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  1. Interactive Art STORY

  2. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    OCC - Sure Servant girl that works Mrs. Green Bedwetter's Dorm Mrs. Green looked at Jessica in front of her, her arms crossed looking down at the diapered girl. "hmm..." she thought "Looks like this one just won't understand" "Oh of course little one." Mrs. Green began to say. "Here let me get you out of this diaper and I'll show you to the ladies room" She said to her as she gestured to the baby changing table. She could see the small reluctance in the girl to get on the table and how she desperately wanted privacy to do these things herself but with another movement of Mrs. Green's hand she shuffled onto the large padded mat. Though the large window that took up most of the wall and faced outside was there with no blinds, giving anyone and everyone a clear open view of the bedwetter's dorm, like a pet shop. The only students outside were the other weak students being marched to their dorms and they were almost all inside as Mrs. Green untapped the large bulky pink diaper from Jessica, once again exposing her pitiful mound that had become slightly wet by the moister in trapped in the diaper, "or..." Mrs. Green thought with a sly smirk. "Come on Jessica...lets get you to potty so you may go to the restroom..." she said in an uncharacteristically cheery voice. She reached out her hand so that Jessica could grab it. "I'll show you where it is deary..." She grabbed her hand as Mrs. Green began to guide her outside the doors from the Bedwetter section of the dorm. She then pointed to a restroom across the hall with a girl's silhouette on it "Right there!" she said again in her happy voice. She loved this moment. She could see the joy returning to Jessica's eyes, that maybe this was all a bad dream, that the whole humiliating ordeal in the great hall was a test, or some depraved hazing ritual, that it was over now and she could once again try to be and act like a real girl. Jessica looked back at Mrs. Green and then again to the bathroom and just as Mrs. Green felt the girl's hand about to leave her's. She pounced. "RIGHT THERE!" she said again, this time in her cold and commanding tone. "IS WHERE BABY SLUTS LIKE YOU DON'T BELONG! YOU NEED TO GO POTTY!?" she shouted grasping the girl hard by the arm. "I'LL TAKE YOU TO A POTTY WITTLE BABY GIRL!" Mrs. Green let go of the girl's arm and in one swift motion gripped a large grip of her hair in one hand, and in the other opened a slender closet door next to the bathroom and took out a toddler's pink plastic training potty. Without another word she marched the crying girl towards the front doors of the dorms and in front of the building, in front of the large open window that looked out from the Bedwetter's dorm to the rest of the campus. There Mrs. Green set down the pink potty and forced Jessica to sit on it. Then once on the potty she pulled up from the ground a collar attacked to a leash that was sealed to a chain and quickly connected it around her neck making her unable to stand or move much, but only sit on the plastic potty. "There!" she said, once again crossing her arms over her chest. "Now you can go potty. I hope the little girl isn't pee shy." she said in a mocking tone. With that, a second bell that sounded sweet and cheery with high notes and a easy melody sounded around campus. Unbeknownst to Jessica, this was the bell that sounded to notify the campus that it was the end of the school day and the students were free to do as they wanted. While the Weak students and Bedwetters shared no such bell and were now confined to the dorms (unless signed out by a superior). It was the beginning of the school year so the weather was still warm and at this time the sun was setting but it was light enough for the campus lights to still not be turned on yet. Much to Jessica's dismay the Strong students began to file out from their new dorms and were on the pawl.
  3. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    Allison Great Hall Allison stiffed a giggle peeling the half naked girl from her pink plastic high chair, she gave the girl a shove to the steps to go onto the stage where the staff table was set up. Upon seeing that she was trying to cover her exposed sex with her hands she slapped her hard on the behind causing her to squeak loudly much to the laughter from the Strong table. "Hands on your head baby bitch!" She ordered. giving her another slap on the back of the thighs till they reached the laid out pink blanket. She didn't even have to order her all she did was point to the blanket. With Jessica laid down Allison turned to the whole student body and began the "lesson". "Remember everyone that when you are diapering a BEDWETTER, it is best to restrain them the first few times so they don't get any ideas" With that being said, a couple of the maids rushed out from each side of the stage and began securing Jessica's and George's hands and stomach with plastic straps to the table that had built in hooks underneath. "Now before you strap the legs, make sure they are spread WIDE" She said walking up to Jessica and placed her hands in between her legs and with a cruel smile push them wide apart before the little help maids secured them leaving her wildly exposed as the crowd of Strong students began to laugh, whistle, and make crude and hurtful remarks about her nakedness and complete humiliation. Allison could hardly contain her laughter as she stood aside so the room could get a better look. "Hahaha wow, your file said you were older than almost everyone here but look ladies...you don't have much hair down there...are you SURE you're not just a little bratty girl?!" she said grabbing what little pubic hair Jessica had between her thumb and forefinger and giving a little tug. "Now...now..." she said to the audience as Jessica began to cry. "Normally, we would have to shave the little bitch...but I'll have to ask Mrs. Green to do that later since we are almost out of time for dinner. Now...here...we...go..." She said pulling out a large pink diaper from one of the bags. "Lift up your wittle booty baby bitch" she said in a fake syrupy cooing voice. When she saw hesitation she gave another sharp slap right on the girls vagaina causing her to perk up instantly. "Remember everyone...baby bitch girls like Jessica here need sharp lessons on why they are WEAK, so don't be afraid to slap your charges if they are not listening." She slid the diaper underneath her and began to pull the taps to each side and fasten the humiliating garment around her waist before soothing the sides and running her elegant fingers along the inseams and watching Jessica fight against her restraints because she was so intimately being touched. "And THAT's how you do it!...SIMPLE!" Allison said as she leaned against Jessica laying down with her open palm resting on the girl's diapered crotch. The Strong table erupted in applause. She looked across the room and gave a nod to Ms. Kate and a wink to the other Strong student Rook. Ms. Kate Great Hall "Thank you Allison & Rook for that delightful lesson on how to diaper a Weak student. I'm sure the