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  1. helo friend,long time no see.hope all is well and wet.

  2. turtlepins

    I have achieved bedwetter status

  3. turtlepins

    Bedtime items

    My Teddy, my pacifier, a baba of water if the bad dream wakes me up, and my blankie.
  4. turtlepins


    I have done the same with Bambino's, and then a night weight cloth diaper and rhumba pants.
  5. The human mind is an amazing creation.
  6. I especially love being diapered when the diapers are still warm from hanging on the line in the sun.
  7. I wear cloth diapers, so I am very careful to change on a regular routine.
  8. turtlepins

    Getting caught

    Most of the time nobody notices what I'm wearing.
  9. Most comfortable in gauze pre fold and plastic pants, because even Bambino's leak occasionally.
  10. hi turtlupins,i too love my gauze square diapers I only have 1 dz. I need to get more.

    1. turtlepins
    2. poobrat


      hi I wear three gauze diapers each are 4 layer thick at night with a changing times soaker added.in daytime I can get by with two of the same if i'm not out of the house too long.

  11. turtlepins

    How do you put on your diapers?

    Since I wear cloth diapers most of the time I have a changing pad on the floor where I lay down on the diapers and then pull them over and pin them in place.
  12. turtlepins

    What would you like to do during a diaper change

    I like to hold the baby powder against my chest or tummy, and always have my pacifier in.
  13. turtlepins

    Wearing Thick nappies out in about

    Pottypanties is correct.
  14. turtlepins

    What's the best style of plastic pants?

    I have a very high opinion of Leakmaster high-back plastic pants.