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  1. Don't rush it, let the story come as it does...
  2. Nice start, I will be following this one. As for a title... I would also need at least one more chapter (I wouldn't want to suggest a 'bad' title)
  3. Healing wounds

    Please do continue, a very enjoyable story.
  4. Smelling like a baby

    If you happen to have a "Dollar Tree" store in your area try looking there for Angel of Mine Baby Room Air Freshener https://www.dollartree.com/Angel-of-Mine-Baby-Room-Air-Freshener-6-5-oz-/p297503/index.pro and best of all it is only $1 a can....
  5. Email notifications have stopped

    I was having this problem too,... Yup, you guessed it gmail also, I opened a FREE email accout at mail_com and having my DD mail go there.... WHAT A PAIN IN THE DIAPER! Once this is fixed, please let me know so I can change back to my gmail account
  6. When I fist started out (Before the age of elastic in disposables) i would, even Goodnights though at one time I could get them on they wouldn't hold much more than a dribble... But would agree, they wont fit/work correctly on MOST adults (Maybe on someone very petite). BUT I will admit that I still like a (Modified) Luvs 6 as a stuffer/doubler...
  7. The Three Musketeers Senior Year

    I cant wait to see what Dr North had to say on her form......
  8. Melinda gets Her Bottom Changed

    I cant wait to see how far Melinda's mom (and friends) will go with this.......
  9. I found her,.... Can I Keep her?

    Can they adopt me... LOL
  10. I'm New!

    As Repaid1 said.... Hello & welcome form another buckeye (nut) take your time & good luck in your studies, we are willing to help where we can.
  11. " It's Just Another Diaper " CHAPTER 1

    thanks BooBoo, please continue
  12. " It's Just Another Diaper " CHAPTER 1

    Yea!!! another BooBooBritches story Yes please do continue!
  13. Blocks and Mirrors

  14. The Aisle

    Yes, please continue...
  15. Ralph's Baby Student

    Nice, cant wait to see you you go with the story