new students will be thrilled to try out this technique during class or in their free time in the dorms. We have about 5 more mins before dinner is over and I want to elaborate on one more punishment..." She said looking at George who had messed his diaper. Ms. Kate pulled a baby bouncer from one dark corner of the stage, naturally big enough to fit a full-grown man. It was on a track attached to the roof, so it could be moved back and forth to save on space. None of the Weak students had even noticed it was there. "Get in." said Ms. Kate commandingly. George was unstrapped from the table and looked nervously at the crowd. He meekly clambered into the baby bouncer as best he could, it fitting around his waist like a swimsuit or large pair of underpants. He could immediately feel the bouncy cords attaching the baby bouncer to the ceiling pushing up on his thick, padded diaper the mess around him being pushed forward in his diaper. It was like all of his weight was now bouncing on his crotch. ‘Let me ask you something Baby Georgina,’ said Ms Kate, temporarily using the female version of his name with a sneer. "Are you a grown-up? Are you a big boy?" George nervously nodded. Ms. Kate smiled her evil, seductive smile and pulled on a winch attached to the baby bouncer and George was raised a few inches off the ground, bouncing helplessly just like a baby. "Okay big boy,"’ she continued, tying the winch to the wall, ‘be a grown-up for me now. Come on. Climb out of your baby bouncer.’ George struggled temporarily but he couldn’t do it. He could only touch the floor with his tiptoes and didn’t have the strength to lift himself out. ‘Come on baby girl,’ Ms. Kate taunted, the whole hall watching George, ‘what else? Can you talk? Come on big baby! Talk like a big boy! Talk for Ms. Kate!’ He wilted with shame. Mistress Cassandra laughed. ‘Okay, maybe you’re just the kind of grown-up who can’t talk,’ she laughed, ‘can you walk? Can you feed yourself? Change your clothes? Go to the bathroom? Go on you big baby! Do it! You’re a grown-up, right?’ It was hopeless. All George could do was swing and whimper until Ms. Kate said otherwise. She finished her humiliating display by addressing the Weak students, all of whom stared at George as helplessly as if they were in the baby bouncer themselves. ‘I think you all see the point I’ve made here,’ said Ms. Kate, "Geroge here is a baby. He can’t walk, he can’t talk, he can’t feed himself, clothe himself, use the bathroom. He’s helpless. George is a baby who is totally dependent on his superiors, like me, to do things for him. But it also means I can decide what he can’t do too. I’ve taken away his most basic functions of movement, feeding, talking, toileting and sex. He’s mine to control and to tease, like a toy. Right now, he’s a baby solely because I want him to be. Do you really think George, weak and helpless, hanging in his baby bouncer, could possibly make it as an adult?’ She paused to laugh before finishing. ‘George is a baby,’ she said, ‘and all of you could be George if someone stronger than you wanted you to be. Babies.’ She said towards the Weak table the entire section seemed to shiver, looking at George's helpless figure bouncing up and down and imagining them in the hands of Ms. Kate, Allison, or Rook. The bell began to ring just as Ms. Kate finished her lesson. "Alright, new Strong girls to me!" Allison said " As Strong Prefect I'll take you to your dorms and help you if you have any questions. Rook said the same thing to the boys. Two female teachers ordered the Weak students to follow them and Ms. Green stood up from the staff table and spoke. "BEDWETTERS, SINGLE-FILE!" she said as the "maids" began to unstrap the bedwetters from their high chairs. As the strong students left they shouted demeaning words and taunts. "Try not to wet your diapers tonight BABIES!" a young girl shouted as her and her friends laughed. "See you in class BABY BITCH!" a boy yelled and pointed to Jessica. "COME ON NOW BEDWETTERS, TIME FOR EVERYONE TO GET INTO DIAPERS" Mrs. Green shouted.
  4. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    Ms. Kate Great Hall She enjoyed watching the Strong students flex their proverbial wings as she watched the older students get back into the swing of things in the new year. She watched "maids" scurry about with bright red cheeks and being ordered by other students, sometimes much younger than themselves for a "panty inspection". She watched as Allison looked as if she had already chosen her personal Weal student "assistant". She smirked. However, her smirk was soon replaced by a scowl as she heard the disobedient girl reply to Allison that she was nobody's "bitch". "BABY Jessica!" she snapped looking below the stage. The laughing, teasing, and loud conversation in the large dining hall fell quiet whenever Ms. Kate spoke. The Strong students held quiet smiles. the Weak students squirmed nervously and the Bedwetters whimpered. The Hall was quiet as she stood out of her chair at the staff table and began to speak. "Did you just call a Strong student a LIAR!?" she yelled. "Are you NOT a BEDWETTER?! Are you infact placed in the wrong house? Perhaps you are a STRONG student hmm?" she said condescendingly as the Strong student tables giggled as all of a sudden everyone in the large dinning hall was focused on Ms. Kate and Jessica with Allsion standing next to her high chair with her arms cross over her chest and looking smug. "Perhaps we got your application wrong? Oh we are terribly sorry, we'll be sure to switch your school ID to be a Strong student...but wait..." she said in a fake thought. "Yes, I remember now. You ARE a bedwetter. In fact the application to go to this school we were SPECIFICALLY told by your own mother how you WET yourself in the 6th grade at a sleepover. Then again in the 8th grade how you made a little nervous puddle under your seat in the lockeroom." She said cruelly in front of EVERYONE. "Oh no..." she spoke in a fake empathy "Those embarrassing moments were private weren't they?" She gave a cold giggle as she walked down the steps. "I guess everyone knows now that you really are a BEDWETTER. So yes Jessica, you will be in DIAPERS. And if what Mrs. Green tells me is true, she had to punish you just moments before because you couldn't keep your fingers away from your little SLIT!" The Strong students, especially the boys laughed and pointed at the girl, while the Strong girls looked at her in disgust, like she was just an errand horny bedwetter who couldn't be trusted not to rub herself against everything. She signaled to the maids who quickly grabbed two pink bags that were next to the staff table as Ms. Kate walked back to her seat as the other maids began clearing the table and a large pink blanket was rolled out. "Allison, would you be a dear and unstrap Jessica and bring her up here. We are going to show the new students how to properly DIAPER a WEAK bedwetter. Oh and you" She said pointing to the Strong boy student in the pink oxford shirt that was making the bedwetter boy clean one of the new Strong girl's shoes with his tongue. "Bring that little nasty boy too. Its obvious he should have been diapered before the meal."
