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  1. Site Update for 09/07/2017

    Thoughts and prayers with your Dad. -Rat
  2. Score at Thrift Store

    I get your concern, Rusty Pins; I occasionally see things at the stores I visit at ridiculous prices. Then I see things ridiculously under priced. It seems that it is a function of the local employees that set prices without checking value. That said, I still check and hope.
  3. Score at Thrift Store

    This was a Salvation Army store. They always price them at 2.99 a package. I still need to get my regular supply on the net or at a retail store. Still, its fun to make the find and enjoy the savings. And, I love the plastic backed. Just too hard to find at retail.
  4. Score at Thrift Store

    I have not had much luck lately getting anything from our local thrift store. This trip I got 4 packages of diapers. These were not the greatest quality, but were plastic backed; something I cant find very often. $12 for the lot. Nice to win a score of diapers for less than a quarter each.
  5. Reviews off line?

    Just wondering if there is a reason the product reviews are off line? -Rat
  6. WIfe says 24/7

    Gee Rosalie: Any chance you'd be interested in running for Senate or Congress? We could sure use someone who understands COMPROMISE! -Rat
  7. WIfe says 24/7

    Rosalie: I think you've pretty much nailed it. My wife and I would be characterized as pretty "normal" and she thinks my fetish is just plain nutty. The best thing is, I suppose, that she doesn't interfere and I don't make it public. But, fantasy can be fun... -Rat
  8. WIfe says 24/7

    Well, true or not its good voyeurism to write it! Good imagination at least. In my world, my wife could care less about what I wear and when. It would be fun if she took a similar position with me and forced diaper wearing for some defined period of time. Even with the fact that I continue to buy diapers, she has never once asked if I wet them or what I do with them when wet. I suppose some things are better not discussed. I wear every night but find that I'm wet only once a week or so. More often, I need them when on a car trip that is confounded by stalled traffic or some other unexpected delay; or we are in a part of state where restrooms are sparse. I don't usually tell her if I'm wearing in the car, but the conversation can get interesting when I'm "OK" and she has to pee like a racehorse. Since I don't own any locking pants, if my wife were to suggest this diapers-only experinece, it would need to be on the honor system. But, alas she is just not into anything kinky. Diapers or otherwise. Damn those nuns. -Rat
  9. Favorite toys

    Amyuser: My childhood friend also had a toy soldier kit. It sounds just like yours. I'm a bit older, so these must have been around for a while. We had great fun. Learned that hot lead burns, and probably are less wise from the lead vapor that we inhaled. So in our day, who knew about lead poisoning? We also had great fun playing with mercury. Maybe that explains my diaper fetish... Rat
  10. DL or Medical Need

    Bettypooh:: Proof again that we're not just tasteless weirdos. And great music is simply that. The violin solo we heard played an instrument that was manufactured in 1690. Amazing alone that it still exists and is still playing and producing the most amazing sound. That's durability!!!! -rat
  11. DL or Medical Need

    dlsmd- I didn't either when I was 32!
  12. DL or Medical Need

    So, my wife and I attended a classical music concert last night. They are fairly dressy events in a nice concert hall. I've worn to these events myself as a DL, but always discretely. My wife would be furious if I didn't. As we await seating, I often check out the crowd, including the butts of folks just to see if I can guess if they are wearing. These concerts bring out a lot of pretty old people (I'm getting there fast) but most are well dressed for the evening, and they are always very discrete if they are 'wearing'. A man, perhaps 50 years old walks past me with a diaper bulge that screams to everyone. He was wearing tight fitting pants that emphasized the bulk of his very thick diaper, including the clear outline of the diaper through his pants. Now, I've got some pretty absorbent disposables, (abena M-4, etc) that hold lots of liquids; but this guy seemed to be wearing a very, very bulky cloth diaper. My first guess on why he would be wearing always takes me to a medical need, but the obvious diaper made me wonder if he was really just a DL on a very public night out. I don't think my wife noticed, so I was reluctant to say anything. This is the first time I've seen anything like this in more than a decade. Happy Mayday. Rat.
  13. Found at thrift store today

    Always nice to make a score, Rusty pins! Rat
  14. Lizzie: Why not try to expose him to your actual wearing of the diaper? Perhaps, you could be fully dressed with the diaper underneath in the evening and then prepare for bed with him in sight of you. He would undoubtedly see the diaper and you could read his reaction and steer the conversation. If dislikes the appearance, then you will get an inkling of what his overall reaction might be. If he is turned on, well that could be a success for both of you. Just sayin'
  15. Diaper bulk Concealing

    My bibs are probably 30 years old. I wear them to do real work around the house and on our former home that we are fixing up to sell. They have patches on the knees and show the years well. Yes, they do a great job of masking my diaper. Usually, when I've got a tedious job scheduled, I diaper up. Getting through bibs and bluejeans to take a leak is a real hassle. Thanks to Abena M-4's I can go many hours!