, get out of his night time diaper, take a shower and try on his new pants. Now, without either of his parents fastening him into a thick disposable, he was able to pull on the pants himself… and he loved the independence and sense of achievement this small act gave him. He even paraded himself in front of the mirror and enjoyed the look of the brightly coloured pants (with the waterproof interior) hugging his boy bits. Where once there was an obvious diaper, he now wore his new underwear with pride. His confidence grew and, although whilst playing with Peter and Mary he found himself having to constantly tell himself to go to the toilet, the weekend was a relative success. Even at night, as an experiment, he was allowed to wear just a pair of pull-ups under his training pants and Mikey couldn’t get over how different it felt to go to bed without his heavy protection. To be truthful, he didn’t sleep very well. He was constantly making trips, unnecessary trips at that, to the bathroom and somehow, the nightly hug his previous bulky protection had given him had made sleep easier and instant. However, snuggled under his mouse, rabbit and teddy bear decorated duvet cover he tried his best to get the rest his parents said a growing boy needed. # Monday morning arrived and he got himself up and ready for school. He wore a different pair of the special trainer pants under his jeans and, like always, looked forward to another day in class with all his friends. Just as he stepped out the door to go and catch the school bus he suddenly felt strange. It was like some kind of fear gripped his tummy and he felt sick, at the same instant his bladder gave way, which was quickly followed by the seat of his pants filling up with a dirty brown liquid. Unfortunately, his training pants, as good as they were, could not contain the elements that were so forcefully dumped in them, and soon his jeans and shirt appeared to be absorbing all that his pants couldn’t. A tearful Mikey stood in the doorway unable to move. He was overcome with both the debris of his body and with the shock to his system. It had all been going so well and this was a tremendous setback for all concerned. After taking care of her sorrowful son, Mikey’s worried mother called the school and then the doctor. After a long chat and a desperate plea for some further help, he recommended she try and get an appointment with a Doctor Mark Thompson, a man who was said to be having huge success in his field of Child Psychology, especially with those who had a similar problem to Mikey. Back in ultra-thick diapers and rubber pants Mikey and his anxious mother were in the Doctor’s office awaiting their appointment. Without any fuss Mikey had accepted his situation and was actually playing with another, but much younger, child on the floor as they battled with a couple of dinosaurs. Mikey’s mother, although desperate for her eldest son to grow up and enjoy the things that any teenage boy should be doing, still loved seeing the innocent way he played and interacted with others. The fact that he was most content when doing childish things didn’t seem to matter she just wanted him to be happy and hoped the Doctor had an amicable solution. # Doctor Mark Thompson’s reputation and accomplishments in dealing with the child psyche had come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years: Anger, violence, fear, timidity, self-loathing, self-harm… indeed, the entire panoply of youthful psychoses had been diagnosed and treated by this eminent man with extensive and successful results in this particular field. Please see ref: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/60763-never-more-content-part-1-5-end/ # Doctor Thompson read Mikey’s file and after a brief interview with his mother asked if it would be OK to chat with the patient on his own. She would have liked to have stayed but the Doctor said that he often got more information if the subject didn’t have any distractions. He explained to her that to begin with he would just talk with Mikey but that eventually, he would like to hypnotise him and see if he could regress him back to the part in his life when the ‘problem’ started. This, he pointed out, was often the trigger to where many children develop their fixation, phobia or obsession and, if this can be identified, it offers a starting point to possibly finding an antidote. Once Mikey’s mother was back in the waiting room the Doctor arranged groups of toys around the room and asked his new (and it had to be said, cute) patient what he’d like to play with. As the boy chose from the selection the Doctor couldn’t get over the bulky bulge under his trousers but that this rather sweet boy appeared to have no hang-ups about his situation. It may have caused him to waddle slightly but he was definitely not a baby and had managed to come to terms with his situation and deal with its awkward presence. Mikey settled on the floor surrounded by a selection of soft toys, dolls and a colourful kiddie’s jigsaw. The Doctor got down on the carpet with him and together they began to play and chat… and as they played the Doctor slipped in some questions. He found the boy a joy to talk with. No side to him, no hiding his feelings, in fact, no pretence of any kind. Obviously the boy had some kind of baggage, otherwise he wouldn’t still be messing himself, but other than that the Doctor loved the openness and innocence of the lad. After their session was over the Doctor took Mikey’s mother aside and suggested that if they could afford it, he would like to have her son as a patient at his clinic. This would mean that the boy would be away from home for a week or so but with him being close on hand he could give him regular and continuous attention and assessment, which he hoped would speed the process of solving Mikey’s problem. Two weeks later, and after 14 days of mess, Mikey’s mother delivered him to Doctor Mark Thompson and the treatment could begin. # Dressed only in his diaper and plastic pants Mikey was allowed to play with all the similarly dressed other kids, who were also the Doctor’s patients. Observing how they all interacted gave him a keen insight into many of their underlying problems. Individually, each child was then given one to one psychotherapy, whilst some were hypnotised so the therapist could dig deeper. The Doctor loved seeing his charges playing in only their protection. He found that without their normal clothing his young patients strangely appeared less inhibited and he enjoyed the spectacle of their colorful, padded bottoms in simple and pure interaction. There was no denying his success with the therapy he used even if some might see it as diametrically opposed to the norm. However, the effectiveness and success of his procedure was the main criteria and he was way ahead of anyone else in this area of psychoanalysis on these important counts. Under hypnosis the Doctor regressed Mikey through various stages of his life. He was a dream patient; quick to put under, willing to reveal all, no sense of anger, betrayal or thankfully any indication of sexual abuse. Indeed, as Mikey lay on the sofa wearing his ultra-thick padding, he looked as innocent, happy and relaxed as any toddler might who’d just been put down for his afternoon nap. It wasn’t long or difficult to get to the bottom of Mikey’s trouble, the only thing was, how to fix it? # Mikey’s voice got quieter and more childish the further the Doctor delved, this was normal and it was when he was three that something happened. As Mikey explained the Doctor wondered if such a rather small and in general, insignificant event could be the root to his dilemma. Mikey explained in his own childish way: He was standing in his room. He was wearing only a soggy diaper and looking at his reflection in the mirror when his mother came in and announced that he was going to have a baby brother. As she was changing him she was telling him that now he would have to be a ‘big boy’ and help look after the new baby who would soon be arriving. She emphasised that his diaper days should soon be behind him and he would be both a ‘big boy’ and a ‘big brother’ and would be responsible in helping look after the new arrival. The Doctor realised that the young Mikey just wasn’t prepared for such an obligation and was instantly scared at the prospect of having to be so responsible. That image of the soggy diaper stuck in his mind as the last link to him being treated special as from then on, his little baby brother would hold that position. Three year-olds can and do take in an awful lot that parents don’t necessarily understand or comprehend. Some can take it in their stride as they grow up, some relish the responsibility, while others, like Mikey, dread being told he was expected to act in a certain way. # Reluctantly, over the next few days, the good Doctor slowly coaxed Mikey away from his childish dependency. He wished he could have taken the lovely lad away and, like his own teen-toddler Little Robbie, let him enjoy being a tot permanently. However, Mikey was no cast-off or neglected child, he was a precious and loved member of the family despite his problem and so he saw it as his duty to try and help the loving family as much as he could. When Mikey’s mum came to collect him on his final day, he was no longer in thick diapers, plastic pants or any protection at all. Mikey was no more intelligent but he was now able to go to the toilet when he needed to and understand that he no longer needed a diaper. He was proud of his cartoon briefs and wore them with confidence. However, the Doctor did tell his mother the reason for her son’s dependence on diapers (even if the boy was unaware of the cause) and that occasionally, and in future moments when things feel like they might get on top of him, he may crave the security of his diapers. He suggested that they keep a supply handy more for that reason than the fact that he’d start wetting again. ++ TBC ++
  13. B

    A Trip Out

    I wrote this a while ago, and posted it elsewhere previously. Anyway, enjoy, and let me know if you like it, or would like more. I slipped my shoes on and grabbed my jacket. To be honest, I probably didn’t need it, summer had hit full force, and I was already sweating in just my t-shirt, but I liked to have it with me, just in case the weather took an unexpected turn. Just as I was about to head out the door, Sir grabbed my arm, spinning me around to look into his eyes. Before I knew what was happening, he had undone my belt, and pulled my pants and boxers down a few inches, and cupped his hand around the front of my diaper. Not entirely satisfied with the squeeze test, he tugged my pants down a little further, and slipped his finger into the leg hole. He discovered exactly what I would have told him had he simply asked - I was bone dry. Of course, this was only part one. In one fluid movement, he spun me back around, and pulled back the top of my diaper. “I could have sworn I smelled something” he said. “Not from me”, I offered, “Clean and dry”. “We’ll I’ll change you into a thick one when we get to the theatre anyway, so if you need to go in the car, don’t hold it”. I nodded. The instruction to not hold it was part of our little game, but it was based on something very real. While not exactly incontinent, I had begun having a few issues with with my ability to hold on for very long. If I felt the urge, I’d need to reach the bathroom pretty swiftly, or I’d be soggy. Or worse. Under the circumstances, padding was just a sensible precaution. Given that diapers were already part of our play, and that trying to stay clean and dry was usually an exercise in painful futility, Sir quickly decided to work a rule against holding into the mix. With the diaper check complete, and my pants back around my waist, I grabbed my change bag and headed to Sir’s truck. The ride to the movie theatre was pretty swift, and with the hot weather I really didn’t need to pee at all, but as we pulled into the parking lot I knew Sir would expect me to have used the diaper a little, so I bore down on my bladder and forced out enough pee to avoid a punishment later. Apart from a handful of staff on duty,.the foyer of the theatre was almost completely empty. That was a mixed blessing. Although there weren’t loads of people there to witness sir lead me into the disabled bathroom, the few people who were there definitely saw. I was a little concerned they would think we were going in there for some sort of lewd purpose. Evidently so was sir. His solution to this was to add a stuffer to the already thick diaper he’d planned for me to wear, so that it was abundantly clear we’d gone in the bathroom to change me. As I came out the bulge was pretty apparent, but even more of a giveaway was the used diaper Sir had me carry to the trash can. To make up for my improptu and unintended humiliation, Sir offered to pay for snacks. Which is how I ended up with a hotdog, nachos, ice cream and a big ass drink. Given how thick it was, I was certain the diaper could take it. It actually took me two trips to carry my haul in. Fortunately we had the screen to ourselves, so there was no one to witness my gluttony. Particularly fortunate as I’d polished off the hot dog and half the ice cream before the end of the trailers. The film was OK, but halfway through , I started to feel all that food, as well as the big breakfast I’d had before I left, take its toll. I squirmed in my seat, squishing against the already damp padding around my butt. This caught Sir’s attention and he started rubbing my back. “Do you need to potty?” I shook my head, “I’m fine. Just a little numb-bum from the seat” Sir didn’t believe me “Just use your diaper, that’s what it’s there for” I shook my head again, slightly more vigorously than I had intended as my fight to hold onto my bowels continued. Sir took my hand in his, and started rubbing it, “If you keep holding, it’ll start to hurt” I grimmaced, “I really don’t want to have an accident now.” “It’s fine, we’re the only people in here” he reassured me, I don’t know if it was him calming me down, or just the sheer pressure, but at that point I lost my battle, and Iet out an awkward fart as my poop splorched out into my diaper.I’d barely had a chance to lift myself off the seat, so the load found itself channeled throughout the padding, up my back and right to the edges of the thighs. Throughout all this, sir kept watching me, and rubbing my hand.. “Feeling better?” I nodded, staying stiff for fear of a blow out. Sir noticed this too. He stayed seated, while he lifted my hand and ushered me up. With my butt right at the height of his face, he took a quick sniff. There was no mistaking what I’d just done for a fart, I stank. “Undo your belt please” I did as I was told, and Sir pulled my pants down slightly. He stood, tugged back the waistband, and inspected the damage. Satisfied the back was survivable, he tugged my pants down further, and inspected the butt area, as well as the leg bands. While he’d been doing this, I’d stayed focused on the movie. Partly because it was good, but mostly to avoid acknowledging that I was in a public movie theatre - albeit a deserted one - having my messy diaper checked like a toddler. Whether Sir realised what my reasoning for watching the movie was I didn’t know, but after he pulled my pants back up he lowered me back into my seat, “I’ll probably have to wash your jeans, but don’t worry, you won’t have to miss any of the movie”. He was definitely right about washing the jeans. As my butt came to rest on the seat cushion, I felt the leg bands of the diaper give way, and spent the remaining 30 minutes of the movie feeling the poop squelch all over my butt. I still had to poop a little more and although the urge was minimal, it kept making me fart. Every time that happened, the air would ripple through the semi-solid poop that filled my diaper, like I was sitting in a volcanic mud pool. Eventually, the film came to an end, and Sir lead me out of the screen. He had originally intended to change me in the same disabled bathroom we used when we came in, but as we emerged into the foyer, it had gone from empty to packed. Seeing the look of panic on my face, Sir had led me through the crowd, into the parking lot, and straight to his truck, Where once again I had to sit down, and once again, the mess did it’s very best to escape my padding. I should have felt humiliated walking through all those people, and certainly as the smell began to fill up the cab of Sir’s truck, but sir kept hold of my hand, and kept telling me that he was proud of me for doing as he’d told me without any hesitation. Somehow, in spite of my state, his constant reinforcement really did make me feel a little hint of pride. We pulled onto the driveway, and stopped in front of the garage door. It took a moment before the remote worked, and in that time my heart sank as I imagined Sir was going to make me get out of the truck, into the street where we lived, with a full diaper. To say that I was relieved when the door began to slide up and the truck pulled inside would be a serious understatement. It was, I suspect, that final rush of adrenalin that sent me over the edge. Up until now I’d been fully aware of events, but as we pulled into the garage, I started to disappear into a world of my own. So much so that it wasn’t until Sir opened my door and helped me out that I realised the car had stopped. As he raised me out of the seat, I looked down. There were two half-moon-shaped damp patches on the seat. Fortunately it was wipe clean leather, but there was no mistaking how the back of my jeans would look. I wasn’t that bad in the theatre. I had obviously peed myself in the car without realising. Clearly this realisation was playing on my face, as Sir asked, “what’s wrong?” “Nothing, Sir. I just think I peed myself.” Sir looked down at my butt, a degree of incredulity in his eyes.”Not just peed yourself”. “No, I mean without realising”. Sir shrugged. “Well, that’s what you’re wearing padding for” he began leading me out of the garage and into the hallway, “now come on, young man, your messy butt is starting to stink up the house”. I didn’t move. “What’s wrong?” I snapped my hand away from his, “What’s wrong is that I just peed myself, and all you can do is shrug.” Sir stood his ground, as I began to lose my temper at him. “For fuck’s sake, I shit myself in a movie theatre, and you’re perfectly cool with it. What’s wrong with you?” Sir smiled and gently shook his head, “Nothing is wrong with me. I just honestly don’t care what underwear you’re wearing, or what state it’s in.” Almost instantly, his calm manner calmed me down too. “To be honest, son, I find you particularly cute when you’re like this.” I hung my head, suddenly ashamed at my outburst. Sir held out his arms and I came in for a hug. “Now, I was going to change you, but after that little show, I think you need to be reminded of how this works.” Sir said, once again taking my hand in his. He walked briskly, and I had trouble keeping up with him because I was waddling so badly. That, and I knew where he was leading me, and didn’t really want to go. Unfortunately, the house isn’t that big, so within moments Sir opened the door to the punishment room, and led me inside. Surveying the implements, my eyes went wide. It wasn’t that I was unfamiliar with the room, far from it, but it was rare I was in here in quite this state. I seemed to have caught Sir’s eye, as he smiled at me, “don’t worry, we won’t be doing anything too strenuous”, he reassured me. He draped me over a spanking bench, and secured my hands in place. Then he went into the bathroom and grabbed a brought out a bar of soap. Even the sight of it made me retch as my sense filled with the memory of the last time I’d been made to suck on it. I began to shake my head, “No, no no….” Once again, Sir smiled. He placed the soap down just in front of my face. “Now you remember why you shouldn’t say naughty words then?” I nodded. “OK, well I won’t make you put it in your mouth. It can stay there as a reminder”. For at least the third time today, an enormous sense of relief came over me. That lasted for all of a few seconds, as Sir began to rain blows down against my butt. It wasn’t painful. Not exactly, anyway; the padding and the mess formed a pretty good barrier against the sharp force of the spanking, but the sense of humiliation I felt as each blow landed, sending a dull thudding sensation into my butt cheeks and forward, toward my genitals, was wonderful. It was fortunate Sir hadn’t asked me to count the blows, I’d have had no chance. I began to drift off somewhere between agony, humiliation and ecstasy. By the time Sir unstrapped me from the bench, I was a wreck. “You took your punishment very well. I think I should reward you”, At some point, between the spanking and the release, Sir had laid a changing mat down on the floor. He lowered me down onto it, and instinctively I spread my legs, ready for my change. Sir knelt down infront of me, but rather than undoing the tapes of my diaper, he began to rub the front. I smiled in gratitude, “You did well, young man”, he said, as he produced the magic wand and started vibrating the front of my diaper. I was in heaven. He moved the wand down towards my anus, the vibrations sent shivers up my spine. “Please sir, may I cum?” He nodded. “You may.”. I let the orgasm overtake me, and shuddered as I released yet another fluid into my already wrecked diaper. As I lay on my back in post orgasmic reverie, Sir set to work on the unenviable task of changing my diaper. I kept my eyes closed, and enjoyed the sensations as he cleaned me up. By the time Sir took my hand and helped me stand back up, I was clean, dry, and comfortable, and very pleased that I’d followed Sir’s advice and had an accident on our trip out.
  14. Kari

    I'm Losing Interest...

    For awhile now, I've been increasingly losing interest in wearing AB style diapers. I'm still a DL and will never stop being one. I'll probably wear diapers for the rest of my life. Guess I'm just distancing myself from being an AB. Maybe it's because I'm getting older. I'd rather wear diapers like they sell at NorthShore or other online incontinence suppliers. I think it has to do with age. It's like the taboo is gone and I've accepted this as a part of my life. Also, sometimes I need protection when I'm out for extended periods of time. It has gotten harder to "hold the flow". So, I just discreetly wear protection inside my underwear. Maybe it's just a phase I'm experiencing. Any others going or have gone through this?
  15. As I’ve written of elsewhere, since last summer, when I returned to wearing diapers and reconnected here, I’ve been wrestling emotionally with my relationship with diapers. Like the swings of Hegel’s Dialectic, I starting wearing diapers every day, then pushed them to the back of my cupboard (years ago, I learned that disposing of diapers was nothing but a terrible expense and mistake—the absence of diapers didn’t deter me in the way I wished and it was then necessary to expend more money when the compulsion to be in diapers reasserted itself) and denied that I needed diapers. The swings became wider, the compulsion returned. I would spend hours in the chat, then days away from it while ‘not diapered’. In fact my life was divided between ‘being diapered’ and ‘not diapered’. I’ve worn diapers since 1996. I started in part because of need and most definitely also for sexual pleasure. It was a tortuous path. As a form of sexual excitement, I would imagine myself slipping into, or being forced into, incontinence. Then, it nearly happened. My work keep me in a car for stretches of 5-6, even 8 hours sometimes.. Type A, I would resist pee stops for as long as possible—somtimes hours until extremis. Then, one day I stopped at a rest stop—aching to pee—releived myself and climbed back into the car. As I returned onto the highway, I wet myself. I had, the urologist said, an distended bladder. I wasn’t getting the necessary signal from a full bladder and still had essentially a full bladder after relieving myself. I took to wearing diapers and just wetting in the car. A workable solution it seemed. The urologist was furious. This, he said, would lead to incontinence—permanent incontinence. Over the years, I played with that notion. Why being incontinent held appeal I just don’t know. But, the idea of slipping into incontinence enticed me. In her last year of life, my mother asked if I would return home, live with her and take care of her. She wanted to pass away at home, in her own bed. She knew my siblings wouldn’t allow it. I promised her. At the same time, I was taking finally after years of hormone therapy begining my life publically as a woman. Suddenly, as a woman I was battling with my siblings to protect my mother’s wises, and justifying who I had become. I became incontinent at night, regressing into infancy to protect myself. My psychologist put me into the disability healthcare plan where I’ve remained. Continence did return. After gender reassignment surgery (I have the most beautiful vagina now) another issue presented—the susceptibility to UTIs. When that happened I was again incontinent. The disability program did cover the cost of diapers and the counsellor gave me the forms to apply. I was simply too embarassed, and, true be known ashamed because I felt so excited by the prospect. Which brings me to the present and the issue I face today. I love being in diapers—I don’t know why. In the period since last summer, I again requested the forms for my healthcare to cover the cost of diapers. You have to personally request the forms. I did. They said on my desk for months. The forms require a doctor’s verification of need. I got a UTI, another of many, at least 3 or 4 a year which I get and when to the doctor’s for antibiotics. Although, with me, in my purse, I didn’t have the nerve to ask. ”Well, we’re done, Is there anything else?” ”I have forms here that will provide diapers for me while incontinent. Will you sign them?” He took the forms and read them. “This is for fulltime permanent incontinence. Is that what you need?”” ”Well, I’m already wearing diapers a lot, so it’s just easier to wear them all the time.” ”Are you sure?” ”Yes... I like wearing diapers.” He excused himself to consult another doctor. He returned with the forms signed. “I’ll chart you as permanently incontinent. Certainly, you’re not quite there, but I suspect that you will become incontinent with time, given that you’re already in diapers.” I took the signed form. I had become “permanently incontinent”. My stomach was in knots. The forms sat on my desk for a week. I chatted here. I fretted. What am I doing? Why am I doing this? I was both scared and so excited. Finally, I sent the forms in to my counsellor for approval. My counsellor now had in writing that I was “permanently incontinent”. A day passed and I finally phoned a supplier. She was ever so kind and arranged to send sample diapers and connect with my counsellor. Diapers would come every month, enough pull-ups for 5 changes during the day and a proper diaper for each night. These would arrive each month, and my face flushed as I realized just how big the boxes would be. “We have you as a client now.” I’m now “permanently incontinent”. In the next week, as I wait for the first shipment, I’m wearing cloth diapers and plastic panties. I’ve started wearing full-time. I sense when I’m about to wet, then it just happens. Yesterday, regret and shame came over me and I changed into panties. Do I want this to happen? Can I slow the drift into incontinence? The afternoon in panties became uncomfortable. There wasn’t a moment I didn’t feel the need to pee. I began to fret. Finally, in the everting, I diapered. As I made a sandwich in the kitchen not 10 minutes later, I only realized that I was wetting by the wet warmth and changing weight of my diaper. My heart and stomach lurched. Could I get through the night, now? At bedtime, I spread out a diaper pad for security. Could I go the night without a diaper? Can this actually happen this fast? It’s not possible, I knew but put on a diaper. I didn’t have the courage not to wear a diaper. Is that how incontinence takes hold? Not by actual need but because your confidence slips away and once in diapers, your body simply decides not to care. Today, I tried the same thing. Waking in a wet diaper, I bathed and diapered. I wet every few minutes, small amounts. I changed after the 3rd wetting. At lunch, I bathed and put on panties. I tried to do some housework, some reading, to be busy. There was no moment that I didn’t feel that I was about to wet myself. It was so tiring. I decided to walk the dog but stood conflicted at the door in panties: “What if I wet myself on the walk?” I changed into a diaper. I wet myself on the walk. I did sense it, but to hold until I was home would be a strain. I relaxed... and pooped as I wet. I’ve had a bath and put on a diaper wash. I had dinner without having a diaper on. I read a bit lying on the couch. With a diaper sheet under me. I decided to write this and put on a diaper. And as I’ve written, I’ve wet myself. I’m not trying to be incontinent, but I am surely allowing it to happen. For my counsellor and doctor and a supplier I am “permanently incontinent”. A few days ago, I told my best friend that I wore diapers at night. Her initial reaction with sympathy, but I told her that I liked being in diapers. To my surprise, the next day, she hugged me and said she felt ‘so special’ that I had shared wearing diapers with her and allowed that as a mother of two she was also challenged with wetting herself during the day. For her a change of panties and a pad was sufficient. Expense was always the impediment to me just allowing myself to slip into incontinence. I’ve yet to figure out why I wish this. I’m certainly concerned about the implications of incontinence. I’m 64 and live with a roommate, with whom I share my house. She is a minister. I have recently told her that I wear diapers—a bit late probably because she’s seen my cloth diapers and plastic panties in the dryer or clean laundry hamper. I’m writing this as much for myself as you. It’s just minutes from 7:00pm. I’m diapered and wet. In just days, if I put on a diaper, it seems that I just wet; if I don’t wear a diaper, I fret. If I have to take the bus, will I now be too afraid to go undiapered. If I want to walk my dog will I now be too afraid to wear just panties? Am I suddenly “permanently incontinent”.