  5. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    Allison Bedwetters Dorm / Hall She watched the girls approach Jessica and laugh at her pathetic existence. A few more times the other students walked up to her and the other bedwetters and humiliate them. Allison went back to Jessica to rub it in her face how pathetic she looked. "Hahaha wow, aren't you a little old to still be in school?" she said running an elegant finger down the side of the quivering older girl's face. She let her finger linger on the bottom of her chin. "LOOK at me when I talk to you bitch" she ordered at Jessica who had been looking down. With out a warning she placed her finger right into Jessica's exposed vagina causing her to "yelp" and look up at Allison's perfect face. She giggled. "haha that's better baby bitch. Now I have your attention." She slid out her finger from inside her and wiped it on her face. "I've decided that this year you are going to be my bitch...doesn't that sound fun wittle baby. Now lets get you diapered before you piss in your high chair/ A Strong Girl about 12 and an older girl about 16 started applying make up to one of the boys that Allison wrote "SISSY" on. She watched as he whimpered and began wetting himself. Becky Cain Great Hall Strong Student She walked up to the trembling boy who had the word "SISSY" on his head as she guided a new Strong girl to him. Becky was 16 and a knock out. She had toned long legs that were covered by pristine white knee socks that then showed off her tanned thighs. Past that she wore her plaid school skirt that she rolled up a few times at the waist to make the boys crazy. She had long blond hair with piercing blue eyes. She was on the school's varsity cheerleading team since she was a new strong student at age 12. She enjoyed instructing the new Strong girls about the mighty power she had over the loser Weak students. She especially loved to use the "Bedwetters" as a prime example to the newer Strong girls about how pathetic their new slaves really were. And how they deserved to be put in their place. "You see Britney...this pathetic little boy is our slave to do what we want with..." she said taking out some makeup from her purse and giving it to the young girl. "You can humiliate him, punish him, own him" she said with a cruel smile. "You are better than them and they need to learn that they are the WEAK ones and they DESERVE to be degraded" She said laughing as the boy George blushed hotly. The younger girl Britney started applying some blush to the boy's face as he started wetting himself. "What the fuck?!" Britney said as she jumped back a little looking down at the boy peeing in his panties in front of everyone. "Eww you little bitch" she said as an excited Betty saw the puddle on the floor and jumped up at the chance to change the crying boy into a diaper. A couple of Strong boys saw the bedwetter pissing himself in the pink high chair and proceeded to unstrap his velco restraints. "You little bitch" one of them shouted as the other one grabed him by his neck and threw him on the ground into his own puddle of pee. "Kiss her feet and apologize for wetting yourself like a little sissy baby bitch." they ordered
  6. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    Yes, but i've been so busy. I WILL continue, but I'll only be able about once a week.
  7. Where did you school RP go? :(

  8. Hey I was wondering how you feel about using enemas in our roleplay, I would enjoy them being used on my character to discipline him, and you still can't receive pms. :P

  9. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    Mrs. Green Bedwetters Dorm / Hall I inspect each of the students, being sure to look each one up and down as their eyes are downcast in abject humiliation. In the other room she can hear House Mother Susan walking around Joanna Crow. He high heels making a "clack...clack...clack" noise. She was taking her time, relishing the punishment. Mrs. Green didn't know if they had crossed paths before but it did seem like Susan was taking a higher level of pleasure from the girls pain, more so than the general humiliation she placed upon the "Bedwetters". As House Mother Susan circled Joanna as if she was prey she would randomly stop and forcefully RIP at her clothing. First was her shirt. Susan walked to the front of the girl and placed her hands along the buttons of her blouse and in one motion tore at the flimsy fabric causing the buttons to fly around the room. Joanna let out a squeal as Susan walked around in another circle. Her black heels hitting the tiled floor. clack...clack...clack Then she placed her fingers behind the girl's collar and with a grunt and a sneer she wrenched the girls shirt off and in the process broke her bra straps in the back. Joanna instinctively screamed and placed her hands over her breasts to stop the bra from falling to the floor. As Joanna screamed in shame the students broke away from their self contained embarrassment and looked up at the girl behind them being slowly stripped. "EYES FORWARD!" Mrs. Green shouted as the students complied. "HANDS AT YOUR SIDES!" House Mother Susan shouted as the girl began to sob. She slowly and timidly lowered her hands and let the bra fall to the cold floor. Then there was a moment of silence. clack...clack...clack Susan attacked the girl's school skirt causing her to yelp and once again she yelled at the poor girl to keep her hands at her sides and to purposely expose herself. As House Mother Susan violently stripped the girl behind the line of worried students she began her final inspection, she ran her fingers along the waist bands of the tight pink panties they were all forced to wear, she let her hands explore the students' bodies where she pleased, watching them recoil when she hit a sensitive zone, she liked picking on the boys the most, while some girls could become aroused, their wetness may not show up in their panties, or their nipples may not always get hard under their sheer shirts, but the boys...the boys always had their "little men" become rigid. The pink panties that they wore did little to hide anything and Mrs. Green let out a sadistic laugh when one of them would squirm and begin to tear up with flushed cheeks and sniveling nose when she casually walked by one of the bed wetting boys and slid a cold feminine finger into the elastic band to exam the contents of their panties. She