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  1. I had been thinking about a Rosa Situation as well, maybe as a top? or maybe Amy convinves Rosa to try it to help her relax and they have a sleepover.
  2. Ok so I have this idea and its ridiculous but I want to write an ABDL story / fanfiction about Amy Santiago from Brooklyn 99. In the show they make several references to her with diapers/pee/mess themes. The "test time, diaper up joke" for instance. Or when she talks about crapping herself during a test. There's also a time where she pees in a baby diaper while locked in a car trunk. Maybe writing a story about a young Amy Santiago in the police academy, maybe tell the story in detail of her messing her panties during an important exam (that she still gets an A on btw). That's when she starts the mantra of "test time diaper up" and starts wearing diapers while she takes tests. Here's the first chapter, I also want to do a prologue Chapter 1: The Lecture Chapter 1 : The Lecture It had been a few weeks since Amy Santiago's embarrassing and mysteriously arousing “BM incident” during her midterm exam at the NYPD police academy, and she couldn't stop thinking about it. Deeply concerned about having a repeat incident, and having it negatively affect her studies, she decided to stop at a pharmacy and buy a bag of adult diapers “just in case” she could wear them for long test and lectures, and maybe they could even give her a slight advantage in concentration, she told herself. She stared at the shelves of adult diapers at the local pharmacy, there were so many to choose from, after staring at the diapers for a min she felt herself get a little flushed, dismissing it as a little embarrassment of being a grown woman in the police academy who is buying diapers, she shook it off. Her gaze landed on a package of plain white maximum absorbency attends with 6 blue tapes and a simple wetness indicator down the middle. They seemed a practical choice, so she grabbed a package and headed to the checkout. The woman at the checkout was a bit older and stern looking, tall and muscular with chunky glasses and curly hair. She rang Amy through quickly and quietly, and never thought much of the interaction. Amy walked home quickly and furtively, the print on the bag of diapers clearly visible through the flimsy plastic drug store bag. “Why am I so nervous” Amy thought to herself “Its just diapers, this is just a practical, boring product that means nothing that I am buying for precautionary reasons”. Despite her internal monologue, Amy felt her heart flutter a little bit, and found herself peeking down at the package of diapers at every opportunity on her walk. After what felt like an eternity, Amy got home to her basement apartment, she scurried inside, sat down on her couch and examined the package of attends closely. “Maximum absorbency briefs” She said out loud. Amy carefully set the package down on the coffee table and went about her day, tidying her apartment and checking her email etc. After a little white, she slipped off her shirt, socks and skirt and sat for a minute, in just her bra and her high waisted white panties, the exact same kind that her “accident” had happened in the few weeks earlier. She had some time before her lecture this evening, it was supposed to be a really good one, and long, it was the entire history of the organizational structure of the NYPD and all the permutations of it over the years. Amy was so excited and she didn't want to miss a minute of it, she decided she should get her outfit together, she decided on a dark blue suit and a white blouse. Her pants and jacket fit her perfectly, her strong shoulders obvious through the light jacket, and her shapely and perky butt perfectly flattered and fit by the sexy, yet sensible slacks. As she looked herself over in the mirror she saw the package of attends sitting on the coffee table behind her. “ I really don't want to miss anything” and looked closely at the diapers. In a snap decision, she carefully opened the package of diapers and laid a disposable brief down on the couch next to her. She slipped off her slacks and folded them neatly across the arm of the sofa and quickly tugged her white panties off, revealing her neatly trimmed bush, her soft brown hair looking perfect, beautiful and inviting. Amy closely read the instructions on the bag of attends and unfolded it she positioned her gorgeous ass over the waiting diaper and sits down slowly, methodically folding over and taping the diaper shut, making sure it was fit snug and neatly. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and let out a little laugh “Its not bad really” she thought to herself, it was comfortable, and she felt good, it was even a little flattering on her hips and butt. Remembering her eagerness about the lecture, she got dressed again and put her hair into a nice even ponytail, taking her bag with her, she left her apartment to walk to the academy, this time with an ever so slight rustle under her pants. Her walk was uneventful, and she felt good in her new underwear, its a beautiful day, and she feels like shes floating on air. As Amy sits down in the lecture hall she suddenly feels a bit more self conscious about her diapers. she keeps telling herself that the diapers were just in case and she would never actually intentionally use them, she just doesn't want to embarrass herself like she did the day she pooped her panties. She began to feel better and more self assured. The lecture began and it was truly spectacular, it had to be one of the most fascinating she had ever seen and was hanging on every word. She was so wrapped up, Amy didn't even really notice the feeling of a growing pressure in her bladder. Before long she was fidgeting in her chair, and she began to take notice. “oh crap I have to pee so bad” Amy thought to herself “but I don't want to miss this!”