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  1. nope
  2. Love this story well written
  3. anyone else had to wait a really long time for to recive there order from patapoom.com AB clothing co. waiting over 10 weeks now. tryed contacting them but no replay.
  4. awwww, such a sweet wonderful story.
  5. hi Lil pup, loved ur story in story page soo far.

  6. Oooh.getting interesting hehe
  7. Very good Lil pup. Great story soon far. Hi from girl here too.
  8. Soon wonderful, soon happy for them both.
  9. Great story so far can't wait to see where this goes next,
  10. picture advertising for livingspaceuk.com rather quite.
  11. yes, i think you maybe right all the ABDL's i meet soooo far are all very nice People.
  12. Nappy Monday smiley on ab costume on stage picture on the star newspapers. Looks kinda cute hehe
  13. Love the story so far, getting very intersesting with lil emily hehe
  14. soo cute.
  15. great day here in Ireland for people off the Same Sex to get Married and be reconised.