stopped at one younger boy who was crying in shame and she pulled the top of the panties and peered inside, and chuckled as just the tip of her finger hit the head of his penis, and to the boy's everlasting shame he began to become aroused. "Awww baby can't control HERself, can she?" she said to the boy in a mock sugary voice. House Mother Susan had finished stripping the girl naked and began to dress her as the other Bedwetter Students. clack...clack...clack They all heard Susan talking to Joanna. "You see these pretty PINK panties? These are what a proper little girl would wear! And you are a proper little girly girl aren't you?" They all heard one more time, and then a loud SMACK! as Susan slammed the palm of her hand into the girls behind to get in line with the others. "All finished with our newest bedwetter House Mother Susan?" Mrs. Green asked politely to her. "I believe so Mrs. Green, I think we can now march the students to the great hall. I'm soo sure all the other students can't wait to meet them." she said giving Joanna another slap on the bottom. Mrs. Green then order Geroge to stand up away from Jessica's crotch and for them to hold hands as they walked in the top of the line. Mrs. Green lead the students in the front while House Mother Susan took up the back of the line to make sure no one tried to run or move out of line, and that none of them try to cover themselves up during the march. They left through a side door and were greeted by a beautiful sunset, however the overall mood of the Bedwetter Students was anything but cheerful. There was a few students running about as they made their way to the dinning hall next to the administration building. They got looks from students, but mostly weak students were making their way to the hall, huddled in groups and looking scared as a few strong students pointed and laughed or called them baby names. As they approached the hall they were led to a side entrance. and told to straighten up. Mrs. Green did one final pass of the Bedwetters and fixed their bibs and decided to place the girls' hair into pigtail to make them more juvenile looking. "When we step inside you WILL be on your BEST behavior! If you act out or don't do as you are ORDERED, not only will you face demerits, you will face my hairbrush on your backside...understand?" there was a silence before Mrs. Green seethed. "I said DO-YOU-UNDERSTAND!" she hissed as the students make a weak collective "....y-yesss Mrs. Greeeen". "Good you little babies now get inside!" she said as she opened the door. to the large dining hall. The room was large and refined, big expensive wooden tables with huge warmly glowing chandeliers and hardwood floors. Mrs. Green always enjoyed walking into the room on her first day back at the school because this was the first REAL taste of what the Strongs and Weaks had in store for the rest of the year. The whole student body was not all their yet but a large amount of Weak students and quite a few Strong students were in the hall. It was a school custom that a few of the Weak boys would be picked to be the "maids" during the dinner. The other House Mothers would pick them at random and force them to dress in short French Maid costumes and give them a quick lesson on etiquette (pouring water, removing plates, cleaning up spills) They were all busy setting all the cups and plates up for the dining hall. Their fluffy skirts short enough to expose a pair of lacy silk panties underneath. One "maid" was being laughed at by a group of Strong boys, while another had been circled by a group or Strong girls and was being forced to curtsey over and over for their amusement. One teacher had grabbed one of the boys and was spanking him hard on his butt for some wrong doing...or maybe not. The other Weak students were crowded together in the back table, an older uglier thing as the Strong students teased or pushed them around. One of the older Strong boys had grabbed a Weak girl of about the same age and had dragged her back to the opulent Strong table and had her skirt bunched up around her waist and a hand resting on her inner thigh as she stared at the ground turning bright red as him and his friends started asking her extremely personal questions. When she didn't give the answer they were looking for a button on her shirt was removed. A teacher walked by and she lashed out begging her to tell the boys to stop it. The teacher gave a laugh and told the boys to "see that they tell the House Mother if they wanted to keep her 'over night'" and walked on by, much to the girl's dismay. The room was rather noisy and loud filled with an equal amount of laughter and crying as Mrs. Green walked them along the side wall to the pink high chairs that had been placed along the front of the room. The hall was designed so that all the Strong students were in the front while the Weak students were in the back. A line of House Mothers along the back wall and the teachers on an elevated platform behind the high chairs that were set up. The high chairs had pink legs and were made of hard plastic with white little unicorns printed on the seatback, they were large enough to hold a teenager, but still small enough to make it uncomfortable to sit for any long period of time. Also by now the Bedwetters would notice four pink velcro straps located on the humiliating chair, two for their wrists and two for their ankles along the bottom. Mrs. Green and House Mother Susan experienced some resistance from the Bedwetters who couldn't take the shame of being strapped into a high chair in front of all their fellow students and Mrs. Green called a group of three girl Strong students to help her. It was to her delight that the girl she asked was none other than Allison Smith and her two friends, Lindsey and Madison. The three girls turned around from a very young 12 year old maid they were making bend over to show off his panties to them. "OH MY GAWD!" Allison placed a hand over her mouth as she saw the line of mortified students. "Awwww they are already in their Punishment Panties! How CUTE!" she said as she walked over to Jessica. Allison looked at the older girl and gave a chilling smile. "but THIS one doesn't have them...I wonder why?" without ANY warning Allison stuck her hand between Jessica's legs in complete surprise. Allison let out a loud giggle along with her friends. "I'm guessing this little one was playing with herself wasn't