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  1. Prologue: The BM incident It was a crisp fall day in Brooklyn, the sun was bright and strong and a cold wind blew through the air, rustling the leaves, which had already shifted to their autumn colours. Amy Santiago, a bubbly NYPD cadet with a very bright future was sitting enjoying some oatmeal and coffee for breakfast in her small basement apartment in Flatbush, she had been lucky and got a great deal on it, so she was fortunate not to have room mates. The lady who owned the place, Ms. Rita Hernandez, took a real shine to Amy, she was an older woman, in her later 50s if she ha
  2. I had been thinking about a Rosa Situation as well, maybe as a top? or maybe Amy convinves Rosa to try it to help her relax and they have a sleepover.
  3. Ok so I have this idea and its ridiculous but I want to write an ABDL story / fanfiction about Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99. In the show they make several references to her with diapers/pee/mess themes. The "test time, diaper up joke" for instance. Or when she talks about crapping herself during a test. There's also a time where she pees in a baby diaper while locked in a car trunk. Maybe writing a story about a young Amy Santiago in the police academy, maybe tell the story in detail of her messing her panties during an important exam (that she still gets an A on btw). That's when
  4. also Im sorry I didnt answer your first question: you are to hiw, what you want to be, my girlfriend is my owner/misstress, maybe you want to be his mommy, or aunt , or sexy schoolteacher. But it doesnt matter, you can play with the roles that you like, no activities make you anything until you decide that that is the role you want to play. You dont even need a specific role if you dont want to hav eone, once again, the big little podcast talks about stuff like this all the time, listen to it together and have a great time guys
  5. Its really great that you wanted to experiment with his fantasies, hes a really lucky guy. I think what you are experiencing is the fact that there are aspects of his fetish that appeal to you, even if you had never thought of them before, which is really great, because you can broaden your sexual tastes together as a couple and your not just gritting your teeth and diapering him to make him happy, theres something for you too. I think this might be kind of common, I told my girlfriend about my diaper fetish years ago and she was always okay with it but not terribly interested so it was always
  6. this is a good example of something I was talking with someone about on the chat. I was saying that there are lots of partners that can get something out of abdl play but are not necessarily abdls themselves. By embracing the casual sexual appeal to activities associated with abdl, instead of always wanting extreme roleplay. Focus on the parts of the fetish that you can both get behind. I for example noticed my girlfriend was more interested in the cute/cuddly side of abdl as opposed to the rough, dirty wet stuff, so I moved more in that direction and got to explore a side of abdl play that I
  7. this is a really fun story, I like the style
  8. HI! I recently have been really enjoying playing with bondage themes while wearing diapers. I had really good time with my girlfriend, licking her pussy while on a leash and in diapers, after getting her off she had me make myself cum in my wet diapers while she held the leash. Holy cow crazy good times. Has anybody else had a really good time with bondage/servitude and diapers?
  9. I really love being outside in the park, somewhere secluded smoking some pot and going in my diaper. So much fun.
  10. So it was a nice afternoon today and I decided I was going to go to my newly discovered private spot in the park near my house, it was not far off the path but very private, up against the side of a dam and well wooded. So I put on an abu cushies diaper and packed a book to read, my pipe, water and a spare diaper (not something I normally do). I hike out to my spot and take my jeans off. I sat in just my t-shirt and a diaper and smoked a bowl and read. All of the sudden, I needed to poop badly and I made my diaper really messy and wet ( I had already peed once and had to again after messing)
  11. I would love to see another messy diaper scene, we've only had one so far and that aspect could be fleshed out some more. Also keeping him in a cage lined with newspapers in just his diaper gagged and begging to be released. Trading sexual favors for diaper changes, eg. only gets a clean diaper when he has eaten out all of the girls, and then they have tricked him and he doesn't even get a clean diaper, he is forced to go to bed in his soaking wet ones. Just some thoughts
  12. The misses left me on a leash tied to the shower curtain in an abena, she knew I had to go, I waited desperately but I could not hold it, I soaked my diaper and messed it badly as well. Later I went out side to smoke a joint in my diaper under jeans, my tattered pink and two sizes too small t-shirt and my baby blue leash around my neck. If my miss was here she would have insisted on taking me outside to embarass me.
  13. iskariot


    23 year old male, Ontario, Canada Recently Graduated university student Work as a cook Love music and DnD love to wear, wet and mess diapers, as well as some BDSM related stuff not really into ageplay Lives and plays with long term girlfriend
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