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  1. Diapered_Ed

    Friend's in Columbus

    Close by there
  2. Diapered_Ed

    Smelling like a baby

    If you happen to have a "Dollar Tree" store in your area try looking there for Angel of Mine Baby Room Air Freshener https://www.dollartree.com/Angel-of-Mine-Baby-Room-Air-Freshener-6-5-oz-/p297503/index.pro and best of all it is only $1 a can....
  3. Diapered_Ed

    Email notifications have stopped

    I was having this problem too,... Yup, you guessed it gmail also, I opened a FREE email accout at mail_com and having my DD mail go there.... WHAT A PAIN IN THE DIAPER! Once this is fixed, please let me know so I can change back to my gmail account
  4. When I fist started out (Before the age of elastic in disposables) i would, even Goodnights though at one time I could get them on they wouldn't hold much more than a dribble...
  5. Diapered_Ed

    I found her,.... Can I Keep her?

    Can they adopt me... LOL
  6. Diapered_Ed

    I'm New!

    As Repaid1 said.... Hello & welcome form another buckeye (nut) take your time & good luck in your studies, we are willing to help where we can.
  7. Diapered_Ed

    Friend's in Columbus

    I too am on the eastside, same haunts as repaid1...
  8. Diapered_Ed

    Baby Girl/ Little Looking for Daddy - Columbus

    In the Gahanna/Whitehall area myself
  9. Diapered_Ed

    Aren't birthdays a requirement on profiles?

    I for one DO have my
  10. Diapered_Ed

    Yet Another Evil Tease!

    Me wants to see NOW Whaaaaaaaa...... LOL I've been looking for a pair for a while, the ultimate for me would be more like the OLD Gerber style with the honey-comb type fabric on the sides....
  11. Diapered_Ed

    looking for any one in columbus ohio (or will visit)

    I too in the c-bus area closer to the airport.....
  12. Never even heard of it before, so never tried it...... BUT, found this... http://rollnfap.tumblr.com/
  13. Diapered_Ed

    B is for Baby

    Very nice start, looking forward to see where you go with it