she?" she asked Mrs. Green who replied "why yes, this one seems to be some horny little girl, we'll have to put her in punishment mittens before she goes to bed tonight" she said giving a stern look at Jessica. The girls help Mrs. Green and House Mother Susan secure the Bedwetters into their high chairs, a long the way Mrs. Green and Susan were rough, pushing the students down harshly and pulling the straps tight, while Allison, Lindsey and Madison humiliated the Bedwetters, teasing them and taunting them. Making cooing sounds, asking if they wet themselves last night and resting their hands on the Bedwetters pink punishment panties to "check and see if they were wet" This caused great distress to the younger boys who had never been touched by a girl before and caused all the students to squirm and shake, testing their pink velcro bonds. Allison reached George and invited her friends to exam his tiny member, they giggled and mocked him "He's hardly a boy isn't he! Maybe he's a baby GIRL!" said Madison in excitement. "awww I bet he is!...hold on a second." said Allison as she opened her expensive Louis Vuitton clutch purse and took out a gold tube of bright red lipstick. "...now hold still baby!" Allison said as she gave a slap to the boy's shocked face. and proceeded to write in her lipstick on the boy's forehead. In bright red it said "SISSY" the girls laughed so hard and then noticed Jessica looking very worried and without missing a beat, Allison leapt to her feet and told Jessica to hold still, when she didn't Allison slapped her across the face much harder than she had with George. She winced with pain as she wrote on her fore head in the lipstick "SLUT". "see you two around campus, maybe little baby girls like you will need someone to change their wittle wet diapers before class tomorrow." she said with a devilish look and proceeded to skip back to her chair with her friends giggling. By now the large dining hall was filling up and most of the teacher were their. With all of the students finally sitting down the "maids" were ushered to the font along side each bedwetter and forcefully gave them sippy cups. Mrs. Green knew the foul tasting liquid was given to all Bedwetters on their first day, it was a mixture of water, milk, fiber powder and a highly powerful diuretic. She smiled as she hoped the Bedwetters would be wetting themselves thoroughly tonight. Maybe it would be as great as last year when the Bedwetters started wetting themselves near the end of the meal still strapped in their high chairs. Never had the Strong students laughed so hard as when the Bedwetters started pissing themselves in front of the student body. The Maids left the Bedwetters and went about placing the ice water and food along the tables as Ms. Kate took the podium above the Bedwetters. "Hello ladies and gentlemen" she stared out. "maids..." she said lifting a hand to the boys in skirts walking around and a round of laughter from the Strongs. "Weaks..." she said signalling to the downtrodden students in the back. "...and Bedwetters" she said sweeping her hand in front of her at the students restrained and humiliated at her feet. There was a thunderous laughter and a litany degrading comments hurled at them. "We are here for our first first school-wide interaction, as you can see we have a very special student arrangement. And I look forward to our first full day tomorrow of school...that being said let us eat, see old friends, and make some new ones!" she said with a twinkle in her eye. Ms. Kate finished the speech and walked back to the table behind her on the stage with the other teachers. With their hands restrained the sissy-maid boys had to feed each of the Bedwetters, it was soon apparent that during their "maid" training they were instructed to smear the food around the Bed Wetter's mouths more than they got in, not that any of them were very hungry after the emotional afternoon they had experienced. It was another rule used to shame them even more. The whole time they were being fed the House Mothers and teachers did nothing to help the Bedwetters who were being picked on more than the sissy-maids walking around serving, even though the Strong boys tended to prefer humiliating the maids and the girls tended to prefer humiliating the Bedwetters. Turing their "feed time" the Bedwetters had to stay restrained and take whatever the Strong students wanted to do. A lot of the time it was an established Strong girl guiding a very young new Strong girl up to the front of the dining hall to show her that even though she was younger she was more in control then the Bedwetters would ever be. It was part of the Strong House training, to help the new Strong students find out that all Weak students, especially Bedwetters were there to be their "playthings" their "toys" to taunt and humiliate when they saw fit. Allison had taken a liking to one new Strong student, a very pretty 14 year old girl named Betty. Allison had met her earlier and saw a lot of herself in the young girl. Humiliating the Bedwetters for her was like a duck taking to water, and she told Allison that she was given a "project" by Ms. Kate. Allison laughed and told her to go fetch her "slave" and see if Mrs. Green would allow one more highchair to be set up along with the other Bedwetters. Mrs. Green talked and laughed with her fellow teachers and updated Ms. Kate on the new Bedwetters and ate her meal but she kept an eye on the sodden students below her, she was waiting for one to wet themselves, she had secretly instructed Susan to bring a series of large pink diaper bags, waiting for one of the students to break, she wanted the end of the meal to go out with a "bang" with a live presentation of how to diaper a Bedwetter. She heard a loud moan and perked up to see where it came from. ...a smile crept along her face.
  10. True Story: At The Doctor's Office

    I think that I wasn't moving so she just took the initiative, I personally didn't see anything wrong with it, but I guess with all the lawsuits these days. Also in my old medical files it states that I broke my fourth and fifth carpal tunnel bones, or whatever they're called and I had banged them a few days earlier and was wearing one of those black wrist things cause I don't think the bone healed right so it still bothers me sometimes, so maybe she saw that and just did it anyways. I can't say if that was the case or not.