  16. In 2016 I kept a plog (pee log) at omorashi.org of almost all of my 58 experiences of waking up wetting or already wet:
  17. Training Yourself to Wet in Your Diaper I have noticed a recurring theme on this website about training yourself to wet in a diaper. I have read some of the strategies and some comments about the strategies which seem to suggest that they haven’t worked. I'd like to suggest a strategy that I believe will work. I'm not sure that it will work, but it replicates my experience in which I have become very nearly incontinent. I'm going to break this down into four sections. The first section contains the strategy that I propose. This is the how-to section. The second section contains my comments on why it should work or at least why I believe that my strategy will work and the drink-until-you-pee doesn’t work. This also contains my thoughts on why it’s so hard to develop the habit of wetting in a diaper in the first place. The third section contains some cautions. The fourth section is a bit of my personal history about becoming marginally incontinent, how it happened and where I am now. I suppose it’s sort of proof of concept, if I can use that term. The reason that I’ve divided this into four sections is so that you only have to read as much as you want to give this strategy try. So, for example, if you’re the impatient type and just want to give this a try, you really don't have to read further than the first section and you're on your way. If you're curious about why it's so hard to wet in a diaper, want a layman’s explanation, and want to have that in mind before you judge the strategy proposing, you can start at the second section. If you're worried about what might happen if you try the strategy and actually works (which is perfectly reasonable if not highly recommended), then you can start at the third section. Finally, if you’re a skeptic (which you should be) and need some explanation as to why this strategy might work, you can start at the fourth section. If you find that credible, then you can read on. Before you try what I’m proposing, please know that I’m not making any promises, nor am I making any claims about how quickly, or successfully you will learn to wet. If it does work, cool. If it doesn't work, please don't send me angry missives about bullsh*tting you, or criticize me—I’m just throwing this out there—for information only. Also, the risks are entirely your own. I’m not a doctor; I’m just another diaper lover who comes to this website to explore my love of diapers. This is for information only. I’m not recommending that you try this. The Strategy Obviously, you need to be diapered (but maybe not, I don’t judge) and feeling relaxed about wetting yourself if it happens. That means that you can’t be worried about your diaper leaking, or someone seeing and embarrassing you or being in any situation that gives you concern about wetting yourself. So, arrange your situation so that all you have to concern yourself with is naturally wetting yourself. You need to have a ‘full’ bladder or be in a circumstance where you are feeling the urge to pee. The objective is to be feeling the need to pee. You don’t have to be desperately struggling to hold your urine but you at least need sufficient urge to pee if you relax your bladder sphincter. Again, not a doctor, so if I get the anatomy a bit wrong, allow me some license. When you feel the urge to pee, find the position—whether you have to stand or sit or lie down—in which it is easiest for you to be relaxed to pee. When you feel the need to pee, even if it is only slight, relax and let your bladder start to void (that’s medicalese for let yourself pee)(or maybe it isn’t, what do I know). Now, here is the counter-intuitive step that I think will make all the difference. As soon as you start wetting—stop yourself. Hold back your pee. Yes, that’s right. Only pee a small amount. There are two reasons. First, you don’t want to flood your diaper and risk an accident which—no matter how hard are you trying not to worry—is a natural fear that you’ve acquired through potty-trained not to happen. Second, and more importantly, if you fully relieve yourself, you’ve got to drink litres (that’s gallons for our American viewers) of liquid again, AND you’ve got to wait until you feel the need to pee again. What we’re after is a repetition of wettings and a constant feeling of having to pee. You’re diaper won’t be flooded and you won’t need to change yet. And, you’ve still got a full bladder and hopefully in a few minutes, the urge to pee will return. Drink just enough to ‘top up’ your bladder. Wait for the next urge to pee and repeat. Keep going until you need to change your diaper or until you start to worry about leaks or anything that might distract you. Why It Should Work Most of us pee infrequently during the day so a full bladder and feeling the urge to pee is infrequent and unusual. When we feel the urge to pee we usually respond automatically (Hmm, I need to pee!) and we go the toilet. The clench reaction is autonomous (you don’t have to think about it) and that’s the reflex you’re trying to break That’s potty-training. The idea here is to get you used to having a full bladder and feeling the urge to pee—all the time. You’re desensitizing yourself to the cue so that over time, you’re less and less likely to notice it because it isn’t unusual any more. That is why I suggest that you only void a small amount, so there is only a short time before the urge to pee returns. Having to pee becomes the steady state that you’re in. You are always holding your bladder—not dance around the room desperately needing to go—consciously trying NOT to pee. At some point—and this will happen if you keep yourself distracted from the urge of having to pee—you will inadvertently relax and you will pee. Spontaneously. The natural reaction will be to clench but you will already have peed a little. That is what you want to have happen over and over and over. There is something else that is happening when you do this. Your bladder has a resting shape and volume. The urge to pee comes from a distended (stretched) bladder. When you void, the muscles pull to return the bladder to its empty size and volume. Holding your urine stretches the bladder and overtime it becomes stretched or conditioned to accept being stretched. When you relax to void, your bladder will not fully empty. This is a medical condition and basically isn’t good. That’s why you’re told that you should go to the toilet as soon as the urge to pee is felt. With an empty bladder your bladder sphincter can relax and does so naturally. If when it does, there is still urine in your bladder, you’re likely to wet yourself. What you are doing is allowing your body’s natural functioning to work for you to let you wet yourself. You will always—I believe sense that you’re about to wet yourself. There just won’t be the natural reaction to immediately hold, nor will it be difficult to relax It then becomes a matter of of just allowing yourself to wet in your diaper. Also, because the feeling will come sooner, you’ll pee a smaller amount and be less likely over time to tense up. You’re probably going to have to do this for some period of time. From personal experience, though, it’s definitely not going take more than a few months—if that. Once you’ve become accustomed to wetting in your diaper you can stop. You’ll have conditioned yourself to accept wetting into a diaper, or heaven forbid, your panties or underpants. Again, this is all speculative. I’m not suggesting you try this, I’m just sayin’… Some Cautions Realize that by training yourself to wet in a diaper, you’re undoing nature’s—and your mother’s—work. You are desensitizing your body to its natural control over your bladder. Over time there is the possibility of overflow incontinence1 because you are intentionally keeping your bladder in a distended state. Your bladder will no longer be able to fully empty. In the extreme—and this is where my experience comes in—it will become very hard NOT to wet your diaper. My Personal History For three years back in 1996, I was a sales representative and travelled extensively—three weeks each month—by car. I would finish a day at the office and drive from Buffalo to different cities in the Northeast. Most trips would take 6 to 8 hours, less if I went fast and didn’t stop until I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO. So, I didn’t. This went on for months and months. Over time, and I seem to recall that it was much less than a year, I found that even with stops to pee I was always feeling the need to pee. Not much longer after that, I was feeling the need to pee before I’d gone a few minutes down the highway, then before I’d even left the parking lot. Finally, driving late one night, well between any rest stops, I realized that I was wetting myself. Cloth seats, too. Not a pretty sight. There’s much more to the story which I’ve recounted elsewhere and spoken to members here, but suffice to say, I bought some diapers the next day—quite on impulse and with no small amount of embarrassment—and began wearing diapers during my drives. Soon, I was wearing diapers as often as possible and soon graduated to letting myself poop in them as well. I did go to a doctor when wetting myself became alarming (on the rational practical side, not on the pleasure side). I was tested and found to have overflow incontinence. The doctor hearing my story as to how this had happened was fiercely annoyed and said: “Stop it. The MOMENT you feel the need to pee, find a rest stop and go. If this goes on, you’ll be incontinent.” I sort of considered that allowing myself to wet in my diapers would be just the thing. It wasn’t. If I don’t wear a diaper during the day, I usually wear a sanitary pad—not unusual for a woman. My sense of having to pee has been slipping in the last while; I have already started to wet before I realize that I am and can stop it. I am not fully incontinent, I do have bladder control—it’s just that my timing can be off. Similarly, if I wear diapers to bed, I am very relaxed and secure. During the night the urge to pee barely wakes me and frequently, knowing I am diapered, I will just relax and wet my diaper. It has been rather alarming recently to wake in the morning in a wet diaper with no recollection that I needed to pee during the night. Either I didn’t wake enough to remember and intentionally allowed myself to wet, or—and to some degree this is worrying—I have made myself a bedwetter. The implication of this is that I’m now very leery of sleeping without a diaper and terrified to sleep over anywhere without diapers and plastic panties. 1. Overflow incontinence is a steady or frequent dribble of urine because the bladder doesn't empty completely. [It can lead to incontinence.] Incontinence is more common in people as they get older. (viz. https://www.google.ca/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=benign+urinary+retention&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=JfVfWoDhJKKdXvG7nOgN)
  18. I posted an article on my blog with the same title as the title of this thread, but I thought I'd post an excerpt here since I have commenting turned off on my blog. And the group here is never short or suggestions or comments on this topic. Why People Fail in Their Goal to Start Bedwetting: They do not have a workable plan. They think they can just drink a bunch of water or whatever before bedtime and it will magically start. They are not confident that their diapers will work. Or they worry about leaks. You must be 100% comfortable with wetting your bed in any position at any time, and must be completely indifferent to the possibility of leaks. If they wake up with the urge to go, they have to get themselves into position or check things out before letting go. That’s a brick wall in your progress. They give up too soon Here's the full article: http://ourbedwettingfun.com/why-people-fail-in-the-goal-to-start-bedwetting/
  19. I received a message to tell me that my original post was a casualty of the bug so I promised a repost. This story follows on from All I Want For Christmas which is also on this forum, I can repost that if people cannot find it. I hope you all enjoy. DC Chapter 1 Chloe sat in the ultrasound waiting room nervously biting on her nails, Mark looked at his wife, smiled to himself and then reached over and pulled her hand from her mouth. ‘Don’t do that baby it is not good for your teeth.’ Chloe smiled nervously and wiped her hands on her jeans. Making sure that they were still alone in the small room, Chloe made eye contact with Mark and with a slight blush asked, ‘what if they see?’ ‘See what princess?’ Mark knew what she was talking about but he couldn’t help playing this little game. Chloe shifted in her seat, cleared her throat and whispered, ‘you know…my nappy. What if they see it and laugh?’ Mark noticed that his wife looked genuinely worried and leaned closer to his wife, he took her hand and kissed the back, ‘don’t worry my darling. I am here and I will not anything happen. It is probably nothing that they haven’t seen before.’ Chloe felt a little eased by Mark’s comments but still felt the nervousness in her tummy. The couple sat in silence as they both thought about what the coming months would bring, today would be the first time that they will see their unborn child and both were very excited about it. Chloe rubbed her tummy and patted it with tenderness before smiling to herself and thinking about the events of the last eighteen months; meeting mark and wetting herself on their first date, discovering Mark’s desire to have a nappied girlfriend, her own journey back into nappies and subsequent reliance upon them and of course their wedding and now unborn child. Chloe remained deep in thought as the nurse entered the waiting area, ‘Chloe Trimble please.’ Chloe looked up, ‘that’s me.’ ‘Right this way please,’ the nurse gestured towards the door that she had just come out of and smiled. Mark and Chloe rose up and followed the nurse’s instructions. Chloe was the first to enter the room and saw the bed lined with blue paper and a huge machine which was full of buttons and a small blank screen. She placed her bag on a vacant chair and removed her coat. ‘Thank you Mrs Trimble. Would you like to pop yourself on the bed and raise your top so that we can have a little look in there,’ said the nurse as she began to press the buttons, ‘Mr Trimble would you like to take a seat in that chair,’ she indicated a chair at the head of the bed. Chloe made her way to the bed and removed her top before sliding onto the blue paper. She noticed that the exposed plastic of her Tena Slip and quickly pushed it back under the waistband of her jeans with an audible crinkle; if the nurse noticed she didn’t say anything. ‘Will this be your first?’ The nurse broke the silence in the room. ‘Yes it is,’ answered Chloe. ‘Wonderful. You both relax, we are just going to be checking on baby’s growth and seeing how many you have in there.’ Mark gave a nervous laugh and the nurse smiled, ‘if you have any questions then please ask them as we go along, otherwise just enjoy seeing your little one for the first time.’ The nurse continued to enter Chloe’s information into the computer. Chloe smiled and felt the butterflies in her tummy return. ‘Would you like any pictures today?’ Mark and Chloe nodded. ‘Okay then, we will see if we can get you a couple of good ones. Now Mrs Trimble, I am going to squirt a little of this jelly on your tummy which will help us see baby better.’ The nurse took out some more of the blue paper and tucked it under the waistband of Chloe’s jeans, Chloe heard the plastic of her nappy rustle and looked at the nurse who said nothing. The nurse applied a liberal amount of warm jelly to Chloe’s tummy and then the wand before pressing it into the skin; instantly the screen came to life with grainy images that meant little to Mark or Chloe. The nurse ran the wand back and forth over Chloe’s skin trying to get a better picture and muttered under her breath about baby hiding, she pressed the wand down a little harder and repeated the same sweeping motion. Chloe, whose eyes were firmly fixed upon the tiny screen, felt her nappy become warm as she realised that litres of water that she had consumed on the advice of her mother were slowly leaking out of her and she could do nothing about it. Chloe felt herself blush but somehow managed to keep her focus on the screen. ‘Ah! There’s the little rascal.’ The nurse’s sudden exclamation made Mark and Chloe jump. On the screen was now the most amazing image that the young couple had ever seen, their tiny baby was coming into view as the nurse explained what they were looking at. ‘Oh wow,’ Chloe managed to squeeze out as she felt warm tears of joy roll down her cheeks. Mark took hold of his wife’s hand and rubbed it with his thumb, ‘look daddy.’ Mark smiled and kissed Chloe’s hand. ‘So this is the head,’ the nurse indicated a tiny white bump, ‘and this is the heart,’ again a tiny white bump but with the unmistakable rhythm of a human heart, ‘shall we give it a listen?’ Mark and Chloe both nodded, the nurse flicked a switch and the small room was filled with the sound of a miniscule heartbeat. ‘Everything looks fine, I just need to add some notes to your file and then you can get back to your day.’ The nurse removed the wand and placed it back in its holder before tearing off yet more blue roll and wiped Chloe’s tummy clean. ‘Thank you,’ said Mark as he gathered their things together and helped Chloe off the bed. The nurse headed out of the room letting Mark and Chloe make their own way to reception. ‘That was unbelievable!’ Squealed Chloe as the made the short walk along the corridor. ‘Yes baby it was. It is hard to believe that you have a little person growing in there.’ Mark rubbed Chloe’s tummy and then pulled her into his arms in a small recess off the corridor and gave her a kiss. ‘I told you that you would be okay.’ ‘Yes you did but she must have known, my nappy was sticking out of the top of my jeans and she must have felt it when she tucked the blue paper in.’ ‘Well baby, if you are that uncomfortable with it then we will put you in knickers for the next scan.’ Chloe felt her face redden once more, ‘well…um…I…I kind of had a little accident when she was looking for the baby.’ Chloe then buried her head in Mark’s chest and then whispered, ‘I’m actually really quite wet. It might have been a big accident.’ Mark already knew that Chloe had wet her nappy during the examination, the amount of water she had consumed made a wet nappy inevitable but he still loved to hear her tell him, ‘not to worry baby, it is not unusual.’ ‘I suppose not,’ said Chloe, ‘it still takes me by surprise from time to time though.’ ‘Well it’s been a long time now, you’ve been in nappies full time for the past nine months and you’re still adjusting. You know that you can still give it up anytime you want don’t you?’ Mark knew that this was an offer that Chloe was unlikely to accept. ‘What you mean like last time when I completely flooded myself within an hour of being out of nappies.’ ‘Well the offer is there for you to take whenever you like princess.’ ‘Let’s face it Mark, my brain seems to have accepted this new arrangement and I don’t know how to tell it otherwise.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I know baby but I will help you at every step of the way if you want to give in.’ Chloe just shook her head and enjoyed the warmth of Mark’s cuddle as she felt her nappy grow warm once more as her bladder issued a timely reminder of her nappy dependence. ‘Come on baby, we need to get back to reception.’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and led her along the corridor to the Maternity Reception where the nurse had told them to wait. A few minutes later the nurse appeared and handed Mark the folder and two grainy pictures of the scan, she wished them luck and then returned to her office. Mark continued to lead Chloe through the maze of corridors towards the exit of the hospital, ‘we are going to get you changed before we head off,’ he whispered to Chloe. Mark had spotted the adult changing facility on the way in and took Chloe inside the small room before locking the door behind them. Chloe looked around the room, it looked like a bigger version of a baby changing facility with a counter top, sink, toilet, sanitary bin and a changing station. ‘Pop yourself on her baby girl.’ Mark indicated the adult changing table by patting the mat with his hand. Chloe walked over to Mark, he unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down her thighs before helping her up onto the table. Chloe felt small, she was lying on her back looking at the ceiling whilst Mark began to untape her saturated nappy. ‘Oh wow baby! You really are a wet little girl.’ He tickled the inside of Chloe’s thigh making her giggle a little. Chloe reached out the changing back next to her and pulled out the pictures from the scan, she turned them to many different angles as she felt Mark delicately cleaning her nappy area before sliding out the wet padding from beneath her bottom. ‘Up you go baby.’ Chloe lifted her hips to let Mark slide the fresh nappy underneath her before lowering her hips at his command. She felt the soft, dry padding being pulled up over her vagina and then heard the tapes being applied to secure her dry nappy. Mark helped Chloe to put her jeans back on, disposed of the wet nappy, washed his hands and then led Chloe back out of the room and to the car for their journey home. Chapter 2 Chloe quickly bolted from the bedroom and threw herself down the hallway and into the bathroom; she lunged for the toilet and vomited. Morning sickness was becoming more frequent, she hated starting each day feeling so yucky but many people has assured her that this was a temporary thing. Chloe was trying to focus on positive thoughts as she felt another wave of nausea hit her, she held her head over the toilet and vomited again, as she retched, she felt her already soaked nappy becoming warm as her bladder joined in with the voiding. Kneeling on the floor with her head over the toilet, Chloe felt her nappy fail and the warm wee begin to trickle down the inside of her thighs and pool at her knees; she felt her pyjama bottoms getting wet and began to sob. Chloe pushed herself away from the toilet and sat down on the floor in her saturated nappy which forced more wetness into her pyjamas. She sat, in a pool of her own urine, feeling every bit embarrassed and upset. She was still sobbing quietly as Mark pushed open the door, he took one look at his wife and rushed over to her. ‘Oh baby girl, what has happened?’ Mark sat next to Chloe and put his arms around her. ‘I… I’m a mess. I couldn’t stop it. I was being sick and then I wet myself and then my nappy leaked and…’ Chloe burst into a full scale crying fit which stopped her from finishing her sentence. ‘Oh my beautiful baby girl don’t cry, it is okay, I will make it all better.’ Mark cuddled Chloe even tighter, he kissed her on the top of the head and then made shushing noises in her ear. ‘Come on baby, let’s get you cleaned up,’ he said eventually. Chloe nodded and wiped her wet face with the back of her hand, she stood up and heard the dripping as Mark began to help her up. ‘Okay princess, let’s get you in the shower.’ Mark guided Chloe to the shower cubicle and took off her pyjama top, he slid the drenched bottoms down her legs and saw the wettest nappy that he had seen in months. Chloe stood resigned to her situation and let Mark do the work. Mark untapped the nappy, it fell to the tiles with a heavy thud, he moved it to one side with his foot and then helped Chloe into the warm jets of the shower. Mark left Chloe to enjoy the water, he picked up the nappy and rolled it up as best he could, more urine seeped out as he did so but he wasn’t concerned. Chloe’s pyjamas made an improvised mop to clean up the large puddle on the floor, ‘I’ll be right back baby, I am just going to get rid of this nappy and put on the washing.’ He picked up the wet things and left the bathroom. Chloe was enjoying the warm jets of water across her skin, she tilted her head back and let the water cascade down her body. ‘You look like you are enjoying that.’ Mark had returned and was smiling at his wife. ‘Mmmmmm, it is lovely.’ Chloe turned off the shower and took Mark’s outstretched hand to get out of the cubicle, he wrapped her in a fresh towel and led her to the bedroom. Chloe saw all of her clothes laid out on the bed with the usual Tena Slip, ‘ummm, Mark. I don’t think that I want a nappy today.’ Mark looked shocked, ‘er…okay. Are you sure?’ Chloe looked at her husband, she saw the look of concern in his face and tried to look as certain as she could, ‘Yes, I am sure. I just can’t do it Mark, I am not a baby, I’m twenty years old and my morning began with me sitting in a pool of my own piss and crying because I’d wet myself so completely that my nappy had leaked like some toddler. I am a fucking grown woman!’ Chloe felt tears stinging her eyes. ‘I’m sick of not being able to control my own bladder, I’m always wet, I wake up wet, I go to bed wet, I’m even wet between changes sometimes. I must smell like piss all the time.’ Chloe lost control at this point and burst into tears. ‘Oh my poor girl,’ Mark hugged Chloe tightly, ‘I will help you to get better, I promise. It’s going to take some time but it will get better.’ Mark tried to reassure his wife. ‘But it shouldn’t take time Mark, I’m a woman and not a baby learning to toilet train.’ Chloe felt angry with Mark’s lack of faith in her ability. ‘I know that you are not a toddler Chloe but you have been wearing nappies full time for a long time and you’ve just gotten a bit used to them that is all.’ Mark placed his hands on Chloe’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes, ‘we will work on it together.’ Chloe nodded at her husband, ‘I’m sorry Mark, I just can’t do it any more,’ she could see the disappointment in Mark’s eyes. ‘I know that it is what you want but I am so tired of not being able to stay dry or walking around stinky because I’ve messed my nappy. I need to feel like a grown up again.’ Mark cuddled Chloe again, ‘I understand. I will put the nappy away.’ Mark picked up the Tena Slip and returned it to the wardrobe, he reached to the top shelf and found a bag at the back containing Chloe’s knickers, ‘you’re going to need these,’ he said as he tossed them on the bed. Chloe watched the contents of the bag spill onto the bed and Mark walk off down the hallway to get a shower. She sat on the edge of the bed still sobbing and feeling awful about what had just happened, she reassured herself about her decision and resolved to regain her control. Chloe dried away her tears and tipped the remaining contents of the bag onto the bed; for the first time in forever she was about to wear knickers. Chapter 3 Chloe sat at the breakfast table checking her phone as Mark came through from the bedroom, she smiled at him as he got closer, ‘the kettle’s just boiled; would you like coffee?’ ‘Sure,’ he said, ‘are you feeling any better?’ Mark sat in the chair opposite Chloe. ‘Yes I am. I am sorry about before and thank you for being so understanding.’ Chloe kissed Mark as she went to the kitchen. She was finding it strange to not hear the crinkle as she walked around or to feel the bulk of wet padding between her legs that had so often made her waddle. Chloe had just entered the kitchen when the alarm went off on her phone, ‘oh! Excuse me.’ Chloe hurried down the hallway and into the bathroom, she slid her jeans and knickers down her legs and sat on the toilet: nothing happened. Chloe looked down at the knickers between her legs and smiled as she saw that they were still dry, she gave a small push and a tiny trickle of wee made its way into the toilet bowl. Chloe felt very proud of herself and couldn’t help but recall the old Huggies advert jingle, ‘I’m a big kid now’ she quietly sang to herself. Chloe finished up and walked back along to the kitchen. Mark watched Chloe walk down the hallway with a smile on her face, ‘well? Did you make it?’ Chloe smiled again, ‘yes I did!’ ‘Well done,’ Mark paused, ‘and how often is your alarm set to go off?’ Chloe blushed, ‘um… every half an hour.’ ‘You know, we could get you some pull ups to help you with the transition, they will hold any little accidents that you might have.’ Chloe thought for a moment, she knew deep down that Mark was right and that it was a sensible suggestion but her stubbornness would not allow her to accept, ‘no thank you, I am a grown woman and I wear knickers, not nappies or pull ups.’ Mark couldn’t help but chuckle, ‘okay baby but if you don’t do so well then you will be wearing pull ups or even nappies once more. I understand what you want to do but I am not going to be happy if you start to leave puddles everywhere.’ Chloe felt thoroughly chastised, she reconsidered the option of using pull ups but dismissed the idea by telling herself that she would not fail, ‘I will be fine, you will see. No more nappies for me!’ Chloe stuck out her tongue and then headed into the kitchen to make coffee. Mark smiled to himself, he was anticipating many accidents as Chloe tried to regain control and was deep in thought as she brought back the coffee. ‘Here you go.’ Chloe placed the hot coffee in front of him. ‘Thank you princess.’ Mark lifted the cup to his lips and carefully sipped the hot liquid, ‘so, what would you like to do today?’ Chloe thought as she sipped her own coffee, ‘I’m not really sure, I kind of want to be at home a little more today,’ Chloe made a gesture to her crotch hoping that Mark would understand. Mark looked confused for a moment, ‘oh… oh yes. I understand. You’re frightened that you might wet yourself or something.’ Chloe blushed deeply, ‘Mark! I’m just… I mean…I…’ ‘It’s fine princess, I get it. We will stay here.’ ‘I’m sorry, it is just a little embarrassing you know.’ Chloe broke eye contact with Mark and stared at her coffee. Mark got up from his chair and walked around to the other side of the table, he stood behind Chloe and put his arms around her shoulders in a loose cuddle around her neck. He kissed Chloe on the cheek and laid his head on her shoulder, ‘you know that you don’t have to be embarrassed don’t you?’ ‘I know.’ ‘It’s going to take some time, expect accidents and please don’t try to hide it from me.’ ‘I won’t’ ‘I love you Mrs Trimble, you mean the world to me and I am here for you one hundred percent.’ Mark pecked Chloe on the cheek again, ‘now, would you like some breakfast?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark stood up and headed to the kitchen, he surveyed the fridge and then the food cupboards, ‘I’ve got bacon and eggs or cereal.’ He called through the door. ‘Can I have scrambled eggs and toast please?’ She called back. ‘Sure thing gorgeous. You want juice?’ ‘Yes please.’ Mark set to work cooking the breakfast, he decided to have the same thing so that he didn’t have to cook separate meals. Chloe entered the kitchen carrying her empty coffee cup as he started making toast, ‘Hi hun.’ ‘Hey, I am just getting some more coffee.’ ‘Okay baby.’ Chloe poured herself some coffee from her own pot of decaffeinated and then left Mark to carry on cooking. ‘Just a few more minutes princess,’ Mark called to Chloe as she headed out of the door. ‘Okay daddy’ Chloe replied as she returned to her seat. Mark finished cooking the eggs, he served them onto plates and then carried them back to the table, as he entered the room, Chloe’s alarm went off again. ‘Sorry, be right back,’ Chloe said as she rushed down the hallway and into the bathroom. She repeated the steps from her last trip to the toilet but still nothing happened. She returned to the table to see that Mark had set out juice and condiments. ‘All okay princess?’ ‘Yes thanks,’ Chloe sat down, ‘this looks wonderful.’ Chloe picked up her cutlery and began to eat. Mark and Chloe sat in silence as they each ate their breakfasts, Chloe drained her juice and after she finished her eggs she turned her attention back to the coffee. Mark watched his wife and wondered how long it would be before her high coffee and juice intake took its toll on her bladder. ‘So have you looked at any of the houses that I showed you?’ ‘No not yet but I think that we should make a move before I am too heavily pregnant.’ ‘I completely agree princess, we just need to agree on the property now.’ ‘It’s out there somewhere.’ Chloe sighed. ‘Here, let’s have a look.’ Mark pushed his plate to one side and picked up his iPad, he navigated to the saved tabs and slid the device over to Chloe. ‘I am not going to tell you which one I like best so you can have a look whilst I clear the table.’ Mark gathered the plate and now empty drinks containers and headed to the kitchen. Chloe quickly became engrossed in the houses on the screen and barely noticed Mark re-enter the room, he stood behind her and put his head on her shoulder, ‘I liked that one too.’ ‘Mark!’ she screamed, ‘you scared the shit out of me.’ Mark slapped Chloe’s wrist, ‘you do not use language like that young lady.’ Chloe dropped the iPad onto the table and rubbed her wrist, ‘I am sorry daddy,’ she said meekly, ‘you scared me. I was really interested in this house.’ Chloe picked up the tablet again and swiped through the pictures, ‘I really like this one.’ Mark smiled, ‘yes, me too. It looks perfect for what we need and it has so much space outside.’ ‘I love the master bedroom,’ Chloe swiped back to the relevant picture, ‘look at the windows and the room around the bed and it has got an en-suite and…oh no!’ Chloe dropped the tablet to the table and pushed her chair back, she jammed her hands quickly into her crotch. Mark looked down to see the growing wet spot make its way down his wife’s legs. ‘It won’t stop!’ Chloe yelled as she ran down the hallway to the bathroom. Chapter 4 Chloe burst through the bathroom door and started to unfasten her jeans as she headed towards the toilet; her attempts to stop the flow were suffering catastrophic failure and she could see that her jeans were now wet down to the ankles and would soon be standing in wet shoes. ‘Shit. Shit. Shit.’ She said aloud as she fumbled the metal buttons of her wet prison, she finally ripped open her jeans and pulled them down before quickly sitting on the toilet. Nothing. Chloe moaned in disbelief, she had completely emptied her bladder into her jeans and not a single drop of urine made it into the toilet. She surveyed the damage, her light pink knickers were now a few shades darker and her jeans displayed the tell-tale evidence of being wet, ‘DAMN IT!’ she shouted. ‘Are you okay in there princess?’ Mark said through the door. Chloe was kicking off her wet shoes, ‘what do you think?’ she spat. ‘Can I come in?’ Mark asked cautiously. ‘Whatever,’ Chloe replied as she braced herself for an ‘I told you so’ speech. Mark slowly opened the door and accessed the scene. Chloe was still sat on the toilet, her jeans and knickers were obviously wet and there was a small puddle near the sink where Chloe had stood frantically trying to unfasten the metal buttons. Chloe looked defeated, Mark had not seen his wife look this upset since their first date when she had wet herself outside the restaurant, she held her phone in her hand and began to cry as the alarm bleeped into life. ‘Oh baby, I am so sorry,’ Mark walked over to Chloe and knelt beside her, he removed her shoes and began to take off her jeans and knickers. ‘Oh Mark,’ Chloe sobbed, ‘I didn’t even feel it. It just came out.’ ‘Don’t worry princess, it is just a small setback that is all. Let me get you cleaned up.’ Mark prepared a wash cloth and then wiped Chloe’s wet legs, vagina and bottom. Chloe resigned herself to the help and appreciated him taking control. ‘Come on princess,’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and led her back to the bedroom, he took out a fresh pair of leggings and knickers, ‘do you still want knickers?’ ‘Yes,’ she nodded, ‘I will do better.’ Chloe tried to look as certain as she could. Mark kissed Chloe on the forehead and then bent down, he slid her knickers up her legs and then did the same with the leggings. ‘This should make it a bit easier to get to use the toilet baby.’ Chloe smiled, ‘thank you.’ She let Mark continue to dress her and realised how much she enjoyed being taken care of in this way, he was so tender and always made sure that she was comfortable. ‘Mark finished dressing Chloe, gave her a cuddle and handed her some socks, ‘go on, off you go to the living room. I’m just going to clean up and then I will join you.’ ‘No. I should clean up.’ Chloe insisted. ‘It’s fine baby, you’ve had a stressful morning. Go and chill out.’ Chloe considered a further protest but Mark pointed to the door and gave her a look that meant any argument would be useless. Chloe took the socks and headed to the living room. Mark watched to make sure that Chloe was doing as she was told before following her down the hallway and into the bathroom, he took out the cleaning products and mopped up the cold pool of urine from the floor before picking up the wet clothes. Mark saw Chloe sat on the sofa as he passed a few minutes later with the wet clothes in the washing basket, he put the clothes into the washing machine and then went to join his wife on the sofa. ‘How are you doing princess?’ Mark put his arm around Chloe. ‘I’m okay,’ Chloe replied as she relaxed into the cuddle. ‘Do you think that I should set my phone alarm for every fifteen minutes?’ she asked. ‘I don’t think that will do much to help you baby, you can’t go running off to the toilet every quarter of an hour in the hope that you will need a wee. You might as well be back in nappies.’ ‘I need to do something. I’ve been out of nappies for 2 hours and I’ve already wet myself.’ ‘I told you that it will take a little time, you are going to have to concentrate hard. All of that coffee this morning won’t have helped.’ ‘I know. I drank too much. What do I do?’ Chloe seemed genuinely perplexed. ‘Well maybe we could get you some pull ups and work on reducing your fluids for a few days until you get the hang of it?’ ‘I don’t want pull ups!’ Chloe said forcefully, ‘I just want to be a normal twenty-year-old woman.’ ‘But Chloe, they will help is you have an accident.’ ‘No. I don’t want them.’ Chloe repeated a little firmer. ‘Okay but if you continue to have these big accidents then you will have to wear the pull ups or go back in a nappy. Do you understand?’ ‘Fine!’ Chloe spat, ‘if I have any more accidents I will wear the bloody pull ups. Happy?’ ‘Woah there, you need to calm yourself down. I am trying to help you and come up with some ways of stopping this place getting flooded with piss every half an hour.’ Mark regretted it as soon as he said it, ‘I’m sorry.’ He offered as she moved away from him. Chloe got up off the sofa, tears in her eyes, ‘YOU ARSEHOLE!’ she shouted. Mark made a grab for Chloe’s arm but she pulled it away and stormed off to the bedroom. Mark shook his hands in frustration and clenched his teeth, ‘idiot!’ he scalded himself. He heard Chloe slam the door the to the bedroom and wanted to go to her but thought the he should give her a little space. Mark was angry with himself but picked up his laptop and fired it up. Opening the browser, Mark began his search for ways to help Chloe’s incontinence issues but found that there was little that he could do; there was much more for Chloe to attempt herself. Mark read about limiting fluid intake and was interested to read about pelvic floor exercises which Chloe should be doing during pregnancy anyway; he saved the pages in a folder and printed out some information to keep before navigating to his favourite AB websites. Mark found many more topics about bladder retraining and started his own post about Chloe’s problems which he hoped would get sensible replies; as he switched to check his emails, the alarm on Chloe’s phone sounded. Mark closed his laptop, picked up the phone and went to the bedroom door: he knocked. ‘Chloe, can I come in?’ Chloe allowed Mark to enter the room, she was lying on the bed cuddling her favourite stuffed toy and looking incredibly upset. Mark felt awful, he slowly sat next to his wife and began to stroke her hair, ‘baby, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to say what I did.’ Chloe sat up, ‘I know. I am just a little emotional that’s all.’ Mark gave Chloe a cuddle and kissed her forehead, ‘your alarm has gone off princess, you should go to the toilet.’ Chloe nodded, she put down her stuffed toy and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom; she pulled down her leggings and noticed that he knickers were a little damp but was satisfied that she had made it to the toilet. She pushed and heard a small trickle makes its way to the water, Mark heard his wife’s success as he passed outside the bathroom door but resisted the urge to congratulate her on making it, instead he went back to the sofa and was just logging back on to his laptop when Chloe appeared, ‘all okay princess?’ he asked. Chloe looked much happier and smiled, ‘yes, I actually made it to the toilet,’ she said proudly. She neglected to tell Mark about her slightly damp pants and joined him on the sofa, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘I’m just checking my emails and stuff baby,’ ‘Okay,’ said Chloe as she picked up the tablet, ‘I’m going to have another look at some houses.’ She quickly found the page and pictures that he bladder control had interrupted an hour before, she once again admired the features of a particular house, ‘Mark, I really love this house, can we go and see it?’ she turned the tablet towards him. Mark looked at the picture on the screen and liked what he saw, ‘of course we can princess, why don’t you submit a request to view it?’ Chloe squealed with excitement and quickly got to work filling in the online contact form, she felt a ping of excitement as she hit submit and sent it, ‘there, all done!’ ‘Good work baby,’ said Mark as he held up his hand for a high five, Chloe slapped it and they both laughed. Chloe picked up the TV remote and put her feet up on the sofa, Mark continued to look through the forums on his laptop as they settled themselves in for a relaxing afternoon. Chapter 5 ‘Chloe. Chloe. Wake up!’ Mark was shaking his sleeping wife, ‘come on baby, wake up.’ Mark shook her a little harder and Chloe started to rouse. ‘What…what…what time is it?’ Chloe asked through closed eyes. ‘It’s two in the morning princess, you’ve had a bit of an accident.’ Chloe opened her eyes, she felt the wetness immediately but had to confirm it by putting her hand on her pyjama bottoms. ‘oh no!’ she cried. ‘Don’t worry baby let’s get sorted.’ Mark got out of bed and pulled back the duvet to reveal the full extent of Chloe’s bedwetting, ‘you go and get changed and I will sort this.’ Chloe got up, she saw the huge wet patch where she had been lying and felt ashamed, ‘I’m sorry Mark, I didn’t mean to.’ ‘I know princess, you just get yourself cleaned up and we will sort everything out when I am done here.’ He gave Chloe a reassuring smile. Chloe picked up some fresh pyjamas and waddled down the hallway, her soaked trousers were already beginning to feel cold and she felt every bit a baby. She entered the bathroom and started to strip off her wet things, she was unsure about how long she had been wet or if it had only been one wetting. Chloe removed her pyjama top which was a little wet, she was about to slide her trousers down when she felt the inside of her thighs become warm once more, ‘oh shit!’ she called as she saw a familiar puddle forming at her feet, ‘what the fuck!’ ‘Are you alright in there?’ Mark didn’t wait for a reply and entered the bathroom to see his half naked wife standing by the toilet with a rapidly expanding puddle of wee around her feet. ‘I can’t stop it,’ Chloe croaked as she began to cry. ‘It’s fine baby, just take off your trousers when you are done and step to the side, I am just going to get the mop.’ Mark left Chloe still by the toilet helplessly emptying her bladder onto the floor. Chloe stood with her head in her hands as she felt the flow of urine finally stop and then slid the saturated trousers down her wet legs. The fresh pyjamas that she had dropped on the floor in shock had also been engulfed by the large puddle of wee now expanding across the bathroom floor. Chloe kicked her pyjama bottoms to the side and splashed her way into the bath, she could smell the stale urine on her skin and the fresh wetness that was cooling on her legs giving her goose bumps. Chloe turned on the shower and stepped into the warm jets of water, Mark returned a minute later. ‘Are you okay in there baby?’ he asked as he set to work mopping up the mess on the floor. ‘I’m fine. I will be out in a minute.’ ‘Okay princess, I am just mopping up and then I will wait for you in the bedroom. Mark quickly cleaned up the mess and then took Chloe’s wet clothes to the washing machine before returning to the bedroom to get her another set of fresh pyjamas; he also took out a Tena Slip and laid it on the bed. ‘What is that for?’ asked Chloe appearing in the door behind him. ‘It is just for tonight baby, one thing at a time princess, let’s concentrate on the daytime control first.’ Mark held eye contact with Chloe and gave her a look that showed that his mind would not be changed. Chloe felt upset and deflated, ‘I wanted to be a big girl,’ she sighed. ‘You can be princess but let’s give you a little bit of help.’ Chloe nodded and laid down on the bed at Mark’s invitation and waited to be put back into nappies. Mark made short work of getting her ready and playfully patted her bottom as she got back up off the bed, ‘there you go baby girl.’ Chloe smiled and for some reason felt a little better to be wearing her nappy again. If felt like she was safe, ‘Thank you daddy.’ ‘You are most welcome princess, now let’s get back to sleep.’ Mark and Chloe got back into the fresh bed and were soon ready to go back to sleep, Mark reached over to Chloe just as she began to fall asleep and whispered in her ear, ‘goodnight princess.’ ‘Goodnight daddy,’ replied Chloe. Chapter 6 Chloe woke the next morning feeling refreshed, she looked at the clock and saw that it was eleven AM. She rolled over to Mark and kissed him before snuggling into his arms then she remembered the nocturnal incident and reached down to touch her nappy- soaked- she was instantly relieved that Mark had made her wear it. Chloe gave a small sigh and snuggled in closer to Mark, she wondered if she was ever going to regain her control and recounted the last twenty-four hours in her head. She had managed to stay dry for all of the previous afternoon but she had gone to the toilet every fifteen minutes, her liquid intake had been reduced before bed but that hadn’t stopped a major accident overnight. Chloe scolded herself to do better, she had to concentrate and make sure that she was paying attention to her body; with a new determination to stay dry she felt a feeling that had all but disappeared over the last year: she needed to pee. Chloe quickly got out of bed and began to make her way to the door but by the time she had opened it, it was already too late as she felt her nappy becoming warm and getting wetter. ‘Are you okay baby?’ The sudden burst of activity had woken Mark. ‘Yes. I was just heading for a wee but…’ Chloe stopped and shrugged her shoulders. ‘Too late huh?’ ‘Yeah but I felt it this time at least.’ Chloe smiled. ‘Well that is much better, well done.’ Mark looked genuinely pleased for such little progress. Chloe laughed, ‘I’ve just got to actually get to the bathroom now.’ ‘It will happen, patience young lady.’ ‘I know.’ ‘Did you make it through the night dry?’ ‘Yes,’ Chloe lied, she wasn’t sure why she did it and was pretty sure that Mark knew that she was lying. ‘Excellent baby, well done.’ Chloe blushed, ‘thank you.’ ‘Do you want me to take your nappy off now my big grown up girl?’ ‘No, it is okay, I can do it.’ Chloe was certain that her lie would be found out if Mark saw the condition of her nappy close up. ‘Okay princess, I’m just going to lie here for a little bit. What are you up to?’ ‘I’m going to make some coffee and then take this nappy off and then…oh wait…I’ll be right back.’ Chloe felt the urge to poo and hurried off to the bathroom, surely her bowel control was okay? She entered the bathroom and ripped off her sodden nappy, she sat on the toilet and for the first time in months she pooped like an adult. Chloe was delighted with herself and smiled as she heard a small stream of urine hitting the water below. When she was finished, she rolled up the used nappy and put it in the bin before heading off to the kitchen. Mark heard his wife moving around the flat and assumed that her trip to the toilet was a success. Mark felt both proud of his wife but also disappointed that his baby girl wanted to be out of nappies. Mark laid on the bed thinking about his wife’s predicament when his Blackberry received a batch of messages, he reached over to the bedside table and looked at the screen. Twenty-six emails were unread with most of them sat in his AB related email account. Mark opened the mailbox. People had become very interested in Mark’s posts the previous day and many had chosen to offer their own advice on the situation. It became obvious to Mark as he read the replies that he should be the one to take charge of Chloe’s potty training; a big girl she may think she is but she was still his baby girl. Chapter 7 Chloe was sitting on the sofa as Mark entered the living room, she smiled as she saw him, ‘good morning.’ ‘Good morning princess, can I get you anything?’ ‘No thank you I’ve just had some toast.’ ‘Okay baby, I am just going to grab a cup of coffee and I’ll be back in a minute.’ Mark went to kitchen and noticed that Chloe had already made a pot of decaffeinated coffee for herself and prepared a caffeinated pot for him. Mark clicked the coffee machine into action and prepared himself for the talk that he was about to have with Chloe, he hoped that he would not upset her and watching the last drips of coffee make its way into the jug he took a deep breath before pouring a cup and heading back to his wife. ‘Hey baby, I’ve been thinking about your potty training.’ Chloe glared at Mark, ‘don’t call it that!’ ‘Why not? That is exactly what it is.’ ‘It’s not!’ Chloe snapped as she crossed her arm and huffed. ‘Now now, don’t you get grumpy with me. Hear me out.’ Chloe didn’t say anything, she sat in silence with her arms folded across her chest and not even making eye contact with Mark. ‘This is exactly why I have come to this decision.’ Chloe turned to face Mark, ‘What decision?’ ‘Well now that I have your attention, I will tell you.’ Mark sat on the sofa next to Chloe and pulled her on his knee; she instantly felt small and was ready to listen. Mark explained his idea. ‘You’ve been wearing nappies for almost nine months now and you have gotten so used to it that you seem to have undone your potty training. We need to redo it, going to the toilet every half an hour is not going to help you much so I have removed the alarm from your phone.’ Chloe looked to make an objection but Mark quickly shushed her. ‘Just hear what I have to say baby,’ Chloe resumed her listening position, ‘I think that the best way for me to help you is to potty train you like a toddler.’ Mark let the sentence hang for a few moments, Chloe thought for those few seconds, ‘what do you mean?’ she eventually asked. ‘Well, you’ve been in a toddler mindset for so long that I think that you will respond really well to being potty trained as one too. I am going to go out and buy some pull-ups, your knickers will be going back in the wardrobe and you will get them back if your potty training is successful.’ ‘Oh Mark please. I don’t want to.’ Chloe pleaded. ‘I won’t hear it Chloe, you went through four pairs of knickers yesterday, not to mention a set of bedclothes and I know that your nappy was soaked before you even woke up this morning.’ Chloe was shocked, ‘It wasn’t! I was dry until I had the accident by the door.’ Mark gave Chloe a knowing look, ‘lying is not a good start, I’d already checked your nappy when I woke up an hour or so before you got up and I also removed your thumb from your mouth.’ Mark stared at Chloe. Chloe felt embarrassed, ‘sorry,’ she whispered. ‘I will let it slide this time but if you lie to me like that again then you are going to get a sound spanking. Do you understand?’ Chloe didn’t care for this turn of events, Mark had never spanked her before and she had never considered it as being part of their relationship, ‘I understand,’ she said. ‘Good, and as we are on the subject of bedtime, you will continue to wear nappies for bed until we have your daytime control sorted out.’ ‘Okay,’ Chloe said, she knew that this was a good idea. ‘So you will wear pull-ups through the day and nappies at night, I will be limiting your drinks and will be telling you to go to the toilet when I think you have waited too long. I will check your pull-up before and after each trip to the bathroom.’ ‘So you are going to carry on treating me like a baby?’ Chloe said indignantly. ‘Not a baby no. I’m going to treat you like a toddler who needs her daddy’s help to complete her potty training.’ ‘So what if I don’t agree?’ Chloe demanded. ‘Then no potty training. You choose, potty training my way or back to nappies full time?’ Chloe had not expected this ultimatum and felt a sense of injustice, ‘why can’t I just do this myself my way?’ ‘It has not been the most successful twenty-four hours doing it your way has it?’ ‘It’s been one day. I am going to do better today.’ ‘Chloe, I am trying to help you. I think that training you this way will be more successful.’ ‘But you are putting me back in nappies,’ Chloe moaned. ‘Only overnight, you will have your pull-ups through the day.’ ‘They are still nappies,’ Chloe sulked. ‘They are big girl pants with a little added protection that’s all.’ ‘I don’t need them. I can do it on my own. I..I..’ Chloe stopped midsentence as she felt her crotch become warm followed quickly by her bottom, ‘oh not again!’ her bladder betrayed her as she was making her plea to be a big girl. Mark felt his leg becoming wetter and wetter as Chloe completely emptied her bladder into his lap. ‘You were saying.’ Chloe’s eyes teared up, ‘it’s not my fault,’ she cried. Mark pulled her into a cuddle as she continued to pee and kissed her, ‘you know, I know that you don’t like this but I am so turned on right now.’ Mark took Chloe’s hand and guided it to the bulge in his trousers, ‘see?’ Chloe looked at her husband through teary eyes, she knew such accidents were a great turn on for him and any feelings of failure drifted away as she stopped peeing. ‘mmm, daddy likes his wet girl huh?’ ‘Oh you have no idea,’ Mark scooped Chloe up and carried her to the bedroom, he stood her up and helped her to remove her wet clothes before guiding her onto the bed. Mark stripped off his own wet trousers and then joined his wife on the bed and kissed her passionately whilst running his right hand up her right leg and then onto her wet vagina. Chloe was slightly confused by her feelings as the shame of her accident became and intense feeling of arousal. Mark ran his finger over Chloe’s vagina lips before gently teasing her clitoris. Chloe moaned in agreement, she felt Mark’s fingers begin to expertly explore her vagina and then enter, he quickly guided his fingers to the sweetest of spots and massaged. Chloe tilted her head back as she began to enjoy the sensations, Mark took the opportunity to kiss her neck and throat as his fingers continued to work. Chloe was not sure why she was so turned on after such an embarrassing accident but she was nonetheless delighted with the attention that she was receiving because of it. She felt a wave of pleasure building and becoming more intense as Mark continued to massage deep inside her vagina and with a loud groan she climaxed. Mark, his hand beginning to cramp, kissed Chloe once more, he kissed her lips and then moved down to her neck, then chest, then tummy and then the bare skin of her smooth vagina. Mark inched his way down kissing and licking each of the lips of Chloe’s vagina before teasing her still sensitive clitoris with the very tip of his tongue. Chloe fell back and enjoyed the sensations between her legs, she felt Mark’s tongue continue to explore and caress and could feel that she was close to climaxing for a second time when he slipped a finger back inside her vagina. Chloe was overwhelmed by the sensations in her groin and unconsciously pushed herself into Mark’s face which brought her to a shuddering climax. Mark heard Chloe’s moans and retreated, he gently kissed the top of her vagina and then moved his way up her body and finally up to her neck once more. Chloe reached down and grabbed Mark’s erect penis and began to rub. Mark moaned and continued to kiss Chloe’s neck as she increased the speed and concentrated hard on pleasing her husband. She sat up, grabbed the base of Mark’s fully erect penis and opened her mouth. Chloe continued to suck on Mark’s penis and caress his testicles as he took his turn to squirm on the bed. In Mark’s hyper-aroused state, it didn’t take long until he filled Chloe’s mouth which she duly swallowed and then collapsed on the bed. Chapter 8 Mark woke a few hours later, his stomach indicated that his lack of food was becoming unacceptable. Chloe had crawled next to him and was sleeping soundly, he reached down and found the sheets around her wet, just as he thought, and thought better of waking her immediately. Mark carefully and quietly slipped out of bed and headed down the hallway to the bathroom, once he relieved himself, he made his way back to the bedroom. Chloe’s thumb had found its way to her mouth again and he looked at his wife lying on the bed, she was in the foetal position and the light sheet that fell over her revealed the tiny bump that housed their unborn child. Mark couldn’t help but smile, he felt so very proud of his wife and also knew that she would be embarrassed to wake up wet again. Mark quietly opened the cupboard and retrieved a Tena slip, he opened it and laid it on the bed before gently shaking Chloe’s shoulder, ‘Chloe… Chloe baby wake up.’ Chloe made some moaning noises so he shook her again, ‘come on princess, time to wake up.’ Chloe moved a little more and suddenly jumped, her eyes opened wide and her hands thrust down towards the wet patch around her, ‘oh no not again!’ ‘Hey there, it is fine. It is my fault for letting you fall asleep without your nappy on.’ ‘I’m sorry Mark.’ Chloe said tearfully. ‘No worries baby, it is to be expected when you sleep.’ Chloe smiled a nervous smile and sat up, she spotted the fresh nappy lying on the bed, ‘what’s that for?’ she pointed. ‘Oh yes. I was thinking before that you can start your potty training tomorrow. You can spend the rest of the day in nappies, we will pop out and get you some pull ups and your big grown-up potty training can begin tomorrow. Deal?’ Mark held out his hand. Chloe looked at Mark’s outstretched hand, she wanted to reject his proposal and prove him wrong but she knew that she stood little chance of getting through the rest of the day dry. She finally took Mark’s hand, shook it and said, ‘deal, but just until tomorrow.’ ‘Good girl, now lie back down and we will get you all sorted.’ Chloe followed Mark’s instructions and took up her familiar position on the bed ready to be put in a nappy. Mark made quick work of putting on the nappy and then handed Chloe a fresh t-shirt, ‘okay baby, pop your t-shirt on and go and watch TV whilst I make some yummy lunch.’ ‘Okay daddy,’ said Chloe instantly feeling like the toddler that she had spent so much of her life being. She sat up and pulled the t-shirt over her head, she felt comfortable to be wearing a nappy again and hadn’t realised that she would miss hearing the crinkle quite so much. Chloe waddled down the hallway and jumped onto the sofa, Mark had switched on the TV and she quickly became engrossed in cartoons. Mark saw Chloe lying on the sofa as he returned to the bedroom to strip the bed again, on his way back to the kitchen he noticed the tell-tale blue stripe of the wetness indicator on Chloe’s nappy. Mark smiled to himself and knew that Chloe was unlikely to be aware that she had even wet her nappy again. Chloe continued to lie on the sofa watching TV, her thumb had made its way to her mouth again and she was feeling incredibly small. As the cartoons from her real childhood continued to play on the screen, Chloe felt the familiar feeling in her tummy that she needed to poop, she shifted a little and realised that her nappy was already wet. Chloe was shocked that she hadn’t noticed and wondered if she should walk to the bathroom to use the toilet but she didn’t want to miss the cartoon so she decided to hold it, practice for the following day she thought. She could feel more pressure building and heard her tummy groan, she stood up from the sofa and clenched her bottom but it did nothing to alleviate the pain. Without thinking, Chloe squatted and pushed, she felt her nappy filling at the back and her bladder release a fresh wetting into the thirsty padding; she looked just like a toddler squatting in front of the TV as she completely filled her nappy. When she was finished, Chloe felt a little guilty about not trying to go to the toilet but she wondered how far she would have gone before messing her nappy anyway; she had very little warning and made a mental note to deal with any bathroom urges immediately from the following day. The fact that her nappy was now wet and messy did not bother Chloe in the slightest, she had performed the same ritual daily for the last nine months and she sat back on the sofa feeling the warm mush spread across her nappy. Mark entered the room to see Chloe sat on the sofa sucking her thumb and he could smell the evidence of a freshly filled nappy. ‘Lunch time princess,’ he called without acknowledging the obvious messy nappy. Chloe hadn’t heard Mark enter the room and immediately pulled her thumb from her mouth, ‘okay daddy.’ Mark returned to the kitchen to collect the soup that he had prepared and Chloe was seated when he returned. Mark placed the pan on the trivet in the middle of the table, picked up the ladle and filled Chloe’s bowl with steaming hot tomato soup. Chloe held her hair back as she leaned forward to smell the soup, ‘mmm, delicious.’ ‘I’m glad you like it princess. Let me help you with your bib.’ Before Chloe could object, Mark had moved behind her and was tying a bib in place around her neck, ‘do you have anything to tell me princess?’ Chloe knew that he wanted her to tell him that she had messed her nappy, ‘no,’ she lied. ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘Would you like to tell me what that smell is?’ Mark moved back to his own seat. Chloe smirked, ‘tomato soup?’ she said quietly. Mark smiled and shook his head, ‘if my tomato soup smells that bad then I think that we are both in trouble. How about the other smell baby girl, can you tell daddy why he thinks that he might have a nappy to change after lunch?’ Chloe felt her face go red and seemed to shrink into her shoulders, ‘I’ve messed my nappy.’ She said shyly. ‘Yes you have my little stinker. Daddy will sort you out after lunch.’ Mark picked up his spoon and scooped up some soup from his bowl. ‘Okay daddy.’ ‘We will get you all cleaned up and then take you out to buy some special potty training pants after lunch shall we?’ Chloe felt herself becoming excited, ‘yes, yes, yes.’ She bounced feeling more of a baby than ever as she felt her bottom sliding around in the mess of her nappy. Chapter 9 Chloe stood before the shelves that presented the feminine hygiene products and assessed the packages on display, she had never paid too much attention to them before but they posed quite a dilemma. Mark was stood beside her, he had picked up a pack of Tena pull-ups and was reading the back of them like it was the most normal thing in the world. ‘I think that these would be best for you and look they have pretty patterns on them.’ Mark held the pack out for Chloe. Chloe grabbed the pack from Mark’s hands and threw them into the trolley, ‘okay, can we go now?’ she urged, ‘I really need to be changed.’ She added in an urgent whisper. Mark smiled, ‘okay grumpy, we will just get some milk and then we will be off.’ Chloe followed Mark as he wandered off with the trolley, the messy nappy that had already endured lunch was now reaching its capacity, she was grateful for the plastic pants that Mark had made her wear but several more wettings once they had entered the supermarket were making Chloe worried about humiliating herself in public. Mark continued to forge ahead and was already standing by the milk, he picked up and large carton and placed it in the trolley, ‘all done,’ he said, ‘let’s go.’ The couple weaved their way through the aisle and found an empty checkout, Mark loaded the shopping onto the conveyor belt and made sure that the pull-ups were a little hidden from view so as not to embarrass Chloe any further. Chloe had convinced herself that the checkout operator would ask questions about the pull-ups and would instantly know that they were for her and that she was standing in a wet and messy nappy complete with plastic pants. Chloe’s heart was beating very fast as the blue package inched closer to the scanner but then, with no hesitation, the lady scanned the pull-ups and passed them to Mark for bagging. Chloe felt more relaxed as the cashier announced the total and Mark paid with his debit card, she helped to push the trolley out to the car. ‘Are you okay?’ Mark asked as they crossed the car park. ‘I am fine. That was so embarrassing.’ ‘But you’ve been in there lots of times wearing your nappy.’ ‘Yes but never when buying them too.’ Mark chuckled,’ come on stinky baby, get into the car whilst I put the shopping in.’ Chloe blushed, ‘Mark!’ she shouted as she punched his arm. Chloe did as she was told and sat in the passenger seat of the car, she felt the cold wetness of her nappy as her bottom made contact with the cushion. Mark returned to the car, opened the passenger door once more and clicked Chloe’s seatbelt into place before getting into the car himself. As Mark started the car and began to drive away, Chloe found her mind wandering, she thought about how dependent she had become over the last nine months, how she did very little for herself now and how much she felt like a giant toddler. She wondered if her impending potty training would work and if she would ever be able to wear real knickers again. In her thoughtfulness, her hand drifted to the small bump in her tummy and she began to think about her unborn child. Mark noticed the vacant expression on Chloe’s face, ‘what are you thinking about over there?’ ‘Oh just things.’ ‘What sort of things?’ ‘Just baby things mostly.’ Mark reached over and patted Chloe’s tummy, ‘are you nervous?’ ‘I’m petrified. It all seems so scary.’ ‘Oh baby it will all be okay, I’ll be there all the way and your mum will be there to help too.’ ‘I know, It’s just. It’s so crazy. Everybody says that it is so painful and that everything changes.’ ‘It can’t be that painful or people wouldn’t have more than open child.’ ‘It’s alright for you!’ Chloe snapped, ‘you don’t have to do it!’ Mark was a little taken aback by Chloe’s abruptness, ‘I’m sorry.’ They sat in silence for the remainder of the journey and even as Mark pulled up outside the flat, Chloe exited the car and went inside without speaking a word. Mark gathered up the shopping and took it inside, he put it on the dining table and went to find his wife. Chloe was lying on the bed cuddling her teddy as Mark entered the bedroom, she wasn’t crying but looked upset. Mark sat next to her, ‘hey now,’ he stroked her hair, ‘you are going to be fine. We’ll go to classes, talk to other people and I’ll help you to get through it all in one piece. We should be enjoying this and be really excited about meeting our son or daughter. Chloe I love you so much and I am so proud of you.’ Mark leaned over and kissed her head, ‘I’m here for you.’ Chloe smiled, ‘I know. I just get so scared sometimes but you are right, we will get through it together and be the best parents in the world.’ Chloe sat up and accepted the hug from her husband, ‘thank you,’ she said. ‘Hey there is no need to thank me it is what I am here for,’ Marked squeezed her tight, ‘now let’s get you changed so I can put the shopping away.’ Chloe nodded, she left Mark’s embrace and took up her usual position. Mark retrieved Chloe’s changing supplies and slid a pink changing mat under her bottom before removing her trousers and plastic pants. Mark peeled back each of the tapes of the nappy and pulled down the front to reveal the mess that now covered most of Chloe’s skin. Carefully, he took baby wipes and began to clean the mess paying close attention to Chloe’s vagina and making sure that she was completely clean before taping a fresh nappy in place. Mark rolled up the well-used Tena slip and placed it into four nappy sacks, he tied each one and then let the package fall to the floor with a thud. ‘Trousers or no trousers baby?’ ‘Trousers please.’ Mark helped Chloe to put on her trousers, gave her a final hug and patted her padded bottom, ‘I’m going to miss that sound.’ He lamented. Chapter 10 The autumn sun had just begun to light up the bedroom as Chloe woke up, stretched and looked at the clock: seven am. Mark was not in bed and, given that it was Monday morning, he was likely to be answering emails and booking appointments. Chloe felt the familiar feeling of a wet nappy between her legs and the morning sickness that had become a regular, thankfully not constant, feature of her early pregnancy. Chloe settled back into her favoured foetal position and slowly closed her eyes, she knew that her alarm would soon demand that she get up and be ready to start the day. It was on mornings like this that she was glad to work from home, Mark’s company was doing well and she had become very good at managing his customer database and keeping the accounts straight. Chloe continued to snooze and soon her thumb was back in her mouth, she could feel herself drifting back off to sleep when her alarm began its morning cadence; she reached over and hit the snooze button before sitting up and swinging her legs out of bed. She rubbed her eyes and was pleased that her sickness had not worsened, she stood up and immediately felt her bladder release a steady stream of urine into waiting nappy. ‘Damn!’ she cursed. Today was to be the first day of Chloe’s potty training, she wanted to get off to a good start but the wet nappy hanging low between her legs showed that it hadn’t been the best start to being a big girl. Chloe headed down the hallway and saw Mark at the dining table with his coffee and laptop, he looked up as he heard her, ‘good morning princess. How is my big girl this morning?’ ‘Good morning daddy, I am good. Can I get you some coffee?’ Mark drained the remaining coffee from his cup and held it out for Chloe, ‘yes please baby, I will have another.’ As Chloe took the cup from his hand, he reached under her nightdress and found the heavy nappy hanging from her hips, ‘wow, somebody is a wet little girl.’ Chloe pulled away, ‘it is not that wet.’ ‘If you say so princess,’ Mark teased. ‘It’s not!’ Chloe spat and then stuck out her tongue as she entered the kitchen. Mark went back to work but was a little distracted by Chloe’s obvious failure to control her bladder, he knew that she had wet after she had woken and was looking forward to the day ahead, ‘are you ready for your potty training princess?’ he shouted. Chloe couldn’t help but be slightly embarrassed by the question but shouted back, ‘yes daddy,’ as she continued to make coffee; she selected a smaller-than-usual cup for her own liquids as she considered the day ahead. Chloe watched the coffee machine dripping steadily into the pot which made her feel like she needed to use the toilet but she couldn’t possible need to go again so soon after the thorough soaking that she had just given her nappy. A few moments later the last of the coffee dribbled into the pot and Chloe was able to finish preparing the drinks. Every slight sound of dripping liquid seemed to make Chloe think that she needed to go to the toilet but with a deep breath she put it out of her mind and crinkled her way back to the table to join Mark. ‘Are you looking forward to today baby?’ Mark asked as she put the cup down in front of him. ‘I am,’ said Chloe, ‘but I am a little nervous.’ ‘Well let’s just take it slowly and see how things go, don’t forget that you will have your pull-up in case of any little accidents.’ ‘Can I go to the toilet anytime I want to?’ ‘Of course you can baby but no setting alarms.’ ‘And I can change my own pull-up if I need to?’ ‘Yes you can but no changing them if they are only slightly wet, that packet needs to last until Wednesday when our normal delivery comes.’ Chloe knew that Mark was referring to the monthly shipment of Tena that had steadily increased from a single case to now three cases per month. ‘I thought that I was only wearing nappies for bed?’ Chloe said defensively. ‘You are baby. The three cases will last a long time if you don’t have to be in nappies full time, I’ve added a case of pull-ups and I can always cancel the order for next month.’ Chloe thought about this for a moment and could see that Mark’s logic was sound but she couldn’t help feeling that he was expecting her to fail. ‘So how many days do I have to stay dry before I can have normal underwear?’ Mark had given this very little thought, he was convinced that Chloe would soon grow tired of trying to potty train and he would have his happily padded girl back once more. ‘I am thinking that two weeks is probably a good length of time. You have to be dry every day for two weeks and then I will give you your knickers back.’ ‘What about the night time nappy?’ ‘Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.’ ‘So two weeks and I’m free of nappies through the day?’ Mark nodded. ‘Easy!’ Chloe confidently blurted out. ‘Oh you think so huh?’ ‘Yep. I am going to have my knickers back before you know it and then I am going to stop wearing bedtime nappies too.’ ‘Now that sounds like fighting talk to me baby. You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?’ ‘Bring it on!’ shouted Chloe as she held her fists up in a pugilistic pose. ‘Right then. Let the day in pull-ups begin!’ Mark gestured for Chloe to follow him. Chapter 11 Chloe sat at the dining table working on her laptop, Mark was out at a customer’s house and so she was working through his diary and sorting out the rest of his appointments for the week. Since the wedding, Mark’s business was growing steadily, he had a number of contracts with local businesses and a regular stream of private customers. Chloe shifted her bottom in her seat as she continued to click around Outlook, she was enjoying the thinner feel of the pull-ups and felt like she was wearing underwear that was a little more grown up than usual. As she was amending a spreadsheet, Chloe became aware of the need to pee. Like a spring-loaded toy, she shot up from the chair and quickly made her way to the toilet. The urge to go did not increase as she entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet, she heard the first drips hit the water in the toilet and smiled as it became a stream. Chloe looked down at the pull-up around her ankles and was overjoyed to see it still completely dry. It had been a successful morning so far for Chloe, she had not had a single accident and this was her fourth visit to the toilet. Chloe sent Mark a text message with news of her success as she took up her seat at the dining table once more. Mark’s appointments were arranged and Chloe was happy to see that he could take the afternoon off providing Mrs Stanistreet did not need him for too much longer, the rest of the week looked pretty busy and she would be spending most of it on her own. Mark replied with a smiley face as Chloe was checking through emails, she instantly felt like she had done something good and was congratulating herself when an email arrived from the estate agents. Chloe excitedly opened the message and read: Mr and Mrs Trimble, You are very welcome to view 47 Yew Tree Avenue; can you attend an appointment at 6:30pm this Thursday? Regards, Rick Hastings Chloe switched windows and checked Mark’s diary again. It was possible. She hit the reply button on the email and confirmed that they would be happy to attend the appointment. Chloe added the viewing appointment to the diary and then couldn’t help but look at the pictures of the house once more. She could imagine their lives in such a beautiful property and smiled as she saw the slide in the large garden, her hand had drifted to her bump as she was dreaming and without realising it she was lovingly stroking her tummy. Chloe’s daydream was rudely interrupted by the incessant trill of the phone. It was her mum. Helen started the phone call with the customary accusation that Chloe did not call her enough but soon the two women were chatting about lots of different things and Chloe had made herself a large cup of tea to sit and listen to her mother talk about friends, neighbours, celebrities and her father. ‘I was telling your father that you do far too much for a girl in your condition.’ Helen repeated for the tenth time in the call. ‘Mum I’m fine, Mark looks after me and I just sit here doing his accounts and stuff,’ ‘Yes but Chloe I don’t like you being on your own all day.’ ‘I am not on my own all day mum. Mark comes home all the time and…’ Chloe felt the need to use the toilet again, ‘I need to go mum. I will call you back.’ Helen insisted the Chloe stay on the phone and said that she wouldn’t call back. ‘But mum I will call you back straight away, I promise.’ Chloe felt her urge increase. ‘Okay Chloe but let me just say…’ Chloe interrupted her mum, ‘I really need to go mum. I have to wee.’ ‘Oh well off you go you silly thing, a girl in your condition shouldn’t be holding it for too long or there might be an accident. Remember when…’ ‘MUM!’ Chloe interjected, ‘I’m going. Goodbye.’ Chloe hung up the phone and trotted down the hallway trying to unbutton her jeans on the way. She entered the bathroom and shoved her jeans and pull-up down her legs as she sat on the toilet. A torrent of urine hit the water and Chloe was so relieved to have made it to the toilet, she looked down at her pull-up and saw that it was only slightly damp. ‘Well look at my big girl sitting on the toilet.’ Mark stood in the doorway smiling at his wife. ‘I didn’t hear you come in.’ Chloe finished on the toilet and replaced her pull-up and jeans, the padding was a little thicker now but she still felt grown up, she told Mark about the phone call from her mum and how it had nearly caused her to have an accident. Mark told her how proud he was and Chloe congratulated herself on a successful morning of potty training. Chapter 12 Chloe woke up and looked at the clock, it was 6:30 and still an hour before her alarm was due to sound. Mark was still asleep beside her and she snuggled into him, she felt the usual bulk of a wet nappy between her legs but did not feel too disappointed. It had been a successful twenty-four hours for Chloe and she realised that it had been the first day that she had managed to stay dry since she had moved in with Mark. Snuggling in closer to her husband, Chloe felt the urge to pee but allowed herself to wet her nappy as she drifted back into a snooze. An hour later the alarm clock insisted that Chloe get out of bed and she sleepily threw off the covers before standing up. Like the previous morning, the urge to pee hit Chloe strong as she stood up and each step towards the bathroom seemed to make it worse. She waddled down the hallway hearing the crinkle of her nappy all the way and stood outside the bathroom door. Mark was in the shower and had locked the door. Chloe rattled the handle. ‘I’ll be out in a minute baby.’ He called through the door. Chloe didn’t answer and wondered if she should wait at the door or go back to bed. Suddenly, the feeling of needing to pee disappeared and Chloe could hear the urine gushing out of her and into her nappy which was already soaked; she could feel the wetness escape from the leg bands and start to explore the absorbency of her pyjama bottoms. Chloe rubbed her face and sighed, the flow of urine slowed and she was grateful that there was not a puddle at her feet. She heard the shower stop and Mark opened the door. ‘Good morning pr… oh!’ He noticed Chloe’s condition. ‘This doesn’t count.’ She immediately defended. ‘No problem baby, mornings are bound to be difficult.’ Mark leaned over and kissed his wife. ‘I would have been fine if you hadn’t been in there.’ ‘Welcome back to the big girl world of having to queue for the toilet.’ Chloe stuck out her tongue, ‘smart arse.’ She sneered. Mark laughed, ‘you go and get sorted and I will make the coffee.’ He left Chloe standing in her wet pyjamas and went to the kitchen. Chloe watched her husband go down the hallway and then waddled into the bathroom, she closed the door behind her and looked down at her legs. The dark patch had spread a little but was still only down to her knees- she had been in worse states- Chloe slid her pyjamas down her legs and looked at the soaked nappy hanging heavily between her thighs, it was now a dull yellow colour and small beads of wee were evident at the leg gatherings. Chloe untapped the nappy and let it fall to the floor with a thud, she left it and sat on the toilet; she sat and pushed a little to see if she needed to pee anymore. The smell of stale urine on her skin had become so familiar over the past few months, she tried to remember what it was like to wake up dry and be able to keep her underwear completely dry all day but it had been a whirlwind year in which she had become so reliant upon nappies and she found herself wondering- not for the first time- how she had managed to lose control so quickly. Chloe had accepted without question that she belonged in nappies, she thought back to the night of her and Mark’s first date when she had wet herself outside the restaurant and then how she played along to wet herself for him again and how he had put her in a nappy for the first time; it was as though he has tapped a part of her psyche that she didn’t even know existed. Chloe had been shocked when she found herself enjoying being in a nappy and was even more amazed when she started to feel aroused by the wet padding pressing against her vagina, Mark had given her so much praise for wearing nappies and she had the most amazing orgasms when she was wearing nappies. Chloe began to think that she enjoyed nappies more than she realised and wondered if she really wanted to give them up. Mark finished making coffee and returned to the bedroom, he made the bed and opened up the curtains before choosing himself some clothes to wear for the day ahead. He placed a fresh pull-up on the bed for Chloe, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed with his wife’s success the previous day and hoped that it hadn’t showed when he praised her at bedtime for staying dry for the entire day. Mark smiled as he recalled how happy Chloe had been when he called her a clever girl as he was putting her in her bedtime nappy and remembered how she had seemed relieved to be thickly padded once again. Mark took out a small black book from his bedside table and began to write: Day 1: Pull-up through the day (slightly wet at bedtime), put in night time nappy around 9pm and soaked overnight with a slight leak in the morning. ‘What are you writing?’ Chloe asked from the doorway. ‘Oh nothing baby. I’m just keeping a little record of your training.’ Chloe looked puzzled, ‘why on earth are you doing that weirdo?’ Mark shifted uncomfortably, ‘oh no reason, I just need to keep a record.’ ‘Okay weirdo.’ ‘Now that is not very nice. I might give you a special prize if do well.’ ‘Whatever weirdo,’ Chloe teased. Mark dived across the bed and grabbed Chloe’s arm, he pulled her onto the bed, ripped off her towel and tickled her under the arms. Chloe burst into laughter and begged him to stop, ‘please stop…pl…please.’ Mark stopped tickling his wife and looked into her eyes, she leaned forward and kissed him. Mark began to move his hands over Chloe’s naked body and was soon kissing her neck and breasts. Chloe grabbed at Mark’s back and felt herself becoming wet. Mark continued to kiss his wife’s breasts and was slowly inching his way down her body where he noticed how wet she was. Chloe could feel herself moving her hips around and responding to the gentle kisses on her skin. Mark inched closer to Chloe’s smooth vagina- she had obviously just shaved in the shower- and began to kiss her inner thighs before using his tongue to massage the sensitive lips. Chloe pushed her hips towards him and grabbed the back of his head, she forced him forwards and felt his tongue run up her vagina and stop at her clitoris which he sucked. Chloe pulled his head into her once more. Mark noted Chloe’s enthusiasm and grabbed the top of her thighs so that he could take more control, she thrust his tongue deep into her vagina and ran it upward once more toward her clitoris, Chloe let go of his head and grabbed at the sheets. Mark concentrated on her clitoris and could feel the small muscle harden as he continued to tease it with his lips and tongue. Chloe continued to push her hips into him and ached to have him inside her. ‘I need you inside me now!’ she demanded. Mark heard the demand and began to inch his kisses back up her body, his own towel had loosened and fell off his hips. As he reached Chloe’s neck, he positioned himself between her legs and thrust his fully erect penis into her waiting vagina. Chloe moaned with pleasure as she felt her husband enter her and passionately grabbed at his back and shoulders. Mark continued to thrust his hips and increased the speed. Suddenly, Chloe pushed his shoulders and he allowed her to ease him onto his back. Chloe stood over Mark with her legs apart, grabbed his penis and lowered herself onto it. Mark looked into Chloe’s eyes and held onto her hands as she rocked back and forth until she brought him to a climax and collapse onto his chest. The young couple lay together for a few minutes, Mark was stroking the base of Chloe’s back when he heard his phone chime with a reminder of his first appointment. ‘Oh I wish that I didn’t need to work today.’ ‘Me too,’ said Chloe sleepily. Mark slowly manoeuvred his wife off him and got up from the bed. He picked up the pull-up, ‘don’t forget your pull-up baby,’ he reminded. ‘Of course not daddy.’ Mark picked up his towel, ‘I’m going to the bathroom. Does my big girl need a wee-wee before I go?’ Chloe blushed at Mark’s babyish tone, ‘Marrrk!’ she sang. Mark laughed and headed off down the hallway leaving Chloe on the bed. Chapter 13 Chloe waited in line at the post office with what seemed like every pensioner in the area, she was looking through emails on her phone and cursing her decision to do this at lunch time. It had been another successful morning of potty training at home and Chloe felt brave enough to make the short journey out without a nappy for the first time in a long time; she had made sure to use the toilet before she left and knew that she would be no longer than an hour. The queue was barely moving and that time frame had already passed and Chloe was concerned that she would need to pee soon. Mark was at the offices of a local taxi firm setting up a new computer system to help them to take bookings via an app, he had received a text from Chloe earlier to tell him about the planned trip to the post office and was intending to join her at home for lunch when she got back. Mark was initially surprised that Chloe felt brave enough to go out without a nappy, he had thought that it would take her some time before she felt confident enough to be away from a toilet. As he awaited her text to say she was back, Mark couldn’t help but wonder is she would be dry when he checked her pull-up. Chloe looked at her watch and saw that she had been queueing for the last forty-five minutes, she was now in third position and would soon be at the counter. She was reading one of the many leaflets on offer when she got the first urge to pee. Chloe’s first reaction was to panic, she was not sure if she could hold it for a significant amount of time and considered leaving. Suddenly, the two people in front of her were called to the counter and Chloe was sure to look crazy if she left now; she knew that there was a public toilet around the corner and she decided to head straight there after conducting her business. She saw and old lady move to the side of one of the windows and anticipated the cashier calling for the next customer but to her dismay ‘position closed’ illuminated on the sign above. ‘Counter number six please.’ The voice called. Chloe quickly made her way to her assigned window and handed the cashier a large envelope, ‘first-class please.’ She requested. As Chloe watched the cashier tapping at her keyboard she could feel the pressure building in her bladder, she silently urged the woman to speed up the transaction. ‘That will be £1.27.’ demanded that cashier. Chloe nodded in agreement and showed the woman her bank card before sliding it into the machine. The desperation increased. Chloe looked down at the small screen and waited for the instructions to enter her PIN, finally the screen requested it and Chloe speedily entered the PIN. ‘It’s been declined.’ Said the cashier with a sigh. ‘Oh,’ she looked in her purse and realised that she was using the wrong card, ‘I’m sorry, try this one.’ The cashier indicated that Chloe should place it in the machine and tapped at her keyboard once more. Chloe’s desperation was now critical, she crossed her legs and bounced slightly as she waited for the instruction to enter her PIN. Once again she speedily entered the PIN when the instruction came and she looked at the tiny screen willing the transaction complete message to be displayed. Chloe was desperately fighting to stop an accident happening and watched as the till spat out a receipt, as the cashier removed the paper, Chloe felt another wave of pressure hit her fatigued muscles and was powerless to stop the first spurt of urine soak into her pull-up. The spurt soon turned into a steady stream and Chloe could feel her pull-up swell and then fail, wetness was now spreading down both of her legs and her eyes filled with tears as she saw ‘transaction complete’ on the tiny screen; she collected her receipt and walked away from the counter still flooding her pull-up and knowing that everybody could see the humiliating accident. Chloe fell back against the window outside and felt the hot tears trickle down her face as her bladder finally stopped expelling its contents. ‘Are you okay there my love?’ An older man asked as he approached Chloe. Chloe looked at the man and burst into tears. ‘Oh hey there,’ the man hugged Chloe, ‘come one.’ He handed her a handkerchief, ‘dry those tears.’ Chloe took the handkerchief and noticed the identification hanging around the man’s neck, he was a taxi driver. ‘Can I get you home my darling?’ offered the man. Chloe shook her head, ‘I couldn’t do that,’ she sniffed, ‘I’d ruin your seat.’ ‘Don’t you work about that. I’ve got a big blanket in the boot, you can sit on that if you don’t mind a few dog hairs.’ Chloe smiled through her tears, ‘only if you are sure.’ ‘Not a problem my love,’ The driver pointed at a cab in the taxi rank nearby, he opened the boot and took out a large red blanket which he laid on the back seat, ‘hop in.’ he instructed. Chloe climbed into the car and felt her pull up release more wetness as she sat on the blanket. The driver closed the door and then hopped into the driver’s seat, he started the car and picked up his radio. ‘Dispatch this is car forty-seven.’ ‘What is it Joe?’ the radio replied. ‘I’m going off duty for an hour, got a good deed to do.’ ‘More damsels in distress Joe?’ the dispatcher laughed. ‘Very funny. Just a poor kid who has had a bit of a tough morning that it all.’ ‘Roger that Joe. Do you have a destination?’ ‘Where are we off my love?’ Joe called to Chloe. ‘Um Flat 2 Acorn Court please.’ ‘Dispatch I am off to Acorn Court. Flat 2. Over.’ Mark dropped the cables that he had been holding as he heard his own address over the radio; he fumbled for his phone and called Chloe. ‘Mark, it’s you.’ Chloe said as she answered the phone, ‘oh Mark I..’ she began to cry. ‘I’ll be right there princess.’ Mark made his apologies to the office manager and promised to return after lunch. Chloe sat in the back of the cab and cursed herself for leaving the flat, her failure to stay dry would probably result in nappies for the rest of the day but her biggest concern at the minute was to hide away her humiliation from the world. ‘Here we are darling.’ Called Joe from the front, ‘you want a hand inside?’ Chloe shook her head, ‘I will be fine from here. Thank you so much. How much do I owe?’ Joe smiled, ‘no charge my lovely, you just keep that chin up sweetheart.’ Chloe thanked Joe again, exited the cab and walked up the path to the door, she turned to wave goodbye but he had already driven away. Chloe opened the door and couldn’t help but burst into tears again, she looked down at the wetness down each leg and felt that she would never be able to control herself again. ‘Oh Chloe baby, what’s happened?’ Mark had appeared at the open door. Chloe turned to face her husband, broke into an uncontrollable sob and threw herself into his arms. Mark picked up his wife and carried her to the bathroom. Chapter 14 Chloe pushed the shopping trolley arounds the supermarket working her way through the long list of groceries and enjoying the emptiness of the aisle, she felt a little more like a grown up with no steady crinkle of a nappy or holding hands with Mark; of course she was still wearing her pull-up but she had managed to keep it dry. As she was turned into the pet food aisle, Chloe felt the urge to pee so she turned to head towards the toilets. The urge was steadily building as she made her way through the store but she was still convinced that she would make it, as she got closer to the bathroom she was stopped by an old school friend who remembered her immediately. ‘Chloe, is that you?’ The school friend held Chloe’s shoulder. ‘Harriet. Wow! I thought that you lived in New Zealand now?’ Chloe hugged her old friend. ‘I do. I just popped back to do a bit of shopping.’ Harriet laughed. Chloe joined in with her friend and laughed, ‘it’s so good to see you.’ ‘You too Chloe, how is life treating you?’ Chloe wondered where to begin, ‘good. Life is good. I’m married now and expecting a baby in February and…’ Chloe stopped suddenly as she felt herself wetting her pull-up, she looked down and saw her jeans turning darker and a puddle begin to form at her feet. ‘Oh you naughty girl. Why didn’t you use the bathroom?’ Mark said as he appeared from nowhere, ‘lie down!’ ‘But Mark!’ Chloe pleaded. ‘You heard me young lady. Lie down!’ Chloe shook her head, ‘please Mark not here.’ ‘Chloe Trimble, if you do not want to go over my knee then you will lie down on this floor so I can clean you up.’ Mark said angrily. Chloe started to cry, ‘please daddy.’ ‘Ha. Daddy!’ Harriet laughed. Chloe buried her head in her hands and watched through her fingers as Mark took out changing supplies from her nappy bag dropping her favourite dummy on the floor as he did so. Chloe bent down to retrieve it and stayed frozen in place as she felt herself mess her pull up. ‘Oh my god!’ exclaimed Harriet, ‘this is priceless.’ Chloe sank to the floor covered her face with her hands, Mark pulled them away and stuck Chloe’s dummy in her mouth before stripping off her jeans and revealing her well used pull-up, he ripped the seams. ‘You are far too little for these.’ He said as he cleaned her up. A small crowd seemed to have gathered and were watching as Mark took out one of the thick adult baby nappies that they normally only ever used at home and put it on Chloe. ‘You’ve ruined your trousers so you can finish the shopping like that.’ Mark instructed. Harriet laughed at Chloe, ‘aww look at the little baby.’ She mocked. Chloe was now in floods of tears and looked at all of the laughing faces, a small child was also pointing at the nappy. ‘Look mummy, that lady is wetting her nappy. I don’t need nappies any more do I?’ the child said proudly. ‘No you don’t sweetie. That lady is just a big baby.’ The mother replied. The crowd roared with laughter as Chloe continued to wet her nappy. ***** Chloe sat bolt upright in bed, she was breathing heavily and sweating. ‘Are you okay?’ Mark asked sleepily. Chloe felt her heart pounding in her chest, ‘I’ve just had the most horrible dream.’ Mark sat up beside his wife and wrapped his arms around her before lying back down with her, ‘it’s all over now, let’s go back to sleep.’ Chloe settled into Mark’s chest, found her dummy lying on the sheets and stuck it in her mouth before gradually drifting back off to sleep. Mark woke a few hours later with Chloe still lying in his arms sucking on her dummy, he could smell her wet nappy and knew that he would never grow tired of this. Mark kissed Chloe’s forehead and manipulated his wife into a more comfortable position before getting out of bed. He collected his notebook before heading down the hallway to the kitchen. Mark switched on the kettle and opening the notebook, he picked up a nearby pen and started to write: Day 2- a major accident whilst out at the post office, pull-up leaked and clothes soaked. Nappy for the rest of the day, soaked by bedtime and overnight nappy is also soaked. Mark closed the notebook and finished making coffee, he also emptied the washing machine and placed Chloe’s jeans on the radiator to dry before picking up the two fresh cups of coffee and making his way back to the bedroom. ‘Good morning princess,’ he said as he entered the room. Chloe yawned and stretched her arms out, ‘Good morning daddy.’ She said through her dummy. ‘How are you feeling this morning?’ Chloe spat her dummy out of her mouth, ‘much better thank you. I am sorry for waking you last night.’ ‘Hey it’s no problem baby.’ Mark sat next to Chloe and gave her a kiss. ‘Are you ready to give it another try today?’ Mark asked. Chloe thought for a moment, her dream was playing on her mind, ‘yes I am.’ She said finally. ‘Okay princess, why don’t you stay at home today?’ Mark suggested. ‘I’m not going out anywhere.’ Chloe said with complete certainty. ‘Well I am sure that you will do a great job at staying dry my clever girl.’ Chloe blushed. ‘Do you need to use the toilet before I go in the shower?’ Chloe shook her head, ‘I think that I have already been.’ She pulled back the covers to reveal a sodden overnight nappy. Mark laughed, ‘you certainly have little miss puddle.’ He kissed Chloe and then left the room. Chloe watched as Mark disappeared down the hallway, she put her feet over the edge of the bed and stood up. As she was stretching, she felt a hot stream of wee shoot into her nappy, ‘shit!’ she muttered to herself. ***** ‘Aww she is an adorable little girl. Look at those cheeks.’ Chloe heard the voice say. The room was bright and she couldn’t quite see who was speaking and where she was, she tried to rub her eyes but felt that her hands were encased in some sort of gloves. Once again she tried to focus on the face looming over her but again the room was so bright, Chloe felt the nipple of her bottle at her lips and greedily sucked the warm liquid but still could not work out where she was. ‘Who’s a good little girl?’ the voice sang to her. Chloe felt comfortable and continued to guzzle down the warm liquid from her bottle. Suddenly, she became aware that she was wetting her nappy but she didn’t care. ‘That’s a clever girl.’ The voice praised. Chloe knew that she recognised the voice but her thoughts seemed to be a little cloudy. She drained the last of the liquid from the bottle and felt it leave he lips; what happened next surprised even her: she began to cry. ‘Oh there there baby, mummy will make it all better.’ Chloe felt the teat of her dummy on her lips and readily accepted it. ‘That’s better isn’t it?’ said the voice. Chloe felt herself calming as she sucked on the dummy, she tried to sit up but couldn’t seem to command her muscles to do it, she kicked her legs and tried to rollover: nothing. Once again she tried to sit, she squeezed her stomach muscles to sit but she just didn’t seem to have the strength, she tried again; with all her might she tensed her tummy and tried to swing her legs but still could not move. ‘Aww look at the little baby trying to move.’ Chloe started to get angry, she tried again but nothing happened. Suddenly the smell hit her, in her efforts to move she had managed to completely mess her nappy. Why hadn’t she noticed? She felt herself panic again and start to cry. ‘Aww somebody is a stinky baby. Shall we get you changed?’ Chloe felt the strangest sensation of being lifted up by giant arms, she felt herself being cuddled into the voice’s chest and could smell a familiar perfume. She felt the mess spread in her nappy as the arm rested under her bottom and then even more as she was put down onto a hard surface. ‘Let’s get baby Chloe’s nappy changed shall we?’ said the voice. Chloe felt her onesie being unsnapped and pulled up then the lips were on her tummy and blowing raspberries, she laughed and flailed her limbs as she relentless raspberries continued. Chloe felt herself wetting her nappy again as the face finally moved away and came into focus. ‘Mum!’ Chloe exclaimed. ***** Chloe screamed as she sat up in bed again. ‘What the fuck!’ she shouted as she realised that she had messed her nappy. Chapter 15 Mark sat at the dining table with his notebook: Day 3: Pull-ups through the day and was wet by bedtime. Night time nappy was on by 9pm but there was a messy nappy through the night, changed and the second nappy was soaked by morning. ‘Are you still making those notes weirdo?’ Chloe asked from the kitchen door. ‘Oh good morning baby, I didn’t hear you get up.’ Chloe walked over to Mark, her nappy crinkling all the way, and sat on his knee. Mark gave Chloe a hug and pulled her legs up so that he was holding her weight. ‘Any more dreams last night baby?’ Mark asked. ‘No thank god. They are so freaky.’ Mark listened as Chloe recounted the details of her dream the previous night and agreed that it had been incredibly strange. ‘It was like I was an actual baby though but I remember thinking like an adult.’ ‘Maybe it was just a distant memory coming back, baby things are definitely on the brain at the minute.’ ‘Yes but it was so real and I messed my nappy for real like in the dream.’ Chloe looked embarrassed again. ‘It was just a strange dream baby, you probably just messed your nappy when you woke up.’ Mark offered. ‘No, I was messy when I woke up. I mean how can an adult mess themselves when they are asleep?’ Chloe questioned. ‘It was just an accident.’ Mark reassured. Chloe didn’t say anything but was not feeling reassured about her nocturnal incontinence. She looked at the notebook on the table, ‘I bet you loved me having that accident didn’t you?’ Mark hadn’t expected the question and was struggling to answer, ‘well…erm…’ ‘Of course you did. You love the fact that I can’t seem to control myself.’ Chloe teased. ‘Baby you know that I love you being in nappies but I really do want to help you to potty train.’ Chloe go off Mark’s knee and took off her nightdress, she stood in front of him wearing nothing but a heavy, sagging nappy. ‘You love that I wake up like this every morning don’t you daddy?’ Mark was still a little surprised by the sudden change in the conversation but he couldn’t help but be turned on by what he was seeing. ‘I love you waking up like that baby girl.’ Chloe could see that Mark’s penis was erect under his boxer shorts, ‘I can see that you like it.’ She said as she stood beside him. She took his hand and placed it on the front of her nappy, ‘this really did happen whilst I was asleep. You’ve made me into a bed wetter.’ Mark was finding hard not to pick Chloe up and take her to the bedroom but he wanted to find out what she wanted to do. She reached down and tugged on his boxer shorts, ‘take them off.’ She demanded. Mark arched his back and slid his boxer shorts down his legs, Chloe pushed him back into his seat turned to show him her wet nappy. Mark was looking directly at his wife’s bottom and could see the yellow padding that showed the full evidence of her overnight wetting. Chloe reached down and took hold of Mark’s penis and then sat down on his lap with her nappy running right along the hard shaft. Mark felt the padding around him, heard the crinkle as Chloe sat and could smell the wet nappy. Chloe rocked back and forth a little but suddenly stood up and turned around, she sat back on Mark’s lap again but this time his penis was running straight up the front of Chloe’s nappy. Mark wondered why Chloe had changed but then felt the padding around his penis getting hot as he realised that Chloe was wetting again. ‘You seem to have had an accident baby.’ ‘I can’t hold it if I have a wet nappy on.’ Said Chloe as she started to rock on his lap again. Mark reached down and grabbed the back of Chloe’s nappy which pushed her nappy onto him even further. Chloe felt Mark grab her nappy and as he pulled her closer the saturated padding released some of the wee which ran straight down her vagina. Chloe didn’t know why she was enjoying the sensation so much but the combination of the rocking motion, the feeling of warm pee on her vagina and even the smell of her wet nappy made her feel incredibly turned on. Chloe needed to have Mark inside her and stopped rocking, she pushed with her legs to rise up from Mark’s lap and then pulled her nappy to one side at the leg guards before sliding herself onto his penis. Mark couldn’t quite believe what Chloe had done, she had never taken control in this way before but he was happy to let her carry on. Chloe thrust her hips into Mark feeling his penis penetrate deeper inside her and push her nappy harder into her vagina which was driving her wild. Mark continued to hold the back of his wife’s nappy and watched Chloe’s face display a feeling of utter bliss and she began to moan in time with her movements. Chloe could feel herself getting faster and faster, she was desperate to cum and changed her movements slightly to push the wet padding against her swollen clitoris. Marks hands were firmly in place on her bottom and she could feel him gripping tighter which each thrust. Chloe could feel herself building up to a climax and continued to move in a way that pushed Mark deeper into her and the padding against her clitoris. Suddenly, Mark spanked the back of her nappy and she felt herself jerk forward, her eyes opened wide as she came hard with each spank to her nappy. Mark watched his wife climax and then slid his penis out of her nappy and stood up, Chloe held on and he carried her down the hallway and into the bedroom. Mark gently placed Chloe onto the bed and was about to remove her nappy. ‘No. Leave it. I want it like that again.’ She said. Mark positioned himself between Chloe’s legs and pulled the nappy to the side in the same way that Chloe had done before sliding his penis inside again. ‘Fuck me.’ She demanded. Mark responded and began to thrust himself hard into Chloe, he knew that he would not last long but wanted to make Chloe cum again. Chloe felt the same sensations as before and could feel the wet padding release more wee which this time ran down her vagina and to her bottom. She heard the crinkle with each thrust, felt the wetness and could smell her nappy again. Mark continued to thrust harder and deeper, Chloe could feel herself edging closer to climax once more and as his angle changed slightly the nappy was forced onto his clitoris which brought her to a shuddering orgasm as the same time as Mark ejaculated. Chloe saw her husband collapse on the bed next to her and she smiled at him. ‘That was amazing.’ She said ‘Where did that come from?’ ‘I have no idea but why have we never fucked in a nappy before?’ Mark laughed, ‘I don’t know baby but we will again!’ Chloe closed her eyes and ran her hands over her face, she could still feel the buzz of her orgasm as she felt herself wetting her nappy again. ‘I need to get in the shower baby.’ Mark said as he got up. ‘Okay daddy.’ She said as she watched him walk naked down the hallway. Chloe got up from the bed and noticed that her nappy had leaked onto the sheets, she decided that the wet patch was big enough to warrant a change of sheets so she quickly took is off the mattress; she wiped the plastic sheet that had become a necessary part of their bedclothes and waddled to the kitchen. Chloe saw that there was already a load of washing to be taken out so she opened the door and placed the wet washing into the waiting basket, as she stood up with the heavy basket, she felt herself wetting again but this time the wee ran straight down her legs and onto the floor. ‘Shit!’ she said aloud. Chloe watched the puddle quickly form at her feet and threw the bedsheet down to soak it up, when she stopped wetting, she wiped her legs dry, removed the nappy and threw it into the bin before putting the sheet in the washing machine and turning it on. ‘Shower’s free.’ Mark called. ‘Thank you,’ Chloe called as she made sure that the kitchen floor was dry before going off to get a shower. Chapter 16 ‘I am so excited!’ Chloe clapped as the approached Yew Tree Avenue. ‘Me too.’ Said Mark, ‘I hope that it is as good as the pictures.’ ‘I am certain that it will be,’ Chloe looked back at her iPhone where the pictures were displayed on the estate agent’s app, ‘it looks so perfect.’ Mark slowed the car down as they began to inspect the numbers on each door. ’47!’ Chloe shouted suddenly. ‘Wow not so loud baby.’ Mark wiggled his finger in his ear, ‘you’re going to deafen me.’ ‘Sorry daddy.’ Mark pulled up outside the house and switched off the engine, ‘it looks great from here,’ he said as he reached across and unfastened Chloe’s seatbelt. Chloe didn’t respond, she was mesmerised. ‘Shall we look inside too?’ Mark asked. ‘Yes!’ Chloe blurted out. Mark exited the car and moved around to Chloe’s door to let her out, she almost fell onto the pavement in her excitement. The couple opened the gate and walked up the garden path, Mark knocked on the door and almost immediately it opened. ‘Good evening. You must be Mr and Mrs Trimble?’ the man said as he held out a hand to Mark. ‘We are,’ Mark confirmed as he shook the man’s hand, ‘I’m Mark and this is my wife Chloe.’ ‘Great to meet you both,’ the man kissed Chloe on each cheek, ‘I am Eddie, can I offer you two a drink before we look around?’ ‘Thank you but I don’t think that this one can contain herself for much longer.’ Mark replied as he gestured towards a now wide-eyed Chloe. Eddie laughed, ‘I see. Well let me show you around.’ Chloe could not take her eyes off the interior of the house as she was shown around, Mark and Eddie talked a lot about different things but she was already visualising what the place would be like to live in. Eddie showed them the bedrooms, attic and bathroom on the first floor, Chloe kept squeezing Mark’s hand as she saw each room. ‘This place is perfect.’ She whispered to Mark when Eddie was out of earshot. ‘It certainly seems that way so far.’ Mark whispered back. They continued to follow Eddie around the house as he led them back downstairs and into the kitchen. ‘This is the kitchen, you can see that we installed a double range cooker and an extractor fan, the water is filtered and there is plenty of storage space.’ Directed Eddie as he opened cupboards and switched on the fan. Mark nodded and looked around the large room, Chloe stood still in the doorway and so Mark quickly went to her, ‘are you okay?’ he whispered under the noise of the fan. ‘um, I need to go to the bathroom.’ Chloe replied nervously. ‘Okay. We will be done in a minute so just hold on for now.’ Chloe looked desperately at Mark. ‘okay but we need to be really quick.’ Eddie interrupted and led them to the dining room, he was explaining about the lighting when Chloe felt her tummy cramp, she panicked and squeezed her bottom tight. Mark noticed the change in his wife’s posture. ‘Keep holding baby, not long to go.’ He whispered in her ear. Chloe whimpered, ‘It’s urgent. I have to poo.’ She whispered back. Eddie continued to elaborate on the décor of the room, he seemed to be paying little attention to the situation developing behind him. Mark held Chloe’s hand as she smiled and nodded when Eddie turned around to look at them. Mark could tell that Chloe was not going to last much longer and decided that he needed to act. ‘Sorry Eddie but do you think that my wife could use the toilet please?’ ‘Of course she can. Use the one upstairs, do you remember the way?’ Chloe nodded as she slipped out of the room leaving the two men to talk. As she started to climb the stairs, Chloe felt her tummy cramp again which put pressure on her bladder, she stopped a few steps up the staircase and fought hard to stop herself for messing her pull-up; she felt a small trickle of wee soaking into the padding. Chloe knew that an accident was seconds away as she made it to the top of the stairs, she opened a door but found it to be a bedroom. She picked another door: bedroom. Chloe was jigging on the spot as she opened the next door, thankfully it was the bathroom, she entered and locked the door behind her. She fumbled with her jeans as she felt herself starting to wet. ‘Oh no!’ she cried as she lifted the seat of the toilet. Chloe could feel her pull-up swelling as she hovered over the toilet, she ripped the sides and sat down as quickly as she could; within seconds, she began to poo and felt relieved to have avoided the humiliated of messing herself in somebody else’s house. She looked at the torn pull-up in her hands and knew that it would be useless even if it were intact so she rolled it up and wrapped some toilet paper around it before hiding it in the bottom of her bag. Chloe looked down at her jeans and saw that they were only a little wet and would be conspicuous enough to keep her wetting a secret from Eddie. ‘So have you looked at any other houses?’ Eddie was asking Mark as Chloe entered the room. ‘No. This is the first.’ Mark said as he put his arm around Chloe. ‘Is there anything else that you want to see or ask?’ Eddie offered. Mark looked at Chloe who shook her head, ‘I think that we have everything we need.’ He told Eddie. ‘Well it has been great to meet you both and please come again if you want another look.’ Eddie showed the couple to the door, shook hands again and wished them luck with the baby. Mark led Chloe back to the car, he made sure that she was in before he got in to the driver’s seat. ‘So what did you think?’ he asked. Chloe smiled, ‘oh Mark it was wonderful. I loved it!’ ‘I thought so,’ Mark laughed, ‘shall we make an offer?’ ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ Chloe squealed. ‘Okay princess, I will put an offer in tomorrow morning.’ Chloe clapped her hands. ‘So did you manage to find the toilet okay?’ Mark asked. ‘Sort of.’ Chloe answered. ‘What does sort of mean?’ Mark quizzed. ‘Well. I kind of started wetting before I got there.’ Chloe admitted. ‘I see,’ said Mark, ‘what have you done with your wet pull-up?’ ‘It’s in my bag. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.’ ‘It’s okay baby, at least you managed to keep your jeans clean and dry.’ Mark offered. ‘It was close though, I nearly messed myself on the stairs.’ ‘You didn’t though baby so well done.’ Mark rubbed Chloe’s leg. Chloe put her hand on top of Mark’s and they sat in silence as they journeyed through the bust streets. ‘I’m proud of you princess.’ Mark said as he squeezed Chloe’s leg. ‘Thank you daddy.’ Chapter 17 When Chloe woke up on the Friday morning the first thing that she thought about was the house, she felt butterflies in her tummy and couldn’t wait to put the offer in later. Mark was still sleeping soundly, Chloe looked at the clock; it was 6:45am and she wouldn’t need to be out of bed for another hour. Picking up her iPhone, she couldn’t help but open the estate agent’s app and have another look at the photographs of the house that she had fallen in love with. Chloe could feel herself becoming more excited with each picture that she viewed, she pictured her family enjoying the garden, spending time in the lounge with the fire burning during the coldest winter days and even where the Christmas tree would go. Chloe was looking at the kitchen again when she felt her nappy becoming warm, she tried to stop the flow but it was useless and she had no choice but to wait for her bladder to empty. ‘Damn!’ she muttered to herself as she continued to look at the pictures; she drifted back off to sleep soon afterwards. ***** ‘Chloe. Chloe.’ Mark said as he shook his sleeping wife’s shoulder, ‘it’s time to get up baby girl.’ Chloe groaned as she slowly woke up, she stretched out a little and rubbed her eyes, ‘what time is it?’ she asked. ‘It’s quarter-past eight princess, it’s time we were up.’ Chloe rubbed her eyes once again and put her phone back on the bedside table, ‘oh can’t we just stay in bed a little while longer?’ she moaned. ‘Not today baby, I’ve got a lot to get done before the weekend, I am at Compass first thing and we need to put the offer in on the house.’ Chloe sprang up, ‘oh daddy, I am so excited!’ she clapped. Mark laughed at the childish change from sleepy to excited, ‘you are too cute for words princess.’ Chloe blushed, ‘Daddy,’ she squeaked. ‘Well you are.’ He mimicked her hand clapping, ‘such a cute baby girl,’ he said like her was talking to a real baby. Chloe picked up the corner of the duvet and hid behind it. Mark laughed, ‘Coffee for my cute baby girl?’ ‘Yes please,’ came the muffled reply. Mark left the room and went to the kitchen, Chloe watched from behind her temporary shield and as soon as he was out of view then threw back the covers. Chloe stood up out of bed and looked down at her nappy, she couldn’t be sure if she had wet it again during her snooze and was again thankful for the rule that she had to stay in nappies at night. She thought back over the previous few days and wondered if she had made any progress at all, the previous night’s events were a perfect example of the short time she had between feeling the urge to go to the toilet and her body acting without her permission. Chloe resolved to try harder and to concentrate on her toileting better but she was not sure if it would make much difference. She heard Mark in the kitchen, he had switched on the radio and was singing along with it as he made coffee. Chloe went along to the bathroom feeling her nappy hanging low between her legs, she could smell the stale urine and hear the plastic crinkle with each step. As she entered the bathroom, she switched on the light and closed the door behind her before going to inspect her face in the mirror. As she reached for her toothbrush, she felt the first wave of nausea hit her so she changed her plans and flipped up the lid of the toilet seat. Chloe sat on the floor next to the toilet as she waited for the sickness to develop but it seemed to be easing and she was beginning to feel a little better. Mark was bent over the kitchen surface writing in his journal: Day 4: Pull up through the day with a major accident at the house viewing. Nappy put on at 7pm but it was soaked by bedtime, overnight nappy also soaked by morning. Mark flicked through the notes and noticed that there was at least one major accident each day and rarely a dry pull-up. Chloe’s progress had been slow but he still wanted to support her as she tried to get dry through the day but also wanted her to give up and decide to remain in nappies; it was a thought that made him feel guilty. Chloe was still sitting next to the toilet as she felt the nausea subside, she decided to stand up and was just about to take off her nappy when the urge to vomit returned with vengeance; she bent over the toilet and wretched. Chloe felt her bladder release a spurt of warm wee with each violent heave of her tummy, she could feel her eyes water and was just about finished when she felt herself mess her nappy. ‘Oh fuck!’ she exclaimed. Chloe couldn’t help but think that her body was playing some sort of cruel prank on her as she stood in a well-used nappy and knew that she had little choice in the matter. She carefully removed her nappy and rolled it into a ball before depositing it in her nappy bin and then stepping into the shower. Mark was just finishing off the coffee when he heard Chloe going back to the bedroom and by the time he had everything together she was already dressed from the waist down. ‘Your pull-up is showing princess.’ Mark said as he put the coffee down on the dresser. Chloe looked down and saw the top of her pull-up rising well above the waistband of her jeans, she pushed it down slightly and pulled up her jeans. ‘Thank you daddy,’ Chloe smiled. ‘I am going to have to go baby. I have a busy morning and want to get a jump on things, are we still going shopping later?’ ‘Yeah we will do. I wish that you could stay home.’ Chloe said as she put her arms around her husband. ‘I know baby but I need to earn pennies for my babies.’ Mark said as he patted Chloe’s lightly-padded bottom. ‘I know daddy,’ she kissed him, ‘love you.’ ‘Love you too princess, have a dry day.’ Mark said as he patted Chloe’s bottom again. Chloe blushed, ‘I will.’ Mark left the bedroom, picked up his bag and coat before shouting a final goodbye as he left the flat. Chloe continued to style her hair and once again thought about the possibility of their new house, she felt the butterflies return to her tummy and sent a quick text to Mark to remind him to put in the offer. Chloe felt the excitement increase as the text showed that it has been delivered and then felt the need to wee; she headed to the toilet like a big girl. Chapter 18 ‘Do we need any more decaf coffee?’ Mark asked as he pushed the trolley around the quiet supermarket. Chloe looked at the shopping list, ‘err, yes we do.’ She said. Mark picked up a jar of Chloe’s favourite coffee and put in the trolley, ‘okay baby, where next?’ ‘Nappy bags,’ she said. Mark began to push the trolley to the right aisle with Chloe walking next to him. ‘So how have you done today?’ Mark asked. Chloe felt embarrassed about the questions and stepped a little closer to Mark so that she could whisper. ‘I have done okay.’ She muttered. ‘Has it been a dry day?’ Mark pressed. Chloe went quiet, she thought about the multiple accidents from the day and how she had not made it to the toilet once before she had started to wet herself. Mark noticed Chloe’s hesitation to answer and knew that it meant that she had not had a successful day, ‘not to worry princess, you will get there,’ he said cheerfully as he picked up the pack of nappy sacks and put them in the trolley, ‘next?’ he asked. Chloe looked at the list again, ‘oops, I forgot the milk and cheese,’ she said, ‘let’s go back.’ Mark turned the trolley around and headed back towards the dairy section. Chloe was still feeling a little embarrassed about her lack of control that day and put her arm around Mark’s waist as they walked. Mark pulled his wife closer. ‘Don’t worry baby, you will be back in pants in no time.’ He encouraged. Chloe wasn’t so sure and wondered if she would ever be able to control herself again, she squeezed Mark and he squeezed back before patting her little bump. Chloe smiled and rubbed her tummy too, it gurgled as she did, she would need to use the toilet before they left for home. Mark and Chloe continued to walk hand-in-hand through the supermarket as thy made their way back to the dairy aisle. Chloe felt the air turning colder as they reached they came into range of the large refrigerators and shivered, she made her way to the milk and as she bent to pick it up she froze. ‘Oh,’ she whimpered. Mark didn’t need to ask her what had happened. Chloe sighed as her bladder expelled its contents into her pull-up, she felt humiliated as she turned to Mark, ‘oh daddy!’ she said. Mark took the milk from Chloe’s hand and pulled her into a protective embrace. ‘Shh now,’ he cooed, ‘don’t worry baby. Has it stopped?’ Chloe shook her head. Mark continued to hold his wife in the embrace as he moved his hands to her bottom to check for leaks. ‘Come on princess, let’s finish off and then we can get home.’ Chloe nodded her head and wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her long cardigan. Mark took the shopping list from Chloe, ‘you push the trolley baby, I will walk behind and we will get these last few bits.’ ‘Can you see it?’ Chloe asked. ‘No princess, your cardigan is hiding it and it is only a couple of small spots.’ He reassured. Chloe nodded, she knew that Mark walking behind her would obstruct most people’s view of any major leak and she trusted that he would get them out of the supermarket without delay. Mark watched as Chloe began to waddle slightly down the aisle but wished that he could have seen the tell-tale half-moon patch of wetness at the top of Chloe’s legs. Chloe continued to push the trolley along to the bread aisle, she felt defeated and more than a little annoyed with her lack of control; she wondered why her efforts had failed so miserably all day why she appeared to have lost all feeling. As Chloe was rounding the corner with the heavy trolley, she felt yet another spurt makes its way into the saturated pull-up and she was reminded by her tummy that she needed to find a toilet quite soon. Mark placed a loaf of bread into the trolley, ‘all done baby, how are you doing?’ ‘I really need to go to the toilet’ she whispered. ‘We will change you at home, let’s just get the shopping and get out of here.’ ‘No. I really need to go to the toilet.’ Chloe urged knowing that she would not make it home. Mark realised what she meant, ‘oh of course, let’s go then, we will pay for the shopping afterwards.’ Chloe looked relieved as she turned the trolley and headed off to the toilets, she could feel that her pull-up was leaking at the back and was thankful for her choice of cardigan but wondered how long it would be before the wetness creeped below the line of the garment. Mark trailed behind his wife as she quickly headed in the direction of the toilets, he could see that the wet spots had now started to show below the hem of her cardigan but he didn’t want to stop Chloe from making it to the toilet. Chloe continued to move forward and could feel her tummy cramp again, she got to the end of the alcohol aisle and was willing herself to hang on but she came to an abrupt stop as she hit another trolley. ‘I’m so sorry.’ Said the man who has crashed into Chloe as he steered around her. Mark watched the drama unfold in front of him and caught up with Chloe, ‘are you okay princess?’ Chloe turned to her husband with a look of horror on her face, she began to sob as she threw her arms around him and buried her head in his chest. Mark instantly knew what had happened, ‘oh my poor baby girl, let’s get you home.’ Mark kept Chloe’s head embedded in his chest, he left the shopping trolley and headed to the exit; staff and customers looked on as the young couple left the shop empty handed but with the young lady in obvious need for clean trousers. Chapter 19 Chloe stood next to the toilet as she watched the wet patch slowly expanding down each leg of her jeans. ‘Oh for fuck sake!’ she shouted. ‘Are you okay in there?’ Mark called from outside the bathroom door. ‘No! No I am not!’ Chloe snapped back. ‘Chloe let me in.’ Mark said gently as he knocked on the door. Chloe turned on the spot and sloshed her way to the door, she unlocked it and threw it open. Mark surveyed the scene in front of him, his wife stood looking at him with jeans soaked to the ankles. ‘Can I help?’ he asked. Chloe looked at Mark in anger, ‘this is your fault you bastard. I’m stood here in a pool of my own piss and it is all your fault!’ she screamed. Mark could see how angry his young wife was, ‘Chloe, I’m sorry. Let me help,’ he said as he moved into the bathroom. Chloe pushed him hard in the chest, ‘just leave me the fuck alone, I am not a baby, I don’t need your help.’ Mark returned to the doorway, ‘fine!’ she shouted. Chloe slammed the door and locked it once more, she looked at the pool on the floor and could smell the fresh wee that was soaked into her jeans and pull-up. She saw the small pile of clothes in the bath from her accident just a few hours earlier and the knotted bag containing his jeans from the previous night’s supermarket incident. Chloe slid down the tiled wall and sat on the floor, she felt the hot tears rolling down her cheeks and the burning at the back of her throat, she could also feel her jeans cooling and her t-shirt beginning to soak up the puddle beneath her. Mark sat on the bed thinking about what had just happened and feeling guilty because of what Chloe had said, she was right, he had done this to her, he had encouraged her to become more dependent on nappies and now she was. Chloe had fought so hard over the last week to function as a fully toilet trained adult but she couldn’t. Mark had long dreamed of a nappy dependent wife and now he felt completely guilty about it. He wondered if he should help Chloe again but decided against it, he selected some clean clothes for her and placed them on the bed with a brand-new pair of knickers that he had bought for her. Mark gathered his keys and coat before leaving the flat. Chloe heard the door close and continued to sob, she knew that she had been unfair to Mark, he had encouraged her and made it easy for her to become nappy dependent but she has always had the choice to stop it, she had to accept that her current situation was as much her fault as it was his. Chloe could feel her jeans getting colder and the pool under her bottom too, she got to her feet and began to undress; she lifted her t-shirt over her head and slip her jeans down her cold, wet legs which was becoming somewhat a regular experience. Chloe took her socks off and threw the bundle of clothes in the bath and wondered if there was much point in showering as she got the mop from the corner of the room before filing it with hot soapy water to clean up her latest puddle. Once she had cleaned the floor, Chloe took the wet clothes from the bath and dumped them in the sink before switching on the shower and enjoying the warm jets of water washing away the stale urine from her skin, she picked up her Winnie the Pooh washcloth and squeezed her Peppa Pig body wash onto it and smiled. ‘I’m such a baby.’ she said aloud. Chloe laughed, she didn’t know why but it felt good, she continued to wash herself and enjoying the warm water. Mark parked his car at the supermarket, he retrieved the list from the previous night and exited the car; he made short work of getting all of the items that they had abandoned on their last trip and paid for them without incident. Mark chose a bunch of flowers on the way out and was heading back to the car when his phone rang; it was the estate agent. ‘Hello?’ Mark answered. Chloe headed back to the bedroom wrapped in a towel, she noticed the pile of clothes on the bed and smiled when she saw the knickers; she picked them up and noticed that they were normal knickers, not training knickers or babyish ones but normal adult pants. Chloe smiled again, she ran the lacey material through her fingers and dropped them back on the bed; she went to her underwear draw, took out a pull-up, put in on and then slid the new knickers over it. Chloe returned to the bed and sat down, she put on her socks and then slid her third pair of jeans onto each leg before standing up to pull them over her knickers and pull-up combo. All of a sudden, she felt a strange feeling in her tummy, she looked down and saw her skin move! ‘Hello baby!’ Chloe gasped as she felt the baby kick again. Mark pulled up outside the flat and quickly exited the car, he ran down the path and jammed his key into the lock. ‘Chloe. Chloe.’ He shouted as he burst through the door. Chloe stumbled into the living room holding her phone. ‘Mark! I was just about to text you.’ She bounced in excitement. ‘What is it?’ Mark asked. ‘It’s the baby,’ Chloe said, ‘it’s kicking!’ Chloe took Mark’s hand and placed it on her tummy. ‘Say hello to daddy.’ She whispered. Mark felt the smallest movement in Chloe’s tummy and then a big kick to his hand; he began to cry. ‘Hello baby.’ Mark managed to say. Chloe threw her arms around Mark and pulled him close to her. Mark kissed his wife’s neck and cuddled her tight, he could feel the tears running down his face. ‘This is wonderful.’ He finally said. ‘I know. I am so sorry about earlier.’ ‘Don’t worry about it baby. I love you.’ ‘I love you too daddy.’ Mark placed his mouth next to Chloe’s ear, ‘we got the house.’ He whispered. Chloe stepped back in shock and looked at Mark. Mark nodded and smiled. Chloe screamed. Chapter 20 Day 5: Pull-ups all day, nappy for bed. 5 changes of clothes today, seemingly no control and didn’t make it to the toilet once. Night time nappy was on at 5pm and changed before bed. Leaked at 3am, also messy, so changed into double nappies for the rest of the night which were soaked at 8am. No idea why Chloe is wetting so much. Mark finished writing his journal and switched on the TV, Chloe was still asleep and would likely remain that way for a few hours after such a disturbed night. Mark read back through the entries in his journal and noticed that Chloe seemed to be deteriorating as the days wore on, so far she had shown no control over the weekend and he wondered if he should put a stop to the attempt at potty training. Mark switched on his laptop and navigated to the forums where he had first asked for help, he read some of the replies to his earlier posts and added a reply with the details from his journal before heading to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. Chloe opened her eyes and sleepily looked at the clock, she saw 8:30am and decided that she could sleep a little bit longer; she could smell her wet nappy and felt it becoming warm again as her bladder released a steady stream of wee as if to show her that it too was awake. Chloe groaned, rolled over and went back to sleep. Mark returned to the sofa with his morning coffee to see that there had already been a few replies to his post, he read the comments and was pleased to see that they agreed with his own thoughts that Chloe was either suffering from incontinence relating to pregnancy or didn’t really want to be potty trained. Mark typed back a reply and then opened up a new search to research incontinence in early pregnancy, he read the stories of other mums with interest as they detailed many embarrassing stories about wetting themselves both at home and when out. Mark recognised some of the conditions that the women were talking about and noted that a few of them had even talked about lacking some bowel control, he saved a few of the pages for future reference and thought about how he could talk to Chloe about it; his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Chloe’s phone ringing in the bedroom. Chloe woke up with a start as her phone burst into life and vibrated across the bedside table. ‘Hello?’ she asked groggily. Mark heard Chloe answer the phone and closed the lid of his laptop before heading down the hallway to the bedroom. ‘Of course mum, see you then.’ Chloe finished saying as Mark entered the room. ‘She’s calling you early on Sunday morning. Everything okay?’ Chloe yawned, ‘oh fine, she is coming over this afternoon.’ ‘Okay, do I need to go out for anything?’ ‘She is just popping in for a cuppa.’ ‘Oh, okay,’ Mark climbed into bed next to Chloe, ‘is she missing you?’ ‘Yeah,’ Chloe laughed, ‘I’ve not seen her for a week so I think that she is having withdrawal symptoms.’ Mark cuddled Chloe, ‘did you sleep okay?’ ‘I did. I was having a lovely sleep before she called. I am sorry for getting you up last night.’ ‘Don’t worry baby, leaks happen,’ he reached down and felt Chloe’s soaked nappy, ‘it looks like it is a good job that we doubled you up too.’ Chloe laughed, ‘I am a very soggy baby this morning.’ Mark caressed the front of Chloe’s nappy, ‘yes you are baby.’ Chloe felt the firmness of Mark’s touch and moved her hips to push the padding harder against her vagina. Once again, she couldn’t quite understand why she was feeling so turned on about being in such a wet nappy but she could feel herself becoming aroused. ‘That feels so good.’ She moaned. Mark took his cue and pushed the padding of the two nappies harder against Chloe’s hips, she responded by taking a deep breath and moaning slightly. ‘More.’ Chloe demanded. Mark continued to massage the wet padding as he kissed Chloe’s neck. Chloe turned her head towards Mark’s ear, ‘I am sorry that I was such a bitch yesterday.’ She whispered. ‘Shush now baby, its done.’ ‘I didn’t mean those things I said, I love being in nappies.’ Chloe said breathlessly. Mark moved his hand over the plastic of the nappy and then teased his fingers under the waistband before sliding them down to find Chloe’s vagina dripping wet with excitement. ‘I know that you love your nappy baby.’ Chloe moaned as her husband expertly played with her clitoris and she couldn’t help but gyrate her hips in time with his touch; she longed for him to rip of her nappy and thrust his penis deep inside her. ‘Take my nappy off. Please.’ Chloe begged. Mark gently removed his hand from inside the nappies and ripped at the front of the first one, he made a small hole and pushed the wet padding away from the hole, he did the same with the second and then slipped his hard penis through the holes and into Chloe’s waiting vagina. Chloe was taken by surprise by this new sensation, she could feel the swollen padding of her nappies hitting her hard clitoris with every thrust of Mark’s hips and could soon feel herself edging closer to climax, she yearned for Mark to thrust deeper each time and grabbed at his shoulders to encourage him. Suddenly, Mark stopped and sat back, Chloe looked at him in horror. ‘Why!?’ she urged. Mark smiled at his wife and reached down, he ripped open the tapes of the first nappy, then the second before pulling them from under her bottom and resuming his position. Chloe was relieved to feel Mark’s penis back in her vagina and felt him penetrating deeper without the added bulk of two soaked nappies, she felt the intense pressure of an orgasm building and was soon unable to hold back any more as she came hard. Mark watched his wife climax and felt the muscles of her vagina pulsating around his penis, he slowed his rhythm and leaned forward to kiss Chloe’s bare breasts. Suddenly, she pushed him off her and manipulated him into position back on the bed, she got on her knees and then bent forward so that she could take his penis in her mouth. Mark closed his eyes as he felt her sucking hungrily on his penis and playing with his testicles, he reached over and stoked the inside of her thigh as he felt himself approaching climax. Chloe continued to suck and move her mouth up and down his penis with increasing speed, he was about to move his hand towards Chloe’s vagina when he felt the first dribble of wee on the back of his hand. Suddenly, the dribble became a steady stream as Chloe wet herself all over the bed and Mark ejaculated hard into her mouth. Chapter 21 Chloe ran to the bathroom and burst through the door, she quickly threw up the seat lid and unbuttoned his jeans; she sat on the toilet just as she finished weeing. ‘Damn it!’ she shouted. Chloe looked down at the saturated pull-up around her ankles and assessed the damage to her jeans. ‘Are you okay in there?’ Mark called down the hallway. ‘I’m fine. Just the usual.’ Chloe called back as she kicked her wet clothes off and stood up. ‘Did you make it on time?’ Mark asked as he rounded the corner. ‘No. Not at all.’ Chloe stood naked from the waist down, ‘I was wetting before I even knew that I needed the toilet.’ She tossed her clothes into the bath. ‘I will get you some fresh clothes princess.’ ‘Thank you. I will be in shortly.’ Chloe said as she picked up her Winnie the Pooh washcloth and quickly cleaned her legs; she threw the washcloth into the bath with the ever present pile of wet clothes before walking through to the bedroom to see Mark. ‘I’ve put some clothes on the bed for you princess. I though the joggers might be better to get down when you need to go to the toilet.’ Chloe thanked Mark before picking up her pull-up and sliding it up her legs, she then put on the joggers and t-shirt. ‘Shall we have some lunch?’ Mark asked. Chloe nodded, ‘yes please.’ Mark kissed his wife on the forehead and patted her bottom before heading to the kitchen. Chloe watched him leave the room, she patted her own bottom and wondered how long she would stay dry for; her lack of control was becoming a big concern and she couldn’t think of a single time that her body had given her any sort of signal that she needed to use the toilet over the previous few days. Chloe looked at her phone and considered setting an alarm again but thought better of it; she looked at herself in the mirror. ‘I am a big girl,’ she said to her reflection, ‘I am toilet trained.’ Chloe left the bedroom feeling more determined than ever. Mark was just placing the hot bowls of soup on the table as Chloe arrived in the living room, he instructed her to take her seat and she was surprised that he did not put a bib around her neck. ‘Eat up princess.’ Mark encouraged. Chloe took a spoonful of the delicious soup and listened to the radio playing in the background. Mark wanted to help take Chloe’s mind of things and his suggestion that they watch one of her favourite films after lunch was well received. Chloe was sent straight to the sofa whilst Mark made popcorn and glasses of milkshake for them to enjoy; she quickly became engrossed in the action. Mark wondered if he should have made Chloe use the toilet before the film started but dismissed the idea because it was so soon after her last accident and he didn’t want to humiliate her. Chloe felt more relaxed, she rarely sat still during a film and this was no different; she moved to her usual spot on the floor in front of the TV and her gaze was fixed on the screen. Chloe lived every moment of the film, she bounced up and down in time with the action and held her breath during the scary parts. Mark watched with an amused smile on his face as Chloe squeaked and squealed throughout the film, as the action ramped up he saw her rising up on her knees and willing the main character; she looked like a startled meerkat. Mark took out his phone to get a picture of his wife in her toddle-like state, he was just about to take the photograph when he saw the tell-tale sign of a leaking pull-up as two wet patched began to expand down each leg and form a small puddle on the floor. Mark wanted to tell Chloe but she seemed not to notice, she barely moved as the wetness continued to spread around her. ***** Chloe finished watching the film and eventually sat back on the floor, she immediately felt that she was sitting in a puddle and jumped up. ‘Oh my god!’ she yelled. ‘What is it princess?’ Mark asked from the sofa. ‘I’m soaked and cold.’ Chloe said as she pointed to the pool around her, ‘when did that happen?’ ‘About half an hour ago.’ Mark said matter-of-factly. ‘Why didn’t you say?’ Chloe asked. ‘I didn’t see the point baby, you were already done by the time I noticed and you didn’t seem to mind.’ Chloe looked suspiciously at Mark, ‘you could have said something.’ ‘You were enjoying your film so much I didn’t want to stop you.’ Chloe sighed, ‘what is wrong with me?’ Chloe stood up, she slid the joggers down her legs and carefully pulled them off and left them in the middle of the puddle; she looked down at her pull up which was dripping and began to tear the sides when the dripping became a steady stream. ‘Chloe baby, are you wetting yourself again?’ Mark asked. Chloe wanted to say no, she was sure that she could until the steady stream grew stronger and began to soak into the already wet joggers at her feet. Chloe looked at Mark, ‘what’s happening to me?’ Mark got up off the sofa and put his arms around Chloe, he continued to hug her as the stream slowed back to a drip. ‘I think that you should wear a nappy this afternoon.’ Chloe nodded in agreement. Chapter 22 ‘We’ve had an offer accepted on a lovely house mum, we are just waiting for the paperwork to go through.’ Chloe bounced up and down on her seat with excitement. ‘That is wonderful news dear,’ said Helen as she placed her cup of tea on the table, ‘when will you find out?’ ‘I am not sure. Mark is going to call the estate agents tomorrow.’ ‘Well I will have my fingers crossed for you darling.’ Chloe suddenly remembered the pictures, ‘I have some pictures. Do you want to see?’ ‘Of course I do.’ Chloe sat forward and grabbed the brochure from underneath the table, as she did her top slid up at the back to reveal the unmistakable sight of a nappy to her mum. Helen didn’t say anything and smiled as Chloe handed her the brochure. Helen flicked through the pictures. ‘This looks fantastic sweetie. I can’t wait to see it for real.’ ‘It is the most gorgeous house and it is going to be great for the baby to grow up there.’ ‘You and Mark have picked well,’ Helen reached across and rubbed Chloe’s tummy, ‘and how are things with my grandchild?’ ‘It’s all good mum, I could do without the morning sickness and the crazy mood swings but I’m fine.’ Helen laughed, ‘I remember those well, it will pass soon enough and then you will be able to enjoy your baby.’ ‘We have the scan tomorrow.’ Chloe said excitedly. ‘Really! Already! My that has flown by. Are we going to know the sex of the little one?’ Helen asked hopefully. ‘We’re not sure at the minute, Mark doesn’t want to but I really do.’ ‘You know that you can always get the nurse to write it down or whisper it in your ear don’t you?’ Helen encouraged. ‘I know but I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret, especially if it was a girl.’ Helen stroked Chloe’s hair, ‘little girls are precious things but they don’t stay little forever,’ she sighed. Chloe blushed, ‘mum!’ ‘It’s true darling, it seems like only yesterday that you were running off for your first day of school and now here to are married and with a little on of your own on the way.’ Helen smiled through tearful eyes. ‘Aww mum.’ Chloe burst into tears, ‘I’ll always be your little girl.’ ‘I know sweetheart.’ Helen said as she dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief. ‘I’m sorry to make you cry.’ Chloe sniffed, ‘it’s okay mum. It doesn’t seem to take much these days. I was crying at an advert for sausages the other night.’ Helen laughed, ‘oh I remember that well. I once cried at chip shop when they ran out of plastic forks.’ Chloe burst out laughing, ‘really?’ ‘Oh yes. I made your father drive to a different chippy and go in to buy one.’ Chloe laughed loud and long as she pictured her father muttering to himself as he drove her mother halfway through town to buy a plastic fork. ‘Why didn’t you just go home?’ ‘I have no idea because that it exactly what we did as soon as he had the fork.’ ‘I bet dad was livid.’ ‘I could tell that he was but he never said a word, he just drove to the next chippy, went in and bought the fork and then drove me home.’ ‘Aww what a lovely thing to do.’ ‘I know.’ Helen and Chloe both wiped away the tears of laughter from their eyes and each took a sip of their tea. Helen looked at Chloe with a serious look on her face. ‘So everything is okay with you?’ she asked. Chloe was puzzled, ‘of course mum, why wouldn’t it be?’ ‘No reason.’ Helen went to pick up her cup again but stopped, ‘Chloe, can I ask you something?’ ‘Of course you can mum.’ Chloe said beginning to worry about this serious turn of events. ‘Earlier when you bent forward to pick up the brochure I noticed something.’ Chloe froze as she realised that she had neglected to keep her nappy hidden in her excitement to retrieve the brochure. ‘Mum.’ Chloe began. ‘No Chloe,’ Helen interrupted, ‘are you having some trouble with your waterworks?’ Chloe looked at her mother and then burst into laughter, ‘waterworks!’ she shouted, ‘who says waterworks?’ Helen also began to laugh, ‘waterworks is a perfectly reasonable thing to say.’ She defended. Chloe stopped laughing, she was conscious that she would have to say something. ‘Yes I have, to answer your question. I’ve struggled over the past few days to make it to the toilet on time.’ Chloe surprised herself with the calmness of her answer. Helen took hold of her daughter’s hands, ‘oh my poor girl. Have you been to the doctor?’ ‘Not yet mum, I have the scan tomorrow and then the midwife is coming in a few days so I was going to say something then.’ ‘Has it been going on for a while?’ ‘Not for long mum but this last weekend has been horrible.’ Chloe hated lying in this way. ‘How long have to been wearing nappies?’ Chloe blushed at the word, ‘just today mum,’ she lied, ‘Mark bought them for me because I kept wetting myself.’ ‘Okay darling,’ Helen noticed how embarrassed her daughter was becoming, ‘can I do anything to help?’ ‘I don’t think so mum but thanks. My waterworks will be fine.’ Chloe burst into laughter again. Helen laughed, ‘well I was struggling to know what to say.’ ‘I know mum. I am sure that my waterworks will be fine in time.’ ‘Well let’s hope that you are out of nappies a lot quicker this time around.’ Chloe stopped laughing, ‘what do you mean this time around?’ she quizzed. ‘Oh Chloe, do you not remember?’ Chloe shook her head. ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe that you don’t remember. We had to battle to get you out of nappies when you were little, you were about 4 and half before you stopped wearing a nappy through the day and then you wore them to bed every night until you were about 6 and a half.’ Chloe was gobsmacked, ‘really!?’ ‘Oh goodness yes. I was worried that you would be wearing nappies to school, we only got you dry in the July.’ ‘I can’t remember at all mum. Why did it take me so long?’ ‘I have no idea, you just seemed to like being in nappies too much.’ Chloe was stunned, she had no recollection of any of it and couldn’t believe that she had taken so long to potty train. ‘Thanks for that mum, it explains a lot.’ Helen looked at her daughter confused. ***** ‘So you’ve always liked being in nappies then?’ Mark asked as he began to change Chloe’s nappy. ‘It seems so. I had no idea until tonight.’ Mark looked at his wife’s saturated nappy and began to unfasten the tapes. ‘I suppose that it explains your recent troubles a little bit.’ Chloe felt the cool wetness of the baby wipes on her bare vagina. ‘You could be right.’ Mark finished cleaning Chloe before pulling her nappy from under her bottom before rolling it into a ball and sealing it in a prepared nappy sack. ‘So is it going to take me five years to potty train you again?’ Chloe giggled, ‘maybe,’ she grabbed her feet, ‘maybe I like my nappies again now.’ Mark smiled at his playful wife, ‘well maybe I don’t want you in nappies anymore.’ ‘Well then daddy is going to have lots of puddles to clean up.’ Chloe smiled. Mark looked down and saw Chloe’s vagina glisten with a wetness that showed her excitement. ‘I think daddy has cleaned up enough puddles already don’t you?’ Mark teased. Chloe blushed, ‘that’s why I need nappies daddy.’ She said still holding her feel in her hands. Mark took hold of Chloe’s ankles, he kissed the side of her left foot and then her right; Chloe moved her hands and let her husband take control. Mark, still holding Chloe’s legs in the air, started to kiss the inside of each of her legs; he began to kneel down at the side of the bed and carefully eased Chloe’s legs back onto the bed. Mark kissed the inside of Chloe’s thighs and worked his way to her vagina which was still fully exposed and dripping with expectation. Chloe felt every kiss move down her legs and watched as Mark sank to between her thighs; she felt her legs being lowered back onto the bed, she watched as her husband’s head bowed between her legs and felt his kisses on each thigh. Mark felt Chloe move her hips as he kissed her, he slowly crept closer to Chloe’s vagina and eventually used his tongue to tease the lips before gently sucking on her clitoris. Chloe took a deep breath in as she felt her clitoris being teased by her husband’s tongue, she arched her back to move closer to him and let him continue to explore her vagina with his mouth. ‘More daddy please!’ she implored. Mark heard the breathy voice and continued to lick; he pressed a little firmer with his tongue and began to pay a little more attention to her hard clitoris by sucking and firmly licking the small muscle. Chloe could feel the increased firmness of Mark’s tongue and pushed her hips into him as she could feel the approaching orgasm; she gripped at the sheets and tensed her thighs as he ramped up the speed of his tongue. Suddenly, Chloe felt Mark’s fingers enter her vagina and hook around to behind her clitoris; the increased stimulation became too much to handle and she climaxed hard a few moments later. Mark felt the tremor reverberate through his wife’s body and removed his fingers from her vagina; he looked up to see her lying with her eyes closed and slid down his trousers as he began to stand up. Mark leaned over his wife, kissed her and slid his penis deep inside her before returning to an upright position; he held her hips as he began to thrust forwards. Chloe looked at her husband in an expression of pleasant shock, she hadn’t expected him to enter her in this position but longed for his thrusts to intensify; she searched with her hands for something to grab but could only settle for the bedsheets once more as she felt the approach of another orgasm. Chloe tried to lift her hips a little but Mark’s deep thrusts pushed her back onto the bed. Mark could feel his wife’s vagina tighten and grip his penis as she tried to lift her hips; he thrust harder with each movement forward and felt himself ready to explode. Mark increased his speed and felt the approaching climax building through his body, he pulled Chloe’s hips into him as he thrust forward felt himself cum hard. Chloe watched her husband’s face change as she saw him climax; she felt him slow his movements and then slide his penis out of her still dripping vagina before lying on the bed next to her. Mark leaned over and kissed her and them moved his hand back to her vagina. Chloe wanted more and moved her hips in cooperation to his touch. ‘Make me cum daddy.’ She demanded. Mark kissed Chloe’s neck, ‘absolutely.’ he whispered in her ear. Mark continued to massage Chloe’s swollen clitoris and she could feel that her climax was close; she felt the pressure building up as her clitoris was teased, Suddenly, Mark increased the speed of his fingers over Chloe’s clitoris and she felt the pressure reaching its peak; she inhaled and began to allow herself to orgasm when she felt the liquid gushing out of her. ‘Oh my god!’ she shouted as she orgasmed hard and wet the bed. Chapter 23 Chloe woke early on the Monday morning, she looked at the clock and when she saw that it was only 5am, she closed her eyes but her tummy gave away the reason for her arousal and demanded relief; she considered getting out of bed but before she could move, a fresh wave of pressure built and she felt herself begin to mess her soaked overnight nappy. Chloe accepted this development and slipped back off to sleep. ***** ‘Chloe baby wake up.’ Mark called as he gently shook his wife. Chloe rubbed her eyes and yawned, she caught the smell of her well used nappy and remembered her accident a while before. ‘It looks like you might need a nappy change princess.’ Chloe nodded and moved into position. Mark, who had already collected the changing supplies, began to clean his messy baby girl. ‘When did this happen baby?’ Chloe rubbed her eyes again, ‘I woke up at 5 and needed to go but I already started to mess my nappy before I could move.’ She said matter-of-factly. ‘Really!?’ Mark asked surprised. ‘Yep. I couldn’t do much about it.’ ‘Why didn’t you wake me? You must have been upset?’ ‘No. I didn’t think too much about it and was too tired.’ Mark expertly cleaned the mess from Chloe’s bottom and rolled the nappy in a tight ball before depositing it in a nappy sack and tying it tightly. ‘All better baby. Would you like coffee?’ Chloe looked at Mark shocked, ‘nappy daddy?’ she quizzed. Mark looked at his wife, ‘I thought that you’d be going for your shower and then a nice pull-up?’ ‘Oh yes. I forgot.’ Chloe said a little disappointed, ‘I’ll be back soon.’ Mark watched Chloe walk down the hallway and wondered why she seemed so absent-minded this morning; he heard the shower running and Chloe singing which made him smile. Mark opened Chloe’s underwear draw and took out a fresh pull-up, he placed it on the bed and then left the room to dispose of the well-used nappy. Chloe stood under the warm streams of the hot shower feeling the soothing jets cascade over her body. ‘I’m going to see you again today.’ She said as she rubbed her tummy. The baby kicked as if replying to its mummy and Chloe smiled and gently patted back. Mark took out the clothes from the washing machine, he sorted through them quickly and placed them in the tumble dryer; he couldn’t quite believe the how many sets of clothes that Chloe had gone through over the last 48 hours and considered if her request for a nappy a few moments before might have been a good idea. Chloe had finished in the shower and was now wrapped in her favourite towel, she left the bathroom and walked to the bedroom where she saw the pull-up waiting for her. Chloe didn’t know why but she felt disappointed to not see a thick nappy waiting for her; she picked up the pull up and slid it up her legs. Mark heard Chloe walk down the hallway and approach the lounge, he turned to wish her a good morning but stopped when he saw her standing before him in just a pull-up and a t-shirt. ‘Where are your trousers young lady?’ he asked firmly. ‘I want to stay like this for a bit. Can I please daddy?’ ‘Okay baby. Come and drink your coffee.’ ‘Thank you daddy.’ Chloe said as she joined him on the sofa. ‘Are you excited for today?’ Chloe’s eyes lit up as she remembered the scan again, ‘oh yes!’ she cried. ‘Are we going to find out?’ Chloe knew that Mark was referring to the decision about finding out the sex of the baby, ‘what do you want to do?’ she asked. ‘I want to find out.’ Said Mark. ‘I can’t wait for another six months. I need to know.’ Chloe agreed. Mark smiled at his giddy girl, ‘let’s find out then.’ ‘Yay!’ Chloe clapped, ‘what do you want it to be daddy?’ ‘Well I already have a baby girl.’ Mark started. ‘Daddy!’ Chloe blushed. Mark laughed, ‘I don’t mind baby. How about you?’ ‘I want a girl but I don’t mind if we get a boy.’ ‘Well we will soon find out,’ Mark said as he gently rubbed Chloe’s tummy. Chloe placed her hand on top of Mark’s, ‘I can’t wait.’ Mark felt Chloe’s tummy grumble beneath his hand, ‘are you hungry baby?’ he asked. ‘I’m starving.’ She admitted. ‘Well then I will go and make some breakfast. Bacon butty?’ ‘Mmm, yes please.’ Chloe said hungrily. Mark stood up, bowed and left the room. Chloe laughed and threw a cushion at him before sitting back in the sofa and began to think about her baby again; she was stroking her tummy when she was brought back from her thoughts by the trill of her phone. Chloe read the text from her mum, she shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she read the part that recalled the previous night when she had to admit to her mum that she needed to wear a nappy; she was thankful that she had the pregnancy for an excuse. Chloe typed a quick reply before getting up from the sofa. Mark was almost finished cooking the bacon when he became aware of Chloe standing in the doorway. ‘What’s up princess?’ ‘Mum wants to know the sex of the baby.’ ‘That’s understandable,’ Mark said, ‘are we going to tell people?’ Chloe considered this for a moment, ‘just mum and dad I think.’ Mark finished frying the bacon and transferred it to the bread that he had already buttered, he added sauce and carefully cut the sandwiches in half and then quarters for Chloe. ‘Come on princess,’ he said as he turned just in time to see a steady stream of urine winds its way down Chloe’s legs. Chloe looked down and confirmed what she already though, she was wetting herself again, ‘oh no.’ she cried. Mark put down the plates on the worktop, ‘just stay right there baby.’ He instructed. Chloe did as she was told and stood still as the warm urine continued to pour down her legs and form a puddle on the kitchen floor. ‘Are you finished?’ Mark asked. ‘Umm… I don’t know.’ Chloe said sounding worried. Mark approached his wife, he placed his hands around her waist and slipped his right hand under the waistband of the pull-up; he moved his hand down and felt his wife’s vagina. ‘What are you doing?’ Chloe asked. ‘I am checking if you have stopped.’ ‘Have I?’ ‘I think so baby.’ Confirmed Mark as he slipped his hand out of her pull up. Mark hopped over the puddle on the floor, ripped Chloe’s pull-up off and led her back to the bedroom. Chloe followed her husband without protest and let him take control as he wiped her legs down with baby wipes. ‘Daddy,’ Chloe started. ‘Yes princess.’ ‘Can I have my nappies back please?’ Mark looked at Chloe, ‘are you sure princess?’ Chloe nodded, ‘this is not getting any better.’ She admitted. ‘Okay princess. Lie yourself down.’ Chloe lay down on the bed and watched as Mark got out a thick nappy, she lifted her hips on his instruction and was soon taped into her nappy and felt safer than she had done in days. Chapter 24 Chloe sat in the waiting room nervously playing with Mark’s hand and stroking her tummy. Mark was unusually quiet and the pair were both anxious to find out the sex of their unborn child. ‘Not long now princess.’ Mark whispered in his wife’s ear. Chloe squeezed his hand, ‘I can’t wait.’ She said as she tilted her head onto his shoulder. Mark reached up and stroked Chloe’s hair. ‘Chloe Trimble please.’ The nurse called from the doorway of a room to their right. Chloe stood up quickly, she paced across to the room leaving Mark to collect their things; she entered the room and laid on the bed as she had done five weeks before. Mark entered the room to see Chloe already on the bed, he placed their belongings in the spare chair and took a seat next to Chloe. ‘So this is your twenty-week scan Mrs Trimble. We are going to do a few checks to see how baby is growing and we will check for anything out of the ordinary.’ The young couple nodded in agreement. ‘We should be able to tell the sex today. Have you thought about if you want to know?’ the nurse asked. ‘Yes we do.’ The couple said together. The nurse laughed, ‘well let’s see what we can see then.’ The nurse lifted Chloe’s top to reveal the small bump and the obvious waistband of her nappy; the nurse did not make any reference to is as she tucked the blue tissue into the top of the nappy and squirted on the warm gel as before. ‘So how have things been so far?’ the nurse asked as she moved the wand around. ‘Oh… fine I suppose.’ Said Chloe who was still recovering from the appearance of her nappy. The nurse concentrated hard on the screen, she manoeuvred the wand around Chloe’s tummy and slowly a grainy picture appeared on the screen. Mark and Chloe both beamed at the image on the screen. ‘I am just going to take some measurements of baby.’ Explained the nurse as she clicked on a small tracking pad on the computer. Mark squeezed Chloe’s hand and leaned forward to kiss her on the forehead. The nurse continued to record data and take measurements, ‘are we having any pictures today?’ ‘Oh definitely.’ Answered Mark. The nurse swept the wand across Chloe’s tummy and pressed down harder to get a better picture; Chloe felt her nappy becoming warm as her bladder emptied without her permission. Suddenly, the room was filled with a steady beating sound. ‘That is baby’s heartbeat.’ Explained the nurse, ‘I can definitely tell you the sex.’ She added. Mark and Chloe looked at each other in excitement. ‘Have a look at this picture here,’ the nurse displayed a still image of their unborn child, ‘these are the legs and this little bit here tells me that you are having a little boy.’ Mark excitedly kissed Chloe again, ‘thank you.’ He finally managed to say to the nurse. ‘It’s my pleasure.’ Said the nurse as she wiped the conductive gel from Chloe’s tummy and pulled the blue paper out of her nappy. ‘I will get everything written up and meet you outside.’ The nurse said as she exited the room. Chloe sat up and wiped tears from her eyes, she hopped off the bed and threw her arms around Mark. ‘Oh my god! We are having a boy!’ she said excitedly. Mark joined in with the excitement, ‘I know! Amazing!’ Mark led Chloe back to the waiting room and returned to the seats that they had vacated not long before. ‘We have so much to do,’ began Chloe, ‘we need to sort out a nursery in the new house, we have to get him some clothes, we need to pick a name, we need to…’ ‘Calm yourself down princess, there is plenty of time yet.’ ‘There is so much to get done though.’ ‘We will get it sorted baby. Let’s get home first and then we can plan everything.’ Chloe nodded, ‘I’m so excited.’ The nurse interrupted the excitement, ‘Chloe, here are your notes.’ Chloe took the notes, slipped them into her bag and thanked the nurse. ‘Here are the pictures too. Good luck.’ Chloe took the pictures and held them next to her heart, ‘thank you so much.’ ‘Okay, let’s go and buy something for him.’ Mark said. Chloe spun around, ‘really?’ she squealed. Mark nodded and took Chloe’s hand, ‘let’s get that nappy changed before we go.’ He whispered in her ear. Chloe nodded and floated down the corridor under her husband’s guidance; they eventually entered the adult changing room and Mark locked the door. ‘Come on little miss puddles, let’s get that nappy changed.’ ‘Yes daddy.’ Chloe obeyed and hopped up onto the changing table. Mark slipped Chloe’s trousers down to reveal her well used nappy, he got the supplies from the changing bag and then untapped the wet nappy; he cleaned Chloe’s vagina and slid the nappy from under her bottom. Chloe had picked up the scan picture and was looking at it as Mark slid the fresh nappy into place and taped it up. Mark made sure that Chloe’s trousers were back in place before helping her down from the table. Chloe felt that her nappy change had been completed, she was so transfixed on the picture that she barely noticed that she had been lifted from the table. ‘You’re all fresh and dry baby.’ Chloe snapped out of her thoughts and turned the picture towards Mark. ‘Look daddy.’ She said as she thrust the picture forward. Mark looked at the picture of his unborn son. ‘Isn’t it just great daddy?’ Mark smiled at his wife. ‘Perfect!’
  20. I don't think I've seen this asked. Has anyone felt the need to tell employers, HR dept, or manager that they are incontinent and/or wear diapers as a management solution? If so, how has it impacted things? Thoughts, comments? I have not and I don't think anyone at work is aware of my condition. I don't think its anything that requires a "reasonable accommodation."
  21. ScienceScribbler

    Reinforcing techniques

    One thing I've found to be a useful consideration as I considered and discussed pursuing intentional incontinence has been the idea of 'reinforcement'.
  22. I am disabled, I have Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified with traits of Aspergers Syndrome, Epilepsy and multiple learning Difficulties. What does that mean ? I have autism, while I am generally High functioning, I also have traits of low functioning autism as well, sensory issues, communication difficulties and stimming One problem I have with sensory processing disorder, is that I am hypo-tactile, meaning I don't get the same stimulation from something touching me as you would. Because of this I have always enjoyed the sensation of a poopy diaper, as it is kind of a sensory input for me. Being epileptic when I have a seizure (between 1 and 3 times a month) I am usually incontinent. Aside from that I have full control over my bladder and bowel The problem I have is because I am mostly High Functioning, I am overly smart, I can talk about all kinds of things, from Integral and Differential Calculus to Philosophy, from Material Science to Sociology, and I am a Computer Geek and a science nerd. I hate being so intelligent, and such a know it all, because it makes it hard to find friends with similar interests. I honestly wish I was Severely Disabled, and functioned on the cognitive level of a 2 year old, so I wouldn't know any better, and could be looked after 24/7 Knowledge is scary, and it can be used as a weapon as well as a tool.
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    newly Incontinent

    Hi all- I have recently become incontinent.