. She pouted for a second resigning herself that she may have to miss a moment of the wonderful presentation. Then something occurred to her: she could just use her diaper, it was what they were for after all, she could just go and not miss any of the lecture. She thinks for a minute about it wavers between options but can't focus while she was trying to hold it so she decides to just let go. It takes a minute but the hot piss starts slowly and strongly flowing into the waiting diaper. After feeling the warmth on her pussy, a blush spreads to her cheeks and she tries to focus on the riveting lecture but she squirms in her chair, feeling slightly aroused and having to pee again. She does this several times over the 3 hour lecture, and by the end she is delirious with horniness, as her saturated diaper squishes under her shapely butt and rubs against her pussy. The lecturer was a total hotty too, going into a thorough deep dive about the history of the NYPD organizational structure, he was so precise and detail oriented, he spared no detail and his slides were immaculate. He was clean cut and had a smooth face, his features soft and slightly effeminate, with a perfectly pressed and slim cut light grey suit and deep maroon shirt, obviously tailored, with the top button open revealing just a peek of a firm chest with smooth, slightly olive hued skin. “Fuck I would love to see him without his clothes on” Amy thought to herself, quickly lost in a little fantasy where she stripped him down and fucked him all while he recited the entire org chart of the NYPD throughout the years . The fantasy was so consuming for a minute that she didn't even realize she was peeing again,faster and harder than before, she was never one to slouch on hydration, and it had caught up with her in a big way. The leg gather on the right side of her diaper buckled slightly from the rush of her hot piss, sending a stream right onto her butt and wetting her slacks, she felt the sudden wetness on her upper thigh and let out a loud gasp, she could have sworn that the lecturer heard her as his piercing blue eyes seemed to pass her way, she wonders what such a hot guy would think about her if he knew what she was wearing, and if he knew what kind of state it was in. She felt hot under the collar with humiliation and arousal, she recognized the feelings from her panty-pooping “incident” from a few weeks ago that started her down this journey, “I wonder what all this is about”. She thought to herself, She's heard of lots of unusual turn-ons, but never one like this. The lecture ended, she could feel her heart fluttering and excited, and the swollen diaper between her legs rubbing ever so gently against her pussy made her feel even more intoxicated. She left the academy building in a hurry, and practically ran to her secret smoke spot, at the end of an alley between two buildings and backing onto a drainage ditch. Amy lit a cigarette and took a long slow drag, her pulse slowed and she calmed down, she looked down at herself and realized that her now very heavy and saturated diaper was leaking all over her pants, “oh fuck” she thought to herself “I hope no one saw” she took another drag and leaned back against the wall. there was no one around. She carefully opened her fly and slid her slacks down just enough to get a peek at her diaper, which was swollen nearly to the point of bursting, the blue wetness indicators were completely washed out , and a soft yellow colour stained the entire garment. Amy pulled out the front waistband of her diaper, and the smell of her piss filled her nostrils, her neatly trimmed bushed glistened with tiny droplets of her pee. She was getting excited, the same feeling as when after her accident from a few weeks ago, shes never been turned on like this from regular sex before. Panting heavily Amy began stroking her pussy furiously in her wet diaper, leaning heavily on the graffiti covered wall, her half finished cigarette mostly forgotten, dangling from the corner of her lips. As she went faster and faster and her excitement built, her pussy became increasingly dripping wet with her juices, and not just her pee “oooooh maaaaammmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she moaned out much louder than she meant to, hopefully there was no one in earshot. Amy abandoned all pretense of subtlety and thrust two fingers up her pussy and curled firmly, bringing her to an incredible orgasm, possibly the best of her life, perhaps only rivaled by the intense experience after the “BM incident” from a few weeks ago. She let out a hard sigh of relief and began to regain her composure, she had dropped her cigarette and her blouse was askew, her slacks were almost down to her knees. Rubbing her diaper so hard had made it leak even worse and she had left a small puddle in the alley, and her slacks were now very obviously wet, there would be no hiding this one. First things first she untaped the now ruined attends completely, taking a moment to drink in the look and smell of her destroyed diaper, making her heart flutter once again. “I better get my hands on some more sturdy diapers sometime if this is going to keep up” Amy mumbled to herself, thinking that she desperately wanted to keep this up, she didn't know how to think about her newfound desires, but she knew she wanted more, in a big way. For now she has to get home from the academy, ideally without humiliating herself too much further. She balled up her used diaper and threw it in a nearby trash can, pulled up her slacks and thoroughly sanitizing her hands afterwards. The sun was going down, hopefully that would disguise the stains on her slacks, but she had a long way to go before she got back to Brooklyn, she didn't have any other underwear with her, so she would have to go commando for the trip home. Amy lit a freshcigarette and started walking, she could feel some soft raindrops, which gave her a sense of relief, it might make it just a little less obvious that she was walking home in pissy pants. On the way Amy thought about what all this might mean, “maybe if I did some research I could figure out more” she thought to herself “this could be the start of something really special”. She walked through the soft rain milling the possibilities over in her head, excited to do some research and truly dive deep into her newfound fetishes. She had a new binder at home waiting to be used for a very special project, maybe this was the the project she had been waiting for...