  11. Here is a unexpected, but 100% true story. So, i've been having very bad allergies lately and needed to go to the doctor, nothing too serious and I decided to make an appointment with a GP or general practice doctor in this new town I just moved to for work. I don't know what it is about being in a new place, but it makes me more bold. I have a few friends around town that I have known since high school, (in fact I went to high school in that town, but then moved away for college, and now I moved back for my first job, so it is not a "new new" town, but still it has been 5 years since I've been back so I don't know a lot of people) So, I don't wear a diaper outside of my new apartment, because I'm always worried I'll bump into someone I know, even though you really can't tell that I'm wearing a diaper unless you already knew I was wearing one, and I'm smart enough to not show my diaper in a sexual way because I'm not like those idiots that get caught masturbating in the park because I'm courteous of others in public. The craziest thing I've ever done was wear my diaper under my sweats and go watch a movie, I had planned to wet myself in the movie theater but was too scared it would leak and chickened out, but then I went to grab some fast food, however, my wallet, keys, and phone had weighted down my sweats and gave the girl behind me a good peak at my diapers, but she didn't say anything and just looked a little surprised. At the time I was embarrassed, but the thought of her seeing this attractive 20 something year old guy in diapers makes me aroused when I think back to it now. Anyways...I digress. So, I don't know why I was feeling so adventurous, but I decided to go buy some diapers at the Walgreens, I have usually had roommates all in college and now this is the first time I've lived on my own. So I've only bought diapers maybe twice before and each time it was super embarrassing but stimulating, So now I was going to go buy some, I had been out the night before and my head was pounding with a hangover and I started shaking I was so nervous. The check-out girl was maybe 16 and cute and that made it so much worse. So there I was in Walgreens hungover and sweating, so I walk down the isle and the pads, tampons, and adult diapers are on one side and the baby diapers, bibs, pacifiers...etc are on the other side of the isle and an attractive red headed girl was looking at the baby things, I don't think she was a new mother, she looked too young and well rested, so I think she was going to a baby shower. This pretty girl in the isle made me freeze in my tracks, but it would look even weirder if I turned and walked away, so I quickly started looking at the baby supplies, pretending that was why I was there. She caught my eye and I caught hers, we both smiled and gave a quick "hi"..."hello" and went about her business she picked out a pink pacifier and a bib and a little town and smiled once more and walked off. Then I waited for her to leave the isle. Then I turned around and grabbed a package of Maximum protection Depends diapers. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe it was because I was hungover, but I didn't think that the girl had to pay and I grabbed the diapers so quick that I pretty much walked up to the cashier with the diapers in my hand as the checkout girl was ringing her up. I saw that she glanced down at what I was carrying and she knew exactly what they were. She didn't say much just smiled. I could tell what she was thinking, she saw my looking at the baby supplies on one side of the isle and come back with adult diapers, she must have known that I was embarrassed to grab them when she was around, but she knew now. It was then that she let out a stifled giggle. And I felt so humiliated. I could tell she was being polite, for all she knew, it wasn't a fetish, but I could have some medical condition, but she did giggle all the same, which caused me to get aroused, because I have a fetish for femdom, humiliation, BDSM. And here was this attractive young women giggling at me because I was buying diapers. Anyways, she didn't talk to me or anything really, even though I sure she told her friends about the guy she saw at Walgreens who needed diapers. At this point the checkout girl was oblivious to the whole situation, she was just ringing the women up and probably hated her job and the customers (I mean what 16 year old does like their job) So after the women was leaving I had to approach the checkout girl. I was blushing and sweating and my stomach was tight with anxiety as this cute teenage girl scanned the diapers. I could tell she didn't recognize them as she was scanning them and just looked up at me and lazily asked "Do you need a bag?". I was kind of scared/aroused by the openness of buying my diapers and meekly said "no thank you" I kind of blushed and looked away, hoping this would go buy faster. I think my nervousness tipped her off as she glanced down at what I was buying. It was then that I could tell she knew what they were. I fumbled for my cash in my pocket and with a shaky hand gave her the money, as I got my change she said. "aww looks like someone still wets the bed" My face flushed and I felt so humiliated. In retrospect I think she was just trying to make a joke, I think that she thought I had the embarrassing task of buying them for my grandmother or something, but at the time it was so humiliating but I had an instant reaction to it and felt myself grow hard. And I quickly walked out the door. Even though I think she was just trying to be nice and lighten the mood, if I was buying diapers for a medical reason, I would have probably asked to talk to the manager about her. but that wasn't the case so I just got into my car and drove back to my apartment. I spend the rest of the weekend wearing my diapers in private, a few of my friends wanted me to go to a pool party, but I declined and decided to stay in instead. So how does this work back to the doctor's office? Well I'll tell ya if you calm down! So, I bought my diapers and wore them, and I made my doctor's appointment for my allergies. And I can't tell you why, but I decided this was going to be one of the few times, I would wear my diapers in public under my clothes. I had kind of a medical fetish too (I know...I have a fetish for everything it seems) and since it was just to really get a prescription for Allegra allergy medicine, I didn't think too much about it. So, Tuesday rolls around and I have my appointment. So I put on two Depends diapers under my jeans, there was a slight bulge and I probably did kind of wattle but nothing too serious. and go to the doctor, I approach the receptionist and say I have an appointment with Dr. Mindy McKalick. She says okay and hands me some paperwork to fill out. I fill it out and write the reason I am there is for my allergies, I don't need the allergy test, because I know I am allergic to the pollen in the air and all I simply need is just a prescription for the medicine so I an stop my throat and eyes from being itchy. Anyways, about 15 minutes goes by and the