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  1. helo friend,long time no see.hope all is well and wet.

  2. I have achieved bedwetter status

    Incontinent. I saturate four diapers while I'm sleeping my seven and a half hours. Wish I could tell when I was going to void, and wake up and enjoy it! I do enjoy the wet diapers in the morning.
  3. Bedtime items

    My Teddy, my pacifier, a baba of water if the bad dream wakes me up, and my blankie.
  4. Disposables

    I have done the same with Bambino's, and then a night weight cloth diaper and rhumba pants. Gotta love the feel!
  5. The human mind is an amazing creation. Every sound it hears is recorded in the subconscious. Every scent one smells is recorded, every taste, everything one sees and everything one touches is recorded in the subconscious. Everything. Sitting in a crowded restaurant every conversation spoken is recorded. Ever wonder why you have such strange dreams that just don't make sense? Your mind is sorting through all of that while you sleep, and discarding what it doesn't need. However, dreams can be the result of intuition as the mind puts together a series of events, and you end up with deja vu. Or dreams can come from memories, both good and bad. Night terrors (something I experience regularly) are often the result of abuse. A scent, sound, touch, or memory can trigger them. For a boy, often, dreaming about peeing is part of a "wet" dream. I often wish I could still experience a "wet" dream. Our incredible mind is something to appreciate. Don't waste it!
  6. I especially love being diapered when the diapers are still warm from hanging on the line in the sun. Tonight was one of those times, four soft cotton gauze pre fold diapers, pinned expertly in place. Being changed on the bed was a treat. Usually it's the changing pad on the floor. But tonight Mommy stacked them on the bed and told me to climb up and get in position. After the powder was sprinkled she fastened them, and then waited for about a minute before slipping the plastic pants over my feet and telling me to stand up so she could pull them up. By then I was feeling very little. The plastic pants just made the whole experience more enjoyable. She pushed me back on the bed gently, and watched me move my legs and feet, feeling the soft vinyl, thick warm diapers, luxuriating in the sensations that all made me feel like an infant. She told me to turn on my tummy and patted my bottom for a while, her other hand gently rubbing my head. I fell asleep at 7:15! But the bad dreams woke me up, so now I'm sitting here writing about how I still feel. Wearing diapers is my lifeline when the bad dreams come. I still feel little. What is it about wearing diapers, cloth or disposable, that makes you go to that special "little" place where you feel like an infant? Please share.
  7. I wear cloth diapers, so I am very careful to change on a regular routine. I usually leave for work at 6:30 and get there at 6:45 if I ride my bicycle. By eleven I need to change my diaper, but I usually wait for my lunch break at 11:30 to change. I go home to change. Because I'm incontinent, I don't always know I've wet, and I have to be careful how much liquid I drink or I'll saturate my diapers, which often means changing more than just the diapers. Riding a bicycle with saturated diapers, even with good plastic pants, usually ends up with two wet spots on my bottom! This week some tree-cutters blocked off the front of my house, and I had to wait for almost an hour before they would let me pass. My diapers were saturated, and I had a puddle of pee in the plastic pants, and two very prominent wet spots on the back of my pants! My boss has also scheduled two meetings this week during my regular changing time. I'm going to have to add a diaper!
  8. Getting caught

    Most of the time nobody notices what I'm wearing. A neighbor warned me that at night I shouldn't walk around my kitchen in nothing but a T-shirt and diapers. Their house is a little higher than ours, so they can see into the kitchen. No curtains across the top of the window! She was very nice about it. I do hang my diapers out to dry on the line in the back yard, but we have a six foot privacy fence around the yard, so no worries there. Being incontinent, one can get a little careless, so I watch out for that. My pants are tailored to fit comfortably over a thick cloth diaper, so no bulges. I never really worry about it. Stay diapered!
  9. Most comfortable in gauze pre fold and plastic pants, because even Bambino's leak occasionally. However, I am learning to be more comfortable in the Bambino disposable. Onesie is a necessity for both. Will wear the Bambino on the plane next month for vacation.
  10. hi turtlupins,i too love my gauze square diapers I only have 1 dz. I need to get more.

    1. turtlepins
    2. poobrat


      hi I wear three gauze diapers each are 4 layer thick at night with a changing times soaker added.in daytime I can get by with two of the same if i'm not out of the house too long.

  11. How do you put on your diapers?

    Since I wear cloth diapers most of the time I have a changing pad on the floor where I lay down on the diapers and then pull them over and pin them in place. If I'm wearing a disposable I pin the legs first, and then the waist.
  12. What would you like to do during a diaper change

    I like to hold the baby powder against my chest or tummy, and always have my pacifier in.
  13. Wearing Thick nappies out in about

    Pottypanties is correct. Very few people actually take the time to do more than a cursory glance at your clothing, and rarely notice the extra padding. I have tailored pants to fit over the diapers because I wear cloth, and aonesie helps keep everything in place. I do love walking in diapers. With two cloth diapers and soft plastic pants, or a pocket diaper stuffed with two diapers I love the sensation of walking. Makes me feel like a baby.
  14. "This one floods!"

    LOL. Had a urologist once who didn't believe that, and gave me a normal sample cup to fill. I had to sit for over an hour before I finally voided and he was there when it happened. I was smart enough to have an extra diaper available to catch the overflow. Even when I was skinny (long time ago!) I voided over a liter.
  15. What's the best style of plastic pants?

    I have a very high opinion of Leakmaster high-back plastic pants. They usually last up to nine months with machine washing, and I never leak unless I go to bed with only two diapers. A diaper can only hold so much!