  3. also Im sorry I didnt answer your first question: you are to hiw, what you want to be, my girlfriend is my owner/misstress, maybe you want to be his mommy, or aunt , or sexy schoolteacher. But it doesnt matter, you can play with the roles that you like, no activities make you anything until you decide that that is the role you want to play. You dont even need a specific role if you dont want to hav eone, once again, the big little podcast talks about stuff like this all the time, listen to it together and have a great time guys
  4. Its really great that you wanted to experiment with his fantasies, hes a really lucky guy. I think what you are experiencing is the fact that there are aspects of his fetish that appeal to you, even if you had never thought of them before, which is really great, because you can broaden your sexual tastes together as a couple and your not just gritting your teeth and diapering him to make him happy, theres something for you too. I think this might be kind of common, I told my girlfriend about my diaper fetish years ago and she was always okay with it but not terribly interested so it was always something I did by myself. About a year ago, however, she noticed the cute, cuddly side of the ab/dl world and really got into it and enjoyed picking out cute clothes for me to wear and tucking me in at night, giving spankings and other things like that. There are many facets to ageplay and people get off on different ones depending on who they are and as you both play together you can figure out what makes you both happy. Over the last while Ive gone from just having a diaper fetish to being interested in diapers, ageplay, and bdsm as a whole and it has been amazing for our sex life. I think when someone has these taboo interests it is easy for them to get focused on very specific desires and fantasies since they never share them with another person, as you two start exploring together, im sure you will both start trying even more new things and growing and having fun together. If you want some more information, I would reccomend listening to "the big little podcast" (google it) its a great show all about ageplay and it might give you both lots of fun ideas.
  5. this is a good example of something I was talking with someone about on the chat. I was saying that there are lots of partners that can get something out of abdl play but are not necessarily abdls themselves. By embracing the casual sexual appeal to activities associated with abdl, instead of always wanting extreme roleplay. Focus on the parts of the fetish that you can both get behind. I for example noticed my girlfriend was more interested in the cute/cuddly side of abdl as opposed to the rough, dirty wet stuff, so I moved more in that direction and got to explore a side of abdl play that Idont normally.
  6. this is a really fun story, I like the style
  7. HI! I recently have been really enjoying playing with bondage themes while wearing diapers. I had really good time with my girlfriend, licking her pussy while on a leash and in diapers, after getting her off she had me make myself cum in my wet diapers while she held the leash. Holy cow crazy good times. Has anybody else had a really good time with bondage/servitude and diapers?
  8. I really love being outside in the park, somewhere secluded smoking some pot and going in my diaper. So much fun.
  9. So it was a nice afternoon today and I decided I was going to go to my newly discovered private spot in the park near my house, it was not far off the path but very private, up against the side of a dam and well wooded. So I put on an abu cushies diaper and packed a book to read, my pipe, water and a spare diaper (not something I normally do). I hike out to my spot and take my jeans off. I sat in just my t-shirt and a diaper and smoked a bowl and read. All of the sudden, I needed to poop badly and I made my diaper really messy and wet ( I had already peed once and had to again after messing) My diaper leaked a little stream down the rocks. I was at first concerned that there was no way back with a diaper this messy, I would be seen and smelled by everyone as i was leaving the park. I suddenly remembered the spare cushie I had in my backpack. This was my first time changing in public and it was sweet. After changing I left my spot to fid a place to throw out my used diaper, I managed to find one and discreetly throw it out. After that I stayed in the more public part for a while in my fresh diaper doing some more reading, good times! anyone else have a good time with a public messing/diaper change?
  10. I would love to see another messy diaper scene, we've only had one so far and that aspect could be fleshed out some more. Also keeping him in a cage lined with newspapers in just his diaper gagged and begging to be released. Trading sexual favors for diaper changes, eg. only gets a clean diaper when he has eaten out all of the girls, and then they have tricked him and he doesn't even get a clean diaper, he is forced to go to bed in his soaking wet ones. Just some thoughts
  11. The misses left me on a leash tied to the shower curtain in an abena, she knew I had to go, I waited desperately but I could not hold it, I soaked my diaper and messed it badly as well. Later I went out side to smoke a joint in my diaper under jeans, my tattered pink and two sizes too small t-shirt and my baby blue leash around my neck. If my miss was here she would have insisted on taking me outside to embarass me.
  12. iskariot


    23 year old male, Ontario, Canada Recently Graduated university student Work as a cook Love music and DnD love to wear, wet and mess diapers, as well as some BDSM related stuff not really into ageplay Lives and plays with long term girlfriend