nurse practitioner calls my name and I walk behind the counter with her, she leads me to a room and asks me to take my shoes off, I do it and she walks me to the scales to take my weight and height, then she takes my blood pressure and then tells me to sit on the examining table and wait for the doctor. Sometime goes by and finally this woman walks in. She is stunning, and young, maybe in her early to mid 30's, she has medium blonde hair and is actually really attractive, she smiles at me and asks me why I am here. She reads my chart and I talk about my allergies, we talk about it and if I know what causes them, then she asks me about my medical past. Anyways we talk about when was my last check-up. I say about two years ago after I broke my toe in college. She asks me if I wanted to go ahead and do a check up right now since I am there. At this point, the conversation is so medical and mundane I forget all about my diapers that I am wearing and don't even feel them around me, and like an idiot I say "sure" I was thinking "yeah, since I am here might as well. She smiles and says okay and leave the room to go grab her prescription pad to write out my allergy medicine. As she closes the door behind her it all comes back to me. "I'M WEARING A FUCKING DIAPER!" and I start to panic. What do I do? Can I walk out? I start to get really worried because I didn't plan this. I debate just running out the door, but then I won't have my medicine and I started to worry about them having all my information and just walking out and not paying. As I am seriously about to walk out she comes back in the room with some medical assistant, a girl who looks like she is still in high school wearing pink scrubs. I start to sweat and move and fidget, I think Dr. Mindy McKalick picks up on my nervousness and thinks that maybe I'm just scared of going to the doctor's office and says "don't worry Mr. ________ it's not a test" I was really hoping the young girl would leave but she just stays there. I can feel the knots in my stomach as she does the standard check up procedure, she asks me about my medical history, my vitals, my sexual history (or lack thereof) Then she tells me to "disrobe from the waist down". It is at this point that I am light headed I start to mumble something about my underwear and she can tell I am nervous. "It's okay Mr. _______ a lot of men are worried about female doctors." I'm screaming in my head and worried but she simply places a hand on my chest and lightly pushes me back on to the crinkling paper of the examination table. I know most people see this as just a normal medical routine, people don't really like it, but they have to do it to stay healthy, but here I am, wearing diapers and having two attractive females in the room, they are standing up over me and I am laying down looking up at them, it does seem very much like a power exchange. My body is frozen as the pretty doctor starts to unbutton my jeans, the anticipation and humiliation are making me sweat as I take in the scene, her long elegant and feminine fingers undo the top button on my jeans, and she pulls down the zipper. I think she may have thought it was just white normal underwear but she quickly sees that they are diapers. I am turning bright tomato red as she pauses and looks down at me. "oh...." she says. She looks confused and the pretty nurse girl sees them too. Dr. Mindy McKilick is very professional, but the other younger girls I can see trying to hide a smile. Here I am, in one of my most erotic fantasies, being diapered in front of beautiful women and I have never been more humiliated in my life. "Well... Mr. _______ you didn't mentioned that you had day time accidents in your prior medical history. I have no idea what to say. What can I say? "Oh this is a sexual fetish that I masturbate to, but I didn't think you'd see my diapers today, I just needed something for my allergies" I mumble something about wetting and then stop. "WAIT! I can't have this in my medical records!" I say to myself. So I don't know what to do. Finally I say that I wear them but not for medical purposes. It was the only thing I could think of. She looked confused as did the other girl in the room, it then kind of dawned on her, she didn't say anything, but I think she knew they may have been used for sexual reasons. She didn't write it down. Which I was thankful for and she asks the other girl to help get my pants off. So, there I am laying on the medical table and the cute young girl pulls my jeans off, and fully exposes my diapers to the two girls. Then there was a knock at the door and then all of a sudden the receptionist pops her head in and asks the younger girl something urgently. The receptionist didn't see me and probably is trained to no look at patients on the exam table for privacy reasons which I was thankful for. But then it left me with just the pretty doctor. I think there has to be two people in the room at the same time for security reasons and I think it may be a double standard, but I think it would have been different if I was a young woman and the doctor was male, but I'm a guy so the young girl left leaving me alone with the doctor. So I'm in my diaper and doctor reaches her hand over and starts to untape my diaper while I lay on the examination table. Me being along with the female doctor is pushing all my buttons and I am praying she doesn't think I'm some creepy perv who planned this whole thing, but I'm blushing so much and so nervous that I think she actually took pity on me and gave me a small smile as she untaped the sides of the diaper. I couldn't help it, I have a full erection as the cold office air hit my penis, but she was very professional and didn't say anything, she just went about her medical business and used a gloved hand to push into my stomach and around my abs. she then tells me that she is going to check my testicals and shaft. And she inspects my penis and tells me to cough. She then says "good boy". At this point I can't tell if she was like the checkout girl and just trying to lighten the mood in obviously embarrassing situation or if she was kind of into it. I know that doctors see all types of crazy shit every day and it takes a lot to freak them out, but I swear she either thought it was funny that a 20 something year old man was wearing diapers in her office or she actually felt something. Anyways after her inspection she tapes the diapers back up which was awesome, I've never had a women diaper me before and she knew how to do it, I guess they learn it in medical school. My erection was still noticeable in my diaper. She wrote some more stuff down and asked me to pull my jeans back on. I do so and finish up, I get my prescription and walk out the room. As I'm leaving I hear the nurse and receptionist burst out laughing, I'm sure it was something completely unrelated but then I thought...what if. I raced home and masturbated and had the most intense orgasam I've ever had. And then knew I could never go back to face that doctor again. But I still think about all the time Do you have any real life diaper stories?
  12. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

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  13. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    OCC - I'll get to the Mallick storyline in a bit, but I gotta get the students to the Dining room first so probably next post. sorry for the timing
  14. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    Mrs. Green Bedwetters Dorm Mrs. Green had them all lined up in a straight row, they all had on their pink and white baby bibs, their tight pink blouses clung aggressively to their skin, the girls we not allowed to wear any type of bra, at one point one of the girls ask...well begged was more the correct word and the House Mother struck her face hard with her open palm, turning her skin red and hot. Their shirts were formed for girls and had small lace on the short sleeves and around the peter-pan collar. It clung so tightly that the girls' breast were visible underneath, a few of the teen girls that actually supported a B cup or higher could look at each other and clearly see their outlines and the girls that were flat or close enough to it had their nipples showing through the fabric and giving them an even more juvenile appearance. However, the while Mrs. Green was sure the boys would slobber over the visuale parade of the girls' chest, she had no doubt that the other student girls would get a great deal of laughter seeing the boys in their panties. In truth, all the bedwetters were wearing panties, small pink once with white frills along the edges, they were clearly uncomfortable to the girls and much more to the boys. The panties clung so tightly that the folds of the girls' intimate parts were on display. An obvious slit could be seen between their legs. For the boys, the problem was much worse. While the pink humiliating fabric pushed into the girls tightly, the boys's penises were clearly exposed. The small panties left little to the imagination as their manhoods pressed against the fabric in their pink cotton prisons, and if one of the boys walked too fast or turned too quickly or heaven forbid, develop an erection then their little pee pees would surely lose against the fabric and pop out to the side. There was of course two students who did not have to worry about their panties, those two were Jessica and George. They stood at the front of the line bottomless. Jessica's hairless vulva on display along side Georges small protruding penis. Mrs. Green had forced them to hold hands as they walked side by side turning a darker shade of red with each passing moment. Mrs. Green loved the psychological torment, she loved watching the two shift uncontrollably in their stressed and humiliated position, she knew, that they knew, that within the next 15 minutes they will be exposing their most private areas to the student body. While also wearing their bedwetter bibs and white knee socks. She mused to herself that this display of submission would give the Strong students more than enough material to start their year off with. She would have to spend a little extra time embarrassing the two but she would later ask Ms. Kate if perhaps they were both signed up for Cheer support if Allison Smith could have two playthings this year. She peered at the two bedwetters as they held hands and made a quick decision. "You two..." she said pointing to them "...You two have also lost your single bed privileges, tonight, after Mother Susan and...whoever else has put you back into DIAPERS, you two will share a single bed." she commanded, the look of disbelief washed across their faces, especially George who to Mrs. Green looked like he was being broken but also slightly aroused, she supposed that despite all the humiliation and degradation he had never seen a girl naked before and he was fighting both feelings of sexual lust and deep embarrassment. Another reason Mrs. Green loved to torment teenagers. "What's the matter Georgy boy? Never seen a girl's lady parts before?" she asked in a condescending and mocking tone. "Well here is your chance, and just think, Jessica's little cunt will be right next to your little dick every night!" she let out a giggle at her own plan. But just as quickly as her laughter ended she caught the boy looking away. Rather it was from fear, mortification, or respect for Jessica, she could not tell. His inability to follow the direction made her angry and quickly ordered the boy to his knees on the hardwood floors. She had him kneel before Jessica, his face inches away from her vagina. "Look AT IT!" she ordered again. "And don't you move until House Mother Susan is finished with her Bedwetter uniform checks. Jessica was squirming and her eyes were red and puffy as she shifted her weight from foot to foot on the verge of fresh tears. As she listened to the quiet sobs of defeat in the line another sound took her, a sneezing sound from outside the doorway, Mrs. Green didn't even have to nod at House Mother Susan, she automatically walked outside the door and caught the girl standing their with a look of sheer horror and confusion on her face. Expertly Mother Susan restrained the girl in her arms and a look of anger on Mrs. Green's face changed into smug satisfaction. "Well Well...Well, what do we have here boys and girls? A peeping tom? A little girl who has lost her way to the potty-" Truth be told Mrs. Green was content to hold the random Weak student, taunt and tease her, maybe take away her clothes or make her kiss her black high heel shoes before sniveling off to cry or masturbate or do whatever it was Weak students did when they weren't being humiliated by their betters. But then the face hit her. "Joanna Crow...." she said with a evil smile. "My my my, look who it is..." she said sliding a finger around her face. "...all grown up I see, what are you 22? 23? Oh but still a pathetic Weak student. And...I do believe I have your schedule...that means you never came to pick it up does it?" she said in a mock question. "You've been here all summer and you are still too worthless to make orientation on time. Well, that makes you seem like a lazy baby doesn't?" She said as House Mother Susan jerked back her hair hard. "You know what? I think we have JUST enough room in the Bedwetters this year since these two are now bunking together." She said throwing a hand at the two bottomless Weaklings holding hands with their eyes downcast. "I know that Terry Fig loves humiliating the older girls and here you are...." "...Susan...STRIP HER!"
  15. Ms. Wimberly School For The Weak & Strong (Open)

    Mrs. Green Bedwetters Dorm Mrs. Green laughed at the pathetic attempt the pathetic attempt George made to humiliate Jessica. "haha what was that? That was too weak. And for that pathetic attempt you longer get to wear your pink panties George, the whole school is going to see that pathetic excuse you call a penis...awww are you going to cry baby?" she said in a mocking voice. "You see class" she said turning on her heel and addressing the rest of her naked and dripping students. "Look at George's face, see how red he is turning, see him look at the floor, see how I am breaking his will, right now little Georgy here is thinking of the worst scenario in his head." She said patting him on top of his head, she could feel him reel away from her touch but it didn't matter. "as for you!" she said sticking a long and elegant finger into the air, thrusting it at Jessica. "You can wear your panties...but not over that little pink slit." Mrs. Green said, she briskly walked over to Jessica and laced her fingers on the panties that had been placed on her head and without warning shoved them into her mouth. "Everyone else...dress up!" she commanded as the students in deep shame began to slide the pink panties up their still wet legs, their cold soaked skin made the panties turn wet from the water droplets that still clung to their skin giving all their panties a spotted effect, next came the blouses and finally House Mother Susan attached the bibs around their necks. "Okay, line up, YOU TWO!" she pointed a finger and George and Jessica. "You two can walk up in the front, now come along, the bedwetters always show up to dinner first and we will need at least 15 mins to set up the highchairs on the Student Shame Stage in the front of the dining hall." "Now hurry up all of you!" she ordered again.